If I were in charge: solutions for Iraq

Image via NBC News

There is without a doubt a crisis brewing in Iraq, but you’d never know it based on the actions of President Obama. Ol’ “No-Drama-Obama” made a worthless speech to the press on his way to a helicopter whisking him away for a nice trip to North Dakota – and oh yeah, more golf. Meanwhile Russian separatists, supported by Vladimir Putin, shot down a Ukrainian military transport plane killing nearly 50. But no big deal, Obama had a Democrat fundraiser to attend.

There is lots of speculation about what is happening in Iraq, but it’s clear the responsibility of these events fall squarely in the lap of two men: Barack Hussein Obama and Nouri al-Maliki.

Obama sided with campaign promises and not strategic policy. Al-Maliki sided with his Shiite sentiments and did not seek to unify Iraq. Obama did not press the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) and al-Maliki acted belligerently — that cannot be debated, and Faoud Ajami does a great job in explaining that in his Wall Street Journal article.

But with all that aside, we are we now? Who is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (also referred to as Levant), ISIS/L? And what do we do about ti?

First it starts with understanding who leads ISIS. According to The Daily Beast, the Islamist extremist some are now calling the most dangerous man in the world is the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who served four years at the biggest U.S. detention camp in Iraq. And he was released in 2009.

During his time at Bucca, he learned the art and importance of avoiding notice. As the Beast reports al-Baghdadi clearly remembered some of the lessons of his time there. He has made no videos, unlike Osama bin Laden and many of the other extremist leaders. The news reports might not have had a photo of him at all were it not for the one taken by the Americans when he was first captured in 2005.

So it seems al-Baghdadi learned to minimize himself and avoid any attention that could have singled him out. Now he is leading a barbaric movement that is threatening to upset the balance in the heart of the Middle East.

Does he have the military capacity and capability to take Baghdad? Probably not, especially since he will be running into the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and al-Quds forces.

Instead of conventional-type operations, which have enabled him and his force to take large swaths of territory, they will potentially resort to the typical Islamic terrorist tools: suicide bombings (man and vehicle), as well as targeted assassinations. I believe it’s not unlikely they would try an assault against the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad as a symbolic measure.

The real threat of al-Baghdadi and ISIS is the establishment of an Islamist state extending from Northern Syria across northern and western Iraq. It could be a base of operations and training, in order to enable Islamic terrorist attacks regionally, and globally — no different from the Taliban doing the same in Afghanistan and welcoming al-Qaida.

Since Obama and the U.S. suffer from “war fatigue” and publicly state so, ISIS has no fear of U.S. intervention — but they do of Iran. Obama stated that al-Mailki has to solve this himself, and he will by siding with his Shiite brothers in Iraq — Iranian President Hasan Rouhani has already issued his intent and has the al-Quds force Commander, who was in Syria, now in Baghdad.

The Obama administration should have seen this coming when the black al-Qaida flags showed up in al-Anbar province. The options are now few, and just shooting a bunch of Hellfire missiles from drones will not solve the problem. Air strikes would require a ground element, which could adequately bring munitions to bear against the enemy.

Possibly the only remaining option would be to ally with the Kurdish Peshmerga Army and cut ISIS off from the rear and target their base of operations in Syria. Let us not forget that there are western fighters in ISIS ranks. As well, the last thing we would want is for an Islamist group to influence the flow of oil out of the second-largest oil producing country in the Middle East.

The bottom line is, we can deal with ISIS now, or we will deal with them later, when they stronger and more entrenched. With Obama in charge, chances are it will be later — after all al-Qaida is decimated and on the run.


  1. I would just drop a couple nukes on the entire country and wipe them all out! We already took their country back for them once. If they cannot keep control of it and fight for themselves then too flippin bad. We can just wipe them all out and take their oil like we should have done before and then turn to Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan and say WHO’S NEXT????

    • Sad. Shameful. Disgusting. It shows your ignorance, and that you live in a little bubble with no knowledge of world affairs. I’d sooner have a you go there and fight them one on one, and risk losing you, than nuking millions of innocent people.

      • If ISIS gets control of a nuke, they would not hesitate to use it against the U.S. mainland. Remember that.

      • muslims are not innocent people there decree is to kill all non muslims like you and me don’t be so naive.

      • whitefalcon thats rubbish its a minorority of muslims who feel like that .majority want to live in peace and and are suffering badly from the extremists

      • OK, lets say you bomb Iran for instance, you realize you will be killing thousands of Jews who live peacefully alongside Christians and Muslims… So, you are antiemetic? you want to kill “Gods chosen people”…Are you Hitler?

      • How about you go fight for these people who cannot control their own kind. How about you send your sons and daughters, or brother, or sister, or dad, or mom! What do you say then moron. You are the idiot who has no knowledge of world affairs. We have been loosing our own for far too long trying to clean these people’s back yards up.

      • You didn’t show any better knowledge of world affairs bud. Losing soldiers is often part of what they do when they go in to bring freedom to people. Have you lived long enough to know how many more we used to lose, doing the same thing? Fighting evil around the world is a part of the nation’s history. As for my knowledge of world affairs…my Dad was a high ranking military official working with United Nations, and has been to every major spot in the world to fight or help keep the peace. He’s been to Egypt twice, Cyprus, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Somalia, Israel, Haiti, Yugoslavia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Russia, as well as asked to lecture at the Military College in Sweden to their top generals, and military/civilian officials and contractors.

