Israel retaliates for murder of abducted teens

Image: ABC News

It is perhaps the most difficult question for this century: can there be peace in the Middle East for the modern day State of Israel?

Well, if the recent kidnapping and execution of three Israeli teens — one an American citizen — and the response from Hamas are indicators, the answer is clear. Hell no.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, “Israel said it found the bodies of three teenagers missing for 2½ weeks near the West Bank city of Hebron, ending a manhunt that triggered one of the biggest Israeli army crackdowns in the Palestinian territory in years. The teens were apparently abducted while hitchhiking home from school. prompted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to call cabinet members into an emergency session to discuss a retaliation.”

As a father, I offer heartfelt condolences to the families of these three young men whose lives were taken wrongfully, and far too soon.

After the emergency cabinet meeting, Netanyahu issued a statement saying, “We found three bodies this evening, and all the signs indicate these are bodies of the three kidnapped teenagers.They were kidnapped and murdered in cold blood by human animals….Hamas is responsible and Hamas will pay.”

True to his word, early this morning according to Reuters, “Israel bombed dozens of sites in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, striking at Hamas. The military said aircraft attacked 34 sites, mostly belonging to Hamas, though its statement did not link the strikes to the abductions. Palestinian medics said two people were slightly wounded.”

The bodies of Naftali Fraenkel, Gilad Shaar and Eyal Yifrah were found buried in a rock pile in an open field between the Palestinian villages of Halhoul and Bayt Kahil, said Israeli army spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner.

And to think there are those who will condemn Israel for taking action to avenge these deaths? Even our own Secretary of State referred to Israel as an “apartheid state.” When Israel forcibly removed its own citizens from the Gaza area, it got in return the hatred of Hamas. And even in the “Palestinian” West Bank, Islamic terrorists roam freely threatening Israeli citizens in an area forced upon the State of Israel to accept within its own borders.

Interestingly enough Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazen, and a leading politician of Fatah, convened an emergency session of the Palestinian leadership and appealed to the U.S. State Department as well as European and Arab countries to restrain Israel’s response.

So Abbas wants to restrain the response of a sovereign country that just had its citizens murdered? Where is the condemnation and agreement to stand with Israel and crush the perpetrators? Where is Abu Mazen’s statement to refute Hamas and its charter to destroy Israel? And since this kidnapping occurred, Prime Minister Netanyahu has requested Abbas abandon his recent reconciliation deal with Hamas and break up a recently-formed Palestinian unity government — it seems Abbas is in consent and alliance. Perhaps he feels as Morsi did in Egypt that Obama has his back?

As for Hamas, they’ve issued a statement declaring they’re not afraid of Israeli threats and have warned Israel they will “open up the gates of hell” if Israel conducts attacks of retribution — but then again Hamas feels perfectly justified in firing rockets and missiles into southern Israel.

Israeli military officials said that the army is still pursuing the two at-large Palestinians it alleges are members of Hamas and responsible for the kidnapping, Marwan Qawasmeh and Amer Abu Aisheh. Israeli engineering corps arrived late Monday to the houses of Messrs. Qawasmeh and Abu Aisheh and evacuated the families. Reuters reports that “troops set off explosions in the family homes of the alleged abductors late on Monday, blowing open a doorway in one, an army spokeswoman said. The other property was on fire after the blast. Soldiers, who arrested one of the suspect’s father and brothers, ordered the inhabitants of the dwellings to leave before the detonations.”

Hamas officials have neither confirmed nor denied involvement in the youths’ disappearance and have praised kidnapping Israelis in general as a legitimate means of fighting Israel’s occupation of the West Bank.

There can be no doubt that the forces of Islamic totalitarianism feel emboldened and are on the march. Israel is left to fend for itself in a seriously threatening neighborhood of Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaida, Islamic Jihad, al-Aqsa Martyrs, ISIS (now the Islamic State), Iran, Muslim Brotherhood, and others. Peace for Israel? Only when its enemies historical in nature, are crushed — the only thing these savage barbarians understand.

