Is Left behind white supremacist campaign at Ft Carson?

A flyer and CD that a Reddit user says was found at Fort Carson, Colo. (Via Army Times)

Remember that old TV ad that asked the question, “Is it live or is it Memorex?” Okay, I may be dating myself, but the point was, how do you know if it’s real?

I am asking that question now as I read in the Army Times that, “White supremacists are recruiting at Fort Carson, Colorado. Law enforcement officials at the post are investigating after propaganda flyers for Northwest Front, a self-described white separatist organization, were found on post and turned over to authorities, according to post spokesperson Dani Johnson.”

“The flyers, posted to Reddit early Tuesday, urge troops to join the group’s drive to create a “white nation” in the Pacific Northwest and “secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.” “Ever wonder if you are fighting for the right side?” says one flyer, which accuses the Pentagon of targeting white men and Christians.””

Why do I question this? Because I know the tactics of the liberal progressive Left and besmirching the military to prove their long-held thesis is very important. We wrote a piece here on the Northwestern University professor who tried to link the military and white supremacy when Frazier Glenn Miller — a retired master sergeant who served in Army Special Forces — was accused of shooting and killing three people in Overland Park, Kansas last April.

One thing that makes me call this latest story into question — and realize the Army Times is not a sanctioned paper of the U.S. Army — is this quote from the story, “A Reddit user who describes himself as a paratrooper, jhb2wr, posted to Reddit saying he and some other paratroopers “found about a dozen sealed plastic bags blowing around Fort Carson with this flyer and a CD inside.”

There is only one unit associated with being “Paratroopers” at Ft Carson, and that is the 10th Special Forces Group, the Green Berets. And knowing Green Berets, they don’t go public and advertise like this.

Of course the Left is seizing upon this already, “It’s like, do the Yankees want a great pitcher,” said Levin, director of the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism at California State University. “Neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups are happy to have people commit acts of violence in the name of their ideology without being a card-carrying member of their group — lone wolves,” Levin said. What was unusual to Levin was the discovery of the flyers on the post rather than in the surrounding community, which suggests to him the flyers were distributed by a service member with ties to or leanings toward the group.

The Army Times piece also reported, “Just this week Barcroft TV reported that a Ku Klux Klan faction announced its plans to recruit troops exiting the military, drawing on their expertise as the organization engages in military-style training for an expected race war.”

Now, having served in Task Force 2-16 Infantry of the 1st Infantry Division during Operation Desert Shield/Storm, I remember the hoopla surrounding the fact that Timothy McVeigh served in that unit — so I take things seriously. However, the last thing we need is a knee jerk reaction now to try and castigate the Army and the military as supporting, or being infiltrated by neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups. Let the Army do its due diligence and not have this become a political issue to discredit our military — a Leftist tactic.

Funny thing — why do we still refer to Ft. Hood as “workplace violence?” Seems to me radical Islamic jihadists have done a fairly good job of infiltrating our military — why doesn’t the Left confront that issue?


  1. Since when is what some anonymous person posts on Reddit news, Army Times?

    Of course the left is behind this, Col. West.

  2. Youre reaching with this one COL. You have been disconnected from the barracks life for a while now, but I am here to tell you there are 50 different flyers posted on our doors and in the halls on any given day. No one cares what they say until they fall on the floor and an NCO yells at you for not picking it up. To assume the left is behind this and then provide no proof is laughable. I was hoping you would run for president, but the more and more I realize you are a trouble maker/shit stirrer I wont be voting for you if you do.

    Paratroopers at Ft Carson are not exclusive to 10th SFG(A) Green Berets. There are plenty of non SF soldiers who are paratroopers at Ft Carson.

    • I don’t know if Col West is “assuming” the left is behind it. I see him as being suspicious of such, and the possibility is worth consideration. Whoever is behind it, it only takes one chucklehead with a printer to make fliers.

      • Exactly my point! Why accuse someone of doing it when all it takes is one idiot, right or left, with a printer to stir trouble. The holier than thou syndrome is what is wrong with this country. It could have been the left, but just as easily could have been the right. Assuming with out proof just makes Col. West look like a 12 year old telling your mama jokes!

    • It is better to keep your mouth shut letting people think you’re stupid, then to open your mouth and prove them right.

