Operation Zero Footprint: The bombshell truth about Benghazi?

The following was sent to me and in turn I will do my civic duty and widen its reach.

It is very detailed research and I will leave it to you to draw your own conclusion. But I will tell you this, it reads better than any spy thriller Hollywood could cook up. You will be amazed at the tangled web.

But here’s a spoiler that will be revealed if you read the full report: If Operation Zero Footprint in Libya was stupid, arming the Syrian branches of al-Qaida two years after the Syrian FSA was thoroughly corrupted by al-Qaida, is infinite degrees beyond stupid.

Read this at your leisure, but give it least 20 minutes to carefully comprehend what is written and piece it all together.

I am truly honored this group would entrust me to share it with you all. You may see the original text here, with all the source links intact from the Conservative Tree House, or you can read the story of Operation Zero Footprint below:

We now have a pretty good understanding of who, what, where, and why surrounding the 9/11/12 attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi Libya. We are also better positioned to understand why, or perhaps more importantly why not, certain actions were taken before, during, and in the immediate aftermath of the attack itself.

We know from the Bret Baier interview with Hillary Clinton that she was physically located at her 7th floor office in Washington DC on the night of the attack.

Unfortunately we also know during the November 2012 Thanksgiving holiday a mysterious fire took place in that building. Well, actually directly above her exact office – cause undetermined.

A “fire” which preceded an unfortunate slip and fall for the Secretary, resulting in a concussion, which led to the discovery of a blood clot, that ultimately delayed her congressional testimony before a Senate Hearing into the events of the night in question.

We know the Libyan uprising began on February 10th of 2011, and we also know that sometime around the end of February 2011 President Obama signed a presidential directive authorizing the State Dept and CIA to begin a covert operation to arm the Libyan “rebels”.

We know the “rebels” were positioned in two strategic places. Benghazi, and the port city of Darnah, both located in Eastern Libya.

We know this covert operation came to be known as “Operation Zero Footprint“, and fell under the military command authority of NATO not (important to repeat), NOT, the U.S. Military.


      • I do not care what you think he needs to do. The facts remain his articles are correct and have proven to be accurate.
        If you cannot handle that then you are not a very smart troll

      • I do not listen and don’t care. I followed his articles, if you read them and pay attention to the dates, then you have no choice but to agree that they are accurate.
        The truth will eventually come out I just hope that it arrives before the blood shed starts

      • Ooohhhh . . . Before the bloodshed starts . . . you wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked you on the side of your bigoted Nugent head

      • Ah, another ass brays. phlipper really? lol that’s the dumbest name I have ever seen.
        Not only is what I say the truth. If I hate barry and I do, it isn’t because I’m a bigot, it is because he is destroying this country and it will come down on your head. Instead of being a ass maybe you should stick your head in a hole in the ground and the bad stuff will eventually disappear. Typical of a liberal troll Ignore the facts for what they are. Live your own utopia, it’s all in your head

  1. Please explain to me Mr. West why you are spending all your time exposing this sleeper cell at 1600 Penn Ave yet you refused to provide a platform for Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Lt. Mike Zullo to present the evidence that would have ended Obama’s Presidency 3 years ago. You walked away from the ONLY scandal that can end this man’s evil agenda. See details of that refusal from Western Journalism below.


      • Horrible? You spout crap all the time with no facts. Your arguments are baseless. Bring something to the table next time besides ad hominem attacks. Where is your proof? Oh wait…you are going to cite that ‘torture’ case right? You know the one where he saved many of his soldiers. Gosh, we should send you to ‘interegate’ these guys with your fuzzy rainbows and hugs…

      • Some of us didn’t give a damn about our careers. We cared about our people.

        LTC West was and is fit to lead. I’d ride the river any day with him.

      • Yea…that is exactly right….some of you don’t give a damn about leadership….something that allen west FAIL! Allen failed his men that night….president?? The man couldn’t be dog catcher!!

      • Go read the C.I.D. report of the torture…its all there. The men serving under allen west that night received article 15’s, lost rank and pay. They STOOD ALONE!! Allen west retired….

      • http://cape.army.mil/case-studies/wcs-single.php?id=39&title=ltc-west
        Those soldiers knew what they were doing as well. Every soldier knows they do not have to follow an order if they feel it is illegal or unethical.
        West had to pay $5000 over two months and was reassigned to another company. It is easy to sit back in your cushy armchair and play quarterback isn’t it? It is even easier when you haven’t seen your brothers and sisters in arms get their heads cut off. It is easier to say how bad this situation was when you don’t see your friends get blown up in front of you by an IED isn’t it? Its easy to sleep in your nice comfy bed when these guys were in danger each and every second. They didn’t ask to go there, but they knew by signing up that they were writing a blank check to uncle sam. So, why don’t you enlighten us as to how you would have gotten the info from these people that only recognize strength and brutality. Let us know how you would deal with knowing that if maybe you had just pushed a bit harder then you could have saved the lives of those you were in charge of. And did you read anything at all about how his soldiers felt about him? And when your done, why don’t you provide us with an example of a good leader.

      • Almost a clever way to bring up the ‘torture’ charges…bet his military career was way better than yours…

      • UH…no it wasn’t! I wasn’t RELIEVED OF COMMAND and never faced 11 years in prison…ALLEN WEST was and did!!!

      • Neither was Allan West. You still haven’t said why you hate him so much. Are you just jealous of his accomplishments? Did he do something to you personally… nah, you probably don’t even know him in real life and are just some net nutjob trying to act like someone with credibility.. must be little mans syndrome

  2. Let’s be realistic here. It’s very clear what happened in Benghazi. Until we prosecute Kerry, Clinton, Obama, and Holder for treason against the United States of America, and give them the maximum sentence for that crime, the Benghazi story is not over. Those four are enemies of the state and should be treated as nothing less.

  3. so let me get this straight-
    we helped get Qaddafi’s weapons into the hands of Libyan rebels in order to topple Qaddafi-
    but those rebels turned out to be Al Qaeda, so we tried to get the arms back-
    during which time our 4 men were killed @ benghazi
    So we transferred those weapons to Syrian rebels to topple Assad- but those rebels turned out to be AQ too-

    and now the guys on a rampage across Syria and Iraq are AQ, the same people that planned 9/11/01, killing our former friends in Iraq with guns we gave them

    It’s a cross between Tom Clancy and the Keystone Kops
    God help us

    • Yep as outer limits and twilight Zone as it seems that is the truth. barry works for the Saudi’s. They want to be the head of the new caliphate also known as the New World Order. It is all verified here at this link. there are a bunch of insider (CIA) articles. It will answer you questions

      • I’m a fool? You have crap for grammar. Your is supposed to be “you’re” as in “you are” . . . this is what I waste my time with??? Woo Hoo!!!

      • Puhleez is good grammar? Maybe you’re just a talking ass. Did you go to college to become a smart ass?

      • Puhleez is not meant to be good grammar or good spelling, but like your politics, you lose on nuance.

      • This is the party that had yellow ribbons all over their houses, their cars, their small children for “support our troops”; and here they are sticking up for the terrorists on Benghazi. If they weren’t sticking up for them, they would try to find them . . . oh wait. Obama already did that as he did their other buddy Osama.

    • What, its bull because you say its bull. I know the “sources” Mr. West is siting and this whole scenario is dead on. You don’t have to believe it and continue to get your news from Ed Schultz that’s fine but this is NOT BS.

  4. I’m a dude, West I need bullet points and numbered lists. Like another commenter said, basically everyone in the middle east attempting to topple their government is Al Qaeda? And Al Qaeda basically turned on the CIA? Let me guess, we’re going to attempt to set up NEW Saddam’s, Qaddafi’s, Assads, Morsi’s, and Osama’s in the region? You know people who hate each other, to return to return the region to that other, BETTER, kind of destabilization because a powder keg, with a lit fuse, is better than fireworks going off, in real time, as we have now. It all makes perfect (stupid) sense.

    I never met a social experiment I didn’t like, especially when 90% of its support comes from people who won’t be living under it. ~Me

  5. Is it possible that the purpose for the mysterious 2 Billion rounds of ammunition, the large number of AR-15’s, and the MWRAP’s purchased over the last 3 years were intended to be funneled to Libya, etc.? That seems to make more sense than any of the lame explanations given by the government so far.

  6. Republicans helping with the economy….BENGHAZI!!!
    Tax breaks for the middle class??….BENGHAZI!!!
    Minimum wage increase??…NO….BENGHAZI!!!
    Republican plan for healthcare….BENGHAZI!!!
    Equal pay for women?….NO! BENGHAZI!!!

      • (sarcasm alert) Dammit… now I’ll have to stop buying bread as a matter of principle. How do these RWNJs manage to fit so many asinine conspiracies into one loaf of bread, anyway?

      • You might want to wake up before this country no longer exists as we’ve known it. I have never seen such immature drivel posted as commentary before. You are truly ignorant.

      • This is exactly the reason why I call you people LOONS! This…america is being destroyed and america is doomed and america will no longer exists crap. I swear some of you wear aluminum foil hats!!

      • May I ask you Raf, do you not think that it is important to get to the root of what was going on and why these men died. Why was the consulate left with minimal security when they requested more, and why didn’t we get personal there to rescue them? Remember we have consulates all over the world and many more at risk as well, if this can happen once it can happen again so we need to know why certain things did not happen when they should have and if there is a reason, perhaps criminal, we should know about.

      • Actually it’s not the first time it was happening. Happenned 13 times under Bush. Attacking American embassies and consulate is a national sport in the middle-east but we only hear about Benghazi. If it’s that important we should have been looking into it way before Benghazi.

      • And we arrested or got the perpetrators in most of them? It was not left unanswered. If there is nothing to hide why hide the rest of the people who were there? Why pose a gag order? There are still too many unanswered questions about it. Why lie about what sparked the “riot” if there wasn’t anything to hide… really Raf… think!

    • Really ? That’s all you got from this!? Blame game bs? Look at the facts that are right in front of your blind face you fool!!!

