Obama lies again: Taliban 5 will be free to roam

As if he thought he was Sting from the Police, President Obama promised the five senior Taliban leaders he made the unilateral decision to release from Gitmo:

Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I’ll be watching you.

Except that was of course a “misstatement.”

According to Foxnews.com via Reuters, President Obama’s claim Tuesday that the U.S. would “be keeping eyes” on five hardened Taliban leaders traded for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s freedom was immediately challenged by a Middle East official quoted as saying they’d actually be allowed to move freely — and even “go back to Afghanistan if they want to.

The source, identified as a senior Gulf official, reportedly told Reuters that the five Taliban members would not be treated like prisoners while staying in Qatar, where they were released. Rather, they’d be allowed to “move around freely” in the country and then be allowed to travel outside Qatar after one year.”


Don’t these fellas know who Obama is? If he says so, then it is to be so. Gee, I guess those Qataris didn’t get the memo or in Obama’s case, the hashtag.

The official, seemingly contrary to Obama’s claims, also said U.S. officials would not be involved in monitoring their movements. If true, Qatar’s plans are likely to stir concerns from Washington, particularly from GOP lawmakers who warned that these prisoners could return to the battlefield. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said Tuesday that Qatar has “notoriously played both sides of the street, as far as Muslim extremists are concerned” and cast doubt on the president’s assurances. “Mullah Omar now has his cabinet restored,” McCain said of the infamous Taliban leader.

As further evidence of the duplicity of the Obama mind, earlier Tuesday, he acknowledged there’s “absolutely” a risk that the former Guantanamo inmates will try to return to the battlefield.

“Is there the possibility of some of them trying to return to activities that are detrimental to us? Absolutely,” Obama said. “That’s been true of all the prisoners that were released from Guantanamo. There’s a certain recidivism rate that takes place.” But the president defended the deal, saying: “I wouldn’t be doing it if I thought that it was contrary to American national security.”

How can that possibly NOT be contrary to American national security?

We were told there was no risk, now there is a risk. We were told the Qataris would be safeguarding these terrorists and the US would have access to check on them — now we find out they are free to roam.

This isn’t just a nightmare, it’s an embarrassment. Do you hear that America? These bastards are sitting around sipping tea and laughing their arses off at us — as they contemplate their next attack. And I believe we as Americans abroad all have a target on our backs in order to enable Obama to clear our GITMO.

So I must ask, how do we know when Obama is telling the truth? When he is asleep.

How in the world did the Obama administration believe this would sell to the American people? In their liberal cuteness the Obama administration really believed this would defray attention from the VA scandal. They have created an even greater scandal on top of the countless others. And now we have a complete breakdown, courtesy of the Qataris who have been staunch supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Jazeera network, and other Islamic terrorist activities.

And so sits our dumbfounded community organizer president. This is unconscionable. How can he be this utterly incompetent?


  1. To use an unnamed source is not good, responsible reporting. Anybody can say they were given inside NEWS, without claiming a source, West. Can I say, my military sources with intimate knowledge on your military mental health records, say you are loony?

    • Good reporters always protect their sources. Journalists have gone to jail for not revealing their sources. Many times sources will not talk unless they are guaranteed anonimity. Just because you don’t have a name doesn’t mean the information is false.

    • Where are you from philanthropussy? Is english your first language? Why is it that every one of your posts are aggressive and attacking.

      • Indeed truth does hurt.

        The truth hurting deep…in the hearts of families whose sons were killed while trying to rescue Bergdahl…what would you say to them???

        the truth…of our staggeringly BAD deal…

        And I was one who regularly posted Bergdahl’s pic. offering prayers for his rescue. upset that the US wasn’t getting him out.

        I pray now for the full truth to be revealed. You are right…we don’t know the whole pic (yet) but most of what is revealed is scary…creepy…shameful.

      • They died doing their job. And what has been revealed is not substantiated. Let Bergdalh stand before a court of law and answer questions. Let the official report come.

      • Nah, truth rocks. Truth doesn’t hurt. Betrayal does. Even if ya learn the truth about betrayal. It’s still the betrayal that was the real sting. Slander hurts. Not truth. Adultery Hurts, Not Truth. Theft hurts. Not truth. So being as you don’t seem to know the effects of truth. I see know reason to trust that you would know the truth to speak of it.

    • Besides numb nuts it came from Reuters not West. Where have you been living in a cave? Even lawyers protect the privacy of their clients as well as priests, cops, etc. You liberals are all the same. If someone reveals your stupidity you try as you may to discredit while all the while looking like an idiot. Get a life and wake up!

      • Still, unnamed sources don’t count. Anybody can say whatever without claiming proof. How close was their informant to the info? Second hand, third hand? Did he hear it in the bathroom while shitting ?

    • Why don’t you use your REAL name turdpussy so we all know You are real? Idiot. While you are at it, leave us your phone number and address too.

      • OMG…girl are you at it again? lol Keep it up and we WILL eventually turn you into a conservative. I agree that we don’t leave an American behind BUT the five that were released are considered the most dangerous. And I think all of us would agree they will go back and will plan an attack on Americans again. I’ve read everything about this that has come out and not just Allen West. About six months ago I read that Bergdahl was suspected of deserting his post, or walking away from his post. Now with his release his fellow soldiers have come out and they are madder than hell about him and how some were calling him a hero. Supposedly he will now be under investigation. Intelligence already has a fat file on him. Here’s my questions that nobody seems to have an answer to. When Obama announced his coming home,,,,did he not know Bergdahl was being investigated already by intelligence? Did he not know that Bergdahl walked away from his post? I listened to him while he had Bergdahl’s parents in the Rose Garden. I was shocked when the father praised allah. And the tweets that the father was supposedly to have written and deleted. First doing the tweets just maybe he was guaranteeing his sons return but during Obama’s announcement his son was in Germany so it wasn’t necessary to praise allah at that time. Then his father’s comment in another interview he said to his son I am proud of you for helping the Afghans. But the way he said what he said it was like he knew he turned but was still proud of him. Both sides are saying Obama was blind sighted that day in the Rose Garden. His team seemed to have not done their homework. There is so much surrounding this whole thing that you try to weed your way through it. Fact is he left his post. Fact is his fellow soldiers pretty much hate him now. Fact is 5 dangerous terrorist were released and they will go right back to killing. And what scares me the most is now that we sent the message we will trade one for 5 terrorists will they go and grab other soldiers and try to do a trade again? Fact is they hate us and will they try to attack us on our own soil? We all argue over who told who in this article and why names are mentioned but what he wrote should scare the hell out of all of us because it will happen again. What we don’t know is how will it happen and where it will happen. And Obama owns this one. 6 months ago he signed a bill into law that when dealing with terrorists Congress must be notified. Now he breaks his own law. Here is food for thought…A little over a week ago a CIA’s name in Afghanistan was accidentally released by somebody in the White House to the press. This was done while Obama was working on the trade. Was it an accident? How much did the CIA agent know about Bergdahl and how much was he involved with intelligence investigation? The military needs to do a full investigation on Bergdahl and not send him home to a heroes welcome in his home town until it’s over. This one better not get swept under the rug…6 of our soldiers died looking for him.

      • I will not try this man in the court of public opinion . How many times have we gone thru this before. Evidence that is wrong and or not used in court . Our focus should be Bergdalh’s well being . I will make up my mind when I get his version, the official military report and mental state. PERIOD. Since I went to bed last night to this morning his story has changed for the worse.
        Secondly, I’m sorry those people died, but they were doing their job. When you are sworn in the military you agree to defend the constitution, well the Constitution said everybody has the right to a fair trial . They went out to find him and bring him back to answer for his actions.. Did you except them to say NO HE’s not worth it? I don’t mean to be Callus to their families .