        I also have personal friends in Africa, and the Middle East. I have a friend who lives in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and I know many Muslims personally. How many can you say you know. No way you’re going to win this debate that killing millions of innocent people because we have lost lives fighting a war is the way to go.

      • LMFAO! The UN is NOTHING without the United States. What is disgusting and shameful is your lackadaisical attitude of sending men into combat to lose their life for someone else. I know all to well the cost of life having lost several friends to the BS in the middle east. Unless you are willing to gear up and lead that charge then just shut up and go play your video games some more and let real men fight real wars. I’m sure you think you are really skilled with your Call of Duty accomplishments or maybe it’s Halo. Your little story about your dad seems more like a bunch of BS. Like I said anyways the UN is a complete joke. As for Muslim friends I had several Muslim friends when I was in Army. Did not have a problem with them. Ohh I see you think I am racist towards Muslims and that is why I would say what I have. That is where you show complete idiocy. I don’t care what race or religion the people in the middle east are. I am tired of my fellow American’s losing their lives because the people in the middle east cannot control their own. For all I care we can just sit back and watch them all be slaughtered by the ISIS and then go in and wipe the ISIS out. Then we won’t have to worry about killing “innocent” people. They are trying to create another Caliphate, and the last one that was created led to the Crusades. The only thing is that this time if there is to be a “Holy” war there is no stopping until they are all wiped from the face of the earth. If you want to pick up a weapon and call for a “Holy” war well you just punched your death ticket.

      • Yeah you really can’t explain anything to the ignorant. This is why people like you are never in charge of making decisions like this. Put it out to the public, the populace of the United States and see how it goes across. Nuke and kill millions of women and children. You’re so blind and have such an enormous ego you can’t see any of your own crap.

      • You see there again you are WRONG. I am not the ignorant one. I am a very calculated and thoughtful person. I am a leader and always have been you moron. It is idiots like you who want to just play nice all the time that have this entire planet completely screwed up! And I guess you have no reading comprehension either, because I said we will just wait until the ISIS slaughter all of the weak people who can’t seem to help themselves no matter how much help they are given. THEN we go in and wipe all of the ISIS of the face of the earth. Furthermore a poll across the populace of the United States is about as helpful as a stick in the eye because there are too many IGNORANT, BRAINLESS, SHEEP like yourself who don’t have a clue. Everything has been given to them their entire lives; and they haven’t had to work hard for anything, or they do work hard but are too stupid to realize they are going about it wrong and just continue to pound sand. I may sound like a cruel and uncaring person, but the people who actually know me know better. This planet is too full of weak, ignorant, moronic people who should not even be breathing. And why are they because idiots like you keep crying for them and saying how much they need to be helped and taken care of. All of the stupid warning labels and signs for people who would otherwise kill themselves from stupidity and do nothing but make the world a better place because of it! Put it out to the public. HAHAHAHAHA do you think that is what they do when we decide to declare war or invade a country??? Are you that f’ing ignorant? You keep showing me that you are every time you open your mouth so I guess so. Like I said go heat some burritos up and play some more video games of and don’t forget the mountain dew.

      • Leaders do not talk like that, calling names, belittling others. And leaders (well good ones — as opposed to terrorist, dictator leaders) would always be concerned with saving innocent lives. You sir, are nothing that you claim to be.

    • There you go…just strap bombs on the entire planet and have it all over with…That’s good thinking! murder all of humanity and we will build a magic bubble around Israel and the USA.. Get real.

      • Who said anything about Israel??? And no not all of humanity. Just the idiots in the Middle East. We have wasted enough good men and women and money on them. Burn that whole country to the ground! This is how we need to deal with these idiots and anyone else who wants to mess with America!

      • Who said anything about Israel??? Do you even know how many Atomic bombs have been detonated inside the United States? I am going to bet that you have no friggin clue. If you did your jaw would hit the floor and your ill conceived notions of a couple nuclear bombs wiping out humanity would appear rather idiotic to yourself then. We could easily wipe the entire country of Iraq off the map. It is WAY past time to finish what was started with the Crusades. You want to take up arms and declare a Holy War well guess what you punched your death ticket. You cannot control the people in your country and need us to continually come save your butt guess what we will just wait till you are all dead and then we will wipe your country out and kill all the Jihads and take everything. I think you need to look up a not so well known story about General “Black Jack” Pershing and how he handled Muslim extremists.

  2. Mr. West has a deep, comprehensive understanding of both military operations , the unique societal dynamics of the middle east,AND our interests in that region of the world. These facts completely qualify him to be the leader of the free world OR at the very least to be our next secretary of defense.I pray every day that he will throw his hat in the ring in the upcoming GOP primary.

  3. This is going to turn into the biggest debacle we’ve seen in our lifetime. I have no faith in our Gov’t doing what needs to be done. ISIS is slaughtering people by the thousands as we speak, and getting more powerful, and current admin will doing nothing but turn a blind eye. Your article is spot on Mr. West. Keep fighting the good fight!

