Squirrel! Benghazi suspect conveniently captured to deflect attention from all the other nightmares

Is it a case of “wag the dog” and a convenient shift from the countless evident failures of Obama or something credible? Not so sure…

Politico has just reported that American special operators and law enforcement agents captured on Sunday a key suspect in the 2012 Benghazi attack, the Pentagon said today. Ahmed Abu Khatallah is “in U.S. custody in a secure location outside of Libya,” said Pentagon press secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby. “There were no civilian casualties related to this operation, and all U.S. personnel involved in the operation have safely departed Libya.”

We’ve known about this fella for almost two years — he was the one who famously sat outside in a hotel sipping on a drink, giving an interview to Time magazine. We’ve known his whereabouts — so why now?

Hat tip to our U.S. Special Operators but this smells of typical politics and especially the politics of expediency and Orwellian message control. We know the liberal progressive media depends upon an easily distracted populace. By the end of the week, this Abu Khatallah will be forgotten, but what will not be forgotten is the neatness of this and the timing of the announcement. So I guess Obama and Clinton can now tout that the perpetrators have been brought to justice — what took so long? — if indeed this pans out.

And remember, this was a terrorist attack still being treated like a police action, a law enforcement issue. So Abu Khatallah will get lawyered up after being read his Miranda rights and that will be the end of that. And why would this “unlawful enemy combatant” be granted legal rights?

I don’t think Putin, al-Shabab, ISIS, or Iran will blink over this. But you can bet the Obama administration is praying for the mindless lemmings to “look over there.” They just think we’re stupid and I believe the more we dig into this “apprehension,” the more it will fall apart and create more issues for the Obama administration.

You guys can buy into this, but I ain’t.


  1. Political cover for Hillary interview tonight. This and Bergdahl exchange were discussed at the secret lunch. Looking forward to her being deposed on this and other items by Gowdy.

  2. This will blow up in the face like everything else does. What are they going to water board him so he claims it was the video that made him do it? I’m not buying it. Actually anything Obama does,,,,I’m not buying. He’s only doing it to try to create a good legacy for himself. Lets all give him a taxpayer paid vacation to a deserted island where he can lay on the beach drinking out of coconuts. We’ll just forget to go pick him up until 12:01pm, January 20, 2017 because then we won’t have to take him back to the White House. And we can just drop him off anywhere, other than Chicago, with a bottle of water, the clothes on his back, shoelaces out of his shoes, no money and tell “Good Luck”.

    • “It is observed that the statist is dissatisfied with the condition of his own existence. He condemns his fellow man, surroundings and society itself for denying him the fulfillment, success and adulation he believes he deserves. He is angry, resentful, petulant and jealous. He is incapable of honest self-assessment and rejects the honest assessment of others on himself, thereby evading responsibility for his own miserable condition. The statist searches for significance and even glory in a utopian fiction of his mind’s making, the earthly attainment of which, he believes, is frustrated by those who do not share it. Therefore, he must destroy the civil society, piece by piece.” ~ Mark Levin, Liberty and Tyranny

      • You’re not even smart enough to come up with an answer of your own. Try searching that square empty chrome dome of a head and see what you can come up with.

  3. Don’t buy it either. Something is up. Finding it hard to believe he would actually capture one of his brothers.

  4. Well said, LTC West. Also notice the talking points handed out to state-run media started changing yesterday. All of the sudden Iraq has become a conflict between the Shiites and the Sunnis. Barely a mention of the invasion by ISIS. There was also no mention of the leader of ISIS who, upon his release from an American prison in Iraq in 2011, told his jailers that he would see them in New York. This administration and their ruling class cohorts are conspiring with the enemy. I believe nothing they say or do.

      • No, ISIS is an Islamic jihadist group that grew out of al-Qaeda in Iraq, and was formed in April 2013

      • And what religious affiliation do you think they subscribe too?
        They are Sunnis and they are fighting the Shia who have been persecuting them in Iraq.. get a clue

  5. So if this guy gets interrogated, will he spill the beans on what happened in Benghazi? That would be a nice twist.

    • No he lawyered up! He will be in our civilian court system! BS, another political move. Glad he is captured but I smell a rat, again!

      • Or he will conveniently be assassinated or die by some accident or have some sort of brain injury and can’t remember…

      • Rena you probably hit the nail right on the head.
        Look at all the people dying lately…Obama’s aunt, the Hawaiian medical doctor who supposedly signed Obama BC, and I bet many can add to the list.

    • You just can’t help yourself, anything to deflect the attention away from the main focus. Your link has nothing to do with this thread, as usual.

    • Why do you have to keep bringing Bush into this? So what if Bush did it too, and Clinton, and Bush 1 and so on and so on… this is NOW and something needs to be done about it. How many more crimes is Obama going to commit before you will open your eyes?

      • Okay, I can’t bring up the past, this is now . But you can bring up Benghazi that happened years ago and has already been discussed 12x with the same questions, witnesses and evidence.

      • At least in bringing up Benghazi people are talking about the same administration. And, no, things don’t happen as if for the first time just because Obama has done them. (There’s nothing new under the sun.) However, should we keep giving politicians a pass just because someone else did it? If so, we owe a huge apology to Richard Nixon.

      • To make West’s and friends delusional points he loves to go WAY BACK in history. I don’t see why I can’t.

      • Yeah so you say but do not want to recognize the facts and truth. barry stands guilty as sin and so does hillary for those deaths. That’s why they have been dodging the bullet all this time

      • Judi, from canadapress, really??? Are you so desperate to make your point you are pulling things out your ass?

      • Judi? no you idiot read, I hope you can read. Insider reports. I am not desperate in anyway. You want proof and you want evidence, there it is, from a CIA insider. The only thing I can pull out of your ass is what little brain you have

      • Why is your CIA insider talking to a second rate website not a congressional hearing or famous bews reporter?
        If I drive past the CIA building and look inside, can I say I’m a CIA insider, too

      • It happened just a year and half ago and is still under investigation. The murder of our four citizens needs to be answered for. Just like murder here in the states, there is no statute of limitations on murder.

      • Yes PP, as many times as it takes to get to the truth. You can be questioned numerous times about it until we know what happened that night and why they were refused more security. You don’t stop a murder case just because no one wants to talk, you keep your options open and when something new comes out you investigate it further. Only the Dems are claiming there is nothing new, but they have found other information and the story keeps changing as to who was responsible for dropping the ball.

    • So because it was done before its OK for Obama to do whatever he wants to our country.
      Guess what I don’t give a $hlt what any other president does, if it hurts our country then it needs to stop and stop now.
      Obama is escalating the wrongs of so many other presidents and you all just keep excusing him.

      • Yes, 43 in all. I don’t worry so much about them though; they’re not the clueless-in-chief at the moment. Like religion, if more people paid more attention/heed to WHAT was/is being said, rather than who said it; we’d be a lot better off.

      • The problem now?? Not the problem that has been in effect since 1. Pick up a history book son.

      • Not your son, Dad is next to me. I would guess that very few politicians have not lied now and then; just as Obama may have told the truth, once. The trouble is that he and his administration have lied so many times; they are like. “the boy who cried wolf” and its at the door and nobody believes it.

      • Actually the first time the term “idiot in chief” was used was on Bush 2. Remember he chocked on a pretzel , passed out and fell on a coffee table .

      • I have no problems with Dreamers. I actually feels sorry for them. There are so many Amer kids that are nothing but trouble and waste the benefits That come with citizenship , but we want to throw out kids who want to stay, continue their education and become Americans?

      • Then you won’t mind being a foster parent to one of the MS-13 gang members they’re passing off as kids. Hope you don’t have any children or items of value in your home.

      • No you don’t if you did you would be up in arms about other Christians being murdered but you aren’t

      • There is a thing called “THE LAW” and it should apply to everyone and which we should follow in order to have a civil society. If not we have Chaos as we’re seeing now!

      • The law? Since when does anyone follow the law? Oliver north didn’t follow the law and he’s on FOX.

      • This thread has nothing to do with Oliver North, just more deflection on your part. You cannot handle the truth and that is, barry is destroying this country. Like him or not, you are just as screwed as we are, we just realize it and you don’t

  6. Fox, CNN are also reporting the same story. To me that means it is nothing more than propaganda for the public to digest. barry wants to play hero.

  7. I do believe West has got some great theories going on right now. I think West is one of the few Politicians that has Obama pegged.

    West might want to watch his back since a lot of his theories are based on
    the connections he has.

  8. Like you said Col, its the timing. They tend to hold on to their “Ace” card and play it when other things are get heated up. Its to pull attention away from Obama and Clinton and the things they keep screwing up and the crimes they have perpetrated against this nation…

  9. How convenient for the most corrupt administration in US history. Iraq is coming apart at the seams and now, miraculously, they have found the leader of the attack on the consulate in Benghazi! With O’Failure at the helm of this country’s ship, wonders and miracles abound! Sorry, but I’m calling BS on this. They’ve known where this guy was all along and have waited for a opportune time to grab him and save O’Failure’s britches.

  10. You people are never happy. Anything that happens in the world you’ll look to find Obama at fault somehow. We couldn’t catch him, it’s Obama’s fault. We catch him, there’s a conspiracy behind it. Troops are dying every day in Iraq, it’s Obama’s fault. He pulls them out because Iraq won’t agree to keep them out of their judiciary system if they’re suspected of a crime, and it’s Obama’s fault the country is falling apart. I’ll be glad when a republican is voted in to office so you guys will finally see that the fault doesn’t lie with the president alone. The entire political system that is in place is the problem. And by the way, I’m a registered republican.

