Obama’s plan for Iraq: Let Iran deal with it

While running this morning, I pondered President Obama’s words yesterday on the situation in Iraq. First of all, let me clearly state: wanting to defeat Islamic totalitarianism does not make anyone a “warmonger.” As a matter of fact, it aligns you with a long line of historical figures such as Charles “the Hammer” Martel and the Germanic and Polish Knights who stood at the gates of Vienna. So here we are in the 21st Century and echoes of the past are reverberating.

Obama declared the war in Iraq over but what he failed to realize is that there is a greater war against Islamism and Iraq was just a singular theater of operations — and of course, the enemy always has a vote.

A lack of strategic vision created a vacuum and it is now being filled. Our options are truly non-existent. When Obama states, there will be no “boots on the ground,” then there cannot be any effective air strikes coordinated as part of a ground assault. The enemy can only move forward on a couple of road networks, so it would be easy to halt their advance. But Obama says he is considering a counter-terrorism fund instead.

I have to ask, why are we denying military support to the current government of Iraq, a nation-state which we helped to form, yet we gave Islamist forces military support in Libya — and in violation of the War Powers Act?

Could it be that in “pivoting away from the Middle East” Obama intentionally sought to enable Islamist forces in the region? He sent military and materiel support to Islamists in Libya along with supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt while turning his back on combating the resurgent Islamists in Iraq — talk about confusing.

Regardless, history will detail how America turned victory into defeat on the modern battlefield against Islamic terrorism. Iran already has its al-Quds force leader in Baghdad — signs of things to come. Iraq has become a satellite state of Iran and I don’t think they’re willing to see it fall. It’s part of their regional hegemony and would give them an extension from Iran to Iraq to Syria to Lebanon. And when we flee Afghanistan, Iran will seek to extend its regional dominance to the east — of course the Iranians will have to contend with Pakistan — who already has nukes.

To the north we have Turkey and its leader Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan whose efforts certainly are supportive of Islamists.

What is playing out in the Middle East — due to Obama’s retreat– is a struggle for dominance in the Islamic world. It entails three major actors: the historical hegemony of Saudi Arabia, the last Islamic caliphate known as the Ottoman Empire, Turkey, and the pre-Islamic empire of Persia, today Iran. The major schism is indeed along the Sunni (Saudi Arabia and Turkey) versus Shia (Iran) lines of separation. However, they would all unite against the smaller and greater satins: Israel and America.

But there is also another key western ally that is caught up in the middle of this — a valuable friend, the Kurds. The Kurdish people are possibly the world’s largest ethnic group without a homeland — albeit with a definitive autonomy. Along with the Kurds they are the other historical Christian groups in the region the Assyrians (once a powerful empire under King Nebuchadnezzar) and the Chaldeans.

Kurdish resolve has already been demonstrated. As the Iraqi government fled Kirkuk, the Kurdish Army, the Peshmerga, took up positions and stemmed the Islamic terrorist attack. An airborne assault landing into Kurdish-held territory would be ideal in order to hit the enemy in the rear — but then again, we’ve been told no boots on the ground. But if I were in charge, I would get behind the Kurds and their efforts to secure their own state — something that would get Erdogan’s attention.

It seems the only real option for the U.S. will be to depend on Iran in order to save face in Iraq.

Now I know lots of folks would rather talk about the relationship between Beyonce’s sister and Jay-Z — including Obama — but somebody needs to be working on a regional strategic vision.


      • I suggest you read about 9/11 and realize who once said those words about us before 9/11/2001

      • US is the biggest enemy of secular muslim world. We have seen its green belt agenda and its outcome in Turkey. What has anything of this topic has anything to do with 9/11.

      • This discussion has proved that you are a complete moron and your ego is so large that you will never understand how much of an idiot you are.

      • http://goo.gl/GkgFqn

        Erdogan was brought in power by US ambassador Morton Abramowitz.

        Right after Gulenist (Green belt media) started accusing the secular Turkish military. Around 2006 a map of Kurdistan was shown in Nato meeting in Italy.

        A so called coup created and thrown Turkish generals into jail with digital(!) evidence.

        Syrian and Arab spring started and US backed Muslim brotherhood mentality backed. In Egypt, the wind went the other direction as military sided with Russian’s and did the coup.

