VA scandal: why criminal charges must be filed

Clearly the Obama administration wanted to use the Bergdahl release as a way of creating a positive diversion and getting the VA scandal behind them. As usual, they miscalculated, and depended on the liberal media for a bailout – however, that is failing as well. The rabbit hole gets deeper surrounding the Taliban release with Obama and his minions telling more lies to cover the initial lies.

But the VA scandal is also getting worse — a lot worse. Remember the president stated “IF these allegations are true?” Well Mr. President, they sure as heck are, so the ball is in your court. We definitively know veterans lost their lives in Arizona, and now there are reports that supervisors ordered reports to be manipulated. This is no longer an administrative inquiry, it is a criminal investigation.

And the problem isn’t isolated; it is indeed systemic. According to a report in USA Today, some 100,000 veterans across the country are waiting long periods to see doctors, according to an internal Department of Veterans Affairs audit released Monday. The agency also found evidence that in the past 10 years, nearly 64,000 veterans who sought VA care were simply never seen by a doctor.

President Obama ran on a platform attacking former President George W. Bush on his poor record of caring for veterans and made his normal “hopey changey” promises. But just like with the national debt, Obama took a problem and exacerbated it — and for your liberal progressives, that means he made it worse. Gee, I thought Obama said we don’t leave anyone behind?

USA Today reports that late Monday night, acting VA Inspector General Richard Griffin told a House committee that his investigators identified “some supervisors” in the department who ordered manipulations of appointment data. Griffin says his office is reviewing with the federal prosecutors whether criminal charges will be filed against the VA supervisors.

These “some supervisors” need to be identified to the veterans community and immediately fired — and I don’t mean Lois Lerner-style federal firing, where you get paid leave. Y’all do remember her, right?

The VA audit released Monday revealed that there was at least some level of manipulated scheduling at three of every four agency medical facilities — whether a hospital or a clinic. At 24 sites, staffers said “they felt threatened or coerced to enter” false appointment dates by superiors. Staffers at 14 facilities said they were punished for not manipulating appointment records.

These allegations have proven to be true Mr. President, so what will you do about it? Why haven’t we heard about Attorney General Eric Holder opening up an independent investigation?

My final question is simple — how much will it take for the rest of America to realize the Obama experiment has failed? And as you read this missive, I hope you’ll take away one thing: welcome to Obamacare.


  1. The deal with Americans now that they have been awakened …. is that they’re not forgetting a thing. The Bergdahl has not pacified anyone over the scandal the week before about our Vets. It gets deeper and more like quicksand Mr. O. Even leaving the country after a resignation wouldn’t do for you now. The public is seeking prosecution for treason, with whatever consequences that may have for you and your minions. You’re a done deal.

  2. Here is an idea! Do away with the VA completely and go to a voucher system so vets could go to a local doctor and hospital. Where I live it is about a hundred miles to the closest VA hospital. No more paying staff, no more building and equipment maintenance and the vets could get the care they deserve.

      • Actually, I believe that is already on the books. If the Vet is more than 50 miles from a VA facility, they can use local. For some reason, no one is telling them that. Funny, how now that the scandal is out, they found that clause and are telling them they can go local if they can find a Doc that will take VA

  3. How about being a realist for a change? All we’ve heard is yap, yap, yap and that started with Fast and Furious and continues to this day. Nobody is being held accountable for anything and they won’t as long as Obama and Holder are still in office. The Congress is afraid of their race and therefore will not take any action that may spark a riot……Republican, Democrat, Independent, it doesn’t matter. All scared, all incompetent and all need replacing in November……IF America has the intestinal fortitude to stand up and be counted that is…..

    • You made the most accurate statement that I read all night. I am equating “yap, yap, yap” with “lies, lies and more lies”. True, problems at the VA transcends both political parties, but the crew we have now with Barry and Eric will never hold anyone accountable. That is, no effort will be made for Border Patrol Agents, Conservative political groups, soldiers or veterans. If Moslems, illegal immigrants, homosexuals or Progressives were victims of a Washington scam, there would be Hell to pay. This is what we get with Liberals in power.

