ISIS/ISIL set sights on next target: Jordan

Sometimes if you want to get the real story about what’s happening you need go closer to the source. And so The Jordan Times gives us a clear window into the advance of ISIS or ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) throughout the region. The very name ISIL provides a rather large hint about the regional objectives of this Islamic terrorist organization and its next potential target: Jordan.

The Jordan Times Reports that Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) have strengthened their presence along the Iraqi border on Sunday as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) reportedly inched towards Jordanian territory. Sources said Sunday that the terror organization has opened a clandestine branch in Jordan to prepare for its expansion into the region.

According to media reports, Iraqi government forces withdrew from the western towns of Saklawisat in Ramadi and the village of Al Jisser near Fallujah, key towns in Anbar province that have been at the heart of fighting between the Iraqi military and jihadist forces since late December 2013 — which begs the question, what was the Obama administration looking at during that time?

In other words, this didn’t just happen overnight. It’s part of a long-term campaign that began in Syria and has extended further. We should have gotten the message when this ISIS/ISIL took over Ramadi and Fallujah.

Despite the “precautionary” military build-up, Jordanian security sources say the situation remains “calm” along the western Iraqi border, in contrast to the country’s shared border with Syria, which has seen several clashes between the armed forces and suspected Islamist militants over the past two weeks.

However, Jordan’s Members of Parliament on Sunday expressed worries towards the ongoing instability in Iraq, amid expectations that the Kingdom would receive another wave of refugees from the neighboring country. “The situation in Iraq and in particular on our eastern border with this country is a source of concern for everyone,” MP Bassam Manaseer said.

Meanwhile, Islamist sources claim that the Islamic State is preparing for “expansion into Jordan” as it continues to push westward through Iraq. According to jihadist sources close to ISIL, the former al-Qaida affiliate opened on Friday an “unofficial” office and branch in Jordan to usher what sources claim as expansion of the Islamic “caliphate.”

Senior members of Jordan’s hard-line Salafist movement, which keep strong ties with both Al Qaeda and the Baghdad-based ISIL, had previously mediated “understandings” with the Islamic State to forego expansion into the country in a bid to prevent ongoing jihadist civil war in Syria to spill over into the country.

In the wake of ISIL’s rapid gains in northern and western Iraq last week Jordanian jihadist sources fear that the previous pacts “are no longer being honored.” “The Islamic State seems to have reached a stage that it believes it no longer must act with cooperation or even informing its partners or the Islamic ummah (community),” said a leader of the Jordanian Salafist movement, who declined to be named due to security concerns.

Last Thursday, Saudi Arabian news network al Arabiya published a map allegedly posted by ISIL depicting its planned so-called Islamic caliphate, which featured Jordan falling under the movement’s banner.


Al-Qaida has long differed with ISIL over its approach to establishing an Islamic state in the region. The Pakistani-based al-Qaida leadership, headed by Ayman Zawahiri, has called for cooperation with local populations in bringing about an Islamic caliphate, while ISIL leaders insist that an Islamic state should be imposed by force — look at who’s winning and gaining momentum.

Let us remember that ISIS/ISIL is the resurgent al-Qaida in Iraq that was once led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The U.S. killed al-Zarqawi, but the organization is not exactly decimated and certainly not on the run.

The enemy has once again laid out its goals and objectives, and it seems Obama’s response was to play golf and make a worthless commencement address at a graduation in California. The enemy is on the move, and America under Obama once again looks weak and ineffective. How tragic will it be for our nation if it is Iran coming to the rescue?

Imagine what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must be thinking right now as his greatest fear, an Islamic caliphate is being shaped to his east?


  1. These bat crap crazy terrorists will have no problem with using Nuclear weapons against the United States Mainland! Are we on the verge of WWIII?

      • I hope and pray, as I urge all Americans and people of good will to do, but I am certain that (1) obama-boy will soon turn the Green Zone into a débâcle that will make Saigon 1975 and Tehran 1979-81 look like major US military victories, and, (2) the ragheads will attack CONUS sometime very close to this fall’s election thinking that it will scare the American people into voting for the Jihadist Party (aka Democrats) and maybe allow obama-boy to declare martial law. Just as I am certain of this, praying to the contrary that it not happen, I am coming more and more certain, and pray as I urge all Americans and people of good will to do, that the men and women of the US Armed Forces and federal and state law enforcement will side with the American people and, more importantly, the US Constitution they have sworn or affirmed to support and defend. The only problem will come with (1) the ever-decreasing non-Fox media propagandising for obama-boy and (2) a few renegades in, and outside, of the military/law enforcement who will be become violent most often to try to settle personal scores. But then we have the Second Amendment to stop that crap.

