A tale of two cities — the 2014 version

Good Saturday morning from Santa Barbara, California. I’m here for the second year in a row to address the Young America’s Foundation at the Reagan Ranch Center. What is even more special about this year is that there are about 65 high school students who represent the future of conservative leadership in America — something our Allen West Foundation wholeheartedly advocates.

I flew out of New York to Los Angeles after my appearance on Fox News’ “Outnumbered” — trust me, four sharp intellectual women — that was a tad bit intimidating, My daughter, Aubrey, joined me at LAX and we were driven up to Santa Barbara, arriving late evening.

As I prepared my attire for today — yes, you know us military fellas, always pressing suits and shirts, shining shoes, and getting “squared away” — I had the Fox news evening lineup replaying. It was my friend Greta who described the seminal difference between this current president and a great president and inspired my tale of two cities.

Greta coined a phrase which so appropriately describes Washington D.C. — “a city with no consequences” — and that is greatly evident now under the direction of the person awarded with the 2013 Lie of the Year.

That person refers to issues as being phony and arrogantly states there is “not a smidgen of corruption” in a government agency. “His” government agency, the Internal Revenue Service, tries to convince us it cannot maintain emails, actually lying about losing them. Yet, they are relentless in destroying the lives of American citizens who are mandated in audits to recall seven years of records — trust me, after running for Congress in 2008, I was audited. Angela and I were forced to spend thousands of dollars over what was found to only be about a $7 issue.

Imagine if we had said our computer hard drive crashed and we lost emails?

As Greta articulated last night, U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi sits wrongfully-held in a Mexican jail since March and we find out that Obama spoke to the Mexican President, but according to the statement the White House released about the call, Tahmooressi wasn’t even mentioned.

The new White House mouthpiece, Josh Earnest, was asked about Tahmooressi and responded, I’m not sure and will have to look into it. The American people were told to secure 100,000 signatures on a petition and the Tahmooressi case would be addressed — crickets. Crickets from Obama, Biden, and Kerry. Crickets from the South Florida Democrat Congressional delegation — only Representatives Ros-Lehtinen and Diaz-Balart have addressed the issue.

No consequences. This is what you get from a liberal progressive socialist administration, the city of no consequences.

In stark contrast, Ronald Reagan talked about “the shining city upon a hill.” It was not a worthless bumper sticker slogan of “hope and change.” It was a vision of American greatness, leadership and exceptionalism.

It was a vision that came down from a simple place, Rancho del Cielo, whose grounds I will walk upon again today — sacred, hallowed ground. When the Iran-Contra affair became public, there was no deflection of responsibility and accountability, but acceptance of such. There was a simple humility that came with that shining city, not the arrogance and abject belligerence displayed by Obama and permeated through his administration, as we have been witnessing with the director of the IRS.

The kids who never got picked to play are in charge of America and their lack of principle is clear. Their concept of leadership is something you do from behind, which down south we call “following.”

There is an obvious contrast between the “city of no consequences” and the “shining city on a hill.” To paraphrase Reagan, one is of pretty pastels and the other is of bold colors.

So what shall you choose this day, America? Those who abdicate and flee from being held acceptable and in turn fundamentally transform your country? Or a simple vision of growth, opportunity and promise as envisioned and set in motion by a brilliant and humble communicator?

Today I will speak about and reaffirm my choice.


  1. Agree with most of this post, except the characterization that the City of No Consequences is anything like “one of pretty pastels.” It’s far more one of endless grays: gray buildings, housing gray bureaucrats in gray suits, meting out gray policies born from a gray agenda. The monuments are white — especially at night — but that serves only to highlight the contrast between the Founders’ ideals and the grayness in which we find ourselves engulfed.

    We need some color, and soon.

  2. So I ask you sir, “What are you prepared to do”? I will follow you to hell and back if needed, just give the word!

    • Mr. Martin, I want to respectfully reply to your comment in reference to Col. West, “What are you prepared to do?” Mr Martin, what are YOU prepared to do? Are you writing, emailing, calling your representatives and expressing how you feel at what is going on in this world? Are you trying to inform your friends and family of the dire situation this country is headed in? Are you voting not only in major elections but all of your local elections? If you have friends or family who aren’t informed, spread the word and if you know anyone who doesn’t think it is important to vote, tell them why it is.
      Change will only come if we all do our part.

      • Geez Val, He didn’t need a lecture, as he was stating he had his back.
        Not everyone’s a leader and it’s obvious he’s found an ally in Lieutenant Colonel West. The fact that he stays informed by reading posts like Allen West’ and would follow him to hell & back speaks volume. We all have a part, big or small and it is repulsive when someone shoves their ideology of what constitutes change, down other’s throats.

      • Well said! The other side is, after six years of emailing, faxing and calling, what the hell good has it done? They don’t listen and will never listen. So, why bother anymore? It is time to start arresting this administration.

      • I do my part everyday, you can try, but you usually can’t change stupid, complacency, or ignorance. All I see is lots of people with their hands out saying “the politicians take our money why shouldn’t we take what we can get.”

