The party’s over: Bergdahl’s hometown cancels welcome celebrations

The teary Kodak the Obama administration hoped for is dissipating before their very eyes. One would have thought there was no greater scandal than the VA to incite the American people – but somehow Barack Hussein Obama found a way.

In what should have been a quiet press statement, Obama instead staged a spectacle last Saturday in the Rose Garden. And everything but roses have turned up over the brouhaha surrounding the release of five senior Taliban leaders and the return of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.

Then infamous “designated liar” Susan Rice took the Sunday morning talk show stage – again — weaving her intentional deceit – ineptness?—regardless, digging an even deeper scandalous hole.

And so what was hoped to be a celebratory homecoming in Bergdahls hometown of Hailey, Idaho for the returning comrade is not to be. According to Fox News, the small town has decided to cancel its much-anticipated celebration.

You see, in pursuit of his own political celebration, Obama has worsened an already bad situation for the Bergdahl family. Please understand, my heart truly goes out more so to the families of those who lost their loved ones in search and recovery operations resulting from the actions of Bergdahl. And I have to ask, where is the celebration for those who risked life and limb and sacrificed to apprehend the five senior Taliban leaders?

Fox Reports the Hailey City Hall has been inundated with angry letters and emails from around the country. “This man deserves no welcome,” reads one of the many emails City Administrator Heather Dawson has fielded at City Hall. “His reward is being alive, unlike the brave soldiers who actually followed their orders and continued to search for him knowing full well he had deserted his post.”

It’s evident the collective angst of the nation isn’t aimed just at Bergdahl but also against the Obama administration. Do you think any of the White House staff thought for one minute, “Y’all, this whole Rose Garden thing is really a dumb idea and will backfire before the sun goes down”. Is the ego of Barack Hussein Obama more important than the reality of what happened back in June 2009 — as well as the national security of the United States? Who benefitted from the charade that was played out last Saturday morning? Certainly not the little town of Hailey, Idaho.

However, not all the emails were angry about the celebration. Fox reports that one person wrote “I think that most of these people that are passing judgment have no idea, and they ought to be ashamed of themselves. Let’s get him home and then things can be looked into. But lets not forget that he’s spent five years in captivity for whatever reasons this happened.”

Sorry to say, but that statement is completely naïve. Obama did not have to acquiesce to Taliban demands and return five senior leaders. And Bergdahl did not have to leave his weapon and sensitive items (night vision devices) and walk off his Forward Operating Base (FOB). Bergdahl could have simply declared “Conscientious Objector” status and asked to be redeployed to the rear.

What so many fail to realize is that decisions have consequences — and something called personal responsibility still exists – at least I hope so. When then-Private First Class Bergdahl walked off his FOB he should have considered the ramifications. As Obama set free the worst GITMO had to offer, he should have considered the strategic security ramifications.

Folks, there are always other options, we just don’t have to settle — and it seems according to reports that Bergdahl’s location was known to U.S. Special Operations forces, but a decision was made not to risk an operation over someone deemed a “deserter.”

SGT Bergdahl is back in the caring hands of Americans, those it seemed according to his own writing he despised. His actions will be investigated and final adjudication will result. But no one is upset because they hate the president. They are upset because the “Great Uniter” has found a way yet again to divide.


  1. My husband, who was deployed to Afghanistan, states that the Taliban takes no prisoners. They simply ring what information they can from captives, then brutally and mortally torture them and leave them as trophies to be found. There’s no bargaining, ransoming or life sparing. All indications point to a defector within the perfect storm of a tyrannical administration who choreographed a “negotiation with terrorists” in order to unleash Taliban extremists in a fake prisoner exchange.

    • I don’t know. Hey, here’s an idea – we could do some reach and find out the facts ourselves, or we could just let FOXNEws tell us what we want to hear.

      • We could do some reach ? I do believe and correct me if I am wrong that this man has been under investigation since he disappeared. A 2010 investigation by the Pentagon found there was solid evidence that Bergdahl hadn’t lagged behind on patrol, as first reported, and had indeed walked from his post, the AP reports. And that was from the AP, not FOXNEws.

      • Are you a little short on your MSLSD tonight? Maybe someone in Denver can mail you a pot cup cake? Please refrain from alcohol as it may react with other meds you are taking.

      • What about all of the liberal media networks who have come out and stated the two most important FACTS? One, he walked away from his post without being properly relieved. Two, he walked away and left his weapon and combat kit behind. I guess you only hear the things YOU want to consider FACTS. It is not just Fox News reporting the fact this kid deserted. It is many more than just Fox.

  2. The mockery in the Rose Garden was Obama’s way of smearing it in our faces with his fellow rag head and there was not a thing we could do about it!