      • That is always your comeback, name calling. You sound like my kids when they’re arguing with each other and have ran out of everything productive to say.

      • Itt’s the only thing you trolls understand. If I said something intelligent it would go over your head and that’s pretty easy considering yours is up your arse

      • You have yet to add anything productive to the “conversation” and instead resort to grade school bullying tactics. And that makes me the troll? Let me drop down to your level. My dad can beat up your dad.

      • Typical of yu 2nd grade level education. See If you ever contributed to the issues of the thread, I wouldn’t have to treat you liker the 5 year old you act like. See if you actually contributed something useful, you would no longer be a troll and we know you can never give up being that

      • My contribution was my original post. And instead of presenting an argument against my points, you resort to “trolling.” My post didn’t support the original blog so you attack me instead of raising some valid points for yourself. And judging by your grammar and your insistence on name calling, it looks like you’re the one with a 2nd grade education. This doesn’t help yourself or the other like-minded people posting here. It just shows the high level of ignorance you have.

      • Your original “contribution” that’s suppose to be a joke right? You couldn’t add to the contribution unless you tell the truth and you never do. You don’t like the truth or facts that always prove you wrong. I answer your trolling with trolling because that is all you understand.
        Go back to whatever liberal hole you came from, you are nothing of any worth

      • Seeing how nobody presented me with any truths or facts how could I be proved wrong? All I got was “you’re dumb” and “crawl back in to your hole” and “you’re a troll.” If you would’ve countered what I said with your truths and facts, I would’ve either countered myself or walked away in defeat. That’s how a conversation/argument works.

      • You made no points, you had an opinion that’s all it is, you presented no facts at all in any way.
        You just complained that your hero is picked on and rightly so. This traitor in the white house is trying to destroy this country. Plain and simple, Open your eyes and read, it is happening everyday and you keep your yes closed to it because you are afraid to admit to yourself that you voted for a fraud and a traitor. Now be good little boy/girl and run along mommy is calling you

      • I pointed out that you’re never happy. That’s a fact. Everything that’s done by this administration is the wrong thing. You will spin it until it sounds like something horrible. And fyi, he’s not my hero and I didn’t vote for him. You just make assumptions about people for whatever reason.

      • What’s the point? You’ll just look at it from whatever angle that makes it look like an atrocity.

      • The point is he is destroying this country piece by piece, He has not done anything for the Good of this country.. He is dismantling the military, He corrupts it with gays and tranny’s. He gets rid of the most lethal weapons systems we have. He demoralizes the troops and fires generals who are capable.
        He adds trillions of dollars of debt. He changes the way they count the unemployed so his percentages do not show the real numbers of people actually out of work. He makes small businesses follow regulations that out them out of business. We all know it is small business that drives our economy.
        He devalues the dollar as each day goes by. He accomplishes this by printing billions of dollars in excess of what is needed.
        He usurps the constitution and laws that he signs. Then decides he doesn’t have to follow them.
        He has no problem with the NSA bugging your phone, and knowing everything you type here.
        You say you’re a republican which I seriously doubt. That said If you started a group of patriots, you can be sure the FBI or DHS will be knocking on your door in a real hurry.
        Tell me why he has every department has a swat team. The IRS, the DHS, The Bureau of land management. The park rangers, the forestry dept, The EPA. They do not need swat teams.
        Barry is in a major land grab, why? Because he doesn’t want us developing natural gas.
        He is outlawing Coal through new restrictions in the EPA.
        He artificially increases the cost of gasoline, because he wants alternative power. Guess who owns the alternate power sources? Soros, Gore and a bunch of his other cronies.
        He Lost the fight against the 2nd amendment yet, He is trying to regulate how ammunition is made, so he can stop ammunition from being produced.

        The real reason you can’t tell me what he has done for the good is there is nothing he’s done for the good. He IS an atrocity. Pure and simple and until you open your eyes and pull your head out of whatever hole it is in. You’ll still think he’s a great president and nothing could be farther than the truth than that

    • We will all be glad when we have a different administration; the question is, timing. This guy has been running around free as a bird; within weeks of the attack, he was even giving out interviews to the media. Why did it take two (2) years to get him? The present administration relies on distraction rather than solution, i.e., they could have picked him up at any time, yet held off doing so until they needed a media distraction. (Even if that statement is not true, the timing of the action makes them appear to be the biggest bungling group since the Keystone Cops)
      Maybe they are lead by consensus and are R—E—A—L—L—Y S—L—O—W. In my opinion, they do not need an Operations Manager, the position needed to be filled is, Choreographer!

      • Distraction or not, he was captured. I would like to see a government that truly serves it’s people as they were elected to do, and stop with the self-serving. And thank you for a reply that wasn’t name calling or internet bashing. I enjoy a healthy conversation/argument.

      • I think that most people making comments would find their cause better served if they would stick to the subject and provide sources (when available) to back their statements. After all; none know me from Adam. (Hint, I’m not the one wearing a fig leaf.) It’s understandable to be ticked off about someone’s thought process, but it isn’t going to change their mind calling them a dumb SOB. The best can hope for, is when they get home, their mother will run out from under the porch and bite off their leg. You are welcome.

    • Yea right..you’re as much of a Republican as I am a Terrorist! Liberals think that just by lying about their position we’re going to buy their Bull!

    • It is barry’s fault. He is the head administrator. He is the commander n chief, it is his responsibility. Everything that happens under is watch is his responsibility, like it or not.
      barry is not stupid, He deliberately let’s things deteriorate, He wants the Caliphate, He wants to dismantle our military and destroy this country those are facts. OPEN YOUR EYES!

  11. They can’t do anything without there being some dirty underlying theme, so you can bet your bottom dollar there’s a lot more details to this story were not seeing!

      • Yep…it works both ways but YOU LOONS will never and have never gave the man credit for ANYTHING!

      • Oh sure we give him credit for killing 4 men in Benghazi, we give him credit for the scandals in the IRS the DHS. We give him credit for letting in all those invading mexicans

  12. So clever of Obama to take the focus of the IRS scandal that took the focus off of Benghazi wait ….what Allen you should have been court martialed.

    • Right He got information & saved lives I don’t guess that matters to you does it? What excuse does obama have for his treason?

      • Sorry but you have your facts wrong….allen west didn’t save any lives. The info he got from torture was BOGUS info. Read the report! Allen west is a disgrace to his uniform and a COWARD!!!

  13. deflect
    the negativity against Clinton for her run for presidency. .. ‘see we
    did something we captured the guy what else matters?’

  14. allen west you are a disgrace to all people just dig a hole and jump in never to be heard from again. You are EVIL !!!!!!

      • I assume you meant to write “advice”, not “advise” Advise is a verb. Not an uncommon mistake you Righties make,

      • Mindi, must be we’re having an effect on Mr. Ed. He’s getting “snarly and condescending. He must be an English teacher. Don’t worry it’s an easy mistake. Just review and you’ll know the difference next time.

    • On what grounds do you make your claim? None, you just attack people like all the other lib trolls. As far as you are concerned you are a disgrace t the human race. Uneducated, uninformed, ill prepared, Assuming, Illiterate and a very poor judge of character.

      • I don’t know about Jackie but I doubt,very seriously if I am less educated than you. I can easily tell WHAT you are by your ridiculous avatar and user name.

      • Oh yes of course you can. You are the one who sets the bar for others to attain when it comes to judging people eh?
        Like you name is worth of a good toilet dump. 1 ed meadows 83 maybe it’s time for you to retire for the evening you must have exhausted yourself thinking of the come back

      • No my comebacks flow rather easily. I just don’t want to hurt your feelings. As if you had feelings!

  15. This administration is so disingenuous that nothing they say is truthful! This is probably just a ruse to deflect the facts !

      • You know what Ed Meadows, you’ve forgotten on very important fact Obama’s Mama was WHITE and a devote Communist.

      • see moron that’s what your problem is you cannot accept the facts barry is half white half black. You are stupid but you can’t cut that in half

      • I’m sorry paid poster but….when allen west followers (bigots and racist) see the president…they see a BLACK MAN….thats it…thats all!

      • Earl, I hate to inform you, but Obama is more White than Black. So when I look at Obama, I don’t see any color, because I could care less about his or anyone else’s color. I do care about what he and others are doing to “Our Country”.

      • you are projecting asshat, You play the race card, I see a muslim in office trying to destroy our country and he leads you to the slaughterhouse and you think he is the best thing since sliced bread

      • Soooo, it’s only the black half you hate? That’s encouraging. The word “Communist” rolls off the Tea Party tongues very easily, doesn’t it? I doubt if you can really ascertain what the word means. Why Communist? Why not Muslim like all the other idiots prefer to call him?

      • Because one disagrees with the actions of the Democratic Party does not make them a racist, it makes them (in all likelihood a Republican) one who thinks the actions are not in the best interest of the country. There are times when, what is best for the country is not in your (individual) best interest. However, when those interests cause harm to a great amount of the people those interests need to be examined. (Example: If out of every 100 people, 25 have no health insurance (hi), 21 have poor (hi), 19 have fair (hi), 18 have good (hi), 24 have excellent (hi) and the last 12 are so well off they don’t need it; it makes little sense to arrange it by what ever manner so that the 25, 21. and 19 are lumped together averaging poor (hi) for all of them.) The example is given just to show that not once is race mentioned. and adding the 18; would just bring the (hi) into the high “poor” range, no matter what color any body is.

