US intel officer admits White House is prepared to let al-Qaida have Afghanistan

One of the maxims of military planning is “the enemy has a vote.” And that’s why one has to question the prudence of a residual force of only 9,800 in Afghanistan as announced by President Obama and the White House.

According to a report in the Daily Beast — hardly a conservative outlet – even they are asking the same. The Beast reports that President Obama is poised to keep nearly 10,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan until at least 2016. Some top intelligence and military officers now fighting that war say the number of troops under consideration by the White House should be just enough to prevent al-Qaida from re-establishing a safe haven. Others aren’t so sure that 9,800 troops can keep the terror group and its allies at bay.

In the military we used a simple calculation called “troop to task.” The first thing that must be decided is the task and purpose for troops, and then the battlefield calculations begin.

And understand that for military offensive operations — which is what I hope the Obama administration is seeking — the good guy to bad guy ratio is preferred to be 3:1. As well, the ratio between combat to logistical support troops is around 1:4 — in other words, for every “trigger puller” you are looking at a minimum of four logistical support troops to enable them.

So let’s “do the math” and round up the number of 9,800 to 10,000 and based upon battlefield calculus, we are looking at only about 2500 “trigger pullers” — yeah, I know, we can leverage technological superiority. Well, that didn’t work so well in Vietnam against a determined enemy — and it ain’t worked so well in Afghanistan.

How many of this 9,800 will be stuck in headquarters areas like Kabul, Bagram, and even Kandahar? My point is this: if we’re not willing to kick the enemy in the arse and just making them targets, then we should get out! And don’t get me going about the insidious rules of engagement. Anyway, why announce your force strength levels to the enemy? I bet they can do the calculus as well.

As the Beast reports, “The stakes in the troop decision couldn’t be higher… in a very real way, the decision could determine the final outcome of America’s longest war. There are top military and intelligence officials who are deeply concerned about what the president might do next.” We’ve already witnessed the ramifications of Obama’s decision in Iraq.

“The bottom line is that 10,000 troops is not enough to deny al-Qaida sanctuary in Afghanistan,” one U.S. intelligence officer told The Daily Beast. “As a result, they will come back. We have decided as a political leadership that we can live with this.”

Really? Tell that to the few who will be left conducting some rear guard action in Afghanistan, certain to be forgotten by this administration who will no doubt ask liberal media accomplices not to report its failures.

Some Senior military commanders in Afghanistan and two senior U.S. defense officials in Washington said they were comfortable with the 10,000 figure but were concerned that if the numbers went much lower than that, the U.S. would have to shrink its mission to perhaps just Kabul and Bagram, leaving the countryside to Afghan security forces that still struggle to get ammunition, equipment, fuel, and food, to their troops. And anyone who served in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan knows that control of the countryside is far more important than hunkering down at large regional bases.

And of course these commanders spoke on condition of anonymity because they were worried the White House would perceive any publicly expressed doubts or recommendations as an attempt by the military to box Obama into a specific number of troops, as it was when Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s recommendations for Afghanistan were leaked ahead of Obama’s decision on troop numbers in his first year in office. Seems the military fully understands a confrontational relationship exists with the Obama White House.

President Obama will return to West Point to deliver an address on foreign policy and national security — more talk, talk, talk. And it was at West Point where Obama announced his “surge” strategy, whereby he also articulated its duration — brilliant strategic move, huh?

A community organizer is not exactly the one you want playing the part of a leader in national security matters — but unfortunately folks, that’s what we’ve got.


  1. Well, hopefully some of those “trigger-pullers” will be pulling triggers on AH-64’s and A-10’s!!!

  2. All barry is doing is making our troops targets for Al Qaeda and the Taliban. I have said it before and I am saying it now. He doesn’t care if our troops get killed. In fact he proclaimed “I’m getting good at killing people”. He despises our military and leaves them there to be fodder for the enemy

      • You seem like the you’re the type that would rather have other people sign up, join up, pay up while you and yours sit around with their feet up, drink up and get smoked up so STF up…. panty waste

      • No “thank you” coming your way from me, I served my country as well. So how do you feel about your son getting his hands dirty and putting his life on the line for an ungrateful, corrupt, anti American, MB card carrying and self serving commander in chief?

    • Isn’t supplying the enemy with weapons considered an act of treason? Hundreds of MANPADs, AK’s and ammunition funneled into Libya…. courtesy of BHO.