    • Just sickening. This country needs so much housecleaning just to return it to the point before BO took office.

  3. I have absolutely no clue what went down, because I wasn’t there, so I’m not about to come out and call Bergdahl a traitor until we know for sure that he was one. The real traitor here is our so-called President, who seems to believe that he is a King and we are his kingdom.

    • Well, I would say that the eyewitnesses at his post, who spoke of his speech before his departure, the increased attacks after his departure, his emails and his father’s display in the Rose Garden, all leave us with reasonable assurance that he was no victim. Had he been a victim, history demonstrates that he would have been long gone..

      • Rebecca Ann, who died an made you judge and jury? What you have is one side of the story, and its the side of the story that paints the worst possible scenario. We haven’t heard his side yet; we haven’t seen the classified documents. So how can you be so certain. What if it were YOU in his place and someone was making a concerted effort to destroy your reputation? I can assume it would just be the grossest example of misjustice. But using your model of testimony from a few, what you know is fact wouldn’t matter most, would it. I sense a great deal of pride in certainty, and pride is a sin.

      • Cookie…where is your proof? You are a troll for Obama. Good men DIED looking for this traiter!

      • 1) So because I challenge something, that makes me a stooge or a meat puppet? See, you’ve convicted me with any evidence.

        And where is my proof? Sister, that’s my point, we haven’t seen any proof. What we know is 1)he was on a mission, 2) he didn’t come back and 3) men were killed on search missions to find him and 4)there was a swap that wasn’t done according to protocol. We also know that a whole lot of people, really fast, crawled out of the woodwork, very fast to convict him without evidence in the court of public opinion. And where is my proof? Sister, that is the crux of this. NONE of have evidence. Even you don’t. What you have is an opinion that he is guilty. And we don’t convict people in this county based on popular opinion. If you think he is guilty based on emotion, not fact, on hearsay not evidence, then I wish for you that at some point in your life that you find yourself charged with felony when no one for sure if you are or are not a criminal, and found guilty based on the evidence like this guy is being treated. You can either stand for truth, or be part of the mob.

      • Better yet, instead of berating me, get out a sheet of paper and write to the Supreme Court and ask them what the difference between “proof” and factual, verifiable, evidence is. Or are you afraid that the answer you get won’t validate what you think is right? I dare you, but I don’t think you have the heart to do it, or the mind to think about it for yourself. Prove me wrong, write them.

      • Hahahahahahah a Prog/Comm arguing the merits of Proof and factual verification. What a joke.

      • The FACT is that he left his post without being RELIEVED. THAT IS FACT, not public opinion. That is the definition, by military standards, of desertion. I don’t know why you refuse to acknowledge this FACT.

      • I don’t have a problem with you challenging the Truth. Let’s look at the Highlights of this:

        He had spoken to another troop about how he felt about being there.
        He had written a note and left it before leaving.
        He left the Base Twice.
        The second time he left, he was on duty. He left his gun and other things when he walked off the Base.
        He asked kids where he could find the Taliban.
        Six men died looking for him.
        He was already being investigated and as of now, the records are classified.
        I don’t question our Troops that are speaking out, because they were there. They just damn well better be speaking the truth, since they have chosen to speak out.

        Lastly, there are FACTS that are already out there. Yes, he is entitled to a fair trial, like anyone else in “Our Country”. I hope the “TRUTH and FACTS” will come out and no one will hinder the investigation.

      • Here’s some of my sinful observations of you, The Cool Cookie, based on your responses throughout the forum related to this Article; you’re not so cool, rather hot-headed, illogical and immature; you’re irrational; and you rant without basis and lack any deductive capacity.

  4. I’m relieved and GLAD about this cancellation. …. here is but one example of the shocking fallout, left in the wake of Bowe Bergdahl …

    The Deserter’s DESPICABLE deed led directly to the injuries sustained by this member of the US Military. Meet Mark Allen, a REAL HERO, and his family …. look at the love and pride on her face, despite her circumstances ….

    DEO GRATIAS for the emotional and spiritual strength this family is receiving, I believe, from *above* ….


      • oh?

        If I had done what this person has done, I hope I would REPENT, turn myself in, PLEAD GUILTY and spend the rest of my life in LEAVENWORTH, in an effort to MAKE RESTITUTION for my DESPICABLE ACTIONS

      • This may come as a shock to you, but you are not a judge or jury. You have already convicted this man without hearing from him and with a preponderance of evidence. Your anger is based on what you have heard or seen on TV, blogs and I’m sure conservative pundits. But that is not legal evidence, entered into a court of law or military tribunal, and it is those two forums where his guilt will be determined. You only know about this guy what others want you to know, and they all have an agenda, and you are buying into it and acting their stooge. You can be on the side of justice, or you can be a member of the mob.

