Here’s an American dreamer the president should honor

You wanna know why I firmly believe America’s greatest days are ahead? Just meet young Cameron Hancock of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania and tell me our future doesn’t look bright. Unfortunately we don’t hear too often about the good ones like Cameron. Instead we hear about teens like the young lady in New Jersey who wanted to sue her parents.

At a time when the Obama administration is turning its back on our veterans and their health issues, Cameron is honoring them and planning a Celebrity Charity Softball game to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project and local veterans. Cameron is not being forced to do so, but rather chose to do it.

Here’s what he says on his website: “I am going to be a 2015 graduating senior and because of my family ties to the military (grandfathers, father, uncles, brother, brother-in-law and cousins), for my Senior Project, I am putting together a Celebrity Charity Softball Game to Benefit Wounded Warrior Project and local veterans. My goal is to give back to those who have given so much more, our wounded warriors and vets.”

Cameron is honoring his family legacy of service, sacrifice, and commitment to our nation through military service. Funny thing — ya think Obama would ever have Cameron to the White House like he recently did illegal immigrant children praising their “contributions” to America? Of course not. Cameron is an American dreamer.

So, on August 23rd in Woolrich, Pa, this young man will bring his idea to fruition. I’m calling on the West Nation to get behind Cameron and make this a great day, not just for him and our veterans, but for America. Cameron Hancock embodies the character of a true American “Guardian of the Republic.” He is why this great Republic, the last best hope on earth, the government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall never perish from this earth.

Steadfast and Loyal, young man!


  1. Wounded Warrior Project ….very sad to say …..if you follow the money on who gets it… of the BIGGEST SCAMS….

    • Actually it isn’t nearly as bad as liberal media has made it out to be. And it is 100% better than the VA is run. See my post and link above.

  2. Excellent, Mr. Cameron. Have you (or anyone) notified Wounded Warrior Poject? As a supporter of theirs, I know they would want to know about it.

  3. Good for this young man!!!!! re: Wounded Warrior – I only wish they’d spend a lot less on their fundraising activities and route that $$ back to the men & women who need it. It seems as if I get something in the mail every two weeks or so from them and I REALLY don’t need another blanket, flag or pin. Just put the contributions toward the Warriors and cut back on the mailers. We all know who they are – they receive tons of free publicity on the cable news programs and from print media coverage of events like the one Cameron is spearheading.

    • Most of the forms have a place to check to request the item not be sent, and the entire donation goes to the cause. USO does the same thing.

  4. Well, I am so happy to see a young man who puts the title ‘Hero” where it belongs, instead of on a brain dead actor or pop music star!!!!

      • Lets see, hmmmm…. just the facts? Well here’s one. You’re a dickhead, a troll, and probably a part of the reason we are being led down the road to ruin by the turd in the White House.

      • You fail to understand the reason for the “name calling.” it was not due to a disagreement. It was for his idiotic statement.

      • you mean the progressive liberals(alinski followers) never call
        names. psycho, terrorist, etc.

      • Just. …That “brain dead actor” as you called him stared down the Russians and was the instigator of the complete collapse of the Soviet Union….and he didn’t have to fire a shot. Germany was re – unified as democratic country and the Wall came down. The US stood tall then…and we will do so again. If u don’t want to be a part of our re-birth…We can certainly point you to the border. ..need help packing?

      • You mean that “brain dead actor” who served his nation in it’s armed forces during a time of conflict?

        What has your “messiah” done?

        That’s what I thought, chodeski. Now get lost.

      • Though he was the president throughout 1980, and you’ve accurately described how many felt about him, Jimmy Carter was never an actor.

  5. Cameron Hancock; an example of American exceptionalism keeping the lights on for our shining city on the hill!

  6. What a champion for our military now I only hope your noble efforts aren’t taxed to death by the greedy administration.

  7. What a wonderful example of American spirit, and appreciation for sacrifices made for out country. Thank you, Cameron, for your love of country.

  8. Yeahhhh, not. First of all, Republicans voting against funding for the VA:

    Then, Jeff Sessions, apparently an ARDENT supporter of our troops, says the VA is an unnecessary “entitlement”.

    Good God people. Look at who are yelling the loudest, look at who’s really making the rules, and look at who is SCREWING up your, and your childrens’, future.

    • You should correct that to ‘illegal’ immigrants. My hubby is an immigrant and he certainly ain’t here for the benefit checks. He works hard and we pay a lot of taxes for that pleasure. He left his own country because of how bad it was and how corrupt and lazy the gov. and people are. He doesn’t want the same attitude here!

