In Egypt, Kerry has sympathetic words for Muslim Brotherhood. Whose side is he on?

I’ve asked the question before and continue to ask, whose side is the Obama administration — if not all Democrats — on? According to, “In a hastily-organized trip marked by extraordinarily tight security, Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Egypt on Sunday, embarking on a weeklong tour of Middle Eastern and European capitals where he will try to rally support for the embattled central government in Iraq.”

Wait a minute — I thought it was up to the Iraqi government to figure this little situation out for themselves? ISIS marches on and Shiite clerics are threatening the United States of America, all the while Iran is poised to become a regional hegemony. And the Obama administration hints that it’s willing to work with Iran to resolve the crisis in Iraq. Confused yet? So far lots of talk and declarations, but nothing to halt the advance of a radical Islamist army.

But what really alarmed me were these words from a Kerry aide:

“We do not share the view of the Egyptian government about links between the Muslim Brothers and terrorist groups like ISIS [the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq]. [Egyptian leaders] need to include, and find ways to reach out to, the Muslim Brothers. … With regard to the challenge that the Muslim Brothers pose, I would characterize it more as a political challenge than a security challenge.”

Lunacy, pure unadulterated lunacy and this is what we’re sending to represent the United States? This is naiveté and incompetence but the more frightening prospect is collusion and complicity.

Perhaps Kerry and his aides should read Erick Stakelbeck’s book on the Muslim Brotherhood, their history and their objectives. This is why the Obama administration is incapable of contending with the issue of Islamic totalitarianism.

We recently wrote a piece here on Senator Patrick Leahy’s assertions against supporting the current Egyptian government — apparently Kerry staffers echo the same sentiments, “Aides traveling with Kerry, who has met el-Sisi before, said he will seek to impress upon the new president that the key to luring foreign investment and tourism back to the land of the pyramids is for el-Sisi to take steps to make his country’s political and legal systems more inclusive and fair.”

I suppose the Kerry State Department and the Obama administration felt the Muslim Brotherhood government of Mohammed Morsi was inclusive and fair in its drive towards a sharia state?

State Department officials cited those concerns — from Egypt’s recent staging of mass trials, with hundreds of defendants and across-the-board death penalties imposed, to the jailing of journalists and a near-epidemic of unpunished sexual violence — as reasons why the Obama administration and Congress have not restored all of the U.S. foreign aid and military assistance suspended last year in the wake of the coup against Morsi.

Perhaps the State Department has forgotten that 36 million Egyptians took to the streets to rid themselves of the cancer known as the Muslim Brotherhood. They don’t seem to understand that the only way to end the scourge is to eradicate the Brotherhood — after all, it was the Brotherhood who assassinated Egyptian President Anwar Sadat because he sought peace with Israel.

The Islamists – along with Putin, Rouhani, and China — know that this is their time, their moment is at hand. The modern day embodiment of Sir Neville Chamberlain occupies the White House and his emissary John Kerry is his disciple of defeat and subjugation. America has gone from championship-level exceptionalism to being the Bad News Bears. Time for a Churchill.


    • And the Republicans in Congress who haven’t submitted a resolution calling for Obama’s impeachment.. are they traitors too, or just gutless, nutless cowards?

      • All of the above that’s why so many of us have left the party in the last year , let Rinos vote for Rinos and see how far they get in the general election its not the conservative party no more

  1. Tell that to the Coptic Christians that they burned out of their churches and those they mutilated and crucified. Kerry is just a shill for Obama and will say whatever he is ordered to say. He is a big phony, always was and always will be.

      • Please, Bush Bush Bush…when will that die.I am sure in 10 years you won’t be saying Obama got us into this or that. Besides, congress voted to go to war…and to even think that there is any real fundamental difference between repubs and dems is just plain ignorance. They are all just different sides of the same stinky butt. They are all mainly concerned with themselves. Not with me, not with you and definitely not with what is inherently in the best interests of this country.

      • In ten years, Pres Hiliary will have to deal with it. Any every pres after, demo or rep. I was responding to a stupid statement. In another post I said, it’s useless the blame Bush, it happened, let’s move on. on the other hand, I so tired of all of you blaming Obama for that mess. You people forgot there was a agreement bet all parties and Obama was following rules. , we did want we could do- freedom, the vote, trained army, help their econ and repair their oil industry. Plus Malaki made it clear he wanted the US out. If we stayed, it would have been worse bec the people were becoming more anti amer for overstaying. (Which we do like doing). If you look at my other post, I go further.

      • President Hillary? You are as crazy as she is to even entertain that idea is pure insanity. Good luck living in that dream world. By 2016 she will be completely annihilated if she finds the balls to attempt to run. Its going to be fun to watch.

      • Then Pres Cruz will have to deal with terrorism in the Mid East. This situation will never stop. Will you play the Obama blame game?

      • When there are things that barry does to hurt this country and he does them everyday, YES I will lay the Blame on him, NO QUESTION

      • We shouldn’t play the “blame game” with any of our elected officials. We have allowed the media and whatever the current administration is to keep us looking back. It is a stupid way to deal with any problem. We should hold the people currently in office responsible for doing whatever is necessary to protect our people. They asked for the job and we should hold them accountable. We have fallen into the game they play, and people actually seem satisfied to blame and not hold anyone accountable. We have a national humanitarian crisis happening in this country right now and no one cares. Who cares who’s fault it is, DEAL WITH IT.

      • Since when has obama followed any rules:? he makes them up as he goes along. If he doesnt like something he just does what ever he pleases without regard to anyone but himself. if you cannot see how much he hates the USA you are truly blind.
        this is why he keeps putting these monkeys like kerry out there to do his bidding and take the heat.

      • If hope your kids are ready to go to war bec this terrorist will never stop no matter who the pres is.