      • I wish I could be certain of what the hell you’re trying to say so I would know whether to be happy or offended.

      • Simple, just because a person is against the policies of the present administration, it does not mean that they are racist. The policies have many legitimate problems, labeling the one who questions those policies as racist, rather than addressing the question about the policy is dodging the question. (Why, maybe they just don’t know the answer, more than likely, the point brought up by the question was never considered.) The stuff in the example exposes a flaw, without once mentioning race.
        I was an Army brat, the last segregated unit was in the 50’s; I had a 20+ year career (starting in 1981)

      • OK, this post was a bit clearer than the other. Now, please tell us what you think is wrong with the policies of this, ahem, half white president.

      • Well, don’t speak for me, because I could care less what color he is. Just in case you don’t know, Obama is more White than Black.

      • I think you mean you COULDN’T care less. Anyway, I don’t know how you measure blackness. His Dad was a full blooded Kenyan which is, if I’m not mistaken, a nation of black people with no “whitey” in the woodpile anywhere in their genealogy. His mother was, to be sure, lily white. So half black and half white does not equal mostly white. He says he’s black. His wife is black. His two daughters are black. If you know anything about racism in the Sunny South you’d know that one drop of black blood makes its carrier black.

      • In fact, he is White, Arab and Black. My point is, he is not just Black and people need to quit referring to him by Black or any color for that matter. His color has nothing to do with what he is
        doing to “Our Country”. As far as the South goes, the majority of people from the South are not raciest and that statement is getting old. Every Liberal I know and the ones that post are always referring to him as the “First Black President”. He is Mulatto and that is a fact! He uses his Black side to fulfill his agenda and at the same time he could care less about any Black, White or any other Ethic group in “Our Country”.

      • Dear child, “Arab” is not a race so our President is 50% black and 50% white. I don’t know why this is so important to you. Don’t presume to lecture me about the South. I was raised in rural Alabama until I enlisted in the Air Force and lived there for another decade after my enlistment before relocating to California. I still have family there and, unless you’re from that area, you know absolutely nothing about it. I suspect you might be from down there by the use of the term, “Mulatto”. That is a pejorative name for a person who is half black and half white so of course he would be called a mulatto in the deep South. I’ve known about hatred all my life, being from the South, but I’ve never seen such hatred that is shown toward our black president by miscreants such as you. He has spent almost two full terms undoing the damage done by the very white former president. You know that but can’t admit it because our President is black.

      • Ed, I’m not a Dear Child; I’m a grown woman and I was born and raised in the South. If individuals can’t look past the color of someone, then that is their problem. On the flip side, Obama and his administration use it to their advantage. You are wrong sir; I could care less what color he is or anyone else for that matter. There is no reason to refer to him as black president or anything else black. You can get off your band wagon about people being against him because he is part black; it has gotten old and does not pertain to the majority of us. It is what he has done and is still doing that speaks volumes. Stay in your California world and don’t pop your head out of the sand, because you can’t deal with the Facts and Truth.

      • “You are wrong sir; I could care less what color he is or anyone else for that matter.” Yes, yes, I know you’re completely color blind. The entire Tea Party is color blind and they all say, “I could care less what color he is” while posting caricatures of President Obama and his family eating watermelon while singing “We Shall Overcome”. I would much prefer that you racists wouldn’t lie and just say what irks you the most about our young President is the fact that a black family has no business living in OUR WHITE House. I’d have more respect for you. Not much but more than I have now. And, by the way, saying “I could care less” means that you do care a little bit. The proper phrase, and the one used by most literate people is, “I COULDN’T care less.” Think about it and try to grow up just a little bit.

      • “His color has nothing to do with what he isdoing to “Our Country”” Yeah, tell that to the rural redneck in Alabama or Mississippi. You are terribly misinformed, my dear..

      • My dear, I am from the South and it has changed. Do we still have prejudice people yes, like anywhere else in “Our Country”. In fact there is prejudice from Blacks toward Whites. I for one do not associate with individuals that are prejudice. It’s not about the color of someone, it is their character. Sadly it is all over the world and hopefully one day prejudices it will go away.

  16. This whole administrative debacle started when the Economy was failing, and kept failing. Then all these distractions were initiated on to the country to get our minds off that this administration has been a total failure, with leadership failure at bringing Jobs back, getting the economy back on track, getting people back to work, and saving our country from going down the drain! Where are the jobs? The people keep falling into the cracks of joblessness and our attention is distracted to the scandals!!

  17. Your ignorance of criminal law shows. Advising him of his Miranda rights does not end any criminal prosecution: many suspects still admit guilt or there is ample evidence with which to convict them regardless of a confession. This investigation was handled by law enforcement professionals. I have faith that they either were developing evidence against him or others and did not delay any actions due to political considerations.

  18. I think Allen West is a racist who hates President Obama! Yeah, I know. West is black also but he so desperately wants to be white it colors (unfortunate word) any rational thought he might have.

  19. i can certainly say this, Obama is ONE SLICK, CRAFTY politician… MAYBE EVEN slicker than “Slick” Willy Clinton, and that’s saying ALOT!! Obama’s timing of things is impeccable! Always after a disastrous thing which happens to him or his administration, his regime has something good or even great to produce to completely cover it up/ hide the last bad thing!

  20. Everything can’t be a distraction…first it was a distraction from obamacare, then a distraction from benghazi, now a distraction from something else! Just admit when you are WRONG!! Another republican created conspiracy goes *FLOP*

    • See a pattern there? If you wake up, you might notice that every time barry gets his @$$ caught in another crime, he comes up with another distraction. If you had a brain, you might notice reality. Too bad you are too ignorant to figure it out.

  21. Maybe he won’t make it back to US soil. Very convenient, and then the spec ops guys will be killed in a heli crash. Just a distractions and lies from Obama and the others.

  22. At some people you LOONS will stop following people like allen west! Everything can’t be a conspiracy and everything can’t be a distraction! It only makes you look like you wear ALUMINUM FOIL HATS!

      • If these poor people were goats then I pity you.

        Nearly 3,000 people from all over the world died in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

      • Don’t even go there hotshot. You know no one who died that day. I had 53 people close and personal friends die on 911 so shove it where the sun don’t shine

      • WOW! What a put down! I’ll bet you were the smartest 18 year old in your fifth grade class! Can’t you grasp what an utter fool you’re making of yourself?

      • I bet you need your wife to type for you. You can’t grasp what an ass you are making out of yourself really! Go learn some needle point, it is more your speed

      • I lost my wife to leukemia 16 years ago. Okay, so now you can make a vicious comment about that.

      • Vicious? no, I just said she types for you, That is not a vicious comment. I have lost my whole family so I know loss plus the 53 friends in the trade center. The point is here you don’t know me I don’t know you, Stop assuming you know people because you don’t.
        Misguided you are, by the media, by Newspapers that have a bias towards the Liberals.
        They are poisoning this nation. barry is destroying our nation as each day goes by.
        Do not just go through life and not question what the government is really doing. Even in your own terms and conditions.
        Ask intelligent questions of barry and yourself. Do some research with an open mind and you will see the answers for yourself.
        Being a troll attacking our character isn’t the answer to solving our countries crisis. It is the government you need to look at without those rose colored glasses.
        Trolls come here looking to attack our character only to find it solidifies our resolve. You won’t change our opinion.

      • “barry is destroying our nation” That is a totally asinine accusation. It’s phrases like that is why normal people hold you Tea Party racists in such contempt. Of course now you’ll spout the official Tea Bagger nonsense, “I don’t care what color he is”. Yeah, right. The fact that a black man living in the White House is driving you haters off the deep end. Your misguided beliefs are cast in white stone and there’s no way reason is going to effect your thinking, so I;ll bid you farewell and won’t be wasting my time trying to reason with you.

      • Denial is not a river in Egypt, It is a dumb streak inside your head. Liberals are the ones who are racist. My opinion is my opinion. Not conservative or GOP. I shoot from the hip and tell it like it is. You are a racist hypocrite. That is plain and simple fact. Of course you have to try to discredit my opinion because you are racist and I am not, You are also a liar, which doesn’t surprise me as you are a liberal idiot..
        Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out old man

      • There was no real reason for President Clinton to be overly concerned. After all, The Trade Center towers were brought down on Bush’s watch.

      • If clinton hadn’t been having sex in the oval office, he’d have taken out bin laden BEFORE he was able to mastermind 9/11. It may have happened under Bush’s watch, but it is entirely clinton’s doings.

      • Of course it was. It was also Clinton’s fault that Bush let the WTC towers collapse. If you’re going to manufacture conspiracies go whole hog. It was probably Obama who masterminded the attack on the USS Cole. And maybe he caused the tornadoes that wreaked devastation on Nebraska yesterday.