  4. My hope is that someone breaks down how these Quality Improvement measures are connected to Obamacare, because I believe they are. I also took a mandatory Healthstream compliance module several years ago that pointed out that Eric Holder was given 1.7 billion dollars to create a team known as HEAT in order to investigate fraud in healthcare. Seems like the man likes to take the money and not do his job.

      • What is really ridiculous is that Healthcare uses an organization known as JCAHO for self investigating so why would Eric Holder need his own group unless this JCAHO group is just totally inept.

    • That team does not investigate the VA: they investigate patients or healthcare providers who are defrauding insurers (including Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA). While $1.7B is a lot of money, they should be causing savings of much more than that. Every insurance company employers fraud investigators, likely because they save more than they cost.

      • Yes it is pointed out that he’s hunting billing fraud, but it should also be noted that most of healthcare is tax-exempt/not-for-profit and they all tend to suck at some type of Tax-payer funded teat. So any fraud that benefits employers for gain should be questioned and exposed. I still wonder how many people understand what is going on with converting from the old ICD-9 billing codes to the new ICD-10 system and the requirement of Electronic Medical Record systems that are ICD-10 compliant and that insane cost especially since Obama delayed the conversion from October of 2014 until October of 2015.

      • This is the same holder who is in contempt of the house of Representatives, the same Holder that is suppose to be investigating himself for improprieties Right yeah that’s him alright. You expect him to do his job? That’s a joke. Just like the point your trying to make.

  5. There has always been issues with taking care of servicemen and women at the VA and that was when there was no war being fought. I just find it pathetic that nobody thought to ‘ramp up’ services so they could care for all of the new patients coming in due to a current war. To top it off, the gall in the attempt cover up the sheer magnitude of indifference and/or incompetence is staggering. I know it will never happen and I have seen it stated before but lets figure out a way to get rid of healthcare for Senators and Congressmen and allow them to only go to a VA hospital, I’l bet the problem is fixed within a month…

  6. This problem is not new its just gotten much worse under Obama, And he is covering it up because he is to treacherous to fix anything……He is a traitor and deserves a traitors death…….

    • The problem got worse under Obama NOT because he did anything worse, but because the VA’s workload got worse due to increasing numbers of injured war vets joining their caseloads, without commensurate increases in VA funding.

      • Twisted Data by Liberal owned Propaganda machine’s are of course biased and not credible Try again

      • Well, provide SOME data, besides Ahlquist’s claim, to prove his claim. If you followed the article, you would have found references to the primary sources for verification.

      • If you paid attention all of the information is there. however it does not suit you so you go on like a little boy whining because you need to be spoon fed the information

      • Alquist made a claim that there were 4.8% fewer vets now, but did NOT provide anything to support his claim. Otherwise, he could be merely making that number up. I am sorry, but when making a claim as that, one should be expected to provide substantiation. That is not needing to be spoon fed – it is proving our own assertions. But if he can’t or won’t provide substantiation, then I will simply dismiss his claim.

        The VA claims it is undergoing a drastic increase in patient visits, adding to their workload. That is a reasonable issue to address.

      • As “hadenough” brought up- 100s of millions of dollars spent on bonuses to VA officials. I wonder how many lives 100s of MILLIONS of dollars could have saved. Congress cut spending but the VA directed 100s of MILLIONS received to themselves…. Naw, I dont think we can pin this one on congress, James.

  7. This is a perfect example of what is wrong with West’s “bogeyman” approach to problems: it is all Obama’s fault: Obama did it solely for nefarious purposes. Yet, West’s gross ignorance of the issue shows here: the issue is not malfeasance by VA staff. Yes, they lied to cover up wait times, but that did not cause the deaths: those deaths were either inevitable or were caused by the inability to get treatment for their underlying injuries.
    The VA is dealing with an increased workload due to increasing numbers of patients who are war-injured. Congress, however, has REFUSED to increase VA funding. VA staff can only do so much in their time at work. If their workload increases, without an increase in staff, patient care is going to suffer. That is not the fault of line staff, managers, or the President. It is basic management. That West fails to see this shows he is either ignorant or mendacious.