      • please you have no idea of why I vote for the people I do. Heck, I am not even sure that my vote even makes a difference. I have zero faith in our government. You people….please. don’t generalize me. Plus, Obama has not followed the law. Yes I am sure many other presidents have not either, but nothing can be done about them because Obama is president. He has broken the law….lied…covered it up…done exactly what he said he would not do concerning executive orders…just another low life politician in the history of a country with a looooooooong line of career, low-life self serving and self absorbed politicians with delusions of grandeur who have forgotten their place in our government. And God help us if Hillary gets elected…

      • I felt the same way until I watched a program on the History channel about some of the shady things all the pres have done. During Fed for president day they run plenty of specials. But, this country still survives, moves on and prospers

      • I think hiliary will do fine . It’s her time. Obana gave her a break when he made he r sec of state. people still saw her as a “bitch ” during their campaign . She would have never won against McCain. Women like get bec she tuff, way tuffer than Obama and the rest of the Reps. The reps can’t use Benghazi against her. That song is going to be PLAYED OUT by next year. the Reps have played all their cards on hiliary. What ‘a left? The Econ. ? They can ‘t paint her as a Obama lover .
        The reps need to stop their ” us and them ” speeches . It’s not going to help them in the long run. Remember Romney and his 48% ???

      • Bush didn’t get us into this Clinton had the chance and blew it.
        This and 9/11 would have happened anyway, no matter who was on the White House.
        You are never satisfied unless you can blame Bush. Get Over yourself. Time to face facts and what is going on now, Stop living in the past

      • I guess you didn’t bother reading my later post. Go ahead a read them and get back to me sweetheart

    • Well, Kerry is a shill bec he is Sec of State who’s job is to take orders from Obama sand meet your foreign leaders. All pres have Sec of States.

  2. We still doubt who’s side their on? Time after time this administration does stuff like this and it’s not accidental or naivete. It’s planned and it seems they are succeeding because of our naivete or ignorance or running with our tails between our legs. Which?

    • that must be why he’s sending in 300 advisers instead of thousands of American soldiers as well as amer $$$ that will eventually be added to our ever raising debt.

      • Phil, when Vietnam was new on the horizon, the U.S. sent advisors. Later troop strength up, up, 500,000. Just sayin’.

      • Sadly I think you are right. I just wish we could pull our troops from everywhere except maybe from the countries we are allied with, then revamp our foreign policy to make it second to taking care of our own country first. Pull our manufacturing base back to the U.S. and guard our borders.

      • Sadly… America can’t survive without exports. Which is what America depended upon in the 20th Century and why so many screamed about Japanese imports in the 1970’s.
        Thus… No nation can remain independent from the world. Basic economics… basic manufacturing…
        And wealth is determined by the value of what’s wanted, needed and in supply. For example… DeBeers holding onto a stockpile of Diamonds to prevent a saturation of the market and thus keeping prices high.
        And like the reverse… why gold is restricted from being held and used to back the currencies of any nation. It is against International Law.

      • I never said that we needed to stop importing or exporting. I never said we needed to isolate ourselves as a country. I said we need our manufacturing base brought back to America.

      • I wish more people would admit I’m right and stop with the blame game. There terrorist groups are well funded. ISIS is rumored to have billions. That will buy plenty of guns and poor anti American men (and Women). Not only in mid east, but Europe and good old American boys. Check the web for terrorist propaganda sites.

      • Well, once again I agree with you. Politicians play the blame game…the majority of Americans play the blame game. We need to stop supplying the ‘other side. We need to admit there is a problem or a threat and deal with it. Like in baseball if you get hit by a line drive…you finish the play then check to see if you are really hurt..

      • all this country can do is keep vigilant. The terrorist may find hitting the US hard, but no our special interest around the world.

      • bpr that is the best thinking I have ever heard lately, you are correct on all accounts, that would solve a lot of the mishandling that’s going on in our country.our allies are very important and I am dismayed at the treatment of Israel,one of our best allies. Obama ignores them, and that’s a big mistake.and as our economy fails, lost jobs and no jobs for people who once made a good living, and now all sent to the south American countries and asia, and now all of south America coming into this country illegally, what next??? a dilemma that has to be solved one day, or we will fail as a free country,

  3. “People are stupid. They will believe a lie because they want to believe it’s true, or because they are afraid it might be true.” ― Terry Goodkind, Wizard’s First Rule

  4. We have an incompetent in the White House or a closet Muslim. Which is it? The Brotherhood stated its goals over and over again through the years. World domination via Islam. You will find their fingers in all terrorist groups as well as so-called moderates. They even have a foothold in our government agencies as well as an ear in the White House. It has been documented time after time but the media, Democrats, and the White House turn a deaf ear. Wonder why?

  5. “This is why the Obama administration is incapable of contending with the issue of Islamic totalitarianism. //// WRONGO!!!! They’re not “incapable of contending with the issue of Islamic totalitarianism”! On the contrary!!!! They’re SUPPORTING, ENCOURAGING – and ***FUNDING*** IT – both abroad and at home!!! America’s single greatest enemy – now that Usama bin Laden is out of the picture – is sitting (when he’s not flittering around or playing golf) at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – in the White House!!!!

  6. This is by design, not incompetence. No person could rise into the position of president with a full advisory staff and financial and political backing could be this incompetent. The real question is why are they doing these things?

    • I believe that obama was hand-picked & groomed to be where he is. He didn’t have any qualifications to be president. He did have all of the qualifications to fit an agenda to take over America. Millions were spent to seal all of his records & he didn’t have millions.

  7. Why wouldn’t they defend the muslim brotherhood when they already hold positions in our government? Curiouser and curiouser…

  8. People should have asked just what exactly he meant AND whose side he’s on when obama said he wanted to fundamentally transform America.

    obama lied, people died!

  9. Since she’s one of his uh, “top advisors”, perhaps valerie jarrett should be dropped-shipped into that hot mess over there. oh please, please, please…..