      The left is not beneath any skulduggery to get what they need accomplished and if that means posting flyers blaming a right wing group they would do that in a heart beat

      I will remind you of this story as proof of exactly what Liberals are capable of

      In short it is never beneath them to do cowardly deeds to set up false flag operations or character assassinations. Hell you should know you’re a troll, you attempt to do it as much and as often as possible

      • This is the first time I have ever posted here hardly qualifies me as a troll………I agree it is possible, but why accuse someone of it with no proof. Because Col. West knows that he need not offer proof, he has amassed a following that will agree with his thoughts and take a question and turn it into a statement just as they have done with this. I do not disagree that the left MAY be behind this, I just believe Col. West should bring facts to the table instead of playing politician and “tricking” his followers into formulating conspiracy theories based on a totally unsubstantiated claim disguised as a question so as to cover his ass. He never actually accuses the left of doing it he poses it as a question in order to start YOU on the offensive. Cowardly in my opinion a warrior would do no such thing. Never manipulate your men into doing something lead from the front attack the enemy yourself!

    • So,Mike,how many servicemen in your barracks have nazi or wp tattoos ? How many guys talk about other servicemen/women being racist ? Judging by your posting here , Im guessing the flyers are for Yum Rocket Slurping contests on your floor.MEATGAZER

      • #1- Zero, that I know of
        #2- Almost everyone thinks someone is racist
        #3- I have no idea how my posting lead you to believe I am a homosexual, maybe its your own subconscious coming to the forefront?!

      • Providing context to your acquisition would be far more adult like. If you are capable of such I would love to hear what part of my posting is BS!

  3. Mr. West, you query as to if the left was behind this, may I remind you the KKK was started by democrats to keep the newly freed slaves in line? Need I remind you that citizenship, voting rights and civil rights were all opposed by democrats? And for those that will claim LBJ signed into law the civil rights bills, a republican wrote it. The reason the republicans voted against it, the true ‘meat’ of the bill was removed by the democrats.

    • Sorry , we wouldnt piss on democrats to put them out of they were on fire..but yes,the KKK IS a DEMOCRATIC organization…as are most of the shooters in the news for the last 20+ years like Sandy Hook,Aurora…etc

    • Lets not forget that the NRA was founded to help teach blacks how to shoot and defend themselves. And one of the fist chapters of the NRA in the south (which helped fight against the kkk) was started by a black preacher.

  4. Yeesh, what paranoid nonsense. The US military has had a problem with Aryan gangs for years. It’s some commie plot, or whatever,

    • Really ? When was the last “problem” that the military had with “aryan gangs”..Im EXTREMELY interested in your input and expertise on this matter…Cause last I knew they busted up the lone wolf sects of them in the 90s…but I defer to you for proof…..Its ok,ILL WAIT…….

      • Good call… I was active duty in the 90’s and they were severe on people they caught being part of or even considering being part of those groups. And besides when they passed out lit then it was slid under our doors they wanted to recruit quietly before you got belligerent . Just platoon Sgt seeing it in the trash subjected you to hours with CID….

  5. I am against groups like this, but obama certainly is targeting white men and Christians. The right side is the constitution, where all are equal.

    • This is part of the strategy.. take a bit of truth, like the actual targetting of whites and Christians, then tie it to a big lie. Repeat the lie until people believe it.

      Most people are too busy, bored, or stupid to actually figure it out.

      • This is all according to Obamas administrations plan… its a good pawn move on the chess board if you look at it all… blasters…I did not see that move coming…

      • You are mistaking this with the GOP playbook.

        To say there is a conspiracy against whites and christians and/or just white christians is like saying the world is flat and that dinosaurs wandered around 6000 yrs ago.

  6. The leftists are doing all they can to smear the military and those in it.

    Typical radical left tactics… Alinsky rules if you like.

  7. Allen West…here is a newsflash for you cause apparently you are STUPID! Everything is not because of the LEFT! There are actual RIGHT WING racist out there…just look at the couple that killed people this past weekend!


      • I guess he must be busy trying to retrieve the gerbil from your ass…sorry,spanky,NOI are terrorist , BPs are terrorist….the rest just make terroristic threats to blackmail ppl/businesses into “donating” money to them and then disappear.

    • Hey,douchenozzle,there is a HUGE difference between rightwing and racist….we dont believe in either political party and dont support Republicans as they are the same thing as Democrats = Liars who believe they are above the law

  8. So a white supremacist and a white separatist are the same? OK, I don’t mind being accused of being supreme for obeying Yahweh. He does have a chosen people, doesn’t He? Am I a white supremacist for not wanting to give my daughters unto the sons of the Canaanites, and not wanting to take their daughters unto my sons? Am I a white supremacist for not wanting to have a stranger to rule over me, but rather to have a ruler from my own brethren, according to Deuteronomy 17:15? Am I a white supremacist for looking forward to the prophecy of Isaiah 13:14, which says that every man shall turn to his own people and flee to his own land?