    • The fake War on Terrorism is a message to the muslims of satanic Islam to say…
      1) Don’t terrorize… because the Royal and Elitists could possible be caught up in it and be killed.
      2) Utilize the voting power of Democracy in order to bring about the Sharia change in these Western Nations.

      Folks… The Luciferian Globalists are aiding, helping and funding satanic Islam to expand across this planet!

  2. Praise God.

    Zechariah 12: 1-14

    The burden of the word of the Lord concerning Israel: Thus declares the Lord, who stretched out the heavens and founded the earth and formed the spirit of man within him: “Behold, I am about to make Jerusalem a cup of staggering to all the surrounding peoples. The siege of Jerusalem will also be against Judah. On that day I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples. All who lift it will surely hurt themselves. And all the nations of the earth will gather against it. On that day, declares the Lord, I will strike every horse with panic, and its rider with madness. But for the sake of the house of Judah I will keep my eyes open, when I strike every horse of the peoples with blindness. Then the clans of Judah shall say to themselves, ‘The inhabitants of Jerusalem have strength through the Lord of hosts, their God.’

  3. This uprising is an attempt to bring back a neo-Ottoman Empire or World Caliphate; an article written in 2010 by Atlas Shrugs: Guess who they want in charge?

    “Islamabad, Sep 2 (PTI) A Pakistani minister wants US President Barack Obama to offer Eid prayers at Ground Zero in New York and become the “Amir-ul-Momineen” or Caliph of Muslims.

    Minister of State for Industries Ayatullah Durrani, who belongs to the ruling Pakistan People”s Party, said the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr festival, expected to be observed on September 11, would be a “golden opportunity” for Obama to offer Eid prayers and declare himself the leader of all Muslims.

    “In this way, all the problems of the Muslim world would be solved,” Durrani told The Nation newspaper”.

    “Mullah Barack Hussain Obama” or “Allama Obama”

    He said: “The time is approaching fast. Barack Hussain Obama must act now. This is a golden opportunity, Muslims badly need it.”- See more at:

    “The caliph in Sunni Islam is the successor of Muhammad as the military, political, and spiritual leader of the Islamic community. The caliph is the center of the unity of the Muslim umma, and allegiance to him for Muslims supersedes national allegiances. – See more at:

  4. Rome never fell… and that there isn’t any such thing as “The Revived Roman Empire”. Because it has always existed.

    When we consider Daniel’s Statue… we see that the Iron continuously flows from the legs into the feet without any disruption. But then coexists with the Clay throughout the feet. Two governments forming a One World Islamic Economic System using the “Senate” type of “Democracy” as it’s platform. Voting power… to vote in the coming antichrist Islamic Caliphate/Mahdi.

    [Note: Clay is an important mixture/element in Islam]

    Also… we know that the two arms of Daniels Statue represented two governments… the Medo-Persian Empire. Just like how the two legs of Iron represented the two Empires of Rome…

    1) Rome

    2) Constantinople… which is now Islamic Istanbul

    Consider the voting majority of the Islamic world…

    The Sunni make up 95% of the Islamic world

    The Shiite make up 5%

    So we know who has the majority vote…

    The Sunni call theirs “The Caliphate”

    The Shiite call theirs “The Mahdi” or “The 12th Imam”

    But the twist that complicates it all is…

    The Sunni believe that anyone can be the Caliphate as long as the majority vote for it

    The Shiite require that the Mahdi/12th Imam must be a blood descendent of Muhammad

    So… when we look at the fake War on Terrorism events in the ME we see a few things occurring…

    1) The elimination of Infidels… the cleansing [killing] of Christians… the pushing out of the Shiite

    2) The establishing of Democracies for voting power

    3) the 95% Sunni power pushing the 5% Shiite into Western countries to begin laying the foundations for Sharia Law. And… if those Shiite don’t move… then they are also slaughtered too. That’s why we see muslims killing muslims.

    Why the cleansing? Well… muslims believe that all the territories that ever belong to Islam must be retrieved so this Caliphate/Mahdi can return. [And Israel is one of those territories too.]

    So; the Sunni are gonna use their numbers to vote in the Caliphate/Mahdi. The question is… knowing that this coming Caliphate/Mahdi is expected to unite the Islamic world together against the Christian world… will it be a Caliphate or a Mahdi? Or… will the Sunni vote in a Mahdi to appease the Shiite? Or… will the Shiite get pissed because the Caliphate/Mahdi isn’t a blood descendent of Muhammad? Or… will this Mahdi be temporal?

