Dude, really? Woman catches flying bat while man cowers. (VIDEO)

Is chivalry dead? Well, if what happened at the Chicago White Sox baseball game is any indicator, it may not be yet, but it just took a sucker punch to the gut.

As reported by the New York Daily News, “The catch of the day didn’t come on the field, but in the stands Sunday in Chicago. When White Sox catcher Tyler Flowers let his bat slip out of his hands in the second inning, it bounced off the top of the dugout and was heading straight towards a mother who was doing her best to protect her young daughter from the flying lumber. Luckily for mommy and daughter, Eileen Depesa was sitting one row in front of them and she barehanded the bat, keeping the tot from getting a nasty bump on the head.”

But, pay attention to the man who was sitting with Ms. Depesa in the video — that rascal ducked the flying bat — and then had the nerve to grab it from her.


To Ms. Depesa I render a hearty “Hooah” as a true Valkyrie, a strong woman of Sparta. To the fella sitting with her who ducked — dude, you are going to at least need an identity change and worst case scenario, never show you face at the White Sox ball park.

Wanna know the horrible direction in which this country may be headed? This video is an example. Funny, just as we are remembering the heroism and valor of those who bravely went into harm’s way to protect our freedoms, this happens. Thank God we do still have heroes who walk amongst us, not guys who duck.


  1. I would duck too. Not because I lost my man card, because the 5 surgeries and several procedures done on my neck & right shoulder says I should. I’ve got enough hardware in me. I don’t want more.

  2. Good grief, Allen — stop wasting your time on idiotic non-issues… This is embarrassing and makes you look foolish.

    • Oh my… a change in pace is sometimes needed when things are always so serious in this world. Lighten up man… life is not always about fighting.. its about enjoying life too….

    • The wussification of American men is one of the root causes of many of our nation’s problems. Honor, integrity, having a protective instinct and being willing to put yourself in harm’s way to protect your loved ones and your country are all manly ideals and should never be denigrated or scoffed at.

    • I agree. That this man chose to duck and cover rather than try to catch the bat is not at all a comment on his manhood. If the woman was watching the play unfold and the man was caught off guard, then instincts are instincts, and to try to turn this into a “wussification of America” issue is quite the stretch.

      • I have no doubt that you’re the type of “man” who would take a bat to the face before having the sense to duck. I believe the word for people like you is “doofus.”

      • So a person who would stand in the way of oncoming danger to protect another person is to you a “doofus”. Good to know. How about you go and tell our brave men and women serving in the armed forces, fire dept., polices dept, Secret Service etc, that they are “doofuses”. When you plan to do so let me know so I can get my lawn chair and popcorn to watch.

    • But, then again, West is a private citizen, not a public servant, and so I suppose he is free to comment on whatever he wants.

      Though I suspect this is the type of thing that led to him getting booted out of office.

    • as Allen has stated, this is the state of men today. For me, my responsibility is to protect my wife. Cowards duck. Men would take the bat to the face if need be.

    • My first reaction in a bat fight is to try and arm own self with a bat. How convenient that an antagonist has let go his, for whatever reason? I think Mr. West could have found some better video for this statement. 🙁

    • My first reaction in a bat fight is to arm my own self with a bat. How convenient that an antagonist has let go his bat? I think Mr. West could have found better video for the statement he’s trying to make here. A man, however, should always be aware of his surroundings and situation. I like babies. Might be hard to not notice a little baby sitting next to me at a ballgame, minding their own little business. I’m thinking ‘You have to stop that bat at all costs, sometimes. I think this post gives too much credit to the woman who caught the bat, but she did catch the bat. Kudos!

    • No not really. Played baseball for years in the backyard and on the diamond. I played catcher and had baseballs, bats and you name it thrown at me. Never once ducked and cowered like a punk. Now maybe you might react like that, but as for me no…I have a pair.

