Koskinen illustrates primary job qualification for Obama administration: arrogance

According to a report by the Associated Press, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen stated, “I have the ability to say I have seen no evidence of any crime.” The clear retort to that assertion is simple: then why has now retired IRS employee Lois Lerner invoked the Fifth Amendment twice?

People only plead the Fifth if they can potentially incriminate themselves — in other words, because of criminal actions. It is unconscionable that a government agency, the Internal Revenue Service — actually the Obama administration — would think the American people so gullible to believe that the hard drives of seven individuals under investigation would all simultaneously crash, losing all emails and there is not a “smidgen of corruption” — nothing criminal?

The real issue is not the IRS scandal in and of itself, or actually any isolated scandal – because there are too many to count at this point. The issue is the abject arrogance of officialdom exhibited by the Obama administration as aided by the complicit liberal progressive media — and the über-partisan ignorance of the progressive socialist acolytes.

As Tom Blumer writes for PJ Media, “the sheer volume of serious Obama administration scandals seems to comprise a Cloward-Piven attempt to overwhelm opponents. With so many scandals out there, no single outrage can generate concerted, sufficiently visible opposition.” Every day we are left to wonder if it can get any worse. And so far, it has.

The far Left controls the Democrat party, and spare me all the right-wing drivel as America was founded upon constitutional conservative principles and values. It is evident the Left believes it shall forever be in charge in America and hence acts with unbelievable impunity with no regard for the consequences of its actions. The complete disregard of our Constitution and the implementation of rule by executive and regulator fiat demonstrates the progressive socialist Left’s drive towards its agenda – and the failures present themselves daily.

Liberals need to ask themselves, if this were a Republican administration, what would be your response? Those on the Left are setting themselves up to have absolutely no credibility and integrity. They are operating under their radical premise of “by any means necessary.”

Consider the change to the time-honored “filibuster” rule in the Senate, which affords rights to the minority party — what happens when the GOP wins the Senate in 2014? Will Harry Reid enact all the possible agenda items and judiciary appointments he can before changing it back? Of course, if a new Republican Senate Majority leader were to do as Reid did, the liberal progressives’ heads would explode — and it would be all over the media.

And what would happen if a Republican president acted unilaterally and through executive order and regulatory fiat to implement a legislative agenda — such as Obama has done with immigration and the EPA? What would be said if a Republican president violated the separation of powers and arbitrarily waived, delayed and exempted certain portions of law to meet his or her own political agenda — you can bet the New York Times would go nuts.

The larger issue at hand here is liberal progressive hypocrisy and the recognition of the level of thuggery, corruption, intimidation and coercion they will use to rule and stay in power. It cannot be debated, in the case of the IRS scandal, a government agency turned its power against American citizens who opposed an ideological agenda.

Americans possess a First Amendment right to “petition their government for redress of grievances.” Progressives punished Americans for exercising their rights — Lois Lerner is rewarded with a six-figure taxpayer-funded retirement for exercising her Fifth Amendment right.

Liberal progressives have lost the moral high ground because of their belief that the rule of law does not apply to them. The liberal media has lost all credibility in providing cover for the lawlessness of the Obama administration.

The liberals will not complete construction of the “city of no consequence” — their hypocrisy is exposed and they will be held accountable and responsible for their attempt at the fundamental destruction of our Constitutional Republic.


  1. Nothing is happening, and nothing will happen, and the worst part is that Hillary despite Benghazi has a very good chance of continuing the idiocracy.

  2. The full list of qualifications for employment in this administration:
    A proud look,
    A lying tongue,
    Hands that shed innocent blood,
    A heart that devises wicked plans,
    Feet that are swift in running to evil,
    A false witness who speaks lies,
    And one who sows discord among brethren.

    In short, basically everything the Lord hates, described in Proverbs 6:16-19.

      • “There are six things the LORD hates…” –Proverbs 6:16

        The Lord doesn’t hate any PERSON; however, the Lord hates acts of evil that come from our selfish and wicked desires that are contrary to His nature.

      • James, what about “…Jacob I have loved, Esau I have hated…”, and the fact that the word hate is used in the Bible something like 800 times more than the word “love”

  3. Every time I see his face, it makes me think of every spy movie, the look bad spies give right before they say something like “You have no idea who you’re dealing with! The dominoes are already falling and there’s no stopping it now!” Then they bite off their cyanide tooth and die in a fit of evil laughter.

  4. ‘Of course, if a new Republican Senate Majority leader were to do as Reid did, the liberal progressives’ heads would explode….” And there would be fewer leftists controlling the media. Maybe then, America could regain its standing as a symbol of freedom and power throughout the world.

  5. History repeats itself before our very eyes. Any nation that loses its moral authority is a nation in peril, and will fail. I can only believe that these leftist in charge and bent on the destruction of this nation and its constitution. Are they trying to provoke a civil war so that they can declare martial law, suspend the constitution, and declare a dictatorship? Their passive acceptance of all things muslim must mean that they support the establishment of the caliphate and sharia law. That they so openly attack the citizens of this country, violating the constitutional protections of those citizens, and then hiding behind the constitution, is an abomination of the constitutional republic.

  6. The retort of pleading the 5th has nothing to due with guilt or innocence. It is emphatically to not be used to infer guilt. That is the move of a totalitarian state.