    • Republicans helping with the economy? The GOP only holds the majority in the House of Representatives and bills must pass both houses of congress and be signed by the President….Two of the three are Democrat. So, you should revise your statement to…

      Democrats helping with the economy? NO and then there is Benghazi

      Tax breaks for the middle class? Well, let’s see. The tax breaks we currently enjoy were those from the BUSH TAX CUTS. So, yes, the GOP gave us tax breaks. Obamacare RAISED taxes on the middle class in several ways and THAT my friend was a Democrat bill which passed without one GOP vote. So you really should revise your statement to….

      Democrats giving tax breaks to the middle class? NO and then there is Benghazi.

      Lets talk about that minimum wage increase…you did know that the CBO reported that 500,000 jobs would be lost right? No? Well, if that does happen we can blame that too on the Democrats. So, you really should revise that statement to….

      Minimum wage increase if YES then 500,000 jobs lost and the Democrats responsible for those losses and then there is Benghazi.

      Democrats plan for health care? A single payer system like the VA where scandals are breaking open far and wide. A system where if you like your doctor you can keep him IF you can afford to pay more to keep him. AND then there is BENGHAZI.

      Equal pay for women? How about we start at the White House run by guess who? The Democrats right now. Women make less than their male counterparts there did you know that? Well it is true. And guess what else? We’ve had laws providing equal pay for anyone doing an equal job for decades now….but Democrats? Well, they LOVE those studies where apples are compared to oranges because THEN they can fool folks like you!

      And then there is Benghazi too.

  7. If you start with the premise that Obama is a muslim, or at least has major muslim sympathies, then it all makes sense…everything makes sense.

    • Then you can also take notice that Obama has supported the Muslim Brotherhood’s advances in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria. So his sympathies or beliefs are those of the Muslim Brotherhood who also spawned Hamas and al Qaida.

    • Obama stated CLEARY in his book that he will side with Muslims if push comes to shove. He was a Muslim born and bred until he went into politics in Chicago.

  8. Damned light bulb that went off in my head almost blinded me!
    So, why did Obama trade five high level terrorists for one traitor? And why were those terrorists sent to Qatar? To cover his ass, that’s why!
    The “rebels” who “attacked” the Consulate in Benghazi were there for the arms that our government was providing to them. When the facility came under “attack”, rather than stand down, as instructed, our boys did what they were trained to do. The “rebels” thought that they had been betrayed and went on a killing rampage. Leaving four of our guys dead.
    Somebody is threatening to go public with what REALLY happened in Benghazi – and in order to silence them, Obama handed them five high level terrorists. The trade for Bergdahl was merely a convenient excuse to release the terrorists. And this person that they have suddenly “captured?” A patsy provided to support their lies.

    • #1. This “Operation Zero Footprint”, was a very interesting read… #2. I believe Denna Freed is right on target, re; the trade and the patsy.

    • Sounds plausible too… But add that, they now captured the “mastermind” of this failed kidnap or what have you to hush him up before he tells all…

  9. What really happened in Benghazi. … .
    This is my opinion based on what we know. ..
    We had Ambassador Stevens meeting with the Turkish diplomat about the arms shipment to Syria. We were to have a fake fire-fight, where Stevens would be caught, as it were in a fake kidnapping scheme. (Stevens, being well aware of the ruse). In turn, the Al Queda operatives were to make a plea for the release of the Blind Shiek and a cache of weapons including RPGs captured in Lybia in exchange for Ambassador Stevens. This was a CIA operation and totally secret except for those in the Intelligence community, including the Secretary of State.. .. .it appears now, that Al Queda people on the ground there, sorta over-did-it and caught the consulate on fire and it really went south when the 2 ex-seals from the Annex started taking out the operatives. We couldn’t send in our Military and destroy our contractors who tried to pull this off, could we? It was just a big mess before it was over. But just like any covert operation, we have to deny it’s existence for national security reasons.. .. .so the Administration had their back against the wall.. ..

    About 5 PM, Obama was informed by the National Security Team, Leon Panetta and staff, in their regularly scheduled meeting, about the fire-fight in Benghazi. Since it was a CIA operation, and we knew what it was
    all about as have said earlier, (CIA-arms-to-Syria), it was assured that it looked like it was coming off as planned. So, Obama told them all to just keep him apprised of the situation and that he’d be relaxing in his personal quarters waiting on the exchange terms. .. .. .. .They actually had no idea that everything went to shyt because they thought Stevens was captured as planned, but they didn’t hear from him. They had no idea that Stevens and his aid were actually dead for nearly 4 hours into the night. Then they learn that 2 Seals were fighting off our own operatives. our military was wanting to go in, but by then they knew Stevens was dead and it all went sour. Obama couldn’t give any authorization to go in because we weren’t supposed to be there in the first place; it was covert! – Obama was kept informed all during the night by Panetta as they watched the mess happening in the situation room. The Administration was blind-sided by this. National Security was compromised, they had dead and wounded people all over the place, and they had to act fast. Jarrett and Donnelly had this hair-brained scheme that they could blame it on a internet video and that’s what they went with.”

  10. This was all written in The Canada Free Press 2 yrs ago……and nobody believed it….or at least reported on it….as they are NOT now.

  11. My gripe with the Benghazi coverup has (from day one) My gripe with “blaming the video” was that it caused riots riots in the muslim world which resulted in over 70 deaths. Isn’t that crimes against humanity, especially considering that the administration was involved in the production and distribution of the video in the first place.

    • wait….didn’t the guy they just captured say it was BECAUSE OF THE VIDEO??? Guess Obama made him say that

      • Earl – It was NOT BECAUSE OF THE VIDEO. The administration has finally dropped that line of BS. If you aren’t aware then you are waaayyy behind on this story.

      • Convenient huh? Like the missing emails… Even other Muslim leaders over there said it had nothing to do with the video.

      • I said it was plausible, and no more incredible than the stuff coming out of the WH on this event. But of course you believe it was a video that offended the radicals and the lost their nut because of it… mmm hmmm

      • Those who committed this action have already said that they did it because of the video. Your claim has been debunked.

      • This is from a NY Times article on the SOURCE:

        “In an interview a few days later, he pointedly declined to say whether an offensive online video might indeed warrant the destruction of the diplomatic mission or the killing of the ambassador. “From a religious point of view, it is hard to say whether it is good or bad,” he said”

        Now, supposedly other, UNNAMED SOURCES have stated that they heard him tell his followers it was over the video – however, we are talking the NY Times here, which doesn’t hesitate to cover Obama’s ass at every opportunity.

        Keep getting drunk on the Kool Aid, Earl.

    • Why do you make light of this Raf? Four men died that night and many more are being murdered at the hands of Al Qaeda daily due to “weapons deals” that Obama ignores and allows to happen. I thought you were a better man than this… I’m not saying change your political view if you are so entrenched in it but at least show some respect for those who died.

      • Why do u believe that republicans give a crap about those 4 lives? This is political and only political!! BECOME A BENGHAZI WATCHDOG!!!

      • Why do you think they don’t? You know them all personally and can judge them on that? Really Earl, you are a sad piece… so wrapped up in hate you think everyone is only out for themselves and not interested in the truth. The parents of these men deserve the truth, the people of America deserve the truth and the people behind it need to be imprisoned, including any of our government officials who conspired to what happened that night…

      • If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…its a duck! This is POLITICS ONLY!! Nothing more…its a attempt to damage hillary clinton before the 2016 elections. Republicans know they cannot beat her with their record of hate and obstruction!

      • Sweetheart, Hillery is doing enough to damage her own reputation, she doesn’t need the republicans to do that for her.

      • “If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…its a duck!”

        Then, you must be a habitual liar who loves making ridiculously-unfounded claims.

      • Republicans have never abandoned someone leaving them to be killed when aid could have been rendered.

      • You are right Rena four men died in the service of the United States of America. If people like Allen West genuinly cared they would have me behind them 100%. But they don’t, they care about the next election or making a name for themselves. Six months ago Allen West was demanding for Bergdahl to be released, now is saying that Obama should be impeached for securing his release. It has nothing to do with my political view, I just can’t suscribe to blind hatred and criticism.

      • Raf she was referring, as was I, to your submission that Col West was for getting Bergdahl out before he was against it.

      • Thank you…. You are right… seems he was for his release, perhaps he didn’t know all the facts himself. I don’t know and can’t guess as to why he did. But perhaps it isn’t so much that he wanted to bring him back but that we shouldn’t have ever negotiated with terrorists during a time of war to give them 5 senior officers. Would have to ask Col West to explain that and I agree, Bergdahl is not worth giving up 5 senior terrorists operatives so they can go back and organize more attacks against us.

        And, aren’t people allowed to change their mind about something? Really this is a free country isn’t it? But I guess you will find fault in that too somehow… Me personally, I would have left his behind there to rot.

      • Sure anyone is allowed to change position in light of new information. Progressives do it all the time that why we progress. If it’s ok for Allen West should be ok for Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, just saying.

      • What did they change their mind about hun? They were told to spin the story that it was the video… they’ve admitted to it already…. now they are back tracking saying they never believed it was the video but just went with it… that is not changing thier mind hun that is covering their ass because the truth came out that they lied and knew it was a lie to start with.

        Allan West wanting Bergdahl to come home is just that, he didn’t say for what reason, he said he should be brought home but he NEVER agreed under what circumstances he should be freed. So where did he change his mind? He stated that we should not have traded 5 senior Taliban officials for him, do you have something where he said we should then backtracked saying we shouldn’t? That would be the difference hun. If you have something showing that West supported the grounds for releasing Bergdahl then show it.

        Was he covering up a criminal act? No, Was he lying at the time he said he should come home? No, at that time he said he should. Was there a criminal act happening at the time when he said it? No, no reason for a cover up. Hillery and Rice knew that the story of the video was a lie from the start but went with it to cover up whatever operation was going on whether it was a covert action or terrorist attack. It was a lie then cover up.

