Obama administration knew about VA lists since 2010

The Obama administration sure is taking some direct hits these days. More information is emerging about Benghazi where it appears the Islamist attackers were using State Department cell phones to talk – meaning the administration knew everything that was happening as it was happening.

Iraq is descending into a regional Armageddon. Pax Obama foreign policy is an abject failure. We have a Marine being held illegally in Mexico while the border is being flooded with illegal children crossing and illegals are being dispersed all over America. The Bergdahl/Taliban release episode has backfired and the rabbit holes just keep getting deeper. And now another torpedo hits the USS Obama: The Obama administration knew about allegations of secret VA lists as early as 2010.

Remember when former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said President Obama only found about the VA wait-list scandal from watching the news? Right now it seems the Obama administration is completely in disarray — maybe Jay Carney saw all this coming and that’s why he bailed?

According to the Daily Caller, a 2010 VA Office of Inspector General (OIG) report entitled “Review of Alleged Use of Unauthorized Wait Lists at the Portland VA Medical Center,” was conducted to determine the validity of an allegation that senior officials in Veterans Integrated Service Network 20 (VISN) instructed employees at the Portland VA Medical Center to use unauthorized wait lists to hide access and scheduling problems.

The report said “The OIG has reported problems since 2005 with schedulers not following established procedures for making or recording medical appointments. This practice has resulted in data integrity weaknesses that impacted the reliability of patient waiting times and facility waiting lists.”

Ok, so now what? How will the spinmeisters weave their lies and deceit to dismiss this issue? Or perhaps this is all on purpose to overwhelm the American people?

After all, we’re not talking about the rising cost of gas and food commodity prices while first time weekly jobless claims rose to 317,000. We’re not talking about rising insurance premium prices or that more Americans are losing full-time equivalent positions and being pushed to part time. One thing is for certain, the “Blame Bush” excuse is wearing a bit thin.

This is about accepting responsibility, which is not a mantra of the Obama administration — but perhaps we as the American people will start holding them accountable. I ain’t holding my breath that the liberal media will…


  1. obama-boy is a murderer, plain and simple. This is a wrong which outrages me. But it does not surprise me as I have always known obama-boy hates the men and women of the US Armed forces, unles they are traitors like lee harvey bergdahl or bradley manning. I suspected this from the first time I heard him talk. I knew it from the time in the summer o 2008 when, during his coronation tour of Europe, he cancelled a visit to Lanstuhl Regional Army Medical Center because he could not bring in cameras.

  2. We need Congress to grow spines and impeach this guy now. I know Biden won’t be much better. But he never claimed he was going to fundamentally change American like Obama did. And that’s exactly what Obama is doing. We need to get him out now before its too late.

  3. You may see Bari impeached but he will not be removed until Harry Reid is first removed!
    Oh and as to Obama knowing as early as 2010, well had one of the “blame Bush” Obama folks tell me that Bush knew about it so that means Obama knew upon taking office and did nothing until forced!

  4. the VA has “sucked” for decades. However when you say you can take care of the problem, that is a promise. Are people angry, not they are beyond angry, because that is our friend, our father, our mother, our sister, our aunt, our brother our grandfather and our ourselves. Said we had care, heathcare and what did we get an appointment that resulted in……………….fill in the blanks………..not ready.

  5. Of course, Blessed Beautiful never knew about VA! Otherwise he would have done his super effective thing, that he does to solve any critical situation: Environment Protection Campaign!


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