Mosul seized as troops flee: Obama “ended” Iraq war but forget to inform the enemy

Iraqi citizens flee Mosul

President Sir Neville Chamberlain aka Barack Hussein Obama, has proclaimed that combat operations in Afghanistan are over – just as he did for Iraq. But apparently the enemy did not get his memo or tweet. For Obama, campaign promises are more important than strategic vision. The ability to sound off and say, “I ended the war in Iraq” is a nice bumper sticker, but it’s certainly not a strategic legacy, surely not a foreign policy success and simply untrue.

As the Washington Post reports, “Insurgents seized control of most of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul on Tuesday in a powerful demonstration of the threat posed by a rapidly expanding extremist army to the fragile stability of Iraq and the wider region.

Fighters with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), an al-Qaida offshoot, overran the western bank of the city overnight after U.S.-trained Iraqi soldiers and police officers abandoned their posts, in some instances discarding their uniforms as they sought to escape the advance of the militants.

Remember “al-Qaida has been decimated and is on the run?” The words of a delusional liar bent on winning an election, not accepting truth.

This is the Iraq where I and so many others served and won a hard-fought battle against Islamic terrorists — now a distant memory. This is without a doubt the future that will come to Afghanistan. If only Mr. “My Government” would surrender his arrogance and listen to military leadership, perhaps this terrifying situation wouldn’t be happening. It was after all then-Commander in Iraq, General Lloyd Austin, who recommended a residual force, denied by the brilliant military strategist Obama.

And what does this say about the credibility of the United States and our vision for victory?

The Post reports that tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians also fled the surprise onslaught, which exposed the inadequacies of Iraq’s security forces, risked aggravating the country’s already fraught sectarian divide and enabled the extremists to capture large quantities of weaponry, much of it American.
The speed with which the security forces lost control of one of Iraq’s biggest cities was striking, and it was a major humiliation for the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

The city of Fallujah was captured in January by ISIS and other insurgents, but Mosul is a bigger and more important prize, located at a strategically vital intersection on routes linking Iraq to Turkey and Syria. And worse, consider the untenable position that true allies — the Kurds and Assyrians –find themselves in Northern Iraq.

I know the news cycle will be completely absorbed by the defeat of Rep. Eric Cantor and the flooding of illegal immigrant children being dumped in Arizona and elsewhere. However, we are also seeing the complete collapse of Pax Obama.

In Baghdad, Maliki announced a “general mobilization” of the country’s security forces and asked parliament to declare a state of emergency, saying that the government would not allow Mosul to fall “under the shadow of terror and terrorists.”

I remember being in Iraq in 2003 when the 101st Airborne Division cornered and killed Uday and Qusay Hussein — long since forgotten. And now the Iraqi security forces have not been able to win back Fallujah, suggesting it may be even tougher to reclaim Mosul, a city of 1.5 million that was once held out as a success story for the U.S. counterinsurgency effort in Iraq.

The capture of a major city such as Mosul marks an “extraordinary strategic and symbolic victory” for the militants, one that suggests they are more powerful than had been thought, said Charles Lister of the Brookings Doha Center in Qatar. “It shows they are capable of taking a strategically vital city . . . and it all happened so fast,” he said.

And that doesn’t sound like core al-Qaida leadership has been decimated either.

“When the battle got tough in the city of Mosul, the troops dropped their weapons and abandoned their posts, making it an easy prey for the terrorists,” said Iraq’s speaker of parliament, Osama al-Nujaifi, who is from Mosul, at a televised news conference in Baghdad. “Everything is fallen. It’s a crisis,” he added, appealing for international and government help to retake the city, “Having these terrorist groups control a city in the heart of Iraq threatens not only Iraq but the entire region.”

Everything is fallen and is in crisis –but not only in Iraq. Thanks to Obama, the same is happening here.


  1. The truth is, this whole thing could have been over in about 15 minutes with a well placed bomb delivered courtesy of the U.S. Air Force. No American soldiers dead or maimed. But, as long as the politicians run the “war” that kind of decisive action is off the table.

    • Our politicians, and this includes G. W. Bush, seem way too concerned with showing “compassion” to the enemy rather than going in, bombing the enemy back to the stone age and then letting them sort things out. I kept reading that if we didn’t spend trillions of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars to rebuild these countries in our image, that the bad guys would just move in and take over again. Well guess what? They did that anyway!!! I’ve read some excellent analyses about why democracy is impossible in the Muslim world, and I think Iraq and Afghanistan are proof of that.

