Honey, Obama shrunk the economy.

Anyone remember the “summer of recovery?” Yeah, didn’t think so — that was when Obama and Biden tried to make us all believe the American economy had recovered. It reminds me of the simpleton bumper sticker slogan of “Osama bin Laden is dead and GM is alive” — well something like that, so hard to recall all the lies and false narratives.

The Obama administration took a big hit in the area of economic recovery yesterday – but that’s not important. Obama is off to Minnesota to talk about the very troubling issue of climate change.

As reported by Fox News, America’s economy shrank at a drastic 2.9 percent annual rate in the first quarter, a far more alarming picture than ones painted in two previous government estimates — including one that actually claimed modest growth.

Fox says the new figure released Wednesday by the Commerce Department is nearly three times lower than last month’s preliminary estimate of 1 percent shrinkage — at the time the worst three-month performance since 2009 — and far greater than the 0.1 percent growth estimate in April.

So what does this mean? It means the first quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of our nation went DOWN almost 3 percent in the first three months of the year.

Fox continues, in keeping with the climate change meme, the winter weather referred to as the polar vortex is getting the blame. Regardless, this figure represents the biggest difference between second and third estimates since 1976 — and could indicate far greater problems than bad weather.

Previously on these pages I outlined a conservative economic growth policy program, which you can review here. Fox News contributor and economist Peter Morici said there were several factors that can help explain away the lousy performance. But he said there are reasons for concern. “Businesses scaled back their investment, and that is a bit foreboding. They just don’t believe the president’s ballyhoo about this being a breakout year.”

As expected, the White House downplayed the drop and instead focused on the future:

“First-quarter GDP was revised down today, largely reflecting a re-estimation of consumer spending on health care, which was substantially lower than originally reported, as well as exports, which were below the initial estimates,” said Jason Furman, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, which counsels President Obama on the economy. “The GDP data can be volatile from quarter to quarter; a range of other data show a more positive picture for the first quarter, and more up-to-date indicators from April and May suggest that the economy is on track for a rebound in the second quarter.”

Hey Jason, we aint buying’ it. We are heading to a horrific economic armaggeddon because the Federal Reserve can’t just keep printing money to sustain a failing economy. And of course that’s what is keeping the Dow Jones Industrial average at artificial high numbers.

The economy grew at a 2.6 percent pace in the final three months of 2013 — holiday season– and some economists are optimistic that the poor performance in January, February and March was a mere blip, said Fox News. Data such as employment, manufacturing and services sectors point to a sharp acceleration in growth early in the second quarter. Macroeconomic Advisers recently forecast the economy will grow at a 3.6 percent annual rate in the April to June period, according to The Wall Street Journal. Of course that would bring about the six-month period to a modest 0.7% GDP growth — yeehaw!

Consumer spending, which accounts for more than two-thirds of U.S. economic activity, increased at a 1 percent rate. It was previously reported to have advanced at a 3.1 percent pace. Exports declined 8.9 percent, instead of 6 percent, resulting in a trade deficit that sliced1.5 percentage points off GDP growth.

You’d think six years into Obamanomics we’d have better economic numbers — but then again, it’s all the fault of George W. Bush, Republicans, and al-Maliki and the polar vortex.

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How do we know barry is lying? His mouth is moving. A record high or people out of work and barry will tell you the unemployment rate is dropping. What a buffoon


Oh that’s easy to explain it’s because he doesn’t count the people who ran out of unemployment benefits and are still out of work. So as more and more of those people drop off unemployment he counts that as the unemployment rate going down.


That is correct


Congressman Joe Wilson got it right from the beginning. “You lie” 0bama.That’s all you do.

Andy Martin

When Obama was asked about the economy…………………….

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Impeach Obama Now!

Just wait until Obama’s policies shut down 400 coal fired electricity plants and electricity rates double! The poor Obama Lovers will be crying!


Obama is their goatherder. He keeps them in want. He leads them into division among each other and destroys their soul. He leads them down unrighteous paths for his own sake. When they walk through the valleys of the shadows of death Obama will forsake them. He will prepare a table before their enemies in the presence of those who are hungry and their cups will be empty. Evil and shame shall follow them for the rest of their lives and they will dwell in Hell with Obama forever.


That pic would have been perfect with a Pinocchio nose on bambam.

Burning more coal wont make the economy better. In fact it will make the economy worse because so many more people will be sick and require publicly-funded medical treatment. Just look at Chinese cities. Natural Gas or solar, those will employ just as many people at better wages. You need to see the big Obama scheme, which is to unmake American power via the Bankruptcy route. Every Obama day when debt is taken on hastens the day when the Republic goes bankrupt and the national savings are broken. the 17 year old girl with three fatherless younglings, no education, no… Read more »