Will Obama fast-track freed Meriam Ibrahim and her American family?

Ladies and gents, it seems Meriam Ibrahim has indeed been set free from her incarceration in a Sudanese prison, as reported by Fox News last night. The Sudanese woman refused to renounce her Christian faith in court in May, prompting a judge to sentence her to hang for apostasy. Sudan’s national news service SUNA said the Court of Cassation in Khartoum on Monday canceled the death sentence after defense lawyers presented their case, and the court ordered her release.

Tina Ramirez, executive director for the Christian advocacy group Hardwired, which promoted Ibrahim’s cause, said Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir bowed to immense public pressure and forced the court’s hand. “We are witnessing a historic moment – in the three decades of President Bashir’s brutal dictatorship millions have lost their lives, yet here stands one defenseless and innocent young pregnant woman who forced President Bashir to respect her dignity and religious freedom.”

The American Center for Law and Justice, which gathered some 320,000 signatures in an online petition for Ibrahim, praised the decision but called for the U.S. to help her.

“Her release from a Sudanese prison is a critical step toward securing her freedom and safety,” said ACLJ Executive Director Jordan Sekulow. “We now call on the Obama Administration to examine all possibilities to ensure that Meriam and her two American children are granted safe passage and immediate legal status in the United States.”

Now, if we’re allowing illegals from Central America to cross our border and stay, there’s no reason why this family shouldn’t be allowed safe passage and fast-tracking. After all, Meriam’s husband is a naturalized American citizen, which means the two children are American citizens. Since Islamists and others are afforded safe haven in America, it should be an easy layup for this brave Christian woman. I call upon the U.S. State Department to have this family out of Sudan within 48 hours.

Amazing — we never heard anything from Obama on this case, and there was no hashtag from First Lady Michelle. Quite telling.


  1. I pray that she ,with her family, makes it here. I applaud her strength and love for her Father in heaven. God bless them all and I pray the Lord cuts off Obama at the knees for his indifference. Amen.


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