American taxpayers footing the bill for world’s biggest orphanage

America is a nation in decline. We are embroiled in several major scandals and crises. We have record numbers in poverty and on food stamps. We have median income wages lowering. We have the lowest workforce participation rate in almost 40 years. And we have lost all standing and credibility on the international scene. There is no trust or confidence in the federal government as politicians bicker and become fat off special interest contributions and bribe the American electorate with the largesse of the taxpayer.

At the same time, we are witnessing the loss of American sovereignty. And with all of that will America now become the world’s biggest orphanage?

According to The Hill, responsibility for dealing with the massive new flow of illegal immigrant children on the southern border has fallen to a government agency that fumbled Obamacare’s rollout — the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The number of children caught crossing the Mexican border without an adult has jumped tenfold and is overwhelming officials charged with caring for them in federal custody.

The Cloward-Piven strategy — you remember that — is alive and working quite well as the liberal progressives outlined. This is no conspiracy theory. It’s the truth.

HHS’s obscure Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) program handled about 6,000 to 8,000 children a year between 2003 and 2011 while they were readied for deportation or took their cases to court. But a new wave of immigrants from Central America means the workload could soar to 90,000 unaccompanied kids this fiscal year and 127,000 in 2015, advocates told The Hill.

President Obama is asking Congress to more than double the program’s budget with an extra $1.4 billion for shelter, food, clothing and services.

So let me get this straight: we’re going to borrow more money in order to supply more foreign aid to countries are sending their children to America, for which we will need to borrow more money for their care — folks, you cannot make this up.

We reported on Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Attorney General Eric Holder stating they will bring legal action against any school district that denies education to illegal immigrant children – it sure seems this is all purposeful by the Obama administration. After all, they started advertising for “escorts” in January.

So now, it will fall upon the American taxpayer to fund the education for illegal children coming into our country — at a time when many Americans are struggling to provide for a quality education for their own American children. And what of the impending health crisis that could inflict the United States with a massive outbreak of measles and tuberculosis? I guess American workers – who are seeing their wages depressed and unable to fill up their gas tanks or grocery shopping carts — will just have to foot the illegal immigrant healthcare costs.

“The administration wants to both control the number of kids crossing the border and also ensure their protection in custody — the priority should be to the former. It’s a difficult balancing act, and HHS is right at the center.” The fact that the child immigrant surge must be tackled by the embattled agency still working to implement ObamaCare has caught Capitol Hill largely off guard — gee, it seems everything is catching the Obama administration “off guard” – or maybe that’s the way they want us to see it.

The Hill reports that the Obama administration originally requested $868 million for the unaccompanied minor program this fiscal year, the same level as last year despite a rise in the number of children at the border. Now the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) said the influx could cost the government up to $2 billion, and it’s asking Congress to pay. The Senate Appropriations Committee voted this month to provide $2 billion, but it is unclear whether the GOP-controlled House will follow. Advocates are urging Congress and Obama to find the money to support the children and families in custody.

You know, at some point we will need to have an American president who is focused on America and American citizens. This nation is at a point of economic collapse and assimilating immigrants through the expansion of the welfare nanny-state and dependency society may be nice politically but not practically.

This is a result of Obama’s unilateral action by executive order on immigration policy. We cannot give foreign aid and then turn right around and accept the citizens of foreign nations. We cannot have a breakdown of our sovereign Republic. These children must be returned home, to their parents, because we all know what will occur: free airline tickets to unite the parents with their children.

The liberals are very astute – more accurately, conniving and devious — in making this an emotional issue. But my emotions are for American children and preserving the American dream for them.


  1. I’ve read most of the parents are here illegally.So why not deport the parents with their children? That way we wouldn’t be tearing families apart like they whine about.

      • Anything to be contrite. barry invited them. Doesn’t matter where they came from Sherlock, just send them all back where they came from

      • Yep! See this is why barry planned it. If you keep the kids, you have to let the parents in. The first person who days send them home, is a bastard. No one wants to be called mean or a bastard because of the kids. Well I call it as I see it. Send them all home, kids or not they are here illegally.
        So if you want to call me a bastard that’s just fine with me.
        The libs calculated this in January this is no surprise to them. They are the ones who orchestrated the influx.. they knew the kids were coming.
        This is a sham. So call me a bastard, I went them gone. Send’em back to where the came from

      • Well that’s not what going to happen. Ps, I don ‘t use the word bastard. I will say heartless twit .