      • I didn’t see anything in that article that said West was for trading the Fab Five for a deserter. Did you? In fact, no one even spoke about Bowe’s desertion until they got him back. I wonder why.

      • Really Raf, stop copying other people… be your own man and think for yourself. As Andy stated, no where in that article did West say he was for giving away 5 taliban leaders for one man in a time of war. That is the difference.

      • He wasn’t for anything, was just against Obama leaving Bergdahl and now he is against bringing Bergdahl back. Did he propose anyway of securing the release, Mr. military surely should have had an idea. Nope nothing just blind criticism.

      • He was against it under the circumstances under which he brought him back.. Did he propose it, no… was he supposed to? It wasn’t his job to secure his release. But we all have the right to be mad as to how Obama did it because he released 5 senior operands who will arrange to kill more Americans… that is not blind criticism hun that is fact.

      • The article I linked to did not mention any particular circumstances. It’s not his job those whose job it was did their best under the circumstances and secured the release. You have a right to be mad that doesn’t it make it the right thing. Personally I won’t miss those 5 rascals at least now we have a chance to kill them for good. I would have emptied GITMO to get the release. But I hate GITMO, that’s another debate.

      • Do you hate all prisons? What do you do with those who commit crimes? Do we just allow them to continue to commit them? Those five men were responsible for orchestrating the murders of Americans and other westerners. They hate us and will do it again now they are free. Yes it makes me very angry that our so called leader will let those five go to commit further atrocities against us and others in the name of their religion of peace.

        Tell me Raf, how did you feel the day we were attacked on our soil? Were you mad, scared sad? Did it piss you off that they would come to our country and murder innocent men women and children? Or did you just have no feeling at all… or happy? How did it make you feel that day and the days following? Do you read the world news about these inams who are calling for more attacks on our soil, and abroad, at universities, schools, businesses, tourist attractions and so on…. How safe do you feel now that terrorist attacks are rising, more innocent people are being murdered and now their 5 senior officers are free, do you feel safe knowing that your son may go to school one day and never return or he may never see you again because the terrorists decide to attack us again on our own soil? I hope and pray Raf and your conscience is clear knowing those 5 animals are now free to do that and more… I’m finished with this thread… its going in circles again… God Bless and talk to you again soon…

      • GITMO is not a prison. In the United States of freakin’ America people go to prison when they are convicted of a crime. Have anyone in GITMO been judged and convicted of anything? Short answer is NO. Consversatives chicken-hawks want to keep GITMO as a war trophy. Truth is GITMO is a war trophy for the terrorists. They made us scared enough to violate our own Constitution. That’s what terror does. I grew up in New-York, first Ocean Avenue in Brooklyn then 131st street and 144th avenue in Queens, I remember the damn planes flying over our house going to LaGuardia or JKF Airport. Haven’t been back to New-York since the towers fell. How did I feel? I got to work at 9:20 that morning, I was late. One of my coworkers showed me on his computer a clip of the first plane hitting the tower. I remember asking him “Is that a new Die Hard?”. He told me no that hapenned for real. My reply to him was “This means we”re at War”. All I felt was the cold reality that things changed. Then I thought of my cousin who worked in Manhatan, a block away from the towers. I got home that night and called my mom asked if she had any news of him. She told me he was fine. Left his office when the first tower fell and walked back to Queens, subways where closed and he parked his car near the subway and took the train to Manhattan. Lost his briefcase and had dust all over his suit.

      • I can tell you one thing for sure, Col West, put into a military situation, any foreign policy, would have a much better grip on reality then the boy king. The man is a fraud, a liar, a thief, and a traitor. He should hang from the end of a rope for all to see, in the public eye for everything he has done to this country in 6 years

      • Thank you for the link, Raf.
        First of all in the article that you referenced, West stated that Obama should follow the policy of “no man left behind” and went on to mention SEVERAL of our guys that needed to be brought home – not just Bergdahl.
        Secondly, at that time, no one knew that Bergdahl had willingly left his post and deliberately sought out the Taliban. There were a lot of folks up in arms about Obama not doing more to bring him (and the others) home. The general public did not know that he was a deserter and a traitor.
        If one isn’t locked into a party or an ideology, when one is confronted with evidence that they have been mislead or misinformed, then they change their way of thinking to incorporate the new information.
        Some people call it flip-flopping, others call it realizing that you were wrong and adjusting your thinking accordingly.
        West adjusted his thinking according to the new information that has been presented.

      • Guys from his platoon knew, Allen West is not the first or the only one to ask for his release. Why didn’t they come forward before his release. When Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice change their story you guys call that a cover-up. Hypocrisy is not liberal nor conservative.

      • Raf, what Clinton, Rice and Obama did wasn’t changing their mind due to new information. They KNEW, before any one of them hit the “media” circuit, that the attack was NOT due to that video. Although the main stream media isn’t covering it, it has already come out during the hearing that they were all well aware within 24 hours that it was a planned attack.
        So when Susan Rice made the round of talk shows that Sunday – FIVE DAYS LATER – she was very much aware that her narrative was pure fiction. When Obama spoke before the UN two or three days after – HE KNEW HE WAS LYING. And when Clinton told the families several days later that the person who made the video would be held responsible – SHE KNEW THE VIDEO HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ATTACK!
        Believe me when I say that when the Republican’s do crap like this, I call them on it, too! It isn’t only a left problem, and it isn’t only a right problem. What it is is a POLITICIAN problem! The lifers in Congress don’t give a damn about their constituents. They don’t care what WE, THE PEOPLE want. They are ALL about furthering their own agenda!
        The Tea Party has been demonized by the media and slandered by politicians on both the left and the right. Why? Because they know that this group of everyday American citizens is the only hope for our nation.. They know that if a third party gets enough members in Congress, then their days of Good Ole Boy club membership will come to an end.
        It would be nice if the left would come up with the same type of grass roots movement on their side to combat their own lifers. But, unfortunately, the liberals don’t seem to be able to see the forest for the trees.

      • Hun, set Bergdahl aside and stick to just this event please. I’m not saying you have to back Allan West 100% or even 1%, what I’m saying is, your comment about Trey Gowdy was very disrespectful to the four men who died, whether they were Americans or any other nationality, they died in a very horrible manner and making disrespectful, snide, rude and demeaning comments like you did about their death was a low blow for even you.

        Its like you see someone on the left like Earl, spewing his garbage and think for some reason you have to do it yourself to “look good” perhaps… think for yourself and think about what you are saying before you say it… I hope your son doesn’t read what you post on here or anywhere if this is how you represent yourself. You are meant to be an example for him.. remember that.

      • And that article wasn’t disrespectful? Allen West quoted the entire article fron Sundance and linked to it. I wouldn’t know who Sundance was if it wasn’t for LTC. Allen West. If it’s disrespectful to mention him with the very serious 13th Benghazi comission. Why is Allen West even talking about him, and quoting him like he’s all you need to know about to connect the dots. I’m nobody, I never served in Congress our the Military, if disrectful for me to make that link why is it ok for Allen West?

      • Col West told you to draw your own conclusions about what the article said, not that it was gospel, but rather its something to think about and could explain what what going on. All we have now are suppositions and probably will never know the truth unless Obama grows a conscience… which I doubt. Obama has no integrity at all. But you judge it for yourself as we go on with the investigation…

      • It’s a cop out to say it’s all on Obama. You guys complain about “blame Bush” but at least we waited for him to leave office to start. Conservatives been blaming Obama since the first day he became President. Obama is all but just one man. You know damn well that pile of horse manure doesn’t come close to explain anything. If it did Sundance would be in front of Trey Gowdy.

      • Waited until he left office? Are you for real Raf? He was hounded daily by Cindy Sheehen for us being in Iraq. The left constantly hounded him on various issues… please Raf, don’t talk unless you know what you are talking about. As for Obama… again really?? LOL do you not read the news? From Fast and Furious, to ACA, to IRS, to Bergdahl and now Iraq of his own accord, not to mention all the other stuff out there INCLUDING Benghazi.

        Please, the GOP is not making this stuff up, do some real research and use your own mind. I am not a republican hun and I am certainly not a democrat, I am a concerned citizen who cares about her country that is quickly declining into a cesspool of degradation within the last six years! We have NEVER been so bad off where other country leaders mock us and no longer have any respect for us as a leading nation.

        And to reply to you here about the article being disrespectful, you said to the four dead men? How? It is talking about what has conspired up to, during and after the attack, not saying what you did that Tray Gawdy should do a sundance and wear earrings? Please Raf, you aren’t that dense and I know you know better and now the difference. Im sorry, but you really are being very closed minded and sadly being very thick minded tonight… God bless and have a good night… I’m sorry to say but you really disappointed me tonight..

      • Cindy Sheehan did loose her son in Iraq. Is he worth any less then the Benghazi four? What about Patt Tillman? He left pro football to go fight the Taliban and died. Was that on Obama’s watch? Allen West knows who Patt Tillman is. America been in a degrading cesspool for much longer then the last six years. I’m never think-minded and you know it. Have a good night, looking forward to talking to you again.

      • Rafael X, I think you might be being a little obtuse here.
        All of those patriots deserve respect for their sacrifice.

        The issue with Benghazi is primarily that the families of Stevens,

        Smith, Woods and Doherty have yet to be told the truth about the events which led to the deaths of their family member. A truth that is only kept secret because of the political damage contained within it.

        So who is being disrespectful to the dead. The man who rises to tell the truth, or the man who remains seated behind a curtain of deception?

      • Pat Tilman was shot by his own troops.In a friendly fire incident Here you go again with the double standard.

      • Raf, does it matter how many it takes to get to the truth? Even some of the people who are being questioned now are admitting that the IRS did commit a crime. If it takes a million to finally get to the truth then that is how long it should take. Our government is not above the law and sadly this is how long it is taking to get to the truth because of the stonewalling and blocking. Don’t you want the truth?