        As for me, if this guy is found guilty of what they claim he has done, then yes, treat him like the traitor he is. But let’s get the facts, ALL of the facts, then make a decision.

      • uh …. we have a simple decision to make here:

        Do we believe the CORRUPT LAWLESS LYING Obama Regime and ANY WORD THEY SAY about ANYTHING?

        or do we believe the multiple Military EYEWITNESSES who served with Bergdahl and whose accounts HARMONIZE and tell us that Bergdahl was (at BEST) a Deserter …

        and, at worst …………….?

        Let’s wait for the COURT-MARTIAL,

        and then


        Remember, the Military authorities have ALREADY DETERMINED after investigation, at the time Bergdahl LEFT HIS POST, that his was a case of DESERTION.

  5. An my eyes this guy was NOT A CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR!!!! HE IS A LOW LIFE TRAITOR !! If he was a conscientious objector, He would NOT HAVE GONE TO OTHER SIDE TO TRAIN THE TALIBAN TO KILL AMERICANS!!!! HE WAS NOT A CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR!!!!! If he was he would not kill anyone!!

    • And HOW do you know this? What are your FACTS? Or are you basing this solely on the propaganda being shoved out from West, from FOX and from the men in the troop. I’m not doubting there word, but we in the United States of America where I live, people are presumed innocent until proven guilty. What America are you from?

      • The rules of the military are set in stone. He violated them. Those are two hardcore facts that are not in dispute, he left a note and all his gear. How can those two facts be argued with. The Military doesn’t have the rights that the civil courts do, they have their own court system and code of justice.

  6. You are wrong, I dont hate Obama for dividing us, I hate that he unleashed the hounds of hell once again and put us citizens in mortal danger. In my opinion the death to Americans is what most of us fear. We all find it repulsive to free a deserter/defector/traitor for Taliban leaders. Mark my words, with glee the sitting duck of the new World Trade Center is in their sights once again.

    • And God forbid when that happens, you will be sitting there, pleased as punch, no doubt. Because if it doesn’t happen, I doubt that you would voluntarily don a dunce cap. I pray you are wrong – very wrong indeed.

  7. GENERAL ORDER NUMBER 5: I will not quit my post until properly relieved.
    PFC (I refuse to call a POS deserter a SGT as it is a slap in the face to all the good SGTs I have worked with in the military) Bergdahl was not properly relieved of his duties or his post when he decided to go for a nature walk outside the wire of his OP. Therefore, he is a deserter.
    This is black and white, and there is no room for interpretation or debate. Period. Those of you who continue saying we don’t know all of the facts and shouldn’t be so quick to judge are wrong.
    We know two facts that tell us everything we need to know. He left the OP without permission, and he left his weapon and combat kit behind. Each of these offenses are punishable under the UCMJ.
    In the libtard world of everybody’s equal, making excuses, and blaming everybody else for one’s actions, people may say we don’t know the facts. It doesn’t matter, because the facts we do know, breaking General Order Number 5 and leaving his weapon unattended, as well as his combat kit, are enough to find him guilty of desertion.
    He better be treated as the deserter he is and punished appropriately for it!

    • So he better be treated as a deserter, whether or not he is. That sounds brilliant. However do you sleep at night knowing that you are so correct on this, I’ll never know.

      • I sleep very well at night when I am not having nightmares or flashbacks due to my PTSD from the time I spent serving with honor in Afghanistan. It is not a question of whether I know that I am right or not. It is a fact. Everybody knows that he left the post without being properly relieved. He left his weapon and combat kit behind. If you can figure out another explanation for how that happens, and is NOT desertion, I would love to hear your theory. However, since we don’t have room for interpretation and second guessing of the stated rules and General Orders, everybody who knows them understands that this is a clear cut example of desertion.

      • Reba, I don’t care if he left his post fifty times and was properly relieved 49 of them. He left his post one time without being properly relieved. In that process, he also left his weapon and combat kit. “The Cool Cookie” can sit and ponder why I don’t know what happened and whether I sleep well at night all he wants. At the end of the day, the simple fact of the matter is that he left his post without being properly relieved and was DUSTWUN… In the military, there is no grey are when it comes to these clear cut rules. This makes him a deserter. Period.

      • Desertion in a combat zone is punishable by firing squad!! I EN3 US NAVY VOLUNTEER !!

      • Agreed brother! Too bad that won’t happen since so many HONORABLE troops lost their lives in the process of bringing in the five POS terrorists that Obama let go last Saturday. That is NOT including the potential six we lost trying to find this dirtbag!
        Thanks for your service EN3.

      • Bergdahi leaving his post once is enough for me, but if we are going to have a discussion, we need to stick with the facts, as much as we know at the time.

