3 clues the White House needs to cover up Bergdahl

As more revelations emerge about Bergdahl’s disappearance, it becomes clearer that the White House has something really big to hide. Here are three clues:

1. In predictable fashion, those who question the official story must be discredited. The Soldiers who are providing their own on-the-ground recollections must be “psychopaths,” as an Obama administration official at HUD referred to them. State Department spokesperson Marie Harf has attacked their integrity, and now the media has resurrected “swift-boating” — all meant to disparage, demean, and discredit these brave American Soldiers. This is what liberals do — and I speak from experience.

2. The Soldiers who served alongside Bergdahl and were on the ground with him when he disappeared were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements. Why? Would that be anything like the muzzling of the Benghazi survivors?

3. The classified Pentagon report from 2010 on Sergeant Bergdahl should by now be de-classified, but it’s not. Why? What’s in it?

Oh, and then there’s the case of Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings who wrote about Bergdahl’s disappearance in 2012 and ended up dead in 2013. Maybe it’s just a terrible “coincidence” but why was he being investigated by the FBI?

And for the record, the issue of Bergdahl deserting his post is not debatable. However, not until there is a full investigation will the truth about his actions afterwards be made clear — and that means Bergdahl’s testifying.

To have the Obama administration attack Soldiers because they are not agreeing with the White House false narrative is unconscionable — but sadly, predictable. Oh and just wait. A new report, which alludes to Bergdahl having converting to Islam will find its author mercilessly attacked as well.

There’s a lot to this story the White House doesn’t want you to know. We’ve been here before, haven’t we? So predictable.

What else is predictable? The arrogance of Barack Hussein Obama, yesterday defiantly standing by his decision to release five senior Taliban leaders. Instead of displaying any humility in weighing this grave decision, it was abject disdain for having his actions questioned. No hostilities have ceased and the Taliban — Islamic terrorists — are not state actors, so the release is not justified under Geneva convention rules, No, it’s just Western civilization benevolence.

And the liberal excuse of using Israel’s release of 1054 terrorists for IDF Soldier Gilad Shalit as an example isn’t justified either– unless we want to also adopt Israel’s stance on not returning to 1967 borders.

I find it laughable that in one breath we have U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry referring to Israel as an “Apartheid State” but when Israel can be used to support Obama’s actions — releasing terrorists – liberals love Israel. Maybe Obama will take the same type of actions as Israel to attack Islamic terrorist havens?

However, Time magazine has already reported that the Taliban is now encouraged to kidnap more Americans, especially our men and women in uniform.

We don’t need Obama’s arrogance, especially when everyday Americans, who don’t have Secret Service protection, have targets on their backs. Hate to repeat myseIf, but I kept saying the reelection of Barack Hussein Obama would reward more bad behavior – and we’ve got two more years to go.


  1. As I have stated previously, Obama is using Bergdahl as a pawn to bolster his image to the Taliban. How many times must America be under this mans thumb? I wouldn’t be pried if his health turned fatally worse.

  2. North Korea is now claiming to have an American hostage. Now every tin pot dictator and terrorist organization will be trying to grab an American hostage. Obama has made the hostage business a very lucrative one.

    • I think we ought to give all the Gitmo terrorists lobatomies, so that when we exchange them, they will be harmless.

    • He also made a snide remark about “being really good at killing”.

      Predictably, most of us agree ….. if you don’t understand that, you need to do a lot of reading.

      He is really good at killing … anyone who doesn’t go along with his agenda.

  3. I have to ask…..exactly when did Bergdahl obtain the rank of Sargent? I don’t remember rank being used when he was referenced until his release……was this something dumped on him by Obama to enhance his importance??

    • Matter of practice to award rank advancement to captives at the same rate they would have advanced normally.

    • I asked the same question, because the White House is saying he was a POW. He would be naturally advanced when his time in grade was met. So if he had been held for another 10 years he might have been promoted to JCOS

    • POW’S and MIA’S are promoted according to time in service. Pfc on desertion.He attained his rank just as McLame did.

    • That was the main reason for bringing him home now. iF HE STAYED ANY LONGER AND WAS PROMOTED BECAUSE OF TIME IN, HE MAY HAVE COME OUT AS A GENERAL, and Obama would make the Traitor, chief of staff under our COMMANDER in Thief.

  4. I am wondering if this was not entirely set up from day one!! Like a few other actions by our Obamamama!!!

  5. I predict the not so far left democrats will have to jump ship or go down with it. This will be the hardest decision of their political lives or possible their whole life.

  6. I’ve said this more than once…instead of bitching about Obama…REPLACE HIM!!! TEAM UP WITH BEN CARSON AND TURN THIS COUNTRY BACK AROUND…PLEASE!!!

  7. This for reasons of barry’s history comes as no surprise. barry covers is ass at all cost even if it means for had to die in Benghazi. All the CIA agents had to sign non-discloser statements also.
    It would not come as a surprise that barry diliberately let loose the highest ranking prisoners first. Anything to help the enemy.
    Bergdahl is a traitor we all know that. The behind the scenes talks and dealings that barry does with a phone and a pen, must be very damaging if truly found out

  8. President Obama was once again being a tad arrogant with how clever he perceives himself to be. One needs to understand Obama as perhaps one of the most talented Three-Card Monte dealers to ever practice the scam.

    In this particular deal, the money card appeared to be Bergdahl, and Obama has successfully shilled Bowe to attract almost all of the attention, albeit negative. One would have to be completely naïve to believe that the WH didn’t know about Taliban Bowe, or that they did not anticipate the uproar once the public found out who he really is. The WH made a deliberate decision that the negative blowback was worth enduring for the short duration of the minimal attention span of the public and the media in exchange for achieving their real goal in this charade..

    The uproar however has been misdirected, as the WH intended, at Taliban Bowe as a deserter/turncoat. The misdirection successfully diverted a quite substantial degree of attention away from the actual point of the exercise, which was the freeing of the Taliban Dream Team from Gitmo. The public and the media are distracted in their focus by looking for the money card, Taliban Bowe, while Obama the Dealer shuffles the Taliban Dream Team off to Qatar and back onto the battlefield.

    Masterful Three-Card Monte at its classic best.

  9. Basic contract law says their must be consideration for a contract to be valid. A non disclosure agreement is a contract. What consideration did the soldiers and personnel in Benghazi receive for their silence? I doubt these contracts are valid. But anyone that talks can bet the government will make their life hell. IRS audits, denied benefits, etc.

    • I wonder if a Kickstarter campaign to crowd-source protection, legal defense and financial support for these guys would be a solution…

      Let “We The People” take them under our wing.

    • If any person signs a document like this and never wanted to. This is called signing under duress, which makes this contract null and void. The government cannot force you to sign. This is against the law.

      • when your throat is being crushed by a boot, it doesn’t matter if it’s a left boot or a right boot…

      • No one, I mean no one can make you sign a document like this. Even if they are threatening you. It is against the law to force anyone to sign this document. If you have any one telling you otherwise is lying to your face.

  10. Wonder if there’s a Bergdahl/Obama/Taliban connection in all of this? Doesn’t pass the ‘smell’ test – like Obama – just like Obama has never passed the smell test.

    • I’d be willing to bet there is!
      Obama called the parents with the news of their son’s release himself! Seems awfully chummy to me for a POTUS and family of an alleged hostage.

      • how different was it with Treyvon M? His son? Really? Racist illegal alien Islamic terrorist…he was put into office by the Arabian oil mongers…the only way to destroy America is not toe to toe…it’s from within…and guess what…it appears that’s what he’s doing!!!

    • Boy, when he is out of office and the truth comes out, we won’t be surprised as much as the new Pres will be busy undoing all the illegal things this alien had done while in the highest office.

      • With all that has to be repaired and back-tracked, the new Pres is going to be extremely busy. It is going to take a whole lot more to uncover all of this dictatorship’s unruly behavior. I hope I live long enough to read the book.

      • Everything went down just a little too perfectly, and Bergdahl looked as though he’d been well-tended. Compare his video with the photos of the Benghazi Four. No marks, well-fed, no terror on his face & some sense of comradeship between him & his ‘captors’. And that incident on the WH lawn – that ‘declaration’ by Bob? An Islamic tradition for claiming territory, Obama’s knowing smile? Too perfect, people. And the whole thing smells. Betcha I’m right.

  11. It’s a disgrace to call the soldiers who went to find the deserter ‘psychopaths’ – several of those so called ‘psychopaths’ (according to liberals) lost their life as a result. A psychopath is someone who trades 5 top level terrorists for a traitor.

      • Are you not listening ? I HAVE answered you ,many times on this post .So have others tried to explain it to you .You just don’t get it.

      • We kept these ” guys ” because they PLANNED the attacks .Do you ever watch the news, i mean besides the liberal news media .

      • Maybe because they are not the only ones planning attacks. This isnt rocket science. Do we release murderers from prison because other murders keep happening? Let’s release Charles Manson because people are still getting murdered. I do not see why this is hard to comprehend.

      • The Taliban 5 will be used by our enemy for propaganda. In other words incensing their soldiers. You are really a dumb *&^& Rafael X. The Taliban 5 should have been shot by a firing squad.

    • 1. Information
      2. To face the consequences of terrorism, helping kill Americans.
      Murderers do more time than these terrorists did

      • 1.What do they know of value after spending 10 years at GITMO?
        2.They didn’t come here to find Americans to kill we went over there and invaded their Country.

      • They were a part of the supporting cast who sent planes into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon & aimed for another target killing thousands of Americans, so yes they came here.

      • How do you know they weren’t interrogated & confessed? Now they can’t be judged, Obama made himself judge & jury. What happened to Obama trying them in court? Your questions are not genuine, you’re being facetious & I don’t have time for purposeful ignorance. You’re a liberal, I get that. Take care.

    • Are you serious? How about american and innocent lives thats there value being imprisoned DOH… these people want you converted to there religion or dead! They will gladly die forcing that upon you. Do you know anything?

    • Your question should be answered in reverse, I think. By not continuing to hold them, we have unleashed them and their murderous ways, to prey upon their “enemies.” Unlike civilized people, they define an enemy as anyone who disagrees with them.

    • Rafael…they should probably never see light of day because some were directly involved in the 911 planning and execution. Others are as involved in persecuting Christians. To question there return Afghanistan is to hide your head from reality…

      • How many soldiers lives where spared by keeping them locked up. Terrorist did not stop killing Americans because their leaders where locked up. They just found new leaders and changed tactics.

      • Great ! Then let’s let loose the TOP Taliban murders.I bet they learned their lesson and will never do harm again ,join the others or plan more plots.YOU ARE BRILLIANT !

    • they are top generals responsible for more damage to Americans than any others that took over after Bin Laden…with the brains back in the loop…more sinister plans will hatch…mark my words.

  12. Y’all mustn’t forget that Barry thinks the we, the ordinary American people are too Small Minded to govern our own affairs. I believe his exact words were “that the “Order and Progress” can only come when “Individuals Surrender their rights to an All Powerful Sovereign.” He thinks we are stupid. He thinks he is above everyone else. He thinks he is smarter than anyone else. WHY the Hell is he still in the White House?