    This is a complex issue, much more complex than West reports here. The solutions lie in identifying the real problem and the real solutions – and quit looking for bogeymen. My kids never believed in bogeymen – as an adult, West should not, either.

    • This was done for bonuses, plain & simple. The huge salaries & bonuses could have been used for care of our veterans. Why are you blaming Mr. West? Who is president? The buck stops there or should.

      • If you read my comment, you would see that I am not blaming West for the problem, but for his baseless rhetoric.
        As for who is president, “accountability” is an odd term: the president is ultimately responsible for what occurs on their watch, but no president can know or control all that goes on in a large organization.

      • The only way the current POTUS learns about anything that’s not working in his administration is when he hears it on the news. I guess we should have the media report more ‘bad news’ about the government, so he can fix it.

      • Unless said president is a Republican, then anything that happens on his watch is his fault…right James.

      • Making excuses for barry’s faults and mistakes is common among Libs. If it ever goes well (it never does) he takes the credit, If it goes south it is always someone else’s fault and he will get to the bottom of it but never does.
        You and your point are all wet. Grab a towel and dry off

    • Riddle me this, James, assuming what you are saying about Congress is true, why did Obama not just go over their heads with one of those executive orders or unilateral decisions he loves so much? Is it because he reserves the right to bypass congress only when they refuse to cooperate in an EPA scheme aimed at weakening the competition which the fossil fuel industry poses to his Big Solar donors like billionaire, Tom Steyer, (because the climate has been remarkably stable for 16 years & the earth has only “warmed” 1.1-1.5 degrees f. since before the Civil War- hardly an emergency!).. or, when he senses they might balk at releasing the Taliban “dream team?” When a person runs for office, that person articulates to the American people that he/she considers himself /herself more competent than the rest to do the job & deliver on promises made. If Obama truly thought the conditions left by his predecessor were beyond his ability to set right, he should not have ran.I am so sick of the “blame Bush, blame Congress, blame “racist” white Americans….” routine & especially those who empower this political tactic. One of Obama’s platforms was to do better with the VA than Bush did, but after collecting some votes on this premise (& others) & getting elected, he has failed to be an advocate for our soldiers & vets….&, as Mr. West mentions, the condition at the VA have further deteriorated…. So, stop with the excuses. Had Obama ever opened his mouth to condemn the VA prior to this scandal & publicly called out congress over how a lack of funding “might” have contributed to this mess, I would be angry with Congress right now & actually “proud” of this president “for the first time in my life.” Had he gone over congress’ head, as he obviously has no qualms about doing for other causes, the nation would have applauded him, even those of us who harbor serious ideologically conflicts with his politics. But, he did not. Was he too busy playing golf & hanging out with celebrities to do his job? Does he hate our soldiers? I dont know. But, the fact is, he failed. It’s time to stop making excuses for his incompetence- this nation may not survive too much more Obama incompetence & excuses.

      • First off, paragraphs enhance the readability of commentary. They are used in our English language for just such purpose. You should use them.

        You way overstate what Obama can do with an executive order: funding for programs must originate in the House of Representatives. A president cannot use executive orders to cause funding.

        As for the rest of your anti-Obama diatribe, I won’t waste my time. Your ignorance of climate change is obvious and that matter is utterly irrelevant to this topic.

      • James, ignorant is what you see each and every time that you look in the mirror.

        As for the rest of your rant, let it be put into prospective, “I, james, have no facts, and I, james, being a mindless robot of the left, do not deal in facts, so anyone with facts just shut the h e l l up!

        As for climate change james, a mind is a terrible thing to waste, so sorry to see that you have lost yours.

      • Hadenough57, thank you.I am so tired of people talking down to us when all they do is parrot lies they were told.they have no facts.
        They just nit pick someone else’s post.

      • Bosley: I do not nit pick posts, I address specific issues. Others, however, call me childish names, thinking that will show their superiority. How about addressing, instead, the issues at hand?

      • Hadenough, perhaps if you could argue the issues, and not your pejoratives, you might accomplish something. Wise people debate the issues; ignorant people attack the speaker (an ad hominem attack), which do nothing to prove your point.