      • Reba, I agree 100%. At first when I read your comment about leaving twice, I misunderstood what you were saying. I thought you were being a liberal smartalic. So my response was written under that guise. You are right, though. Let’s go ahead and stick with the facts. Perhaps The Cool Cookie will be happy. Though I notice he doesn’t have much to add now.

      • Thank you. No, I’m not a liberal, just trying to keep the facts straight. There has been so many liberals posting lately, it’s hard to keep track of what is what. I’m surprised one of them had not spouted off about it already. At first, I did not know he had left one other time, so I wasn’t sure you knew that. My comment was a little short and blunt, so I will try and watch that. I agree with bringing him home, but I don’t agree with the Five Top Terrorist be released. Then again, I guess we should not be surprised with the administration releasing them. It’s just sad all the way around and makes you wonder how many more think the way Bergdahl does.

  8. Rice is a liar and a liars mouthpiece. Town in Idaho wanted to be seen as a hero’s town. Now the real truth is out. The town want’s nothing to do with a deserter. No formal charges are file YET on Bergdahl. His “Taliban” Dad proved that Bowe is for the enemy and not for the uniform he wore, By speaking Taliban greetings at the country’s capital. Not only did our Veterans Die waiting on the V.A, Obama brings home a traitor and a deserter to rub it in. While Eric Holder is DOJ all this will never be tried in a court of law. Calling for Eric Holder to be removed from DOJ and let the law begin prosecuting Obama for aiding the enemy and Bowe Bergdahl for desertion.

    • And yet we all continue to enjoy our facebook, xbox’s and air conditioning, and do nothing about it. Bravo! Bravo!

      • That’s because its easier to complain in behind the mask of an anonymous name than publish our real names.

      • Hey “The Cool Cookie”… Notice that I am not hiding behind a mask of an anonymous name, nor do I have some ridiculous avatar on here. My name and photograph, of not only myself, but my wife, is right here for you to see. You really are some kind of stupid.

  9. Watch the skies.A missing still Malaysian airplane,5 released top Taliban. They are either training somewhere near the borders of China,and are training to fly a plane that all the electronic signatures have been removed from to teach others to hijack and steal,or are training to fly it,and loading it with some nasty stuff and crashing into an American city,before it is detected and shot down outside US airspace.

  10. Ah, yes, let us all jump to conclusions before we have all of the verified facts. Let us condemn this man, his family and everything about him until we get the facts. Why ALL the facts just get in the way of the insane rage that you all feel – and this rage is such a wonderful feeling, an intoxicant that few if any people could set it down for one minute even if they tried. Quite a drug, this insane rage. But even after we get facts that can be verified, I suppose that the numbers of people who will disregard those facts, because they don’t support your righteous indignation. The lathered mob will continue to throw the baby out with the bathwater, all the time saying its a conspiracy that the baby can’t be found.

    • Evidently, you don’t realize who really jumped to conclusion. Too, too much evidence is against this man. What was President Obama thinking and what on earth are you thinking now??????

      • I think Obama does the most outrageous things he can to get the right wing people in a fluster. eg: “did you see what he did today?” “we have this fact and that fact, countless strikes against his character”.
        The sheeple will follow drooling adulation but it is the right he wants to distract with his outrageous , lawless behavior while the heavy hitting evil is going on behind the scenes.

    • You need to get a life. Do you know just how much damage can come from a solder deserting to the enemy? I do, and it’s never easy to explain the those families why a deserter caused the lives of others. So we will wait to see just what the out come is, and then you might want to tell those families just how you feel.

      • Robert, I don’t need to get a life. None of us do; we all have one. You know, if you don’t like what someone has to say, just say it. The personal attack tells me that you are insecure. Makes you uneasy when you aren’t being validated in your beliefs. You might want to talk to someone about that.

      • If ever you’ve been in combat and have had to deal with this sort of thing, you’d know what your talking about! From what I’ve read of your statement’s, you don’t. Try going up to the front lines and fight what should be there. When a unit gets hit by enemy fire, it’s not fun. Even worse is to find out that someone gave away your information, causing the deaths of the people around you.
        Would you like to know what happened when traitors were caught in Vietnam?

    • We already have more than enough facts to form an educated opinion. A statement would help prosecute him I guess though. Bring on more facts.

      • Really? More than enough? Maybe if you were in Kangaroo court. And yeah, let’s bring on all the facts. I’m for that. Let’s discard the propaganda, the hyperbole, and the ineundo. Let’s get the FACTS, minus the bias.

    • You mean like in Fast and Furious, Benghazi, The IRS mess and on and on it goes. I guess connecting the dots is not in your capabilities nor understanding ‘if it walks like a duck….’

