4 grounds for suing Obama. Does Boehner have the guts?

In 2008 after winning the presidential election, Barack Hussein Obama trotted out to give his victory speech — a speech of defeat for America — and stated something that slid past everyone’s attention: “Chicago is coming to Washington DC.”

The crowd there in Chicago cheered and fools wept with joy. But no one realized exactly what that meant: the thug-style corruption that has defined Chicago politics was coming to the nation’s capitol — and indeed it has.

The Beltway pundits and moderate Republicans refused to see what we all knew, that Barack Hussein Obama was a president who held the US Constitution in contempt. Those of us who recognized and described what was occurring were negatively attacked, but we knew it would be clear to all eventually.

And so I guess we could say better late than never, but based on George F. Will’s recent piece in the Washington Post, he’s come to the realization as well:

“Serious as are the policy disagreements roiling Washington, none is as important as the structural distortion threatening constitutional equilibrium. Institutional derangement driven by unchecked presidential aggrandizement did not begin with Barack Obama, but his offenses against the separation of powers have been egregious in quantity and qualitatively different.”

In simple words, Barack Obama does not believe in the fundamental premises of our government, coequal branches, separation of powers, and checks and balances — all emanating from Montesquieu’s writings in “The Spirit of the Laws.”

Some will respond — actually try to defend — by stating all executives use presidential discretion. However, Will points out the difference, “Presidents must exercise some discretion in interpreting laws, must have some latitude in allocating finite resources to the enforcement of laws and must have some freedom to act in the absence of law. Obama, however, has perpetrated more than 40 suspensions of laws. Were presidents the sole judges of the limits of their latitude, they would effectively have plenary power to vitiate the separation of powers, the Founders’ bulwark against despotism.”

Will says that regarding immigration, health care, welfare, education, drug policy and more, Obama has suspended, waived and rewritten laws, including the Affordable Care Act. It required the employer mandate to begin this year. But Obama wrote a new law, giving to companies of a certain size a delay until 2016 and stipulating that other employers must certify they will not drop employees to avoid the mandate. It is here where Will believes there is a potential to take action. He recommends the House of Representatives pursue the course of bringing a lawsuit against Obama and feels there is standing.

David Rivkin, a Washington lawyer, and Elizabeth Price Foley of Florida International University have studied the case law and believe that standing can be obtained conditional on four things:

1. That a majority of one congressional chamber explicitly authorizes a lawsuit.
2. That the lawsuit concern the president’s “benevolent” suspension of an unambiguous provision of law that, by pleasing a private faction, precludes the appearance of a private plaintiff.
3. That Congress cannot administer political self-help by remedying the presidential action by simply repealing the law.
4. And that the injury amounts to nullification of Congress’s power.

Will’s plan would be for a House lawsuit, advocated by Rivkin and Foley, that would unify fractious Republicans while dramatizing Obama’s lawlessness. The House would bring a civil suit seeking a judicial declaration that Obama has violated the separation of powers by effectively nullifying a specific provision of a law, thereby diminishing Congress’s power. Authorization of this lawsuit by the House would give Congress “standing” to sue.

That approach is fine by me, but as a military fella, I do believe in the tactic of the “double envelopment.” I would also pursue impeachment articles based on the unilateral decision to release the Taliban 5, as I previously outlined. The only question I’m quite sure both George Will and I would ask is, does Boehner and — now McCarthy — have what it takes to stand up to a lawless president, a tyrant?


  1. Won’t happen …… Any “person of color” taking the President to task will be drummed out of the spotlight, called an “Uncle Tom” – or worse. Any other skin color with piles of evidence – no matter how high – immediately gets branded as a “racist”. Currently, the POTUS is untouchable ……


      • Heh… we’ve been trying to tell her since she started posting on here… for some reason I guess she thinks it gets more notice… I just ignore posts in all caps…

  2. If this is true, then why isn’t someone doing something about it??? All just talk!!!! No action. Hell, let’s just wait until he brings down the whole country, forms a caliphate here in the US with his muslim brothers, and puts all Christians in concentration camps and gas chambers. Those that have the ability to stop him and doesn’t are guilty of complicity in his crimes.

  3. Talk…Talk…Talk…Talk…Talk…Talk…Talk…more bull$hit, ball less Republicans and treasonous Liberals, Talk…Talk…Talk…Talk…Talk… BULL$HIT!

  4. While I feel that there is legal grounds for both the lawsuit and impeachment proceedings, I wonder if either will happen – not because of race, but because of the political gaming that is the status quo in Washington. Would those who could bring action not bring it because they have gone too far in some other ways? Just a thought and I hope I”m wrong because something sure needs to be done.

    • Yes, they are covering each others’ asses. Those that have been in offices for years have been skimming and playing crony politics for so many years they are scared to death to blow the whistle on anyone lest we also discover what they have been doing. The IRS and VA being just 2 examples.

  5. This nation has enough over litigious crap as it is. Wait out the next two years and get the WH back. That is what the GOP should do. Who the hell would be paying for Obama’s defense? US!!

  6. This is yet another bit of grandstanding, as the CONGRESS or BOEHNER has too much money, power and political clout to pursue this. It’s a win win for all in CONGRESS and the SENATE, and they will NOT step up for the salvaging of our once Great Nation to the detriment of theirselves. They’ll let us ALL FRY first.

  7. If our representatives won’t take a stand against this onslaught on our freedom and finances they should be voted out of office.

  8. I firmely believe Congress is afraid of the President and therefor refuse to challenge him, Congress contains whimps, not men or women.

    • The opposition’s job is to keep Obama from getting his way when it hurts the American people. Not whimpering about suing him.

      • lets’ face it…the politicans have no backbone so ultimately, it will be up to the people of this nation…and perhaps that is the better solution…it will give a message for those that we have voted for in the past and it will make us a stronger united people and that hasn’t happened for a long time…

      • It’s always up to the people. They should vote at a higher rate than 40% and they should know the candidates. Too many stupid voters out there and the rest don’t even vote.

      • I agree but with all the scandals made public and the prices going up on food and gas and housing, not to mention the jobs situation, I think people will be more careful to vote for the experienced and qualified candidate rather than the color, good looks and the charm of a snake. Lets’ hope they do the research

    • They’re NOT afraid of Obama, they’re afraid of being called racist, even though Obama should be impeached.

      • Well, “sticks and stones”. Who really cares what they call us as long as we can get the criminal traitors out of offices, I don’t care what it takes to accomplish that! Maybe the states’ National Guard forces should all show up on the capital doorstep and make a really loud statement! The elected officials won’t do it!

      • forget about that theory…Obama passed, wrote and used “executive priviledge to put the “Armed Forces” under his thumb…it states that if the public becomes “unruly”, he has the right to impose a curfew and to back it up wiith a military militia…I don’t know about you but this sounds alot like what Hiltler did to gain control of the country and it’s people. History does have a tendency to repeat itself…

      • I don’t think they are afraid of being called racist, I think there is a lot more they are afraid of, how some people turn up dead under suspicious circumstances. The guy who rolled out the news about Bergdahl in Rolling Stone magazine, the woman who gave up his alleged birth certificate, the navy seals… may be more but I can’t think of them at the moment. Or they get audited by our ever so honest ~chokes~ IRS… etc.

      • I think that because it is nearing election time…they don’t want to do anything to jepordize their chances of getting re-elected…this issue is like a bad case of poison ivy..no one wants to touch and because of the scandals, it won’t go away…little do they realize that the public can and has started to vote for those that more inclined to actually represent the people…they should be afraid…very afraid

      • I would rather be a racist and vote for impeachment then to sit and be know as a lazy loud mouth nobody that does nothing and collects a salary that the taxpaye a reputation thatrs paid. I would rather be know as a go-gether and achieve a reputation for getting what my constitutes voted into office for

  9. No they do not have the drive, the willingness to put themselves out on a limb and possible jeopardize their office. To me it seems that they have been threatened, bought off or both. The inaction of Congress and the unwillingness to act is a growing cancer that needs to be cured. Sue the Bastage NOW!

    • I tend to believe they are scared. Anytime someone tries to face off with Obama they either get fired, turn up dead by some “accident”, get audited or get their name smeared so bad no on believes the real truth.

  10. I would like someone…to please explain for all the talking and acknowledging Obama’s illegal practices , by the powers that be , impeach him??? I am so sick of the rhetoric that has gone on and on by so many leaders and why aren’t they listening to us??? We want Obama impeached! These leaders are suppose to represent us…not play political football.It’s like he’s cemented in his position and no on can touch him…of course Obama doesn’t believe in our governmental system…why? because ,(as we all know) he is a traitorus socialist! And not for nothing, for all the outrage by the committee on the IRS hearing….nothing is being done to get the backup on the emails or holding anyone in contempt! We want more “action”…not just words! And now Hillary admits to lying for Obama! This is becoming a travesty of lies breaking laws…it’s type to impeach, and imprison them all and that goes for Holder, Reid, and Pelosi too!