      • Democracy isn’t quite as important to me as airspace and control, with a few political ties to go along with that. I’m not a professional strategist, but even I know where the territory is and who they border. We don’t need democracy as much as we need stability and access. Imo.
        Anyone who thinks democracy is just going to bust out of the box with a big pink bow on and a victory parade is either naive as hell or “politically posturing” for their next campaign. We’ve had our own propoganda war going on here for years. They don’t physically spit on the Vets, they spit on the job the Vets do. They don’t celebrate victories, they celebrate deaths and discipline infractions. And they kneecap our security by doing it just like they kneecap everything else.

      • We will never have stability in those countries as long as the Muslims can’t even get along with each other. Since the United States is deathly afraid of taking over like the Brits used to, we instead turn the country back to one group of Muslims, who then get attacked by other groups of Muslims. I know we’ve had some degree of stability and access when we have propped up dictators who were friendly to the US as long as we kept sending them buckets of cash every day. We need to tap our own sources of oil, protect Israel and let the Muslim chips fall where they may.

      • It would be easier to protect Western interests if we had bases adjacent to current and future war zones. Bombing the last man standing has a certain attraction, but unfortunately they have a tendency to grow stronger and multiply if we let them. There really is no good answer.
        If someone were to ask me, I’d want our allies to start fortifying their defense budgets so they’re allies worth having. The Muslims aren’t our only problems. We seem to have a lot of problems. The hyenas, hunting the lion. A little melodramatic, but that’s what it reminds me of.

      • Other than the Brits, Canadians and Aussies, I’ve heard the rest of our allies are more of a hindrance than a help.

  2. Colonel- this time you logic’s off a little.. Won’t do a bit of good for Obama to listen to his chief military advisers

    The Joint Chiefs are made up of political yes men who will parrot whatever Obama wants to hear,

  3. Its Vietnam all over again. Thousands die, and for what? This country has forgotten how to fight a war. Sorry to sound so cynical but I am ashamed of what this country has become. Our principles are/were sound but no one at the top understands them.

    • Yes, there is a distinct similarity to Vietnam. Just like Vietnam, Iraq is a war that never should have been fought at all.

  4. There may be merit to such a strategy. We’ll have them in one spot and also have real country-states to demolish.

    Trouble is that this administration is full of people whose entire world extends no further than their noses, so such thoughtfulness isn’t likely.

  5. Well, as I recall Pelosi and her like-minded progressives told us that al-Qaeda wasn’t in Iraq ( the bad and illegal war sanctioned by the Congress and UN ) but were in Afghanistan ( the war with a just cause and internationally sanctioned ) where we are now fighting the Taliban.

    If we have a leadership so oblivious to the realities of the global nature of this conflict to such a degree to where they cannot even name the enemy because it might offend the people already trying to kill us, then we should either fish or cut bait with fullest intensity either way.

  6. So I suppose you think we should have just been colonial occupiers in Iraq for the next hundred years, West? Throw away thousands more American lives for no discernible gain?

    To hell with Iraq and to hell with the Iraqis.

  7. Mr. West, apparently you would disregard the wishes of 83% of the public that wants us out of Iraq and Afghanistan. How long do you want us to stay there? How would you achieve “success” in stopping violence? What, another 10 years?

    • It only took ten years due to really bad ROE’s. You unleash the military the way it is suppose to be and it would have been cleaned up a long time ago. Which is why 83% of the people don’t want any part of Iraq.
      barry left Iraq by calling it all off saying al qaeda was on the ropes and on the run was to appease his base, when he really knew otherwise. When will you learn that barry is a supporter of the islamists?

      • That is the excuse that people like you often give to this: if only the military could do it their way, the problem would be solved. What do you think the military could do to achieve victory here? Kill more Iraqis? More Afghanis? Then what? There are more out there. Killing more invites more retaliatory acts. The military never devised or proposed a cogent strategy to achieve victory. To say that they could do so, if only Obama would let them run, is disingenuous.

        Iraqis and Afghanis are a people with divided loyalties. Many welcomed us there, many didn’t. They did not where giant neon signs saying that they opposed us, so we could know to kill or capture them.

        Obama could not impose any ROE’s – good or bad – before 2009. So, how do you blame him for our failure before then?

        The problem here was going into a war without having a clear idea of what we were doing and ignorant military leaders thinking that it was only a matter of time before they accomplished victory and could leave. This theory failed in Viet Nam, as well. When will we learn?

      • ‘if only the military could do it their way, the problem would be solved.’
        It worked quite well with Germany, Italy, and Japan. Unfortunately, Harry Truman took this same conciliatory approach to warfare in Korea, giving us our first truly unending war: if you are not aware, our ally South Korea does NOT have a peace treaty with NK, only a cease-fire.