  11. It’s great you can make up your mind without any creditable evidence . We haven’t heard his official statement, but that’s never stop you before. Also, the claim of dead soldiers is unsubstantiated.

      • No, I beg to differ.
        CNN reported that, according to soldiers involved in the operations to find Bergdahl, at least six soldiers were killed;[53] a spokesman for the Pentagon said that it is impossible to confirm whether anybody’s death was directly linked to the search for Bergdahl,[24][54] but said the Pentagon will look further into the circumstances of the deaths being associated with the search.[54]

        Due to resources being diverted to find Bergdahl, the closing of Combat Outpost Keating was delayed, which may have led to eight American soldiers being killed on 3 October 2009, after 300 Taliban insurgents overran the base.[24][53] A former senior military officer disputed that the diversion of resources led to the attack, noting that COP Keating was in “a dangerous region in Afghanistan in the middle of the ‘fighting season’” and that “it is ‘difficult to establish a direct cause and effect.’”[24] According to The New York Times, “A review of the database of casualties in the Afghan war suggests that Sergeant Bergdahl’s critics appear to be blaming him for every American soldier killed in Paktika Province in the four-month period that followed his disappearance.”[24]

      • Feel free to go with Obama’s water carriers at CNN. The rest of the objective world will go with the men and/or women who were with him and KNOW what really happened.

        Feel free to wait for Bergdahl’s official statement. We should all expect a man who clearly deserted his comrades in a war/combat zone to tell the truth in whatever “statement” he makes.

        The Pentagon knows what happened, and has known for 5 years. The only reason we’re being asked to “reserve judgment” is so that the story will disappear from the headlines so no one gets to hear the official version which probably worse than the story we have now.

      • You can do what ever you want, and say what ever you want. It’s your right to do so. Now it’s someone else who needs their say, and if they end up regretting their words, then that’s on them. Desertion is punishable by death, so I’ll still go with the solder’s who were there. I still remember how it was with much of the public that made claims that they knew nothing of because they were not there. You would be considered one of the those claiming what you don’t know, just like the rest of us who were not there.

      • I will not take back anything I said . This whole Bergdalh situation has gotten polarized and disgusting . No more- never leave anyone behind . Now servicemembers know they have to prove worthy to be recused. That they have to LOOK a certain way. They now know everything they do on social media will be judged by media and public. That their parents will be scrutinized too. Worst, the family of the dead now have someone to blame .
        People have gotten he was captive for 5 years. He was not in Club Med for that time .

      • We’ll have to wait to see how it turns out. I’m a vet from the Nam error, and when they deserted there, they were allowed to stay. When caught with the enemy, they were killed with the enemy. Too many people don’t understand that either, but that’s what happen’s when you leave for the other side. This guy is now back because of some kind of problems. It’ll all come out and then we get to see who is wrong.

      • I can’t agree with him being the cause of every American dying, but for those looking and suddenly getting killed, I can. There was no telling what he had told the enemy at the time, so that alone makes him a liability. While in Vietnam, we had traitors who worked with the enemy and they would get locations and movements and relay to the enemy. They have called out own artillery in on our own people, and blown up our own ammo dumps. They have been caught along with the enemy and they died with them too.

      • I think it is disgusting we are politicalizing the dead soldiers. What did people expect them to do, say, NO, he’s not worth it? Death is a possibility whenever you go out, for whatever reason. Does anyone go to jail over friendly fire? Pat Tillman died in friendly fire. Soldiers were punished, but no jail time. To blame someone for a death is setting a new precedent . I don’t understand why no one has said that. Plus, as I stated above, these deaths can’t be substantiated.
        the Rose Garden ceremony was not a very smart thing. I’m surprised no one investigated the parents better. The terrorist exchange: The Israelis do it all the time. Bush released 300 prisoners and this-
        I will reserve judgment until I get the full story. If I were in his shoes, I would want the same. Also, I think they may not try him for dissertation. His time in captivity will count as punishment.

      • CNN reported that, according to soldiers involved in the operations to find Bergdahl, at least six soldiers were killed;[53] a spokesman for the Pentagon said that it is impossible to confirm whether anybody’s death was directly linked to the search for Bergdahl,[24][54] but said the Pentagon will look further into the circumstances of the deaths being associated with the search.[54]

        Due to resources being diverted to find Bergdahl, the closing of Combat Outpost Keating was delayed, which may have led to eight American soldiers being killed on 3 October 2009, after 300 Taliban insurgents overran the base.[24][53] A former senior military officer disputed that the diversion of resources led to the attack, noting that COP Keating was in “a dangerous region in Afghanistan in the middle of the ‘fighting season’” and that “it is ‘difficult to establish a direct cause and effect.’”[24] According to The New York Times, “A review of the database of casualties in the Afghan war suggests that Sergeant Bergdahl’s critics appear to be blaming him for every American soldier killed in Paktika Province in the four-month period that followed his disappearance.”[24]

      • I hope this opened their eyes. I have no doubt this is going to be a nightmare for “Our Men and Women”. The White House will under mind any information we have on him.