    • Like Bill Clinton, If you Impeach him nothing is going to happen, because the Democrats have the senate locked up. They will acquit him or any wrong doing.
      The democrats will try to keep their seats in the senate and win more seats in the House so they can take the country in any direction they so choose.
      If the GOP changes enough to be more conservative and win seats in the Senate, enough to win the Majority then things will change rapidly.
      However with the give me population of low information voters that is going to be a tough thing to accomplish

      • I must say that I agree …to a point. First of all…he will probably not get impeached because Eric Holder holds the trump card on that since he has to be the one to sign the papers to ok that and we know where that paper will end up in…the wastebasket. However, I am seeing a change in the climate of uninformed people (especially those that voted for that maniac). I believe that as these scandals are becoming the news focus, and the prices and economy starts to affect them, they are becoming disgusted and angry…this is a good thing. When it hits their wallets in the food and gasoline dept. not to mention housing …they realize more and more how Obama betrayed them with false promises and lies. If things don’t straighten out with results from all the hearing on these scandals…I think the people will march on the WH and the Senate and Congress will be like Pontius Pilate and say …This is what the people demand and can wash their hands of the decision. I think they may very well be waiting for that to happen…even the democrats are disassociating themselves from Obama and now Hillary is admitting she knew that video was a lie about Benghazi and that Obama “made” her lie for him. In otherwords, to disengage any stench of that scandal on herself, she is throwing Obama under the bus because she is that determined to be the next president…horrors…I don’t think it will work though because ultimely she gave the orders to “stand down”

      • Amazing how people forget. Where there is smoke there is a fire, Hillary has smoke all around her yet no one, (low information voters), thinks that she has anything to do with it.
        Yes you are correct about people lie, then people die and no one thinks that you can connect the dots.
        Hillary will stop at nothing to get to the oval office. By hook, crook , or someone getting sacrificed on her alter…
        Hopefully she chokes on her ego and arrogance.

      • I agree…she would step on her own mothers’ face to get what she wants and she wants the presidency….I pray that no one stupid enough …will vote for her but I’m sure they will just like the Clinton scandal….

    • Clinton was impeached and it only made him stronger. Impeaching Obama would do the same thing because the left have no capacity for shame. The ends justify the means for Marxist goons and their stooge voting base.

      • It may have made Clinton stronger …but it made him powerless…if Obama were to be impeached, it would leave him without the power of “executive priviledge” and he could not break the law without ramifications legally ….Obama is a traitor but I doubt seriously, that he would be prosecuted for it, however, I am hoping tht his “czars” such as Holder which is the plug that would not sign impeachment papers….I wonder if the Senate and Congress on the mandate of the majority of Americans that have signed the petitions to impeach, could go over his head with that…this is a country that is being run by a socialist without our say so or being represented to vote on our beliefs and no choices whatsoever. So basically, we are at the mercy of a regime that has gone haywire. Thankyou for your thoughts on this issue.

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      • I’m willing to try it – rather than do nothing like you suggest. Perhaps you are a DEMOCRAT who wants nothing done. That is the only reason to do nothing

      • Not sure where your “DEMOCRAT” and “do nothing” came from… Your arse, perhaps? Hey, look. I can make a-hole accusations, too.

    • Simple two word answer: Harry Reid

      The House can start the process and Harry will prevent it from moving forward in the Senate.

      Without both the House and the Senate, the impeachment will fail.

      • Thats why I believe they are waiting until the elections in November, and hope they have both houses. And I believe why so many dems are trying to distance themselves from Obama and most of his administration now. They know its going to be a hard battle to win as more and more BS comes form the WH.

      • yes…even Hillary has thrown Obama under the bus…she wants to be president so bad she can taste it…she’d walk on her mothers’ fact to get it too! She states that Obama “made” her lie for him and that she knew the talk of that video was a lie…lies, lies, lies I don’t think she has a prayer but stranger things have happened…like when Clinton was voted in …in the midst of his scandal…

      • but the last and most important person that has to sign it is Eric Holder and you know that’ll end up in the wastebasket! He is the plug….

    • Joe Biden… he would become president and then pardon all of them. You need to vote them out or accept the consequences.

      • I think you’re right but…if we could indict and prosecute just one of his regime…then it would have a dominoe effect..that being said, I think that this is already happening because Cantor was voted out…this sends a message for all of them..be afraid, be very afraid because if our reps aren’t representing their people, then the people will vote someone else in that will

  11. We speak about the “Uninformed Masses”electing this Chief Executive and Congress. Perhaps if writers wrote, in plain English, more will be INFORMED and have a better understanding of the issues, at hand……………….

    “Were presidents the sole judges of the
    limits of their latitude, they would effectively have plenary power to
    vitiate the separation of powers, the Founders’ bulwark against
    What the hell does this mean?

    • It basically means that barry, does what he damn well pleases and ignores the Constitution and what it was set up to do. Namely limit the power of the President to prevent him from being a Dictator

    • I quite understand what you are saying, and having taken law classes helps me but not to the regular lay person. Laws should be written so that everyone understands them, but then if they do that then there would probably be no need for lawyers.

      • the congressional members who were lawyers convoluted the laws for that very reason – and it is why we no longer get 1 page bills but 1000’s of pages of redundant and bs information from them

    • it means the president changed laws that legally needed congressional approval. and in doing so – he violated the constitution and the separation of powers.

    • It means that Presidents are given a certain amount of latitude in performing their duties. They are not given a choice of which laws to enforce and which laws to change by whim and agenda. The Separation of Powers placed by the Founding Fathers is to protect us from wannabe dictators who only desire to destroy our nation. Unfortunately, the Founding Fathers assumed we would have men and women who love our country and Constitution in the other two branches of the government. Not cowards, traitors, and enemy infiltrators in the majority as we have now.

  12. Congress is afraid because they let a half black foreigner be elected president. That’s why he is untouchable, They can’t do anything now lest our country be entangled in a royal mess trying to undo everything this administration has passed. It’s easier for them to wait it out. Besides, how many of THEM are really affected by all the crap that’s been forced on us “We The People”?

    • Disagree…. with congress it is all about me, me, me, me!!! The young guys are afraid they will not get support in the future… they are afraid of being labeled racist… they are afraid of the muslims who are close to black pinocchio… in plain language… they have NO balls!!! If they had a leader with SOME balls, we would have a chance… Boehner is a coward!!!

  13. No, Sir, they don’t. You served in the House under Boehner, and I’m beyond certain that your question was rhetorical, but the fact remains that the Republicans are too lily-livered to do what is right.

  14. I think that MCCarty would have the guts but may have to give Boeher a shove.l think that he needs to be accountable for his actions. Impeach him make him resign or go to jail. Nixson resign when he did even less. Has Congress lost their phones and pens…. we the people are tired of waiting for Congress to take action. Does Congress know their jobs are at stake here…..

    • And if Obama resigned now Joe Biden would be in charge. He would also likely pardon the president for any charges brought against him.

      • I agree he doesn’t have the intelligence God gave an ant, but he is wily and sneaky… I think he would not because he would be afraid of the backlash!! With this current group of politicians, they ONLY thing they care about is covering their backsides!!!

  15. Actually they are not afraid of him at all. Seems to me it is all just one very big dog and pony show. They say they are trying to impeach him yet they never do. Despite the fact that he had broken numerous constitutional laws. Oh and let’s not forget Obama care. The Republicans wanted that signed into law just as badly as the Democrats did. They knew damn well what was in it all along. Make no mistake people both parties are against a free America.

    • I concur – neither side is stepping up to fill the shoes they were hired to wear.
      we have a complacent group of corrupt politicians . – it is chicago in washington

      • So where is the attorney who will wright an amendment to be placed on the ballot: “Each representative and/or senator can only serve 8 years in his position. At the end of 8 years he will no longer be able to submit his name to be placed on another federal ballot. He will receive in compensation his annual salary for the 8 years and 2 years, if still alive, of his pension which will then stop. The original intent was a volunteer status from our representatives… this will pay for their service and 2 years to re-establish a viable support system for his future, but there will be no continuing of salary or benefits. His benefits will be those of the average American citizen. This will also stop their voting for things they refuse to give the taxpaying citizens of this land. The pay of EVERY government official should be a percentage of the non-government officials and they should receive NO benefits the majority of Americans can not receive. That is why we have crooks and takers in public office trying to be supported for life by WE THE TAXPAYERS. Enough is Enough!! Balance the budget on the backs of the current batch of criminals, thieves, and those to lazy to correct the problems or support the wishes of the American voter….. those that pay the bills through taxation, that is!!

  16. perhaps if the people paid as much attention to the laws as they do sport scores and statistics – this country wouldn’t be filled with morons who don’t understand what is going on.
    No one really cares if you can recite the best batting averages over the last 40 years when the country is failing. If you can do that – you should have been able to pay attention in civics class.