    • I do not remember that one. I’ll have to look it up.
      There is this one too:

      “Unfortunately you’ve grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of
      government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that’s at
      the root of all of our problems. Some of these same voices do their
      best to gum up the works. They’ll warn that tyranny is always lurking
      just around the corner. You should reject these voices.”

      • In other words ignore the warnings that I am a dictator hell bent on destroying America as we know it .I have a lot of lies to get out there and my pen is almost out of ink because I have used it so much and that phone I always speak of….. battery is run down from executive orders and back room shenanigans.

  13. Didn’t anyone but me comment on how the president escorted Mrs. Bergahl’s mother to the podium. The father walked behind them and Obama and the Mrs. were arm around each others’ waist like high school sweethearts…

  14. dont forget about the fact that the talibon 5 were released FIVE DAYS before bergdahl was picked up.

  15. Unless these five terrorists magically drop dead from an inserted magic bullet in the next week, it is time to remove POTUS from office in the manner described by law. He is no longer fit to be in the Oval Office with his finger on the trigger.

    • Geraldo is crap. Every time I hear his name I think about the time he got his nose broken in a fight on stage during a televised interview and the hyped opening of Al Capone’s hidden vault. What an idiot and stupid too.

  16. This should reveal to us how big the VA scandal is. I believe Obama arranged the release of Bergdahl to make it look like he cares about the military & veterans, in light of the VA scandal. They wanted the praise for Obama releasing Bergdahl (a “POW”) to knock the VA story off the headlines which it did, but not like they hoped, since most Americans do not think like this administration does. They didn’t notify congress because it was a PR stunt.

  17. what i find even more interesting, is that every dirtbag in the press has been reading excerpts from hillary’s book. and not a word has been spoken of allen west’s. does any one see the light yet, or do people really WANT to be blind!!!

  18. Active duty military personnel have been told NOT to talk about the Bergdahl swap. On 6/5/14 a close friend of mine was on an airplane sitting next to an active duty soldier and he could not say one word about it but he was able to nod his head when asked if he had been told not to say anything about it.

  19. I really think scandal is not the word for this. This is deliberate sabatoge of the United States Military, Economical and International security. I have a feeling…just a feeling….a ‘guess’ call it, that Obama is purposefully ruining the United States because we are not going to be the United States much longer. I believe we have a Hitler in African form here and his intentions are to weaken the United States until we are over-thrown–taken over by the enemy. It wont just end with us. It will end with the World War III we are all in fear of happening. All the enemies now have guns–Mexico, Taliban, African terrorists too! This is, of course, speculation and just a guess. Frankly, I am continuously turning a blind eye because as long as I can afford my taxes, all I am concerned about is making my life as happy for my son and husband and dogs as possible. Get my degrees, get a job, a house, live my life out, save money for my sons college education and die hopefully going to live with God and my husbands soul. But maybe someone else could act out on such speculations?

    • see the problem is too many people “turn a blind eye” and no one wants to do anything about the discrepancies in the country because it doesn’t effect their immediate life. So why bother…the problem is there may not be a future for you to do these things you want to happen in your life, never mind your children’s lives, or your great grandchildren’s. Me personally, don’t want to have to answer a question like “grampy, what was freedom like?” from my children grand children or my great grandchildren. Want to see a change in this country…vote out these evil Democrats from congress in November, and implement Article 5 Term Limits for U.S. Congress. Sign the petition here: http://www.termlimitsforuscongress.com/e-petition.html and we may have a fighting chance without the possibility of civil bloodshed.

    • That’s the problem..as long as people keep turning a blind eye he will continue to destroy this country. Little by little until we are a third world country. That is his plan. We can’t let this happen. We need to unite and over throw this pathetic government of ours.

      • What exactly is everyone that is saying things to Josie about “turning a bloind eye” doing that she is not?…she’s seeing the problems and commenting on them. I would venture a bet that she has signed all of the petitions as they pop up in front of her just as I have, makes her phone calls to her representatives in Washington…I bet, like me, she votes…what else are you doing that we aren’t doing. I understand exactly what you said Josie. I feel I’m in the same boat with you. I’ll be watching to see what all these other people are doing that we are not….precise details on how you are “uniting and overthrowing” Ioca and Jibba Bean…or other steps you’re taking please.

      • “Frankly, I am continuously turning a blind eye because as long as I can afford my taxes, all I am concerned about is making my life as happy for my son and husband and dogs as possible. Get my degrees, get a job, a house, live my life out, save money for my sons college education and die hopefully going to live with God and my husbands soul.”

        If you have no freedoms Dianna, these things will NOT BE POSSIBLE…do you even understand what I wrote? I have volunteered to be a petitioner for Term Limits…what have YOU done? Being a keyboard patriot doesn’t work…you have to PHYSICALLY go out and EDUCATE the public and get them to understand. I, for one WANT the country back that I grew up in…are you happy with the way things are going? And NO ONE said ANYTHING about OVERTHROWING ANYTHING…Go to the website for Term Limits and ask what YOU can do to help turn the country around instead of “turning a blind eye” if you are truly an American…you may be able to see the sun now, but storm clouds come quickly and without warning…don’t sit idle and “hope” for the best…get off your but and SECURE your future…your Kids future and the future of the next generations!!! http://www.termlimitsforuscongress.com/e-petition.html

      • by the way…I stand outside the Massachusetts State House EVERY weekend…come by and see me…and you can physically sign my analog petition…

    • I hope you will continue to share your thoughts Josie. It is much more than a “scandal”. Your children and my grandchildren are in harm’s way because of this monster and we need to do everything we can, on a daily basis, to turn things around.

    • You give obama far too much credit…Hitler was at least trying to strengthen his country (in his eyes at least). Obama is just a sabatur(sp)

  20. Do tell me again how this administration appreciates the US military. Certainly, the MB, Hamas, CAIR, etc. are happy that Americans are dying; otherwise the administration only pays lip service to the active military and the veterans.

      • More than likely this fiasco was staged to improve his sagging ratings and push the VA and other scandals to the back burner. BTW, one AWOL soldier who walked away on his own accord is not worth 5 extremely bad Taliban who will be out there either capturing or killing our guys.

      • I think he has, it remains to be proven otherwise. Innocent until proven guilty, that’s still how we do things in America. Terrorists or not.

      • what happened to all people are created equally? its people like you that let our constitutional rights become as eroded as they are. someone say’s terrorists and everyone automatically hates them. during the revolutionary war were we not the terrorists in Brittan eye’s?

      • The protections afforded by the United States Constitution do not apply to enemy combatants. And it was decided some time back that they aren’t prisoners of war, either, so the Geneva Conventions don’t apply. Keep in mind, there were compelling reasons that these five Taliban were taken into custody.

      • I’m sure that was the last thing going through Anwar al-Awlaki’s mind as he and his son were being blown to bits.

      • There has been quite a bit of press on him over the years. I did a search a couple of days ago to see if I could find a news article in which he was referred to as a POW and couldn’t find one. All I found were reasons put forth by the powers that be as to why he HADN’T been declared a POW. Can you link to a credible source that shows that he was?

      • The President and Susan Rice refer to him as a POW in their remarks, but i notice that the Pentagon spokesman goes to great lengths to avoid using that designation. “Splitting legal hairs” or not, he refuses to call Bergdahl a POW. It’s the military who make that determination, not the President.

  21. I’m sure glad Obama is able to have all these scandals. That way all these people he says are liars are getting exposed. Tongue in Cheek.

  22. I wish we had a man like you in the White House, Col. West. Each day I become more and more discouraged about our country’s future.

  23. Obama’s issues will finally catch up to him and the people in the press and politicians giving him cover. I have a feeling there will be a large number of democrats conveniently taking early cushy retirements and fading into the wood work. Let’s just hope the voters that have to vote in their replacements don’t vote in another bunch of sheep. That goes for the left and right voters.

  24. If you go by what the main stream media is saying about this you’d think Bergdahl invaded the beaches of Normandy and defeated the Germans single handedly.

  25. why in the world don’t somebody do something about him ,we have everybody bitchen about him ,are they afraid of begin called a racest how about col. allen west he could take control and theres no reason to call him racest

    • Doing anything that sets new, unlegislated precedent would be very dangerous for our future as a nation, much in the same way Obama is dangerous.

  26. News Flash “At D-Day observation today President Obama declared we would start calling it B-Day in honor of the newly appointed Leftist hero Bergdahl.”

  27. Obama is seriously going to bring civilian army and looks like the picture is beginning to take shape Mexican illegal criminals probably being hidden and trained to do us harm

    Muslim Brother Hood; Black Panthers and foreign troops UN . this serious and we must have God’s help soon.OF COURSE TRY TO BE PR

  28. Thank you for focusing attention on the essential issues regarding this Bergdahl scandal LTC West:

    2. The Soldiers who served alongside Bergdahl and were on the ground with him when he disappeared were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements. Why? Would that be anything like the muzzling of the Benghazi survivors?

    3. The classified Pentagon report from 2010 on Sergeant Bergdahl should by now be de-classified, but it’s not. Why? What’s in it?

    Oh, and then there’s the case of Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings who wrote about Bergdahl’s disappearance in 2012 and ended up dead in 2013. Maybe it’s just a terrible “coincidence” but why was he being investigated by the FBI?

  29. Perhaps he did this because he is enacting a tactical strategy to
    capture more Taliban fighters and the “5” are just acting out there part
    to trick the Taliban….hahaha just kidding:) Obama is not the brightest
    cookie in the jar is he, and I bet he won’t be impeached for his back
    stabbing decision, and of course he is “proud” of his decision. What a
    thoughtless president.

    • I was going to say … are you ducking kidding. If it wasn’t for the bulls hit we have to go through over there and all the hoops etc. These Pos would have the fight knocked out of em and all the top guys would be dead. Period. Believe that

  30. Where is Bergdahl right now? Is he being held until they clear this up? or is he running around gathering support?

    • My guess is working with the White House, creating and rehearsing “his side of the story” for when the Clown-in-Chief parades him out as a hero for the cameras.

    • Actually he retired but at a lesser rank you toad. And he did what a real leader does and stood up for soldiers who were falsely accused and have since been exonerated. But will anyone in this liberal cow-pie of an administration apologize and reinstate his higher rank he’ll no.

      • He stood up for soldiers?? No…those soldiers got article 15’s, lost rank and pay…Allen west didn’t stand with those men! Stop makeing up FACTS!

      • Ret USMC officer .. try again D#CKBREATH …

        When I see Allen West at lunch in DC … Kicking his #SS would be a privilege that many of my brothers want in on ..

        NEXT !!!

      • Oh and you certainly are the example of a fine Officer.. lol get a life loser, you are just jealous of his accomplishments.. West has far more going for him than you ever will. Try again…

  31. So according to Allen West Obama should apologize or something? “Displaying humility” for what? Freeing an American? All Obama is doing is clean the chicken-hawks mess, the only thing he should apologize about is not bulldozing GITMO into oblivion. Instead of letting it stand as a shrine to republicans incompetence and hubris. Bergdhazi replaced Benghazi as the new conservative obsession.