      • Typical left-sac crybaby. Politics is a full contact sport. Get a Kleenex and wipe your eyes.

      • Cut the crap moron.
        Your POS POTUS made it political when the attack was going on. He was on the phone with YouTube talking about how to spin it. Then he sends that leaky hole Susan Rice out to lie all over the place.

      • We made it political when Mitt Romney could not even wait for Chris Stevens body to get cold before getting in front of the microphones to campaign on the tragedy. And I’m sure you remember that debate with Candy Crowley.

      • Its not harassment when there is an investigation going on. Its called an investigation and they have the right to question everyone involved as many times as necessary until it is completed. No different than any other murder or criminal investigation.

      • Like I said earlier, if it takes more then so be it. If I have nothing to hide then why would I be bothered? I wouldn’t make up some silly story about some video sparking the riot… I would tell the truth from the start. So if there is nothing to hide, if nothing that was done was illegal or criminal then why worry about it? I would know that I would be vindicated in the end… so far this administration is not being up front with anything…… And I would certainly make sure that I didn’t have a “crash” and all my records be lost…

      • That video sparked riots everywhere not just Lybia. They haven’t found nothing and will find nothing. Why isn’t Allen West reporting anything coming out of the Comission instead of quoting some obscure internet kook named Sundance. Is he trying to be Butch Cassidy? You know who reports on the commission? MSNBC, liberal media. They make sure to take note of every conservative lawmaker who asked for the select committee but are not attending the hearings. They don’t even take themselves seriously. Computers crash all the time, that’s a conspiracy too? IT vendors rent computers to large organizations like the government, when they upgrade they put a magnet to hard-drive to remove the sensitive data and send it to India. Andy knows this with his fancy Cisco logo. Come on already.

      • Lets just say its kind of interesting how the left are starting to back away from Obama now as more information comes out. Hillery back tracking her first comments about it being the video and others… how long will it take you?

      • You are in total denial, By the Way that is not a river in Egypt. barry lies and you deny. When your kids lie to you to your face, do you believe them and carry on like nothing happened? No, you question them some more and do some investigating. Then you find out the truth. The you exact a consequence for their actions and lying.
        However, you are not willing to do the same for your fearless leader. You accept his lies with a blind faith. You are a fool, “To every rule there is an exception—and an idiot ready to demonstrate it. X you do it everyday!”

      • I don’t understand your point Raf… the men you mentioned died in action after willingly joining the military to combat terrorism, one killed by friendly fire sadly. Their lives were worth more than Bergdahl who is a deserter and traitor. But what is your point that they weren’t on Obama’s watch.

        The thing here is that Bush was attacked constantly about our involvement in Iraq. Remember the slogan, “Bush lied, people died”? This went on for years during his administration but guess what… he didn’t lie, they found the WMD’s that everyone is saying never existed… so I guess he didn’t lie after all…. it was a justified war.

        And you are quite correct that this nation has been declining for a lot longer than 6 years, I would say since the sixties to be honest, and who was president when that started? Oh, they were democrats, Kennedy and Johnson. With the free love movements and drugs hitting all time highs (no pun intended), protests against our troops who came home to people calling them baby killers, riots that shook out nation etc. The last great decade this nation saw was the 50’s. But it seems every time a democrat comes into power in this nation, we fall further into the depths of depravity.

      • After Bush made a big show on aircraft carrier. I’m sure you remember the “mission accomplished” banner. He would have kept finding WMD under wraps because I never heard of it. Our big achievement was killing the sons and digging Saddam out of is hole.

      • That was the intention, to stabilize Iraq and ousts a madman and his regime. It was to get terrorism on the run, which we did under Bush’s watch. Obama may have Bin Laden under his belt, but who initiated this action? Bush said many many times that this was not going to be a short war, that it would last for many years. And it should still be going on… But look at Iraq now… under Obama’s watch..

        Sweetheart, listen. If Obama were to pull every American out of Afghanistan, Iraq, the Middle East full stop, and declare the war over do you think it would be over? Do you think they Taliban and Al Qaeda would drop their weapons and rejoice? Do you think they will stop attacking Western interests?

      • If you have been paying attention to the news you would have seen that the ISIS have recently took over the Weapons plant in Iraq, the one that the liberals said never existed. It still has sarin gas, the gas used against the Kurds in the 90’s murdering thousands… read here where ISIS take over of WMD chemical plant…



      • [[ Cindy Sheehan did loose her son in Iraq. Is he worth any less then the Benghazi four? ]]

        I don’t recall a Presidential cover-up of his death. Do you?

      • And who was the article disrespecting? Obama? The CIA? NATO? The terrorists? It was an article trying to explain what may have happened. An intelligent guess by connecting all the parties and things that have conspired during that time up to, during and after the attack.

      • The article is disrespectful to the four who died in Benghazi. Speculating and quoting sources cannot be verfied is disrespectful. Inviting speculation by saying “draw your own conclusions” is direspectful. That doesn’t make you come accross as someone who cares about the truth.

      • @Rafael X, The Truth is never disrespectful to the dead. In actuality truth does not care for the disposition of the recipient.

        Nothing is unverifiable. Source links are included, then you can draw your own conclusions.

        Remember, nothing you ever read is EVER unable to be verified. Almost every American owns a phone, and more than most have access to the internet which gives them the ability to email their political representatives. It takes a little effort – but you can verify anything you find suspect.

      • No, what’s “very disrespectful to the four men who died” is the fact that Trey Gowdy is engaging in political stunts to exploit their deaths.

    • It just truly amazes me that the same people take your bait every time you dangle it in front of their nose. Kudos, you are the ultimate troll , my old friend Rafael X. Shame on you all that give him the pleasure of arguing about nothing.

      • Sorry I’m not baiting anyone. Just offering a different perspective, I know that might make you uncomfortable but others enjoy the exercise. And I would not count the four dead Americans as nothing. Have a nice day.

  12. Sounds plausible. And at the moment its more reasonable than most of the stuff coming from the WH. But honestly, like the rest of the scandals coming from this administration, I doubt very much we will ever know the truth about this or anything Obama and Ilk are involved in…

      • I believe we do, its obvious that Obama wanted the rebels to have those weapons at all costs, even American lives… I do not believe we should be supplying weapons to anyone, look what happened the last time we helped the rebels…. they ended up coming after us…

  13. I personally would like to find the survivors and speak with them …. I find it hard to believe not one supposed journalist hasn’t found one! as well as our useless, spineless, balless ,moronic Congress and Senate.

    • The survivors have been silenced. Even if the media finds them, they aren’t going to talk – they have families and they know the consequences if they speak out.

    • As Denna said, there have been many reports that survivors wont speak about what happened. From what I understand they were placed under gag orders or such.

    • @radjul, some of the survivors have talked to congress, twice. Unfortunately all of the hearings with survivor testimony are “closed” intelligence hearings.
      The reason they are “closed intelligence hearings” is clearly outlined in the article being discussed around Operation Zero Footprint.

      • “They keep digging and keep finding NOTHING” -Earl Lee

        The mind is a terrible thing to waste, Earl. Yours is gone.

      • just like there not finding anything with the I R S scandals and the democrats HAD TO DESTROY THE EMAILS ONLY A STUPID ASS WOULD BELIEVE A HARD DRIVE CRASH

      • A Hard Drive crash is very plausible… especially when it’s done on purpose.
        Just dropping a Hard Drive from six inches up, while it’s running can cause severe damage.
        But… there are ways to retrieve that info. Just like they did with the Space Shuttle.

      • I would not say they have found “nothing”. However, as the article clearly outlines with Operation Zero Footprint there was nothing illegal. Stupid, yes; but illegal, no.

        In addition there’s nothing illegal about lying to the American electorate. The congressional hearings that really matter have been closed door intelligence hearings due to the national security aspect.

        When you understand what was going on, you understand why Boehner, a member of the congressional “gang of eight”, had no motivation for a “special investigation”.

        The only reason a “special investigation” is going on now, is because the administration team has lied about the issues surrounding the attack itself. Namely the motivation of the attackers etc.

        However, that said, even with the special investigation by Trey Gowdy, (if it sticks to only the issues surrounding the Benghazi attack – and not go into the Syrian aspect of the buy-back program) most, if not all, of the information people would seek to see in the public venue will fall under the auspices of National Security – and remain classified.

        The risk to the administration is only from the public finding out about boneheaded decisions to arm al Qaeda. Nothing more.

      • It is a felony to lie to congress.
        Supplying arms to the enemy?
        Not rendering aid to americans in battle?

      • “The risk to the administration is only from the public finding out about boneheaded decisions to arm al Qaeda. Nothing more.”

        I would say there is more! How about covertly arming our enemy? I would say “Treason” is a little more risky for this lawless administration than just the public finding out the truth!

      • satanic Islam is NOT the enemy [to the Luciferian Globalists]… it is the goal. The objective…
        The One World antichrist Islamic Economic System.

  14. hillary wanted them killed and obama approved of it. Tsk, tsk…doesn’t look good for these two. Mr. Gowdy, please see to it that justice is served.

  15. Ambassador Stephens was going to come out with some dirt on Obama and he was murdered. I am very fearful for our nation. Also some of these worthless republicans must have some serious dirt on them if they can’t stand up and say enough is enough. Its all corrupt. We need a complete overhaul of Washington. Time for term limits and people that are not yet corrupt. Shame on the Libtards for taking our freedoms and committing treason and shame on the conservatives for letting it all happen. So what if you have had an affair, our rights are being trampled on but you won’t stand up because you are banging a young 30 something. Shows how classy both sides are.

    • I agree with you. When ever someone knows anything about him and they are a danger to obammy, he will kill them to keep quiet.