  17. Would you like to know how many times I have “threatened” Boehner – one just last week. Told him to give up his leadership – he was no leader.

  18. the rino’s have helped keep this administration going.. Boehner and most need to be thrown out of office.. the media is awful, but people need to wake up do some research and vote correctly.. sad what is happening, this could all be fixed by voting right.

  19. obama has openly violated the Constitution, his oath of office, broken the laws of America and committed treason by arming the terrorist.

  20. Boehner is two faced, gutless, and caves in to our dictator. All I’ve noticed is both sides dems and repubs talk trash for the camera, then weasel and continue business as usual.

  21. I think this country is getting closer to replacing/impeaching this destructive anti-american lawless president and he also seems to be accelerating his anti-american actions. And I don’t believe he is an American or Christian. I’m frustrated that no one in congress has done anything other than talk and shown a little anger over his actions. If we lie to the government we can go to jail, why are government employee’s exempt from this?

    • You mean going to a racist church that your wife belongs to, doesn’t make you a Christian? David Duke will be disturbed to hear this.

      • Ever hear of “protective coloration”. Politicians do stuff like that all the time, so people will think they are one way, when they are really another.

        I don’t think the Reverend Wright is much of a Christian, but that aside, just because you sit in a Church doesn’t mean you’ve become a member, been baptized, etc. Even you participate in some of the “auxiliary” activities, you might not be a believer.

  22. They will have the political backbone to do it in November if they re-take the Senate. They will have a mandate and the majority in both houses of congress to impeach and remove from office. The Media & Dem’s are already looking at 2016 and a new candidate to run for president. They have given up on Obama and moved on- Pronouncing him “Toast.”

    • O will never be impeached. Perhaps brought up on criminal charges some years into the future. I see him taking refuge in a muslim country to avoid prosecution. Clint Eastwood was right at the Republican convention.

    • They will be able to impeach based on the majority in the House, they won’t in most likelihood be able to bring one Democrat across the aisle in the Senate to remove him during the penalty phase. Unfortunately they will not have the Super Majority necessary even if they take the Senate. In other words, Obama would become the second sitting President to serve out his term as an impeached President.

      • If he were to be convicted by the Senate, you get Biden and Reid or Biden and Pelosi. How is that an upgrade BTW? We have bigger issues to deal with anyway.

      • In other words, Obama would become the second sitting President to serve out his term as an impeached President.

        Third. Both Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton served out their terms after being impeached.

        But it’s a moot point, because even if they had a Senate majority to work with, House Republicans aren’t stupid enough to repeat the mistake they made with Clinton. Impeaching him was a political disaster for the Republican Party, and they have even less grounds for impeachment now than they did then.

      • You might be surprised, Plenty of Democrats will be running for re-election in 2016, they won’t want to get caught in the blowback they’d get from voting not to convict, if the House does a good job of laying out it’s case.

        But it would be a near run thing. And remember Justice Roberts would preside over the Senate trial,. The same Robers who ruled that the ACA is a revenuej/tax measure, and thus Constitutional, even though it originated in the Senate, and many Democrats in both houses stated during the debates that it was not a tax, but that the fines for non participation were punishment, not taxes. Of course most all changed their tune once the law was passed.

      • You’re assuming they won’t have a 3/5ths super majority in the Senate come November. People are fed up with this corrupt Administration and the Democrats who allow it to continue. It will be worse than 1994 for the Senate Dem’s

  23. If they have any spine at all, they should follow Allen West’s plan. We need it started now and finished quickly. I would hope that there would be little resistance.

    • [[ If they have any spine at all, they should follow Allen West’s plan. ]]

      Then why doesn’t Allen West sue him then? He has the right.

      • Did you even read the article? It outlines Congress’ standing to file the lawsuit as they are the agreged party by his actions. Yes it is understood that millions of Americans are harmed by Obama’s actions, however this particular article focuses on the damages that the Congress has suffered by his incessant acts of violating the Constitution.

      • I don’t have to read the article. ALL of us are ‘aggrieved’. It’s a load of crap to say that Congress should sue him. If Obama is violating the Constitution then the remedy is the SCOTUS. Think for a minute. Everything Obama obtained in his first two years were by a rubber-stamping Congress has the right to pass bills to the POTUS’ desk and the POTUS can sign them. Just because Obama has pissed all over his own ACA does not mean that a lawsuit is the remedy for violating the Constitution. The nine folks in the black robes are. But didn’t Roberts already rule in that? It’s over.

      • The Supreme Court is not always correct. Remember reading about the Jim Crow laws and the Dred Scott decision? It can always be revisited under certain circumstances to the Supreme Court.

      • [[ The Supreme Court is not always correct. ]]

        Did you think they were ‘correct in the GW/Gore election?

      • Yes. How many recounts do you want? If you’re a Democrat, the answer is simple: as many as it takes until it’s declared that
        we won!

      • I agree. You missed my point which was that the SCOTUS is not always ‘correct’ to some people. The poster claimed the SCOTUS gets things wrong. I guess it depends on who’s ox is getting Gored 😉

      • Individuals generally don’t have “Standing” to challenge the government for violating the Constitution, unless they can show individual injury. It’s a bastardization of the Constitution’s “cases and controversies” clause. This sure as hell is a Controversy, but the Court really only recognizes “cases”.

        Congress, even just one House of it, is aggrieved and it’s powers “injured” when the President disregards or modifies the laws he is supposed to take care to enforce. Thus Congress has standing to sue, Allen West probably does not.

        Try taking it to the court, and you’ll be rejected for lack of standing. They won’t rule, and such declining is not supposed to set any precedent, but it often does, at least in the lower courts.

        Additionally, you can’t go direct to the Supreme Court, you have to start in your local federal district court, where you have to lose. You have lose again at the appellate court level, and hope someone else wins in a different appellate court circuit so the Supreme Court will be more inclined to take the case to resolve the conflict among the circuit courts.

        Congress, or the House, can (probably) go direct to the Supreme Court,

      • [[ Individuals generally don’t have “Standing” to challenge the government for violating the Constitution, unless they can show individual injury ]]

        Applying the ACA in a way that helps others while hurting you gives you standing. Congress has not been harmed. We have.

        [[ Congress, even just one House of it, is aggrieved and it’s powers “injured” when the President disregards or modifies the laws he is supposed to take care to enforce.]]

        Then go to the SCOTUS.

        [[ Thus Congress has standing to sue, Allen West probably does not.]]

        How? Just because the GOP has hurt feelings does not give them standing.

        [[ Additionally, you can’t go direct to the Supreme Court, you have to start in your local federal district court, where you have to lose. You have lose again at the appellate court level, and hope someone else wins in a different appellate court circuit so the Supreme Court will be more inclined to take the case to resolve the conflict among the circuit courts.]]

        Then that is what you do with Constitutional issues.

      • Hi, Andy,

        No, it isn’t. In law, things are very seldom “over.” If Congress can establish standing (and they can do that by passing a bill granting themselves standing) they can sue. And I think they should.

      • The Congress is duty bound to represent the people. Not themselves. So any standing they may claim is really the standing of the people. A Constitutional matter goes before our judicial system. After all, is it not the claim that Obama is in violation of a Constitutionally constructed law?

        Great! Let them sue. Then what? Roberts has already declared the ACA Constitutional. Now how do you overcome that hurdle when the legal team for Obama throws that in front of the judge? How do you overturn the ruling from the highest court in the land? Please.

  24. Nothing will happen until we, the people, march on Washington, en masse, chanting “Obama Step Down” “Obama Step Down” “Obama Step Down” !!

      • If we do follow this demonstration plan, we need someone to “rally the troops” like Allen West. If all we have to do is march on washington with signs and chants, it would be a peaceful demonstration; neat and clean. No breaking of windows or overturning police cars like we were democrats.

      • I agree Richard and I also think that the minority is becoming the majority in wanting him impeached….

      • Because the people like you who want such a thing to happen are a tiny, insignificant minority.

    • Hi, Sage–

      It appears there is just such a clamor. The latest poll shows hat 54% of the electorate feel that Mr. Obama is incompetent, while only 42% feel he is not
      incompetent. And the numbers just keep growing, who have lost all confidence in this President and, thankfully, in he people who support him.

      Take heart.




    Adopted on September 3, 1791, France’s first written constitution echoed the more moderate voices in the Assembly, establishing a constitutional monarchy in which the king enjoyed royal veto power and the ability to appoint ministers. This compromise did not sit well with influential radicals like Maximilien de Robespierre (1758-1794), Camille Desmoulins (1760-1794) and Georges Danton (1759-1794), who began drumming up popular support for a more republican form of government and the trial of Louis XVI.