      • How convenient, Obama has to deal with Bush’s mess bec Bush is no longer around.
        So, in a 3 years I can’t say- come on namvet, Obama is gone, why you blaming him? For the war, VA, IRS, Obamacare, Syria, Iran, Putin…

      • Feel free, when Obama is out, and if a conservative, or moderate is elected, I’m positive the libs will blame him for all the messes the day the person is sworn in. Obama care is completely his own doing ( his legacy ). Or do you blame Bush? According to some polls, Obama is thought less of than Jimmy Carter.

      • Oh I get it, you are already setting up another Rep blame game. If a rep pres screws up, it’s the demo fault for not supporting him. Thanks for predicting the future. You got lottery numbers? It hasn’t been a year since Obamacare started and you already know it’s a fiasco. And as Obama the worst pres, so what, we are suck with him for 3 more years. PS, I didn’t think Carter was that bad. Reagan gets credit for freeing the hostages, but it was Carter who really did it.

      • Well then, let us not take it out on the children for they are innocent. Take it out on the dirty politicians whose over bloated salary you have paid for in the last 50 years of working. VOTE and SUPPORT better politicians.

      • They are pawns being used by the democrats to get more Illegal Immigrants the ability to stay in the U.S. It’s called “The Cloward-Piven strategy”. The children should be sent back where they came from and we need to get barry out of office and you an education

      • I agree…help the children, but help them in their country. Send money there to build them a home and help their situations there.

      • Exactly! We need a president who focuses on america and american citizens. If your illegal then leave and come back when your legal. No help to any of them here otherwise. Help the kids by helping them in their own country.
        The government and media along with Obama only want to divide us, keep us fighting each other and we are to busy to see what they are doing.

      • this is barry’s administration hard at work killing this country. We already have more than the entire population of Spain on welfare. We simply cannot afford to bring in millions more give me type people. barry knows this and yet he brings them in. These aren’t just poor kids who go hungry see. That’s bull, these kids are kids of Drug Lords and their gangs. Muslim convert send their kids. barry knows what he’s doing. He is trying to destroy this country, piece by piece and he is trying to buy democrat votes with these illegal immigrants. Once they are given amnesty who are they going to vote for? the people who let them in and that’s the libs. That’s their end game.

      • Ridiculous, The author makes excuses for the “Migration’ of children 15 to 18, like this is normal and yet this is not normal in anyway. 18 is a legal age here in the States and therefore they are Adults, NOT children. Send them back home.

      • You know that’s not going to happen. In a couple days this would have faded away into another story.

      • Only because the Main Stream Media (barry’s propaganda machine) will make it go away for him

      • And West too . He loves to call out media for selective memory, but does the same act all the time. Remember the 3 blk kids that killed the Australian student? What’s going on there? 2 of the boys copped a plea deal for shorter sentences and agreed to testify against the shooter. And that was 4 mos ago.

      • I am not west, ask him not me. but I can tell you that the propaganda machine always has barry’s back

      • Well I would like to see things from the liberal perspective, but I cannot shove my head that far up my ass

      • Phil, not much coverage if black shoots white, in reverse remember Trayvon, yet Zimm was latino. It was back page when a white driver hit a black girl, got out to help her up, and a group of black thugs on the corner beat the white guy severely.

      • If Zimm was Italian Amer , would people say, he’s not white, he’s Italian? As for the taxi driver, please give me more info so I can look it up.

      • I saw more about this driver/beating on F&F, you’ll have to go back some, maybe archives? One local station in our area mentioned it once.

      • I’m not going to go on a wild goose chase bec you can’t give me better info.
        I will say two things. first I don’t condone any violence no matter what. Second, it’s the conservative media making violence against whites by blacks into hysteria. Crime stats show blk on white violence is low, but the conservatives don’t want to believe bec they want to control people with fear.

      • I told you I saw it on Fox and Friends, and a local news channel. I suggested youlook thru F&F and probably find it with a little effort. You seem to be on top of stats, I assumed you’d know how to retrieve info. I’m not that good on a computer. Where did you get info that black crime against whites is low? I gues it’s higher for white on blacks. Are you suggesting this? I do not condone violence just as you don’t. Perhaps you can recall things better than I, and remember the details, but don’t address me as if I’m on a lower level than you. No goose chase was intended.