  4. “It will never happen”?? Are you on crack??!! And ISIS nearly taking over Iraq would never happen?? Which they practically are. Wut planet do you live on dude?? Iran better help out over there or were all screwed!!

    • It’s not that simple. Eventually someone will win and there is a 99% chance they will be American hating extremist. There are so many things the average civilian does not know about the middle east. There are many strategic positions both physical and political that we must look out for. If we do not intervene then we eventually pay the price AGAIN on mainland America.

      • Meh. I doubt their ability to maintain their own equipment. Let them whittle their own numbers down, and when that’s done we’ll mop em up.

  5. In World War II, the threat that the war would be brought to our homeland was of grave concern – and the decision was made to drop the “bombs” on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was the final blow that caused the end of the war – and countless American lives were saved in the long run and our homeland was made secure.

    The idea today is we fight a different war…and the radical muslim factions are bringing the war against America home. What we’ve seen in my opinion (9/11 etc.) is only the beginning. We fight a war where cowards hide behind women/children, in schools, and in hospitals. And they end up with the tactical advantage because we have a policy of not engaging where “innocent” civilians may be involved.

    And if you are paying attention in Iraq, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria are shooting hundreds of innocent people, cutting off heads, and performing other heinous attacks.

    So, we are apparently the only ones with a conscience – and clearly we need to stop this advance against our homeland, and it needs to be done there, not here. I say give them fair warning, then take the restrictions off of our military and kick some ass. I just cannot sit here while we get our butts kicked (and OUR “innocent” citizens die) just because people have this thing about fair play and our foe’s do not.

    I’m not suggesting a full out nuclear attack, but damn…why would we risk the security and safety of our own nation because we follow rules that our foe’s do not. I’ll join the humanitarian movement when someone tells me how it will secure our country and stop the madness and hatred.

    • Because we have a Whitehouse full of Muslim defenders and who side with the enemy!! I agree go get her done NOW!!! Take pigs and their blood with you!!! Lol lol too funny!

      • Wouldn’t be a “hundred year” war. But, what would you have us do if you were in charge? Really, I am asking. Would you just let the violence grow in power and strength and eventually overrun OUR democracy? With a screen name like Paul Revere, I would have expected more from you. You should be on horseback loudly yelling “The ISIS are coming, the ISIS are coming!”

  6. Use non nuke bombs and blow the p1$$ out of this country. Where was the USA in the 1950s when King Fisal was removed.

  7. Chad Dolloff, sir, with all due respect calling people names will solve nothing. As for dr, yes it not only could happen it is happening as we speak. Obama is clueless and stupid. Not name calling just pointig out facts. Obama can say the war on terror is over all he wants but that does not stop these muslim nuts from trying to kill us. CAPT. AHRENS U.S. ARMY

      • They have been at the west’s throat for over 1000 years. Thomas Jefferson had problems with Muslims, and Teddy Roosevelt. Thinking its something we have done is just too silly to seriously consider. We drilled the oil wells that gave the start to all this latest round of Islamic “evangelization”. They have the funding, furnished by the west buying their oil, to create their world wide Caliphate. This is what is coming. Given the birthrate its likely that large parts of Europe will be “islamic republics” in my lifetime. I am mid-60s so it will not be long. We are broke because Americans elected a Socialist president who took office in 1933 and fundamentally changed Amercia due to people being terrorized by the great depression. He got to pack the Court with Leftists and we got social welfare which is what has broke the bank, the “liberal” interpretation of the Constitution has destroyed our liberty, our property rights and host of other things we do not even realize yet. I no longer believe it can be fixed by voting. But its sure worth a try.

  8. Your supporters scare me.. bombing their problems (which aren’t their immediate problems at all) with nukes? wtf? If you want to bomb someone bomb the Clintons for NAFTA or Obama and Reagan for giving Amnesty instead of enforcing laws already on the books. Bomb the senate for making a failed boxer a millionaire Bomb San Fransisco for re electing a spoiled insane woman who took a rolls-royce to school everyday of her life to look out for the common mans best interest.

  9. Two things to remember. Don’t believe in never and always. There is a first time for everything and nothing stays the same. Mr. West, it is time before there is none left.

  10. We are beating on the tail of the snake. We need to find out where the money comes from, this is already known, the Saudis and Qatr for starters. Then we go kill THEIR leadeship. AFTER the fact we explain that this will no longer be tolerated. Oil? Convert the cars to run on natural gas (or stop EXPORTING OIL). We have LOTS of natural gas and its cleaner than Gasoline anyway. Or simply take their oil. Frankly I am tired of the most backward, brutal and bigoted form of gov’t on the planet (its a religion in name only folks) attacking America and threatening MY freedom. The more attacks and threats they generate the more MY freedom and liberty are attacked BY MY OWN GOV’T. Which never lets a good crisis go the waste and too many frightened “sheeple” will allow almost any violation of their rights to be “safe”. We are in a war to the knife with Islam. This fairytale that there are “moderate” Muslims is just something designed to fool us. It is stated that when they meet the infidel they should “strike off his head”. THIS is a religion of PEACE? I would also want to know how much money the Oil Sheiks have funneled to our politicians to effectively tie their hands. I am sick of this never ending war crap. They drug Vietnam out with half measures and allowing safe havens for the communists. This stupidity cost some friends their lives. SO either have a war or retreat to our borders, SEAL THEM and EJECT ALL THE ILLEGALS and wait till the enemy has conquered Europe and the rest of the world and see how long we can last as the only hold out from the world-wide Caliphate. WAKE UP!!! Europe is already lost they just do not know it yet. A lot of people are going to have to die to resolve this. Might as well start up the draft and get to it before its far too late and nothing can be done to stop it. Obama is killing America in several ways. His pro-muslim foreign policy is just one facet.