      • There it is- the all too familiar strained arrogance & wannabe intellectual overkill as a cover for lack of argument & substance (BTW- since you seem to think a social media comment ought to be written like an academic paper, were you absent the day the teacher mentioned that a paragraph should be no less than three sentences long & include a topic sentence?). The bottom line is 1.Obama did not follow through on his campaign promise to “fix” the VA. 2. He has occupied the presidency since 2008, & not once made a public gesture indicating that he had any knowledge of the situation at the VA &, as you suggest, wanted to rectify conditions but a lack of Congressional funding stood in his way (again, he has demonstrated little concern for our soldiers & vets). 3. We all know that if Obama wants to do something, he will. Be it executive order or bureaucratic fiat, whatever….he will find a way to advance his interests, which are typically the power interests of his party. I know well the limitations put on the executive branch by the Constitution, but this is a man who has openly articulated, with progressive pride, a clear disregard for the limits of the Constitution & a willingness to maneuver through the ambivalent margins of legality. Sadly for our military men & women, there simply was no would-be billionaire democrat donor lurking in the shadows of the VA to get Obama’s attention & motivate some sort of action.

        And PS- You might want to check yourself on the Obama punch binge because there is actually a movement going on among the real intellectuals against the agenda driven private & governmental funding regime that has infused college campuses & research institutions. When “benevolent” foundations like Tides & Rockefeller whitewash big solar, wind & Saudi oil money by putting grant sponsorship under a new name; when certain administrations & bureaucracies fund grants asking “how” rather than “if,” & when research data is twisted & used in ways the researcher had not intended, “science” becomes corrupted. Take it from an insider, you are the one who is putting your ignorance on display, & history will laugh at, if nit condemn, people like you

      • Mindy, thank you for your insight and knowledge on the subject. And thank you for blasting James ignorant rant. He Is also wrong about funding, both Bush and Obama have raised the VA budget by huge amounts.

      • thanks! I am less familiar with VA funding (It looks like it was cut & then restored in recent years?). Regardless, when millions are being spent on bonuses at the expense of our soldiers’, mismanagement is too kind a word. It angers me that we have a president more concerned with overseeing the interests of his donors than checking up on our vets & being an advocate for their well-being.

      • Mindy.. you remind me of a little girl trying to hit the Penata with a blindfold on. You are turned around in too many directions to come un-dizzy! Breath deep and remember… political cable news stations are owned by the rich and promote themselves. You are middle class and doomed if you continue to be brainwashed. My Lord!

      • Here you go. As a veteran that has to use the va I look at the potus as what he’s accomplished. That would be nothing. He points out a problem, says he’s the man to correct it and loses interest so he does nothing. He got what he wanted. He’s the president. So he should be held accountable for not doing anything about the problem. Before you think I’m just a right wing mouthpiece, I hold the oversight committee and every Congress person accountable as well.
        But the buck has to stop somewhere and if he’s any kind of leader he will accept his failure and do something to fix it. I don’t think he will. I think he’s nothing more than a community organizer who’s in over his head.

      • First off you are way off base an obviously ignorant about climate change. There is always change in the climate, however for your purposes it is getting colder not hotter.
        How conveniently you forget barry’s I have a pen and a phone diatribe. He wills it and the senate passes it. You ignorance of what goes on is no excuse. You follow what is going on, deflect deny and project. That’s the ONLY things that libs know how to do. You are no exception Take your head out of the sand and pay attention. You are on the Titanic, it’s sinking and you think you’ll be fine

      • Thank You! To survive the plethora of crap that comes out of the liberal mind (their arse) Takes a bit if navigation, and to understand that same third grader mentality you have to think like them. So if that means I’m a little nuts? That’s a good thing. The liberals are nuts for sure

      • You feel the need to castigate Mindi due to lack of paragraphs? Very shallow.

        Funding bills that have originated in House have often been stifled by Harry Reid of the Senate. He won’t bring to the table for discussion, if he cannot include his agenda. Obama beforehand states he will veto, if bills do not contain exactly what he wants.

        It has been obvious that Obama prefers to use EO, rather than go through the Congress

        You cite ignorance of climate change as ‘utterly irrevelant’ so why did you mention it?