      • It is! However, he took out a part of the law by Executive Order, the part that would hold him accountable for Aiding and Abetting the Enemy. Also he has he aqq covered by the Attorney General who would NOT prosecute him as well as having the backing of harry reid and the Senate democrats. So until we get the senate to have a Conservative majority, he can get away with it.

  3. He just wan,ts to get more troops killed where they won,t have to worry about them coming home to stand against his rules to take over the country.Lord please get him out of office to help our soldiers.

  4. What the is wrong with pulling out?!! It’s Afghanistan turn to get over. How long do we stay in a country that doesn’t want us? Spend more $$$ into a corrupt Karzi gov? We trained their police and troops, when do we let them take over for themselves ? This is just republican arguing opposite to whatever Obama does. If he said, we are staying, the reps would argue get out.

    • Then Barry should pull all troops out. Leaving behind a skeleton crew in such a vile domain is not strategically sound and will only cost more US lives and hardship back home for their loved ones. Do it right, or pull out completely.

      • A skeleton crew with satellites, CIA intel, drones, spies, help from other nationals, wire taps, and a lot more we don’t know about.

    • You have no clue about warfare or national security. Leave Afghanistan and terror cells will multiply and take over. If you want an example, how’s Iraq been doing since we hauled ass? We take the fight to the enemy so they don’t take the fight to our shores. Saying we just want to stay there because Obama wants us out is pathetic. I spent 10 years in the Army so I know what I’m talking about.

      • Yeah, 10 tears in the army, kitchen or band? Katzi wants us out. We trained their army and police. If not now, when? We don’t have to be in country to know what ‘a going on. Plus, this war will never be over. We will be back.

      • As foul a taste as it may leave in anyones’ mouth, this is a place we have to stay. There is not another way to do this. There is not another way to stop the bad guys from returning to the status quo of Sept. 10, 2011. Whether obama or whoever is president we have to stay an die and suffer, regardless of public opinion. regardless of ones’ own stance on anything. Whoever is president has to have the guts to stay there and fight and watch our guys and gals die. Doesn’t matter how long it takes, we are stuck. Doesn’t matter how unpopular it is. Doesn’t matter the body count. Obama knows all this, his truthful Generals and whoever else tells him. He does not have the guts to do it. He is not even close to having the guts to do it. This is really serious stuff, a real and continuing present and clear danger to the people of this country. Obama is not man enough to weather any of the criticism, much less lead on the matter. He is going to cut and run, and sentence the skeleton crew there to a death of 10000 individual cuts, or capture and beheadings, one at a time. If he is a coward and a nothing, which he has proven that he is, he should admit it and bring everyone home.And eat the consequences. Which he wont. He will leave just enough to endanger themselves there, declare victory and a stable and peaceful Afghanistan, and leave a mess even bigger than he inherited to the next president. Who if they are real leaders are going to send our people right back over there, because they have to be there and never should left. Obama is a child in a man’s positon and will just take the easiest way out like the sissy he is, and the American hater he is.

      • Iraq is in chaos… but no more Americans are dying there.
        Do we stay in Afghanistan forever?

  5. for all the blood shed, bodies wounded/maimed and those who paid the ultimate price, these liberal idiot democrats have pissed away all the sacrifices of our soldiers in iraq and it will also happen in afghan., they (lib media, coward kerry,fonda,dems), forced us out of vietnam when we had won and viet cong were hiding in foxholes waiting for kerry,fonda & media to turn public opinion & force us out & 3 million Vietnamese/women & children were raped, pillaged, slaughtered when all they wanted was to be free & not live under communism-thanks democraps! they always side w/commis, dictators, islamists..people just dont get it..they are truly the enemy from within.

    • unfortunately, I foresee the same thing happening again. If we don’t study our history (common core) we are destined to repeat its mistakes.

      The only difference is the Vietcong didn’t want to come to the US and blow up civilians. The Taliban and other Muslim terrorist do.

      How long will it be before another significant attack on American soil? The main reason we don’t have daily attacks here now is because troops in Afghanistan now are keeping them on their toes, unable to train, equip and plan operations outside Pakistan/Afghanistan.

      • Nathan, I hate to say it but terrorism on our shores can happen any day…slimebag clerics here or even overseas can giv the word and that islam devil will knock on the shoulder of many & say “its your time to serve allah (devil), arise and kill Americans”… I pray im there when they do, whether in mall or anywhere, im always prepared to take out as many of those pathetic cowards as possible.