  7. He was hired by barry and told what to do. Like any good lackey Koskinen and learner both insidious reprobates have followed barry’s orders to the letter. The arrogance is written on Koskinen’s face during the last two committee hearings. He knows full well that if he let’s out the truth, he’s a dead man walking. Just like the witnesses to every scandal that rocks barry’s administration. hillary is no different, in fact it would not surprise me that hillary taught him how to handle things. Hush money would not be spent, instead threaten their lives and their families and their jobs.
    That’s the Chicago way

  8. I may be wrong but it seems to me that Col West is less than satisfied with the progressive, liberal socialist agendas.

  9. “Liberal progressives have lost the moral high ground”

    They never had it to lose it. They’ve always been of the mindset that their ideas are perfection cause they’re brilliant. Meanwhile they dismiss the panoply of their history of subjugating millions or out-right killing them.

    Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot weren’t wrong, the left says, their ideas weren’t implemented correctly. Oh and that National Socialism fellow as well.

    • Thats probably why he was put in that position. He is an arrogant pos that I wish I could reach through the screen and smack him. I can see why the panel gets so frustrated with him I hope they will take this a lot further and bring them down.

  10. The fact that he John Koskinen worked for Freddie Mac from 2008-11 he is already guilty in my eyes. Freddie Mac is a criminal organization.

  11. This IRS commissioner is the same pencil necked bureaucrat who oversaw the downfall of Freddi-Mac when he was its’ CEO in 2008. Incompetence gets you far in the Obama Administration.

  12. In addition to the the executive and regulatory fiat, they can rely on shopping around for a liberal judge to over-rule the will of the people, leaving legislators free to demagogue and spend their time on the only thing which really counts for them – running for re-election.

  13. This guy is an arrogant, smug, narscissistic POS. A LeftWing incompetent but, then again, they truly do not care about anything but their own outcome…the ends justifying any means.

  14. The key is they don’t care. They are ‘RULING’ with reckless, lawless abandon. This is a regime with at dictator. The people who voted for these people are totally ignorant and wish to remain that way. They cannot possibly be ignorant to the hypocrisy, but they will defend it as their goal is a pretend utopia. What the ignorant masses do not realize is that they will be the victims of their own schemes while the beneficiaries of their stupidity will be the DC elite who will RULE, not serve as they are supposed to do. I hope they like the idea of living under Castro, Hitler, Stalin and their ilk, because that’s the goal of the DC politicians.
    Ignorance is not bliss, it’s shear stupidity. Democrat voters are ignorant. Draw your own conclusion.

    • I believe that should be “sheer stupidity,” unless of course you were talking about running with scissors. Ha ha

  15. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen stated, “I have the ability to say I have seen no evidence of any crime.” to which he was challenged, “Have you looked for any?”

    Does he know how to recognize it when he sees it? How about a crime was committed when emails containing official documents weren’t saved from the crashed hard drives?

  16. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen stated, “I have the ability to say I have seen no evidence of any crime.” To which someone questioned, “Did you look for any evidence?”

    How about when emails containing official IRS documents were not recovered from the crashed hard drives?

  17. Democrats are lying, despicable, disgusting STATISTS! They are assisting in the cover-up of the IRS targeting Conservative groups, because the road leads to the lawless Community Agitator, Barack Hussein Obama. Obviously, there was more than just a smidgen of corruption regarding the scandal. Wouldn’t you like to smack that smug look off of IRS Chief Koskinen face, especially after he gave his flippant remark of giving up law for Lent and never going back, when this investigation is about the most
    intimidating Government body out there, the IRS? The IRS scandal is not a
    laughing matter and it is not a phony scandal and people need to be held

    • Philanthropussy, There was no outrage, they took the lawbreakers to task and they were put in jail. What has this Obama administration and Obama congress done to their lawbreakers? They have been transferred , retired (with huge benefits) or promoted. True “commie un American liberal” justice.

      • actually no. All the targeted groups took the IRS to court or had demo congressional help to write Bush and complain. The IRS dropped all cases. No one went to jail.

      • And of course you will not blame Obama once he leaves ? I sure will be a dum ass if I believe that,

    • Since 2009, Obama has, appointed “Czars” (unconstitutional), Used American guns sent in to Mexico arming non Americans with fast and furious (broke the law), Used a Government agency to target political opponents (IRS Tea Party groups scandal), Used NSA to steal phone conversations from phones of Americans (unconstitutional), Sent “advisers” into Syria circumventing Congress (unconstitutional), Used NSA to scour emails of American citizens (Unconstitutional), forced religious schools and hospitals, and Christian organizations to abide by an unconstitutional HHS mandate forcing them to violate their religious beliefs, need we go on?

      • It’s not like Obama ignored FBI’s warning of a terrorist threat that killed 3k. Or trumped up evidence to go to war. No one died when Obama lied

      • Yes they Have Many times and starting with the Benghazi Massacre,Ft. Hood Massacre. Boston
        Marathon Massacre all caused by Obama’s Muslim Brothers.

      • Oh Tucker, you are putting me asleep with your fairy tails. Do you know the one about the boy who nobody likes bec all he did was talk BS?

  18. They may very well be grandstanding republicans but does that mean you think it is ok to break the law and get away with it? What if you fart wrong and are thrown in jail and cannot call nor contact anyone outside to advise them? Would that be ok with you too? It is not the party you should be thinking about but the laws that are being broken!. Your freedoms are in jeopardy.


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