Strategic imperative for Iraq Obama is missing: destroy the enemy

The last time a Democrat president sent advisors to a country embroiled in a civil war, well, my older brother went there. It was Vietnam. There was mission creep slowly but surely, and mismanagement from the White House and an agenda-driven combative media led to defeat — regardless of the fact that our men in the jungles never lost a tactical engagement. We lost strategically. And of course a Republican president came in and cleaned up a horrible mess.

Say what you wish, but Iraq had been stabilized, but somehow campaign promises outweighed strategic vision. And please, don’t give me the liberal progressive revisionist history as stated by Vice President Joe Biden who referred to Iraq as one of the “great achievements of the Obama administration.” Well it ain’t so.

President Obama took the podium yesterday to announce his plan to stem the advance of an Islamist army, ISIS, as reported by CNN, “Seeking a middle ground between calls for tough military action and none at all, President Barack Obama said Thursday he was sending up to 300 military advisers to Iraq to help the embattled government hold off a lightning advance from the north by Sunni militants. Obama told White House reporters the goal was to prevent a civil war in Iraq that could destabilize the region, and also prevent creation of a terrorist safe haven in northern Iraq and neighboring Syria from which U.S. enemies could plan and launch attacks against American interests.”

Truthfully, I’m not concerned with the Iraqi government. Al-Maliki is a tool of Iran. Our only focus should be on the destruction of ISIS: enemy-oriented.

And so the confusion and mission creep begins. We are now sending boots on the ground. We were told last week that the problem was for the Iraqis to solve but now we’re told we’re going to help the “embattled government.”

Furthermore Obama stated, “We have had advisers in Iraq through our embassy and we are prepared to send a small number of additional American military advisers — up to 300 — to assess how we can best train, advise and support Iraqi security forces going forward. American forces will not be returning to combat in Iraq but we will help Iraqis as they take the fight to terrorists who threaten the Iraqi people, the region and American interests as well.”

What? So these advisors are going back to do what we had been doing, in calmer times, which Obama decided not to continue to do but now do under combat situations — but not return to combat. So what are the rules of engagement Mr. President for these “advisors?” Go over there and teach lessons but don’t get shot at?

Ok, here are my strategic imperatives that I would have given today — realizing that there would not have been an ISIS advance in a West administration — but if forced into this reactive scenario:

1. Deny ISIS sanctuary, we will use our intelligence assets to identify ISIS base of operations, assembly and staging areas.
2. Interdict the ISIS flow of men, materiel, and resource support — cut it off and kill it piece by piece.

3. Conduct a strategic information operation to degrade ISIS ideologically and isolate it from indigenous support.
4. Cordon it off on terrain of our choosing for destruction.

My operational level guidance to CENTCOM Commander would be this:

1. Find this enemy

2. Fix this enemy in place and deny his maneuver and repositioning
3. Engage this enemy with all available weapons systems
4. Destroy this enemy wherever he presents himself
5. Pursue this enemy to it complete destruction

The only other point I would have made would be that America would seek to strengthen its alliance with the Kurds. We would not engage in any talks, coordination, negotiations, or diplomacy with Iran, and I would advise Iranian forces to retreat back across the border.

My rules of engagement would be clear and concise: kill ISIS and exploit any intelligence gathered.

These barbaric savages only understand strength, power, and might. They care not a whit for Obama’s drivel.


  1. I wonder if it’s time for total war there to stop these savage attacks. I know that they have always had war there and it’s a same to mankind. Terrible.

  2. The religious war in the middle east has continued for thousand of years and will continue until the lord comes back to destroy them all at Armagedon! Being over there is a waste of time..they never bothered us until we stuck our noses in their affairs. We need to totally leave the region, protect only our allies(Israel) and concentrate on becoming energy dependent and protecting our own borders. We need to return to our post WWII status and become the world superpower we once were. We start by impeaching Obama and fixing our own problems…

    • So allowing Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc., to go up in flames is how you “protect” Israel? Do us all a favor, don’t ever run for office.