    Some may accuse me of being disrespectful of other races. I am simply being respectful to the Biblical instructions we have been given (as opposed to being a respecter of persons).

    Now that we have made humanism, rather than Biblical law, the supreme law of the land, we have become a genitocracy–rule by those who spend your tax contributions on everything except rubbers. The next step is for America to become another 1804 Haiti (they killed all the white people). We’re all for saving the whales, snail darters, tortoises, spotted owls, etc. But you better not even think about showing concern for the Christian race, unless you want to be hated for His namesake

      • But I have sense enough to appreciate the warning of Matthew 5: 22: “…whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.” Do you think you’ll ever be that smart?

      • I can go you one better Davy, I’m smart enough to not believe and base my life on fairly tales for adults LMAO. Here’s a newsflash for ya…there’s no afterlife…think you’ll ever be that smart.

      • You sound like a very religious fellow. Anyone who believes he can convince Yahweh, on Judgment Day, that his humanism is “one better” than perfect Biblical law, has plenty of faith.

      • I know Davy, it’s way easier to believe in your robed superhero’s than it is to face facts, I do pity those of you who waste their brief existence piddling around and around with that ancient comic book, the bibble. It would be laughable if not for all the harm it’s caused over the years.

      • No, did you? You’re apparently susceptible to confusing fairy tales with reality. But please, go on and tell what GW and AL did in the bibble lol. Just say no to being a dufus…dufus.

      • I’m certainly no Marilyn vos Savant. But I have sense enough to capitalize my name. If you’re going to call someone a dufus, don’t you think it would be wise to pick someone besides the world’s only self-taught aeronautical engineer to design, build and fly an all-steel structured, class 103 ultralight airplane without previously taking a formal engineering course, flying lesson or sitting in the front seat of a flying airplane? By the way, how long did it take you to get your physics degree?

      • Isn’t it nice to spout off in an environment where you can, “be whatever you want to be”? But frankly, I don’t care if you invented the friggin wheel, all your blabbing about the bibble tells me all I need to know about the level of your intellect, or brainwashing.

      • My, don’t some of us love to brag about how little love we have! So you don’t believe what I told you any more than you believe what Yahweh told you? That’s understandable. If you ever want to make a little wager on it, just let me know. I’ll be glad to see you have to read this book: when you lose that bet. You might want to read His book too. The stakes are a lot higher on your bet with Him.

      • What would you know about love? It’s not something you just read about in a book, especially the bibble, have you actually read it? Not much love to be found there, lots of hate though. By the way, you are exchanging message with somebody in the form of myself that is as close to any god that ever has or ever will exist…and I drop my drawers and crap like everybody else. For all you babble you’re just a frightened little snot nosed child who is scared to death to face up to it that this is it, there is no afterlife, no heaven, no hell, no divine retribution, none of that BS. Reality takes guts, atheists have guts.

      • Thank you. You are what you eat. Not only have I gone bananas, I have become extreme (as opposed to being lukewarm), intolerant (as opposed to being tolerant of Jezebel), and narrow-minded (as opposed to being double-minded). I’d rather be a fruitcake than a cowpie any day!

        Let me know when you’re ready to take me up on that wager. I’d love to see you have to read something that will put good thoughts between your ears.

      • That god being the father of lies, the prince of this world, the destroyer and the thief, a/k/a the devil.

        You can lead an atheist to the truth, but you can’t make him think.

  9. It matters not whether this was from the “Left” or the “Right.” The truth is that there is no difference. Both are players on the same team. If these flyers are truly from a “white separatist organization”, it is more than likely a government front meant solely for the purpose of sowing discord. It’s amazing that the so-called “Right” stumbles over itself attempting to show that it disavows ANY philosophy of racial acknowledgement, let alone voluntary racial separation. Yet the very nature of true conservatism is to preserve that which is distinct, saving it from forced amalgamation. It’s a common tactic of the enemies of Christ to make those who are white to feel guilty for preferring their own kind. Since when does separatist equal supremacist? Are soldiers of Korean ethnicity demonized for joining a Korean support group? Are black soldiers demonized for worshiping at a black church? With the ever continuing drive to completely castrate, degender, and thoroughly blend away all distinctions in the military, soon we’ll see outrage at flyers promoting a wedding between a male and female, claiming it insensitive and offensive to sodomites. If white soldiers wish to socialize with other white soldiers, SO WHAT!?! As a Christian, I prefer to be with my own. As a Son of the South, I prefer to be with my own. That makes me a separatist. That does not make me a supremacist. It’s because of love, not hate, that I wish to be able to retain my familial identity, and why I wish the same for others.

