Stacey Dash viciously attacked by black community for Fox gig

Photo: via BizPac Review

It never ceases, and it never ceases to amaze: the duplicitous hypocrisy of the so-called “tolerant Left” and worse, the nastiness of the black community. Hat tip to our local friends at BizPac Review for bringing it to our attention yet again.

BizPac reports: “Fox News announced Wednesday that actress Stacey Dash has been hired as a contributor to provide cultural analysis and commentary across the network’s daytime and prime time programming. The news is not going over too well on the Left, particularly in the black community — Dash is of African-American and Mexican descent.”

Why, why does it matter to these hate-filled individuals? Did any black conservative come out and spew hatred about Toure, Al Sharpton, Melissa Harris-Perry, Joy Reid, or Tamron Hall being hired as show hosts? No, the argument is always about views and perspectives on the issues.

Once again, the closed-minded drones in the black community who associate character with skin color and refute the right of an individual to independent thought have reared their ugly heads. But Ms. Dash has withstood the fiery darts of these hate-mongers before when she tweeted out her support for Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election.

“Perhaps I publicly endorsed Romney from a slightly naïve place, thinking that I could speak my voice without being criticized in such racially charged and hateful tones,” Dash wrote in an editorial for TMZ.

Why is it that the liberal progressive Left — and their black henchmen — hate black conservatives to so passionately? If you have an ideological disagreement based upon debate of the issues, let’s have at it.

However, the route taken of crying Oreo, sellout, Uncle Tom, house Negro, white man’s porch monkey and other invectives achieves nothing. Name-calling has no effect in any way. As a matter of fact, it only emboldens us more. I know its intent is instilling fear, coercion, and intimidation, but all it does is point a blinding spotlight on a lack of intelligence and inability to make a coherent presentation.

Wednesday’s announcement brought out more of the “racially charged hateful tones” Dash spoke of, as seen on Twitter. While many of the tweets are being deleted by users once they realize their hatred is on full display, captured a few. Here are the cleaner ones:


Am I right about this? Just watch and see the comments that will emanate from the usual suspects on these pages — so predictable.

I’ve never met Stacey Dash, but applaud her courage, conviction, and character. The fascists, whether black or white, shall not shut us down.

We have the right to free speech. You have the right to spew hatred, but I would recommend you all refer to Proverbs 17:28, (NIV): “Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues.”


  1. The bravery and grace she has displayed while under assault by the Afriklansmen makes her even more beautiful in my eyes.

  2. What confuses me, the left wing can be so vicious and hateful. Then turn around and accuse conservatives of what they themselves have done. Left wing liberals are the most racist people on this planet. I wish Stacey Dash a successful career.

    • That’s called hypocrisy…of which liberals seem to think that malady doesn’t affect them, after all for them it’s “Do as I say, not do as I do”

    • They never look in the mirror all they do is deflect their own hate and intolerance onto their opponents. I dont understand why Republicans dont turn it around on them and point out their hyprocrisy.

      • Because it would be pointless and similar to a game of I’m rubber you’re glue to them. As conservatives we should just stick to the facts and their hatred and hypocrisy will be evident to anyone who learns to think for themselves.

    • Why does it confuse you? Leftist have always been vicious and hateful, and always accuse others of what they themselves are doing.

      • It can be hard to determine sarcasm in a posting. Far to many people project their own beliefs and motives onto others. Look to the decade+ of nation building in Afghanistan. Many Americans believe all people want to be free and live in a representative Republic, when in reality, not even American leftists want to be free and live in a representative Republic.

        You could have been projecting your own rationality onto leftist, when most of them act irrationally.

    • The insight that can help resolve your confusion is this: left wing liberals share several character-disorders in common. The common traits are:

      They lie.

      They are godless, meaning that they dismiss God as irrelevant and non-existent, to justify their hedonistic proclivities to sin with abandon, mistakenly believing that there are no longer-term consequences to their self-destructive actions.

      Those who lack a healthy fear of God are always clueless, but are clueless how clueless they really are. Proverbs 1:7 says it better than I can:

      “Fear of the LORD (YHWH) is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

      So without a fear of God, a person really has no true knowledge. God reveals the truth to those of us who are His, who diligently seek to know Him as He is: not as the world falsely teaches us He is (usually an impotent dufus who is easily conned – boy are THEY ever mistaken!).

      If you study the teachings of the Book of Proverbs concerning wicked fools and their telltale behaviors, as I have and as I continue to do, you will see that those of the liberal, left, progressive, socialist, Marxist persuasion are ALL wicked fools who are always of the lie. All those of the lie serve the father of lies, the devil, either knowingly or unknowingly. As such, they are damned to hell for all eternity. The Bible teaches the wise that God has created many for their day of destruction to bring glory to Himself, just as He created Pharaoh for this same purpose, whom He drowned in the closing of the Red Sea (and whose chariot sits at the bottom of the Red Sea today, encrusted with coral).

      So when we put all of this together, we can see that those of the political left are ruled by Satan, who is hateful and vicious to the core. Satan and they have no integrity, so their hypocrisy does not bother them as it bothers those of us with healthy consciences. The demon spirits which rule them (demon spirits are very real), seek to bring misery, conflict, suffering, pain, death and eternal damnation to as much of humanity as is possible. And God allows all of it, to fulfill His perfect plan for His elect – not for everybody, as is so often falsely taught. In other words, those of the left were predestinated for their eternal destruction by God. They exist to bring affliction, suffering and oppression to God’s elect, so that we might grow in character and in wisdom by opposing and resisting that which is evil.

  3. As a black person I see nothing wrong in her beliefs, I may not believe in everything she stands for but she has points and not every black person has to be liberal believe it or not, even I don’t like Obama that does not mean I am putting down the black community GROW UP! GOOD LUCK ON FOX!!

  4. Good luck to you young lady and never worry about the cowards behind the keys…..They will never face you and spew their hatred. Cowards remain in the dark and behind you.

  5. It is much more difficult to be a leader instead of a follower. Being a follower only requires conformity. Stepping outside the realm of conformity will attract the anger of the conformed. Few know this reality better than a minority who refuses to be the victim of their own creation.

  6. I love to see smart people that can think for themselves & not just follow others no matter were it leads them. I believe in the bible & Jesus says we are to love those that hate us. It doesn’t say just white or black are to love those who hate us. All people should love one another if they plan on seeing heaven. Those with hate in their hearts for their fellow man will not see heaven. I would send a message to Al, Jessie & others that think like them that they need to change their ways before it is to late & they die in their unsaved ways. this is said out of christian love for any that aren’t saved. You can’t be saved & be full of hate towards anyone!! Stacy stay brave & don’t change because others say hateful stuff to you. There will come a day when all those people will be sorry for the way they acted to you.

  7. It’s great to know you people think a woman who’s only claim to fame is playing an empty-headed self-absorbed girl in a kid movie and wearing a bikini on tweeter to say she supports Romney, is your kind of woman! Great role models for your daughters. Hey girl, you want to get heard? Show them your tits and ass. You’ll end up on FOX. And West applauds her character, no less. I guess you’ll going to pull your girls out of school and get them a job at Hooter’s.

  8. Don’t let the haters bother you. Get ahead and don’t be anyone’s lap dog. Forget color and all the rest of the crap the haters want and need. Someone has to be the victim and you are supposed to be cause the people who make money off of class warfare said so. Good luck

  9. I know absolutely nothing about this person but once again Fox finds another beautiful woman to add to their network. Good luck to you Stacey Dash!

  10. Dash has posed nude for Playboy. In general, we Conservatives decry pornography. I know that the current issue regarding her is racism, but should this have any bearing in our embrace of her and how she represents Conservatism? We were all too happy when Anthony Weiner was taken down, yet, isn’t it a tenant of social Conservatism, that pornography, such as Playboy, contributes to his type of behavior? Is it possible that married Conservative men have indulged themselves in her pictorial? Doesn’t Rush Limbaugh link Sandra Fluke’s liberalism with her promiscuity? Rick Santorum is a representative of Conservatism, and he wants to criminalize all pornography. Are the two issues (her posing nude as a Conservative and the racial attacks against her) separate, or should we consider the whole of a person, when they become a figurehead of Conservatism? Can we condemn the racial attacks against her, while also treating her modeling as acceptable? I’m honestly looking for the opinions of my fellow Conservatives, as I struggle with the answers to these questions. I look forward to your responses. Thank you.

  11. The blacks who are hating on her are the ones afraid she may educate the uninformed and uneducated and they just can not allow that to happen or the famous LBJ quote keeping them voting democratic statement for 200 years will be a lie. Nothing worse then these sell out punks keeping their uniformed brethren on the plantation. These are the same disgusting pigs who sold their brothers into slavery.

  12. Go Stacey!! I’m so proud of you!! Beautiful and smart. Everything I tell my granddaughters they are!! Thank you for being so brave and I look forward to hearing from you!!

    • Matt, I am a proud, educated female republican and I have always said that it seems very funny how all of the woman on FOX are smart, funny and BEAUTIFUL…and then there is Rachael Maddow, Helen Thomas, Whoopi, Hillary, Jeanine garofalo, etc….Hmmm! Stacy is Beautiful and I find it extremely disturbing that the hypocrisy (again) on the left is SO apparent…GO STACY!!!

  13. If anyone black becomes a Conservative the left automatically calls them out on it. People like Sharpton and Jackson want the black people kept on the liberal plantation. Keep the black people ignorant and on the plantation so they believe everything that the libs tell them and vote democrat. If you ever get smart and leave the plantation, then your branded as an Uncle Tom.

    • It’s the modern-day liberal version of the notorious Fugitive Slave Act, which a Democrat-dominated congress passed in the 1850s in order to keep the slaves down on the plantation by demanding that everybody be required to detain and return escaped slaves to their owners and setting penalties for people of conscience who chose not to .

      Nowadays, instead of being pursued by Simon Legree with a bloodhound, any black person who shrugs off the mental chains they are supposed to wear and who tries to chart his or her own path by escaping from the liberals’ Progressive Plantation like so many modern-day Frederic Douglasses – people like Colonel West, Senator Tim Scott, Herman Cain, Dr. Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, and now, Ms. Stacy Dash – is maligned, insulted, ridiculed, taunted, and degraded by the Progressive Plantation’s cadre of loyal and docile house slaves. These include such craven sellouts as Toure (who derided Carson as “the GOP’s token black friend,” Harry Belafonte (who called Cain “a bad appple” and “a false Negro” and who in the past used similar vitriol against Colin Powell and Condi Rice), NAACP leader Rev. William Barber (who called Scott a “ventriloquist’s dummy”), George E. Curry (whose magazine variously depicted Thomas as a handkerchief-headed Aunt Jemima, a shoe-shine boy and a black lawn-jockey statue), etc. The message from the house slaves to the runaways is all too clear – get back in line, boy, stop being so uppity and return to the Plantation and obey head Overseer Obama — OR ELSE.

      • I agree with you, however just a side note Colin Powell switched parties a few years ago. Now I am not sure why he did so maybe he couldn’t take the slandering anymore

  14. I watch a lot of t.v. and read on the internet. I have not seen one speck of negative coverage on Ms. Dash. Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough, who cares none of us are angels. But I think it is great that Fox will have another beautiful and intelligent woman to watch on their network. Good choice Fox!

      • It’s called an internet screech son. I found it in 3 mins. Too bad no one border to do that .

      • Funny you went to find it and no one else did. At least she doesn’t scare away elephants like you

      • And the best part is, she lies to her daughter about what she’s doing. SMOKING WEED!!!!!

      • You are so full of crap it comes out of your ears. You make baseless claims with no proof of what you I said before you are a liberal and have to attack peoples character to make yourself feel better she is 10 times the woman you are

      • Ask Stacy Nash . She knows a lit about hummers. Oh wait, she was using lube and her finger.

      • Why didn’t anyone know about this???????? I found it in 3 mins on an internet search of her name

      • Today we are hearing how Republicans and Conservatives are either the party of racists or that they are racists in general, but history proves a different story. This rhetoric is being pushed by those on the left and is being used as a tool to divide people. The real history is no longer taught to our children and so many adults have fallen prey to this rhetoric without actually doing the research to see if it is actually true.

        If you look though the history books that are presented to our children. If you listen to politicians and pundits. If you talk to your neighbors or friends. Most, would not even believe many facts of the lost history in the Civil Rights Movement. This is a travesty of truth, and the people that have been most afflicted by this have been the African American community for not really understanding the truth about the Democrat Party and how they have buried the truth about their past.

        Were you aware that even under FDR’s “New Deal” program that was to benefit lower income segments of the population, African Americans were still segregated in Soup Lines and Bread Lines?
        In the 26 major civil rights votes after 1933, a majority of Democrats opposed civil rights legislation in over 80 percent of the votes. By contrast, the Republican majority favored civil rights in over 96 percent of the votes.

        It was not until Truman used the executive order that the military finally became desegregated. It should also be noted that LBJ was not the great Crusader of Civil Rights. President Johnson made a 360— turn in his civil rights position when he became President, from 1940 to 1960 Johnson voted with the South 78% on civil rights issues. Prior to 1957, Johnson voted with the South 100% on civil rights issues. He also voted against the C.R.A. of 1957 and 1960.Were you aware that in order to break the racist ways of Southern Democrats, it was Republican President Eisenhower who sponsored both Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act and it was a LBJ lead Senate who fought tooth and nail against them? Ike finally signed a watered down Civil Rights Bill. Yes, let me repeat that, Republican President Dwight Eisenhower sponsored and signed the first Civil Rights Bill. Did you know that? In 1957 President Eisenhower signed the Civil Rights Act of 1957, which was intended to guarantee the voting rights of all African Americans. This was the first Civil Rights legislation to pass since Reconstruction. He also was forced to send Federal troops to Little Rock Arkansas to escort black students entering a formally all white school. Now today all we here in regards to Civil Rights legislation centers around the 1964 C.R.A., but this is leaving out some of the most important parts. Including the fact that LBJ, prior to moving up to the Executive Office, opposed legislation favoring civil rights for African Americans in this country. One should ask, why this is no longer taught in our schools to children?

        I apologize for the following language but we have to understand the truth that is not being told any longer. The following quotes are LBJ quotes:

        “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” —Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One

        “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.”—LBJ

        You can find this in Ronald Kessler’s “Inside The White House”

        Let’s go back to FDR again, many like to hold FDR up as one of the more progressive presidents that helped champion the plight of the poor, one of the first to implement social justice for all. This social justice and equality excluded one of the poorest segments of the population at the time, discrimination in housing, transportation, public accommodations and the armed services went virtually unchecked by the Roosevelt administration. It was not until 20 some years later that a real effort was made to change this, but the efforts to do so may have led to the breakdown of the family unit and created even greater dependency on the government by those in the African American community. What it did, as LBJ pointed out, was insure that African Americans would be compelled to vote Democratic for generations to come by not giving a hand up, but by giving a hand out! He did this through what is called the “Great Society” and the war on poverty. As we know today though, that war has virtually been lost despite the billions thrown into the battle. Today we have some of the highest poverty rates in America, and we have one of the highest amount of citizens dependent on food assistance through programs such as Food Stamps. As a progressive program this has developed into an utter failure, even if it was perceived initially as a compassionate response to some of the ills that faced many in this community. Corruption and waste is rampant, along with abuse and increasing dependency.

        In the mad dash to vilify the Republicans and Conservatives today many have forgotten the fact that it was the Republican Party that was the champion of Civil Rights and freedom for African Americans. Today that story goes either untold or when it is told, those that do so are immediately under attack and accused of being a racist. Many today would like you to believe that just because conservatives would rather assist in moving people off the rolls of welfare or any number of assistance programs, we do not care about those that have been conditioned to be dependent on those programs, and that is one of the most fatal mistakes that progressives make. Conservatives understand that people need assistance, but we also understand that it cannot become a lifestyle, that is passed down to generations to come.

        Conservatives look at the potential of the individual and not the potential for further votes and power due to the repression of the constituents to rise out of the dependency on Government as LBJ pointed out.

      • Thanks for the history lesson. I’m glad you are using your unemplyment free time to good use. I’m not going to disagree with the history of the demo and rebulican parties. You conversatives have been yapping about that at every oppunitnity you get. Let me touch on some points that you over looked or didn’t know:
        Lincoln freed the slaves, but that’s all he did. Ex slaves with no education or vocational training other than picking fruit. They weren’t even considered people. The gov protected slaves during reconstruction period, but left and let the racist southerns take over.
        The 11 republican presidents since civil war might have signed civil right bills in some form but way didn’t anything stick until the 60’s? LBJ did make that statement but Lee Atwater, Nixon’s CM said:

        If the republicans helped LBJ pass the civil rights bill, then why didn’t Nixon use that in his 68 run for the WH? Instead he actively went after the racist southern demos and welcomed them into the republican party.
        Reagan opposed the voting rights bill of 65, saying it would “humiliate the south.” and voting rights of 65. He opposed MLK holiday.

        If the republicans wanted to ween the poor off public dependency, what didn’t Reagan, Bush1 and 2 do anything?

        Thanks republicans for your help, but it was the demos who took the civil rights ball over the line to score.

      • If I may add, somewhat LBJ wasn’t in support of civil rights for blks. When the time came up , he stepped up and did the right thing. Was it jkf’s influence , did he finally see the plight of blk America in a national scale, or was it the changing wave of public opinion ??? Whatever, he did the right thing. I guess you can call it flip flap. And, if he wasn’t serious and wanted the bill to die, why did he go to the republicans for help? The more you know, the better you do.
        I’m not saying LBJ was a saint . He just saw it was the right thing to do.

      • You are so dimwitted. That was a movie she was acting. It was not real. You are so pathetic

      • The article said, no one know if the series is going to be picked up. I guess not since there only a few made. No interest for Nash Trash.
        I think it’s funny there are serious interviews of her mixed with her sexy pictures. You have the option of listening to her dribble and switching over to her scandalous pictures. “Hey my eyes are up here!!!”

      • Well Obama admitted too smoking weed, and see where it got him the WHITEHOUSE, so maybe smoking alittle weed isn’t sooo bad, for some ppl!!!

      • As I remember she lied to her kids about her day of smoking , having anonymous sex and jerking off in a tub.

  15. Allen West is not of sound mind and any discussion about him is beyond pointless. He defines the word ‘lunatic’.

    • Buz, I’ve met the man and you are no man to judge him. You don’t like him because he is his own person and won’t simply follow the token black man to the welfare line. He served our country, which I guess offends you. He is intelligent, which I suspect confuses you. He has morals, which must pass over your head. Now Buz you must realize that it is your head that is tied and staring at the wall within Plato’s Cave of Illusions.

    • Allen West at least had the guts to serve this country, what have you done for it or anyone else for that matter?

    • By your comment you have just proved what Allen West wrote about. All you know how to do is attack anyone who does not agree with you. How sad it must be… to be you. Hate is eating away at your soul.

    • You so remind me of the Pig Faces on the Twilight Zone! Or, the
      Munsters who pity Marilyn, the only normal looking Munster, because they think
      she’s the abnormal one in the family! You are one messed up little twinkie!
      Like Marilyn Munster, they have brainwashed you into thinking what’s good is
      bad, up is down, hideous is gorgeous, and so on and so on. Keep living the
      delusion, but just stop trying to get everyone into your little asylum with
      you. Not everyone is nuts yet! I swear, it’s like living among Zombies! Totally
      brainless, but vicious! Sadly, they contaminate the young, the feeble-minded,
      the innocent and the defenseless.

  16. First : Ms. Stacey has class and she is smart . I look forward to seeing her on FOX and hearing her opinion

  17. Liberals are the worst scum in the world, liberals come in all colors, liberals are the worst hypocrites in the world, and most willfully naive. Liberals are worse than their muslim masters they serve. You will never hear a liberal criticize islam; woman stoned to death in pakistan, nothing about womens rights. Woman gets spot on TV show, all hell breaks loose.

  18. What Stacey does with her life is her business…just because she is black should have no bearing on the jobs she takes, the Church she belongs to or who she spends her time with. I have never seen hate like there is in todays progressive circles…

    Keep it up Stacey…obviously you are doing something right or they would not be so up in arms over it!! Love ya girl!!

  19. Yes, liberals are afraid of smart beautiful women and if they are black it scares them even more because she may convince the black community of the truth that Obama is hurting them. Like Col.West said, they can’t argue with the issues so they attact the person with lies. They are brainless.

    • I certainly agree that she’s beautiful, but as far as being smart… methinks you may be falling prey to the false association principle so long exploited by her new Fox News management. The fact is Ms. Dash hasn’t finished college. Of course, I’ll grant you that this fact isn’t a requirement for smarts, and I’m sure she’s very smart about her job (acting) and the ins and outs of Hollywood, as well as being a perfectly articulate and together woman. But a mouthpiece for broad social commentary on a national news network on those credentials? Please. Please look me in the eye and tell me that you think she would have been hired if she wasn’t beautiful.

      • Hmmm…then perhaps we should discuss Mr. Obama’s credentials and experience. Oh wait, that’s right, his school records and all records for that matter are unavailable…all we know for sure is that he is a disbarred lawyer and a former “community organizer” Beautiful, black, intelligent AND conservative??? No wonder the Liberals are terrified!

      • Ummm.. birther much? Here’s some fact checking on the disbarment thing, which would be public record in the jurisdiction if it happened.

        Pretty sure he was the editor of the (conservative) Harvard Law review, which, for those who actually went to law school, weighs heavily in favor of intellectual brilliance.