      • Quit being a moron and a smart-ass. If you people would acknowledge that islamists are the enemy and quit pretending like stating the truth makes someone an ‘islamiphobic’ so you can be ‘politically correct’, (aka avoid facts), we could be using our resources to investigate those who actually present a potential threat to our nation. Instead, we have wheelchair bound elderly white women with colostomy bags and three year old white girls being strip searched to get on an airplane. Normal, everyday Americans being searched and inconvenienced, UNCONSTITUTIONALLY, I might add, just to go on a business trip, wedding, funeral, or vacation. We are all subjected to the DHS or TSA violating our privacy, for what. to make socialist democrats feel good! Keep going along with it,


        Social issues: Tea Party Taliban

        Limits women’s rights Yes Yes

        Run primarily by men Yes Yes

        Old ideas from old books Yes Yes

        Denial of civil rights Yes Yes

        Hatred of gays Yes Yes

        Restrict health care Yes Yes

        Restrict social programs Yes Yes

        Limited education Yes Yes

      • Just where in the constitution does it mention old ladies in wheel chairs or three year old “white” girls being searched?
        Do you want to board an airplane where no precautions are taken? I sure don’t!

      • Of course not, why would clinton go after a peace loving saudi, Do you get paid to be this stupid?

      • no..right wing conspiracies are funny! Even when they are DEBUNKED…they just keep going and going!!

      • Not one of barry’s scandals has gone unscathed. They will be pulled apart and he will be found out

      • Dude…over and over again you claim conspiracies…NOTHING ever comes from them…NOTHING!! But…you right wing loons create MORE conspiracies…

      • He has nothing to do with Bin Laden but is responsible for every extremist group flexing. Right-wing double-standards are impressive, bigger the whopper faster they swallow.

  23. He’s been arrested now in order to deflect the other Obama screw ups that have surfaced. It’s all part of the Obama propaganda to cover up the screw ups.

      • nah…you are full of conspiracies…thats is….too funny. The right wing just can’t admit when they were wrong!

      • It is not a question of being right or wrong dumbass it is uncovering the truth and you cannot handle the truth

      • Damn right…but you right wing loons can’t accept the truth! You can’t even accept that bin laden is dead!!

      • See I can post anything and get you to argue and you fell for it hook line and sinker. You earl are a fool

      • And exactly what level is that? Do you expect me to be as demented as you? It ain’t gonna happen.

      • Yes after all that hard work at playing golf and partying, he was forced to come inside and watch the proceedings. The SEALS had nothing to do with it. barry found bin laden, barry organized the attack, barry pioleted the helicopters, and barry singlehandedly shot him too. That moron didn’t even know about it until it was underway. Good grief! Did he even waste his time saying “okey dokey”?

      • Credit for what? What is it exactly that he did? If bin laden had been found and executed on Bush’s watch, would he deserve ‘credit’ for it? That’s ridiculous!
        I can assure you that if bin laden had been found when Bush was POTUS, he damn sure wouldn’t have TAKEN ‘CREDIT’ for it, he’d have given credit where credit is due, to the SEALS!

      • Ohhh he is dead alright! He was dead over 10 years ago!!! Pull your head out of Oblowme’s backside and get some fresh air to your brain!

      • Ohhh! Somebody saw “A Few Good Men” I’m really impressed that you could take something from it!

      • No you idiotic race baiting libtard loons cannot just admit that Oblowme is a corrupt POS and you all are f’ing stupid for voting for him not once but twice!

      • Well Good morning! I see it worked again. While I was enjoying my evening and getting a good nights sleep, I see you wasted hours online name calling and using derogatory language. Sorry, but I have little tolerance for small minded people, post something intelligent and I’ll respond, until then have a nice time

      • You’re a Rino and therefore useless, but the truth hurts, I got plenty of good sound sleep knowing that you dumbass trolls will get what’s coming to you. You are led by the nose sheep to slaughter. Your hero barry will see to it that when the time is right he will sell you down the river.
        While your head is being lopped off by al qaeda, you’ll be wondering where you went wrong and you won’t be getting any sypathy from me

      • Nope those are your words not mine. The idea that you like it that barry can get away with breaking the law is reprehensible. The fact that barry is trying to destroy this country and you are falling for it hook line and sinker speaks volumes of your poor intellect and ability to spot a fraudulent president and at your age you will be easily taken advantage of.

      • I’m sure that using the pejorative term “barry” for our, and your, President makes you feel superior and very, very white but it certainly lowers your credibility. I never called President Bush anything other than that. I didn’t vote for him and I think he was possibly the worst president in our history, but I respected the office of the presidency. You haters don’t seem to even do that. As far as my intellect, I don’t worry about that as long as I know it’s higher than most of the haters on this thread. I don’t know what you think my age is but apparently you’d like to think that I’m in the early stage of dementia. That, also, doesn’t bother me..

      • If we are not being called a racist, we are accused of hating him. What don’t you guys get; that we hate what he is doing to “Our Country” and others, PERIOD!

      • OK Reba darling, exactly WHAT has he done to “Our Country”? Making sure that millions of uninsured people now have insurance, or killing Osama bin Laden when the wonderful President Bush lost him at Tora Bora? Or that he kept his promise to get us out of Bush’s terrible wars? Just what has he done that is so terrible? I’m waiting with bated breath. In fact, I’ll ask you the question I’ve asked on the repulsive Tea Party sites several times. Please name one (1) thing the Republicans have done for the common man since Eisenhower gave us the Interstate Highway system. I’ve never gotten an answer but maybe in your wisdom, you can tell me. I can name about a dozen or more life improving actions done by Democrats. But I can’t think of a thing your Republican leaders have done. Of course if you’re a millionaire I can understand your lack of knowledge about the middle class.

      • Hell…just name one thing in the last 6 years that benefited the american worker?? Something that didn’t involve de-regulations and tax breaks for the wealthy and powerful. Just one

      • Earl, you are so naive. Grow up! Obozo is part of the 1% now and he loves it. He segues billions of our tax dollars to his friends and cronies for their start-up companies that fold within a year or two and the taxpayer is left holding the bag. He gives tax breaks to multi-billion-dollar movie studios who give him huge campaign donations. He benefits from Wall St. largesse. To him, the middle class is that which resides in his home country of Kenya or his adopted country of Indonesia. The US middle class is deemed wealthy by most countries’ standards.

      • and you didn’t give ONE ….just ONE thing republicans have proposed to benefit the american worker in the last 6 years!

      • Excuse me, but Barry has been in office 5 1/2 of those years and president-elect for 3 months more. The Bush recession, according to the CBO, ended in June 2009. We’re headed into another recession and none of that can be blamed on Bush.

      • I don’t want to hear any of your crap about the middle class. Obozo is attempting to destroy the middle class in this country. Since he’s been in office, the middle class has lost over $4300 per year in income. My family’s health insurance premiums are now twice what they used to be with double the deductible for the SAME insurance. We’re paying higher taxes, higher gas and food prices, electricity costs are soaring and my husband’s business phone barely rang the first 4 years this Marxist nutter was in office.

      • You are right…obama is trying to destroy the middle class by not giving more money to the wealthy!! DARN YOU OBAMA!!!

      • Yeah, it’s President Obama who killed the veterans’ bill, the minimum wage increase and all the good stuff the Republicans in the House of Representatives are fighting for that will make life easier for the middle class and the poor. Yeah, you probably believe that. Pathetic.

      • Ed darling, for some reason you only see a small picture of everything. Yes, he gave millions insurance after he took away the insurance people were paying on their own. He took away their doctors and hospitals they used and the options are less than what they had to begin with. Tell that to the ones that have cancer and can no longer receive treatment. On top of that, millions that were uninsured to begin with, are still uninsured. He did not have to destroy our insurance, in order to insure the ones that needed it. He lied from the beginning and the Democrats forged a Bill Illegally in the middle of the night and with not one Republican signature on the bill. It’s called Socialism!

        As for Bin Laden and the wars; it’s called 9-11. I give it to “Our Military” for getting Bin Laden. Maybe you don’t remember that day Ed, when “Our Country” was attacked and over 3,000 people died. Whatever was done at that time, we needed to do. Was it perfect, no, but I will not bash President Bush for what he did to protect “Our Country” and I would not hold my breath for Obama to do anything to protect us, in the same situation. I guess you think it is okay that he released Gitmo and Afghanistan Prisoners while we still have Troops on the ground. Obama getting us out of the Middle East has been a disaster and if you can’t see that, then you are blind.

        As for Middle Class, Obama just about wiped them out. I used to be one, but as each day goes by, we are less and less. If you are better off today than in 2012, more power to you, because most people in “Our Country” are not.

        As for the Tea Party, can’t help you. I’m not a member nor have I ever been. Are the Republicans today much better? No, but they haven’t caught up with the Democrats yet. Kind of hard to get anything done when Harry Reid sits on every Bill that is written. The Democrats want Socialism and Communism and it is right in our face. If you can’t see that by what they are doing to “The People” and “Our Country”, then I guess your eyes will open one day when Obama’s Army is on “Our Streets” in their Tanks with Guns pointing at you and you can’t leave your home or do anything else. Don’t look for “Our Military” to help your ass, because Obama is decimating them. They are so damn corrupt it’s not even funny, right along with many of the Republicans, Judges and other people. If you don’t mind losing your Constitutional Rights as an American and if you think it’s okay to be called a racist every day from this Administration, because you are white, I don’t know what to tell you.
        The facts are this, it does not matter to me if they are Democrats, Independents or Republicans, breaking “Our Laws” are wrong and they should all go to jail. How do you like Obama’s Pen and Phone?