      • Hey Phil, I saved you the “wild goose chase” I did what I suggested to you, I went to F&F, typed in driver hits girl, gets beaten by black thugs, it took me 2 minutes. It happened in Detroit April 3, 2014, an article by Debbie wrote the article. I checked DOJ stats 2010-2011 serious crimes against whites increased by 13%, against blacks increased 4%. This while big O still the prez. You’ll find articles and stats may vary from yours.

      • And you want me to take a person who’s been on Howard Stern seriously-
        I don’t know what you want me to do with your info. Do you want me to justifiy every crime. Do you want me to be the spokesperson for black crimes against whites? I don’t see why especially when they is no such thing as blks hunting whites. It’s the right wing media exploiting the fact that white feel no longer in control and are freaking about about it. Obama, immigrants, competing with China. If you think you are under attack, buy and gun and get a CWP. Or dig a hole and bury your head in it.

      • Ok. Thank you (honestly) for thinking about the children. I am in a mood tonight and I apologize for my rude remark about your education.

      • Ummm, should we have sent your ancestors back where they came from? Unlike you MOST Latinos/Hispanics from North and Central America were here long before you were a gleam in your parents eye. They were known as the “Red Indian”. Just in case your education failed to pay for a History lesson too.

      • My ancestors came here in the early 1600’s LEGALLY!. Had they come here illegally yes they should have been sent back. I have probably forgotten more than you will ever know about history so, take your failed education and run along

      • Mexico is in North American ignorant fool. I see someone failed to pay for your education – loud mouth immigrant.

      • Pot calling the kettle black hey smart ass, Yes you. For your information the Majority of the kids here no didn’t come from Mexico, they came from South America. So unless you’ve done some research I suggest you move along and play stupid somewhere else

  2. It is one thing to have refugees from an on going war, it is quite another to have the democrats invite the onslaught of millions of invading Mexicans and Muslims, Yes I said Muslims. Many of Hamas and Hezbollah are in South America converting Catholics into Muslims. They are also dealing with the drug lords to smuggle fighters into the U.S.

    You can argue this point, but it is true. So out of the more than 13 million people invading and occupying the country with barry’s administration invitation and help
    It would be quite naive of us to think that, there are here for jobs and the floundering economy. There is a growing enemy within our borders already

    • We have been under attack for at least 100 years by our own presidents. One example:

      March 4, 1939 – Quote from a report of the secret committee by President Roosevelt,;

      “I am making no concessions to business, or for relief. I have a military machine sufficient to stop any organized revolt. I am putting MY PEOPLE ahead of all instruments. I’ll have had a full understanding with Chamberlain, and we will destroy this unemployed condition with a WAR, and a WAR only. To Hell with the American people, as far as a Democracy is concerned. It does not exist. It never did, and we will never let it happen that way. I am going to crush business, infest America with all the aliens possible, and in the last analysis, declare Martial Law, and confiscate everything I need for a true and forceful Dictatorship. My New Deal is a failure, and I know it, but no one else will tell me that I must discontinue my present activities, and program.”

      From the Secret Audience with the Military Appropriation Committee;

      The Ways and Means Committee;

      The Special War Finance Committee;

      This copy was presented to me [Wiliam G. Carr] by mail through Senator Lundeen.” The Red Fog over America” by William Guy Carr, 1955.

      • I just learned something new, Thank you. As FDR was a democrat, It doesn’t surprise me any. FDR, LBJ, Carter, Clinton and now barry. They all wanted socialism/communism to be the system of choice for their own Utopia’s.
        No one is at present, rebelling, because no one wants to be the first to start. barry will spark a catalyst Like crashing the dollar. stopping food stamps or some other event. The riots will start and he will declare martial law call out the DHS army and his alphabet swat teams and then the fight will be joined. If that isn’t the exact scenario, It won’t be far off

      • From what I have been hearing and reading, you are probably right. The EBT cards did not work a few hours last October in 17 states. One Wal-Mart in LA just let people fill their carts , even when customers knew they only had a few dollars in accounts. Lots of food was stolen before the system started working. Then, people just left the carts piled high with food in the store and left. Lots of that food spoiled. People were talking about rioting at other locations. We got a glimpse of greed and anger that would become exponentially worse when the whole system is shut down on purpose. It will be devastating with millions of deaths.