  10. Obama has several Islamic Brotherhood members working in the White House and Homeland Securtiy . The one in Homeland said the US is an Islamic State. Doesn’t that make you feel good? That, I believe , was his plan all along, so WAKE UP!! It’s time for the States to stand up to the Fed and get rid of this puppet government who is steeling our rights a little piece at a time

  11. I watched a video of ISIS cutting the head off a person, I don’t even know how I came up on it or why I even watched it, but it’s one that is burned in my mind and I will never believe you can talk to people like that EVER. They DO NOT think like we think and if you think it’s hard changing minds of Democrats or Republicans to think reasonably, how the heck do you think you can talk to a bunch of crazy people running around doing horrific things like that. I will never watch a video like that again but maybe if the citizens of this country watched that video at least once, they would be as horrified as I was and understand that those groups can’t be dealt with by talk and to think Obama let 5 prisoners out who are probably a lot like ISIS. As for Kerry, I couldn’t stand that man when he ran for president, still can’t.

    • That’s is exactly how I feel about theses terrorists and Mr. Kerry. Secondly, I too was tempted to watch a video like that but I thought that it would be imprinted in my subconscious and brain. These people are psychopaths and need to be put to death. Since they seem to enjoying murdering and butchering helpless civilians. Finally, I honestly think that Obama is a man who is a Muslim with connection to something more disturbing.

      • It would seem we are being left with zero options…… we will soon have no choice but to nuke the whole damn middle east and let God sort them out!

  12. I suspect that kerry is giving michell a reason to fear for her marriage. kerry has a talent for doing and saying the WRONG things. kerry makes things worse.

  13. It’s in English. N﨎gga!
    Kerry said Muslim Brothers ain’t Muslim brotherhood. He repeated three times.
    “We do not share view of Egyptian government about links between Muslim Brothers and terrorist groups like ISIS [Islamic State in Syria and Iraq]. [Egyptian leaders] need to include, and find ways to reach out to, Muslim Brothers. … With regard to the challenge that Muslim Brothers pose, I would characterize it more as political challenge than security challenge.”
    It’s carefully crafted by an army of speech writers unlike FOXNEWS and Breitbart jack﨎ss journalists.

    • Murdock and Fox is heavily influenced by Islamic world leaders. He is in cahoots with Prince Al Waleed of Sowdi Barbaria… and have Islamic media networks worldwide.
      You can believe that Fox reports what it does to motivate satanic worshipping muslims in Jihad against the world.

      • So you, sumsrent, think that it’s okay for Muslims to scream “death to America” and talk about “jihad against America” while burning the American flag but that American’s should tiptoe around the truth about Islam for fear that we will upset and anger the Muslims? Long before 1996, when Fox News was created and long before Rupert Murdock was known, the Islamists have been attacking Western civilization under the pretense of jihad. It’s absolutely ridiculous to assume that if it weren’t for Fox News that the Islamists would have no reason for jihad.

      • WOW! You really have quite the imagination!!!
        Tell me this… how do you figure I support satanic Islam from my comment above? Or assume that I figure Fox News is the only reason Jihad exists?
        Q: Did you forget to take your meds? Or… are you still nursing on your mothers chemically imbalanced teet?

      • I guess you forgot that you suggested that the jihadists motivation is due to Fox News and Rupert Murdock. Talk about chemically imbalanced or insane.

      • You obviously have a problem with comprehension. What you claim I said here is NOT what I actually said at all.

        You say… “the jihadists motivation is due to Fox News”
        Ah… not quite, little girl.
        They’re motivation is “due” to their satanic Quran. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have cheerleaders or even motivational tools.
        Apparently; your attempt to recover from your stupid assumptions and accusations has blown up in your face. I would dare say you have a major problem with jumping to conclusions… aye?

  14. Scary Kerry is on the side that strokes his ego and pats him on both the head and posterior. Only difficulty is distinguishing the head from the posterior.

  15. You know I really hate to say this but American’s are so naive. We are trying to dictate to a culture that is thousands of years in the making, They have a form of justice that we are just not willing to adhere to. I will admit some of their practices are just down right wrong. But if you compare the recidivism of crime between our two cultures Americans look like pansies. It is Americans who need to change and stop trying to dictate to others how to live. Live and let live and when their culture gets tired of being stepped on they will do something about it. It is not our place to be the police of the world and we will pay a heavy price for interfering on the world stage, A price that I think we can NOT pay.

  16. Lunacy? Of course!
    Designed that way to keep the masses confused and unable to grasp what is going on.
    Folks… get this…
    The Luciferian Globalists are aiding funding and helping satanic Islam expand across the world. It’s the perfect totalitarian antichrist One World Government!
    The One World Islamic Economic System…
    These Luciferian can’t come out and say… “We’re supporting Sunni Islam”
    That would cause the 5% Shiite to go batshyt crazy!
    It’s just better to drive these Shiite into Western nations to begin the groundwork of converting them to Sharia.
    The events in the ME is all about…
    1) Cleansing these ME nations of Unbelieving Infidels
    2) Driving the Shiite into Western nations
    3) Establishing Democracies for Sunni superiority
    Why democracies? So these muslims will be able to vote in their coming antichrist Caliphate/Mahdi.
    And so… the masses need an excuse to motivate the Islamic world into getting prepared for this Caliphate/Mahdi…
    That is why the Luciferian Globalists opened the doors so muslims could attack America on 9/11/2001. Now they had a reason to get into the ME and motivate the Islamic World to meet the deadline of this coming Caliphate/Mahdi.
    AMERICA!! Listen Up!! Your own One World loving government allowed the Islamic World to attack us on purpose!
    Time is of the essence here! And since allah is a fake god… to make it all believable… the Chaos had to be manufactured.
    Remember… the world was calling for a One World Government ever since the end of WWI. And it’s been in motion ever since… more than likely even before that time.
    Know this… Washington DC isn’t part of America. It is a ten square mile satanic symbol! IMO… the White House even faces Mecca! Just like all the Crescents on top of all the mosques of Islam which point to Mecca.
    All this means… Islamofascism. The perfect One World Islamic Economic System.

