Feds advertised for escort services for unaccompanied alien children in January

If you think this sudden flood of illegal immigrant children is spontaneous, think again.

According to a “help wanted” Request For Information (RFI) posted on FedBizOpps.gov, the feds were looking for vendors to help escort unaccompanied alien children (UAC) in JANUARY of this year.

The specific vendor requirements state:

ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] is seeking the services of a responsible vendor that shares the philosophy of treating all UAC with dignity and respect, while adhering to standard operating procedures and policies that allow for an effective, efficient, and incident free transport. The Contractor shall provide unarmed escort staff, including management, supervision, manpower, training, certifications, licenses, drug testing, equipment, and supplies necessary to provide on-demand escort services for non-criminal/non-delinquent unaccompanied alien children ages infant to 17 years of age, seven (7) days a week, 365 days a year. Transport will be required for either category of UAC or individual juveniles, to include both male and female juveniles. There will be approximately 65,000 UAC in total: 25% local ground transport, 25% via ICE charter and 50% via commercial air.

You can view the full posting here.

I tried calling both of the contact names listed on the page to see if they’d found a vendor yet, but got voicemail.

The question is, how in January, did the U.S. government know up to 65,000 unaccompanied illegal alien children would be arriving?

Please send me evidence that this is not an orchestrated invasion, and I will remove my tinfoil hat.


    • LIke I said above, how is this a conspiracy theory when the link is still active? It’s for ICE and Dept. of Homeland Security. Why would they need escorts for illegal unaccompanied children?

      • The feds were aware of what was coming – whether through Obama’s open invitations, or miscommunications in central American countries – DACA, possible amnesty, you name it. Lots of “escort” transport is need to haul these illegal aliens all over the country when main processing and holding stations become overwhelmed.

      • No they just need a ride back to where they came from. They are Illegals because they came ILLEGALLY. We are not here to harbor Criminals. Look up La Raza and what they are doing here.
        (I will save you the trouble, it stands for “The Race”, they come here to eventually take over Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. They feel that we stole those lands from them and they want them back.
        Now you can harbor them in your basement if you want, but I don’t think that is in your best interest

      • The fact that a former VP of the National Council of La Raza, Cecilia Munoz, is Obama’s current Domestic Policy director doesn’t help.

      • To bring then INTO the US? These children did not trek all the length of Mexico to get here, nor did they swim the river.

    • There’s an article somewhere about ADS that the democrats have been putting in since – aha January! – about how much FREE stuff is here in the USA. I’m sick in bed and can barely get this out, plz google it, should be easy to find.

  1. oh my Lord…. what can we do??? I live in Texas and this totally blows my mind… WHAT are they THINKING??? Really? Really?? oh pleease tell me this isn’t so.. I fear we are headed down a path of no turning back… once this starts there will be no stopping it… “to Hell in a handbasket”… the end of the good ole U.S.A. I’m glad I’m old I won’t have to live with it as long as some of the younger folks…

    • what they are thinking is if you let the kids in you have to let the parents in also. More democrat votes and a way to let the invading army and occupiers in. If you try to get rid of the kids then you are a mean person and have no heart.
      That’s what the liberals are up to

      • Cassandra, you are not alone. I am proud to be a heartless bastard. I don’t care if we send the drug cartels home in a pine box. their kids can morn them back in Mexico.

      • So you have no problem with sending kids from Guatemala and El Salvador to Mexico? THEY’RE NOT MEXICANS! And under a 2008 bill signed into law by Bush in 2008, you can’t just send them back if their country does not have an actual border with the US.

      • When have you ever heard or even used common sense to realize the even a fifteen year old, could not walk six hundred miles to come to the U.S.
        You honestly believe that those “kids” without supervision came as far away as a thousand miles, on their own? Are you that naive?
        Also they are NOT just teenagers. This article just came out yesterday

      • It’s the law. If you don’t like it, get Congress to repeal or rewrite it. Or are you just going to force Obama to issue another executive order so you can piss and moan some more.

      • You really can’t be that stupid. You obviously didn’t read the article provided.
        Your hero usurps the law at will, he can do it again like it or not that’s your hero, get over it.

    • to create a humanitarian crisis and use them as prawns to pass immigration reform. Why is that too far fetched! And folks, link to the government’s official website is still active. How are some saying this is b.s.?

      • So create a problem just so you can force the issue? I’m not seeing the logic in this. I can certainly believe that there is something rotten here, I just think it’s buried deep enough that nobody can see it until it crawls up from under the ground to bite us.

  2. This doesn’t -seem- to be the sexual kind of escort but the Feds are aiding and abetting breaking into the country illegally. That’s clear.

  3. The Proof is in the Pudding…This administration is behind this illegal immigrant surge…Take note of the date/key phrase…

    Key date: Jan 2014

    Key phrase: “There will be approximately 65,000 UAC in total: 25% local ground transport, 25% via ICE charter and 50% via commercial air.”

    The smoking gun!!!

    GO SEE FOR YOURSELF: https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=c6d7c0050b912fbc917a46d6709d38bd&tab=core&tabmode=list&=s=opportunity&mode=form&id=c6d7c0050b912fbc917a46d6709d38bd&tab=core&tabmode=list&amp#sthash.kDch0edW.dpuf

  4. Given that only 6,000 came through last year even if your projected it for 5 years of the contract at that it is only 30,000. It was there 30 mins ago…under BERKS-RF

  5. If Disneyland wouldn’t let in thousands of kids without any money neither should the US. They can get right back on the road to where they came from. Si, se pueda.

  6. Wait, so you aren’t clear on how they might think upwards of 60,000 UAC might require services this year?

    Hmmm, 2011 about 6,500 kids needed these services. 2012 that was 13,600, 2013 24,600. Grab an intern and ask them to graph that for you. No really, hell grab a middle-school kid, really it is that level of difficulty.

    Now look which way that graph is pointing, imagine for a moment that you want to guess where it might be if it continues that trend. Because it doesn’t say that many will be arriving, but that many will require services. A pretty important distinction actually.

    Now, ask yourself why you think this is news since CNS covered it 3 months ago.

    Pull off the tinfoil hat, really projections aren’t that hard, it must be cutting off your blood flow.

  7. Orchestration from USDA billboards and newspapers in Central America advertising food stamps, etc. await them. Taxpayers are likely providing transportation, food, clothing, shelter all the way. Otherwise, seems US gubnut liable for the human trafficking of children.

  8. If they have been planning this since January or before wonder what else they will pull out of their arses before the elections

    • Makes you wonder why they fight so hard against voter ID laws. I realize that the children can’t vote but the adults that soon will follow once their “anchor” children are in place can and most likely vote democrat. How low will the administration go to destroy this nation?

      • how low? are you kidding?
        100-1 odds every single one of them is already registered to vote and will do so repeatedly. the only thing that’s not as clear is which party.
        No “real” disrespect meant, but stop & think a minute, if half of what people say Obozo will do, is half right he’s 100 times worse than anyone imagined. Conservatives don’t think this crap can happen becasue we beleive in the rule of law and that somebody is in DC watching our backs.
        Well guess who’s watching our back, from behind us, while were’ in the prone position.

  9. You miss the point, I fear. The escorts were hired to bring them into the country, not just to accompany them while here.

    • You obviously didn’t read the job announcement (which was made available to you via the link provided in the article). That’s the problem with people today… Too lazy to even do a tiny bit of research, even when the answers are right in front of their faces. Instead, you accept what someone with an agenda tells you to believe, and adopt it as fact; and embed it into your own deepest, darkest belief system.

      These contracts are for transporting immigrant children, who have ALREADY been picked up by immigration control within the United States, to other designated holding areas while the government figures out what to do with them (including potential deportation). Don’t speak authoritatively on topics you haven’t researched. Echoing stupidity is even dumber than originating it.

      • Nowhere in the article did the writer ever promote any idea but the Job Announcement was for anything other than the transport of children ALREADY here.

        The jest of the article was how did they know to advertise for this when the influx of UAC hadn’t started to happen yet?

        So what is YOUR agenda?
        Why are you so engrossed with proving that the article is somehow a falsehood?

        Are you really that reading comprehensively challenged or are YOU, in fact, just too lazy to read the entire article?

        Read your own statement, and then abide by it, you silly!!

        “Don’t speak authoritatively on topics you haven’t researched. Echoing stupidity is even dumber than originating it.”

      • I read the article and the job announcement. I’m aware of what the article states. My agenda is to inform people that they are getting sucked into an agenda.

        Did you even read the comment that I was responding to?

        “The escorts were hired to bring them into the country, not just to accompany them while here.”
        False. Just false. Where is the proof of this?
        How did they know there would be a change in the volume of immigrating children? How does Apple know how many iPhones to build? How does the U.S. Army know how many M.R.E.’s to buy?
        Analytics, projections, and research. Not that difficult to understand. Even for someone like yourself, who seems to argue for the sake of arguing.

      • “Instead, you accept what someone with an agenda tells you to believe,
        and adopt it as fact; and embed it into your own deepest, darkest belief

        This is what my reply was to.

        Why does the fact that I didn’t celebrate your correct analysis about what the job announcement seem, to you, to mean that I missed the boat?
        You were correct, I agree, what else was there to reply to? Are you really that insecure about your position?

        Your assumption that somehow YOUR agenda is somehow the only one that matters is poppycock!! Everyone has an agenda and to deny that is simply not being truthful with ones self.

        Your words typed on these pages do not support your contention that your agenda is to ” inform people that they are getting sucked into an agenda.”. What those words do support is the fact that you are pushing your agenda of unlimited illegal immigration and that Americans are bad people for not allowing them to just come over here whenever they want to. Your agenda outlines the uninterrupted flow across the southern border until it reaches crisis point and then the Obama administration can take action without congresses approval or involvement thereby completing the immigration reform that he is pushing.

        With that why don’t you ask Apple how many more illegals are coming? Ask the US military how many is too many?

        Whats even funnier, every time I have written on here it has been in response to your arguing.? Hummm Who is it exactly who is arguing for the sake of arguing?

  10. The current border “crisis” is by design, to overwhelm the system and force amnesty down everyone’s throats.

  11. This sudden overwhelming of “children” illegal aliens is being orchestrated by the Obama administration in an effort to get it’s ridiculous new immigration laws passed and in operation. It’s all about legalizing the illegals in order to have their democratic votes.