      • I do agree with you that it’s gone from bad to worse especially now that the Taliban has released a couple of videos showing Bergdahl’s transfer. Right now none of us really know what is going on in that German hospital. Yes every American citizen has the right to a fair trial and that is in our Constitution. And as you know, even though I’m a Conservative, I will always respect you for your opinion.
        And on a much much lighter note,,,some of your off the wall comments actually made me laugh this morning. You are a character and I say that it a good way.

      • The ones that contained part of your name in it. Do you remember these words? “You are woman, you are our sister, make us proud”.

      • I know and like I said,,,you made me laugh. I saw the first comment you made with part of your name in it and just burst out laughing. And thank you for that. I didn’t know if you remembered who I was that why I put that saying up there in case you didn’t. We come out to these sites and some of us do fight with others when our opinions don’t agree,,,but I will always respect you and your opinions. I know there are going to be times we don’t agree but when you think about it if we all thought the same way,,,what a boring world we would be in. Actually you are mild in defending yourself…there are times I can actually get almost vicious in what I say. I’m trying to work on that one. 🙂

      • I’m sorry I can’t say I remember your name. I get so many people coming at me, I don’t have time to remember who’s what and how . I’m glad you are standing up to these clowns. They only know what js fed to them. If you asked them to clarify their position, they seldom respond. The mere fact of giving a new or different opinion makes them shutter.
        If you have to break a couple eggs to get your point across, don’t cry over it. Be nice, but stand firm , sister.

    • What we do know so far is scary. You are right in that some reports have not been confirmed…but the info below is confirmed by many sources. Only the gullible would NOT be upset…at this Bad Deal…

      …Note that left leaning Rolling Stone and right leaning Fox News say some similar things about Bergdahl and parents…Various former soldiers (no longer bound by a “no discuss” agreement they had to sign) testify to a similar picture here…Bergdahl seems to have deliberately walked away. Bergdahl’s comments indicate he MIGHT be radicalized. Bergdahl’s father tweeted some anti US comments…Various US politicians indicate the Radical 5 released are a Terrorist Dream Team…I think confirmed by reports that the Taliban is celebrating this swap as a great victory


      • The Terrorist Dream Team were on duty, just like every other person who dies. Did you want them to say NO, he’s not worth it?
        Also, Bergdalh should stand in the court of law, under oath and answer to all questions. These former mates should do the same. Did anyone ask them what Bergdalh state of mind before he left? He was overly agitated, any different behavior? Has no suffered from discussions?

      • You’re reaching for strings of excuses. Grow up dipshitz. He’s a deserter and should be shot. No he’s not worth spitting on. This was beyond stupid. But your master did say he would close Gitmo. Betcha never thought it would be by releasing his buddies to kill us all. Maybe you should’ve informed yourself before you voted and you wouldn’t be trying to stretch your tiny mind so hard to defend this madness.

      • He wasn’t classify as deserter. He wasn’t given a trial . This isn’t the Wild West .

    • Why do you need any source to say that they will or won’t be free to roam? What’s anybody going to do to stop them? Fly over there and punish Quatar? Fly over there and scoop them up and throw them back into Gitmo?

      Philanthropussy is a moron.

      • You mean the ones who prevented the Boston bombing? Just admit it; they’re free. There’s nothing we can do about it now.

      • As I remember the Russians asked us twice for help and we supplied it. But they called back. If the Russians didn’t take them seriously, why should we?

      • So, you admit that they didn’t do the job that needed to be done, and for some reason you think they will in this case.

        Good point.

      • We did what the Russians asked, but they saw no need for the info, twice. Russian who’s had their own deadly problem with Muslims dropped the ball . So why should we continue? Hind sight is a great thing

      • They didn’t prevent the attack in the same way that they won’t prevent them from going where ever they damm well please. Gotcha’

        and…you’ve lost this round. Move on.

        I do have to give you credit though…you’re as far as I can tell one of the few trolls who even showed up to work today, laughable as your points may be.

      • Got me how ? I told you, we supplied what the Rissians wanted, they dropped the ball . A major country asked for our help , but for some reason they didn ‘t take it .

      • When I said gotcha’ I meant it as to say that I understand your point, and find it weak.

        You’re not bright are you? Intel didn’t stop the attack at the Boston marathon, and they won’t restrict the movements of these 5. They don’t have the reach or the power under Obama to do that. Now either provide something credible or shut up. You have nothing, so…neither you nor anyone in the admin has a real answer to the question :what if they decide to go where ever they want, what will the United States do? There is an answer though: nothing. They’ll do nothing. Obama let 5 dangerous terrorists go, and they’re free to cause whatever harm to us that they please. Just admit it.

      • I need to show evidence ?? Are you kidding, you people have nothing but gossip . For the third time, we provided Russia with the info , they didn’t take it. If it wasn’t important to the Russians why do you think we needed to continue . Russian just as interested to stop terrorism in their country . You know this happened 3 days ago? He know the pres has been traveling ? Why don’t you shut up and let the info come out in time .

      • Not evidence, reason. Give me one good reason to believe that intel will keep these people from going where ever they want.
        You don’t have one. Why is it so hard for you to face that? Why is this so personal to you? The Boston bombing went on despite, the opposite of what you claim, Russia trying to give the U.S. the info.
        How did…Obama’s red line with Syrian chemical weapons go? It didn’t. They were used again. So? What are we going to do if one of these 5 or all 5 for that matter decide to go where they will?

        Answer: nothing. There’s no good reason to think otherwise, and that they won’t.

      • A) the Boston bombings happened, we’ve been through that. That point has been beaten into the ground. You have nothing to add. To help you continue belabor your own futile point: I’m sure that when they go where ever they want we’ll end up hearing about how intel knew it was about to happen and then it happened any way.
        B) If Obama knew he could do nothing then what was the point about the red lines outside of projecting weakness?
        C) Who cares? What does that have to do with anything? Yes, I complained. So? I guess after years of going back to the well it’s a hard habit to break.

        So where do you start? Start anywhere, you have yet to say a word of consequence in any way.

      • I can not defend Obama over Syria .but how did it hurt the US?
        Who cares, now you say who cares? After you challenged me and I answered you?
        Where did I start? Please clarify yourself.

      • You asked ‘where should I start?’ I said anywhere…you’ve yet to say anything.

        Who cares what Bush did? We’re not talking about Bush. That’s what I’m saying…it’s just another weak argument. But but but….Bush!!


        Obama’s red line comments toward Syria weaken the United States by making us look weak. It’s like…if you have kids and you tell them that they better not steal another cookie…and then they do. Well, it’s your move, right?
        Do you see what I mean now?

      • Sorry I will use Bush whenever I want. The republicans are not so innocent . As for Syria making us look weak . Is it better or worse than the war monger Bush ?

  2. Not surprising, figured as much . Now bring our troops home to defend us here from any more muslim immigration. No Sharia law in this country. Look at pictures of Syria and understand, this what they want this country to look like.

  3. Philanthro to use unnamed sources has been how reporters have shared some info for years. Even Mr. Obama has used that term. Guess it’s ok for Obama and the media he controls to use that term, just not anybody else. Lame.

  4. He can’t be that incompetent sir, his actions are deliberate and this country needs to wake up and realize that.

  5. Even if these released terrorists where being monitored by our liar-in-chief, where is Obama going to watch them from, his golf cart cam?

  6. It isn’t incompetence. It has been his intention to destroy the United States since before he ran for President. I has been his intention since he was born.

  7. One of the aspects of this story that hasn’t been covered much is the future of Afghanistan. The release of five senior leaders of The Taliban will make it much more difficult for the present government in Afghanistan to keep relative control of the country.

  8. All, I hear is Obama did…..Who in the hell else was involved? Did Obama go to Cuba and carry these thugs to freedom? No some high level military officials were also involved. Pentagon, DOD, etc……Who are they and what involvement did they have in the conspiracy to release these enemies of America? CIA involvement? Who else was involved in selling American’s down the river?