    In April 1792, the newly elected Legislative Assembly declared war on Austria and Prussia, where it believed that French émigrés were building counterrevolutionary alliances; it also hoped to spread its revolutionary ideals across Europe through warfare. On the domestic front, meanwhile, the political crisis took a radical turn when a group of insurgents led by the extremist Jacobins attacked the royal residence in Paris and arrested the king on August 10, 1792. The following month, amid a wave of violence in which Parisian insurrectionists massacred hundreds of accused counterrevolutionaries, the Legislative Assembly was replaced by the National Convention, which proclaimed the abolition of the monarchy and the establishment of the French republic. On January 21, 1793, it sent King Louis XVI, condemned to death for high treason and crimes against the state, to the guillotine; his wife Marie-Antoinette (1755-1793) suffered the same fate nine months later.

  26. I have a question for everyone here who wants this POS POTUS gone now.

    How many of you refused to vote for either McCain or Romney because you thought of them as RINO’s……………….which I find to be a stupid term. Everyone with their hands raised, sit down and shut up. If not for these so-called purists, we do not have Obama the second time for sure and maybe not the first time. If you are one of these people, YOU are part of the reason we have this sack-of-crap in office today.

    • The problem were the millions who voted Deamoncrat over and over and over again. Especially the imaginary and dead ones

      • No he won because of the black ones….and they simply came out to vote for the black man….no other reason

      • joy…and lets not forget the woman who said she used phony ID to vote five times for him….there were many that did just that too! Kids wet behind their ears thought he was Mr Wonderful because he lied and promised them the moon if they would vote for him….they found out the hard way what a liar he is

    • it wouldn’t have mattered who you voted for. Obama stole the election, so no one else would have won even if they had.

      • Obama never won 1 state that had voter ID requirements… But in some states in some precincts he received 100% of the votes..

      • I worked a few elections and once was an election judge. To have a 100% vote…in a precinct…is amazing…And suspicious.

    • I held my nose and voted for both McStain and Romney. Romney was the originator of Romneycare, upon which Obamacare was somewhat modeled. The difference of course is that a state, depending on it’s Constitution, probably has the power to do something like that. But such a power for the Federal government is no where found in the US Constitution.

      Plus Massachusetts is a relatively small state, so it’s program would be small. The whole US is big and thus the program is big. Big breeds bureaucrats. Government bureaucrats have almost no feedback on their performance. At least in big business they can be fired when they gum up the works too badly, and the corporate boards will fire the higher ups who fail to do so.

      So, while I don’t think it’s a good idea, I could at least vote for Romney. Not so for Obama. The first time around it took a much stronger grip to hold my nose.

      I’ve never liked McCain, as a man or as a politician. But he’s not a Red who hates America. He didn’t sit in a church where the minister railed against the US. Plus, he is a natural born citizen. Sure he may have been born in Panama, but it was when his father was “in the service of his nation although outside of it”, which is an exemption to the “born in the country” requirement as understood by the founders who could read “Law of Nations” in the original French, and both his parents were citizens. Obama, wherever he was born, did not have two us citizens parents. So while he may have been a citizen at birth under the laws passed by Congress under their power to create uniform laws of naturalization, he was not a Natural Born Citizen as that term was understood by those who wrote and ratified the Constitution.

      The Constitution is is a contract, it’s terms mean what they meant when it was agreed to, not what similar terms have come to mean since then.

      In both cases, I was not so much voting for the Republican/RINO, as I was against Obama. In addition to not having ever run anything, he’s vain, arrogant, and about as Red as one can get without wearing the hammer and sickle on one’s shirt.

      • You Birthers are hilariously stupid. “Law of Nations” was never a legal document in the United States, and has no bearing on the definition of “natural born citizen” under US law. A citizen at birth is the same thing as a natural born citizen. That is and has always been the case.

      • Not one person on this thread said anything about “Birthers” so either you posted on the wrong thread, or you need to go back to school and learn how to read and comprehend.

      • Did you read the post I was replying to, Sasha? Clearly you did not, since El Gato had a whole paragraph dedicated to claiming Obama is not a natural born citizen.

      • [[ Romney was the originator of Romneycare, upon which Obamacare was somewhat modeled. ]]

        Well guess what? ‘Somewhat’ means nothing. Go learn the huge differences ………..


        [[ I’ve never liked McCain, as a man or as a politician ]]

        Then the other choice was Obama.

        [[ In both cases, I was not so much voting for the Republican/RINO, as I was against Obama ]]

        I’m so sick of that RINO crap. Today, Reagan would be called a ‘RINO’ for granting amnesty and raising some taxes.

      • Hey…I didn’t vote for Obama and I would’ve voted for “goofy” but it turns out he won! And now allllllll his cousins are in the white house too! It infuriates me when people were too lazy to do the research and thought they were cool for voting for the first black man…regardless of the fact that he did nothing while he was senator…Well you got what you voted for …a lying , socialistic, muslem! That is why I voted for Romney…he is a savy business man that knows something about how to conduct himself with people from other countries and a lot about economics…he could’ve given us a big step up and out of this economic mess that Obama made for us…our children are now paying for a Social Security that they will never see and can’t retire…thanks to his spending money like it was monopoly money!

      • You say that, and I’ll say that she’s a real national patriot concerned about this nation as all patriots are. Where do you stand?

      • Who the hell said she is not a patriot? I said she used her veep candidacy as a platform for publicity. Now prove me wrong in light of the fact that she chose NOT to run in 2012. She was a carpetbagger.

      • OK sorry. But all politicians are publicity freaks. Some lie a little, some a lot, and some all the time–lol

  27. Our system of checks and balances no longer works. Career politicians care more about getting reelected than the welfare of this country & that’s why this president is not being held accountable for all these scandals & riding over out constitution

    . We need to vote the lot of them out of office & get new people in there with TERM LIMITS!

    • absolutely Mickie! The American people are sick of their lies and coverups and they will be voted out with new, experienced and qualified replacements that listen to the people….that’s the only message that we can send and they will get..

  28. Yes, you need to hit him and his goons from all sides with everything you can. Go on the offensive instead of defensive like he keeps everyone else and don’t rest until he is tried for treason!

  29. BOEHNER CAN’T EVEN FIND IT IN BOOZE!!! What a legacy his history will read for his grandkids… if I were them, I would change my name… and NOT to clinton or odumbass!!

    • I agree with you on one thing. Irrelevancy. The congress has been made irrelevant…by a President who does what he wants.

      If you had the course in high school concerning how the US government should be run, Congress is supposed to have a say in things…Obviously, it does not matter what laws they pass…the PRes. just makes up his own rules.

  30. it seems to me whether you agree with the president or not, the idea of a president doing whatever they wish and ignore any law they want, without being held responsible for their actions is a dangerous presitent .

    • Obama has the authority to do anything he wants using Executive Orders. It is impossible to stop him. They could impeach him in the House but the Senate would never vote to convict.
      Our only hope is a takeover of the Senate and they must vigorously pass legislation for Obama to veto. We would need to get the American people behind us to put pressure on the Democrats in the Senate to override the vetoes.

  31. AND

    This is the most corrupt administration in history. The Chicago corruption hits the Washington corruption and swallows it whole. Then mutates into a filthy national
    influence buying monster, and the filth is so pungent it hits you like a cat 5 tornado in the plains states destroying everything in its path. Everyone is left wondering what happened and what it means. Well I’ll tell you what happened and what it means.

    The Soulless Marxist Criminal Berry Obama and his criminal enterprise from the
    Windy City have rolled into town and the damage they are doing to our Constitution and the people’s lives they are destroying will take years to fix. That is if it can be fixed at all.

    The question we have to ask, can we survive the next 2 years?
    Or will this Demon fulfill his desire to destroy this once great country…..we saw in the last election our liberties and freedoms as a nation thrown in the trash. We are now ready to fall into the pit of failed countries that willingly went into slavery to a tyrannical government for a few trinkets and bobbles dispensed by the Government elite. Remember if you think your rights and freedoms come from an all-powerful government and not from God you have already surrendered to Tyranny.

    Also keep this in mind, a government strong enough to grant you so called rights will be strong enough to take them away. As Benjamin Franklin replied
    when asked what kind of government they gave us… “A REPUBLIC… IF YOU
    CAN KEEP IT” the trillion dollar question is …will we keep it?????????

    Our children and their children’s children will curse us because we let freedom and liberty slip away and did and said nothing to prevent it…

    “Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do
    they deserve, either one.”

    Benjamin Franklin

      • Rafael…does your momma know you’re out ? you sound like a kid that is wet behind the ears and don’t know how to reply intelligently so you just make stupid remarks…go home to your momma and grow up before you try to speak in adult discussions…children should seen and not heard…

    • Super well said, Mannly!

      The answer is, yes, we can survive the next two years–if we can manage to unite ourselves enough to to flip the Senate. Ignore the DNC hacks yelling “RINO!” and “Revolution!” and “third party!” and “Just throw all of them out!”
      And flip the Senate. If we don’t, it’s over.

    • mannly gets it. too bad rafael is not smart enough to get it. maybe when his iq gets above 25, maybe the hamsters on the wheel in his head will start to turn.