        US had to back track from greenbelt agenda but had to move forward with main agenda Greater Middle East Initiative.

        This is where ISID play good role.

        Musul has 80% Turkmen’s they have all passed into Kerkuk. Arabs left Kerkuk is left to Kurds.

        Foreign policy and Israel is pretty happy about.


        The only country with Secular background was taken down just like Afganistan and we will not fall into US agenda.

      • I am Young Turk. Turks are not happy with US foreign policy and it is about to erupt. American’s yet clueless. US might win Kurds but will lose Turks not only in Turkey but Eurasia.

        Foreign policy has taken over what British could not achieve 100 years ago during WWI. We are back to beginning again and I think deficit and the change of power between industrialist and the digital age elite has something to do with it. Industrialist don’t want to loose power and the best way they can keep status quo is war and a lots of them.

  1. This is not a new plan. It is called Greater Middle East initiative. Search it on the web. Turkish generals were put in jail by this agenda. ISID is a puppet of US. It will be used just like Taliban until it does not benefit US anymore. Wake up Americans, just wake up.

  2. a few 24hr strafing attacks will END THEIR “PROGRESS… GEE … glad we left all that armored equipment over there… otherwise they’d be driving cars on their attacks

  3. Obama isn’t going to do anything because it’s against his agenda he’s a Muslim he won’t do anything against the Muslims

    • Ask OBL how he feels about that….OH WAIT, you can’t, he’s DEAD!. Or what about those 10 Haqqani network guys that had Bowe Bergdahl? OH WAIT, they took a missile this week that blew them all to bits. OR the 30 Al Qaeda guys who had their meeting in Yemen? Gone with the Drone…….. isn’t this Obama is a Musliom thing getting a little stale?

      • No it is not.
        He gives OUR money to Hamas, PLO.
        He demands Israel give land and special treatment to muslim terrorists unconditionally.
        He supported and assisted with arms and money to Syrian “rebels” who turn out to be none other than muslim brotherhood and as evil as Assad.
        He supported and assisted with arms and money to the muslim brotherhood in Egypt to over throw albeit a horrid man, but who none the less kept the muslim terrorists under control and who did he put in his place?? Muslim brotherhood govt which the Egyptians eventually tossed out.
        He gives us little tid bits and covers his tracks in small doses by eliminating a few bad guys, but supports the thousands of others.
        And just in case you never noted it, in one of his books he quite clearly stated that if things got bad, he would side with his muslim brothers….his words NOT mine.

      • Which is supporting the enemy. Because unlike the Japenese-AMERICANS, the muzzies have a proven record of engaging in terrorism in CONUS. Major Hassan and many, many others while there was no proven acts of terror or sabotae by Japenese, Nisei, Trisei or other Japensese-Americans in WWII. obama-boy does not even know American history.

      • Muslim Americans are due just as much protection under the law as Jeish or Christians. Timothy McVeigh, ted Kaczynski, Eric Rudolph, Adam Lanza……terrorists come in all colors and faiths. Most mass murders in this country are young white men. you rally want to go there?

      • we keep throwing out “horrid men” and we get what in return? WORSE men. We need to keep our noses out of it.

      • And do what? Wait for them to come here?
        Or maybe we just sit back and let them kill each other off…that would solve things eh??
        Or do you not care about the women and children either who are being murdered and tortured??

      • Let them kill each other off? Hmm…not a bad alternative to letting them kill American Soldiers off. You’re not gonna stop the brutality over there. Period. Look at India too. And look what it costs us in terms of lives and money. The moral obligation of the government is to the people of the United States.

      • The notion that Obama is responsible for the issues with the Va is absurd. The probelms with the VA have been brewing for 30 years. When Shinseki got there they did everything by paper. IT was only last week, AFTER Shinseki had been thrown under the bus that Congress past a bill to allow the Va to fire the entrenched bureaucrats who caused this and also help fund increased needs. You gonna blame Obama for the sun coming up?

      • Gawd, you are stuck on stupid. ubl is dead and al-qaeda is bigger than ever. What difference does it make that ubll is dead? A lot less than the fact a large number of those snake eaters who took him out, including MWDs whose droppings obama-boy was not fit to step in, are dead because of obama-boy’s raghead favoring ROEs.