  17. Obama isn’t fighting Islamic totalitarianism. Notice that instead of using the term or name ISIS he calls them ISIL. It stands for the
    “Islamic State of Iraq and Levant”! The Levant is the land bridge from
    Turkey to Egypt! So what he is doing is recognizing an Islamic State
    extending from Iran to Egypt-and denying that the State of Israel even
    exists. No, he isn’t opposing Islamic totalitarianism he is ushering it in.

      • Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Libya and in Syria. The Muslim Brotherhood has supported Hamas, Hezbollah and al Qaida. Obviously, Barack Insane Obama is a Sunni Muslim who supports the creation of a Sunni Islamic Caliphate that includes Africa, the Middle East and the rest of the world.

      • Yes he did. Look at who Obama has supported in the Middle East and you’ll find it’s always whatever group was backed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria and now he won’t support the Shiite government in Iraq and doing so means he’s allowing his Sunni Muslim Brotherhood to take control. Hide and watch. I’m betting Iraq will get assistance from Iran and Russia instead.

      • Sending several hundred military advisers and providing intel to the Shiite government isn’t providing support? Why do you rightwing nuts post such idioitic, blatant lies? Oh, yeah.. you’re idiots.

      • Oh sure. The 300 advisors will be able to stop thousands of heavily armed ISIS insurgents. Seriously. Iran and Russia have actually offered to send much more assistance than “advisors”.

      • Oh sure.. It will be 300 advisors against thousands of heavily armed ISIS insurgents.. HAHAHAHA! There are no Iraqi Shiite fighting. ISIS would have taken over Baghdad already, but they decided to take a vacation first.

      • I guess the Sec of Defense, FBI Director, and NSA Director appointed by Bush and who continued to serve Obama for years just aren’t as smart as you rightwing wackos.. They don’t understand that Obama is on the side of Jihad.. HAHAHAHAHA!

  18. The leader of his administration is a socialist Iranian with blood ties to the Mulism Brotherhood. There is no need to wonder whose side this administration is on. If you don’t know by now, you never will. Liberals would rather assassinate the character of the truth teller than hear the truth.

  19. The same John Kerry who called the US a “worldwide monster” in his book? The same John Kerry who accused US troops of atrocities in two separate wars? The same John Kerry who is honored in the Hanoi war museum (with Jane Fonda) for helping the Communist Party conquer South Vietnam? THAT John Kerry?

    • Lurch Kerry, saw another opportunity to be on the wrong side and SWIFTLY jumped on it. He is a liar, perhaps a prerequisite of the Obama administration

    • The same John Kerry who is honored in the Hanoi war museum (with Jane
      Fonda) for helping the Communist Party conquer South Vietnam?

      That old lie again?

  20. Why are you so in love with Sisi’s military dictatorship in Egypt, West? Is it because you dream of a similar arrangement in America?

      • It’s quite obvious what I’m saying: I suspect that Allen Wet would prefer for the United States to become a military dictatorship.

      • And you, Calvinius, would prefer to see Egyptians suffer under the abusiveness of Shariah Law imposed by the Muslim Brotherhood who lied their way into control of the government of Egypt. When the Egyptian people realized that Morsi’s goal was strict Shariah Law, 36 million protested for his removal.

        What the Egyptian people understood was that Shariah style “peace” and “justice” would mean their loss of freedom and liberty. While the Muslim Brotherhood pretends that they are being “oppressed”, the Shariah Law they wanted to impose is “oppressive” to the point of abuse, especially abusive towards women.

        A military dictatorship would be preferable to a strict Islamic dictatorship under Shariah Law.

      • When the Egyptian people realized that Morsi’s goal was strict Shariah Law, 36 million protested for his removal.

        That’s beside the point. They certainly did not protest for Morsi’s replacement to be a military dictator.

      • When Morsi was in the presidency, Obama continued to send financial and military aid to Egypt and when Morsi was deposed, that financial and military aid was stopped.

        What you don’t seem to understand is that Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood has the backing of al Qaida, Hamas, Hezbollah and they are armed and dangerous militant insurgents. They were killing Coptic Christians and those who opposed Morsi all over Egypt. ONLY a military leader would have access to the power to oust a militant insurgency group like the Muslim Brotherhood.

        Their goal is to reinstate the Ottoman Empire and make the Middle East a Caliphate so that the prophecy of their Messiah will come true. You obviously want to ignore the fact that they have an idealistic fantasy of a massive Caliphate that will bring their Messiah or Caliph into being. It’s an insane religion.

      • That military aid went to the military that overthrew Morsi, you fool. And the military and financial aid to Egypt has not stopped after the coup.

        BTW, are you really unaware that Sunni Al-Qaeda and Shia Hezbollah are enemies?

    • Quite the opposite, my friend. Muslim Brotherhood election was ridden with voter intimidation, MB presence in polling areas to ensure people voted MB, a lot of fraud.
      El Sisi was elected democratically.

      • Sisi took power in a military coup, and then held a fake election to pretend his rule is valid.

      • The role of the military in Egypt is to protect their Constitution and the will of the people. What part of 30 million Egyptians in the streets did you not understand? This was a people’s REVOLUTION. Long live El Sisi!

      • 30 million Egyptians were most certainly not in the streets demanding a new military dictator to replace the one they’d just 3 years earlier.

        I hope Sisi dies soon, and painfully.

      • You are a TROLL… no other explanation for such lies. We all saw it unfold on T.V. I have friends in Egypt that sent me all the Egyptian news coverage of the events as they unfolded. It warmed my heart to see the T.V. anchors and reporters cry with joy on the air. Have a good life.

