Boko Haram likely behind deadly explosion at World Cup viewing in Nigeria

Soccer is touted as the world’s favorite sport. It also appears soccer provides a venue for Islamic terrorists. Yes, yes, y’all think I’m an Islamophobe. (However, you might be interested to know phobe is a derivative of phobia from the root Greek word phobos who was the mythical god of the fear of the unknown. I actually do know who the enemy is and certainly do not fear them — so find a new descriptive word). But back to the story…

The Associated Press reports that an explosion at an illegal World Cup viewing site in northeast Nigeria killed at least 14 people while security forces arrested a “terror kingpin” among nearly 500 people detained as suspected terrorists in the southeast of the country. At least 26 people were wounded in Tuesday night’s blast as soccer fans were viewing the Brazil-Mexico match in Damaturu, the capital of Yobe state, police said.

I know, you’re probably asking, what is illegal about a World Cup viewing site? Well, the answer will shock you. Police Assistant Superintendent Nathan Cheghan said such viewing sites were banned in Yobe state two months ago because they have become a target of Boko Haram, those nice chaps who want to turn Nigeria into an Islamic state. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the explosion, but he blamed Boko Haram.

So the people in Nigeria have become so terrorized the police have made it illegal to gather and watch the world’s favorite sport? Imagine if Islamic terrorists attacked college football venues and the U.S. government made it illegal to attend college football games — well, that may work at Ivy League schools but it darn sure wouldn’t happen in SEC football country!

Security experts have warned that Islamic militants might attack crowds watching the World Cup in public places in Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda, as they did in 2010 in Uganda. The explosions in Kampala, Uganda, at two sites where people watched the 2010 World Cup final on TV killed 74 people. Al-Shabab, a Somali insurgent group, set off those bombs.

And as we watch ISIS Islamic terrorists threaten the oil industry in Iraq, Boko Haram’s leader Abubakar Shekau has threatened to attack targets in the Niger Delta which produces much of the oil that makes Nigeria Africa’s largest petroleum producer.

Associated Press says until this year, Boko Haram attacks were almost exclusively limited to northern Nigeria and concentrated in the northeast. This year, attacks blamed on the (Islamic terrorists) have spread to at least four central states and have increased in frequency and deadliness. More than 2,000 people have been killed this year, compared to some 3,600 in the four previous years. There are fears the insurgency could spread to neighboring countries where Boko Haram is known to have bases.

Islamophobe? If so, we should refer to Sir Winston Churchill as a “Naziphobe.” When Chamberlain was kissing Hitler’s arse, Churchill was warning them — and ended up delivering this rousing address. Listen here if you have the courage.


  1. Funny thing, I was thinking about how inappropriate the -phobe construct is even before I got into your first paragraph. The etymology of -phobe is “a combining form meaning ‘fear.’” And I’m with you, I am disgusted with the demonic nature of this false religion but I don’t fear it or its followers. A more appropriate descriptor might be created using the Greek “miso- , a combining form meaning ‘hate,’ with the object of hatred.”

      • Sir Winston Churchill was NOT afraid of the Nazi’s I am not afraid of the muslims. You have the misfortune not to be smart enough to understand the difference.

      • When you spend your days going on and on about how dangerous these people are and how they are infiltrating us. Make you sound a little insecure.

      • That’s your opinion which of course you are entitled to, but that doesn’t make you correct.
        When in fact I am very secure in who I am and what I can do.
        As a Patriot is my civic duty to warn others of dangers that are coming our way. If you so choose to bury your head in the sand then that is your problem not mine. Good luck keeping that head after barry sets the mexicans and the muslims and his DHS army in war against us