      • Ah yes, Obama plotted with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as plans were being made to fly the airplanes into the WTC towers and into the Pentagon. He actually wanted to pilot one of the airplanes but his flying skills were not up to par, So instead, he time-traveled and drove the boat that damaged the USS Cole, leaping to safety just before striking the Cole. Then he jumped back a little further in time, learned to fly and launched the missiles that struck the USS Stark. Then, having learned to fly, popped back into 2001 to help with the attacks on the WTC but he didn’t time it correctly and came back on September 12, one day too late. He was devastated but he recovered and decided to run for president where he could do some REAL damage to the country that the stupid Tea Party loves so well. Does that strike you as plausible? Well, about as plausible as the crap you just espoused in your post. Oh, I left out the part where he is BLACK, the complexion that you have learned to love so well.

      • I use barry as a form of disrespect. Not for making me feel superior to anyone though your lack of intellect is rather easily over come. Yes I hate barry for the destruction he has brought upon our country and if you weren’t a half witt you should be upset to, For the rights he takes away from me he takes away from you as well. But you’re too stupid to realize it, All you are is another sheep being led to slaughter

      • You can’t name a single right you have lost. All you people are tinfoil hat wearers. You are just so silly and ridiculous. Thank goodness, you are just a small and unimportant minority is this country. I……and you……..have the same rights we did before Obama became president.

      • First Amendment

        The 1st Amendment protects speech, religion, assembly and the press:

        Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

        However, the government is arresting those speaking out … and violently crushing peaceful assemblies which attempt to petition the government for redress.

        A federal judge found that the law allowing indefinite detention of Americans without due process has a“chilling effect” on free speech. And see this and this.

        There are also enacted laws allowing the secret service to arrest anyone protesting near the president or other designated folks

        The threat of being labeled a terrorist for exercising our First Amendment rights certainly violates the First Amendment. The government is using laws to crush dissent, and it’s gotten so bad that even U.S. Supreme Court justices are saying that we are descending into tyranny.

        For example, the following actions may get an American citizen living on U.S. soil labeled as a “suspected terrorist” today:

        Being young (if you live near a battle zone, you are fair game; and see this)

        Using social media

        Reporting or doing journalism

        Speaking out against government policies

        Protesting anything (such as participating in the “Occupy” movement)

        Questioning war (even though war reduces our national security; and see this)

        Criticizing the government’s targeting of innocent civilians with drones (although killing innocent civilians with drones is one of the main things which increases terrorism. And see this)

        Asking questions about pollution (even at a public Congressional hearing?)

        Paying cash at an Internet cafe

        Asking questions about Wall Street shenanigans

        Holding gold

        Creating alternative currencies

        Stocking up on more than 7 days of food (even though all Mormons are taught to stockpile food, and most Hawaiians store up on extra food)

        Having bumper stickers saying things like “Know Your Rights Or Lose Them”

        Investigating factory farming

        Infringing a copyright

        Taking pictures or videos

        Talking to police officers

        Wearing a hoodie

        Driving a van

        Writing on a piece of paper

        (Not having a Facebook account may soon be added)

        And holding the following beliefs may also be considered grounds for suspected terrorism:

        Being frustrated with “mainstream ideologies”

        Valuing online privacy

        Supporting Ron Paul or being a libertarian

        Liking the Founding Fathers

        Being a Christian

        Being anti-tax, anti-regulation or for the gold standard

        Being “reverent of individual liberty”

        Being “anti-nuclear”

        “Believe in conspiracy theories”

        “A belief that one’s personal and/or national “way of life” is under attack”

        “Impose strict religious tenets or laws on society (fundamentalists)”

        “Insert religion into the political sphere”

        “Those who seek to politicize religion”

        “Supported political movements for autonomy”

        Being “anti-abortion”

        Being “anti-Catholic”

        Being “anti-global”

        “Suspicious of centralized federal authority”

        “Fiercely nationalistic (as opposed to universal and international in orientation)”

        “A belief in the need to be prepared for an attack either by participating in … survivalism”

        Opposing genetically engineered food

        Opposing surveillance

        that’s just the first amendment to the constitution, You want more?

      • That’s the craziest bunch of b.s. I’ve seen in a long time. Gosh, it must hurt to be you. Really??? This goes way beyond paranoia. I understand the 1st Amendment. However, the rest of that long list is just nonsense that you and your kind have made up.

      • You think so, Denial. is not a river in Egypt. You can pretend it isn’t happening but it is. You cannot make a phone call without the NSA listening in. You cannot post here or at any other site without the NSA knowing what you say. I did not make it up it is real. You just can’t accept what is happening. That’s too bad to because you will suffer like the rest of us. Yet you will still have your head in the sand. too bad for you

      • Janet…I keep saying that…they just complain about things that never happened. They are on the FOX NEWS PLANTATION!!

      • If they weren’t so ignorant and ridiculous……it would be funny. I think they go way beyond Fox News………..definite conspiracy theorists.

      • Sorry you are so ignorant that you cannot see the forest for the trees. ovomitcare alone robs you of your freedom to choose hundreds of things including whether or not to have insurance.

      • This page is not a debate at all. It’s a conversation with right-wing conspiracy theorists and loonies. I have no time for this. The truth is just no in you people…………you wouldn’t know truth if you met it in the road!

      • Janet, you’re an ignoramus. Look to all his EO’s to see how dangerous and lawless he’s become. Plus, the NSA isn’t looking for terrorists. They’re looking into everyone’s e-mails, including yours. Get your head out of your posterior and do your research. You sound like my girlfriend and her husband. They bought into all the lies about Romney despite neither of them being Democrats. They are completely clueless and so are you.

      • Please elucidate. Exactly what “destruction” has he done to this country? You must have something specific in mind. Is it the Affordable Care Act? Is it the fact he hunted down and killed Osama bin Laden? I’m at a loss to understand what you ,mean. I hope it’s not just the rambling of a hate filled lunatic.

      • barry is the usurper’s name, it says so on the only document we have. We cannot help it if you are too ignorant to realize that. The race card is expired an your diversionary tactics are old and stale. Stay on topic! President Bush was actually POTUS unlike the usurper who is not constitutionally eligible.

      • Why do you consider President Obama a usurper? Do you even know what the term means? He was elected, twice, with an overwhelming majority. You haters really don’t make much sense with your protestations.

      • O God, not this stupidity all over again. OK, why do you think he is constitutionally ineligible for the office he holds?

      • It’s too bad West was forced to retire after an Article 32 hearing. I wish he’d fought the retirement and faced a general Courts Martial. He was a disgrace to his uniform and was drummed out of the army. After one disastrous term in Congress he was”drummed out” of that august organization. Now if there was some way to shut his flapping mouth he wouldn’t be encouraging cretins like the ones on this thread who apparently think he’s the second coming of Christ.

      • Oh, puleeze. Liberals always think they’re smarter than everyone else. It’s why they’re so ripe for a giant CON. When you think you know it all, you never learn anything new. Your arrogance is only exceeded by your ignorance.

      • So ripe for a CON?? UH….here are a few famous CONS. WE WILL REPEAL OBAMACARE and MITT ROMNEY WILL WIN IN A LANDSLIDE!! Talk about cons!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

      • Yeah, Liberals are so
        ignorant that we’ll be electing Democratic presidents far into the future.
        I don’t see a Republican elected to the White House for at least a
        generation. The Republicans have fouled
        their nest so completely that potential candidates who ordinarily would have a
        shot of being elected are staying out of the limelight.

    • None of those are a flop as the investigations in IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious etc are still active. ACA will be repealed eventually when we have enough people in office. Obama will be brought up on charges, I hope very soon and then you will be sitting there eating crow 🙂

      • Sorry but those are republicans wet dreams only….if nothing has come from them in all of this time…NOTHING WILL! Its republicans just pulling you by the nose!

      • Pipe down Earlene, unless you have a point worth reading. Your blah,blah, blah gets old and very boring.

      • You people never come back with anything but name calling and personal attacks…dispute me with facts DARN IT!!!

      • I’ve been discussing this with you for quite some time and all you come back with is attacks on West. Sorry but your man is coming down and even many in his own party are trying to distance themselves from him.

      • You call them ATTACKS…they are the FACTS!!! Just because you choose to ignore the facts does not make them ATTACKS!!!

      • You have not made any reliable statements that I call facts about any of these situations… and here we go, just calm down, no need for getting excited.. seriously Earl calm down. Now your precious dems, Hillery, is trying to back peddle claiming she “never really believed Benghazi was due to a video”… but I guess you will say that is made up too…. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/06/17/clinton-fox-news/
        Nothing we show you, you will believe and call us liars. prove your points and I will agree with you, ask anyone on here if you can prove it I will submit to what you have to say. But if its just BS pulled out of your behind I’m not going to agree and its my right to not agree as it is your right not to agree with us.

      • You are one of the lemmings who are too ignorant to realize what is happening. Distraction after distraction while the socialist democrats gum up the investigations. This regime is destroying America and you, the typical butthead, keep cheering on the destruction!

      • Yea…distraction from 13 investigations…more distractions from 50+ votes to repeal obamacare…..everything can’t be a distraction

      • Earl, get your passport in order. You’d be much happier residing in a banana republic. You seem to buy into the blatherings of a totalitarian dictator-in-the-making and his gang of cronies and thugs.

      • As the republicans get closer to the truth more distractions appear. So what if there were 13 investigations, and there will be more as long as we have not come to the truth about what happened that night and events leading up to that night. Murder investigations do not go away just because someone claims there is no more evidence, they continue until they find out all the facts about the case and can go further to prosecute the offender. Just because we now have the guy in custody doesn’t mean the investigation will end, we need to know everything we can in order to see that justice has been given to those who died that night. And that includes any thing that our president and others in that administration had to do with the events leading up to and during that attack that night.

