2nd Amendment infringement in Chicago: Gun sales to be videotaped?

If there’s one thing you must admire about the liberal progressive socialists, it’s their relentless pursuit to force their warped ideological agenda on America. They just won’t accept the failure of their beliefs and cannot understand that we have certain unalienable rights granted not by them, but by our Creator. Our individual rights are enshrined in the Bill of Rights, those first ten amendments of the US Constitution, the law of this Republic.

But not if you live in Chicago. According to Foxnews.com, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel introduced a proposal Wednesday that would require all gun sales in the city to be videotaped, as part of a plan to allow gun stores back in Chicago under very tight restrictions. The measure, which would also ban gun stores near schools and parks, was introduced Wednesday at a city council meeting without discussion. It was then referred to the council’s Public Safety Committee.

Notice that the proposal was introduced without discussion – that’s the liberal progressive tolerant way.

What part of “shall not be infringed” does Rahm Emanuel just not seem to understand? What part of personal privacy does Emanuel want to dismiss and disregard? Who tapes the gun sales? Who maintains the files and for how long? It’s just another example of the intrusive progressive socialist mindset of the onerous, invasive government and the subjugation of the individual.

As we reported, liberals see gun ownership as “undesirable” and will do anything to appear they’re not taking away guns and the 2nd Amendment, but instead erode the possibility of acquiring firearms by instituting practices such as this. This is the low hanging fruit — instead of dealing with the issue of mental illness in America and proper treatment.

The move comes in response to a January federal court ruling that deemed Chicago’s longtime ban on gun stores unconstitutional. The court gave the city six months to approve store restrictions while lifting the ban, setting a deadline of July 14 for the new plan. The Democratic mayor’s plan, which is likely to be controversial, would aim to significantly limit any gun dealer who wishes to operate in the city. Emanuel’s proposal would also require a 72-hour waiting period for purchasing handguns and a 24-hour waiting period for rifles and shotguns. Dealers would then be able to sell only one handgun per month, per buyer. Store records would also be subject to quarterly audits.

The stores also must have a police-approved security plan before they could open. The plan would have to include exterior lighting, surveillance cameras, alarm systems and gun and ammunition storage. Store employees would also be forced to “undergo fingerprinting, background checks and training on identifying potential gun traffickers.” Stores could not reopen at the same location for three years if the city revoked its business license for ordinance violations.

Emanuel called the new rules “a smart, tough and enforceable way to prevent illegal guns in the city of Chicago.’ What a crock! Rules and laws are only adhered to by law-abiding citizens. These restrictions will only hinder those law-abiding citizens from being able to acquire a gun — which it is their right to keep and bear to protect themselves — against the illegally acquired guns.

You see, the rule of law means nothing to liberal progressives, unless the rule is in their favor. So instead of complying, based on the federal court decision, former ballerina Emanuel decides to throw a hissy fit and be an obstructionist.

Sometimes I believe these rascals are just displaying the arrested development of kids who never got picked to play. Therefore they seek office in order to get back at all those who were “mean” to them. They are the hecklers who sat in the stands and made fun of those on the field or on the court willing to play the game — and play it hard. Instead, these kids called others stupid for playing just because they didn’t get to, or chose not to.

Perhaps Rahm tried to shoot a gun one time and it scared him? And isn’t Rahm’s brother Ezekiel the author of Obamacare? What a family.


  1. No gun store doesn’t have those measure in place anyway. I’m curious if they require the stores to keep the video for a certain amount of time or – yikes – turn it all over to the government. Requiring them to store it would cost unnecessary $, but requiring them to turn it all over to the gov’t would indeed be taking it too far.

  2. Chicago has been known for corrupt politicians for over 100 years . They
    never go by the U.S. Constitution there .

  3. Massachusetts is trying to pass a gun law that allows police to decide if a person is “qualified” to own a weapon. In this same law they try to weed out people who may have suicidal tendencies. In this same law they make people who have had guns stolen from them guilty of a crime! They are banned for life from being able to own a weapon.

