SGT Bergdahl, liberal hypocrisy & the corruption of honor

Just this afternoon, something hit me about the hypocrisy of liberal progressives. As you often read here in the comments section, liberals are fond of misrepresenting events in my military career, specifically the prisoner interrogation I conducted in order to protect the lives of those under my command.

The current Chief of Staff of the Army, General Ray Odierno, was my 4th Infantry Division Commander in 2003 when I was the Battalion Commander of 2-20th Field Artillery Regiment. It was then-Major General Odierno who brought charges against me for that interrogation which led to my removal from command, an investigation, an Article 32 hearing, and final disposition by way of non-judicial punishment, Article 15.

I redeployed from the Iraq combat theater of operations and after consulting with my wife Angela, submitted my paperwork for retirement from U.S. active duty military service.

Upon my wall hangs a certificate of Honorable Discharge after 22 years of service, signed by the president.

And so I always find it laughable when liberal progressives choose the insidious line of character assassination referring to me as a “disgrace” and a “war criminal.”

So you may be asking, after 11 years, “what difference at this point does it make?” I’ll tell you the difference it makes.

This past Sunday, National Security Advisor Susan Rice referred to Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl as having served with “honor and distinction.” And today, from Poland, President Barack Hussein Obama, when asked about the circumstances surrounding the night of Bergdahl’s disappearance dismissed the question as “irrelevant.”

Irrelevant whether he simply walked off the base, deserted the Army or colluded with the enemy?

You see, for liberal progressives, standing up and defending your men in combat, scaring, threatening, or ultimately destroying the enemy is bad — consider the American Soldiers sitting in prison at Ft. Leavenworth, like Army Lieutenant Clint Lorance or recently released Army Lieutenant Michael Behenna. These are men who don’t make negative statements and comments about their country or army. These are men who are willing to endure the crucible of betrayal and the hate-filled speech attacking their integrity and character. Those are the ones who the liberal progressives despise, denigrate, demean, disparage, and dishonor — trust me, I have first-hand experience.

Perhaps if I had played the victim and condemned my country and President George W. Bush for ruining my life due to his venture in an “unjust” war, I would have become an overnight liberal sensation — their version of a hero. I thank God I am not that weak in character.

What the episode surrounding Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl conveys to us all is that desertion is honorable to liberal progressives. Making anti-American comments and statements is distinguished and conveys a certain distinction of service. Having six Soldiers lose their lives during search and recovery operations — as opposed to taking an action to preserve American Soldiers’ lives — is held in high regard. And lying to the families of those killed is acceptable, if not encouraged. Releasing the enemy is a more relevant and worthy reason to violate an oath to the Constitution — as opposed to upholding that same oath.

This is the upside-down bizarro world of the liberal progressives where the certificate that hangs on my wall for Honorable Service means nothing. Why? Because someone like me or Clint Lorance doesn’t make them feel good. Sergeant Bergdahl makes liberals feel good because he is a victim and they have set him free — who cares about the poor souls six feet under as a result of his nefarious action? It is, after all, “irrelevant.”

Expect the liberal progressive media to protect Bergdahl and try to show us his beautiful side – perhaps pictures of him as a dancer.

So here I sit watching whether General Odierno will render charges against Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl for desertion — there is plenty of evidence to support the allegations. There could be charges of conduct unbecoming of an American Soldier, possibly even treason. I’ll be watching to see what General Odierno’s definition of honor is — after all he is a West Point graduate where the motto is Duty, Honor, Country.

Or does General Odierno agree, as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Dempsey stated, that Bergdahl has suffered enough — and as Obama stated, his actions are irrelevant?

Will there be a 15-6 investigation, or will the liberal definition of honor prevail and it will all be shoved under a rug? Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy has already started circling the progressive socialist Democrat wagons around Obama saying the challengers to his unilateral release of senior Taliban leaders are just “Obama haters.” You see, setting the enemy free is good, it is honorable, it displays strength.

The real question for our nation is, how do we define honor?


  1. Thank you Col West. Every time I read someone spew out their message of hate against you I just laughed as they were very misguided little children parrot talking the same BS. I read about you and what you did and I would define you as an honorable man who I would love to see in charge of this country. You have shown nothing but restraint and resilience in all your answers to those who have attacked your character. You could have easily cried victim and retaliated but you didn’t and that is what we need in a leader. Thank you again for posting this as the haters need to read, but probably still wont believe as they are closed minded little peons.

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      • There are a lot of people who come on here for nothing but to troll and attack other posters here. Most of the time they are using disgusting language or saying really nasty things. They dont come here to discuss the article but to attack people posting.

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  2. Nicely done, it was a time to respond to these liberal accusations and you really made it sound together with the traitor´s story.

  3. Excellent article. We need Allen West’s kind of leadership for our country. Not this radical progressive thinly-veiled socialist nonsense we currently have in power.

    Keep up the good work, sir.

  4. Col West, you’re a good man in my book and as far as I’m concerned that soldier deserted during a time of war and should be put on trial. He should also have to answer for the six lives lost while looking for him!! You are an honorable man and I see nothing wrong on what you did!

  5. Thanks Col West for this column… I don’t know why we always punish those who risk it all to protect Soldier’s live in war time as you stated in this column.
    The Regime needs to make the spin that Bergdahl was a hero. Otherwise, we just gave back the Taliban cabinet members we captured after 9/11 for a deserter and America will never forgive the president for that… with all the lies, you will hear in the coming days that Bergdahl was captured on patrol and he’s in line for a medal of honor…what else is new when they already cover up the 6 deaths as a result of Bergdahl’s action in 2009?

  6. It is dishonorable to leave your post. The only solace I will take comfort in is Bergdahl will have to live with his actions and the blood that is on his hands. Obama will face his judgement one day and all I can do is sit and pray for true justice to be done for my fallen comrades from the Iraq war and present.

    • Nah, he won’t live with anything….he’s just another converted muslim…I’m sure he will be planning on something big to do to us Americans now that he will be back home!

  7. I can no longer watch the news… I can’t listen to the radio… I can’t read articles on the internet… without my stomach going into knots. I no longer recognize this once great country. I sincerely doubt we will ever get it back again. I have no hope for the future. This country is screwed.

    I’m just a 62 year old man who has lost all hope… Shoot me. Just Shoot Me.

      • Billy Bob a Dennis I’m 62 and with you both. I’m a sister of 5 Military brothers and husband of the Viet Nam war all honorable Discharged and a Son who fought in Iraqi Freedom with H.D. And I’m very proud of all our Military who have fought in good standing along with Col. West. I am so sick of what this man and all these wicked people that call themselves Americans including the News Media. There’s only a few we can actually believe. I even cleared off many of the pages I used to like reading from off my FB page because I’m so sick of it. I will keep Col. West on board.

      • I’m 65. 30 yrs in Navy and Army. I might be old but as long as I’m breathing, I’ll stand with Col. West. Our country’s saving grace will be the millions of soldiers and veterans who will uphold the oath they took.

  8. Why was he given two promotions and is now up for another when a cloud hung over his head regarding his disappearance? Hew was not a POW, he voluntarily abandoned his post and put fellow soldiers at risk! So please explain how he gets promoted!

  9. unless something exculpatory comes out, lock him up and a DD for his actions. While we are at it doesn’t the prez fall under the UCMJ? Never mind forget it, a stain is all they would create.

  10. Col. West, you are to be commended for the sacrifice you had to make to protect your men. There is no way in hell that politics should be allowed to enter into this. Warriors need to lead, not be arm chair quarterbacked by Congress or the President. You are a model officer, not a political hack, like so many ladder climbers.

  11. I was a 95B MP under the grand military leader Carter
    and the young men we hunted down for going AWOL during training received worse treatment than this person. Notice i do not refer to him as a man. My son is in the Navy and what happened in Benghazi was a hit to morale.

  12. I think we’re starting our logic from the wrong end of this thing. I don’t think Obama’s objective ever was to get ‘the last POW in Afghanistan’ home as in ‘no one left behind’. I think he has wanted to let these five creeps go since before he became President. The only reason Bergdahl became the trade bait is because he was the only one left. If Obama decided to leave him in Afghanistan he would have no other excuse for letting these creeps go.

    • I think it was the plot from the beginning. Muslims will wait a long time in order to deceive, divide and conquer.

  13. Way to go Col West you are truly an honorable man which is more than I can say about any one on the democratic side of politics and in our military today. If we survive this regime we will truly be blessed by God for He is the only one who can save us from these liberal progressive malcontents.

  14. What distresses me most with the US General Staff is the apparent lack of honor or integrity and a flippant disregard with upholding a sworn oath they took at their commissioning. As I look at the sorry state of affairs with the United States Flag Officers it seems that their only concerns are ticket punching, political ass kissing and pandering in the latrine of social justice and political correctness. Is this what the military academies churning out? Where are the warrior ethos, the bonds of honor, loyalty, and sacrifice and love of country? Way to many of them have sold their honor and integrity for a star. Even after they retire they sit quietly and say nothing.

    Col West at least your still in the fight and are trying to hold the line.

    • We had the most amazing officer speak at my son’s HS graduation. He spoke of honor, integrity, and faith. HE received a 5 minute standing ovation, thunderous applause before and after his speech. After the graduation we asked to take a photo with him and he happily obliged. We thanked him for his service and got into a discussion with him….when asked why he retired so “young” he said he could not as a man of honor and integrity serve under a man like barak obama. He made it plain that he has lost respect for many of the top brass who have stayed to do this man’s bidding and he is praying for those who disagree with his ideaology but are forced to serve under him as commander and chief.

  15. As a Veteran ,Honor to me would be serving in the 2-20th Field Artillery under the command of Lt. Colonel Allen B. West. Don’t forget there are hundreds of thousands of veterans who took the oath when we enlisted and we will stand by that oath and will stand with Lt. Colonel West when the time comes for him to take charge and turn this once great country around .

    • You damn skippy. AFSC 81150, and have never been ashamed of my service. What I AM ashamed of is this administration and the supposed representatives of our nation, ESPECIALLY people like Bergdahl.

    • I’d love to have had him as a commander too. He reminds me of one I had that I hated but he was hardcore and serious and was anti-BS.

  16. It would have been an honor to have served with you Colonel.
    As usual your sense of duty, honor, and country comes through as strongly in your writing as it did in your service.
    thank you for your service then, and now.
    Sgt. 2/5 1 Cav. 71

  17. Obama a man of little character and no honor. He is systematicly weeding out officers that rise above his low standards. What happens when he desides to use the military against US citizens in the US. Think it can’t happen? Look at all he has done since he has been in office that no one would have thought a president would even think about.

  18. John Kerry never released his discharge status, even after “promising” during his Pres. campaign. I wonder WHY?

  19. The majority of the American people thank you for your service AND those courageous actions to protect your soldiers for which you were unjustly punished. Truth will always win over B.S.

  20. Sir;

    You call lock and load and i will follow you and expect you to do everything you can think of to get my ass back.. even if i am dead.


  21. well said sir…. in our present world honor and integrity mean nothing to the average joe… especially a liberal joe/joanna.
    its said to see this as a military person, i have spoke to many military folks over the last few days and the universal conclusion based on the facts presented is that Bergdahl is a straight up deserter. I’m glad he is recovered from the Talis….. no he needs to feel the weight of what he did.. he deserted in combat. pretty sure that’s about as low as it gets. His platoon mates were slamming the guy last night on TV. These are guys who were there and they accuse him of being a deserter. If pvt Manning got a court martial….well deserved though it was…… Bergdahl deserves a firing squad if convicted of desertion in the face of the enemy. If the Army sweeps this under the rug…. morale and retention will take a huge hit. For the good of the military, this guy needs to answer for running off. As Washington said…..’discipline is the soul of the army’…. he was so right.

    and thank you for your service sir! Hooah!

  22. No deference, no discernment, no honor. They’re all party loyalists including Ordierno their politics are filtered pursuant to their agenda.

  23. He is a traitor, a deserter, a man without honor in my eyes. It’s too bad Al Queda didn’t shoot him…he should be tried as a deserter, interrogated to find out what he told the enemy, and then summarily executed for his crimes. We lost 6 good men looking for this traitorous POS, we released 5 satanic monsters into the world to come after us. He should be jailed here in the USA…..IF ANY OF THOSE 5 that OBama released is involved in any attacks on the USA at any point in the future….THAT WILL AND SHOULD BE OBAMA’S total legacy

  24. Obama himself is a war criminal, right up there with Benedict Arnold. He broke the law by not submitting his intentions of the “prisoner swap” with Congress. He should be impeached. But he won’t. He is above the law of this land. He has proven that with Benghazi, Bergdahl the traitor, and other actions too numerous to mention. Thank you to all of you who have stood and defended the Constitution of the United States. And if it took some torture of someone who would have no doubt killed you if given the chance, so be it. It saved American lives.

    • Colonel,
      As long as we still have men like you there is still hope for this country
      When are you running for POTUS????? I will work my a….. off for you!
      We desperately need you to give us hope!! If not, I fear for this country I swore to defend against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. My term of service has long been up, but my oath is forever.

  25. Fact is Allen West you were relieved from command because you didn’t do as you were TRAINED to do. You didn’t display LEADERSHIP!

    • Did he not? Pease explain your definition of leadership. Hard interrogation is not torture, disorientation and sleep deprivation is not torture. War is not nice! at least we do not chop them up or hack off their heads with a kitchen knife. If you think you can get information to protect your men and destroy the enemy by giving them a cup of tea, biscuit and a copy of the Koran; go to it.

      • Once again…HE DID NOT SHOW LEADERSHIP!! He was in command of men and lost his temper! Read the report…..they were right to relieve him of command because he displayed that he shouldn’t lead a group of CATS!!!

      • He lost his temper? that’s your smoking gun? Patton lost his temper too.That’s very silly.

      • When you are in a leadership position and instruct your men not to BEAT a person then turn around and let them beat him and you fire your gun next to his head…NO THAT IS NOT LEADERSHIP!

      • Reports? Group of cats!? Your leadership credential are? He may have lost his temper, I’ve known many commanders do as much, often with some justification. It may be reason for discipline of a chat; not for relief of command. There were personal issues in this and the officer bringing the charges was probably more guilt of a lack of leadership than Allen was. I have commanded men in battle and been wounded. losing the plot now and again goes with the territory. (shouldn’t lead a group of cats; wow! you must be an exemplary leader with standards few of us mortal soldiers can aspire to.)

    • You aren’t qualified to judge West’s leadership. His men are. I’ll bet they still salute him when they see him. What kind of respect do you think they have for you.

  26. I have two Article 15’s and consider them badges of honor. Retired CW4 with 29 years active and reserve time.

  27. And since you brought it up…you are a disgrace to the uniform. You tortured a man and the info you got from that torture was proven BOGUS! You retired because you knew you were facing 11 years in prison. My question to you is…why didn’t you stand with the men that got article 15’s….lost rank and pay??

      • There were thousands of officers in Iraq that didn’t face charges. Thousands that faced danger and never violated the UCMJ. Allen West is a DISGRACE to the uniform!

      • What did you ever do?? Nothing of any value and you never will.
        You are a loser that never started go play in traffic

      • And that still doesn’t change the fact that this man did not serve with HONOR. He did not LEAD when leadership was desperately NEEDED!!!

      • He did, still does, in fact he has more class in his left pinky than your whole miserable life has

      • ROTFLMAO @ Sonny. You are too cute. You’re silly notion that Allen West didn’t serve with honor is truly funny.
        You really do need to go get some therapy

      • You are truly a disgrace. You never served this country. You are a fraud a pretentious old fool. I do not care if I lead or follow just get the Hell out of my way or get that sorry ass of yours run over

      • Too many officers in IRAQ saved their guys without torturing a person and without violating the UCMJ! Thanks!!

      • You can not get an honorable discharge unless you served honorably. You were never in the military. You only get a discharge if there are conflicts in your record. My father wanted an honorable discharge there is a difference. And he got one btw.

      • Here’s the only FACT that’s relevant to this discussion. Even if everything you say about West was true, it does not justify Obama letting 5 of the worst terrorists at Gitmo go free to rejoin the jihad against the USA in return for a deserter. And nothing justifies the attempt at giving this deserter a hero’s welcome or giving his father the President’s platform to praise Allah. You are just another liberal hater. You can’t defend the treasonous behavior of your messiah so you resort to attacking his critics as if somehow that justifies what Obama is doing. The only thing you haven’t done (yet) is accuse West of being and Uncle Tom.

    • Take a hike Earl Lee,You have bought into the Obama lies. You can’t defend
      Bergdal, who deserted his post, so you attack Allen West……….

    • You are a disgrace to the US and liberals. Your inept attitude displays that for all to see.
      You’re a loser we know that from all the posting you do which is always the same ole same ole rhetoric. You are boring, trite and shallow.
      You will never change history and certainly not our opinions. So go away little girl. Your dismissed

      • You are sooooo correct…i will never change history nor the FACTS! The facts are what they are and allen west did what he did and was relieved of command for it……THOSE ARE THE FACTS!

