Will U.S. create a vacuum in Philippines for Islamic jihad to fill?

We are witnessing the ramifications of Obama’s pivoting (i.e. retreating) from the Middle East, as the region continues to descend into chaos. Obama’s original intent supposedly was to focus on the Pacific Rim. Well…he ain’t really doing that either.

According to an Associated Press report in the Asian Journal, “After more than a decade of helping fight Islamic militants the United States is disbanding an anti-terror contingent of hundreds of elite American troops in the southern Philippines where armed groups such as Abu Sayyaf (i.e. al-Qaida in the Pacific) have largely been crippled, officials said Thursday. But special forces from the U.S. Pacific Command, possibly in smaller numbers, will remain after the deactivation of the Joint Special Operations Task Force Philippines (JSOTF-P), to ensure al-Qaida offshoots such as Abu Sayyaf and the Indonesia-based Jemaah Islamiyah do not regain lost ground, according to U.S. and Philippine officials.”

Say whatever you want, but why disband something that has been successful? Unless you truly want to create a vacuum to allow these Islamic jihadists to regain their strength — which is exactly what we are witnessing in Iraq and Syria.

I was raised to understand a basic military premise — overwhelming force – which is expressed in a simple saying: Why do you kick a man when he is down? Because he is close to your foot.

If we have these terrorist groups down, then we should keep kicking them and drive them back into the caves and jungles from whence their sphere of influence and capacity is defeated and diminished.

But that just doesn’t seem to be part of the “Obama doctrine.” Then again, as liberal progressives operate in the realm of “feel good” and emotion, it makes them feel good affording the enemy a respite — or even freeing senior members of the enemy to pursue milk and honey farms. Nope, drones don’t crush an enemy, which we are finding out – it’s like killing a mosquito here or there.

If you really want to eradicate mosquitoes, you go to their breeding ground and either drain it or spray it.

AP says the move by the Obama administration (or is it really Susan Rice’s idea?) “marks a new chapter in the long-running battle against an al-Qaida-inspired movement in the southern Philippines, viewed by the U.S. as a key front in the global effort to keep terrorists at bay. A year after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the U.S. military established the task force in the southern Philippines to help ill-equipped Filipino forces contain a bloody rampage by Abu Sayyaf gunmen, who carried out bombings, terrorized entire towns and kidnapped more than 100 people, including three Americans.”

Maybe Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiyah are decimated and on the run?

As the report lays out, “U.S. forces are barred by the Philippine Constitution from engaging in combat, but the advice, training, military equipment and intelligence, including drone surveillance, that they provided helped the underfunded Philippine military beat back the Abu Sayyaf.

U.S.-backed Philippine offensives whittled the militants’ ranks from a few thousand fighters — mostly drawn from desperately poor hinterland villages — to about 300 gunmen, who survive on extortion and kidnappings for ransom while dodging military assaults.

“Our partnership with the Philippine security forces has been successful in drastically reducing the capabilities of domestic and transnational terrorist groups in the Philippines,” U.S. Embassy Press Attache Kurt Hoyer said in a written response to questions sent by email by The Associated Press. The remaining terrorists, he said, “have largely devolved into disorganized groups resorting to criminal undertakings to sustain their activities.”

According to the AP report, “that success has led U.S. military planners in coordination with their Philippine counterparts “to begin working on a transition plan where the JSOTF-P as a task force will no longer exist,” Hoyer said, adding there were currently about 320 American military personnel left in the south. Before the drawdown, about 500 to 600 Americans had been deployed there. Hoyer said a still-unspecified number of U.S. military personnel would remain under a new unit called the PACOM Augmentation Team to provide Filipino forces with counterterrorism and combat training and advice, and “ensure that violent extremist (i.e Islamic terrorist) organizations don’t regain a foothold in the southern Philippines.”

The United States has been fighting Islamic terrorists in the southern Philippines since the days of General John “Blackjack” Pershing. Our number one strategic imperative in combating Islamic terrorism is to deny them sanctuary, a base of operations. We should not go completely “dark” in assessing the enemy, their movements and recruiting efforts.

Somehow we completely lost the bubble with ISIS, and Boko Haram is gaining strength as well. Let us not allow the Islamist enemy to reconstitute in the Pacific — while we can’t even bother to address their movements in the southern hemisphere and South America.