  32. So Obama should be impeached or sued for releasing Mr. West 5 beloved Talibans in exchange for SGT. Bergdahl. But on dec 10 of last year he was saying this:

    “Then there is Army SGT Bowe Bergdahl still held by the Islamic terrorist Haqqani network, probably in Pakistan, in the same place where Osama Bin Laden was hiding. This past POW/MIA national day of recognition, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel reiterated a pledge to secure the young Army NCO being held captive, but have there been any actions? Any time, attention, or even mention from the Commander-in-Chief? Nah, no camera highlights in it for him.”

    Seriously Col. which is it? Is this serious? Is it really due to content of character or just blind criticism based on something else? Are you still wondering why we’re laughing?


      • It isn’t a “double standard,” Rafael. It’s a different sort of logic.

        Liberal logic is, “If it agrees with me, regardless of the facts, it is True.” Liberal logic is, “:It’s only fair that we get to be right an equal amount of the time.”

        Actual logic is, if it disagrees with the facts, it’s wrong. Actual
        logic is, if there is only one person in the world who has the facts straight, he’s the one who is right.

        The facts are that the consulate reported hey were under attack and asked for help. To those who prepared to respond, the President ordered, “stand down.”

        Susan Rice, therefore, lied. And no one is under any obligation to say she didn’t, just because she made a statement.and it was, maybe, “her turn to be right.”

      • When you call someone out on a justiification and then use that same justification yourself. It is a double-standard. It’s not liberal or conservative it’s just hypocritical. 13 commisions could not prove that the order to stand down was given. You should hold your Col. West to the same standard you hold Hillary Clinton.

      • Yeah. a video not released until a week after Benghazi. This administration trapped themselves with that lie. They likely were aware the video was made, but not time of release. Criminals nearly always make errors that gets them caught. Especially when there’s more than one involved.

      • Maybe not by the public, but his fellow soldiers knew. He left his rifle and special gear behind when he left. That was prima facie evidence of desertion. In spite of that, others went out to find him and return him, and six of them were killed. Then Obama went against years of American policy of not negotiating with terrorists and exchanged 5 of their most dangerous actors, who will do whatever they can to kill Americans in the future and putting all Americans traveling overseas in jeopardy, for one deserter enlisted soldier. And Obama knew all about Bergdahl because he had the Pentagon make all Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers sign non disclosure agreements (NDAs).

      • Exactly. One buddy might lie on another, but doubtful an entire squad would, and definitely not an entire platoon would.

      • The Haqqaud held Bergdahl not Al Qaeda. He could have been cash bought out at anytime from them during 5 years. Release of five Al Qaeda leaders benefitted them nada. We can make book cash changed hands for his release. That not from me but from a top source on the mid east.

    • I believe Col. West’s impetus in this article was on the illegal actions taken to secure Bergdahl’s release. Not that action was taken.
      Thank you for playing.

    • Hi, Rafael–

      First, nobody knew he’d deserted, back then. Second, nobody, actually, is wondering why you’re laughing. People who try to defend the indefensible do
      all sorts of things.

      The real question is, why would you support this man? He’s killing your country.

      • I’m laughing because Allen West keep saying President Obama is devoid of character. When you criticize someone for not doing something and turn around and criticize him when he does said thing. It makes it seem like you criticize that person no mather what he does. When all you focus on person no mather that person does it says something about your character. That’s why I’m laughing.

      • not sure I understand the logic of your comment. The person Col. West focuses on is the President. Most of what Pres. O is doing (not all…but most) is damaging this country…Thus, he deserves criticism for most of his actions.

      • Yes. the way all Muslim’s prefer to be executed, and also buried at sea as was said of Bin Laden.

      • barry is repugnant, pure and simple. He can’t and doesn’t think for himself, He is a perfect example of a puppet troll, with Valarie Jarrett pulling the strings

      • If Bergdahl is ever tried under the Uniform Code of Military Justice he will most surely face a firing squad for desertion from a combat zone.

      • He was never a POW he was never a captive. He went of his own free will, gave them all the info he could. He knew right from entering the service what he was going to do. You don’t think so? Then why did his family convert to be muslims, BEFORE he went into the service.
        Take your foot out of your mouth long enough to put the other in, Good job X

      • Just six months ago Allen West himself was calling SGT. Bergdahl a POW, which is it? If I put my foot in my mouth it’s after quoting Allen West.

      • Facts have revealed, that SGT Bergdahl was a muslim convert and went awol. He was never a captive. When The first news came from barry’s administration he was supposedly a POW, They lied, No surprise there. Then the truth came out that he walked away from his post. He walked away as a muslim and traitor to our country plain and simple.
        Stop twisting the truth to suit your agenda. You put your foot in your mouth 90% of the time because you try to guess instead of your homework. Do your research and maybe just maybe someone might believe your bologna

      • Again twisting facts to suit your agenda. He spoke what he knew to be the truth at the time, You attack West but you fail to attack barry for lying to the public about Berdahl’s traitorous behavior? You also do not attack Bergdahl’s traitorous actions, So it appears that NOT only do you support the traitor in chief you support Bergdahl’s traitorous actions. Shame on you

      • But Susan Rice said the same thing about Benghazi, she spoke what she knew to be the truth at the time. Isn’t it a double-standard that it works for LTC. West and not for Susan Rice? Be honest.

      • You are a double standard, Deflecting will do you no good. I am referring to your support of Bergdahl and our current tyrant leader. Yet you ignore those facts and try to stick to attacking West. You cannot answer for yourself? You are not responsible for your own actions? Typical of a liberal.
        Oh and by the way Susan Rice knew all along it wasn’t a video. So your double standard argument is bogus, just like you

      • X the question isn’t double standards. You are asking a question that has been answered in the papers and news all over. If you cannot read then that is your problem, time to get over the fact that your hero barry and his administration is a lying, corrupt, tyrannical administration.
        Your behavior in supporting him is reprehensible and quite frankly appalling.

      • More deflections, it’s not about me or “Barry”, my post was about Allen West inconsistencies. Only thing he is consistent about is hatred for Obama, I wonder why? When the blind hatred is for doing something you have been calling for, it’s hard to believe it’s about content of character. Actually it says a lot about your character. It’s about intellectual rigor and honesty.

      • You are more inconsistent than anyone I have ever had correspondence with. You attack West’s Character when you are more flawed than he is. That makes you a hypocrite.
        You wonder why that conservatives hate barry? It is as plain as the nose on the front of your face.
        He is a traitor, a law breaker, a tyrant, He is destroying and dismantling this country as fast as he can. The fact YOU support him, tells me a lot about your lack of character, your lack of sensible thought and comprehension. You do not have any intellectual rigor or honesty yourself, so how do you suppose you can hold anyone else to those same principles when you yourself cannot uphold them?

      • Here you go again making it personal. It’s not about me. Obama only did what Allen West asked for 6 months ago. Fun to see you guys twist yourselves into pretzels.

      • See in the scheme of things, you make personal statements attacking people’s character. You cannot have it both ways.
        I am not twisting and churning you are. nice projection X. You fail yet again. Don’t you ever tire of making yourself sound stupid?

      • Sure, It would mean one less ignorant troll saying really stupid things. Making false accusations, and attacking ones character. Even though you cannot stand up to the same litmus test

      • I think my research was pretty solid on that one. Not once can you said that Col. West never asked for Obama to do something about Bergdahl.

      • There is a difference between bitter and fact. The fact is you don’t like the truth, the fact is you cannot argue on the truth so you deflect project and run with whatever the main stream media and barry tell you to say. Not even a good try from you lately maybe that research just isn’t good enough try harder

      • The fact is Allen West demanded Obama take action in the Bergdahl case and is now demanding impeachment because Obama took said action. Article is still there. I didn’t write it, I didn’t make it up.

      • Bergdahl was NEVER a POW, he is a deserter and most likely a collaborator.
        Check the facts, he was NEVER listed by the military as a POW.

  33. I think we need to face the fact that the courts are using “standing” as a standing joke. It’s a fluid concept that can shift depending on the judge — liberal and/or fraidy-cat judges will use it as a bar so they don’t have to rule on the substance of the case…..Nobody wants a media frenzy against them. Not even a judge who swore to uphold the law.

  34. Mr. Boehner is tired. He has been fighting nonstop for five years, his House majority the one thing standing between the country and tyranny. I don’t know how much he has left for a major battle. And at this time, the House may impeach but there is nothing Mr. Obama could do, however unspeakable, however public, however incontrovertible, that could get him convicted in the Senate.

    So, a lawsuit would be the logical way to go,. and then impeachment after (please, God!) the new Senate takes office.

  35. so shocked that they didn’t call for action after the Taliban 5 were released. So far, there is nothing Pres. Obama could do to get impeached…

      • If the We The people were so informed of the Presidents actions before the 2012 elections then there would be a different person in the White House. “An oath to a lyer is no oath at all”……

      • Actually, constitutional protocol is for the House and Senate to impeach, have trial and impose punishment…but don’t hold your breath since his party controls the Senate and could care less about the law and integrity.