    And when we consider the events of the Tribulation… we know that it ends with the Great Tribulation. And… since I support a Rapture that takes place after the Seventh Trumpet which coincides with the “Day of Our Lord”… the Christians are taken up. So why does the remaining people of the world begin war at the Valley? My thoughts tend to lean towards the Shiite & Sunni battling.

    Let me add… the satanically influenced catholic fake church is not the so called Revived Roman Empire… which many preach. But… it’s pope will be the False Prophet who serves the antichrist Caliphate/Mahdi. Forcing the world to serve the Islamic Sharia Beast System… the One World Islamic Economic System. A Sharia compliant economic system already set up and in position, awaiting to be implemented.

    • Interesting this thread becomes a topic for End Time Biblical prophecies:

      I agree on your comment “Let me add… the satanically influenced catholic fake church is not the so called Revived Roman Empire…..” (I’m also a pre-tribber).

      The fake Church or false religious system is the woman riding on the beast in Revelation 17. With all the ecumenical talk coming from some of the mainstream denominations and so-called “prayer meetups” with Senator Lee, Joel Olsteen and company at the Vatican, this could be be rise of Rev 17. Before that the pope invited israel and of course a leader of the PA for a kumbaya.

      I could be wrong but but I always believed the False Prophet aka Antichrist will not come out of the EU but the UN-if obama becomes UN Secretary, we might just think about heading for the mountains.

      • Good points… however… I view the end-times antichrist & the False Prophet as two individuals.

        I see the antichrist being the Islamic Caliphate/Mahdi. Which? Depending upon the democracies being set up in the ME and who is voted in.
        Caliphate = Sunni
        Mahdi or 12th Imam = Shiite
        The Islamic Ummah [Body/percentage of muslims]…
        95% = Sunni
        5% = Shiite
        So the odds are in favor of a Caliphate being voted in.

        Isn’t it neat how our American government has used our Troops to help set up democracies ion the ME so these muslims will eventually vote in their Caliphate/Mahdi? Who will unite all the muslims of the world together to war with all the Christians? Who is expected to appear here in the next 4-5 years? [Islam has a website dedicated to observing this]

        [Note: I’m a Pre-Wrath Tribber.]
        The False Prophet… IMO… will be the pope who presses the satanically influenced catholic fake church into worshipping the fake god of Islam called allah. On the grounds that everyone worships the same god.
        Of course poop Francis isn’t the first pope to promote allah… it goes back for decades.
        And remember… it was St. Francis who originally tried to unite satanic Islam with Christianity back in the year 1219 … so not a wonder why poop Francis, the representative of the Latino World, sucks up to satanic Islam.
        And no other poop has ever taken on the “Francis” name.
        The Beast governmental/religious system is the One World Islamic Economic System. Already set up and in place awaiting to be implemented by the World Bank and the IMF.
        In fact… most every bank, including most every stock exchange are already Sharia compliant.

      • I don’t think the A will be a muslim, simply he wants to be worshiped and not some moon god. Even though he may claim anything to get into power. (being the snake oil salesman that he is) He goes to war with the false religion (Rev 17) he established, so if it was the pope A, he wouldn’t go to war with himself. And we should never use the islamic verses to interpret end-time events. I know there are a few Eschatology theologians that do. But I am not buying it. Granted the FP has to be a religious figure of some sort along with the authority to declare war and to “confirm” and “break” a peace treaty with Israel. As Daniel said “as time goes on, knowledge will increase”. The fix isn’t in yet. I just know that I will be gone in the Rapture before he arises to power.

