Low information or no information? Americans’ trust in media hits rock bottom.

The Newspeak and “thoughtcrimes” of George Orwell’s 1984 were prescient, just 30 years too early.

Americans’ trust in the news media is now at an all-time low, as reported by Dylan Byers at Politico. He writes, “Americans’ faith in each of three major news media platforms — television news, newspapers and news on the Internet — is at or tied with record lows in Gallup’s long-standing confidence in institutions trend. This continues a decades-long decline in the share of Americans saying they have “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in newspapers or TV news, while trust in Internet news remains low since the one prior measure in 1999.


I remember back in the day watching the NBC News Huntley-Brinkley report and what those guys said was taken pretty much as gospel. They reported the facts, nothing more. Compare that to today’s NBC where the network didn’t even publicize a recent poll THEY took which resulted in poor numbers for their guy, President Barack Hussein Obama.

And how many people who tune into the All Barack Channel, Constant Barack Station, and National Barack Channel even know the IRS promised to produce Lois Lerner’s emails only to come back and say they were lost?

Just yesterday I posted five questions to ask a liberal progressive — the comments from liberals were predictably laughable. Some had no clue what the national debt was when Obama took office and what it is today. They had no clue what the average price of gasoline was in January 2009 when Obama took office — $1.89, and where it is today, $3.67.

I often do comparative news reporting analysis and it is indeed appalling — actually scary.

I recently read in the New York Times that captured Islamic terrorist Abu Khattala admitted that an anti-Islamic video inspired the Benghazi attack. Read this from a Left-wing liberal internet site, Americablog: “Well, isn’t that embarrassing. Libyan national Ahmed Abu Khattala, a ringleader of the deadly attack on America’s diplomatic consulate in Benghazi, Libya, apprehended this weekend by US Special Forces, reportedly said that the attack was motivated as a response to an anti-Muslim American video. The admission by Khattala is more than a bit inconvenient for congressional critics of President Obama’s handling of the crisis, as those “Benghazi truthers” had claimed until this point that it was absurd to suggest that the inflammatory video played any part in inspiring the attacks that left an American ambassador, and three other US citizens, dead. Khattala’s statements back up an earlier New York Times report that suggested the video did in fact play a role.”

So never mind the sworn testimony of Gregory Hicks, American foreign service officer and former deputy chief of mission in Libya who was on the phone with Ambassador Chris Stevens — who’s testified that this was a terrorist attack. Furthermore, Hicks pretty much stated he was appalled when he heard about the false narrative of an anti-Islamic video and a spontaneous demonstration.

And I would offer that the mainstream Big Three media outlets have still not reported on the infamous email from White House official Ben Rhodes, brother of CBS President David Rhodes — ha, no conflict of interest there — which created the false narrative.

And so we’ve gone from the days of trust in media to “trust but verify.” It is said, “in a universe of deceit, truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Well, I’m happy to be a revolutionary!


  1. ABC, CBS, NBC are a lot like Darth himself, so he must have some of that force from the dark side to brain wash them.

    I might spend a minute a week on each one of those Obama networks before I hear a lie or some other phony left version of something, then I leave.

  2. The only thing the news stations are good for is weather. Other then that I don’t believe anything they say. What happened to putting your views and feelings aside and reporting actual news. Why must all of them have to push their agenda. We are a country of free thinkers, they should just tell the news and let the viewer form their own opinions. I’m not Republican or democrat, but the news media sure lets you know what side they are on. Most of those stations sure reported every mess up in the Bush administration but even Bush (I didn’t vote for him either) didn’t destroy this country as much as Obama has. Hell they impeached Clinton over a sex scandal, I guess we have to catch Obama with his pants down to go after him. It doesn’t make a difference that he has lied time and time again. We aren’t the greatest country in the world anymore and that my friends is sad.

  3. As a Canadian with a conservative bent I now rely on Sun News Network for my news on TV. The state broadcaster is CBC but it’s gone so leftist now it’s known as the “Communist Broadcasting Corp.”. CTV and Global are a little better but not by much. Sun is trying to get included on the Basic Cable list so they can have an even playing field with the others. Sun does have a website and Facebook.I no longer subscribe to my local newspaper.

      • In Canada, 90% of the funding for health care actually comes from whatever province you live in. In Saskatchewan the socialist party was thrown out in 2007 and a more center-right party (headed by Brad Wall) took control. Wall has done some reforming in health care (using private clinics,etc.) to steamline the system and bringing down wait-times for operations. That’s something some other provinces wouldn’t dare to do but not a complaint out of Saskatchewanians and Wall is the most popular premier across Canada. More might be done in the future to get away from the old socialist model and a more freer and balanced health system.I think it’s good.

      • More balanced, doesn’t mean completely privatized right? He didn’t do away with the “public option”. And seriously Saskatchewan is Regina, Saskatoon and flyover.

  4. Brett Baier and his panel on FOX from 5:40 pm to 5:55 pm. I trust him, George, Charles and Steve. And that’s about it.

  5. I refuse to watch any news from these sources except when there is a weather alert… the rest of the time its useless many major events given little or no time and of course always obsessed with cheer leading the liberal side scripted news … a waste of time , might as well let WH write the news and mass communicate it on all channels and get rid of the rest…. they are not reporters…anyone can read from the script.. abc, cbs, NBC ,cnn,msnbc and lets add huffington post all these are the same useless entity’s when it comes to reporting political news, world events. Fox News, is my choice and even at times you can see personal bias at least they do a good job of given both sides to talk and spend time investigating the issues

  6. I read multiple news sources online every day. When I visit my parents I am subjected to NBC and CBS because that’s what they watch. It is amazing to see the difference between those sources and the sources I trust to report the truth. No wonder my parents have made a slow shift to the left, if the leftist media is all they hear.

  7. If I watch any news that is not local, it is on Fox. Most of what they have on matches up fairly well with reality and is verifiable. In my opinion, this is the only news to be trusted.

  8. Fair And Balanced Fox News, Especially The 5! Occasionally I check out CNN or MSNBC To see What their covering,But They Don’t Even Compare To FOX!!

    • Fair and balanced?? Really? Let me do some research and see if I can find ANY positive stories on fox new about the president or the first lady

      • Seriously? Since when was the first lady an elected official? She actually doesn’t carry any relevance to actual politics or the White House. Nobody ever elected her to anything.

      • Why should they lie..just yo make you happy. They have plenty of low info voters watching. .oh wait no they don’t. .lol

  9. Fox News it is! Earl Lee, don’t bother looking for fair and balanced news stories about the Obamas, there are none because these two have never done anything fair and balanced for any network to report!

  10. Remember gas wars and the prices when the Huntley and Brinkley were reporting news. About 25 cents per gallon depending on the SERVICE station you went to. No more.

  11. We should go back to sending letters to eachother and hand writing everything because our Government does not have the maturity to treat and handle the internet with respect and dignity for others.

  12. Altho obama’s media has exaggerated and lied for him about as much as those who have exaggerated and told stories about camel spiders, they are both just as creepy.

  13. When was the last time you read a negative article about Mochella and Dear Leader on the drive by media? Never. They don’t cover the news, they make it.


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