Methinks there is another Six Day War a-coming…


  1. Godspeed IDF. And Colonel we need you a our next POTUS. You, as CINC, are the force multiplier that we need while rebuild the US Armed Forces.

  2. Prayers for their families. I know this doesn’t bring the boys back but at least you know your Prime Minister cared enough to send a message that these boys meant something. He is not just sitting around doing what OUR PRESIDENT does which is NOTHING.

      • That is a fact! But, what we have is a dangerous person that is in office through fraud and lies! He was sent to do as he said he would, Fundamentally Change America!

  3. We continue to pray for peace in Israel; the return of the Messiah Jesus! May God comfort those families.

  4. Prayers for the families of the slain boys and for a country under siege. I thank God you have a leader who fights for all of his people. I only wish it were not necessary.

  5. I wish our prez would get strong about the marine in Mexico, I’m not saying attack, but he could squeeze Mexico and get our Marine back. Good for Israel.

  6. At some point Israel is going to have to clear both Gaza and the West Bank of the Mohammedan occupiers. They can drop information leaflets and offer means for the Palestinians to make a choice. An ultimatum help clear their land of the Mohammedan vermin or ALL of them enjoy the hospitality of their Arab brethren and forced out of Israel’s lands.

    • Can you imagine the U.S., during WW ll, if German troops had occupied Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Texas. That’s just about what Israel is up against.

  7. In an age of almost universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act – George Orwell.
    Thank you for telling the truth Colonel West. You’re one of a small few

  8. The radicals use the death of a thousand papercuts tactic against their enemies who wont do what is required to win. We are just kidding ourselves otherwise under the guise of “being the good guys in white hats”. We need to stop fighting pointless limited wars and prepare to fight for an eventual total victory – and if this isnt palatable dont fight at all – save blood and taxes for the final war which is to come. Another valid tactic would be to keep them fighting each other in the meantime (as in Iraq and syria).

    • Let the stupid towel head camel jockeys sand niggers kill each other off for when the big war comes maybe they will not be as many we have to kill

  9. And I am not sure if you heard, but when the IDF ambulance went to pick up the bodies and were bringing them back, the villagers threw rocks and paint at the ambulance, shattering the windshield. Plus, they celebrated in the streets. These “people” are animals.. Actually, using the word animals just insult animals! Even when Israel retaliates, they make sure the innocent are out of the way! Yet, Israel is always condemned for human rights violations. How ludicrous!!!

  10. Thank you Israel for showing leadership and avenging the death of our American citizen as well your own children!

  11. Do not count on any help from our muslim idiot because he is on the other side Not Israels, he does not like the American people and you know the lying bastard hates Israel

  12. Allan,

    From one conservative to another… We shouldn’t do what we criticize the liberals for doing. Blind allegiance isn’t what we need to show our allies and we have to have the sense to criticize our allies when they do the wrong thing as well.

    No leader of any nation should be conducting 34 missile strikes on people’s homes simply because they are “suspect” in a crime. That is going way too far.

    That’s kind of like saying two black men in New York are suspected of kidnapping three white guys and killing them, so we should carry out missile strikes on their houses and the Mayor’s office, the police stations, etc. etc. Oh, and we should go door to door and pull other black guys out of there house and arrest them simply because they are black.

    Israel should be sanctioned for that kind of behavior and people should be charged with war crimes for it.

    I’m just saying we shouldn’t condone this act that is being carried out be they suspect who they want to suspect.

    I hate these jihad MFer’s just as much or more than anyone. But once we start to become like them, or start condoning are allies when they act like them, we will lose or own integrity and our freedom in the end..

    • Israel didn’t bomb 34 civilian homes moron. They bombed 34 Hamas military installations. The 2 civilian homes destroyed were those of the kidnappers/terrorist families. They deserve it for raising that filth.

    • Israel should open up HELLFIRE on them. If Hamas is not responsible then why don’t they come forward and say so, yet they are silent. However they did say they would “open up the gates to hell” on Israel. What do you suggest: sitting down, having tea and discussing it? When evil pushes you – you push back really hard. I say go ahead and open up those gates of hell Hamas – bring it.