      • I agree, Reba. I think that when you have generals and admirals suddenly removed from duty for disagreeing with an order to stand down as was the case in Benghazi, you have a military where the senior officers know better than to argue with the white house. So people who wait for confirmation from the army will never get it. All anyone has to do is to look at the Extortion 17 matter to see how willing the military is to stonewall families and the public.

      • I’ll take the “Men and Women” that refused to “Stand Down” any day over the “Yes Men and Women” of today. I expect they are going to try and “Under Mind” what he did, but I think there is too much information out now and it will not be received well. I think he will be discharged because of being held for 5 years.

      • Sure, I make typos, although I try to avoid them and if I happen to make one, try to correct it. But unlike Colonel West, I am not a notable public figure with hundreds of thousands of followers (based on his 1 million-plus Facebook “likes”) using a high-profile website with his own byline on it to make his views known and to build support, or opposition, as the case may be, for this public policy or that as well as building support for his own potential future political campaign. I like and respect West and want to see him put his best foot forward in these website posts in hopes of convincing more people to agree with him – but that means carefully proof-reading an article so its meaning is not undermined by, say, a glaring error in the lead paragraph – which, as any journalist can tell you is the most important part of a story, as it is the “hook” that convinces the reader to continue reading and not turn the page.

  12. @The Cool Cookie – what you don’t seem to be able to grasp is that no one came onto the FOB and forcibly took him. If that were the case he would actually be a prisoner of war. That did not happen. He on purpose walked off of the FOB, no one forced him, no one pushed him outside the gates. He made a conscious decision to leave knowing as all military do that he would be breaking the Code of Military Conduct. KNOWINGLY left the FOB. ON PURPOSE left the FOB. If he didn’t like his situation he should have talked to his CO. Made his intentions clear and he would have been reassigned to the rear. What his father should have done when his son asked what he should do was tell his son to stay there. Follow orders and fulfill your duty and then the father should have placed a call and notified the higher up that his son was in trouble. If that were my son that is what I would have told him. Of course there is his side of the story. But unfortunately there are consequences for actions and no story he can tell will negate the fact that he walked off the FOB on his own, his decision alone. Had he stayed on the FOB he would not have been in captivity for 5 years he would have been home at the end of his tour. Consequences!!!!!!

    • Debbie Clayton, look, I know you are upset. We all want justice. If the guy is guilty its going to come out in a trial, right? What I am saying is that you guys have already tried and convicted him, and no one in this forum was there, no one in this forum has had access to the evidence or qualified it, correct? Yet y’all are awfully certain he’s guilty. You’ve decided I’m guilty, when in fact all I have done is criticize the group think. Are your views so fragile that you have to put me down to make your point?

      • So is all his former unit members making things up and lying about him? They were there so they should know even if we were not .

      • The facts that we do know, that he left his post without being properly relieved AND left his weapon and combat kit behind, are FACTS! That is all we need to know to know he is a deserter at the very least. What is it that you don’t understand about this? He was absent from the outpost without having permission to be absent. Some people refer to that as AWOL (absent without leave) in this case, given the circumstances surrounding the situation, that makes him a deserter. You have no way to argue that!

      • I guess you are in Obama’s camp–the deserter is doing great–it is all the guys who were left without a guard that are I the wrong. They know what happened but it is ok with you for this baby to leave them unprotected. He and his misfit dad were in on this together-don’t kid yourself! Hope you get what you deserve someday!

    • Yeah, and what or what not his father should have done isn’t for anyone to judge. That like me telling you that before replying to my post that you should have taken a walk around the block, chop some wood and chug a buttermilk before answering my post. God forbid you are ever in a position where a member of your family is in this position and had people judging everything that you do.

      • Yes after 5 years a real possibility. However does not explain his attitude and the desertion of his post.

      • He would not have been alive for five years to develop Stockholm Syndrome if he had NOT professed his faith to Islam very quickly upon being rolled up into their organization. Quit reaching for stupid excuses and open your eyes to reality. I am not saying he is a traitor, that is yet to be determined. However, without doubt, he is a deserter.

  13. Everything Obama touches turns into instant crap. He seems to get exposed. We do not need the leftist media. God allows a way to expose him and it happens. We really need to depend on God because the leftist journalists think they are tying the hands of the American people, but they will be given their just rewards. Remember “what God has joined together, let no man put asunder.” These journalists mocking this country are enemies to God Almighty. These who are taking a stance to protect this ineligible man in our White House and his thugs are going to see the wrath of not only the American people, but of God Almighty. Those denying justice to Americans and causing this division will pay the price.

