Before you light fireworks on the 4th, read this

What do you give a country for its birthday? A country that already has everything? I think the best thing to give this nation for its upcoming celebration of independence is a reenergized citizenry, a population that understands and appreciates its nation’s exceptionalism – basically, give it back its spirit.

Here’s a book that can do just that – written surprisingly by an Australian named Nick Adams, entitled American Boomerang: How the world’s greatest ‘turnaround” nation will do it again.

Like a modern-day Alexis de Tocqueville, 29-year-old Nick Adams spent 9 months traveling America, recording his thoughts and impressions of a country he loves “because it is confident, competitive, courageous, faithful, idealistic, innovative, inspirational, charitable and optimistic. It is everything as a nation that I wish to be as a person.”


We need to reclaim those qualities that of late seem so distant and forgotten, tossed away like a boomerang — but like a boomerang – An American Boomerang — will return to us, if only we stand steadfast.

As Col. Allen West writes in the book’s forward, American Boomerang “is a clarion call for America to arise, remember its goodness and greatness, and restore this Republic, not just for its own sake, but for that of the world. To once again be that beacon of liberty. And as de Tocqueville stated, “everybody feels the evil, but no one has courage or energy enough to see the cure.” Nick Adam’s book… is all about the cure.”

It’s the perfect gift for our nation – but only if it is widely read. I hope you’ll pick up a copy or two to read and share with your fellow Americans.

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Jeanne Thompson-Raney
Jeanne Thompson-Raney

Thank you Mr. West for standing for this country. We need men like you and most are very grateful for our hero’s. God Bless you and the many men and women patriots like you.


Agreed. So many take for granted what was scarified for them to continue in their ignorance.

Sue Dodd

Is it not a shame that an Austrailian sees what our own President can’t see about our country. America is exceptional and we will be exceptional come 2014 when we have a majority in the senate and a republican in the Whitehouse in 2016!!!!!


Nick Adam’s book, American Boomerang, is Awesome !
Go grab your own copy this week !


Thanks for being a patriot, Ms. Hickford and letting us know about Nick Adams book. America needs some 29 year olds like him.

I heard on the radio this week that a nation that thinks it’s exceptional tends to demean the importance of other nations. I say that’s bunk. A nation that thinks it’s exceptional believes it’s different. That doesn’t mean it thinks it’s better than any other nation. I believe the American people respect other nations that deserve to be respected. By no means do the American people as a whole look down on other people and nations. I’ve traveled the world and I believe we are different. The whole world knows it too. God Bless America.

Thank You Nick Adams ,,, God Bless America and God Bless Australia, one of our greatest allies.


The problem is made worse by the fact that we aren’t as personal as we used to be. We don’t write letters, meet our neighbors, and if not for walking dogs i bet few would actually spend any time in our neighborhoods. You need to know the problem exists and be respectful when you learn of it….and hey, GO MEET YOUR NEIGHBORS!