      • you really think this small group is going to take over the whole middle east..let them handle their own issues and we can handle ours. If they needed or wanted our help they would be asking for it! If we did help it should only be through intelligence. I would never risk another American life in the middle east unless it was protecting Israel directly. Our boots on the ground since 1990 and trillions of dollars, along with countless american lives has solved what? Nothing!

      • To which “small” group are you referring? Not only is it huge, it grows larger every day.

        Your mistake is thinking that their problem is not our problem. Just a bunch of rag-heads, right? Like it or not, we have friends in the middle east. And we all see the result of your head-in-the-sand diplomacy.

        Our intervention up until now has been pretty successful, albeit not perfect. The only conclusion I can draw from this administration’s current lack of action is that a) they want Islam to take over the entire middle east, b) they want the entire middle-east to go up in flames, or c) all of the above. And by golly, they are getting their wish.

      • “Our intervention has been pretty successful”???
        Helping the satanic Islamic world cleanse itself of Unbelieving Infidel Christians and driving the Shiite into Western countries to lay the groundwork of Sharia Law… is NOT successful!
        You’re funding your own destruction and calling it pretty successful… can you grasp that!?

      • Your viewpoint of the ME is whacked.

        We are not in the ME to disrupt their Islamic nations. We are there to help satanic Islam expand.

        Refer to me comment above to Precioso…

      • Actually I am a veteran and very conservative! is the answer to everything that we must go to war and get involved in everyone’s business? The only time we had a clear cut action and objective was when Iraq invaded week and we were done! We have been over there now for how long? what have we accomplished? nothing! what is your answer to the problem? after countless bombs, missles, troops, etc..have we stopped anything over there? have we stopped the terrorist? Is anything stable? NOPE! So let’s go in and bomb some more, shoot a few missles…then another group will take their place and start sending more terrorist over here to pay us back for killing muslims again!

    • If you believe that Israel isn’t already a target on their list, you’re being naive. While I don’t want anymore direct conflict with our soldiers if it can be avoided, we basically started this and need to end it. Iraq had it’s issues under Hussein but he kept everyone in line and they didn’t have anywhere near these issues. However with that said, if this isn’t quelled now, quickly and harshly, they will get a real foothold in the region and believe me that the minority of savages will recruit the moderates into their ranks. They will join for fear of death and that will grow their army. Psychologically, others will feel the need to support and/or join if not feeling threatened already. Like any war, it will spread everywhere until it is squashed, with extreme prejudice.

      • “WE” didn’t start anything! mushammad did.
        Saddam was a threat to Islam with his Pan-Arab ideologies. Which was gathering headway amongst the ME muslims. Same with Gadhafi and his Pan-African ideologies. Both needed to be taken out… only the approved Caliphate/Mahdi can lead the Ummah.
        Israel is only a target because of Dar al Islam… lands once under control of Islam must be retrieved.

      • You seem a tad over zealous in regard to your religious beliefs but that is you prerogative. So if these two leaders needed to be taken out, why didn’t the Muslim population take care of it themselves? As for Israel, seek help, they’re not going anywhere and any attempt to attack them in a full scale war will result in the annihilation of the attackers and an escalation to what is going on beyond your wildest dreams. Countries around the world would converge and turn most of the Middle East into a parking lot but you go ahead and take a shot.

      • My comment to you mentioned nothing about my religious beliefs. So stay focused.

        You ask… “why didn’t the Muslim population take care of it themselves?”

        Why? The majority loved them… they were gaining popularity with the muslims… which made them a threat to the leaders of satanic Islam and their coming antichrist Caliphate/Mahdi.
        Get this… The Luciferian Globalists are aiding, funding and helping satanic Islam expand across this globe. Saddam & Gadhafi was taken out to help Islam stay on track.

        As far as the rest of your comment concerning Israel… WAKE UP fella!

        You ever heard of the Two State Solution? So yeah… half of them is going to the fake Palestinians. Why? Because Islam can’t stop their quest to retrieve lost lands… even upon death.

        Which will now bring me to mention my religious beliefs…

        “annihilation” isn’t part of plan at all. You ever read Bible Prophecy?