    “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord…”
    (2 Corinthians 6:17)

    • The Northwest Front has NO KNOWLEDGE of any of their material being on base as none are members of the military. I call Shenanigans on the military publication’s claim about the materials being found there.We,organized movements, would drop it just outside of military property in accordance with the law and to maximize the exposure without violation any federal,state or local law/ordinance .

      • The Army Times is not an official military publication and I would question their facts if they reported the sky was blue at noon on a sunny day in June.

      • all of those so called military papers exist as faucets of the gov. Army times, stars and stripes tote the line or they will be banned from selling their papers on any military base, so money talks, dos it not. Note the stories they post are things that are common knowledge, that way they do not get in trouble. When is the last (first) time you saw something in one of these papers that went against the dep of defence in a down and out battle? Think about it.

      • After the 90’s they started that because of the problems that were caused with potential recruits. I call bullshit on mikes post…

      • Right, when facts don’t fit into your storyline just call them “Shenanigans”, what a bunch of pathetic losers.

    • You mean the schizophrenic narcissist and his low-self worth overweight wife with ZERO TIES to the Bundy’s , Tea Party or any known white supremecist organization in existance. Keep spewing your fountain of misinformation , liberal retard .

      • Careful, Lefties/Liberals like Earl Lee, do not like truth that counters their ideas about how ther world is and runs!!

      • Extreme beliefs lol? By a bunch of halfwits that were pointing weapons at Federal employees and putting their women on the firing line…yeah punks with guns…similar to inner city gangs that need put down.


      • OH…and they weren’t carrying a tea party “DON’T LAUGH AT ME” I mean don’t treat on me flag

      • navy seals proudly brandish “don’t tread on me” navy jack patches on their hats and uniforms, you should walk up to one and tell them that little joke….keyboard warrior

      • You must be referring to the Gadsden Flag which was created during the American Revolution. It is not an official Tea Party symbol but is hailed by many patriots as a traditional symbol of the American principles of liberty and freedom.

    • Earline, you still don’t know your 4th point of contact from a hole in the ground but I’ll give it to ya, you are stepping up your agitating wanna be troll game. Who knows, if you start making sense, they may promote you to Junior troll!

  10. Of course the left is responsible. It is the same as the racist epitaphs seen at TP rallies where leftist plants don’t see the racism they want to devide the nation with, so they create it under a false flag. It is saul alinsky guiding the hateful left to use these radical tactics.

    The left may have tricked society into ignoring history and the fact that the left were the originators of the KKK and fought against recognizing the right of women and minorities to vote. It even took the left 123 years to elect their first black senator after the republican party elected the FIRST black US senator in history and the 2nd and the 3rd. It wasn’t until 21 years ago the left finally were able to stomach electing a black person to the senate and then Obama was only the left’s 2nd black senator.

    Of course the left is behind these flyers.

      • Not even a little bit, but feel free to provide contrary information if you think it exists…

      • Here’s some contrary information… the “LEFT” couldn’t be this organized if they wanted to be. Your theory is, to put it nicely, ludicrous.

      • Look at historical facts. Look at the voting records of the senate and house based on political party during the 1960s. The information is there for anyone to see if they would simply open their eyes to historical facts.

      • We are talking about the here-and-now. The political parties of the ’60s are hardly recognizable to the current partisanship… especially the GOP. Reagan would be considered far too liberal with the current membership.

      • And Kennedy would be considered far too conservative. Parties do change, I don’t disagree with that. However Reagan was more conservative than most republicans are today. Both the right and the left are split and have extremes in terms of ideology.

      • It is history, look it up. Look up the voting results based on political party from the 60s. Educate yourself and don’t be a sheep to the lies. Don’t take my word for anything. Look up the history.

      • It’s possible you would do well to warp drive into the 21st century slick, basing your beliefs on events that transpired over 55 years ago is idiocy. And anyone stupid enough to think the left came up with the KKK is truly a boob with zero credibility. Grow up and quit watching and listening to other morons on tv and radio.

      • The left’s greatest weapons are revisionist history and pulling a wool over so many eyes and convincing them of a different reality and that the democratic party really changed. The democratic party changed their message and decided to use a different tactic to control(aka enslave) the newly freed slaves. Their tactic took 100 years to implement and by 1964 they used the release of Martin Luther King from prison(by Kennedy) to fortify the false notion that the democratic party fights for the minority.