      • what difference does Bin Laden’s death make? Speaking of stupid, that may be one of the dumbest things i ever heard.

    • These days, I’d believe this more than the political ‘in-bed’ television organizations that screw and twist this country. *cough @cbs @abc @nbc #corrupt

  4. Combating Islamist terrorism is the same cliff we fell into since Korea and Viet Nam communism. All we do is bankrupt ourselves and implode from within while Russia and China just laugh at us and make money. If I were President, I would pull out, reinforce our country’s economy, and use airpower to anyone who tries another 911 Attack one of our cities, we send B-52’s and erase your city.

      • We’ve had complete air superiority in every conflict for the last 70 years. Our track record in these comflicts is spotty at best. Carpet bombing solve nothing. never has.

      • Lets wait, watch and learn when the Russians start doing it against al-qaeda. Just like he sided with the sodomites when Russia outlawed sodomites soliciting children, obama-boy will call the Russians the bad guys for killing his beloved ragheads.

  5. obama “wont rule anything out” except being a ruling socialist dictator here at home. 5 years and counting of wasted time and nothingness.

  6. US foreign policy does not change based on left or right. How it is approached and the inbetween fight between elite changes the procedures. The outcome is always the same.

      • Left or right foreign policy is always the same. There is an agenda set and that is applied as a project. In between, corps and politicians compete with each other. Everything is just to complete the agenda. In this case, we are a seeing greater middle east agenda and so far its working well. I gets hick-ups here and there but than magic wand movements happen like ISID.

        ISID’s action happen to be paralell with US’s agenda. It was actually British agenda with Serve’s during WWI.

        One it stops Shia Iran to control the Iraq.
        It splits the country to multiple peaces.
        All ethnicity is cleaned from Kurdish area like Turkmens.

        That area had belonged to Turkish Republic and it was handed to Republic Iraq with a condition that the oil wealth is to be split with Iraq.

        That is why 2001 ambassador Morton Abramowitz had selected Erdogan for the GMEI agenda.

        Turkish soldiers are put in jail with fake digital documents with the help of Gulen movement (Find about them). Read about this.


        Than came the Syrian so called civil war but it is international proxy war for the agenda.

        Basically foreign policy does not change goal is the same and approach is different.

  7. Obama is ON ISIS SIDE!! Until people admit their total lack of discernment as to who he is, they will never get it! Watch Israel.

    • gawd, i havent heard some obama-boy nitwit nabob tell me how he did more than President Bush in the Global War on Terror by killing ubl

  8. Sir you are 100% right in your assessment. I have said from the beginning that our withdrawal from Iraq would lead to what we are seeing right now. The only way to stop this is for us to re-enter the battle. I do not believe Obama will do so because I believe this what he wants. We were in the perfect position to stem the coming flood with our men and gear in Iraq no we will either be forced to retake ground at a very large price, or sit back and watch the start of WW3 unfold.

    • Start of WW3? Hell, it started way before this. Now, it’s just starting to pick up steam. All the lemmings and dead people voted this moron in and he was even referred to as the “Messiah”- and I was blowing chunks the entire time.

  9. Know what is going to happen?? Oblamo has stated that his security team will put together options (minus boots on the ground)….wait for it…..OVER THE NEXT FEW DAYS…..then he will make a decision.
    Baghdad will be over run, and Iraq will be under the control of the Islamic militants (aka: TERRORISTS).
    The ditherer in chief will claim this as another fault of Bush and try to claim some kind of success.
    EVERYTHING this idiot touches goes up in flames.

    • Agreed.
      Advise them like we did the Germans in WW ll….we are coming for the bad guys. If you want your women and children to survive…get out now.
      We then proceeded to level the cities and factories.
      We then executed the biggest humanitarian campaign in the history of the world….we dropped in food, water, medical supplies, blankets, etc….and then during the occupation we helped them to rebuild!!
      But it ended the Nazi actions.

      • Sounds good, but with people that will cut people’s heads off, just kill them all. Let Allah sort them out, and assign appropriate blessings.