    • You did not read, i can see that. If you would see the places they bomb they are NOT homes of people..but buildings from which are sent missiles and were Hamas gather! One thing Israel great survelliance!

  13. Then why don’t we do like Obama and do nothing. Let’s just cut through the chase and surrender. Has Obama said anything about the fact that one of the teens was an American Citizen?

  14. God warns us in the Bible that those who stand against His people (Israel) will not fare well in the end times, and that those who stand with Israel will be blessed. I never thought i would see the day that America would be standing against them, but more and more I am hearing Americans stand with the muslims against Israel. Muslims were correct in saying that they will open the gates of hell, since the Bible tells us that they will try to do this to Israel. I say, “Bring it on” and let’s get this over with… it is time for Jesus to return and take back His earth! The signs of the end times are definitely evident, all over the earth!

    • WE will not have any power what so reading the bible, to read one finds that nations will rise up against Israel and then a peace accord for 7 years brought on by the Antichrist will be signed and broke mid way after 3 1/2 years.. We will not be here, when he is just bout to be revealed. But if one reads, Tarshish and her young lions will watch and not intervene. (That is the United Kingdom , the young lions; America, Canada, Australia and other countries that had ties with UK.

    • Amen.I feel sorry for my loved ones who does not have a close relationship with Jesus. Sad when they will be Left behind as so many globally does not fear God.

  15. Kill them all and stop this madness. Islam, Muslims. Hamas and everyone!! Just shoot them like animals and get rid of them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Israel needs to bite the bullet and destroy Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. Cut off Gaza from Israel, nothing and nobody in or out through the Israeli border, to include water, power and people. Massive retaliation for any rocket or mortar attacks (destroy infrastructure. Israel should determine where their country’s borders should be and rigidly enforce them, to the point of expelling any individual or group the tries to destroy the state. Ignore the U.N., do what is best for your country without catering to “world opinion”.

  17. I’m tempted to say that I hope Obama was paying attention and taking notes, but I know better than to expect that.

  18. Mohammedan morals consist in prostrate like bowing 5 times a day in the general
    direction of some black stone in Mecca that is suppose to have fallen down from their moon-god, Allah, and attending mosque regularly at the appointed weekly time, and in breaking the ten commandments all the balance of the week. It comes natural to them to lie and cheat and kill and enslave in the first place, and then they go on and improve on that nature until they arrive at perfection. I never did dislike anyone as much as those Muslims and especially the Arabs, and most especially the so called “Palestinians”, and when Israel is pushed to war with them again, I hope America and England and France will not find it good breeding nor good judgment to interfere.

  19. Agreed, except it won’t be six days, it will be months, and it will be very very ugly. After 2006, it seems if Israel has fallen for the whole be nice to the enemy and maybe they won’t hate us so much, and maybe the world will look at us better. Israel needs our support now more than ever. It isn’t coming…. Not from the current administration.

    I foresee Israel’s enemies striking prior to Obama departing the White House. The attack will come from Hamas not Hezbollah, because Hamas is Sunni whereas Hezbollah is Shia (every wonder why the two don’t work together… that’s why). Although when the attack comes, Hezbollah may jump on the bandwagon. Looking at where our current leadership has taken sides it is always on the Sunni side. The enemy isn’t stupid. They read between the lines quite well. The US support for Sunni in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and everywhere else during the Arab Spring will embolden Hamas to believe that we will have the Sunni back yet again.

    • I think you may be right, but I suspect the ISIS forces will trigger a Israel-Syria war by using Syria to launch missiles, and after months of war, there will not be a Palistinian State to discuss on the West bank or Gaza. I think that Hamas has shown that a two or three state solution will not work, and you will see Israel erasing the Palistinian settlements and creating a one state Israel.

  20. I wish someone would simply tell Israel – “You handle these things as you see fit…the US will NOT stand in your way and, BTW, we’ve got your back!!”

  21. Target Hamas leadership and their families. Use extreme prejudice around the clock. Don’t stop until all the sand fleas are gone. Then go back and do it again to make sure.