  6. If you are so concerned with to troop levels….go sign up! Don’t wait…do it now! Put your money where your mouths is!!! Some are so willing to send other people kids off to die!

    • Your statement rings of 70’s era rhetoric. Now days we have a “volunteer” army. Anyone that has signed up in the last 12 yrs should know what they’re getting themselves into. Nobody is being drafted. Unfortunately most that sign up are out of other options and disillusioned. Judging by how fubar this current administration is I wouldn’t encourage anyone to join up being that they won’t take care of them when they get back stateside.

    • Amen to Dennis. Look here Earl. These people themselves SIGNED UP. Is that not the reason they signed up? How can you say “if you are concerned with troop levels…go sign up!” when thousands and thousands of our young have already done that? These young heroes have already signed up to fight these cowards overseas yet people like you refuse to give them a hand. You want them to be outnumbered, under supplied and under funded. This is and has always been the reason behind the Air Force, Army, Marines and the Navy. Maybe scumbags like yourself sign up for these things to take advantage of their programs and then once war starts, you say “ohh, just kidding I changed my mind” but there are thousands and thousands and thousands of brave men and women who signed up to serve and are getting slammed in the a** by people such as yourself and our Coward-in-Chief.

      • And HOW LONG are they suppose to STAY?? Till the end of TIME?? How many BILLIONS are we suppose to spend??

      • They are suppose to stay until their time is up. They signed up and now they’re doing what they signed up for. Anybody over the age of 4 knows the purpose of the Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy. Why is it that you’re the only one who doesn’t understand that it’s their job? I’m an electrician by trade. When people call my office and want electrical work done I do it. I don’t tell them “if you want electrical work done go to school and learn how to do it yourself.” See how ridiculous that sounds, so why would you say the same crap about the army?

    • Problem is Earl, those who have signed up, those who have fought bravely in wars, those who have sacrificed friends, families, peaceful night sleep, and are close to retirement are being forced out. Promotions have slowed to the point where many are forced out. We don’t necessarily need more troops. Just don’t reduce what we have. Don’t cut funding for better body armor and weapons. Don’t cut VA benefits so those in don’t value the retirement enough to stay.
      No one asked me or expected me to serve. I saw it as a duty, a privledge, an honor. Troop levels don’t have anything to do with number of brave volunteers, it has everything to do with funding. Our Federal Government is cutting the DoD to where they can’t support troops overseas. Do you support increases in taxes to pay for it? Do you support cutting funding to “extended unemployment” and other hand-out programs in order to increase DoD funding?
      Our brave troops are not asking you Earl to come jump in the foxhole with them. They do need your support though. I say buy war bonds or something like that. Contact your Congressmen/Senators and ask them to support the DoD and dont cut their funding any more.

      • I would add Nathan; we need to quit taking care of all the Illegals in “Our Country” and that is “Billions” we could put toward “Our Military”. We need to get rid of the pork that is costing us “Billions” needlessly and that could be put toward “Our Military”. How about cutting off funding we keep sending to countries that do not stand behind us and that would save “Billions” which we could put that toward “Our Military”.

  7. How long are they suppose to stay in HARMS way….its fine long as its not YOUR son or YOUR daughter….you people make me sick!!

    • It’s always been our sons, our daughters, our neighbors, our friends, our parents, our grandparents and even some of the times us. Our armed forces is 100% voluntary. Nobody is forced to enter to armed serves. People such as yourself sure would love to dismantle all our armed services. Nobody is forced to go into combat and nobody is forced to sign up. YOU MAKE ME SICK Mr. Earl Lee.

      • And troops are not designed to stay in combat until the end of the world. Can a objective be accomplished? Do they want us there? What are they dying for 13 years later??? BRING THEM HOME!!!

      • Ok Earlyee, put the malt liquor down and throw away the paper bag, you’re embarrassing yourself. You just sit there and brag to the world how dumb you are. Wow you’re dumb!

      • I can tell how much you love your son Earl and I hope he comes home soon, safe and sound. I am very thankful for my freedom and I am very thankful for all the brave men and women who serve our country. I don’t have any children serving, but if I did…well, I think I would be proud and scared every day. Earl just loves his son like any good father should. As far as saying anything about the current issue, well I don’t have an opinion about it. I’ll leave that to the men.