  9. That’s a young man after my own heart! Thank you Cameron & thank you Allen for sharing. I am now going to share with my peeps 😉

  10. It’s so disheartening to see a group of radical conservatives take a great thing that this young man is doing and turn it into political hate mongering. Your attitudes are the reason that there is an unbridgeable divide in modern politics. Your refusal to work together for a better future is the reason why the future looks so dark.

      • So articulate. Thought provoking retorts like this one really make me wonder if I’ve got it all wrong. Maybe radical conservatives are actually well read, intelligent, and reasonable after all.

        Oh wait, nevermind…….comments like this just remind me of how far removed you radicals are from the rest of the political world. It’s sad that every single argument in your world has to come back to name calling or blindly blaming democrats, in spite of there being absolutely not fact to back up your bile.

      • Tim its both of the far sides of the political spectrum. It’s not just right wing radicals that refuse to work with democrats. Its the far left also refusing to work with the conservatives. You can blame this on one side or the other, but we can all take a little of the blame for refusing to compromise on issues. Right now a lot of conservatives feel like they are being backed into a corner by the current administration. When I was in Afghanistan and we backed the Taliban into a valley they didn’t just throw down their weapons and give up. Their survival instincts kicked in and they fought fervently to the end. To get someone to work with you, its best not to push them into a corner.

        What we need is compromise and to work together not blame each other for our problems. It’s a little ridiculous when you get onto a conservative website and start blaming them for the world problems. That doesn’t really help out, it just gives you the chance to lash out at people who you feel have inferior beliefs, to make yourself feel better. To progress as a country both sides are going to have to realize that we differ on opinions and beliefs and to make it work we are going to need to find common ground. Until we can find a little common ground its going to continue to be one side against the other.

      • Thanks Tim and boergirl! I get really upset when I see two sides arguing and pointing the finger at each other. I tend to push right on a lot of issues, but I have some views that are considered liberal. Instead of fighting each other we should be figuring out how to solve our problems. Whether or not people agree, our country is a team. If we don’t work together we are going to fail!

      • There is quite an imbalance out in the world of the media. The media has become, with a few exceptions, just another arm of the democratic party and they push their agenda. The voice of those on the right is barely even heard out there and is mostly only available on the Internet. When the voice of the right does seem to get heard it so surprises those on the left that they get extremely testy that there even is another point of view. In years past the results from surveys about political views almost almost always indicated that the voting public leaned center right. Now, the Obama led administration, the left controlled media, academia, Hollywood and the crony capitalists who run so many of our businesses have all become far left. If JFK came back from the dead today, he would find the current democratic party devastatingly unrecognizable and would much more likely be in sync with what you refer to as radical conservatives — people who believe in the traditional family, personal responsibility, working for a living, the Golden Rule, limited government, states rights — yes, all those highly radical things.

      • I agree with you Colton. It wasn’t fair of me to say that the far right are the only one’s who are uncooperative. You’re correct that the far left is just as stubborn in their beliefs.

      • That would be “absolutely no fact”. I thought you were intelligent and well-read? I guess you aren’t intelligent enough to proofread your own posts. Talk about blindly discriminating- you talk like all conservatives are ill-educated. Why paint all conservatives with such a broad brush, as you accuse us of ” blaming democrats”?

    • I see- when the left does it, it’s out of kindness and compassion for kids who want nothing more than to be great citizens of our country- there’s no politicizing, no, none at all. It is only when actual citizens, and, heaven forbid, it’s a white kid, that all of a sudden, the right is politicizing the issue. Why aren’t we allowed to celebrate all kids, no matter their color, as being great citizens? This kid and his family did not break any laws. The immigrant children may not have broken any purposefully, but their parents surely did. And yes, your reply to Judeth is spot on- you do have it all wrong.

    • I don’t see where anything was political in the above article. He stated FACT. You NEVER see anyone at the WH unless they are Illegals, Muslims, or Parents begging for their Traitor son to be returned. Or a Lie is being told. Good thing OVomits head isn’t made of wood! …

    • At the risk of sounding nitpicky, I have to comment on one thing you wrote. By definition, there can be no such thing as a “radical conservative”. Radicals are found exclusively on the far left. Analogous people on the far right are properly referred to as reactionaries.

    • What is hateful about asking why the President is highlighting those who are breaking our laws? It would be more apt to be honoring Americans who are doing the right thing.

  11. Good question Allen. I cannot understand this administration’s fascination with the law breakers and malcontents.


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