      • Pretty sure you were A: covered in pads, or B: squatting from a perspective where you could see the whole event and were expecting things to fly at your head. It is a natural and unavoidable reaction when, at the last second, something previously unnoticed, comes flying at your head, to shield yourself or swat it out of your personal space. Practice some humility for once. It goes way farther than a puffed up chest trying to prove how tough you are…

      • so you want to give him a metal? No. Those are reserved for MEN and WOMEN who NEVER duck and run leaving someone else to get hit. It is possible to OVERRIDE the “natural” instinct and do what’s right. People in this country have forgotten how to do what’s right no matter how hard and are acting only on self-preservation instincts and it’s all turned to crap. America NEEDS to become a land of men and women who do what’s right and not what’s expected.

  3. Allen ,Please. If you”re thinking of running for any kind of office( like POTUS),Please don”t start pandering to the females like this for votes. It reminds me of Obummer.

    • He isn’t pandering to females. He is stating a fact and that is that a large majority of men in this country act like they have been neutered.

  4. I’m with you on almost every issue, but if you look closely, she was ducking also, but her eyes were facing the bat and it was easier for her to react and catch it. Also, she had his body to protect her and he didn’t have any protection. Give him a break.

    • No she did not duck at all and it even looked like she put her arm around him to try to protect him! Good grief get your eyes examined because you are blind.

      • I have an idea. Why don’t you buy a time machine and a camcorder and a ticket to the game right behind that couple. Get the camera ready just before the bat incident and record all their actions before, during and after the incident. I want all the details. Then you can decide whether he did the right thing or not. My point is that you should give people the benefit of the doubt.

  5. Oh come on. This is such knee-jerk, reactionary nonsense. So what, he ducked when a baseball bat came flying at him from his nine o’clock while she caught a bat flying at her twelve o’clock sharp. Some people will make a mountain out of every possible molehill.

    • It’s not clear from the video that he did or even tried to take the bat from her. THAT would be the offense. I think it’s human instinct to duck. He probably had no way of knowing in that second who was behind him, and the woman could see the bat was in no danger of hitting her or anyone else until it bounced off the well. Again, I hope he didn’t try to take the bat from her.

    • He is a wimp. Point blank. His wife/ girlfriend or whatever sitting right beside him and he ducks? Quit making excuses for a ball less wonder. He knew there were other people around him and he cowered like a baby.

      • He even threw himself into her lap. She was shielding him. She could have gotten hit in the face but as long as HIS head was protected then all was right with HIS world.

    • I agree. I remember when George Bush cowered away when shoes were flying at him. If this is “wussification,” what’s THAT?

  6. Goes to show that Allen is right. Look at all the comments defending the guy. If I was sitting there with my wife and a bat came flying at us, should I duck, cover and hope it doesn’t hit me while leaving her and all the people behind me in danger? Or would be it be better to attempt to block it?

  7. female instinct, whenever you are conscience of a baby anywhere near you (be it your child or not) you throw yourself in the way of danger. Of course I’m generalizing. And yes there are many women (like that chick with the baseball) who don’t possess this instinct. Sadly his actions are self-serving which has become typical. There was a time when men behaving extraordinary was the norm. Not anymore.

    • HATE TO SAY IT jAYjAY BUT I HAVE to agree with you. I see it just about every day I work. sad,sad,sad. where have all the men gone?

  8. After a 2nd look, I think the bat’s trajectory was right at the guy, when it bounced off the dugout, it became a whole different ballgame. This incident could be better captioned, me thinketh.

  9. What a wimp! So is every other person on here trying to defend him. It is a bat and it is not even coming at him that hard. Good grief the woman one handed it with her bare hand. He was ducking before it was even halfway there. SMH!

  10. What a freakin’ pansy ass, then “he” grabs the bat from her!!! She should have backhanded him and took it back. BRAVO

  11. There is no pride or honor left in this country. Chivalry died out decades ago. It’s all for one, no longer one for all. What a shame.

  12. Duck responsibility and then snatch from those who actually earned something? Sounds exactly like our country these days.

  13. I watched it over and over again and from what i saw I would never hazard a
    guess what he or she was doing after catching the bat. It is all mute because she will be approached by the stadium crew and ask her to return the bat to the player that lost it. Baseball park etiquette dictates she return the bat in exchange for some other souvenir like a signed ball and cap. A bat is almost like a mitt to a player, it is something he has spent time picking out and personalizing and he wants it back when it goes flying!