      • I believe Valerie Jarrett was deeply involved in this action. Obama’s not smart enough to broker this “deal”. Valerie is highly involved in covering up the treasonous indiscretions of Barack.

    • how does the involvement of others alleviate responsibility from the party which issued the original order? I really don’t see your point.

      Our gov’t is structured to have a system of checks and balances. Obama circumvented Congress in the decision making process and so he is the only one liable for actions carried out, as far as I am concerned.

  9. Read obama’s book the audacity of hope! In HIS words, he said if push came to shove he would side with islam!! Why does the public NOT know this? Because the stinkin liberal press hid it. THEY are the undoing of this once great nation!!

  10. That faux movie poster has it wrong: he wasn’t a private, he was promoted to Sgt. …after he went missing, remember?

      • Why? Welcome to the new Amerika of O’bama. Where right is wrong, up is down, and down is up. B.O. said he was going to transform Amerika. What he didn’t say was that he was making it into a dictatorship. Heil O’bama!

      • Normally I would be willing to agree all to much with you. But the truth is the masses don’t care about history…or really reading for that matter. The people who put this man in office didn’t see a good leader. They didn’t see a good man. They saw a black man who could make history and wanted to support that. To neglect that racism isn’t a pertinent part of our ongoing lives and forever will be because of human nature is to be naive.

      • And how fortunate we are to have people like YOU who keep pointing it out. Who do you think you’re fooling? Just stop it and move on.

      • The truth is, if our POTUS was white, he would have been impeached or forced to resign a LONG time ago…so race certainly has been involved.

      • Bullshit! If you hate him it’s about race but when he can’t be touched it’s not about race???? Bullshit. It’s about race.

      • I would hate him for his politics not because he is black, it’s always about race for you.

      • First of all, there are many many non-white ppl that despise him. That was an acinine statement.

      • Every Not white American wants him there? Really? I must have missed the memo. I think Col. West missed the memo too. And the one really missing something is you, if you’re making this stupid post on Col. West’s page.

      • I guess you could say that. I think things need to change in this country but not the systems in place but the people in charge of them and the people that put them there. Meaning us, the citizens. Citizens of the U.S. need to step up, stop going on information that is easy to obtain (Facebook) and put forth effort into learning the person your voting for. And not choosing one value in that person to vote for. Be it he is “black” or that he will bring “change”. But to dig deeper than the info they pay so much money to make prevalent to you. If the average American citizen will do that before they vote; we can be a world power again. My oppinion.

    • GaylePutt. Ive read we still don’t have enough voted yet to succeed in impeachment, ….yet….but Nov hopefully will change that

      • We can only hope, Steven. Wouldn’t you think there would be enough Dems who see him for what he is and are patriotic enough to see that this POTUS has to go??? It truly sickens me.

      • They’re supposedly drawing up impeachment papers…. Too much talk, 57 impeachable offenses thus far and nothing done yet…

      • Greg F ….read a VERY good article explaining stratagy….BY IMPEACHMENT TALK all the time the dems can and will spin it/US as RACIST,…wich will cost votes and could very well make us lose congressional control the we NEED TO SUCCESSFULLY IMPEACH HIS ASS…. I FOR ONE THINK THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT CAN HAPPEN. ….so we bide our time n take congressional control back…..THEN IMPEACH N HOPEFULLY TRY HIS ASS N SENTENCE HIS ASS!!!

  11. I continue to listen to the talking heads on TV, to see if any of them have connected the dots on this scenario. Even Brad Thor suggests that it was about money with Bergdahl’s captures. Oliver North continued that Bowe’s captures were separate from the Taliban. OK…then why is it that the Taliban had video footage of the release? I’m not suggesting that they are both wrong…indeed, money may have been transferred. But they’re missing the big picture. This was never about Bergdahl’s release…the WH knew he was a traitor. He was simply an excuse…smoke and mirrors. The REAL story, IMO, is that the Taliban had sensitive info in re to the events leading up to Ansar al Sharia attacking the US consulate in Benghazi. They had incriminating evidence that exposed Obama and Hillary to acts of treason by “aiding and abetting the enemy” without Congressional approval or oversight. Thus, Obama brokered a deal under duress to have 5 nasty Taliban leaders released. I believe Obama and hillary armed Libyan insurgents with highly valued, highly sought after, incredibly deadly Stinger missiles, and that Stevens was sent in to retrieve these missiles…get them back before they were loaded on ships headed to Syria. This differs slightly from the story told LTC West on his plane flight…but the ramifications are the same. Obama and Hillary committed treason, and the actions since that time were designed to not only cover that up, but to bait Congress.

      • Think back last summer when Congress was on recess and Obama essentially declared WWIII by informing us that he was going to pre-emptively strike Syria without their approval. Then, Obama and Biden go play a round of golf. Doesn’t make sense, does it? He basically was forcing Congress to reconvene to approve his military action, based on the supposed actions of Assad using Sarin gas on his own people. Again…smoke and mirrors. If he could’ve convinced Congress to vote to approve weapons transfers to the Syrian insurgents, then he would be off the hook for what he and Hillary did in Lybia without Congressional oversight. He allowed Putin to intervene himself, and look like a hero. Further, it would arm the insurgents whom have been our sworn enemies since 9-11…therefore, he would get Congress to go along with his BS scheme. Ever since Benghazi, the actions of this President have not made sense, (DOH!), unless viewed through the prism of my speculation.

  12. Why does this administration have such a love affair with the deserter? Bergdahl was promoted twice after he walked away from his post. He was promoted to the rank of Specialist in June 2010 and then Sergeant in June 2011. Now CNN’s Barbara Starr reports that a defense official said that Bergdahl will be promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant. It’s absolutely unconscionable.

  13. I have been a supporter of the President and I like him but, I think this decision was a major mistake on his part! First of all this soldier was AWOL, they lost 6 men’s live’s looking for this guy,NO one knew about this decision of his until after it was done! He then is overheard speaking in Arabic to this soldier’s father, the father had a message text on his phone that clearly showed that he was a supporter of the Taliban and the Afghan people,as the message read something like they would pay for the all of the deaths,something about Allah, I can’t remember the EXACT wording but, it was plain that he was a sympathizer to the Muslims, then he erased the text which made it even more suspicious!So we give up 5 major killers for #1 AWOL soldier! Makes no sense , then we get the soldier back, and he is NOT in custody? He is going to have time to recover from his years in captivity? He is a deserter in a war time situation and he leaves his post to do GOD knows what? This man in MY opinion is a traitor to his country! He should be in custody and waiting to be Court Marshaled! What the President did was send a message to the enemy that all they have to do is capture a few American Soldiers and we will give all of their captured terrorist’s back! This is an insult to all of the other members of the military who have served our Country with HONER! I see no justification for this decision and it does give me great concern! If I were the President I would have sent the 5 terrorist back in body bags! As soon as I saw the Soldier I was trading them for I would have immediately placed him in custody! AS what should have been done! I don’t like this decision or the fact that this deserter is NOT being punished for what he did! He could have been responsible for many other live’s being lost for his actions! I can only imagine how the Family’s of the 6 men who died searching for him must feel right now! I am so sorry for your losses!There should be some justice for this tragedy! Karma will not be kind to this traitor !

    • You do realize this is all your fault? The responsibility for every screwup by this fake is yours and every single moron that voted for him.

      • Cynthia L Smith…. i agree But fault won’t help America NOW nor will rubbing it in when this person is coming to the same conclusion i ASSUME you and i have,as i think MANY now have who voted for Odumbo including atleast one of my owm family members i know of. THIS is the time to get over those who got tricked AND UNIFY WITH THEM TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY. ….before it’s too late….and after this last screw up i fear times running out

      • Really Cynthia, thats gonna make things better. She just admitted he was wrong and now hopfully she will see the rest of the things this person in office has been doing is not only illegal but a means to bring this nation down. Blaming these people for being fooled is not going to get us anywhere. Now is the time to embrace them as they see it and get things moving to get rid of this man and his administration.