  14. He will come up with another ‘excuse’ as to why everyone but the left is jumping the gun. It is the left’s plot, so do you think they are going to leave a clear evidentiary trail for you to follow if they can help it? Do you think he is going to admit it and give you videos of himself being a traitor? That is what a jury will decide upon the evidence given, or his military tribunal or whatever. It is not looking good for him at all at this point.

  15. Wow, this administration has used up a lot of fall back plans. I say they may as well go with the “when all else fails, create a false alien invasion”.

  16. “We’re looking into this, nothing is more important to me. The American people deserve full accountability and nothing will stop me from getting to the bottom of this”. POTUS will say. Still waiting for same on Fast & Furious, IRS targeting enemies, Benghazi, spying on Merkel, spying on AP, Obamacare fiasco, the VA disgrace, Solyndra, ignoring immigration law. My fingers are too tired to continue here.

    • I did a general inquiry “obama scandals” the other day and a list of 304 scandals popped up since he was elected as potus. I began to feel very ill!

      I respect the Office of the President, but not the current pos.. I will not capitalize in reference to o’criminal.

  17. So there is a lot of buzz from both sides of the fence regarding PFC Bowe Bergdahl and whether he is a deserter or a “victim” in this situation. First, I refer to him as a PFC because that is what he was when he walked off of his post without being properly relieved. I refuse to acknowledge how one goes from being an E3 to an E5 while being held in captivity for five years by the enemy. For tho…se of you who were never in the military, let me break it down for you from my perspective. Read this, look up the GENERAL ORDERS on Google, and then you MAY understand why there is no grey area on this matter:

    GENERAL ORDER 5. I WILL NOT QUIT, OR LEAVE, MY POST UNTIL PROPERLY RELIEVED. He left his post without being properly relieved. How do we know? Because he left his weapon (punishable offense under the UCMJ), his body armor (punishable offense under the UCMJ) and his headgear (punishable offense under the UCMJ) and walked out of the FOB with only a knife, canteen, and compass.

    NOBODY, other than a deserter, leaves their post without being relieved of their duties, walks outside the wire in the middle of the night, and leaves their weapon and combat kit behind. There are only two ways that happens. He deserted his command and his duties, or was singled out and kidnapped in the middle of the night by the Taliban. Now allow me to remind you the latter of those two options is not even a possiblity of having happened. They would never have gotten close to the FOB, let alone, onto the FOB to kidnap one of our troops. If they had, there would have been a hell of a firefight, where as, many troops would have been captured or killed, and many Taliban fighters would have lost their lives attempting to breech the compound.

    Which leaves only one option, and answer, to why his weapon and combat kit were left behind… HE WALKED AWAY BY CHOICE.

    If you don’t know how things are done, and expected to be done in the military, then don’t make yourself look foolish by commenting on this. There is no grey area for how this could have happened, therefore, there is only one answer to how this could have happened. He abandoned his duties and his fellow troopers.

    One other thing that anybody who believes this was not a desertion should keep in mind… THE TALIBAN WOULD NOT HAVE KEPT THIS KID ALIVE FOR FIVE YEARS IF HE HADN’T SURRENDERED HIMSELF TO THEM AND PROFESSED HIS FAITH TO ISLAM. They would have used him for what they needed, and then we all would have seen the video on Youtube where his head was being sawed off in front of a bunch of masked cowards proclaiming to be fighting for their God and celebrating their victory. If you don’t believe that, then you are seriously missing what is happening in the world!

    Folks, this was a desertion by a US Soldier, and a desertion of our trust by the POTUS by his negotiations with terrorists that allowed for five high level terrorists to be freed from our control to go back to the fields of fire and continue their fight against our way of life.

    Please open your eyes to reality.

    • In Bird Dog’s case, PFC stands for Pretty Full of Crap! To all those posting here who served in the military, this military grand daughter, niece, cousin, and aunt thanks you, from the bottom of my heart!

  18. I was a Battalion XO in 1 AD when you commanded in 4 ID, so I know GEN Dempsey. At the time I thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread, probably because he wasn’t Ricardo Sanchez. Somewhere along the line he stopped being a warrior and became a politician. You know GEN Odierno better than I do. Do you think either of them has the courage to do what’s right with Bergdhal? I certainly don’t. They’ll accept undue command influence from the Commander in Chief and will exert undue command influence on down the line, and the political toadies who hope to replace them one day will do their bidding. I expect Burdhal will end up with a 100% disability rating from the VA, an honorable discharge, and a chest full of medals.