      • I hear ya… but I think you’re mixing a few things up…
        The False Prophet is a different person from the antichrist. The antichrist is wounded… the False Prophet sets up an image of the antichrist to be worshipped.
        Also… Islamic prophecy mirrors exactly what we’re warned about from Holy Scripture… for instance…
        1) The seven year Tribulation is a period of distress upon the world… but… muslims look at this as a period of victory.
        Note: Of course… I say this time period includes the Christians. Which is why I don’t follow the Pre-Trib belief. Remember… there are “scoffers” during the end times saying “Where is His coming!?” The question I present is… who are the scoffers scoffing if the Christians are Raptured? Also… Christ Jesus comes once… to Rapture up the Church and the the Day of the Lord. Christ Jesus doesn’t come twice. Which is why I warn that the Pre-Trib Rapture is dangerously wrong… causing a falling away.
        In other words… the Hope of a Pre-Trib Rapture which never comes discourages many… especially when they’re put to the test of remaining faithful or submitting to the antichrist’s One World Islamic Economic Beast System of totalitarian control. Either convert or die.
        2) The Islamic Caliphate/Mahdi is wounded… and Holy Scripture tells us that the antichrist receives a wound to the head…
        3) Islam views the Two witnesses mentioned in Revelation as the Ad Dajjal…. their anti-Islam/satan.
        4) Islam expects Jesus [called Isa] to return and become the lieutenant of their Caliphate/Mahdi and force the world to convert to Islam. This is the False Prophet of what we warned about in Holy Scripture. And my belief is that this will be the pope… since he is viewed as the world representative of Christianity. Especially since the Rapture hasn’t ever occurred or happened. And the deceptive words of Islam explains that here is Isa [the fake Jesus]… and He is here telling everyone that Islam is what was supposed to become of Christianity.
        The fact is… Islam mirrors everything we’re warned about from Holy Biblical Scripture.
        Also… Holy Scripture [Daniel] tells us that the antichrist worships the god of forces… Islam is a 1.68 billion man force… and when we add the other religions that sympathize with it such as the Bahia faith, Neo-Nazis, skinheads, The NOI, the catholics and the stupid Dhimmis along with the Luciferian Globalists… those numbers grow exponentially.
        Let me add… allah is not a god… no more than Zeus, Artemis, Jupiter, Lady Liberty or Ishtar.
        Q: I’m not sure where you get the idea that the antichrist goes to war with “the false religion” in Rev. 17?
        The False Prophet causes all to worship the beast and the beast system… and comes against those who refuse to submit to it all. The False Prophet serves the antichrist.

      • To repeat myself; I do not use will not use satanic islamic verses to interpret end time prophecies. The koran is a johnny come lately in that they took Biblical last days and twisted it around to fit what they wanted. As they did in all the Bible to write their koran. I have “studied” for 25 years or so from some of the best pre-tribbers; even though as time goes on knowledge of what will take place will increase; so they are still unexplained pieces of the puzzle. The fix is not in. I don’t believe that the A will be a muslim even though he may say that. As I said before “he” wants to be worshipped and won’t take a backseat to some moon god. As far as the FP, the beast and the A (unholy trinity) is an failed attempt to counterfeit “everything” Christ did (Father, Son and Holy Ghost). For instance the beast in Rev 13 is a coaliton of countries but is also referred to the pronoun “he”. Statan would not be above counterfeiting his own counterfeit. The prophet=a religious figure, but he still has global authority in the geo-political arena and God has allowed him some supernatural powers to control the weather phenomina, miracles..etc…

        Anything symbolic in the Bible is usually interpreted in the following verses or chapters: I.e. the woman on the beast in Rev 17: 16: “And the ten horns which you saw, and the beast, these will hate the harlot and will make her desolate and naked, and will eat her flesh and will burn her up with fire.

        I’m sorry this is my last post to you as this subjet requires careful years of study with interpreting the Greek, Hebrew and sometimes Aramaic words to make things more clear. And I am well aware on the “abomination of desolation”.

        If any here want to know the protype of the Antichrist, we may look at what obama is doing. However, I do not think that he is, he certainly has “some” of the predominate characteristics and ambitions.

      • Glad to hear that was your last post… we don’t need anyone else learning from your distorted knowledge.

        The fact is… The Holy Bible gives us warnings… and those warnings point directly to satanic Islam. Which just so happens to have the exact beliefs which we’re warned about.

        Are you that dense? Or just that stubborn to challenge your deep seated demented beliefs?

        The Holy Scriptures gives us forewarnings of what to expect and watch for, and satanic Islam mirrors every bit of that!

        In other words… The Bible tells us who the bully is going to be… and that bully is satanic Islam.. which fits the description of what the Bible tells us.

        The Bible tells us that the Tribulation will be terrible… but Islam sees that a time of victory. Do you not see the correlation of that.

        The Bible tells us that the Two Witnesses of Revelation will be hated by the world… but Islam is on the outlook for the Ad Dajjal who will be speaking things against Islam. Do you not see the correlation in that?

        The Bile tells us that the antichrist will receive a wound to the head… but Islam expects that their Caliphate will be wounded. Do you not see the correlation in that?

        The Bible warns us that the False Prophet will set up an image of the antichrist to be worshipped… but Islam expects a Jesus to appear and cause the world to convert to Islam. Do you NOT see the correlation in that?

        Islam mirrors exactly what we are warned about from the Holy Bible!

        Islam is an extension of Babylonian Paganism! Mecca is satanic! The Black Cube [Kaaba] is satanic! Islam incorporates everything of what Babylon was!

        allah is not a moon god! It is derived from it… but it’s meaning has been changed. Just like Islam itself.. which is ever changing.