  16. The Benghazi attack wasn’t supposed to happen.
    Saddam & Gadhafi were both taken out because they were a threat to Islam and the plan for an Islamic Caliphate/Mahdi.
    Also with Assad… who is Shiite… with a Shiite ruling government… over a Sunni majority population. Go figure…
    Remember Sunni vs. Shiite. And the ME has always been about Sunni Power. That is why Assad needed to be removed and why Iran supports Assad. And why Assad is determined NOT to go out like Saddam & Gadhafi.
    The fact stands… the Luciferian Globalists are aiding, helping and funding satanic Islam… which includes removing any government that isn’t with the Iron Democracy of Sunni Power.
    OK… now… the fact is we can take this history back for centuries or even decades… but let’s begin with 9/11/2001…
    1) The US opens the door so muslims can attack America. Why? In short… To begin the Islamic advancement & Jihad upon the world. Why? Because time is of the essence here? Why? This antichrist Islamic Caliphate/Mahdi is expected to return at a specific time and that time can’t be changed.
    2) After 9/11/2001… begins the ME affairs/ so called invasions… including the so called Arab Spring … Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tunisia, Bahrain, Libya, Syria, Nigeria, Sudan and even little skirmishes in even Saudi Arabia and Jordan .
    All this has been happening and taking place ever since 9/11/2001…
    3) But Benghazi is all about Syria… and removing Assad without getting Shiite Iran involved. How do they do that? Hummmm…
    All the while they havce to keep the Sunni Power movement moving along…
    The fact is the mushammad Movie trailer IS… repeat “IS” part of all this…
    4) The mushammad movie trailer comes out. Why? To motivate the muslims of Islam once again in Jihad. Just like 9/11/2001.
    5) Benghazi happened on 9/11/2012. Exactly eleven years after 9/11/2001.
    THIS IS SIGNIFICANT! In understanding the attack on Benghazi.
    Get this folks… The Islamic Hudna treaty only lasts for TEN YEARS. And this treaty can be broken on a whim by satanic worshipping muslims. And muslims always attack on specific dates including victory dates of years gone by.
    Numbers are extremely important to the satanic world and to Islam… that is why they even cling to the number 666. And claim that the Holy Bible is tainted because it insults their holy number 666.
    At any rate… moving on…
    The mushammad movie trailer… [which was created by a muslim]… was designed to rekindle the muslim world and keep the so called Arab Spring in motion. Jihad against the world!
    Once the Hudna had expired… muslims can attack again. And what a better day to attack the world than on 9/11??? There’s not any better! Not in today’s time…
    Eleven years to the day!
    Attacking on 9/11 was the plan… except… no one expected the satanic worshipping muslims to attack Benghazi. The source for Sunni weaponry!
    Folks… understand that the mushammad movie trailer was all about motivating muslims to keep their Jihadist agenda against the world flowing… especially on such a special date in History.
    And Benghazi got caught up in the crosshairs… which baffled even Hillary.
    Can’t you see her face? Saying in her mind… “Why would they attack their weapon supply chain?” Hillary was dumbfounded! Shocked and surprised…
    To sum up… 9/11/2012 was an anniversary day to keep motivating muslims on their quest of expanding Islam… so they’ll meet their deadline of being ready for the coming antichrist Caliphate/Mahdi…
    Just so happens… when muslims have a reason to attack… such as the mushammad movie trailer… they’ll attack everything in sight. Why? Because they’re reverence of mushammad over takes weapons.
    The question I have is… was it Sunni or Shiite Rebels that attacked Benghazi?

    • I can’t stand to let this slide by. I checked that video when it first came to light and there was only about 5,000 views on YouTube. Maybe they didn’t list the Arab nation views, but that seems highly unlikely.

      I heard they were chanting “Obama, Obama, we are ALL Osama!” as they stormed the Cairo embassy. The Cairo embassy was the first to issue an apology for the said horrid video.

      You have to also question the wisdom of sending gay ambassadors to Arab nations, esp when they may not have been so discreet regarding their sexual preferences.

      It has been suggested that Chris and his assistant were to be kidnapped and traded for Gitmo prisoners (ala Bagdahl). Was Islamic justice carried out on them instead?

      • Good points…
        However Wiki Reports… “Innocence of Muslims”… that several time edited Arabic versions were being shown as early as July that year. Even under the titles of “The Real Life of Muhammad” & “Innocence of Bin Laden”.
        Regardless… there’s no doubt the timing of this video was spot on with creating an uproar on the anniversary of 9/11/2001.
        Additionally; I didn’t see the video myself off You Tube… it was available on another site. Whether or not You Tube can count those views is questionable.
        Besides… You Tube is heavily invested in by satanic worshipping muslims. In fact… it was a Google CEO who sparked the so called “Arab Spring” in Tunisia… which Google stood behind… and… Google owns You Tube.

  17. It will be a day of celebration when Obama suffers the penalty for his treason and the world sees the result of the trap door being sprung and he takes the Hussein bounce.

    • Well… they told us Hitler was dead… but never showed any evidence…
      And they showed us Saddam with a rope around his neck… but I’ve never seen his dead body like we saw Gadhafi’s…
      But I do like the saying, sound and ring of the “Hussein Bounce”…

      • Yes, you are correct.
        One thing you need to understand is that there are a wide variety of trap doors. Never say never as has well been proven.

      • What I understand is that you’re only prolonging your own disappointment. Obama has broken no laws and committed no treason. That’s just your massive ignorance talking. There’s nothing that you can do to bring your right-wing fantasy to life.

  18. Clearly, you “know” lots of things that aren’t true. Your “Operation Zero Footprint” never existed and there was never any transfer or arms from Libya to Syria (through Turkey or by any other route). It’s just a nutcase conspiracy theory.

    • Sweetie, that isn’t West’s “Operation Zero Footprint” he didnt write the article, he just offered it as something to think about.

      • Well it’s certainly not something that ever actually existed. It’s a work of fiction that West is passing off as reality.

      • He said it was detailed research and told us to draw our own conclusions, that is not saying it is gospel that is saying use your own discretion. Anything is possible with this administration and well anyone for that matter. May all be false, may have some fabrications, may have some truth or may be all truth, but it does give you something to think about what may or may not have conspired leading up to, during and after that night. Why the cover up, why not let all survivors tell their story about what happened instead of placing a gag order? The families of these guys have the right to know why their loved ones were killed and it wasn’t due to some lame video.

      • Calvinpenis go stick your head back in the sand and suck up the Koolaide! And be careful not to fart you may blow your pea brain out

  19. From someone in the know – “Every email at the IRS is replicated into DAGs cross site and then tape. They’re gone because someone wants them gone. The only valid argument the IRS has is during 2011 when the upgrade was happening multiple databases were lost but no SET databases. Furthermore the set has an increased exchange size unlike regular employees. So if the emails were taken “offline” it’s because they needed to be hidden.” And when you consider the EPA was found in contempt for doing the same thing at the end of the Clinton administration and beyond, you can see how corrupt our government is. Here’s a link about it: http://www.landmarklegal.org/uploads/wp.htm

  20. The USG lies…the only time we’ll ever know the truth is when D.C. (District of Corruption) is cleaned out and replaced with honest people.

    Hillary is just another liar along with Obama and Boehner the RINO.

  21. Absolutely a great report and it all comes down to lie after lie after lie by all. This where our CORE VALUES have left our GOVERNMENT. No where is our CONSTITUTION a part of what could be truth but is not. Yet they have taken and oath which means nothing anymore. ONLY GOD WILL SET US FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. like I said before and I will say it again, the president and his administration should have been in Jail for what they did, they murder 4 American in Benghazi.

  23. I’m a retired intelligence analyst (DIA and NCTC). Being retired, I no longer have access to classified information, but I did do an analysis of the Benghazi incident and here it is:

    As additional information comes out on the Benghazi affair, it’s difficult to determine what is true and what are lies. The prevailing opinion, however, is that the reason for the administration’s coverup just before the 2012 election is that because al-Qa’ida was said to be destroyed, any terrorist attack had to be conveyed to the public as just an out of control mob angry about a video released months before that nobody had seen. That might have made sense if the sole purpose was to deflect criticism over claims of terrorism having been defeated, especially in an election year, but it doesn’t explain why no help was given to the besieged diplomatic facility. After all, even if it had been an angry mob, why did the administration not come to the rescue? There had to be more to it. But what? Here’s my theory:

    Based on what I’ve heard, it appears that Ambassador Stevens was meeting with the Turkish Ambassador just prior to the attack. The subject was alleged to be the transfer of arms given to the Libyan rebels onward to the Syrian rebels via Turkey. Where were those arms? Reportedly in a warehouse at the site of the attack.

    During that attack, one of the security detail’s former SEALs had a laser designator he was using to paint the enemy for precise targeting from overhead shooters or bombers. Why would a man detailed to protect our ambassador bring along a laser designator unless he knew it would be useful? That indicates he expected some kind of overhead aircraft to provide security. Was it the drone that reportedly was providing real time imagery of the attack?
    In any case, the overhead shooter or bomber never responded. For that matter, pleas for help by the security detail during the seven or more hour battle were also ignored and the excuses given as to why are ludicrous.

    Well, suppose the aircraft or drone was there, at the behest of the CIA, to protect the warehouse until the materiel was shipped? But what if the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) rebels knew about the warehouse and wanted those weapons for their own purposes, such as shipping them to Gaza? And what if the CIA was expecting to ship the materiel to Syria but people with MB connections in the White House decided, with President Obama’s approval, to give them to the MB for use in Gaza instead? They couldn’t do it openly because Israel and its supporters would protest. So what if the MB liaison at the White House told the local rebels at the behest of Obama that they were to seize the weapons so that it would not look like the administration voluntarily gave them to Israel’s enemies?

    Moreover, what if they didn’t tell the CIA so that there would be further cover? In that case, when the ambassador and his compound came under attack, it was a smokescreen for the real purpose, seizing the warehouse materiel. But if the overhead aircraft fired to kill or disperse the MB rebels it would be expected to protect the warehouse, too. That may have been its main mission. So rather than protect both sites, it was ordered to protect neither, sacrificing the ambassador so that the MB could get the weapons.