        Even the name “democratic” comes from the word democracy, which means rule of the majority… Think about them beans for a second. The name of the democratic party literally means the rule of the majority over the minority. Granted the majority doesn’t mean white and the minority doesn’t mean black people, but the principal ideas are the same, tyranny of the few by the many and that describes slavery.

        Since the 1960s, revisionist history has been used so much and so skillfully that the idea of democrats beginning the KKK is so absurd nearly 100% of the people dismiss it like they would claims of BigFoot sightings.

        Have you ever wondered why institutions of education are primarily run by democratic minded people? The answer is because that is how they ensure the history stays revised.

        I’m not saying every democrat is in on this conspiracy. The fact is, nearly 100% of democrats are just as clueless as republicans. The magic of a revisioned history is that once a false history becomes accepted as factual, it gets regurgitated in movies, books, documentaries and classrooms. Eventually most of the true historical events are deleted and replaced with revisionist history, unbeknownst to the masses and even the scholars.

        I’m not asking you to believe me or the people you THINK I listen to on the radio; I just ask that you look up the historical votes and various information yourself. I have and it was different than I was taught and different than I believed.

      • Here’s a news flash for you, the Democrats back in the day weren’t LEFT, I would think that would be obvious to anyone with a lick of sense left in their brain.
        p.s. it’s not a big secret that the south used to be Democrat and that Lincoln was a Republican…times have changed…you fit the description of a “conspiracy nut” lol

      • I see the wool of change has been pulled over your eyes. Have you seen any BigFoots lately? Just checking.

        The fact is the republican party is the same as they always been(statist control nuts but not racist). The left is also the same as they always were, but the difference is they changed their messaging, tactics and language to make people think they changed.

        The reality is that the modern democrat individual is no more a racist than a republican individual, but once the history has been revised and the tactics changed from chains to dependency, the ultimate outcome of benefiting off the control of minorities remains the same. Some call this the “Modern Day Plantation”, but I call it a virtual plantation.

      • You are so full of s__t your eyes must be brown, that is if you have any, the evidence seems to indicate that you are blind. Neither party is “the same as it’s always been”, and the republican party is chock full of racists and bigots and dividers of every ilk. It doesn’t take a genius to see this, you should be able to. It’s probably too much to ask of you to try having an original thought huh?

      • Original thought? You mean original as in the tired BS like “Racist Republicans” or “Republican War On Women”. Now those certainly aren’t original thoughts.

        We are all full of s__t to a degree. I don’t believe half the crap I spewed on this topic. My agenda is simple. My point is any accusation can be made against another party and on the surface the logic and facts not only seem plausible but probable to those who want to demonize their opposition.

        You are correct, both parties have changed, but neither party is plagued with racism. Accusations of racism toward the right or the left is misdirection and it is part of the elites strategy within both main parties to keep a talking points war going so that the people remain divided along misdirected lines. A people divided is less capable of standing against the tyranny of the right or the left.

        It is the same as a republican saying the left wants everyone dependent on government or a democrat saying the right wants dirty air and water. It is BS. The talking points are BS.

        Fortunately there are people on the left and the right waking up to the BS and are separating themselves from the game-day mentality of the two party system.

      • Your tactic to make both parties appear as equals in nefarious politicking is just so much ho-hum BS as far as I’m concerned, either that or it is a case to intellectual laziness. It is as plain as the nose on your face that the republicans ARE lead by bigots, racists, and dividers of every stripe. They attempt to cover it up with schemes based upon, “religious rights”, “protecting the sanctity of the vote”, “protecting the sanctity of the constitution”, “acting as if they’re concerned with the deficit”, and “nationalism”. Left to their own devices we would soon be back in friggin stone age only with a destroyed environment in which only the nutso with the basement full of ammo could survive. There is a much bigger picture here that the Democratic party, though they may not be completely aware of it themselves, are the best bet to be destined to fulfill, the destiny of mankind cannot be left in the hands of ignorant knuckle draggers.
        There is no way in the world you could come up with a laundry list of losers such as the republican have on their “team” at this time from the Democratic side of the aisle.
        God this is too easy!

      • It is really sad that you REFUSE to see the reality, but that’s okay; you are a victim of the government brainwashing machine.

        Your last reply was full of so many logical fallacies I dare not even count. Worst part is you don’t even know it or CARE to know it.

  11. If there is any bad done in this country…you can bet the morons on the left are behind it….liberals are born with genetic defects and that are born without morals.

  12. “Ever wonder if you are fighting for the right side?” says one flyer, which accuses the Pentagon of targeting white men and Christians.”

