Call to action: Military Fair Pay Act and Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi

You have to wonder if there are any government employees on food stamps or having to work a second job to make ends meet for their families. I found it quite interesting that President Obama –the Commander-in-Chief Obama – pushes for an executive order for government contract employees to get a $10.10 minimum wage — but said nothing about those who serve in uniform.

Let’s compare: who works longer hours and under far more challenging conditions, civilian government employees and contractors at the EPA or IRA — or a young sergeant on his third combat tour of duty with a wife and two kids?

Thankfully, a piece of legislation is being drafted in the U.S. House of Representatives, the Military Fair Pay Act, which you can read here. I cannot imagine any Representative who would not support it.

The political games being played with our military are unconscionable — to include now allowing illegal immigrants to serve for citizenship. The decimation of our Armed Forces and the lip service and speeches given with no definitive actions taken to improve their quality of life — not to mention capability and capacity to defeat the enemy — is unforgivable.

How is it that our government can sit back and do nothing while one of our own, Marine SGT Andrew Tahmooressi, sits in a Mexican jail and apparently, according Fox News, has been beaten with a bat so brutally, it dislocated Tahmooressi’s jaw. Mark Podlaski, a friend of the sergeant’s said he spoke on the phone to Tahmooressi who also told him he was stripped naked and chained to a bed. Mexico is supposed to be a U.S. ally. We send them aid.

It is absurd, but not as absurd as a government that allows its troops to be treated that way. Yesterday President Obama spoke at the graduation of future Army leaders at the commencement at West Point. His words are meaningless to Sergeant Tahmooressi. Are any liberal media stations even covering his story?

Bart Santos, a private investigator who has been working with Tahmooressi’s family since his arrest, has been keeping my apprised via email. Santos also told Fox News that the torture was inflicted before Andrew Tahmooressi’s mother went to the media. Santos said the Marine was kept in uncomfortable restraints and beaten regularly by prison guards “like an animal.”

America, we have a United States Marine wrongly detained and beaten in a Mexican jail. We have veterans dying under the hand of the Veterans Administration. We have record numbers of servicemen and women and their families on food stamps. Is this all part of the “fundamental transformation” of America? Is this what you’re willing to accept from the Community-Organizer-in-Chief?

It’s call to action time. Melt down the White House phone lines, call your representatives and ask if they’re cosponsoring the “Military Fair Pay Act” — and if not, then why not? Doing nothing is the same as being complicit.


  1. I have said this many times and the reason barry does it is the same.

    He has a disdain and hatred for the US armed forces. He puts them in unwarranted circumstances overseas with impossible ROE’s He takes Marines and makes them hold umbrellas in the rain. His disregard for the Vet’s is no different.

    So in barry’s mind, Tahmooressi is just a law breaker. Why should he care about him?

    This should be obvious to everyone. Why they do not do something is beyond me. How egregious does barry’s actions have to be before he is called on his actions. It is reprehensible

    • I agree, why not call on California Gov. Jerry Brown to close the border between Mexico and California until they let our marine go. Civilian border guards-volunteers should be loosed. Arizona, Texas , Louisiana ,Florida should do the same. All Governors should close their borders until he is set free. Calling state reps and the President does nothing – we all know that.

      • I live in Massachusetts and we have illegals here, they have been settling all over the US not just the southern states.
        That said, I agree with you the states should be taking over the duties that the feds refuse to do.
        I use to see joke bumper stickers that had Illegal immigrant hunting permits on them. Not such a far fetched idea. Bounty hunters as it might be. So much money a head and escort them to the border

      • If those disgraces in Mexico want to treat our U.S. marine like that , then perhaps we should not be so good to them either. I’m listening to Fox News now and he is on Gretta on Record saying he has been chained to his bed and beaten and hit with a bat. Where the Hell are his commanding officers? They should be standing up for him! They are disgraces as well for not standing up for him.

      • Yes, it does. I also hear the military as a whole is not very fond of our current leader. If I were a high up commander, I would be drawing up plans to get our guy back. Screw the Mexicans- they do it to us every chance they get.

      • If I were a high up commander: how about removing this administration and all the other crooks in Washington and other places?

      • There ya go! There was a movie about that made in the 1960’s. It stared Kirk Douglas and I cannot remember who played the General. Anyway a plot to overthrow the government was uncovered and stopped. Almost worked. But I bet that is why the military was purged and a lot of generals were put to pasture. Fear of that happening. Stalin did it to, but he sent his to labor camps in Siberia. Gulags.