  12. Where in the job posting did it say these children were coming from or going to? It doesn’t. These children were picked up already here in the US. These children have been accumulating in holding facilities throughout the US while immigration decides what to do with them. The government is now looking for people who can accompany the kids while immigration moves them, either between holding facilities or back to their own countries. In the process of ICE raids, the kids and parents get seperated and some never get reunited with thier famil. While other kids had crossed over by themsleves into the US and are now being picked up by immigration.

    • The Ad is from Jan. 29 2014. This is JUNE.

      Don’t you think we’d have heard about the LARGE amount of Illegal Children being collected by the Government sooner? Especially since many have diseases and need doctor care? Hard to keep all this quiet when many people have to take care of such a collection of Children. House them, feed them, etc.

      That’s BS you’re pushing. This is happening right NOW.
      How did the Gov. know back in Jan 29, that in JUNE we’d need these escorts… so many of them that they had to place an ad to recruit MORE than what they already probably have on hand?

      • And I’ll add that this is just an Obama Administration ploy to prey on the Emotions of Low Information People, to press the rest of us to throw our hands in the air and say “I give, let these poor children stay”. boohoo.

        It isn’t going to work. The middle class is already stressed to the extreme with Obamacare, little jobs being created, and HIGHER taxes from just about everything we need and consume. How can we possibly afford to bring uneducated, unassimilated, unhealthy, people into our fold and have them contribute to our tax system? We can’t, that’s the answer. If these people were such a positive force to an economy, like the Economy from where they came from, Why is Mexico such mess? Think about it.

  13. How in H can a two-year old crawl across the border? Easier ’cause they’re small? Crawl under the razor-wire? Or are they easier to dwarf-toss, over the fence?

  14. I’m so sick of agenda-driven nonsense. Firstly, this is a position for moving immigrant children who have likely already been picked up in the U.S. and need to be sent somewhere. Secondly, last time I checked you’re the result of immigration (as am I). Unless you are 100% native american indian, you have no right to speak out against any form of immigration. End of story. Get a life, and stop pushing your ideologies on like-minded and equally ignorant people. It breeds division and studpidity. We need a united and intelligent country… So stop being part of the problem.

    • Except that we have a constitution and laws and a valid pathway to citizenship. Just showing up and demanding services ain’t it.

      • I never said it was. I agree with you that necessay steps must be taken, and that immigration should be conducted in a legal way. My point is that articles like this demonstrate a mindset that immigration, itself, is a terrible thing.

        The reality is that our country is at a point now that the average American thinks him/herself too good to perform low paying (but NECESSARY) jobs. Yet, that same American is too lazy to do the work needed to accomplish the academic and professional steps necessary to enter important fields like medicine and science. So, we have a majority of Americans ignorant to reality, complaining that “immigrants are taking their jobs,” when in fact they are taking each others’ jobs. They are all in the same education and capability bracket where a limited number of jobs exist. If Americans won’t step up to the plate, but foreign citizens are willing to immigrate to America to take on these necessary functions, and keep our society operating, I commend them for doing so.

      • No the article does not promote a mindset that immigration, itself, is a terrible thing. It does promote the mindset that ILLEGAL immigration is a bad thing.

        Get your head outta your but and stop with your condescending attitude about Most Americans mindsets because you personally, don’t have any idea what most of Americans mindset is about ILLEGAL immigration.

        So now America is a “bad” country so we need to open the border for whoever wants to come over can just come over? Is that your contention?
        If so, how weak are you willing to become?

        It doesn’t pay for Americans to take these “low paying” jobs because then it would cut into their welfare payments. Their Section 8 housing would go up.

        Idea!!! Lets stop ILLEGAL immigration and promote LEGAL immigration.
        Lets stop penalizing success and start actually helping those on welfare get off of it. Stop penalizing them for making an effort to better themselves by cutting their payments if they get a job. Why not wait until they have established themselves in the workforce and then start cutting their payments>

        So Mr. Pruett, get off your High Horse and quit being a part of the problem and start becoming part of the solution.

        By the way silly, “ignorant” is not a derogatory word as you use it to be. How about investing in some of that elusive education you speak of.

      • Did I say we should promote illegal immigration? No.
        What I said was that people need to stop getting so caught-up in immigration as an issue. It’s a law enforcement issue, not an immigration-reform issue. The necessary laws to stop illegal immigration already exist (that’s why they are called ILLEGAL immigrants). They only need to be enforced. Articles like this give merit to an agenda for immigration reform as a whole – meaning changing the ability for people to LEGALLY immigrate into this country.
        Also, your argument about section 8 housing and welfare payments is muddying this discussion with social program reform topics (which may also need to be addressed, but are a completely separate matter).
        I’m not on a high horse, I’m on a ledge watching people make decisions about the future of this country based on personal ideology rather than sound and proven logic.
        Also, if I meant ignorant to mean anything other than ignorant, then I would have used another term.
        And don’t assume you know anything about my educational background. I am someone who DID put in the effort to step into the higher education and income bracket.

      • The article does no such thing as to promote an overhaul of the immigration system!! It simply asked the question of why was the Job announcement made and how did they know that the service would be needed when the influx of UACs had not started yet?

        You can gibble gonk all you want to but you inappropriately used the word “Ignorant” as a derogatory instead of the adjective that it is.If you didn’t mean to use it that way then see the next paragraph I write.

        High horse or ledge you have still placed yourself above everyone else and are looking down on them. Obviously, from your writing and ranting, you are certainly no better than anyone else.

        Sound and proven logic? LOL that is a good one. You can not have a free society without personal ideology, logic has nothing to do with it. I hope you are not sitting on that ledge waiting for logic to take over…if so I hope you brought a little more than an overnight bag and a couple of sandwiches.

        I’ll assume to know anything I want about you as long as you assume to know anything about what others think and why they do it.
        You are not my boss and you are certainly not above me in any catagory.

      • While you are very entertaining, this will be the last bit of time I give this pointless argument.
        To assume that mentioning immigration in a political capacity (including the way it is presented in this article) has no impact on proposed and future legislation in immigration reform is dangerous.
        If what this article is hinting at were true, and the Obama Administration is intentionally and/or knowingly creating surges of illegal immigration within the country, what is the end game? Policy reform. One way or another.
        I don’t make my assumptions about the American society blindly (unlike those you seem to be making about me). I make them based on the facts. There are economic gaps in this country that can seriously inhibit our future. For example, there is a serious shortage of medical professionals in this country, and not enough going through the education system today to meet tomorrow’s demands.
        Then, read some articles, take a look at the memes being passed around on social media. It isn’t hard to put the pieces together to come to the conclusions I’ve come to.
        That doesn’t mean that I believe myself to be better than anyone else. I don’t. It’s actually my compassion for people that makes me so angry. Because I want better for everyone, but the people, themselves, are making it harder for better to come.
        So yes, I’m blunt and direct. Perhaps even mean-spirited at times. Not because I’m better than you, but because I want better for you.

      • There isn’t one in fifty thousand of these people that either have the education or want to get the education to become doctors or scientists….they are here for money.. they want to mow your lawn, drive a truck, put on your roof…it’s a better life then they know…they are here for free health care and free child care…they are here for any free crap they can get….they don’t want to learn English or assimilate into the American dream….I’ve lived with, worked with, been associated with illegal aliens for 40 years, the last 20 years of the migration is all about getting what the American government will give them….get off your white horse/ledge/podium….go into a barrio at 3 am and get a burrito…talk to a 3 generation gang member…talk to a 20 year old with 4 kids from 3 dads and all 3 are in jail…they will hand you your ass….your soft, you’ll always be soft….when the harder comes, you will fail…..so, buck up big boy…learn now….If you do go to the barrio at 3 am to get the burrito, please “you tube” it…LOLO

      • I’m an Army Veteran. Soft isn’t how I would describe myself. However, I didn’t fight for this country so that we could be a bunch of bigots that aren’t open to offering real opportunities to people who have the drive to seize them when we won’t. Again, the issues you bring up are law enforcement issues and social programs issues, not immigration reform issues. I agree, if someone is breaking the law or abusing a system, get rid of them (that goes for American citizens as well).

        As for your experience, you have obviously been limited in your exposure to a key demographic. There are plenty of doctors and scientists from Europe and Asia with aspirations to immigrate legally to the United States (and many already have). And to deny that, would be a terrible mistake.Just look at the list of Nobel Prize winners calling the United States their home. Many (if not most) are from other parts of the world, and they immigrated to America to pursue their research and go on to do amazing things.

        And to be clear, AGAIN, I’m not suggesting that we open the gates and let anyone and everyone in. I’m merely saying that immigration is a healthy part of what made our country great, and what will continue to make it great long into the future.

      • You are soft…your words are soft and touchy /feely….there is a black and a white when it comes to breaking the law, immigration law….my demographic lists Vietnamese, Lao,Cambodian,Thai….Airdale…. no worries there…my friends from there have grabbed a big hand full of freedom….ran with it with little government assistance….their kids are thriving…their grandkids are also thriving…..their business and jobs are thriving, all on their own…education is paramount to these friends……..this is purely the influx from the southern borders….that I’m talking about….don’t change the subject…OK…law enforcement issues….enforce them, but the true key to what a soft, liberal, amazingly naive piece of human pontificating blather that you are is encapsulated in your one statement….Where you state that my experience is limited to an exposure in a key demographic…I’m 57 years old….I kissed world war 1 veterans on the cheek….I held World war 2 veterans medals, worked on their stuff (cars etc.) and kissed their cheek and shook their hand….I did the same for Korea veterans, vietnam veterans, gulf…hell all veterans…my exposure to any demographic is very full and continuing to grow….I’m 57…open your eyes, continue to grow,because your typed word makes it is clear that you know so little….I’m out

      • Mr. Pruett has done cut and ran….sound familiar? Most Liberals support that philosophy.

        Truth to them is like sunlight to a vampire

      • And to be clear, AGAIN, I’m not suggesting that we open the gates and let anyone and everyone in.

        Then you’re a bigot. Why are you a bigot, bigot?

      • Glad you are “entertained”. That one statement summarizes and clearly reflects your “holier than thou” attitude. You think that no one can come close to your self proclaimed superior intelligence status and that, Mr Pruett, is your downfall. You have put on the blinders and assume that everything that is six inches in front of your face is the only thing going on in this country, abeit, the world. You simply toe the line and repeat the Liberal war chant as posted to you.
        You assume an awful lot considering your self proclaimed superior intelligence level. If you do indeed make assumptions based on facts then they would not be assumptions now would they?
        You are trying to spin the big lie too fast, so fast that you can’t keep up.