    And rather than admit the ambassador and his detail were sacrificed for the benefit of the MB, the administration would claim it was a spontaneous mob, thereby disassociating themselves from the MB rebels. Why else would they claim that fabrication for two weeks when, in fact, they knew it wasn’t true?

    It’s interesting that Gaza virtually declared war on Israel not long after the weapons disappeared from Benghazi by firing hundreds of rockets into Israel. It’s as if Hamas was daring the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) to come stop them. Would the IDF then find a well-armed hornet’s nest of weapons taken from Benghazi?

    Since the MB is involved in Syrian operations, why would their branch in Gaza (Hamas) need to steal the weapons? Turkey, which has been trying to send flotillas of aid, including weapons, to Gaza has been consistently stopped by the Israeli navy. So, it may also be that Turkey was involved in getting the weapons to Gaza via the overland route through Egypt. Under its new MB regime, Egypt would be willing to allow a transit. However, Egypt stopped the incipient war that Hamas was trying to provoke, probably because MB is still consolidating power in Egypt and viewed war with Israel as premature.

    Finally, various rebel factions have reportedly been squabbling over the allocation of the weapons from Libya. Hamas may have wanted a cut instead of seeing all the weapons go to Syria. And rather than confront the rebels in Syrian, Hamas may have decided not to inform them that they were taking the weapons.

    Allegedly, the new head of the CIA, former General Petraeus, was betrayed by his subordinates who outed his affair with Paula Broadwell because they didn’t like his administration. That seems unlikely, given that under President Carter, his CIA head, former Stansfield Turner, gutted the Clandestine Service and made plain his disdain for the CIA. The staff didn’t turn on him. However, if the CIA staff didn’t realize that the White House was responsible for the betrayal of Ambassador Stevens and the CIA operation, they may have unjustly blamed Petraeus. That may have been enough to provoke mutiny. However, as indicated in the essay on the Petraeus affair, there may be more to it than the alleged CIA revolt.

    • Another excellent synopsis some of which I too had already concluded. . It is beyond clear Obama has a tie to MB or some kind of reverence? Not at all sure exactly how or what . The thing that puzzles me the most is the audacity of Obamas deliberate acts that have created all the current circumstances ? Does anybody really think all of it is coincidence and not some or all of it deliberate ? That would be quite impossible actually , because of his own actions and reactions. If you observe over a period of time there is a definite pattern to his contrivances. And everything he does is a contrivance and orchestrated act. Or he is just straight up stupid and completely incompetent ? either way we lose !

  24. Wow. Fantastic report. Fast and Furious…Benghazi…and now ISIS. This administration obviously believes in arming the enemy whole heartedly.

  25. After the Benghazi incident, I wrote the analysis, and after the Petraeus affair I wrote another analysis. Here is that one:

    The case involving the resignation of David Petraeus becomes more tangled as additional information leaks out. In fact, the story changes daily. The question is, what information is true and what is disinformation? An accurate timeline of events would be helpful, but in the meantime, there are some preliminary points to be made.

    Petraeus spent a year in Afghanistan with Paula Broadwell at his side when she was researching his biography. However, the administration claims that they did not start an affair until two months after Petraeus started his job as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency on 6 September 2011. This doesn’t make much sense. Petraeus was then living in Washington, D.C., while Broadwell was living in Charlotte, North Carolina, about 400 miles away. Moreover, Petraeus must have known that while he might hide an affair in Afghanistan, he would have to undergo a lifestyle polygraph and special background investigation as an employee of CIA. Why would he start an affair in Washington instead of Afghanistan? Presumably, their affair continued via email due to the separation. So the assertion that the affair started in Washington seems to be disinformation, but why?

    In my preliminary estimation, what happened was this: Sometime in the late summer, 2012, Eric Holder, Attorney General, was told about an FBI investigation into Petraeus. No doubt he told President Obama about it at that time. The investigation was probably launched soon after Jill Kelley complained in May about harrassing emails from Broadwell. My guess is that Kelley realized that Petraeus was having an affair with a woman who was obsessed and became alarmed enough to notify the FBI because of security implications.

    Knowledge of his affair with Broadwell, then, was not deemed important enough to disqualify Petraeus from becoming head of CIA. In fact, it wasn’t disclosed even to Congress. Senator Feinstein complained that she and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence were not told about the Petraeus affair until he resigned. Obviously, if they knew, any leverage the administration had with Petraeus would be voided.

    In the meantime, the attack on the facilities in Benghazi occurred on 11 September 2012. Soon after that, Petraeus testified to Congress that the attack was likely the result of mobs angry over the video that insulted Mohammed. This was the line the administration was publicizing even though Petraeus and the White House knew virtually the same day that the attack was the work of terrorists and a mob had nothing to do with it. (Fox News is the only mainstream media source investigating the Benghazi affair and has produced most of the information available to the public. The other media outlets have largely ignored the story or parroted the administration’s version of events.) So why did Petraeus deliberately lie?

    My guess is that he was blackmailed by the administration. I believe the FBI knew that the affair started when Petraeus was still commanding forces in Afghanistan. Not only was that a distraction from his responsibilities, it was also illegal under Article 134 of the UCMJ. While adultery usually results in being relieved of command and a letter of reprimand, the penalty can be as severe as dishonorable discharge, loss of pay and benefits, and in addition, up to a year in confinement. My supposition is that Petraeus was told that if he didn’t say what the White House wanted, they’d prosecute him and at the least, cost him a star off of his retirement pension.

    But that wasn’t the end of it. On October 26, 2012, Broadwell gave a speech at the University of Denver in which she said the attack on Benghazi may have been to release a couple of militia who were being detained by the CIA. That had to be classified information since the CIA vehemently denies it. After all, it’s illegal, by executive order, for the CIA to hold prisoners. Yet, even Fox News was told in October that not only were a couple of militiamen being held in Benghazi, so were other prisoners. What is leaked to Fox News may be easily discounted, but when someone close to the Director of the CIA makes that claim, then it has to be taken seriously. What’s more, in her speech at Denver, she said signals intelligence indicated the Libyan terrorists were watching the Cairo demonstrations on TV. I gather that’s when the FBI found the classified documents on Broadwell’s home computer. And there’s likely only one place that classified information could have come from, i.e., Petraeus.

    Initially, the administration was saying that Petraeus didn’t give that information to Broadwell. It wasn’t until much later that they disclosed that Broadwell has a security clearance, although they didn’t say to what level. My guess is that it depends on what her job is as an Army Reserve officer. If she’s still an intelligence officer, she may have Top Secret SCI. Now the problem seems to be that many classified documents were found on her computer. If Broadwell had access to the classified documents on her computer at the site where she performed her duty, she couldn’t send it to her home computer anyway. So while we don’t know for sure how she got the documents, she could still be prosecuted for mishandling classified documents. (One former CIA Director was forced to resign when it was found he was improperly storing classified documents out in the open at his house.)

    Could it be that Petraeus was told that she would not be prosecuted if he agreed to say what the administration wanted about Benghazi during Congressional hearings? Interestingly, the administration didn’t mention that she had a clearance and that the issue was having classified documents at home until Petraeus said he would volunteer to testify despite resigning. It seems that having lost the ability to pressure him by keeping her violations confidential, they decided to make good on their threat.

    So why did the administration force Petraeus to resign just after the November election? No doubt his resignation prior to the election would raise questions about the Benghazi affair, which Obama clearly didn’t want. The report that Obama didn’t know about the Petraeus affair until after he returned from Chicago on 8 November is ludicrous.

    The whole affair could have been kept secret, which was apparently the original intent. But someone decided to inform the head of National Intelligence, James Clapper, who allegedly called Petraeus in November and told him to resign. That resignation made the story public.. Who did that? Well, another report indicates that John Brennan, the Deputy National Security Adviser for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, knew about the affair between Petraeus and Broadwell as far back as summer of 2011. Brennan allegedly coveted the Director of Central Intelligence Agency job back in 2008 but was disappointed not to get it.

    Brennan was CEO of The Analytic Corporation when one of his employees farmed out to the State Department was caught trying to look at Barack Obama’s passport. Some believe that the employee was either trying to get information on Obama that could be used as leverage over him, or was substituting a sanitized passport. Either way, that may have been enough to get Brennan a job in the Obama administration.

    In any case, as a matter of conjecture, it appears that if Brennan knew about Petraeus and Broadwell, he just bided his time. When the Petraeus affair became known to the FBI and then Obama, it was Brennan’s opportunity to force Petraeus out so that he could become CIA Director. At the end of the FBI investigation, Brennan probably went to Obama and told him Petraeus was damaged goods and had to go or he would leak the information that the affair starting in Afghanistan.

    My assessment is that Petraeus was told he would have to resign probably in late October after the FBI had interviewed both Petraeus and Broadwell. But Petraeus was also told that he would have to wait until after the election so that the subject of Benghazi would not become an election issue. In return, Petraeus was probably told that he would not be prosecuted for having an adulterous affair while on active duty. And if he was subpoenaed to testify even after he resigned, he would have to stick to his previous story.

    Having lost all leverage against Petraeus, the former general did the honorable thing and told his version of what really happened to Congress when he was called to testify again before Congress. It may be that Obama didn’t think he would testify. Meanwhile, Brennan got what he wanted and was appointed head of the CIA.

    • Interesting thesis. Makes sense of nonsense and that is usually where the truth lies . Under mountains of nonsense and disinformation. Ever notice how every5thing this fellow Obama does is 100% contrived and ochestrated ? He uses the power of PRAVDA/MSM to the fullest for full affect !

      We really do live in massive illusions ! and all are simply control mechanisms !

  26. The grandfather of Admiral James G. Stavridis came from Smyrna. He was Greek and left Smyrna when the Turks massacred the Greeks and Armenians in that city. I highly doubt the Admiral would be partial to the Turks. In fact he publicly blamed the Turks for ethnic cleansing of Greeks including his own family. If anything, he would detest the Turks as his grandfather undoubtedly did.