      • even if the republicans win the senate in the fall i dont think they could get the 65 votes needed to impeach this ass clown to many republicommies who would be afraid of impeaching the first black arab muslim terrorist dictator

      • Yep, gonna be hard to get re-elected being called a “racist” for attempting to remove “The First African-American President”.

      • obama is neither African or American he is Arab by lineage, as for American he hates this country, he is a COMMUNIST by association and a TRAITOR by actions his fake BC might make some claim to being an American ..but then again, its FAKE

      • I’m not really going to argue the statement, although technically he admits to being born in Kenya. He IS NOT an AMERICAN!

        The entire point is that the GOP will do nothing because they are wussy scaredy cats, obsessed with re-election, and there is a reason First African-American President was in quotations…we all know he is none of the above, despite what MSNBC might “report”!

      • Tried that in 2012, didn’t work to well. I’m not even going to start the conversation about “fixed” elections.

  36. Boehner and guts in the same sentence; You’re kidding! I’m (ROFLMAO) at this suggestion. This man is another Washington bloviating fool….

  37. Obama should be impeached without a doubt. Boehner does not have the backbone to follow it through. Obama knows by now he can do as he chooses. Like he does everyday for over 5 years. If Obama was white he would have been gone long before the 2nd election.

  38. The answer to the article is a simple no. Obama , Hitler, Stalin are all men that make people afraid to stand up to them. It would take a blood and guts guy like General Patton to take Obama out. Bohner what a joke! My bulldog has more spine than that excuse of a man.

  39. No light skinned Republican is going to impeach the first halfsie president. Thanks to the nonstop LIES & PROPAGANDA from Democrats & their Soros bought & paid for media lackeys, leftist schools & Hollywood 80% of America thinks Republicans, the Tea Party & all conservatives are racists. THIS is WHY Soros & the rest of the leftist billionaires that run this country chose Obama over Hillary Clinton. She would have never been able to get away with even HALF of what this racist, arrogant, rich, elitist, America despising, Christian hating, muslim sympathizing, mentally ill sociopath has done.

  40. Do I believe there are grounds for impeachment, Yes! That being said, I do not believe that is the way to go at this time when you have a Senate that is controlled by Harry Reid who has directly aided and abetted the President by allowing him to violate the Constitution. The Senate has thwarted the House by refusing to bring a bill to the floor or has changed most bills so that they no longer are acceptable to the GOP.
    President Obama and Kerry are now saying the elected Govt. of Iraq must step down because Maliki is not including Iraqi Sunnis in the Govt. What hypocrisy when he ignores the Constitution and the majority of voters.

  41. A civil suit is the way to get Obama since the burden of proof is on the defense to prove themselves innocent. In order to do that Obama would need to unseal his records to disprove a charge that he is ineligible to hold the office of POTUS.

    • Well the federal criminal court judges are either scared off by threats, bought off, or complicit from the git go it does appear. Maybe not so civil trial judges.

  42. Yawn! Do Boehner, or McCarthy, have the cajones to stand up to Obama?

    Not a chance in hell!

    Based on a fast assessment of Boehner’s ability to put the fear of God into Obama, this is a Speaker of the House who’s only talent has been speaking loudly, and not carrying any kind of a stick.

    Obama/Boehner is a conspiracy. Both have to go.

    • Boehner was just re-elected in Ohio. Best we can do is to remove him as speaker unless we can prove he is complicit with Obama’s Chicago criminal gang.

    • Boehner has and will do nothing, he isn’t even man enough to fight on budget issues, sequestration (that was written up by the other side of the isle), or stand up to Dirty Harry in getting ANY legislation on the Senate floor.
      Nope, he’s clearly just another windbag, feeding at the trough of tax payer funded wealth building, clearly “sleeping with the enemy”! And after 6 years of doing NOTHING, who would even take him seriously if he even suggested it?

  43. A civil lawsuit against Obama, for writing
    laws that nullify Congress’ power sounds great, but why not just repeal
    Obamacare? Why not get rid of the BAD “Tax law” and still go for
    impeachment? Obamacare needs to be repealed and Obama needs
    to be impeached. To simply “sue” Obama for nullifying Congress’ power
    is not good enough, the “tax law” must be repealed completely, suing him
    will not repeal the bad tax law. And there are grounds for impeachment
    why not do repeal and impeachment? Suing Obama will not make this bad
    tax law disappear and we’re still stuck with Obamacare. And impeachment
    will not happen as long as the Democrats hold the Senate. It appears a
    loose loose situation for the American people unless Congress has the
    balls to repeal Obamacare it would be a waste of energy and a 100
    percent no gainer for the American people.

    • The problems with repealing obamacare are two fold. 1) It would nullify the chance at a civil suit, proving that the Congress still holds SOME power, and 2) the GOP has decided it can’t WIN on a repeal effort. They seem to think they can fix it, there by “making both Republicans and Dems happy”, and showing the country they are not AGAINST the little guy that has a right (?) to heath insurance/care.
      And the only problem with impeachment is that the Senate is OWNED by the DEMS (and more than a few RINOS, and A LOT of cowards afraid to be called “racist”), and that doesn’t necessarily remove him from office or hold him accountable.

  44. I believe there are multiple counts on which Obama can be impeached, not the least of which is the State Department ignoring the plight of Dr. Meriam Ibrahim Ishag, the Christian wife of an American citizen, whose two children are American citizens. She was imprisoned in the Sudan and condemned to being lashed and then hung for the “crimes” of converting from Islam to Christianity even though she was never a Muslim, and for having sexual relations outside of marriage because Islam does not recognize the Christian marriage she and her husband celebrated in New York. They tried at least 3 times to get an appointment with the Embassy and were refused. When, after an international outcry, the Sudan government agreed to release her, they could not get the US Embassy to arrange transport, so the British Government is going to provide transport out of Sudan. Just one more example of Obama’s administration failing the American people. He refuses to help this innocent woman, yet is willing to create a furor by rescuing a deserter and capitulating to terrorists in the process. He is the single greatest threat this country and our Constitution has ever faced.

  45. Bonner and are whole congress has been neutered. We the people need to take charge and overthrow these corrupt communist, and Muslim leaders we now have leading us down the path to destruction.

  46. Stop talking and throw the bum out . Then reverse EVERYTHING he signed by ex order.THEN pass both voter I.D. and TERM LIMITS. Problem solved , PERIOD.

      • please louluna–no ONE—caused this mess—an NO ONE can fix it—-but WE—WE could—an there lies the problem

      • The fix sounds easy and the reasons sound reasonable but as soon as either party gets in power they want to keep the power that has been usurped for themselves. Either they do not realize what is happening or are so short sighted they cannot see the damage to this nation. Possibly they are just thinking about themselves and they don’t care about the nation or the people. Take your pick it seems to be true about both major parties, does it not? An abuse of power is embedded in both parties. Notwithstanding that there is a difference believe it or not. I did not think there was until obama came along. One party wishes to destroy nearly everything most of us hold dear (its called fundamental transformation) while the other wants to use the power to feather their own nest and to hell with everyone else. So consequently for the last four presidential elections we have had to chose between the lesser of two evils. Who might I ask is getting tired of that? Anyone?

  47. In a word, no, Boehner does not have the guts. Congress consists almost entirely of people with no guts, courage, honor, integrity, or morals who are interested only in reelection to jobs with the best salaries, benefit packages, and retirement plans in the world. Call them what they are: carpetbaggers-for-life.

  48. Clearly any question about Boehner’s willingness or “guts” to sue Obama for violating the separation of powers required by our Constitution has already been answered by his not having done anything to push back against the abuse of Executive authority.
    Republican leadership in Congress has failed to serve as they have sworn to defend the Constitution.
    This will continue until we have removed those elected officials (democrat or republican) who do not accept the Constitution as the supreme law of the land and allow the federal government to grow beyond the bounds of its authority,
    Today the federal government, and most particularly the Executive branch, is abusing its power and limiting the economic and social freedoms of American citizens.

    The Executive branch i.e. The President and his Cabinet agencies are using executive orders, regulations and revisions to laws past by congress and signed as final legislative law to force unconstitutional obligations upon private individuals and our private enterprise economy.
    Further, they are refusing to enforce laws and this is also an abuse of power that this administration has practiced on a number of issues from immigration law to marriage act to health care mandates and taxes, to tax exemptions and to privacy protections.
    Finally, Obama has completely ignored Congress in pursuing a foreign policy that has significantly reduced the influence and position of the USA in the geopolitical world.

    Congressional inaction continues to allow this abuse and will most
    likely continue until the voters remove the majority of the office
    holders in place that are allowing it to continue.

    2014 and 2016 elections had better see the beginning of that result before it becomes impossible to stop the “TRANSFORMATION OF AMERICA agenda of Obama’s administration.