        With your superior education and remarkable research skills you have surely come across the articles that talked about the porous border to the south and the promise that it would be fixed? You also would have read the news reports of the DOJ suing the state of Arizona along with Sheriff Arpaio for taking border security into their own hands.
        If your research is as thorough as you indicate then your impeccable assumption skills would surely have come up with the assumption conclusion that, yes, it does appear that there is a concerted effort to initiate Policy reform, especially when assumed in conjunction with Obamas “have pen and phone, will travel” attitude about his willingness to bypass congress and laws in order to get the desired results.

        To insinuate that those that come across the borders are coming here to be medical professionals is a stretch that even Dr. Suess would not attempt.
        Bottom line is they are illegal immigrants and not legal immigrants. They have committed a crime that would result in death if they had crossed many borders through-out the world. They have crossed this border in such increasing numbers and sent their unattended children here for one reason and one reason only; they believe that Obama and the Congress is going to give them amnesty.

        You seem like a pretty decent guy, misguided but decent, so how about you take the blinders off, lower your gaze a bit and see what the rest of the world sees. This is reality and the country as a whole will suffer the consequences of this action being played out at our southern border unless something is done about it and with some sort of urgency.

      • We came to this country 10 years ago. Before we were even granted an H1B Visa, the job that my husband was applying for had to be advertised for a certain amount of time to make sure that there was no American with the necessary skills that wanted the job in his place. After it was established that nobody with the necessary qualifications existed, we had a to wait several months for a visa to be issued, because the allotment for that year had already been used up. We spent a day at the US Embassy in London, queuing in the rain to get the necessary visas put into our passports. When we finally arrived and my husband started work we were paying taxes from the beginning. We applied for our Green cards as soon as we could, a process which took almost 3 years. 5 years after receiving our green cards we could apply for citizenship which we did. We became citizens in the fall of 2012. Each one of these steps cost us a lot of money and time. How much easier it would have been to just sneak into the country and demand that they give citizenship to us. You need to have the education before you arrive so that you already have something to give to society, not expect this country to provide that for you.

      • Before we were even granted an H1B Visa, the job that my husband was applying for had to be advertised for a certain amount of time to make sure that there was no American with the necessary skills that wanted the job in his place.

        And even that is a scam.

        But I applaud you for doing things the right way.

      • I have to say that my husband doesn’t do his job for less than half of what they would pay an American to do it. He gets paid the same as an American would get paid to do the same job. There was just a shortage of people in his particular field when we came over here and a boom in the particular industry. It was nothing to do with the company saving money by employing a foreigner, although I am sure that does happen in some cases.

      • Well said and welcome to America.

        Where I previously worked, they did hire a lot of foreign workers in the skilled professions. The reason was that the jobs were posted at below market pay rates and that is why no skilled American workers applied for the jobs. When you have student loans from an expensive American university and a mortgage at American property costs, you can’t afford to take a job making less that market rate and won’t take it if you can find the going rate elsewhere.

        It’s not a case of Americans being lazy as the guest speaker said. It is a matter that it is expensive to live in America.

      • Your statement that “…articles like this demonstrate a mindset that immigration, itself, is a terrible thing,” is absolutely untrue. Such a shame that you believe it. Conservatives are for LEGAL immigration, welcome it, and think it is wonderful.

      • And in fact, right before Bush left office, he signed real immigration reform that focused on legal immigration. He signed visa waiver agreements with countries that were allied with us and working to combat terrorism. I know because I worked on advocacy for it and received correspondence about it from the White House. I have a letter dated on the same day that President Bush signed the agreement with Latvia. I don’t know if he signed all of the agreements before he left, but I know of some he signed. President Obama never honored them. What President Bush was doing was using our true legal path to immigration, making the path a little easier for those who were working with us, and giving an incentive for countries to work with us against terrorism.

    • I’m so sick of agenda-driven nonsense.

      And yet you couldn’t resist posting your own agenda-driven nonsense. And boy did you pull out a whopper, lol.

    • No one has a problem with legal immigration carried out according to policies designed to benefit our country. What people object to is government complicity with illegal immigration en masse with the goal of paying off a constituency that supported elected officials making these decisions in the last election. You need to stop being so naive.

    • I don’t know about YOUR parents/families, but mine ALL came here LEGALLY, so I have every right to speak out against ILLEGAL behavior. They should apply to come here legally and wait in line just like the thousands already in line to come here legally. So stop ‘pushing’ and ‘condoning’ illegal behavior.

  15. Mexico’s southern border is as tight as Russia’s, so why all of a sudden did Mexico open a corridor for them, yeah Obama, I suppose that radio ad had noting to do with it. Mexico has a tight Southern Border, strange they open a corridor when these buses come through.

    Texas is supposed to be sending part of the Texas Army along with DPS agents, but I doubt enough from Brownsville to El Paso. Easy to stop them from coming in at border cities, such as McAllen into Reynosa. These buses have food and water.

    • Sending DPS does nothing to relieve the Border Patrol Agents. ALL illegal aliens apprehended by them are just turned over to the Border Patrol. The BP already can’t handle the incoming flow, so they will just have to take more agents out of the field to process the new apprehensions. The only true answer is to take away the incentives to cross illegally by returning them and punishing the repeat offenders. Stop giving de facto amnesty!

      • They want to prevent them from crossing the border; they are only turned over to border patrol after they are on US soil. The aim is to keep them from getting onto US soil….turning them back at the border.

      • I saw on the local news last night, 500 more DPS agents have reached the border and have protected housing close by should they prefer not to drive longer distances. It was reported that in excess of 20,000 Texans are signing up to become DPS Border agents. Those who are already there are currently official DPS Officers. They’ve brought in several surveillance helicopters and two drones to add to the ones down there. A big part of their work is to turn them back before they cross, they also have the right to arrest and detain. Not to mention, they watch over homes and farms to ensure there are no illegals around.

  16. I may not be a liberal (or conservative). But all we are getting is paranoia from both sides. I’m shaking my head at all of you. Join the 3rd party. We need it.

    • Third parties divide one-or-the-other of the two dominant parties, usually not both, guaranteeing the other dominant party will always win. This is handing power over permanently to one group. Bad idea.

      • Not necessarily. A 3rd party is becoming more and more possible, People need to ban together and use it. Otherwise we have no right to complain.

      • Unfortunately, a 3rd party will take away ONLY conservative votes, which the democrats are hoping for. They (the democrats) even helped one 3rd party candidate get on the ballot in one east coast State and cost the republicans the Governor’s office, by dividing the conservative vote. The democrats do NOT divide their vote, so if you want more democratic rule , then by all means vote 3rd party. Then YOU will have no reason to complain because every 3rd party vote will be to blame for the loss.

    • Sooo … how do you explain that in years previous, there’s been 3,000 – 5,000 unescorted children who have crossed the border, but there’s been at least 65,000 just since October of last year? And reports from some of them that TV, radio and other media in Central America has been telling people that the US borders are now open?

      And how in the world are children, including toddlers and infants, getting across the Mexican southern border, somehow making it across the entire expanse of Mexico, and then across our border with no help?

      One does not need a tin foil hat to see that something really hinky is going on.

      • I’m talking about the conversation, not this situation. I totally agree with you. I think the parents of these children should be forced to give up their parental rights for gross negligence and abandonment.

      • This is a reaction to the DREAM Act or it’s incarnations around the US. The families have figured out the newest loophole and took the risk.

        ICE/Homeland Security was correct to have an RFI/RFP open to source a vendor to escort these minors back. Even if it was only 300 kids, they still would need to find an efficient way to move these kids.

    • Your threat to any President to lynch him is most likely a federal offense. You, Walter, are probably a troll that writes offensively for the fun of it. I oppose Obama’s policies, but anyone saying he should be lynched needs to stay out of this forum.

      • Perhaps you fail to understand that “freedom of speech” is a limited “right.” You may not libel anyone. You may not lie under oath. You may not use certain words during broadcasts. You may not threaten a judge, an elected official and certainly NOT the President.

      • Lying and bearing false witness, unfortunately–not only for us as a people but for the person who tells the lie, is something for which most every President could be condemned. We Conservatives believe Obama is a liar, has an agenda which is contrary to the good of America, and that he has no conscience regarding lying, is a given. Throwing the Democrats out of office on November 4th is a privilege, a duty and an honor.

      • Oh yes, Obama can do whatever he wants. It’s only the rest of us who have to follow the laws.

    • Where do I sign up? Nothing would give me more pleasure. I would feel like a hero, helping my country that way.

  17. There have been UAC arriving at our borders for years. You didn’t hear about it because up until this point there were enough foster homes to care for these children while they were in temporary custody.

  18. Let the children come, how desperate those mother’s must be, to let their babies go alone! Let them come, let us raise them and train them and there will be much good come from this kind unselfish act. I wish I lived closer so I could help, I would drive them for free. May God bless these dear orphan children.

    • I also feel it must be hard for these families to send the children and my heart goes out to them. But the reason the parents are doing this is because they are under the impression that the children can hold a place for the whole family- that if the children are here when the amnesty law passes, then the entire family can then come and be granted citizenship. I don’t know if our government told them that or not, but that’s what they are reporting to believe. It’s been a huge problem for the people working to stop the trafficking industry because a lot of the children have been getting picked up by the wrong people and getting into dangerous situations, especially human trafficking. Amidalanut’s comment below is missing the reality of the situation. I’m talking with people in trafficking work, with the school system, and with ESL. This is not the normal influx into our borders. There is definitely a sudden surge.

      • Could there possibly be any other reason in which Obama would invite all these children to the USA (other than to destroy the USA even further)?

        Is he trying to give these children reprieve from repressive conditions in Mexico (meaning reprieve from the drug cartels, the gangs and shootings/killings over drugs/drug trade)?

        Is he doing it for some other reason, like to unjustly beef up the future registration of Democrat voters (especially when they learn politics later on)?

        Has everyone heard the good news? The South Dakota GOP passed a resolution to impeach Obama!!!!! Yeah!!! Here’s the link to the article: http://conservativetribune.com/sd-gop-impeach-obama/

    • sorry but they are not orphan children. they are one more weapon being used to destroy america. i really loved the one i saw where they say a 6 years old walked 1500 miles to the u.s. if that kid walked 15 miles a day, he would have had to leave central america when he was 4 years old. it would average to around 1000 day trip.

      • If any of them walked 1,000 miles, I’ll eat my hat. They look too well nourished, dressed and rested. And the big question, how did they make it from one end of Mexico to the other without being stopped by Mexican authorities?

      • Usually they ride ontop of trains the entire distance.