      • How long did we stay in Germany after WWII? How long did we stay in Japan? How long did we stay in Korea (southern anyways)
        As someone who has worked with fought with and against Afghans, I believe we should stay in force for a very long time. Look into the history books, what happened in Vietnam when we up and left (everyone that supported us died). If we up and just leave Aftganistan, the same will happen.
        Afghans are hard to understand. They’ve never ruled themselves. It is just one group after another. They don’t believe the can/should rule themselves. If we leave, they will expect someone else to come in and just use brute force and take over. The only difference, it won’t be someone friendly at all to us.
        Plus having Baghram if that is all it is, it is a staging area for next time, if/when it happens in the region.
        question is where do you want the bad guys to attack us next? They are committed, they will do it again. Bagram or Atlanta?

      • Could the number of troops in S. Korea really stop the North from invading? no. The point is that if they did, they would have to kill many Americans to do so. If we leave troops in Aftganistan, we have to have the political will to go back in and completely kick the crap out of any group that tries to take American bases that are still occupied with troops.

        The main problem I see is no one in the world thinks that Americans have any stomach for a fight anymore. We can’t even influence Mexico to return a Marine who accidently crossed the border and found himself arrested. Putin laughs publically at us. Iran and N. Korea, and China reguard US power as a joke.

      • Nathan, maybe you can explain to us that have never been there, why we keep fighting their war. I ask this question, because of the administration we have now. I’m sure you will not agree with me, but I’m asking honest questions, so I can understand it better. They tie “Our Military” hands to win this war. We should have been done with this within a year or two of landing. While “Our Military” is fighting, this administration is bringing Muslims into “Our Country” left and right. I don’t believe it is a war to win, because no one has ever been able to win over there. Why is it our responsibility to fight over there when their own leaders do nothing to help “Our Troops? I Thank You for Your Service as well as All of “Our Military”.

      • They’re suppose to stay for as long as they agreed to stay. Nobody is forcing anybody to sign up once their tour is over. If you don’t want to go to war, the Army, Marines, Air Force and Navy definitely isn’t for you. Every 4 year old knows that. Why is it that you don’t?

      • Charles,

        That is bullshit. If the government does not plan on winning the war, then we should pull out. I just wish all these chicken hawks who say we should stay there indefinitely would have to serve there.

        People need to study history. Afghanistan has been and will always be a tribal society no matter how much we want it to be a modern nation. It is not going to happen.

        Afghanistan has never been conquered by any super power or nation. The tribes in Afghanistan only show some unity when they are fighting an outside power which is what we are to them.

        Sure some of the will take our money and aid but will double cross us at the first opportunity. Our country can not ask the same folks to continuously deploy over and over to a war that we are not serious about winning. This is criminal. If you want to continue the war in Afghanistan, go enlist and volunteer to serve there.

        What folks don’t seem to realize is that one of Osama Bin Laden’s goal was to bankrupt the US financially by bleeding us in a prolonged war in Afghanistan. In this aspect, he has been successful.

        I never served in Afghanistan but did two tours in Iraq during my 25 1/2 years in the military while my infantryman son is currently on his 6th tour in Afghanistan (He also did one tour in Iraq).

        I want him back home safely from that shithole (his words).

      • We aren’t discussing whether this is a fair war or if this administration is doing what needs to be done or if they’re just d***ing around.

        My point is if you don’t want to take orders or you don’t want the possibility of being shipped off to war, the Army, Marines, Navy or Air Force IS NOT FOR YOU.

        I myself am an electrician. When people call my company up to fix their electrical or to do a new installation I don’t tell them “if you need electrical work go to school, become an electrician and do it yourself.” That’s just idiotic.

        You talk about Osama wanting to bankrupt the US financially by war, yet you don’t mention the hundreds of billions of dollars being wasted by Barack Osama, opps sorry Obama, and his administration? You don’t mention the billions of dollars wasted turning our country into a welfare state? What about all the illegals receiving their section 8 and food stamps just because they ran across the boarder and had an anchor baby? What about the women in this country who’s only occupation is procreation? What about people selling their EBT credit while the old and sick can’t get help? I guess you’re fine with that? That is the real bullshit.

        You tell me to “go enlist and volunteer to serve”, well how about if little Hector Rivera III wants to leave that “shithole” he can quit enlisting and volunteering to serve? I’m not the one who agreed to do something and then screams “bullshit” when I have to do it.

      • Charles,

        Your arguments are ludicrous. Just because a person signs up for the military does not mean that he has to do continuous back to back deployments. In every war the US was in we had enough personnel to rotate into a combat tour. Due to the downsizing of the US military a lot of personnel are doing multiple tours especially those in a high demand/low density career field. Have you never heard of PTSD? Continuous combat tours put a strain on most soldiers but you wouldn’t know that since you are only an electrician not an infantryman. You must have been a hell of a father, NOT!