  11. One other thing all you people who do not understand the “never ending war” thing need to think about President Eisenhower’s farewell speech in which he warned us about the “military-industrial complex” that makes incredible sums from the manufacture of arms and military hardware. They do not want any resolution. Its bad for business and THEIR kids never go to the military. WAKE UP!!!!

  12. Allen, I really have a hard time with losing a drop of American blood over either of these factions. The bottom line is we need to wean ourselves of foreign energy and become self sufficient if possible…and take the consequences if this gets into the “wrong” hands…neither is good for our interests but this appears to be a lose lose situation. The entire rats nest of the Middle East needs to have the influence of Islam eliminated and I don’t see that happening since it’s gone on for 1400 years. Russia is self sufficient. China is dependent and the reason the developing animosities over the oil rich islands in the South China Sea. I am more and more coming to the conclusion we should have left Saddam in as a buffer. At least the Christians had it better under Saddam.

    • Philosophical discussions of Saddam are pointless. So far as shedding Amercian blood. Keeping ones people safe while destroying the enemy is why missiles were invented. Today they are guided with excellent accuracy. We do not need to eliminate islam. We need to cut off its funding. But the Military/Industrial complex does not want problems solved. So we don’t use OUR resources we fund international terrorism by buying oil from our enemies. So we need to do two things. Develop OUR oil as you say, we have lots of it and over the the next 100-200 years find a viable substitute. But one way or another we must carry the war to the enemy and not let them bring it here. By NOT prosecuting this religious war so as to give ourselves a favorable outcome we will eventually be enslaved either by Islam or by our own politicians playing on the fears of the sheeple to increasingly enslave us. By attacking our rights the “protect” the environment and to “protect” us from “terror” we have been stripped of many rights that the Founding Fathers considered inviolate. And more is on the way with the totalitarians in DC doing a full court press though the DHS, FEMA, EPA, IRS, BATF and other alphabet soup agencies that have FAR too much power over our everyday lives. WAKE UP!!! We are literally surrounded already.

  13. We need you Allen West. you understand more about this situation than most in this present administration! They just look the other way!

  14. When Ukrainians burned alive over 50 protesters in Odessa you were not so mad about it. May I ask why do you think that killing combatants in a civil war is so much worse than burning civilians alive?

    • America has national security interests in Iraq. Allowing ISIS to gain ground and hold it allows terrorists to have areas to train in. Terrorists having training areas and safe havens threatens not just America, but he world. America has few national security interests in Ukraine. It is very sad what is happening in Ukraine and I feel that it is because we have a weak president in America. President Putin would not have considered sending troops into Crimea if we had a strong president that told him not to do this. I have friends in Ukraine and I am praying for peace there. But the reality is that President Obama will not do much more than give pretty speeches….he may even choose to do nothing about Iraq……as you have probably noticed, the sanctions he has had placed on Russia over Ukraine have done little to end Russia’s activities in or at the border of Ukraine.

      • The sad Irony is that it is too late to do something about Ukraine. People have lost their dear ones, their houses, everything. They want revenge and have nothing to lose. The only way to stop the violence right now is to recognize their independence. It may be a good bargain if Ukraine will ‘sell’ Crimea and rebel regions to Russia. What I mean is if Ukraine will recognize annexion of Crimea and independence of Lughansk and Donbass for forgiveness of gas debt, lower gas prices for like 50 years, and Russian credit without interest. That may work and help the rest of Ukraine to build it’s own economy anew. But nobody will consider it for political reasons.

      • I fear it is going to get worse….much worse before it gets better. I pray for the people in Ukraine….My girlfriend and her family live in Kiev. I do have a vested interest in what happens there. The idea you suggest is a good idea, but that will be a difficult thing to get the Ukrainian government to go for. I do not know if you have heard, President Putin ordered the gas to be cut off to Ukraine. Most of the pipelines servicing the rest of Europe run through Ukraine. This is going to effect more than just Ukraine. Fortunately, America has the capacity to help Europe and Ukraine with this. America produces far more natural gas than it can use. If Obama is smart (and I’m not saying he is) he would allow receiving facilities be built in Ukraine near the Black Sea and in other ports in Europe. The pipelines already exist, it would be a matter of cutting them off from Russia and capping them and building a line from the receiving facilities to the pipeline. Most likely the pipeline would not have to be built very far to reach the existing pipelines. American companies could cut a deal on the gas that would undercut the Russian price for their gas….Regular shipping routes could be established with regular scheduled deliveries….much like oil. This would do a couple of things. Europe would not be completely dependent on Russian gas for their cooking and heating needs and secondly, this would take money away from the oligarchs that control Russia…they will not like losing money and may decide to end their occupation of Ukraine…they may also remove Putin. The other thing America could do to effect the situation in Ukraine is to drill our oil. Russia can not make a profit on their oil if the price of oil drops below $90 a barrel. It is said that if American oil is at full production, more oil would come out of America than the middle east. This much oil on the world market will definitely drop the price of oil. The turmoil in the middle east as well as demand for oil keeps the prices per barrel high. Dropping the price of oil to the point Russia can no longer make a profit means that they will not have the funding for military campaigns….their campaign in Ukraine would end for lack of a budget to fund it. Of course, this could be very bad for the Russian people when their economy is not doing well. Unfortunately, Obama will not allow drilling on federally controlled lands, he will not sign off on the pipeline from Canada. Obama would rather stop all oil drilling if it were possible. Perhaps in January with a new Congress changes will be made.