      • You people don’t care about the 4 that died…you people only want to “CATCH” obama! 13 investigations and one more coming…waste of tax payer funds!

      • you can’t be that stupid earl. Of course we care that they died, It is hillary and barry whose at fault we want justice for those four dead men

      • BENGHAZI has nothing to do with those that died. Its politics at its best. Its the republican party trying to do its best to damage…not obama but HILLARY CLINTON! You are just to blind or too STUPID to see it

      • It has everything to do with those that died, stop being a complete and utter buffoon. You are too caught up in the two of them to see reality or you are the dumbest person I have ever heard

      • What were they doing in Benghazi in the first place?
        Why weren’t they removed when everyone else pulled out?
        Why didn’t they send more security since they didn’t evacuate?
        How can they be so ignorant as to not understand the significance of 9/11 in such a dangerous place and not take the necessary precautions?
        This is on Hillary she was the Secretary of State, the responsibility also ultimately falls on barry since he’s pretending to be POTUS.

      • So now you want to assume that we don’t really care.. please Earl you are really digging yourself deep in a hole of BS. I care, I care because they were our soldiers, our ambassador, and our citizens. I care because they were people like you and me, trying to make a living and trying to keep our nation free. I care because they were human and didn’t deserve to die the way they did and drug through the street.. So please Earl never assume you know me and that I don’t care. I may not know them personally but they were my brothers, and my fellow Americans. and I hope and pray that Obama and his administration pays the price for their blood being shed that night and for all the crimes they continue to commit against this nation… So don’t ever assume you know me… because you don’t know anything but your own blind ignorance. Until you can grow up and talk like a real man and discuss issues brought up on this site, I have nothing further to say to you… prove the “facts” you keep on about or get lost… you are nothing more than a troll… Good night.

      • Just like the republican conspiracy to ‘get’ clinton. He never had sex in the oval office, that’s just a figment in everyone’s imagination.

      • It will happen, i have faith in that. Nothing happens in a day and when you have a huge organization covering up and blocking your every move its bound to take longer, but it will. As Obama is running out of Ace cards to play and he knows it.

    • Yeah, the entire administration is a criminal cabal posing as a political party. They are in cahoots and obstructing justice. When do you wake up?

    • Earl, you are a lemming. Barry is the one who fails to govern. We’re paying him a six-figure salary to party, golf, campaign and take luxury taxpayer-funded vacations. He has no interest in the responsibilities of the job and he appears to be sympathetic to our enemies. Col. West is a war hero for protecting his men. You’d be grateful if you were among them. Instead, you’ve been conned by a master snake oil salesman.

      • I’m sorry but his accomplishments makes your statement VOID! Look them up vs what republicans have done for the american people in the last 6 years!

      • We’re still waiting for him to accomplish something but a crime, a vacation, a party, or a fundraiser.

      • Oh…I never said I didn’t call people names…On this site I find the words NUTS, LOONS and TIN FOIL HAT wearers very appropriate!

      • you never change you dumbass rhetoric. How many talking points do they teach you before they let you troll websites?

      • Poor earl doesn’t know the difference between talking points and facts You just gotta love those troll schools

      • OH…another little fact for you. ALLEN WEST IS NO WAR HERO. He was relieved of command, faced 11 years in prison for assault. His men received article 15’s, lost rank and pay and guess what….ALLEN WEST did not stand along side those men. Allen west is a coward and a disgrace to the uniform!!!

      • No need, the facts speak for themselves. You are a lying lemming troll who only reads the propaganda provided for you by the socialist democrats. You have been provided with facts before, and you have chosen to ignore them. Your BS is the same as barry’s regime, distraction, distraction, distraction. You have no real arguments, you just like to troll. So be it. Your stupidity is good for a laugh.

      • He was not relieved he resigned. And really Earl, its time to hang up your jealousy about him. Let it go and you will feel much better. The hate you have is driving you nuts and eating away at your soul.

  24. @Earlee – You neo-Communist demoncrats are just too predictable. Allen is 100% right about this Islamic Cockroach. You neo-Commies follow The Alinsky Bible right down the line. All during Bush’s two terms, your comrades screed was that Bush had stashed bin Laden somewhere to save him for a trump card, when the going got tough. Whenever you neo-Commies make that kind of a pronouncement, it is like a poker “tell”. You are just ADMITTING that that is a strategy that YOU will hold in mind. And … now you have done it. Busted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Allen west is a 100% disgrace to this great nation and those that follow him or believe in him are LOONS!! Cover-up for this and distraction from that…its tired and old! How about something positive…how about allen west vision for america? Nope…its just get the loons to buy my products and make me a mulit-millionaire! Thats it….

      • Apparently it’s gotten to the point that according to Republicans, Benghazi is now a distraction from Benghazi.

        And somehow the Republican Party is still politically relevant.

  25. Allen west…give it up! You will never be a force in politics…NEVER!! You can’t run for office because your disgraceful military record will follow you. Just keep on having these people on the FOX NEWS PLANTATION to buy your merchandise!

    • Keep trying to convince yourself of that. You know the socialist democrats are famous for repeating lies to their minions and they always believe them. You’re a prime example.

      • Sorry but it is the truth….you people are just NUTS! And allen west is reaping the benefits of you people being NUTS. Tell me you didn’t buy his book….

      • He actually did run and did win. He lost, and well sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Thats politics. Thats life… its time to let it go Earl… and really why is this so important to you? Did you suffer personally from this?

      • Damn you’re stupid, so you reviewed his book or you read a review and you are going by someone else’s opinions and not fact, wow what a hypocrite

      • Now….you are saying that review was not accurate
        and there are NO FAKE quotes in allen west book?

      • You tell me you are the one who read it, or are you, I think that you just go by someone else’s opinion funny how the hypocrite calls others the same

      • Because you’re a stalker. Besides, how do you know what’s in it if you haven’t read it? The fact is, you were TOLD it was full of “fake quotes” so you believe it. That’s how you lemmings are. You’ve outed yourself, now go away.

    • Thats rich! Someone comes from a different point of view and they are a paid troll?? Lets see…the only responses you will get is personal attacks and name calling!

      • False, people have brought up facts to you but you disregard them and call it fake. You can have your opinion but you want to deny others theirs and then turn and say they call you names… oh boo hoo, aren’t you a grown man or just a child who gets his feelings hurt… grow up Earl and have good discussions and stop trolling… I have had plenty of good discussions with people here that we don’t agree on anything but we still manage to stay civil, but with you… there is no civility.

      • Thats not true Earl, there have been plenty of people who have shown you facts but you just call it a lie. Nothing will suffice to you as you keep your mind closed to facts given. Only you seem to know whats true or not and give no one else credit. I feel very sorry for you.

      • Where are they?? I’ve seen NO facts….how in the world can you PROVE this as a distraction. That would be a OPINION!!

      • I’m sorry Earl I thought you said that no one on here every shows you proof, I wasn’t talking about this article in particular. And I would have to agree, yes its an opinion but if you look at it from the outside I can see where it would look like another distraction from the Obama camp as it seems every time Obama is hot water, he seems to pull an ace card out of nowhere and does something he should have done months ago. Just seems very suspicious the timing really..

      • When you try to find fought in EVERY SITUATION….what does that say about you….once you say this is a distract then that is a distraction then one more distraction then another distraction and yet one more distraction…you are doing NOTHING! You are not helping your cause…you are making yourself look like a fool

      • you don’t even know what you’re talking about now, you are like a farmer outstanding in your field dumbass

      • You keep talking facts but have not shown any… where are you facts… where have you shown any facts that Col West is wrong with what he posted. Remember you came here and made the accusation that it was false.. so prove it

      • You present OPINIONS. We’re not interested. You should have realized that by now. Can’t you take a hint? No one else is falling for socialist democrat propaganda. Go play with your friends on huffpo or beast.

      • Where? All you do is come here and whine and cry about West and never back up anything… prove its not a distraction then. I said I agree with it as it seems like every time something is going against Obama he finds something new to play with… Stop being so blind and open up your mind… you don’t have to agree but just look at it from a different perspective… BTW.. before West wrote this piece and I read that they got the guy… I said how convenient for Obama, another think to take the focus off IRS, IRAQ etc…

      • I’m kind of wondering how old you are, as just from an observant standpoint, it looks like a bunch of adults with logical opinions arguing with some mentally handicap 6 year old who keeps repeating himself over and over again.

      • No problem Austin, I’ve done it myself and the person realized it was to the other guy thankfully. Earl is just another troll who’s main purpose here is to defame Col West. I’ve asked him often what exactly has West done to him personally for it to warrant so much hate but he has yet to answer. And then drolls on and on about facts but has yet to provide us with any that either discredit what is said here or can be debunked. He is quite honestly a very sad puppet. Any.. thanks for clearing that up, because I was like, you really want to know how old I am o.O

      • Please try to explain that a bit clearer. I said this looks suspicious because every time Obama has been under a lot of heat from others, such as Fast and Furious, IRS, etc something happens to distract us from that issue onto another issue. Such as Osama being killed finally, Bergdahl coming home, now they catch the leader of the Benghazi attack, the VA scandal, the IRS scandal, and the list goes on… Connect the dots. Its like he is playing legos, building one on top of the other and so on. There has never been a president that has had so many controversies in one term… really..