  14. If you actually WATCH in the beginning, she has her arm around him and they are BOTH ducked. She happened to look up and saw the bat. Smh. People are so quick to jump.

    • she had her arms around him because he dropped into her lap. Her arms were shielding him. The bat could VERY easily have hit her in the face. But his head was well protected by her. Then she grabs it and prevents it from hitting a baby behind her. NO DOUBT the woman had WAY more guts then the man.

    • I didn’t see the guy at all. I saw the chick catch the bat and start cheering. That was all I saw. Am I watching the same video?

  15. I totally agree that this country is in deep trouble. When I visit my sons high school. It is a freak show. Some boys are so feminine or skrawney and then the girls are burley and they are throwing fists, cell phones or hate speech at other girls. This society is upside down!!! SCARY !!!! I make sure my sons are respectful yet work out and have manly experience like scouts, hiking or hunting.

  16. Why do people sit in such vulnerable seats and fail to keep their eye on the game? I never understood that. How many videos have we all seen of inattentive numbskulls getting beaned because they didn’t keep their eye on the game?

  17. Fearing for his life, Gaylord had obviously been whacked in the head with a baseball bat at some tender age during his childhood. Perhaps his older brother, during what likely proved to be a short-lived career in pee wee league, used little Gaylord’s head as a batting tee.

  18. It was just recently reported that the great majority of our youth is unfit for the military. What a sad comment to make of young people.

      • I think it’s more that society has put out this new politically correct idea of people . They teach kids in school not to try their hardest or do their best so they don’t make anyone feel bad about themselves that aren’t as successful . I read a school newsletter about their field day at school . I couldn’t believe it ! They’re dumbing down our kids , and teaching them to conform and blend in . To excel or stand above the rest as the best at something is disrespectful to others now apparently .

      • I know its sad, I think I was one of the few last graduating classes that still had trophy’s and winners and losers… Yada yada, either way losing isn’t bad it is like making a mistake you learn from your mistakes and when you lose it pushes you to do better next time so you will be the winner… In any case this whole “Everybody is a winner” motto is stupid, we need to get rid of that ideology because it is going to screw us as a country… I can already see the pansy’s that that ideology is producing

    • IT SAID THE MAN that ducked grabbed it. if that is true maybe she should get the bat back and use it on the man that is the AMERICAN WAY.

      • The vid ends before showing that anyone grabbed the bat from her. Gee, Allen, that’s a lot to read into thirty seconds of video, dontcha think? Oh, wait… this is Allen West we’re talking about… thinking doesn’t enter into it.

      • You are the one who cannot seem to think. I am sure this video continues and it can be seen that the bat was taken from this woman by this cowering man. Thinking sure does not enter into your mind!!

      • You’re “sure” the video continues, huh? The part that our man Allen chose to post shows nothing of the sort. If he… or you… had bothered to look around the internet for other vids of the same incident, he would have seen that the man puts his hand on the bat as she’s bringing it down, but does not “grab” it from her. Do some checking on your own and don’t be so lazy.

      • Yes, you are right in that I should have checked any other video of this incident but in so doing I did not see any more footage that says he did or did not grab the baseball bat from her. But being her boyfriend, I guess it would not have made any difference because she was forced to give it back and had another one replaced. BTW- The woman said it was her “mom instinct” that kicked in to grab for it to keep a child behind her from being hit. I guess the boyfriend’s only instinct was to keep himself from being hit.

  19. That’s a total wuss move. He saw it coming and ducked way before the lady extended her hand to catch the bat. In all fairness I might have ducked too, hand-eyes on that lady is amazing.

  20. Wow that’s a woman to be proud of, as for the guy well after seeing another Chicago resident ( Obama ) throw a baseball recently at a little league game. It appears metrosexual behavior is in vogue in Chicago, the ex-“city of the big shoulders”.

    • NO, he’s a typical bully. He cowered when it flew into the stands and, according to Col. West (“…that rascal ducked the flying bat — and then had the nerve to grab it from her.”), he took it away from her. Bullies are cowards.