      • I am not castigating her, merely making a suggestion to increase the readability of her comments.

        Efforts to increase funding for the VA passed Congress but were shot down in the Senate, not by Harry Reid, but by Republicans! Get your facts straight.

        If a president threatens to veto a bill unless, a group of politicians with any fortitude would still pass the bill, leaving it up to the president to veto it and show their colors.

        I mentioned the climate issue because YOU brought it up.

      • Hi mindi, please do not confuse your bottle of douche with your capachino Latte’. Gets you way too confused and wired like a chipmonk on a downed power-line.

      • FYI, Alan- Harassing women on comment boards so they will pay attention to you is not good form…& what is this strange obsession you have with my class status? Not that you deserve a response, but I happen to come from thoroughly working class origins- the kind that makes good money but bumps up against life & death situations in a coal mine daily. I put myself through graduate school…all the way to a doctorate degree, so….. instead of creeping around on my facebook page with your obvious hatred for anyone who demonstrates success in life, try thinking up a contribution to the discussion that merits real debate. You have contributed nothing of substance, here!

    • The administrators were paid BILLIONS over the past 10 years for NOT doing their jobs. They don’t need more money to not do their jobs. Increased spending does not equate to better quality, it means more hands in the cookie jar.

    • Congress cut the funding, so goes your excuse for these managers not doing their jobs.

      Funny thing, that said employees received upwards of $400 million in performance bonuses in 2011.

      The CBO estimated that the VA spent $395-million for overall compensation benefits and salary for employees and executives in 2012.

      Those bonuses continue for 2013, and they are creating the list for the next top executives of 2014.

      This doesn’t include the $500- million that the VA has spent on office furnishings under the Obama administration.

      It isn’t complex, it is actually very simple.

      Obama made promises that “he” would take care of our veterans to, get elected, and he had no intention of fulfilling those promises.

      However, Obama has done a bang up job of spreading the wealth around to employees of the veterans administration, who have made sure, in order to receive those bonuses, the men and women that have defended their rights and freedom just go away and die.

      • So, like the US government as a whole, any money problem at the VA is a matter of spending & bureaucratic self-nobiliizing. If I was a member of congress & aware of this, I would cut their funding, too…..but, I would also want to know from where money was diverted to fund these salaries & luxury items. I hope a good round of criminal charges are filed.

      • Actually, both Bush and Obama greatly increased the veterans budget. Money is not the problem, it is mishandling the money. If our government can’t run the VA, without killing people, how are they going to handle ACA? BO has already told Dr’s and hospitals to give the elderly only minimal care. Death panels are next. We have to keep the budget down and we have an estimated 56million more illegals to pay for. Do you think your family will get good care. As a nurse, I have taken care of many Canadians who have come here for care, because there’ s so bad. Of course they are only the rich, that can pay for their own.

      • Since you did not apparently get the memo: the ACA is not a government health insurance program – it merely mandates certain employers provide insurance (from private carriers), mandates that we carry insurance (from private carriers), and sets up exchanges so we can get more affordable insurance (again, from private carriers).

      • It is based on the mandates of what you have to be covered for, whether or not you want or need, by Obama. If it is not a government health insurance program, why is going to be run by the IRS? And, I’m sure you are aware that WH wants a ‘single payor’ system…you do not think it will be government run?

      • The IRS is NOT going to be running the ACA – it will still be private insurers. You are wrong there. They will be assessing the fines for those who do not have insurance.
        Yes, Obama wants a single payer system, which would likely be run by the federal government. What he wants and what is in the ACA are two separate issues.

      • hahahaha. And you believe that??? You really have swallowed a lot of kool aid. The “private companies” are told exactly what they can offer, how much they can charge, who they can work with etc. They are nothing but the paper pushers. The government is in total control. Even those companies that work with companies have to give them exactly what the government mandates. You can not be that deluded

      • Just like a republican politician to start 2 wars, then cut VA funding and post untrue propaganda to close it down. I am so ashamed to call them American. Such misfortunate lost souls.

      • You keep harping on the VA funding being cut but you never say how or why or where it happened.
        You also keep harping on Republicans having started two wars. You really should elaborate on hows and whys of your statements.

