Americans, rise and become positive difference makers!

On Saturday evening I spoke at the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, California and had a great conversation with one of my table companions, who’s name was Arthur. Here was a very successful business investor, but his face was downcast and his spirit was aching for his country. He confided in me his state of dejection for the direction in which America was heading, and the constant lies and deception emanating from the Obama administration. He felt hopeless in affecting a positive change for the Republic.

Arthur’s sentiments reminded me of the sermon my Pastor, Scott Eynon of Community Christian Church, delivered two weeks ago on Father’s Day, which was taken from the series “The Story.” It was Chapter 21: Rebuilding the Walls, the story of Nehemiah and the reconstruction of the Jerusalem wall. In many ways we must endeavor to rebuild the walls upon which our Constitutional Republic was established — since we have a president committed to “fundamentally transform” those walls.

Many of you — well, except for the liberal progressive socialists — ask what can be done, just as Arthur asked me Saturday night. Pastor Scott delivered the answer two weeks ago: be a difference maker. As Pastor Scott stated, “One person wholly devoted to a cause bigger than themselves is hard to resist. One difference maker can indeed change the world.” Of course for those who are Christians, we follow the life and example of the greatest difference maker, Jesus Christ.

However, there are those who seek to follow others they believe are difference makers, such as “Rules for Radicals” author Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his book to Lucifer. And many follow the precepts and concepts of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

The contrast is that one set of principles advocates the restoration of the wall representing individual liberty, courage, strength, and resolve and commitment to fundamental values. The others represent a tearing down of walls — the walls upon which the guardians of freedom stand watch to serve and protect.

Therefore be a positive difference maker, a guardian, and not a negative difference maker, a radical. You can see the contrast in the manner of those who go forth joyously to rebuild the walls of freedom as opposed to the anger, vile and vitriolic manner of those radicals who seek to tear them down — read the comments section in any conservative posting if you need an example!

Positive difference makers must be as persistent as the opposition and be as active. It means seeking out the means to communicate how to increase the numbers of those willing to rebuild the walls — and in case you haven’t realized, I’m talking about a figurative wall of liberty and freedom, not a physical one. The progressive socialists are the only ones who wish to build a physical wall, and it took a positive difference maker named Ronald Reagan to stand before that wall and issue his great command to tear down that wall.

That is the power of one positive difference maker. Unfortunately today, we are watching a negative difference maker seeking to rebuild the wall of separation and individual subjugation. We are witnessing the resurgence of the most dangerous ideology that follows one of history’s most negative difference makers — Muhammad — as followers seek to establish a brutal sharia-based Islamic state of totalitarianism and terror.

As I told Arthur, now is the time to gird ourselves with a rugged determination to make a stand and confront these clear and present dangers — not with dejection, depression, despair, and despondency — but with determination and dedication.

We must take our desire to restore freedom’s wall to the op-ed pages, into the social media sites, and to our elected representatives (albeit some of us are represented by some real chuckleheads).

We must let the voices of positive difference makers made known — there are more of us than there are of the others. We cannot go away quietly in the night. We cannot allow our future generations to not enjoy the greatness of America.

Be a positive difference maker and restore the “shining city upon the hill” because the negative difference makers are out there building the walls of the “city of no consequences.”


    • I wholeheartedly agree! Dennis is also an agressive Difference Maker on the Move! I’d love to see an entire team of top true Conservatives like you two and others banding together publicly and in solidarity. Propping one another up no matter WHO becomes primary candidates. We the People NEED to see and KNOW that the welfare of this country and her citizens is more important than winning the race. It would help us to identify and align our ultimate choices with more faith. Wonderful article, Colonel … and the image is breathtaking!

  1. That is an excellent article Mr West, but I implore you… PLEASE run for President (I capitalize the word president when speaking to you, not referring to the current shameful administrative “leader”. I enjoy reading your articles and being in the defense sector, both for my Country and my Community, I can only wish to have leadership of your caliber moving our great Nation forward to a successful future. Please excuse the lowbrow statement, but “Put your money where your mouth is”. You WILL be supported by real Americans, you WILL prevail, and we WILL be a better Nation with you at the helm. I, in turn, will “put my money where my mouth is” and give you every ounce of myself as support for your candidacy in whatever capacity you need. PLEASE SAVE OUR COUNTRY!