      • You are absolutely right and make an excellent point that we should embrace those who FINALLY see him for what he is…a COMPLETE FRAUD! However, it’s just too hard to not want to beat the living crap out of them for being so blind to the truth. Not just once, but TWICE!!!!!! I don’t know how they could not see the destruction Obama has already done to our country and will yet do, but I need only look in the mirror to see a person who can’t be convinced this man has one shred of goodness in him! He is EVIL to the core in my opinion, and I will NEVER think otherwise. Better late than never, I suppose. I just hope and PRAY that it isn’t too late to save our country.

      • Yes !
        i have all the blood on my hands now CYNTHIA! I am sorry I hope all of you on here can forgive me someday! I am so sorry and I will not comment anymore so I will accept the blame for everyone who was injured or Killed since the President was elected! I am old And I don’t have the stamina that all of you have so i hope you can forgive me someday for my evil deeds! I certainly meant no harm to our beloved Service men or women! God Bless you all my fellow Americans!

    • This was NO mistake on Obama’s part. It’s a HUGE mistake on your part if you think Obama ever cared about this country or its citizens. He has spent the last 5 1/2 years doing everything in his power to destroy this country and its citizens. If you don’t believe this, tell me one good thing he has done that has benefited this country. Why did you vote for Obama in the first place? Is it because you think highly of community organizers? Is it because you think highly of a junior senator who was never present to do his job? Obama showed up one day and started campaigning. He made a bunch of promises and kept none of them. Do you remember the “jobs” speech? Do you remember the “economy” speech? He said if he couldn’t turn the economy around in his first term, he’d be a one-term president. Remember that? What happened to his promise? Few people knew who Obama was. I never heard of him. Where did he come from and what qualified him to be the POTUS? Did you vote for him because of the color of his skin? I really would like to know why people voted for Obama. Yes, the economy was plummeting the last two years of Bush’s administration. Keep in mind, tho, that the democrats had control of the House and Senate those last two years. Some people say Obama didn’t realize how serious the problems were in our economy. Well, he should have if he cared at all. Was he living in a cave or what? So instead of improving the economy he has made it worse. He has moved steadily in the wrong direction ever since taking office. So again I would like to ask you why you voted for Obama and why just now you think he made a “mistake”? Have you not been paying attention or are you so in love with the man that you just trust that he’ll do the right thing for this country?

      • NO NAME I PAY attention all the time, to things in this country! I voted for Obama because The RePIGlican party candidate was exactly like the one we just got rid of! We don’t need any more WAR’S or anymore CHENEY/BUSH administrations! GOD knows he has done enough to this Country! Do you remember the Iran…Contra When REAGAN FELL off his THROWN ? I do! You sir have forgotten how this Country became so destroyed! There is no sense in trying to make you see the light of how much damage that 8 years with those Murdering Criminals cost this Country! This country was 75% buried by the time Obama was elected! After paying for two wars and losing hundreds of thousand live’s WE PAID DEARLY HERE IN THIS Country! You can’t put Humpty dumpty back together again once he has been fractured in to pieces! It’s going to take a long, long, long time to put all of those tiny little pieces back together! NOBODY is gonna fix this crises in a hurry! I don’t care who is PRESIDENT,it’s just not going to happen! It cost this Country BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars to maintain these wars,we may NEVER climb back out of the HOLE THEY DUG FOR US !! REPIGLICANS LOVE WAR’s !Everyone ever elected has gotten us into war’s of one kind or another! So you have nothing but RANTS for me ,BUT you have no right to even ASK me why I voted for Obama! I was honest enough to give you a straight answer, I also admitted that I thought he made a major mistake in his decision to release the prisoners! He passed Obama care which i understand from most people that are on it like it very much! HE also took out OUR #1 enemy OSAMA BIN LADEN !! That’s more then GEORGE BUSHWHACKER could do!! YOU REMEMBER THE DORK who stood on the Aircraft Carrier and saluted the American people as he made a complete ass of himself by saying “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” what a political POS he and his PUPPET MASTER Dickless Cheney were and still are! I would have voted for POPEYE before I would vote for that Greedy ass ROMNEY! They are ALL CORRUPT professional politicians up there NONE of them CARE about YOU or ME! It’s so bad now well be lucky to get any DECENT American to even run for the office of POTUS!

      • Oh I almost forgot one of your other questions you asked me, you asked how did he Qualify for the office, he was a united states SENATOR from the State of ILL. How about the EVIL DO’ERS? GEORGE was just a PEON GOVERNOR, stupid as hell to beat that! HIS daddy had to buy his way all the way up to the POTUS! Then brother Jeb took over from there! LET me say this to you,it is also possible that this man was working UNDER COVER for the government too! IT is a POSSIBILITY especially when he kept getting promotions from the Military two to be exact ! THE Military does not give promotions to war time deserters ! I do know that! And the fact that he was not arrested immediately is another reason I think this is possible! The government doesn’t reward a TRAITOR by setting him free when he is brought back! SO WE may be all wrong in everything here ! Lets wait and see how this plays out!

    • Well said,….i know a few people who THOUGHT Odumbo was gonna do great things (he did have that ability btw especially in regards to racism) who now regret their vote…..I’ve been a professional salesman for 30yrs and as i watched him speak i recognized the charisma and speaking skills BUT ALSO NOTICED NOBODY was asking HOPE N CHANGE TO WHAT??? Nobody i know of ASKED what the chabnges would be and THAT concernd me greatly

    • I know a lot of people who voted for O the first time, Bonnie, and understand their feelings at the time. I never did. In that first four years, though, and with the campaign to the second term, a lot of red flags were sent out that everyone should have caught onto and taken the information for what it really is.

      The translation of what Bergdahl’s father (by a CIA officer) was that since he was standing in the Rose Garden, with the President of the United States and thanking Allah for the return of his son ………… the translation was that he was claiming our White House for Islam.

      Now. Any normal American needs to take that information and go with it, as our President continued to cuddle and coo with these individuals, knowing that the younger Bergdahl was a defector.

      You need to do something with your thoughts here other than be confused.

  14. Returning Bergdahl was subterfuge to release MUSLIM terrorists as a blackmail payoff to the MUSLIMS by OBAMA & CO, to keep his dirty secrets and lies about Benghazi under wraps.

    These Muslims know and could produce the information….. to topple OBAMA and Hillary!

    Another OBAMA distraction and a payoff/bribe/ruse to keep the information on Benghazi hidden from the American people.

    Anyone who doesn’t know that is not paying attention!

    • Marcus 127 HELL YEA!! IF America does the swap Odumbo just did 1 of 2 things should have happened. …either by drones or SEALS. …EVERY one if the MFs who showed up with this deserter errrr (let’s for NOW just call him the captive….) should have been BLOWN AWAY !!! EVERY ONE OF THEM DEAD!!! That would send the RIGHT message to ANYONE who wants to hold an American hostage !!!

  15. The blood these dangerous terrorists will spill, will be on Obama’s hands, and evidently he’s cool with that.

    • Great one I could not have said it better myself! I am so upset at this but at first I thought he done a great job getting this soldier released but i knew something was wrong when I heard 5 top Taliban leaders were released (& I read somewhere he released another 5 Taliban leaders in 2013 that was to have released this scumbag also) then I heard his father “grew his beard for his son wile in prison” but he did that cuz he knew his son deserted America AND esp his unit & sold info to Taliban while a “prisoner” living the life of luxury but only looking bad when needed pics to get something from USA. This scumbag AND his dad (maybe mom) needs to be released to these Taliban people. Than his dad talking Islamic as “his son don’t speak English & don’t understand it (WTF he was speaking it for 18 (?) years but in 5 yrs he converted to only speaking Islamic) but he said it said something else as he thought no one would be able to “convert” it to English but I also bet Oblamo KNEW what he said & approved it? Then I hear about this Soldier whom in jail in Mexico & Oblamo won’t do nothing to try get him released? IF in a yr could be less I bet there will be blood spread from these Taliban ex prisoners (BTW did they convert to English while IN OUR prison like the scum of the Earth did)? They released him finally NOT because of the 5 Taliban being released but cuz they needed him back in USA to get more info to plan more “blood be spilled” and soon.

