“Race War” and “N*gga Trap” rapper explains Obama’s challenges as president [VIDEO]

The latest recipient of the King Solomon “Best to Keep your Mouth Closed” Award (Proverbs 17:28, NIV, “Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues”) is gangsta rapper and actor Ice Cube — fella must’ve really not liked his name.

Mr. Cube offered his interesting political insights and political metaphor to Time Magazine’s Belinda Luscombe. According to IJReview.com report, hip hop recording artist and Hollywood actor Ice Cube was promoting his new movie 22 Jump Street when Luscombe asked Ice Cube how he thought Obama was handling the job of president, to which he responded:

“Obama reminds me of the black kid at a white school that don’t nobody want to play with.”…“I think he’s done the best job a man in his position could do under the circumstances.”



Then Ice Cube admitted he wasn’t really into the political game. Yes sir, we gathered that from your initial clueless statement.

I would love to chat with Mr. Cube about tax reform policy, expanding the welfare nanny-state, the relationship between economic, energy, and national security, and the inflation resulting from quantitative easing monetary policies.

And maybe we could discuss the global security situation in Iraq and its potential effects upon regional stability. Mr. Cube is placing the blame of people not like Obama’s leadership in the White House on his race, but he admits that he doesn’t even keep an eye on what really happens in the political world — as Oprah would say, “brilliant.”

However, IJ Review takes Mr. Cube on for his using a simpleton metaphor noting that “Ice Cube is not shy about his racially-charged lyrics, including those for his single Cave B*tch – one that is clearly derogatory against white females. There’s also Black Korea (rails and makes threats against Koreans in black neighborhoods), as well as the N*gga Trapp (denigrates the “capitalism” that has made him rich, attacks white women, and slams Bush), and the in-your-face anti-white “Race War.”

Why here’s just a little taste of the cheery ditty, Race War:

“Check this out: now I’m black, But black people trip, Cause white people like me, White people like me, But don’t like them, What’s the fu*k up, Are you my friend? Hell no, you’re a racist, You say you got one black friend, so you’re in.”

Yes, Mr. Cube is truly a renowned expert on race relations in America. Sadly enough, he has a following who will listen to his drivel and take it as gospel — and yes, they vote.


  1. Allen, we all know that people like Ice Tea are racist hypocrites and they are not about to change. Speaking for myself and probably many others here, we want to hear more on your views on today’s issues and less about how Obama is an idiot, etc, etc. You’re preaching to the choir. If you are elected Senator, President or whatever office, what will you do while in office.

    • What is truly sad is that they are exactly what they seem to be preaching against and they cant even see it right in front of them.

    • Uhh, first this is ICE CUBE, not ICE T…..with that said, Mr. West I would like to hear your answer, as I have agreed with everything you have written and stiood for. I also am a 100% supporter in Mr. West’s possible opportunity to restore his political aspirations, as we need more like him within our government, not outside of it!

      • Actually, that is a double negative which turns it into a positive. I think most people were willing to play with him in the beginning,regardless of race, until he showed his true colors. Rather than white people not wanting to play with him, i think that HE doesn’t want to play ball with THEM.

  2. Ice Cube needs to go back to school, the word is ASK, not AXED. Like they say, AND THEY VOTE. Nobody wants to hear him say,,poor little obama, everybody is picking on him.

  3. Does Ice Cube realize that he is reinforcing a stereotype? Maybe somebody should explain what that means to him. Sorry, I’m not gonna volunteer for that one.

  4. So white people are making him make terrible decisions? does he golf to get away from them? he does what he thinks is right and unfortunately for all of us it is usually the wrong answer.

  5. you know…you know…you know…GEEZ ! Why is this woman you know, asking this man anything, you know, about politics or anything other than, you know, his take on the educational system in the USA, you know..you DO know, right?

    • lol….. and right after IC got finished saying he didn’t follow politics, the interviewer asks, what was your first car? Too funny = P

  6. Nothing new, it’s been the blame game the minute o-dumbo took office. That’s what happens when you elect a do nothing Senator to the highest office!

  7. Mr. Cube doesn’t have a problem taking white people’s money when they purchase his music or attend his shows or go to see his movies. Move on please.