  2. Agreed. The public needs to be woken up and spoon fed the correct and Ideology. To teach what the public what we need to make the economy and the return of our rights.
    Rather than laying blame for things that are happening. Fix the things that are happening.
    Cream rises to the top. The people who get the attention of the country like, Carson Allen, Cruz, Gowdy, need to rise up and band together into a synonymous message.
    Get the people to wake up and adopt the cause. To take back our Constitution and our country

  3. Col. West, I often find myself in a state of despair & disbelief when I look at our country today. As a solider, I took the oath to defend my country against all enemies, both foreign & domestic. Everything that I & many of our brave men & women have fought for under the guise of freedom, I (& many others) realize now has been purely political. I know that this is why many of us Patriots are so disheartened & angered. I can’t help but feel torn as a Christian, soldier, father, husband & citizen by the obvious fact that those who speak the loudest seem to win, while those of us who are more conservative are appearing to just stand there & let it happen. This is a battle I’m not sure how to fight. I don’t want this society of no accountability, & liberal idealism to be the future of our country & the future for our children to fight because we lacked the intestinal fortitude to stand up for our beliefs. I just feel like we are loosing the fight for our freedom & failing our country & our God by not pushing back hard against the liberal ideology that is being crammed down our throats everyday. Only a select few in the political arena, seem to have the spine to take the fight to the enemy & for that I am & will be forever grateful for all of your hard work. Keep fighting the good fight sir, as there are many who desperately need your inspiration. RLTW!

  4. Allen West, I’ll say it again for the thousandth time… Until the American people charge criminally, prosecute and the carry out sentence, nothing will change the course of action being taken by those in federal, state and local governments!!! The time for conversation is over…

    • Amen and amen Mr. Simpson. Thank you Mr. West for this great article – Run For President – you are strong and not afraid to speak the truth and stand up for what is Right. It is time we show ZERO Tolerance for all the Radical evil and decimation. Strength in meaningful action and consequences for corruption. Period. Lead the Charge Mr. West.

    • We need moral, God fearing men back in Washington or this country is on it’s way out. All my family has fought and died for is going down the toilet. I’m glad my dad isn’t here to see this.It would break his heart.

  5. Mr. West, that is a great article. You are a voice of reason in all of the craziness. Thank you & remember that we need you in the White House

  6. William Simpson has it right, if we continue allowing leaders and agency leaders to live above the law, then one goon will replace the other. They all need to be rooted out and punished.

  7. Great article. I do contact legislators often, who many times just give wordy, no action responses on issues and I post articles on facebook but am dismayed at the gross apathy among so many. Having a video series at church on David Barton’s American Heritage. Great reminder of our wonderful heritage that we are letting slip away as much as it is being taken away.

  8. The administrators of this nation (save a precious few) have bosses who are much more powerful than we. They don’t listen to us. We are cattle to them. I am sick of the evil in control of this nation! If we revolt, their weapons are much bigger than ours. When we speak, it is to the wall. What then? Pray! And, be ready. I will not go to a FEMA camp. There are many of us who will go down fighting. I hope they see this and take note. We are not like the coastal cities. We are the heartland, we have awakened in ever greater numbers, and we will not go quietly!

  9. We as a Nation have got to turn back to God. If we don’t do this nothing we do will matter. We have asked him to leave and He has done so and taken His “Hedge of protection” with Him. Allen West we are calling out to you and Ben Carson to please help us get back on track. It’s going to take a generation or two to get back on track. This didn’t happen over night and we can’t fix it over night. Someone somewhere has to start this. . . . .

  10. Mr. West has some good insights. If he wants to be taken seriously by the general public, however, he needs to park his religion at home and leave it there. It has no place in politics. And he needs to hire someone to proofread for him. Grammar errors distract from and dilute the points being made. I would like to be able to take Mr. West seriously.

    • What do you mean no place? Our country was founded on Religion and as such is where our strength comes from, God’s good grace. Without His grace we are nothing. So you can park the religion and politics don’t go hand in hand. Yes they do. His grace is what has held this country together all these years and we are failing right now because we have kicked God out of our country and being the gentleman He is , He has left and taken his love of this country with Him. We need strong leaders that realize this and can get us back on track where we need to be or the Muslims will come over here and destroy us. Take it to the bank. They are already here and waiting. We will be destroyed from within. History has taught us this fact.

    • Exactly, The free practice of religion is the basis of the Constitution, as well as the right to freely assemble, and the right to free Speech!!
      You, an athiest have all those rights, But mine are limited by Executive Order!!
      Why cant Athiests refrain from forcing views that villianize Me!!
      I am a Cristian!! I do not force my religion on anyone, but I will freely share my faith with anyone who asks! But by “Packaging” Athism as a excluded minority
      So that you may exert the inflated power and influence that comes with minority status that you dont deserve

  11. Without Christ, all the positive attitude that the most optimistic could muster is worthless in the extreme. That is truth.

  12. Dragonwych, you couldn’t be anymore wrong. Religion does have a place in politics. Our nation was founded on Christian. It’s atheists like you that have no place in our country. Until this great nation turns back to GOD and our leaders stand up for Christian morals our nation will continue to decline.

  13. It’s really amazing how some people can get wrapped around the axle on how someone spells or says something and TOTALLY misses the message, isn’t it?


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