    • From the Daily Caller: The VA expects to carry over $450 million in medical funding from fiscal year 2014 to fiscal year 2015. The VA received it’s FULL REQUESTED medical care of $54.6 billion this fiscal year, which is $10 billion more than it received four years ago.

    • Then the VA should’ve sent the retired military vets using the VA system, or older Medicare eligible vets a letter giving them permission to seek the healthcare they needed outside the VA hospitals & clinics along with the name of the person handling the case a number to call & the paperwork stating the VA is paying the civilian dr. It can be done. In 2006 my husband a 26 year Navy retiree was using the VA healthcare system. He tire his rotator cuff & after a year if not bring able to get surgery that’s exactly what the Atlanta VA dud, they sent him a letter giving him permission to find a doc outside the VA system that would take VA assignment. He had his surgery a couple weeks later.

    • That is not true, both Bush and Obama has thrown huge amounts of money at the VA. Unfortunately, much of it was spent on new furniture and new offices. The VA has never been great, but now it is a death bed. No, many of those people did not have to die, the lack of are killed them. Welcome t BO care

    • You actually said that “…those deaths were either inevitable or were caused by the ‘inability to get treatment’ for their underlying injuries” and that isn’t the fault of anyone, including Obama? Harry Reid tried to include he own agenda in the bill and when could not, he would not even consider it. Blame Reid of the Senate. From all the news it would seem VA staff do not perform as well as should even if they have ample staff. How would your work record appear and affect you, if you could not keep up with it in proportion to the VA?

      • What I said is that any misreporting of wait times did not cause their deaths. Either their deaths would have happened, even if they received timely care, or the lack of timely care caused their deaths.

    • Congress killed funding bills on 3 occasions to improve the VA.. they were more worried about tax loopholes for the rich. Politics are so sad.. and alot of misleading information.

    • He’s been writing and editing his blame speech. He is a talking head who doesn’t actually do anything that could benefit our country. He’s too busy injecting his agenda down our throats.

  8. Hey Allen, I’m a huge fan & were all screaming impeachment, but what does it take to get there??? Just point us in the right direction & we’ll all get in line!

    • Get control of the Congress, then take a vote. Sad thing is, Biden is anxiously biting at the bit for this to happen. Do you really want Biden or Pelosi?

    • I don’t understand what you think will be accomplished by impeaching President Obama. I am not a fan but Bill Clinton was impeached and nothing changed. He still remained in the White House after impeachment. Besides, if Obama was removed – then you have Joe Biden. Does anyone think that would be better?

      • Impeachment means a trial. You have to be found guilty. Clinton was found guilty but all they did was slap his hand and say no-no. Then he went back to work No, we need to try him in the real courts and send him to prison. Not that that will ever happen. He is backed by too many rich, powerful people. Kissinger said, his group has promised BO the first President of the OWG if he can bring us down to a 3rd world country. It is all this equality nonsense. Americans live too good next to the rest of the world. They can not bring the rest of the world up to our standard, so they have to bring us down to theirs. It is stupid logic, but Kissinger and the elite all think ” it is the right thing to do”. They will be in control and the rest of us will be the peons. I’m sure most of them are in it for the power. Kissinger also said, “unfortunately, that means many will have to die”. That is a direct quote from his interview. There was so much more in his interview, enough to scare the daylights out of a normal person.

      • Clinton was impeached but not made to resign or serve time because the reason for his impeachment was for a frivilous act, not one of treason.

  9. Only one of many, many scandals that should have taken down Obama and his corrupt administration. Why Congress is sitting on their dead behinds and failing America leads one to wonder if they aren’t all being bought off.

    • Yeah they’re bought off, alright. That, or blackmailed, or threatened with physical violence. In other words……their worthless.

      • It takes both houses to impeach. Harry would never allow that to even get on the floor, just like he does with all the laws the House sends him. They are all sitting on Harrys desk. BO has stacked the deck with his cronies. Even is it got through both houses, you think Holder will try him…no.

  10. If the Government fails daily with the VA healthcare system, what makes everyone that Voted for the ACA think that the Government can run a National Healthcare program?