    • Bombing, short of nuclear weapons, in the long run is totally ineffective in terms of swaying the outcome of conflict. Always has been. We’ve had almost total air superiority for virtually the last 70 years in every conflict we’ve been in. Yet Desert Storm 1 is the only conflict you can say that we “won”. Grenada and Panama don’t really count. In addition, Al Qaeda is smart as hell. They blend into the civilian population, so what are your targets? IF we start killing civilians we loose huge face in the world. Public relations boon for AQ. And haven’t the civilians of Iraq suffered enough because of us?

      • And then US leftists scream about we are not doing enough ast enough especially if those in distress are muzzies.

      • While the Green Zone turns into such a bloody mess of dead USG civillians and US military personnel that will make Saigon May 1975 and Teheran 1979-1981 look like great US military victories. obama-boy spits in the face of every OIF/OND veteran and families.

  10. This is a sectarian civil war. We need to stay out of it. ITs incomprehensible to Americans that Baptists, Methodists and Catholics would all kill each other with glee, but that’s about what this is. They don’t think in the same nation/state terms like we do. That is secondary to their religious beliefs. To get in the middle of that WAS madness in 2003. The middle east was way better off with Saddam keeping a muzzle on the sectarian issues and a foil to Iran. Now he’s gone, Al quaeda used that to sneak into Syria and we’re off to the races. The Iraq War was was a blunder of almost incalcuable stupidity.

    • It is NOT incomprehensible to believe that Protestants would kill Catholics. It is in our own history. Admittedly not part of Common Core, but it is none the less. It’s been said, if you don’t study history you are to repeat its mistakes.

      Saddam in case anyone forgot was caught a couple of weeks prior to the US invasion shipping Scud missiles to Hamas. Missiles that included chemical weapons. Saddam was able to remain in power due to his sadistic horrific ability to keep everyone in check. We would not be better off if he were still in power. The world is safer. What would have happened in 2008 if Hamas had those Scuds and countless other missiles that would have shipped if Saddam had not been removed?

      Another thing to think of… If we were not fighting the enemy “over there” does anyone truly believe that the enemy would be content and let us alone? Of course not. The fight would be in the streets of Atlanta, Nashville, Oklahoma City, and Muncie, IN. Keeping the enemy off their feet, unable to train, equip, and plan has kept Americans safe here in the United States. Once we retreat from Afghanistan and stick our heads in the sand and pretend, and that our enemies will somehow leave us to our own desires of peace…. if you believe that I have ocean front property to sell you in Arizona.

      As long as America is free, successful, and has natural resources, there will always be an enemy who wants to take it from us. That is the way human history has always been. What makes anyone think just because we have IPads and the internet it is any different?

      • didn’t say the world was safer. I said that Saddam gone makes the world safer.

        I would add however that when Sunni and Shia are fighting eachother, Jewish, Christian, Buddist, Druid etc… are safer.
        And, the world will NEVER be “safe”. CoExist only works when all groups want to live peacefully and except each other for who they are. If one group says we will “coexist” if you convert to our way of thinking or die…. that isn’t coexisting, thats surrender/death.

        I for one will never surrender. I will not die without a fight.

      • This link to a Youtube video answers all those questions. It is a Frenchmen who has studied the Koran for 40 years. He tells it like it is. It starts in French but goes into English subtitles in a couple of minutes. It is more than well worth watching


      • The best solution is to partner with Vladimir Putin and remove the Islamic threat to world peace.

    • Our genius President who started the whole mess did not even bother to find out there where different Muslims sect. We still paying for that in blood and treasure, and they would want Obama to double-down on the hubris.

    • You would know, being the fake and fraud you are. The whole thing was set up by the Saudi’s under Clinton, then Bush and now barry. It is the Wahabis through the Muslim Brotherhood that want control of all the middle east. They are using our military power to get what they want accomplished. Throw out all of the current leaders and let the muslim brotherhood to take over.
      Where they screwed up was, they didn’t expect the Egyptian Military to restore a Government that was against the Muslim Brotherhood.

  11. Only the Islamist madmen can declare the war on terror to be over. We left them standing. Absent full surrender, Obama is not in any position to declare “The war on terror is over.” They’re still coming for us and our way of life and this feckless turkey had best read some history. Now to end this war, either they surrender or we must. Obama’s advisors must know this. Does he not listen to the wise men he has gathered at the White House. All the blood and treasure spent on Iraq is for nought due to this man’s ridiculous quest for historical greatness. What a failure. This Administration is worse than Jimmy Carter’s, and that was a catastrophe. A total narcissist. And a fool.