      • Moron is a poor choice of words to misspell. Also “you are” would have been better. well, and “You not a american” could have been better typed as again “you are” and American should be capitalized. I am a conservative and really never pick on a persons grammar or spelling as I am certainly not an ace at either of those myself. but if you are going to call someone a “moran” come on, I need to point that out.Just sayin”

    • The word is humility – not humiliation. Humility is recognizing one’s place and understanding one’s role in the grand scheme, the opposite of pride, arrogance, and individualism. By acting alone. the President exceeded his authority and broke the law.

      • Congress was notified since 2011. Republicans where calling for Bergadhl’s release. You guys criticize everything Obama does on the world stage to try to make people forget republicans started this whole mess. Obama doesn’t have nothing to humble about especially not in front of that useless, inept and impotent Congress.

      • ‘Congress was notified since 2011’ that 5 prisoners were being released from Gitmo? Not true. Please post again when you’re thinking rationally.

      • Why the hell are we arguing this liberal lunatic?!! We’re not ever going to get him to change his views ~ he’s drunk on the koolaid and has his nose so far up Oblamo’s ass that he can see Russia from there.

      • They weren’t notified they were going to go through with this and had only discussed what options they had. There was no plan and even Carney stated in 2013 that they were not going to act on anything at that time and would give congress 30 days notice as per the law.

      • We’ve all heard that the law requires the administration to give Congress 30 days notice before releasing
        prisoners from the U.S. terrorist detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba — a provision the White House willfully ignored in the recent release of five Taliban commandos in exchange for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

        But the law — specifically the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014 — requires much more than that. Congress did not intend for the president to give lawmakers a simple heads-up. Instead, the House and Senate ordered that any such 30-day notification must include:

        1) A detailed statement of the basis for the transfer or release.

        2) An explanation of why the transfer or release is in the national security interests of the United States.

        3) A description of any actions taken to mitigate the risks of reengagement by the individual to be transferred or released…

        4) A copy of any [review board] findings relating to the individual.

        5) A description of the evaluation [of conditions in the country to which the individual would be transferred].


        Wannabe despot obama ignored all provisions as mandated by the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014. Which he SIGNED into law on December 26, 2013.

    • He didn’t free an American he freed a traitor in exchange for 5 anti American terrorists. Go drink some more of the kool aid

      • That’s fine. The issue here is that the “trash” was not taken out. They were returned. The President himself said that it was possible they’d just return to violence against us. He himself, not me. Does this not concern you? These were high-level guys. Rafael, buddy, this isn’t about politics. We just let some serious hardcore terrorists go. They want to kill you, no matter what your political team. I can’t be more serious about it.

      • They want to take arms against the United-States again. Take them out for good this time. It’s not like there was any hope to rehabilitate them.

      • As a 100% disabled Vietnam Veteran, he is no longer considered an American by my standards, he is a traitor and joined the Taliban. This is the first and only comment I will make and the last time I will read your comments. Shove off.

    • I’ll hate myself for bothering. He could have bulldozed GITMO if he had wanted to in his 1st year in office. Getting Bergdahl back included him breaking the law. Will you extend the same broad powers to the next President? Be honest, now.

      • He should have bulldozed it that’s why I said that is one thing he should apologize about. Quite frankly I don’t care about the hurt feelings of that impotent Congress. I would not trust them with my chlidren’s lives.

      • Sorry, I don’t follow your logic. My meaning was that he had a Democratic Congress and a high level of support for the 1st two years in office. He literally could have done anything, closing GITMO being a fulfillment of a campaign promise. No one could have realistically stopped that.

      • I agree with you he could have bulldozed it, that’s one thing that disappointed me in the Obama administration. He just chose to listen to republicans against his better judgement. Conservatives did not want to give GITMO detainees constitutional protection. Supermax prisons in depressed small-towns all over America competed to have GITMO prisoners sent to them. But doing that would have meant providing due process once they’re on American soil and republicans wanted the option to be able to torture those prisoners a little more. Inexperienced Obama followed their lead, I bet he knows better now.


      • Is that the only thing that disappointed you about him? Wow Raf… I’m getting more and more disappointed in you… I really thought you had a chance for a bit there, you were starting to actually think for yourself… but oh well … bad habits are hard to die…

      • You ever notice Rafael X that these people NEVER dispute what you are saying with FACTS?? They throw around myths and when that doesn’t work….They will call you a nasty name

      • Here’s 20 cents. Call all your friends and bring back some change! Oh that’s right you have no friends.

      • So what then should we do about terrorists who are planning and carrying out terrorists acts against us and others around the world? Leave them be to continue to do it? Should we just turn a blind eye to this? What if the next place that gets hit is right in your own town, near your kids school?

        Im sure the families of the people killed on 9/11 wish they had gotten these guys the first time around when they did a trial run when Clinton was on office… or did you forget about that?

        And as far as “Bergdhazi” goes, I’m real sure the families of the four men murdered in Benghazi would appreciate your play on words… none of them need to be forgotten and all of them should be investigated and prosecuted. I’m really let down by you Raf as I thought you were above making fun of this situation, but you just proved you are just as low as all those liberals who want us to “just forget about it”.

      • Kill them. If we want to keep them in jail give them due process. And what makes me laugh is not the dead in Benghazi but conservative apoplexy about everything Obama does even going the gym and lifting weights. Legitimate criticism gets lost in all the noise.

      • YOU FIRST ! Our brave men already sacrificed their lives to capture them just to have your president release them to destry again.Better pray it’s not your family killed this go round.

      • No ,that’s because you hide and let others step up to the plate to defend your sorry A$$.

      • Are you always so stupid or is today a special occasion? You will when it’s your turn to get beheaded

      • Nope .idiots like you liberals who want the terrorist released and shut down like you are the abomination.Did you hear the latest on the news.One of the GITMO terrorist you spent all afternoon defending just declared the will take more lives of Americans now that he is free.Guess that will make your day ! Thanks to your president and the morons who put him in office .

      • Well according to you that’s exactly what you expected. Can’t get much dumber than that .

      • No we expect them to stay prisoners of war which is what there are. barry should never have let them go for a traitor

      • Gitmo is one place we can hold terrorists without allowing them on US soil. If the cowards would behave in a military fashion, wear uniforms and not hide behind women and children, they may be treated as prisoners of war, not cowardly terrorists.

      • There is noting in the constitution about Gitmo.
        Why don’t you go to the library and brush up on your ignorance? You twist what people say to suit your agenda. You’re wrong most of the time

    • Good old chicken s%$# Rafael X. You are like your president ,you just never learn do you ? Troll posting again .

    • Obamas butt boy again bak at it ..god i wish obama was white because people with brains would still feel the same and you wouldnt even no sbout this …someday when you grow up and can think for yourself you will stand for whats real and not feel the need to defend the black man …what does he hav to do before you see the truth…i no i no turn white

      • U live your life by the race card …whats funny i would feel the same about this loser of a life time president if it was george bush or bill clinton or howdy dowdy …but this idiot just happens to be black ..and lucky him buz his guardion idiot doest want to see all the white folk pick on the black guy..theres only one true racist in this argument and that malcom in the middle x…your so readable your funny

      • Too bad there is no vaccine against stupidity. You need it badly
        You use the race card more than anyone here. You and Lee are the biggest hypocrites that show up on this site. Time to look in the mirror and ask yourself if you’re for real.

    • You sound like one who is on welfare and don’t know squat about anything. Obama keeps doing what he’s doing, soon there won’t be any money to support you.

    • First Mr. X., I assume you are a racist spewing member of the Nation of Islam, freeing an American who is a traitor is in fact treason. It is called aiding and abetting the enemy of the United States of America. This is the law. This is a fact. Deserting your post in time of war is treason. This is the law. He should not only apologize for his treasonous act in freeing this traitor he should also turn himself in for that treason to be tried and have sentence passed on him. GITMO is a necessity because of terrorists and your inability to understand that is either willful stupidity or you are choosing to use this issue to pursue your racist hatred. It really is that simple.

    • Diarrhea of the mouth; constipation of the ideas. I see you post the same thing over and over again. You never read the articles I gave you the links for did you? No of course not.

      Same old rhetoric Bush’s fault. well sweet gay boy barry has had 6 years to correct anything that Bush did. barry has only made things worse

  32. Thing is, this is yet another outlandish scandal with Obama at the center of it. If we had a Congress with any guts, several scandals ago, that man would be out on his ear. Probably in prison for treason by now. And discrediting people is what the Obama administration does best – or try to, anyway. None of these scandals are going to be forgotten by anyone with a working brain. The guy is a traitor, plain and simple, and it’s a disgrace that we haven’t the decent elected people in office who would stand up and declare him so. In this case, the man ‘freed’ someone who deserted and also managed to free terrorists to once again plan and probably achieve an attack on America. Apologize? The man should be hung!

    • The president is an african american liberal. It is unconscionable to impeach him based solely on his traitorous performance, beliefs, destructive decisions and lawless behavior. What are you thinking? Wake up.

      • Well, perhaps if we stop talking about him being “African American” and address him as White as he is half white and was raised by his white grandparents maybe we can go through with and everyone can feel better about it…. you know because we can’t impeach a Black man it will make us “racist”.

      • And that was the plan. In 2007 when Hillary jumped in she was the favorite. Oh lawdy we dems will have the 1st female potus! Then came Obama. His skin color trumped her plumbing.

  33. It’s beyond frustrating to stand by, wringing my hands, frustrated at seeing my nation’s laws and values violated. What the heck should we do? I wrote my Congress critter. I think we need leadership and organization (such as Mr. West, naturally) for grass roots movement. Perhaps voting out every incumbent? A groundswell demanding impeachment proceedings?

      • It’s idiots like you that caused the mess we are in!! I don’t know how many conservatives I heard as I made my rounds to my customers, exclaiming that their vote wouldn’t matter anyways. This is pure idiotic thinking! We need as many conservative voters in the booths as we can get there! ! Even if they do have cases of voter fraud, if these lazy conservative complainers would get their butts to the polls, we would be much better off!! You see, this country has more conservatives than liberals. The conservatives have just had this stupid thinking going on that their vote doesn’t matter! Well buddy, it sure as hell does matter! In fact, it not only matters, it is “CRITICAL” to the survival of this wonderful place we call “The United States of America”!!

      • I vote every election, local and national. Still, my vote does not count. It is all rigged. And slow down with that calling me an idiot. I’ll give you a pass just this once.

      • AND it matters that the voters are alive and not casting votes from the grave, as we saw repeatedly last election. Remember ACORN the first election.

  34. Col West , your one hell of an American ! Salute. hope you do run for office , we need men like you to bring back American to wht she usr to be

      • If your brain were chocolate, it wouldn’t fill an M&M. How much do you get paid an hour for this gig you have? If you get paid a penny, you are over paid

      • Earl Lee, quick, edit your post before people make a fool of you. You have made a mistake by typing ‘Allen West’ instead of ‘OBAMA’

  35. Wonder if Obama forced the 5 prisoners to sign up for Obamacare before he released them. No that would be too much punishment.