    Conservatives own this mess. I’ve heard so many Non-Klan-Cons talk about the ‘targeting of white men & Christians’ it’s not even funny. Professional Christian Victim should be on every Conservative business card. Don’t blame the Left for your own conspiracies that get picked up by Conservative Radicals like the Klan. They may have been founded by Conservative, racist, southern Democrats, but LBJ made sure they’d never vote Democrat again with the Civil Rights Act. Then ol’ Nixon picked them up in the Southern Strategy. History is a heck of a thing ain’t it? This situation can be summed up in one sentence “Conservative Chickens Come Home to Roost.”

    • There are two kinds of Leftist: Those that make up and knowingly spread lies and half truths to further the march of tyranny, and those that believe the first group’s propaganda and further the march of tyranny through their ignorance and gullibility. Which one are you?

    • If you want to know who the real racists are, try to convince your Lefty buddies that you want to vote for Allen West for president because he’s a REAL black man.

      • West violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice & openly admitted to associating with a White Supremacist biker gang… As if it was a good thing. West might meet the physical requirements to be a “REAL black man” but his past disgraces make him unworthy of anyone’s vote.

      • I would have done the same thing to save my troops, many other officers have done like wise, only they didnt get reported, maybe because he was black and the others were white.
        Politics is a nasty, nasty organization, so murphy was arrested for disorderly conduct and intoxication, so was he any more less dangerous when he was intoxicated and behind the wheel. No one is perfect, especially in politics, I look for what they stand for, the Constitution, free enterprize, smaller government, illegal immigration, these are the people who meet my standards which I am sure is not yours.

      • He could have chosen worse and associated with a testicle gargling jackoff like you.You like communism,go to Cuba and let me know how REAL communism works for you….Wev’e been clowning you communists for years and will continue to….

      • My wife and I are capitalists, thank you very much. I’ve never even drawn unemployment in my life. Your homophobic rant has zero to do with the facts I laid out.

      • When you say “my wife” , it doesn’t count…just cause you and Brucie poo had a civil ceremony and he tucks it back doesnt make you husband and wife….although Im positive you are both catchers

      • Keep projecting your homoerotic fantasies on me. More power to you. It’s a free country… As long as we keep folks like you out of power.

      • Youd be suprised what real power is…you seriously think elected political position is power…..your more of a shut in then I previously believed…

      • Oh, I bet you’re a big powerful dude. With all your pre-teen gay sex jokes, bad grammar & punctuation; Yes… You are most certainly a truly powerful “person.”

        Last time I checked, it was the White Separatists that were willing shut-ins with ZERO power or influence. Unless they’re talking to their kin folk.

      • Are you in the closet Ian? I should guess so from your made up name “Ian” lol, if you’d come out you might not feel the urge to be so nasty.

      • The closest Ive been to a closet is when Ive fucked your old lady in the ass up against your bedroom door,just before I wipes my dick off on your pillow.Maybe you should keep you opinions to yourself,jackoff and less people would be embarassed to say they knew you

      • I can see I’ve struck close to home lol, at least to the extent that you’re “not quite normal” anyhow. I bet you’d like to be boogering something but the only thing you can catch is your pet dog! Poor Fido!

    • Maybe not so much the white men, but they certainly have targeted christians and anyone who speaks out against obama, while muslims can pray and do all the things they do, like Nidan did. Yes, there is discrimination, only to those who are republican, tea party, patriot.

    • Hey,Kenny,Im a 25+ year member of the white SEPARATIST movement.We reject both democrats and republicans…so go spew your rediculous hearsay somewhere else where someone might actually believe your regurgitated dribble

      • Enjoy your rotten little separitist group. I believe in unity in diversity. I also have 1st amendment rights to post the truth wherever I like. Until your separatist bowel… er… movement has any type of power over this white dude, I’ll continue to do as I like.

      • Imagining my bowel much ? Ive been saying for years that Democrats/Liberals are a bunch of repressed closet mo’s . Im not a kid sitting behind a keyboard….Im a heavily tattooed skinhead with white pride tats living in the Bronx…who has yet to get jumped/attacked in the 6 years Ive live here.Im more real then the small furry creatures currently clawing their way out of your bowel while you sit and giggle like the freak you are…

      • LOL. I live in a big city too and the only time I got jumped was by two skinheads like you. Apparently the 300 pounder was afraid to take my 200lb frame by himself.