      • The German generals did not try to get rid of the arrogant corporal, Hitler, when they had the power to do so, before he had consolidated his hold on the country. They thought that he was a nobody whom they could easily manipulate and run the country through but realized – too late- that things were the other way around, that he was a devious, totally unscrupulous and vicious demagogue who would use THEM to further his aims By the time they realized what had to be done and resolved to kill him, it was too late. He was entrenched in his power and after the unfortunately unsuccessful attempt to assassinate him with a bomb, he had all of the leaders of the plot against him (as well as many officers who had nothing to do with the conspiracy) jailed and murdered. Perhaps the Egyptian generals learned a lesson from this sad chapter of history and resolved to depose Morsi and his Nazi-like cult, the Muslim Brotherhood, from power while they still had the means and the opportunity to do so and not wait until it was too late the way the German generals did.

  21. The wimpy response by Sec. of State Kerry to the Muslim Brotherhood’s determination to rid the world of ALL non-believers, leads to the political correctness that has our military Justice System employing a “Due Process” foreign to America, and promotes prejudicial prosecution of our warriors on the battlefields.

    MEDIA RELEASE: Active duty combat soldier denied due process, and convicted of murder under political correctness pressure: On Wednesday May 14, 2014 in Sioux Falls South Dakota; Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 628 unanimously passed the Resolution to restore full Constitutional rights to Due Process, for military members in jeopardy of losing those very Constitutional rights they fought for. On June 6, 2014 SD VFW State Department, under the leadership of State commander D. D. “Bulldog” Couch, and the support of incoming State commander D. D. Dahlin, unanimously passed the same resolution at their SD State Convention in Custer SD, further carrying this resolution on to the VFW National Convention in St. Louis MO on the 19th of July 2014. There, to be put into motion for “The Good of the Order”, for full support and forwarded on to Congress. Please voice your support for due process for military members by voicing your support to your lawmakers and the media.

    Sioux Falls, SD Post 628 Resolution, No. # 1

    Restoration of Full Constitutional Rights for military personnel charged with felonies.

    Whereas, The U.S. Constitutional Rights pertaining to Due Process, contained in the Bill of Rights are understood as applying to all citizens and non-citizens within the continental United States of America, even illegal immigrants and terrorists awaiting trial in federal courts, and

    Whereas, The Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees “Equal Protection Under the Law” for all citizens and non-citizen charged with felonies, even illegal immigrants and terrorists held for trial, and

    Whereas, The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) as found in Title 10 of the United States Code, chapter 47 provides for standards of proof, punishment, and other legal issues that differ from that of civilian courts in order to maintain what the military sees as good order and discipline, and

    Whereas, In the litigation of felonies of certain military personnel; the military courts, and Courts of Appeal for the Armed Forces (CAAF) have rendered decisions adverse to the defendant, due to a difference in Due Process under the law, than those prosecuted in Federal Criminal Courts, and

    Whereas, The U.S. Code > Title 18 > Part 1> Chapter 13 > 242 recognizes abuse of authority, and provides sanctions for those that under color of Law, deprive anyone of any rights or privileges secured or protected by the U.S. Constitution or laws of the United States of America, and

    Whereas, In U.S. v. Behenna, (A military Court Martial) the plaintiff argued unsuccessfully before the various military Appeals Courts, that the prosecution violated the “Brady disclosure” in that they withheld exculpatory evidence (Expert witness supporting Self defense) in violation of:

    “Article 46, UCMJ.

    2 The President’s rules provide that:

    (3) The trial counsel must disclose to the defense the existence of evidence known to the trial counsel,

    which reasonably tends to:

    • Negate the guilt of the accused of an offense charged.

    The U.S. Supreme Court, leaving no further appeals, ultimately denied defendant certiorari. These were appeals that would have set aside the guilty verdict, had it been held in a U.S. Federal Court, and

    Whereas, 1st Lt. Behenna’s Court Martial, conviction, sentencing, and appeals up to the Supreme Court; demonstrates that there is no further appeals for military personnel, having been denied their Constitutional Due process rights. Rights every individual on American soil enjoys, except those who have put their lives on the line to protect those very rights.

    BE IT RESOLVED, by the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States of America, that we support that Congress pass a law that will afford all members of the military the same Due Process under the law, that every citizen enjoys whenever they are charged with a felony. A felony that if convicted will cost that member of the military, the loss of those rights for which they have stood in the gap to protect.

    Submitted by the Commander-in-Chief


    The intent of this resolution is: To obtain Equal Protection Under the Law as far as Due process, for all military personnel; the same as is the right of every other U.S. citizen, non citizen, and charged terrorist on U.S. soil.

  22. The barry administration is NOT the friend of Egypt. They are supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood (Saudi Arabians) Wahhabi’s to be exact. They want all of the middle east to be one large Caliphate. barry does not care how it is done or who dies to get it done.
    He is posturing by sending 575 of our armed forces (300 to join the 275 already there).
    They are targets for ISIS and AL Qaeda, pure and simple. barry will do nothing in Iraq, he would rather see Iran take over and to hell with what Iraqi’s people want. He doesn’t care where we spilled our soldiers blood there he has no respect for our military or our Veterans. He makes the plainly obvious with the VA scandal.
    Get rid of barry and you solve 95% of the world’s problems instantly

    • the patriot, well said, and oh so right, this is a mess and all because of one man, Obama, with his prioritys all in the wrong place.he must have a tremendous hate for the U.S.and its people.he and Michelle both they have nothing good to say about this country, and it shows in all they do and say.

      • It’s not just Obummer… it’s also his lackies… the blind followers of his rhetoric. The whole shebang needs to be cleaned out. They are gearing up to put anyone who isn’t going along with their bullshit in concentration camps otherwise known as holding facilities. There are quite a few empty and waiting.

    • Do you think former Sec of Defense Gates is a traitor, or do you think he is too stupid to see that Obama is a traitor? Personally, I think you have a feces infection of the brain.