      • Saddam and Assad hated each other. Would be like North Korea moving its nukes to South Korea to keep them away from us. No way.

      • What’s your point? that chemical weapons were found in Syria 11 years after we invaded Iraq? One of the guys in charge of the search for WMDS was a classmate and close friend with whom i spoke in person. He said there was nothing. absolutely nothing. YOU know John, i WISH they could find something. Really. That would perhaps help to justify the slaughter. As a former soldier, there is NOTHING that hurts worse than the notion that soldiers died for nothing. But the fact just don’t support it in any way.

  12. ISIS was part of Barry’s bigger plan. He’s not gonna fight them, he’s gonna use them. If they destroy the Iraq that we built under Bush, then that’s one more element of the Bush legacy defeated. If ISIS falls to Iranian forces, then it’s business as usual in the Muslim world. Either way, he’s poising himself to personally benefit from the fallout. And if innocents are slaughtered in the crossfire due to our inaction? So be it.

  13. Think about this,
    Why would the arch enemy of iraq want to help them out all of a sudden? They have always wanted to conquer them. So this is their opportunity to do just that.

    • That would be one big @ssed country. I was in Iraq, all over it in 2003.. big place Iraq. Iran even bigger.
      But watch, to appease Saudi Arabia’s fears, we will be drawn in again.

      • Te Saudi’s have been using us since Clinton was in office. They are still using us to do their dirty work. Everyone wonders why the senate won’t do anything, It’s because they have been bought out. Payed off or their families threatened
        I don’t know if you have seen these articles but they are all worth reading

  14. You’re a wise, patriotic man, Mr. West. Please hurry up and announce your intention to run for President in 2016. We need a man with backbone and character to lead this nation and I can think of few specimens in the R party who fit the bill. Trey Gowdy is one, but I think we need him continuing to fire away in the legislature.

  15. Oliar is a muslim… of course he isn’t going to do anything against them. He is systematically killing this country.

    So if we are just going to let this happen, according to Oliar, what was the last 11 years about?

  16. I’m not into celeb-blogs, nor am I a frivolous surfer of the web, I read what interests me, and I’m trying to educate myself on current news items….Mr West I believe what you say in your article is a very sound assessment of the Iraqi situation, and the terrible decisions being made at our State Capital….I wish you were running for the position of President….We need some one with the know how and the experience in military matters that it requires….

    • He got thrown out the Army for assault and barely escaped jail time. he was a one and done Congressman Myrna. you might want to re-think that.

      • You ever heard of the UCMJ or Geneva convention? He didn’t act like a warrior, he acted like a thug. I’ve never heard of a LTC kidnapping, assaulting and pretending to execute a civilian policeman. Ever. He was lucky not to be Court Martialed.

      • No, we are NOT a free country under this administration and the NDAA. So kindly go back to what ever hole you crawled out of.

      • Twice. And can’t wait to vote for Hillary who is gonna BURY any of the dwarfs the emasculated GOP puts up now that its balls have been cut off by the tea party. And then get re-elected. That means i will have voted for 4 winning POTUS candidates in a row. And she will stack the SCOTUS with moderate and liberal judges who will keep some sanity for the rest of my life. And you? You vote for Ted Cruz…… LOSER!

      • And now we have ISIS or ISL or IS or whatever the admin calls them this week killing THOUSANDS in the name of Islam. Pull your head outta your “sand” and see the true enemy.

      • We all know the story about Allen West’s military career and 99% of us support his actions. We need his military experience. I don’t think anyone should be Potus unless he has served in active duty and lead troops into battle.

      • Because they didn’t support his values. Which is going to backfire on him eventually. Karma is a bitch that even Obaboon isn’t immune from.

      • How much time did you serve in the Iraqi war? Secondly, were you witness to the alleged crimes against Lt. Col. West? Or are you just here to run your mouth?

      • I went to West Point and served my time carrying a rifle. How about you? OR are you one of the many Alligator mouth and hummingbirds as#es who seem to dominate this thread but NEVER SPENT A DAY IN THE MILITARY? I bet i can guess. West’s misbehavior is well documented. And he was given due process and then thrown out. Game Set Match.