  21. I think he may have been afraid to get sued if he being a white male in his 40’s didn’t either catch the bat correctly or was labeled a misogynist and didn’t let the woman have her chance

  22. By “Thank God we do still have heroes who walk amongst us” I assume Mr. West is not referring to people like Alan West who was essentially forced to resign his commission from the military for abusing the soldiers serving under his command.

    • You, sir, do not have your facts straight! Mr. West was not accused of abusing his own soldiers. It was a suspicious ENEMY who was interrogated with some force that got Mr. West into trouble. After the incident, many politicians and fellow Americans and veterans commended Mr. West for doing his duty in trying to get needed info from what was thought to be an enemy to save his fellow soldiers from an attack that could have killed and wounded his soldiers. After Mr. West left that area of Iraq, enemies no longer feared Mr. West’s replacement and attacks started to happen. Get your facts straight!!!

      • “West was interrogating an Iraqi policeman, who was believed to have information about a plot to assassinate West with an ambush on a U.S. convoy.

        In testimony at an Article 32 hearing — the military’s version of a
        grand jury or preliminary hearing — West said the policeman, Yahya
        Jhrodi Hamoody, was not cooperating with interrogators, so he watched four of his soldiers from the 220th Field Artillery Battalion beat the
        detainee on the head and body.

        West said he also threatened to kill Hamoody. Military prosecutors
        say West followed up on that threat by taking the suspect outside, put him on the ground near a weapons clearing barrel and fired his 9 mm pistol into the barrel.”

        Yep, that’s the way good a American soldiers behave. Torture, beatings, simulated executions…something to be pround of!

      • So violating the Uniform Code of Conduct, the Rules of Engagement and international treaties signed by the US is alright as long as it is someone on the other side being tortured? People like Mr. West disgrace the uniform he wore.

      • The army found mitigating (less severe} circumstances (facts) and handled Mr. West’s case through noncriminal proceedings that meant he avoided court martial and prison. It was a “politically correct” general who heavy handily attempted to “destroy” Mr. West. Mr. West would have laid down his life for his men; the men you accused of him of abusing! If the interrogation on this suspected enemy were handled under Obama’s military officers, they would have given him names of our military spies!

      • Listen, I was just clarifying Mr. Charley James’ huge error in accusing Mr. West of abusing his own soldiers. It was a suspected enemy(police officer or not) who was being interrogated when they thought he was reaching for his weapon and needed subduing. Mr. West accepted his punishment and made it be known that there were no ambushes in his area in Taji, Iraq previously but the ambushes started after he was relieved of his duties. Ninety-five members of Congress and a couple of thousand of American citizens and veterans showed their moral support with letters and e-mails. Yes, we should be proud that there were no ambushes under Lt. Col. West!!!!

    • Wrong, he was forced from the Military for firing a gun next to the head of a Taliban Killer to make him talk. But the wimps in Washington said he abused his prisoner, BS what ever it takes to save your Men.

  23. Wow…this is pretty entertaining. The Republican lizard-brain in full display. Ten seconds worth of blurry video and you’ve made snap judgements as to the innermost character of this guy. Is this REALLY the way you people think?

  24. Having actually been hit in the face with a flying bat before, I would have ducked, too. Its called “instinct”. Its how you react when something flies towards your face – especially if you’ve had something thrown at it before.

    The bat hit in front of him and wasn’t going to hit her anyway … it was climbing over her head when she grabbed it.

  25. Maybe MLB should think of arming ballpark security and installing shooting tubes so men like this ducker can be dealt with appropriately. DEEP, PHILOSOPHICAL THINKING GOING ON HERE. Meanwhile, we return to our streaming coverage of Bullshit Mountain on FAUX Spews.

  26. As a long-time white water rafting guide, I saw examples of this on a daily basis; Muscled young guys (gym muscles–all bark, no wood) who’d cringe and shriek at the first waves, while young girls would dig in and paddle with gusto.

    The modern American male: acting tough with attitude and poses, demanding respect but doing nothing to earn it. Sad, really.


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