      • Sure tough guy…what big city is that ? Just because ppl have crew cuts dont mean they are skinheads and 99% of us dont hang out in big cities unless we are at a show.The only way I can see 2 skins not stomping your ass out is if they noticed your AIDS lesions or walked past the alley you were sucking dick in…

      • No they didn’t have crew cuts. They were dumb bigot, skinheads like you. You sure do like thinking about the man sex!

      • You sure sound like a skinny, 15-year old that’s been playing Call of Duty for 2 years straight rather than spending time in the real world.

        Peace Brother!

      • Ive been a skinhead in Miami.DC,Baltimore,Philly & NYC.I know more about reality then you could ever dream about.Queens like you like to watch tv and talk a big game about “reality”….you dont know shit….You,seriously,are a mentally deficient,overly opinionated coward who does his tough guy talking through a keyboard….that and $1.50 will get you a coffee and laughed at….

      • I just have to interject here you ignorant goof ball, it seems you are already separated…from your brain. Hopefully you have at least one republican around to feed you and keep you from drowning in your own puke. Your movement is, as Kenny says, in all essential aspects about as productive as a bowel movement. By the way one piece of excreta doesn’t constitute a healthy movement….or are there 3 of you turds?

  13. More igno”ranting” from a conservative cult member… he wants the Army to do its due diligence on this as he points a politically partisan conservative finger at the innocent to provide cover for his political partisans that are the real culprits here.

    You went to GRADY and yet you turned out to be the traitor within … why is that?

    • Mr Williams , has your neck started cramping from hunching over smelling your own gastric releases ? No one here is interested in you letting those releases taking a typing format.Be a good democrat and go cry racist to some white guy walking down the street…dillhole

    • Seriously,how much they paying you to troll ? Its pathetic…..oh,thats right,your a democrat…..i’ll message you in a way you normally understand : YOU BIG DUMMY , GO PLAY WITH YOUR CRAYONS AND COLORING BOOKS AND LET THE GROWN FOLKS BE…..AND YOU DON’T BEHAVE THEN NO MORE JELLO!!!

  14. Seriously, balllard, Mr. West is no fool, The left redrew the voting lines so they could boot him out, In his term as senator, he saved the military over one million dollars by doing only one thing. While the democratic fools cannot even do that without cutting forces, Mr west knows where to cut, he knows DC and he knows the fools associated with the liberal party. NOW HE KNOWS YOU TOO !

  15. i’m more concerned about the 30+ terrorist training cells that are spread out over our country and that nothing is being done about it! How many times have the liberals planted a ‘seed’ to be picked up by the MSM and then played on their ‘news’ sites for months…until the truth comes out and all of a sudden, dead silence? i agree with Allen, that this is yet another bogus story…and frankly, yet another distraction that the left is so good at doing.

    • I agree, it is a constant barrage of nonsense and distraction the left is creating to continue to divide those of us who want our Nation back and to reduce this monstrosity of big government!! Our Constitution is the best hope on this earth for all people to have a decent life they can make for themselves.

  16. Republican/tea party…spend all of their time spreading HATE for all different types of people in america…then BLAME the other side when their listeners/views/readers spread the exact same hate they are promoting!

  17. While others gather to forward their own best racial/ethnic interests, Whites continue to label and disparage other WHITES when they attempt to do them same.

    Racist Whites will tell you racial/ethnic solidarity is OK, as long as it is not WHITE in origin. The voice of the morally superior racial self-righteous.

  18. I’m a Jew and I have spend many hours researching these groups. I just saw that it’s Harold Covington’s Northwest Front group, which is not Klan. They are White Separatists who want to make the Pacific Northwest a White Homeland. Covington writes stupid little fantasy books where they kidnap white women and rape them until they have children in order to build his commune. They have about 10 people in it. Don’t give these idiots press. The right people are watching them already.

  19. I agree Mr. West this is just what factions want division and to take advantage of it! Let the Military commanders police their own commands and we civilians should rally to our patriotic cause not divide ourselves with old prejudices and weak ideology, rather we should all unite and defend our Nation and its Constitutional Republic!!

  20. I don’t belong to any white supremacist group. I have read about two hours of their sites though awhile back and some aren’t even of the “supremacist” mindset, yet still labeled as such. I highly respect Allen West, but some of these groups are speaking nothing but the truth, although crudely to many who read their sites info. This video below shows what many are talking about, and why they IMO should be allowed to exist unmolested by govt. so long as this black on white violence is going on, and not being reported on a national level. I also see nothing wrong with them wishing to preserve the white race among themselves if that is what they want, that is their right and no one should attempt to impede on that or any other races “purity” for that matter.