  11. First of all the VA health care system is what Obummer Care is just a different title. Secondly you all have to remember that as long a Dirty Harry Read is Majority Leader (Demo-rats) there will never be a Take down of Obummer sad but very true.We need to get rid of Reed, Pelosi and the rest of the Obummer cronies and then get the main idiot himself

    • Looks like the idiots got it backwards again… they voted down funding during the so-called budget crisis and cut it out completely. And voting against closing tax loopholes for the upper 1%. The Re-pub-fat-cats should be tar’d and feathr’d !

  12. I don’t think Bush is to blame because it doesn’t come from the President to manipulate numbers. If it is going up the chain as a lie what can be done. As an ex-employee of the VA I know first hand the politics that people try to make you do to make themselves look good and like they are justifying the need for their job by making it seem like they are accepting all or most vets into their facility as Patients. This even goes to making excel spread sheets to be triaged by directors of the section to only allow some and deny others, denying even if space is available in another clinic…it’s stupid and now it’s all out and I hope it continues…call me I will testify to the things they wanted me to do and I refused.

  13. In the Government Budget world, the Budget has to be approved to begin with. If they identified Furniture and received funding, then they were approved to purchase it. Same with Payroll, Travel, Supplies, Medical Supplies, Maintenance and Equipment needed. Most bonuses are around 1%, but it depends on the funding available. I can guarantee you; it is Management and Supervisors that receive the highest Bonuses, not the workers. The problem with the VA was the bonuses were based on the Cooked Books; not the overall job done. It starts at the top and works its way down. Maybe we will know who really implemented the Cooked Books and all others that followed it in order to receive the bonuses. I pray Congressman Jeff Miller, does not stop until he has every bit of the information. It’s going to take a long time to Audit every process and clean it up. It is worth it, in order to make the VA what it should be for “Our Veterans”.

    • Congress killed funding bills on 3 occasions to improve the VA.. they were more worried about tax loopholes for the rich. Should we impeach the greedy tea party criminals?

      • If you are going to blame one side, make sure your facts are accurate. Go back and read the bill and see what Harry Reid added. They were told if they found the funding to cover what they added, they would pass it. Bottom line, they didn’t kill funding for the VA; it was what the Senate added to the Bill. The VA has had a Budget Increase and the bottom line is they cooked the books, which had nothing to do with the Budget.

  14. Why don’t Americans call ‘liberals’ what they really are? At best Socialists and at worst Communists……

    • Communists is exactly what they are and their tools are ignorant, illegal and spoiled voters. The only good Communist is a ……well, I think you know the rest of that quote.

  15. Mr. Allen West just summarized everything Veteranwarriors has said for years! This level of confirmed corruption is systemic. Eric Holder has openly REFUSED to open an investigation until this report came out…so, Mr. Holder – when will the investigation start??? Will the DOJ and Congress EVER look at the whole enterprise? Or will they continue to believe the lies of the VA propaganda machine that these are “isolated cases”??

    • Congress killed funding bills on 3 occasions to improve the VA.. they were more worried about tax loopholes for the rich. Politics are so sad.. and alot of misleading information.

  16. What an idiot this Allen West guy is!! More qualified as a greeter at a hookah lounge. Better known as ‘another dirty politician on the take’.

  17. If you think this is bad, you should see the crap that gets covered up at the US Postal system! I had a relative that worked there and she could write volumes on the insane crap that goes on there.

    • Postal service isn’t run by the government though, oddly enough. It’s an independently owned and operated business. Weird.

  18. The long waits and poor service is not the only problem with the VA system. Their Comp & Pension process is also Broken and unfair to vets. The make us jump through so many hoops in hope that we finally give up before getting what we deserve. Most Vets who I know cannot wait years to get their rate increase when it gets to deciding whether to eat or pay bills–I know that I can’t yet I have no choice but to wait it out.

  19. I wonder why all of these criminals are just being fired, why no
    prosecutions?………..and I would bet every one of them is a Democrat.
    Everyone right down to the least important employee that participated
    should face criminal prosecution and jail time. If they can’t pay back
    the bonuses then put them on a chain gang until all bonus money is


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