        In fact… Israel stands alone. Pretty much always has… And history proves just that. If you think the USA is Israel’s ally.. think again… or at least do some research and learn something.

        Which brings me to ask… How the can you originally say… “Israel isn’t already a target on their list”?

        You sound contradictory! For example… “Israel is a target… but it will never happen because the attackers would be annihilated!”


        Moving on… you made the claim… “we basically started this”… and that is wrong!
        It’s apparent that you desire to be a know it all expert on the ME. But… let me tell you… you lack terribly.
        PS… Your understanding of satanic Islam is warped. Especially when you reference “moderates”.

      • OK, first off, my focus is fine, you however need to take a Valium, you seem a tad overwrought.

        I don’t pretend to know Islam, I leave the studies to people such as yourself who obviously have to much time on your hands.

        In regard to a two state solution, there will never be a peaceful solution, learn it live it and get use to it. There will always be issues and they will never end.

        Israel stands alone? Yes, apparently they stand alone with several Billion in military aid from the US, I believe it comes out to something in the neighborhood of $8.7 million per day. Try checking your facts before spewing garbage in this regard.

        OK as for purposely misquoting me, get off your soapbox and join the conversation, what I said was “If you believe that Israel isn’t already a target on their list, you’re being naive.”, no contradiction there as that in no way says that I don’t believe they are a target or were you purposely being obtuse?

        As for being a “know it all expert on the ME”, nope, once again you are incorrect in your assumptions although it is obvious you choose to twist words to fit your argument. As for the we basically started this statement, yes we did and I stand by it. As screwed up as both countries were, both were functioning dictatorships with radical elements held in check. WE upset what little balance there was in the Middle East. They would have continued killing each other for another 1000 years if we hadn’t played regime change once again.

        Regarding my lack of understanding in the Middle East, I couldn’t care less about the vast majority of it and therefor choose to have a life which you obviously don’t. I don’t understand, nor do I wish to understand “satanic Muslims as I never once made a reference such as that..

        You chose to pick and chose individual words and or statements to twist into something you would like to attack, well, feel free, anything you chose to respond with is really of no importance to me and wont have any effect on my life. You however might want to consider seeking some professional assistance or at least adjust your medication as it appears that your zealotry has taken over. As for me, I’m finished for the time being, have your self a drink and try a Jacuzzi or shoot yourself in the face, whatever makes you happy. 🙂

      • John… don’t be a mixed up confused liar!

        1) You say… “I don’t pretend to know Islam”

        A: Yes you do. And it’s obvious your learning has come from the BBC, Fox News and the MSM.

        2) You say… “In regard to a two state solution… learn it live it and get use to it”

        A: John… you’re the one who can’t grasp it.

        3) You say… “Yes, apparently they [Israel] stand alone with several Billion in military aid”

        A: John… the few Billion a year that Israel gets is a drop in the bucket compared to all the aid combined given to Islamic nations? Did ya know that we’re spending 400 Billion alone on the worlds largest Embassy in Afghanistan? Did ya know that Egypt alone gets as much as Israel?

        Q: You do know what “A drop in the bucket” means… aye?

        4) You say… “as for purposely misquoting me, get off your soapbox”

        A: John I didn’t misquote you… I gave you an example of how stupid your contradictory statements sound. In other words… your statement becomes silly when you then follow it up by your “annihilation” comment.

        Q: Can you add 2+2?

        5) You say… “As for being a “know it all expert on the ME”,”

        A: No John… I said it’s apparent that you DESIRE to be an expert… and you are far from it.

        6) You say… “WE upset what little balance there was in the Middle East”

        A: NO John… once again… We are NOT disrupting the Islamic ME. The Luciferian Globalists are aiding, funding and helping satanic Islam expand. Helping the muslims cleanse themselves of the allah Unbelieving Infidels… namely Christians.

        All in preparation for the coming antichrist Caliphate/Mahdi. All for a One World Islamic Economic System. The perfect totalitarian world government.

        Q: Have you ever studied up on Bible Prophecy? You need to.

        7) You say… “Regarding my lack of understanding in the Middle East, I couldn’t care less about the vast majority of it”

        A: Yeah you do John… that’s why you pretend to be an expert.