        “There is no substitute for victory.”
        –Gen. D. MacArthur

      • WW II was a battle against established governments, with disciplined armies that, when ordered to do so by their superiors, gave up the fight. In Viet Nam, had we gone into Hanoi and captured their government leaders, their forces, who saw us as invaders, would have fought independently; civilians would have fought us. If the US were invaded and our leaders were captured and ordered the military to give up their arms, I suspect that most would (rightly) disobey that order and fight to overcome those invaders and that most Americans would (rightly) join in that fight.

        In Iraq and Afghanistan, we are not battling governments, but loosely organized insurgents, who feel we are invaders. They feel they are right in their fight and will continue to, no matter how long or how costly the fight.

      • Fair enough, to a degree. We absolutely WERE “invaders” in Germany etc., and I’m sure all those Axis combatants felt they were “right in their fight” too. I do not think the Korean War was any different in that regard. I DO agree that, as you state, we went into Iraq & Afghanistan without a CLEAR objective and stated “victory conditions”, probably less so than Korea but more than Vietnam. But even stating that goes back to my original point — we basically pulled our punches and settled for something less than actual victory. By now, the Kim dynasty in NK should have been a footnote in the history books instead of ongoing outrageous media fodder and a concentration-camp nation.

      • I agree that many in the Axis did see us as “invaders,” but it was a more conventional war, so when their leaders surrendered, most of the Axis soldiers surrendered, although some did continue to fight insurgent operations for several years.

        The problem is that the “war on terror” is more like a police operation that will never end, like the war on crime. If we capture or kill thousands of al Qaeda, there are more being born and raised to hate us. The more we kill, the more hatred there will be and the more of our soldiers who will die.

      • James if I were you I would quit right now , Patriot schooled you and showed everyone that you do not have a clue about what you are talking about. Your idol the Messiah has shown that he is just like you when it comes to leadership and tactics ,You and him should just sit down and watch how real leaders plan and execute to defeat the rising threat of Muslim extremeism that is threatening our world peace.

      • Real leaders??? Like who? Bush? Rumsfeld? Cheney? They were in charge for 6 years before Obama, and accomplished little. Yes, we booted Saddam Hussein from office – but that left a power vacuum – that they were warned about – but ignored.

        I asked Patriot several times to identify how he would prosecute this war, but he has not done so, rather, instead, going off on various tangents to try to cover up his failure to identify what we should be doing to win this war. So, either he cannot articulate his plans, or he has no plans. I am going to go with the latter. But, that’s ok: military commanders (reluctantly) admit that they, too, have no real plans on how to win this war. West has never said what he would do to win this war – beyond just saying we need to keep fighting.

        That you believe Obama is my “messiah” shows you are ignorant of who I am or what I believe.

      • James you are just like the Messiah ,asking Patriot what he would do ,just like the Messiah asked Mitt Romney what he would do to fix the econemy. He and you ask because you do not have a clue as how to fix the economy or how to defeat the terrorists. As for not knowing who you are or what you believe, I do know that you are a blowhard who likes to hear himself talk,and I do know that you are a moron who likes to make a fool of himself by comlng on this site and spouting nonsense

      • You just can’t help yourself. You clearly have an agenda. I do not care what your agenda is you sound like a woman or a really big wimp. Appeasing the enemy is ridiculous. There is no appeasing them.
        Iraq’s wanted us to stay the terrorists wanted us gone it isn’t any more complicated than that.
        The only fighting going on is due to the islamists. That’s the long and short of it. You want to coexist and they want to kill you.
        Being passive is to get you killed very quickly
        The problem wasn’t not knowing what they needed to do, the problem was barry and his ever changing ROE’s Just like in Vietnam LBJ picked the targets, not the generals or admirals. The often times bombed the same enemy installation as many as thirty times when the target was destroyed the first run.

        Leave the fighting to the military and the politics to the president.
        The first Bush had it right and left the fighting up to General Schwarzkopf , but the first bush chickened out too early and didn’t finish the job when he should have.
        Then the terrorists objective for getting the American public to want to stop the fighting started their propaganda spree that we were killing the Iraqi women and children and to a point it worked, because liberal tree huggers, were all up in arms to get out of the war which is what barry wanted. Why? so that IUraq would become a muslim brotherhood strong hold. That is what is happening today

      • You do not identify the tactics that would result in victory, rather, you engage in ad hominem attacks on me to avoid revealing that you have no answer.