  36. The major difference between Shalit and Bergdahl is that Shalit was physically kidnapped and Bergdahl deserted>

      • Proof of what? That you’re a troll? Proof Bergdahl deserted? Try the 2010 Pentagon report? Try Michael Hastings article in Rolling Stone, that wonderful liberal rag…try it’s all in black and white. The Israeli soldier was taken prisoner from his outpost during an attack by terrorists. Also documented in news reports at the time

  37. They had to sign full-disclosure agreements. The Benghazi survivors had to sign full-disclosure agreements. WHY? Is there a connection?

    • One incident was in Afghanistan and the other is in Libya. How can there be a connection? Can there simply be a matter of applied policy? It would appear that as many as 14 men were lost trying to rescue a worthless deserter. I think the decision to decease and desist should have been made to begin with, unless the plan was to liquidate him.

  38. Obama has not one ounce of dignity, not one shred of class! He is the most corrupt disgrace ever to sit in the white house. Just when you think this pathological LIAR can not sink to a new low he attacks our brave men in uniform who did not desert their post for this scumbag muslim traitor. Of course thats what obama is too…

  39. DISGUSTING! Barack Hussein Obama shames the United States
    by chewing gum at D-Day 70th Anniversary Commemoration in Normandy, France

    • he needed to chew some nicorette gum. he found out the American War Hero didn’t want to shake his hand! he gets a pass on that one!

  40. Allen west….in a previous post you complained that the president wasn’t doing enough to get him home. Now that he has brought him home now u say he’s done too much? You are a HYPOCRITE!!!

    • FYI Allen West, I am sure, was not expecting five taliban to be traded for him. While we are all glad he’s home, this should never have happened. Others died looking for him, what about their families.

      • I’m sorry but you don’t ask that everything is done to bring him home then COMPLAIN about what is done to bring him home. He is a HYPOCRITE! You trying to make sense of it STILL doesn’t make him any less of a HYPOCRITE!! He should have his staff to read his previous post on this topic to avoid being viewed as a HYPOCRITE!!

      • In the military, they have a creed, or saying, or whatever you want to call it, to leave NO man behind. It is not to, leave no man behind unless he’s a traitor. My guess is that Col. West was wanting the man returned to face a military court, not for the public or anyone else. However, as gingerpal said, I am sure he was not expecting the traitor-in-chief to release 5 TALIBAN in trade for him. Asking that everything be done to bring this man home did not include committing treason. It is only viewed as hypocritical by obummer supporters who refuse to see a fact as a fact; in this case the fact that treason was committed to bring this man home. Personally, I couldn’t care less if they brought this traitor (Bergdahl) home or not; however I know most honorable military personnel wanted him home to face a trial for his desertion.

      • I, too, am a veteran.

        “No man left behind,” however, refers to those unwillingly captured – taken against their will. Bring those men home.

        In the case of a deserter, you’re not dealing with someone who was UNWILLINGLY left behind. If he did desert, then it was HIS IDEA to be left behind.

        And there’s a good reason that desertion in the face of the enemy has been invariably a capital offense. In my command? I’d have shot him myself, if I’d caught him in the act of desertion.

        Like LTC West, I’d go through Hell with a gascan for my men. But, once you desert? You’re no longer one of mine. In those situations, you’re one side or the other, it’s that simple. (Bullets don’t distinguish when they hit someone.)

      • Everyone’s overlooking one thing: muslims behead infidels. Daniel Perl, Bergman, how many others were beheaded? The only way Bergdahl is still alive is if he converted to (or already was) a muslim when he deserted. Even so, as a convert he would always be a second class citizen. Earl Lee you’re a moron for trying to defend Obama. He gave up 5 of the worst of the worst taliban leadership for a total loser at best, a traitorous dog and possible collaborator at worst and a deserter no matter how you cut it. One of the 5 is wanted by the UN for war crimes – I’ll be you were one of those howling at Bush for “going it alone”. How come your friend Barry didn’t turn that dirt bag over to the UN? Instead he’s roaming free in Qatar. Nah, something about this entire thing stinks.

        Why don’t you put the same effort into getting the Marine back from that hell hole jail in Mexico? At least he DID server honorably and completed two tours. And he’s rotting in jail because the idiots at the border can’t hang a friggin’ sign right! Redirect Earl Lee, redirect – then slink back down your hole…

  41. AND another thing about is that Obama went to a very surprised to Afghanistan just before the swap happened; and the CIA station chief in the White House was fired just before that swap too !
    It really seems that some is really stinking about everything about the whole thing.

      • As you say; it means the same thing potatos, potatoes. Can’t you think that let his usefulness thrown away just stupid to do ? And why did Obama have a surprise “visit” to Afghanistan with nothing let it out until he got back here ?!?

      • O’s surprise visit to Afghanistan and Bergdahl’s release were both handy distractions from the horrific VA death panel scandal. And that is only the surface underneath much more.

  42. I truly believe that Ovomit will not make it another 2 years. Talk about someone with a target on their back.

    • I pray for his safety every night. If something happens to Comrade Obama, the order of losers that follow him are: VP Biden, Speaker Boehner, Pres of Senate Harry Reid, Sec of State Kerry, Sec of Treas Lew, Sec of Defense Hagel, Attny Gen Holder, and eventually down to the Sec of Homeland Security. And we would be under Marshal Law and our guns would all be confiscated. I want Obama to live long…in his cell after he has been impeached and tried for treason.

  43. Just when Americans think that Barry is done demoralizing the men and women of our nations military…………………

  44. Why does everyone keep calling him Sgt. Bergdahl.? He has never seen a corporal or Sgt stripe as he was a PFC when he deserted and how can he be promoted to Cpl and Sgt when he is in a foreign prison and did he get a package in the mail with his Stripes to sew on that white Islam gown he was wearing? Will someone please tell me how deserting your comrades makes you eligible for promotion . Help me with a sane answer.

    • Promotion /in/ /absentia/ – the first few enlisted promotions (usually through E4) are time-based, not merit-based or tested for.

      • Still he made Sgt., a merit based promotion. Maybe the terrorists went to the PX and got him his stripes.

      • E4 – top end of the “timed” promotions. E5 typically requires exams and probably “sitting a Board.”

      • Did the terrorists set up a promotion board for him to be tested? When I was on active duty, you had to go before the promotion board for an interview. And that was only after being recommended by a supervisor.

    • Probably because he converted to Islam! That’s a good enough reason for Obama to promote you nowadays, right?

    • Reminds me of Marshal Kim Jong Un, Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army, now the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
      Active duty since 2010

  45. Quoting Allen West:
    “Oh, and then there’s the case of Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings who wrote about Bergdahl’s disappearance in 2012 and ended up dead in 2013. Maybe it’s just a terrible “coincidence” but why was he being investigated by the FBI? ”

    Image of Michael Hastings car after the deadly crash compared to a car bomb: http://i.cubeupload.com/vg1Egq.png
    Mind. Blown.

  46. These wienies in congress are scared of Obama. Impeach him now because he is totally out of control. How many laws does he have to break. He has violated his oath of office. He is the first Anti-American President in our history.

    • People are ignoring you Earline. Either step up the wanna be Ttoll game with some at least interesting comments or get a new hobby.
      People are tired of the hate and just boring insults you post.
      You are welcome for this friendly educational message.

    • Pattern of behaviour – now that they know we’ll trade five of theirs for one of ours (whether Bergdahl deserted or was captured is tangential,) they’ll be willing to capture one of ours to negotiate another trade.

      “Rewarding bad behaviour,” again. Don’t believe me? See what happens when you try it with your own children (assuming you have any.)

    • Little brain dead leftist troll, men DIED & were catastrophically INJURED searching for a deserting traitor that made it quite clear in his letters & emails that he is a traitor to his country. Men DIED & were catastrophically injured in Benghazi, Brian Terry DIED because of Obama’s gun walking scandal, along with 100s of Mexican citizens, Obama BOMBED a sovereign nation without provocation & without congressional approval, Obama MURDERED 2 U.S. citizens without trial with a drone strike, Obama has armed TERRORISTS all over the Middle East who are now using those weapons to MURDER Christians by the thousands, Obama BRAGGED about being good at killing when his drone program was brought up during an Interview, 73% of troop DEATHS in Afghanistan have occurred under Obama’s watch, the men who supposedly killed Bin Laden were all killed when their helicopter was shot down under mysterious circumstances, WAY more Afghani civilians have been killed under Obama’s drone program than under Bush’ yet not a peep from YOU or your leftist Code Pink, anti war HYPOCRITES. ALL PROVEN, so take your brown nose & shove it further up Obama’s a$$, crawl back to media matters & pick up your $20.

  47. We know what the problems are. What are you guys in office going to do about it? Why do we elect representatives? To protect Americans and administer to the welfare of the country.

  48. There’s a miscreant living in the White House! Unfortunately the people put him there and pays his rent!

  49. The worst part is he going to ultimately be discharged and probably get preferential treatment at the V.A. Better than those who have served honorably and certainly better that the 40 who die while waiting for care or those that are going to die while he’s getting treated like royalty.

    • I am surprised he is still alive.. how easy could it be to have some kind of attack as Obama said he was in very bad health


  51. There has to be more to it. Obama and thugs want the Islamic rule in the U.S. We did Praise then criticise W. Bush for war on terror. Again I am starting to think Obama is bringing war to our soil instead of Afghanistan. All I know is that Obama broke the law again and Himmler Holder will not allow the prosecution of this traitor in charge.

  52. If I were one if those slandered soldiers… I’d sue for defamation. Are WH people all certified psychologists now?

  53. Yeah Hastings found something HUGE and it got him killed. This was probably a staged operation the entire time in order to empty GITMO. Straight out of Homeland. We have a Muslim traitor in the WH, he has supported and armed radical Islamic terrorists all over the globe, by design. We have been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama, I mean Barry should be impeached for this, supporting and paying a terrorist organization. Bergdahl and his Dad most likely have been prepped for this for years. Just remember in the Rose Garden the other day, he praised Allah and read aloud the FIRST WORDS FROM THE QURAN, it was the Muslim victory prayer. It claimed victory over the WH and America for Islam. Their is SO MUCH MORE to this story, enough to have journalists MURDERED in order to keep it quiet. Bergdahl will be suddenly declared mentally unstable and won’t be put on trial, they will use this excuse to blame all of his actions while deserting.

    • JM, Hillary’s Chief of Staff (1996 to now) Huma Abedin (the wife of Anthony “snapshot” Weiner) has very close relations with the Muslims: her mother, Saleha Abedin, is the co-founder and spox for the Muslim Sisterhood, while her brother runs with the Muslim Brotherhood. Just thought I’d let you know about Hillary, who, IMO, I don’t think will be running for the POTUS, due to a “health” failure. Benghazi: http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/51679

    • Clarification: His name is Barry Sowetero, and he was born in Kenya, one of the worst Nations in the world. Would not it be grand if he would just go back and stay there? See how he likes it. America has grown weary of all the trashbag Nations who wish for the Ameirican Dream, only to show up sticking to their distorted value-systems. Go home where you belong, and see if you can straighten out your OWN countries. You cannot, for evil resides there everyday.