        Not that I would want to confuse you with facts or anything though…

      • Snopes is like any other rag mag, except the Sun is more reliable…

        Remember, the Democrats founded and funded the KKK and Jim Crow laws…

      • Liberal sheep much? Pompous much? Judgmental much? Bigoted much? The only fact here is you do not know Stacy Dash personally and have no grounds to speak on her intelligence level. You are just butthurt about anything or anyone conservative in any way. Not that I would want to confuse you or anything….

      • To the contrary, you’ve written only one paragraph and have provided ample evidence of your intelligence level.

      • You are complete garbage sir. You cant use any “facts” to back up anything you say. Just another mindless liberal troll spouting the same textbook crap as the rest.

      • Hey whatever makes you feel better about yourself, e.g. villanize all thoughts that disagree with your own. Seriously though, are ad hominems the best you’ve got in your noble quest to win the hearts and minds of yer fellow ‘Mericans?

      • Thats funny bc that is exactly what you are doing. I wouldnt expect a mindless, hypocrite like yourself to understand that though. I am also not trying to “win over your mind”. You would have to possess a shred of common sense to be open minded enough to change your stance on anything, which you clearly are not. You are just a typical lib wind bag, spouting off nonsensical crap. If I was wrong you would post something that backs up your point and Dash. But you will not bc all you have is “you are conservative and stupid”…./clap

      • Thats funny because thats exactly what you do with every post I have read from you…Hypocrite much? Pompous much? How about you actually post something that backs up your ridiculous claims about Dash? oh wait you cant because you are just a mindless lib troll spouting the same nonsense as the rest….

      • Although intellectual dishonesty or laziness may certainly be implied, I think you’ll find that I’ll challenge weak ideas rather than the person behind them. Since I don’t know you, I can only deal with what’s in front of me, so this isn’t an angry process for me. You seem to be forgetting that we’re separated by this thing called the “internet” and because of that, there’s really not much you can say in the way of name calling that’s going to affect me. I’m not threatened. At all.

        Also not sure why you freak out over what you claim is a lack of facts while providing none of your own (and that IS a fact). I have an opinion, so do you. And that’s what makes our awesome country so awesome. Of course, that’s what I’ve said already in so many words. No idea what you’re talking about otherwise. For all you know I’m simply a ‘bot at the NSA generating text designed to upend West’s presidential run, and then you’re just getting angry at your computer screen, dealing with issues of your own that you’re in denial of, so you need a target outside of you. But I digress.

        From what I’ve read of your comments, pompous equals anyone who doesn’t share your worldview, so i’ll wear that one proudly.

      • Hey genius, you are the person that started trashing Dash for no reason. You are still the person that said she didnt finish college implying she must be an uneducated idiot, bc god forbid she wasnt brainwashed by a myriad of lib professors. Every single thing you have said to me you should apply to yourself. I dont care if you share my world view or not but its easy to see you are a typical liberal troll spouting off with “faux news this, no college that”. Can you guys come up with ANYTHING original being that you are the enlightened ones? Guess not

      • And you still have given no logical reason why Ms. Dash shouldnt be commenting on politics…..Im sure she is just as qualified as you

      • wow so Im done with this. you must be friends with a mod because i have had 3 comments pulled for no reason….have a nice life troll

      • Oh yeah, use Snopes that is run by a liberal couple who will lie to protect Obama’s ass from all of his lies. How about using an independent source that don’t lie to protect Obama?

      • Regardless of what she looks like and her lack of a degree, she can still be a voice of a community. There are many that have a college degree that aren’t qualified morally, to speak on behalf of America. College does not equate to intelligence. She may have more qualifying factors than you or I know about.

      • A degree means you passed some classes and received a document saying you did, it doesn’t mean you’re intelligent.
        I know many people with Masters Degrees and the only thing it makes them is arrogant!

      • You can have all the degrees you want and be intelligent but I found out working with those kind of people that most of them lack good old common sense. Without common sense you are nothing as witness Obama, Pelosi, Holder, Reid, Wasserman-Schultz, Waters, Madcow Maddow, etc., etc. ad nauseum. Maybe Stacey didn’t finish college but she has intelligence and common sense. And she fits right in with the other beautiful Fox women in that respect.

      • I know plenty of people who never attended a college or university, and they are far more intelligent than those who have. Having an expensive education, doesn’t make you intelligent. You seem to be one of those cases. You seem to believe that you need college to be intelligent. Well you sir are sadly mistaken. Intellegance is something a person strives for and don’t nessicarily need a grouping of professors to push in a particular direction. There are many people who have made they’re way in the world based on not just study but experience. Both can be obtained without ever having stepped foot on a campus. Do I see college as a stepping stone? Yes I do however most people who attend a college or university will tell you most of what you learn is useless information. That some beauracrats decided people should learn in order to be affective in they’re given degree. However I have met an worked with many people who had degree’s and none of them were anymore intelligent than those who had only a high school diploma. In fact I have met a number of people who were by far more intelligent having never been than those who were..

      • Maybe she saw how she was being indoctrinated in college. Just because someone didnt go to college doesnt mean they are not smart. A lot of college has nothing to do with real life. Have you ever seen Jay Leno going on college campuses and asking them the simplest of questions?

      • Anyone ever seen any of those man on the street videos, a lot of the ones questioned are college kids, who don’t even know U.S history? I saw one girl who was at least embarrassed, that her college professor might see her, say such stupid stuff n the video.When you have college kids who think Abraham Lincoln was our first president, and the Revolutionary war,was a war between the U.S and maybe France, Russia, Germany, Japan or Korea, makes u wonder, how could a person be, so stupid coming out of a college. I was embarrassed for them.

      • I will say this about college- Look at the Obama administration. Its full of college educated people with no real life experience. The last 8 yrs are proof experience is a better teacher.

      • Look at this president, he supposely graduated from Harvard, but stumbles, and has to use a Teleprompter, just too get a coherent sentence out!!!

      • It’s television. All networks hire attractive people. Why would Fox News
        Management do otherwise? Plus, she has some celebrity she brings to the
        table, which in media “currency” is just as good as having fancy
        credentials; probably more so. If you think about it, they’d be remiss
        to pass up the opportunity. Whether Ms. Dash makes it or not though will
        be entirely up to the ratings she gets from an audience, just like
        everyone else in the media. Not everyone in the news media has
        collegiate credentials, and most people watching her are NOT going to be
        wondering where she went to college. The fact that Ms. Dash has acting
        skills might be a plus for someone who works on cue in front of a
        camera. Someone with credentials could just as easily freeze under those
        conditions. She will have to hold her own in order to survive. Life
        isn’t always fair (just a little secret between us). Sometimes people
        catch a break, and rise to the occasion. Sometimes people are handed
        life on a platter and screw it all up. Maybe the lumps she has already
        taken from life have given her some insight as to how the various people
        in our world operate; how there are pompous individuals who will look
        down their nose at you for various and sundry reasons, and individuals
        who will be generous to others because of the good fortune that they are
        invested with, and individuals who exploit others. Occasionally, and if
        they’re lucky, exploitation might work for both parties. The fact that
        we are here discussing controversy surrounding Ms. Dash is all the more
        reason that she would be favored to receive the position, especially
        since it ticks off liberals like yourself. If the shoe were on the other
        foot, you seriously do not think the liberal media wouldn’t jump all
        over a similar opportunity do you? But, whether a liberal or
        conservative visual medium, neither would be hiring a wrinkled up, old
        hag looking woman, no matter what happened to her. Obviously, Fox News management thinks she is the total package, and can hold her own. That’s a win-win if it works out.

      • Gosh didn’t Bill Gates get kicked out of college, I don’t know too many ppl, who would say he wasn’t smart!

    • why do you right wingers always use “LIBERALS ARE AFRAID”??? Of what?? Like we are afraid of sarah palin and allen west??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

      • Not afraid. You all are terrified of smart conservatives. But don’t worry the liberal communist democrats will house you, clothe you and feed you until the next group of ignorant slaves comes along to vote for them. Oooops the already have. Meet the mexicans and say goodbye to jobs for negro’s. LOL You have been sold out again by the racist democrats.

      • Exactly – that is why you do not debate the black conservative views – you just demean the person. Libs/dems are everything they accuse the right of being. It’s historic – look it up fool.

  20. Karen Williamson – take a look in this thread, you needn’t go far to find the vicious hate you talk about. Hell, you don’t even have to go to a different web page. Wow!!

  21. Ghetto don’t have cable. They won’t ever see her. Why is everyone so bent out of shape on this? YouTube re-runs maybe?

  22. People spew hate when they know they will or have lost a debate/argument. I’ve been called a racist mf for a lunch time. Really? It’s exactly what it is, lack of intelligence. This is a community that doesn’t want race to be a factor, but always place it in the forefront when things don’t go their way? Until there is no more attention given to race baiting or racist politicians (Obama, his wife, Sharpton, jj etc) we can never hope to achieve peace among the races. Good luck to Ms. Dash. She’s an intelligent and beautiful woman, that I’m sure rises above the indignation.

  23. Another well worded article, Colonel. It is unfortunate that so many cannot see that they are being played by leftists who consider them nothing more than “useful idiots”. My hope is that Stacey Dash has a long and happy carreer at FOX or anywhere else that she may choose.

  24. Stacy Dash ia a beautiful woman a good actress. i always wonder why she was not give more roles. now i know. she is consrvative in a liberal business. we all know how racist liberals are.

  25. Col. West, I humbly implore you to run for president or at the very least run on the ticket with Cruz or Paul. We need REAL leaders like you not just for the Americans of African descent; but for all Americans of every race and creed. Let us once again reach for King’s dream and embrace all that made these great United States the beacon of the world. We need to unite now to defeat those that want to destroy us from within and without. That is why we need you sir. We can no longer trust in milquetoast leaders the establishment picks for us. Please consider and peace be with you.

    • Col West would make a great Secretary of State. Dr. Ben Carson would make a great Surgeon General, Condi Rice would make a great education secretary (but I do think that dept should be abolished anyway). Montel Williams would make a great VA Hospitals Chief. I could go on and on. I hope hiring conservative blacks becomes rampant in the new administration in 2016 when hopefully to GOD a conservative person wins the presidency!

  26. Congratulations Stacy! Not everyone in the Black community are against you. I am so glad to see someone who shows a different side of the Black community.

  27. And fox is trapped.
    Not hiring a black and the black community would still go ballistic..
    But at least it’s not about race …
    Rather it’s about qualifications … educated articulate experienced person offered job and accepts . Congratulations. ..

  28. …um…you’re using way too many multi-syllable words for the targets of your complaints…try this…”yo cuz…why you be hatin? That girl is what I’m sayin’ yo?”

  29. I had a “disabilty” growing up and so did my brother. His was more severe. However our parents didnt let us use that as an excuse. We both put ourselves thru college and we each have multiple degrees and held jobs for 30 plus yrs. This has a lot to do with why I am a Conservative. It may have been a little tougher growing up but it gave me strength. I welcome anyone to the Conservative movement including a lot of the politicians whom are supposed to represent us. The left doesnt stand for anything they have claimed for yrs. The whole we “accept” anyone is a farce. They wont listen to logical arguments as its not in the left wing ideology. If you are of color, you need the government to succeed in life. Its sad and it doesnt work

  30. Funny how the Democrats are the ones doing the name-calling,when since the 60’s,they’re the ones who talked about improving race relations.They’re the ones keeping the black community chained in social climates of such low incomes and standards,by giving them hand downs.Never a “Hand Up”.Keep them dependent on the government.This is so wrong,everyone deserves equal treatment,you just need to apply yourself.

    • Democrats support gov’t being the baby daddy to all those un-wed baby mama’s. Democrats support failing schools to keep the blacks uneducated & dependent. Democrats have a war on men: they hate successful men, men in the military & colleges (claim they are all predators), christian men, Fathers in the household, moral men, men who speak the truth & they especially hate white men & old ones in the VA Hospitals who served our nation. Dems have been destroying the image of men for decades. Dems/libs claim there is a war on women? That is being used to wage the war on men.

  31. In the 2012 elections, my office mates, who were all black, female, and claim to be DEVOUT Christians, were high-fiving each other when Obama won again. They chanted “we won, we won,” … I was like “y’all won what?” until I understood what they were talking about. When I asked them how the fact that the Dems booed God at their convention fit in with their choice to vote for a dem and be glad that he won, they all looked at me as if I had ten heads. I also pointed out that dems give a lot of lip service to military members and then turn and screw them. I told them voting for Obama was like booing God themselves and voting for a demotion and a pay cut. I don’t think it really sank in. It’s like I was speaking Chinese. They didn’t say it, but they looked at me like I had just come from a klan rally with the white sheet still on my head and a burning cross in my hands. I knew that they were thinking I was just saying that because in their minds I was a racist “whitey”. It is sad to see that despite these ladies true values of loving God and being patriotic warriors for America, they could not lean their understanding past picking a person just because they “looked” like what they think is “one of their own.”

      • Yes we do understand more than you think. One thing the democrats understood a long time ago was, “Give them some shiny stuff and they’ll steal it from each other.” Then they could send police into your neighborhoods to incarcerate you. Courts and jails became a big business thanks to the negro race.
        We also understand “crabbing” among the negro race. Jealousy of anyone who succeeds through work is hated among that race.

      • Excuse me bruce…but to read your comment suggest that there are only a few successful black foks….also…you are saying that all black people live in ghettos

      • Kay “We won” as in Black…They are Closet racist….Oh ..wait that can’t be …they are Black? They judge by the color of skin not the Content of Character ….

      • Earl, you need to educate yourself on the real history of this country. You have been pawned, lied to, and used.

    • I am proud of you that you told them the facts. Black Christians will get what they voted for by supporting a party that is UNChristian, radical fanatically practicing the religion of liberalism. Liberalism’s holy trinity is Race, Gender, Income and they use those 3 to pit citizen against citizen. The mind-numbed, lock stepping dem/lib voters are fools! There are many quotes from the BIBLE that you could use to these so-called black christians to prove everything obama/democrats/liberals are doing that is against Christianity – one being “If a man doesn’t work; a man shouldn’t eat”. “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s; give unto GOD what is GOD’s”, “If a man layeth with another man they will die.”

    • What is so sad Kay is that these women probably don’t know that the Klan, Jim Crow laws, slavery, lynchings, segregation, etc. were all fueled by Democrats. They have been lied to and are being used. Pure evil.

  32. Lets see…just like Allen West, sarah palin and all the other right wing elite..they just USE the right to get WEALTHY….nothing is wrong with that!

    • Oh yeah, just like Dingy Harry and his son trying to steal the Bundy ranch to get rich by selling it to the Chinese to build solar farms, right?

    • The majority of the wealthiest people in Congress are Democrats. Kerry, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Nice try slick but you lose.

    • Yeah and just like this president used blacks, too get their votes, too get WEALTHY, and decimate the black community thu his policies that saw the unemployment rate, go up twice as much as the white communities.Yeah those left wing elites really care about u. While the president is golfing, taking vacations, throwing parties, and laughing all the way too the bank, cause he duped blacks into thinking, he really cared about them!!!

  33. I remember when I worked for MCI….I had to call her because her PHONE WAS GETTING CUT OFF!! AHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH

  34. I was teaching English at OSI but got fired after 2 weeks. Maybe they googled my website and saw all the Soros posts: The Puppet Master, Revolutionary Holocaust, Revolutionary Change, George Soros and the Economy. I think I’m going to write a letter to the school that hired me – I think I can fit this article into that letter – not sure, just a feeling.

  35. Today we are hearing how Republicans and Conservatives are either the party of racists or that they are racists in general, but history proves a different story. This rhetoric is being pushed by those on the left and is being used as a tool to divide people. The real history is no longer taught to our children and so many adults have fallen prey to this rhetoric without actually doing the research to see if it is actually true.

    If you look though the history books that are presented to our children. If you listen to politicians and pundits. If you talk to your neighbors or friends. Most, would not even believe many facts of the lost history in the Civil Rights Movement. This is a travesty of truth, and the people that have been most afflicted by this have been the African American community for not really understanding the truth about the Democrat Party and how they have buried the truth about their past.

    Were you aware that even under FDR’s “New Deal” program that was to benefit lower income segments of the population, African Americans were still segregated in Soup Lines and Bread Lines?
    In the 26 major civil rights votes after 1933, a majority of Democrats opposed civil rights legislation in over 80 percent of the votes. By contrast, the Republican majority favored civil rights in over 96 percent of the votes.

    It was not until Truman used the executive order that the military finally became desegregated. It should also be noted that LBJ was not the great Crusader of Civil Rights. President Johnson made a 360— turn in his civil rights position when he became President, from 1940 to 1960 Johnson voted with the South 78% on civil rights issues. Prior to 1957, Johnson voted with the South 100% on civil rights issues. He also voted against the C.R.A. of 1957 and 1960.Were you aware that in order to break the racist ways of Southern Democrats, it was Republican President Eisenhower who sponsored both Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act and it was a LBJ lead Senate who fought tooth and nail against them? Ike finally signed a watered down Civil Rights Bill. Yes, let me repeat that, Republican President Dwight Eisenhower sponsored and signed the first Civil Rights Bill. Did you know that? In 1957 President Eisenhower signed the Civil Rights Act of 1957, which was intended to guarantee the voting rights of all African Americans. This was the first Civil Rights legislation to pass since Reconstruction. He also was forced to send Federal troops to Little Rock Arkansas to escort black students entering a formally all white school. Now today all we here in regards to Civil Rights legislation centers around the 1964 C.R.A., but this is leaving out some of the most important parts. Including the fact that LBJ, prior to moving up to the Executive Office, opposed legislation favoring civil rights for African Americans in this country. One should ask, why this is no longer taught in our schools to children?

    I apologize for the following language but we have to understand the truth that is not being told any longer. The following quotes are LBJ quotes:

    “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” —Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One

    “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.”—LBJ

    You can find this in Ronald Kessler’s “Inside The White House”

    Let’s go back to FDR again, many like to hold FDR up as one of the more progressive presidents that helped champion the plight of the poor, one of the first to implement social justice for all. This social justice and equality excluded one of the poorest segments of the population at the time, discrimination in housing, transportation, public accommodations and the armed services went virtually unchecked by the Roosevelt administration. It was not until 20 some years later that a real effort was made to change this, but the efforts to do so may have led to the breakdown of the family unit and created even greater dependency on the government by those in the African American community. What it did, as LBJ pointed out, was insure that African Americans would be compelled to vote Democratic for generations to come by not giving a hand up, but by giving a hand out! He did this through what is called the “Great Society” and the war on poverty. As we know today though, that war has virtually been lost despite the billions thrown into the battle. Today we have some of the highest poverty rates in America, and we have one of the highest amount of citizens dependent on food assistance through programs such as Food Stamps. As a progressive program this has developed into an utter failure, even if it was perceived initially as a compassionate response to some of the ills that faced many in this community. Corruption and waste is rampant, along with abuse and increasing dependency.

    In the mad dash to vilify the Republicans and Conservatives today many have forgotten the fact that it was the Republican Party that was the champion of Civil Rights and freedom for African Americans. Today that story goes either untold or when it is told, those that do so are immediately under attack and accused of being a racist. Many today would like you to believe that just because conservatives would rather assist in moving people off the rolls of welfare or any number of assistance programs, we do not care about those that have been conditioned to be dependent on those programs, and that is one of the most fatal mistakes that progressives make. Conservatives understand that people need assistance, but we also understand that it cannot become a lifestyle, that is passed down to generations to come.

    Conservatives look at the potential of the individual and not the potential for further votes and power due to the repression of the constituents to rise out of the dependency on Government as LBJ pointed out.

    • All very true. A standing ovation here! Unfortunately the low information voter tends to believe the prevailing MSM rhetoric rather than pick up a book. And with the advent of republicrats rinos… the lines are gray and convoluted. The corruption rampant and it’s unclear if we can trust the the historic party monikers.

    • That’s the problem – democrats don’t like/listen to history. They make “history” as they live day to day with their lawlessness, activist judges mandating & passing laws like obamacare. Public schools & univ don’t teach history; proof: ask a young person anything historic – they have no idea what you are talking about.

  36. So the Democrats put themselves forth as the “tolerant,” “progressive” party that wants equality or something. Yeah, cool, whatever. That’s nice and all, but what are you supposed to do when you disagree with them on nearly any other issue? What’s really racist is the idea that if you’re not white, you HAVE to vote Democrat. Screw that.

  37. The hypocrisy, vulgarity and racism has become so common place from the left that it has become meaningless tripe.

  38. Stacey will be a great addition to the network. So happy that she has a job; 92 million legal Americans don’t under obama economics.

  39. These left wing nut cases remind me of a kid I once knew that loved to play off of mama and daddys sympathy every time he didn’t get his way. He would hold his breath, climbed a tree once and threatened to jump out because he wanted a motorcycle and his parents said he was to young and I actually pulled up a chair thinking he was finally going to get his butt whipped which didn’t happen. When he was a teen he got into some trouble that his mama and daddy couldn’t get him out of and he is still in prison for killing his brother out of being selfish and spiteful. These progressives have to be dealt with like you would a spoiled child you hit them with the truth in the chin and never allow them to get away with name calling and finger pointing no matter how childish they look. When they spew out the word racism we need to fight fire with fire, because they are the ones being racist. I am not saying to try and argue with them, because you will get about as far as you would arguing with a child. I have a progressive liberal that lives next door and I have a sign on my front and back window in big bold print it reads “IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOU ARE IN RANGE” this house is protected by the 2nd amendment. I have had several discussions with both of them and they talk about as much sense as my 18 month old nephew. Every chance I get I go work in my shop out back and turn up Hank Jr. or if Hannity is on I listen to him and they hate everything I play also they have a jacuzzi and it really gets if I happen to see them relaxing any. I am not a bad person unless someone threatens me or calls the cops on me and we do not have a noise ordinance in town so after the first couple of times the cops finally told them to buy ear plugs because they can’t make me do anything I don’t want too. So fight on my friends!!!!


