Bergdahl’s platoon survived Taliban attacks: will they survive Obama’s? (VIDEO)

I always felt liberal progressives were lying through their teeth when they expressed their “support” for our men and women in uniform. There words were just pro forma empty rhetoric meant to hide their true sentiments — or should I be specific and say, antipathy — towards our warriors.

And so the progressive socialists have shown their hand when brave and courageous Soldiers stand up to the lies and false narrative being promoted by the Obama administration in the case of the desertion of Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.

As Katie Pavlich reports in Townhall, ” people close to the White House and Obama administration officials are bringing out the claws to attack former members of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s platoon as they continue to speak out and expose Bergdahl as a deserter and possible traitor. At this point, six former members of Bergdahl’s platoon have come forward to condemn his actions of walking off base five years ago. Not a single man from his team has come forward to defend him or hail him as a hero. That exposure had lead to a smear campaign from the highest levels of government.”

Referring to Bergdahl as a “deserter” is appropriate. As we have stated, he abandoned his assigned duty post leaving behind weapon, body armor, and night vision devices. However, in typical liberal fashion, his actions were hailed by the president with a Rose Garden photo op and by National Security Advisor Rice as serving with “honor and distinction.”

So when this affront was clear to the men of Bergdahl’s platoon, they spoke out. And the question is, if these men are “psychopaths” and exemplified poor discipline and standards, as the New York Times has described — then why were they forced to sign non-disclosure agreements?

If Secretary of Defense Hagel says he doesn’t know of any Soldiers losing their lives in search and recovery missions for Bergdahl, then why not declassify the 2010 Pentagon report on the matter?

And having been a part of a search and recovery mission in Iraq in 2003 for two Ft. Sill Soldiers CAPTURED from their checkpoint, an assigned duty post, I can attest that a mission brief is very specific in addressing the task and purpose for the operation. So, I trust the assessments from these men far more than any Obama administration chucklehead.

But when these men find themselves challenging the liberal progressive agenda of Barack Hussein Obama, they find themselves on a battlefield almost worse than the one in Afghanistan – because they are being attacked from within. Liberals, and their complicit media, will do anything to protect their beloved leader — and that means attacking and demeaning our warriors.

You see, these Soldiers truly mean nothing to Obama and his devoted kool-aid drinking acolytes. For the commander-in-chief to state that the circumstances surrounding Bergdahl’s disappearance are “irrelevant” means the death of our Soldiers and the word of our Soldiers are also irrelevant — and subservient to his desires and agenda.

How utterly despicable is this charlatan and tyrant Obama. To allow — probably to demand — the liberal media to attack Soldiers to enable his false narrative is disgusting. We ask our guardians to uphold the highest standards of honor, integrity, and character, yet they are being let down by the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

President Obama should call off his dogs and personally apologize to these heinously disparaged men — but then again the arrogant liar-in-chief has already stated he will offer no apology and that this is HIS government.

And if Obama is hell bent on discrediting these men to support his purpose, then what else will he do? Will Obama display undue command influence upon Army Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno and coerce and intimidate him to not bring forth charges of desertion against Bergdahl? That charge doesn’t require any investigation — to put it in simple layman terms, Bergdahl was not where he was supposed to be in a combat zone, a remote Forward Operating Base (FOB). What we are seeing is a developing narrative from the liberal media that Bergdahl was “forced” to leave his FOB because of his unit members, and that is truly unconscionable.

However, it just goes to show the level of depravity liberal progressive socialists will undertake, even against our own troops, just to promote their goals and objectives.

The politics of character assassination has reared its ugly head and taken aim at our combat veterans – it’s bad enough veterans lost their lives at the hands of the VA under this administration. If there is anyone out there who supports this demonic action displayed by the State Department spokesperson, a HUD official, the New York Times, and other sycophants of Obama — you are an enemy of our troops.

This past week Obama stood on sacred ground – Normandy — and based on his actions and that of his deranged followers in this case, he didn’t mean a damn word of his speech. And Mr. President, I would be more than happy to meet you face to face and see if you can convince me otherwise.


  1. Shame on the President’s Administration for attempting to denigrate the integrity of the soldiers who had the courage to set the record straight on how Bowe Bergdahl became a hostage of the Taliban. The American people desired to know that he
    was not captured while on patrol but actually walked away from camp and went
    looking for the Taliban. The American people also needed to know that other soldiers died while looking for Bergdahl.

  2. The Liar n Thief doesn’t have the stones to talk to you LTC West. The truth will hurt his head & he will just sit there with his fingers in his ears, saying “lalalala, not listening to you.”

  3. I keep writing that this story is NOT about Bergdahl…it never was. He’s just “smoke and mirrors” in this developing story. I believe that the Taliban has sensitive information about what REALLY happened in Benghazi and used that to leverage the release of 5 really bad jihadists. Obama, (Jarrett), made the decision to deal with this act of treason, in order to cover their acts of treason in Libya, by aiding and abetting the enemy without Congressional oversight. Obama, (Jarrett), ignored the recommendations of military leaders…but in his corrupt and compromised position, he had no choice.

    • Weak men always find a strong woman to tell them what to do. Obama talks tough but is really an impotent fool.

  4. “alleged deserter” Col. That’s why we have Article 32 hearings. The telling fact will be whether he is subjected to one, or quietly discharged and slipped back to te family in Idaho.

    • Interestingly, despite his leaving a WRITTEN testimony to the
      effect that he was deserting and renouncing his US citizenship and a number of eye witnesses affirming his desertion, we must, of course, go through the due process. The first is to acknowledge that Bergdahl was NOT a ‘prisoner of war’. Nor indeed were the criminals released, supposedly for his return. The vermin in Gitmo are not uniformed soldiers and do not represent a country, the are a criminal fraternity within much a larger criminal fraternity.
      To give you an idea about them, one of their number, Mullah Muhammad Fazl, led a scorched-earth offensive in 1999 that prompted some 300,000 people to flee for their lives. The Mullah is also wanted by the United Nations in connection with the massacre of thousands of Afghan
      Shiites during the Taliban’s rule. “When asked about the murders, he did
      not express any regret,” What is a ‘Mullah’? Well it is someone who is acknowledged and respected for their Islamic scholarship and adherence to Islamic doctrines.