  3. Good on you sir. Manager’s manage and leader’s inspire … The current administration has neither. We need to be the sheepdogs.

  4. “This is what you get from a liberal progressive socialist administration, the city of no consequences.”

    And the Republican / Conservative part of the government bears no responsibility
    for any of these problems??,,How you can sit there and dismiss any of their involvement?
    Socialist??,,,to funny

    The Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work and then
    get elected and prove it.”
    – P.J. O’Rourke

    • Republicans yes, conservatives, no. We haven’t had conservatives calling the shots in quite some time.

  5. Love this line, “The kids who never got picked to play are in charge of America..” Such a simple image that explains so much.

    • I rarely got picked to play..for good reason, as an athlete, I stink. But I became part the team anyway, as a student manager. We had only 3 years of high school in those days, giving me 9 potential sports seasons. I was a manager (really helper of course) for 7 of them. I only skipped the final opportunity so I could attend an after school data processing class, along with the class salutatorian.

      The coach who coached the state championship basketball team (of the large school class) once called me the smartest student manager he’d ever had, and then cut me for being somewhat absent minded.

      I then went on to a BS in engineering, along with ROTC, and became a military officer. My co manager that championship year, also went on to ROTC and became an officer, he was Army like Lt. Col. West.

      So not all of us who never got picked for teams are supporters of the likes of The Won they had been waiting for.

      • My apologies, although I still like the line. I was picturing the playground kick ball teams in elementary school. Perhaps it should say the kid who never got picked and is still angry about it.
        Congratulations on all your accomplishments and thanks to you and your friend for your service. I am a complete coward so I have the utmost respect for courageous military men. (I think El Gato would be a man.)

      • The not getting picked started that early for me, don’t know about my Army buddy. He was two years my junior and went to different schools before high school.

        Yes I am a man, a father and a grandfather. Father of daughters, who had 3 granddaughters, two of them identical twins, and one grandson. I call them “The Amazing Miss V, K&E, and The O man. 🙂

  6. Bravo!…As you went over the 100,000+ signatures we aquired for Sgt. Tahmooressi’s plight, which I signed and am a big supporter of, I became saddened with the fact that there are thousands of petitions out there like his, which are very important to someone’s cause and theirs, like his, are getting absolutely no response. I ask, what is the point of a petition if no one in Obama’s administration is addressing them?

    • No way they talk a talk but don’t walk the walk. We don’t leave anyone behind says barry, what a crock of horse manure. He does what suits him. He’ll bring a muslim convert home, but not a real soldier

  7. Another thought… Why don’t we imprison Mexico soldiers making their routine intrusions upon our land, and hold them for trade fodder? Every politician we have needs to stop setting on the side line, grow a pair and take bold action against the criminals in charge. Seriously, would we be waiting this long in 1950? 60? 70? They’d be old news, in jail, or at the end of a rope.

  8. 4 MEN came from Texas to San Diego to protest the imprisoned soldier. I’m wondering where the hell’s angels, Ca. motorcycle clubs, the retired military, truckers etc. were? They should block the the entrance to & from mexcio, ensuring no American money is spent on drugs, booz or prostitutes. MONEY TALKS!!!!!! Our gov. wont.

  9. Col West, you and your wife must be proud and can give yourselves a pat on the back for giving your daughters and other young Americans a solid foundation in which to build their lives on. Maybe someday, just like you, your daughters will be speaking to the Young America’s Foundation. Unfortunately, just like him, barry’s daughters probably never stood a chance.

  10. The American People need their own select grand jury’s and auditors at this junction. It can’t be anything situated in washington. That place after the dust has settled should be a museum. A rudiment of the past. Start with 80 cent a gallon of fuel and let the growth explode. Have a law that supports americans right to fire political , fed employee’s. Americans are fired every day for a whole lot less, especially for being not credible . The third world policies need erased and redacted.

  11. A US population that has 322, 514 ,489 million would produce many great leaders Washington’s , Lincoln’s and Reagans. Simply having the mandate to rid the bad one’s is all that is needed. Plus a actual true to form national media, not monopolized machine. Keeping the status quo. Keep a fresh crop of leaders gives you choices , options, some room to take chances , todays and tomorrows . The future is here change it now. Darn it. Dude.

  12. Build the future on a premise of FUEL, FOOD , FUN. Build the infrastructure to relieve fuel prices, food will follow , that lead to .. FUN. GET the dollar moving . Go back to building everything. Especially the future and trust in each other as americans. Do not live in fear…. we are a great bunch that are flexible , pliable , creative enough to meet any threat. Prove to the world . Audit …. clean house ….hand it down to the next generation.

  13. New flash, did anyone bother to ask the WH if Obama spoke to the Mexican pres about the Marine?
    The call was about the illegal kids. Not saying the marine isn’t important, but they’re thousands here, more coming and no place to out them .

  14. U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi sits wrongfully-held in a Mexican jail since March

    In what way is Sergeant Tahmooressi wrongfully held in a Mexican jail? He’s been arrested for crimes he very clearly did commit.


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