        PS… you’re twenty five years of study has put you on the pathway of deception!

        PS #2… Controlling the weather is simple. Have you not heard about Chemtrails and HAARP?

        PS #3… The think the False Prophet allah serving pope is bulletproof nowadays? Since he travels around without his bulletproof popemobile?

        P #4… You doubt that the antichrist Islamic Caliphate won’t be worshipped since it unites the Sunni vs. Shiite muslim world against the Unbelieving Infidel Christians?

        PS #5… Did you know that when mushammad’s Green flag is raised above his tomb it signals the Islamic World to war against the Christians?

        PS #6… Do you know why the muslims of this world Jiz in their pants with the thought of conquering Rome and raising the Flag of Islam over it?

        PS #7… Do you know what an antichrist even is?

        1 John 2:22… “Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.”
        The fact is satanic Islam denies Christ Jesus as the Son of God!

        My advice to you Sulli… is to cast away what you’ve been brainwashed to believe and re-study the Word.

      • Hmm; look like you are showing your true colors with your condescending remarks and name calling with all those that oppose your beliefs. Thought that was a typical cookie cutter liberal’s response. But as least we agree that islam is satanic. See Ya

    You are victims of brainwashing!
    Islam is the killing machine for satan! Islam is satanic!
    Islam is everything against and in opposition of Christianity!
    Islam’s purpose is to keep people serving a fake religious government and away from Salvation and to kill humans before they get Saved!
    Islam is satanic to the CORE!

    • islam opposes everything that is decent—it is not a religion–it is the world’s oldest continuing criminal enterprise founded by a gang-banging, camel-jacking, baby-raper named muhammad ibn iblis (PISS BE UPON HIM).

      • right on and it is more 86% political vs religion. When mohammd just started his islam he had about 150 followers. When he started kililng Jews and Christians and taking over other countries it has morphed into 1.5 + billions.

  6. Obama probably want a much larger area to be able to hear what he says “is the most beautiful sound on earth; the Muslim call to prayer”

    He then traded 5 AlQuida generals for one deserter.

    Remember what Obama said, “The future must not belong to those who would slander
    the prophet of Islam.”

    Could it be Obama has come out of the “closet”?

    • he is so big headed, he is admitting his plans, being cockier and cockier as time rolls on. AND STILL THE MEDIA says nothing. i cant beleive that even the farthest leftys would want this to happen. are they so “guilty” that they feel the only way to get justice, is for america to cease to exist?

    • the most beautiful sound on earth is hearing a muslim’s head get ripped right off his shoulders from being hit by a projectile

  7. Mushroom clouds will grow if they attempt to hit Israel; my opinion… Israel has always shown they will do what they feel is right to protect their land and you can’t blame them. They’ve always been surrounded by haters….

    • Their land? That land was stolen after WW2 by the Allies and they created the phony state of Israel. If that wouldn’t of happened and the Jews went back to their homes where they came from none of this crap going on for the last 60 years wouldn’t be happening.

      • The Jews have been there long before WW2 came along. Go back to your history books, you fail again

      • Yeah and they lived side by side with Arabs and Palestinians for centuries upon centuries. The problems didn’t start until the racist Zionist got involved.

      • Unfortunately because of all the violence the unstable situation will continue, especially with attitudes like this. So, I guess terrorism is Ok in your opinion?

      • Funny how you call people you do not agree with names yet you are the problem here. The jews would lead a peaceful life if they were left alone, but they won’t be because of the bigotry that is muslim. It eats at muslims that Israel exists. That’s too damn bad for them

      • The Patriot is right…you called Timothy Allen a “goyim”. I believe that is an insult favoured by anti-Semites.

      • n. pl. goy·im (goim) or goys Offensive
        Used as a disparaging term for one who is not a Jew. So it is not favoured by anti-Semites, get a clue.

      • God is a Zionist; he is not a racist. Since God is a Zionist, I am a Zionist and I am not a racist. mohammad started his religion in Saudi Arabia 611 AD where he was roaming around the desert riding a camel. He invaded villages of Jews and Christians in slaughtering where ever he went; Mecca and Medina and forced huge taxes and/or pack up and leave your possessions methods. The Jews and Christians got along fine with the Arabs before Mohammad started his terrorist regime. After words, he started his recruiting and managed to takeover parts of Christendom Europe, Africa and the Middle East. See, how it works: when he established his stupid religion he only had 150 followers, when he took over countries and the Ottoman Empire it now has 1.5 billion. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

      • That land and much more land was given to the Jews by God and no one but God has the right to take it from them, or will be able to take it from them as long as God says so.