      • Not meaning to offend you but you need to get your head out of the sand. You don’t think that some of them are already here?? There are cells here now…the government knows it. Hezbollah is another group that is suppose to be sneaking in as illegal immigrants from Mexico. All these a$$holes want is your head. They want the whole world to be Islam. If you are a Christian they will kill you, if you are gay, they will kill you, if you are an atheists, they will kill you. If you can quote the Quran (Koran) they’ll let you live as long as you change to Muslim. If you don’t think some of them are here,,,think about 9/11. Those animals didn’t just fly in the day they attacked. They had been living here. You don’t have to live your life in fear but you need to wake up, be alert and be prepared. Keep in mind a little fear never hurts,,,it can make you stronger. And as far as Muslims,,,some can come off very nice and don’t believe in violence until there is a holy war,,,then they will join in. And these animals that are slaughtering people over there and trying to turn the country into Islam believe they are in a holy war. If anything I said here offended you I apologize. But please really listen to what people are saying and do some extensive researching. Our borders are so open that anybody just walks right in. Keep that in mind.

      • How so? What are the differences Raf? You had Germans who were good people and you had those who became Nazis. You have Muslims who are good people then you have radical Islamic organizations who are murdering indiscriminately. We need to fear what they are doing, because once we let down our guard, we will be attacked. Just look at 9/11… both of them and say that we were safe.

        As Sherill just stated, they are here already, just as they were on 9/11 waiting for the opportune time to attack. They were students, businessmen, regular Muslims as far as anyone could tell, and look what happened. Don’t be so blind Raf.

      • Muslim women have honor killed in the US for years. The chief executive of the first Muslim TV network in the US (whose purpose ironically was to “educate us about Islam and bridge the gap between our cultures) beheaded his wife. Maybe she burned his supper or something.

        In Las Colinas a few miles from here a Muslim cabbie shot his two daughters to death for “being too westernized”. A few miles away from there Muslim wannabe jihadist injured himself when his bomb detonated prematurely while trying to destroy a natural gas compressor/pipeline station in Richardson, Tx.

        Then there was the Muzzy that wanted to bomb the club at Fort Hood as well as Nodal Hassan private jihad And does Boston ring a bell? Wake up!

        And when have Christians flown planes into buildings and killed 3000 Muslims?

      • [[ That thing you guys have with Muslims is rather pathological.]]

        The Nazis didn’t hide behind a religion, hide in schools or mosques and slaughter under the guise of divine instruction. You knew who they were and what they looked like. Now if you ignorantly do not think that the Caliphate is real and their rage in implementing one is not occurring before your own eyes then you’ve got a problem. So either you’re a blind fool or an Islamo-fascist apologist. Your pick pal.

      • How do we call that whopper of a logical fallacy boys and girls? Drum roll please…. Yes! A false dilemma! Please turn left and collect your Obamaphone and Common Core diploma.

      • Carney? Is that you Jay? Non responsive, non sequitir, nonsensical. Now what color Obama-phone would you like?

      • When one considers how Germany was aligned with the Islamic Ottoman Empire during WWI… and then having muslims teach Nazi Germany how to exterminate humans during WWII…
        I think you’ll find that your disgust with “Nazi’s”… really does apply to satanic Islam too.

    • Does it matter Raf? He is not trying to be Churchill, but rather using the logic that idiots use to label people who want to do something about these terrorist organizations attacking innocent people. Learn to draw the connection rather than make yourself look like a fool. I like you Raf but really that was a very ignorant statement.

  2. They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Ben Franklin

    These policeman would rather deny peoples freedoms, Than attack the people responsible for the deadly attacks

      • Your missing the point. They would rather take away the freedoms of people in loo of security. Rather than even try to take on the bad guys. They should not be policeman or the military if they refuse to defend the populace and YES they have guns

  3. What kind of a “religion” (really a cult) has as one of its premises the chopping off of the heads of anyone who doesn’t agree with them? Crazy! Founded by a warlord whose modus operandi was chopping off heads, now Muslims continue with that and kill even their own sunnis–vs.–shiites, etc. Kill, kill, kill. And the so-called moderates will not speak out against this madness.