  16. So…to be clear. POTUS bowed to a Saudi king, Bin-Laden was ‘captured’ but pictures where forbidden and the body was disposed of, most of the Seal Team 6 crew in that mission were later killed in one single helicopter attack in a DMZ, Requests for support in Benghazi were denied and witnesses have been silenced, FLOTUS has never been to the middle east and now we trade 5 dangerous terrorists for one Islamist American who denounced his citizenship…..pattern of behavior?

    • VirtualHybrid…..BRAVO!!!!! I couldn’t have stated MY opinion any better then YOU just did!!! Guess the only question is how long before this latest screw up blows up in American soldiers faces….

      • Or American citizens here and abroad. We are not safe anywhere with the amount of Military cuts Obama has done since being in office. We are in a truly bad state of affairs and need to arm up to protect our own butts when the crap hits the fan.

    • So when Bush held hands and kissed a Saudi King, what would you call that? Bush also bowed, you should really check your history.

      • Ted Cruz Mocks Gun Control Advocates

        At a Republican gathering in New Orleans, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) boasted of his support for gun rights and his stalwart opposition to gun control.In the wake of another horrific mass shooting in Santa Barbara, California, Texas Senator Ted Cruz mocked the notion of gun control before a group of conservative activists.

        “Texas is a lot like Louisiana. We define gun control real simple—that’s hitting what you aim at.”

        I can give you more if you ask for it…

  17. The POTUS has spoken. He gave his word that they would be confined to guitar…. no bongo playing for one year. Oooooh, you thought he said Qatar?

  18. And to think….Obama is planning to end U.S. Troops presence in Afghanistan by 2016.. Well since they know Obama’s plans, it’s just a matter of time for something more drastic than 9/11 to happen.. Trust me they’re planning in their heads as we speak.. I wouldn’t put anything against anyone.. Not right now..

    • Actually Tanya he wants to leave 10 thousand soldiers there. So he can make them perfect targets for the Taliban

    • YES Tonya they already have their plan in place,they are coming into this Country Via State Dept. by the thousands and we will be helpless to stop them from taking over our Country and making it an ALL Muslim Country! WE will be made to worship under their religion and raise the children here under Sharia LAW! UNLESS we can stop this NOW!These people need to all be deported back to their own Country’s! America is not a MUSLIM Country, everything they believe is in total opposition of every other religion here in this Country! I saw a sign they had posted up on a lighted pole in front of one of their Mosques in Detroit IT read we will destroy you America You cannot stop us! I commented on the article! I just read another article today where a mother BEAT her 7 year old Son to Death,because he couldn’t remember the Quran word for word! Last week a man killed his wife because he said his religion allowed him to do so! They MAKE their daughters marry old men older then their grandfathers, if the price is right! They can Marry off their daughters as young as the age of 12 or 13 yrs old! WE don’t need this in our Country, NOT to mention that they KILL us every chance they get! AFTER 911 all Muslims in this Country SHOULD have been deported, and never again allowed here again!! They cannot even comply with the LAWS of the land here!

  19. Do we have enough yet to impeach, remove, and imprison for high treason? What more could possibly be required?

  20. A target has been placed on all US soldiers and citizens. For the first time in history the US negotiates with terrorists. Now every terrorist knows, when you want something done, just capture a US citizen and you may get it. No self respecting soldier wants to be traded for people that want to kill their brothers and fellow citizens. This is unthinkable, a disaster and criminal.

  21. I just watched the video the Taliban did when they released Bergdahl, and I’ve got to say that Bergdahl sure looks pretty healthy and unharmed compared to the many other POW;s Ive ever seen in the past. I am more than convinced that he was no way a POW and I don’t even believe he was a hostage but a conspirator in my honest opinion. Sure we don’t have all the information yet, but I’m sure there will be a huge cover up until we are able to get this POS president out of office and his ilk.

    • in Islam the POW have rights … most feed them from what you eat and dress them how you dress….. Islam treat you better than US will …. go to jail in USA get raped … go to jail in Islam get married have a wife … cant leave but damn

      • You can try to spin wheels here but I agree with Tx on this. Most of our troops and such who were captured were killed, drug through the streets, beheaded etc. Perhaps in the “peaceful” section of Islam, which is not the one we are war with, they may treat them well, but the group that had Bergdahl were the enemy. They aren’t going to treat him with any respect unless they want something from him, and by the looks of it they got what they wanted and shipped us back a traitor.

      • You forget that islam is a terrorist organization masquerading as a religion. Islam rewards murderers of innocent women, children and men. They behead you, stone people and imprison families. However, if that is your cup of tea, don’t let us keep you out of prison.

    • Did it ever occur to you that he may have been working UNDERCOVER for OUR Government? MAYBE this President is SMARTER then you are giving him credit for! Don’t make judgement’s until you have ALL the facts !

      • Well, he is released, so tell the truth. On the flip side, he has been under investigation since he left the base on his own. I don’t believe the troops that served with him and the six dead soldiers would agree with you.

      • Reba it’s either one of two things here, either the President is working with this soldier and he was undercover, or the soldier is a traitor! I am giving the President the chance at the truth, if this man is a traitor and left his post during a wartime situation he can be executed! They certainly wouldn’t let him run around free, the military is not that generous ! either the man is working for our government or the Taliban , the reason I think he was working under cover for us was because during the nine years he was captive he was given two promotions in his state of being AWOL that would NEVER HAPPEN ! you don’t get rewarded for being a war time deserter! My point is,it could be either way! he is either a traitor and undercover or the president is.IT is a certainty that we don’t know all of the facts yet !

      • You are so delusional to think that this guy is working undercover for this country when the have shown that the attacks became more precise, not to mention, IF and this is a very bit IF, he were working undercover, other officials there would have been aware of the situation so as to protect him. They would NOT have sent out our troops to look for him and thus cause the deaths and injuries of the other soldiers… Really you watch too much TV. Use some common sense please.

      • Sorry, can’t go with undercover, but I can see this Administration trying to go with it. This young man previous actions, speak for themselves. The investigation has been going on since he walked off the Base, so no, he was not undercover. Besides, to my knowledge, we don’t use “Our Troops” for undercover work. Our Undercover Men and Women are trained for a long time, speak the language, live the culture and can merge into any society they go to. They are the best and believe me, they know where they are. Not only that, they knew where he was and they could have sent in “Our Elite” to get him out, not trade terrorist for his release. No, all the information is not out, but enough to know what this young man did and his actions caused six men to lose their lives. The bottom line is, he is entitled to a trial and he could receive an Honorable Discharge, Dishonorably Discharge, Prison or the Death Sentence.

      • YES REBA I TOTALLY AGREE with that! he should NOT even be walking free if this is the case he should be executed aan if the President is NOT found to be honest about his role in this then he should go too! I just wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt! After all he did take out BIN LADEN which I AM extremely grateful for!

      • I will be one of the first to give credit when credit is due. It does not matter whether I voted for him or not, if he does something good, hey, give him credit. I try and listen and to read everything on each subject before I make my decision. Yes, the Seals did
        take Bin Laden out and I am glad that he is gone.

        The evidence on this young man was already known and Obama could have released the lower Terrorist for a swap, or not released anyone. This young man is entitled to a trial regardless of what he did, but it does not look good for him.