  8. Geez, I though Obama was raised as an upper middle-class white kid. Only
    becoming black when it suited his political future…

  9. Maybe I fail to see the irony of a black man blaming the white man for the problems he faces, all the while milking the very race he’s supposedly defending…

    Ah, there…I got it.

  10. Another rich, angry American that identifies his skin color with hatred for fellow Americans with a lighter color. Mr Cube has made millions off of those Caucasian people he disdains, while clearly not spending one cent to educate himself in any area of the humanities, including the English language.

  11. Mr. West you are a bright light in the darkness. Thank you for taking an objective view of all situations regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity.

  12. “Under the circumstances.” WTF does that mean? The man is President of the United States! He makes the circumstances! OMG, are all you people out there morons?

  13. “Obama reminds me of the black kid at a white school that don’t nobody want to play with.”…“I think he’s done the best job a man in his position could do under the circumstances.” Obuster has had plenty of white kids (Hillary, Harry Ried, Saul Alinsky, and all the career demo rats ) to play with and destroy our country! Ice Cube please stick unintelligent rapping and low skill acting abilities!

  14. No doubt Alan B.Fecthet is a dead beat web owner.There is no way a self aware black man would allow this redneck, inbred single-toothed, moonshine swigging, Klan gibberish, knowingly on his web sight.

  15. I guess he is so arrogant he thinks we will go out of our way to have one black friend to make him happy.Who are we “in” with, his kind? I think not. My friends aren’t trash, black or white.

  16. He talks about “the black kid at a white school that don’t nobody want to play with.” In the early 1960s I went to an all-white high school of about 4,000 students. The school district “integrated” the school by bringing a black boy and a black girl to the school via taxi every day. Everyone wanted to be their friends and “play” with them. They were the most popular kids in school, it seemed.

  17. And why are we listening to a militant rapper! Dude just go speak a song…cuz you def cannot carry a tune even if your life depended on it! No talent POS just like the POS POTUS!

  18. Mr. West, you served your country well as an U.S. Army Officer. Your country NEEDS you again in Washington as President of the United States of America.

    • YOU are out of touch. You didn’t address the issue at all, which is the allegation that RACE is the reason people have a problem with Obama. Black or not, conservative or not, one SHOULD be able to see that the problem we have with Obama is his policies, lying, and trampling of the constitution, what he’s done with his foreign policy, his absolute indifference to our military personnel, the corruption of his administration (IRS, Fast & Furious, Benghazi), the lack of transparency (from a man who promised his would be the MOST transparent administration ever) etc. AND allow me to point out that if and when it is HILLARY in office, I will also be opposed to almost everything she stands for, even though she’s as white and perhaps as female as I am. It won’t be sexism, any more than opposing Obama is racism. Comparing Miley Cyrus, disgusting as she is, to the racist, misogynist lyrics of Ice Cube is unreal.

      • I went back and listened to the interview 3x and never heard a racially motivated statement. Ice , an entertainer, made a noncommittal , non offensive answer, “he doing a good job with that he has been given” and said “Obama reminds him of the blk kid,” Not “is a blk kid.”

        In the interview Ice said he not a politician, so why does West and YOU want to ask him his political opinion? Ice was there to sell his CD.

        If I may ask you a question- you said about Hilliary ” you will be opposed… even though she’s as white and as female as i am” So white females will vote for her bec she’s white?
        As for my statement about Cyrus, her actions are just as offensive. Rap lyrics may be misogynist, but there’s plenty of lyrics about kinky sex. Grinding on a married man is kinky isn’t it.

  19. Well…according to what John Boehner experienced in face-to-face meetings with President Obama, Obama seems to resemble “the black kid at a white school that don’t nobody want to play with” because he’s rather bend your ear out of shape then co-operate.
    “To have a friend, you must be a friend.” <— Or is this rayciss now?

  20. Ice Cube is a well known racist and a member of the Nation of Islam, one of the most racial groups out there. This guy sits on TV like he’s just part of the crowd. Hates whites and minorities including blacks. Calls for violence in his raps. Why doesn’t he just go away!

  21. As the saying goes, “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and have people THINK you’re an idiot, than to open your mouth and release all doubt.”

  22. It’s sad this punk gets lucrative roles in movies and someone like Donald Sterling has to sell a basketball team. That’s messed up in so many ways. Personally I won’t pay to see anything of this hateful bozo.


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