        8) You say… “As for me, I’m finished for the time being”

        A: I bet your not. Those like you, who say such things, crave that last response and can’t resist another try at it.

        9) You say… “whatever makes you happy”
        A: What makes me happy John… isn’t drugs or alcohol. It’s helping people like you learn the Truth and break away from their brainwashing. But pompous Bullwinkle “Know it all’s” like yourself John… are too stubborn and prideful to admit their err.
        Try again?

    • “they never bothered us”???
      Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of WTC Bombing? 9/11/2001? Or 9/11/2012?
      Besides… what do you think the Afghan/Soviet war was about? I’ll tell ya… it was about squashing Communism and supporting Islam.
      That’s NOT sticking our noses in their affairs… THAT’S AIDING THEM!
      Get this… the Luciferian Globalists are aiding, funding and helping satanic Islam to forward and expand across this planet. All for the One World Islamic Economic System.

  3. If you send in 30 Green Berets, I don’t care what Obummer says, that’s boots on the ground!! He must think we’re all a bunch of idiots like him!!

  4. Allen, as a former Vietnamese Army advisor I can tell you their role will be one of frustration and futility. You can equip them, you can train them but you can’t make them fight. Petraeus is correct, this situation was brought about by Al Mawlaki’s non-inclusive government. Islam and democracy don’t mix, let it go!!

    • That’s the problem. You equate Iraq with Islam. They are not the same. Make no mistake, once you throw up your hands in defeat and “let it go,” they will move on to the next country, and the next and the next. And eventually, the US will be the next one on that list.

      • Bull, if the Islamic masses want to be ruled by ruthless tyrants why should we get in their way. You clearly do not understand the culture of Islam, in their minds nothing will happen unless Allah wills it. Your “domino theory” is same one we fell for 50 years ago in SE Asia, now you want us to believe it will happen in SW Asia. Other than a few Coptic Christians what other religion is there in Iraq?

      • Hey, way to go dude! Just turn a blind eye and let it burn, eh? Iraq was a secular nation before Saddam became the drug addicted psychopath he did. And like it or not, we do still have friends there. Your “let’s abandon them all and see what happens” attitude will NOT give the results you want. But hey, maybe if you cross your fingers, close your eyes and wish hard enough, maybe your fairy godmother will give you what you want.

      • Even though I don’t agree with jakeinsurance…
        Iraq is Islam. Just like any other Islamic ME nation.
        Islam is a totalitarian government. The laws of the nation are that of Islam… Sharia.
        Therefore; Iraq is Islam.

  5. Bush was right this is exactly what he said would happen.. Iraq wanted us out obama wanted us out..lets stay out it’s in the Iraqis hands now..

  6. Obama isn’t the problem. He’s a symptom of a very sick nation. That’s what’s so upsetting. Even after Obama, the country will be extremely ill. We’re on a very slippery slope.

  7. You agree almost word for word with Lt. Col Bill Connor who was running in the primary against Lindsey Graham … It’s a shame that none of the people of influence in the Tea Party like you, Sarah Palin, or Ted Cruz made an endorsement of any of the candidates in that race.

  8. Why is our government still trying to pick winners and losers? Al-Maliki purged the government of Iraq of all opposition. This includes Sunnis and Kurds. Are we suddenly surprised when the Sunnis align themselves with people that are willing to do the dirty work to remove the corrupt government? When will the Kurds get involved and which side will they pick? Why are we so concerned with other nations when our own is in such disarray? How about we first clean up our yard and then we can see if our neighbors want help with theirs.

  9. Personally, I’m tired of hearing about the issue in the Middle East. While I understand that some of this was brought on by our presence, keep in mind that fighting among themselves has been going on for more than a thousand years. Tell any friendlies to get out of country and turn the place into a parking lot. Flatten the entire country and anyone stupid enough to still be within the borders. Send it back to the stone age, if anyone does survive, with their laws and way of life, they would feel perfectly at home. Let them try and come back to attack our soldiers from the great beyond and get this pathetic time in American history over with before anymore of our soldiers are killed. This will also serve an added benefit of letting the rest of the terrorists in world know that were not fuckin’ around anymore…

  10. Viet Nam redux. Send in a few advisers at first, and when they get in over their heads, send in a little bigger force. and so on.