        The only way i can see this happening is if the parents went with them all the way to the northern Mexican/southern American border.

        From there, they are probably turned over to specialists (maybe govt. agents who are paid off) who get them inside the border.

        After that it is easy cruising because they know to look for border patrol because they know the message that Obama gave their parents: go to border patrol agents who must ESCORT them nicely to safe havens where and for which they will be fed and completely cared.

      • The millions of $$ the US is sending there SHOULD take care of them. But instead they are being sent here, so we can spend additional millions of $$ taking care of them here. God only knows what the money we send to these other countries is being used for. But what difference does it make? We’ve got plenty of money, right? God help us.

    • The mothers are sending them to relatives in America because American law requires the children to be sent to relatives inside America instead of back to their own country. The children can then become American citizens and then send for their mothers back home.

    • They aren’t orphan children! They are pawns being used to violate our immigration laws, and it is shameful to use children this way! These young ones don’t know what is happening to them, and must miss their parents WHO ARE NOT DEAD! And they don’t all have relatives here, or the government wouldn’t be looking for foster parents or escorts.

    • What kind of mother subjects her child to this? By the way, if a child has a parent, he or she is not an orphan. These aren’t puppies, you special little snowflake.

    • Maybe you can give us your address and we will send all the criminals to live with you. Save us so much money in taxes.

    • Awe, their poor parents, my A%^. They will chain migrate them over here you moron. I’m compassionate and caring, but I’m not appreciative of an invasion of poor, illegal, non-assimilating, future gang members, who will be supported by Mr. and Mrs. American taxpayer. Wake up!

    • C’mon man! This declining nation can’t raise and train our own unwanted surplus population of big city young-uns who barely know how to spell their own name. Unless of course by raise and train then you mean prison and/or the military. That’s their future. It’s a wonder our big city youths don’t head down to El Salvador and Honduras to escape Detroit, Chicago and the like.
      Heeey, maybe I’m on to something..

      • Well . . . a lot of baby boomers and others are choosing to retire south of the border for a cheaper quality of life which is not such a bad idea except for the endemic diseases down there. They just had a bad incurable outbreak in St Martins.

      • “incurable outbreak” How can that be? Libs have been telling us for decades that everyone else on earth has terrific health care except for us!

    • They are not orphans! Where are you getting this crap from? They have parents and in most cases the parents have come here with them. There will be no good from bringing all the millions of children around the globe to this country. It will make our own children much more poverty stricken and stretch the resources of this nation to the breaking point. If you want to help them so much, why don’t you go down to central America and raise them and train them? You say you wished you lived closer, well move closer. If you really feel that strongly about it and aren’t just a troll stirring things up, there is nothing to stop you.

  19. …. send me evidence that this is not an orchestrated invasion ….

    And that The Moon is made of cheese?

    And the Pope’s a pagan?

    • Idiot. Try to think two steps ahead please, and take off your tinfoil hat. It’s starting to collect interference from all the radio waves buzzing around just above your head.

  20. There is a group called Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights who specializes in counselling immigration attorneys on how to get around the law and fight for illegals to be able to stay in the country. They have a new manual for attorneys dealing with unaccompanied illegal minors. Guess who put it together? Sidley Austin LLP. This is the law firm at which Michelle and Barrack Obama met. In fact, he’s pulled from that law firm to fill various staff and other positions in his administration. Google “Obama connection to Sidley Austin still strong” for a chart on just how many people from this firm now work in our government. It’s appalling how deep this rabbit hole is.

  21. I wouldn’t be surprised if these kids become “anchor babies” which then allow for all the parents to get into the USA legally once the kids are all made American citizens!

  22. When did Americans/people on this page become so cold hearted and selfish that even a child in the most desperate of situations cannot touch their compassion. God will judge our failure to help those in need.
    Americans eat well, live well, have what they want, but I guess to share that, even if it is with a tiny helpless child, its too much. Well, someday you will reap what you sow, The Bible is clear on that. Instead of helping, instead of extending the hand of compassion, you whine and complain and show hatred, why?, because you have to share food or a bed or a place for a child to be safe!!! As if it were the child’s fault! What shame is upon you! I am ashamed of you, God is ashamed of you, as Americans YOU FAIL HUMANITY!!!

    • this is not about supporting the children, this is about the underhanded way Obama started this invasion when we are so broke that we can not pay our on bills.It gripes me that you would see it as anything other than what it is….

      • Why are we broke? Millions to Pakistan, Millions to abort our children, Millions to Africa where the people in power kept it and bought mansions and expensive autos for themselves. Millions to our enemies Al Quiada with guns and ammo. Millions to Afghanistan. 7 Million for our pres to take a vacation and millions for his wife to vacation in Brazil. The list is endless….. Our gov keeps us broke because of extravagant spending on foreign countries and foolish spending. Wake UP but don’t blame these innocent children. put your blame where it belongs.

      • We need to pay the unemployed people who were kicked off unemployment last December and who are losing their homes and cars BEFORE we pay for illegal aliens. If after we spend 4 billion on securing illegal alien rights 60 per cent of them stay in our country why not just let them all loose anyway? It isn’t worth it. Just don’t make them citizens and they cannot drain us on social security, wicks, school, college free housing or obamacare. We could just stop throwing money at the problem like as always do!

      • What unemployed people? According to the Obama Labor Dept there aren’t any. Haven’t you been keeping up with the jobless numbers? They are dropping like a rock. FYI, the courts have ruled that these immigrants do not have to be citizens to collect welfare, food stamps, SS, free housing or any other government benefits. In some cases the courts have also declared it unconstitutional for them to be denied drivers licenses, which in most states is all you need to show to be able to vote. So “just let them all loose” will further deplete our resources and increase our debt and our deficits. I’m glad that works for you, but it doesn’t work for me.

      • These children are all alone and desperate and all YOU can do is blame the parents. I am PROUD to be a “bleeding heart” as you say for these little kids.
        In your past you will find how YOUR family migrated here. Now, you selfishly appose those who need help. Shows what you are! Cold, malicious, and just plain mean.
        The Bible says if we show mercy, we shall obtain mercy, we will reap what we sow. I would not want to be in your shoes!!!

      • They are not all alone. The BP has said that only 20% are all alone and most of those are not “little kids” but very big kids in their older teenage years. My fanily did get help when they came here. There were no govt freebies back then. People had to earn their way, not just walk in and get stuff handed to them, not even the kids.

      • If you’re not outright lying, then you’re a hypocrite. How many of these teenage illegal invaders are you supporting? Get off the holier-than-thou routine, you’re not fooling anyone.

    • Americans eat well, live well, have what they want?? Are you kidding me? Start looking around you please. Maybe in your neighborhood that’s true but we have millions of American born children starving and living in squalor in cities like Obama’s own Chicago. Our own house (America) is in ruins & My God told me to take care of it before giving away billions to others. America has a responsibility to our own that because of misleading media and their failure to report actual truth, we are failing miserably! Do you know current stats on below poverty orphans, families, veterans and Seniors right her in our own country? Both Discernment and Mercy are ACTs that we are all individually commanded to perform not just reprimand others to do!
      And on another note, My God is gracious and loving and will work with His people individually. I don’t see how spewing a human version of His supposed disgust in the name of indignity is righteous and rooted in faith. Romans 3:23 / For ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, Blessings…

      • Dear NavyLadyAdvocate: I understand this! Huge sums-billions-millions of dollars spent on foreign countries, (to people that hate us and would kill us at the drop of a hat)!!! While our own ship is sinking. I understand this. Obama gives billions to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa (where the leaders just keep it and build mansions for themselves and let their people starve), Millions to planned Parenthood (who hand out weak birth control pills and cheapest condoms so they can get more money from the girls that will get pregnant from this deceit). Spending our tax money (against our will) for abortions that kill our babies here and overseas. Spending our money frivolously, such as building bridges to nowhere (actual) or millions on the sex life of the testee fly! Yet refusing to even pay our desperate unemployed the unemployment compensation they deserve.
        The American people VOTE THESE IDIOTS IN!!! WHY???/
        But in no way should it stand in the way of our compassion to other desparate peoples such as these children.
        ONCE our ancestors needed help, once we came as immigrants, learn compassion (the act of doing a kindness for nothing in return).

      • I don’t have answers to most of those questions I DID NOT vote for most of the incompetent politicians that ‘serve us’ The media has served merely spoils & poison for a very long time and Americans have accepted it… We can be compassionate without permanently moving 65000+ more illegals into our country. We can compassionately bathe them, feed them, medicate them where needed and then give them proper escorts as we turn around and fly them hometo their own countries/homeland safely into the arms of their parents/guardians. We don’t have to accept the lifelong responsibility for them and whoever comes with them. (and the unfortunate consequences that they will likely blindly VOTE for more idiots like those who brought them here because of empty promises they can’t see through)

      • Where did you study history ACTS? When our ancestors came over here there was no one standing at the entrance giving out free cash and free food and free clothing and free housing and free medical care. They all, adults and children alike, had to work their tails off to earn those things. As for the “desperate unemployed” according to the Labor department, there aren’t hardly any of them left because the jobless rate continues to plummet.

      • I think you should go to Church before it is too late, eternity is a long time to burn. However, it would give one time to think.

    • ACTS, Charity begins at home and our home is the US, not Central America. And iif all of these people are soooo poor, how could they afford to pay between $5000 and $10000 a person to be smuggled in here? Maybe they aren’t so poor after all.

    • ICYMI, BP agents are reporting that only 20% of the “children” are not accompanied by an adult relative. And most of that 20% are not the little children the libs have everyone thinking they are but are older teenagers who have reached or are about to reach the age of adulthood. The BP are also complaining about their people who work in the detention centers getting contagious diseases such as MRSA & scabies and lice that these people are bringing into this country and now these things are coming to a neighborhood near you. The reason this is not well known about is because this administration has severely restricted and even completely prohibited the reporters & Congressmen and other officials from examining the detention centers. Maybe you do not mind your own children being exposed to these things but most of the other parents in this country do. We are not being hateful, just considering the health and safety of our own first & foremost. After the hateful things you have accused us of and judged us harshly with, don’t be so sure God isn’t ashamed of you too.

    • You fail common sense. HOW MANY ILLEGAL INVADERS HAVE YOU TAKEN IN? These children are old enough to be raping and murdering. Should we feed the world when people are starving in our streets? You blind moron, I’ve got some ocean front property in Idaho to sell you.

  23. I want you to face the fact, that there is NO ONE in America who is NOT an immigrant or a descendent of an immigrant!
    Except for the Native Americans, and we took everything from them didn’t we?