  40. I keep trying to educate people the the fact that #Black people have become the ultimate perveyors of #racism in America today. Many are suffering from mild to advanced symptoms of #Stockholm Syndrome, which causes them to act out against and hate each other. Because Black Culture is the sympathetic embracement of White Racist ideology.

    If you want to truly understand how Blacks have become the racist, then Check out my essays, especially the one titled, “Blackness, the Stockholm Syndrome and Uncle Tom” – no adds, just truth

  41. She is a beautiful young woman and should be able to live her life as she likes. Those who judge her are jealous.

  42. This is further proof that liberals are not racist, they hate all conservatives, regardless of their ethnicity. If a conservative were to express outrage at a white liberal, but not a black one, they would be charged with discrimination.

  43. sellout, both of you and im not a lib, she is just like allen, a house n*gger who only claim to fame is a clueless movie and she lives up to that billing. I see all the stupid comments you guys are making and it proves that you guys dont care about her, you just lucky you found somebody thats black that hates the black president and waalah, i can hide my racism by saying something nice about a black person i agree with. You really think we are that stupid?

    • Obama isn’t black. He is the 44th white president. He came out of a white woman. How can a white person be racist against another white person? I guess it happens sometimes.

    • Find the guy in here with the “N” word in his quote and tell me which side he stands on the issue. LOL Keeping racism alive there Charles?

    • You are the sell out. What you do is perpetuate the racist myth that blacks cannot think for themselves…they need rich white Democrats and Bill and Hillary Clinton to do that for them..that is way you live your life…you are self hating black person who has negative racist beliefs about people based on skin color…..really, go back to you KKK and them have a lot in common

    • Hmmmilie, you are that st a Veteranupid. Hating our President Obama has nothing to do with his color. It has every thing to do with his ego, inefficiency and lack of morals and good judgement. There’s several reasons you defend him; your black from Kenya, your in this country illegally, your jobless and collecting benefits including EXEMPTED Ins, your Muslim or just flat out ignorant. So which is it? Hmmm? Your Certainly not a Veteran, Middle class hard working-tax paying-self providing Christian.

    • This is the most “racist” response, on this topic, yet. To answer your question… Yes, I believe YOU are that stupid. I only hope that you don’t represent a “WE”. The last thing WE need is another race baiting hate monger dividing our country.

    • You made West’s point perfectly. You and your ilk will never get it. So you will never be more than you are now, a bitter, racist fool. Pity you probably have offspring that will inherit those sickening traits. So they will never be anything more either. You are disgusting.

  44. TRUTHFULLY RACISM IS DEAD! Some people just keep it alive. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech” has come true to a large degree. We are no longer a country that owns slaves & for the most part any separation based on race is purely individual bias and not a national problem. It takes people like Al Sharpton & others to keep telling you someone hates you or that somehow you are being wronged or despised cause otherwise in our country today where whites and blacks & other ethnicities marry freely I honestly see no hatred between the races. When I go to Walmart, walk down the street, I am treated kindly and with respect. Racism is dead! further more stop resurrecting it and breathing life into. Everytime we spew hatred we make Martin Luther King’s death in vain!

    • Thank you for your thoughtful and encouraging post. Racism SHOULD be dead, and it pretty much is unless you are a liberal of any color.

  45. I’ve watched Stacy on a few shows. I think she is an inspiration. She is a YOUNG- INTELLIGENT BLACK/HISPANIC Woman who says it like it is. She is not all about what should be given freely. She believes in hard work and integrity. She is a breath of fresh air on the NON-LEFT SIDE.

    • I’m sure she will be thrilled you called her young. She’s a VERY attractive 47. I know, she takes good care of herself. I’m almost 60, so she’s still almost too young for me, lol.

  46. Lol. Wrong AGAIN!!! Again West is using a blanket to describe all liberals — basically making him the same as the people he is claiming to reject. As a liberal, my ONLY concern is FOX bringing yet ANOTHER completely UNEDUCATED person to “educate” the public. SHE HAS NO QUALIFICATIONS WHATSOEVER. Graduated from high school with bad grades and has ZERO “cultural”, political, debating, sociological, or economic expertise or experience to speak of. Sorry if I like my pundits to have a clue about…..well, ANYTHING. I don’t care if she’s a black, white or green conservative. I care that she’s not so bright and is armed with nothing but an opinion. She has the right to express herself as much as she wants. There is nothing to protect her from taking a backlash for not being educated or qualified to “educate/inform” the public.

    • Natalie, LOL!?!?! This is not funny. Liberals like you are disgusting as you disguise your prejudice behind your political party. Who are YOU to deem someone not “intelligent or educated” enough to opine for any news agency? Oh, BTW…. that kid who cuts your grass isn’t lowly just because he cuts your grass. He’s allowed to his opinion. You’re just another liberal troll with an opinion. Why does your opinion mean more than Stacy Dash’s? She is extremely poised and has the life experience to qualify her to give analysis to any subject she wants. What’s YOUR excuse? :p

      • Hahaha!!!! What prejudice is that? PLEASE enlighten me — I’d just love
        to hear whom it is that I’m prejudiced against, Dear. I worked with
        inner city minorities for years — now privately teaching every color of
        the rainbow, went to Harvard and voted for Romney for Governor. You
        don’t have the first clue about me accept that I just referred to myself
        as liberal — ATTACK!!! That kind of auto-pilot nonsense is almost
        sub-human. I happen to vote both ways as a matter of fact Ms.
        know-it-all — BECAUSE I believe in hiring the most qualified as opposed
        to just a member of either party. You are disgusting for being so
        presumptuous. And it is JUST as much my right to express MY opinion of
        what kinds of qualifications someone does or does not need to possess in
        order to be an effective professional pundit. If qualifications don’t
        mean anything to you, then why don’t you just let your manicurist pull
        your teeth? Hey, maybe that’s okay with you but I’m gonna go ahead and
        stick with the dentist. I’m not saying that just because someone is an
        actor that they are not smart or even sometimes qualified in other areas
        — I know of plenty of them. She’s not one of them. If FOX were to hire
        a Black woman with the same qualifications as Allen West, I would find
        that perfectly respectable and not have a darned word to say about it
        even though I may not agree with her. And PLEASE learn how to read. I
        mentioned the kids that cut my grass as not being lowly in the least — I
        think they are probably smarter than Dash actually and studying
        horticulture in college — I just have this crazy thought that if you
        want to do something professionally that you should PROBABLY have SOME sort of background or education in it. DUH!!! That pretty much goes for EVERYBODY. Right? Go ahead and let the girl fill YOUR head. Sounds about right. Genius

      • Don’t u ever get tired of tooting your own horn, were getting rather bored with it!Yeah and I’m the Pope,good luck trying too prove I’m not, so I guess all us lowly peons, should bow too your grandiose opinion of yourself.

      • Nope. Proud of my accomplishments. Sorry. And I’ve only brought it up twice I believe. It’s the rest of the folks like you that are wearin’ it out lol. People appear to be obsessed with it or something. Like a dog with a bone and still never answered my question about how this woman is qualified. None of you. All insults and no substance whatsoever. Children on a playground.

      • *Yawn* More TRIPE from a liberal who thinks her opinion is more important than everyone else’s. DUH, yeah “genius” isn’t close to what you are. You think you have to have “qualifications” to give your opinion? Isn’t that what we’re doing here? BTW, don’t go into “rocket science”. I’d hate to have you flying the spaceships. LOL

      • “Double Yawn” — and “shocker”. Another attack post from a Conservative that has no point but an insult and still can’t disprove my assertion (and didn’t even attempt to likely for fear of outright failure). The most boring thing on the planet. Don’t you folks get that your insults are a total waste of your own time? Every time you do it, you PROVE that I am better than you are and I think even less of you than I did before. Not even intelligent insults either (which sometimes I can at least appreciate for their wit) but like….little baby playground insults. It’s so pathetic. Your insults still don’t qualify Dash to be anything more than an opinionated pretty face on FOX with no education or resume. Just deal with it already little baby.

      • Oh, and by the way; if being a liberal means that you’re stupid, then how could Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Steve Jobs (Three of the world’s most notable — if not most famous geniuses) be BIG TIME liberals??? Hmmmmm……….Oh wait — I’m sure you’ll just say that THEY are stupid now too! Aaaaahahahaha!!! C’mon, I just want to hear you say it once. Albert Einstein was STUPID, right? Please. I’m begging you.

    • Then WHY IN THE WORLD is Obumhead the President?? He doesn’t have a clue on ANYTHING!!!!!!! Other than denial and blaming OTHER people on HIS Failures!!!!!!

      • Yep. I know it’s inconvenient, but yes. It goes for everyone that is doing ANYTHING professionally. If not, why don’t you just let your barber perform brain surgery on you? Qualifications baby. If you want to take YOUR political/cultural advice from a completely uneducated, inexperienced actress — knock yourself out. I’m not going down that road. That’s just ridiculous — but go ahead and blindly defend it. Sure. Okay 🙂

      • Then how do you explain Obama’s qualifications to be president? He was a JR. Senator for Illinois (who did NOTHING for the state) and was a community organizer. Hmmm?

    • She’s not getting backlash for her opinions or her level of intelligence. It’s all about her skin color. Who’s the idiot now? Um, that would be you. The kid who cuts your grass is probably more “qualified” than you to discern Col. West’s message.

      • Your reading comprehension is sorely lacking, genius. I already stated that I don’t care about her race in the least. Why the heck would I??? DUH!!! I just care about qualifications — and she doesn’t have any. If she does, please DO tell. I’d just love to hear them. I do get that she’s getting attacked by the Black community for her views, and I do not in fact agree with that happening. West spoke to “liberals” in general as going on the attack because she is Black and conservative — I simply stated that that was not MY reason for thinking it’s ridiculous for FOX to make her a pundit. It IS because of something that has nothing to do with race — which invalidates his point about liberals hating on her for being a Black conservative. If they made someone with a background and qualifications like WEST’S a pundit — even though I don’t agree with him — I would have total respect for that decision no matter what color. Try understanding someone’s post before resorting to childish name calling. Genius. And the Jackson and Sharpton thing is getting WAY old btw.

      • Well, if your basing your opinion on a person’s qualifications that lets out the majority of Congress, Presidency, VP, DOJ, EPA, IRS, mainstream media, most of Hollywood, and perhaps yourself.

      • Okay. That’s pure genius. Let’s just let everyone with an opinion and no education or background/qualifications take any professional position in the world that they want and NOT have ANY standards whatsoever. That is your logical conclusion. Wow. Whatever. You are impossible to make any sense with. I sure hope the next time you need a doctor or a lawyer that they actually went to school for it. Good luck lady.

      • Well if u have a problem with her qualifications, then don’t watch her on Fox News, nobodies forcing uuuu, so far you’re the one who’s doing most of the name calling Genius!!

      • Nah. I only call names to people that call me names. It’s totally immature for me to do it but I never said I was perfect lol. If someone slaps you, you generally slap them back. I tend to slap back. I’m respectful to the people that are respectful to me even if I don’t agree with them though. Simple.

      • Al Sharpton can’t even read a teleprompter or even speak proper ENGLISH! But he has a spot on msnbc. Liberals, their logic is ridiculous and not worth arguing with.

    • OH YEAH..AND UHHHHH OBAMA DID HUH….He had SOOOOOOOO much experience with Political Affairs? JUST LOOK AT US…then try to use some simple logic here ok? We are in a HUGE MESS in this country MAJORLY because of him…yet let a beautiful black woman speak against him and speak for what is RIGHT and BAM the black JEALOUS /RACISTs race smudges her…calls her horrible names..Racial (typical ) slurs. Her sister is CEO of an INternet Holding Co…plus her family is highly educated. Lets see…Obama came NO WHERE…HIDES his identity,SCREWS UP OUR COUNTRY…and just b’cause he SAYs he a Harvard Grad (that lost his license by the way and Michelle)..hides his entire life…yet u Black LIBS think hes some kinda god???? GET A CLUE NATALIE…. U just lost this battle…and your Obama and all of u that are just like him are LOSING the War.

      • I’m Black? I didn’t know that. Ummm….. wow — thanks for letting me know that. This is a life changer. Your whole post is quite bizarre. I don’t condone people attacking the girl at all. I simply said that SHE is NOT qualified to be a political pundit of any value — because she isn’t. Just a pretty face. I don’t care what her sister or father do for a living. SHE didn’t accomplish any of those things nor acquire an education beyond her poor performance in high school. She is an actress with an opinion. That is all. Go ahead, let her fill your head with whatever she has (or hasn’t) got in there. No sweat off my back. It’s YOUR brain. And I get it. You don’t like Obama. Shocker.

    • BAD MOUTHING ALLEN WEST??????You are INSANE….Natalie….I MEAN lost on another Planet. This Guy is AWesome….and would be THE PERFECT PRESIDENT….

      • He’s way too hung up on his own skin color. It’s bizarre. He’s obsessed with being rejected by the same Black people that he doesn’t even like. Talks about it constantly. Maybe if he stopped talking about them so badly, they wouldn’t hate him so much.

      • Awesome? No…he was forced out of the military…..faced 11 years in prison….let his met accept charges and refused to stand with them….no…this guy is a DISGRACE!!

      • You had better God Damned well do some research before you go spouting crap about someone. I STRONGLY suggest you look Lt. Col. West up on the internet.

    • Oh qualifications like VAN JONES? Communist, ex con, instigator of race riots and former green jobs czar for Obama! LMAO!

      • I simply said qualified. You tell me how this Dash girl is then. Because she is an actress in a bunch of silly movies? Okay 🙂 Sure. I never said a word about VAN JONES (how random is that?). I don’t care if the person is on the left or right. They need to have SOME sort of background that makes some sense for them to be a viable pundit if that’s what they are aiming to do professionally. Doesn’t that go for ANY profession? Geez.

      • I bet you don’t require that same requirement of Whoopi Goldberg do you? And I’m bettin’ you never miss an episode of The View. You’re a pathetic racist.

      • Oooh… racist…code word to trigger a demonic response and shut down all intelligent dialog…

        Typical BS of all demon-possessed wicked fools. You have just been outed.

      • Sorry. You could not be more way off the mark if you tried.

        Cut the racist rhetoric if you ever want to be taken seriously. No one cares about skin color. They should care about a person’s character or lack thereof.

      • Oooooohhh — “libturd”! Now THERE’S a bit of fine, mature intellectual thinking and contribution to an adult conversation about social/political issues. Impressive 🙂

      • I’m not even sure who it is that I’m accused of being racist towards right now — Lol. That’s how convoluted the accusation is — can someone explain to me who I am prejudiced against because I said that Stacey Dash is under-qualified to be a professional pundit??? Is it the Blacks or the Whites? I’m confused (laughing my head off — but confused.)

      • I am not accusing you of racism. What you haven’t explained is why you are certain that Stacey Dash is uneducated and unqualified?

      • Just look up her background — wikipedia — anything. No education or political involvement to speak of. A friend of mine sent me an article about her last year so I looked her up and found nothing about her but a bunch of bad film credits. I don’t dislike her in the least — I didn’t really have any opinions about her in general at all. I just wouldn’t value anything she says as being particularly valid or rooted in sound critical thinking (just my opinion). I don’t see any evidence that she is anything more than an opinionated pretty actress. My mind is completely open to anyone who can let me know about ANY qualifications that I may not know of. Otherwise, why should I or anyone else listen to her? I would listen to Condelezza Rice all day long because I find her to be ridiculously intelligent, superior in her field, qualified, educated and gifted even if I don’t agree with everything (or anything) she says. Dash is nothing even close to that.

      • Natalie, I COMPREHEND everything you wrote perfectly. And YOU stated about QUALIFICATIONS that people should have for positions they take in life and I asked you what Obama’s qualifications were to be president in which you voted for? (Which you never answered. Hmm, wonder why?) And iF you COMPREHENDED anyrhing, I asked you your THOUGHTS on Al Sharton having a spot on msnbc considering HIS qualifications which I never asked you to give me. You liberals make comments about people that you disagree with politically, attacking their intelligence but when someone who shares your political views who is even less intelligent that the other, you have nothing to say. You are a typical brainwashed liberal idiot and I don’t need to know about your education because for all I know that’s bs too. So stop trying to come on here and act as if you are some superior intellectual, you are just another flaky liberal, which tells the conservatives on this thread everything we need to know about you and your upscale education which is that you were taught liberal bs in college and it stuck. You are politically retarded and need to remove the stick from your ass, it may cure the need to be a snooty know nothing, for lack of better words, bitch. So with that said, you have yourself a goodnnight now.

      • Awe. Feel better now little boy? That was so hard to type through all my tears lol. I love it when people prove me right. Thanks 🙂

      • Prove you right? Yeah, ok, on the fact that you are a rambling troll? Then I suppose you would be right. And all of your ramblings of word vomit just goes to show your childish with the emotional stability of a freshman highschooler with a common core education (at best) and most likely not a “Harvard” grad as you claim. You are quite pathetic with your NON stop posts as if you are trying so hard to prove yourself to ANYONE who will listen. You are laughable and made my day by your constant responses of stupidity. The even funnier part about you is that you will keep commenting every chance you get trying to prove yourself to whomever, that you are so intelligent and so enlightened when in reality you are a flake who OBVIOUSLY has no control over your own impulses to be a TROLL. So take some advice and get a life. Please don’t lie and say you have one because your constant bs posts tell a whole different story. PATHETIC!!!!!!!! Keep responding to me, I dare you, I bet you can help yourself in doing so! (Sound familiar?)Lmao at your stupidity!

      • Oh and AGAIN, No response as to the qualifications you based your vote on for Obama…. SHOCKER!!!!!!! I get it, there is no qualification you based your vote on because you don’t have the intelligence to respond to that one being a HARVARD grad and all. You are the biggest joke on this thread Natalie. The BIGGEST. LMAO @ you, laughing really hard over here. Thanks for the amusement. Haha haha!

      • Lol. You’re so stupid. I already said that I did post them but the site moderator won’t allow it on the site apparently. I can’t really do a thing about that now can I, you silly person? I find it interesting that they won’t allow it to be posted. Censorship baby.

      • So looks like the stupidity is coming all from your end little girl. Pull up your big girl panties and get a life Natalie. No one ever says “I want to be a loser when I grow up” except for you Natalie, you seem to be a loser and by choice, isn’t that right? Yeah it is! Lmao!

      • Such an intelligent, mature, well thought out and pertinent post, Marti. It’s getting better and better each time. Good job staying on topic and contributing to an adult conversation about social/political issues. As usual, nice work. You are truly a credit to your party 😉

      • Wish I could say the same for you but of course as ALL libs do, avoid answering a question at all costs. But kudos for your efforts or lack there of. I am finding myself feeling pity for you and your mental state. And by the way I am a libertarian NOT a republican. You have a good day trolling now. P.S. Natalie you should do it professionally, you have all the QUALIFICATIONS for it. Lol

      • I don’t really give a hoot what your party is Darling — nor did I state that you were a republican, stupid. Learn how to read and not put your own stupid words into other people’s mouths. You are apparently too stupid to understand simple English. If I post something here and the moderators won’t publish it, there’s nothing that can be done. Your question was answered but censored by the site because it doesn’t like those kinds of facts up here obviously. I’ve already told you this like two or three times but your brain is shut down for some reason. Fact is, that clearly you must be too stupid to use the same basic Google search engine that I used to verify/post the answers to the question you asked, so I guess you will just have to remain ignorant to those facts. No big deal. The one bit of knowledge would surely die of loneliness in your mind. You should be doing your own research anyway ya big dummy. It’s not really even my job. I was just trying to help your intellectually challenged butt lol.

      • Let’s be CLEAR on who the stupid one is here, you simple minded liberal piece of trash because this whole thing started because YOU made an OBVIOUSLY uneducated comment and couldn’t back it up when confronted while on a conservative site no less, and why? because you are a bullshit trolling drama whore that just wants people to feed into her drama, most likely it is the highlight of your uptight day, I mean, having a stick up your ass must be exhausting. I bet you aren’t even close to being this know nothing bitch to someones face that you PRETEND to be on the internet, just behind the computer screen where you feel safe to ACT, yes ACT like you are some tough girl who in her fantasy world is some smart cookie. You show the signs of someone who gets off on being trash. But we both know that you are just some flakey ass girl who doesn’t really know her ass from her elbow because she is just another liberal idiot. Write back what you please but as of this moment drama whore, I will not be responding to your dumb ass any more. Although getting you to repeat yourself over and over and eventually leading you to ruffle your feathers made my day. Just remember that you are and always will be a non factor and your liberal fantasy bubble will soon pop and I just wish I was the one to see it happen so I can then point and laugh hard as hell, and not just hard laugh but one where I pee my pants at your stupidity. 😉 have a good night now.