      • “I went to West Point and served my time carrying a rifle.”

        Sure ya did. You are boring me.

      • yah, like i come on here with bible thumping religious nutbags like you who never went to college, never spent an hour in the military and feel like i need fake my attendance at West Point? ROFL

      • If you went to West Point and you would not have done the same as COL West to protect your men then I would not want you as my CO. He may not have handled the situation perfectly, but he handled the situation. What would you have done ignored the intel of an ambush? FYSA: Ive been to both Iraq and Afghanistan!

      • And if this is the kind of activity you condone, I would not have wanted you serving in m unit. There are all kind of other ways to handle things like this. YOu don’t kidnap, assault and pretend to execute Police officers. And the intell gathered from this guy was worthless. It amounted to him giving useless names just to save his life. It didn’t prevent anything. A lot of hearts and minds won with that one…..NOT. LTC’s have to follow the UCMJ, if nothing else than for the example of their men. In the end if we don’t behave any better than the thugs, then there is not difference between us is there? We just the flip side of the same immoral coin. Elevate your consciousness.

      • “YOu don’t kidnap, assault and pretend to execute Police officers.” Of course not thats the three letter guys job.

        What war did you fight so politically correct in?

      • ITs not behavior that can be condoned in field grade officers. And it has nothing to do with political correctness. Its basic moral and ethical standards of behvior. We’re supposed to be the good guys. When you lose the hearts and minds of the peoe you are trying to help, no amount of bullets or bombs will win the war. It over.

  17. I totally agree with this article. Obama is determined to destroy America, & make Islam the world’s rulers. I am sorry to say that there’s not much we can do about it, unless they impeach Obama & remove him from office.

  18. You are absolutely correct about the Kurds and Kurdistan. We should be doing a lot more to support their secular, pro-western development. Our policy toward them during OIF was to treat them as an afterthought until we needed them and at which time they dutifully complied. But no airborne assault is needed. Two modern airports would be ready to easily receive two brigades and transfer them to existing bases. And in the current Turkey-Kurdistan dynamics, Erdogan probably wouldn’t mind.

  19. It seems that the “man-child” in the White House is a blundering incompetent boob. Oh well, that is what you should expect when you elect a Community Organizer as the national leader.

  20. Left face it, we were attacked on 9-11 by Islamic Terrorists and then we vote one into office as our president. How stupid can people be.

  21. Remember when G. W. Bush landed the jet on the Aircraft Carrier with the big banner in the back ground “Mission Completed ” and all the Libtard made a big ass deal about it ???? where are all them Libtards now that Mr. Obama king of the Libtards just put Iraq back into the hand of the Muslim Terrorists …. his banner reads ” Iraq deal with it yourself no mission started ” Mr Obama your not worthy to carry President Bush’s flight helmet

    • Except that nation-building is something else. This is where I do a dance to comply with the terms of service, but you cannot nation-build when there are not common values between the nation doing the building and the local population. It will always fail. Iraq was never going to succeed—Russia failed at Afghanistan for the same reason. Some populations just can’t be cultured.

  22. Obama has given Iraq to Iran today just as he gave Syria to Putin!
    .Remember when Egypt threw out the Muslim Brotherhood Obama threw them out at the same time! None of you understand yet will see!

    The head of the ISIS was in jail four years ago when for so reason he was released that sounds a lot like the 5 Taliban Commanders Osama Just released!
    One of the Taliban 5 assisted in the planning for 9/11

    • George Bush Junior is to blame. I am sick of high school dropouts like Hannity,Beck & Limbough giving Bush junior so much credit. This was created by Bush junior. Never liked Junior and only a decent president.,He was nothing like his father & Jed Bush is even worse.

      • Guest: Placing PAST blame is worse than your rant… we are talking about what needs to be done NOW… and isn’t being done by this useless President who just enjoys listening to himself and screwing everything up….by the way, I heard the Libs were paying “flamers” to go to websites of Conservative and Tea Party folks…. fly off now flamer…

      • all those dead solider based on a lie….who you gonna blame? The statute of limitations never runs out on murder.