    • I agree with you fully, with that said have you seen the movie on Netflix “Dreams from my REAL father” it is epic! This is what he meant when he said my administration will be the most Transparent in History! It was a threat!

  54. Speaking of more clues, I kid you not. The list of bodies that Hillary Clinton leaves behind is growing…this time, Grace Garcia, a former senior advisor who worked for then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (and for Bill in earlier years) was killed (silenced ??) just a few days ago.

  55. Obama followed the orders of his Muslim bosses to the letter. He has so much blood on his hands now, how much more blood will be shed because of these five maniacs. he has done all he can to destroy America, and aid Muslims, which according to his “Pastor”, Jeremiah Wright, ” OBAMA IS MUSLIM”.

  56. I heard Bergdahl was “captured” in response to an anti-Muslim video by some obscure video maker in California, but at this point “what difference does it make,” that was a long time ago, right ?!?!?

    • If this does not finally cause Impeachment proceedings to start in Congress we are truly past the point of no return for this once great Republic. All of Obama’s actions in office have been vile and unconscionable, but this one is the most slap us in the face disgusting while leaving him zero plausible deniability to hide behind subordinates and lackeys.

      I encourage everyone to talk to their Representatives and find out why Impeachment is not on the floor right now.

  57. Thanks, Lt. Col. West, for injecting some common sense and a healthy dose of reality into this liberal mash-up of incompetence and lawlessness..

  58. The Congress will not impeach him. They are like him in their own way. To disparage a black president is racist by American standards. They want the black vote so they can continue to line their pockets with coin and power. The Birdman of Afghanistan will suddenly die in a military hospital of unknown causes or heart failure. The power structure cannot afford him as a liability.

    • With all due respect sir, then why bother to rescue him, AKA Obama should’ve let him rot in Afghanistan. Screw what his Muslim traitor parents wanted, and if he wanted to score political points, he should’ve released the Marine held in the Mexican prison. I fear this is a lot worse than any American can imagine, and this deserting traitor’s release is just the tip of the icebergdahl!

  59. You are the /last/ person who should be criticizing another soldier. But they, I guess you are pretty well acquainted with the military justice system, aren’t cha? #AllenWestWarCriminal

    • Attack the messenger. If anyone has insight or the guts to question or disagree with the agenda of the left then it’s time for politics of personal destruction…truth be rammed. Colonel West was drummed out of the military for firing a gun too close to an enemy’s head in an effort to gain information. Not at the individual. Popping balloons also makes a loud noise. Is that bad too? He didn’t behead anyone like the Taliban is known to do. I suspect you have never damned that act of barbarism. Let’s stick to the Bergdahl discussion and not try to deflect the subject.

      • So you’re admitting he is a war criminal?

        I really don’t care what the Taliban does. If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump, too?

      • War Criminal? As defined by who? By your account anyboy who has use inhanced iterogation techniques is a war criminal? Even though information that was gathered by those methods led to the location of Bin Laden, liberals think they are above the dirty work. We could have simply been nice and polite and he would have told us everything we wanted to know. What naivete.

      • No, the information he got from torturing that person was not actionable. It was crap, just lik most of the intelligence gained under “enhanced interrogation techiques” is. And if he did nothing wrong, why did the Army fine him and force him to retire?

      • Once a debatable issue has been placed in one’s service file the chances of further promotion are limited. There are only a handful of flag positions available. Colonel West realized this and retired. You and I digress. Let’s focus on Bergdahl and the ineptitude of Obama and his advisers. I suspect you have no viable arguments concerning that issue and insist on attacking the messenger. Typical response by a left wing zealot. The NY Times attacks the the other members of the deserter’s platoon and not their eyewitness reports. Intellectual honesty please.

      • He was only an LTC. And he was forced to retire. Some wanted him to get a Letter of Reprimand, but that was not the plea.

        As for Bergdahl, it’s really sad that the Kangaroo Court of he Right has already tried and convicted him when the Army has come to no conclusion on what actually occurred.

        And can you explain how Republicans were all for bringing him home until President Obama actually did it.

        It is sad how your hatred of one man trumps your love of our country.

      • I do not hate the man. I despise his policies and the incompetence that time and again rears its ugly head. Fast and Furious… fail. Obamacare… fail…keep your doctor. Keep your plan. Reduce health care costs. Fail, fail, fail. Benghasi… fail. 4 dead Americans including the first death of a US ambassador since 1979. VA HEALTHCARE fix…fail. Bergdahl… fail. Stopping Iran’s nuke program…fail. The list goes on. You and the other left wing zealots suffer from cognitive dissonance. Wake up fool.
        Sent from my Verizon 4G LTE Smartphone

        —– Reply message —–

      • You are a cesspool of Faux News talking points.

        Fast and Furious: old program, new name.

        ACA: Definitely not a failure. Millions who have never been able to get insurance are not insured. It will definitely reduce healthcare costs since it is common knowledge – and common sense – that preventing disease is cheaper than curing it. As far as “keeping your doctor:” nothing in the ACA prohibits that. It is up to individual /private/ healthcare providers which insurance plans they decide to accept. It would definitely be government over-reach (a Conservative’s worse nightmare unless it’s something they want to do) to /require/ all private healthcare providers to accept all types of insurance.

        Give Benghazi a rest. If the military commanders in the area said nothing could have been done, who are you to contradict them? What credentials do you have that make you more knowledgeable than 2,3, and 4 Star Generals who were actually involved in the situation?

        The VA has been a shambles for some 40 years. And he’s supposed to fix it in 8? Really?

        Again, Conservatives were calling for Bergdahl’s return. Another class case of Conservatives’ “We were fir it until he was fir it, and now we are agin it.”

        Exactly who are we to determine who can and cannot have nuclear power? Not to mention the fact that Iran has said they are not developing nuclear power for military purposes and the IAEA have found no evidence that they are. All this would have been a non-issue if we had “allowed” them to develop their own nuclear medical capability. It’s only the hate and fear mongers at Faux and their band of merry men that continue to scream how “Iran is going to Klll us!” And, besides; after 12 years of war, our coffers are beyond empty and our troops are exhausted. It is doubtful we would be able to support another war effort even if there were a legitimate purpose … which there rarely is in war

        So how’s that for substantive commentary, HoHo the Clown?

      • Typical liberal jargon. Another failure by Obama are his economic policies. It has been the worst recovery from a recession in decades. Employment participation rate is at record lows. Trillions have been spent to no avail. 40% of jobs created during the past 5 years have been part time jobs. Yep.Sounds like another failure to me. The idea of increasing government handouts and benefits to those who have done nothing to improve their skill sets is enabling writ large. That’s not compassionate, that’s stupid. No need for personal attacks. However, when someone is losing the debate, especially those on the left, they start name calling. It takes a fool to argue with a fool. You have proven yourself a fool so I am done. Good luck in your endeavors, such as they are.

      • You have nothing to substantiate your claims other than the same old, tired, talking points. And the primary reason the economy is the obstructionist Congress that has yet, in 5 years, to produce a viable jobs bill that is anything other than an effort to ram through more deregulation and corporate welfare via more tax breaks.

    • Have you ever been in the military? When we had the World Wars, it was kill or be killed. Now it is “let the enemy kill you”, but PLEASE do not hurt one of Obama’s brothers!! Aholes like you are what is ruining this country–gutless wonders, all mouth no balls!!

    • Ed, I hope you don’t think you’re surprising any of us with the Allen West war criminal story. We have all researched the story and are satisfied that Allen West did what he had to do. And we’re damned proud of the soldier and man he was and is!

    • Hey Dorky, do you question Mr. West’s service, well if you can’t question his service to his face, then shut up! I however would be more than glad to call Bergdahl a scum sucking traitor, and deserter to his face if I ever have the pleasure!

      • I would welcome the opportunity to tell Mr. West what I think of him to his face And at least Bergdahl volunteered to serve his country, whereas you are content to sit back and be a keyboard warrior.


    • If he can stir up enough trouble just before the election, he can declare martial law, therefore, no election and he can crown himself. Why do you think he is doing his level best to make all the illegals citizens? They have no loyalty to anything except welfare and Obama and wouldn’t hesitate to murder any one of we citizens!

  61. Given Obama’s ROE produced no other captives he was forced to negotiate a deal where Bergdahl would pretend to be a captive so he could pull off this stunt to aid our enemies.

    • This is a trial balloon as you say, and I am sure you’re correct that this was staged, but I fear that future deployments under the current rules of engagement will lead to more and more captures until the whole of GITMO is empty, because that is AKA Obamas goal, because the ends justify the means!

  62. The treasonous intent of Obama’s words and actions is crystal clear and except for the fact that he has surrounded himself with so many Marxist and Muslim supporters in high and influential places he would have been punished long ago. His agenda (as well as that of past administrations whether Republican or Democrat) matches that of the United Nations Marxist one world government and it also fits with Prince Charles’ admiration for the idea that Islam is better for the salvation of the worlds’ natural resources than Christianity. Thus, we see on a global basis that what most people think of as Christianity is being persecuted in the most extreme ways while Islam is being bowed to and excused.

    • This is what AKA Obama meant by the most Transparent administration in History! And being he can’t run anymore, he’s pulling out all the stops, and Goddamned America!

  63. The left is trying to use the line, “Innocent until proven guilty” to silence those who say Bergdahl deserted his post. If they believe that line, why did they attack George Zimmerman as guilty both before and after the trial?

    • 1. GZ armed, tailed a 17 yr old, unarmed minor, AGAINST POLICE ADVICE TO DESIST!
      2. He forced a confrontation with an unarmed minor.
      3. He lost the confrontation with an unarmed minor.
      4. He then shot to death that unarmed minor.
      Those are the facts, undisputed by anyone, as acknowledged by his own defense attorney.

      • Without even addressing your entire claim, I can simply point out that, nothing in the evidence supports your claim that “He forced a confrontation with an unarmed minor.” The evidence showed that Trayvon approached GZ, pissed off about being “profiled,” and initiated the physical assault.. Your statement proves your bias and willingness to lie. Once you’ve done that, you’ve lost all credibility. You’re done.

      • How is , as an armed man,tailing an unarmed minor,beyond the point of Police instruction not to proceed, NOT provoking the subject? And what do you see as bias in asking that question?

      • This is the last reply from me you’re going to get. Your willful ignorance and deceit make you unworthy of my attention, but I’ll grant you this one last reply.

        Following somebody is not a crime; it’s not provocative, and it’s not just cause for the followed to turn back and attack the follower. You don’t get to physically attack somebody just because you don’t like them looking at you.