      • Yeah well where is this so-called “God”? Didn’t he kick them out of that land never to return again? Men after WW2 created that phony state not some “God”.

      • He is correct actually. Calling him a “Nazi” is ignorant.

        New states post-World War II[edit]

        The British, the French, and the Soviets departed from many parts of the Middle East during and after World War II. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East states on theArabian Peninsula generally remained unaffected by World War II. However, after the war, the following Middle East states had independence restored or became independent:

        17 October 1941 – Iran (forces of the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union withdrawn)

        22 November 1943 – Lebanon

        1 January 1944 – Syria

        22 May 1946 – Jordan (British mandate ended)

        1947 – Iraq (forces of the United Kingdom withdrawn)

        1947 – Egypt (forces of the United Kingdom withdrawn to the Suez Canal area)

        1948 – Israel (forces of the United Kingdom withdrawn)

      • You are obviously part of the problem and not part of the solution. So quick to condemn, but too cowardice to sit in the same shoes of fate and circumstance. Basically, your a simple and ignorant person with a big mouth and lack of understanding of the plight of others not connected to your immediate “network.” You come online espousing your hatred and false persona like a firecracker, but anyone with a brain in their head sees you for what you are- a reflection of ignorance-and a person I would never care to know.

      • Now now Chris, You are attacking Catherine just as you suggest she is doing. I’d have to agree with Catherine. No amount of suffering explains what isis is doing to others. It is the devils work, and must be met with superior force.

  8. The Bible tells us that Jerusalem is the barrometor of the times. When it falls captive to it’s enemies-look out! We are at the door of the appearance of the anti-christ which happens immediately after the One World System collapses causing the deadly wound to the world econony spoken of in the book of Revelation. He comes in appearing as Christ to “fix” all problems if you worship him. He gives you all the “free” stuff you want! Sound like anyone else you know? He’s priming the pump!

    • The Anti-Christ is most likely already here. 911 was as much a deadly wound that effects the whole world as any. It would be hard to one-up that.

      • yep. and then after that, you see how many freedoms we’ve started to lose due to “safety reasons”, with lots more freedoms under attack due to “safety reasons”

      • Yes, just as Hitler conned everyone when he stole their freedoms by proclaiming it is for their own safety, and sheep fall for it yet again…

      • Oh, it will be one uped and make that look like childs play. I can see why you would think that, but the worst is yet to come. The Deadly Wound The Bible speaks of means a complete, total collapse world wide upon the implementation of The One World System, which obviously hasn’t happened yet. The anti-christ will then appear, and is supernatural and will call lightening down from the sky and perform those feats in front of the world to cause fear and awe. You will not be able to buy or sell lest you worship him as Christ. The anti-christ is satan who will appear as Christ in all ways.

      • You may be right, but I think most bible scholars take it all too literal and miss the real events. I don’t see the anti christ being much like David Copperfield. That would be much too obvious. We’ve caused much fear in the world with high tech weapons already, this could be the lightning from the sky, or it could be obummer setting off the nukes because he knows America is on to him, as well as the rest of the world. Wouldn’t that be lightning from the sky? Also he’s performed great wonders in the view of all.. Just look at all the treason and con’s he’s gotten away with, despite all the protections and blocks our founders put in place to avoid this.

      • Yes, true. A comet will hit and that will be it. You make a good point-it won’t be as literal as some may think, but it will not be under control of humanity’s hands. Judgement will be passed and our reality will be subsequently cleansed-as it has many times before our species were given their opportunity to flourish.

      • The anti Christ will be a good man that has been treated terribly eventhough he just wanted happiness. His downward spiral will be caused by idiotic people that wish him continued harm and won’t know any better. Eventually, his love of the world and people will be tainted by the true evil lurking in our own societies. The ugliness of Isis actions, but really a representation of our polluted and currupt system and our lack of love, caring, and respect for our fellow man and disregard for their hurt and pain-as if it was a joke. Also, the continued erosion of our planet through greed and exploitation. Unfortunately, we will see the light too late.

      • Bible prophecy coming to life! Those who don’t believe. Remind them in the days of noah. No one believed him a flood was coming.

    • Protestant conspiracy theories. The bible means “whatever” floats your boat because protestants all interpret the bible differently. And why is that? Because they reject the spiritual direction of the Catholic Church while embracing the “spiritual direction” of ministers who claim to know the meaning of the bible. There is something to be said for spiritual direction. It is better if it comes from the Church instituted by your Lord and Savior rather than the guy down the street renting out the storefront. And even better when that spiritual direction comes from Apostolic Succession. What part of “Satan will not prevail” do protestants not understand? This is what happens when you have no spiritual direction and abandon His Church. Confusion. Uncertainty. Pandemonium. God is not a splinter cut into tens of thousands of pieces. He’s a sword. Come HOME TO ROME!

