Boko Haram keeps killing civilians. World keeps doing…nothing.

Remember that group of Islamic terrorists that everyone was hashtagging about a few weeks back? Yeah, I know Obama-induced ADD. Well, let me remind you, the nasty chaps who call themselves Boko Haram who kidnapped some 200 Nigerian girls — and FLOTUS and Hollywood types went on social media about? Ok, now you remember.

Well, everyone was REALLY mad at these varmints but no one did anything about it — like, kill them.

So out of boredom, they decided to do something else violent and horrific. According to a report in Slate, “While dressed as members of the Nigerian army, Boko Haram militants rounded up and killed more than 200 civilians in at least three villages in northeastern Nigeria earlier this week. Community leaders who escaped the massacre said the militants lied to the villagers telling them they were there to protect them.”

Message to President Obama: this is what Islamic terrorists do for a living, and we are engaged in a global conflict against them, and now ain’t exactly the best time to go releasing senior leaders.

The community leaders claim they alerted the Nigerian military that the attack was imminent, but help never came. “We all thought they were the soldiers that we earlier reported to that the insurgents might attack us,” one community leader said.

What amazes me more than anything is the weak and feckless image we are portraying to the Islamist barbarians. We dither around with political correctness and rules of engagement trying not to cause damage — all the while they just go and slaughter innocent civilians. And where is the condemnation and diplomacy by hashtag this time?

Oh yeah, I forgot. This may not meet the litmus test for the liberal progressive media’s necessity of a distraction — just like the nearly 60 Nigerian children who were burned to death by Boko Haram February this year didn’t seem to make the cut.

This selective attention equals the selective discretion of Obama when it comes to enforcing the rule of law — oops, there I go again, irritating progressives because I invoked the name of the Dear Leader. Can’t criticize! Just look at the treatment Bergdahl’s platoon mates are getting because they dare to speak the truth.

The Boko Haram attacks happened in the villages of Danjara, Agapalwa, and Antagara in Borno state—one of the Boko Haram’s strongest bases in Nigeria. According to the BBC, the militants intended to take revenge on the villages after an earlier Boko Haram attack where some of their members were killed.

Amazing — the villagers courageously fought back and actually believed their own army would come and reinforce them. Can any of you imagine how they must feel? Or how the enemy must feel as they realize they can act with impunity?

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan is under pressure to address the situation. In response, he declared a state of emergency in three states in northeastern Nigeria, but the terrorists have responded by stepping up their assaults.

Seems like Nigerian President Jonathan graduated from the Barack Hussein Obama School of Leadership and Rhetoric — just talk a bunch and the enemy will listen. Well, here is the news for Jonathan and Obama: Islamic terrorism is not a “phony scandal” manufactured by Republicans and “Obama haters.” This is a real non-state, non-uniform threat to global stability, security and peace. This enemy doesn’t understand “Coexist” bumper stickers. They only comprehend getting killed — that gets their attention.

This week has been a triumph for Islamic totalitarianism. The Taliban got their senior leaders back and Boko Haram just showed the people in Nigeria what happens if they decide to stand up against them.

Too bad Batman was just a cartoon character, because we need a Dark Knight right about now.


  1. I have never had a worse feeling about our country or the world as I do right now. I just said the other day “hey what happen to those girls” everyone jumped on the bandwagon for? NOTHING!!

  2. Sure their methods far more brutal, but we have a similar problem!

    “the militants lied to the villagers telling them they were there to protect them.”

    Our militants more sophisticated, our villages just as Naïve?

  3. very sad indeed. Every one of these SOB’s need killed, plain and simple. Wipe them off the face of the earth. No trials, not Gitmo, just kill them all, as they are the most horrific people on the planet.

  4. And the UN are the people that the left idolize and want to run OUR country. No thank you! Or better yet, Yuck Fou!

  5. We have one in Canada also (Justin Trudeau, Leader of the (federal) Liberal party, a real limp noodle (trading on his father’s name)……totally clueless. Also a graduate of the Barrack Hussein Obama School of Leadership and Rhetoric (although he must have failed the rhetoric because he just opens his mouth to change feet, after he screws up……the Liberals are always doing damage control due to his mouth disease. Yet the brain dead electorate might make him Prime Minister in the next couple of years…….then God help Canada.

  6. May Allen West keep speaking truth to power! A great man. Listening to him is like water to a thirsty man.

  7. Just as all the bad guys promise, they won’t do it again- till the next time! barry and co. operate the very same way. This will not end till someone ends it and I guarantee it wont be Nigeria and probably not barry since the boko haram are muslims

    • Boko Haram are far from being Muslims. And why is it always up to America to do something? Why isn’t the Nigerian govt fighting these guys? That is where the real conspiracy is.

  8. Even the posting policy above say’s that I can’t post what I want but here goes anyway. I spent years in the old Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) I was in the military there. I tracked and engaged with the enemy who were terrorists (that Obama types now label as “freedom fighters”.) I later went to South Africa and spent years there as a civilian.I have very little respect for most Africans and it may surprise many that I am not a racist (although these days with all the propaganda I feel I am becoming one) I am often labeled one so I now simply shrug it off as pure political nonsence.If the U.S. run over there and give old man Johnathon a hand they will get nothing for it, not a thank you even. These folk would rather sit there and watch the bananas grow while they wait for people like us to jump to their aid. Make no mistake, we already have boots on the ground on that dark continent and very soon there will be many more.That organization of Baboons know how to rile us up and they are doing a fine job of it. Believe me, it is NOY a humanitarian thing if we go in.