      • I have told you answers, your problem is you cannot comprehend what I have told you, which is ironic considering you look up big words to make it appear your intelligent.

      • You identified some of the problems, but no specific solutions that you think the military could do to solve this. These are not big words I had to look up – they are part of the vocabulary of a reasonably educated person. That you think they are words that someone had to look up shows they are probably foreign to you.

      • Not foreign to me at all. The fact that your Hubris exceeds your intellect is laughable. You aren’t smart enough to come up with a plan? Okay, scrap the F-35 that will cost a whole lot more in billions to make than to upgrade a true CAS platform. The f-35 is not in anyway a CAS aircraft. Simple plan really. One that will save countless lives of American Soldiers. I have only said this to you five times already but, The vastly superior intellect you seem to be impressed with yourself over, has escaped you. You feel the need to be loquacious, but it does not become you

      • While I totally agree that the F-35 must be scrapped, that has nothing to do with military strategies in Iraq or Afghanistan that are at issue, nor did you mention the F-35 before.

      • You must be dazed and confused. I gave you a sit rep, I gave you options. You asked me what my plan would be so I told you. What part of any of my answers do you not comprehend?

      • Despite all your claims, you have not identified a single tactic in how to win this war. Keep the A-10? I agree we should. But, we have had the A-10 all along and still do, yet, we have not won the war.

        Obama did not want to kill the M1A1 – the Army merely did not want to build more, when they have 2,000 sitting in the desert. It was a pure budgetary boondoggle: pork spending at its worst. The congressman in whose district they are built led the effort to get more. Hmmm

        It is not Obama who wants to end the Tomahawk, but the military, and they have tactical reasons for doing so (albeit many debate this decision).
        You need to discern the difference between what the military wants and what Obama seeks. Merely because the military seeks to do something does not necessarily mean Obama instituted that change – against the military’s better judgment.

      • You need to get your head out of your butt and realize that barry decides what he wants and tells the Pentagon, what he wants and they do it! They can claim anything they want to as long as the result is what barry wants and you fall for the lies that are perpetrated by barry and his administration. You couldn’t connect the dots if I drew them for you.
        You are also wrong about the Abrams. barry wanted to do away with them, the military said they didn’t need any more yes there are many sitting out in the desert, but the program is alive because the Congressmen and Senators for those workers who build them, didn’t want them to lose their jobs.
        As far as tactics are concerned you have to be the dumbest person I have ever talked to. I toid you what the tactics were that originally defeated the taliban. You must not be able to comprehend anything. Sad for you really

  8. Not one more American life should be given for a society that is to cowardly to defend itself. We’ve thrown away too many precious American lives to try to make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear.

  9. And now Tikrit.

    We gave away all that we won in Iraq, and now the same terrorist network we have explicitly named as our enemy since 9/11 is coming close to creating its own state in the Middle East, complete with standing army and American arms. We may pretend to be able to wash our hands of this outcome, but sooner or later those oil resources will generate billions of dollars that will flood terrorist accounts and fuel attacks against Israel and the US.


    • “but sooner or later those oil resources will generate billions of dollars that will flood terrorist accounts ”

      This have already been the case for a long time. In fact, it was why the 1990-1991 gulf war, to protect the states that where funding islamic activities against a secular one back in 1990 and still does to this day.

  10. They’re only the ” #jayveeteam “. Hey Obumbo, do us all a favor and plead guilty. Save us the hassle of spending the money to prove that you are a traitor and lying communist spy. Then, commit suicide.

  11. The Islamic state of Iraq recently over ran Mosul, Iraq’s second city,
    after regular army troops fled. It wasn’t bad enough that they gained
    all the arms and weapons on the military base that we supplied to the
    Iraqi army. After taking the city and government offices they began to
    loot all of the banks netting an estimated $429 million in American
    dollars, leaving them richer than small nations such as the Falkland
    islands. If anyone thinks that this is not going to come home to roost
    on us, I think that they are sadly mistaken. Whether through intention
    or just sheer stupidity, this administration has now made an Al Qaeda
    affiliated group the best funded terror organization on the planet. As
    extremist Muslim insurgencies burn across the middle east, Africa and
    Asia, ISIS now has it’s hands on more money than Al Qaeda itself. The
    “War on terror” is now showing itself as an abysmal failure as we
    prepare to abandon Afghanistan to our enemies. The entire balance of
    power has been shifted in the middle east after country after country
    has fallen to revolutions covertly supported and funded by our own