  22. The current Administration is a loser at heart, always has been. Wants this Country brought to its knees. Doing a good job at it. Its latest is a flux of Illegal aliens coming from South of the Border.He will give amnesty to them and use your money to feed and house them.
    I say cut off all aid to their Countries until it stops. Give their aid money to Border Patrol Support. STOP THIS NONSENSE NOW.
    Israel has a backbone.
    America had theirs surgically removed by Obama Administration.
    This Country will die soon. Enjoy while it last, cause it will soon be gone. Where will you go. What terrorists state will you move to. There are plenty to chose from. Myself I will go to the only free Country left. ISRAEL. Will serve in the military (required) then defend it with the American Consertive Tradition. One Nation Under God with Liberty and justice for all. ( law abiding Citizens)


  23. If this administration responded to acts of terror, war, or violence as previous administrations have, we would be ok. But because he has no idea what he is doing, is a coward and a politician, nothing will happen until he is out of office and our nation will continue to go downhill is a communistic manner.

  24. There will be no peace, until Jesus Christ returns. God already told us these things would happen. We shouldn’t be surprised.

  25. Hamas says if Israel attacks, they will open the gates of hell. Hamas inadvertently revealed themselves to be the devils they are. After all, who is going to be exiting the gates of hell to attack Israel?

  26. OHHH,
    Mr. West, you mean like bringing home a POW before he got killed as a
    pawn!??? You mean that missing ounce of Netanyahu??? Yeah, how ignorant can you
    be Allen to make a statement comparing Netanyahu’s action for the 3 abducted teens as good and the Obama’s maneuvering to bring home a POW as bad. Just like the other leaders in the GOP… You are good for falsely pointing out a failure
    to act…. even after the act has already been accomplished.

    • Sgt Abdullah, that IS his name, was NOT a POW, he was a snivelling deserter. Look at his pathetic self-pitying expression as he was ‘rescued’. Hardly a man who showed ANY signs of ‘relief’ at being rescued. More like a man who was parting from his beloved boyfriends and having to face the music. Obloody’s antics with the goblin father was another unmissable opportunity for the treasonous President to laugh in the face of the American people, oh and release 5 mass murderers, senior Taliban operatives to Jihad HQ just in time for the ISIS push to take Iraq and give them a huge morale boos.

  27. ‘We will open up the gates of hell’ Hamas I am pretty sure you have a good idea where it is to open it……like your front door.

  28. They are already here, but try to understand the bigger picture. The people who really run this nation, the handlers of the one in the oval office has one objective, that is to usher in A One World Order! Also read “Rules for Radicals” by Alinski to understand what is being done by this administration and the puppet masters behind the veil, it is being followed as if it was a football play book. To understand people this administration has surrounded himself with one being Van Jones, read his writings on the “Storm” the hair on the back of you neck will stand up! It is now too late, for our country. Americans threw their chance away last election.

    • you need to go back to the senior bush for the first new world one world order , this has been ongoing for decades

      • My friend, the rot set in long before Bush senior. The US has been infiltrated and undermined by her enemies for the past 50 years. Note, undermining is an age long strategy. Dig away at the foundations for long enough and deeply enough that by the time people are aware there is problem, the walls are already collapsing. As early as the 1960’s the Mohammedans had been predicting they would have their own man as President by 2008. They knew IMMEDIATELY when the oil was discovered that they now had the best opportunity to revive their slaving cult and the FIRST thing they did was to send emissaries to the US to pave the way.

  29. Yup.. Just what we need!!

    More war!

    More flag-draped coffins of American servicemen and women coming back to the United States!

    I realize you’ve got a receptive audience here, Mr. West. But your rant on this page is NOT ONLY unnecessary (as you well know,) but its also DANGEROUS and IMPROPER for a former officer (and presumably a gentleman?) and a former Congressman to defile his President in time of war. It is also known as TREASONOUS.

    Just figured I’d say my piece.

    Have a wonderful day, all!!


    Chaim, your Jewish friend


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