    • barry will not follow the lead of LBJ. He wants Iraq to fall to ISIS, He wants all of the middle east to be one giant country with the Saudi Wahhabi’s ruling it.
      the 300? they are there for posturing purposes only. That way no one can say it will be Benghazi all over again, even though the 300 will be targets for ISIS

      • The 300 are probably going to be overwhelmed, so to save face The Muslim in chief, will have to do something to show the useful idiots in this country that he’s a man( I use that term loosely) of action. He has 2 more years to pull the wool over the eyes of the public. I don’t expect him to give up the “throne”, easily. I think we’ll see martial law invoked.

      • He once said, “the only thing wrong with this country is I am not Emperor” At the time he said it in a joking fashion, but there was something in his voice that sounded dubious to me. If the elections don’t go his way I’d be surprised if he doesn’t do something rash and declare martial law

      • He just about did it in Nevada at the Bundy Ranch. I don’t think he and the BLM was ready for the response and again at the Texas/Oklahoma border. There are thousands of patriots standing by just waiting for this bozo to start something.

  11. To be accurate, ISIS is not barry’s enemy, we are his enemies, the Conservatives and Tea Party members. He has no plans to attack them, they are doing his bidding.
    He will posture himself to look like he is threatening, but in the end he won’t do anything about the crisis

  12. Barry wants to keep his pals safe so he does what he always does……half assed attempts to appease the American idiots that adore him with ineffectual tactics to protest his real allies, the Muslims he is one of and supports.

  13. One more big one on the agenda.Go to White House,remove the treasonous traitor,deposit in the appropriate prison,put on a trial,quickly convicted,and sentewnce carried out.

  14. I’m damn angry that obama is sending our troops back to clean up the mess he made. All his “back and forth” and flip flopping on things clearly means that he’s a jackass that should have NEVER even CAME CLOSE to being President.

    obama should pack up his bags and go back home to Chicago and stay there. And when he gets home, he needs a serious azz-kickin.

    • I heard rumors that his home was Hawaii? You know… Barrack Hussein says it’s one of the 57 US states that is part of Asia.
      But I like the idea of sending him back to Kenya… or Indonesia…

  15. Col West, many people, myself included, have a lot of admiration and respect for you. We’ve also learned that we can put our faith and trust in you. With you, there is never any doubt whatsoever who’s side you are on because it’s become pretty clear that you love Americans and would do anything to protect us. My God how we need you as our President!

  16. What good is the best military in the World, if tied down by a “community organizer”? We better have a military type US President next. Just the promise of that would calm the Middle East….

  17. I sort of noticed a pattern in our Usurper in Chief’s actions. He goes into a conflict (or sends his puppets – notice all of his assistants are always intellectually challenged, cannot stand alone, and are loyal to him like a dog) as the self-declared referee, and tries to force our allies to give up what they’ve gained.

    If and when refused, he will “punish” them for being “bone-headed” (as he is) and not giving him the glory of Supreme International Moderator. Then he walks off leaving things worse than when he got there. Diplomacy without force is laughable. Civilians die like flies.