      • Personally I couldn’t care less what you think. “A sharp tongue is no indication of a keen mind”. In your case the adage is proved to be correct

  23. Valerie Jarret Iranian Princess…Obozos Right Hand Bitch…….
    Take All This Garbage OUT to the CURB. Begin Impeachment Of ALL this Corrupt “CHOOM GANG” Take Out and Hang ..”TREASON”

    Sempre Fi’

  24. I would like to see what the people living there have to say? I am sure they are capable of reading and posting on this site.

    • I have a lot of Egyptian friends on twitter (Copts), that all consider Obama a terrorist & a member of if not the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood..
      Remember the protests to oust Morsi were the largest ever in world history. They were not happy as dhimmis under the oppressive regime & are all still trying to rebuild their churches that were bombed & torched under it..
      Also since 2011 over 550 Coptic girls have been kidnapped by the Brotherhood & made into slaves for the rest of their lives, so the Morsi impact overall has been devastating for the Egyptian people.

  25. this administration has basically agreed with everything the muslims have ask for. now the muslim brotherhood has some, languishing in the whitehouse, in what capacity, is anybody’s guess, this is a drastic move that obama should have never made, the brotherhood are killers and will stop at nothing to gain a foot hold in this country and at this point I think they are succeeding, because of the president and his leanings toward Mideast religion and beliefs, as he was brought up to, this while a child, and now he is allowing this in this country and this is a tragic mistake, as we americans can never adjust to such a radical religion, he should call a halt ,for all our sakes ,of the infiltrating of muslims into this country.

    • The Muslims asked for President Obama to send another 30,000 troops to Afghanistan to kill thousands of Taliban terrorists there, and to kill bin Laden, al-Awlaki, and 30+ other terrorist leaders with drone strikes? Get thee to a clinic for a cranial enema.

  26. That right there should be enough to bring charges against BHo and kerry the ferry!
    They have aloud the mb into all levels of goverenment but this…giving aid and confort to the enemy is grounds for a hanging!

  27. This is not just a something that crept in the back door when Obama took office. This has been in works for a long time. Barack Hussein Obama was a jewel in the crown of accomplishments. This has been done by greedy americans, whether it was politician, businessmen or Lobbyist. We have been sold out one piece at a time to get this man in the position to deliver the killer blow. We are the laughingstock of the world. Our economy is in the toilet and ready to be flushed with trillions of dollars debt down to the sewer. He has injected the poison right into the heart of America. He has opened the flood gates to overrun this country with refugees and illegals. He has decimated our Military and replaced Muslims in key positions. The John Kerrys and Boehners all probably have a knife at the throat of their families. Sound like science fiction? That’s what they said about Romney ,Palin and many others when they predicted the present mess. What it will come down to is, how many of us are willing to die when the veil is ripped and the truth comes rushing at us and no one will be able to deny that this could happen in America? They last act in on stage now, the next curtain will rise on a war for our lives in our own backyards.

  28. The reason American & European leaders are UNWILLING to admit that Fundamentalist Islam is the greatest threat to human civilization in the 21st century (with or without Weapons of Mass Destruction as 911 proved) is because they would then have to deal with this diabolical enemy.

    Let me explain their dilemma. Anyone with two brain cells of Logic and Morality having read Muhammad’s Quran would have absolutely no choice but to come to the following conclusions:

    Muhammad, his Quran, his Sunna, Sharia and his Fundamentalist followers are Hate mongering, Warmongering, Racist, Duplicitous, Intolerant, Misogynist, Disloyal, Vile and hence totally UNGODLY!

    Based upon all the above, these leaders must close every single Mosque and Madrassas in the Western democracies because they are the breeders of Hate and Intolerance against the very people who have given Muhammadan Muslims safety, financial help, education, health care and freedom

    Their INGRATITUDE is beneath contempt and beyond belief

    No Muslims should therefore be allowed in our democracies and any of them that show intolerance for our laws and freedoms should be instantly stripped of their citizenship and sent back to whatever Islamic paradise they came from.

    Of course our current Politically Correct criminals are not going to do any of this BUT the simmering magma among the suffering ordinary peoples of Europe will explode with a titanic force of sectarian death and destruction.

    It is not a matter of IF but only a matter of WHEN

    IQ al Rassooli
    Kafir & Proud!

    • Kerry is an imbecile who is just a vain glory pos. He doesn’t have a clue about diplomacy or foreign relations. He is almost as stupid as Hillary in regards to gaining confidence from other countries. They know she was a liar and Kerry is no better.

  29. At this point, I am finding myself thinking that our troops should be deployed to the White House to deal with the non-uniformed enemy combatant that is there.

    • It is the Military s obligation under the Constitution to take him out of the WH if the VP,and the Congress woun’t! It is called Coup D’ETAT! I Don’t know what they are waiting for?

    • At this point, I am finding myself thinking that a brigade of people need to be deployed to administer cranial enemas to all the rightwing wackos who accuse President Obama of being a traitor.

      • Facts are facts, INDISPUTABLE! obama committed 5 counts of “high crimes and misdemeanors” by IGNORING the “30 Day Law” by NOT consulting Congress before releasing the 5 Taliwhacker terrorists! He ALSO committed 5 counts of TREASON when he “gave aid and comfort to the enemy!” So, yes, HE IS GUILTY! Treason is punishable by death. obama should be IMMEDIATELY ARRESTED, TRIED, CONVICTED, SENTENCED, AND PUNISHED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW! Also, ANYONE aiding him in these crimes should ALSO be held accountable!

      • INDISPUTABLE! Then why has not even one Republican in congress submitted a resolution calling for Obama’s impeachment? And it takes just a simple majority of House to impeach him… it take a unanimous verdict to convict of a criminal offense like treason. So DREAM ON!

      • Unfortunately, because we have a completely ineffectual Congress, nothing will ever be done about this traitorous president! At least not in this life… believe me, he’ll get his judgement… and he will be punished, far worse than anything we could ever do!