  27. Arming those who would happily slit our throats while demonizing and attempting to disarm law abiding gun owners, flouting the Constitution with executive orders and flagrant obstruction of justice and flat out illegal acts. IRS political oppression. Who’s government is this because they’re certainly not acting in my name. You who’s voices would be heard need to be shouting from the roof tops if you attach any meaning to the oath you took too defend the Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.

    • TREASON and betrayal on a very high scale ! It does appear Obama is some how connected to ME islamic purposes. His reactions to The Brotherhood were quite telling ? I am completely convinced he is some sort of manchurian pres ? Perhaps simply his own misguided insanity come to fruition ? He is whacked no doubt.
      I am completely ashamed of the American people for electing this man and for still allowing him to stay in office ! IMO the American people are fat, lazy, spoiled and too cowardly these days. So nothing gets done ! I think we should all unite and have nation wide protest and boycott all entities that are working against us . That is what it is gong to take to make congres do anything ? They are creatures of the polls and elitist’s thru and thru !

      • Unfortunately, there are more “stupids” in America now than ever before, or this fraud ☪b☭ma wouldn’t have been elected TWICE. Way back in 2008 when he said, “We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” the “stupids” cheered! They were SOOO abject stupid and slobbering all over ☪b☭ma they didn’t even know what the words meant, let alone hear them! As long as ☪b☭ma is dividing this Nation religiously, economically, racially, politically, we will never unite for the common cause of TAKING BACK AMERICA from the Marxist Muslim ☪b☭ma regime and the democraps and rinos who surround and protect him. Too many take America for granted and don’t realize what they are losing. When it’s gone and they’re stacked up in the FEMA camps and say What Happened? We will tell them that YOU are responsible for America’s demise, YOUR stupidity did this. You gave up OUR FREEDOM for YOUR FREEBIES. But they still won’t believe it. Because they’re too stupid.

  28. Why is it that WE the American People knew something fishy was going on from the start and saw the cover up by this administration with Resignations, Dismissals and gag orders being issued. I personally am not surprised at the inside details of what happened. They think we are stupid when we saw it right out the gate. The 8, Hillary, Susan Rice, Holder, Obama along with all the others in our CIA that were involved in supplying to Al-Qeada all need to be prosecuted for Treason. Now he’s freed 5 terrorists to kill American’s again and NOBODY is stopping this Administration. Nobody. We saw it from the start. We also know that unless we do something, nothing will be done and I think they are banking on it. They know we know.

    • They know we know, and they’re not worried in the slightest. No one does anything to stop the ☪b☭ma regime. The Congress doesn’t, the military doesn’t, the militarized law enforcement doesn’t. We the People are on our own.

  29. I’m sorry, but they KNEW it was Al-Qaida. The rebels were flying the Al-Qaida flag over Benghazi right after Qadaffi was deposed.

  30. They all seem guilty of aiding and abetting the enemy. Also, it seems to me that if they aided the enemy they are guilty of treason. They are not people of honor.

  31. “Jund al-Sham, which is made up of al-Qaida militants who are Syrian, Palestinian and Lebanese; Jund al-Islam, which in recent years merged with Ansar al-Islam, an extremist group of Sunni Iraqis operating under the al-Qaida banner and operating in Yemen and Libya; Jund Ansar al-Allah, an al-Qaida group based in Gaza linked to Palestinian camps in Lebanon and Syria”; ISIS, ISIL, you name it. How in the world can even THEY tell themselves apart?

  32. Hello Fellow Americans,
    Time to use that NDAA bill Obama and his cohort one world global government puppets wanted so badly and so many of our congressional members signed so happily. No one is above the law of the land, and they did insist on making this the law of the land.
    So detain all of these “in the know” on Benghazi politicians in Washington, DC, detain them in FEMA camps, without charges, without a phone call and without a lawyer, while charges ranging from high treason, crimes against humanity (since this also makes the chemical killing of many in Syria a false flag operation by the terrorists they were working with), and any other charges that can possibly be found to charge them with.
    Beg to differ with West when he says it was not illegal. If supplying training, military weapons and monetary funding to terrorists is not illegal, then why do we have their NDAA law making just the suspicion of communication or consorting with terrorists grounds for detaining American citizens without charges for up to l0 years?????? If it is not a capital punishment crime, then why has Obama and his drone hit list been considered just by this corrupt government and their mass murderous activities????
    PS – hope you all noticed that arresting and detaining “in the know group & congressional gang of eight” would purge the federal government of some of the most well known and most corrupt congressional members and new world order puppets, who have been working the hardest to disarm American citizens

    • all good points !

      A perfect example of duplicity and double standards. They should all be arrested immediately, but just who would do that ? The only possibility is the military and it appears Obama has already co-opted that arm ?

      I surely wish Americans would wake up and see what is going on ? Our government is nothing more than a giant criminal enterprise ! Obama and crew are completel0y out of control and should be arrested ASAP!

  33. Obama has been helping the Muslim Brotherhood advance a caliphate, or unification of Arab countries. That is his goal and whole purpose of life, besides destroying America.
    If obama thinks he’s going to disarm Americans while arming our Muslim terrorist enemies, he’s completely delusional. We will not comply.

  34. Let’s add this piece to the puzzle:

    •This comment from the story below sure makes sense to me. Benghazi was also getting too much attention. .. IRS also.—comment from a story today
    at Freedom Outpost News

    July 1, 2014

    New Evidence of Flight 370 Hijacking and Subsequent Cover-Up

    Bob at about 9:20 pm


    The Americans are withdrawing from Afghanistan; one of their command and control systems (used for controlling pilotless drones) was hijacked by the Taliban when an American transport convoy was moving down from one of the hill-top bases. The Taliban
    ambushed the convoy and killed 2 American Seal personnel, seized the
    equipment/weapons, including the command and control system which weighed about
    20 tons and packed into 6 crates. This happened about a month ago in Feb

    What the Taliban wants is money. They want to sell the system to the Russians or the Chinese. The Russians are too busy in Ukraine . The Chinese are hungry for the system’s technology. Just imagine if the Chinese master the technology behind the command andcontrol system, all the American drones will become useless. So the Chinese sent 8 top defense scientists to check the system and agreed to pay millions for it.

    Sometime in early Mar 2014 the 8 scientists and the 6
    crates made their way to Malaysia thinking that it was the best covert way to
    avoid detection. The cargo was then kept in the Embassy under diplomatic
    protection. Meanwhile the Americans have engaged the assistance of Israeli
    intelligence and together they are determined to intercept and recapture the

    The Chinese calculated that it would be safer
    to transport it via civilian aircraft so as to avoid suspicion. After all the
    direct flight from KL to Beijing takes only 4 and half hours and the Americans
    will not hijack or harm a civilian airliner. So MH370 is the perfect carrier.

    There were 5 American and Israeli agents onboard who
    were familiar with Boeing aircraft operation. The 2 “Iranians” with stolen
    passports could be among them.

    When MH370 was about
    to leave Malaysian air space and report in to Vietnamese air control an American
    AWAC jammed their signal, disabled the pilot control system and switched over to
    remote control mode. That was when the plane lost altitude momentarily.

    How the AWAC can do it ? Remember 911 incident ? After
    the 911 incident all Boeing aircraft (and possibly all Airbus) are installed
    with a remote control system to counter terrorist hijacking. Since then all
    Boeing aircraft can be remote controlled by a ground control tower. The same
    remote control system used to control the pilotless spy aircraft and drones.

    The 5 American/Israeli agents soon took over the plane,
    switched off the transponder and other communication systems, changed course and
    flew westwards. They dared not fly east to Philippines or Guam because the whole
    South China Sea air space was covered by Chinese surveillance radar and

    The Malaysian, Thai and Indian military
    radar actually detected the unidentified aircraft but none reacted

    The plane flew over North Sumatra,
    Anambas, South India and landed at the Maldives (some villagers saw the aircraft
    landing), refuelled and continued its flight to Diego Garcia, the American Air
    Base in the middle of Indian Ocean. The cargo and the black box were removed.
    The passengers were silenced by natural means, lack of oxygen. MH370 with dead
    passengers took off again using remote control and crashed into South Indian
    Ocean to make it look that the plane eventually ran out of fuel and crashed.

    The Americans have put up a good show. First diverting
    all the attention and search effort to the South China Sea while the plane made
    its way to the Indian Ocean . Then they came out with some conflicting
    statements and evidence to confuse everyone.

    amount of effort put up by China , in terms of the number of search aircraft,
    ships and satellites, searching first the South China Sea, then the Malacca
    Straits and the Indian Ocean is unprecedented. This shows that China is very
    concerned, not so much because of the many Chinese civilian passengers, but
    mainly for the high value cargo and the 8 defense scientists.
    AND THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED TO “FLIGHT 370”. Think not? Don’t put ANYTHING past a government trying to protect a “military secret”.

    • Very interesting ? I made a similar comment on that site on the same link and basically came very close to the same conclusion. Although I did not know of the Aghan connection. I was thinking of Abu Saef or another group Jamal Islamya in Malaysia and a bacterial warfare scientist who disappeared a few years back ? He has never surfaced which only means he is working some where in hiding. I do not discount this guy because he was quite adament and had all the knowledge to make weapons of such ? And he said he would. He was arrested and imprisoned and then Malaysia set him free after 1 year and he promptly disappeared. That was about 5 years ago maybe more? Pretty scary stuff iMO.

  35. Clinton’s closest advisor is a Muslim. I am sure she was following the advise of her own jihadist.
    But they armed al-queada. And they then pushed to arm radicals in Syria. This was and is anti-American. We had NO vested interest in either. But MB did. Obama’s big friend.

  36. An excellent synopsis and good read ! Count me in for a position to take back our country ! I am doing what I can with my site and preparing myself in all things ! I have massive experience and highly qualfied .

  37. Colonel West, in your opinion what is the capacity of our military take action against the current regime? If you do not want to reply here please contact me at my site. I am rather dismayed with congress and my fellow citizens lack of response or duty. As well I can see something is about to happen here in USA ? So I wonder if our military is actually capable or even willing to stand against this regime which is obviously illegitimate at this juncture and always was. Hard to say what outlier events will be coming our way ? But something is definitely brewing.