    • No “WE” didn’t take anything! Maybe ancestors did but not ME!!! Please stop blaming others for things our ancestors did!

    • Didn’t the natives also migrate here? Via the the Bering Strait.
      I think you’re gonna have to supply a cut-off date.
      You know, 300B.C. – 12 B.C. – 550 A.D. Etc., etc., etc.
      How about we let the lawyers hash it out..

    • i was born and raised on American soil so i disagree with this statement .. My familly also was born and raised also .. so not everyone is an immigrant!! Get your facts straight.. Not everyone is an immigrant and came from somewhere else!!

      • Sorry Necole, but we all came, except for the Native Am, off the boat of old Columbus. We are all descendents of immigrants in some way.

      • Au Contraire! Even the Indians were immigrants from Eurasia who came across to the North American continent via the land bridge which once existed where we now have the Bering Strait.

      • Everyone in the world has immigrants for ancestors. Necole is saying that “she” herself is not an immigrant. Neither am I.

        noun: immigrant; plural noun: immigrants
        a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.
        I haven’t come to this country, I was born here. I think Necole was, also
        Get back to the discussion. Quit trying to divert with hyperbole.

    • You mean we took everything from them like they took everything from their brothers and sisters in other tribes? They are not innocent by any means. They grabbed land, murdered, raped and did whatever it took to wipe out their rival tribes. Read your history.
      And, I agree with Necole…I am NOT an immigrant. My ancestors were, but not me. Born and raised in what used to be the good ol’ USA.

      • I believe if U read UR history, you will find that in someway or other you have ancestors that came over on a boat. Try looking at Columbus or possibly England (remember the tea party?). Check if your ancestors came by way of the statue of Liberty on Ellis Island as so many did. As far as the native Americans go, it was STILL their land to do with as they pleased, & we slaughtered them/destroyed them for this land, undeniable fact.

    • They took everything from the natives before them and so on. Nothing new, no reason for guilt.. This is historical fact.

  24. This has nothing to do with the pagan indians but an planned, illegal invasion by Barack Hussein. Really, get over it… every body comes from someplace else. This is now a nation called America at least until Barack changed it to the USSA!

    • i was born and raised on American soil so i disagree with this statement .. My familly also was born and raised also .. so not everyone is an immigrant!! Get your facts straight

      • Don’t bet on it. I may happen after he is out of office but these “secrets” always are revealed.

      • Maybe but nothing will be done then either!!! I hate to say he may rvre leave office.. Even if we vote him out how will you ever get him to leave?? He has his Muslim brothers in place. He has his UN in place.. He has part of if not all of the Military.. He has one third of the country eating out of his hand!!! We may not ever get him to leave!!! We the People haveno Leader at all.. So until we get a Leader We the People are doomed!!!

      • Maybe but by then it will be all forgoten & to late!! Like all the the rest of this mess!! They will not do anything to him now, what will anyone do to him then???

  25. Mostly I have seen fit young muscular men in their late teens or early twenties with a few children and mothers sprinkled in between. Describing the militarily fit youth as ‘children’ is a blatant lie, which then leads to motive. There can be no good motivation for this invasion. I had to leave so many phenomenal opportunities behind in Europe and flee to the USA to avoid recruitment in a proto terrorist organisation associated with a close relative, and have taken a lotta lotta abuse in New York for it. No hand holding, no awards, no support, just a hard grind and very ugly experiences, so while I think the children should receive optimum care, the ‘touchy feely’ message about potential jihadists does not sit easy with me.

  26. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s not a covert op actually providing transportation and sustenance to these invaders, in which we are paying for. You can’t make this stuff up. You can only realize under a quasi-Marxist/Oligarch-controlled country, like the U.S.

  27. Hmmmmmmmm! THE LIMBAUGH THEOREM !
    ___Obama, through his disastrous policies of gutting the enforcement of immigration laws through unlawful usurped authority in unlawful executive orders; the suspending of workplace enforcement and deportation of illegals working in the U.S.; the intimidation of state and local governments by the DOJ with lawsuits when the states try try to enforce their own laws that shadow U.S. LAW, has created this porous border crisis. Furthermore, Obama’s policy of releasing thousands of violent illegal aliens insanely into our population instead of sending them packing across the border under the ridiculously stretched and abused definition of “Prosecutorial-discretion” is defacto amnesty for violent gang members like “MS-13” to evade law enforcement and never to be seen again until they are arrested for killing someone, gang and drug related activities, the border has become porous for the influx of gangs and drug organizations, and it’s all Obama’s fault.

    ___After illegally superceding immigration laws passed by Congress, making ICE agents catch and release illegals has made the border virtually porous compelling illegals to come in droves. The illegal scoff-law Executive Orders have set us up for the present border avalanche of illegals to be let into the country, and not processed, and sent back, or, not allowed to enter initially as the laws passed by Congress require.

    ERGO: If the ICE agents had simply enforced the laws, and not Obama’s unlawful orders, we wouldn’t have the border problem we see today.

  28. American Indians have their own schools and land
    Is that “Segregation” ?
    The opposite of “Segregation” is forced integration at gunpoint
    Forced Integration is White genocide
    “Segregation” is the excuse used to carry it out

    If someone were to say that “Segregation” was a “Problem” in American Indian schools and the Final Solution was to force integrate them with random racial groups…
    “Segregation” would be recognized as an excuse for genocide
    Why is “Segregation” only used as an excuse to commit White genocide ?

    • American Indians have their own schools and land because the US made a treaty with them when they came here and duped them out of their land.. Then on top of that… didn’t live up to their end of the bargain. Perhaps you missed that lesson at that Klan school you attended!

      • Not all of them were duped out of their land. Most of the time what they were paid or traded for the land was the fair market value of the land at that time. The cost of land was much cheaper back then. It was often even given away just to get people to settle it.

      • Wait… how can they still have their own schools and land if the US government duped them out of it? Sounds to me like you’re just trying justify them having SOMEWHERE to call a home while at the same time justifying white genocide. Why are you anti-white? “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  29. This is pretty amazing stuff. But it’s not on NBC, Yahoo, Huffington Post, Bloomberg, et. al., only on the less mainstream sites. Hmmm. It really is news and I don’t see what they’ve got to lose by trying to put their own spin on it.

  30. From someone who has worked within the enforcement of U.S. Immigration Law for the past 15 years, Here’s a rather simplistic approach. PAY MEXICO TO STOP PEOPLE FROM ILLEGALLY CROSSING THEIR BORDER INTO THE UNITED STATES. Goes something like this: Give them a quarterly check for 1-2 Billion to have their Army patrol their border (Publicly or privately…who cares!) This will lead to massive cost savings to the United States in the end. Word will get out in Mexico and in Central America that if you are caught trying to cross into the United States by Mexican authorities it will not be pleasant, and crossing will diminish in a rapid pace. If we are going to pay to stop this, let do it as efficiently as possible. I’m sure the Mexican government could come up with a number that will work for them. Don’t you think? Sorry Barrack, but this will put a damper on your illegal voter drive you have running now!

    • Oh yes.. How do you stop corrupt Mexicans.. by giving them more money! The drug cartels would have a field day with this “brilliant” idea! Please.. give us more!

    • Here’s a better idea; keep the money here in America by using the National Guard (their name isn’t an accident, you know) to patrol the border.

  31. Regarding my earlier post…Economist.com study shows the cost per year of enforcing the Mexican Border is currently running at about 18 Billion. So the 1-2 Billion quarterly IS a cost savings, even without considering the post illegal entry costs.

  32. West, you’re nothing but a stinking carpetbagging war criminal. All you do is spew hate.
    Signed: Someone you completely misrepresented in Congress between 2011 and 2013.

    • You’re nothing, but a lame troll who can’t debate on the thread, but assault people’s character. You completely misrepresent someone who is intelligent.

      • I am far from a lame troll.
        I live in Florida’s 22nd and this piece of excrement did nothing but misrepresent me and the voters in my district. This man is actually hated in this district. That’s why he had to carpetbag his way to a district 2 districts over from where he lives and truth be told, if he actually ran in his own district, Debbie Wasserman Schultz would beat him like a dirty rug. And because he won’t go head to head with the woman he has so much to say about and hatred for, he shows he actually has NO BALLS!

        So, go f yourself “patriot”.

      • As for the short bus riding DWS she can’t handle money let alone a job.
        You exist in Florida under a bridge. Just like you, your opinions are not worth anything to any of us.

        So go play in traffic as that is all you are worth

      • You do nothing to change anyone’s mind. You just call names and cast insults.

        You are toxic as they come.

      • Do you think I really care what you lemmings think of me?
        West is garbage and so are his followers.

      • Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Oh please, that woman is a dolt. I can tell by your post that you have no good judgemental capabilities.

      • So why doesn’t your “steadfast and loyal hero” have the balls to go head to head against her, seeing as he actually lives in her district and not in the FL 21, FL 22, or FL 18. Why run to represent people you don’t actually represent and never have and ignore your own district?
        As for my capabilities and judgement, I wouldn’t live in your glass house and throw that brick. You support an irrational carpetbagging war criminal.

      • Why don’t you stick to the discussion? Your personal feelings about the author are not part of this discussion. NO ONE CARES! Is that so hard to understand?

      • A wonder you can even type that in with your lips so firmly planted on OB’s backside. How do you even see the screen?

      • Another proud neo fascist for West.
        The guy complains about being left on a plantation and just to prove it, moves from Georgia to a city named Plantation.

      • I don’t think you even know what neo fascist is. I don’t think you know what fascist or fascism is. You’re just another piece of garbage posting trash on your Obama phone while collecting a government paycheck.

      • Thank you for proving my point.
        “You’re just another piece of garbage posting trash on your Obama phone while collecting a government paycheck.”
        And you’re a worthless piece of excrement who wraps himself in the flag and whistles Yankee Doodle out his bunghole.

      • I can’t vote for her. She neither lives in my district nor does she represent it. This is what all of you out of the area and out of state supporters of this war criminal refuse to understand. He is so afraid of challenging her that he had to go looking for a district he could win easily. Well, he won the 22nd the second time around because of the TEA Party wave of 2010 (he lost in 2008) and because he was able to get enough people to believe the lie that he cares more about Israel than his Jewish opponent. Then when his Republican buddies redrew his district, he knew he didn’t have a chance. So he tried to win in a very red district even farther from his own district. And he lost.
        So I repeat, this isn’t about who I would vote for, it’s about West’s lack of balls. And honor.