      Now, why do you think such men have not been tried? Is it because their defence and SOLE defence is that they are Soldiers of Allah, that Shariah is the ONLY law the recognise and that they intend to impose it globally or die trying?

      It must be quite something for them to have been sent straight to Jihad HQ and told to remain there for a year. LOL. Unlike Sgt Bergdahl, aka Sgt Abdullah – who faces the death penalty. Ah, well the twisted and psychotic logic of this charade is that he’ll be a ‘Soldier for Allah’ facing charges of treason in the US. I suggest you wake up and stop thinking this is some harmless game that you, who have made no effort to find out, think your opinion valid.

      • Very good post and you have said all that I was thinking. As to all the other theories, there is something going on here and it stinks to high heaven. If Obama is involved you know it is off the tracks.
        One other thought, he was captured by a tribe that takes people in exchange for money, not politics. I also support the men who had boots on the ground and were eye witnesses. Bergdahls parents also showed up talking and looking like traitors.

      • I agreed with you agreeing with Ritch but don’t bring his parents into this…imagine if you had a son who did this…What would you do? Shunn him like everyone else….what the hell are they suppose to do?

      • No, I would want my child back. I would not however, be a sympathizer with the enemy and I would not stand up an spout Arabic and not even say one word of gratitude to the families of the soldiers that died searching for my son. There were also the men who carried out these opts that could have also resulted in their deaths.

  5. Susan Rice saying he served with “honor and distinction” while he walked away from his camp at night, and good men died attempting to find him, makes me sick. I’ve had about enough of her lies.

  6. I have the utmost respect for Allen West. Perhaps he could be the first “American” black President. It would be truly wonderful to have a Commander-in-Chief that you could believe when he spoke, who loved America more than himself, and that understood that to sing “God Bless America” our nation needs to be a nation “under God.”

  7. All these phony scandals are coming about only because Obama is black. They have no proof whatsoever of him being involved in any of them. He will go down as one of the toughest and best Presidents we ever had and I wish he could run for a third term. Okay, before you comment on me, I am a staunch conservative but just wanted to imitate a liberal to see how stupid it looks in print. Obama is bringing our country so far down, I don’t know if we could ever recuperate.

    • Wen I first started to read this I was going to comment you must have been one of those that got a free cell phone. I want to see someone like Allen West push for Arrest and impeachment.

      • The best way to deal with this poster is to totally ignore. He lives for replies. More BS and no rebuttal facts. Ignoring this type is torture for them.

      • he sees my scary looking rifle and me say raghead and he goes code brown and complains to someone

      • Ignore him he is just trolling. These types just shrivel and dry up if you do not engage him. He never cites facts just personal obnoxious comments.

      • facts and reason scare lieerals whose politics are based on what makes their immoral beings feel good–they can not deal with fact or reason–but i sure love letting them see my scary looking rifle (akl “assault weapon”)–means they have to use some soap and water to clean their pants thereby harming their beloved mother earth

      • Its President George W. Bush. Unlike obama-boy he is an American and entitled to respect. I suppose this is regarding wars authorized by 3 Joint Resolutions of Congress. So are we going to try Hillary, Kerry and Hagel who voted for 2 of those AUMF resolutions too especially the one that authorized President Bush to take out saddam? Or do they get a pass because they kiss obama-boy’s ass? And btw why do you give obama-boy a pass to go to war without seeking an AUMF Resolution? Does his being hyper-pigmented entitle him to break the law? Or is too damn dumb to know the law?

      • You are an Idiot…just had to get that out first. 2nd If you had any sense you would actually read the National Defense Authorization Act. 3rd It has nothing to do with color…Bush was just as bad as Obama is now…both have done nothing to help us…soooooooo… about you keep your stupid comments to yourself

      • There’s not a lot that he can do, Denise. Colonel West is not an active duty soldier or Congressman anymore.

        He is just like the rest of us, now. A citizen with a voice.

      • Yes 97E, I see now that his term was short January 3, 2011 – January 3, 2013, However, as a citizen and former statesman he has the right to call for arrest and impeachment, as anyone does. I know there have been many Articles of Impeachment already delivered to members of Congress. Those on the inside are too timid, but Allen west is not a timid man, he is a warrior.

    • “only because Obama is black”. Brilliant. When you can’t defend Obama’s treason, pull the race card… on a black person!!! I guess Allen West hates his children and parents too, huh, “only because they’re black”???

      And next time, I promise to read to the end of a post before I comment on it! 🙂

      • he didn’t commit treason….idk how many times I’m going to have to explain the same thing to everybody on here….my GOD.

      • Since Obama aided the enemy we are currently fighting, which is the very definition of treason, you’ll probably have to explain your incorrect analysis for the rest of eternity.

      • Ok sense you obviously haven’t done any research at all, presidents before him including the great Ronald Reagan and the not so great George Bush have done the same thing….George bush released Abdul Qayyum Zakir (a taliban leader) in 2007 and I’m too ashamed to mention what Reagan did. Although Obama did not follow the National Defense Authorization Act by not notifying the congress of that in 30 days, the secretary of defense could over rule that if he determines that actions have or will be taken that substantially mitigate the risk that the individual will engage in activity that threatens the U.S. or U.S. persons or interest of the United States.

      • If what you’re saying is true, then those Presidents are traitors, too. But that doesn’t make Obama any less of a traitor. You Obama sycophants, making excuses for all his treasonous acts, are vomit inducing. And since you’re aiding a traitor, what does that make you?

      • some how my replies to you are ending up in the wrong spot but as I said before he couldn’t possibly be a traitor because he was in his rights. I’m not aiding a traitor, and that makes you a bigger idiot than I thought you were. haha lmbo

      • I get your point. Committing treason doesn’t make you a traitor. And your only support of that false statement is to call me names. Tell me, what color is the sky in your world?