  15. Get out the worlds affairs…None of our business, we aren’t the anti-Christ, this isn’t the one world government. We are broke, bring the troops home SAFELY and leave the world alone except for trade, we have no business ruling any sovereign nations.

    • Techinically it is Obombers fault for pulling all troops out, Vietnam all over again. He knew exactly what he was doing, letting is caliphate friends to rule again. After Operation Iraqi Storrm we got Sadam Barack Hussien out of there to allow the country to vote, etc. their leaders in. Obomber made it so it is reverse. All our soldier essentially died in vain over there. What part of that do you not understand?

      • There is no moral equivalence between Iraq and Vietnam. In Vietnam, the local population was actually betrayed. Not so in Iraq…where the Iraqis simply put on a show. If they were worthy of American forces, they would have ratified the SOFA without a second thought on whatever terms the USA demanded. But sometimes, you do not know what you have until you have it no more; the Iraqis are learning that the hard way.

      • Vietnam was won at the end of Tet 68. But the “news”, Walter Chronkite specifically, called it a “set back” for America and it helped the leadership in Hanoi to carry on killing people. The VC/NVA were beyond decimated. I served over 9 months in Northern I-Corps in 70-71 and all the people we killed were NVA regulars with good uniforms and equipment. Often better than ours. But the Communist Dupes here were sure that it was the people being oppressed by the nasty old US. Other than a few and the NVA dressed as peasants nobody in SVN wanted to be communist. But we walked away and would not even furnish AMMO since the Democratic (US Communist) party had enough control of Congress to sell a free nation down the tube of Communism, then we had the horror that was Cambodia. Thailand was having cross border problems with Communists. The Communists did not have any problem giving the Communist NVN all the ammo and tanks they needed. Communists were everywhere in Africa and this was the reason S. Africa was the way it was until the USSR went under.

      • You do know that Bush signed the agreement removing all troops from Iraq. Of course you do, you just dont care about facts when there is a good fox news Obama hating rant to be spewed

    • Paul one thing you are forgetting. They are like cockroaches. You either kill therm now or thy will multiply. When they multiply they will infest the world and them you won’t be able to deal with them, they will just over run you.
      You can play isolationism all you want, but they will come and it will be too late if we did it your way.
      Why are we broke Paul? If we are it is because barry has made us that way while giving his muslim brothers billions upon billions of dollars.
      This leads to the Caliphate, which is the “New World Order”. You will never get to pull your head out of the sand before it gets cut off by the Islamist’s already here

    • This isolationism worked really well in the 1930s, in the end it resulted in our Nuking people. The problem is our not staying long enough to stabilize Iraq. It took 8-10 years to get Germany civilized after WW-II there there still Nazis running around causing problems well after the war was over.
      The world is just too small to pull back. We have allowed too much industry to be shipped overseas. Until Reagan broke the Communists there were Communist dictatorships springing up all over the planet we were on the verge of being surrounded by those who were dedicated to destroying us. A country cannot survive if surrounded by enemies. This has never worked. The problem is that we insist on prolonging every crisis. We try to do half measures. We need for all thes people to FEAR us. They need to know that if they attack us or fund those that attack us that THEY will die. Not some Taliban hiding in some cave in Afghanistan but some king or prince in his palace. I used to work with and for a man who was born in Brooklyn NY about 1927but his family moved back to Germany in the 1930s. He went through WW-II in Germany. The stories were horrific to put is mildly. His father fought on the Russian front until severely wounded. HE lost a considerable portion of his in-laws to bombing. His idea on world peace made sense. He stated that there should be an international force on an island somewhere. When someone started talking war these people would go to his location, by whatever means, and kill him. not a bunch of civilians, not 50000 low ranking members of his military HIM. Cut the head off the snake Had this been done with Hitler, or Tojo think how many more people would have lived. Or when the Shah was kicked out of Iran many of the ills we have now would have vanished before Reagan was elected. N Korea would be more peaceful. Etc etc. Putin would not be invading the Crimea. Bit world leaders prefer to kill of young men who are not as important so its simply not done to target the REAL trouble makers. Diplomacy? It usually only really works when one side has been beaten into submission. Talking with Islam is a waste of time since the Koran if I am properly informed tell them to lie to the infidel to trick and defeat them (the infidel would be us). So thinking that talk will solve the problem is wishful thinking. Delusional.