        What am I doing? I write who I need to write to about this and tell them I want something done about this government that is attacking our nation. I am working helping vets who have been subjected to the BS of not getting what they need, I am going to school to finish my doctorate so I can help even more. I am active in informing others about the issues we face… What else do I need to do, if I have the time and can do it I will. What are you doing besides protecting and making excuses for Obama and his administration, killing this nation and abandoning the people who helped make her free.

        Really Earl, prove your points with facts and bring them up so that we may have the opportunity to discuss/debate them, instead of pointing fingers at us and at West for posting facts and you calling us liars etc..

      • SO what you are saying is EVERYTHING that obama does is suspicious? Because I can go down a list of LOON CREATED distractions…..this distracted from the irs, that distracted from obamacare…this distracted from benghazi! Like I said…it only makes you look FOOLISH!

      • And where are your post when republicans blocked bills designed to help veterans….where is your post when a republican called veterans care a ENTITLEMENT? Where are allen west post??? Oh the hypocrisy of it all!!

      • How do you know I didnt post it somewhere else? Do you follow me everywhere and look at everything I do?

      • I do not know everything West has written about or what his stand is on this matter. I have had meetings on this where I work and at school, and drafted letters to our congressmen about this. I work to help our vets get the benefits they need and deserve so yes dear I have done things in real life to help them, what have you done?

      • This too is not true Raf. And everyone has their own prejudices, preferences and such. I look at the facts and judge whether they make more sense than what the Dems put forward and thus-far there has been none that dems put out that i agree with. Even Hillery is backtracking her statement about the reason for the attacks at Benghazi. She now claims she never felt it was the video… but then what can she say… she has to try to distance herself from all that now. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/06/17/clinton-fox-news/

      • And you know it perfectly? You know it so well that you can’t for a second look at it from a different perspective? I don’t mean from a republicans eyes but from outside the box. Using your own thinking on this, not something that is fed to you by the left media. Thats the difference between you and I, I look from outside the box and I get cursed from both sides because I’m not going to let someone else tell me what I should or should not believe. I will research it until I am satisfied who is telling the truth. Can you be open minded enough to do the same?

      • People like Earl don’t want the truth and therefore never seek it. Utopia socialist style is all they can think of without ever looking to see that it has never worked and never will.
        I’m betting he’s too clueless to see what the invasion of our country, that is happening now, will lead to.

      • WHat TRUTH?? Can you prove that its a distraction….I don’t want your opinion or your gut feeling and what your astrologer told you. This is OPINION ONLY but you loons take it as FACT!!!

      • The thing here isn’t necessarily that there is a need for proof that it is a distraction, but if you look at the whole picture, what is the MSM now talking about instead of Bergdahl what was a complete flop, its not about that but now Obama caught the bad guy again, taking peoples focus off Bergdahl and off the new IRS BS of missing years of emails.. if it were something else everyone would be calling foul…

      • NO…can’t fix me….I don’t believe in conspiracies, I don’t take opinion as FACT and I sure don’t have someone like allen west lead me by the nose!

      • And you don’t try to prove its a false opinion or misguided but only come here and call people names and tell them they are wrong without backing up anything you said…

      • ~sigh~ you are dense… sorry but I had to say it… Back up your opinions, your “facts” that what Allan posted is not true, back up that our opinions or “facts” are not true, discuss like a man, not a whining little child… be grown up about this, can you?

      • So how do you prove a opinion? How can I prove that this is a distraction when there is NO EVIDENCE of a distraction. To prove this is a distraction you must have first hand knowledge of the distraction or info from a source verifying that this is a distraction. I can’t prove that ALLEN WEST believes this is a DISTRACTION because that would be ALLEN WEST (WAR CRIMINAL) opinion!

      • Really Earl, and again you said you don’t call people names. Please do give up as you can’t argue the truth. You have not shown any proof of anything yet you call others stupid and fools… have a Blessed day or night, where every you may be…

      • Once again I have to repeat…I never said I didn’t call people names….I find that on this site the words NUTS, STUPID, LOONS and IDIOTS are very appropriate for this site

      • I see, so calling people fools and stupid, as you insinuated by your previous post is not calling names? But if we did it, you would be crying they called you a name… really Earl.. you are losing it.

      • Then why are you here? You post on all of Allen West’s articles and you repeat the same garbage. If it’s just opinion, state yours and move on. You’re a troll and a stalker. Get over yourself. If you don’t like his opinions, why do you read them? You can read huffpo or daily beast and get all your ‘facts’, why are you here?

      • The reason why I am here is because it is very had for me to believe that in 2014 there are people in this great nation that are THIS STUPID!!!

      • Again, here is my case… you did it again… because we don’t agree with your opinion you call people stupid… Have a good night Earl, there is no discussing with you, you haven’t matured enough yet.

      • It’s hard for us to believe you are as stupid as you are, yet here you are proving it night after night.

      • You really shouldn’t cite a link to Fox News as unbiased proof of anything. Although they like the tag line of “fair and unbiased”…just because you say it…doesn’t make it true.

      • Then do your own research on it and see if its true or not. I rather trust Fox than CNN or MSNBC. And if its not true I’m sure Hillery will get her goons out to discredit them.

      • According to PEW research Fox is more factual than MSNBC. However CNN is more factual than Fox. The link was posted by Just Preamble on facebook. Which is a Diehard Right Wing group.

    • Sandra, do you even know what a bigot is? Read some of the posts extolling the virtues of this failed human being and then describe your version of bigotry.

  26. I am so sick of the liberal scum thats blinded by this socialist ideolgy and that everything is a conservative witch hunt.They don, t care that illegals are flooding the border in an obvious attempt by Obama to turn Texas into a democratic blue state.All the debate in the world is not going to change these radicals that are destroying the country.And for all you POS liberal trolls you can mark these words the fight is just starting americans are finally, finally waking up you can, t protect your messiah from the avalanche coming down on him.We have had enough of your blind loyalty to this pathalogical liar.Dislike for liberals is rapidly turning into hatred.When the sh××t hits the fan you better crawl back into your holes you brought down the thunder now your going to get hit with the lightning.

    • Hmmm did you read the posting policy? Just wondering. I assume you think Obama is the liberal messiah. Well, I hate to break this to you, but, if we didn’t have to spend so much time defending him against made up conspiracy theories and fake stories many of us on the left would be attacking him right now. Obama is a bout a liberal as Reagan was (talk about some party’s messiah) Socialist??? Not even close. He’s had to pander to the right so much, the liberal are left behind.

      • Four people died in Benghazi. That is a made up conspiracy? The IRS, it has been proven targeted conservative groups. Another made up conspiracy? You mark my words, when this pos is out of office, all these stories will be proven true and then what will you liberals say?

      • I think it’s all been proven. Almost everyday something comes to light and almost every day they are breaking their necks to stop the Committees and everyone else trying to find out the TRUTH.

      • Elijah Cummings is a prime example of what you just said Reba. That is why I think the Dems that are on the Benghazi committee will just be there to disrupt the proceedings. I hope Gowdy can keep them in line.

      • That’s exactly why Nancy P. chose the ones she did. They will disrupt all questioning and try to distract away from it. Like you, I hope Trey Gowdy stands firm and does what is right.

    • You said “Dislike for liberals is rapidly turning into hatred.” I hardly speak to my daughter-in-law because she is a diehard liberal. By the way, I agree. I never HATED liberals. I just thought of them as being stupid but I dealt with it. Since this poor excuse for a President took over and I can see how he can do no wrong in their eyes, I find myself hating them.

      • Eliot, all you can do is show her the FACTS and TRUTH. Start at the beginning up till this point or where ever you stop and leave it with your son and her. Take it to them and leave it and tell her to read it and once she is done, she can ask you questions.

      • Reba, sorry to say but she is a lost cause. The only news she watches is either NBC or CBS and you know they do not tell the truth about what is happening. I had asked her one time to name one thing GOOD that this poor excuse for a President has done and she said he made emission standards on vehicles more strict. I almost had a stroke right then and there. I told her with unemployment at a all time high(that 6.3 is not the real rate) the national debt through the ceiling and all these scandals, you think he is a good president because of emissions? That is the narrow thinking most liberals have. My son, who is a staunch conservative, is out of town a lot so the time she has alone with my grandson gives her time to brainwash him. One day, when he was staying with us, he overheard my wife and I talking about the Zimmerman/Martin headlines and he just comes walking into the kitchen and as plain as the nose on my face states “Zimmerman was guilty and got away with murder.” I laid into him so badly, he was afraid to come near me for an hour. Now whoever has an opinion one way or the other, I really don’t care but hear or read BOTH sides of the story. In my grandson’s case, I know that didn’t happen. All the info he got, he got from dear old mom. When I lashed out at him, I think I was really lashing out at his mother.

      • Eliott, we all have a couple in our families. I learned a long time ago, present the facts to them and give them time to read and digest; does no good to have a conversation about it with them. Believe me, it wears on their mind. Little things they will hear will make them think about what you gave them and it takes time, but it will happen more and more. Been there and done that, just takes patience.