  30. its not lunacy it’s called collusion and the enemy is with in that’s why the white house is defending the brotherhood

  31. Washington Times October 12, 2008 ; reported by Mark Hyman

    SENATOR BARACK OBAMA donated over one million dollars to Mr.
    Odinga his Marxist cousin’s campaign in Kenya, the Orange Democratic Movement.
    The money came from Obama’s financial contributions through his organization
    “Friends of Senator Barack Obama”. The money was used to finance the Muslim
    Memorandum of Understanding as well as the Planned Violence, Murders and
    Bloodshed that occurred in December 2007.

    The plan was to discourage voter participation, engineer
    ethnic tensions and support his cousin’s army in Mt. Eglori against the Kenya people
    and any other opposition. The results were a blood bath financed by Barack
    Obama. Why would Senator Barack Obama promote and finance the terror that took place?

    I believe it was part of his plan to support the Muslim
    Brotherhood’s expansion all over Africa. Just like President Barack Obama’s
    work in Egypt to install the Muslim Brotherhood as the ruling government. He quickly
    provided $2.6 billion and weapons to his Brotherhood terrorist government.

    30 million Egyptian citizens’ wanted no part of the Muslim
    Brotherhood they spoke out loudly and removed the terrorist Brotherhood. Much
    of the money had already been funneled to the Brotherhood’s army Hamas and Hezbollah.
    This allowed them to buy more weapons to expand their Islamic terrorist
    network. Exactly what Barack planed and wanted to happen.

    Barack Obama has a record of providing money and weapons to
    our enemies. Syria and Libya were the same thing with rocket launchers for ISIS.
    In Benghazi our ambassador and three other brave Americans were murdered while
    waiting for help that never came. They knew too much about the CIA operations
    of providing weapons to the enemy. Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton are both involved.

    The communist have always said “We will over throw the U.S.
    by taking control of one or both political parties”. Barack and Hilary are communist
    trained by Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”.

  32. Oh please, Obama is no Chamberlain. he’s an internal enemy who is set about the business of strengthening radical Islam and destroying the United States….when will you see this.

  33. Excellent job Allen West… BNI [Bare Naked Islam], once again picked up on another of your articles and this time referenced your words “Who side is he on?” and gave reference to you and added them to their article called…
    “Schmucketary of State John Kerry…”

    This reaffirms my belief that I’m at the right place!

    With that said…
    Piss on Alex Jones & his Infowars… and piss on Walid Shoebat!

  34. Isn’t it ironic that John Kerry testified about phony atrocities committed by US troops in the Viet Nam war as a matter of our policy is backing blood thirsty radicals in the Middle East who commit heinous crimes against humanity whose policy it is to commit a reign of terror?

  35. So it’s okay for the Muslim Brogherhood to torture people in mosques in Egypt as in the Morsi regime while Obama says, “don’t criticize the Muslim Brotherhood”? Kerry’s people are totally nave.

  36. Just another step in Obama’s plan to go along with the build up of the Muslim states and back the Muslim Brotherhood. Kerry is his pawn. Obama is a predator on America. He lies, hides and constantly causes confusion on the American people. It won’t belong before the Muslim nation will be attacking us. Obama will be smiling. Its time for his removal now and be prosecuted for treason.

  37. The Office of the Principal Register of the Nyanza Province, in Kenya, has finally released 11 exclusive documents concerning Barack Obama’s alleged birth and early childhood in the country a few weeks ago Stating that his real name is Berry Muhammad Soretoro. I think Congress should put Obama in jail until they investigate all his records that he sealed up to prove his real name

    • I saw that as well. The Dems discount their authenticity – but they are in fact, authentic. I was a paralegal for 20 years, I’ve examined a lot of documents for authenticity. I looked at them closely and checked the dates and stationary, addresses – they’re authentic. Furthermore, Obama’s mother never added her son to her US passport, as required by US passport law. A photo of little Barak Obama along with his hospital birth certificate was required to obtain a passport for a child – and he would have been included on her passport – children never traveled alone or had separate passports until the 1990s.

      • I do not understand the people….esp. democrats and the media.
        Are they all muslin brotherhood loving democrats that they are willing to turn a blind eye to defend this man and his MBH white house?
        Are they all willing to watch America being destroyed while making excuses for him? Aren’t they Americans 1st and democrat 2nd?
        The people that lie for this administration scares me more than the POTUS himself, because without the people he is nothing!
        I never thought I would see this day come, but it has. Hitler days are here again.

  38. No one ever accused Kerry of being the brightest bulb in a four pack. He is a lap dog lapping up the limelight he has craved for decades. He is an idiot that keeps putting his wants over the countries.
    Roll over again Kerry for another belly rub.

  39. Kerry is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. The MB is a secret organization to begin with, aligned with Hitler. In 1963, the 88th Congress investigated the Muslim Brotherhood, and both Kennedy and Congress issued statements cutting off weapons purchases to the Middle East. Kennedy was killed a short while later, and weapons shipments continued from General Dynamics, the biggest supplier of weapons to the Middle East today.

    Kerry is not Jewish, as he claimed. His grandfather was a refugee from Turkish controlled Austria Hungary, claiming to be a man named Fritz Cohn. He was found shot dead in the 1920s, either suicide, or his past caught up with him. There isn’t a single Jewish bone in Kerry’s body. The mere fact that his grandfather came from a Turkish controlled fascist state, implies that Kerry is in fact a Turkish muslim. His alliance with the communist party and love for the Muslim Brotherhood comes form the fact that his family is in fact, Turkish.

    And if that isn’t enough, have a look at some of the portraits of Turkish Ottoman Empire military officers – spitting image of Kerry. DNA doesn’t lie.

    • Uh…the Ottoman Empire has never controlled Austria-Hungary…in fact they haven’t had lands in continental Europe since 1912 with their defeat in the Balkan War.

  40. John “Swift Boat” Kerry showed his true colors years ago. Having him and Joe “The Buffoon” Biden in any political office defies explanation until one considers the current occupant of the White House. The Three Stooges have nothing on these gents.