      • Aaaahahahaha!!!! I love it. ALL THAT and like I said, STILL CAN’T MANAGE TO ADDRESS THE TOPIC OR PROVE YOUR POINT (Dash’s qualifications)!!! You’re like….magical!!! I am glad that you are showing your true colors. You’re not remotely capable of anything but
        flinging insults and having a filthy mouth!!! Too funny — and NOT the markings of a person whom is capable of critical thinking (sorry). Like I said, just a big page of the EXACT insults that you claim should not be hurled at a person for having an opinion that you don’t agree with (while still not being able to prove ONE point). If you had the ability
        to think yourself out of a wet paper bag — you would see that. You prove over and over that when a person like you can’t prove their point that they have no other choice but resort to filth and behaving insanely.

        “Name-calling has no effect in any way. As a matter of fact, it only emboldens us more. I know its intent is instilling fear, coercion, and intimidation, but all it does is point a
        blinding spotlight on a lack of intelligence and inability to make a coherent presentation.”

        Those are the words of Allen West quoted from the article above btw. Just thought I’d let you know that he and I are in complete agreement on this and it is directed at you Darling — as it is exactly how we feel lol. You did EXACTLY what he is saying people
        shouldn’t do — attack someone for their opinion. You failed. This last comment of yours is a blaring testament that you don’t understand ANYTHING that he or I have said. It is simply because you are THAT ignorant. Sorry you didn’t understand that you took the liberal position
        on this topic — that’s not my fault. It’s just a fact. Liberal 😉 So sad.

        Definition of “LIBERAL”:
        “Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas”.

        The traditional, orthodox and authoritarian view on this topic is that you are supposed to have a resume and education in the field in which you are aiming to hold a professional position that requires you to educate others. THAT’S WHAT I BELIEVE AND HAVE BEEN ARGUING. That makes me the
        Conservative here. If YOU are arguing against me, that puts YOU in the category of a person that is trying to operate OUTSIDE of that dogma — which makes YOU the LIBERAL in this situation. So sorry. You blew it. Go ahead
        and call me a whore again — hahaha! That won’t change the fact that you don’t even know that you’ve been arguing in the position of people (liberals) that you claim to hate and are the worst people on the planet lol. Awe 🙁
        You poor thing. Good luck trying to wrap your little filthy mind around that (I don’t think you’ll come close to understanding it for a second).

      • Lol. And not one person here yet has listed her qualifications. Aaaaahahahahaha!!! Hilarious. NOT ONE. Just a whole lot of random insults, attacking, and B.S. — not ONE solid reason as to why someone is supposed to pay Stacey Dash any attention at all for her political views, having NO RESUME or EDUCATION for the job. You DO realize that YOU ARE THE ONE IN THE LIBERAL POSITION here, don’t you? I’m the conservative person on this topic. It is WAY liberal to claim that it’s perfectly fine to hire someone without a resume or education in the field of study for ANY professional job!!! Aaaaahahahaha!!! I’m way too conservative about work ethics to even DREAM of doing something that ridiculous and unheard of. I’m very straight laced that way. YOU are the loosey-goosey one here and you can’t even see it. I’ve showed some of this stuff to several friends/colleagues (some of whom are actually SUPER conservative) — and even THEY are laughing at you and embarrassed to have you on their side. That’s rough man.

      • That’s what I just said, little girl. And I love how the bajillion people that keep attacking that I’ve asked to go on ahead and help me out and tell me why THEY think she’s qualified haven’t said ONE WORD about that. Crickets. Avoided the question for days now lol. My mind is still open to eating my own opinion if someone — anyone can give any valid info or perspective to it. All the time in the world to keep hurling insults at me about everything else under the sun but not ONE SINGLE RESPONSE TO THE ACTUAL TOPIC THAT THEY ARE ATTACKING ME FOR. It’s such a joke. I’m just expecting more insults and crickets lol.

      • Toward whom, exactly? I seriously don’t even know whom it is that you are accusing me of hating. I’m not kidding. I hate someone because I don’t think that they are qualified to be a professional political pundit because they have no background or education in politics? Or is it the Blacks I hate, or the Whites? You have to tell me who I hate, because I still don’t know who it it is.

      • We all agree you’re confused. That’s the condition of all mindless liberals who boast about how utterly indoctrinated you are. Good for you. Nobody is interested.

      • Excellent! If you aren’t interested then you can stop sending me posts! I dare you to stop 😉 (I don’t think you can).

      • You’re delusional and arrogant enough to believe I am replying to you. The truth is, I am exposing you as the fraud you are for all the world to see. I will stop when I’m damn good and ready and not until then. You liberal demoniacs are in for the exposure of a lifetime! Those of us of the truth are sick of your lies, deceit and treachery! Angry? You bet! Well deserved too.

      • Aaaaand yet another post about nothing (yawn). I see you have an endless supply. I don’t think you’ve actually addressed the topic ONCE this whole time in days. Not even close — just a whole lot of ranting about liberals. (I now understand from what you’ve told me that it’s the ex-wife thing though. I get it — you have to project your anger for her onto someone else anonymously and thrash out your aggressions about the relationship as a way of empowering yourself. It all makes sense now. The fact that you told me about her the way that you did is very telling. It’s pretty classic and not even entirely bad for you actually. It’s therapeutic for you). Carry on with my compassion.

      • God allowed me to ensure what I endured to build my considerable character and teach me first hand about the intricacies of pure evil so that now He can use me to reveal truth to a world that abhors it and has gone insane, just as my ex has. Who wouldn’t be angry after such emotional abuse for so damn long? But I have no need for your or anyone else’s compassion, pity or sympathy. I am one of God’s beloved. That’s all I or anyone else ever needs. You’ll never know it. Bummer for you.

        You’ve offered up nothing of value or insight; merely ad hominem attacks and ridicule that proves you to be the wicked fool you clearly are. Very typical of all liberal “useful idiots” and trolls. At least ask your troll masters to provide you with a bit more interesting scripts next time.

        You wouldn’t know sense if it hit you in the face. You are completely clueless. But we all knew that already…

      • I’m not kidding about those meds. I feel bad for you sitting around like this. I truly wish you well and am sorry that I said mean things out of frustration of your responses to me — I was just messing around really. Had I known that you were truly this unwell, I wouldn’t have done that. Really, I do hope that you somehow get the help that you need sir. I know it wouldn’t be because I suggested it, but I hope there’s a person in your life that encourages you to seek some professional help. That is my wish for you.

      • Very amusing. I am happily relocated and remarried to a wonderful, godly, Proverbs 31 woman with whom I am deeply in love. I am blessed by YHWH beyond what any man deserves. The truth has set me free, as it can for you and anyone else who has the courage to face his or her sins and demons. I had to abandon everything in the first 58 years of my life and let it go. That takes more courage and character than you can ever imagine. But I have it; thanks be to God. Without Him I am nothing. With Him, I am all He created me to be: FREE!

      • Sorry, but people who are happy and sane and in love and at peace sound nothing like you. Screaming, angry, calling filthy names at and claiming demonic possession of people that you’ve never met for believing that a a random pundit (that you probably know very little if anything about) on FOX news is unqualified. Trust me — I’m pretty sure that most people here can see that you are a very disturbed man. Most people liberal or conservative know happy and sane when they see it. You’re not it. Married or not, you need psychiatric attention. I hope you get it.

      • Get lost troll. No one in their right mind should trust you concerning ANYTHING! You are a demon-possessed witch. That much is very clear.

      • Soooo, this is it for you, I guess. Spend your days in general just arbitrarily typing insults online in your old age over frivolous topics in the name of the Lord because you’re so “happy” and saved. You poor thing. I saw some of your other posts and it’s worse than I thought — but in the interest of your therapy I will continue to humor you as I can see that you need it. Like I said, you have my compassion sir. I know what to expect from you at all times no matter what the topic is — here let me demonstrate:
        “Your vitriol and demonically possessed liberal lies make you the scourge of the planet to be damned by our Lord who shall burn you in the hell-fires that you and your wretched kind deserve and I will revel in His glory for I am the hand of God you bitch whore scum demon possessed witch turd-bag devilish liberal sinning godless piece-of-crap life ruiner just like my ex-wife — DAMN YOU DEMON!!!.”

        There, see? I think I covered most of the ground for your next post (thought I’d save you some typing time — just a courtesy). All of your posts look pretty much the same so why not just cut and paste this one standard, hateful, completely insane response to everyone that disagrees with you about anything? Again, just trying to help.

      • You are one sick Jewish turd troll. Thanks for making mho points for me. this just gets easier and easier as your demon sprites take you over!

      • Oh!!! Congrats — something new; “Jewish” (???). Annnnd the insanity mounts in a surprising new way that I had not expected. Bravo. Keeping it fresh, huh? Where’d ya get Jewish from Sweetie? That’s the first time I’ve been called THAT in my life lol. Is that supposed to be an insult or something? Oh wait, let me guess; you hate Jews too, right? You get more precious by the minute. I’m going to have to copy and paste this little jewel to some folks that I know — it’ll give them a good hard laugh at work. Thanks U 🙂

      • Sorry, I didn’t realize I left Jewish out of my last pre-made insult comment. I meant:

        “Your vitriol and demonically possessed liberal lies make you the scourge of the planet to be damned by our Lord who shall burn you in the hell-fires that you and your wretched kind deserve and I will revel in His glory for I am the hand of God you bitch whore scum demon possessed witch turd-bag devilish liberal sinning godless piece-of-crap sick troll life ruiner just like my ex-wife — DAMN YOU “JEWISH” DEMON!!!.”

      • I think it’s close to cut and paste perfect for now. Anything else? I want to make this easy for you since it is your therapy.

      • Wow. You aren’t very bright either. Only folks who are not that bright leap to such conclusions without having a clue of whom they are addressing. It’s very difficult to type through all my laughter — but I will humor you. I don’t watch talk shows, and even though I think Whoopie is a fine actress, I especially wouldn’t watch The View BECAUSE I wish that she would be quiet sometimes with the politics. I love that you called me a racist because Stacey Dash has no education. That’s priceless. I rarely call names on threads like this — but YOU are truly stupid Ewade.

      • The only ppl on this forum that are laughing, are laughing at youuuu but you’re not smart enough, too figure it outttt!!

      • It is not random at all it shows that anyone even an anti American commie like Van Jones can get on a news show! GEEZ.

    • So a person who has made a success of themselves without a line of degrees behind their name is on a par below? What a load of tripe! No wonder the US is a mess!

      • I didn’t say that either. I’d just simply like to what what it is that YOU think makes her qualified to be a professional political pundit. Doesn’t have to be degrees. Just ANYTHING??? Or is just being an actor with an opinion enough? Really? Or are you just being all snarky because I disagree with West. Something tells me that if he’d said what I’m saying, that you’d agree with him. Interesting.

    • That’s funny, because I’m pretty sure that being a community organizer DOESN’T qualify someone to be president, but I’m sure you voted for Obama anyway. Everything you wrote about Stacy Dash, can be said about Obama as well. Think before you leave an uneducated comment. Liberal logic at its best. Lol

      • Natalie, I COMPREHEND everything you wrote perfectly. And YOU stated about QUALIFICATIONS that people should have for positions they take in life and I asked you what Obama’s qualifications were to be president? (Which you never answered. Hmm, wonder why?) And iF you COMPREHENDED anyrhing, I asked you your THOUGHTS on Al Sharton having a spot on msnbc considering HIS qualifications which I never asked you to give me. You liberals make comments about people that you disagree with politically, attacking their intelligence but when someone who shares your political views who is even less intelligent that the other, you have nothing to say. You are a typical brainwashed liberal idiot and I don’t need to know about your education because for all I know that’s bs too. So stop trying to come on here and act as if you are some superior intellectual, you are just another flaky liberal, which tells the conservatives on this thread everything we need to know about you and your upscale education which is that you were taught liberal bs in college and it stuck. You are politically retarded and need to remove the stick from your ass, it may cure the need to be a snooty know nothing, for lack of better words, bitch. So with that said, you have yourself a goodnnight now.

    • Liberal = bone head stupid = liar = godless = wicked fool. And you just admitted all of this. “Educated” in a liberal’s mind is code for properly indoctrinated to believe the lies you lapped up like the naive, gullible fool that you have just proven yourself to be. Not all of us are so deceived or delusional.

      • Oh sorry, I didn’t know that you were insane. One of those folks that think that having an education makes you the devil. Carry on as you were. I don’t like to communicate with the mentally unwell on these threads. Buh-bye.

      • I have twice the education that you do, but mine isn’t in the form of brainwashing and mindless globalist indoctrination. I’m sure that there is much you don’t like: starting with the truth. Kiss off wicked fool.

      • That’s rich: a psychopath, pathological liar and troll here accuses her enemy here of that which she is most guilty of! It’s a classic behavior of all psychopaths. I know because I was married to one of you vile scum for 34 miserable years and have seen all your tricks. Every time you play one of your tricks, I’m gonna be on your tail teaching others what you’re doing and how your twisted mind works so that they can teach others.

      • Ha! Knock yourself out. You still haven’t told me why I’m supposed to follow a pundit that has no resume or education to speak of. Oh, that’s right. There is no reason. YOU ARE TAKING THE LIBERAL POSITION on this issue by suggesting that it’s perfectly fine to hire someone for their opinion and looks rather than their expertise. Pity. My position is actually the conservative one here. No one EVER gets hired for a professional position without having completed SOME kind of education in the field or having a resume for it. Continue on — all I expect from you is a bunch of excuses, insults, name-calling, and attacking blah blah blah — exactly what you say a woman should not get for expressing an opinion that is not shared by the attacker. You look crazier every time. Please DO continue to show that to the world. You prove my point each time.

      • Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Highest Honors graduate in Economics from University of California, Harvard MBA with second year honors, Eagle Scout, turnaround CFO for half a dozen companies over a 30 year career: seen and done it all and likely to be twice your age you little pip squeak. But none of that makes any damn bit of difference to a disrespectful, abusive, obnoxious, spoiled, wicked child who professes to be educated but admits she is a godless liberal fool. The two are contradictions in terms, dim wit!

        Truth is no interest to your ilk, and you are incapable of logically reasoning your way out of a wet paper bag. I’ve seen more than I care to of your depraved and decadent type with no character, no courage, no virtue, no integrity and no clue. You’re all soon going to be toast at the hands of Yahushua (Jesus) and almighty God. All I have to add is, “Good riddance!”

        So what you got twerp? Let’s see it! Put up or shut up!

      • Surrre. ALL THAT –AGAIN! And STILL managed not to address the topic. It’s amazing. My whole point. And yes. Why shouldn’t I burn in hell for not listening to Stacey Dash. Everyone who doesn’t listen to Stacey Dash talk about politics should burn in hell. You REALLY need to consider meds if you don’t already have them. I feel bad for you sir. Yikes.

    • How exactly do you know what her education has been? Very strange.

      Do you watch Sharpton? Now there is a real “thinker”! Tawana Brawley, Freddie’s Fashion Mart and shaking down the man for money. He’s a great role model.

      The vitriol and hate comes from the left against anyone who doesn’t think like they do. Diversity in everything but thought. You must be so proud.

      • CheriCAL: You are correct! Liberals cannot think for themselves because they have been brain-washed by the Democrats for the last 5 decades through the use of “Political Correctness”, following Saul Alynski’s Commie Manifesto and Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich. I’m sure that you have noticed that they can never answer a tough question but, instead, go on an offensive tirade. Sadly, their minds have been “conditioned”, for loss of a better word, by the likes of the LBJ, Carter, Clinton and now Obama administrations. It will take many decades for America to recover from this, too.

      • If we ever do recover. It gets so depressing to see the lies and brainwashing that continues to occur. I pray for a miracle.

      • ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LOOK HER UP! There’s nothing there at all but some film credits. She is just an opinionated actress. As someone arguing in favor of her, I do believe that it’s YOUR job to tell me why YOU think she IS qualified. I guess by everyone’s standards here, all you need is an opinion to be qualified. That’s scary. And WHY ON EARTH are you people so obsessed with Sharpton on this thread???? People have mentioned him to me like ten times today already. I DON’T GIVE A HOOT ABOUT AL SHARPTON. You’re gonna have to throw something better at me than HIM. I’m not a fan. I don’t even know why you guys think I would be. You are WAY over-generalizing this whole “liberal” thing. I also voted for Romney in MA for Governor. Shocked? Don’t be — all liberals are NOT the same. You are way better off if you can grasp that and start thinking of people as individuals. I don’t respect her opinion. That makes me a bad person? Listen to yourself for heaven’s sake.

      • This thread is all about the hatred that is being thrown her way. Read what you have written and it sounds like more of the same bias towards her. She doesn’t have a college degree so that makes her uneducated? You have a very narrow view of the world if that is your point. What have been her life’s experiences? I don’t know and neither do you. Sharpton is being brought up as he is the epitome of ignorance, dishonesty, and a racist that has been given a TV show.

        I do think of people as individuals until they engage in group-think.

      • I in no way attacked the woman and you know it. So save the speech about hatred for someone who isn’t paying attention. I know exactly what I’ve said. I don’t think she’s bright enough — I didn’t call her any names or say she’s a bad person. Like I said, you keep saying all this stuff, but you have absolutely nothing to speak of in terms of her being qualified. I have no idea why you are continuing to go on about her — you probably have never even listened to her speak and are defending her position. She could be dumb as a box of hammers for all you know. There’s a possibility that you may hear her speak and think the same as I do — but your mind is closed right now. I don’t want to hear about her political ramblings any more than I want to hear Brittany Spears, Al Sharptons, Justin Bieber’s, or Miley Cyrus. They are all about the same to me right now — just a bunch of celebrity opinions without years of critical studies of any kind. If Dash had any of that in her arsenal, I would listen. It’s not a personal insult. I don’t know a thing about quantum physics but I have an opinion about them. Maybe I should run right out and get myself a show talking about them. You engaged in group think the moment that you “labeled” all liberals in your former post about how liberals like to label things. You are full of contradictions.

    • Dear Mr. “Natalie”,
      You’ve blown a lot of hot air and said nothing. If you can’t back it up with facts the shut the #*&! up. Men like you pretending to be a woman is sickening.

      • Haha — so funny. The posts are becoming more and more insane I see. What facts are you looking for Mr. Boatman? All of the links showing all of Dash’s achievements, academic records and political savvy and involvements? Sorry, there are none. That’s my point, genius.


  48. Successful minority women who can intelligently express themselves have no place in society as far as the ‘tolerant Left’ is concerned…Surely the NOW crowd will come to the defense of this woman…lest they be hypocrites…


  50. Is there something sick about these hateful empty people with their inflammatory remarks? Do we lose are rights to live our lives as we see fit? What is your problem you negative people? Are you following after your father the Devil?

    Proverbs 17:28, : “ Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and
    discerning if they hold their tongues.”

    • Some of the ugliest women it has been my misfortune to see where invariably liberals. Fox has a very good business plan going there. Smart and gorgeous will bring the guys in. Even the liberal ladies on Fox are by and large very good looking. Hats off to Fox.

  51. Col. West, I think you need to start petition that the NAACP legally change their name to the NAALCP L for Liberal. This group has never stood up and defended any conservative black person. Thank You for fighting the good fight & you service to our country!!

    • ColoMom, I think you are right but I also don’t think that would be happening if MLK was still alive. His dream wasn’t for blacks to be enslaved by a welfare system but to lift them up and create the incentive for them to make something of themselves like Dr. Ben Carson did and Col. Allen West did.

      • Agreed, Okwaho1 these scumbags are upset because of a Black and Mexican woman who made something of her self and is not on welfare. They where ignorant then and they are still ignorant, and will always be ignorant. Why because they feed off the blood of those that work for a living, black or white. America needs to take out the trash?

      • You are absolutely right, John. Maybe we could dump it (trash) in the south Indian Ocean. Nobody can find anything down there.

      • That was my thought too after the second day ML 370 was missing. It has hangers big enough to house 2 B-52’sand a 13,800′ runway and is a top secret Navy / CIA / Nasa base who never offered to help search for the plane that carried twenty some scientists involved in creating a new advanced secret weapon.
        It don’t take a brain surgeon…

      • You are so right. MLK would not approve of what is going on with the liberal black ‘leaders’. He was a good man who wanted the best for ALL races & just wanted to end discrimination. If only he was not assassinated, sad day for America.

      • Liberals laud LBJ who was as racist as they come. He was quoted as saying that with government handouts, he’ll will have those n*ggers voting Democrat for 200 years. Yes, he actually said that.

        Funny, I don’t remember that being brought up at the recent LBJ celebration that Obama attended.

  52. I really hope this beautiful young woman can get past this and know that there are wonderful people out there white and black who really welcome her to Fox news and anywhere she goes,.

  53. As a minority myself .. I am embarrassed by all these clowns running this nation today. Obama is a pathological liar. The Congressional Black Caucus a worthless herd of buffoons. NAACP a corrupt , filth infested , herd of idiots.

  54. It seems like the attitude is if “one of their own” try to better themselves, or think for themselves, the libs attack and intimidate. I can just hear them now saying “she’s getting uppity and has a mind of her own”, better intimidate her right back to the lib plantation.

  55. The attacks on Stacy Dash just go to show every one just who the BIGOTS and RACISTS really are. The only thing liberal about the LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS is the way they BUY VOTES at election time.

  56. My close friend who I also worked with told me 25 years ago that many blacks called him a sell out and uncle Tom because he became an Architect and they were jealous of him as well. I was shocked when he told me this and though it was kind of only whispers back then I now see that ever since BHO became president, EH the DOJ together with the left wing liberals race relations have been set back at least 65 years. My God people, be proud of accomplished Blacks regardless of their political beliefs.

