Do not let people separate your faith heritage from your nation [VIDEO]

Ronald Reagan said, “we are a nation that has a government, not the other way around. We are a nation under God, and I believe that God intended for us to be free.”

Today I had the honor to address the congregants under Dr. Michael Youssef at the Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, Georgia, and speak about my belief that American Patriotism is rooted in Christian patriotism.

Here are a few minutes of my remarks.

It was a magnificent service, with a full orchestra and terrific vocalists. You can watch the whole service here, and if you already went to church today, my part starts at about 48 minutes, with Dr. Youssef’s very generous introduction. But I’m quite sure you’ll find the whole service valuable if you can take the time.


  1. May God our Father continue to bless and guide Col West and strengthen his every effort to bring America back to God.
    We NEED Patriots in the Pulpit once again.
    An American Patriot like Col West in the White House would be nice too.

      • For cripes sake. I really believe that some people purposely don’t grasp the logic of the written word? Spelling it out for you; Those of us with faith have no reason to fear expressing our faith and patriotism, allowing faith to guide us even in the White House. NO ONE is forcing you to believe, and those who do should not be vilified. I doubt very much that Presidents Reagan, Carter etc. forced you to believe in God. You’re simply looking for an excuse to be disparaging when God is mentioned. It’s as childish and simple as that…

      • The gaytheists and fagnostics of Al Queerda are just as much a terror cell as any other.

        Rabbi Kahane was right… when men have chosen to be ruled by their own appetites, there is no divine rights to freedom, it is servitude to Mammon.

      • It certainly is not you. You are a coward a spineless wimp. No courage, no integrity, no honor, no respectability,
        You’re a brainless troll

      • HA!! I’m a TRUE PATRIOT!! You people are only domestic terrorist! You are willing to destroy this great nation because of your political beliefs. You are not patriots!

      • You and the loons like you would prefer that the country fail than see obama succeed. You people are the TERRORIST and should leave the nation!

      • There should be a law against your type of stupidity. It is only your opinion not based on fact. Since you have no credibility, a three year old sounds more intelligent

      • Put it to the test and find out if it cures your cowardice.
        We could use more Patriots, indeed.

      • He has a fine record, Earl, with one “fine” for possibly overstepping in a combat situation, when the protection of his men were at stake. He was called in to do what previous interrogators could not do…get results. His men were protected, and if I had the choice of being protected by honorably retired LTC West and our Wimp in Chief, I would take LTC West any time, any day, anywhere. Earl, you are showing your profound ignorance and understanding of the situation.

      • Sorry but the FACTS do not support you. Go read the C.I.D. report. It will tell you that the information that mr west received was bugus meaning it SAVED NO LIVES. When you are RELIEVED OF COMMAND and face 11 years in prison for 2 counts of assault….not a fine military record!!

      • No matter how u try to spin it positive…what mr west did that night was negative. Many military officers faced danger on a daily basis and served with HONOR. Mr West was trained to be a LEADER and did not LEAD his men that faithful night. The men under mr west command that night received article 15’s, lost rank and pay and mr west was no where to be found. He did not stand with those men while they faced judgement. To me Mr West is nothing more than a COWARD!!!

      • Earl, it looks like you are looking in the mirror again, or maybe at a picture of the Coward that is squatting in the White House.
        I have met Allen West, he is no coward.

      • I don’t care who you’ve met…if your men face charges on something that you were in command of and you don’t step of and stand along side those men….YOU ARE A COWARD!!!

      • Popped a caps lock on me…. Silly Troll
        I can give you an address if you feel the need to make this personal.

      • the aclu is a socialist/communist organization, not reputable in anyway. Slanted opinions and points of view. Of course you run with whatever they say, because you cannot think for yourself.

      • Of course not earl you posted it, why would i bother to read something that has no credibility. you are such a moron

      • The report is the actual report from the united states army. So, you are saying the Army is not creditable? Hmmmmm…interesting

      • Earl – to spend so much time on one site, with a singular purpose – you must be getting paid

      • I just love the way you people try to justify, manipulate, change, spin the facts that allen west did not serve with HONOR!