  16. Obama hasn’t a clue, I’m smarter than this guy and that is not saying much! But yes Mr. West, we will have to deal with them and it either do it there or wait till the are here and our lives will change into something most people could never fatham! We need to do something! O idiot is sure as hell is not going to do anything but play golf and vacation! Oh I hate what he has done to this country and it is only going to get worse!

  17. We have a serious problem, we lack leadership. Somewhere we will have to make a stand. Terrorist’s have already visited our shores. We are still one of their main target’s. We do nothing, they will.

  18. Our government is shameful, This needs to stop, this is not a joke and that is how they treat everything, America isn’t laughing anymore.

      • Trucker, you are wrong. Obama is none of those things. He knows exactly what he is doing and will finish his agenda because he has half of the country deluded and the other half useless. There are too many on both sides of the isle that are complicit. They have the liberals and the Conservatives fighting each other to the point we are not paying enough attention to what they are really up to. They fight and squabble, then go out for dinner and have a good laugh on us. Stop listening to what the say and watch what they do or don’t do. Vote as many out as you can

    • Irrelevant. Do you have anything to say about our failure to ratify the League of Nations treaty? Equally irrelevant. Go away.

      • What’s not irrelevant is the recent foreign policy failures and future failures of the GOP which is rife with war mongering, theocratic members who have trashed the once “Party of the Constitution” and made it a tool of big government, the military/industrial complex and the police state. Thank you, and good luck winning with that platform.

      • The GOP hasn’t had control of foreign policy in five and a half years. You would begin coughing and choking uncontrollably if you ever tried to admit this is Obama proving his utter incompetence.

        Are you really a private citizen or is this a full-time DNC job? Does Debbie Wasserman Schultz come around with a plate of cookies at Snack Time? I’m very suspicious of anybody who is so doctrinaire.

      • Barry’s failing policies in the middle east for the last 5 1/2 years are but a continuation of W’s incompetence, sir. You and I were lied to by that administration about WMD’s and any eminent threat posed by Iraq. Iraq was and continues to be a complete disaster and any further involvement will only breed more hate towards American citizens. We don’t deserve that from our effed up govt.

        P.S. And just because I don’t behold to your neoconism or your jack-booted, police statist sense of governance, doesn’t mean I’m a progressive or a democrat. It’s time you jump out of the left vs right cesspool of group think that has your head circling the GOP drain and consider other options besides the two fascist parties we have now. Unless you like what your GOP has done…

      • He promised to fix everything. He fixed nothing and broke things that were okay. Your invented words are a waste of time for both of us.

        You will always defend Obama for one reason: You love him, for which you are a fool. My hope is the end of the term for the

      • barry’s not stupid, these are NOT failed policies. These policies are deliberate. He wants Iraq to fall. When it does and he is banking on it, it becomes one less domino that has to fall into the hands of islamists. barry wants the Caliphate and the “New World Order”.
        We Americans are the only thing standing in the way. That’s why he disbands the military gets rid of our key weapons systems and supplies the Rebels and al qeada.
        barry wants the mexicans to pour over the border. They are an invading army. once here they are occupiers. They are many who have converted to the muslim faith. and are ready to fight to get Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.
        You can blame bush all you want and it is not going to change a damn thing because barry has had six years to follow the letter of the law and has not.
        GOP(democrat lite) and Democrats are they problem, they let barry have his way. If we had true conservatives in congress this would be an entirely different scenario

      • Ever consider therapy for your severe case of islamaphobia? There’s more to fear from our own govt than backwards, goat-humping neanderthals on the other side of the planet!

      • Utter bilge, you g0d-damn Communist cock-bite! Those goat humping Neanderthals are hoping to someday have nuclear weapons. Islamophobia seems quite sensible in light of their ideology of world domination and their obvious use of force to achieve it.

        Who are you to tell me what to fear?

      • I bet those screaming noises in your head are a real problem. I’m glad it’s you and not I.

        I will not be dealing with you any more after this.

      • I do not have a case of islamaphobia I have an undying hatred for muslims and islamists. I am not afraid of them. I just dispise them for who they are what they do and what they stand for. I you were smart and by the tone of your rants You are not. You should have a healthy hate for them too.

        With the muslim in chief we have you should be very weary of what is about to happen.

        They may well be backwards but if you watch videos of them and their ability to make weapons out of almost nothing, they are not stupid people.

        Also if you were smart and you’re not, You should be very afraid of what is about to happen on that side of the world. If you do not stop them there, you WILL be fighting them here, Guaranteed!
        For your education, there are two (2) links below, the first a video of a man who studied the Koran for 40 years. It takes a couple of minutes before the English subtitles to kick in, but it is very informative. The second link is to an article about WW3 and it will be just around the corner.
        If you were smart you would read and watch. You might learn something



  19. Another sign of barry boy’s foreign policy failures. You have to have friends. Don’t have to like them. Remember to keep your friends close. And enemies closer. Then at a time like this you remind them: we fight them here now, together. Or you can wait for them to come for you. Like the Colonel said, hit those supply lines.