  49. this is what needs to happen but the coward Boehner is not going to do anything but try to hold onto his own job at the cost of the american people and the destruction of our country

  50. Congress has proven again and again it will not act against Obozzo, marching on DC isn’t working, calling, writing our Reps in DC isn’t working.
    Time to change the direction and focus, call upon your councilmen & women in your town, city, county, call your state reps and senators. The 10th Amendment has power, we need to get our local governments to speak out and speak up. Governors Jindal & Pence are calling upon all the states and the people to stop the lawlessness in DC, lets get to work

    • yep nothing less than us getting off our asses will anything get fixed–a snow ball has a better chance in hell than that

    • Article V of OUR Constitution IS THERE for this VERY REASON. The ‘Convention of States’ when comprised of 38 states can LEGALLY make Amendments to OUR Constitution..This has to start at the ‘grass roots’ in the towns & cities local folks to get their respective legislators in their respective states to come together to sanction approval for the ”Convention of States”..
      Which is gonna take some time to accomplish..Starting any LATER is to allow the ongoing BIG GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION of OUR Constitution & Bill of Rights to be continuously destroyed for those of us NOW & OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS..Doing ANYTHING ‘LESS’. will lIterally destroy our American Liberties & way of life.. THIS IS HAPPENING ON ‘OUR WATCH’..due to the
      ongoing splitting division of folks..being perfected by those we’ve allowed to be
      in the seats of power..more so NOW than EVER BEFORE.UNDER..& I MEAN .,

  51. Colonel, I wish! But the question is rhetorical and the answer is a resounding “No!” This is why America needs people like YOU in Congress! America needs FIGHTERS and not “compromisers”. Colonel, I hope you will run for office. You served honorably in the Army. Now we need you to serve in Congress and beyond.

  52. boehner has plenty of guts –he spits in our face every day—he will not rock the boat so give up on this rino helping us

  53. Boehner is a closet Democrat as is McConnell so to think either would openly challenge Obama and the Democrats is wishful thinking. Indeed, both have declared an open war against Conservatives and the Tea Party, a War they are not willing ot wage against Democrats.

  54. all talk talk talk talk….no ones going to impeach or arrest anyone…..so tired of all these sites saying impeach this impeach that..balhh blahhh blahh

  55. We have a Congress that is every bit as ineffectual and disconnected from the American People as Obama is… so where do we expect help to come from??? We’ve done it our way, now it’s time to put down the pride and try it God’s way, and we can do that by putting truly godly people into office! I would much rather have a person in office who is not afraid to humble themselves and seek guidance from God!

  56. Colonel West, your post is the most mealy-mouthed approach to this critical political and constitutional issue I have ever heard. There are far too many “civil suites”, being processed in this country every work day, for the word, “sue”, while technically correct, to carry much political weight. People sue others at the drop of the hat for even the most innocuous things. Stand tall, and use the word “charged” and to that, don’t be afraid to add “high crimes and misdemeanors”, “conspiracy”, “lying”, “appointing people to high offices, without proper vetting”, “aiding and abetting”, “treason”, “gross poor judgment” and plain “overall incompetence” (and include ALL of the other shady issues in which he has been involved, Then, if the President sees that criminal charges are possible, he just might “cop-a-plea”, to the judgment and incompetence issues and offer to resign in lieu of impeachment and serious criminal charges. While I would hate for him to get off “Scot-free”, doing so, might reduce the possibility of “blood in the streets” by his followers. If he offered to resign we should insist that he also pen an apology to this followers and to the citizens and insist they all abide by the court’s decision—Let us all look to the far bigger picture and hope we can avoid bloodshed. We must also include in the process all others who have “aided and abetted him”, including his VP and possibly his wife—-she just might be the “tie-breaker” in the process.

    • The nerve of West asking if anyone “has the guts” when he refused to show his guts by providing a platform from which Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his lead investigator Lt. Mike Zullo could show America all the evidence necessary to cause Obama to resign. He could have helped end this Fraud in Chief’s presidency three years ago. He punked out. See details below from a Western Journalism article.


    • Anything except win at the ballots. You may try as hard as you can the fact is no one will ever forget that republicans messed up our foreign policy for at least 50 years. All that impeachment talk is to distract from the fact that republicans made the mess.

      • The last war that was won was a Republican President, Reagan got the Berlin wall knocked down and all democrat presidents have done is lost wars

      • He was the catalyst for getting the Russians to tear it down. Or are you really that stupid?

      • And Obama was catalyst for getting the bullet under Osama Ben Laden left eye. Are you? Waiting for the it’s not the same thing double-standard again.

      • barry was NOT the catalyst for getting Bin Laden. The Doctor in Pakistan was the informant to the CIA and they enabled the seals to go get him. The grand plan was allowed by barry so he could claim the credit.

      • Of course that was coming. And the fact that the USSR was fracturing from within had nothing to do with the fall of the Berlin wall. I know I’m young but I’m not that young.

      • Okay, then tell me why they were fracturing? Why was it that they gave up? I will tell you why, because REAGAN had them believing in the Star wars concept, satellites that could shoot down missiles as the were still over the heads of the Russians. The Russians capitulated. They had no way to counter it, financially or mentally able to counter it.

      • And Obama gave the go-ahead to Seal Team Six even though the CIA wasn’t 100% sure it was Ben Laden in that house. Biden was against it because it could backfire and the elections where coming. He still made the gutsy call. To their credit Seal Team Six did what they where supposed to do. Sure Reagan deserves credit so does Obama.

      • Listen up sonny, they would NEVER EVER send any team anywhere without being 100% sure. You are swallowing more lies from barry’s administration. He is a wimp of the highest order. he wasn’t a gutsy call at all. To think it was would mean he cares about the men he was sending and we know for fact he couldn’t care less about the men of seal team six. We know that because he made sure seal team six was shot down in a helicopter

      • back to blame Bush, maybe he was maybe he wasn’t you and I will never know, but it is typical of you liberal trolls. Not once have you come up with a reasonable example of a double standard. Try again.

      • I’m not blaming Bush it’s not his fault. He chewed more then he could swallow. Obama just finished what he started and you can’t unring that bell.

      • There is no bell ringing, The fact that barry wants to take credit as the only thing he has ever done for the country? Though we saw a body go into the water from the carrier does not exactly make it so. but I will concede that bin laden is dead(hopefully)
        but barry had nothing t do with it other than to say okay

      • Unless Ben Laden puts out another video taunting America like he used to do when GWB was our fearless leader. I will take the word of our President.

      • Rafael, you really are the obtuse puppet your “photo” portrays. I think your problem is adequately described in the Henry Ford quote: “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.”

      • What “BELL” IF BUSH had not set in motion the efforts and plans to find him Obama would have STILL been out cheating on the golf course.
        DO TRY to find a shred of intelligence in that head.

      • Well the night Osama got killed, GWB was at the restaurant eating souffle with his wife. He was the first call Obama made before going to te media. His words where “Good Call”.

      • [[ Obama just finished what he started ]]

        So there is no more terrorism? Why didn’t tough guy Obama do anything about Boko Haram when he had the chance to put them on the watch list? Face it. Your lazy coward CIC doesn’t have the balls to take any initiative on his own but he’ll take credit for the hard work of others.

      • It was NO LONGER essential to take out BenLaden; He had een pretty much completely nullified. Obama just needed something to get his ugly face in the news again.

      • Who gives a damn kid? OBL was the figurehead. You go after the apparatus. Since OBL was killed, has terrorism stopped? I rest my case. But Obama letting five terrorist leaders go will sure as hell make things worse.

      • When he LEARNED of the mission it was too late for him and Valerie to stop it; He was too busy on the golf course and THAT is why they had to PHOTOSHOP him into the picture of the situation room. NOTE that he IS NOT in the center chair where the President would normally sit.

      • The failed 20 year war in Afghanistan also bankrupted them. You remember that war where the USA armed, funded and trained Osama Bin Laden to fight them.

      • the Afghanistan war had nothing to do with then tearing down the wall and dissolving the USSR . It was the mujahideen NOT osama bin laden, try getting your facts straight before you put your foot in it

      • NO stupid, It was thanks to BUSH that the intelligence found Osama; All obama did was attempt to take credit AFTER selling out the Informant in Pakistan and selling out the the Sixth Marine Seal Team.

        We now know that YOU are a total moron and obama butt kisser.

      • [[ And Obama was catalyst for getting the bullet under Osama Ben Laden left eye.]]

        Really? I could have sworn that Obama used Bush’s ‘failed policies’ to get OBL.

      • That’s pretty snappy comeback for someone whose argument was disproved. Do you now accept that Bush shut down the office he had searching for Osama Bin Laden or do you not believe his own words?


      • OBL is dead. Why is terrorism still going on? GW had it right. You go after the apparatus. Not the figurehead.

      • Sorry BUT the one that “LOST” the war was and has been OBAMA; Please pull your head out before it explodes from getting filled with too much Donkey Dung.

