Benghazi “gallows humor”

Here’s a collection of sadly amusing cartoons regarding Benghazi – including one from our fellow Liberty Alliance patriot, A.F. Branco. You can see lots more of his great work here on his own website, Comically Incorrect.

Most likely, you haven’t seen any of these editorial cartoons in your local newspaper, because they don’t fit the narrative of the mainstream media.

I suppose it’s healthy to be able to laugh through our sadness, regret and frustration.




      • I expect the truth, not the narrative of the left, but the truth, and firmly believe Mr, Gowdy WILL get to it.

      • I just hope and pray that Mr Gowdy gets the real truth out and that he wont meet with some kind of freak accident because of this ,as so many anti libs ended up like .

      • …hey Earl…these folk’s will not be asked to stop by and answer a couple of Questions when they get the chance… THEY WILL BE QUESTIONED SEEKING THE TRUTH WHY THEY LIED TO PROTECT THE RE ELECTION OF YOUR BELOVED COMMUNITY ORGANIZER AND THE FUTURE ELECTION OF THE CLINTON…LIED…GET IT YET…LIED… still cannot understand why you are afraid of the truth being exposed…

  1. The reason people don’t believe what’s going on is it is so surreal as to be likened to the outer limits or the twilight zone. That no one wants to admit it s that bad. No one could believe it could happen to us

  2. People who know in their heart that their politician is shady but still vote for the lesser of 2 evils, those who tune in to vulgar ‘comedy’ shows, anyone who believe there IS, in the Constitution, “freedom FROM religion” have all added to the foundation obama’s fundamentally changed America is built upon.

  3. You clowns do know Hiliary will sit down and do an interview with FOX to promote her book. FOX, the group that’s been leading the fight for a Benghazi investigation! Who ‘s been calling Hillary and Obama liars ! Who’s been putting crying mother’s family’s of the dead on TV! Been demanding answers!!
    Well, here’s FOX’s opportunity to ask everything. The only problem I see is if she out foxes FOX and answers all the questions calmly, authoritatively and presidential , she’s going to the win. And that will be the end of all your Benghazi BS.

    • All this Benghazi BS,,,will never end,,,watch for it in the Republican Presidential debates,,,how many times you think all those nit-wits on stage
      are going to bring it up,,,?,,,it will be 14th public hearing
      25,000 pages of documents

      endless witnesses will be paraded around ,,the same ones,,,just like the previous 13 hearings,,and in the end,,,no matter what is said,,,they will say
      that the administration is still lying… for it…………

      • FOX has the opportunity to ask anything and everything. That includes all the wacky conspiracy crap. There’s no way they can say ” we have more questions” when they had their chance. THE END. They can’t creatively edit things out. Play it straight !!!!! If the right still makes issue on Benghazi, it’s going to look desperate.

      • but they will,,,,because there are factions of their rabid base
        that just eats this crap up,,,and always will,,and that’s what they’re counting on for votes in November
        You lump all this Benghazi crap with “There coming for our Gunz”,,,,and “Climate change deniers”,,,and god-less heathen
        non-christians,,,,the perfect platform,,,or so they think
        We all need to get out and vote!!!!!!!!!

      • Then that will reflect poorly on FOX. If any republican candidate goes on FOX, they will excepted to call FOX out for inconsistency.
        What’s left, Beck and Blaze? He hates FOX for dumping him .
        The republicans have their base that believes them, but the reps can ‘t attract the middle with Hiliary bashing. They have to stick to issues. People don’tt want to hear about her brain injury or Monica.
        Can the right sustain Hillary bashing for Two years without sounding repetitive?

      • we shall see it all played out..
        ty for the conversation about all this,,,and good to meet ya!

      • with your vast comment history,,,and 0 votes,,,how would you
        know if there lying or not?
        You don’t know if they’re lying or not,,,yet you have a great need
        and or desire to believe that they are
        I suggest you go read more,,,Dem/Liberal sites,,,and Rep/Con
        sites,,,,expand your mind,,,come back with a lot of comments and up votes,,,and more than 1 little sentence about what you believe and I might look at what you have to say

      • Almost tit for tat. Also during Bush years the Dems screamed and had investigations of the mean old dirty oil companies when gas prices hit 2.50 a gallon. And now the gas prices have been what, over 3,40 to 4.50 a gallon for a couple of years now and all you hear is crickets ????. Where’s you outrage about that. Maybe we should just roll over on our backs with our tummies hanging out, hoping Mr Jihadist Wolf won’t rip our throat out. Maybe we ought to try Bush for War crimes, but then we’d have to go back to Ford, Carter , Reagan, Bush the 1st, Clinton the 1st, Bush the 2nd, and then Obama.

  4. Something as horrible as Benghazi should never be joked about or laughed about. To me that shows that someone on Obama’s payroll is trying to blow the entire incident off and keep people from wanting to know what really happened. I think we should somehow find out for ourselves and see just what crimes Obama and Hillary are trying to hide from us. I also think once it can be proven both should be tried for treason and acts of war against our military and country! Maximum sentence if proven guilty!

    • Respectfully disagree. The more serious the nature of the incident, the less the media has paid attn to it, the more likely the satirists will poke at it. Black humor for black events. Benghazi is nearly as black as it gets.

      How abt fast & Furious? How many lives has it taken, will it continue to take? We know of Brian Terry, but violence along our southern border is real. Not every bad guy leaves the weapon behind to trace back to the nitwit who tht sending guns into Mexico was a good idea if the cartels would only kill one another off.

    • “Something as horrible as Benghazi should never be joked about or laughed about.”
      If you’re talking about the cartoons in this column, they are made to be deadly serious, not funny

      • You may have a point but cartoons are not a good way to point out just how serious this matter has become! Instead of cartoons how about some proof that Obama and Hillary are traitors to this country and are guilty of treason and murder!!

  5. When used to illustrate absurdities these pictorials (Comics if you will) cut across the demographics to involve the seriously impaired, low information voter. To see them as humorous would be more a reflection upon the viewer than the message. Clear and painful recognition of the duplicity represented should bring out the pitchforks and torches. Why it has not up to tis point seems to be a result of the great frog boiling exercise that started with Clinton’s definition of “is”.


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