      • Nine years a captive? LOL you really are going out on a limb for this guy aren’t you. And yes he would continue to get his promotions because we didnt have all the intel, not because he was working undercover you dolt. He is due that until his release or he dies and the investigation is over. He can still lose those promotions when they find he is a deserter and traitor. They only keep his promotions up because of administration records and if they didnt and he was a real POW they would have to go through all the bs to fix it…. now all they have to do is give him a demotion, bring him up on charges of desertion and treason.

      • obviously you have never met the president, he isn’t even remotely smarter than people think. Educated yes. smart no.

      • You haven’t met him either, so how can you judge this man’s intelligence ? He’s a lot SMARTER then the one we finally got RID OF ! Not even close! don’t make judgments until you know ALL the details !

      • What am I judging here? Why should I have to hush up? I have been here on this planet a lot longer than any of you speaking here…..I don’t make judgments only GOD can judge man! What you are calling judgments are only opinions that each of us as Americans are entitled to share! I haven’t even made a comment to you my dear, so where are your accusations coming from? If anyone is making judgments it would be all of you here that have tried and convicted our POTUS without any hard evidence, You are ready to execute HIM before you even know the entire reason behind these decisions he has made! SO please don’t accuse me of judging anyone,If the man is Guilty of treason then he will pay for that and if the POTUS is guilty of something he will also pay for it! NOW let’s be FAIR about this though George Bush,and his other evil DO’ER Cheney, are wanted for war crimes and if he is caught outside of the US they will be tried for those crimes and most likely convicted! This is NOT judging someone either, this is truth and facts ! LOOK IT UP!!

      • Sweetie how much more evidence do we need to know this so called leader of this country has committed crimes against this nation. He constantly goes against the constitution and well plays the role of a dictator rather well when raising himself above our laws and even the laws he signed into law. You are a hypocrite by trying to mince words saying you are only stating OPINIONS but everyone else is judging.. give me a break! You are worse than a hypocrite, you are a blind fool who cant see what she is doing is the same damn thing everyone else here is doing… discussing what this guy did was wrong and the President supporting this fool by trading 5 senior Taliban members so that they can go back out there and cause more harm to Americans and others… go stick your head back in the ground… you are a very useless idiot.

      • You know what too, Bush and Cheney have traveled outside the US and have not been arrested yet… you know why? Because he is no more a war criminal than any president before him and other leaders in all other countries who supported this war and all wars before this…

      • Sorry, guess I must have missed your memo where you demand that anybody I meet, numerous occasions, has to be OK’d by you.
        Bonnie, you are amazing, you prove how little you know, demand others stop making judgment calls and include finally getting rid of Clinton(?). So why can you make your statements which are wrong, make your judgment calls and YOU don’t have to know even one fact? Liberal privilege? You get to spew your drivel, but hate being confronted by facts. You trying to emulate your idol is a foolish idea.

      • I am not clear on your comment PT! Who said anything about Clinton? I have never mentioned his name on here! you must be delusional! I have NOT passed any judgments on anyone here either,I have only shared my opinions,just like you have! I see no JUDGMENT in that!I have not SPEWED anything here! NO more then you are! My statements may be wrong but then so might yours,I would say I know more FACTS in this life then you will ever know!The only Idol I worship is GOD himself through the living GOD, JESUS CHRIST!

      • Smart move Bonnie… you know how to use the edit button well too as it seems you have removed what you put up about Bush.. LOL just so you can look innocent of judging…. what a loser, you are by far as bad as Obama.. covering up what you did… you will fit good in his organization…

        And PT was referring to when you said “previous president” which he thought you meant Clinton and well I thought you meant Bush… at any rate, you have since deleted that part of your comment.

      • “He’s a lot SMARTER then the one we finally got RID OF ! ” Figured you were comparing democrats to democrats. Your comment of finally getting rid of him seemed quite apropos.

        “I have NOT passed any judgments on anyone here either…” Definitely passing judgment on me as to having met obama, proving YOU are wrong. So you would say you know more, well you say a lot of things, most of which is wrong, but you say them anyway. From your statements, you would not know a fact if it hit you in the face. Clint Eastwood said it best; “You’re a legend in your own mind.”

      • You don’t need to meet him to hear the reports coming out about him. I haven’t met Charles Manson either but I can guarantee you that he is an evil man who orchestrated the murders of innocent people.

        And hypocrite much.. you just judged Bush and pointed fingers at him but think your pick was better and smarter? You are very delusional.

      • NO I am not a hypocrite Rena I did not judge BUSH, he is what he is a CRIMINAL WANTED FOR WAR CRIMES ALL AROUND THE WORLD! As far as I know President Obama has nowhere near the blood on his hands as does BUSH/Cheney! You could fill an ocean with the blood that they have spilled with their two WARS based on PURE LIES ! That is NOT a judgment either Rena dear, These are FACTS,NOT based on speculation! I am sorry that you are the one who is delusional! PLEASE Check out your facts before you condemn ME !

      • Sweetheart you are the one bringing Bush into the discussion, not me, so don’t go getting your panties all twisted and go off on another tirade because of something YOU brought up. I can care less about Bush and as for being a war criminal? Maybe, but then so are all of our presidents who have engaged in war, including your precious Obama who is responsible for more of our troops dying than Bush. I dont give a crap about any Taliban member or terrorist and their supporters getting killed. They are terrorists and only see killing as a way out… perhaps we did them a favor and helped them get to their 70 virgins faster….

        In this last post it was referring to your theory, (you and your theories) that “we don’t know Bergdahl” to be able to judge him, but like I said I also don’t know Charles Manson but I got a pretty good idea that he is an evil man. Thing here is sweetie… By all the facts that are coming out about Bergdahl I am more than confident that he is a deserter and a traitor and caused the deaths of many of our troops and Im not going to sit here and pretend that maybe he is some kind of secret agent playing 007 for our team. You can be as delusional you want to be I’ll stick to the real world and the facts before me. Have a blessed day…

      • Seems like the facts that are coming out dispute this theory, and that this guy is a traitor. But I’m sure you will find some other excuse for him. Your brain is really suffering from the lack of oxygen by keeping it buried in the sand. And as far as Obama being smarter than we are giving him credit for? LOL when does he plan on showing it? Its been 6 years of this BS and each one seems to get worse and worse… Are you expecting that suddenly he will show it? Or perhaps when we are attacked again or go under martial law you will finally say oops this had to be the worst president ever.

        Sorry PT this was meant for Bonnie…

      • NOT at all RENA NO Excuses FOR this man at ALL ! IF he is a TRAITOR He should be treated as such! NOT ROAMING around free like he was some hero I have repeatedly said this, he should be in custody and executed for his actions! NOT promoted up two rankings,THE MILITARY DOES NOT DO THOSE THINGS! AWOL In war time is probably the worse crime a soldier can commit! It is punishable by death! COMMON sense would tell you that if he is a traitor, our Government would NOT be letting him run around as a free man,so that he could take refuge in some other country before he is brought to justice!OUR Government would NOT be letting this man have a vacation, they would have left him to his fate over there! ANYONE out there that has served in our Military will tell you that A deserter is NOT treated like a hero! Believe me there is a lot more going on behind the scenes that we DON’T KNOW then there is in front of the cameras here that the Government WANTS you to see!
        The Government doesn’t tell the American people half of the stuff going on behind the scenes, they NEVER have and they NEVER will! There are SO many undercover Departments of the Government you could never imagine! Even half of the congress don’t know about them! Only top secret Military know about them, IF they are caught and captured our Government will NOT claim them, they will deny knowing them or who they are!You can call me names ,if that makes you feel better and make accusations of me or anything that makes you feel justified I am an old lady I have lived through a lot tougher times then being persecuted by all of you! I was only giving my views, as are YOU, and trying to give the POTUS the benefit of the doubt! Sometimes things in life are not just black or white! A lot we don’t know and will probably NEVER know! You have a nice Day Rena!