      • This is not about the Bushes. Get off your rant and start thinking for yourself. Anyone can see that this administration and president Obama have been disasterous for the U.S. We all need to wake up and start listening and get involved. In other words do your homework. Find out all that you can about these extremests. Our country is in great danger and everyone better wake up.

      • Not defending the unregistered guest…but lifting a finger for Iraq would be even worse, as they are just not a trustworthy culture. This is a case where one needs to contain the damage to that region of the world and have nukes at the ready if ISIS tries any funny business against anyone else.

      • No kidding, ever notice that Valerie Jarrett is NEVER mentioned? Holder, Obama and Jarrett have a LONG history under the influence of Saul Alinsky. Of course, today’s young adults (20s-40s) don’t even remember the Weathermen, Black Berets, etc.

      • Seems to me that Obaboon PROMISED to get our troops OUT back in 2008 and simply moved them to Afghanistan, deploying even more.

        Everything that comes out of that baboon is a LIE and now he’s telling the people we supposedly were defending to take care of themselves? What a cop out. Another insult to every family that LOST their son/daughter/husband/wife. Not to mention the children here that are less one parent. And those that survived? Physical and mental ailments can’t even be supported, due to the rotten Veterans Administration!

        Something is going to give with citizen frustration and I don’t think this will be fun at all.

  23. Colonel West, I most surely do wish you were in charge. I feel our country is completely vulnerable to those who are trying to collapse us. They see our weakness and are ecstatic about it. Much prayer is needed. Much, much prayer.

    • So if the government though anybody had done anything wrong they could then hold a gun to theri head and fire it off to get them to confess to a crime they didn’t commit? Yep, Allen West is some kind of guy….. A bible thumper eh Kc? OK, this all makes sense now…….YOu go ahead and pray and see how much it affects the Taliban and ISIS……..out of curiousity, you graduate high school?

      • nope, he got thrown out of the Army and i didn’t. Big difference alright. Who is the idiot? you’re brain not unfrozen? And by the way, you misspelled believing on your face page. Idiot.

      • Actually he retired dummy, but then that doesn’t fit with how you want to see him so you will just believe what you want.

      • He retired becaue he was shown the door and told not to let it hit him in tha as#. You know anything about the military?

      • That’s right I’m retired after 20 years of service to my country, and if you know anything about the military you would know that they don’t give a free pass. Had he actually done anything that he had deserved to loose his career over, they would have kicked him out instead of allowing him to retire.

      • no, they gave him a free pass. He should have been Court Martialed but the y gave him and Art. 15 with the wink that he would hit the bricks. It was early in th Iraq and Bush wouldn’t want this kind of stuff getting a lot of press, not an 0-5. Seniro Officers get breask, you must know that. Look at Sinclair. And I’m a West Point grad, i know a little about the Army.




    No help from military as escape routes cut off

    NEW YORK – About 200 Americans under contract with the Department of Defense at Balad Air Force Base in Iraq are trapped by the al-Qaida-inspired jihadists who have seized control of two cities and are now threatening Baghdad, according to WND sources.

    The sources, private contractors who have recently returned to the U.S. from Iraq, said Friday their former colleagues effectively have been abandoned by the U.S. military and are fighting for their lives against an army of jihadists surrounding the base who belong to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS.

    The U.S. contractors are at Balad to help the Pentagon prepare the facilities for the delivery of the F-16 aircraft the Obama administration has agreed to provide the Iraqi government.

    The surrounded Americans said they currently are under ISIS fire from small arms, AK47s, and rocket propelled grenades, or RPGs.

    The contractors so far have been able to hold the base, but those on the scene reported it was only a matter of time before the ISIS terrorists succeed in breaking through the perimeter.

    WND has learned from sources that the jihadists have closed down escape routes, and the U.S. Air Force is in a stand-down position. U.S. forces are not assisting even with air cover so a private extradition flight could land for a rescue, the sources

    Privately scheduled exit flights have fallen through, sources said, as several private
    pilots originally scheduled to make the flights have quit.

    The sources contend the U.S. military could provide the necessary air cover to protect
    C-130s or other air transport craft sufficient to make the evacuation, but so far officials have refused to get involved.

    Balad Air Force Base has been under attack since Wednesday, when ISIS rebels seized the nearby town of Tikrit, the birthplace of Saddam Hussein.