      • OMG! hahahaha lmbo. So tell me, when in any of my replies did I ever say “commiting treason doesn’t make you a traitor”. NO WHERE! You’re reading comprehension skills are poor. He can’t be a traitor if he didn’t commit treason. I don’t want to call you names, i’m sorry, but you’re forcing me to because you keep typing these ridiculous replies to me. You still haven’t replied any sort of fact or statement to contradict what I’m arguing. SMH

      • Well it has been done before 1st of all. George Bush did it in 2007 when he released Mullah Abdul Qayyum Zakir (aka Abdullah Ghulam Rasoul) in 2007 and the great Ronald Reagan has done it as well. Also although Obama was suppose to notify congress 30 days before doing this. If the secretary of defense felt that it was justifiable meaning he determines that actions have or will be taken that substantially mitigate the risk that the individual will engage in activity that threatens the U.S. or U.S. persons or interest or if the transfer is in the national security interest of the U.S., then that would put Obama in his full rights to have done that trade.

      • If what you’re saying is true, then those Presidents are traitors, too. But that doesn’t make Obama any less of a traitor. You Obama sycophants, making excuses for all his treasonous acts, are vomit inducing. And since you’re aiding a traitor, what does that make you???

      • you’re an idiot….it’s not an excuse, it’s a law. So that wouldn’t make any of them traitors.

      • That’s brilliant. If they help the enemy, they’re not traitors. You Democrats have lost all credibility now that you’re openly supporting treason against our troops. Not that you had much credibility to begin with, but now you’re hovering at absolute zero.

  8. I have been reading your blogs every day and want to ask, what are you, Allen West going to do about getting Obama arrested for treason and impeached? We need to see action, not just blogging. Denise G. Tampa, FL

    • Your question should not be “What are you going to do Allen West, but what are “We” going to do?

      It is “We” the people, and we, through apathy, have not kept our eyes on our government, which has allowed our government to grow out of control.

      It is “We” that have allowed the liberals and progressives, who, like the terrorist, hate our country and our American exceptionalism, to take over the government, msm, and our educational system.

      It is also “We” that step back in shame, when, like the Tea Party, we are attacked with marxist lies, and propaganda, known as political correctness, against our character.

      “We” can continue to expect someone else to take up the gauntlet, while we stay safe inside our anonymity, our we can stand up together and fight back.

      While Lt. Col West has kept us informed and doing all that he can to fight back, he can not do it alone.

      It still comes down to “Untied We stand, divided We fall”. Period!

    • Well, we can’t have him arrested for treason because he was in his legal rights. Although in normal circumstances, Obama was suppose to give congress atleast a 30 day notice before making a trade. If the Secretary of Defense determines it is justifiable meaning he determines that actions have or will be taken that substantially mitigate the risk that the individual will engage in activity that threatens the U.S. or U.S. persons or interests or if the transfer is in the national security interest of the United States. Then Obama would be allowed to make that trade. As far as impeaching him, Good luck. I didn’t vote for him but I can tell you right now that you guys had the opportunity to get him out after his 1st term and failed sooooooo……

    • I sincerely wish everyone would stop calling for zero’s impeachment!
      He is to be indicted, tried and convicted of unconstitutionally usurping the office of POTUS for fraudulently presenting himself as a qualified, ‘natural-born’ American citizen! Forget the (fraudulent) birth certificate(S) – he, in his OWN book ‘dreams from my father’, admitted that his father was a citizen of the British protectorate (now known of Kenya), which Constitutionally disqualifies him!
      It’s been a conspiracy by the democrats (including Hillary and Nancy) to not disclose this info…
      By pursuing this route to conviction, EVERYTHING he signed into ‘law’ becomes NULL and VOID, INCLUDING 0bozocare!!!
      P.S. A presumably legitimate BC resides in the British archive…

      • In Earl Lee we find another negorphille racist who voted for obama-boy solely because he was hyper-pigmented. Do you really think the race cad is going to stop obama-boy going down? Hell, even DIanne Feinstein is calling him a liar over the release of six ragheads.

      • ragheads–and i forgot the 7th obama-boy had pray a raghead prayer at the white house

      • Your right about that!! This is one time where skin color actually comes into play..and the only reason why the POSOTUS will not be removed from office….

  9. Enough is enough. Time to tell it like it is!

    Kerry Calls Concerns That Freed Taliban Will Return to Terror ‘Baloney’

    Kerry: ‘Baloney’ that releasing Taliban risk to troops

    ‘Our combat role in Afghanistan is over … going to have very few people’ exposed

    Spoken like the Vietnam War TRAITOR that Kerry is.

    Last I saw we’re still going to have military in Afghanistan who are going to get no support whatsoever from Obama who treats them as cannon fodder to further his morally bankrupt political ends.

    And I don’t recall reading where terrorists around the world surrendered to Obama who is their biggest ally!

    As a member of the Naval Security Group Command during the Vietnam War from 1968-72. I’m appalled that, once again, Obama has trashed the sacrifices of all those who gave their lives fighting the war on terrorism since 9/11 by releasing terrorist commanders responsible for killing them. This is an unconscionable moral atrocity that cries out TREASON, and it’s high time those in Congress starting shouting that word from the roof tops in regard to what Obama has been doing, is doing, and will continue to do to our military unless he’s reined in!

    It has been no accident that the casualty rate for our military increased inordinately on Obama’s watch via Obama’s mandated use of PC ROE which puts the lives of our troops at unnecessary risk in favor of placating the self-esteem of the radical jihadists. Obama with Kerry’s encouragement even had the unmitigated gall to consider ordering our military to defend the Al-Qaida allied, pro-radical jihadist, Shariah Law or death, anti-American Muslim Brotherhood supported Syrian Rebels in an Arab Civil War, the same Al-Qaida that our military has been fighting and dying to protect us from in the war on terror, which is TREASON per Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution in giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war.