      • You come up with these “theories” and then try to retract them by going off on some binge saying you have said you believe he is a deserter. Your theory on him perhaps working undercover is probably the most asinine theory yet as anyone working undercover is NOT going to train the enemy to be more precise in their attacks. Yes now that is a theory that can hold water as one of his mates at the FOB stated that prior to his “capture” they were missing the mark with their IED’s, however strandgly enough after the capture they were hitting where they were more vulnerable, not to mention that even the Taliban claimed he was instructing them how to build IED’s from cellphones… This from the Taliban themselves…

        I would never give this POTUS the benefit of doubt. Obama is a traitor to this nation by exchanging 5 senior Taliban members for this deserter who is nothing to us. He renounced his citizenship and wants to cavort with the enemy, they can have him.. ooops they don’t want him either…

      • That was what thought. We were to much on the same page. Bonnie fails to realize only her oxygen deprived political buddies are agreeing with her. 😉

    • Yes. So true. And he is such an egomaniac that he thought the American people would celebrate with him. I can never decide whether he is running his regime or someone else is giving him instructions. In either case, he has made it clear he hates our military, he hates freedom, and he hates us.

  22. When does obumma not lie, in his sleep. I’m not so sure of that as I’ll bet he dreams of his next lies. Don’t think the man can breath without lying.

    • Like when Reagan traded arms for hostages with Iran in 1985? You fucktards with selective amnesia are hilarious.

      • It is idiots such as Travis the fucknut that voted this clown into office that we can thank for the current state of America. It is always about pointing fingers at Bush, or ” you dont like Obama because he is black !! ” etc…when anyone with an 80 plus I.Q. can see just how bad of a President and how bad of a person Obama is. Just sickening

      • I’m tired of living with the consequences of the actions of brainless drones and their lawless, evil leader. These people are fascists, and they adore an egomaniac. Gosh, when has that ever happened in history? It’s up to those of us who are paying attention to reality to do whatever we can to stop this evil dictator before it’s too late. Whatever you do, don’t let the fascist drones make you shut up. Evil doesn’t stop on its own.

      • Well sit back, watch, and wait Rafael, it’s not “IF” we will have another
        9-11; it’s when and where.

      • Wow. So you don’t really care about releasing terrorists so they can kill more Americans. That is despicable.

      • But the “one of our boys” we got back is a private who walked off his post 5 years ago to JOIN the Taliban. What do you say about that?

      • You are uninformed. The military lost six marines trying to find him, then quit looking because they had determined that he was a turncoat, not a POW. (FYI, our soldiers don’t last more than a few days when captured by the Taliban. They are tortured for information, then killed, often beheaded, and their bodies laid out for the public to see as a warning. This guy lasted 5 years.) You do not seem to understand the situation at all. Or maybe you can’t differentiate between a hero and a traitor.

      • Really from what I can tell most of our soldiers who died or got injured where done by IAD’s. Since you seem to have such intimate knowledge of what goes on in war zones. Please tell me what other American soldier was made prisoner.

      • I don’t have intimate knowledge of what goes on in war zones. I just know how to read when those who do have intimate knowledge get interviewed and those interviews are published.

      • These are the 6 soldiers who died looking for Bergdahl:
        2nd Lt. Darryn Deen Andrews
        Staff Sgt. Clayton Patrick Bowen
        Pfc. Morris Lewis Walker
        Staff Sgt. Kurt Robert Curtiss
        Pfc. Matthew Michael Martinek
        Staff Sgt. Michael Chance Murphrey

      • I didn’t say other soldiers were made prisoner. I said other soldiers have been captured and they were dead within 48 hours, according to people in the military.

    • So, that’s all the spin people could come up with? The 502 that he let go were of very little consequence, and yes, it was a mistake. They weren’t leaders of the Taliban, they were just the losers who got picked up on the battle field.

    • It is very difficult to defend the flaws of someone merely by stating the flaws of another. Nobody in this world is going to say that Bush didn’t have his fair share of problems. That doesn’t make Obama’s mistakes any less of a mistake.

      • Well when you don’t care about one’s mistake and become apoplectic about another ones don’t be surprised if any get a sense of a douuble-standard.

    • Please refresh me here. What did the law say as to how much notice the President Bush was required to give congress?
      Seeing as how you feel one action justifies another, regardless of law changes. President Washington started a war with the British, does this mean you support Obama attacking England? YOUR argument, if one president does it, Obama is entitled to also.

  23. and I’m sure you guys were equally outraged when Reagan traded over 1,500 missiles for hostages with Iran in 1985. Iran Contra anyone???

    • Yes, I was outraged. I might add that there were numerous investigations and hearings, more than a dozen indictments, an admission from Reagan that it was done and it was a mistake. Not surprisingly for DC, punishments were vacated and people were pardoned, but at least we found out what happened and why. I doubt seriously if Obama has the stones to let that happen, not when he can hide behind BS.

    • I don’t understand this statement. “You guys”…? Let’s quit the bi-partisan bullshit and call out a liar and a bad president when we see one, whatever their party is. I’m an independent and voted for Obama the first time…that was a mistake I did not make a second time.

      • Carrie sweetie, Obama is not a bad president, if congress would get their racist heads out of their a**** and work with the president then maybe something could get done to better this country.

      • Work with him, to do what? Help us to become a Socialist/Communist Country sooner than later? Why don’t you accuse Harry Reid of anything? He is the one that sits on every Bill that is sent through. Work with the man that has a Pen and a Phone to do whatever he wants? Who keeps breaking “Our Laws” and thinks he is above “The People”. You keep throwing the word racist around. Neither Congress nor “The People” are racist; it is this administration that is racist and sounds like you are. Just a little bit of information: Obama is more White and Arab then he is Black, so your race angle doesn’t work.

      • Finally someont who tells it like it is. Thank you Reba. Maybe now they can throw away the race card!

      • Thank you. No, they won’t, because it benefits them. Personally, I’m sick of being accused of being a racist, when I’m far from it. This administration has undone years of positive growth and makes it worse every time they open their mouths. Normally I don’t respond to it, but it just hit me wrong tonight and a course they responded to my comment, the same way.

      • JEANBEAN14. I’ll sit and hold my breath on the reply with you…..but IF i require a reply with facts not BS i fear i’ll die sitting here

      • The ACA to name just one and the list goes on, but the people on Fox and the do nothing congress won’t give him credit for anything, but that’s ok, the just shall prevail.

      • Wrong. The ACA is a nightmare that is ruining our healthcare system and destroying the medical insurance industry. Try again.

      • No you try again, who is it not working for because it’s working for my family and many more. Just like many years ago they said the same thing about the Medicare program and oh o what?? it’s working.

      • You’ve been bought. The entire country is suffering under the ACA, and you are one of the few who personally benefit, so you’re happy. Sorry, you did not name something that is good for this country.

  24. Travis is the typical liberal….ZERO common sense…..skewed “facts” and bashing the only news outlet NOT run by the government. We’re all racists and it’s all GW’s fault.

      • We’ll put blame where blame lies. Look at all of Obama’s predecessors and the things they did wrong, did they bring shame to our country.

      • No, nothing like this administration has done. By the way, the racist are this administration, not Congress or “The People”.

      • No Obama is not Arab, stop watching Fox News, they are making you all sound so simple. I don’t even know why I starting communicating with such ignorance, I am so above the simple s**t that is been talked about on here. Instead of talking about how much you hate Obama and his administration and what he’s doing or not doing, why don’t you all try to come up with way to make America a better place after all Obama is still your President and you should show him some respect regardless.

      • Sorry, it’s not from FOX. Go to Google and search. I never said I hated Obama, I respect the Office, but I don’t respect him.

      • If you don’t respect the President, then how do you respect the Office….I’m so through with ignorance, sound like you and everyone on here has an issues with yourself.