  41. Politicians like to keep their families off-limit, however, we need to look at Vanessa Kerry’s husband and start connecting the dots. Nnamdi Asomugha Kerry’s son-in-law, an American-Iranian and Huma Mahmood Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s,
    Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff. Huma Abedin served for a dozen years as the assistant editor of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs,
    publication of which was the main business of the Institute of Muslim
    Minority Affairs. Both the institute and the journal were founded by
    Abdullah Omar Naseef, a wealthy and influential Saudi academic who
    became a financier of the al Qaeda terror network as well as the
    secretary-general of Muslim World League – one of the most significant
    joint ventures of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Saudi government in
    terms of spreading Islamic supremacist ideology. Naseef recruited Huma
    Abedin’s parents to run the journal. KING Obama says, “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam”. Sort of makes one FEEL like we have been betrayed, uh? Yes! Who did Obama appoint to HOMELAND SECURITY and other KEY positions? 2009-President Obama’s intent to nominate David Heyman as Assistant Secretary for Policy and my appointment of Arif Alikhan as Assistant Secretary for Policy Development.
    Arif Alikhan – Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
    Mohammed Elibiary – Homeland Security Adviser.
    Rashad Hussain – Special Envoy to the (OIC) Organization of the Islamic Conference.
    Salam al-Marayati – Obama Adviser, founder of Muslim Public Affairs Council and its current executive director.
    Imam Mohamed Magid – Obama’s Sharia Czar, Islamic Society of North America.
    Eboo Patel – Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships.

  42. this administration is up to its butt in muslim brotherhood right here in america, working in our own government…why would anyone think this administration would do anything but help them get what they want in any country? this is the most worthless, lawless, traitours administation to ever walk the land of america…they must be stopped now before they do the damage they will do with another two and a half years in office…there will be nothing left if they are not stopped

  43. Obama has surrounded himself with Muslims, putting them in positions in our Government that no past President would have ever put them in! So why do we expect him, and anyone he puts in office, to act any different? I believe he was set up in office to pave the way for the destruction of America… and sadly, he has succeeded… to the point, that he really feels that he is now untouchable and invincible! The damage he has caused, in many cases, will be almost irreparable!

    • Saudis Arabia, help put him in office, they said in 07 they would have a Muslim in the White House in 08!! & they did! that is who he is working for !!

      • And Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are the major funding sources for the Muslim Brotherhood. That would explain why Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood taking over Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and now Syria and Iraq.

      • Since you’re the only one finding this funny, you obviously enjoy drinking the Obama Koolaid, so your opinion stems from your blindness and is not worth noting.

  44. the U.S. is quite possibly in it’s death throes. this administration , if left unchecked, is going to finish it off and bury it. that has probably been the plan from the beginning,

  45. Further proof that Kerry is nothing more than a preening, self-important buffoon who can fail upward by marrying for money (first a millionaire, then a billionaire) who has the manicured nails, cultivated tan and the marionette mouth that barely moves (too many facelifts?) except to voice some extreme, loony lefty claptrap that caters to the “base” (which can also mean lowly, despicable & crude) or the most anti-American & islamofascist types.

    His boss (the corrupt, evil, contemptible, arrogant, illegal alien, stealth moslem, communist-in-chief, currently squatting in the White House — the Obamanation of Desolation) is the worst prez in history and to say he is inept at foreign relations is to give him WAY TOO MUCH CREDIT — although his “skill set” is also fueled by his ideology (or as I put it, IDIOT-ology).

    I say impeach the ENTIRE MISadministration & its evil minions and be done with it — before the USA is truly DOA!!!

    I’d love to see them all rounded up (including “advisors” & puppet masters like Jarrett, and a certain FLOTUS who is known for FLAUNTING the trappings of wealth & power over the little people, giving rise to comparison to Madame DeFarge of “A Tale of Two Cities” fame) and send them permanently to Gitmo. Let them share quarters with their fellow anti-American instigators & their best FIENDS (yes, I meant FIENDS — as opposed to friends). Could there be no better place for those who have worked so hard to subvert & destroy the USA, and have given aide & encouragement to the worst of the worst (including arming our enemies) of the terror groups? Let them all rot in infamy & indignity!

  46. And you all have no idea the pressure USA Obama/Kerry put on Israel to pacify the death Cult so called Palistinians. And USA puts measures upon Israel to destroy the growth and life of the Jewish Population. Then blames Israel, and all the world beleives the lies then we have rabid anti Jewish sentiment around the world. Evil administration. God will judge USA for touching Israel!

  47. It is unreal how this administration talks with TERRORIEST. The current government of Egypt has labeled the Mooslum Brotherhood as terrorist and even hung the death sentence around their necks. Yet, Kerry demands that the Egyptian government deal with them.

  48. When Obama said the Islamic prayer call was the most beautiful sound he ever heard, I knew he was a Muslim at heart! A president of the United States cannot be a Muslim (or love Muslims) and be an effective American president… To love two so totally opposite things would be incongruous! As it says in the Bible: “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other.” And I think we know which one he despises, don’t we…

      • Odd those “vast majority of Muslims who do not support Jihad” don’t ever speak out against it, or turn in any radicals. It’s almost like they’re giving their tacit approval of violent jihad.

    • Guess what, Egyptians are Muslims too. They don’t want this brand of Muslim hatred in their country and they are doing the right thing in ridding this filth from the planet….

      …but Kerry, Obama, MCCAIN, GRAHAM…have all been bought off by the radical Muslim Lobbyists, and are now pressuring Egypt to let radical savages free to spread their filth and mental corruption.

      So it’s not just “secret muslim” Obama. It’s also a bunch of GOP fools.

  49. HEY ALLEN YOU MISERABLE TOOL! What about the Republican stooges helping the Muslim Brotherhood???

    What’s a matter, did your handlers warn you about mentioning them?


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