      • That is exactly why they purged “Our Generals, Officers and Enlisted”. Who’s to say he won’t round all “Our Veterans, etc., up and put them in FEMA Camps? I just don’t believe, “Our Veterans, Patriots, Oath Keeps and Others”, would sit by and let “Our Country” be taken over. I do believe we are out of time, because each day, brings more and more from this administration.

      • Most of us would do something, but we just don’t know how. Perhaps more than calling or email petitions? I don’t know the answer. I am worried that there will not be an election in 2016. Two more years to cause as much damage and havoc as possible. We all need to set a collective “Scream” To DC.

      • I have no doubts that most of you want to do something. Not only do I say “Our Men and Women”, but also “Our Militia”, “Our Patriots”, “Our Oath Keepers” and anyone else that has the knowledge. I think it is the booted Generals responsibilities to put this together. When BLM went after the Bundy Ranch, which was a biggest Red Flag than anything else that has happened. The sad part is that “Our Elected Officials” are not going to do squat, except sit back and let it continue. They do not listen to us and short of someone that knows how to set up Petitions to send to Congress on each subject. I would like to see that as a campaign on Freedom Outpost. I’m sick of hearing about November 2014, because none of us know what’s going to happen and as far as 2016, it will be a repeat of 2012.

      • I sure a heck hope not. More people I know are voteing this time and they are not voting Democrat. No incumbents, no professional polititions, No one with no vowels in their names, yes one appeared on our ballot , a woman with no vowels in her name. What does that mean?

      • Steve, I hope I am wrong and it is a clean election and the right people are elected. No vowels, that’s interesting!

      • Reba, I wanted to give you the name of the person , but I could not find it on my sample ballot. I already voted by mail and it was on the official ballot. My wife and son saw it too and wondered how to pronounce it. Oh well. I’ve never seen anything like that and I will be looking in the future.

      • It will show up again in the news. Thank you for trying and I wish you the best in your elections.

      • Yep and I think it will be more voter fraud than before. I blame the Governors more than anyone else.

      • Well, you should believe it, because they’re doing it. Nobody is going to do anything ,just like the German people did nothing under Hitler. Oath keepers, patriots, don’t wait til the wolves are inside the house, they keep them out. Seriously, If Americans were all that, and a bag of chips too, we wouldn’t even be to the point we are now.

      • Have to find the booted Generals that are willing to put something together. Can’t do it online by phone and probably not even by mail, because I’m sure they are all being watched. So it would have to be worked in the Community.

      • If I were president i would say ” Mexico, you have one of our people in jail who you say broke your law. Return him now or I will return 6 MILLION of your people who broke OUR law.”

    • I am not as good as i once was but i’d put my life on the line for him …Have Guns, Ammo will travel to save a fellow Military Brother ..

  2. I am OUTRAGED!!! Beaten for getting lost??? It’s time we sent a company of ARMED Marines down there and got him out… and no more tourism to Mexico, too! they are not our friends! Screw Mexico and finish the fence!!!

  3. The entire chain of command should be dismissed for neglecting of the duties that promise to up held. They all to blame Mr. West, not just the President.

  4. UH…what?? What did FOX report yesterday that this man was caught in a LIE! He is going to be a guest of the MEXICAN prison system for a while!

  5. We’re all exhausted trying to “melt down” thw White House. None of us have any power at all. You won’t let us be on the news shows. The media is controlled, you can only send emails to the White House, they don’t even pick up the phone. You’re the people with the power, not us. We’re all watching this circus, we can’t do anything. We can’t even protest, you need a permit. We already know what you’re just finding out.

  6. On March 31, 2014 US Marine Corps Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi made a wrong turn due to a poorly marked sign at the US-Mexican
    border, and was arrested by Mexican police for having three legally registered firearms in his car that he declared when he was stopped. He has been imprisoned and tortured in Mexican prisons since that time, without intervention from United States officials for his release. Hundreds of millions in American tax dollars flow to Mexico every year from the pathetic American politicians who were elected to uphold the laws of our land, and when called upon, to free wrongfully imprisoned American Servicemen and Servicewomen in Mexican prisons (yes, this isn’t the first time this has happened). Join American Veterans by boycotting EVERYTHING that has to do with Mexico as long as Andrew is in their prison, and:

    1. If you’re religious, pray for SGT Tahmooressi’s immediate return to the US, and that his captors will meet their Maker soon:
    Oh God, please speed the safe return of US Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi to these United States today in good health and spirit so he is able to continue to serve his country and receive the medical treatment that he has been denied by his captors. I pray to you for Andrew’s safe return home, and ask that you forgive me for my past support of anything
    made or grown in Mexico, for it is a land of people who condemn our freedoms and our love for fellow Americans. I promise I will not buy anything made in Mexico, travel to Mexico, or support the Mexican nation in any way as long as Mexico continues to imprison and torture our American Servicemen and Servicewomen. I promise I will vote against every member of Congress who has not petitioned for Andrew’s immediate release in the upcoming elections, and especially against any politician who voted to give Mexico our tax dollars for foreign aid. And I promise I will pray for Andrew until he is safely returned to the United States of America with your blessings, Amen.

    2. If you’re not all that religious, please take a moment to read the following on behalf of USMC SGT Andrew Tahmooressi:

    Oh God, I ask that you intercede on behalf of US Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi so he is returned to the United States today in good health and spirit, and that he is able to continue to serve his country and receive the medical treatment he has been denied by his captors. May God deliver the same justice and torture as SGT Tahmooressi has endured by his captors to the Mexicans who falsely imprisoned this honorable US Marine, for it is these Mexican people who deserve the full wrath of God for injustices and crimes against humanity. Lord God, we ask that you condemn the Mexican animals who committed unforgivable sins against Andrew and other American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Law Enforcement officers who swore to protect the United States from the maggots that crawl from the sewers of this corrupt Mexican nation. We pray you will send drought and floods, earthquakes and mudslides, plagues and pestilence to eradicate this scum of Mexico from the face of the earth so their souls are condemned to hell for eternity where they belong, Amen.

    If you vote democratic, don’t bother praying because you’re the main reason bad things like this happen to our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen Marines, Veterans and Law Enforcement officers. Better yet, go to Mexico where they’re all democrats! When real Americans vote for real Americans, our Nation will be strong again. Help free Andrew Tahmooressi NOW! More on


      The approaches to the border crossing are two four-lane freeways that merge at the border, I-5 and I-805. At the border, the word “MEXICO” appears overhead in letters about four feet high.

      There is duplicated signage for “Last US Exit” and a last-ditch U-Turn you can make at the border crossing.


  7. I pray for Andrew constantly, and for his family. It makes me livid and depressed at the same time that we have so called political leaders, a military, and citizens that allow this still active duty reservist Marine be in a Mexican prison. I won’t get started on Mexico and their millions we feed, clothe, and house. Western Union should cut off all transactions to Mexico until Andrew is freed. Our borders should be closed right now, at best no American should step into Mexico, boycott the hellhole. God Bless Greta for her efforts and keeping this story in the news.

  8. If I were president i would say ” Mexico, you have one of our people in jail who you say broke your law. Return him now or I will return 6 MILLION of your people who broke OUR law.”

  9. We are holding a Rally for Andrew Tahmooressi today in Miami, FL from 12:00p-2:00pm on US-1 & SW 112 st. HIs mother Jill and family and friends will all be there. Please come support our Rally to Free Andrew!!!

    • I’m glad you’re doing this. It’s a shame and a disgrace our fearless leaders won’t lift a finger to help this marine. If our “leader”? thought this marine was a deserter, the prez would take action to get him out of Mexico.

  10. The current administration is absolutely shameful, their disrespect for the military is unconscionable.

  11. We have a few Marines just up the road from Mexico, at Camp Pendelton. Take a division of them and ship them to the border with the express intention of granting them “Dungree Liberty” in tijauana.

  12. Don’t we let Filipinos serve for citizenship? They are “legal” but do clog up MOSes/NECs that do not require clearances.

    • The truth hurts, doesn’t it, idiot. The House of Representatives has passed many bills to help Americans and America. But harry reid is afraid to let them come up for a vote in the senate, lest the public see who voted against Americans and America. But, in your ideology driven liberal head – empty space, no brain – the truth, or results, never matter, only party propaganda. Dream on, obamanoid.

      • Hey fake marine, the truth obviously hurts, you otherwise you wouldn’t have reacted so quickly with your talking points from the Ministry of Propaganda for the Republican Party. Tax cuts for the rich, hasn’t helped one person from the Americam middle class. How is cutting the EPA and poisoning children, helping the American middle class? How is promoting corporations as people, helping the American middle class? How does BP kill 11 oil workers and no one is jailed, help the American middle class?
        Turn off Fox, studies have proven to make you stupider, and in your case, it’s very noticeable.


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