      • You facts are clouded by your leftist agenda and your love for a tyrannical madman. You cannot think for yourself or outside the box.
        He explained himself perfectly well. You just can’t handle the truth because it does not fit your agenda.. Poor pathetic small minded toady

    • tortured one of theirs? who cares-after all the bs they did (cutting off the contractor’s head with a saw) last time I read the official record, he was investigated then retied.

    • After he “tortured” them, their heads were still attached to there body. It doesn’t seem you have any combat experience from your time in the service. If you had I believe you would feel differently about those who spend night and day dreaming of how to kill Americans.

      • You know I’m right…you know he doesn’t stand a chance….you know the republican big money will not get behind him!

      • I know you are wrong. I also know you have no class no honor no intelligence and certainly no integrity.
        All of which LTC WEST has

      • So you’re jealous that he had a command and you scrubbed toilets, Now I see it all clearly

      • So you admit your jealousy. Now that we have that settled we now know why you ramble on so dramatically. How does it feel to make a fool of yourself. Being a fraud can’t be all that great

      • I would more say you are scared of him because he is everything you wish Obama was. And you know if he chose to run your party wouldn’t see the inside of the White House except by invitation for the next 8 years.

      • If he runs he wouldn’t make it past IOWA!! Stop living in a dream world and face reality. He would have NO SUPPORT except for you few. He would have NO big money backers. He wouldn’t be eaten up in the republican primaries! He knows this…these are the reasons HE WILL NOT RUN!!!

      • That’s what you hope. You feel it like everyone else who listens to him. Only it terrifies you. He can be the leader America needs to bring it back from this almost-communist nation you have worked SO hard for. The tide is turning on you thanks to men like LTC West and just when you were SO close to the communist utopia you dreamed of.

      • I don’t have to “HOPE”….is like wondering if SARAH PALIN will run…..I know neither stand a chance of winning because the repulican establishment will not suppot them!

      • You’re jealous of his intelligence, you’re jealous of his Command, you are jealous of his having served in the Congress and you are jealous he has a website

      • He wasn’t the first one nor will he be the last. Some that have been relieved of command over the last few years, didn’t do anything wrong. So, let’s move on, Earl.

      • I’m wrong??? Didn’t tea party candidates get their heads handed to them a couple of weeks ago?? I’m sorry but that proves me RIGHT!!!

      • Nope, only by your pathetic party and their stupid rhetoric, twisting things to make themselves heroes for you to run with. How does it feel to be their puppet?

      • Wait…so the republican establishment DIDN’T pour millions into defeating TEA PARTY CANDIDATES???

      • What’s the matter you cannot stick to one topic? You lost the argument about this thread so now you start another argument about the gOP? Karl Rove and company will get what they deserve don’t you worry your ugly little head about it

      • I’ve served and read the report! That was enough for me….only thing you people try to do is EXCUSE his behavior. He was relieved of command for a REASON!!

      • Thank you for serving.
        Now get off your band wagon and discuss the issues that are going on now.

      • That is not all he brought up. We all know where you stand on Allen West, so time to discuss other issues.

      • You are lying to yourself, you are desperate, your foolishness and immaturity are getting the best of you

      • Hello my friend. I don’t know him personally and I will give him the benefit of doubt. I tell all that I know about, thank you. Some might be and some might not be, but at least I tell them I thank them for their service and I feel better for doing it.

      • Bull! I can pick a name out of the hat if I want to also, so what big deal earl. You have proved nothing but you’re a hot head with a chip on his shoulder and it has nothing to do with LTC West. did you get stuck helping mommy with the dishes?

      • I don’t have to prove MY service to you clown! I served with HONOR…retired with HONOR and never faced 11 years in PRISON like allen west!!

      • So I pulled a name out of a hat and came up with the 1st Armored?? U think I would have said 101st Airborne or something like that….goodness dude…no one has heard of the 1st Armored!

      • General Patton led the 3rd armored Div. I have heard of all of the so what! That does not prove a darn thing panty waste

      • How did you serve there and read a classified report if you were in Germany. Your lie is exposed.

      • Did I said I read the classified report?? The report is ALL OVER THE INTERNET!!! You expose NOTHING!!!

      • How foolish it is to think that information on the internet that can be doctored is ANY sign of proof of ANYTHING. So you have now exposed your own lie that you stated before to make it seem as if you had any credibility to your opinions.

      • OH so you are saying that allen west is LYING about being relieved of command and why?? He admits it HIMSELF!! Stop trying change the FACTS!!

      • Look we’ve figured you out. We’re not buying it. To come to a page you disagree with just to argue with people is a waste. You should spend your night better.

      • Also, I come for a long line of family members that SERVED…my son is currently serving in the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE…serving with HONOR…unlike allen west!

      • My grandfather served, my brother served, I served, my son is serving! Strong military FAMILY!!! We protected and continue to protect this great nation!!

    • The republican establishment is pouring MILLIONS into defeating TEA PARTY CANDIDATES! You really believe they wouldn’t do the same to a nobody like ALLEN WEST?

      • You are without our help, embarrassing yourself. Take your foot out of your mouth for a few minutes get a breath of fresh air. read yourself a child’s book it’s time for bed

      • If you want to keep your eyes closed and believe the republican establishment will get behind allen west…go ahead…facts tell me different

      • My eyes are wide open kid. I see barry ruining the country aiding and abetting the enemy at every chance. I see you trying to mock West every chance you get. I hear the same thing from you everyday on every post. I pity you earl. I pity you for being small minded, for being a puppet of a regime that does not deserve support.

      • If your eyes were WIDE OPEN you would know that the republican establishment would never get behind a nobody like ALLEN WEST!

      • But…unless you are totally CLUELESS about american politics…You can’t win ANYTHING without the support of the money. If you do not have the BIG MONEY BACKERS….you are a waste of time!

      • Do you realize how stupid you sound? Please, you should really read what you type. How much longer can you embarrass yourself like this, don’t you have any self esteem?

      • Dude…you are so lost!! You know nothing about the american political system. Its all based on MONEY! Heres something for ya….During the 2012 election cycle while the obama campaign was hitting mitt romney on BAIN CAPITAL he couldn’t respond because he had to spend most of his money winning the primary. Once it was clear he had the nomination he still couldn’t respond because he had to spend time RAISING money!!

      • No not Dude. you buffoon Really? based on money? you mean like there is so much voter fraud by the liberals that they buy their elections?? Is that what you are implying?

      • Voter fraud huh? So everytime a republican loses you are going to pull the VOTER FRAUD card huh?

      • I agree. Only a racist would say the things little Gearl, I mean Earl said. Early didn’t have what it takes to serve . His racist remarks against LTC West is Un American.

      • You can tell that earl has a big problem, He is Jealous, he lacks self esteem and he is easily led by the liberals. He is no more than a puppet to be used. he repeats himself over and over again.

      • When you leave 5 of your men to face charges and accept article 15’s, lose pay and rank…..YOU ARE A COWARD…not a HERO!!

  28. Gee Mr West and all this time I thought you were “fined” for violating the UCMJ and torturing an innocent civilian.
    I’ve read the CID report on the incident. Who else has, I wonder?

      • Earl Earl, now you are getting boring try to think of something original, I know it’s hard for you

      • Crawl back in your hole, no one is going to believe your lies except on liberal websites.

      • SO you are saying voter fraud is sooo bad that it won a man not one but 2 national elections?? No…how about this….AMERICA rejects the policies of the republican/tea party!

      • Voter fraud was SOOO wide spread that the republican house has opened 13 investigations on it…wait…there are no investigations on widespread VOTER FRAUD!! LOL

      • Ok…now I’m confused….voter fraud is nationwide and soooo bad that the republican house didn’t open investigations?

      • WRONG! That’s what happens when you only follow liberal news media. YOU DON’T HAVE FACTS.

      • Yes, it’s called FRAUD! And that’s been PROVEN, contrary to what you socialist democrats claim.

      • You know, you and your friend Richard Ulrich up there come off as sounding very jealous and hurt that Col West received an honorable discharge. And he lost by a very small margin, I wouldn’t call that major loss. He is still capable to run and I hope he does.

      • If allen west were interested in running again he would have done so. His name is not on ANY ballots. He is using the sarah palin playbook to become wealthy! If allen west actually wanted to make a CHANGE he would run for SOMETHING!

      • You don’t always have to run for something to do something about the things going on around you. I hope he is considering the presidency and not Congress.

        You are by far a very bitter child? Why is it so important to you to slam West on everything? Why are you so hell bent on trying to discredit him? Did he do something to you personally? Or you are just some child throwing a fit because you aren’t as good as he is?

      • Complaining? LOL you silly little boy. He is bringing attention to the people what the POTUS and ilk are doing that is wrong. He is doing what many people do on the net and other media outlets is informing the public about issues that affect us and our freedoms. But you are the one who is sounding like a sniveling child who broke his favorite toy. Grow up already and be a man. You have offered NO solutions yourself but to whine and cry about West… my god you need a life…

      • He is bringing attention to WHO?? The people that already hate obama? NOTHING WILL CHANGE if those are the only people he is bringing attention to! Geeze!!!!

      • What does it matter to you Earl? So what if there are people here who hate Obama, you don’t stop monitoring the news just because you hate him. People need to be informed, and since the MSM refuse to do it, someone has to. It is his right to give his opinion about what he sees happening in this administration and his right to tell everyone he sees. And its the peoples right to read it if they choose to do so. Get off your high horse and come to your senses child. If you don’t like what he is reporting or writing about, don’t bother to come here. You are going to blow a gasket.

      • If allen west wanted to make a “CHANGE” he would try to put himself in a position to make on and not sit on the sidelines monday morning quarterbacking!

      • Follow your own advice. You are only here because you are a bitter troll. Allen West is presenting the TRUTH, which YOU cannot handle!

      • I wonder why Obama sides with everyone that hates USA every chance he gets. He has completely forgot about our Marine Sergeant that’s being held unjustly just across the border.

      • Diane Feinstein along with many other libs in the senate (excluding crazy harry) are pissed about your messiah pulling the swap.

      • but according to the news she was apologized to by barry, you know that makes everything okay now

      • I excluded crazy Harry because he stood on the Senate floor and praised Obama’s actions blindly as usual. If you’re familiar with Reid you didn’t miss much.

      • The only thing you run is your mouth. The only other exercise you get is jumping to conclusions.

      • Poor Earl, did you practice your diatribe today?? Do you still have your written marching orders from the libs? You sound like a broken record

      • Earl, Allen West is not in prison, he is retired. PERIOD!! I was not there nor were you. PERIOD!! Reports are just that, REPORTS!! Unless you were there during this time, you don’t know what happened any more than I do. Either talks about the issue of Sgt Bergdahl, who six men died looking for him, after he left the base on his own.

      • Earl?, You’re not going to start crying are you? He has an honorable discharge, you can only get that by serving with HONOR! Get over it already. Move on time to get a new topic for yourself

      • You are right, the socialist democrats do not care that Berghdal did not serve with honor. He is a TRAITOR!

    • If it was so bad, why did he only get an Article 15 (Non Judicial Punishment). You can get an Article 15 for anything. It is a very petty punishment.

      • He felt it was necessary, at the time, to protect his men. That is why it was an Article 15 and not Court Martial. I will never fault him for doing that to protect his men. You sir, should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Thousands of officers PROTECTED their men without violating the UCMJ! Thousands served with HONOR! They didn’t sit by and watch a man beaten by the men they were commanding for 40 mins! ALLEN WEST IS A DISGRACE to the UNIFORM!

      • We hear your stupidity and accept you for what you are. Your trolling will not change anything, we know you are crazy. We shall ignore your foolish ramblings.

      • You sir are a true disgrace. Allen West did what he had to do. He was punished as the Army saw fit. It was a pretty weak crime due to it being in War. Any good officer would have done it.

      • …..West was asked if he would act differently under similar circumstances, West testified, “If it’s about the lives of my soldiers at stake, I’d go through hell with a gasoline can.”

        That doesn’t sound like a disgrace.

      • If the Army wanted to, believe me they would have hung his ass out to dry. But they didn’t. They agreed with his actions at the time and still had to give him some kind of punishment for political reasons.

      • The CID report is inaccurate, shocker of all shockers but most CID investigators are incompetent and blow more cases than they truly make. If LTC West was criminal in nature he would have gone to courtmartial and if found guilty would have been incarcerated at Ft. Leavenworth. Nor received honorable discharge with full retirement benefits nor could he have run for and won Congressional office. There is a legal saying that “you can charge a ham sandwich, but that does not mean a conviction”. LTC West was scapegoated and cowards like you feel better about your Xbox gaming and the only combat you have been involved with is fighting with your blow-up doll (girlfriend) while living in your mother’s basement… Those that Soldier know the truth about LTC West and obviously we can easily see liberal cowards like you and the current administration… LTC West’s actions saved lives and he did not desert his guard post and go the enemy while leaving his fellow Soldiers unprotected by the cowardice demonstrated by SGT Bergdahl…

      • If allen west didn’t do anything wrong…he damn sure didn’t FIGHT to clear his name….why?? Because he knew he was WRONG!!

      • War crime trials don’t cease just because you “get out”. You would know that if you were a soldier. Why do you think the military gave him a way out. Because they agreed with his actions. Any real soldier would.

      • You are a sorry excuse for a troll. One horse One trai. do not vear you will get lost, which isn’t such a bad idea for youl

      • DEBUNK IT…prove what I said was not FACTS! Just because you don’t agree with the FACTS doesn’t change them!

      • Please enlighten me, Rodger, in the comprehension skills I lack.
        I do know how to read and comprehend a criminal investigation report.

    • You sir do not have a clue. LTC West tortured nobody and his actions ensured that an insurgent ambush was thwarted before any loss of troops in LTC West’s command. In fact, LTC West’s actions were amazing a very dangerous area of operations and in hindsight he contacted his higher headquarters and self-reported. No senior leaders had any concern; only later after a Brigade Commander was being investigated for nothing related to LTC West’s actions nor his unit, did someone take issue and it cost LTC West his career. He never sniveled and always accepted responsibility for his actions and the actions of his unit. He is the sort of Army leader I would want leading my sons in battle. You sir, have no concept of “duty, honor, country? but are the first to twist the truth to allow the cowardly soul inside you to breath the free air we all enjoy in America with never having sacrificed anything for this great nation. Suggest you take a one-way plane ride to Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, etc, and see how long before some scumbag Muslim decides they should saw your head off your body because you are merely American. You will be screaming for LTC West or other warriors of his caliber come save your worthless existence… By the way the civilian, was a terrorist/insurgent and should have been shot on the spot except for the values adhered to by LTC West and his Soldiers… Why hate an American warrior when you have no balls? Slither back under your liberal rock…

      • If allen west were a “LEADER” his men under his command would not received article 15’s losing rank and pay

      • Okay let’s say it was, How would he have known otherwise? You tell me mr. Light of Brilliance?

      • Based on what? Even CNN noted no further attacks happened after he got the info. on the ambush. You are pulling your claims out of what orifice, exactly?

      • From the report: Q: Did you instruct your men to strike mr hoomandi? A: no Q: why did they strike him A: because they were mad Q: did you instruct your men to stop: A: NO, but I would have if it would have gotten excessive. Really allen west??

      • And again, you said the info. was BOGUS. And your proof is this non sequitur? Take a nap, Earl.

      • Seems that 5 men under allen west command that night received article 15’s, lost rank and pay!

      • Seems to me, so what? They beat and scared a man who gave them accurate information about the ambush he knew about in advance. Oh well. They should have ignored what they knew about the traitorous cop and let US soldiers get ambushed? Personally I’d lose rank and pay over my life; you know better apparently. Keep it on repeat though. Very convincing.

      • Here is the CID report. Please tell me what truth I twisted?

        Gee, S. Jordan you sure call me a lot of names and tell me to do a lot of things. Why is that?

        I have seen nothing of the sort that backs up your “By the way the civilian, was a terrorist/insurgent and should have been shot on the spot except for the values adhered to by LTC West and his Soldiers…”
        Please lay out some foundation for your statement as I have done for mine. Gee, S. Jordan you sure call me a lot of names and tell me to do a lot of things. Why is that?

      • because they can’t handle the fact that ALLEN WEST is a FRAUD!! I read that report…they beat that man for over 40 mins!

      • Dick, what a fitting name by the way. One have not provided any factual foundation for you anti-American attack of LTC West. I am guessing if you had access to all documents surrounding the LTC West saga you would know the civilian was an insurgent. Because you are not aware of those facts, or have direct access to the JAG files, just makes you uniformed and the fool that you obviously are. Second you were not there in that combat scenario with the responsibilities of keeping your Soldiers alive and protected as possible. I am only highlighting your character flaws and scoff at liberal sheep like you bleating nonsense out your ass, which you are allowed to do in America, based on the freedoms you enjoy but earned for you by others as LTC West. So talk on the wrongful smack who wish, as LTC West would be the first to defend your rights, and go back to being a wanna-be warrior in your gaming fantasies. I do not dislike you Dick…I feel pity for your hatred of American military values of “duty, honor, country” and for never having the willingness to lead by example and serve your country… You are a bitter man and live as a coward in the greatest country in the world… Sucks to be you… “Dick”!