    They also hold gun store owners responsible for guns sold to clients 7 years after they go out of business.

    The only thing this law does is effect legal owners of weapons. Not criminals or deranged criminals. It is already against the law to kill yourself.

    The pathetic part is if someone wants to kill themselves they can jump off buildings jump in front of trains trucks and cars. So lets over regulate everything not just guns

  4. His city already has the most stringent gun laws in the nation and it’s still like the Wild Wild West. If he cannot control crime in Chicago then maybe he and the Chief of Police need to step down. Either that or they need to impose a curfew, and martial law and bring in the troops to deal with the gangs and gangsters in a permanent and final way. This is anarchy and war, people and it needs to be dealt with.

    If the powers that be were doing their job, the citizenry wouldn’t need to be living in fear for their lives behind barred windows, deadbolts and alarms. And they wouldn’t need to be arming themselves. You created the problem, now you fix it. And don’t deny us the right to self-defense of our persons and our loved ones.

    • I agree. Crime has gotten so bad in Chicago that only the National Guard can clean it up.

      What I have to wonder, though, is this.
      The Governor of Illinois has the authority to summon the National Gaurd, and so does the President of the United States. Why haven’t they excercised this power to protect the minorities in Chicago? They must be racist!

  5. Our founding fathers were very against the use of videocameras, why do you think there are only still portriats of them?

  6. I know that at times you
    must feel like a voice in the wilderness. We need men and women who are
    not afraid to speak to these issues regardless of what their detractors may

    It is sophomoric to
    assume all members of a certain group, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Native
    American, Old, Young, College Students, etc., will think, act, or vote in a
    certain way. It is racist. It is demeaning. It is insulting.
    The bottom line is that if you do not agree with the Liberal/Progressive train
    of thought, there must be something wrong with you.

    I thank God every day for
    men and women who possess the intelligence and moral fiber to examine the
    issues and voice their conclusions. Please keep up the good work.

    need you!

  7. Infringement of the second amendment rights?? What about first amendment by recording you simply walking the street ? Or at grocery store, bank, school, work?

  8. Since it is the illegal sale of weapons we need to be concerned about, I wonder how they are going to work that out?

  9. Of all these regulations, I only find two objectionable.

    1. Of these, the one that actually disgusts me is that Chicago is forbidding people from buying more than one gun a month. (Seriously?) I mean, if people want more than one gun, they can just hit up multiple gun stores and get all the weapons they need. Or, they can steal them. Considering this is Chicago, that is probably expected. Why should it be illegal to buy more than one gun per store?

    2. Why is it the government’s job to write a security plan to gun stores? I can’t think of a single store with wares that dangerous that WOULDN’T secure it like a vault to keep their guns from
    being stolen and used by people to kill innocents.

    None of these laws will stop criminals from getting guns.

    The rest of the rules are a nuisance, but they aren’t wrong. If there is a waiting period for abortion (murder), why can’t there be a waiting period for guns (which have the potential to be used by people in order to commit murder)? Isn’t it hypocritical to allow wait times for some things but not others.

    Why is videotaping a gun sale an infringement? When I buy super sized fries at McDonalds, I am taped. When I shop at Wal-Mart, I am taped. -and ever simce thieves ran off with tithe money twice I, am taped when I worship in church, too. Stores have always had security footage.

    As for background checks, I’ve opposed them for the buyer (they didn’t stop Santa Barbara) but not the seller. I do not place it above previously convicted thieves to break oaths and contracts to steal and cheat. (Look at the White House.)

    • Quote: “The rest of the rules are a nuisance, but they aren’t wrong. If there is
      a waiting period for abortion (murder), why can’t there be a waiting
      period for guns (which have the potential to be used by people in order
      to commit murder)? Isn’t it hypocritical to allow wait times for some
      things but not others.”

      Why not the same restrictions for anyone buying a car? From what I read in the news and see on TV, it seems that more people die everyday in cars then all year by guns.

  10. Who cares what happens in that progressive stink hole. It can burn for all I give a damn. One of the worst cities in the USA.


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