    • The purpose of the fake “War on Terrorism” is to aid satanic Islam in cleansing the Infidels & Christians from these nations. It’s part of Islamic prophecy… in preparation for the coming antichrist Caliphate/Mahdi. To retrieve all the territories that ever belonged to Islam, which includes Israel.
      The Sowdi Barbarians are Sunni who make up 95% of the Islamic population. And is where the two most satanic sites are located… Mecca & Medina.
      Iran is Shiite… and there is no other group on this earth more committed to the destruction of Shiite Iran than the Sunni World. Not Israel, which the Islamic controlled media brainwashes the masses into believing.
      The media coverage on the ISIS is a bunch of bullshyt. They’re Sunni and Iraq was originally ran by a King of the Sowdi family… after Iraq was formed after WWI.
      Folks… Remember this… the Luciferian Globalists have been helping the Sunni all along. Aiding, funding and helping them expand across this planet. Why? To have control over who is voted in as the coming Caliphate/Mahdi.
      This coming Caliphate/Mahdi is a major, very important issue for the Islamic world… this person will unite all of Islam together. And you can believe that the muslims of this world are slowly getting sick & tired of their inner fighting. And can’t wait to get started on the rest of the world’s Christians instead.
      Therefore… Islamic prophecy is still in motion…
      1) Chaos exists until the Caliphate/Mahdi returns
      2) Islamic lands are being cleansed of Infidels/Unbelievers of mushammad & allah
      3) Islamic lands are being reconquered & retrieved
      NOTE: The coming antichrist Caliphate/Mahdi expects things to be a certain way when it returns… and that expected arrival is in the next 4-5 years. Based on eclipses of both the sun & moon happening during Ramadamadingdong. [Islam has a website dedicated to observing this phenomenon]
      Which also includes…
      1) Driving the Shiite refugees into Western nations to begin laying the groundwork of Sharia. [Think immigration]
      2) Establishing Democracies so the Sunni majority can vote in their Caliphate/Mahdi.

  18. When the ISIS forces capture and behead our 300 “advisors” what exactly will obama do, ask for a Gulf Of Tonkin resolution? 500,000 troops ignoring vital enemy targets and dropping bombs on uninhabited jungle? Troops sitting in their fire bases getting ripped on cheap local drugs because political ‘leaders’ can’t give clear direction?
    The obama doctrine in the making.
    We finally won the VN war but narrowly. Iraq will be a repeat.

  19. As a drafted disabled Republic of Vietnam combat veteran – 1968 & 1969, the same status mentalility remains in the air. When we take terriority, we release the objectivity only to have to take the territory over and over. We are never able to accomplish the education of the people for a wider vision of freedom whole holding to the strengths of their culture.

    Our leadership lacks what we lack at home, a moral compass of common sense. We have restricted our leadership to self destruction because those in power hate themselves. This is due to a poor vision of themselves. We must replace the leadership with a vision and show that the United States is morally strong with (YES) God, family, honor, duty, and Country. We must set the right course. This is done by not squandering past sacrifices.

  20. Shoot to kill, reload and keep going. Anyone shows up with a weapon, scorched earth.
    Yield nothing and don’t disarm yourselves anywhere you are at no matter what.

  21. You can’t teach them to be self sufficient. They don’t care. There is not love of country, only the love for their personal “tribe” (for lack of a better term at this moment).

  22. MEDIA REPORT: Active duty combat soldier denied due process, and convicted of murder under political correctness pressure: On Wednesday May 14, 2014 in Sioux Falls South Dakota; Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 628 unanimously passed the Resolution to restore full Constitutional rights to Due Process, for military members in jeopardy of losing those very Constitutional rights they fought for. On June 6, 2014 SD VFW State Department, under the leadership of State commander D. D. “Bulldog” Couch, and the support
    of incoming State commander D. D. Dahlin, unanimously passed the same resolution at their SD State Convention in Custer SD, further carrying this resolution on to the VFW National Convention in St. Louis MO on the 19th of July 2014. There to be put in motion for “The Good of the Order”, for full support and forwarded on to Congress. Please voice your support for due process for military members and veterans by voicing your support to your lawmakers and media outlets.

    Sioux Falls, SD Post 628 Resolution, No. # 1

    Restoration of Full Constitutional Rights for military personnel charged
    with felonies.