  57. sometimes the best response to people that hate and our rude to us, is a soft answer. it goes something like this. this is what God says about love, Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 8 Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. now Jesus said to love one another as I have loved you, how did he love us, he died for all of us to save us from death ,hell and the grave .he said we are not to act the same way the world does. so I say forgive them Lord , for they know what they do. because if they knew right now what’s in store for them, they would do an about face. God made everything, and everybody and everything and everybody belongs to him.

  58. Their complaint for eons has been that ” the white man holds them back”. That is such a bunch of BS. They have been their own worst enemy for years.The liberals and Democrat party capitalizes on that mindset. As does Jessee Jackson and Sharpton. A race that exists on hatred ,resentment and turns against their own who tries to be successful ,is in a very bad way.

  59. Mr. West, I am so grateful that your voice will not be silenced. I hope to one day pull the lever for you as President of the United States.

    The hate filled vitriol is as sad as it is disgusting. People that spew these comments have no self awareness at how much they are being used.

      • Ppl who use that word never, sometimes end up eating it . I wonder if we retain the House and take control of the Senate in the next election, if the naysayers are going to come back here too admit they were wrong, nahhhhh probably not ????

      • I don’t know what world you live in…but in the real world we understand that ALLEN WEST has NO chance of becoming president…NONE!!

      • Actually, if not President, I would love to see him as Secretary of Defense or Secretary of State. Far more equipped than Hagel, Kerry or Clinton. They have only made the world a worse place and both our allies and enemies laugh at us.

  60. Some are choosing to be slaves on the Democrat plantation. They are grateful for the crums they get as handouts from their massa.

  61. Liberals love labels – if you are pro-life you hate women, if you disagree with Obama you are a racist, and if you don’t support the LGBT agenda you are a homophobe. Truly sick.

      • Natalie – do be a dear and try and keep up. Would you like it better if I used the term “Leftist”? Socialist? Communist? This administration thrives on racial and class division – that is a fact.

      • It doesn’t matter WHAT you call them — you just labeled an entire group of people in your own post about how sickening it is that that group labels people. I’m starting to feel really bad for you. You can’t even see that your own post ate itself in the process of trying to insult other people — WHILE you were doing what you claim to be sickened by. Wow wow wow!!! I’m trying to help you out here. You’re kind of looking crazier by the minute. Just stop it already. The complete and total absence of logic is making me embarrassed for you.

      • Okay — this statement literally means nothing. Come back with an intelligent comment please or you will be duly ignored as you should be. Anything of substance to add or not? Ad hom attacks are boring, cheap, and of no value at all. Keep up.

      • You missed my point completely. Are you sure you are the intellectual that you think are? Wow yourself.

      • Try to cover all you want with more meaningless statements. Your post COMPLETELY contradicts itself because that is how your mind works. I didn’t miss a thing. You’re simply busted and have no logical comeback. You are clearly not equipped.

      • Oh Nat, there you go again. Trying to act like a psuedo -intellectual by putting other people down and calling them irrational and not equipped. Then you post above that you don’t call people names and are above it all. You are truly confused. I am not “busted” as today’s liberal by a majority are racist, and misogynist against people of color/women who just happen to be conservatives. You keep proving my point.

  62. Isn’t is amazing how the black leftys want to keep everybody on the plantation with them. They can’t stand for someone who has studied and lifted themselves up in the world to stay there without verbally attacking them. They should look at allen West, Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Stacey Dash and many more and say if I study hard I can be a success just like them. I don’t have to live on welfare in the projects. I can make it without being a sports star if I use my mind.

  63. It seems that the “community” has banned the First Amendment in their zeal to overcome…overcome opportunity, freedoms for all, life liberty et al. Shame on those high profile members of the black community who first claim African Americanism when NONE of them ever lived in Africa!

  64. You Go Stacey!!! Be your own person, be yourself and let all those black racist and bashers fall behind you because they will never measure up to who you are, nor up to your standards of life either. YOU did it all on your own, and that’s something all those bashing you could never do. They have no respect for you, probably jealous and have way less, or no talent, to do anything worthwhile in life anyway. I am very respectful and happy for you, regardless of creed or color. Believe me, there are plenty out there that admire you too.

  65. Are these haters so ignorant, that they don’t realize how stupid they look, when they attack not just black, but any people for taking a job, with an establishment they prefer? Hey I have a ton of Liberal friends….. We agree to disagree thankfully!

    • Roy, I don’t understand how you can have “…tons of liberal friends”. I’ve had a very few liberal acquaintances but we never got past the extreme differences of their side destroying America and my side trying to save America. It’s a war Roy.

      • Yeah most liberals I have known I don’t know anymore, they just go away. Good riddance, in the end this is a “ain’t big enough for the both of us” situation when they want to subjugate you to their views. We’ll be reliving the 1860s soon enough.

      • I agree. What used to be lively discussions have become deadly serious. I had a liberal friend from childhood who bragged after the Boston bombing that she taught her class that this was a racist country and conservatives would try to blame Muslims for the attack. Well we all know how that turned out. I asked her if she corrected herself with her class and did she tell them the truth? She hasn’t spoken to me again and I am truly glad. The fact that this person teaches school children appalls and saddens me.

    • My haters tell me to “Shut Up.” and “Stupid” I tell them what what my late dad advised me “In one ear and out the other.” and “Water off a duck.”

  66. It is so sad to see a culture bent on destroying those that succeed on their own. The “black” community has bashed LTC West, Miss Rice, Star Parker, Justice Thomas and now Miss Dash. If they had gumption and fortitude they also could also get out of the ghetto environment but sadly that requires hard work. During my many years in the military I saw over and over again blacks harassing other blacks for getting ahead. I could never understand the mentality of hating your own brothers and sisters for succeeding.

    • And is the attitude of the administration as such.The anti -business, and share the wealth policies are a mirror image of that forthought. Why haven’t they cut Obama down Obama for getting ahead? Because his attitude just confirms and the $$ thrown at them gives rise to re-enforcing the same behavior. He gives them a trivial bone; yet they really think they have somethin’.

    • You are correct. The author of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Robert K said it is called the legend of the Black Crab. When one Black Crab wanted to leave the barrel to escape the other crabs took down the crab that wanted to escape.

  67. Stacy Dash ranks as one of the most beautiful women, black or white, of all time.
    These ” LIBTARDS ” are just soo pissed off because they don’t have her.
    You just can’t make a ” CLASSY PERSON ” out of a ” CLASSLESS LIBTARD ” !!!

  68. I view this name calling such as “white man’s porch monkey” as in itself RACIST against whites. Whomever is calling them names based on a derogatory comment of her in essence being “white-sided” has nothing to do with being Liberal, Democrat, Republican or Conservative but is a downright unadulterated name-calling as a RACITS, and are the very definition of racism itself. What hypocrits–it is hatred against whites plain and simple.

  69. Look, we can expect this kind of thing from the fascist Marxists. Just calling them out on it isn’t enough, because we’re preaching to the choir. Where’s LEADERSHIP that is going to go after these people? The GOP? Don’t make me laugh. Where’s the new Lee Atwater? Where’s anyone with a set of cajones ready to take these people on?

    • No no Dear. One of the reasons that I know about this woman is because, even though I am not of her ethnicity, I am olive skinned and dark haired and have been approached for YEARS by at least a hundred people that STILL run up to me and say “You know who you look JUST like?” I always know the answer to their surprise and say “Stacey Dash”. I’ve always thought that she was an okay as an actress. I just don’t think she’s qualified as a professional political pundit. But thanks for the compliment!!! (Just kidding — I know all the conservatives are totally peeved with me even though I am sometimes conservative myself. Just not a republican. Oh well).

  70. Right out of Alinski, demonize your opponent. Make whatever wild charge you can think of, it will resonate with the mindless horde you’re trying to influence. The poor saps are enslaving themselves, all the while crying out about the dangers of free enterprise and freedom of thought. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she’s beautiful, in a crowd of beautiful, smart FOX ladies.

    • When people call me names…it does not hurt me!
      Does it hurt any of you? I have on my desktop computer, as my screen saver…”You don’t receive flak, unless you are over the target” by Col. Allen West!
      Let them balk! Who cares! When someone calls you names…look back at them with a smile, and say…”Do you know the lack of intelligence, that shows, when you call me names?” And then…walk away! Or just tell them…”Too bad you follow the words of a man who gave credence to LUCIFER, in the front of his book!” That will get those so-called Christian Leftists!… and if a name is to be thrown back at them..this one works…USEFUL IDIOT! from the same book!

  71. Soooo……I’ve been commenting on this site for weeks now but never identified myself as a liberal. The second that I did, I got severely attacked by at least fifteen people here IMMEDIATELY in ways that I have never seen. When I identify as being conservative (which on some topics I am), I was NEVER attacked like that. Called filthy names, had people immediately assume I was Black for some reason (which isn’t an insult but definitely a curiosity), people have jumped out of nowhere and accused me of being hateful even though I haven’t called the subject any names or made any personal insults against them, called me a RACIST (for some reason I have yet to even figure out). None of my opinions have changed in the least — just what I chose to call myself today out of sheer curiosity here on this thread (I didn’t have to use that word after all). I am very disappointed at the result. Knee-jerk city. I am a registered Independent that goes both ways. Threads like this one makes me think ill of Conservatives strictly by the thought of being associated with people that are this NASTY to people. It is very bizarre. I hope Mr. West truly sees what he is breeding here — because with Independents, you have the opportunity to make the kind of impressions that can turn the tide in your favor. As of today on threads like this, he’s NOT doing a good job of swaying things in his direction with people who don’t like being attacked for being free thinkers. I own a firearm, support gay rights, went to Harvard with no familial or government funds, fully support free speech, don’t think the government should be a part of all free enterprise, believe in the legalization of marijuana (too much money spent on incarcerating a punk for a joint), support the Affordable Health Care Act, am terrified of unsavory characters that I encounter on the street (that includes scary looking Black dudes in hoodies and White skinheads), and did I mention that I will fight to the end to keep my firearm?, don’t believe in tax cuts for the 1% — I don’t think that one party can fully represent me. The nasty people on this thread need to stop and think about themselves. You think you know the ins and outs of somebody like me that referred to themselves as a “liberal” today. You don’t. Look up th e meaning of the word for heaven’s sake.

    • Natalie….Mr West knows EXACTLY what his is breading! That is why so many post are about MUSLIMS and AL Sharpton….he is only playing on people fears, bigotry and hatred …sad

      • Earl – why do conservative people of color garner so much hatred and racism? if you are a conservative woman of color you really get hammered. Why is that? They are called every name in the book and it is disgusting. Did you read any of the tweets aimed at Dash? That is breeding hatred not Mr. West. That is reality.

        Not all Muslims are terrorists – all terrorist just happen to be Muslim however. Who hangs gays and terrorize young girls and women? Muslims. That’s reality.

      • “all terrorist just happen to be Muslim”
        It’s statements like this that make you continue to look crazy. and possessed of no logic skills whatsoever (this is a very basic/classic logic sentence fail). I now get why you are defending an uneducated person; you are one of them and are just defending your own kind. That actually makes sense in a really messed up way. On a sociological/anthropological level, minorities will sometimes feel betrayed by another member of a minority that sides with the an oppressor — this case being a party that has clearly expressed in almost every way possible it’s disregard and outright disdain for
        minorities. It’s really not that complicated for someone who understand basic human nature or again, just logic. Those minorities are actually quite uncommon. Haven’t you noticed that? It’s that way for a reason. It’s unnatural to support people who don’t care if you are stamped out of existence because you are not rich or don’t look like them. Trust, most of the people that you seem to be supporting probably don’t care about you either if YOU TOO are not either rich or will provide them with a vote. Whatever.

      • Gee Natalie, I am so glad to read that you don’t call people names and you are above it all. Tell me, at Harvard did they teach the actual history of this country or the one the left likes to make up? The Democratic party owns slavery, lynchings, KKK, segregation, voting against civil rights legislation, and a host of other abominations against blacks. They were the oppressor and still are. If a black person strays off of the Democratic plantation they are vilified.

        You might want to get your tuition back – seems you’ve been ripped off.

      • Why do conservatives always go back to the 1800 and act like BLACK PEOPLE owe them something. If the democratic party was the party of the KKK …..the republican party has taken it over with PRIDE! The republican party can’t say what they have done for the black community…they demonize the black community….the believe we are all on welfare, lazy, moochers, takers and only voted for obama because he was passing out free stuff

      • Not true Earl. Who on this thread thinks that black people owe them something? You are twisting history to fit your beliefs regarding the Republican party. As for Obama I hate his policies and political tactics. There are Republicans who I also distrust and don’t support.

        You still don’t address why people of color who are conservatives are villified and called horrible racist names. When Stacy Dash came out for Romney the tweets were awful with one suggesting that she commit suicide.

        I’ll give you one example of what Republicans have done for the black community. That old, white, retired Army General, President Eisenhower drafted and signed the first ever Civil Rights bill. LBJ, then in the Senate fought him tooth and nail as he and 80% of Democrats voted against it – they believed that it gave “negroes” too many rights. Finally it had to be “watered down” to get it passed by Democrats.

        Earl, please learn the real history of race in this country.

      • There you go with the 1800’s history lesson….How about trying to address the republican party, the black community in 2014!

      • Well actually Eisenhower was the 1950’s but conservatives believe in individual freedom and the opportunity to succeed in whatever a person’s dream is. Big government can’t orchestrate outcomes as it always ends in disaster. Conservatives believe in school choice which would allow kids in bad school districts to go to schools that have good educational records. Conservatives believe that their ought to be safety nets for folks of any color who find themselves in trouble – but it should not be a way of life.

      • I just did but you will go on believing that Republicans are all racist despite the history of our country. It starts with a quality education for ALL children not just those whose parents can afford to live in high end school districts. Any child who lives in lower income areas generally have to go to low performing schools. There are teachers that have no business in the classroom but are protected by the unions. A child from a poor family deserves school choice and to get a quality education – why do democrats fight this so hard? This is very 2014.

      • Ok….this is what confuses me… want to GOVERNMENT to lift kids out of poor performing schools? That would be the PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY!! Once again….republicans want to grow the size of government

      • Any idea of why, when polled, 99% of the members of the 600 VIOLENT WHITE SUPREMACISTS groups that are here in the US reported that they were members of the Republican party??? Hmmmmm……..just curious as to why you think a thing like that might be. Any theories??? I’d love to hear some.

      • Hey I’ll give u something, black unemployment rates are twice that of whites, the jobless rate among whites is 6.6% among blacks it’s 12.6%, under this BLACK PRESIDENT, and his corrupt administration and that’s a statistical fact, so what have the democrats done for the black community hmmmmm?

      • Well what did this first BLACK president give the black community oh, double digit unemployment, I forgot!!Its the blacks who think they are owed something, well I think we’ve paid it back enough thru affirmative action.

      • I apologize – I forgot about all of those Protestants that chop off people’s heads, those Amish that genitally mutilate their young girls, the Baptists that hang people for being gay, those Catholics that stone women to death, those darn Lutherans that fly airplanes into buildings……..

      • Is that all you’ve got? One scumbag? I am talking about whole countries that breed and encourage terrorism of their own people and others.

      • There are BILLIONS that follow ISLAM and its is silly to say they all are terrorist. Its like saying all black people eat watermelon or all white people are racist and can’t dance and have little penises!

      • You did not read my post – I said that while not ALL Muslims are terrorists, all terrorists are Muslim. Big difference.

      • Timothy McVeigh was a Christian identity white supremacist. The Christian identity movement has nothing to do with the teachings of Christ or the Bible. They are solely motivated by hatred of the government and of any different ethnic background. He was not a Christian. Nice try.

      • Try to cover all you want. You said that all terrorists are Muslims — which is literally one of the most stupid things I’ve ever heard anyone say. If you really think that, either you are not mentally stable or have been living under a rock for the past 50 years. Want proof? Just visit the FBI page on domestic terrorist that are just plain old Americans or go to ANY site that lists all of the American terrorist organizations out there. It’s not hard to do if you know what a Google search engine is — here’s even one for ya to get you started
        I know you’re fine with having your brain stay stuck so you probably won’t acknowledge the falseness of your statement at all because your mind won’t let you. I get it. Everyone isn’t possessed of that kind of plasticity (not necessarily your fault) even in the face of hard facts. But hey, I can dare to dream 😉

      • And yes, you ARE just going to have to deal with the fact that I went to Harvard, studied psychology (which requires extensive study in the areas of sociology, anthropology, human behavior, cultural studies, etc.). I have traveled the world and have more experience than you can imagine at this point. Your world looks really small to me right now — and your words can’t effect me until I see some compassion and/or logic here. So far I haven’t seen either.

      • Predictable reply. I don’t care if you went to Harvard or not. You definitely have a high opinion of yourself and believe that your Ivy league education gives you not only the right but the duty to call other people with whom you disagree ignorant, bananas, uneducated, illogical, not equipped to comment. I believe that the term for that is malignant narcissism.

        I and probably a lot of people on this thread have traveled the world but that is not a per-requisite to reason and to hold beliefs.

        Experiences can be a true learning point in a person’s life or not. Depends on the person.

      • The fact that you drone on and on about where you went to Harvard and all you have accomplished, if you actually studied psychology all the way to a terminal degree, would suggest your Internet persona does not match with reality. Otherwise, you project narcissism which may be a symptom of bpd.

      • Nobody cares what she thinks, like u said she just drones on and on and on and ………..

      • Lol. It’s for research, ya flippin’ genius. (Btw, being opinionated and confident in your educated position is not narcissism — You need an encyclopedia of psych terms and a tad more gray matter Dr. Smith).

      • my dear shall we have a conversation about your supposed degree that we both know is false? Your need to let us all know of your degree is proof. If it is genuine, give us the link to prove it. It is a matter of public record.

      • Ahaha!!!! Surrrre — and why don’t I just go ahead right now and throw in my Social Security Number and home address to a bunch of angry attackers. I don’t have the slightest problem with anyone here who chooses not to believe me — not believing me Dear! Know why? Because it never changes the reality of whatever my academic status is (funny how that works). I’m pretty sure it’s not worth risking my life for, Scott. I’ve noticed that the angrier folks are with me, the more they tend to obsess over the Harvard thing. Interesting. All I have to do is bring it up once and I get hundreds of comments from people like you for days and weeks, all in a tithe. Sorry it bothers you so much; was just talking about my life and experiences. If my last academic institution had been a community college, I would proudly have stated that in a post too — I used to do it all the time before I went to HU. It’s just a good school where they really push the limits of academics. That’s all. No more, no less. You HAVE to know that someone in my position can’t ever be upset by not having a stranger on a thread not believe even one detail of my actual life. I’m just having a chat here sir. Feel as free as you like to just keep on insulting away though. Ad hom/personal attacks are pretty expected all around here. Every time it happens it just proves my point more though. People attacking a woman (me) for a difference of opinion while screaming about how wrong it is that people are attacking a woman (Dash) for her difference of opinion. It’s just plain classic (that’s why it makes for such good research — get it?). Or are you too deep in it to see it?

      • you overate your importance in my thoughts. I’m not making fun of you. I am just pointing to your hypocrisy and Lie

      • Yeah, okay crazy person. You cracked the case lol. You’re just not even making any sense at all. I couldn’t care less if you WERE making fun of me — I invite it because it’s amusing — knock yourself out til your fingers fall off for all I care — because like I said; it DOESN’T ALTER REALITY. Believe what you need to babe. I’m fine and will stay this way. You’re wasting your time. And by the way, it’s “overrate” for your future reference. See ya.

      • As to my doctorate in peace-building and micro-financing, I have not finished the dissertation. Needless to say we can have the BS throwing around degrees or stick to the issue of the thread…especially since we know you do not have a Harvard PhD and likely have a simple BA degree at best.

        And to the subject of the article: if you think she is wrong for being conservative then you are racist. It is not uncommon among the Left who only allow those like minded minorities to have a seat at the table. Otherwise they stay out in the fields. So embrace the cognitive dissonance of believing you stand up for minorities, but the truth is when you deny them the right to think and speak as well as choose who they associate with, you oppress them, violate their civil rights, negate their personhood all of which is racism.

      • Now wait a second. Hold on to your socks because I think I’m going to shock you here: believe it or not, Scott — I am in 100% agreement with YOU. If you hadn’t jerked your knee so hard at the fact that I referred to myself as liberal (which most people here did), you might have actually caught that. You are very guilty of that. There is no “cognitive dissonance” nor “bpd” to speak of (unless you feel as though you too are suffering from those things since we are actually thinking the same thing about the topic). I did not “bash” this woman at all. I simply stated that I personally did not find her to be qualified to be a professional political pundit that I would want to listen to due her lack of background in the area — I had researched her last year when a friend of mine shot me an article about her. If she had ANY background or education whatsoever, I wouldn’t have said that. I pay close attention to the roots of the pundits that I follow or support as I am reliant upon them for accurate information and perspectives that are rooted in indepth research, accurate analysis, political involvement, areas of study, etc. This woman has never shown me any of those things — any more than Brittaney Spears or Justin Bieber have. If it were Condelezza Rice — I’d be all ears (i always am with her because I think she’s a friggin’ genius whether I agree with her or not). It has NOTHING to do with her race — and she has every right to her opinions without being viciously attacked even if I don’t agree with them — just as I was meant to have my opinion here without being attacked. I have been PLENTY though — for a simple rational opinion. She, to me, is just a pretty actress with an opinion and nothing more. That’s not good enough for MY pundits. I don’t follow anyone from either side that hasn’t proven their qualifications. I’m wrong for that??? So much so that I’ve been called every name in the book here for it??? Excuse me for having standards for my political pundits. I don’t do the pop star thing so I guess I’m the devil, right? As for my academics — LOL. I NEVER said I had a PhD yet — I am working towards it as a grad student (almost finished) but I’ve had this semester off to pad my bank account for next semester and do independent research and clinical projects while teaching. No shame in my game there. Nothing so crazy really. I don’t get why it’s such a problem for some people here. It’s kind of silly. Plenty of people at Harvard and other fine establishments share my views. It’s kind of weird that people freak out about this much really.