  33. Allen,

    Time to remove the tin foil.

    If the problem of unaccompanied immigrant children had never existed before, that January job/contractor posting would be suspicious in the way all of the right wing sites breathlessly posting about it imply.

    Yet again, reality rears it’s ugly head to chill the fever dreams of the right.

    In the fiscal year year ending September 2013, there were 39,000 unaccompanied immigrant children apprehended by immigration officials. That was a 60% increase over the previous year, and 142% over FY 2011. An administration wanting to ensure that resources were available to deal with the situation might assume that the numbers would increase by about 60% again, and make arrangements accordingly. 39,000 * 1.6 = 62,400, miraculously close to the 65,000 minor immigrants referenced in the posting.

    So rather than evidence of some planned invasion reflecting a conspiracy by the Obama administration, it is instead just another example of a competent administration doing its job.

    You’re a former congressman, shouldn’t you know this kind of stuff?

    • New disgus account for the troll, I see. Yes, this Obama, Democrat plan was getting out of hand and they realized something would be needed as the word was out. The illegal children and ADULTS and as well as the MS13 gangs start streaming into the US around 2012 after Obama’s decision in 2012 not to deport so-called dreamers — young adults
      brought to the country illegally as children — has led more families to
      hope for similar treatment. The dunce president finally takes action on something and look what he causes. I believe we should encourage him to golf more since when he finally does open his mouth, look what a mess he creates. You are the one with a tin foil hat and blinders on as well. Get a job for someone and a political party that at least has some honor and respect for the US.

      • No troll, I just don’t frequent this site.

        Yes, this Obama, Democrat plan was getting out of hand and they realized something would be needed as the word was out.

        If you want to believe your little crazy conspiracy theory, go for it.

    • and why the sharp increases since 2011? Oh that’s right, b/c Obama and this administration keeps preaching amnesty and “dreamers”. Come on, you honestly don’t fault this administration for starting the ball rolling on this? Wake up! This is a Democrat’s dream!

    • And the fact that every credible news outlet has been reporting on this “crisis” since Oct of 2013. They should have posted that they needed assistance then and not wait until Jan. 2014!

  34. Allen what are you talking about. It says they were asking for transpo for these kids in Jan and it has been going on for over a month. Picture show the kids getting off of buses and planes. And they are in the detention centers in Texas and Az. Read the request form..

  35. Hey Alley: Guess you didnt get past the first paragraph which states: has a continuing and mission critical
    responsibility for accepting custody of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) from
    U.S. Border Patrol and other Federal agencies and transporting these juveniles
    to Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) shelters located throughout the
    continental United States.

    So like Captain Kirk, this is a continuing mission……… Nice red herring however. Stoke that base bro, stoke that base.

    • So you’re an idiot that actually thinks this sudden surge had nothing to do with this administration touting amnesty to Central American and Mexico? And it’s just a coincidence that, last year, Obama started ordering ICE, Border Patrol, and local law enforcement to stop asking for proof of citizenship when detaining someone and actively deporting illegals caught. Hell, unless the immigrant was a harden felon, this administration wants them to stay. Obama is a traitor and is not a true American. He wants to see this country crumble so he and the other Liberals can build it into their progressive utopia. All the Left are anti-American traitors!

      • Sudden surge? — these numbers have been increasing year over year since 2011.
        No longer checking for proof of citizenship? Comical. Not only do they check at the border but there are numerous places where they check well within the US boundaries to find those who do not cross at border crossings.
        Drop the sticky icky. Its cooking your brain dude.

      • You moron, when you put out an advertisement like Obama did using the word “Escort” what does that tell everyone thinking of coming here? That’s right, it says WE will ESCORT them like a coyote does in Arizona and it is ILLEGAL to do that. But if the US Government does it IT’S OK right? If BOTH party’s are guilty of it, why is it you seem to only care about one that does when you should be criticizing BOTH regardless, placing more of your anger at THE ONE DOING IT RIGHT NOW! The excuse you use for the republicans did it has been noted, SO WHAT! THEY AIN’T THE ONES DOING IT NOW and WE swept in a Democratic Majority in both houses to not only stop bush but to IMPEACH HIM AND PELOSI TABLED IT! SO YEAH, IT WAS THE LEFT ENABLING EVERYTHING BACK THEN ALSO!

      • Is THAT the best you got son? Good Grief you’re an amateur. Gee whats next, bw1,,, ya gonna tell me my mother wears army boots? Or is it possible you could muster something more intelligent to say?

    • So they are expecting 65000 kids annually now? That’s how I read it.
      Would it not be cheaper to, I don’t know, secure the border? They aren’t coming here because they saw a freaking taco bell commercial that said run for the border. They’re coming here because El Presidente made his decree about not 2 years ago.
      And why do they call it homeland security if they’ve shown that they aren’t interested in security?

      • These numbers have been increasing year over year since 2011. I would predict they should expect > 90K next year given the trends
        Border Security: great point — they should secure the border — the fact it was not locked down 9/11/2001 and stayed locked down ever since means its nothing but a political move on both parties. This is a red herring. Neither party will do anything since this is their influx of new voters. Look at the demographics.

    • Yes we know all about the law Obama is taking advantage of so that he can take advantage of we the tax payers. I doubt when this law was written they would have taken someone like Obama into account however to use the laws against us the way he is and so smug mindless morons like you who think we got money to burn can make your butt stupid remarks sitting in your moms trailer on welfare and food stamps. By the way,, Mr, Generosity,, how many of these children have YOU taken in? Why not?

      • Mom’s trailer on welfare and food stamps — far from it dude.
        How many have I taken in? None. None of these people are related to me and if took them in I would be breaking the law given that they are here illegally.
        Time to hit your meds. Beat it.

  36. For all those who think this kind of offer from the government is expected: Well, it isn’t! We should not be in the business of escorting those wishing to ILLEGALLY ENTER INTO OUR COUNTRY! Good grief dufus! Do you escort the bank robber to the bank so he can hold up the teller? NO! This action by OUR derelict government is INVITING those who wish to commit a crime of illegal entry! Those of you who wish to spin this as something “humanitarian” need some serious help! You’ve been inhaling the formaldahyde this government excretes way too much!

  37. Is this a good thing? Tax payers paying for daycare costs of other countries children?
    That’s exactly what it is.
    Who pays your day care costs, again?

    Are we creating jobs or creating more national debt? Think about that one.

    Anyone who thinks this is a good thing is NUTS

  38. Brother you aren’t wearing a tinfoil hat. Maybe some should ditch the rose colored glasses and see the emperor indeed has no clothes.

  39. Advertising to engage escorts or chaperons six months ago would certainly indicate that the “sudden surge” of immigrant children was the result of a fairly well planned conspiracy rather than a spontaneous flood of children refuges fleeing terrible conditions in their home countries. Looks like this is the quickest way to widen the voter base of the Cult of the Progressive Liberal Democrat.

    • No.. what it looks like is that you’ll believe anything you read on the internet! This “crisis” has been brewing since Oct. 2013.. google it if you care about truth. Don’t, if you only care about hate and wallowing in lies, deception and divisiveness!

      • LOL, you just called the entire right wing “Religious Zealot Conservatives” and yet have the nerve to talk about divisiveness. BTW, the right is not all religious. A big chunk does not believe in God etc., I know the media likes to pretend they do, but that is fairy tales. The reason the right wing fights within itself is we have different opinions, and do not just tow party line at all costs. The left sadly for the past 30 plus years only grows dangerous because it only tows a party line, hence why they are getting more and more insane. The right wing non religious have learned to find some common ground with the religious. It does not mean we do not get frustrated in our own party. I am totally for our liberty, gay rights, ending the drug war etc., I learn to try to change hearts and minds in our own party. The left does not know how to do this, it is 100% only about the nanny state, but then yelling how the very nanny state should stay out of their business, but everyone should pay for it, and then they do not check themselves. As a right winger I have a duty to my country for liberty not loopholes or security, and hence we need to remind our party that grown adults do not need to be dictated to, as not everyone believes in their gods. However, I will respect their religious freedom, as long as they do not force it on me and I loose no rights. So, I learned to stand by Christians, and many Christians are learning to stand by medical marijuana choice because they know God made no mistakes by giving us marijuana and hemp. Many Christians oppose gay marriage by definition, but they are willing to recognize states right versus federal demands. I think it is important the right recognize the adults rights past a state issue, and many are willing to see that liberty is important because their right is not trampled on by allowing gay marriage, it is not like a Christian lost a right by gays marrying. However, that was not good enough for the left, they wanted to insist a baker had to bake cakes now for a gay wedding. Again never enough for the left. The problem with the left is they do not really know compromise, they only pretend to want it. Case in point. Hobby Lobby. The ACA promised NOT to mess with the religious exemption, and yet HHS still messed wth it. Hobby Lobby was providing 16 of 20 contraceptives, not good enough for the left, must be all 20. The Court that was good enough to give them Roe v Wade, is somehow now not good enough to the left on the 4 contraceptives. At every turn they never want compromise anymore. The left and the right did use to work somewhat together. Yet, the hardline left still cannot even past the nose on their own face, so all they do is use cliches about the crazy religious right, and stick to their fairy tales. Which is yet again another reason why the left is always viewed as the children who will cry and whine till they get every toy in the store.

      • I take it you are an atheist among us in the Republican party, yes? If so, I must say I wish there were more like you. As a Christian, for what it’s worth, that post was the most well reasoned and logical I have read concerning the issues in our party I have ever read, if I do say so myself.

    • Oh.. BTW that “Cult” whopped those “Religious Zealot Conservatives” in the last two elections! It’s working out just fine for me.. how about you?

      • What’s your answer to the premise of the article? Come on, dance around this one. Or did you even read it? You know, Obongo was president in 2013, too. So it was his fault then, just as much as it is now. It has all been planned. SIMPLE.

  40. Wow. Reality is the powers that be are in power for their own gain certainly not for the benefit of the American people. There is a a reason BHO is pushing this that is as yet unclear, but I am sure he will gain something…the man does NOTHING that does not benefit him in some way, shape or form. I am all for helping out those less fortunate but seriously…..what about all the people here that can’t afford to eat or pay the electric bill’s that have tripled because of the bad winter, ( thank you congress). Not a soul is moaning about that! Shouldn’t we take care of our own before spending billions on other people?

    • The higher electric bills are also because of Obama. He is busy closing coal-fired power plants via new EPA regulations. He explained his plan in 2008: “Electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” “If somebody wants to build a coal-fired power plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them.”