      • Have you never heard: You don’t have to Respect the Person, but you always Respect the Rank and Office? If you were familiar with Military and working on a Military Installation, you would know that.

      • Honey I’ve heard it all, respect is respect and no matter how you spin it, if you can’t respect the person in office then you surely can’t respect the office.

      • It’s pointless Reba. May as well say, “If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand.” lol. Those who STILL support Obama never talk about the issues at hand. Every single one of them, because there is no possible reasonable excuse/defense for the actions of this man, will say 1 of 3 things. 1. You are racist 2. Six years later, it’s still Bush’s fault (lmao) or 3. Instead of talking about the subject of the conversation, they will talk about former Republican presidents and the mistakes they made. Not one of these 3 statements has anything to do with the subject at hand, whether its O’s birth in Kenya, the refusal to send aid to Benghazi, admittedly supplying weapons to the rebel forces linked to Al Qaida and then changing the law that forbids it, or negotiating with terrorists. Those 3 responses are just plain tired, Im so sick of hearing the same thing over and over and over, none of which has anything to do with the conversation. Ugh.

      • By the way, I too respect the office, but have zero respect for the man representing it right now. There is no honor in him and he is simply not worthy of respect.

      • Agree! It is interesting. Amazing how many are joining us the last couple of weeks. I guess they will wake up, when one morning they open their doors and find Obama Army, tanks and machine guns in their streets. Then again, maybe not!

  25. Why Wasn’t Gitmo Detainee(s) Turned Over to UN?

    My thanks for your intelligence and balanced viewpoints.

    With all of your contacts, perhaps someone could explain how it was that even though at least one of those released from Gitmo were wanted by the UN, why were they released?

    It seems our president made it perfectly clear in his speech at West Point that we would be looking to the UN regarding further conflicts and interests. I’m convinced he and his ilk would be more than willing to surrender our sovereignty to that den of thieves in a minute.

    Did he not put a thumb in the eye of that institution that he holds in such high esteem?

    Mr West, thank you for all you have done and will continue to do for all of us.

  26. Travis and other useful idiots the release of these five is akin to the release of say Gen Petraus, Admiral Halsey and Doolitle. They were NEVER near the ‘front lines’ but rather controlled and planned the moves for the stooges. Bin Laden never really fought but rather planned that his stooges would hijack three airliner and we know how that worked out.

  27. Here is a thought: Concerning
    the release of the 5 GITMO prisoners: Maybe if we back up a bit we
    might see something else. Remember the hijacked jet flight MH370 out of
    Malaysia? It has been determined that it was hijacked and made
    official: and now we have 5 highly dangerous terrorists on the loose.
    0vomit, a Muzzie himself, released a Muzzie who went AWOL (by
    accident?), and negotiated the release of these 5 killers after being
    turned down twice by Congress on this same subject. Do we see a pattern
    emerging here?

  28. Col. West, he is not incompetent on this event. The five Taliban capos are obamas allies in his quest to destroy this nation. You know that.

    • You have NO proof of that James, you are only speculating! Don’t make accusations unless you have HARD EVIDENCE! You don’t have any solid proof of anything! You are judging our President as a traitor with NO proof! What does that say about you as a person? You have the right to say that you THINK, but not the right to CONVICT and accuse him of things that are NOT in evidence!

      • given his record over the last 5 years I think Traitor might not be too strong a word(in my opinion).

      • BC. I AGREE……HIS ACTIONS speak volumes as to his intention to anyone with working brain cells….jmho

      • How about the FACT that he knew about the soldier deserting his post voluntarily before being “captured”? It was just an excuse to set them free.

      • Then WHERE is your appreciation to the POTUS for bringing down that evil enemy? I am PROUD of the Presidents accomplishment! George didn’t do much to bring him to the justice he deserved did he now? It seems to me RENA dear that you have FORGOTTEN the good of this POTUS!

      • YES REBA ! I also will NEVER FORGET!! That is why I am willing to give our President the benefit of the doubt here! I am so grateful to him for bringing down Bin Laden that I am not willing to completely throw him under the bus yet! Everyone else has convicted him of treason but I will wait until all of the facts are know about this latest situation!

      • I think that your thanks are misplaced. You should be thanking Seal Team Six. They are the ones who brought Bin Laden down. That was just before the village idiot Biden identified them and then they were mysteriously ambushed. Treasonous bastards the both of them along with the rest of his cronies.

      • It is curious how everything following the death of Bin Laden was held in secrecy. It is also curious how the Taliban could identify the helicopter Seal Team Six were in and where they would be. The village idiot did identify them but he didn’t publicly give there position out for that day and that area. Curious. As for being thankful to Obama, my question would be why. The search for Bin Laden began long before Obama came to office. Obama didn’t pull the trigger. He took credit for the work others did. That is what he always does, take credit. Obama was planning this for some time. The speech at the military academy. The surprise visit to Afghanistan and then the ridiculous prisoner exchange with the Taliban. He fully believed that this act would be greeted with much fanfare and adulation from the masses. A real president would have known better. A real president would have taken the advice of his military commanders. This president thinks he knows better because he fancies himself as an intellectual. He can’t see himself for what he really is.

  29. I will tell you this, Mr. West is just as much responsible for this because he turned down TWO invitations from Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Lt. Mike Zullo, the lead investigator in the CRIMINAL investigation. If Mr.West has used his position at the time and his popularity at the time to help expose the Obama fraudulent activity Obama would have been long gone from politics. But know, Mr. West flat out refused to do the honorable thing, he put his tail between his legs and walked away from the offer TWICE. Shame on you.

    • Not familiar with this, but saying that, maybe LTC West felt that if he came involved, this administration would have made it about him instead of the facts. Always two sides to a story.

  30. “How can [Barry] be this utterly incompetent?”

    Unfortunately, Colonel West, he didn’t release these five terrorists because he is ‘this utterly incompetent.’ He released them because he is this utterly evil. He hates our military and he hates our country because of his Marxist ideology. It is his goal to damage and destroy our beloved nation. His target is the American people.

    I realize my statement sounds like hyperbole. Yet it is utterly true.
    As someone posted earlier, you should ‘know that,’ Sir.

  31. Between this and “gays” in the military, the enemies of the U.S. must be thrilled. Why not just put up a billboard that says, “Hey… come conquer us!” ?

  32. Hey all you progressive liberal minded nincompoops who elected this “community organizer”, Obama, He’s back at his old job. Now He’s organizing the old terrorist community that flew our planes into our buildings full of our PEOPLE! Wonder what they’ll organize. GERMS, poison gas , maybe a nuke in NY! Good job DEMOCRATS, hope you enjoy living under THAT umbrella!

  33. He knew exactly what he was doing. He is a traitorous lying muslim scumbag , pure and simple…..and that goes for berghdal too.

  34. I’m not going to let my disapproval of Obama stop me from supporting this soldier until he gets due process, which is his constitutional right. As for the 5 Taliban leaders. the heck with them. If they can’t formally charge them by the time we withdraw from Afghanistan, we’ll have to let them go anyway. They’ll just wait for a while in Qatar and take their country back anyway. If Obama did an impeachable offense then impeach him, but Bergdahl is still entitled to a court Martial, where he will be properly judged.

    • What good is it to impeach him? The house impeachs and the senate tries him. Exactly what chance is there that dirty harry and the obama senate will convict him? No we DO NOT have to let them “go anyway.” They are NOT POW. The are being held as criminals. How about supporting the real Patriots. Note that bergdahl himself said that he doesn’t wish to be called SGT. Why? Because he knows it is BS and he IS a deserter. And maybe a traitor. What about DUE PROCESS for the Americans killed in Benghazi? Fast and furious?Obvious you do NOT know how impeachment works as well as having never served a day in service to our country.

  35. Really? And most of you call yourselves “educated”? Future intel for us, unless the taliban is smart enough to waste them…..


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