    The white race is the only race being pushed to “diversify”, all others are not, why is that, who is behind it?… the so called Zionists are. They also shun this “diversity” amongst themselves, what a surprise. When these groups rail against these “Zionists” trust me they are right on the money. And most of these (fake) Jews they are speaking of aren’t even of Semitic blood lines so that phrase/ term anti-Semitic doesn’t even apply, however it’s these Zionist’s “race card” to play so to speak, and they also despicably play the “Holocaust card” to get many to also not question them and back off, even though they had no exposure to that atrocity or their family members. Watch the vid, you’ll know why these groups still exist, and IMHO rightly so, and needed in today’s times. Who else defends the white race when it is wronged, everyone else has their supporters like Jackson and Sharpton, who stands up for us?

    • Sorry – there is no white race – there are people of various skin tones and hair coloring and other characteristics… we all live, we all die, we all laugh and cry. Try to keep that in mind and we’ll do better by our children.


      • Our disobedience was costly. Our ancestors were told not to live with Amorites, Hittites, Hivites, Jebusites, or Perrizites. Who these people were, I don’t know. But with Africans everywhere around, you have to consider that they might be prime candidates. Kidnapping them is a double whammy, and of course, a capital offense

    • The prophecy of Genesis 27:40 (that Esau “shalt have the dominion”) has come to pass.

      Esau believed in “diversity.” He took wives of the Hivites and Hittites (Genesis 26:34, 36:2). This, of course, grieved his parents Isaac and Rebekah (Genesis 26:35). Perhaps this is the reason Hebrews 12:16 describes Esau as a fornicator, as there is no indication elsewhere that Esau engaged in premarital hanky panky. The pulpit pimps tell us that there is nothing wrong with race mixing–that the error of marrying unbelievers is the root of the wrongdoing. They never tell us why Abraham insisted on his posterity keeping the wife search close to the family tree, even if they were idolators. “Kind after kind” and “Don’t take their daughters unto thy sons, don’t give thy daughters unto their sons” aren’t their favorite Scriptures to thump upon.

      Haiti was a diverse place in the early 1800s, until the order was given in 1804 to kill all the white people. Most blacks were reluctant to do this until Dessalines came to town. Jean Zombie, a mulatto, was noted for his viciousness in carrying out the order. One must wonder if such a personality resulted from miscegenation. White DNA is fine, as long as it’s not the only DNA one has. Does anyone remember hearing about this genocide in history class? The “Jewel of the Antilles” was the richest place on Earth. Now it is the poorest place in the Western Hemisphere.

      When the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our Lord, we’ll be “diverse” once per year, at the Feast of Tabernacles. If Egypt doesn’t come to the celebration, Egypt won’t get any rain (Zechariah 14:17-19). But during the rest of the year there won’t be a whole lot of diversity: “…they shall every man turn to his own people, and flee every one into his own land.”–Isaiah 13:14.

      That will be the opposite of what we have now. Our signs at work say, “Live United.” You won’t find any “Be ye separate” signs. A picture in the inprocessing center of a certain nuclear plant of a black man enjoying a leisurely moment in the woods with two white women tacitly tells us, White boy, you are conquered, and we intend to rub your nose in it. Meanwhile, we praise our soldiers for going to the other side of the world to kill dark-skinned people.

      Between now and when the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our Lord we have Esau’s hatred to deal with. I believe Edom, the descendants of Esau are the ones who will be most murderous during the Great Tribulation. Esau “hast had a perpetual hatred, and hast shed the blood of the children of Israel by the force of the sword in the time of their calamity, in the time that their iniquity had an end.”–Ezekiel 35:5. If you dare to find out where Edom is nowadays, google “Jewish Encyclopedia, volume 5, page 41.” You might want to google “John Hyrcanus” to find out why. Some more light can be shed on the subject by googling “Antipater the Idumaean.”

      • Time to cut to the chase: the Edomites aligned themselves with the Khazars against the 12 Hebrew tribes, whose descendants are the White race. The Edomites and Khazars are those who have stolen the name “Jew” from its rightful owners today.

        Yet race is not the distinguishing factor of who are God’s chosen people, and who are not. God has chosen His elect individually from among all the peoples of the world, since before the world began. Ephesians 1:4-5, 2:1-11 and Romans 9:11-24 teach this truth quite clearly, but it is only intelligible to God’s elect, His born again adopted sons and daughters who are true followers of the truth and of His son, Yahushua.

      • Shining the light on the identity of the “Jew” is like calling 911 when you hear a home invasion going on next door. The true owner of the home will thank you. The invader will call you anti-Semitic.


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