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0bama is doing his part to usher in a caliphate, pure and simple. He is a muslim.


It is all part of the plan to convert the world to Islam and it is backed 100% by Obama and his administration.

Earl Lee

I swear you people wear tin foil hats!


Earl, people are judged by their friends, talk and actions and the evidence against the President is mounting


Look, everything Obama has done has helped the terrorists and hurt us.
He has surrendered Iraq over to the Taliban and it is all making the world a much more dangerous place.
Is all that being done deliberately to destroy the U.S.? No. But if it were, he would be doing exactly the same thing.
The way things are looking now, it’s almost certain that terrorists will have a nuclear weapon within a few more months. Yet liberals support all of Obama’s polices.
So tell me again, WHO are the ones wearing tin foil hats?


What is the alternative answer then, Earl? Is he just plain stupid? I don’t think so; nobody can be this stupid. This is all his plan; to destabilize the USA and the world. It’s not a fantasy – look around you!


Yes, but mine is removable! Yours is permanent! Youare an idolater and your god is Obama.


The “Community-Organizer-in-Chief” strikes again. This must have been another decision made in the back of the “Choom Gang’s” smoke filled, psychedelic painted VW hippie bus.

The Browns

Jimmy Carter was incredible compared to this guy.

Morrie Itzkowitz

Carter was a genius and a wonderful President compared to this Muslim Commie

El Gato

At least Carter, naive idiot that he was, had military training, and served in the Navy.

Robert Caleb Potter

The concept of ‘Conquering’ your enemy has been abandoned. However, it is this concept that has provided the only true change of attitude among the warring enemy and this leads to lasting peace. Japan and Germany come to mind.
Bush was correct to invade Iraq.
Bush was wrong to liberate the Iraqis before they were totally conquered and demoralized as a people.
We must never again invade unless the objective is to conquer..

randy brown

we have not won a war since wwII , because we didnt crush the enemy .. we wont win another till we learn that to win means to conquer . unless we learn that greatest generation from WWII will have been the last that knew real freedom because they won they destroyed the enemy . Our enemy is now our government , it must be destroyed for the united states to survive… We, the People that still believe in the Greatness of the United States, know this…

Richard Willey

Americans at this pt. do not have the balls or the patients to win a war and our enemies know it….

El Gato
Patience is not the strong point of most free peoples. That’s why we have to win our wars quickly. But to do that, we have to try to WIN, by defeating the enemy, not just stop them. Their ability to wage war has to be crushed. No sending of signals, no stopping for “humanitarian reasons” as we did after the visuals of the “Highway of Death” made it to the National Command Authority level. And remember that was a man who had himself been a warrior, at one time the youngest Naval Aviator, who was shot down and picked up… Read more »

Obama will stand with the Muslims, isn’t that clear by now?


Obama is not standing for muslims. He bows to them and is laying down America for them.


Obama and UN goal is for the muslims to rise up..all his policies facilitate that goal..We knew it the 1st day he was in office…but noone cares in this country as long as they are receiving goodies from him.


Like Vietnam. Our troops were not allowed to drive the enemy back to North Vietnam and then keep driving.


It makes you wonder how long this unholy alliance has been going on……..

Sherlene Stroud
I am Christian and don’t believe in violence but I do believe that each of these Islamic jihadists dogs should be hunted down and eradicated like the plague they are, then their bodies should be thrown into a herd of pigs to devour them. That is the only way we will ever have peace. They want to push us then it is time to push back! I am not talking about the Muslims who live here who do not bother anyone I am talking about those who want to destroy us and everyone in their path that does not agree… Read more »
El Gato

“Why do you kick a man when he is down? Because he is close to your foot. ”

That just makes it easier. You kick him because he might get up and be back to his old ways again.

John Burks

obama is seeing his dream of terrorist victory(muslim caliphate) getting closer. obama wants a defeated America.


Obama acts like the so called moderate Islamics – you know under the table support and letting the jihadist do the work and then walk in and taking over. He has no intent to do anything serious to stop the movement. Everything he does is strictly for show, agenda, politics, and power. World domination via violence and religion is the goal – Islam of course.