    I’m a retired member of the research faculty at Penn State. One of our own, Medal of Honor recipient Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy, and two members of his SEAL team caught in an ambush, along with a helicopter full of SEALS and Special Ops support personnel attempting to rescue them, were killed on the Hindu Kush. How dare Obama release enemy commanders responsible for these deaths which is trashing the sacrifices of these brave men and a slap in the face to their families by giving
    aid and comfort to the enemy which is beyond a crime in that it is a sin crying out to Heaven from the graves of the fallen for vengeance!

    I preordered the movie Lone Survivor which I just received. The first thing that I looked at was the bonus footage, a large part of which was dedicated to the families of the fallen and the efforts made by the director and the actors portraying them to GET IT RIGHT in regard to what these men did for their country on that mountain in the Hindu Kush.

    To quote the director of the movie, “You would have to be inhuman not be moved” by what these men fought, suffered, and died for, for YOU in the war on terror.

    The Navy SEALS live by their creed, “You’re NEVER out of the fight”. They would rather die than put their brothers-in-arms at risk of being killed in combat.

    Mrs.Axelson, the mother of one of the SEALS, Matt, was grateful that this movie was made, and said, with tears welling up in her eyes, “Thank you for giving me back my son for a few hours.”

    Mr. Dietz, the father of one of the SEALS, Danny, read the autopsy report for the director, 1 shot in the calf, 1 shot in the groin, 2 shots in the neck, 3 shots in the head, and on and on, and then he put the reportdown, and said to the director: “That’s how tough my son was. Make sure you let people know that.”

    Mr. Murphy said that the actor portraying his son was his son as he knew him because that actor, like all of the others, talked at length with the families wanting to ensure that they got this tribute to their loved ones RIGHT which was a responsibility that the actors and their director was going to honor to the best of their ability which THEY DID!

    This clip ended with pictures of all of the fallen of Operation Red Wings to include the Navy SEALS, and their special ops support personnel, SEALS and the Army Flight Team that were killed trying to rescue them.

    Sometimes as I read the news about how our military is being hollowed out by the
    TRAITOR in the WH while our enemies, his friends, are arming to the teeth,

    China Building ‘Artificial Island’ Military Base in Disputed Waters…

    REPORT: Navy, air force rapidly expanding size and reach…

    I can’t help thinking how Obama’s first order would be to “surrender” which was a word NOT in the vocabulary of the fallen of Operation Red Wings, nor should it ever be in the vocabulary of a military that understands why it exists, i.e., to secure our unalienable God-given rights to LIFE, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, per our Declaration of Independence, which no man can ever take away!

    So here’s the bottom line for me.

    Our military didn’t fight and die in Afghanistan for their fraud CIC to TRAITOROUSLY release the Taliban commanders responsible for the deaths of their brothers-in-arms which is as big a blow to the morale of our military as it gets, a military that the Obama Administration demonstrably despises as evinced by its PC ROE that makes the self-esteem of the radical jihadist enemy a higher priority than the lives of our troops who, as a result of no air support, are sent on unnecessary missions putting their lives at grave risk. It is no accident that our military casualties increased inordinately on Obama’s watch!

    • forget a-stan–this release encourages an attack in the US Homeland–i hope and pray that doe snot happen but it most likely will–

  10. “And if Obama is hell bent on discrediting these men to support his purpose, then what else will he do? Will Obama display undue command influence upon Army Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno and coerce and intimidate him to not bring forth charges of desertion against Bergdahl?”
    That’s EXACTLY what’s going to happen! Wait for it! It’s coming!
    BEST article I’ve read yet on this crime!

  11. I would put my life in these soldiers hands.
    I wouldn’t put a wooden Indian in obummers protection!
    Who should we believe? Your smart,i leave it up to you.

  12. Bergdahl was a deserter… possibly worse.
    The Army investigation will hopefully clear up whether he deserted his post because he had mental issues… or if he deserted his post for more sinister reasons.

    The administration screwed up royally by jumping to proclaim him a hero.

    But Mr West, how is Obama attacking his platoon?
    You make that claim in your headline, but I found nothing in the article to suggest Obama was attacking his platoon.

    • Statements by Obama’s administration = Obama’s statements. Marie Harf stated Bergdahl’s platoon members were not being truthful. She is the official spokesperson for Obama’s State Dept. Since she and no one else in the Administration have retracted those accusations, it can be inferred that Obama is attacking Bergdahl’s platoon. And of course you know that. You and other Liberals are quick to blame Bush for all statements made by his administration.

      • Thank you. I just researched Mary Harf’s statements about Bergdahl’s platoon.
        She said it might not be the case that his squadmates know the circumstances of his capture.
        I’m not sure that rises to the level of an attack, but I could see what you’re talking about.

      • He gets charged with desertion because not one member of his unit will say otherwise so there is probable cause. Next he is given due process. UCMJ will speak.

      • Earl, What on earth does ‘due process’ have to do with guilty until proven innocent? Do you need some remedial reading classes?

      • NO, Earl Lee. However, all this shows is that there IS “probable cause”. A VERY very evident cause to honestly and openly bring out all evidence, pro or con. And to me these six eye witnesses are very damaging to Bergdahl as shown and I believe rightfully so. It is six against one. They all say basically the same thing. It does not appear they all got together prior, to “get their stories in line”, each has a different view. A court martial is very warranted here. Next. we should look into the POTUS’ motives???

      • Innocent until proven guilty is only required for legal proceedings and it only works that way as long as there is no evidence to suggest your guilt. Once evidence is presented it is then the defendants job to prove their innocence. I have every right to examine evidence and make a determination of his guilt or innocence as far as my opinion is concerned because I’m not the one sentencing him. On the other hand if he were to prove his innocence by being acquitted of any desertion charges then everyone claiming “he is a deserter” could be charged with libel or slander but even then that would require proof and formal charges to be drawn up. Until that happens, there is nothing wrong with assuming he is a deserter in light of his platoon’s testamoney.

      • And what’s wrong with that? Can you tell me you never developed your own opinion about any case that was presented through the media? The court of public opinion is a natural part of staying informed and discussing current events. The court of public opinion isn’t always harmful, even though we love to remember and focus on only the negative aspects of things. The court of public opinion can be used to increase awareness and funding for a particular cause or to bring a misuse of justice into light. Why do you think people who were convicted of a crime still have supporters who could then uncover evidence that leads to a wrongfully convicted person finally being released from jail or getting a stay of execution? You don’t get to pick and choose when the court of public opinion is ok or not based on whether its convenient for your current opinion. I’m sorry but it just doesn’t work that way.