      • He does not care about freezing to death people, just the hot sweltering ones south of the border.

  41. It is so blatantly obvious that the Obama regime is, contrary to public opinion and contrary to the constitutional proscription to provide for the national defense, that the Obama regime is using taxpayer dollars to facilitate an invasion of this country. No one seems to give a crap.

    • How about we start by “not accepting everything we read on the internet as fact” Even if it comes from someone we respect. Mr. West is incorrect! The immigrants have been reported coming here since Oct of 2013! Goggle it!

      • Immigrants have been coming here sine 1776, willingly and unwillingly. Regardless of what is reported in this story as to ‘escorts’, I stand by my remarks as stated. Obama is not interested in securing the borders, nor is he interested in protecting this country from invasion.. Obama should be impeached. Yesterday!

      • Well.. the article wasn’t referring to the immigrants “sine 1776” just the ones entering through Mexico since Oct. of last year. Glad to know that you’ve got Obama’s ear and know exactly what he’s interested in! Wonder if your ancestors faced this kind of opposition when they arrived in the US?

      • Clay, emember Elian Gonzalez?
        Big battle in 2000 about his staying in the States after escaping Cuba with his mother, she dieing in the process. He stayed with paternal relatives in Miami while the battle was fought with immigration to keep him here. Elian was sent back on the basis that the Clinton government stating that separating a family is the worse thing anyone could do, and that he should be returned to the custody of his father in Cuba.

        A precedent was set in that case.

        NOW we have hundreds, if not thousands of children ‘immigrating’ to the US, many some with relatives here, many without, most of them leaving family behind.

        There seems to be no intent to repatriate them to their homeland… it appears that there is an in-your-face effort to keep them here… flying and bussing them here to California and soon, to other parts of the country.

        Would it not be logical to follow precedent and re-unite these children with their families in South America as was decided in the Elian Gonzalez case?

        NO, apparently not.

        Because it’s all politics with the Obama regime, not compassionate concern. Obama is using the same logic and rhetoric that pro Elian supporters, the conservative right… used to argue keeping Elian here because it is now politically expedient for them.

        Obama is an abject failure in securing the borders… outright refusing to secure our borders. Washington has even stated, admitted that they don’t have the money to do it, they cannot comply. There are businesses and industries in the United States that are required to comply with Government regulations every day REGARDLESS, and are fined or shut down for non-compliance. Washington has even moved against State Governments when they attempt to secure their borders.

        Compassionate concern for the underprivileged and downtrodden is NOT their motive. It’s because using people, especially children, and playing the race card… blaming anyone who does not agree with them, dividing Citizens and cultivating hatred against anyone to the right of them is how they roll.

        This is how they advance their agenda.

      • One does not need to read anything on the internet to see Obama’s policies are constantly against the nation.

      • LOL Clay! First you tell us not to accept everything on the internet as fact, then you tell us to go to google to prove that what you are saying is a fact! Typical hypocritical liberal. The facts are always only what you declare them to be.

  42. “It’s easy to believe someone.. when they tell you exactly what you want to hear!” This “crisis” has been reported on since OCT. of 2013 on every major news source in the US. A simple google search will confirm this! Your hatred of BHO does not give you the right to publish lies. It’s a shame that you use this wonderful platform to divide the American people instead of trying to unite us. You should retract your statement or delete this post.

      • Uhhs, Duhs and inuendo! Enough I say! Type something factual and/or thought provoking or else.. “Step away from the keyboard”!

      • Can’t handle the truth, eh? How dare you tell anyone to “Step away from the keyboard”! That is for the moderator to do, certainly not some progressive/socialist shill that can’t think of an answer.

      • Madam, you are woefully mistaken. According to his own book, his stepfather Lolo Soetoro legally adopted him, making his legal name Barack (Barry) Soetoro. And no one has ever come up with any proof that he legally changed his name back to Obama. It is one of the reasons for which many legal analysts believe he had to surrender his law license, because you are not allowed to have that license under an alias.

    • So you admit Obama knew this crisis was coming, and still did nothing about it, knowing the danger it puts our country in? Do not claim Amnesty would have fixed this either. The absolute main job of the Presidency is to ensure our nations security. He is derelict in his duties. Bush too was derelict. The left never stopped pointing that out. Many on the right agreed. Where is the left recognizing Obama’s dereliction of duty?

    • So, why didn’t Obongo do something about it then? What lies? Who is dividing the American people? You must be referring to the illegal alien occupying the half White House.

  43. Of course, it was orchestrated — by the cartels and smugglers. These things don’t happen all at once. The smuggling/cartel gangs have been advertising on television in those countries, explaining that unaccompanied minors would be taken in at the border, and offering to bring them to the US for a mere sum of $8,000 to $12,000 per child. (And the bonus of raping a few along the way.)

    • So where did those families get that kind of money? And if they have it, why would they give it to criminals to take their kids across a desert and be smuggled in to the US? Sorry, that explanation doesn’t pass the smell test.

      • Because the cartels will kill them if they don’t. Migrant abductions are incredibly common.

      • Why would they give it to criminals?… maybe they watch cnn and msnbc and hear about all of the “poor immigrant children” successfully making it into our country via smugglers… then they switch over to fox news where they see them openly condemning the obama admin for not enforcing the immigration laws…. smells like freedom

      • This is exactly how it works. The cartels run the smuggling trade. People and drugs. They set the prices, and the local social conditions, as compared to the good conditions here drive the market/need.

  44. No it most likely orchestrated by the Obama administration. I can remember seeing the actual request for quotes (RFQ). Having been employed by the Department of Defense for 37 years, I know what a RFQ or an RFP (Request for Proposal) is meant to accomplish. It is the way the DoD and other agencies plan an acquisition of aircraft, weapons, testing equipment or anything they need. If is a formal process for making buys. So, the administration entered into a formal process to purchase these services. That is evidence of a plan finding fruition. So the question, is how did they know how many children would show up and how did they pull this off? Probably needs to proceed to a congressional inquiry.

  45. Allen West should be tackling the Legislature in Tallahassee for ousting him in an illegal redistricting. Instead, he is busy talking about immigration he has no clue of.

    • Well since I see your response, I can honestly say since West would be being monitored since he is often on FOX news and we know just how much paranoia Obama has over FOX news that you are likely a shill. Your comments only lend weight to West, not hinder him.

    • Hmmm attack the person and ignore the subject …. now where have I heard that before? Oh yes, from the Nation’s most failed President, whose own party is distancing themselves from. Go away until you can discuss the facts with the grown-ups at the big table instead of calling names like children at the kiddie table.

  46. for a former Congressman, you should know better. You do know darn well any request like this must be approved within a budget unless the President signs an executive order. Congress has to approve the funds for DHS prior of the request. Only the GSA can give outside agencies contracts.

  47. It was announced last night on our local news (in Seattle) that about 200 of these people were going to be flown into JBLM (Joint Base Lewis McCord) outside of Tacoma. They are planning on detaining them on a military base! What are they planning on doing with them after that? Yesterday, I was driving around and noticed two groups of people standing on the street who looked lost. One of them appeared to be an adult male with a female, who were obviously not from around here, pushing a shopping cart loaded with personal items in a retail area. The other was a woman with four young girls who was holding a sign that said she lost her job and had four children to care for. This is popping up everywhere. All of them looked like they were non residents.

    • They have been keeping them at Lackland AFB for many months now. I’ll escort them…right back to the border where they came from!

    • Paulie, since you manipulated the statement to prove your point I will assume you are a liberal. To that, the job clearly states that this is a “continuing and mission” and asks for bids “The Government anticipates awarding a five (5)
      year Fixed Price Indefinite Delivery.” There is no mention that the 65,000 number estimated was considered to be in totality. Being a liberal, you have probably never owned a company or bid a job, only disgruntled with those who have. This is standard language that is seeking a bid for a specified time frame, not a specified amount of people. It is important to note that every indication is that the contractor should be ready to accept and manage 65,000 people immediately, not over time as described in their description of how services were to be divided. I guess you know what you can do with the hat Paulie. Cute name.

    • You’re an idiot, perhaps you would like to put up a few of these illegals in your own home, never mind that they haven’t been vaccinated, or where they actually came from, hell let them all in!!!!! The U.S. has enough to take care of with out adding to this mess you libtards have made!!

    • The Government anticipates awarding a five (5) year Fixed Price Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract vehicle consisting of a one year base period, and four (4) option years. The Service Contract Act is applicable to this acquisition.

  48. The government advertised for escorts for 65,000 unaccomanied children
    (UAC) in January of 2014 because they had data from 2012 and 2013 and made an
    estimate of how many would arrive in 2014. Admittedly the government
    didn’t plan well to prevent things, but there’s no conspiracy here as you seem to suggest.

    I’ve shared a picture of the relevant plotted data here: http://imgur.com/pZsgHwk
    And the source material is here: http://fpc.state.gov/documents/organization/228521.pdf

    • Alex did YOU even READ that Report you linked us to you moron! All that did was prove our point! From 2009 to 2011 there was a steady drop in UAC’s from 20,000 to just over 15,000, THEN after Obozo got elected THAT FIGURE JUMPED BACK UP TO 25,000! Rather than DO something about it BACK THEN we saw ICE being told NOT TO ARREST ILLEGALS that year! Then, according to your chart the rate of the increase JUMPS THREE TIMES what it was when Bush left office from almost 15,000 to just under 40,000! and estimates are already confirming THAT rate has quadrupled with a whop[ping 100,000 UAC’s as 2014’s stats are already way past that projection in that white house document! With that kind of spike in not only the number of UAC’s coming in but also the rate of increase going off the charts to the steady decline the last three years bush was in office,, you got to KNOW something looks fishy and I think we all know what that stench id coming from.

      Then in figure illustration 2 it says Quote:
      “Figure 2 uses monthly referrals to ORR to illustrate the trends over time and shows a sharp

      increase in UAC in ORR custody over the past year. Monthly referrals were less than 1,000 until ”

      Over the past year! You mean over the past FIVE YEARS it stayed at 1000 from 2008 to 2012 when Obama got elected THEN it says Quote:

      ” By March 2013, monthly referrals to ORR surpassed 2,000 UAC cases,”
      //end quote.

      SURPASSED 2000?? IT WENT FROM 1000 TO 9000!!!! IN 2013!!!!