      • You have no idea how I served my country but that’s not the point.

        When I heard about this incident that occurred on 21 Aug 2003. I had no preconceived notions of what happened. The information I found lead me to the conclusions I formed.

        If there is more information out there. I’m always open to the truth and to admitting I was wrong when the rest of the story is presented to me.
        Show me different information
        Show me that the information contained in
        -CID REPORT OF INVESTIGATION – FINAL – 0I 52-03-CID469-60212- •5C1A/5C2/5T1
        isn’t what really happened.

        As far as Bowe Bergdahl goes, I will wait to attach any description (Hero-traitor or anything in between) to him. Let the story unfold and come out.
        I hope he gets what he deserves, whatever that is.

        PS-sorry, I don’t do any gaming

  29. Bergdahl was a pfc when he deserted , how did he become a sgt ? No way he is a Sargent in the United States Army !

    • I’ve been asking that same question on other forums – used to be one had to go before a promotion board. Now I guess it is just automatic for ‘time served (or something) – BTW – did he make Spec4 first?

  30. i’m so glad you’re such a loud voice on this, seriously. you are the perfect person to illustrate the hypocrisy because of your own situation. this is scary though

      • You need to read what Walter wrote. I think you have misinterpreted him. He is saying that Allen West is the perfect example to show the hypocrisy of the left. They demean LTC West with lies saying he was dishonorably discharged while calling this traitor, Berghdal, a ‘hero’.
        Walter is right.

  31. The ill-informed zombies who vote for democrats have no clue what truth is. They will spout the socialist democrat line of male bovine excrement never once attempting to obtain facts and if they are given facts, they deny them. They are obedient to their masters who have told them that anything contradictory to what they say, is merely ‘hatred’ or ‘racisism’ and the tools bow down, worship, and repeat the lies they are told. It is sad to see so many ignorant fools who are unwittingly destroying America and ultimately themselves. They are so mesmerized by the left they cannot use reason or logic, they are completely devoid of it.

      • So what kind of America do you want, Earl? Let me guess a sissy country that has no volunteers for military. Where government tells you which way to tie your shoe. A country where everyone is a taker and no one works. A country that can’t sustain itself because of to many overpaid McDonald’s workers. A health care system that works like the VA because of overload and undercut rates for doctors.

      • bla bla bla…complain complain complain. Let me ask you this…what are the REPUBLICAN solutions for the economy? Healthcare? Jobs? Let me guess…you will come back with the excuse of “THEY ARE SITTING ON HARRY REID’S DESK”

      • “Bla, bla, bla” is your answer? Come on Earl, you have more than that. So you picked the party with a terrible plan instead of no plan?

      • But what are you doing but complain. Your biggest complaint is your obsessive attacks on Col West. You are as obsessed with West as Reid is with he Koch brothers.

      • people need to know the truth about how they support! They may not know that they are supporting a man that was forced out of the military, relieved of command, faced 11 years in prison, let the 5 that were with him that night lose rank and pay while he REFUSED to stand with those men!!

      • Yawn…. move on.. this is really getting boring… You should check yourself into the hospital, you are truly losing it. Its time to move on and accept what you cannot change. He is a good man who is trying to help this country and all you can do is whine and cry about something that should have been done none the less. Tell us please what you would have done in the same situation where your troops are under threat? Run to a corner and hope it just all goes away? Or desert like good ole Bowe?

      • Your statement proves my point. You have no ability to use reason or logic. I rest my case.

  32. It’s great you already made up your mind without any info. To me, whatever his actions were iit’s relevant. He js an America POW and we have every obligation to get him out. We should not give the military the impression they will be forgotten just bec they make a mistake. That public opinion is more important than the truth. That their texts, FB, intimate conversations with friends will all be judged . Even your family members.,
    And as for the 6 dead soldiers – I’m sorry they died , but that’s their job. That ‘a what they signed up for . If they say ” no, Bergdalh isn’t worth it” , it’s dereliction of duty. Just as bad as Bergdalh’s desertion .

      • Sorry, I don’t know what happened. Innocent till proven guilty , remember . The even applies to Obama.

      • 6 HEROES DIED looking for his sorry behind! They knew exactly what he did. It’s not opinion, this is FACT.

      • What a lovely attitude. 6 HEROES are dead because this traitor deserted his post and went looking to join the taliban, and all you can say is tough luck, it was their job. They wouldn’t have had to die if he had not been a traitor. He should not only be charged with desertion and being a traitor but also murder.

      • You are truly delusional. How much evidence do you need? Nothing obvious to you means anything right? barry deliberately picks and chooses what laws he wants to follow and what ones he doesn’t, He does not get to do that, That is against the law and he should suffer the consequences

      • you know that has to be the dumbest answer you have ever given me. Try again, this time make some sense

      • Because barry broke the law he signed into law not that long ago. It is being debated in public, because barry went public with it. It is reprehensible that he let go top Taliban members instead of low level soldiers. It was an excuse for barry, because barry is a muslim and a muslim sympathizer!
        It is not rocket science. It is painfully obvious

      • I guess you weren’t there at the negotiation table and what the condition of their release .

      • I guess you weren’t there when they handed out intelligence because you have none. Conditions of their release? There are no conditions of release. They are free to go and if you think that they have to stay in Qatar will thwart them from doing any harm. You are sadly mistaken. They will go back to where they came from in Afghanistan and immediately plot to destroy as many of the 10,000 men that barry is going to leave there as targets. Typical of the leftist trolls. You avoid truth and facts.

      • Gossip? LOL PP really. They have emails, notes left behind and soldiers account of what he said and did when he left. There was an investigation and it was found out that he left with some kids in the area after asking where the Taliban was at. You really need to live in the real world PP…

      • MY GOD! Even the left in congress say obama acted illegally! What the h3!! does it take for you to understand FACTS!

      • PP, the libs are even saying he broke the law, the very law that Obama signed into law. There is no “innocent until proven guilty” here but now why did he do it.

        He can’t cover this one up with saying “I just heard about it on the news”.

      • What is anyone going to do about Obama other than making speeches ? And everyone is innocent , even the worst of the worst deserves a fair trail .

    • I am surprised Sir that it appears that you made up your mind as well. The private left his gear and abandoned his post. Furthermore, local folks told the Soldiers that an American had been by and was asking where was the Taliban. He had made previous comments to his supervisor about his dislike for what was going on. Coincidentally, attacks to his old post, where fellow Americans were, increased significantly after his dissapearance.
      He elected to desert and be with the Taliban. He needs to be held accountable.

      • Of course everything you said Is true and can do verified ? Great , all that should be brought up in court .

      • Yes it can, but with this regime, it will not happen. Open your eyes, the enemy is in DC holding the top positions. This Berghdal traitor has already been declared a hero by the regime. There will be no trial, it is up to WE THE PEOPLE to make sure the facts of these traitors berghdal and obama) are known.

      • You just refuse to admit that FACTS are FACTS. Continue in your delusions. This regime will not put obama or berghdal on trial, but that will NEVER CHANGE THE FACTS.

      • That doesn’t apply with republicans….if a republican president would have freed this man it would be a CELEBRATION!! When obama farts these people want to open a INVESTIGATION!!

      • You just cannot help yourself, The debate is not about Reagan the debate is about. LTC West and barry. You really are so very pathetic and a loser. You better see a doctor about it. it is getting out of your control

      • Thats not true. Look at all the BS Bush put up with. Constant attacks. Look at Nixon, he was impeached. Now its time to impeach this person in office.

    • You are out of your mind with your misstatement of facts. They knew he was a deserter, not a POW, and the obama regime ILLEGALLY freed 5 top TERRORISTS to get him back in the US. Now they are calling him a ‘hero’! SUCH A LIE! He should be tried for treason.

      • Who is they ? And who is coming him a hero? Susan Rice said he was honorable. Yes he was. He volunteered , went thur boot amp and training . He did what was excepted . He left, but was he formally charged as deserter? Or was it talk around the camp?

      • The FACTS say he was a deserter! Why can’t you base conclusions on FACTS? Yes, the obama regime has called him a ‘hero’.

      • He walked out with only a compass. Who does that? No money and no prof anyone was going to help him . Did anyone think he was under so much stress, he became delusional ?

      • He walked off with water and a campus. He asked kids in the area where the Taliban was and no doubt got there. It may even be said that he planned this so he can use himself as fodder to trade for these top members of the Taliban but that’s only my opinion. And you are right, who does this?? Even guys who are suffering PTSD do not risk their lives or that of their fellow soldiers to walk off into the line of fire… open your eyes PP…

      • ” it may even be said” , yeah that’s sounds real. I still think he was delusional . Why did the Taliban hold him got 5 years. Instead of training him and sending him out?

      • Rena is correct. You are incorrect. He was NOT delusional, He and his dad planned this to get the prisoners in gitmo out. The father so much as stated that in front of the world on TV and in front of barry himself

      • Wow, I can’t see your perspective because I cannot shove my head up my ass as far as you can

      • Yep as I thought that is your whole intellect. the brains you were suppose to have ended up in your arse

    • No Ms. P., regardless of what he did, he would not be left. He was not a POW and that was proven when he left a note and his Post, which he was On Duty at the time. It doesn’t matter what people say as long as it is the truth. Once he left the investigation started and the ones that were on Base with him and has sense got out or retired, have spoken out. So the investigation continues and hopefully the truth will come out. As for the 6 men that died looking for him, it was needless, because of the choices he made.

      • All you said should be brought up in court . That’s it. The men was only released a couple days ago and the government hadn’t released any info. All this is a talk. No verification .
        He might gave been a deserter , but did he deserved to be kidnapped for 5 years ?
        Police, firefighters, doctors, EMT’s all have to protect and save everybody no matter what. What makes our military different ?

      • I don’t disagree that he should have come home but not giving 5 senior Taliban members. We traded a 5 terrorists for a traitor, I don’t think that is a very good trade at all. And He knew what he was getting into when he first joined the military and then walked off his FOB. He knew the circumstances that would befall him but he chose to do so regardless of any consequences Now we have dead and wounded soldiers because this guy got his panties in a wad and wanted to leave. To the Taliban none the less. They used him as fodder to win their objective, to regain their top members to continue their Jihad against Americans.

      • Your facts are slightly incorrect. He joined the military with a mission, he is a traitor to America and it was his plan all along to be deployed and desert. He and his family want all the prisoners released from Gitmo.

      • I dont doubt that one bit but I would have to say we need more proof on that. It sounds reasonable to me and even stated down below that he may have conspired to get those prisoners out.

      • I dont doubt it, just haven’t seen it. Im sure there is a lot of evidence against him. The problem here is, will it mean anything when he goes to trial, if he goes to trial? This administration is full of covering things up and we are still trying to sort through it all.

        Its exhausting to be honest…

      • It will probably take Judicial Watch to get the truth. The mouth pieces for this administration can’t seem to let the truth pass their lying tongues.

      • Oh I forgot, you do right? Well say good night PP, you still have nothing intelligent to say… but love to talk to you…

      • He wasn’t classified as deserter. These dead people went out looking for their fellow solider. No trial!!!!!

      • At that point silly one, they didn’t know if he was a deserter or had been kidnapped. Regardless, even as they speak today, it didn’t matter to them what he was other than an American who was not within their ranks and they needed to find him.

      • Yes, I hope the truth does come out in court, but saying that, it came out when he first left and part of that investigation came out today. He might not have deserved to be held for five years, but that was his choice, when he left the Base and went looking for the Taliban. No one is saying that the Military should not have looked for him. They did, but because of his actions, six died. Until he is healthy again, and they are finished getting the information from him, it will not go any further.

      • With this administration Im not sure we will get the truth. I believe we will have more cover ups until either the president is facing impeachment or he is out of office. Look at Benghazi, we still dont have all the truth about what took place that night.

      • Or we don’t have the truth about Fast & Furious, IRS abuse, and the assistant liar-in-chief was making her rounds on the talk shows telling what a fine soldier Bergdahl is. Honestly, Susan Rice’s nose gets longer and longer.

      • Some may be gossip, but for the most part when it first happened, it came out. More and more information is coming out daily now. Regardless, he is entitled to a fair trial.

      • No, it came out when he was first missing and then other news came out, but I haven’t heard much since, except an American still being held captive.

      • So you hear voices now, That doesn’t surprise me any. You are a sad case. I really thought you had some brains that you were just led astray by the left. Now you reveal that you are truly as ignorant as you seem. Maybe if you sought psychiatric help you might make it. Truly sad what’s happened to you.

      • Obamacare? that’s a joke right? My recommendation fort a shrink for you, let’s see you live on florida right? Call up the state health board and ask them, they will give you names of several in your area

      • You are so sweet to me. I want yo replay you by slapping the SH&T out of you. That’s a lot if slapping since you are full of it.

      • You aren’t worthy enough to even dream of let alone try.
        I wouldn’t be sweet to you if you were the last sheet eating troll on the planet.

      • Yes I do, I know well the type of person you think you are and are really. You aren’t all that

    • He wasn’t a POW but someone who willingly left his post. He is a deserter and was a hostage. If this guy didn’t leave his post, those 6 or 8 men would not have died. They would or might have still been alive today to go back to their families.

      But thanks to this boy who got tired of playing war they can’t go to their families, ever again.

      • No, Bergdalh legally wasn’t classified yet. These dead people died doing their job.

      • It doesn’t matter PP. If this guy DID NOT LEAVE HIS POST, they would not have had to go out to look for his traitorous butt. If he had stayed where he was supposed to be, they would not have been out there looking for him. Are you that naive?

      • None of his fellow soldiers have been asked what his mind set was before he left. Was he especially irritated , or talk more, crying?
        I still think he wS delusional .

      • PP, I think you are delusional. I’m sure they didnt need to ask him what his “mindset” was at the time as they said he freely talked about not wanting to be there. They said he wrote in his journal most the time and well he left a note behind saying he was deserting. Not to mention they have emails of him corresponding with his father about deserting, that he didnt like being an American etc.. you can find all this online if you bothered to do so. Stop making excuses for this traitor.

      • Okay, but he has the right to answer for his actions . That!’s not delusional thAt’s the law .

      • You are exactly right PP, he has the right to answer for his actions… that is what we have been saying all along thank you for finally seeing it lol. And I hope he answers for his actions of being a deserter and a traitor.

      • There’s a difference PP… This guy was not captured he willingly left to the enemy. McCain was captured. learn silly one

      • You know Bergsalh willingly left ? You prof??? As for McCain, I said some said , look it up . I don’t believe them, just what I remember from the time . Remember this was before the internet where wacky rumors can spread quickly .

    • How can you be so callous? A man walks off his duty station and leaves his equipment behind, and he is to be welcomed home? Was this not the same dereliction of duty you proposed for the others? As for “it was their job”, was it not this man’s job to stand his post and defend his brothers in arms? You cannot have it both ways.

      • Yes she can, she’s a liberal, they always have it both ways. That’s exactly what LTC West’s article was all about. Socialist democrats have no logic or reasoning, and they always demand to have it both ways to suit their circumstances. That’s the whole point.

      • Certainly not. But you were the one who first said that if the soldiers who died did not go look for this Private,, they would have been guilty of dereliction of duty. Yet you do not classify this same Private deserting as having same charge laid against him? Again, I reiterate my point. You cannot have it both ways.

    • So, to say that if Bergdahl had NOT walked off his post and those 6 men would NOT have lost their lives… irrelevant? Back in the old days, when troops were sent out to find a deserter…when they found them….THEY SHOT THEM.

      • Yeah, back in the day. If troops were to take matters in their hands would be a crime.

      • So what , they can say whatever they want. Let him stand trail and answer for himself.

  33. I’d like to add a comment to this discussion. I must admit I have not read every post in this thread, but I have read enough to make a few comments. Let me also add that this is the first time I have visited this site. Just so you know where I am coming from, I am a Republican, not a Tea Party member, and I am a veteran of the US Navy,
    In these posts, I see liberals making accusations. I then see several conservatives making lucid responses to these accusations and then posing a question to continue (I would assume) the discussion. But the liberal replies to these questions are never answers to the questions posed. The replies are typically rants about how blind conservatives are to the truth, that our positions are just flat out Anti-Obama or just dissolve into useless name calling.
    If you cannot check your emotions and engage in true debate, point and counter-point, then what is your purpose here other than to foster and promulgate the differences that divide us? OK, we disagree. But let’s find out why we disagree. Maybe, just maybe, we might get to the truth instead of constantly shouting at each other. At that point, exactly what has been accomplished?
    There will always be those whose sole enjoyment in life is to be a burr under the saddle to those around them. Although I don’t agree with that attitude, served our country so that those people have the right to say what they want to say. But those same people are never the ones who will have a hand in solving problems, seeking truth or fostering the ties that bind us all together. If you are that kind of person, then get the hell out of the way so that honest people can work together, both liberal and conservative, to bring this country together. If your sole aim is to tear it apart, the borders are open and you are free to leave.