  38. Obama is totally lost with the job of President of America, with his education and the way and where he was raised he has no common sense. He thinks he is always right in his thinking, being President is just too much for him. He never was a leader of anything from day one in his life. His mistakes will cause the total collapse of America as we know it. Every week the president has his latest very bad week. Benghazi is a nightmare that won’t go away. A screw-up in Syria is followed by cock-up in Ukraine followed by calamity in Iraq followed by the prospect of catastrophe with Iran. If the president was praying for a distraction from all these foreign woes, his prayer has been answered by convulsion along the nation’s border with Mexico. The president’s complicity in the convulsion is clear to everyone but him. Or maybe to him, too. This may be the way to the transformation of America he promised to a gullible electorate yearning to be fooled in 2008.

    • Obama knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. He’s a traitor to this country, has
      been from the start. We have a fox guarding the hen house. Everybody
      keeps saying FOUR brave Americans died in Benghazi, I beg to differ. I
      think Chris Stevens was doing Obama and Hillary’s treasonous handiwork,
      and they didn’t send help because that would have exposed them. My
      theory is that they figured, Who is going to miss a gay Ambassador that
      most people probably never even heard of before. And dead men don’t
      testify if something goes wrong, which it did. Both Obama and Hillary
      have a long list of dead people in their histories, so what is one more
      to them. Loyalty is a foreign word to them. What they DIDN’T count on
      is, three TRUE AMERICANS ignoring bad orders to stand down. With all
      that the Obama’s and Clinton’s have gotten away with already, I’m sure
      they thought this would just be swept under the carpet as well.
      SURPRISE!!! It’s not going to go away anytime soon.

      • “I’m no rocket scientist, but I am pretty much in agreement with your comment.”

        True. No self-respecting rocket scientist would agree with something that monumentally stupid.

  39. I want to see x-rays of Mrs. Commie-Clinton’s ” concussion ” ..
    and, I want at least five other doctors to review her medical documentations, and testify that she really did have a “concussion” .

  40. I’d like to know where are the survivors? We’ve seen articles that 15 have been killed. Some say 33 have been killed. That would be all of them. What is the Truth Allen West. So Glad To Have Met This Man. I have a pic too but I’m not changing my avatar till this is investigated!

  41. I am sorry, this is fiction. If you lived in Washington, you would more likely realize that the people you are excoriating are decent and informed and trying to do very, very difficult jobs that most of you wouldn’t want. There is a report by the House committee, lead by republicans, that spent two years and a lot of your money investigating every little piece of Benghazi, that found no fault with the President and no mal intent on any government officials part. I hope when the full report is released this fall, you will read it.

    • The lie about the video. The standing down of assets that could have resulted in a different outcome. If you see nothing wrong with this, you have a warped sense of what is right versus what is wrong.

  42. Thank you for sharing. I hope between you and Trey the truth about Benghazi will soon be known and those responsible will be held accountable.

    • The truth is already known. Several bi-partisan investigations have already taken place and found no wrong doing (Despite lies you evil, despicable conservatives tell) You people are white trash.

    • The truth may be known but it doesn’t matter in this case because the DOJ, along with the Obama administration, is completely rogue. No one responsible is going to be held to account.

  43. On all the major TV news stations. 20,000 SAMs missing.
    3,000 recaptured immediately. 12,000 still missing during our tryst with NATO
    in Libya.
    On the news for all of 5 seconds and then not a second more During the second
    presidential debate, (2012) Romney went after the POTUS on Benghazi. He climbed in the poles. It is
    policy to clue presidential contenders in on major national security matters,
    esp. if they come close to treading on something particularly sensitive. During
    the third debate Romney said not a word about Benghazi. Probably cost him the election. He made
    a decision that getting the SAMs back was more important than winning. I am not
    sure I agree. In hindsight, the SAMs are still missing. We had a smaller than
    usual security team at the embassy so that we would not bring attention to the
    larger than usual CIA presence in Benghazi-
    there to get the SAMs back. Fast and Furious on steroids? Stevens refused more
    security because he in particular had relationships with the fringe terror
    groups and was on board with the program to get the SAMs back. Just prior to
    9-11 he did ask for more protection and it was denied. Issa almost let it slop on one of the Sunday
    news/interview shows. Benghazi
    is about the missing Stinger Missile. Missing right before the election.
    Hillary went as far as to tell the parents of the murdered that “we will get
    the person who made this film”

    Stevens turned down numerous requests for additional
    protection because he was on board with the mission. Only near the end did he
    request more protection. AND IT WAS DENIED. As General Ham. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/09/27/nightmare-in-libya_n_983153.html

  44. So now that the republican led investigation has proven that this conspiracy of yours is utter bullsh!t… are you going to apologize?

    • They can only investigate what is given to them. Lemme guess, you think all involved told the truth. You know, like Susan Rice?

      • You are holding on tight to your conspiracy beliefs.
        The investigation is over… give it up.
        Your conservative masters lied to you and spun a conspiracy just to make you angry.
        This is not a religious issue.
        This is about facts, not beliefs

      • You are sucking Obama’s jock.
        No ch!t Brenda. So the investigation is over. YOU decided to revive an old article sucking the investigators because they told you what you wanted to hear. Get a clue Brenda. Not everyone is a lock-stepping acolyte who kisses the POTUS’ azz and believe everything they hear. Wipe the Obama from your lips.
        The only one who seems to be angry is you at the idea that everyone thinks your crew are a bunch of proven liars and reject the findings. Accept the fact that not all are kiss azzes of your POS POTUS.

      • I know you love to gobble Allen West’s knob, and you believe every lie he writes as though it were gospel… But you’ve been had.
        Republican investigators proved all the bullsh!t conspiracy nonsense he was selling you was false.

        You just hate being wrong so you lash out like a spoiled brat.
        Waaah! I can’t be wrong! Waaah! Everyone must be lying!

        You’ve been lied to and you wanted so bad for Allen West’s bullsh!t to be true that you just can’t deal with it.

      • Brush your teeth pole smoker. I see a few curlies between your teeth. You been in the Oral Office?

        Your liars told Congress a few stories and that was that. Not surprised.

        How am I wrong? Everyone knows this administrations lies all too well.

        I don’t need West or anyone else to tell me that this administration is full of liars and cowards. We all know it. You just can’t deal with it.

      • hahahaha
        A poll of FOX news viewers believing the President lied is proof?

        You think the opinion of FOX viewers ids proof and debunks a congressional investigation that examined all the evidence?

        So since all facts are decided by popular opinion… does that mean that since over a billion people believe that Islam is the one true religion… you believe that too?

      • MONDAY, JUNE 16, 2014
        CNN Poll 61% of Americans Think Administration is Lying About Benghazi
        Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest

        According to a brand new CNN/ORC International poll 61% of all Americans believe the Obama Administration is being dishonest about Benghazi. A slightly smaller 60% are dissatisfied with the administrations overall handling of the Benghazi terrorist attack which killed four people. 37% are satisfied with the administration’s response to the September 2012 assault.

        The issue has been a major point of attack against Hillary Clinton. Last week while facing Diane Sawyer about her new book, she got destroyed by the normally favorable Sawyer over Benghazi.

        Sawyer pressed Clinton asking whether the people might be seeking from her a “sentence that begins from you ‘I should have…’?” Finally Clinton gave a contradictory “I take responsibility, but I was not making security decisions.”

        The CNN poll was taken before Hillary’s lousy week selling her book, despite that she fare only slightly better than the administration 55% believe she did a bad job while 43% are satisfied with what she did in Benghazi.

        The public is divided on whether Republicans have been too aggressive in their probes. A plurality of 48% say the hearings have been handled appropriately, while 44% say the GOP has gone too far.

        In the end that number depends on how Trey Gowdy handles the select committee.

        Read the full CNN report here.

      • You puppies who eat the same food and drink the same kool aid everyday have others do your thinking for you. What’s it like being a puppet?

      • Thinking for yourself? That’s not going so well now is it? Maybe you do need adults to do your thinking for you after all.

      • Thinking for adult myself has worked great for me. Not so much for you, of course. But, then… you don’t think at all, do you?

      • Red State? Really? That’s the “source” you’re going with? What a load of crap. You right-wingers are really getting desperate.

      • If the messenger is spouting his own line of bullsh*t babble instead of actual facts? Yes. I’d shoot the messenger. Please tell me that you’re not as big of an idiot as your comments make you seem.

      • I have a much better idea, Jethro. Why don’t you prove your ignorant, bullsh*t claims? Personally, I don’t think you’re able to do so.

      • Not really. After all, you continually supply me with more ammo to use in making you look like an idiot, mouth-breather.

      • You’re just a six year old kid, aren’t you? Your mommy should have told you that you have to be an adult to talk to other adults.

      • Psychological projection – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
        Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against unpleasant impulses by denying their existence in themselves, while attributing them to others. For example, a person who is rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude.

    • Funny how a smug jerk like yourself, full of hubris and certitude, can be proven wrong so quickly.

      Hillary’s email records from 2012 will not be forthcoming, but clearly your exoneration of her was merely wishful thinking.

      • HAHAHAHA
        that was retarded.
        You imagine that there is secret proof that disproves teh Republican led investigation.

        You are living in a fantasy.
        The investigation cleared her.
        All you have now is your imaginary secret evidence that has never been found.

  45. Wow this Brendan guy is a moron. He believes that jet fuel can make two towers claps at free fall speed. They hit the ground in 10 seconds! If that bulls hit report done by the 9/11 commission was true, the pancake effect would of taken 1 minute and 30 or more to fully collapse and the steel infrastructure would still be standing. Morons like you believe in the magic bullet theory that killed JFK. I guess that jet fuel, which mostly burnt up with the initial explosion, was magic jet fuel too. MORON!


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