        Further, your statement, “beyond the point of Police instruction not to proceed” is another blatant lie. When GZ, answering the police dispatchers question, said that he was still following the suspicious person, the dispatcher said, “we don’t need you to do that.” That is, in no way an order to stop doing something. GZ was under no obligation to stop watching a suspicious person in his own neighborhood. He was on the phone with police, doing exactly what he should have been doing, when Trayvon doubled back on him and attacked. That’s what the evidence in court showed. Those are the facts, whether you like it or not.

        You didn’t ask a question, you made the following statement. “2. He forced a confrontation with an unarmed minor.” That’s a statement; an untrue statement. A lie.

        If you had any intellectual integrity at all, I would debate you all day long. But, since you lack that integrity, you will not get any more of my attention.

      • Well, still, unarmed, and by law, a minor. “Thug” doesn’t have the same legal weight, and protection that “minor” has, and “minor” was his legal status.

  64. DID OBAMA REALLY SAY HE WOULD DO IT AGAIN? Just goes to show he has no conscious or what is right or wrong.

  65. This is why cases are not decided by the mob. 1. He is an American soldier. 2. We do not leave soldiers behind. 3. If he has been derelict in his duties it is to be determined by a Court Martial., NOT by rumor and gossip. Yes, ALWAYS trade P.O.W.s !

    • He was never ever classified as a pow. He walked away from his post he voluntarily did so. So he was not a pow or a mia

    • Under the Geneva convention all factions must be in uniform to be within the guidelines, that’s why the murderous scum terrorists we hold in Gitmo are designated Enemy combatants, and the rules don’t apply. That’s why AKA Obama was made to sign into law a provision that he must give congress thirty days notice before releasing any Enemy combatants because they don’t fall under the rules of the Geneva convention, but the wise republicans knew this Marxist Muslim POS president would try just this thing to release his fellow Jihadists!

      • I think you’re conflating a lot of issues. You might want to consider just how “valuable” the gitmo 5 are to the Taliban after 12 years retention. They’re positions would have been filled very quickly upon their departure from the theater of combat.

      • Why were they retained in the first place then? These five had nothing to do with the terrorists holding Bergdahl who by the way can’t be designated a P.O.W. because he deserted his F.O.B., and has been labeled a deserter by the Army since 2010, when at which time Special forces began putting together a file on this deserter/collaborator!

      • Well, it isn’t for the public to decide that he can, or can not be determined a P.O.W. That is for a court-martial to decide under rules of UCMJ.

      • Like I said, the Army designated him a deserter in 2010, and the Special Forces have put together a file on him since then which AKA Obama won’t release anytime soon! So if I understand your last comment, you agree he’s a deserter at least, correct?

      • As far as I know his status is still undetermined. As far as SOCOM files…..I don’t know why SF would compile a file on a soldier that has been written off as a deserter. What would SF want with a file on a P.O.W. who has been listed as a deserter? And why WOULD the potus release such a file if he knew of its’ existence?

      • I don’t know, why don’t you ask the man who ordered the file in the first place, THE PRESIDENT! Good luck getting any answers.

      • Well, IF the potus DID order such a file, I’m guessing it is marked “Eyes Only”. Are you familiar with that label? It means it is designated information meant to be dispersed ONLY to those deemed “mission essential”. Once a file is so designated it stays that way. Rumor of its existence doesn’t change that. In the case of SF such an assignment would be given to a team, and that team would NOT disclose that information to ANYONE who wasn’t either on the team or in their direct chain of command.

      • Yeah, really. What is the Democrat Party ever done for you, Earl?
        I guess that’s not entirely true. They do offer segregation, and censorship.

      • Comedy…so I’m suppose to vote for a party that considers me a moocher and a taker and I get welfare and food stamp and believes that I only voted for obama because he is black and gives out free stuff. I’m to stupid to research and listen and decide. NO, I would NEVER vote republican!!

      • What do they offer you?
        I don’t know the first thing about you except for what you post here. What I can tell is that you are just a bigoted political hack. You seem to view everything through the prism of race. I understand the first time that Obama ran in 2008 why you would vote for the first black president. But, Earl… What did you research? If you actually researched him, you would have come to the same conclusion everyone else has come to, who has researched him. That he is radical leftist Chicago style thug. A socialist operative.

      • Yes, I came to the same conclusion that the MAJORITY of AMERICA came to twice! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

      • Earl, get a grip, man. You’re getting hysterical. I’m not even quite sure what you’re talking about with that last post. Are you agreeing with me, or are you being sarcastic? What the hell are you talking about, man

      • It is hysterical!! The man was voted into office twice. The funny thing is YOU people can’t accept that. You complain and complain and complain. I would have thought that the republican party would have learned something from the 2012 elections…NOPE…they are going down the exact same path that lost them 08 and 12!

      • They offer FAIRNESS for all and not just the few! They offer opportunity! Dude…I’m waiting for a republican to give me the opportunity to vote for them. SO far….NOTHING! Nothing but obstruction and HATE. Nothing for the working stiffs of this nation. I’m waiting on something…ANYTHING! One bill, one proposal…SOMETHING!!

      • They do not offer fairness, they do not offer opportunities. They offer more regulations and higher taxes. How is that fair? How is that an opportunity? Its not, you have been duped.

      • Excuse me but…I can read…I read the bills that republicans propose…they are DE-REGULATION bills! They are not bills designed to help working stiffs. They may put the word JOBS in the bill but they are de-regulation bills

      • Uh, are you saying that economic freedom comes through more regulations? Deregulation is what this country needs, we need to deregulate some of these ridiculous laws that inhibit growth of the economy that make it more difficult for small businesses to take hold. Which is the real economic engine of this country, small business.

      • To deregulate to the point it does damage to a person or the economy for the sake of the PROFIT MARGIN for a big corp…NO!

      • There’s no possible way of that happening. There are so many regulations already, the only people hurt by regulations are small business, the little guy. Big business will be fine no matter what.

      • No, remove regulations and promote economic growth.
        let’s try an analogy. If you are running a race would you run faster if you had weights on your legs? Don’t you think that you would run faster if somewhere along the way you took of the weights?
        Our economy is being held back by The weights of burdensome regulations, that make it harder for small businesses to get started, invest, or hire new people. if these regulations were repealed, then small businesses could hire, grow and invest in our economy.

      • Funny you mention economic growth…I was just thinking about that. Republicans has and is doing everything they possibly can to stunt economic growth for political purposes. Its not about passing a bill that YOU believe is better for the nation…its about passing a bill that includes ideas from BOTH SIDES….COMPROMISE!! But now….some on the right believe that COMPROMISE is a bad word. They will label you a RINO if you compromise. Its childish!

      • perhaps so, but the closer we come to this social democracy the more dangerous it becomes for our economic growth.

      • ‘Tis not just the mock right that believes the ‘give-and-take’ process means YOU give, WE take. Witness pretty much every firearms control regulation of the last forty years – we’ve not GAINED anything, we’ve merely LOST LESS.

        If there were true compromise – BOTH sides would GAIN, BOTH sides would LOSE. The Left just gains LESS, and the right just loses LESS.

        Also, don’t confuse the GOP with “Right-leaning” politics. For the most part, they are not.

      • Also, if you want small business to succeed…put more money in the job creators pockets…..THE CONSUMER!

      • Then stop with the tax-and-spend policies – on BOTH sides.

        The Democrats are just more thorough about taxation, is all. Look at all the new Obamacare taxes. They may be on “medical device manufacturers” and suchlike, but I will guarantee you that they’re little more than pass-through taxes on consumers.

        There is NO SUCH THING as a “business tax” – businesses may be CHARGED taxes, but they don’t PAY taxes. CONSUMERS pay the taxes. Want to improve the economy? Start by doing away with business and corporate taxes entirely, and watch the tax bite on consumers go down.

      • I”m gonna give you the benefit of doubt and consider u a smart person. You tell me why did republicans lose in 2012?

      • Because rather of standing on principal, they put forth the squishiest of establishment hacks that they could possibly find. Earl, I am one of those people that believe the Republican Party and the Democrat Party are the same party.

      • The person that raises the most money will mostly likely be the person that gets the nomination

      • I agree, I don’t think it’s a very good way to run a government that is of the people and for the people.

      • Republicans run people that doesn’t have a CHANCE of winning…wasting time and money. Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain….its going to happen again this cycle. The RNC is trying to put a stop to it…shorten the primary season and debates to get the losers out of there

      • I am inclined to agree. Both tend to espouse Leftist politics in general – it’s just a matter of degree.

      • Both of you are off the mark – Obama was elected and re-elected primarily because he outspent the GOP candidate.

        Both times.

        This is what happens when politics becomes a money game…

      • Perhaps not. But, neither Romney nor McCain was going around, picking up minority voters (mainly Black) and giving them free rides to the polls to vote – many for the first time, many in their fifties and sixties.

        One need not hand out money to buy votes.

        Let’s not forget poll intimidation – in 2008, I ran across five New Black Panthers who were “campaigning” for Obama. When the first word in a conversation is “Honky,” you know it’s going to end badly.

        They picked on the wrong honky. The five of them went to jail for assault (!) when they got out of hospital. I reregistered as “Permanent Absentee,” because I just do NOT need to have that much paperwork inflicted upon me again.

        Did I vote for Obama? No. Would I vote for a Black man as POTUS? Certainly! Field a candidate I can believe in, and I’ll vote for him. I’d vote for Dr. Carson – I like where his head’s at (mainly because it doesn’t shift around. I don’t care about his religion, I care about his politics.) I’d vote for LTC West – from what I’ve read about him (objective reports,) he’s also the sort of officer I’d not have minded in command of my unit

        Obama? No effective history, no real job, they’re both attorneys who were “asked to resign” from the Bar, and the vote most often cast for /any/ measure before him was “Present.” I don’t like his politics, I don’t like his company, and I don’t like his kingmaker (George Soros.)

        Would I vote for Michelle? No – same reasons.

        Would I vote for Hillary? No – mostly the same reasons (I believe she’s still a member of the Bar, but it should be noted that she was fired from the Watergate investigations for unethical behaviour. Fox guarding the henhouse, anyone?)

        And, I note you didn’t disagree with me on politics being a money game…

  66. Bergdahl has been condemned by the popular media, by social networks, by pundits and politicians, not because they know more about the situation than you or I do,but solely because they hate the president. If Obama was behind Bergdahl’s release, then Bergdahl is a traitor, Q.E.D. because the president must never, ever, be allowed even the slightest acknowledgement of patriotism.

    • Perhaps – but negotiation with terrorists does not and will not end well. We’re dealing with people who; in the field, trade twenty of theirs for one of ours and call it a net victory; they use our own rules and nature against us (and believe me, they understand us far better than we understand them,) and love the fact that we insist on hamstringing ourselves by working under rules they will never agree to (Geneva Convention, Hague Accords, Law of Land Warfare,) because they know we’ll do it – every time.

      But, back to the first point. Don’t believe me? Cave in with children just once, and see what happens.

    • Show us when Obama showed the slightest bit of patriotism. Hell, he even refuses to stand at attention with his hand over his heart during the national anthem.

      • That’s the point, Earl. Obama has never served his country and does not love this nation. He is a socialist agitator.