  34. My King James Bibles says, in the shortest verse, “Jesus wept”. I am trying not to.
    And I have GOOD reasons. My 17 y/o son flew out today to start Basic training. He is joining my oldest son who graduates next week from the same base. Both will serve in the Ohio National Guard. They will be 4th generation Veterans. Do NOT thank me. Thank God. Thank God that true Americans STILL answer the call to duty and will give ALL to serve America. If they die, I will bury heros. Please excuse my emotions. I make NO judgements but simply desire for the truth to be known. But if this man caused the death of other Americans, then he must surely be put to death.

    • God’s blessings to you and yours. My son returned safely from Afghanistan, thank GOD, and is waiting for his next deployment.

    • Sir, I do thank you and your wife? because that is the way you raised your two sons. I thank them and I thank God and I pray that God watches over your two boys and all of “Our Men and Women”. Thank you for sharing your heart felt day and your emotions.

    • My son is in the Navy as well. He is also a 4th generation military from my family. My thanks to your boys for continuing your family tradition and for honoring those who have come before them.

    • Im sorry MrMike, but I do want to thank you and your family for your service and theirs. Its an honour to meet you and I pray your sons to stay safe.

  35. I posted it on the FB page, and I will post it here again.
    Sir, if you were my commanding officer, I would “have gone to take that hill” if you so ordered it. In my 22 year military career there were only 4 people that, without question, quibbling or complaining I would have complied in an instant. I would like to add you to that short list.

    I’d like to add here, that of those four, three have faced some-sort of charges brought against them by some liberal or naive “hack,” or violated some nebulous and unrealistic standard of political correctness. One died on duty in the service of his country.
    These men were leaders for combat, not “dressed-up” props for social gatherings.
    You Sir, stand with the best of them.


      • TROLL ALERT! I’ve already told you we accept that you are an ignorant socialist democrat. But I also told you you will not sway patriotic, well informed Americans that are posting here. You are only making a jackass of yourself.

      • Hun if you life was so great you wouldn’t be so obsessed with West and the past. He retired and left. If he was a war criminal he would be in prison. But he didn’t kill the guy, only threatened him, just as cops threaten people when they are incarcerated to get to the truth. Grow up, this is war and we need to get information by any means necessary to keep our troops and people safe. If that bothers you, you are free to move to leave this country… no one is keeping you here. Whats done is done, get over it.

      • I’ll match my test scores on current events and on the Constitution any day with yours. It’s already been proven that Tea Party members score higher on science than liberals, and I’ll bet that holds true on current events, American History, and the Constitution!


      • You post liberal trash who’s employees wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked them in the face. I’ll not waste my time with your trash as it has no value, nor do any of your posts. You are wasting your time, and ours. Go play with your little fact denying friends on one of your liberal trash sites.

      • I read it. And I support what West did at the time. He did what he felt he had to do to ensure the safety of his troops. What would you do if you had been under attack prior to this and you got news that there were some out there that could tell you who did it and when they were going to do it again? Would you just ignore it or do everything possible to get the information you needed.

      • i wouldn’t violate the UCMJ or forget my training. Leaders LEAD their men! Allen west didn’t LEAD that night! Disgrace!!

      • Get over it. It’s done, it’s over and the only one still crying is you. Get a life. You are about to pop that cork.

      • When asked if he would act differently under similar circumstances, West testified, “If it’s about the lives of my soldiers at stake, I’d go through hell with a gasoline can.”

        Sounds like a leader to me, Earl.

      • The thing here is Earl, its just like what our troops and Military leaders had to put up with in Vietnam. The politicians stick their nose in Military business and keep them from doing their job. We lose our troops because the politicians, especially the liberal politicians keep them from doing what they were sent there to do, win the war. If it takes this type of interrorgation then thats what we need to do to keep our troops safe. And if this type of interrogation gets us what we need, information, then so be it. We are at war with the Taliban and terrorists full stop. They don’t live by any moral code to protect our troops or even our citizens, so why should we.

      • In Afghanistan and Iraq the rules of engagement put into place were meant to get our troops killed.

      • You Sir, would lose that bet. And my opinion still stands as the ACLU is not a credible source for TRUE and FACTUAL information. The whole thing is written and slanted towards giving you your opinion, not toward giving facts that direct you to conclude your own opinion based on presentation of just the facts. You sir, also missed the other information stating those supposed facts have been redacted, as well as amazingly some of those telling the story have changed THEIR stories. Use more than one source for your TRUTH and FACTS before going off half informed at best.

      • That’s what liberals do, they go off half cocked with their slanted liberal lies trying to get people who actually arm themselves with facts, to believe the lies they spread as tools of the the socialist democrats.

      • I have run across people who are stone minded, and just stick to their Kool aid propaganda, and they are the ones in for the worse shock when they find they’ve been clearly DUPED, and those who repeatedly tried to get them to see aren’t going to run to their aid. Sure hope their Nanny, the BIG GOVERNMENT is there for them!

      • ACLU is the link, and I have found they don’t seem to care about the presentation of Actual Facts, as much as making small particles of information into their facts.

      • Are you truly living in this world? How did VA falsify records, hide records and documents ect… that has led to our VETERANS deaths? Records are only as truthful as the one filling them out, and ETHICS, TRUTH and HONESTY aren’t part of the recording. DUH

      • Earl Lee-so what did the Taliban and/or al Qaeda have on the President that forced him to release 5 very nasty jihadists? Think they may have sensitive information on what REALLY happened in the events leading up to the Benghazi attacks? Why was Hillary in the WH in their not-so-secretive meeting just two days before Obama again…aided and abetted the enemy in a time of war?

    • OMG Earl… get a life! You are so obsessed with this, its really taking a toll on you. Find something else to bandwagon. If you really want to make a difference then find something to help others not belittle them. And Im still waiting for your reasons why you are so obsessed with this.

    • Allen West is no disgrace. Allen West served honorably and I’m sure the men that served under him will stand up for him. ACLU lost it’s legitimacy years ago in my eyes. They’re a shill for progressives.

      • Hey Binky354
        The ACLU as nothing to do with this discussion.
        That is just one of the places the CID report can be found.
        Why are you dragging something into this discussion that is not relevant?
        When, in what war, have the rules of engagement allowed innocent civilians to be beaten by US Military Personnel?
        I’m still waiting for someone to post something about the civilian in this matter that shows him to be anything other than a victim.
        That would be a victim of Assault and Battery.

    • There would have been no investigation if the liberal commanders didn’t put into place liberal pussy rules of engagement that ties one arm behind our soldiers, puts them at a great disadvantage on the field. The real disgrace is the commanders without backbone to stand up for their men who value their continued rank advancement, ie higher retirement amount, over what’s good for the military and our country.

    • I read the report and the statement from the Iraqi Police officer. I believe he was still doing it to save his men.

      • So did you like the statement where they said they pulled the civilian’s shirt up over his head so he couldn’t see who was beating him.
        The statement (when asked if he saw anyone hit the detainee) that they turned around and walked out because they did not want to see or hear it because they knew it was wrong on so many levels,
        When asked if the LTC directed anyone to strike the detainee the answer was -No, but we knew what we were there for-

        I couldn’t find the statement from the Iraqi Police, where is that located?

        Also from what I read in the report the LTC was mostly concerned about who was trying to kill him. Sounds like he was trying to save himself.

      • The man giving the statement was Iraqi Police. It’s funny how people with no combat experience think they know everything about war tactics and they could do the job better. This wasn’t the LTCOL’s first war. He has an amazing service record. You haters are pretty stupid.

  37. Liberals thrive on victims, they are the core of the Democrat party and are the reason so many are able to continue to be elected into office year after year. Self sufficient men and women can not be trusted to vote the way they are told since the Democrats don’t have leverage over them, hence why they distrust them.

    • This must be why the republican establishment of pouring millions of dollars to make sure that tea party candidates are defeated?? I’m thinking that your problem shouldn’t be with the democrats…ITS YOUR OWN PARTY that refuse to support tea party candidates! They do not want a repeat of the 2012 election nor 2010 when republicans should have took the senate BUT because of the TEA PARTY nuts that were running…THEY LOST!

  38. It was my understand there was an investigation done at the time Bergdahl walked away from him platoon. Why not break this one out and give it to Congress and the Press? Why spend months doing another investigation. I’ll tell you one thing: I believe the combat soldiers that served with Bergdahl over the Pentagon.

    • They already have a Classified Report that was opened when he left the Base. They have continued collecting any data they have received during this time.

  39. Thank you, Sir. Good stuff. I have waited for many years to see this deserter brought home in chains. I admit to being a little spun about the way this all happened. It’s very disheartening. Thanks for making the good fight.

  40. Allen, we had the same hypocrisy going on in Russia in the end of 80’s until the end of 90’s. Liberals destroyed my country. USSR needed reform, not death and dozens of millions would not have starved to death in 90’s. I hope USA will not follow USSR on the road to destruction and will remember it’s values that made it great and strong. I won’t be a citizen by the next election, but if I were and you were on the voting list I would have voted for you.

    • Great comment! Welcome to America.! These liberals in the USA have a mental sickness, I’m sure. Yes, I’d vote for Allen too. We need a good principled no BS leader like Allen.

  41. Making anti-American comments and statements is distinguished and conveys a certain distinction

    Bill Clinton did that in the Soviet Union, and yes the liberal progresses thought it was a wonderful thing,

  42. Allen West was fined and forced out of the Army for abusing detainees. General Odierno did Allen West a big favor by not sending him to a General Courts Martial where he could have been sentenced to 11 years in the Brig and given a Dishonorable Discharge. The guy he watched 4 other soldiers beat an Iraqi Policeman nearly unconscious . West then took outside and discharged his sidearm near his head of the detainee. West can say whatever he wants about protecting or whatever, but the facts are that he abused detainee’s. That’s why he was forced out. I’m not saying that Bergdahl is some hero. If he’s a deserter then he should face a Courts Martial as well.

    • Why do you think he got the Article 15 NJP? Because he was a wasn’t a good LtCol? That’s exactly why he got an Article 15, West served his country honorably. If he had done something truly terrible, he would have been tried in a Court-martial. But there wasn’t.

      • news flash for you, there is no rear echelon any more in places like Iraq or Afghanistan. Everybody is exposed. Name calling is an infantile tactic.

    • Wow another parrot. You guys are really the sad bunch.. This story gets better and better. The Iraqi policeman was not beaten so bad that he was nearly unconscious, and was talking to medics when they came in to check on him, and he refused any medical treatment. Read the official statement that Earl keeps boasting about.

      Let me ask you Wise one, if you were engaged in fire fights with locals, your troops were being attacked and you didn’t know who was doing it but was given information that these men knew who was committing these attacks would you just cower in the corner and hope it just goes away or would you do everything you needed to do to get who is doing this to protect your troops? I would say you would probably just cower as yours and ilk can only do is whine about what West did. He did what he thought was the best thing to do at the time. This is war, not some silly game where the enemy is going to play by the rules. Its real life out there for these guys and its a matter of their lives for one guy who can give up the information. Wars are not won by being “nice”.

      • No Rena, I wouldn’t abuse people with beatings and discharge of my side arm because I was frustrated with the current situation. These abusive techniques work counter to gaining useful intelligence and produce more lies than anything. If you act like an animal, you are no better than the animals. Did the US mass murder millions of people like Hitler and Tojo to win WWII. No. Wars are won my making the other guy die for his country. Not by abusing civilians and detainees. I can understand his frustration. Sent to the middle of a civil war with to few boots on the ground. But acting like he did with a detainee that was outnumbered and likely handcuffed is what’s truly cowardly.
        And those who were rude enough to insult me can kiss my Southwest Asia Campaign Medal with Star, Good Conduct Medal and DD214 with Honorable Discharge.

      • I don’t know about millions but an awful lot of civilians died when the US dropped nuclear weapons on two cities in Japan. And that was a major factor in bringing about the end of the war.

        Not that I disagree with that decision to do so but don’t act like the US didn’t kill bunches of civilians in WWII. And some of those were horrible deaths due to radiation poisoning, contaminated water, food, etc.

        In the long run it probably saved lives as opposed to a longer, drawn out war. Is the consequence of that action offset by the results? If yes, then why not other actions?

      • I think it was a brilliant strategy. As long as the enemy can use civilians to hide behind, they will use them as shields. When the US makes up it’s collective mind to say, “fine, if that’s the way you want to play the game, YOU have made YOUR citizens the target and we will not take them into consideration when we attack”, they will stop using them for shields because those shields won’t work. You’d be surprised how fast a war can be over when our military doesn’t have their hands tied behind their backs.

      • I figured you would be the one to cower in the corner. This is a much different type of war than WWII, where the soldiers in that war wore uniforms and we knew who the enemy was. This war we don’t know if the woman down the street isn’t a combatant, or if the kid standing beside her isn’t strapped with a bomb. These are two very different wars where the enemy looks just like someone who is on your side and you never know when you or your troops are going to be the next victim of a suicide bomber or IED. Col West did what he felt was necessary at the time to get the information he needed to protect his troops.

      • Cowardly pansy-ass libtard. You don’t know jack about war and you don’t care about protecting the lives of others. You’re probably one of those idiots who think guns kill people so you don’t want them around. You’d rather have the bad guys come in and kill off your entire family and wait for the cops to arrive to file a report hoping one day they might catch the bad guy and send him to prison. God forbid you have a frigging gun in the house and blow his damn head off before he kills your entire family. That’s the backasswards thinking of a libtard.

      • You have no idea what you are talking about and hide behind an avatar’s moniker. The Second Amendment to the Constitution is very dear to me and I exercise my Second Amendment rights every day with my Concealed Carry License. It’s easier for you to hide behind a moniker, call people names and make ridiculous comments about people that you know nothing about, rather than engage in an honest discussion with someone and criticize your own beliefs. The only reason to discharge a weapon is for practice, competition, to hunt with or to shoot someone else. Not to fire warning shots or terrorize people!

      • You hit the nail on the head. These liberal morons think war should be ‘fought’ like a bunch of pansy-asses. They think it should be like the new regulations on professional football. They can all ‘play’ safe.

    • It’s too bad it wasn’t your life or that of a son or daughter that depended on obtaining information. Perhaps you might then have a different opinion about what’s necessary for the protection of our troops. Unfortunately since you are nothing more than a coward, no doubt your offspring would be too, you will never be able to render a valid opinion on LTC West. BTW, the Army disagrees with your liberal BS as well. You are just another one of the socialist democrat’s tools who gladly spread the lies they send you to tell to anyone who will listen. You will get no ‘converts’ from a conservative website, we happen to be too well informed to fall for your lies.

  43. Exactly Jim. Talk about hypocrisy and corruption of honor. Allen West knows ALL about it first hand. If he’d been and E-5 he’d be in Leavenworth right now most likely.

  44. It takes courage and hard effort to lead men and women in combat situations. Decisions made during this oftentimes boil down to — kill the enemy before they kill us. Let’s not hold up an Iraqi policeman as some saint, we don’t know the full situation. If he’s with-holding critical information about a threat against our troops, or perhaps he is even suspected of directly aiding in the efforts of the terrorists in Iraq against us. Don’t be such a bleeding heart that you don’t think of the entire story.

  45. Mr. West, Thank you for your Service. A thank you I will never be able to speak to This president. It has been my observation that protections founded in deceit and lies erode. Time reveals truth, and truth imposes justice.

    What concerns me here are the consequences. This shrewd “Barnumism” and political 3 card Monty fools no one.

    As a result of the decision to deliver Bergdahl for terrorist demands, Western citizens are less safe, the Administration is less credible, and the military is reasonably incentivized to have less trust in the chain of command.

    I see this as opportunity though. America has an opportunity to decide what kind of leadership it will reward. Legislative decisions will continue to be made and some of those decisions will have negative consequences no matter who is in charge. The difference here, with this president, he is a leader that calculates clumsily and his judgement is error riddled.

    Familiarity breeds contempt and it is all to obvious that this president is all too familiar with scandal. A lesser Politician might be shaken by the personal accountability for dead ambassadors, arming Mexican drug cartels, sending wrong (albeit profitable) messages about gun control, while encouraging subordinates to mismanage and privately profit from system abuse – but not this president. Instead, this president is putting on clinics in shirking duties and letting the chips fall where they may.

    I applaud West Point for their sense of duty and Real American values.

    A circus that even P.T himself would be proud of. When is the Great Egress?

    And to answer the increasingly aggravating question once and for all, “No, if he were my son I would not want him back.” I would deliver the appropriate sentence myself and apologize to the country for his decision which disgraced us all. The consequences of tolerance here are dangerous for us all.