      • Nothing wrong in having an opinion what is wrong is passing our opinions for facts. That’s why newspapers always use the word “allegedly” even if the perp stabs the prosecutor in the courtroom in front of the jury, judge, court stenographers and bailiffs. From what we know so far he seems like a deserter, but do we know everything? The fact is we haven’t heard from him yet.

      • Well now you are just arguing semantics. Sure, if you take the statement “Bergdahl was a deserter” in its most literal form then you are correct. He would be stating an opinion as fact in that case but when I see that statement, I don’t see “Bergdahl was a deserter.” I see “it is my belief that Bergdahl was a deserter.” The English language is equivocal by nature and open for interpretation. I would suggest being a little more open minded in the future, rather than assuming that every word a person says must be taken literally with no leeway. I often make flat statements like that, as I am sure you have, and when I do that, I don’t mean to claim my word is law. I am simply stating my opinion in a general, easy to understand way.

      • “Bergdahl was a deserter…possibly worse” can only be taken in its literal sense there’s not much room for nuance. The only part that can be taken as an opinion is the “possibly worse” He didn’t say anything to imply that the first part of the statement is an opinion. It’s not just semantics, words have meanings.

      • “Can only be taken in its literal sense” And that is where you are wrong. I am sorry if you don’t quite understand the nuances of the English language. I can not educate you in this as I don’t have nearly enough time on my hands to delve that deep into this subject. I can only recommend that you try taking a class on communication. You may find your perspective broadened.

      • There won’t be”do process”, the men in his unit will be discredited and he will be exonerated.

      • Is it your position that the Taliban woke him and only him from his sleep to kidnap him in the middle of the night, without killing anyone or raising any alarms? Because in light of the evidence and testimonies, that is what it would take for him to be completely innocent. I’m all for due process but there is a point where logic and the ability to reason are all you need to assume a person is guilty. Leaving your post without proper authorization is called UA or AWOL in the U.S. military. If a person goes UA or AWOL with the intent to not return they are considered a deserter. They have stated that Bergdahl’s reasoning for going AWOL was to speak to the Taliban, meaning it is reasonable to expect that he had no intention of returning to his post or that he knew or should have known that he would not be able to return. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that he deserted.

      • Good for you and no offense intended but it doesn’t matter what your position was. The first question was rhetorical. Brendan shared his position, you took exception to part of it, and then I explained why that part was reasonable. End of story. There is no further need for defensiveness. I don’t mean that argumentatively. I just mean you shouldn’t feel that you need to defend yourself by restating your position. I didn’t attack your comment, I simply explained the reasoning behind part of another person’s comment.

      • I understand and I didn’t take any offense. Brendan is a soldier, I’m not, I can understand he might feel strongly about this and so would Col. West. You asked what my position was and I stated it. Thank you for being candid.

      • Of course there would be conflicting reports. The word here is “reports”. Anyone can make up conflicting reports, dummy. Go to school, then come back.

  13. C’mon, everyone!
    I sincerely wish everyone would stop calling for zero’s impeachment!
    He is to be indicted, tried and convicted of unconstitutionally usurping the office of POTUS for fraudulently presenting himself as a qualified, ‘natural-born’ American citizen! Forget the (fraudulent) birth certificate(S) – he, in his OWN book ‘dreams from my father’, admitted that his father was a citizen of the British protectorate (now known of Kenya), which Constitutionally disqualifies him!
    It’s been a conspiracy by the democrats (including Hillary and Nancy) to not disclose this info…
    By pursuing this route to conviction, EVERYTHING he signed into ‘law’ becomes NULL and VOID, INCLUDING 0bozocare!!!
    P.S. A presumably legitimate BC resides in the British archive…

      • Do you even know the law? I want you to google the National Defense Authorization Act and then get back to me. Cause obviously you don’t know what Treason is.

      • How can he be treason? does that make any sense to you. Bergdahl is infact a human being lol….so there’s no way in the world he could be treason. There can only be an act of treason, but no one can physically be treason. If you didn’t mean it that way, then you should have written your reply in a better way.

      • He is treason, because he is part of a plan of treason. He is collaborating with the enemy, converted to the enemy. Passed information. He is the embodiment of treason. Wait and see. You don’t even have a name. That’s pretty lame.

      • Actually, that’s not lame but your reply was lol hahaha lmbo. Nevertheless, everything that you are saying is not necessarily true unitl it’s proven. Although everyone is saying it including his on platoon mates, he is innocent until proven guilty. That’s the law. I think you’re right, but he is still an American, and I’m glad Obama got him back in the states so that he could be tried like every other American. I hate he had to do so by giving them back 5 talibans but we really don’t know everything that was involved in the trade or it’s circumstances

      • We finally agree on something! “Obama got him back in the states so that he could be tried like every other American.” If you mean Bergdahl, why would he need to go through a TRIAL? 2 If you mean Obama…. yes, he will be found out… So, he’s on your team? (That figures.)

      • I never said he’s on my team……I just want people to look at both sides before jumping to irrational conclusions

      • No Name you are so clueless and writing a bunch of nonsense know one listen to a wimp!! You are so wrong you are pathetic. Obama has committed several treason offenses against US & Americans who is out to destroy U.S period. He has no leadership qualities what soever. He is a communist muslim. HE DOES NOT PROTECT HIS SOLDIERS OR VETS. EVIDENTALLY YOU CAN’T COMPREHENd WHATS BEEN SAID ON TV AND EVERYWHERE ELSE THAT OBAMA KNEW ABOUT THE VETERANS WAITING LIST. IN Bengazie he left the US embassador and other soldiers to be murdered thats pure treason against him!! He could be tried for treason, impeached and should not get no retirement money or benefits. He should be wiped off the books forever because of all his other scandals he has committed with the help of Big Corp., Big Banks, Big Insurance Co., like Bill Gates and others who have bought Obama hook line and sinker.