      • The Bible isn’t open to interpretation. It tells only one truth. God’s truth. Denominations , any of them, are fabrications of man. This is why they all have their own versions of the truth, which obviously means they are all wrong. In the book of Revelation it speaks of seven churches, only two of which God approves. Not because of their name or the attire they wear, but because of their doctrine taught to their congregation. Those churches were the Church of Smyrna and the Church of Philidelphia. The doctrine they taught was in depth Bible study, starting with Genesis and going through Revelation without missing a verse and studying with a Bible scholar who speaks all the languages the Bible was written in to translate his word to it’s original meaning to not be mislead. I studied with such a pastor who headed a NON-DENOMINATIONAL CHURCH. This man was the only pastor in the world to be able to decipher the Bat Creek Stones.
        I studied with him 25 years, 5 days a week for 1-5 hours a day. What are your credentials?
        How can someone believe in a church that pulls a couple verses out of context once a Sunday? That is how God wanted his word taught? Or spends worship time lighting candles and chanting? Yea, that prepares you for the tribulation!
        As for denominational churches, they are like people caught in a crime, if they have to tell differing stories, it means they haven’t told the real truth yet.

    • No need for Nukes. The average Israeli soldier is a high school graduate with college-level education. The level of organization from the individual to the platoon, regiment, army, general staff is almost seamless. ISIS or any other terrorist-tribal will crumble faster than a cookie should the IDF take it on. Take the HAMAS performance in all confrontations

    • “I will stand with them (Islam) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction. From “Dreams of my Father”, by Barack Obama, traitor. Former president of the United States, tried for treason, guilty as charged. imprisoned for life.

      • I hope your vision is prophetic, it might mean the difference between the survival of our Republic or the rising of the Caliphate.

  9. Mr. West, I am a Jordanian politician
    and allow me to say that “Jordan Times” is a government control mouth
    piece whose job is to spread the stories that sooth the weak, fragile and
    pro-Islamist king. Unlike what he claims, there is enough documented
    evidence that Jordan’s king supports the MB openly, and all you the Jordan
    Times mention is just a show off freak show to scare off good-intended people
    in the West into keep the weak king in power and saving him from being Arab
    Springed, if the king is afraid of Islamists, how come he supports the Muslim
    Brotherhood? How come he bans seculars and pro-peace activists and allows the
    Muslim Brotherhood to operate freely and even be registered as a charity?
    Please take a look at my work and documentation, no sir, ISIS is not a major
    threat to the so-called king, because the Islamists are his best friends, who
    protected him against the secular all through the Arab Spring.
    Please take a look at this

    • You are a fraud. “ISIS not a threat.” Really? You sound like you work for ISIS’s Propaganda arm. Is your middle name Goebbels? The King of Jordan is an intelligent man and he understands what’s happening. In late March he had a meeting with Obama and told him that US Mid-East policy is (deliberately or inadvertently) supporting the aspirations of the MB.

      • You are wrong about Mudar. He knows his stuff, and knows the Hashemite Kingdom was foisted on the Arabs by the Brits, as part as the new ME order post the Ottoman Caliphate which was defeated starting in the Battle for Beer Sheva. He knows the King is in a precarious position and is playing both sides of the coin, formal peace with Israel and vicious antisemitic activity on the other hand. However, ISIS is not the MB. Its far more fundamentally messianic. It might insinuate itself into the territory (its not a a country, no Arab state is except for Egypt) and and make a smashing move on Amman.

  10. Mr.
    West, I am a Jordanian politician and allow me to say that “Jordan
    Times” is a government controled mouth piece whose job is to spread the
    stories that sooth the weak, fragile and pro-Islamist king. Unlike what
    he claims, there is enough documented evidence that Jordan’s king
    supports the MB openly, and all the Jordan Times mention is just a freak show to scare off good-intended people in the West into
    keeping the weak king in power and saving him from being Arab Springed, if
    the king is afraid of Islamists, how come he supports the Muslim
    Brotherhood? How come he bans seculars and pro-peace activists and
    allows the Muslim Brotherhood to operate freely and even be registered
    as a charity? Please take a look at my work and documentation, no sir,
    ISIS is not a major threat to the so-called king, because the Islamists
    are his best friends, who protected him against the seculars all through
    the Arab Spring.