    I retired Friday. I thought I would miss it after 25 years. In reality as I watch the social experiment that is the Army today…I was relieved. There’s no place for me and those like me in today’s Army.

    • Thank You John, for Your Service. I am also thankful, that you made it for 25 years and came home alive. I believe it is the most “Thankless” administration for “Our Military”, we have ever had in “Our Country”. My husband retired in 1999 after 30 years of service and I never thought he would be happy, but you know, he never looked back, because he was fed up with the “Political Correct” bull crap. Be proud of your Service to “Our Country” and enjoy your retirement. It’s an adjustment (hard for the wives), but retirement is wonderful. Remember one thing that “Our Military” has the support of most Americans and a “Special Community” that will always “Support and Stand by You”. “You will never be “Forgotten”.

      • Reba ,you have it exactly right.I served with men like John and your husband and will never forget the positive things that I have experienced. I believe that the Military has changed for the worst and I worry about our great country. I am sure there are some great leaders still serving and I hope that they will be the ones that rise up and get our Military back to what it once was.

      • Zado, thank you for your service. I don’t know how many Great Leaders we have left or Officers and Enlisted. I’m sure they are many that have served for a long time and are getting close to retirement if they can hang on. I do know there are a lot of them that are leaving sooner than they had planned, because of this administration. We have lost so many that have the knowledge and it will bite us in the end. Do you remember when they cut all the Vietnam Vets and then we were screwed, when another conflict happened? I knew several that were called back in to help. Sadly, we will lose many “Men and Women” before this will be corrected. Myself, I worked in Civil Service for almost 40 years in the Budget/Financial World. So I knew what was happening and lost a many nights of sleep when he was gone. I don’t miss those days. Although I worry a lot now, comes with knowing what we do. Individuals that never worked in “Our World” do not understand what is going on and some can’t honestly comprehend it.

    • Thank you for your service. The military in DC are puppets, and will do anything to feather their own nest. I have no respect for these fools.

  19. “Lets get him home and then things can be looked into. But let’s not forget he spent five years in captivity for whatever reasons this happened.”

    That’s like saying, “I know he’s accused of murdering his parents… but give him a break. He’s an orphan after all.”

  20. Would someone PLEASE explain to me how this miserable quisling could be promoted, let alone to the status of an NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer)???

    It was known almost immediately that he selfishly deserted. How on earth could they possibly promote him??? It is totally one thing to promote true POWs, during their imprisonment, who were captured while truly serving the USA with REAL HONOR and REAL DISTINCTION. it is quite another to confer such a special honor on a piece of excrement who selfishly thought only of himself as he deserted, put other Americans in jeopardy and is causally linked to the deaths of numerous brave Troops who lost their lives while being tasked with the search for this self-absorbed POS.

    I’m also flummoxed that, without any demonstration of ability & temperament, or going through the usual channels, he jumps from a PFC (E3) to a Sergeant (E5) — totally circumventing E4 (Corporal, an NCO or a Specialist, not an NCO). Promotions like that are reserved for exceptional merit and/or training — not for screw-up deserters who may be collaborating traitors!!!

    This “promotion” history is yet another way that the current MISadministration has found to give the middle finger to ALL our brave & honorable troops and our Veterans! It cheapens and degrades ALL promotions, whether from E-1 to E2 or any other enlisted ranks. What does it say when deserting, likely committing treason and/or being a possible collaborator can net a promotion that jumps several pay grades while those who truly serve the USA with REAL HONOR and REAL DISTINCTION must work very hard to be promoted to just the next pay grade. Totally disgusting!!!

    The promotion stinks — just as much as turncoat Bergdahl!!!

  21. The caring Americans need to watch their backs–Mr. B-DOLL would gladly shoot them!! Sorry worm that he is–no guilt about the people whose lives were lost–just finished his duty to Obama and got to come home, unlike REAL prisoners of war. I would like to know how many Mexicans the Marine in Mexico prson is worth–maybe 11,000 or so??

  22. A friend of mine had been a POW for a very long time and when he came home, they had him in handcuffs, the excuse being that since he had been a POW for so long he might be violent. Truth was, he was a violent man; he escaped the POW camp by killing his captors. Good man.

    Bergdahl practically wiped away a tear when his Muslim buddies handed him over to U.S. soldiers.

  23. A deserter who also goes over to the enemy’s side is a TRAITOR. If he is proved to be innocent, they should have a celebration then, but not before. A Traitor is an ally to the enemy, not a hero for his homeland.

  24. Hard to have a welcome home celebration for someone who is not coming home. He will be in the hospital for weeks, and he has not even spoke to his parents. That seems strange to me. I am sure he is being “debriefed”.


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