    • extreme and radical Islamists say there is no such thing as a
      ‘moderate’ Muslim. Forget history, They are killing ‘moderate Muslims
      in Iraq and Syria right this minute, today !!! So called ‘moderate ‘
      Muslims might not be radical but they are doing nothing to speak out
      against atrocities being committed by their ‘radical’ brothers. They
      give in to their fear, they don”’t speak out, they don’t take up arms.
      They stand by and watch Christians and Jews being persecuted, in Europe,
      in Asia and in the Middle East. The West doesn’t care about any
      persecution on behalf of ‘radical and extreme Islam. All Western
      governments seem to care about is energy production, the profits there
      of and their New World Order. While one side preaches war and
      submission, the other sits around holding hands singing ‘kumbuya’. What
      we are seeing is NAZI Germany pre world war II on a grander scale. As
      the world has got smaller, the violence associated with this demonic
      cult has got more widespread and the west is doing nothing. talk is

      • The problem in Iraq is… sectarian…
        Sunni vs. Shiite
        Now that most all of the Infidel Christians have been forced to convert, fled to Syria and cornered for persecution… or even killed…
        Now the muslims are faced with an all out war on each other.
        That is why I say satanic Islam will eat itself up from the inside out.
        The Master Class in satanic Islam is the Arab… all the rest are tools.
        However; this sectarian conflict continues to feed the Islamic prophecy of there being “chaos in the world before the appearance of the Caliphate/Mahdi”.
        Then this Caliphate/Mahdi will unite the muslims of the world against the remaining Infidels/Unbelievers… namely Christians.
        When mushammad’s Green Flag is raised above his tomb… it is a signal to the Islamic World to war against the Christians.
        The Luciferian Globalists are aiding, funding and helping satanic Islam expand across this planet… the Luciferian and Islam serve the same master…

  4. ALL YOU MUSLIMS need to learn!

    There is no God… but the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob… the Father of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus!

    allah is a fake god and Islam is the killing machine for satan!

      • Well… most would probably tell ya about their personal relationship and their life changing experiences…
        But… I would imagine you have some smart azz reply for those… aye?
        So I’ll just take another approach…
        1) Unfolding Prophecy = Truth
        2) Persecution
        Why persecution? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice how one specific attribute of one certain religion seems to be the target.
        Let me spell it out for ya… Salvation in Christ Jesus.
        3) Babylonian Paganism
        And if you understood the history of Babylon… you’d see the spin off from the original religion from the beginning of time.
        4) Heart… gut instinct… communion…
        Something you obviously lack since you have a tendency to make so many poor judgment calls and mistakes in life.
        5) Infallible Scripture
        In fact… I haven’t ever come across anyone who clings to any other religion outside of Christianity who can defend they’re religious contradictions.
        PS… since you’re so brilliant? How come you didn’t realize that my comment above is reworded from what satanic worshipping muslims say?
        Now then… if you’d like to learn how satanic Islam is… just ask.

  5. This new totalitarianism , this Islamist absolutism ideology , is far more dangerous than previous totalitarian ideologies.
    First they are not identified by one or more states , by uniform or appearance. A well dressed man walking next to you in Denver can be just as willing to kill you as an ISIS member , their bond is ideology mixed with religion. They thrive in democratic countries using the freedoms there guaranteed to plot,kill and recruit.
    And it is my opinion that one of the main causes for this new form of totalitarian ideology is the not finished job of WW2 against totalitarian regimes , but most importantly against the ideology that created them. Hitler was defeated , but a regime just as evil as his was left alive. And that regime went on killing and enslaving people far more then Nazism did. But when that regime collapsed , the totalitarian seeds grew into the new one. And each one is worst , more evil than its predecessor. So far the respond of the free world has been that of appeasement , and we see the result. Nazism wasn’t defeated by diplomacy , or by leading by behind , nor by negotiating or by troops with insane ROE. It was defeated by brutal force , as this one is the only language these people understand.

  6. Unlike in Churchill’s time and situation, there will be no one to carry on the fight, nor to come to our rescue, should Tyrany, Islamic or otherwise, get a hold on the United States.

    So we must not let that happen.


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