      • FIRST OFF you’re an idiot because your facts are twisted. You’re just rambling on about stuff you know nothing about so Mrs. Clouse, how about you go and do some more research and then get back to me….until then…..stop posting crap on here because that’s all it is…….CRAP

      • why would you expect allen west to stand with these men when he didn’t stand with HIS OWN MEN!!!

      • So the men of his own platoon come forward and tell the truth and the White House sends out Susan Rice spinning her lies. To ćover Obama tradeing this deserter for the release of 5 Taliban operátives. And Osama’s minions rejoice. Lee, I looked into West’s background and he was railroaded by the brass. Just like my old friend Dave Hackworth was. So my question to you is, where and when did you go down range ?
        Think about it.

      • Shut up about Allen West you are plain clueless and do not have a clue what you are talking about. I back up Alan T. Yeah where and when did you go down range Earl Lee!

    • Creditable? Ha! People might take you Lib tit suckers a bit more seriously if you didn’t sound like morons all the time.

  14. One week Obama is a tyrant and a dictator, next Obama is weak. Obama is totally responsible for Putin invading Ukraine but had nothing to do with killing Ben Laden. Which is it guys? All that spin makes me dizzy.

      • I can’t wait for this next election to kick off and for the new president to come into office hahahah there’s gonna be a lot of disappointed people….cause I swear to you being President is a little harder than it looks

      • Which is why I’m not running this year, doesn’t pay well enough. It is better just to stay on welfare, Obamacare and what ever other give away I can get my hands on. (kidding of course) I have a job and it pays more than $15.00 and hour.

    • Obama is a tyrant and a dictator until he is impeached. But his plan is to use his executive order he signed into law recently and become your dictator not mine!

  15. If Obama weren’t president ALLEN WEST wouldn’t have anything to do or couldn’t make millions off of the idiots that follow him!

    • This is a Republic, for your information. That’s the way it works. Don’t like it? Afghanistan has some nice poppies you might be fond of.

    • Allen West is speaking the truth about lier and Chief nutcase Obama the nasty muslim. So many mindless people its pathetic!!

  16. Earl Lee is the poster child of liberal mental illness. The kool aid being peddled by the Obuthead administration is just as lethal as the Jonestown variety only it works a little slower. I will however defend Earls right to be stupid, it’s granted in the Constitution.

  17. His revenge is for all of America!

    Imagine a child raised in a corrupt land full of poverty and injustice! That child was shown the evils of the world and always was taught the nation responsible was the United States of America!!
    He lived in Indonesia as a Muslim! He prayed as a Muslim! Great pains were taken to groom this child who one would make the incredible Journey from a nobody to the highest post in the land!

    He would know how to deal with such an arrogant nation who clams to be under God he would show them he would teach them all a lesson they will never forget or never recover from!

    • I thought this website was for readers to discuss the topic and use actual facts to determine their perspectives….not rumble with some kind of insane theory of a villain rising to power. hahahahahaha lmbo but I do love your imagination

      • Much more then a Villain and the fools like you on the left when he gets the kind of world you all seem to want then It will be I who HAHAHA but I wont I know what he will do to America and there will be no laughs no joy

      • no disrespect, but you’re making no sense…how do know i’m on the left or right…you don’t even know me….i based my reply on the ridiculousness of your comment….and guess what…it’s almost the end of his term so we get to choose someone else and it’s a democracy…you’re acting like he is a dictator that has absolute rule over us….get a grip

      • Matters not right or left you will see what he does it may take a while for realization to set in. I would bet the farm you are a leftie its not your fault its in the DNA this world will not have enough time to make that discovery.

      • it’s in whose DNA…i don’t get it and your guess about me couldn’t be more wrong lol you just lost the farm haha and he’s not going to do anything trust me…with guys like you around, I wouldn’t haha

      • You are very right you don’t get it! There are many thing over your head. I have wasted enough time on you we are done!

      • He very well could, he constantly ignores congress (but congress are nothing but idiots also) He has signed into law that he could call for an executive order at anytime…done he would become your dictator not mine ever!!

      • You haven’t seen anything yet!

        From the beginning of this world there have been many mysteries most will never be explained simply forgotten by time. The Egyptians of old had to be taught a lesson! That lesson was taught by Moses from the power of the Lord God Almighty! The people have been blinded once again.
        This is a period of time it has no logic reality has vanished from the senses!

      • You got it, it will be too late for these morons who voted Obama in office and think we still can vote a new president in when his term is up. If he pulls his executive order he has in place it will be a done deal and NO Name will be going to fema camp….

      • WHAT PLANET HAVE YOU GUYS CAME FROM…..BOTH OF YOU ARE IDIOTS……You’re trying to get me to believe some sort of conspiracy theory that is not true… have presented no true facts proving anything….so just pull your foot out of your mouth and stop posting crap on this site

      • You go get a brain if thas possible the ones who are stating that others were killed lookng for this deserter was his patoon you moron. You have to be nothing but a obama lover and follower who has no brain to think with. Now they are saying that Obama has committed a crime and may go to jail. Also lots of Americans are pissed off at Obama and this deserter right now. You want me to give them your screen name also NO Name so convenient, chicken, squauk, squauk. You have to be a little wimp like Obama!!

      • 1st of all….you’re an idiot. 2nd I wasn’t replying to nobody’s comment other than Mr. Worldwatchers lol. So your post absolutely wasted 2 sec of my life that I will never get back.

      • An idiot believes all others are idiots. Don’t waste any more seconds, because you don’t have many left 🙂 (I am replying to you, like it or not, Mr. Bergdahl.)