  20. Send obama over there to negotiate peace talks, while he is there fry some drones overhead dropping bombs. Yes it will kill some people but we need to stop these world terrorists and dictators before they take over the whole world.

  21. obama-boy is going to make Saigon 1975 and Teheran 1979-81 look like great US military victories with what I fear, but pray as I hope all Americans will, will be the débâcle that is going to happen in the Green Zone

  22. Was there in 06-07 on a Transition Team, near Tal-Afar, 3rd Iraqi Army Division. We all worked hard to prepare them. Our forces should have stayed a little longer. All the lives lost, Million$$ spent, now just crumbling away. LTC West, please get back into office

  23. We should have NEVER been there in the first place. This disaster is the product of G Bush! Enough American blood has been spilled over this country its time for them to fend for themselves!

    • While I do not think sending Americans back to Iraq is a good idea. This is an excellent opportunity to kill off more Muslims with air strikes or cruise missiles helping the Iraqi gov’t stay afloat. They could pay us in oil. That we left far to early is obvious based on time needed to rebuilding Europe in the 1940s-50s and the current situation. This was all foretold when we pulled out of Iraq. Blaming Bush? The mess was started with the invasion of Kuwait which was not properly prosecuted by Bush 1. Everyone I have talked to that has had contact with Muslims in Africa/Middle East from WW-II to date tells me that talking to them is a waste of time. They have to be believably threatened with death or killed. They see talk as weakness. Stopping the first Gulf War made the second war inevitable.

      • My brother used to say, “We need to make a glass parking lot out of the whole area. I used to get so mad at him. Maybe he was ahead of his time.

      • We should make glass factories out of them but leaving the oil wells to pay ourselves what we’ve been owed.

    • And Obama’s military “left” behind Stinger missiles in Iraq to arm al Maliki’s band of dopes…and now reports are that ISIS has secured a cache of them. That’s YOUR guy, Earl…Obama….asleep at the wheel, or at the golf course. Must be difficult to defend this President…but you still try…and blaming Bush is all you’ve got.

    • I agree that we shouldn’t have went into Iraq to begin with. But the issue isn’t whether we should have invaded. The issue now is how to try and fix and end what we started. We could have done that by at least leaving a residual force behind to help stabilize Iraq in the power vacuum that would be left when we exited.

    • Over 48 UN violations, almost world-side agreement “something” needed to be done. WE did NOT act unilaterally. Husein did all he could to make sure the world believed he had WMD capabilities and desires. Check the Russian caravans to Syria before the invasion. Thank God his deviant sons were removed as they were the ones that were planning to set off a “device” in NY or Wash DC that would not be pinned to Iraq, See documents captured and translated from inner sanctum meetings of Iraqi leadership. (Which are VERY difficult to find).

  24. “The Obama administration should have seen this coming when the black al-Qaida flags showed up in al-Anbar province.” So it’s his administration now?

  25. I don’t know what to do or say so I’m writing. If it is true that Saudi Arabia and/or Kuwait and/or Qatar are providing money support to ISIS, then it is time we must think outside the box re: Obama. Our country & way of life is seriously at risk! The King of Saudi Arabia is the one guy our president bowed to & he didn’t do it out of courtesy! How many of us already feel the uprising across so many middle eastern countries, the horrible shape our country is in across the board is exactly what Obama wants & has been working towards? It’s like Dr. Carson said, in so many words…if he were president & wanted to destroy the U.S., he would be doing everything Obama has done & is doing! Can you just imagine how Israel & Jordon are feeling right now? I ache for them. Both of these countries have stood beside America, supported America & have done whatever we have asked when we needed them. Is this how we repay them? By allowing circumstances to evolve to the point their very existence is about to be challenged? I can’t & don’t believe that this is a happenstance. The U.S. is failing so fast and that the world is on fire. This has been long in the planning & we are running out of time. I wish I had the answers, capabilities & talent, but I don’t. I promise you if I did, I would not hesitate for a minute. I do have hope & I know I’m not alone. I feel there are multi-talented people here at home from all walks of life, that faced with the these calamities & America being at her most desperate position in her history and most importantly, being purposely put there, need to come together and defeat these traitors & enemy’s. I am prepared for the negative comments & name calling. I couldn’t care less…At All!! We are here at the fork in the road. For all that have come before us, the people that love this country today and the ones that will love her tomorrow, the people that are able, have to decide, is this the time to think outside of the box… Pray so hard for America and pray, pray for the people that are able……I am.

  26. Give ISIS, 48 hours to surrender or we bomb Mecca. Then follow through, rinse and repeat. Up dosage (blast radius) if needed.

    • Actually, you are on target. WE DO NOT NEED TO BE INVOLVLED AT ALL. It doesn’t matter what happens in Iraq or Syria or any where else over there. If the Iraqis want democracy, they need to fight for it. It is time for them to sink or swim. All governments over there need to be told that they can believe anything they want, but if you mess with us, we will destroy you. Drones will be outside your windows, bombs will level your streets, and missiles will rain down. We do not need to send troops to ensure we rebuild their countries either. Enough is enough and we will not tolerate the idiots any longer either.