      • You are projecting again earl. You don’t even do that well. Not only did he serve with honor, he did a great service to the people of Iraq. You can’t even service yourself

      • Why don’t you provide some links to sites that support your statements ? It was political correctness that led to him retiring, life is tough in a war zone. Ever been to one ?

      • Be wary of links to MSNBC, HuffPost, NYTimes and the gazillions of other Liberal sites that parrot each other.

      • This isn’t on any news source…allen west isn’t in the NEWS…no one is talking about ALLEN WEST!

      • Funny, because that’s where I found them. Most revolve around the time he was up for re-election and the Liberal media was frothing at the mouth to discredit him.

      • This is something that would not have been reported on the news….this is the army’s official report

      • I’ve seen this elsewhere and it’s not impressive. ACLU publications and
        ‘activities’ don’t impress me because they’ve lost their integrity with
        most Americans. They’re often misguided, trample the rights of some to
        vindicate others, bring frivolous lawsuits to the courts and make a
        mockery of ‘justice’ at the expense of others.
        The fact remains, Col. West admitted to doing
        what most red-blooded Americans would’ve done, and retired with an
        Honorable Discharge with full rank and privileges. That’s the part you
        don’t understand.

      • I’ve seen this elsewhere and it’s not impressive. ACLU publications and ‘activities’ don’t impress me because they’ve lost their integrity with most Americans. They’re often misguided, trample the rights of some to vindicate others, bring frivolous lawsuits to the courts and make a mockery of ‘justice’.
        The fact remains, Col. West admitted to doing what most red-blooded Americans would’ve done, and retired with an Honorable Discharge with full rank and privileges. That’s the part you don’t understand.

      • I’m sorry but its the actual report. Yes he retired with honorable discharge BUT….his men faced charges and allen west was no where to be found. Allen west did not show LEADERSHIP when leadership was desperately needed. He could get elected to dog catcher! In my eyes as a VET……he is a COWARD!! You don’t leave your MEN out to hang like allen west did!

      • Speculating on what he did or didn’t do in regard to charges against his men is all you have. I’m betting you you weren’t there, you don’t know all the mitigating factors and circumstances or what, if anything, he could have done for his men. I’m a vet too and former MP, and I know that you can’t compare civil court expectations to the military justice system. That leaves you with an unjustified prejudice against Col. West.

      • Cry me a river lefty. Screw those detainees. You like them so much? Take one home with you.

      • I missed ya over at the “Obama got his Benghazi fall guy; now letting the rest off the hook”, thread…
        so nasty,,,gay slurs and all,,,flagged em,,,but nothing happens when you flag em
        all the hateful comments are still there….

      • LTC West voluntarily handed in his commission after disobeying the Rules of Engagement (Obama Regime foolishness) in Iraq, in order to save the lives of the soldiers under his command

        LTC West received an honorable discharge and was not court-marshalled


        LTC West put the lives of the soldiers under his command AHEAD of his own career, resigning his commission, not allowing ANY officer or soldier under his command to be involved

        just like Sarah Palin put the service to her Alaskan constituents AHEAD of her own career

        yes indeed, Palin and West have much that is admirable, in common … and this is why they are HUGELY RESPECTED by a multitude of Americans who value honesty and integrity

        these Leaders possess the CHARACTER and VALUES Americans surely DESIRE and APPRECIATE in their elected officials

      • OMG!!! PALIN?? Only a special kind of STUPID would believe anything other than she QUIT to chase the money. Nothing wrong with that BUT please lets not pretend she did something NOBLE!!!

      • hey early … the *prober*


        be INSPIRED early, look at this: (We are gonna CRUSH the CORRUPT Haley barbour machine in MS **__**)

        (Posted by Chris McDaniel- Mississippi, on FB today)

        “To those who are now shouting “party first,” you should be ashamed of yourselves.

        This isn’t about party. It’s about honor, integrity and the future of the conservative movement.

        If you truly valued the party, you wouldn’t have enabled such behavior or remained silent while it was occurring.”

      • [[ Only a special kind of STUPID would believe anything other than she QUIT to chase the money ]]

        Like Obama did?