    Whereas, The U.S. Constitutional Rights pertaining to Due Process, contained in the Bill of Rights are understood as applying to all citizens and non-citizens within the continental United States of America, even illegal immigrants and terrorists awaiting trial in federal courts, and

    Whereas, The Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees “Equal Protection Under the Law” for all citizens and non-citizen charged with felonies, even illegal immigrants and terrorists held for trial, and

    Whereas, The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) as found in Title 10 of the United States Code, chapter 47 provides for standards of proof, punishment, and other legal issues that
    differ from that of civilian courts in order to maintain what the military sees as good order and discipline, and

    Whereas, In the litigation of felonies of certain military personnel; the military courts, and Courts of Appeal for the Armed Forces (CAAF) have rendered decisions adverse to the defendant, due to a difference in Due Process under the law, than those prosecuted in Federal Criminal Courts, and

    Whereas, The U.S. Code > Title 18 > Part 1> Chapter 13 > 242 recognizes abuse of authority, and provides sanctions for those that under color of Law, deprive anyone of any rights or privileges secured or protected by the U.S. Constitution or laws of the United States of America, and

    Whereas, In U.S. v. Behenna, (A military Court Martial) the plaintiff argued unsuccessfully before the various military Appeals Courts, that the prosecution violated the “Brady disclosure” in that they withheld exculpatory evidence (Expert witness supporting Self defense) in violation of:

    46, UCMJ.

    2 The
    President’s rules provide that:

    (3) The trial counsel must disclose
    to the defense the existence of evidence known to the trial counsel,
    which reasonably tends to:

    • Negate the guilt of the accused of an offense charged.

    The U.S. Supreme Court, leaving no further appeals, ultimately denied defendant certiorari. These were appeals that would have set aside the guilty verdict, had it been held in a U.S. Federal Court, and

    Whereas, 1st Lt. Behenna’s Court Martial, conviction, sentencing, and appeals up to the Supreme Court; demonstrates that there is no further appeals for military personnel, having been denied their Constitutional Due process rights. Rights every individual on American soil enjoys, except those who have put their lives on the line to protect those very rights.

    BE IT RESOLVED, by the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States of America, that we support that Congress pass a law that will afford all members of the military the same Due Process under the law, that every citizen enjoys whenever they are charged with a felony. A felony that if convicted will cost that member of the military, the loss of those rights for which they have stood in the gap to protect.

    by the Commander-in-Chief To the Committee on NATIONAL SECURITY & FOREIGN AFFAIRS

    The intent of this resolution is: To obtain Equal Protection Under the
    Law as far as Due process, for all military personnel; the same as is the right of every other U.S. citizen, non citizen, and charged terrorist on U.S. soil.

    • I’m not sure if you’re promoting this as a good thing or what?
      From what I see… it looks as if there’s a clause to protect illegals and terrorists.
      Is this what we want? Spending billions every year giving rights to non-citizens who terrorize legal citizens?
      So beware!
      While you stand for big government and government protected employees… you’re also standing for Globalization and the idea that whoever places a little toe on American soil is to be given full citizenship and rights at our expense.
      Neat how they have a tendency to slip in little clauses all the time… aye? NOT.

  23. Like the Picture, This is what they will do to us if givin the chance
    VietnamVet1967….1 st Air Cav…… Combat Medic …. Purple Hearts

  24. muslims killing Christians is just dandy… but…
    There’s nothing worse than muslims killing muslims… even though more muslims die at the hands of other muslims than anyone else.
    See… they need to procreate in order to add the numbers to their satanic cult.
    1.68 Billion and growing…
    And when we add the useful idiot Dhimmi’s, the Neo-Nazis, Skinheads, White Supremacists, the NOI, the Baha’i faith and the satanically influenced catholic fake church… those numbers grow to the point that Islam already has the majority vote in any nation on earth.

    • Sumsrent, did you have something you were trying to say…a point, perhaps? Your post seems like it was something copied and pasted, out of order from 5 different posts….the ramblings of ten crazy people.

      • Several points…
        Have ya been following the news about ISIS? Have ya read this article?
        Which makes my comment applicable. Especially since the MSM is all over this horrific, terrible, god awful news of muslims killing muslims… it’s so so bad… aye?
        However; Have ya ever noticed… they don’t ever give a rats azz to the muslims killing Christians…
        You don’t suppose that’s on purpose… do ya?
        Yeah… I bet you see what I mean… aye? Nothing worse than muslims killing each other when they need to be focused on populating the earth to gain the numbers so allah will be pleased with the spreading of satanic Islam… aye?
        Did I actually push one of your wittle buttons? Did I make a strike at one of your silly azz affiliations with Islam? I bet that’s it… aye?


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