      • Rafael, making such general comments, without documented facts is poor and irresponsible debating. I sense you are relying upon hearsay, innuendo and wishful thinking , or you are a liberal trying to dig your way out of a verbal off-subject issue that has little or no bearing upon the present discussion.

      • Lot of big words that say absolutely nothing. Fact is it wont happen all that impeachment talk is to distract from Congress impotence and innefectiveness. You can take that to the bank. 7% approval ratings usually means you are useless to 93% of the people surveyed.

      • They can’t win a national election…PERIOD!! They have no ideas, no vision for working Americans! They come up with slogans like “PUT AMERICA BACK TO WORK” but offer NOTHING in legislation to support that. America has rejected and will continue to reject the DO NOTHING REPUBLICAN PARTY!

      • MORE ignorance spewed by a left winger troll and low intelligence and low information voter. WHY did every thing drop into the pits AFTER the DEMOCRAPS took over BOTH houses of Congress for FOUR years?
        Yeah right; The Republicans made a great recovery AFTER Clinton and AFTER LBJ.

      • Excuse me pam but please show me where I’m wrong. Please post a link of legislation that is specifically designed to help the WORKING person in this nation. Not this give to the top and hope they give some to the rest of us crap! Let me give u just one example of republicans helping the working stiffs in this nation…

      • The Family Flexibility Act…..I call it the KISS YOUR OVERTIME GOODBYE ACT. This will pay workers comp time instead of overtime. You can volunteer to get comp time but there are NO PROTECTIONS for the workers that decide to keep their overtime. Nothing to prevent employers from getting rid of those employees that decided they want overtime and hire new people that has to accept COMP TIME! That only helps the COMPANY!!

      • [[ Please post a link of legislation that is specifically designed to help the WORKING person in this nation. ]]

        YOU show any from the left.

      • Its called Capitalism you A H and it has worked fairly well for over 200 some odd years – I tell you what you dont like it here go on and pick your next Country to live in you fricken dipshit !!!!

      • Didnt LBJ start with the emptying of the Social Security Program funds and give it to the poor blacks ???

      • Once again instead of figuring out the reason why america rejects the policies of the republican party……you people just keep coming up with reasons and excuses why republicans lost the white house in the last 2 elections!

      • [[ Once again instead of figuring out the reason why america rejects the policies of the republican party ]]

        Yet the GOP has more HOR seats than the dims. Make sense.

        [[ you people just keep coming up with reasons and excuses why republicans lost the white house in the last 2 elections! ]]

        As long as we have the HOR, your lame POS POTUS gets nothing.

      • As long as we have the HOR or the Senate or both.

        Have the dims put anyone back to work? 29 hour-a-week PT’ers? Janitors?

      • [[ republicans messed up our foreign policy for at least 50 years ]]

        Care to provide proof of your claim or are you going to let the forum here revel in your stupidity?

        [[ All that impeachment talk is to distract from the fact that republicans made the mess ]]

        What mess Mr CCNP?

    • You sure know how to baffle them with bull manure. You’re a dreamer if you think that any suit would get our fearless leader to resign. He is but a puppet, As you know puppets do not make decisions the puppeteer does. barry is not ever going to resign nor anyone else.

      “might reduce the possibility of “blood in the streets” by his followers” Why do you think he now has swat teams in the bureau of land management? the IRS, the DHS (has it’s own army, The Forestry Service, The park rangers, The USDA has it’s own military now, ALL under barry’s direct control (actually the puppeteer, Valarie Jarrett)

      You mealy mouthed assumptions are just that

      • All too many of those posting are engaging in the very contagious internet game of, off-subject, one-on-one, “mental masturbation”, which the serious commenters do their best to ignore.

      • YEs, We DO our best to IGNORE your bouts of Ignorance and STUPIDITY.
        The ONLY one doing “mental masturbation ” is you and you need to go back to the basement and your magnifying glass so you can do real masturbation.

      • Well when comes the day you’re a serious poster let us know. You take yourself way too seriously. Your drivel is just that

      • [[ fearless leader ]] I got your sarcasm 😉

        Obama is the biggest prison beotch in the history of the USA. He went around the world on an apology tour in ’09, he drew his ‘line in the sand’ and had it pissed all over, and Putin bent him over like he was his cellie.

  57. Boehner is not stupid enough to do anything that has to do with impeachment. He’s not following the extremists into the abyss again. Does anyone think Congress has any credibility with their 7% approval rating? He learned his lesson with the government shutdown.

    • And YOU rewinn, are totally and absolutely IGNORANT and a moron to boot.
      It was NOT a “POW” exchange; It was a out and out payoff of a BRIBE to terrorists because a DESERTER changed his tiny mind and wanted to come home. IT WAS SHAMEFUL, ILLEGAL and UNAMERICAN.
      Now back into your cellar.

      • yes rewinn. And when you return to the cellar, end your life like Brooks in Shawshanke Redemption did. Then it’s one less bitch we got to worry about. and probably one less moocher.

    • Bergdahl WAS NOT a POW. He was never listed as a POW, he was a deserter who walked away ON HIS OWN and went in search of the taliban. And NEVER has a POW exchange happened DURING a war.

    • Your a jerk – They should’ve shot the little bitch on site before he got out of that truck and we should’ve dronned the 5 BASTARDS they let go !!!!

  58. Hey Pam you might want to take a crack at this. Allen West demanded Obama take action in the Bergdahl case and is now demanding impeachment because Obama took said action. Is there a logical explanation or is it just hate for the black dude in the White House?

  59. Welp Thad Cochran won his primary…another tea party candidate LOSES!! Backed by sarah palin?? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH! The tea party is dead!

  60. Watch Fox News and learn the truth, obama is a racist kenyan born radical muslim socialist waging jihad against America from our WHITE House!

    Join Tea Party Patriots and our GOP Heroes and DEMAND additional tax cuts for the Job Creator class – not for the lazy poor and “entitled” middle (MOOCHER) class like obama wants!

    Lets work together to remove obama, then we can have the Supreme COurt appoint Ted Cruz President and immediately end demorat socialist programs like Socialism Security, Mediscam, and so called unemployment “benefits”!

      • To what are Americans entitled? Government-guaranteed health coverage in old age? Subsidies for home owning?

        The reluctance to properly label entitlements as such has created the widespread illusion that what government spends on others is “welfare” and what’s spent on us is our due. The middle class are moochers! And use welfare just like the lazy poor – Gov. Romney was RIGHT! Time to decide what we really want — and pay for it.

        The great entitlement-spending hole is Medicare, the government
        health plan for the elderly. Middle-class beneficiaries haven’t “paid for it”

        This makes them just as bad as the lazy poor!

        Join Tea Party Patriots and our GOP Heroes and DEMAND additional tax cuts for the Job Creator class – not for the lazy poor and “entitled” middle (MOOCHER) class like obama wants!

      • First of all you damn idiot the middle class are the only ones working and not getting government hand outs. But that is going to change since liberal communist retreats like you want to give American tax dollars to only big business. Which as we all know worked out very well in the big bank bailouts. Hell the federal government could have given every tax paying American 1 million dollars and their debts would have been paid and they would have spent the rest which in turn would have brought the economy up and settled the debts of most Americans that were in large created by these big businesses and banks in the first place. When businesses outsource jobs firing American workers those workers can no longer pay their own bills. When the banks constantly lend money to people they know cannot and will not pay the debt back this is what causes the problems problems we seen in this last crash. So go ahead and blame the very people that are not getting government funds you liberal communist retard.

      • Freaking RINO! You folks are worse than libtards!

        Yo idiot – Watch Fox News and learn the truth, Obama is a Kenyan born, radical Muslim socialist waging jihad against America from our WHITE House!

        And support our Job Creator class you moron, not the lazy poor and entitled middle class like Obama wants!

    • “Job creator class” has been creating so many jobs we owe them a great deal of gratitude. Appoint Ted Cruz President what a joke!!! Can’t win elections.

      • Stop all this class warfare nonsense – FIGHT for our noble Job Creator class, not the lazy poor and “entitled” middle class!

        Join Tea Party Patriots and our GOP Heroes and DEMAND additional tax
        cuts for the Job Creator class – not for the lazy poor and “entitled”
        middle (MOOCHER) class like obama wants!

  61. More Grandstanding and Obstructionist Tactics by Republicans

    Executive Orders

    Eisenhower – 484
    Kennedy – 214
    Johnson – 325
    Nixon – 346
    Ford – 169
    Carter – 320
    Reagan – 381
    Bush Sr. -166
    Clinton – 364
    Bush Jr – 291
    Obama – 168

  62. Congress can pass a law and override a Presidential veto. That is their remedy in this situation. The court is not in place to help a political party which can’t get anything done legislatively. Boehner is a joke.

      • You said that I did not, typical of a liberal troll trying to redefine what others say for your own agenda.
        Is your name saying that your legs are always spread? Get a grip


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