      • What I have seen in your posts is this: Harvard degree psychology. Now anyone in their right mind knows how many bachelor’s degree psych grads are out there. As well as those working on their grad degree. I have been there, I can relate. But up and down the thread, comment after comment you point to your academic credentials as a reason to believe you. And you pass judgment on a person’s qualifications. Now as a person who has studied psychology at the graduate level before taking a different path, I have a modicum of counseling experience to go with the book learning. I have an MDIV as well. None of that qualifies me to make hiring decisions for a network. I have spent life documenting mass graves, human rights conditions, disaster response and medical missions as well as pastor in churches until ptsd broke my ability to work in war and disaster zones. I am recovering and now continue my PhD work to help the poor in an alternative conservative way. So now we have swapped experience let me tell you why I support her hiring and hate the hateful talking about her. She is a friend, I know her. I disagree with your assessment based on that personal experience.

      • Now why couldn’t you have just said that in the first place instead of launching a bunch of silly personal attacks and accusations??? This is EXACTLY what I’m talking about. If you had, believe it or not, I would have respected your opinion and outlook about what you feel she has to offer as a pundit. I would still disagree with you, but I would do so respectfully as it is coming from a position of personal experience if you truly know the woman. THIS IS ALL I’M SAYING SCOTT. All of this other totally disrespectful rigmarole was ENTIRELY unnecessary and uncalled for. I don’t go around doing that to folks unless they start with me. It’s just not cool and it’s a nasty waste of your energy. If you were to go back and actually REALLY look at my posts — I NEVER ONCE said that you should respect my opinion more than someone else’s because I went to Harvard. I was simply stating my life experience as being one of a person who has been put through the rigors (and vicious expense) of a good education and not sitting around blowing hot air without having armed myself with knowledge and that I know how to do my homework and am capable of critical thinking (which is absolutely necessary for you to do well there obviously). It is a valid position to state that you are a person who values education — sounds like you do too.

        “comment after comment you point to your academic credentials as a reason to believe you”

        GO LOOK AT THEM! I NEVER said that — a lot of people just like to take it that way because it’s implied that you have a lot of book sense — and apparently you did too. THAT’S not my fault. You are incorrect and made a comment based on personal perception as opposed to the actual content of my posts — and it’s that same perception that made you approach me with a certain attitude that was COMPLETELY unwarranted. It’s perfectly fine and healthy to be proud of one’s accomplishments — as I am also VERY humble about all the crap that I DON’T know. In this particular case, I simply have no reason to attach myself to pundits who have NO resume at all. That’s all. Surely you don’t think that that is irrational, do you? The people on this thread have complicated the HELL out of a simple principle of examining a person’s professional background for a professional position. I’ve hired plenty of employees in my life — this is a pretty simple thing — I LOOKED AT THEIR RESUMES and then listened to what they had to say. If they didn’t have a resume, they didn’t get the job. Friend or not — you KNOW that’s how it goes in ANY profession. Has NOTHING to do with me having a Harvard degree or anything else — this is how things work every day for pretty much EVERYONE and you know it (barring all forms of nepotism of course — which is kind of what this feels like in Hollywood form). I’ve never gotten a professional position without a resume or proof of my schooling in that field — and I don’t think I know of anyone else who ever has either. It’s just not how things work in the real world. There’s a reason for that.

      • Also meant to say that I’m sorry to hear about the ptsd — it’s an AWFUL thing. I don’t know if you saw my former post about my work and clinics, but I am working towards making ptsd management a hundred times more accessible and effective — it’s my main focus. Working super hard.

      • I’ve kinda already answered the question but I will try again. Republicans have proven over and over again that they don’t care about the black community. They strip programs designed to help lift people out of poverty. They try to strip them of their right to VOTE because they know they don’t have policies that the majority of america agree with so they try to manipulate elections by this bogus VOTER FRAUD claim.

      • looking at the OBVIOUS racism coming from the republican/tea party and black people that support that is the reason they are HAMMERED.

      • What is the obvious racism you talk about? The only obvious racism I see is coming from the left. Did you read the tweets to Stacey? Or what has been said to Mr. West, Condoleeza Rice, Susana Martinez, Ben Carson, Tim Scott, and a host of other conservatives of color? What is sad is you seem to think that this form of racism isn’t racist at all but deserved.

      • By Democrats fighting voter ID by saying that minorities can’t get valid ID is pretty racist. They are basically saying that they aren’t smart enough or have the ability to get ID. Wow, really? How does a person get through life in all other forms without valid ID? Voter fraud is real and many have been prosecuted for it from the last election. You had districts that voted 110% for Obama and 0% for Romney. That is a statistical impossibility. Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and NY had rampant voter fraud. I believe that it was South Carolina that did a voter audit and found hundreds of thousands of people on the voting rolls that shouldn’t have been. This is also the reason that Dems are pushing amnesty so hard and the desire to lift voting restrictions from convicted felons – they will overwhelmingly vote for Democrats and big daddy government.

        More people are receiving disability, unemployment benefits and welfare now since the great depression. Republicans don’t believe that these programs as a way of life being passed from generation to generation for both blacks and whites are lifting anyone out of poverty. LBJ’s racist ‘great society’ was a horrible idea and was done for only the most cynical and racist reasons….LBJ himself said that with government handouts he would have “these n*ggers voting democrat for the next 200 years”.

      • I’m sorry but this voter fraud argument has been proven dishonest. This is why in almost EVERY state where voter id laws were passed ….they are being struck down in the courts. Also, tell me how….eliminating early voting registration days, eliminating voting on sundays, eliminating same day registration, putting less voting booths in poor districts…what does all that have to do with VOTER FRAUD?? This tells me that its not about voter fraud…its about making it harder and harder for certain people to vote…certain people that vote for democrats.

      • Aw don’t worry Earl, with this administration and the Senate in control by Democrats, illegals will get amnesty, convicted felons will be allowed to vote and voter fraud will be here to stay. Your dreams will be answered! Liberal courts have struck down these laws in some places – big surprise. The dead, family pets and foreigners will be well represented!

      • You never answered the points other than ID laws…who does all those other things have to do with VOTER FRAUD?

      • Dishonest? Seriously? Because 5 people got caught in voter fraud in INDIANA to get Obamas name on the ballet for him to even run for president. Hmmm? Dishonest huh?

      • Denying reality doesn’t dispute an issue…it only highlights the lack of morality of those who don’t think our election process needs to insure it’s integrity…

      • Not too hard too get welfare tho is it, or signing up too get those EBT CARDS, bet ya find a way too get there to get those!!!

      • Hey Earl, tell me how your democrat “leader’s” insistence that we legalize 30 million invaders is going to help put inner city Black Males back to work…and please, be specific…

      • Oh puleeezzzeee the democrats could care less about minorities, all they care about is buying their vote,we all know there’s voter fraud and democrats want it that way, so they can have power, that’s the honest reason they get the courts to strike down voters laws, because without fraud, democrats couldn’t possibly win. You and this phony president are not fooling anyone, with this voter suppression crap.Gee I guess whites are smarter than minorities,if they can’t figure out how to get a I.D,u may not be saying that outright buts that’s what your inferring, when u talk about voter suppression.

    • Well if I am hearing you correctly, you are saying you troll posting and then decrying the results. That really boosts your credibility, or, not.

      For one, identify as a liberal and to most conservatives you have auto questioned your own sanity, identified with a lack of moral values and irresponsibility in most areas. Additionally if Democrat, someone who likely denies their own parties’ racist history (a reason you would be called a racist). All generalizations certainly, but politics is generalization as you can’t make a set of laws for each specific person. Liberals in politics are the ones trying to take your right to own and possess a firearm away, in increments if they have to but wholesale if they can. To me that makes them the enemy as much as a drug cartel member or a terrorist.

      As the article notes, just the mere fact of expressing their (conservative) opinion gets blacks rabidly attacked by liberals and many of them are black liberals doing some of the worst name calling. I for one don’t really see much value in taking the high road on it, those I see doing it I am going to insult and degradate in return for their stupidity.
      Stacey Dash is a very lovely woman, who thinks for herself. If (most) blacks don’t like her for her views, she can call herself white for all I care. Point is she has a right to her views and those spewing the hate toward her are deserving of the worst that fate has to offer them in return. Kharma is a bitch.

      • I have NO time for you. It would take forever to explain your wrongness. NOT asking for a set of laws for one person. They’re called priorities in a voting booth. You just don’t get this whole free thinking thing. Bye.

      • Interpretation:

        “Wah, I got called out as a troll, taking my bat & ball and leaving.”
        I get free thinking plenty, I think you are trolling in this case.

        Careful on that door, just replaced the springs last week…

      • someone that comes with a different point of view is labeled a “TROLL”. These people just like talking to people that believe the same crap they do! Kinda boring if u ask me

      • She admitted it by saying that sometimes she identifies herself as liberal and sometimes as a conservatives to “test” people. That is trolling.

      • Nope. Wrong as usual. Trolling is when you purposely incite rage. If you think about it hard enough (probably won’t), you would understand that me saying the word “liberal” shouldn’t have that effect on mature adults on this thread. I certainly have never been incited to fury when anyone has identified what party they subscribe to. Why should I??? That’s completely stupid, immature and bigoted. But that’s my point. I listen for the content of what they say. Not what party they say they belong to. Here the word “liberal” itself apparently incites people. I gave people benefit of the doubt that they wouldn’t be BIGOTED enough to attack me just for using that word. They did. What a fail — and then accuse ME of hate. Dumbest most backwards thing I’ve ever seen. Inciting rage was NOT even close to being my intention so sell the troll thing somewhere else. Not buying here. You are guilty as well. You just are.

      • I call someone with a different point of view (ie a liberal) an idiot since they apparently missed the clues along the way on how wrong they are.
        I call someone that poses as various things (note the post I responded to originally) and makes various claims (look at the person’s several posts on this subject) to create situations, a troll.

      • Its a form of corruption called buying votes (with public funds). It was actually predicted as the downfall of this country shortly after it started by DeToqueville. Essentially (this is paraphrased, go look it up and help improve that edumakashun you got in liberal dominated schools), “Once politicians finds out they can buy votes by promising benefits from public funds the American Democracy Experiment is failed”.

      • The whole point of ANYONE posting their opinions on threads like these is pretty much to have discussions about their ideas and exchange different points of view. I haven’t told a single lie about myself (not POSING as anything — this is exactly who I am). JUST because I don’t subscribe to ONE party and am conservative on SOME subjects, and liberal on others does not make me a troll, silly boy. It makes me someone that knows better than to think that I have to be stuck in one party’s mindset and blindly follow and support everything they come up with as platforms and talking points — because that is a very stupid thing to do no matter what party you follow. For example, just because I don’t like West, doesn’t mean that I HAVE to disagree with EVERYTHING he says. I have actually agreed with him on certain topics and have expressed that on threads. Is that wrong? Or am I supposed to just do like most of my attackers here and blindly disagree with EVERYTHING that comes out of his mouth because I don’t like his political position? My brain is NOT stuck like that. If someone that I generally support says or does something that I find objectionable, I call THEM out on it too. Most of the people here just blindly chime in with West no matter what they think. It’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to actually agree with literally EVERYTHING that ANYONE says. How often does that actually happen in real life??? That’s why I know it’s boloney on this thread when people do it — just HAVE to agree SO ADAMANTLY with his every single word. Sure. I’ve already done several experiments on this. I GUARANTEE that if were to pose as West and write an article, let’s say, that was the EXACT OPPOSITE of the view that he expressed in this DASH situation, that pretty much all of you would would be arguing for it. I know this because I’ve done it (in the name of research). That’s how I know that some people are full of it and having their minds and actions controlled by some of these pundits. It’s literally insane and quite scary. NO ONE is gonna pull MY strings like that. Do what you want.

      • Someone may not pull your strings like that, but it appears I certainly got your chain.

        I don’t necessarily agree with everything Col. West might either. Generally I don’t bother saying much if so.

        But take the war on drugs, I happen to agree that its a colossal waste of resources trying to get pigs to sing – its bound to fail and annoys the pig. If he posted an article on it, like with other conservatives I’d point out that we’ve spent trillions, accomplished nothing (people still use the stuff in varying percentages), enriched criminals, stuffed our jails with non-violent offenders who become violent after the abuse there, encourage kids to use because dealers will sell to them as they won’t be cops (plus the rebellion factor), corrupted our legal system and eroded our rights under the 4th and other amendments in the pursuit of what they think is a lofty goal, but its in practice unachievable due to human nature. I wouldn’t be calling him the vile names that you liberals do when you come on here though.

        That’s the difference.

      • You got my chain? You’re giving yourself WAY too much credit Dear. We’re just having a casual chat here and I’m quietly sipping tea and enjoying my day. If I could actually be negatively affected by anything on a thread like this, I wouldn’t even be alive to type this right now. Yikes! I hope no one else here is that weak either (that would be
        awful). But anyways, you did again and lumped me into a group rather than see me for the INDIVIDUAL that has never EVER come on this thread and called West a “vile” name. You can’t seem to stop doing that — which was part of my whole point. I only call a name when I’ve been called a name. I don’t see a thing wrong or unfair about that. Everyone
        gets back whatever treatment they give to me — good or bad. Also, I say bravo to YOU if you can manage to steer clear of the lemming mentality of blind agreement. The number of people on this kind of thread who can’t is staggering; per my little experiments of planting false articles/threads a couple of times (it WAS strictly for research data). I also agree with you about the drug thing. I think the whole thing is beyond damaging to this country. See? Look — we agree on something. Is that so terrible? Careful though, someone might see that you’ve just disagreed with West and call you every piece of commie liberal trash scum piece of crap that ever existed. It’s apparently the thing to do here instead of discuss things normally. A lot of people here don’t even care that much that I said that I personally didn’t think that Dash was qualified (no one who has attacked me has really even contradicted that). They all mostly just came crashing down on me for using the word “liberal” which is extremely bigoted. Know how I know? I found the same article elsewhere on a conservative site and stated the same opinion rephrased completely (very politely) and left the word “liberal” out of it. Guess what? Not a peep. I even had a bunch of folks agree with me. See what I mean? There is so much wrong with that, I can’t even begin to start again.

      • Right? So silly. And they call ME the narcissist lol. The people who freak out and attack and name call if they can’t see exactly what they are putting out there reflected right back at them. They need dictionaries big time.

      • Nat, if you have no time for these arguments why do you keep trying to get the last word in? Hang it up and move on! Go get a burger and a beer somewhere and laugh it off and sleep well tonight.

      • Nice catch actually! The burger and the beer was why I didn’t have time for the comment — it was dinner time with friends. I did laugh it up and had a great time. Woo Hoo! These comments I have time to make because I use the computer for my writing work at home for eight hours a day — and trust me, I laugh about it a lot. I wish you could see the research that I’ve done on these threads — it’s pretty wild.

      • Please stop relying to the liberal troll called Natalie. It is useless to argue with stupidity.

      • Nah, just had to bolt to go to dinner last evening and was bored of the
        silly silly rudeness of the people here (including you) that do EXACTLY
        what they say bothers them most and is SUCH a wrong and terrible thing
        to do — which is beat people down and call them names for having an
        opinion (which was all I did initially was express one). You are LITERALLY doing what you are arguing against and you can’t even see it. It’s really quite bizarre. I didn’t beat Dash down at all for being a conservative — I just said that my opinion
        was that she wasn’t qualified to be a professional pundit. It’s amusing
        for a while and then it’s just sad. This is a fair game social
        experiment that I’m doing for some material I’m writing for a paper
        (psychology). These posts will actually be examined thoroughly by people
        from all walks of life for a small study. You and others like you have
        been very helpful in proving certain points that I’m making in the

      • Don’t forget the point that people go into psychology to find out what’s wrong with them (yeah I took introductory psych as an elective as well where the teacher was refreshingly honest). Your baiting on numerous threads does show issues, whether you want to couch that as a “study” or not.

        You are the little girl that likes to tease then runs crying to teacher when someone retaliates. Having a psych study done by you on your “persecution” would be like Elliot Rodgers (Santa Barbara shooter) doing a study on women. My initial post to you wasn’t name calling you specifically beyond calling you out for trolling which you openly admitted to. I explained why people have a problem with you in identifying as a liberal, most all of whom come to this conservative site to fight verbally and assault conservatives, particularly Col. West.

        I’ll call you another name now – a shill. I call bullshit on your entire line, just more trolling.

      • That’s all fine and good Dear as you nor anyone else is under any
        obligation to believe a dog-gone word I say — but that never bothers me
        in the least because it never changes the reality that what I’m saying
        is true whether someone like you believes it or not. That’s never an
        issue for me. I study psych for my research on neuro-plasticty so that
        people who suffer from conditions like PTSD (which is becoming more and
        more common every day as with soldiers, victims of violence and
        traffiking etc.). It’s a horrible thing that destroys people’s lives and
        I have lots of work ahead of me to try to help with the fight. Yes, I
        goof off and engage in some silly stuff on a thread sometimes when doing
        my real research but it’s pretty harmless. The research thing that I’ve
        done on some threads is not all centered around persecution in the
        least actually, It’s about patterns in behavior under a condition in a
        controlled anonymous environment — but I don’t ever lie about myself
        because there’s no need to (my views are mixed enough to just say what I
        think and get a variety of responses on either side of most topics,
        so….). Some of the results are actually wonderful and enlightening
        (even when a person and I are not fully agreed) — others not so much of
        course. Some people are kind and generous — some people just jump in
        to rip you a new one for having an opinion that they do not like or if
        you don’t belong to their party. Race issues can be of real significance
        in my studies as they can be related and featured in PTSD a great deal
        sometimes. I’ve helped to form clinics which have been instrumental in
        saving people’s lives, minds, careers, and families through the
        implementation of a very specific type of therapy and all of my research
        helps to keep perfecting that. I do hope you know that none of the
        insults hurled at me never mean anything to me — THAT would be insane;
        but I do find them interesting sometimes for certain reasons.
        Conditioned responses of ALL types are a HUGE part of my research; even
        the most seemingly insignificant ones. Places like these can be some of
        the best free subject pools on the planet if you know how to use them.
        That’s what’s up. Believe/don’t believe — doesn’t matter. I’m just
        throwing info out there and at the end of the day, I do something REALLY
        good for people that’s extremely rewarding so all is well. Call me all
        the names ya like Dear! It’s all good, I promise 🙂

    • Good for you that you own a gun which is a person’s right if they wish to and pass a background check. However you have been calling people names on this thread, made snide remarks about Dash being uneducated and unqualified I guess because she didn’t go to Harvard. You think that you know the ins and outs of conservatives – you don’t. People are angry at the hypocrisy, lies, and the double standards of the left in this country. There was once such a thing of a “Classic Liberal” in this country which was never a bad thing. What we see today is cancerous and truly dangerous vitriol by the left in this country. I am not a Republican – There are plenty of Republicans that I don’t like or support. By conservative I believe in our Constitution, fiscal responsibility, and limited Government. What people do in their personal lives is theirs alone – just don’t expect me to pay for others mistakes when as humans, we all eventually make mistakes.

      Oh, Good luck with Obamacare, you’ll need it.

      • Actually, I have my own private health care because I am blessed with a good brain that has helped me to achieve the goals that I need to take great care of myself. Thanks for the well wishes though. I never said you had to go to Harvard to educate yourself; it’s just that after hearing her speak on these topics AND seeing that she’s never even attended so much as a community college — as I have many very intelligent friends that did exactly that — I feel that she is speaking from a place of not being as well informed as she thinks she is and I have no reason to think that she has ever even tried. I’ve gathered that you are arguing just to be arguing — because if West had said in this article that he believes that FOX should be more responsible in whom they hire as pundits — I’ll bet you ANYTHING that you would be agreeing with me right now. That’s the difference between you and me and you know it. I don’t really think there’s much more to discuss.

      • I don’t presume to know what Stacey has read and experienced in her life. She may not be good at Fox or she may be great. The point is that so many people will vilify her without knowing her. They will call her and any self identified conservative person of color horrible names and try to destroy her.

        I too have great health insurance and thank God I don’t have to deal with Ocare – I only brought it up as you said that you were a supporter. I don’t argue just to argue – again you assume something that just isn’t true. I have my own mind and reasoning capability and don’t follow people blindly no matter what you believe.

        You and I can actually agree on something though, not much to discuss. Have a nice life.

      • Thanks! I’m having a great life actually. This really just is a social experiment for me for some material I’m writing. You’ve been quite helpful in that regard 🙂

      • We get it…you think you get to decide what qualities make others ‘qualified’…You’re far too kind to yourself…

      • Lol. No, I think I’m allowed to have an opinion without being attacked for it, just like the woman that you are defending does. Get it? Probably not. I can’t believe you are all sitting here doing EXACTLY what you are arguing against. Wow. It’s bizarre.