    The attacking ISIS forces approached Balad Air Force Base in trucks and called through loudspeakers for all private security forces and Iraqi special military to
    leave immediately or die.

    The U.S. private contractors in touch with WND reported that after hearing the broadcast, the private security forces and the Iraqi military defending the base dropped their weapons and ran.

    The American contractors collected the weapons the fleeing private security forces and Iraqi military left behind and were able to hold off further immediate advances.

    More to come …

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/06/200-u-s-contractors-surrounded-by-jihadi

  25. obama is doing and getting what he wants- to weaken America and bring about the destruction of our country. congress get off your collective asses and impeach this evil man.

  26. You certainly are correct in theory of stomping out this evil- WW3 is here, everything in Revelations is coming to pass. I agree with others that state Congress needs to get off their collective monkey butts and impeach this ENTIRE administration, drag Hillary back into it and charge her with accessory to murder and start criminal proceedings with the rest of the crooks, ie: Obama, Holder and even that evil entity behind the curtain Jarrett. This is a plan of theirs that is coming to fruition (oh, you bet Valerie is behind the wheel) and the objective is to destroy the US and our morale, which has been insidiously declining since the early ’60s. Now, we are so divided, the left so brainwashed, I’ll be surprised if we don’t end up having our own civil war.

    My faith is that good will prevail, we are in our final battle between good and evil (just as our forebears believed in both world wars before this conundrum of political garbage) and we MUST stand against these idiots that are delivering into the hands of Satan. Which starts with replacing this freeloading POTUS with someone of substance, scruples and has gray matter between his ears.

    • OK, here we go, another bible thumper comes out of the closet. THE MORALE IS DECLINING, THE WORLD IS GOING TO HELL…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…..The hands of Satan?….how old are you? Tell me more about the invisible man in the sky…….LOL. YOu wanna see somebody with no substance, no scruples or brains? Just look at the PREVIOUS POTUS. There is a civil war in this country. ITs between right wing bible thumping teabaggers like you and the REST of the country who are DONE with your narrow minded judgmental racist, misogynist homophic view of the world. You are dinosuars. on your way to extinction. Thanks be to the invisible man in the sky. Crawl back under the rock before it starts raining.

      • Would you please stop your obvious projection of your own shortcomings onto me?

        I don’t think anyone here has one ounce of respect for you. Keep showing your ass, it becomes you.

      • Tell me more about Satan……and you think I’m showing my ass? while you get your kneepads out for Allen West, the near felon…. And what makes you think i give a sh#t about what you or any of the other knuckle dragging neanderthals here think? I graduate the toughest school in the country and you didn’t even get to Community college, and I’m projecting? ROFLMAO

    • By the way, your name CRACKS me up, because nothing says enlightenment like a bible thumper who hold inviolate a book that condones murder, slavery and rape. Now THERE is an enlightened mind….NOT!

  27. Our regularly occurring political shifts and policy changes make us an unreliable ally. There needs to be a consistent guiding policy like what Mr. West is suggesting. Wanting to end the threats of Islamic totalitarianism toward us is not warmongering, but a most essential, proper goal of our central government.

  28. As usual Mr West, you nailed it. Please run for President. Otherwise the U.S is becoming a bankrupt corporation, intellectually, morally and spiritually.

  29. Don’t fall for Allen West-another mouthpiece of the defense industry lobby. There is nothing strategic about trying to eradicate an ant mound by stepping on each individual ant-but it sure would be wonderful for the defense industry, now wouldn’t it? Hallelujah, yet another profitable war purchased by the American taxpayer with no end in sight.

    Instead, what is wrong with Iran becoming bogged down in a bloody war of attrition on behalf of Iraq? Our enemies and they are all our enemies; are weakening and killing each other as we speak. Let the hoards of ants kill each other as they have been for centuries and please leave us out of it this time.

  30. “The major schism is indeed along the Sunni (Saudi Arabia and Turkey) versus Shia (Iran) lines of separation. However, they would all unite against the smaller and greater satins (sic): Israel and America.”

    Sure, despite the facts that Saudi Arabia and Iran have been frosty at best towards each other for decades due to religious differences and competition in the Western oil market, I’m sure that this incursion in Iraq is all it will take to make them best friends.

    Also, satin is a fabric.


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