  9. Well..The Choomer CHUMP is pretty busy Manloving a (D)ESERTER and his brain (D)ead (D)addy …and we’re bebuilding the Taliban War Council…so those folks will just have to DIE…Ya Knoooooow (D)udes…Try again..oooops TEE TIME ..gotta go…

  10. The problem is that The Bastard wants us to rise up so he can suspend the Constitution and create the dictatorship he wants. He is trying to rile the people into doing this. The Republican leadership is not standing up for us and they our only hope. The entitlement people have voted this country into a truly difficult position. We are teetering on the edge of an abyss that obama and his band of elitists is trying hard to shove us into.

    • You may have a point. He does do the most infuriating things constantly.
      And successively one worse than the previous.

      • Helloooo…wake up! There are 20 million communists in this country just waiting to kill Americans…they are called Government Agencies!

    • That’s a damn communist for you…disarm, wait for backlash, suspend the Constitution. Martial law. 14 agencies with 20000 men in uniform swat units each….There are more men in uniform to fight Americans, then men in uniform to fight outside enemies.

  11. .. and of course Killary of Benghazi (under the influence of her special gal pal, Huma?) did not consider this group, Boko Haram, worthy of being designated as a *Terrorist Group*.

    Do not let this woman, who has demonstrated such UNSOUND JUDGEMENT, anywhere near the Oval Office, America

  12. Just read where North Korea has an American being held. So now it starts with ransoms, money, etc. from all over the world. This admin has opened up a zillion problems with the trade. So unprofessional and childlike they are. This is not a board game. This is the future of our country.

    • Allen West is trying to get people to understand what the world is up against. rules, and laws and has tagging will not stop terrorist nor letting out there top leaders will stop this, These men don’t want to talk to us, they don’t want peace they just simply want to see the world burn. You can not reason with people like this, you can not trade, buy , talk are reason with fanatics like this. They only want mayhem , murder, blood, fear and control. They are the most dangerous kind of evil. If you play by the rules and laws you will lose because they don’t listen to the rules or laws.

  13. Allen West is more than knowledgeable and is trying to help the American public understand what is going on. Thank you, Col. West. You are a true Patriot.

  14. Hash tagging doesn’t stop terrorist murdering low lives , how ever, good men with guns and bullets do stop evil men with guns.. One day liberal do gooders will figure that out.

    • Billy – sadly, no – Liberals will never figure that out.
      They’ll be pleading to their killers’ “sense of humanity” as they are dropped into the boiling grease.
      You can’t fix those people – but, you can sure get them the Hell out of the way…

      • Sadly, Conservatives haven’t realized that if the Nigerian military and police force aren’t willing to do anything to stem the flow of violence, trying to somehow tie it to Obama is an incredibly pathetic effort on their part.

  15. Whaddaya wanna bet that Boko Haram has American made weapons in their nasty little fingers? Gun-running Holder and Zero would be to blame there, I expect.

      • Everyone knows Carter & Reagan trained the mujahadeen (future AL-Q) and loved the Taliban……

        Add our ties to AL-Q in Libya, Syria, Iraq, now Nigeria. ….likely Sudan and Somalia too!

        Let’s stick with the facts that we created the monster so we could find reasons to go to war

      • The U.S. and Russia are funneling weapons into those countries and going directly to terror…..

        And because we enabled this mess……to give us an excuse to go to another war……you say SURE….

        Both govts have played you…..

        And the Nigerian Govt knows this and does nothing to pave the way for us to go in…..

        It’s so obvious…..

        I say HELL NAH

    • BINGO…..just like Al-Q in Syria and Afghanistan and Iraq…..

      The USA sowed the oats of its enemies that itself created


  16. The story says they are killing civilians; is that code for christians or non-muslim civilians? I assume that the victims are not muslims.

  17. Deplorable situation. Well written Col. West. What is going to happen to this earth? It’s all really out of control.

  18. If 400 wild animals were killing and eating people by the hundreds, strong men with weapons would put them down in short order. Where are Nigeria’s military and police?

    Genghis Khan knew how to end such treachery. We need such a leader in Nigeria today. Or rather the Nigerians do.

  19. The only reason these innocent people do not get any help when they are being murdered by muslim terrorists (coward pedophiles) is because there is no money in it. What monetary gain can the people that can defend these helpless people get? If there is no monetary gain, they will leave the helpless to be slaughtered by these barbaric islamist terrorists (coward murderers). (Capital letters purposely omitted).

  20. To all the Whack Gun Control Liberals out there….

    Nigeria disarmed it’s people and now you have criminals murdering them and kidnapping their children.

    Brilliant! Now you want the USA citizens to be in the same position? Sitting ducks. … thank you!

  21. It’s the Nigeria Govts role to help the people and they disarmed them….the Nigerians should just flee the country.

    I wouldn’t be shocked if somehow the U.S. GOVT isn’t supporting Boko Haraaaam just like Al-Q in Syria….

    Sorry…the U.S. GOVT has gotten itself involved with too many enemies that the U.S. itself HAS ENABLED

  22. Last year, when the Nigerian army was beating the hell out of Boko Haram, Obama threatened sanctions against Nigeria for violating their human rights.


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