      • Natallie.You are a very Narcissistic person. Who thinks that the greatest thing you ever did was go to Harvard. Well holy moly you are not the only idiot that has passed through the doors of national lampoons favorite school!

    • Wow…Your willingness to blame/label all for the sins of others is a telling flaw in your character…Sorry to be the one to have to inform you.

  72. Watch “Runaway Slave”. Forget everything you heard from the race baiters and you can start to understand the plight of Black Americans. “Stand up and Fight” has some meaning…and free thinking can happen.

  73. Liberals have no respect or tolerance for anyone that is not “them”. They spew invective at the drop of a hat and lie when the truth would serve them better. Any political party that tries to reserve the First Amendment for their exclusive use should be condemned and outlawed.

  74. I’m sure I’ll be very enlightened by Mrs. Dash perspective on culture. After she participated in cultural crown jewels like Clueless and Paper Soldiers.

      • Oh I’m sorry Rafael, I forgot what a true role model Sharpton is. From lying and the huge hoax of the Brawley incident to Freddie’s Fashion Mart where people died and his life of race hustling to shake down “the man” this so-called Reverend is a real gem.

        You apparently agree with posters and people who tweet racist, misogynist, and hateful comments about conservative people of color. How sad it must be to be you.

      • what is the fascination the right has with AL SHARPTON???…they must don’t know that lil wayne and kanye west has more of a influence on the black community than al sharpton

      • It’s because he is a race baiter and spreads hate. Lil Wayne is actually an intellectual guy, as much as he raps about money, drugs, and whatever, he is very insightful and isn’t a fan of the current president or government, and Kanye West is as dumb as a person comes. Seriously, he is an idiot who doesn’t think about the words he says before they fall out of his mouth. And also if he was smart he certainly wouldn’t have married into the Kardashian family.

      • You don’t sound very tolerant from my perspective. You sure sound like a racist to me.
        BTW: I like your avatar, is that the real you?

  75. If by some ironic twist Michelle should suddenly be converted to Conservative, the hatred and vitriol would be like a tsunami against her. You’re right, Congressman. They despise the message, but to quell it, they have to try to discredit, or silence, or assassinate the character of the messenger. The greatest illustration of it was the Crucifixion.

    A godly man who greatly influenced my life years ago expressed this thought: “Truth and Error went swimming together. Error came out of the water and put on Truth’s clothes, and Truth has been naked ever since.” The prophet Isaiah made this observation about the day in which he lived; “…In transgressing and lying . . . and departing away from our God, speaking oppression and revolt, conceiving and uttering from the heart words of falsehood, And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off; for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.” The parallels are striking.

  76. well once again the race card is still going strong, in these country, and the world, the issue is this we have a black man in the white house, that’s not a true leader, and the black people are falling in love with the president that’s why we have this story because another black women is not going to fall for the black president bottom line

  77. Congratulations Ms Dash, on you new job. Good Luck, stand you ground. The haters can be ignored because they have nothing but ignorance to put into the debate.

  78. What surprises me is that anyone is surprised. It will always be this way. The sad part is that when someone finally breaks the chains of 21st century slavery, rather than be cheered on, they are attacked by those still in chains. Pity, that.

  79. Unfortunately it will never change. To be a democrat or part of the 95% black voter monolith means you’ve been marinated then roasted on the spit of racial and ideological intolerance your whole life. For them there is no other alternative thought.

  80. Opposing black conservatives and hurling vicious, senseless hatred is the new slavery – intellectual and political slaver. I would think that blacks and the leaders of black organizations would oppose such hatred every bit as much as whites – instead of wholeheartedly embracing it. Many of us folks of the caucasian persuasion fought against the Jim Crow and KKK era and for Civil Rights in the 1960’s and seem to have forgotten how insidious and pervasive hatred is. The Democratic Party, however, has a LONG tradition of racism that, today, is now far greater than conservatives or Republicans. But most people fear not being part of “the crowd” and join in with the mob stupidity as it is with the current mistreatment of people of color with conservative views and positions.

    • The democrats have been working towards this for many years. They have slowly methodically and quietly made the minorities completely dependent upon the government. Now it is to the point they have no desire to look for work and we now have generational welfare families. All they know is the government taking care of them. The democrats have championed this and use it to every advantage they can. They have once again made minorities slaves, slaves to the government and they just do not see it. We are all to blame for what we have today. Most waited until it has gone past the point of no return to do something. And getting back on track now will be a very, very difficult task at best. God help us all.

    • There may be some on the right that are racist, but that is at the individual level – people will be people. Individuals do not have the power to affect policy. The progressive left, however, is racism on an institutional level. The welfare state is a perfect example of the embodiment of racist policy. Dr. Ben Carson is 100% correct. It’s like a drug. It feels good when you’re high, but it is killing you at the same time. The irony is palpable and frankly, its astonishing how many brainwashed idiots are out there. Our future is not so bright.

  81. It’s sad that so many liberals don’t recognize the democrat party for what it is. The old anti-abolitionist party of the south using the main stream media and socialism to keep them brainwashed! Nothing but liberal puppets. As long as there is liberalism in this country, the slavery to the state will keep increasing until Christianity is wiped out and the U.N.’s New World Order and One World Religion agenda steps in and takes over…
    Isn’t it funny how all this was predicted in the Bible more than 2000 years ago and yet people are indoctrinated and convinced into believing the Bible is a fairy tale. You’d think people would recognize the signs, but we who know can see how liberalism has blinded their eyes to what is really happening… It’s just sad…

      • Certainly agree with you there. I suppose the issue I’m getting at is that opposite ends of the political spectrum claim that they’re “right” most of the time, and politicians tend to imply some sort of moral authority each time they do.

      • However I would definitely say Jesus would never support abortion. He would never support gay marriage. He would never support leftist politicians who take away a person’s free will in matters such as taking away a persons right to speak freely. As well as a many other things. He also would never support the way we fight and carry on

      • No..Jesus wouldn’t support it nor would he spew such hatred as you people do against Muslims, Gays, Black, Hispanics…

      • Who are “you people”? That sounds racist to me. I certainly have never spewed hatred toward any ethnic or religious group in this forum.

      • You can’t see the forest for the trees. Muslims hate you and want to kill you. Big government takes freedoms away from the people. These are the things you are voting for.

      • Thats right all muslims are terrorist and all black folks eat fried chicken and all white folks can’t dance and the men have small penises!

      • No, but all terrorists are Muslims/Islamists. Their Koran tells them to kill the infidels. They kill, rape, sodomize, beat women, marry children, throw acid in school girls’ faces, kill woman and girls, circumcise young girls, they are pedophiles, they love to behead people………All in the name of their religion. Can’t you see that character is what is important in people, not what color they are or their race. This is not about generalities.

      • REALLY? REALLY??? And Morons that believe the race baiting tactics from the left? Or maybe you are one of the leftists that are spewing that crap dividing this country? Don’t you know everyone on the left are using divide and conquer techniques that have worked so well in the past, oh, 5,000 yrs or so?

      • Jesus would call people for what they are.. The only thing I donis tell the truth. And well ALL Muslims are worshiping false teachings

      • Opposite ends? The only opposing forces are between Republicats/Democans against the Tea Party and Christian Conservatives… The Only thing standing in the way of the U.N. from taking us over is Christianity… Once that’s happens, kiss your asses goodbye! Stalin, Hitler, Po Pot will be nothing compared to what the NWO agenda is going to do to all of us… The only thing that will save anyone is belief in Jesus Christ. There’s no middle ground, you’re either for Him or against Him… If you’re against Him, I feel sad for ya…

      • Don’t know about that but I’m pretty sure he would not support anyone who promoted abortion. Which would leave out at least the left wing of the Democratic party. And I’m an agnostic.

      • Absolutely Due, They represent what’s left of true conservatives and what’s left of any moral judgment in this country… And that isn’t even saying much… For the last 55 years I’ve seen a once moral society turn into what people think are morals today… It gives new meaning to what the Bible says, “Your righteousness is as filthy rags.”!

  82. Anyone with any integrity at all can see from where all the hate, racism and intolerance is coming. They must all have broken mirrors…or they’re cursing their own reflections therein.

  83. These simpletons, who obviously never studied American history, don’t seem to remember that the KKK was started by the Democrats, Jefferson Davis was a Democrat and so was George Wallace.

    • Again. Lily-White Movement. Negros were getting political ground in the Republican Party. That had 5 be stopped from within the Republican Party.

      • You are correct. I should have went into future detail. I stand to amend the aforementioned statement. The Lily-White Movement was responsible for ousting Black Republicans of the Republican Party. Nothing wrong with being Black and Republican. I just don’t see how people forgot how the switch (Republican to Democrat) came about when it is well noted. In addition, many blacks were in fact Republican until the 50s. I learned why from both great grandmothers, who were in fact registered Republicans. I remember something to the level of , “Blacks weren’t even allowed into the meetings for Republicans and when that did we were segregated” that was the 50s and 60s. Many others in the community didn’t want to vote at all during that time because of that. In fact, the “black” vote declined heavy. That’s why it was surprisingly a breath of shock and awe when black people got out and voted these last two elections.

        With this said. I feel that it is awesome that an emergence of “Black” Republicans are rising. I went to a meeting, but the rhetoric was awful, unprogressive, uninformed, disconnected and not in line with what a traditional American Republican believes will take America to that new level.

        I mean think about it. It there are radical undertones that Attack my culture and people leveling my patriotism in due process of my hate of this administration. Why would I consider one iota of respect to hang around the Tea Party of America? Especially, when they are the new Lily-White Movement.

      • Thanks for clarification. I learned something that was definitely not part of the curriculum in my American history class. I am not an expert on the Tea Party but in my peripheral dealings with members I haven’t found them to be racially motivated. I don’t hate President I Obama because he is black, I hate him because he is a left wing liberal who believes in big government, the nanny state, and redistribution of wealth. The list of things that he believes in and promotes that I am vehemently opposed to is long, plus he has just done a bad job even on the few things that I agree with him on..
        I think that even if I were a liberal I would be very disappointed in his arrogance, his attitude, and failure to accomplish anything meaningful even in the first two years when he had both houses other than a bad health care plan.

        I voted for Allen West not because of or in spite of his race, but because he agrees with my stance on many more points than his opponent who was a white liberal.

      • Most definitely agree on some points. I thing that you and I are like most Americans that followed the politics of the last couple of years. We expect for our POTUS to be a hard talking, strong hand individual. Yet, when I look at the way people left and right are voting on the govtracker website. I grow a large amount of disdain for the Republican Party. They offered no clear cut resolution for helping the POTUS out. Hell I am American and will compromise my views for my country. I have worked with known bigots in Memphis to help out rural areas. I was called a sellout because of helping known radicals but that was needed. Our POTUS hasn’t violated the constitution in any way outside of amendable powers granted to him by the constitution, period. Yet I hear people say that without a foundation. No President has been 100% favored, unconditionally but that should not be used against them. The work that our POTUS has done is easy to fine, people wish not to. Like I said there are Real American Republicans and then there are those that just say that they are but can’t actually go tick for tick on why they are.

      • As for smaller government, can you clarify? I am for extended gun rights, even for excons. I am for taxing monopolies operating as multi-conglomeration corporations. I am for free enterprise with in the scope of domestic territory. I don’t care about birth rights. I don’t care who you marry. I don’t care the education of your children, in your state, you should. I don’t care for the regulation of social standards in the form of free speech, because the people will decide how to treat you and your business.

      • I was a registered Republican up until 2012. I was on board for the 8 years prior. Then the rhetoric changed, thus I changed my ideal affiliation. That is my right to do so, we are not in gangs lol. I have offered help and have thought about running for local office. The said part is that there is an out wound of backwoods mentality when I truly challenge people’s views on the roles of government. During a debate I was asked “What are your personal views on abortion?”… I simply answered “Small government means that I don’t care, period. My ideas on social issues shouldn’t come before the part of society I represent” . That day told me that people truly don’t want small government, they just wish to dictate what the government does right for them.

      • Your sweeping generalizations of the Tea Party are racist in their inception.

      • I will say this once. A political party isn’t a living entity. It cannot be racist. As for my comment being viewed as racist, please show me where. I never took aim at a culture of people defined by race. There are also Black Tea Party members. Now if I had attached a “sweeping” memo that wasn’t experience based and aimed at a broad spectrum of people, then that would be. If anything I have displayed the lack of cultural awareness that is plaguing the American Republican Party. It’s not fair that Republicans have to deal with radicals that don’t have any resolutions in mind.

      • No, wrong. You are projecting your preconceived ideas on what you believe an entire movement to be. It is your world view that you are projecting onto the Tea Party and the individuals in it.
        Your entire statement is wrapped around and based in race. You’re out to convince people that they are racist, but just don’t know it. That because of the crimes committed by someone’s potential ancestors they must be attached to the crime. Even though they are separated by generations.
        As far as the Tea Party not having resolutions to fix the current problems. Repeal, deregulate, shrink government, cut spending. following the current Republican plan of doing nothing and going along to get along is definitely not going to affect change.

      • So. You feel that the Tea Party has solutions. Care to cite a bill or a comprehensive bipartisan plan that aims at helping hardworking Americans like myself?

      • Bringing forth bills is the problem not the solution. You need to understand your own liberty. Liberty is not attained through government regulation, or “comprehensive bipartisan plans.” Regulations and bills, are the chains of economic slavery that bind you to the government and creates wealth for the bureaucratic parasites who are in power at the moment. They enrich themselves and their comrades at the expense of the sweat off of your brow! Liberty is your birthright, it is not a gift to be meted out by the government.
        I don’t care what your skin color is. I don’t care what religion you are. I don’t care who’s junk you choose to grind on. If you are an American, economic freedom and liberty are yours.
        The government is like organized crime in the extortion racket, they want a piece of your pie and they don’t want to do anything to get it. So, they will bring forth bills and comprehensive bipartisan plans, to steal your money and take away your economic Liberty. Regulations make it harder for you to start your own business. regulations steal the money that is rightfully yours. We have enough legislation. We need less, not more.
        You need to wake up, join the fight against tyranny. Because that’s what this is, over reaching governmental tyranny.
        That is the obsession of the Tea Party.
        Peel away the layers of government bureaucracy. End the ridiculous spending. Repeal the destructive regulations that make it harder for us to achieve our God given right to economic liberty.

        You cannot win a race if you have weights on your legs. But once you take off those weights, you are free to run as fast as your body can go.

      • That’s entirely up to you. I think you should follow your conscience and do what is right for you and your family.
        I think you should trust in God and in your own God given abilities.

      • So what are some things that the government should not be doing? What is a limited government?

      • The government should be securing our borders. The government should make sure that there are not enemy combatants inside the United States.

        They should not be making job killing regulations due to field mice or stealing private property because of watering rights. For that matter, the government should not be creating any agencies without the people being able to vote on who are in the agency’s themselves. unelected bureaucrats are dangerous.

      • I can agree on some of your points. I also feel that the government shouldn’t regulate civil rights, every male should serve 4 years in the military, hunting/fishing regulations shouldn’t exist, Affirmative Action/desegregation should be disbanded due to it hurting minority communities, states should have control of their own resources, no federal income taxes, death sentence shouldn’t have due process (This goes against the constitution) and that schools shouldn’t have federal guidelines, to include that no child should be left behind. These are all the results of a limited government ruled by voters.

      • Also the above was just a little bit satirical. A little bit. I do agree with some of my points.

      • I am a small business owner. BlueHouse Studio and I help with the private administration of clinical research. I work for no one but me, myself and I. What government should I fight if I am content with the one I have? I am only worried about royalties not being infringed on.

        As for tyranny, you can’t be talking about ANY American institution.

      • I am a small business owner also, I run a family owned home care agency. I work for the glory of God and to support my wife and children. Contentment, it’s a good thing. It is a gift from God.
        Let me ask you this. Do you feel that you paid too much in taxes? (I sure did. Close to $10,000 in federal income tax alone.)
        Are you content with the amount of regulations and bureaucratic nonsense that you had to go through to actually start your own business?
        I never said that you should fight the government. What I did say, is that the goals of the tea party are not race based issues. They are the issues of economic freedom and liberty.

        The EPA is the most tyrannical institution that “our” government has ever created.

      • Did I say that the Tea Party was focused on race based issues? No. After you brought up the Tea Party being racist I did find out about a very unusual Stormfront article that supports it. Today was my first time seeing white supremacist say that they are active Tea Party members.

        Also, I haven’t had a huge impact tax wise mainly due to my ability to cut, spend, purchase and keep and extremely low overhead. I hate having to pay taxes on royalties but that is a fair game.

      • I don’t care what Stormfront supports. Individual Americans are free to support whatever they want. Just like the 5% Nation, or the Nation of Islam support the Democratic Party. So what?
        As far as Stormfront is concerned they tend to support Democrat candidates because Democrat candidates are all for abortion in the black community. Hello?

      • So now actual people, in actual posts, saying crazy things about there affiliations is a non factor.

        As far as 5% and NOI. You do know that Supreme Mathematics is extremely conservative, right? Smh. Lupe Fiasco called out the POTUS. He is 5%. Smh. What the math for today?

        Also, are you sure that NOI supports the Democratic Party? Last I checked they put out a great deal of propaganda against the POTUS. When was the last dime you read The Final Call?

      • Come on, dude… Seriously?
        people can say crazy s*** as much as they want to. Its called freedom of speech. If neo-nazis want to support a Republican. Hey, that’s their right to do so. It certainly doesn’t make the Republican they support a racist.

        As far as 5%ers and the NoI, of course they support Democrats. People would not stand for them supporting Republicans and you know it well. You’re smarter than this.

      • So is it smart for people to align themselves with a party with people openly carrying those ideologies? Is it wrong for people to go to a rally and accept that the speaker alters their rhetoric for those that follow vs want to join?

        Smh. Please do a little research about those cultures. You bring up 2 of the most conservative groups of all. NOI or 5% don’t proclaim to support either party. I know members of both. Assuming you knew today’s math, I was wrong to assume that you actually could approach talking about them with depth.

      • I could talk about them in greater depth then you could more than likely. I just don’t care that much about them. I use them as an example

      • It means “Shaking my head” and “deuces” means peace or see you later.

      • You can’t speak for a culture that you aren’t apart of.

        Last I remember in St. Louis, the NOI there had a strong negative opinion about POTUS Obama. Heck even while getting my hair cut in 2010, people were saying that he wasn’t good enough to be president. That was in my community. On top of that, do you know how many in the hiphop culture actually dislike the government, period.

      • You presume to know what culture I am a part of? Regardless, I can speak about any culture I like, thank you very much. You sound like the Islamic mouthpieces who say “you cannot talk about Islam and less you speak Arabic.” It’s ridiculous

        So are you saying that the St Louis branch the Nation of Islam are Republicans? Or tea party folk?!?

      • Smh. No sir. I assumed you to know the culture because you spoke about 5% and NOI as if you know.

        If you don’t know SM or the daily math then nope you aren’t 5% (A culture).

        If you didn’t know that NOI speak horrible about the POTUS and both parties, then I will assume that you are not apart of that culture.

        Next I would hope that you wouldn’t say that The Vanguard are all Democrats. If you don’t know these cultures, it’s cool.

        Now to help you I will say that Jay Z is a 5%. He did support our POTUS. Lupe Fiasco is also 5% and he didn’t, in fact he called President Obama out during an inauguration performance, for the president. Remember?

  84. What is the news story here? I get my comedy from FOX (Fake) News and my news from the Comedy Channel. Why is it that it always descends to the lowest common denominator? Republican vs. Democrat. That is EXACTLY what the PTB want us to do! distracts, “We the people…,” from local, state and federal elected, “officials” from carrying out the interests of Big Business, Banks and PAC’s. They are playing ALL of us for patsies. when are, “We the people…,” going to take back OUR, “Government OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people?” It is no longer an issue of Rep vs. Dem. It is up to, “We the people…,” to fix this mess WE created. ALL of us! It is no longer about party affiliation. Both parties are EQUALLY complicit.

    As far as the “history” of the KKK, do a little simple research before advertising your ignorance. The KKK formed on its own. Davis and Wallace had NOTHING to do with forming the KKK. Your, “guilt-by-coincidence,” dog won’t hunt!

    • I wasn’t giving examples in chronological order. I was giving examples of racists who were Democrats. Everything I said is 100% accurate.

      • Nope! You made the claim. YOU have the responsibility to back it up. I don’t the heavy lifting for other peole. something I learned in grad school. Make a claim. Cite a source. don’t think it is me who, “Too lazy…”

      • Your right on point…educate before you can find the info on the government paid cell your using.

      • Lol, STILL incorrect!! And you type call black people ‘illiterate’ and ‘ignorant’. I shake my head at you pitiful excuses.

      • That’s a big presupposition, read: prejudgement:
        ” you (sic) can find the info on the government paid cell your (sic) using.”

        As you’ve determined that Mr. Devon Patterson is black you took it to the next unfortunate step and that is to presuppose that he and every other black person (including Ms. Dash) in this country rely on the government for their cell phone.
        Matthew Chambers, you are without any doubt an irreparably impaired bigot.

        That’s further substantiated by your incapacity to utilise the appropriate apostrophe. Bigots are without exception and by necessity, undereducated, misinformed and willfully ignorant.

        ” I mean’t they’re using..”

        Can you dig it?