      • wtf lol “I’m am replying to you, like it or not, Mr. Bergdahl.” Did you just call me Mr. Bergdahl. If you did, lol, you are one of the dumbest people that commented on this post. 2 “you don’t have many left”. I served my country for some time sir. So don’t has out threats if you don’t mean it. 3rd “An idiot believes all others are idiots”, that’s not true so you confirmed how ignorant you actually are

      • oh, I forgot, when I said that I was only replying to Mr. Worldwatchers post, I meant it. I wasn’t speaking for everyone who has posted on this article. Just worldwatchers. So, because you have poor reading skills, you have taken something that wasn’t even meant for you personal. You, sir, ARE AN IDIOT LOL

      • Which country would that be? Only served “some” time? Like about a month? Deserted? 2 Only an idiot would call someone an idiot over internet. It just doesn’t have the same BANG(!)

      • This must be the post your talking about first every word I
        posted is fact Obama lived in Indonesia
        and other countries that have been hidden by the Rats handlers. In Indonesia he went to school as a Muslim prayed as a Muslim and ate dog as a Muslim!

  18. Obama and his crew have every reason in the world to lie about this, smear the platoon mates who knew Bergdahl and whitewash the whole ugly incident. The platoon guys were decent, responsible men who had no reason to lie, only to tell what they knew about Bergdahl and what happened at the base. I believe them.
    Their Commander in Chief is really the Crackpot in Charge….and we’re supposed to believe him after six years of lies?

  19. I wish I could peel the skin from the president so we as Americans could look at him for what he is. A man, a man that has been given great responsibility and power over the greatest nation in the world. A man that has failed time and time again to prove he is deserving of his post. A man that has had more scandals under his leadership then any other having occupied that position. A man that has allowed things to happened and been denying accountability for any wrong doing. A man that should have been relieved of his position long ago yet still remains. So see him as he is, a man and a failure as the president. He has no skin he is not black or white but a man, let him be judged as such. Now tell me how well you feel he has done his job in the most important office in the world as president of the United States of America.

    • Rate his job performance? HOnestly I can’t because he may be THE President but he has NEVER been MY President. What I do know as an Army Mother is that last year when my son volunteered to be deployed to Afghanistan he was only fed 2 meals a day, somehow that was okay in someone’s eyes? So, to support we sent him and his mates food every 2 weeks, not just for fun but out of necessity. We even sent him a microwave and was glad to do it~! They thought it was Christmas :*) This year his deployment is going much better but overall we NEED to bring them home, just this morning my heart is breaking over the news of 5 Americans killed under friendly fire :*( Please Lord Jesus bring them all home Safe and Soon, Hear our Prayers, Safe and Soon~!

    • I agree with you. But no matter how we skin it, the great Usurper (voter fraud) is half white, as much as he is half black.

      Don’t we realize race is no longer a distinguishable characteristic?

      Do we run DNA or RNA tests to find out who is “Black” or “White” (or “Red” or “Brown”). This is all ridiculous. Races are mixed now. The USA is the greatest racial ‘melting pot’ in the World. And slaves taken from Africa were of mixed races even then.

      We should start talking about pigmentation (Melanin concentration under the skin), rather than “race”. Most “Whites” are mixed, Most “Blacks” are mixed. And it they are not, so what? We all have the same fundamental rights per the US Constitution.

      But it was the Black vote that put the Usurper in power. And he is not even a descendant of American slaves. He usurped even the Black vote.

      No way America is going to vote for a Black (pigmentation) POTUS for a long time. They had their chance, and voted for an unknown.

  20. Yeah, Mr. Obama and his people said back in Nov. ’08 that they would be ready to “rule from day one”. They meant it. Americans though, don’t do the “rule” thing very well.

  21. Barack Obama has never been qualified for an executive role and never had or developed any work skills that would help him in such a job. He did no billable work in his only private sector law job and spent his days making notes for his “memoirs”, written by Bill Ayers. As a fill-in adjunct professor, his knowledge of the Constitution was laughable.

    He is a Chiclet-smile spokesmodel with Marxist sensibilities and a smokey baritone, nothing more.

  22. when I was in….they were the fuckups that some how got through boot…..then to the fleet. …..we all knew who they were, they fuckedup every thing they touched, they would be UA one morning and then picked up later by NIS I’m not talking about being late for quarters either…whether charged or not we never found out….scuttlebutt is all we heard. Funny though….never had one split in the combat zone…..wonder why (sarc). Seems things have not changed, in the military or the White House!

  23. Military prisoners who are released are heralded as heroes of their cause. I prefer soldiers who DIDN’T get captured, but some may have been captured due to their heroic act.

    By imprisoning these 5 high-ranking terrorists (that’s good) but later freeing them (that’s bad) we are making freed heroes out of malicious detainees. There is no better way to motivate vengeance on the part of the guerrilla enemy, while at the same time providing them with an instrument for solidarity and examples of their martyrdom.

    Take, for instance, how McCain used his capture to gain fame and respect in Arizona, to become a State Senator and even to the extent of becoming the GOP candidate for the US Presidency!

    I heard this defense of Bergdahl on a News network:
    “The BEST person who knows what happened is Bergdahl himself.”

    Analyze the rhetoric: This is to mean Bergdahl has immunity. For logically, if this is accepted and there is a dichotomy, his BEST opinion would win out. Problem is: the opinion of a deserter (known) is not the BEST opinion; and therefore, the BEST person who knows is not the deserter Bergdahl.
    Don’t buy into the premise. Negate it immediately.

    As if we would only consider the BEST witness! We know liars when we see them.
    Yet, Bergdahl has much to gain by not revealing the truth. But actually the 5 or 6 platoon members who pointed the finger at Bergdahl are the BEST witnesses, for they are in good standing. Not only that, but they form a great majority. Not only that, but seeing the Executive Admin. going after them is a sign they are telling the truth. Welcome to the civilian world, men!

    These platoon members, minus Bergdahl, shows the caliber of courageous and intelligent young men we had posted in Afghanistan.

    Do we think having the best military in the World is dispensable?
    This is where we separate the goats from the lambs.

    • He was not captured. When you walk away from a safe area knowing outside the wire is the bad guy, you have deserted. He went to them, they did not get taken by force off the installation. He knew that, he chose to leave and from that point on only he knows why he did it.