      • It is easy to tell you have never been a Leader of anything but your big mouth, Earl! The horrible record your talking about was looking after the welfare of the men put under him, about an Iraqi policeman, who may have set them up for an ambush. The info turned out to be wrong, and yes, West used force to get a confession and was relieved of command. So, you think it is “horrible” for a commander to look out after his soldiers? And you say West didn’t stand up for his men, can you be more specific? It was only West that was charged, not his men, so you need to get your facts right before running your Leftist vomit. But, your a Leftist, and it is normal for you guys to live off vomit. Obama’s spewing again, go lap it up, Earl boy, lol!

      • He was trained to LEAD…to be a LEADER!! Thousands of officers served in Iraq and protected their men WITHOUT allowing what he allowed to happen. Not doing what he did and not violate the UCMJ!
        And let me be more specific….the men that was serving under allen west command that night faced charges, faced judgement, article 15’s, lost rank and pay. Allen didn’t stand with those men….why???

  2. I don’t care that the separation of church and state is not stated in the Declaration of Independence or in the Federalist Papers. The separation of church and state is stated by Jesus himself: “Give back to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

    • But if you have good, decent Christian principles in government, then you have an honest, transparent government, that is not trying to stomp on anyone’s freedoms. That is why I will vote for someone I know is a Christian than for someone who is not. I was also a Democrat all my life, still believing this Party to be the one of my Father and Grandfather, but it isn’t. As soon as I heard the very first speech by Obama, in 2008, I knew he was bad news, all blow and no show, talking the talk but never walked the walk, so I refused to support him. Proved I was right. And I also knew he was Lying when he said he was a Christian. He uses the Taqiyya – lying to the Infidel, to advance Islam.

      • That is your choice to make and I salute you for it. I’d do the same. All I’m saying is it shouldn’t be a requirement enshrined in law that our elected representatives be Christian or anything else. And thankfully, it’s not enshrined in law. But even if it was, I’d still consider it wrong given how Jesus preached otherwise.

  3. Watched the whole service. It was spot on. Very little doubt now that Col West will go on to lead this country out of darkness and put us back as the Shining City on the Hill.

    God bless Dr. Michael Youssef! God bless Col Allen West! God bless America!

  4. A true PATRIOT isn’t willing to destroy a NATION to prevent 1 man from helping others! You people are not PATRIOTS…You people are DOMESTIC TERRORIST!!

  5. I watched the whole service and already have more strength and courage to face the new week ahead. Dr. Michael Youssef did the country a real service by having Col West as guest speaker at his church this morning!

  6. Nice one Col. West. It’s about the amazing American Constitution that enshrines freedom of religion and every other liberty essential to human happiness.

  7. Just because you speak of being a Christian, Mr. West, does not mean you act like one. A patriot does not have to be a Christian. The “Amazing Constitution” gives everyone the right to freedom of religion. If you don’t like their religion, don’t become a follower of it or promote it. You can’t call yourself an American, and then try to push out a religious belief. You simply don’t support it and at the same time teach the truth about the True Christian Faith! Belief in the resurrection of Christ and fostering a relationship with God the Father through His Son, Jesus. It has nothign to do with hating muslims, islam or Christianity.

    • You went off the rails Vinny! Knowing that Islam is wrong does not equate to hating. More it equates to pity.

      • No, I did not go off the rails silverbackV. I agree with exactly your comment. Unfortunately, my comment was based off of Mr. West’s comments about the Presidents religion, views on Muslim religion, those who agree with his ideology. Which is to say spread dissention and hate for both! If he was a Christian as he says, he would not be stirring up so much animosity against the government and the Islam religion just as and because he is a member of the GOP. If he wanted to do something positive, he should try to tell those to speak up more about the truth of Christianity.

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      • Vinny, I didn’t get anything about hate in what Col. West said. There is no such stipulation in Christianity that you have to endorse what you don’t like. I believe Col. West may have intimated he hates what the government has become and the carnage caused by Obama’s terrible thought processes. He may have even espoused surprise that Islam, the religion of hate and destruction is given a pass, but that is what you would expect from a person such as Obama or the apostate church.