  46. You know I was wondering about something, (keeping in mind that I am not an attorney and know little about legal proceedings) if family members of the 6 soldiers that were killed searching for a deserter, be able to bring a wrongful death case to civil court? Unless there is an impediment to proceedings such as these because of war time actions; If the statements of desertion can be verified, why wouldn’t Bergdahl be culpable? Even if the Obama administration has chosen to shield him, wouldn’t this get the point across to the entire country? Just a thought…

    • He wasn’t classified as a deserver. And the ones who died, were on duty like everybody else who dies. they were doing their jobs. Did you want them to say NO, He’s not worth it? Plus, if these families can sue, that means every family can sue for any reason, like their children were not equipment right, incompetence of command, questioning intel,, etc.

      • Just a thought, I know people wouldn’t be able to sue the military, nor should they be able. I was just thinking about this individual case if the facts were ironed out. I didn’t believe they could but it would be interesting if there was a loophole and this was an option taken by the families of the six soldiers who died looking for him (again, if the allegations against him are verified).

      • The proof is there and it was there at the time. As I said, he was not listed as a POW, which he would have been except for the proof they already had that he was indeed not a POW but a deserter. Logic is something that always escapes you liberals. This is why you make such useful tools for the socialist democrats. They know you cannot manage to put 2 + 2 together, and they count on that so you will buy their lies and spread them. Wise up!

      • In order to be convicted, you have to be tried. In order to be tried, you have to come home. So it doesn’t matter for what reason Allen West figured that reasonable measures ought to be taken to get him back under US military governance, since either way, Bowe is a source of useful intel, and the ‘code’ says…bring ’em home. Now…does Allen have to agree that springing 5 to get one is reasonable. No, he does not have to agree. Many of us do not. I am glad Bowe is home, I am disgusted that we negotiated 5:1 with terrorists or even mere opponents. I am mostly glad because human life is fragile (presumption of innocence applied here) AND because now we can indict and try him .

      • And if he is acquitted, so be it. Will he manipulate the system? Only if he is like his father. And when the military dust settles, another draft article item of impeachment will be written concerning the CIC. Will he manipulate the system? Only if he is like his father. And if he is acquitted, so be it.

      • Bec West talks before knowing any of the facts!!! Relax!! It’s only been 4 days since Bergdalh was released.

      • PP isn’t going to accept it even if it comes from Obama himself, which it probably wont… He just wants to keep his/her head in the sand.

      • Its unlikely as they were soldiers and not Civilians when this happened. Not to mention that lawyers for the government and this deserter will no doubt use the “we cant guarantee that they would have not died at some point during operations there anyway”. They were in a war time situation where their lives were on the line regardless of that this deserter left or not. But from what I’ve been hearing on the news and other sources, attacks on their FOB increased after he left. Seems rather suspicious to a lot of folks.

      • Hey, just a though, I wonder if an attorney with any relevant knowledge could ring in on this. As of them not guaranteeing they wouldn’t have died at a another time, I’m not sure if that argument would hold up since anyone can be killed at anytime for any number of reasons, war or not, hell I can get run over by a water buffalo in my living room in NY…Not likely but nobody can absolutely guarantee it would never happen. As for the increase in attacks, I heard about that as well and was wondering…

      • Regardless of what he was designated he is a deserter. Now I am guessing you didn’t understand my point of the comment, but I’ll respond anyway. No they wouldn’t disobey direct orders and no I don’t believe families could sue for what you stated “not equipment right, incompetence of command, questioning intel,, etc.”. I stated that I wondered if Burgdahl would be culpable if all evidence proved to be true, that he was a deserter. If he was found to have knowingly placed other soldiers in harms way (and he had to know they would go looking for him after he deserted) if he could be sued for wrongful death?

      • I don’t believe any f the things I’ve been hearing about Bergdalh. I believe only if I heard it on two stations or newspapers. I did hear the Taliban said when they found Bergdalh, he was incoherent. That just drives my point that he was nuts. As for as I know, an individual has never been sued for wrongful death. People sue for info, like Pat Tillman’s family when army lied to them about friendly fire.
        I have a problem with “went looking for him”. When, where and how long? Remember he had walked off twice before. When did he become a possible deserver? If the Taliban had him already, he was official a POW. Anyone that died after that, died searching for a POW. Before he wasn’t clarified.
        I did hear, a missing solider is not classified a deserver until 40days. That’s in the US, not sure out.
        Also, something else, If Americans are freaking out about NSA spying on calls, computers, cameras, drones. Then why not think CIA would use same tactics on released terrorists?

  47. What’s most unbelievable is the report that Bergdahl may be due a promotion to Staff Sergeant, which will be his 3rd promotion since walking away.

  48. It breaks my heart to see a man from the same unit I was in 45 years ago,
    (In 68 the 501st PIR was in the 101st), bring shame on his Unit and fellow soldiers.
    Since seeing a fellow soldier killed affected him, lawyers will get him off due to PTSD.

    I wish I had only seen just 1 killed… 🙁

  49. within a few days of Bergdahl’s strange disappearance, military teams monitoring radio communications intercepted radio chatter and telephonic communication which indicated that an American was searching for Taliban members who spoke English.

    “When we heard that, it told us, okay, he’s actively seeking out the Taliban. And, yes, over the next couple of months, all the attacks were far more directed.”

    “I heard it straight from the interpreter’s lips as he heard it over the radio. There’s a lot more to this story than a soldier walking away.”

    “I don’t really want to get into the political side of anything. My goal is to show that Bergdahl is a deserter. He’s not a hero, and that he needs to answer for what he did.”

    • That’s funny, this is a not politcal blog post of the same event:

      At 2:42, Guardrail – an electronic intercept plane run by the same clandestine Army agency that killed Pablo Escobar – captured low-level voice intercepts picked up from radio or cellphone traffic. An American soldier with a camera was reportedly looking for someone who spoke English.

      The next morning, more than 24 hours after Bowe had vanished, U.S. intelligence intercepted a conversation between two Taliban fighters:




      Then another intercept was picked up:


      Later that evening, a final intercept confirmed that Bowe had been captured by the Taliban, who were preparing an ambush for the search party.









      … Yeah, sounds like he defected to me…

      • Maybe Michael is actually also Philanthropussy on the side. The specter of shooting deserters is a disciplinary tool that has proven necessary as a part of military discipline for time immemorial. Sometime in this thread, we might find out where these ‘experts’ on military justice really stand.

      • Not at all. First of all, he was not a ‘captive’, he went to them in an effort to undermine America. In case you are too ignorant to notice, these animals never take ‘captives’ and ‘keep’ them, they may hold them for very short periods of time releasing videos to send along propaganda and threats, but the modus operandi is beheading and dragging our soldiers through the streets. Didn’t you wonder why this never happened to him?

  50. Upon my wall hangs a certificate of Honorable Discharge after 22 years of service, signed by the president.

    And so I always find it laughable when liberal progressives choose the insidious line of character assassination referring to me as a “disgrace” and a “war criminal.”

    So because George W. Bush saw fit to whitewash your war crimes, you think that actually erased them from history?

    • Not a war crime. Calvinus. When and where did you serve and what evidence of war crimes do you have in your possession. If you had any evidence you would have posted it so I think you are just troll that cannot understand complicated things. There is a movie about the Commander that rescued the pilot that was shot down in Beruit. He lost his command because he did not leave his pilot there to die. I guess you think he should have been left or the commander removed for saving him? YOu have to be one of the progressives that have your sense of right and wrong turned upside down. People that think like that are a large part of the reason so many have no honor in these times. Do some reaseach and learn a lot, then reply. Do you know how hard it is to make LT Colonel? I could talk more about that, but of no use.

      • If it wasn’t, why was he relieved? I don’t need evidence, because it’s a matter of public record that he was relieved of duty over an incident of Torture.

      • Michael….you should know that these people do not care that allen west is a WAR CRIMINAL and a COWARD. He left 5 of his men to get article 15’s lose rank and pay! You STAND with your men that you were commanding!

      • Before the tangent goes one step further…and tangents do…What, Earl, should be done about Bergdahl. We have questions, obviously YOU have answers. And on that note…if you find FACTS that show he walked away and was a somewhat bedraggled guest of the combatants, but a guest none the less in a spirit of ‘doing his father’s work’ how, as an astute observer of military justice, would you treat him, as a deserter/AWOL kind of guy vs. a POW. Just an exercise in orderly logic, rather than Ad hominem whimsy.

      • Did you read my post. I thought I explained it pretty well. Something else I could explain? I will say one thing that really explains it all. YOu dont get to be well liked by your men and promoted to Lt Col when you are a “bad” soldier. Judge yourself, you are not capable of leading men or judging others.

      • West wasn’t well liked by his men, one of the reasons his men were so horrified by his actions that they made no effort to defend him and one of the reasons one of them wrote the letter to Odierno that got him fired. Maybe you missed that, or you believe everything that comes out of his mouth.

      • You can’t argue facts with these liberal fools. They live in an upside down world. Sickening. We need to send them to be with the Taliban. Bottom line they hate anything Patriotic to America.

      • You want to live in an America that tortures people? What kind of terrible American are you? You and your ilk aren’t patriots, you are scared, little people who would rather commit evil acts then live up to the honor and dignity of the Constitution. You sir, are a bad American and should be ashamed of yourself.

      • “You want to live in an America that tortures people?” My statement about sending liberal fools to the Taliban should not be taken by a liberal fool as sanctioning torture…one would think that life with the Taliban would be paradise for a liberal fool. Also what evil acts do you speak of? I believe in the Constitution and I also believe (actually there’s more proof than not) that we have an illegal in the White House who does NOT believe in the Constitution and does not love America. You seem to be very misguided. Have you got the liberal mental disease?

      • I served, and beating prisoners and shooting guns off behind their heads while telling them you are going to execute them is a clear violation of the UCMJ. It is not a war crime, it’s just a regular run of the mill crime. But a crime regardless.

    • War crimes? Get your head out of your fourth point of contact Calvinius. Obviously you have never served under arms in a war zone. Let alone as a commander.

    • He is not a war criminal, but he is a disgrace to his uniform who was forced to resign. He can try to clean it up anyway he wants to, but he still left in disgrace.

  51. Bergdahl will be honored by the liberal-supported media because anything less would undermine the resident’s actions in trading him for five very high profile commanders of the enemy’s force. There’s no way obama will allow his already illegal action to be frowned upon by the the American public.
    As it is, through no more effort than merely uttering the words themselves, Bergdahl’s actions were irrelevant and obama’s were completely legal.

    • You are right; the media will ignore it, and the ignorant masses will spread his lies for him. Just take note of the words and the shear ignorance of posters Philanthropussy, JimNWise, Calvinius, and Earl Lee.

      • Does say a lot about the sleaze she must choose to be. Her name says she gives it away freely and often. Must be one of those who needs the government to fund her birth control because the bill is way too high. Sadly she’s so proud of that fact she uses it as a moniker. On the other hand it could be a guy with wishful thinking.

      • IBIF…The main stream media will not COMPLETELY ignore that Bowe’s Muslim father has a clearly stated goal of emptying GITMO. Not that that is an intrinsically bad thing, but 1. His son had to know that. 2. How convenient….3. There are 7 virgins waiting patiently for those with uncommon sacrifices. 4.As far back as 2011, Fox interviewed a British pundit/commenter who said “He walked away…” And as far as Allen West’s developing views on the matter, how can we try someone for AWOL/desertion if they ain’t here…

      • Bowe’s Muslim father? Really? Joyce it’s bad enough to be a crazy ass religious bigot such as yourself. But you are living in some very strange alternate reality while doing so? So tell me do you take a lots of prescription drugs or what?

  52. Woe
    unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for
    light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for
    bitter! Isa. 5:20

    • We have a lot of ‘Woe’ coming as that is what America has done, slowly for the last several decades, and exponentially increased it at break-neck speed over the last 6 years.

  53. God Bless You, Allen West. We need a man like you running this country and to right the ship that this illegal Obama traitor has almost destroyed. The liberal mindset is a mental disease, it seems. I’m with you…lead on!

  54. I would also suggest that Obama will award some decoration for valor to this deserter. The military hierarchy has been corrupted by a corrupt executive.

  55. You sir, were forced to resign your commission during the Bush administration as even they found your mistreatment of a prisoner revolting. Lie to these people all you want, that remains your reluctant truth.

      • No further action could be taken, he was honorably discharged. If anything else could have been done, it would have. He would not be allowed to resign to ‘drop the charges’ and he damn sure wouldn’t have been given an honorable discharge. He resigned because he put in his time and he was tired of the BS ‘rules of engagement’ tying the hands of the military. At some point in time you get your ‘fill’ and it’s time to move on to better things. LTC West continues to SERVE our country where he feels he can SERVE best. If not for the now PROVEN FRAUD, he would still be SERVING in congress.
        Your comment is totally laughable and proves your ignorance.

      • PROVEN FRAUD??? Comedy…pure comedy!! So, obama won a nationwide election twice due to voter fraud and now allen west lost due to voter fraud?? You can’t make this crap up!!

      • Just because the responsibility to prosecute lies in the hands of the socialist democrats and they refuse to do so, does not mean others have not exposed and proven the fraud. The fact is socialist democrats are in violation of the law but it is up to their fellow socialist democrats to see to it that it is enforced, that will NEVER happen therefore the FRAUD will continue unimpeded and people like you will mock those who claim there is fraud. No big deal, we know the truth. It’s not just in Florida, it is nationwide. Turn a blind eye to the truth, it’s the socialist democrat way.

      • Voter fraud so widespread that the republican controlled house never opened a hearing about it. The republican leadership NEVER made a public statement about it! You people just need to accept that AMERICA rejects the policies of the republican/tea party

      • You are claiming that VOTER FRAUD won obama the presidency TWICE and want to debate FACTS?? Really???

      • Nothing to see here, move along, don’t let the facts get in the way.

        This looks like a very big deal (via WNCN):

        State election officials are looking into thousands of cases where registered voters may have voted in two states or after their reported death. A report presented Wednesday by Elections Director Kim Strach to the Joint Legislative Elections Oversight Committee said 81 voters have a voter history later than the date of their death. The audit further identified 13,416 deceased voters on voter rolls in Oct. 13. The audit showed 155,692 registered North Carolina voters whose first and last names, dates of birth and last four digits of their Social Security number match those of voters registered in other states, but who most recently registered or voted elsewhere. A total of 35,750 voters with matching first and last names and date of birth were registered in North Carolina and another state, and voted in both states in the 2012 general election. Another 765 voters with an exact match of first and last name, date of birth and last four digits of their Social Security number were registered and voted in the 2012 general election in North Carolina and another state…A total of 28 states participated in the crosscheck, leaving data missing from 22 other states.

        According to this audit by the North Carolina Elections Oversight Committee, at least 81 dead people have been voting from the grave, and more than 35,000 people with matching full names and dates of birth voted in both North Carolina and another state in the 2012 general election. To put that number in context, Barack Obama carried North Carolina by fewer than 15,000 votes in 2008. Double voting, needless to say, is a crime. Furthermore, state officials were only able to cross check their rolls and voter activity records with 28 other states, leaving loads of potential data missing. The above news story ends with statistics that partisan deniers would typically use to dismiss the entire notion of voter fraud:

        In 2012, nearly 7 million ballots were cast in the general and two primary elections. Of those 6,947,317 ballots, the state Board of Elections said 121 alleged cases of voter fraud were referred to the appropriate district attorney’s office. That means of the nearly 7 million votes cast, voter fraud accounted for 0.00174 percent of the ballots.

        Those statistics may be convincing to someone who hadn’t just read the rest of the article. Several weeks ago, we highlighted a 2012 report out of Florida in which a local reporter took it upon himself to use a single, extremely narrow method to ferret out voter fraud. By cross-referencing Florida’s voter rolls with jury duty cards on which people had checked a box declining to serve due to their non-citizen status, the NBC correspondent pinpointed nearly 100 ineligible voters in his county alone. Several admitted on camera to (a) not being US citizens, and (b) voting in US elections. “I vote every year!” one woman boasted. Last week, the California State Senate voted to suspend three Democratic members, one of whom was recently convicted of eight felonies, including multiple counts of voter fraud. Yet the “myth” of voter fraud remains solidly ensconced within the Left’s political catechism. Voter fraud undeniably exists. The extent to which it exists remains unclear, as the stunning results of North Carolina’s audit demonstrate. Voter ID laws reflect common sense, are constitutional, and are overwhelmingly popular. I’ll leave you with the Democrat Party Chairwoman openly celebrating a court decision that halted a Republican-initiated effort to purge a swing state’s voter rolls of ineligible and non-citizen voters. She tweeted this hours before the North Carolina story broke:

        Democrats want “more participation, not less” — even if that increased participation results in fraud that undermines our electoral system, apparently. I wonder why?

        UPDATE – A Virginia election official is arguing with me on Twitter, contending that the apparent double voting *may* be the result of clerical errors. That certainly may account for some of the 36,000 apparent double votes — but all of them? Even if 90 percent of that figures is due to something other than fraud, that still leaves 3,600 illegal votes. How many illegal votes are acceptable?