  27. Bill not a smidgen of corruption in the IRS these are all just right wing conspiracy, s because quite frankly theirs alot folks out their that don, t like the idea of a black man being president.If you like your insurance you can keep it period if you like your dr you can keep him period.i can go on and on and and on and and on and on and on and and on and on and on and on and on 6 years of this America how do you like your messiah now

    • Apparently they like him pretty well and his administration too. Congress does zip about it, the media says and prints anything the administration wants and the beat goes on! I don’t blame Mr. West for being tired and frustrated with these blind people! Its like expecting giving a Smartphone to a dumb person and thing it will make them smart! Again God bless America, we sure do need it!

  28. Col. you sould be ashamed of yourself. You are saying the work your former comrades and the FBI did is nothing. You are a hateful, sick old man.

  29. Is there any point in time when they could have arrested him (other than the next morning) without you going ‘WHY NOW”?

    • Yeah, when he was being interviewed by American reporters. They found him but we couldn’t? What a joke you liberals are. I guess you believe the IRS emails were really lost.

  30. you see conspiracy in everything,,,everything
    It must be pretty sad to go through life like that..
    Not meaning just you ,,,but your whole party…..

    “I cannot help fearing that men may reach a point where they look
    on every new theory as a danger, every innovation as a toilsome
    trouble, every social advance as a first step toward revolution, and
    that they may absolutely refuse to move at all.”
    – Alexis de Tocqueville

  31. West should just stop. Just listen to the stupidity that pops out of your mouth every time you open it. No matter what the President does you will find something negative to say. Sadly there are a few people that believe you, and other that support you because of their fear and hatred of the President. These people don’t support you because you are right or good, they support you because you allow them to fell good about their twisted core beliefs.

    • Excuse me, this president has done zip to prove otherwise. Funny this little caper suddenly appears when its an election in November. But hey party down if you think its so great, you are entitled to your opinion as well as I or Mr. West for that matter.

      • It is so amazing that this President has done so much good but people like you and west can’t say 1 good thing about him. It is strange that you can be so vocal about anything he does but never in a positive way. If the President offered a cure for cancer I sure there would be so sort of plot behind it. You are correct about you opinions you are entitled to state them.

  32. Pathetic. Just another attempt to downplay ANYTHING positive that happens during this administration. More politics, politics, politics. Such boring and uninspiring leadership through fear.

    • I’m sorry. You are so right. This administration has many positive accomplishments. Record high unemployment, national debt through the roof and the losing of fear and respect from our enemies. Oh I’m sorry again. I forgot, Bin Laden is dead.

      • I didn’t say anything about the terrible job he’s done with Obamacare or the weak job creation (although I am very pleased that my 401k is through the roof). I’d prefer that we had not cavalierly spent so many lives in Iraq as well, especially my cousin’s. So yeah – I can be critical when it’s deserved. But this is not a case that is deserved.

      • I am sorry for your loss and I truly mean it. I am former military and I too do not want to see any more deaths but the way Obama went about this was all wrong. After WWII we left men behind and as far as I know, they are still there. In my opinion, he pulled out too soon and did not leave enough of reserve force but his biggest mistake was telling the enemy WHEN we were pulling out. In my opinion, there will never be peace over there no matter what we do. I would not send troops back there but I would send so many drones, it would make their heads spin. Once again, I AM sorry for your loss.

  33. OMFD! What is wrong with you people? Just a few months ago the President wasn’t doing enough, and now he’s doing it for political motives. I have never seen such twisted thinking in my life. Allen B. West: Karma’s a b*tch, and she’s coming for you for your lies and obfuscation.

    • Sure! Why should we have any doubts concerning this presidents motives? If you cant see it, then I’m sorry for you. We will see, wont we! Hope I’m wrong, but things in the past kind of aces out this move. GOD bless America, we sure need it!

    • He IS doing it for political reasons. This guy was out in the open for 2 years and even was interviewed by American reporters. What a coincidence that this happened just when the IRS scandal was getting hot.

    • Ha ha ha! You seriously don’t know he does anything he does for political reasons?? Dream’s over, buddy. Time to wake up!

  34. Too little, too late! He sure didnt do all that by himself, now did he? Next slap in the face for us will be Holder or Obama releasing this guy to Qatar with the other “No danger to the U.S. terrorist. And Obama getting to the news media the name of every agent involved in the so called capture! Hopefully not, but who can trust this government!

  35. And you libtards thought Bush was a criminal, never mind impeaching Barak Hussein Obama needs to be impaled on the front gate of the WH This is the most corrupt regime in the history of the country Bush was a saint compared to Barry, Barak, or whatever the hell he wants to call himself ( king ) As bad as Bush was he wasn, t a traitor that hated his country.Correction anyone with half a brain knows Obama is an imposter his birth certificate was proven to be a phony but like every other crime he commits he, s covered by the MSM the chickens have come home to roost the American people are finally waking up as you can see by his abysmal poll numbers.2 years left and he, s a lame duck already.He can take his dictator butt and his stinking wife and kids and rule Kenya Good riddins

    • you always know your in for a real treat, full of wisdom and insight, when you see “Barack Hussein Obama,,
      and going back to Kenya,,all the crap associated with it…
      LOL,,,sad little people with sad little lives….

  36. Listen up libtards the next scandal from your POSP is already here the Obama regime has orchestrated a crisis on the U.S southern border Obama would have us believe tens of thousands of poor immigrants ( mostly children ) made their way thousands of miles to escape gang wars and persecution.Well any clear thinking person would have enough common sense to know they needed alot of help and had insurances they would be allowed to stayl , We already know this outlaw regime was promoting social services in Mexico promising food stamps and healthcare.Obama learned this at Columbia flood the borders and cause kaos the goal would be to make Texas a blue state.This info is available if you look 2 congressman have accused the POSP of creating this crisis and they are correct

  37. This guy has been living openly in Libya ever since Benghazi. No different than normal people who don’t mastermind criminal mass murder. It’s SO obvious this arrest is a red herring to distract from the gay crackhead administration’s total disregard for America’s best interest.

  38. Most people with half a brain know what this administration is all about. And it is not the protection of this country. Nothing they do is for our benefit. It’s for our destruction!

  39. My first reaction to the “CAPTURE” of this criminal was — How convenient, for Obama!
    Having known where he and others of the BLOODY BENGHAZI attack could be found from the very beginning O finally gives the Green Light to pick one of them up! HEY, LOOK AT ME, SAYS O, I GOT THE LEADER OF THAT ATROCITY! SO, HOW ABOUT YOU ALL FORGET THE 5 OTHER MURDEROUS LEADERS I JUST TURNED LOOSE!
    Smoke and Mirrors no longer work on the majority of Americans BARRY!
    Islam is eating up the world bite by carnivorous bite and YOU have failed to stop them in any way!

  40. Something MUCH more insidious is in operation here. This suspect has been captured to allow Team Obama to defer all of Gowdy’s subpoenas of personnel because “there’s an ongoing investigation”.

  41. Lots of trolls responding here with convoluted beliefs and distortions about Col. West. They have inhabited the world forever and will always be with us. How did their minds get so twisted? I have no idea. Maybe their pregnant mothers took drugs.

  42. Nobody believes their “sudden capture!” Some of the democrats don’t even believe it that are on his team, so how in the heck can people still follow these monsters when their own people don’t even trust them and are jumping ship? Well I guess hitler had followers too though!

  43. The fact is it, s not possible to have reasonable discourse with liberals I have tried, while they may say their the tolerant ones thats only if you agree with them if not they resort to questioning your intelligence and name calling because when you present facts thats all they have.Any reasonable person can, t argue since Obamas unlikely rise to power the economy has been in the tank, unemployment is threw the roof, the healthcare system has hurt millions, the country is divided so badly that as I stated before I went from not likeing liberals to truly hating themThen you have the scandals which come fast and furious but liberals no matter how much proof their is go along with Obama and his obvious lies such as if you like your insurance you can keep it period even though he campaigned on a blatant lie they could careless.As I write.the news comes out that the IRS destroyed the hard drives in the most obvious case of corruption our country has ever seen, well maybe nm the most corrupt because it,s more than obvious to anyone that has read obamas book that whats happening on the border is another orchestrated crime by Obama from a lesson he learned at columbia called the cloward piven strategy anyone that cares to know look it up yourself.I, m not a religous person but you don, t have to be to know liberals hate religion the next thing to be attacked will be u.s currency in god we trust it will have to go along with the ten commandments and merry christmas,the moral fiber of the country is hanging by a thread.I, m sick and tired of having the rainbow flag stuck where the sun don, t shine and the liberal veiw its my way or the highway.If law and order breaks down and we find ourselves in another civil war I, m quite sure I will do my patriotic duty to help rid this country of the liberal disease.With all the serious issues that face this country today we have tyrants trying to cause a race war over a NFL teams name and to top it off this POS Harry Greed was blindly loyal to robert byrd a member of the kkk times have changed huh Harry.the liberal lie must die

    • My head hurts after reading this. I agree that there has been some pretty sketchy stuff that’s been going on with this administration, but that happens with every administration. Like I said in my original post, until the entire system is overhauled, there’s going to be this nonsense going on. The only thing that will change is which side is upset about it.

  44. Bunch of ignorant folks on here. The guy behind the Benghazi attack is caught. this is a good thing. You, Mr. West have been wrong about everything. You should be embarrassed by your incompetence. Thank god you will never be anything more than a little gnat on society. Buzz off!!!

    • As was said about Clinton, if Jesus Christ were to come down from Heaven and walk arm in arm with President Barack Hussein Obama, everybody on the ‘Christian’ Right would immediately convert to Satanism.


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