  11. Draw a perimeter around the Middle East Islamic nations. If they stray outside then blow them to kingdom come. Islam is a mental disease and a satanic political strategy. Let them meet their maker sooner rather than later. God can sort them out.

  12. Islamic terrorists are not stupid. They may be savages intent on rebuilding the World in Islam, but they understand that under Obama they have the perfect window of opportunity to conquer, destroy, maim and kill, as many Nations and “Infidels” as they can. Obama is providing them with the perfect opportunity to do so, by “considering his options,” in other words, by doing nothing to impede their progress.

  13. do not worry little americans…
    in italy we eat pig…

    ect ect
    so you dont have to worry there will be never a islamic invasion…
    as long your culture eat pig they will be minority…
    religion is ALWAYS a bad thing to mix with politics… please have a little respect for religion and do not mix it with politics…don’t be ignorant…

    • I hope you Italians learn how to make large “pig fat” bombs. In order to explode them over the advancing Islamic caliphate infantry when they head for Italy. Maybe you could send a few fighter bombers to over to Syria & Iraq to detonate those “pig fat bombs” over the currently advancing Islamic terrorists? Now THAT would stop them in their tracks cold!

      • we were the first to use chemical bombs on African territory…(not to be proud of it…but war is war)
        and i think that was the first ever chemical bombing in history too…
        we know how to manage with them from the roman empire
        “carthago delenda est”

      • Alko: There is absolutely NO “relationship” between what I proposed, and what you are referring to, what the Italians did in the 1930s in Ethiopia. Your “history lesson,” and all of it’s details, are completely immaterial to the matter at hand. A complete waste of time to read. NO ONE is even talking about the use of KILLING agents (Mustard gas and the like). I am speaking in a satire fashion, as “pig fat bombs” ARE NOT lethal to anyone, other than to “defile” Muslims for 30 days or more. By their beliefs, should they die during that time period, they are barred from “Heaven.” Which is why I thought of the proposal, as a demoralizing weapon.

      • 3
        II. Use of chemical weapons in
        the war
        Chemical weapons do not appear to
        have been used
        in the war
        until Et
        launched its
        ‘Christmas offensive’ of 1935,
        blunted an Italian offensive
        and succ
        eded in temporarily cutting off some communication and supply
        In December
        Italian aircraft dropped tear gas grenad
        es and
        asphyxiating gas over the Takkaze Valley in north

        eastern Ethiopia.
        the air
        and initially dropped
        sulphur mustard air bombs
        but later
        shifted to
        the use of aerial spray tanks
        Sulphur mustard air bombs reportedly
        caused most
        of the
        chemical weapon
        use of sulphur mustard played an
        important role in shifting
        the momentum of fighting in favo
        r of
        the Italian forces and in
        the Ethiopian forces. Its use resulted
        in many long

        lasting, painful injuries and
        a significant number of deaths.
        also used
        chemical weapons
        the Battle of Shire
        29 February

        March 1936),
        Battle of Maychew (
        31 March 1936)
        remnants of Ethiopian forces in the Lake Ashangi region starting in April
        reported use
        of chemical weapons
        by Italy
        was in
        April 1936.
        the Ethiopian Government
        provided a list of towns it said
        had been
        ked with chemical weapons (see table
        Italy’s use of chemical weapons had a strategic effect on th
        e conduct of the
        war and, as operations progressed, Italian fo
        rces were able to deliver large
        quantities of sulphur mustard against target areas. Chemical weapons were
        used to protect the flanks of Italian supply routes and lines of attack
        as a
        to increase disruption
        Ethiopian forces
        by hindering
        demoralizing troops
        and confusing troop movements
        Soviet estimate states that 15 000 of
        the 50 000
        Ethiopian casualties
        in the war
        were caused by chemical weapons.

  14. Let me tell you what Bibi is thinking. Publicly he is worried about the possible takeover of the Hashemite Kingdom by the Jihadis. He went yesterday on record saying the stability of the Kingdom is essential and must be bolstreed by the West. However in private he knows the opposite is true. The Hashemite Kingdom is the only reason Peace cannot be achieved. Because the Arabs of the west bank of the Jordan are largely off-shoots of East-bankers, an in fact were stripped of their jordanian citizenship so they could be thorns in Israel’s east flank when Jordan ceded the territory to Israel 1994. Should the Kingdom fall, Israel is no longer obligated to keep the status quo, and may begin transferring east-bankers back home where they belong. This almost happened in 1970 (black September) and was scuttled by some very stupid Israelis. Bibi, having stonewalled Obama for six years may not repeat that mistake.


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