      • Nice try. Obama has expressed open disdain for this country. do you think they’re more people on the right or the left who have respect for this country?
        who has more respect for this country the Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street?

      • You don’t know anything about the Tea Party. You are projecting your worldview onto a whole group of people that you don’t have the slightest idea about.
        That’s the way you think. That’s the way you see the world, not them. You.

      • The tea party and the extreme right wing of the republican party. I was all for the tea party…excited but then….it was taken over or aligned itself with the republican party. I thought I was seeing the beginnings of a true 3rd party in this nation. Democrats and Republicans…grass roots! NOPE!!!

      • Earl, I agree with you 100% I also was very disheartened when you Republican establishment made moves to try and co-opt the Tea Party movement. But they could not because the Republican establishment is all about big government. While the Tea Party is all about limited government. Those two ideals could not be joined and therefore the Tea Party is still a valid grassroots movement

      • The tea party isn’t the powerhouse it once was…it has a small window of opportunity and it is now closed! Now you have people like sarah palin and allen west speaking on behalf of the tea party….mainstream america will not listen to these people! Tea party candidates all over the nation are getting destroyed by the republican establishment because the establishment believe that the tea party cost them the senate! The thing that I can’t understand is this….The republican establishment has made it known that tea party candidates are not welcomed but yet the tea party still support republican establishment candidates

      • I don’t get it either, but frankly Allen West and Sarah Palin are both valid conservative Tea Party candidates. you may not personally like them but that doesn’t mean that they’re not Tea Party candidates.

      • And here is where u are WRONG! Allen West most likely will not run for political office again…military record. Sarah Palin doesn’t have a chance of winning ANYTHING. She quit on the people of Alaska to chase the money.

      • There is a reason why every election cycle passes without either of these 2 throwing their hats in.

      • Sarah Palin quit when she was costing the people of Alaska because of all the frivolous lawsuits against her. She was very helpful to the Alaskan people especially for the profit sharing she exacted from the various oil companies. She gave up the Governor plane, and limo to save the people’s money. How many of the politicians come close to anything like that? She is a true patriot along with Allen West. Yep! Sarah surely chased the money, not for herself but for the people of Alaska.

      • “From each according to his ability, to each according to their needs”-Obama…via Karl Marx.

    • AKA Obama wipes his ass with our Constitution daily, and the popular media as you put it take their marching orders from the Demander and Thief! America doesn’t hate AKA Obama, but he certainly hates America, and can’t be a patriot for that reason, and you know as well as I that AKA Obama is a rules for radicals Marxist Muslim, and he’s just doing what he can to help a fellow Jihadist out!

      • Your great granddad would beat your ass if he knew you were voting for the Dixie-crats, and this two bit hustler, after he beat your daddy for raising you to vote that way!

      • Why do you people have to go back to the CIVIL WAR era? The 50’s and 60’s? Its 2014 and republicans have taken over the title as the PARTY OF RACIST!

      • You are so full of it……I know lots of conservative Republicans that married people of color…and have never had any annamosity toward them……….get a life fellow…..don’t just parrot what other idiots are saying. My first playmate was a little black kid ….we never even thought about color……That is something the Left has done to distract us all from the real issues….It’s the old ‘divide and conquer’

      • Well we sure do know who you voted for and drink his cool aid every day your daddy obammy mammy how much free stuff do you get from your daddy? You are so stupid that you can’t see the Forrest for all of the trees. Everyone knows that obammy is doing what the Taliban tells him to do. I will be so glad when that yellow belly is gone OUT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLES WHITE HOUSE and we can get this country back on the right track and get all of the free loaders off the Government free hand outs. And if you don’t like here then then leave because we don’t need you or need you and yes you can take all of the Muslim’s with you. From a Proud Viet Nam Vet 68-69.

    • Bergdahl was a deserter….but this situation is NOT about Bowe, but about BO releasing 5 very bad jihadists in exchange. Obama HAD to release those terrorists, because not only is he corrupt, but he’s compromised.

    • You are totally incorrect, Earl. Shame on you for stating that honorable men and women hate the president. We hate his policies. We hate that he’s brought the country to a low point. This disgusting trade is the lowest of the low. If you aren’t for releasing these five diseased minds so they can kill again, please tell us. Because that is the only conclusion we can make from your words.

    • Ok, when is 5 to 1 patriotic? One for one I could maybe understand if done by law. But five dangerous bigshots for one American, who probably didnt want to come back any way? Isn’t that a tad odd to anybody other than myself?

  67. Turns out one of the soldiers who served alongside Bergdahl and has been trashing him in the media is just a “less than honorable discharge” whiner.

    • One of how many?

      “If one person calls you a jackass, you can probably ignore it. If ten people call you a jackass, you should probably find out why.” (Unwritten rule of leadership)

      • Because AKA Obama bashed their service along with some in his corrupt administration who are using terms like swift boating, and psychopaths!

      • Are you referring to the soldiers who served with him? Honorably, I might add. You know, the ones who didn’t desert their post . The ones who went out looking for him after he abandoned them. the ones who died in the search for this clown.

      • What does the politics of the individual have to do with it? I didn’t bring politics into it.

        You were extracting a single individual as discharged under “Other than Honourable” conditions – but he’s not at all the only witness. What is the character of service of the rest?

        And, just because he’s got an OtH Dx, does that automatically make him a liar and a fraud? What’s the circumstances surrounding his Dx? “Pattern of Conduct Prejudicial to Good Order and Discipline” is often use to get rid of undesirables, with discharges anywhere between “Honourable” and “Bad Conduct,” not inclusive. (The Big Chicken Dinner usually takes more than just acting out – actual criminal offenses, instead.)

      • Name the Republican “operatives”, Earl Lee. And if you mention FOX news, you’re simply uninformed and ignorant of the obligation of news outlets to get the truth out.

    • Please name the soldier, hein. And a less than honorable discharge could cover any number of offenses. Please name them, too.

      • Thanks, Hein. I researched this claim. Could not determine the truth of it because records are available to service members only through the National Archives and their links. Obviously this information was obtained through some search to which I am not privy. You most likely got the information from one of the many websites such as Daily Kos which say the same thing re the “less than honorable” but give no details or links. CBS Minnesota had the same one-liner on their story.

        So some unknown person did the research and saw to it that it got into the ether. I am sure each man in the outpost has received the same treatment of going into their records in order to obtain information to use against them. The purpose is NOT to give Bergdahl the benefit of the doubt, but instead to disparage men who served their country who believe that Obama did the wrong thing in releasing putrid excuses for human beings to return to killing Americans.

      • Was not a dishonorable discharge though. They have not released the reason, could it be that he broke his silence or refused to sign the do not disclose agreement?
        Obviously not a deserter like Bergdahl.
        I believe he is from either MN or WI

      • Apparently he is from MN. From the interviews I’ve seen, he’s not some wild-eyed, hateful person toward Bergdahl. Some website commenters claimed that Korder is a racist, a right-wing hater and has “a radical agenda” because of some FB posts. Don’t know the truth to those claims. Whatever Korder is, he says much the same thing as his brother soldiers about Bergdahl. So, I guess, according to some, that means they all are lying because they hate Obama. Good grief! Dissent from Obama’s agenda automatically translates into hate for blacks in some leftie books. Not only is “hating blacks” a lie but it is a sad day when commentary on good and decent men is used to disparage them when what they and we are troubled about is the downward course this nation is taking.

  68. Today is troubling to say the least, and word is the 5 released from GITMO have nothing to do with the vile scum who were taking good care of the traitorous scum Bowe Bergdahl! The only known link to these two groups is that one of the 5 Taliban terrorists had homo sex with one of the members that welcomed the traitorous deserter Bergdahl! To make things even stranger is the fact that we have at GITMO the #2 guy from Bergdahl’s band of Islamic terrorists, and why this is strange is the #2 guy from this band is their money man, as he is the man with connections to fund these

  69. Islamic terrorists, and yet he wasn’t exchanged, and why not? This group is starving for cash without their #2, and bagman. So what did they get for the release of the traitor Bergdahl? And why were the top 5 Taliban part of this swap to begin with? Anybody with half a brain could tell you these 5 Taliban terrorists should’ve been the last to leave GITMO, so what does the Demander and Thief get out of this deal? This is all to staged America, and we must get to the bottom of all these scandals A.S.A.P. even if that means waiting until November!

  70. Today is troubling to say the least, and word is the 5 released from GITMO have nothing to do with the terrorists who were taking care of the traitorous scum Bergdahl! The only known link to these 2 groups is that 1 of the 5 Taliban terrorists had homo sex with one of the members that welcomed the traitorous deserter Bergdahl! To make things worse is the fact that the U.S. has at GITMO the #2 terrorist from Bergdahl’s band, and he’s the money man with connections to funding used by these- see below…..

  71. Sheet! Obama, Taliban, Bergdahl; not a good mix. The Current Administration is pushing lies about release of Gitmo Talibaneros for Bergdahl. And Bergdahl, wholly sheet, quite a mess; and the Military will shove this issue under the corner of the rug as quickly as possible. My belief is this; Bergdahl willingly left his Post; he deserted. Now, let’s try him and give him a long tour of the DB at Fort Leavenworth. They got some high (tall) walls there!

  72. FOX NEWS PLANTATION … the Taliban are NOT terrorists ..

    They’re just S bags that W Bush dealt with and had over at his ranch in Crawford Texas

      • This guy adcbeast tries to be some hardass on the pc but is probably a panty wearing slob living in his parents basement…

      • Love how you like your own posts… Tell you what sweetie, I’ll stick to what I know and learned studying terrorism around the world and you stick to your delusions. Perhaps you need to be seen at the VA… luv ya mate 🙂

      • Rena DOOOSH … This is enemy territory …

        Not to mention that you idiots have no clue what the truth is nor do you want to hear it

      • I would love to hear the truth sweetie, however I know it wont come from you as your closed mind won’t allow anything in but your own opinions and that who agrees with you.

        And really? DOOOSH? Are you 12 years old? No wonder you are so closed minded, you don’t know anything but what comes out of your own mouth… grow up.

      • Rena DOOOSH … I treat idiots like idiots …

        PhD + JD Georgetown .. You’re just an internet WHINER .. who doesn’t care about the truth

      • Sure that’s what you say on here. A whiner, nope, I discuss with others about what is written, very rarely do I keep going with some moron like you, but then some deserve it because they want to point fingers whilst doing the same thing as everyone else, discussing what was written. Just others, like you, want to troll and act like they are better than the rest.

        And tell me, what would happen to those who felt slighted and didn’t do anything but sat back and let it happen?, what would happen to this world? this country? you? You came here for the same reason the rest of us did, you read the article and felt something to say about it, your perception about it is different than mine and others on here so what makes what you say or feel any more important than the rest of us? For someone with a PhD and JD (which i doubt) you are a very closed minded fool.

        BTW, I have MS, forensic psychology, minor CJ, working on PhD psychology.. see you are no better than me, just a closed minded snot. Good day.

      • Rena DOOOSH .. I work for the US Senate … you’re just an internet LOSER talking out of her $SS about things that you have no clue about

        NEXT !!