    • In addition to BO, the evil in the WH is his immediate staff. They are ruling and making important decisions ‘for’ him. He just signs where told. He is not eligible or capable of the ‘position’ of commander in chief. We have been screwed!! Was Bergdahl worth 15M and 5 of the worst of the worst Taliban? IMO? NO!!

    • Yes yes yes. We have a soldier in Mexico right now in jail just because he took the wrong turn & had guns with him that was registered but Obama does not like anyone to have guns because he wants to become your dictator. So Obama and the News media are just going to leave him there and HE IS AN HONORABLE SOLDIER NOT LIKE THIS STUPID Rafael who is white and should have been

      • Why should the Mexican government care about guns registered in the US. And they don’t care about your constitution either they are another country. And your soldier tried to escape Mexican justice. So he’s a criminal and deserves prison

  24. Excellent Mr. West. But just one suggestion:
    The Left is not ‘Liberal’ and it is not ‘Progressive’. It is Aggressively LEFT, Socialist, and even Communist in it attack on the U.S. Constitution – led by POTUS.

  25. I seem to recall that at least two of those soldiers were dishonorably discharged.

    And no, it is not at all accurate to call Bergdahl a deserter.

      • No, it is not. To be a deserter he would have to have demonstrated an intention to never come back. Given when he was captured, it was the third time he snuck away from his platoon in the middle of the night, most likely he had every intention of coming back. He went AWOL, that is not the same as being a deserter.

      • When you leave your patoon that is it you moron!! He walked away from his men that is WRONG! When they went looking for him several guys got killed because he walked away!! That would not have happened if he hadn’t dumbass!!

      • That never did happen, dumbass. The claims of soldiers having died looking for Bergdahl are lies.

      • No your the dumbass! I have lots of military in my family they yes soldiers were killed looking for this deserter

      • So what if you have soldiers in your family? That doesn’t change the fact that you’re full of crap and that nobody was killed looking for Bergdahl.

      • Sending all of his possessions home and sneaking out int he middle of the night was the evidence. Unfortunately he won’t get prosecuted in a corts martial, he will get a slap on the wrist and sent to another Army unit, Per Obam

    • where is your brain…he left his patoon I’m from a family of servicemen. Navy, Marines, Air Force, Army go inlist and come back years later and hopefully you will be able to comprehend what I just told you!!

  26. Communism and Islam shaped young Obama’s view of America.

    You may be aware of Saul Alinsky a communist / Marxist supporter
    who trained Barrack Obama as a communist radical recruit, code name community organizer. Why would Barrack Obama want to be part of an organization that was clearly focused on the destruction of America?

    The answer can be found in his childhood and people in his life
    during those all important years that shaped his views of America.

    After his father deserted him Obama was raised in Indonesia a
    Muslin country. He attended school and mosque, was taught the Koran and Islam
    faith. School document list his citizenship as Indonesian and religion as
    Islam. His parents were both communist supporters with radical views. His
    Marxist home life, Islamic schooling and many radical mentors all helped to
    shape Barrack Obama’s view of America.

    After the Berlin wall fell Alinsky mounted an all out assault on
    the American capitalist system. He wove the post communist left into a coherent
    whole that formed the coalition of communist anarchists, liberals, Democrats,
    black racialist and social justice activists into the new Democratic Socialist
    Party of today.

    Alinsky supported the communist party; Barack Obama and Hilary
    Clinton were trained by Saul Alinsky on how to overthrowing the establishment
    by any means justifies the end. Use every crisis as the issue, undermine the
    system and then step back and wait to see what happens. Attack any opposition
    and label them as racists, sexist or Islamophobes etc but totally destroy them
    with lies.

    That explains why Barrack lies about his many scandals and
    labels them phony. Barrack went to live with his grandparents at age 10. They
    provided Frank Marshall Davis to be his mentor. Davis was anti-American,
    anit-white and a member of the communist party. He mentored Barrack until he
    left for college. Other mentors were Professor Edward Said of Columbia who
    supported Palestinian terrorists’ later professor Bell of Harvard who openly
    stated he hated whites. Barrack embraced Bell’s views.

    Barrack’s Islamic roots run deep and play a big role in his view
    of America. The Koran commands that those who do not submit to Islam are to be
    killed these are the words of Allah. The true believer will do any act, say
    anything and LIE to obey Allah. We have seen the lies from Obama and his

    Question: Were the Muslims that flew hijacked planes into the
    World Trade Center fanatics; or just followers of their Islamic faith?

    Was Obama’s swap of five Taliban Generals to avoid the VA scandal
    or was he following his Islamic faith? These Generals are a major asset to the
    Taliban being skilled in planning and waging war. Clearly this swap is “aiding
    and abetting the enemy”. The blood and treasure it took to capture these five
    Taliban leaders was traded for a political photo-op in the Rose garden. It
    shows Obama’s true colors.

    Today we learned the Haggani (Mafia) demanded a five million
    dollar ransom be paid for Bergdahl. If Obama paid that buys a lot of weapons
    for the enemies. Obama has funneled money before to our enemies. When the
    Muslin Brotherhood gained power in Egypt Obama he sent $2.6 billion.

    provided weapons to Libya’s rebels and they killed four brave Americans’ in
    Benghazi. Obama placed a gag order on the survivors to suppress the truth. Does
    this sound like the actions of a real American president with love of country
    and American values? Or more like a terrorist using the office POTUS to wage
    Jihad? Impeach Obama now!

  27. Very rarely do Soldiers and Marines talk bad about others in their unit to people outside the unit. On the other hand, they are quick to talk about others in the unit who have done something heroic.

    Susan Rice characterized Bergdahl’s service as honorable and with distinction. She later tried to walk it back saying she was only referring to his decision to volunteer to join the Army. Which begs the question…would she also classify Nidal Hasan’s service as honorable and with distinction?

  28. Allen West is one smart black man – not to many others I’ afraid. Lots of not so bright blacks voted Obama in and illegal mexicans and whites!!

  29. I read a liberal progressive writer saying that, because Bergdahl had been home schooled and exposed to the teachings of St. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas, he had a greater moral depth than the average guy and had been “morally injured” by leadership in the military!


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