      • Well, There’s EARL (AMERICA) telling YOU PEOPLE what EARL (AMERICA) rejects. It isn’t all that different than Geo. III telling Geo. W. (YOU PEOPLE) what he had to accept. Does that help?

      • Isn’t it a democracy? (Oh wait, no, I forgot, it is a Constitutional Republic, nevermind)

      • Your stupidity is hilarious too, but I digress. Believe what the socialist democrats tell you, not what has been proven. Libtard suits you well.

      • I like facts.
        If the candidate I support loses, I don’t run around like a loon, screaming about conspiracy theories with NO evidence.
        I accept that more people voted for the other guy.

        You keep saying “proven fraud”
        You are either a damned liar or a delusional fool.
        Read slowly.
        There… was… no… proven… fraud.
        Got it?
        Either present your “proven fraud” or take your unAmerican craziness somewhere else.

      • Oh, so you weren’t one of the whining babies who cried about Sore Gore losing. That’s nice to know, you’re the first lib to say that, most likely because you weren’t old enough to vote then.

      • No, the Supreme Court pretty much stole the 2000 election, Still give credit where due, George W Bush absolutely won the 2004 election, fair and square. As I recall I had a hangover for about a week after that disaster.

      • Oh so it was the Supreme Court whose STOLE the election. I suppose you were ecstatic when they egregiously allowed the unconstitutional ovomitcare to become law. But I digress, yet you have a problem with the FACT that there was massive FRAUD during the elections of the past 6 years (black panthers not prosecuted ring a bell?) and conservatives want to put the issue at the forefront to stop the fraud. Funny how the socialist democrats do not want the dead removed from the voter rolls, they do not want non-citizens removed from the voter rolls, they do not want people with fraudulent addresses removed from the voter rolls, and they do not want people to have to show they are who they say they are when they do vote. The only reason for that behavior is because they need voter fraud to win. Their actions show they have admitted as much. No fraud going on at all in your opinion even though precincts showed over 110% voter turn out and amazingly they ALL voted for obama. Generally you wouldn’t get 50% turn out let alone more people than are of age to vote and live in the precinct to ALL vote for the same candidate, not so much as one lone decenter, but no fraud there, nope, none at all.

      • What are you babbling about?
        Since all you can do is resort to snide insults instead of offering any of the proof you claim exist… allow me to respond with the same level of courtesy…

        You are a liar and a paranoid lunatic.
        You have made claims that there was proof of voter fraud, yet you are unwilling or unable to provide a single example of your proven voter fraud.

        So now you want to change the conversation to be about Florida in 2000 because you are a liar and can not provide any of your so-called “proven fraud”
        So quit changing the conversation and back up your claim and provide a single example of your “proven fraud” or just shut up and go back to your internet conspiracy sites.

      • If you believe in freedom then you should also believe in truth. Calling people names doesn’t make your argument. If there was proven fraud then you clearly should be able to post a link to something…somewhere..demonstrating the truth of what you are writing. Prove us “Libtards” wrong, show us your proof.

      • Which part was the lie? That West was forced to resign his commission? I know, it must be the part where I wrote that the Bush administration found his treatment of prisoners revolting?

  56. Allen West is a hypocrite.
    Just a few months ago he was demanding that Obama work to free Bergdahl and that no man be left behind.

  57. To excuse what allen west did is to IGNORE the thousands of other offices that faced danger DAILY! He violated the UCMJ and is a DISGRACE to the uniform! I wouldn’t follow this man into a WAL MART!

      • How is it a LIE? Just because you can’t accept the FACTS doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen!

      • You are the one ignoring FACTS, If LTC West had done anything deserving of actions, he would not have received an honorable discharge and he would have faced charges period. Retiring does not cause charges to be dropped, and it sure as hell doesn’t get you an honorable discharge. You just can’t handle the TRUTH and being the typical libtard that you are, you IGNORE FACTS. Go away TROLL.

      • When you are RELIEVED OF COMMAND…there is a reason for that….when you allow the men under your command to beat a person for 40 mins…YOU DID NOT SERVE WITH HONOR!! That would make you a DISGRACE to the uniform!

      • You are nothing but a nuisance and a disgrace to human kind. HONORABLE DISCHARGE

      • Just because he manipulated the system doesn’t mean he SERVED WITH HONOR because the facts tells me that HE DIDN’T!

      • You are only worthy of a ‘whatever’. It’s a waste of time to argue with libtards.

      • Waste of time talking to people that don’t care about FACTS! That will not stop me from getting the FACTS out there!

      • It sure is so I won’t waste my time on you as you do not care anything about FACTS!

      • While you are in Walmart, following someone OTHER than Allen West, stop in at the pharmacy counter and check out their very affordable prices for generic psychotropic meds. You’ll be glad you did.

      • Make up your mind. If he was relieved of command, he lost his power. If he lost his power, he had no leverage to manipulate the system. Work on this and get back to us.

      • I’ll help. He was relived of his command and then given the choice of resigning or staying in and facing a court martial. He resigned in disgrace as opposed to facing a trial and having the chance to prove his innocence. So he is either guilty and took the out offered by the military, or he is innocent and took the out offered by the militray because he was a coward and afraid to face a court martial for his actions. It is one or the other. You decide which.

      • It was kind of you to jump in and help Earl, shows that you realized he was in over his head. Heroic, almost. Actually, your clipped chronology doesn’t match the progression or fact pattern of the one source used by most ordinary Americans, to describe the life resume of public figures. You are very smart fellow I am sure, so you will find that source on your own, and will be glad to know that, given all the facts you have at your disposal, you might consider yourself qualified to offer and record rebuttals to that account. I would like to point out that it is the command authorities decision, not a defendant’s, to step a matter back to an A. 15. The “choice” you are giving me to decide is rhetorical, with flawed logic and not worth addressing in it’s present form. No offense intended. Work on this and get back to us.

      • There have been a slew of senior officers and General officers under Obama who have not caved to his political opines- and have been relieved or forced to retire. On the basis of pure politics. Officers at this point are afraid to speak their minds for fear of discharge. Is that how the military operates efficiently? if so, Obama has fixed it well.

      • He was forced to resign to keep from facing any further action. That was the option he was given. Again, you can juggle with that reality all you want, but it is what it is.

    • your choice. although I wouldn’t go into a WalMart, I’d follow him about anywhere else. btw, were you there?

      • You would follow a man who abuses prisoners and disgraces his uniform? I thought you wrote above all this stuff about liberals not believing in honor. Apparently you have a very screwed up definition of what honor is.

      • I haven’t seen him disgrace anything. all I have known of the man is honor and dignity. were you there? or are you just another believer of liberal propaganda and rhetoric? I’ll continue to go by what I see and not by what others tell me, thanks.

      • You can ignore reality, you can pretend that reality doesn’t exist, you can believe anything you want to believe from Santa Claus to Slenderman, but it doesn’t change the truth that Mr. West was forced to resign his commission or face a court martial. It isn’t liberal propaganda, heck it happen under the Bush administration. Believe what you want, but that doesn’t change the facts.

    • Well…did anyone read this?? ALLEN WEST COMPLAINED that the obama administration wasn’t doing enough?? HYPOCRITE ALLEN WEST…

      • By “doing enough” I doubt that Allen West was referring to the release of five men so desirable to Bowe’s captors.

    • Thelumpster posted this in an attempt to claim that LTC West demanded the release of bergdahl. The post was retracted. I guess the fool thought no one would be familiar with the article then realized conservatives actually would be and as such this wouldn’t be something the fool wanted to point out as it shows ovomit to be the truly useless scumbag that he is. Therefore I shall post the whole article. Keep in mind the only one that was acted upon so far is the traitor berghdal. The rest remain rotting as true captives and to that list we must also now add marine Sgt. Tahmooressi held in Mexico.

      “It got me thinking of others who seemingly do not deserve President Obama’s time or attention. In the military we live by a code that defines our commitment to each other, an undying devotion of “Leave no Man Behind.”

      In the Battle of Mogadishu, it was that code that drove American warriors, Rangers and Delta Force, to fight it out. It was that code that motivated two Delta Snipers, MSG Gary Gordon and SFC Randy Shughart, to drop into a hot zone, knowing that reinforcements would not be immediately sent, to secure and defend wounded 160th SOAR pilot CW3 Michael Durant. They willingly gave their lives in that last full measure of devotion, earning the nation’s highest honor, the Medal of Honor.

      We need a president who understands this code, instead of the personal code of narcissism. There are Americans still waiting for an American leader who understands the code embodied by Gordon and Shughart.

      Consider Kenneth Bae who sits in North Korea — left behind.

      In Iran, there are three Americans: Robert Levinson, Saeed Abedini, and Amir Hekmati left behind. In September this year during a call with the Iranian leader Rouhani, President Obama “noted” concern — and then proceeded to acquiesce to the Islamic totalitarian regime by lifting sanctions in the hope they would slow down their uranium enrichment.

      Then there is Army SGT Bowe Bergdahl still held by the Islamic terrorist Haqqani network, probably in Pakistan, in the same place where Osama Bin Laden was hiding. This past POW/MIA national day of recognition, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel reiterated a pledge to secure the young Army NCO being held captive, but have there been any actions? Any time, attention, or even mention from the Commander-in-Chief? Nah, no camera highlights in it for him.

      And speaking of Osama Bin Laden, Pakistani doctor Shakil Afridi, who took the unimaginably courageous action of identifying the bin Laden compound, sits rotting in a Pakistani prison. I guess his plight is not popular with our president.

      However, the most egregious incident of Barack Hussein Obama leaving Americans behind was when he decided his rest before a campaign trip to Las Vegas and Colorado was more important than an American Ambassador under attack. His personal comfort required more attention than two former US Navy SEALs who were fighting off a terrorist attack and saving American lives.

      To think these brave men who believed there was air support inbound as they were “lasing” targets, were then left to die is unconscionable — no, criminal.

      Do not forget these names, Bae, Levinson, Abedini, Hekmati, Bergdahl, Afridi, or Stephens, Smith, Doherty and Woods for they deserve our time and attention. If Gordon and Shughart earned the Medal of Honor, Obama has certainly earned the Medal of Dishonor.

      Mr. President, stay over in South Africa, perhaps they would appreciate your lack of leadership there.

      A real American president would board a C-17 and fly to these countries and demand these Americans be released — oops, I forgot a C-17 is not suitable for your highness.

      What do you think? Do you accept President Obama ordering the American flag flying at half-mast for three days for Mandela, while he allows these men to be left behind?”

      • What part of the fact that he was not listed as a POW do you not get? That means the government knew he was guilty of desertion. They already made the pronouncement based on FACTS.

      • No, it means that nobody ever actually declaerd war in Afghanistan or Iraq, and all of this mess has technically been a police action. Blame Bush for that one.

      • So, why hasn’t ovomit declared war at any point in time during the last 6 yrs? Too lazy? Too stupid? Too much on the side of the terrorists? He’s the one who said Afghanistan is the ‘good war’, so why has he done nothing to rectify the situation?

      • Nobody has retracted anything. Six months ago, West was bitching that Obama wasn’t working to free Bergdahl, and now West is complaining that Obama has succeeded in freeing Bergdahl. You can bark all you want little doggie, but the reality is right there on the screen for everyone to see. West is a hypocrite who is dedicated to making money off the backs of gullible conservatives such as yourself. He reminds me very much of the same kind of con artistry as Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson.

      • Please pick up some coffee while you’re out…..Here’s the coffee, no I shoplifted it so you don’t owe me any money…What’s your complain, you got the coffee, didn’t you? Okay, I’ll drink it then.

  58. liberal progressives have no definition of honor – it is not in their dictionary. neither is integrity, principles, ethics, morals, …………………………………………………………

    • Bite me Steve. I’m a liberal progressive who served his country and you have no business telling me or anyone else we know nothing about honor, ethics or morals. Seriously man, grow up.

      • seriously? response of a progressive liberal. no substance. no anything. I have plenty of business talking about honor. far more than any liberal progressive, and I have and will continue to have no respect for any liberal progressive – they are all detached from any reasonable rationale – morons! idiots! delusional! or supremely gullible! “bite me”. what a putz! you have lost any credibility you may have had.

      • Very likely that the rub in this exchange is over moral relativism, which is extremely popular among liberal progressives.However, there is that hard-bitten “so and so did this once years ago and so therefore he is scum forever because I said so…and what you don’t and never will know about the skeletons in my closet is completely irrelevant..” Confusing, isn’t it.

    • Take note the only one ovomit acted upon was his fellow terrorist, berghdal. The real heroes are not worthy of his attention and have therefore been left to rot not a single action has been attempted for any of the rest. Point proven. LTC West is not a hypocrite, berghdal the traitor had to be listed with the rest, what would you have said if he’d been omitted from the list? You are the true hypocrite,

      • Regardless of what Bergdahl may or may have not done to deserve being held captive by terrorists indefinitely, West argued that he should not be “left behind” and called for Obama to do something about it. Now he is lampooning Obama for getting him out. Clear duplicity from West here.

      • I wholeheartedly agree with getting him out, but NOT for the donation he just gave to the Taliban! That price was too steep.

      • What the hell are you talking about? The same five guys were going to be released in just a few months anyway. The war is ending, we are leaving and giving back prisoners is part of what happens when wars end. I mean come on, you don’t hit me as being as dumb as some of these people here, so how come you aren’t getting that piece to all of this?

      • Only an idiot or a fellow terrorist would release them to create more havoc for America. Oh, that’s right ovomit is a fellow terrorist which is why he wants to make sure the ‘war’ he didn’t declare is ended without winning before he is escorted out of the White House so he can set them all loose to attack the US again. Brilliant strategy especially if you’re on the terrorists side.

      • I hope you realize that your statement above makes no damm sense whatsoever. Your pal Al is only interested in one thing and one thing only, and that is what he is payed for, to attack President Obama. It is the only reason he is employed by the Right in the first place. Being hypocritical from time to time is simply a requirement of his job,.

      • ovomit acted illegally and even the socialist democrats in congress are pissed about it. Wise up moron. The usurper is a criminal and breaks the law constantly. Don’t expect others to bow down and kiss his @$$ like you.

    • Careful, these people have an aversion to facts, truth and even their own words when they contradict what they’re mad about today.

      • careful, if you read the whole article you might learn something about ovomit and where his loyalties lie. Yes, your precious usurper cares only for the deserter and the release of terrorists, all others are not worthy of his time. As far as hypocrisy, LTC West did not say the traitor should be brought back at all costs including the release of Gitmo terrorists, nor did he say to bring him back for hero worship, nor did LTC West necessarily know the details of the traitor’s disappearance or pass judgement on that situation without the proof we now have.
        You show your hypocrisy by expecting LTC West not to have mentioned the traitor in his article which lists MANY HEROES worthy of ovomit’s attention to secure their release. That’s the part you wish to ignore because it shows ovomit doesn’t give a damn about them, just the traitor. Wonder what that says about him… Let me guess, it says ovomit approves of the traitor’s actions, but not of those he’s abandoned. So what does that say about you since you approve of ovomit’s actions.

    • The government knew he was guilty of desertion from the beginning, that is why he was not listed as a POW.

      • Any soldier listed as missing/captured is promoted with peers without need for educational and other requirements. Bergdahl was listed as missing/captured, not POW, and it was concluded by the Pentagon after investigation in 2009 that he willingly left his post.

      • He was listed as missing/captured because President Bush didn’t have the balls to actually request a declaration of war back in 2001. He wasn’t listed as a POW because it wasn’t a war. And yeah, I know, funny that it’s been going on for 13 years now and nobody else in government has ever had the balls to call it what it was either.

      • REALLY? ovomit has been the usurper of the office for nearly 6 years now, this incident happened 4-1/2 years ago, so that means it happened under ovomit. So what you are saying is that ovomit is too lazy, stupid, or incompetent to officially declare war even though he ramped up the operations in Afghanistan, the ‘good war’ as he put it.
        Nice try ovomit brown nose.

      • Quite right. That’s because there is no military designation for POW, it’s an International (by Geneva Convention) designation.

        DoD policy states clearly: POW is not a casualty status for reporting purposes. For reporting purposes, the casualty status and category would be missing-captured. POW is the international legal status of military and certain other personnel captured during an armed conflict between two countries and that status entitles those captured to humanitarian treatment under the Third Geneva Convention, “Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War.” The international status of POW is automatic when personnel “have fallen into the power of the enemy.” There is no action required by any country in the conflict to have that status applied to their personnel and for their personnel to be entitled to the humanitarian protections of the Geneva Convention.

        DOD Instruction 1300.18.

        Bergdahl WAS a POW.

      • It was determined by the government 4 years ago. Do you not think they have the evidence to prove it?

    • Some of these same folk are probably in care of juveniles or in the judicial system somehow. Not shocked.

  59. ovomit hypocrisy: (Don’t count on any libtards to point this out or admit it is true)

    Barack Obama is standing by his decision to release the Taliban Dream Team, five of the most notorious Taliban terrorists who were being held at Guantanamo Bay, for Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, who has had numerous individuals who served with him in the 501st Airborne Infantry Regiment call him a deserter. FOX News, in fact, reported that prior to leaving his post and going AWOL, Bergdahl left behind a note renouncing his American citizenship.