        Mr. West the narrative you consistently spew props up bigots like your sycophant Mr. Chambers here. His fluttering breathless at your front porch is clear evidence, as he’s of the mindset that your cell phone was gifted to you from the government run by a jigaboo. That jigaboo was elected by an overwhelming majority of Americans, that just so happen to be on the right side of history.
        You and your followers are clearly lagging behind.

        As for Ms. Dash, the never ending ad hominem assault on her character for daring to take sides in a divide not in the interests of our community or society at large are most unfortunate.
        But given their lack of substance or merit why acknowledge them at all?

        What’s more damning is that you continue to perpetuate the fringe, presupposing along with the rest of the division generators that the differences of opinion between human beings even matters.

        You are either conscious or unconscious.

      • Sir or mam… That was really rude. I have AT&T and feel like I am over paying. You just reminded me of this high ass bill. Thank you.

        In addition, you do know how those phones came about, right?
        I am sure you did some extensive research on the government phone situation before you hurled that comment.

      • Lily-White Movement. Also, Hitler and his experiments on pows yielded many medical breakthroughs, does that make it right?

      • Nathan Bedford Forrest (July 13, 1821 – October 29, 1877)

        Doesn’t it ever embarrass you people that you have to go back so far?

      • That is where the KKK started and the Democratic Party was the party of racism for over 100 years before they saw the benefit to them of the black vote. They have been pandering ever since and been heavy handed at playing the Race card of late. Hoping that no one will remember.

      • Did you say race card? Are we supposed to not notice these gems from con hero Herman Cain?

        “[the Media] are doubly scared that a real black man might run against Barack Obama”
        -Herman Cain, March 30, 2011

        (Right after saying this Cain proclaimed that his being the Republican nominee would “take the race card off the table”)

        Obama is not a strong black man”
        -Herman Cain, March 30, 2011

        “A real black man is not timid about making the right decisions”
        Herman Cain, June 30, 2011

        “it is documented that [Obama’s] mother was white and his father was from Africa.”
        Herman Cain, June 30, 2011)

        (Right after saying this Cain sanctimoniously proclaimed “but I’m not going down this color road”)

        Obama has “never Been A Part Of The Black Experience In America”
        Herman Cain, Oct 10 or 11, 2011

        Add to the above his statement that Jon Stewart is racist

        Add his black people are brainwashed statement

        Note, all of the above were made knowing the it was on the record and in some cases being recorded. All were also made while he was running for President (this time, not in 2000)

      • Wrong. It’s because the REPUBLICANS USED TO BE THE LIBERAL PARTY. Remember — they freed the slaves? Why on earth would Blacks NOT belong to the party that wanted to make it so that they couldn’t be someone else’s property and have basic human rights??? Do the Republicans even remotely resemble a LIBERAL party any longer??? Of course not. LIBERALISM is the tenet of choice for a suppressed minority, obviously (as it often leads to their advancement) so NOW it is the Democratic Party (Liberal). What’s so difficult to understand about that??? No one cares if you remember that the white segregationist politicians who governed Southern states in those days were Democrats who didn’t want anything to do with Blacks. We all get it. Clearly that changed in the 1930’s with Roosevelt actually meeting with Black leaders and worked with them to help begin the healing process for all the damage caused to the Black community and wound up garnering over 70% of the Black vote — and the rest is history. The parties pretty much began to reverse ideologies from there to what we see now. People with any sense tend to follow the party that won’t — at the very least — condone their annihilation and refusal of human rights and advancement; and that party USED to be the Republican Party. Obviously it is now the Democratic Party. The point is, that there is almost no such thing as a KKK member that is a Democrat NOW since the parties experienced that reversal — so how is the the fact that “the Democratic Party was the party of racism for over 100 years” have ANY relevance at the moment at all??? What’s your point really???

      • Want more recent example? How about Colin Powell? He was the 65th United States Secretary of State, serving under U.S. President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2005, the first African American to serve in that position.
        Or how bout Condoleezza Rice? She served as the 66th United States Secretary of State. Rice was the first female African-American secretary of state, as well as the second African American secretary of state (after Colin Powell), and the second female secretary of state (after Madeleine Albright). Rice was President Bush’s National Security Advisor during his first term, making her the first woman to serve in that position.
        But somehow the Republicans are the racists? Or is the Democratic party the wolf in sheep’s clothing? Have African American just traded the cotton plantation for the Democrat’s welfare plantaion?

      • Unfortunately, you’ve gone and gotten the party’s assignment of a couple Black government officials confused with the party’s overall attitude towards the rest of Black America. Those are two WAY different things. And please don’t take this the wrong way — as I personally find both Rice and Powell to be highly respectable, qualified, intelligent, exceptional people — but there IS such a thing as tokenism. And again, not to say that they did not very much deserve their posts. They did. However……

        Tokenism: the practice of making only a perfunctory or symbolic effort to do a particular thing, especially by recruiting a small number of people from underrepresented groups in order to give the appearance of sexual or racial equality within a workforce.

        This can be a powerful tool used in situations like these; as in “Look look — we hired TWO Blacks. See? We don’t hate them” as a distractionary technique. Meanwhile back at the ranch, they do everything within their power to suppress the rest of the group that those hires represent. I am also thinking that you have forgotten or do not have knowledge of the fact that one out of the whole two examples of Blacks hired that you’ve cited, Colin Powell, literally turned on the Republican party after a lifetime of loyalty for just this reason and is quoted as saying “There is a dark vein of intolerance in his Republican Party”. I’ve watched interviews with him stating that he could simply no longer stomach the rampant bigotry against women and minorities that he has personally witnessed at the highest level of government within his own party. This is coming from a man with the highest level of party loyalty, experience, position, background, seniority, service, decoration, education, etc.. When a person in that position says this about his own party and says that he wanted to remain a Republican because he believes SO strongly in it’s foundation and proposed platforms, you’ve kind of got to listen to him. He’s seen and knows of things happening in the White House that you and I can’t even imagine and this is HIS conclusion. The man’s heart is still broken over what he’s witnessed. I’m pretty sure he’s not just making it up.
        Also, the issue of institutional racism is a huge part of the higher rate of welfare amongst the Black community (although 70% of the country’s welfare resources are distributed among the White community — the highest numbers being in the Republican states ironically). You HAVE to understand simple equations like; the more racism and resistance that a Black person encounters in places like the job market and in the criminal justice system, the more likely they are to require welfare services. I see examples like these every day where I live and in the media. Racists think that they are just hurting the minority when they turn them down for a job, defund their educational institution, or unnecessarily incarcerate them — but when the minority has to stick their hand out to the government so that they/their families don’t starve as a result of that racism, everybody has to pay.

      • And what could be more of a case of token ism than running a junior Senator with no managerial experience whatsoever for the Presidency just because he is black? Because he ” doesn’t sound black” and won’t scare away white suburban women voters.

      • Wow you turned that “tokenism” thing backwards AND completely bypassed the whole Colin Powell thing. So, you just simply think a man like him just made all that stuff up, huh? I thought that the argument from your side was that Obama is racist against Whites. Or is it now supposed to be Blacks? What is it that you’re trying to say here? The Democratic party ran Obama as a token to conceal it’s bigotry against Blacks while he does things to help Blacks? Or to conceal it’s hatred of Whites? I’m afraid you’ve misused the word “tokenism” in your last post. I’m afraid you are also deflecting all of the points I just made in my last post. What are your thoughts on those?

      • I’m not sure he is even aware of how racist what he said is. I’m giving him benefit of the doubt for the sake of argument.

      • He also doesn’t understand how Sambo works in this situation. He used that to call me racist, then posts a definition that helped my claim. Smh.

      • Intolerant to whom exactly? And what are your thoughts on all of those facts/points in my last post. You just bypassed them all. Are you saying that Powell is just (like others who have left the party after a lifetime) just making this stuff up???

      • Also, aren’t we currently on the website of a Conservative Republican who plays the race card in almost EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE HE WRITES??? He just pulls it from the other side of the deck — because he doesn’t like Blacks. Still is obsessed with race though.

      • Wonderful debates Natalie! I was going to reply something about Rice and Powell being tokens in the Repub clan as well as Powell’s digression in the political views of the Repubs but you’ve argued a tremendously agreeable point already. BRAVO!!

      • Thanks AngelEyes! So glad you get where I’m coming from with this one. Hopefully I can get out a helpful perspective and/or a little good info for any folks out there with an open mind that may not be aware of some of these occurrences. Trying to stay on point. Trying 🙂

      • Great job Marco! Sorry. I got caught up with the name callers and attackers for a moment 🙁 trying to get back to the issues.

      • There is no evidence or memoirs ever putting Forrest in the Klan, much less a grand wizard. In fact Forrest testified in front of Congress that he had no direct association. Quit getting your history from Forrest Gump. Both parties have had their share of racists. Hell if they will lie about a man who lived 150 years ago. What won’t they lie about.

      • He was a lieutenant general in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. Interesting how all of a sudden those people were all liberals

      • Question is: do you think that there are currently ANY KKK members who are Democrats??? That is a far more pertinent issue at the moment, don’t you think???. I haven’t heard of any that are.

    • and apparently you’re a racist
      a black person.
      a person of mixed race, especially of black and Indian or black and European blood.

      • Well. How can I be a racist when that is what she is. I have not oppressed or restricted her with any obvious historical offenses that are attached to her culture or race. Isnt she of mixed race? Also, you might want to read Uncle Tom’s Cabin to grasp the detail in what I am saying. Smh.

      • OK so if I use that term to describe a person of mixed race it isn’t a problem? I wouldn’t be called a racist if I used that term to describe the President for instance? Because actually he is the 1st President of mixed race to be accurate, not the 1st black President. And References to Uncle Tom’s Cabin isn’t racist in a conversation about black conservatives? Good to know.

  85. I don’t think the problem is that she is a black republican, the problem is she is an expert on nothing. What could she possible have an expert opinion about except critiquing movies. She should not be presented as some public representative or expert on any topic she can and has the right to present her opinion but that is all it is, her opinion. The way fox will present her opinion as a way to validate their right wing lunacy. I feel sorry for her and that super idiot allen “the 80’s needs it’s haircut back” west.

    • “the problem is she is an expert on nothing.” The same could be said for many of our legislators, but that’s not the issue. The issue for those who condemn her is that she has an opinion contrary to theirs and she chooses to voice it. I for one am tired of “professional” legislators who are out of touch with society. I welcome Stacey Dash to the conversation.

      • Why not Brittaney Spears and Beyonce too? What’s the difference at this point? You are not correct. I DO listen to Condelezza Rice all the time even though I may not necessarily agree with her politics. Pop star pundits just make no sense to me unless they have a strong background of SOME kind in the world of politics, sociology, world affairs, anthropology, economics, world history, agriculture — ANYTHING! But B-movie acting??? C’mon. Really?

    • What makes anyone an expert on something? She is an expert on representing a group of people just like her because she is part of that group.. You can mock and try to debase her but the fact is she represents a certain group of non-whites in this American culture that give more to the black community than, say, Eminem, who sells millions upon millions of records making just as much money for vomitting violent, hate-filled lyrics in what is loosly characterized as “music”. Why is the idea of being compassionate and kind so unappealing to the urban young black men.? Why not look up to proper human beings trying to do the right things? Why is being descent uncool?
      Here’s a classic feel good song for ya

      • It not about being cool or anything like that, it is however the way she will be presented on that so called news show. Again she has every right to say whatever she pleases, I don’t think it will matter that much because I doubt that she is the person that will sway people (particularly other black people) to her view point. She will only be speaking to people that already see things the way she does. Black republicans by the way did not corner the market on being descent, being descent and being cool can go hand in hand. I don’t like Eminem either here is one for you:

      • “She is an expert on representing a group of people just like her because she is part of that group.”

        Logically by this standard, everyone who chooses to express an opinion about anything is an expert — as we are all a member of SOME group. I think we can all agree that it would be more than stretching to assert that simply having an opinion makes you an expert on the topic that you’re speaking about. I’ve never really seen nor heard of anyone just going out into the world and getting a professional job that requires you to educate others, with no professional resume, experience in, or proof of education in the field that they are applying for. It’s simply unheard of. She has none of these things. Pundits should have more background in politics or at LEAST completed some kind of formal studies or have some experience in ANYTHING even remotely related to the world of politics or world affairs. She is an actress. I don’t see any difference in that and randomly hiring your barber to pull your teeth just because he too, has teeth, but no background in dentistry. Outside of just having an opinion, where are the qualifications? Being an expert on on what it’s like to be a Black Conservative and being an expert on the actual topic of Conservative politics are two different things. CONDELEZZA RICE is an expert on Conservative politics. Dash is an actress that just got a spot on FOX because she is pretty and popular, and Black with a Conservative outlook.

      • Notice. No one says Black Liberal. Why do we have to say Black Conservative. Only within that affiliation. Awesome post btw!

      • Mos Def and Lupe Fiasco are giving more than Em. Know your Rappers / HipHop Artists. Smh.

      • You may need to get out a little more. You literally just grouped a whole culture of men as being animal like in their demeanor.

      • Where do you get off comparing people’s public opinion about Stacy Dash’s political views to an entire community’s view on rap music, ‘the idea of being compassionate and kind’, and decency? Sounds like you’re being an indecent bigot, lo-key racist by implying that black people are violent and immoral and rap music is one of the sole reasons of this supposed indecency. I see right through you, and you can take your racist implications and shove ’em right where the sun don’t shine. You type of people make me so sick and you’re one of the reasons that is the division and indecency in America…you and Dave theretired marine. You types hunt for articles featuring black people just to spew your own hatred and negativity and it’s just pathetic, shows how weak and pitiful your type really is. Disgusting!

    • There’s A LOT of “experts on nothing” these days. For proof of that, go to MSNBC and watch it happen 24-7. If you’re a conservative, you’re eaten alive.

    • So then, she’s just about as “qualified” as your hero “Our feckless idiot” of a Dear Leader, ☭omrade NØbama?.

  86. Individually of Thought is non-existent in Group-Think, but I digress. They’re attempt to shame her speaks volumes. Life is limitless and if one chooses to be afraid to think differently, then by all means continue to do so.

    Have you seen this: and this: These stories need some unmitigated courage to be written about because we’ve got way too many people who are afraid of telling it like it really is for fear of being labeled and insulted by the thought police and offending the overly sensitive.

    The truth shall set us all free when we learn to open our eyes to the reality that we see each day and stares right back at us.

    • Yo Von, notice that I was the only person to recognize your post and like it. You are not welcomed amongst conservatives. You knew that before you posted.

      • Like I said before, you project your own racist world view on to others. You make huge generalizing statements about groups of people. The only thing that’s not welcome here is the hatred you are trying to infect others with

  87. “Why is it that the liberal progressive Left — and their black henchmen — hate black conservatives to so passionately?”

    Why? Well gosh maybe it’s because of black conservatives like Allen West saying stuff like blacks are brainwashed and they don’t put any thought into their votes. Or maybe it’s the constant trivializing of slavery by constantly using the phrase “Democratic plantation” which is also telling blacks who vote Democratic, and that would be over 90% that there must be something wrong with them

  88. The Democrap Party attacking conservative black women? They show their true colors when the do. They are the KKK of the new millennium.

  89. The moral of the story on this thread (by looking at about 90% of the comments) is: It is NOT okay for a liberal to bash, attack, intimidate, and name-call a conservative for their first amendment right to free speech and for their opinions —-> BUT IT IS PERFECTLY okay for a conservative to bash, attack, intimidate, and name-call a Liberal for exercising THEIR first amendment right to free speech and for THEIR opinions. I thought the moral of the article was that no one should be viciously attacked for expressing their political views at all. The people who have done this here on this thread have clearly missed the point in the worst way imaginable. You cannot be party to such a double-standard by bashing a liberal without acknowledging your own hypocrisy about why the liberals are bashing Dash. I don’t approve of either myself but it is the culture of this thread. Oh well. West says:

    We have the right to free speech. You have
    the right to spew hatred, but I would recommend you all refer to
    Proverbs 17:28, (NIV): “Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent,
    and discerning if they hold their tongues.”


    “Name-calling has no effect in any way. As a
    matter of fact, it only emboldens us more. I know its intent is
    instilling fear, coercion, and intimidation, but all it does is point a
    blinding spotlight on a lack of intelligence and inability to make a
    coherent presentation”

    On this, we agree completely. Attack away as much as you want.

      • I’m sure you have. No worries. Those kinds of attacks speak very ill of the whatever position the attacker is taking. Unfortunate. You are much better at handling them than I am admittedly. Trying. Keep up the good work though — it’s good for us!

      • You know what, there are people on both sides of the isle who are much more interested in insults then research and the exchange of ideas. But in the war of words and insults. I’m sorry, you can’t get all butt hurt when somebody clowns you.

        ” whaa… how dare you defend yourself.”

        Give it a rest.

      • Who said that we were “butt-hurt”??? I/we are simply expressing that it is beyond disappointing when SO many so-called adults can’t have an intelligent discussion about social/political issues without behaving like infants with the silly tantrum-like attacks and name calling out of nowhere in the middle of what should be just a casual exchange of ideas. For simply stating that I don’t see how the likes of Stacey Dash is qualified to educate the public since she has no education/background/experience in politics or anything even peripheral to the topic (just B-movie acting); I’ve been called, a whore, a bitch, a demon-possessed “Jewish” turd troll, stupid, racist, a narcissist, a scumbag, and more. Because I choose not to listen to the political views of Stacey Dash. Does this really make sense to you??? None of these words “butt-hurt” me. I just find it to be very sad, dumb, pointless, and an appalling waste of time when we could be actually working toward exchanging ideas and learning something — anything from each other; which was my original purpose for coming onto any of the threads to begin with.


    This is the truth about the black family structure. It has been torn to shreds.The black Hollywood elite and those in the very contemporary black music industry are largely responsible for perpetuating this problem. Please tell me what is so cool about being so violent and hateful. Why is it that black (and some white) kids are digging on the hate that this industry spews in the lyrics and attitudes?
    Heres the perfect example of the psychotic hatred, brutality and life threatening words that compel the nut jobs of today and the black community’s young men and boys.

    • What are you talking about? Focus. Just a tip stop trying to fix things you only read about. Why don’t you fix the family structure that raises a bunch of ammosexuals like the nuts at the bundy ranch. I am sure that the world was perfect before rap music, you are so silly. I guess the next think is how black people getting tattoos is a barrier to world peace. Just keep sitting at your pc shaking you fist at the horror that is rap music, if that is what makes you feel better.

    • Hey I am not an expert on this, just a patron. Did the structure of the “Black” family get destroyed by Hollywood and Rap? Is that what you are saying?

      • It certainly didn’t help.
        G Craig Lewis is a black pastor who has made some friggin awesome movies about this. Here’s a clip.
        I think he’s made about 5 movies. “The truth about hip hop.” KRS-1 in his own words.,d.b2k

      • You are talking about the same guy that believes in the illuminati. Next!

        Now I think that it is awesome that you bring up one of HipHop’s prominent philosophers. KRS-1 is also on point about what destroyed families.

        Just like I told you, you must learn
        It’s calm yet wild the style that I speak
        Just filled with facts and you will never get weak in the heart
        In fact you’ll start to illuminate, knowledge to others in a song
        Let me demonstrate the force of knowledge
        Knowledge reigned supreme
        The ignorant is ripped to smithereens
        What do you mean when you say I’m rebellious
        ‘Cause I don’t accept everything that you’re telling us
        What are you selling us the creator dwellin’ us
        I sit in your unknown class while you’re failing’ us
        I failed your class ’cause I ain’t with your reasoning
        You’re tryin’ make me you by seasoning
        Up my mind with see Jane run, see John walk in a hardcore New York
        It doesn’t exist no way, no how
        It seems to me that in a school that’s ebony
        African history should be pumped up steadily, but it’s not
        And this has got to stop, See Spot run, run get Spot
        Insulting to a Black mentality, a Black way of life
        Or a jet Black family, so I include with one concern, that
        You must learn

        Just like I told you, you must learn
        Just like I told you, you must learn

        I believe that if you’re teaching history
        Filled with straight up facts no mystery
        Teach the student what needs to be taught
        ‘Cause Black and White kids both take shorts
        When one doesn’t know about the other ones’ culture
        Ignorance swoops down like a vulture
        ‘Cause you don’t know that you ain’t just a janitor
        No one told you about Benjamin Banneker
        A brilliant Black man that invented the almanac
        Can’t you see where KRS is coming at
        With Eli Whitney, Haile Selassie
        Granville Woods made the walkie-talkie
        Lewis Latimer improved on Edison
        Charles Drew did a lot for medicine
        Garrett Morgan made the traffic lights
        Harriet Tubman freed the slaves at night
        Madame CJ Walker made a straightenin comb
        But you won’t know this is you weren’t shown
        The point I’m gettin’ at it it might be harsh
        ‘Cause we’re just walkin’ around brainwashed
        So what I’m sayin’ is not to diss a man
        We need the 80 school system
        One that caters to a Black return because
        You must learn

        Just like I told you, you must learn everday baby

      • You should watch the movies “the truth about hip hop.” I learned a lot about the history of hip hop from G craig Lewis. watch them for yourself, if you’re not too afraid to learn the truth

        I used to listen to KRS-1 all the time. Musically speaking I like hip hop. I like heavy metal. but being a follower of Christ I don’t listen to them anymore because of the Spirit behind the music.

        Also, watch the other movie I posted.
        its free,


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