      • mmhmmm sure you do… please, do take care and I really mean it, do take care and take your meds regularly. This conversation is now done… and honestly I don’t know why you have to make up such stories, so I’ll just end it here, nothing more to say to someone who is way out there… There is a time to speak and a time to be quiet.. and since this conversation isn’t going anywhere but to try to make you look like something you aren’t I bid you farewell… God bless and have a wonderful life where ever it may be…

      • Rena DOOOSH .. Please come to the Hart Senate Building .. ask for Beast at the front desk .. we love internet yahoos who base their idiot opinion on media reports …

        You’re just an IDIOT that wants to believe the conservative media con job

        Buy a toy and use it .. it will serve you better … NEXT !!!

      • Rena is so right. It isn’t what you say, it’s how you say it. Do you show respect to the other person’s opinion, even if you don’t agree. I am so tired of your sexist comment “Dooosh”. So would you please stop.

      • Cynthia DOOOSH .. Rena has the IQ of a grapefruit .. and that is being kind ..

        Laughing at internet losers that get their info from media sources is the best laughter I get in a day

      • And now why am I Cynthia DOOOSH…. I don’t appreciate it, If you are not going to quit referring to women as DOOOSH, I am going to ask Colonel West that you be blocked, you are not making constructive comments, but rather, misogynist, derogatory statements that have nothing to do with the subject

      • Cynthia DOOOSH … BFD … I call every idiot like yourself a DOOOSH without regard for their gender

        Try again to be a play the victim like Palin … WEAK

      • You see Cunthia .. that is all you have .. a delusional nutjob view of the world

        Get over yourself you Palin wannabe .. a professional victim

  73. Though it was glossed over nearly everywhere, let’s not forget the Lyin’ King’s statement that “My government doesn’t need Congress……” “My” government? I do declare.

  74. I firmly believe that a large amount of money changed hands along with the release of the Taliban leaders and that Obama is trying as hard as he can to hide that fact. Unfortunately, he could most likely admit it and some goofy congressman would threaten to take action against him if he did it again like they have with the rest of his unconstitutional and criminal acts.

  75. I wasn’t aware of Michaerl Hastings’ article about Bergdahl in 2012. Remember when he died, itself a questionable “accident”, he had told someone that he was going off grid awhile to work more on some big story he’d been working on……At the time I thought it was maybe about Brietbart’s death, but now one has to wonder what he was about to expose about Bergdahl and anything related to his desertion.

  76. It’s sad but the State Department doesn’t appear to have too many bright people. Marie Harf seemed about as smart as the Rice Ambassador at the UN. John Kerry
    seemed about as dumb as when he came back from Vietnam and made all the stupid statements. Hillary Clinton would be well advised to hang it up. She’s not going
    anywhere. I don’t want to forget Charlene Lamb in the State Department who appeared to be the only truth teller the day after Benghazi but perhaps because of that she’s
    not been seen in a long time. She said publicly that she heard everything going on
    in real time.

  77. The WH seems to have so many scandals being stonewalled that a cover up must be assumed, or strongly suspected, until someone besides the WH or its staff come up with the facts for the various matters.
    When T. Jefferson was told that Andrew Jackson was going to run for president, he said he couldn’t think of anyone less qualified for the job. There is a growing number of us at this time thinking much less of B.O.
    Marvin Fox

    • What do you scandals? Obama and the administration has made many illegal acts. You are a softy ,just like the republicans!

      • I live out here in fly-over-land like most of us. I, personally, do not have the proof in hand to sign a warrant against BO or anyone else in Wash. DC. If you, personally, have the proof in hand, go to the police and sign a federal warrant for his arrest.
        Otherwise, give up the tough guy charade. You may , however, hope that our citizens in Washington, DC or elsewhere who do have the proof will find the courage to do their civic duty to our Constitutional Republic, go to the police and sign the warrant.
        Marvin Fox

  78. Same thing happened with Pat Tillman. Anybody that attempted cover-up? And it takes a mustered out, “Telephone ‘Colonel,'” who attended the War College, to finally figure out there is a Benghazi cover-up? He missed the first clues? Member of the Loyal Opposition!

  79. “Two more years to go” We may have a Clinton in the White house. It aint gonna get much better if she is elected. Hillary should of died in Benghazi instead of our soldiers and Stevens. Jerk off Republican Lindsey Graham said.”If Obama releases One more terrorist from Gitmo he will call for impeachment”, Well you you scumbag Republican,Plans have already been approved to release Seventy Five prisoners/guests from gitmo.That leaves the other Sixty Five guests at gitmo to wait for there release. It was Lindsey Graham who told Obama if he releases One more prisoner/detainee he will call for impeachment. You and the silent republicans should of called for impeachment the minute this illegal act was committed. Impeachment hearings should of started Eight years ago! Scumbag Lindsey Graham. This is why Obama and the administration continue to rapidly move forward. We Americans are to blame. We should of had a massive demonstration around the country.Whether it be after dinner,work or on the weekends. What becomes of our country is also the responsibility of we the people. It will take another 911 for Americans to react or a mushroom cloud over Washington. The American citizen just doesn’t get it!

    • Oh, most get it but who is going to take the reins and make the calls to begin the arrest necessary to put a stop to this dissembling of all things American…?

  80. And there is another clue….Obama is talking….whenever he talks there is a lie or a cover up occurring.

  81. Bergdahl and his release is a ruse, but the closing of GITMO is not and releasing terrorist to refurbish the terrorist ranks is not a joke, it is the ultimate obstruction of rule of law and a end run on the Constitution as well as the hapless C- congress who has abandoned it’s representation as elected officials…..this is like the revolution deja’vu and it could get really messy with the enemy knocking on our door…..

  82. Great article. Truer words were never spoken. Thank you Colonel West for YOUR service to OUR country on the battlefield. And thank you Congressman West for YOUR service to OUR country in the Congress. We need more like you who are brave men and true for this country to survive and prosper. I would be proud and happy to see you as the President of the United States of America. You are in my prayers. May God richly bless you and yours.

    • I too thank you LTC West. I would also vote for you. I would love to see an Allen West Ben Cardin Ticket, or vice versa. I’m and independent libertarian who knows we need men like you and Dr Cardin to lead this nation. Great Book by the way.

  83. If the Taliban want their terrorist buddy’s back I say send them all
    back with .45 caliber cranial ventilation.

  84. we have sent the worst that Guantanamo had to offer to the same country that we sent weapons to that shot down one of our own choppers. Just how do we have any confidence that Qatar will keep an eye on them for a year?????

    • We don’t and won’t. ..that was the whole point of sending them to that specific place….Qatar has a muslim brotherhood headquarters there! They are known for being a safe haven for terrorists…that this administration thinks they are so much smarter than us is frightening! I look for that missing plane to be used against us at the orders of these 5 top guys before elections in November. ..wasn’t it ovomit who said that he was scared of one of our own nuclear heads going off in downtown Manhattan? Now, why would he be scared of that happening? Do we often have nuclear weapons traveling down around there? Sounds like a warning to me!

  85. I loved seeing Feinkenstein calling what Owevomit did wrong, and possibly illegal. Possibly? What he did was illegal, according to a law he signed, he made it illegal for him to release any prisoners from GITMO unless the gave congress 30 days notice, which he DID NOT DO. Thus breaking the law. I saw an opportunity and took it he say’s, oh isn’t that just peachy. I guess when someone sees an opportunity to shoot his ass, then they can get away with that also then huh? Same logic applies you goatfcking muzzie bastard.

  86. The fix is in by the WH, they will do whatever it takes to make sure that this deserter is found mentally incompetent, in order to avoid a court martial where if he is found guilty of desertion + collaboration with the enemy, he may get the death sentence and if that happens, after the royal screw up publicity stunt at the Rose Garden and having traded 5 high value enemies for this sorry excuse of a soldier, Obama will go down in flames, so the fix is in ladies and gents!

  87. Col. West, I truly appreciate all you are doing. You are a great American. When are we going to but a stop to this mess as afforded us by the Constitution?

  88. The media links worked for me just fine. As is posted on the rear window of my SUV, “You got the government you voted for, Don’t look at me, my guy lost”.

  89. obozo is trying to sweep this under the rug,I have NO DOUBT,that obozo will discredit anyone/anything that stands in his way. hows that hope and change working out for all you moochers that voted for obozo????

  90. FOX NEWS PLANTATION .. After supporting W Bush … Your word means ZIP .. and attempting to morph into the FAKE tea party isn’t going to help

      • Lea …. PhD + JD Georgetown … I work for the US Senate

        Bush-Cheney LIED to the world about WMDs and thus committed War Crimes with the Iraq

        Cheney knew the intelligence about Iraqi WMD had been discredited and said “I don’t care. I’m going to lie anyway”

        Try again Lightweight

      • adc …. just an ordinary citizen of the world …. self employed

        While expressing their support for Powell, none
        of the leading Democrats cared to explain what it was about the presentation
        that they found so “compelling.”

        The only candidate for the Democratic nomination
        not expressing support for an imminent war was Vermont Governor Howard Dean,
        who observed that Powell had not made a case for a unilateral assault.
        “Terrorism around the globe is a far greater danger to the United States than
        Iraq. We are pursuing the wrong war.” he remarked.

        Joseph Biden of Delaware, top Democrat on
        the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, called the Powell litany of lies a
        “powerful and irrefutable case.” Senator Hillary Clinton of New York termed it
        “compelling,” while Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy said, “It’s clear
        that, after today’s indictment, Saddam Hussein has only one final chance to
        comply and disarm.” California’s Senator Diane Feinstein declared that Powell
        made “the most comprehensive and compelling case that may have been made,”
        adding, “I no longer think inspections are going to work.”

        The Democrats continued their display of effusive
        support the next day when Powell made an appearance before the Foreign
        Relations Committee. Biden gushed, “I am proud to be associated with you. I
        think you did better than anyone could have because of your standing, your
        reputation and your integrity as it is understood by our European friends as
        well as others around the world.”

        Kerry told Powell, “We are all gratified that the
        administration finally came to the United Nations and made its case to the
        world. This is a vindication of your position and that of many of us in the
        Congress who have long pushed for something less unilateral and more the hard
        work of diplomacy.”

        None of the Democrats who expressed continuing
        hesitations about an imminent war questioned the veracity of Powell’s
        allegations or the right of the US to invade Iraq and overthrow its government.

        Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
        merely noted that Powell had presented no new evidence. She said, “We must
        exhaust all alternatives, such as the continuation of inspections, diplomacy
        and the leverage provided by the threat of military action.” Rep. Charles
        Rangel of New York came the closest to actually criticizing Powell, commenting,
        “I’ve read things here that as a former federal prosecutor I couldn’t take to a
        grand jury. I feel sorry for Secretary Powell. There’s no way he’s an Adlai

  91. Seems that the only thing you right wing loons have is conspiracies. No record, nothing done for the american people….just conspiracies!

    • Conspiracies are all we have had under obama. I don’t understand why people can’t see what he is doing to our country


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