    Every major government that kept Al-Qaeda at bay is either out, or in
    transition except Iran. From Libya to Syria to Afghanistan Al-Qaeda is
    going to have a free reign. Karzai’s government will not stand a chance
    once the Taliban coupled with Al Qaeda start flooding back into the
    country. As each of these countries fall, more and more money is going
    to be channeled into terrorist groups. With this destabilization, our
    own government has almost made it certain that Jihad will fall on our
    shores. Once they are done fighting among themselves they will be
    turning their eyes to us. Don’t think that for one second that they have
    forgotten one single Sunni death caused by America. They will now
    have the funding of entire countries to focus their terror on us. Here
    at home that will only mean more justification for DHS and NSA to
    restrict our rights in the name of fighting terrorists. More
    surveillance, more searches and more infringements. The gross irony here
    is that they have made and empowered these enemies for them to be in
    the position to attack us, and we, not them will pay the price.

    And now that our Traitor Muzzie in Chief has released the top 5 terrorists …what could possibly go wrong?…ddams-hometown

  12. So these great american men and women are suppose to say there forever? No end? Just send troops over for 8, 10, 30 tours??

  13. What a screwed up country we have become ! Will the people of America please wake up !!! America is too great to be lost to an administration that is nothing but socialist in its views . Every American should be hopping mad for what is going on in our government today . I pray to God that He will save us , we once was the shinning light on a hill , but lately we have become very dim .

  14. 1 Thessalonians 5:3

    King James Version (KJV)

    3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

  15. To hell with all of them! Cowards! You can’t help these backward worthless pigs! Drop a friggin atomic bomb and shut all this noise up. I’m sick of all of them. Help them? Why the fock should we?! They ran and left their weapons for the enemy. That’s not how you keep your country! They deserve what ever they get!

    • Cindy….you’re off your meds again…….you can’t nuke people you don’t like. say it 3 times softly. Uh, one questin, who threw out the government they had and created this mess?

  16. General Giap knew all he had to do was sustain the war not necessarily win and the Americans would finally grow discontented and the populace would force the government to leave.

  17. Since the Obamanation has come to power…..
    The entire Middle East is on Fire……!
    It’s Obama’s FAULT!
    We tried to warn the Obama lovers!
    But they just wanted their Free Obama Stuff!

  18. soon alqueda will have the middle east in there full control and they will move the entire region into the NWO and there will not be many more pieces left in the puzzle of world domination.did you forget alqueda was our invention? sheep will be sheep.

  19. Remember back when all the adults in the room said that leaving Iraq and declaring that the war was “over” meant that it was ripe for the taking by our enemies? Remember that? Remember when Obama and all the libtard Democrats said that we were crazy? Yeah, well, that hope and change sure did backfire didn’t it? Jeez, why can’t we impeach this idiot already?????

  20. The US Army had been ripped to shreds with unending deployments by 2009. It was get out or watch the Army impode with Deaths, serious injuries, suicides and PTSD. It hasn’t really recovered yet. In addition to the fact that the war was costing about $750 million dollars a day. No typo. Per day. that’s $500,000 a minute. The notion that we could have stayed there indefinitely is absurd. And it goes to show a complete disregard for the Powell doctrine not only in our reason for entering this war, but we had not fully understood the ethnic issues nor did we have a viable exit strategy. In addition, Public support had evaporated. One of the major campaign issues for Obama was getting out. Its a big reason he got elected.

    • “The US Army had been ripped to shreds with unending deployments by 2009. ”

      That’s the same year the Obama chose to begin his Afghanistan surge from approx 33,000 US service members in 2008 to a peak of 100,000 in 2012. This surge more than doubled the coalition casualties in five years from the proceeding eight.

    • Yep, The Bush Cheney war based on lies that was impossible to win. The same one that Allen West committed war crimes in… We were idiots to have ever allowed this war to begin with and would be bigger idiots to re-engage our troops in a country that has been in turmoil since the beginning of time and will be so until the end of time. Anyone that thinks we could have won anything in Iraq are seriously delusional.

      • stand by to be bombarded with ad hominem attacks and name calling Terry…..these people don’t tolerate differences of opinion or bringing up the failures of anybody like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld or Reagan. They were perfect. Obama is Satan……un huh. Obama is not perfect, none of them are, but holy projection batman, can we get just a LITTLE reality check her? apparently not…..:-)

      • LOL, I’m a thick skinned old fart that’s taken the best of the idiot barrages and spoon fed it back to their grandkids!

      • its a little weird, all these right wing bible thumpers and they have nothing to say except call you names. Jesus would be SO proud! 🙂


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