    Despite stating that there was a possibility the Taliban Dream Team would return to a life of terrorism, Obama claims that not only will the United States have a close eye on the terrorists, but also made such claims about the Qataris. He said that the Qatar government has given him assurances that they would watch over and monitor the Taliban Dream Team to help protect America’s national security.

    However, according to a report by FOX News, the Qataris are saying that the men will not be treated as prisoners and would be allowed to roam freely and return to Afghanistan if they wanted to. They also denied any participation of the United States in monitoring their movements

    The source, identified as a senior Gulf official, reportedly told Reuters that the five Taliban members would not be treated like prisoners while staying in Qatar, where they were released. Rather, they’d be allowed to “move around freely” in the country and then be allowed to travel outside Qatar after one year.

    The official, seemingly contrary to Obama’s claims, also said U.S. officials would not be involved in monitoring their movements.

    The Taliban Dream Team that Obama released have violent backgrounds and some have been listed as high risk to the United States and its allies. While Obama claims “they saw an opportunity to bring Bergdahl back and seized it and that the U.S. government will bring a soldier back regardless of circumstances,” there is some hypocrisy in that statement.

    Obama has failed to address the situation of Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi who has been held in a Mexican jail after accidentally crossing the border on March 31. He has been subjected to beatings and other cruel treatment by Mexican authorities. Although a petition to free Tahmooressi has reached over 100,000 signatures, the threshold set by Team Obama that would trigger a response, Obama remains silent on this issue and Tahmooressi remains imprisoned.

    • The Taliban Dream Team? If you came up with that catchy title all on your own, I have to admit that I am impressed with your marketing abilities.

      • You can’t read can you. Don’t bother to answer, that was a rhetorical question.

    • ibleieveinfreedom2, so congratulations. You watched Fox news and were able to successfully regurgitate the utter bias in everything they do. First, it was never in the deal that they would go to qatar and remain prisoners, the deal was they couldnt leave Qatar. Second, regardless of what Bergdahl did, he was still a POW, not an enemy combatant. That means we do everything in our power to get him back. Since when is he not afforded due process under UCMJ??? But according to you, we would have just left and American soldier in Taliban hands to die. Here’s the other thing, if he had died in Taliban hands, Fox news would have been screaming Obama never did anything to get him back. And Im not a liberal.

      • Know thyself, Mya. Let’s say you took a trip to Italy and your plane got hijacked. But it then crashed, and only you and two of the hijackers survived. Would you expect the USA to release 3 felons ( US citizens or otherwise) to bring you home? Let’s assume you would. Sense of entitlement. Let’s assume you wouldn’t. A humble civilian patriot, because even a civilian knows that we do not negotiate with terrorists because it endangers all of us more, even on our own soil. So are you, or are you not a liberal. In January, Fox news did this interview. Is it biased?

      • So Joyce, I take it you were totally outraged when President Reagan’s administration sold arms to the Iranians in exchange for freeing the hostages back in 1981? And even more upset when he took that money and armed terrorist death squads in Central America?

      • Mature people stand on their own record, take their own lumps, and don’t depend on others to deflect criticism for them by diverting attention away to past debacles of others, or by throwing red herrings. But to answer your question, I did not like the idea of selling arms to the Iranians to free hostages. Was I outraged? Like I pointed out, that was a LONG time ago. I was glad the people were freed, but didn’t like the thought of what negotiating with terrorists could do to make subsequent Americans less free in world travel. And it was at that time that I realized that all Americans who travel abroad take a calculated risk, which grows, for which they themselves are responsible to address. It comes with the passport. I’m not interested in dwelling on your second question, since you can safely assume unless otherwise informed that I expect elected leaders to show integrity. This is 2014, the past is prologue but otherwise it is not a place to live. Do you have enough fingers to count how many lives may be destroyed by trading 5 lives for 1? Neither do I.

      • So you are comparing a crashed plane with a hostage vs military personnel binded under due process of UCMJ? Peachy.

      • Does the USMJ say something to the effect of “If a US serviceman is captured while AWOL, the military and Commander in Chief is obligated to ransom him or effect a prisoner exchange or both, to the extent of a five-to-one exchange {if necessary} even if that means endangering other US combatant troops in country by demonstrating that the US, after all, DOES negotiate with terrorist and give the enemy aid and comfort?” Uh-huh…yeah. Peachy.

      • Bergdahl was NEVER classified as a POW by the Pentagon. he was classified missing/captured, and they concluded in 2009 that he willingly left his post.

      • I’ll say it here too, POW status is not conferred by the Pentagon, it is conferred by the Geneva Conventions and it applies regardless of what he did to fall into the hands of the enemy.

      • Really, FACTS are now ‘bias’. You must be ‘educated’ by MSLSD where omitting facts in their ‘reporting’ is considered unbiased. This is why you libtards are so ignorant. The government of Qatar says they made no such deal and the ‘terrorists’ will be allowed to roam freely. The deserter was NOT a POW! What part of that don’t you get? The GOVERNMENT ruled on that 4 years ago! Sure, get his behind back here to face charges, but not by ‘any means necessary’, especially an illegal act by a lawless regime. For God’s sake! Take your blinders off! Even Di Fi is pi$$ed that ovomit acted illegally to do this!
        Keep in mind also, HE WALKED AWAY FROM AMERICANS TO BE WITH THE TALIBAN, he was not kidnapped, he was where he CHOSE TO BE! You claim you’re not a ‘liberal’, really, and I suppose you expect someone to believe that crock of BS. PS what the hell does FOX News have to do with any of this? I did post other articles even if you didn’t bother to read them. The FACTS are the FACTS, if FOX happens to be the only ones who report it, that’s not my fault. My information comes from reliable news sources online, not FOX. That just proves you already know that only FOX would reveal the truth so you ass U med that’s where all my info comes from. Very revealing.

      • DOD Policy disagrees with you. Our Government doesn’t rule on that. POW status is conferred by the Geneva conventions. The Pentagon doesn’t grant that status because it’s already an internationally recognized one. The Pentagon listed him as Missing/Captured, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t a POW.

        Here’s the policy if you can read:

        POW is the international legal status of military and certain other personnel captured during an armed conflict between two countries and that status entitles those captured to humanitarian treatment under the Third Geneva Convention, “Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War.” The international status of POW is automatic when personnel “have fallen into the power of the enemy.” There is no action required by any country in the conflict to have that status applied to their personnel and for their personnel to be entitled to the humanitarian protections of the Geneva Convention.

  60. Unfortunately all this does is prove what’s really wrong with America today, the people. The American public doesn’t really care what happens to the country, as long as their interests are served. This goes for both sides by the way. We allow ourselves to be divided by those telling us what we want to hear and then being told that those who disagree with us are ignorant, stupid, or wrong just because. This is what I see in the comment section, not in the article. The tone of the article is very predictable. He’s no different than the ones from the Liberal side of the house, manipulate, sugar coat, tell the reader what they want to hear. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  61. White House Backpedals After Claiming Bergdahl ‘Served With Honor And Distinction’

    Read more:

    The New York Times reported that Bergdahl had left a note saying he had become disillusioned with the Army, did not support the U.S. mission in Afghanistan and was leaving to start a new life.


    “He apologized for it and said it was an oversight,” Feinstein said about the call with Blinken, clarifying that it was her “impression” of the call.

    Feinstein said that in previous conversations with Senators about the trade, “there were very strong views and they were virtually unanimous against trade.”

    • Even Feinstein? So can we get a few Patriotic Democrat Senators to join in impeaching this traitor in the White House? This is one straw too many on the proverbial camel’s back.

      • I sincerely doubt that, they are too cowardly to do anything he wouldn’t approve of. Definitely makes you realize that his threats to them have paid off. Notice how those who go against him or he feels know too much and could spill the beans ‘accidentally’ die?

    • But Harry said…”What difference does it make” when he was asked when he got his “heads up”…”Friday? Saturday?” Then he said again, “What difference does it make?” You know, I am starting to like that phrase…I think perhaps Debbie Wasserman Schultz could show her sense of economy and use that slogan to dress up the party’s rather drab pale blue Circle D logo…just wrap it around that big “O” like a cuddle hug….save money on graphic artists and publicists. So many Democrats are using the retort now, it could go as viral as “Making Copies” or “Things go better with Coke”. And, you know, it REALLY fits the image of the Party. For example, just because it took 3 rounds of jeering to get to a construed “Yea” on God and Jerusalem (at the convention, for the platform revisions {Poor Ted Strickland…I really like my old boss!} )…hey, they got to “YES”…so what difference did it make? Stellar moment. So, let’s not be stingy saying that Harry made a Freudian slip. I think he made the whole ensemble. Something to be embraced.

  62. Let me add on a unrelated note. Thirty years from now, when whatever passes for television in that era produces their epic Obama biographical mini-series, Mister West is going to come across to that future generation as the worst kind of craven opportunist. He will be a minor villain, played by a minor actor and will be remembered by all America as the lapdog to the rich and powerful that he is.

    And if I am still alive that day, sitting in my old folks home, sipping soup from a straw. I will stand up as best I can and point my finger at the screen and in my own senile way have a good laugh at one of America’s saddest jokes.

    • You’ll be one of the few if you make it to the “old folks home” as you term it. In this country with its OBAMBACARE you won’t be allowed you to get old to that point of needed care. Or haven’t you read the ACT? Keep that illusion in your head of growing old as it WON’T occur here in this country under the current laws. You really should read your OBAMBA LOVE LETTERS better.

      • No idea, why not give George a call and ask him yourself? But I am sure he is at least as happy as the average politician bought by the Koch’s.

      • You have ‘Koch derangement syndrome’ like the nut-job running the senate. Chances are you don’t know squat about the Koch brothers or soros.

      • I don’t know Georgie, but I do hope that old resourceful Hungarian rascal is happy. One might surmise that the Koch’s could be a bit happier before long.

      • I’m sorry but allen west is a DISGRACE to the uniform. No matter how many names you call people….that doesn’t change the fact that ALLEN WEST was relieved of command. Allen west retired while 5 of his men faced article 15’s, lost rank and pay. ALLEN WEST did not stand with those men. ALLEN West is a COWARD!!!

      • I think it would be kind of me to suggest that you go and check the Wikipedia article on Allen West, and if you have information that demonstrates that the article is inaccurate, that you mobilize your expertise and use the wiki process to challenge that article by providing the verified information. Once you do that, then you might have a standing. But in general, going on someone’s own blog and slandering them and abusing them is pretty much NOT COOL. Facebook doesn’t allow that, why should Allen.

      • I don’t have to read wiki…I read the actual report from the investigation. Allen west let his men beat that man for over 40 mins. Allen west lost his cool! Allen west didn’t not display LEADERSHIP when it was needed. I’m sorry but if allen west wants to bring up his “MILITARY CAREER” well…this is a part of it!

      • There are other places you could badmouth Mr. West as if it was behind his back. Not like you don’t have choices. In general, going on someone’s own blog and slandering them and abusing them is pretty much NOT COOL. Facebook doesn’t allow that, why should Allen. Only very rude and ignorant people call people names on their own blogs. Addressing arguments to the content of what is said by the author is legit. Character assassination or slander is not an acceptable behavior on a person’s own blog. It’s not unlike breaking and entering and spitting on their carpet.

    • Take you nose out of ovomit’s @$$. You dare call LTC West a criminal and have no qualms about the treasonous acts of ovomit. Don’t bother to call yourself an American, because you sure don’t behave like one.

      • Only a 21st century conservative would call bringing a POW back to the US treasonous. You really don’t even slightly get just how messed up that whole reaction is. Sorry man, I admit I came here to push a few buttons, but looking at just how seriously you believe this, well, for lack of a better term, utter drivel, it kind of scares me to think about the future of this nation. I honestly believe that you do believe in freedom, really I do, but I think you’ve let your anger at having your political choice lose the last two elections that it has made you just a bit obsessed and your anger is making you embrace any fantasy that comes your way, just because it supports that anger.

      • People that think that bringing a traitor home in exchange for 5 or more terrorist of the highest order, Senior Talaban, Musliim extremist are a bad deal and a disgrace have the type of thinking that built this country and made it great. People that are sick of deals that honor killers and deserters are a detriment to our great country. At last count as many as 8 great honorable soldiers that served near him in Afghanistan have been killed. I cannot understand how evil is so nice and those that try to shame people like me that say this deal was not only illegal but also stinks are obsessed. I say to you that if anyone is gullible,and obsessed beyond all reason its you. Anyone else feel that way?

  63. “The real question for our nation is, how do we define honor?”

    Sad part is, Colonel, a great many young people and most on the left simply don’t believe in the concept of honor at all. To them, all things are relative and all mores have equivalents defined by other societies that are just as valid as those of ours. They see concepts like honor and fidelity as militant brainwashing mechanisms, complete with ceremonial dogma, used to crush independent thought and promote one set of mores (ours) over those of other societies.

    They have no understanding of how these concepts are interwoven through the fabric of military service, nor why it is absolutely necessary for them to be there at all. Things like loyalty, sacrifice, unit integrity, belief in the rightness of one’s country (and therefore one’s mission), and the desire to serve a higher purpose are foolhardy pursuits for unenlightened, uneducated neanderthals to this elite bunch.

    They are pathological people possessed of a certain malignant cynicism. Heck, they transcend cynicism.

    • Why are you asking a disgraced officer, one who was forced to resign for mistreating a POW about honor? Mister West is a man with absolutely no understanding of the concept.

      • Just my luck, an example of what I’m talking about appears and makes my point for me. Thanks troll.

      • I’m Navy too pal, and I know that honor and dignity doesn’t involve mistreating prisoners. If you are one of those people who does support beating and threatening prisoners, then you have no concept of honor at all. For all your talk, if that is what you truly believe then to you they are just words.

      • You don’t know anything about what I believe, skippy. Where did I say anything about condoning the “beating and threatening [of] prisoners?”

        Look, if you feel like its a worthwhile pursuit to come on here and go after someone you clearly don’t like, so be it. My words stand as they ultimately have nothing to do with Colonel West nor his career. Now go b!tch at someone else; I’ll just disappoint ya.

      • If you believe in the honor that you were writing about above, then why in the hell are you supporting a man who clearly does not share the same views? I’ll be honest that really gets to me.
        I admit I came here following a link and raised a little hell, but it truly is disturbing to me to see people who claim to believe in the things that make America great supporting a man who represents pretty much everything craven out there. I get you all aren’t fans of Obama, cool, I get that, but what I do not understand is why in your anger toward Obama you are embracing what can only be called a terrible person.

      • Supporting who!? I linked in from another article, the same as you. After that I decided to leave a thoughtful comment. With all due respect shipmate, you’re making an awful lot of assumptions.

        If you want a real glimpse into my mind, know this: I think practically all politicians are full of sh!t, and those currently holding office at any particular time should be constantly scrutinized. And yes, I felt that way during the GWB years too.

        The only people I support are my family.

      • I think it would be kind of me to suggest that you go and check the Wikipedia article on Allen West, and if you have information that demonstrates that the article is inaccurate, that you mobilize your expertise and use the wiki process to challenge that article by providing the verified information. Once you do that, then you might have a standing. But in general, going on someone’s own blog and slandering them and abusing them is pretty much NOT COOL. Facebook doesn’t allow that, why should Allen.

      • There are other places you could badmouth Mr. West as if it was behind his back. Not like you don’t have choices.

      • I always of of the opinion that if you were going to call someone dishonorable, it is better to do it to their face.

      • So that is why you are here, to throw down a gauntlet? Or to make arguments about the content of the article, or the reasoning, or the actual incident?

      • Actually I’m here to point out that in the case of Bergdahl, Mister West is not the person to be throwing stones as his own previous article demonstrates. I’ve hung around because you people really need someone around here to remind you from time to time about reality.

      • You have amply registered your view about Mr.West, we’ve got that now. I’m not a veteran, but a widow of a veteran. My interest in this thread has to do not with the foibles of the writer’s past, but the facets of the current situation. I’m no big fan of John McCain as a politician, but as a veteran, I think he might have some respective….to wit…

      • ‘Mullah Omar Just Got His Cabinet Back’…”What we’re doing here is reconstitution of the Taliban government,” McCain said. “These are the people who used to take women into the soccer stadium in Kabul and hang them from the goalpost.”

      • Rick is very good at both mixed logical fallacy, suspension of disbelief , red herring, innuendo. etc. For him, it is all about the fight, not about any principal. He’s a tough customer, but he can be dealt with. He’s the kind of guy who thinks he is making a good impression with a display of “loyalty”, but when he leaves the room, eyes roll and you hear a chuckle.

      • You know the guy? “mixed logical fallacy” Does that translate into illogical liberal thinking…It’s like the liberals have a mental disease that causes them to take positions contrary to what a normal person would conclude.