  8. West asserts that “American patriotism is rooted in Christian patriotism”? “Christian patriotism”? What exactly is that? Think whether and how those two go together.

    When West explains his own understanding of his own religion,I assume he knows of what he speaks, since he is speaking of his own mind.

    When he turns to constitutional law, though, West strays into matters of which he knows little. Separation of church and state is a bedrock principle of our Constitution, much like the principles of separation of powers and checks and balances. In the Constitution, the founders did not simply say in so many words that there should be separation of powers and checks and balances; rather, they actually separated the powers of government among three branches and established checks and balances. Similarly, they did not merely say there should be separation of church and state; rather, they actually separated them by (1) establishing a secular government on the power of “We the people” (not a deity), (2) according that government limited, enumerated powers, (3) saying nothing to connect that government to god(s) or religion, (4) saying nothing to give that government power over matters of god(s) or religion, and (5), indeed, saying nothing substantive about god(s) or religion at all except in a provision precluding any religious test for public office. Given the norms of the day (by which governments generally were grounded in some appeal to god(s)), the founders’ avoidance of any expression in the Constitution suggesting that the government is somehow based on any religious belief was quite a remarkable and plainly intentional choice. They later buttressed this separation of government and religion with the First Amendment, which affirmatively constrains the government from undertaking to establish religion or prohibit individuals from freely exercising their religions.

    That the words “separation of church and state” do not appear in the text of the Constitution assumes much importance, it seems, to some (including apparently West) who once mistakenly supposed they were there and, upon learning of their error, fancy they’ve solved a Constitutional mystery. To those familiar with the Constitution, the absence of the metaphorical phrase commonly used to name one of its principles is no more consequential than the absence of other phrases (e.g., Bill of Rights, separation of powers, federalism) used to describe other undoubted Constitutional principles.

    To the extent that some nonetheless would like confirmation–in those very words–of the founders’ intent to separate government and religion, Madison and Jefferson supplied it. Some, like West, try to pass off the Supreme Court’s decision in Everson v. Board of Education as simply a misreading of Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptists–as if that were the only basis of the Court’s decision. Instructive as that letter is, it played but a small part in the Court’s decision. Rather, the Court discussed the historical context in which the Constitution and First Amendment were drafted, noting the expressed understanding of Madison perhaps even more than Jefferson, and only after concluding its analysis and stating its conclusion did the Court refer–once–to Jefferson’s letter, largely to borrow his famous metaphor as a clever label or summary of its conclusion. The notion, often heard, that the Court
    rested its decision solely or largely on that letter is a red herring.

    Madison, who had a central role in drafting the Constitution and the First Amendment, confirmed that he understood them to “[s]trongly guard[] . . . the separation between Religion and Government.” Madison, Detached Memoranda (~1820). Indeed, he understood the original Constitution–without the First Amendment–to separate religion and government. He made plain, too, that they guarded against more than just laws creating state sponsored churches or imposing a state religion. Mindful that even as new principles are proclaimed, old habits die hard and citizens and politicians could tend to entangle government and religion (e.g., “the appointment of chaplains to the two houses of Congress” and “for the army and navy” and “[r]eligious proclamations by the Executive recommending thanksgivings and fasts”), he considered the question whether these actions were “consistent with the Constitution, and with the pure principle of religious freedom” and responded: “In strictness the answer on both points must be in the negative. The Constitution of the United States forbids everything like an establishment of a national religion.”

    The Constitution, including particularly the First Amendment, embodies the simple, just idea that each of us should be free to exercise his or her religious views without expecting that the government will endorse or promote those views and without fearing that the government will endorse or promote the religious views of others. By keeping government and religion separate, the establishment clause serves to protect the freedom of all to exercise their religion. Reasonable people may differ, of course, on how these principles should be applied in particular situations, but the principles are hardly to be doubted. Moreover, they are good, sound principles that should be nurtured and defended, not attacked. Efforts to undercut our secular government by somehow merging or infusing it with religion should be resisted by every patriot.


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