  27. If Obama doesn’t go into Iraq, he’s missing a great opportunity to get Darrell Issa’s eyes off the ball. This would be the perfect distraction for his 15 running scandals. I say impeach him anyway. Get someone in there that has guts. That’d be you, Colonel.

  28. We have let these people get ‘singer’ (SPL) missiles that can take out a plane in 2 mile range with shoulder held launcher. Obama has played tiddly winks so long he has missed a large window of opportunity. Do all Democrats put GOLF and FUND RAISING SPEECHES above National Security, Stop the Thousands of underage kids coming across our border also!

    • We didn’t just “let them get stinger missiles”, Obama & Clinton gave the missiles to them in Benghazi………..

    • I think you mean “Stinger” missiles. That is not the only MANPAD around. All of them are a threat to civil aircraft. The Stinger is “all-aspect” so it can take on an attacking aircraft from the front. Most others have to fire at the tail of the attacking aircraft, only possible if the defender has survived.

  29. After finishes saving Ukraine, Obama plans to save Iraq. He may have to rest a bit while his vehicles are gassed up again……

  30. I think the US is actually not in that bad of a spot right now. It’s really bad for the people of Iraq, but you could argue they brought it on themselves by not wanting us to stay. Here’s why we’re not that bad off. ISIS and Al Qaeda are Sunni Muslims. However, most of Iraq is Shiite Muslims, and most of Iran is Shiite. ISIS has taken the parts of Iraq that are mostly Sunni, but they will likely not get much further, and if they do Iran will probably step in and help their Shiite brothers. Essentially, this has turned into a Sunni vs Shiite conflict with not much chance of reaching the US. In fact, Sunni Muslims in the US have been going over there.

    • Yeah, nearly a 1/2 billion dollars stolen. A place and time to plan. Can’t see any problem there.
      It’s like the 5 released for the little boy-soldier is no threat to us. Like they are gonna gird their loins and charge into battle?
      Nope, they’re like that line in “Night Shift” where Keaton explains why he carries a voice recording. “I’m and idea man, Chuck!”

  31. I think that Obama graduated from the Jimmy Carter school of incompetent presidency.
    in the next decade, we’ll be paying dearly for his current mistakes. Just as we did with Jimmy Carter’s mistakes.

    As for both Iraq and Afghanistan, if and when the US withdraws the troops, the areas will revert back to it’s old ways of tribal/factional fighting. Which is why a strong dictator will be able to reign the Neanderthals together. It’s been like that for centuries and will NOT change in the near future.
    Western style Democracy does not survive (fit) in the arab lands, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    • Don’t underestimate this Obummer….he has been groomed for years to do exactly what he is doing…Death to America…. he is very clear he hates us and doing everything in his power and then some, to destroy America. Just think about all he has done since in power….think

  32. There is a way to turn all this chaos to our advantage. We should back independence for the Kurds, contingent on them giving us permanent bases and preferential deals on oil contracts. Let the Sunni and the Shia fight it out.

    We should also make an effort to help what little Christian population still exists in Iraq by negotiating a place for them in either (the new nation of) Kurdistan, or in Lebanon.

  33. Of course the US is too slow to act on anything. Seems they should have had contingency plans on the table and maybe could have already dropped troops and heavy weaponry into Peshmerga controlled land. Tanks, artillery, helicopters, forward Combat Controllers to mark targets, etc… Then we could help the Kurds take and stabilize their land.

    Then let Iran take care of what’s left to mop up In Iraq. We had our chance to set things right and missed it because the US let Malaki have his way in the Status of Forces Agreement. We should have told Malaki this is what is going to happen whether you like it or not.

  34. There will never be peace in the Middle East because of the deep hatred the Sunni’s and Shia have for each other. First we need to free ourselves of the dependence we have on their oil. Next we need to develop our own abundant energy sources and start exporting it. Finally we need to put Col. West in charge of dealing with terrorism and put an end to it. No, let’s put him in charge of everything Obama has managed to destroy. Finally, it’s a good thing Jew’s and Christian’s are not beheading each other over who Jesus is.

    • We do not need their oil. We have more oil in the United States alone than they do. It is our government that keeps us dependent on them so they can try to control them with our money.

      • Good point…
        Our overly high priced gasoline is used by the Islamic world to expand satanic Islam… such as…
        1) Providing Islamic influenced schoolbooks free of charge to school systems in the USA
        2) To build mosques in our cities and neighborhoods
        3) To fund political elections to set up servants to influence Sharia in the USA
        Just some examples…

    • I am not so sure of that statement Sir, blood is thicker than water and when push comes to shave things will change very quickly? One has to look at the bigger picture, this is all about control!! Yes they have been arch rivals for centuries but again that can change quickly!

      • “You said arch rivals for centuries”. That is an understatement, it’s more like the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s on steroids. I guess it is possible for Muslims to live together in peace because the ones that live in Israel and the US do. So what is all that violence about. Is it power, control and money? The difference there is freedom, laws and a constitutional republic that works. “for now anyway”

  35. Dear Sir: Cluster bomb the highways, sparing the towns of significant size. Then go medieval on them and surround the towns until they starve out and surrender.
    P>S. use B-52’s.


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