      • Everyone knows a Rick. In a perverse sort of way, almost everyone has a Rick that they love anyway. Most of those folks have to watch their blood pressure.

      • Sorry I didn’t answer your question clearly.TWF.. Logical fallacies can be found in “arguments” made by people of any ideology. Just because liberals seem to excel in mixing them and deploying them as a part of a psychological warfare fetish, doesn’t mean that others can’t fracture logic as well. I sometimes do it just to mess with liberals.

      • Did you seriously just accuse liberals of “psychological warfare fetish” while also admitting to sometimes fracturing logic in order to just “mess” with them??? Okay. I will admit that you are at least pretty funny. I do tend to enjoy (on some level) watching people do exactly what they are razzing or haranguing others for. It’s like “Inception” for logic — a fallacy within a fallacy –Lol! That was awesome 🙂

      • I said that liberals seem to excel …I didn’t say they have a monopoly. Example…a communitarian progressive “pantheist” who calls out an extreme right wing fundamentalist Christian, (someone has to…) by calling him a Nazi. Then says, he needs a lobotomy. Now that’s funny. But you have to admit 1. The intended target in that scenario makes the mistake of being insulted instead of relishing the irony. They jump on the ad hominem bandwagon instead of going back to the thread topic. The wing-nut is upset, and the leftist feels brilliant. Daniel Dennett brilliant…(>:

      • Sorry but Mr West is a BAD man. His military record speaks for itself! RELIEVED OF COMMAND?? Allen West is a DISGRACE!!

      • Why are you taking the side of the enemy that was trying to kill Americans? I know the answer and so do others even if we do not put it in print. Its better to be thought a fool than open mouth and remove all doubt. Trying to kill our super well trained young men, our best soldiers and you take the killer’s side.

      • No, I am taking the side of American honor. Something the likes of you have long since abandoned. America is supposed to be the good guy, not the side that beats prisoners for information.

  64. Allen West is a bad American. You his supporters are bad Americans also. You want to live in a nation without laws or honor, a nation that tortures for fun and treats it’s citizens like slaves. The lot of you should pack up and move to Russia where you can live in your fascist paradise, obeying the orders of your great leader. You are a shame to the founders of this country. Allen West and the rest of you are a disgrace to the brave men and women who have fought and died to defend this great nation.

    • You talk of the “honor and dignity of the Constitution” and “the brave men and women who have fought and died to defend this great nation” and I believe that also, but Allen West is one of those brave men who fought for this country and I believe he truly believes his oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and it appears that we have a domestic enemy in the White House, who is illegal to boot, as more evidence points to illegality than to legality in his case.

      • So because you dislike the elected President of the United States, you are going to embrace a bad American instead? Sorry but that just does not make any sense. Let me ask a serious question, what is your opinion of a man who I fundamentally disagree with, but consider never the less a great American, Sen. John McCain? What’s your opinion of that American?

      • My dislike for the illegal in the White House is related to a never ending litany of abuses and as I said before, “more evidence points to illegality than to legality in his case.” Your “honor and dignity of the Constitution” statement is hollow if you accept this man as being legal and his trashing of the Constitution, in this Bergdahl case self admitted. Obama must go. He is undoubtedly the worse President ever. There is not a shred of evidence that he loves America…in fact more evidence that he hates America.
        I am embracing a GREAT American in Allen West. He is a TRUE Patriot so stop bad mouthing him. I support what Allen did in Iraq to get the info needed to free his men. I would have done the same thing, maybe more.
        I am no fan of John McCain. I read his book about his time in the Hanoi Hilton and I have to assume he was a loyal American in that situation. He does appear to want to reach over the aisle and sacrifice conservative principles so I have no use for him politically. He needs to retire. Shame on Arizona for voting him back in. Shame on America for voting in the illegal in the White House, especially the second time. Shame on Pelosi, Reid and the Democrats for not vetting this guy. If Obama cannot prove his legality, and Donald Trump has put up $50 million that says he cannot, all those who signed for this guy are guilty of TREASON.

      • What I always am kind of amused to see, is that even if every single bit of the birther stuff was true, and Obama was not born inside of the US, you all keep forgetting that his mother was a citizen, which makes Obama a natural born citizen right from the start. Seriously, even if your paranoia was true, you’d still be wrong.

      • Natural Born Citizen at the time of writing of the Constitution meant two citizen parents and Vattel’s “Law of Nations”, which they used as a source, stated that a person follows the nationality of the father. If only “citizen” was required, there was no need to use the prefix “natural born”. The intention of the higher level of citizenship was to keep people out of the Presidency who may have had loyalties to another country. I don’t think that is the case with Obama. Yes he may be loyal to Kenya because most of his father’s family is there and he did go over and boost support for his Muslim cousin Odinga, and I don’t think he has any loyalties to Indonesia unless via the Muslim connection, but Obama’s loyalty is to himself and his own ego which surpasses all other loyalties. He is a self lover; so was Hitler and likely Stalin. His formative years were in Indonesia and he had no schooling during those years about the American Revolution and stories about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Patrick Henry, or Paul Revere to instill any pride in the American experiment in government. His mother hated America and took issue with husband Lolo Sotero when he had any good things to say about America, I’ve read. She and her parents were communists and so was the Frank Marshall Davis guy (that may have been his real father). Davis also took nude pictures of Obama’s mother as he was into pornography. Obama’s loyalty to America and its ideals is a negative based on his actions and statements. Obama’s statements about transformation of America, the greatest country ever in terms of freedom and opportunity and he wants to transform it?…To what?

        What is it that people like you see in Obama? Is the common bond a hatred for America? You say Allen West is a bad American but the only reason I can see that you say that is that he is a Patriotic American who believes in the Founding documents and defends the Constitution, an attribute that is completely lacking in Obama.

        As I said before, your previous statements on the Constitution and the brave men and women that have fought for freedom ring hollow in your support for this impostor.

      • That guy has made a decision and no matter the evidence otherwise he will not do the right thing. In light of all the scandals that we know beyond a doubt Obama is guilty of yet they still fix their star to their wagon shows they just don’t get it. There is something that goes wrong and areas of the mind just do not comprehend correctly. If Col West was such a :bad: soldier, how did he achieve his rank. A lot of Captains never make Major and a lot of Majors don’t move up to Colonel. That is a monumental achievement.

      • Yes, no answer thus far and I don’t think he can give me a good answer on why he supports Obama other than the messiah complex.

      • You guys sound so silly with that whole “messiah complex” thing. Makes me laugh pretty hard actually. Basically to a Democrat, you’re saying that you can vote for years and years for the Democratic party because that is the party that displays the values that you believe in, in general — but if you continued along that path as Obama ran — then you must have a “messiah complex” to have continued to vote Democratic as you always have. That’s just really one of the most ridiculous, illogical things that I’ve ever heard. WAY WAY silly. Nobody with any sense can buy that argument of course. It’s a huge waste of breath.

      • Many Republicans left the party in 2009 & 2012… People forget that element. I guess I should have not exercised my right until after I graduated college, paid a poll tax and took an intelligence test counting beans in a jar just before walking in the building to vote. Even if I say why I was going to vote for someone, I am wrong because I didn’t vote right… SMH. Maybe we should have the “Masta Complex” instead lol.

      • Natalie,

        My father voted Democrat all his life and that was in the days of Kennedy and before, guys like Truman. After I got away from home and working and old enough to think for myself (mid 60’s), I began to debate him relative to Democrats are for the “little man” as he said. My father worked hard all his life, never took a dime of unemployment or workmen’s comp, and was too proud to take stuff he did not work for, and he believed in God and loved America. I told him he was really a conservative and the Republicans were really closer (not all) to those values than Democrats. We now have a man in the White House that is involved in scandal after scandal and doing nothing about the run away government spending which he promised to do his first year (making it significantly worse) and his lack of transparency which he promised plus his breaking the law on this latest disastrous trade giving up 5 Islamic killers for one Muslim convert/sympathizer deserter who is responsible for the deaths of several good Americans. So you continue to vote Democrat regardless of what this outlaw administration is doing. That is not within the definition of common sense. Please tell me why you continue to support this runaway, Constitution trashing Obama and his minions, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the Dems. Without some good reason, I can only attribute your state of mind to the “messiah complex” (voting for the personality regardless of his actions) or drinking the cool aid (in other words, not thinking with common sense). By the w

      • If we really consider holding up the constitution as being American…doesn’t the constitution give the President powers to amend?

      • “If we really consider holding up the constitution as being American..” Please educate yourself. The Constitution is the FOUNDATION of American individual freedoms like speech, religion, right to bear arms, etc. and how the government functions. Get a copy and keep it handy. I have one at my desk…also a Bible.

        Read Article V of the Constitution…actually read it all, but Article V states how the Constitution will be amended. Congress can propose if 2/3rds agree and 3/4 ths of the States must ratify. The President has no hand in any Amendment. That would be a scary thing if the President could do an Amendment unilaterally…think Hitler, Stalin, Mao….SCARY!

      • Awesome. You have answered my question. Now with that said what are the grounds for impeachment?

      • The House has sole authority for impeachment (Article I, Section 2) and the Senate is responsible for trying the impeachment with the Chief Justice presiding (Article I, Section 3)(Roberts at this time) . Grounds for impeachment are “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors”. I would say that the Bergdahl trade, stonewalling on Benghazi, stonewalling on Fast and Furious, the unauthorized Libya incursion and no enforcement of the border laws would all satisfy the Constitutional requirement for “grounds” at one level or another. The problem is the Senate is controlled by the Democrats and a successful impeachment trial in the Senate is not likely because politicians put party over country. At this time the uncontrolled spending and borrowing is a greater danger to America than all of these IMO but that is not Obama’s issue alone. The Democrats refuse to buck Obama and get some sanity in spending and stopping the debt. After Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, was impeached by the House for trying to replace Secretary of War Stanton but it was not successful in the Senate trial and that is a far less issue than the one’s I’ve noted above. Please get a copy of the Constitution and read it.

      • Ha! Using that same standard, you would also have to say: “If Obama is such a :bad: person, how did he achieve his rank? A
        lot of politicians never make Senator and a lot of Senators don’t move up to President. That is a monumental achievement.” Lol. Just saying.

      • He was elected by making promises to gullible, unintelligent people and 30 million young people that registered on his website, by acorn signing up dead people to vote and may that know nothing of his policies, only the color of his skin. That kind of support is running low now as they see him for the liar he was. Before it was all about what he will give me. ONe thing for sure when more people vote for him in a district than they have regidtered voters he did not do it honestly. What has he done or run honestly? To even make the response you did shows you know nothing about the democrats that are putting him down now and seeing him for what he is. Now is a time for liberals to put down the kool aid glass and hang head in closet in shame, not get lippy with those that know what is going on.

      • Too much Fox news for you I see. They are clearly doling out the “kool aid” by the truckload — and you appear to be very full of it unfortunately. I feel so badly for such misinformed people with such strong opinions. It’s very sad.

      • Crazy, right? Notice how none of the birthers had anything to say about this comment. Crickets. It’s interesting to see the reaction (or rather lack thereof) of some of these people when confronted with simple truths that contradict or debunk their theories/conspiracy theories. It’s very bizarre.

      • Treason is the LEAST he should be charged with, he allowed Chris Stephens and three other American’s to die, so he could stand beside his claim that “Bin Laden is dead and Al Qaida is on the run”. He killed those men, by allowing it to happen so he could still win the election. How anyone with a brain can still ride around with an “Obama” bumper sticker is beyond me. They should be embarrassed and ASHAMED of WHAT they supported to occupy the White House. A terrorist, traitor, American Hating Muslim Loving Son of a something.

      • The current illegal occupant of the White House is not only a law breaking, Constitution ignoring, traitor, but he is destroying America. If you support him and all the crimes he has committed then you also sincerely hate America and it is you who should pack up and move to Russia. You act as though saying McCain is a great American, erases the truth about obama who is NOT even a ‘good’ much less ‘great’ American. obama is a CRIMINAL! obama has ignored the Constitution to the point where we may as well not even have one! All these ‘scandals’ are not scandals, they are CRIMES for which he and this regime should be criminally prosecuted! It is not a matter of political disagreement, it’s a matter of CRIMES! I disagreed with JFK, Johnson, Nixon,Carter, Clinton, and Bush, but, for the most part, they did not get away with crimes the likes of this regime! The frigging media won’t even do it’s job and cover the dog-gone crimes!

      • He’s a hell of a man, and a Hero to this Nation. Obama has done nothing but try to take away all the rights that Americans have fought and died for.

      • OH-I GET IT,RICK!!! You’re a DEMOCRAT,only here to stir up some s##t. Well done-you get your donut;now move along.

    • You are a despicable excuse for a human being who wouldn’t know truth and honor if you were smacked in the head with it!

    • And in which branch of the military did you serve?? Do you feel all warm and fuzzy inside having Obama as your leader? Sounds like you do, so maybe you need to go and join up with the Taliban, like Bergdahl the traitor did. Because whatever Mr. West done during his military career, he was protecting you and your right to downgrade him, and my right to downgrade Obama. Obama is a traitor himself. And Russia, if Obama was able to be elected or selected or cheated into the President’s role again, Russia might not be as bad as what his plans for the United States are. The United States that my dad, grandfather, and great grandfather fought for. I have seen many heroes come out of the wars with battle scars that you would not even subject yourself to. You and Obama are a disgrace to my family and all veterans who gave you the right to call anyone a “Bad American”, you Ricky, are delusional.

      • So you never saw “war”. Never saw your best friend die right beside you, never had a buddy bleed out while holding him in your arms while he drew his last breath. Lt. Col. West did what he did to save American lives. The jihadists have no “Rules of Engagement”. And you think American’s are supposed to live by the rules that all enemies before have followed? I feel sorry for you, and your family, because you will be one of the weak, who will not stand up and fight for his country or his family, when they attack us in our homeland again. You had better be prepared to survive and help your family survive any way you can. Because they don’t want to “COEXIST” with you, they want to KILL you!! You are not and were not ever a true American military man. My Dad was Navy, Chief Petty Officer, buried with full military honors, and so was my father-in-law. They lived WWII and Korea. When you live through and survive a war, then you have earned the right to call someone a “bad American”.

      • For his opinion? Wow. I thought you folks on this thread were supposed to be all about the First Amendment. Now when YOU don’t like someone’s opinion, they should be jailed, huh??? Amazing.

      • I more than agree. My family has had solders in every war and conflict starting with the Revolutionary War, battle of Cowpens and Kings Mountain forward to present. I say I would have been glad to serve under Col West. The fact,,,I know liberals hate them,,,, but if he had broken military law or orders he would have been punished and his honorable discharge signed by the president would not exist. The fact that he served honorably proves it was just a political action by someone that didn’t like his politics. Example, the navy commander that sent the helicopters in to rescue our downed pilot in Beirut was removed from command and his career ended. Anyone that disagrees with that decision and thinks our pilot should have been abandoned in my book is one sick puppy. That pilot was real and I watched him on TV some time back talking about why he opposed the liberals giving F-15s to Egypt along with millions of dollars in support. He was telling what a formidable weapon those aircraft are and how they likely will be used to kill Americans.

      • It’s sad when commanders on the ground don’t call the shots in a war zone. The idiots in Washington call the shots. The very reason we lost four American Heroes in Benghazi. While the guys on the ground there were begging to go in, their request was denied. Two of those four disobeyed those orders to stand down, they lost their lives, so Obama and Hillary could watch a live action movie, where real heroes died while they sipped their wine, and made up the lies they would tell to cover it up. “Oh, a cartoon, that’s what we will use.” A CARTOON???? Really??? Sick.

    • Rick-You ARE being sarcastic,right? If you’re NOT,it’s YOU that should find another Country to reside in. Or maybe you just need to learn to read. I saw nothing in the article that warrants that kind of trash-talk. You’re from the planet California,aren’t you?

    • KISS MY ***, I served honorably also, so when you are so quick to judge me and others it shows your lack of understanding and makes your comments just ravings with no substance.

    • Tell that to Obama and his cronies breaking constitutional laws and spying on Americans. West did NOTHING that is really considered a war crime. Our founding fathers did allot more horror to win a war right up to ww-2. We have policemen beating and shooting unarmed citizens, and violating their rights. Our own citizens are being tortured and made into slaves, while foreign terrorists are being treated like welcomed guests, thanks to the anti US Democraps. Why don’t you and Obama rant on that? War is never a business to fight clean. And because of all these restrictions on our troops, we are done for. To everyone else. Don’t join the military. The USA dose NOT deserve anyone to die for it anymore..

      • A real disgrace to those in command that did not support him. He supported his men 100% when their lives were on the line. They pressured him because he was not “politically correct. I would have been glad to serve under him as were his men. You say Republicans are the minority and could not win a majority in another post. Almost two years ago they became the majority in the house. As for the presidential election, Republicans were not prepared for dead people and the people that voted only for the color of a person’s skin instead of their abilities and outright fraud they would have to overcome. They never faced such a crook and were taken by surprise. Wait until the next election in November. Everyone knows now, except you.