      QUOTE:”While the Administration did not request an increase in FY2015 funding for the HHS/ORR UAC program, in its FY2014 budget request the Administration requested a $192 million increase and received an almost $492 million”



      QUOTE:”In the President’s FY2015 budget for the various agencies responsible for the UAC population

      (i.e., specifically in HHS/ORR and DHS budgets), there wasn’t a request for funding increases to help address what has been characterized as a “strain on agency resources.”

      YA think!

      “The FY2015 President’s budget request for the HHS/ORR program was originally $868 million, which is the same amount that was appropriated in FY2014. However, on May 30, 2014,”




      ” the Office of Management and Budget updated its cost projections related to the UAC crisis and requested a total of $2.28 billion for FY2015 for the UAC program in the Office of Refugee Resettlement. The Senate Committee on Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health, and Human Services, and Education and Related Agencies approved the Department of Labor, Health, and Human Services, and Education and Related Agencies FY2015 draft appropriations bill on June 10, 2014. With respect to the UAC program, the subcommittee recommended $1.94 billion, which is $34 million less than the Administration’s amended request and a more than $1 billion increase over FY2014 levels. The subcommittee noted the fluidity of the issue and recommended “an expansion of HHS transfer authority “to respond to sudden or urgent needs in the future.”


      QUOTE:”, although there is speculation about what is causing the increase in UAC attempting to illegally enter the United States, there is no
      clear answer to the root causes.”

      OH REALLY??



      • Thanks for the reply. As I tried to say but maybe wasn’t clear, I certainly agree that the goverment handled this coming crisis extremely poorly. I was not to defending their handling, just answering the question the article asked which was ‘How could the government have known?’. My point was not to deny a scandal, just to deny that there was any conspiracy.

        Also, I certainly didn’t read the report as thoroughly as you (kudos)– I just grabbed the relevant figure. I certainly can’t explain why the funding requests weren’t increased. However, I just wanted to note that you kept saying that Obama was ‘elected’ in 2012, but he was re-elected then, and had been president already since 2009 when there was no up-tick in UAC’s. Something clearly changed in or around 2012, to cause a huge increase in the UAC rate, possibly certain policies/statements/etc, but the man in the office did not.

        One thing I also want to say is that the UACs from Mexico decreased or roughly stayed the same, while most of the increase came from Honduras/El Salvador/Guatemala, which all have amazingly high murder rates due to the recent rise in drug-trafficking there.

        Still, I’m not sure *why* Obama would manufacture this crisis. It’s making him look bad and incompetent, so I don’t know what the supposed motive is. Would you argue that it’s to try to get immigration reform passed?

      • The increase from Central America came because they were told they could. SIMPLE. UAC’s couldn’t be returned without a trial. Waiting for a trial meant they had to housed. Once dispersed to housing they are almost impossible to round up and anyone that thinks they would voluntarily show up is a blooming idiot. What “rise in drug trafficking” are you talking about? There has been no reason for these people to come here except that they were told they could..
        Obongo’s regime and the Democrat party in particular would gain an army of brownshirt Democratic voters in the process. Also Obongo’s plan to ruin America’s economy Cloward-Piven style would be greatly facilitated.
        These invaders are not refugees, they are willfully trying to game the system. They are criminals, period.

    • You have a promising career in entertainment. I can see you now at center stage, in a bright spot of light, a contortionist act, both feet firmly placed in your mouth while having you head firmly encased in you own rectal cavity.

      • What about my response was entertaining? I answered the question that the article posed with properly cited data. Most people I know would describe that as ‘extremely boring’. If it were made into a TV show, no one would watch it. Although, if I could perform the impressive contortions you describe, I’d probably do well on ‘America’s got talent’.

    • I think you overlooked a very telling number. The rate of change from 2008 when Mr. Bush was in office to 2009 when Mr. Obama took office was 153% for UAC illegal immigration. This clearly demonstrates that the Obama administration had an agenda in mind when they took office with regard to this issue and immigration in general. The overall rate of change from 2008 to 2014 is 107% per year. The slope is too steep from day one of this administration to the present to say it was simply a consequence of more parents sending their children to the U.S. And I don’t agree that the government was unprepared. In fact, the government agencies had to have prior knowledge of the 153% influx in 2009 and every year thereafter or it would have been in the headlines before now. My opinion is that the current “crisis” was politically motivated in a very cynical manner. The number of children who have died, been raped, brutalized, starved or left in the desert to die is clearly the result of Mr. Obama’s decision to politicize immigration chaos. His attempt to make the Republicans and conservatives look like heartless psychopaths is going to backfire on him and the Democrats. I always have respect for presidents regardless what party they come from. But I have to say that I have no respect left for Mr. Obama. Anyone who can include the already miserable lives of children in their political calculus is a cold-hearted orb.

      • Although, yes, there’s a big jump from 2008 to 2009, you can see in the chart that it was mostly due to Mexican UAC’s. Their numbers have been falling or staying flat since then, and is unrelated to the current crisis where most of the children are coming from a few specific central american countries (Honduras,El Salvador,Guatemala).

        If this wasn’t “simply a consequence of more parents sending their children to the U.S.” then what do you think it was?

        I don’t see how this crisis helps Obama in any way, so that makes me skeptical that it was orchestrated. But, I don’t have any particular evidence for or against, so I’ll leave it at that.

      • I thought this was a good article as it recounts the recent history of Honduras. It’s essentially a culture of violence and corruption encouraged to some extent by assistance from the U.S.


        I don’t agree with some of their conclusions, but in essence, it describes a culture that has degenerated into a subhuman existence. These are the facts on the ground. The Obama administration, fully aware of the circumstances in Honduras and other Central American countries, has used these facts to their advantage. Every human rights organization, the UN, immigration organizations have been screaming “the children”. Well, yeah, it is the children. They are children. But the advantage to the Obama administration is a no-brainer – they see this as an opportunity to vilify Republicans while doing absolutely nothing to prevent these children from making the journey in the first place, In case no one remembers, we do have a United States Embassy in Tegucigalpa. Personally, I would consider giving these children refugee status. But that alone would not address the deliberate mismanagement and outright abuse of these people. The largest migration into the United States occurred between 1890 and 1930. Ellis Island is a testament as to how the U.S. government handled the influx of millions people. And they only had pencil and paper to document the event. You can’t tell me that this administration, with all the assets they have available, could not manage this migration and at the very least, protect the interests of those children. The facts on the ground say that they have done nothing. They have ruthlessly used these children to create a political drama worthy of the lowest of the low.

      • Thanks for the article. Good background info.

        I guess one key difference between Ellis Island and the current issue is that Ellis island was a temporary facility before people were people were quickly processed then left to their own devices in NY. Since these are children, it’s illegal to do that, so safe, semi-permanent housing must be found for these children for 3-6months while they await a refugee hearing. A blanket refugee designation would certainly speed things up and be *much* cheaper.

        To that end, I don’t see how you can say they ‘have done nothing’. I agree they haven’t managed it great or properly prepared, but the whole point is this political flare-up happened when they were trying to bus children around to find housing for them, and people protested this action:
        The politcal drama started as a movement against ‘doing something’ not one protesting their poor conditions. (although, I’m personally against the poor conditions, hence I think we should approve the emergency spending bill).

      • Actually, I have a personal story about Ellis Island. My grandmother arrived from Russia in 1913 with five children (one died upon arrival). Her husband (not my grandfather) had come to America earlier to secure a home and a job. She was here only six months when her husband died suddenly. The social services in New York City took her children away and put them in an orphanage because they felt she couldn’t care for them as a single woman. She found a job as a janitor in a building in Harlem, saved her money, went back to the orphanage, proved she could take care of her children and got them back. You’re right – there weren’t a lot of social services for immigrants. But they came here legally and somehow found jobs and integrated into American society. When my grandmother married by grandfather, they worked as janitors of that building. She had seven children, all of them educated. And their children today are doctors (like me), lawyers, military officers or engaged in some profession. The moral of the story is this: At one time American was the hope of the world. When you came here, you had a chance. Today it’s a dumping ground of unregulated, illegal aliens. And I don’t blame the illegal aliens. It’s our government today that has broken an historical tradition in this country of well organized immigration.

    • Ha ha you’re funny. News flash for you cowboy. The shooting in Houston was fake. The shooting in Las Vegas, Isla Vista, Jewish Community Center, Moncton, were all fake. The shooting of Gabby Giffords was fake. There are about 40 more events all proven fake beyond a reasonable doubt with plenty of evidence to support. So you can bet your ass that this was too. The DHS does nothing but manufacture fake events to manipulate stupid Americans.

      • Conspiracy theories such as yours are notoriously difficult to disprove, I admit. But I only ask, what is the relevance of allegedly faked shootings to the DHS? Also, why would the DHS fake shootings? I’d think the ATF would be in charge of faking those.

      • Because they’re faking everything. People are unforgivably stupid about this. The DHS is faking shootings to screw with the public. Manipulate their sensibilities, get some worthless laws passed, and generally to take guns away from people, create a disgusting dependency on a corrupt government. Social experiment. See how far they can go. Collect data, manipulate more. Also maybe they think by staging fake shootings it will discourage actual rampages.

      • I don’t think the government is good enough at things, to be able to fake so many shootings as well as you claim. The shear stunning number of people involved in faking so many things would be staggering. Even the manhattan project leaked secrets like a sieve.

  49. The problem is the young people haven’t been around long enough to see the change. Most were born into a tech society with much of what alarmed the ‘free generation’ already in place. Most young people were schooled in the so called “postmodern” era schools and don’t realize they have been ‘groomed” for America’s inevitable fascist state.

    If that sounds fantastic, it has been proven by academic research that America is an oligarchy – and oligarchy & fascism are nearly the same thing – rule by the elite.

    Throughout history, conspiracy is the norm – not the exception. We have all conspired on a small level all our lives, to get this or that, or make this or that happen.

    There is something significant going on in this country – a “fundamental change” as some call it. Watch and see.

  50. We hold these truths to be self evident, that all people are not created equal. Those of Latin decent who violate Americas immigration laws are superior to Americans who violate the laws, the general public who is forced to pay their expenses, and above all our veterans who die while waiting for the benefits they earned. This is a blatantly racist policy. Yet because Obama approves it that makes it okay.

  51. Maybe I’m just cutting to the chase…but why is taxpayer money being spent to transport illegals in the first place? We have laws and if you’re not here legally, then you shouldn’t be allowed to get in. Secure the borders, protect the borders, and enforce the laws. Isn’t it that simple? The $3.7B now being requested by BO could do a lot towards securing and protecting our borders. Why would we spend it on anything other than that? $3M will send everyone home on a plane so why do we need $3.7B and still have no border security?

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