      • It’s called a test of a scenario, Like war games. If this happens, let’s find out what they’ll do. They found out in a hurry

  3. The transformation is still in progress, he’s not done yet. Something big is up, hence the timing of releasing the top 5 terrorists. Wonder how many of these poor fleeing children end up in the terrorists training camps across the nation? Tabs will not be kept on them. B.O. will read about it in the newspaper and feign outrage with a smug smirk on his face as his plan is working.

      • Of course he will say that. These people love their children same as we love ours. I’m sure that was the intention all along.

    • Wendy, I think Obama is daring us…daring us to stop him. At that time he will declare marshal law, come 2016,,there won’t be an election.

  4. Obama IS Behind all of this! He is also refusing to seal OUR Border! This alone should be an Impeachable offense! Let alone all of the long list other others!

  5. Oh, put diseased kids on buses so they can spread disease to other passengers and cross country. Can the bus companies sue? Probably not. Massive inoculation campaign will further suck money from our pockets , one way or another, and enrich big pharmaceuticals. Drug resistant TB and smallpox are among the diseases being reported.

  6. Roughly 500+ are being held in Port Hueneme Naval Base, CA. The transfer rate is about 50 inbound to 1 out. DHS/FEMA are running the show. I’m disgusted with our immigration issue. The problem has stemmed from THEIR country not ours. Send them back and MAYbe try to assist with S.A, governments.

  7. Everyone here doesn’t care about the children’s feelings? They’re alone with no parents. The conditions are crappy. Everyone here just thinks about the money the US is losing, but what Americans don’t think about and ignore the way the US has exploited the childrens countries of origin for their resources.

    • What resources have we exploited from Honduras.. Some Mahogany they were well paid for, and that has long since been replanted by us,, Not to mention the lumber and manufacturing jobs American Window, Door, Flooring and Furniture Companies created in the process..

    • I think most Americans care about children. These countries will bleed America for all they can. I care more about our own children and their future. Already we seeing more disease problems emerging ie; lice, measles, etc. A great opportunity for the drug cartel to bring in their henchmen. 70% of border patrol is pulled off to move kids’ leaving more access for thugs, gang members, human trafficking. What about the strain on taxpayers, food shortages, overwhelmed medical facilities? Maybe the parents could do more instead of sending their kids with strangers to a different country. I’m sure America sends a lot of foreign aid to these countries.

      • These countries will bleed America for all they can? What about America’s involvement in Latin American affairs? If it wasn’t for the U.S. meddling in these peoples affairs in the name of Democracy, there probably wouldn’t be a huge influx of them coming to the U.S. like they are now. You’re talking about these human beings as if they are parasites or something; The US has a huge part with the drug cartels, believe me, congressman, Senators, everyone in the government is benefiting off the drugs that they’re selling and importing. And as for taxes, don’t worry so much about it, if it isn’t one thing we’re getting taxed for, it’s another. Who cares!

      • I agree with you on some of your points. If our country would quit meddling in everyones affairs, and cut off all foreign aid to these countries, we could help OUR country more. I see, these countrie want us out, they’ll still want our U.S. dollars. Why rush to the U.S. to live in a democracy they don’t want? If I’m talking as if these human being are parasites, it’s because diseases will come with a lot of them, because the kids’ haven’t been taken care of by their parents. I agree, a lot of politicians are crooked, let’s vote out the worst. I still do not like our tax dollars taking care of and providing for the world.

    • Of course ppl care about the children. Its not the money. They should help them.but in their own country. Trust and believe that Obama has a higher agenda for doing this and its HE that doesn’t care for these children. If he cared, he would have make sure they were taken care of in their own country. Their parents only let them.come here because they know they are soon to follow.

  8. You said it! At some point we need an American president who is focused on America and American citizens. I’m sorry, but these kids are not our responsibility. If we are going to help, we should help them in their own country. Load them all up and send them home. Now!

  9. BTW, Obama is going to keep.pushing everyone’s buttons. He’s trying to get us to fight back so that he can declare marshal law.


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