        By your logic, the military should do continuous combat tours until they are killed, invalided due to wounds or until their terms expire. Stupid.

        As for my son, he is not bitching about serving. I am the one that wants him home as I don’t feel any American soldiers life is worth dying for any Afghani, Iraqi or any Muslim.

        His description of Afghanistan as a “shithole” is correct and his name is not Hector. You are so typical of chickenhawks who never served but want to stay in continual war without a coherent or winning strategy.

        I also didn’t mention Obama’s wasting spending because this article was about Afghanistan not Obama’s social spending.

        Just from your post, it appears that you are assuming that I am Mexican. I am not and I do not support illegals in any way, shape or form. There are other people with Spanish surnames that are not of Mexican descent or even Spanish descent.

        By the way, I have never voted for Democrats and neither has my family. In fact, I find most of the “so-called conservative Republicans” too liberal for me.

        This will be my last post here because I detest arguing with idiots.

  8. Yep, the MB loving brat just wants to insure his Al Qaeda buddies have a safe place to put down roots before the troops come home.

  9. We should station Obama there by himself, well maybe Earl Lee can sit there too. They would be doing the whole world a favor by serving their country, what ever their citizenship is, and could no longer do anymore harm to the U.S.

    • No Earl, we are having a discussion. Some of us are learning from “Our Veterans and Active Duty” that are explaining things to us. That is how we learn what is really going on in the dessert and anywhere else “Our Military” has been or is. Sometimes it is a way to get rid of our frustrations about what is going on in “Our Country”. A lot of people on here have sons, daughters, wives and friends serving in the dessert and many have been themselves as well as Vietnam and other wars and conflicts. Stop, read and learn from those that know about it.

      • Those same daughters, sons, husbands, wifes, fathers, mothers would like to come HOME at some point!!

      • So, you’re complaining that other people are ….um, complaining. You’ll have to explain to me how this makes you different…..

      • Everyone wants to come home Earl, just as much as we want them to come home. It’s not easy for the ones that are gone and not for the ones that are left behind. It’s called “Military Life” and there is nothing easy about it. You either accept it and learn to deal with it when one of our love ones signs up or don’t be a part of it. Myself, I kept a journal and wrote in it every day. That way I made sure I didn’t bring up things he couldn’t do anything about and there was less worry on his side. We don’t have to like it, but we have to deal with it. It is who they are and you can’t take that away from them.

        Yes, it is having a discussion. Try joining in, instead of ranting all the time. It might help relieve some of your stress you are having with your son being deployed.

      • “Earl Lee” does not have a son deployed, he does not even have a relative in the military. He’s here playing games, that’s his entertainment.

      • I don’t know him Mike, so I can’t say. Got to try and talk to individuals and get them to see, learn and have a conversation.

      • Yea…thats right…I’m going to lie about what my child does! Why oh why would I have to lie?

      • Obama is responsible for more than triple the number of soldiers being killed in Afghanistan compared to Bush. If Obama weren’t in charge more soldiers would have come home alive and in one piece.

      • No the assine rules of engagement are this administration’s fault. They have gotten lots of troops and friendlies killed.

      • So well thought. But then, you have folks playing in their banana splits. Get it right for the rest of your life, starting NOW, so that you do not get written off as lacking credibility.

        Desert = camels live here.
        Dessert = strawberry shortcake.

        BIG difference. Thank you.

  10. Unless we keep significant air power in Afghanistan, ten thousand troops is not enough to prevent the eventual takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban.

  11. So in all seriousness, what do we do?
    We aren’t fighting a standing army that we can take ground from and be done with it.
    We are fighting radical dedicated followers of a twisted ideology.

    Do we stay for a hundred years until Islam sorts itself out?
    If we’re not staying forever… something i think none of us want… then
    we need to go and accept that the crazies are going to step back in to power.
    The longer we stay, the more Americans die.
    if the end is the same whether we leave in ten days or ten years, why are we staying at this point?

    There is a war within Islam for the future of their faith… Sufffi, Sunni, Shi’ite, Wahabist, and so on… Westernized moderates and 12th Century fundamentalists… look at the streets of Cairo for the easiest example to illustrate.
    Our presence in the region only aids the extremists.
    Their struggle isn’t to defeat America… they can’t.
    Their struggle is to turn moderates into extremists.
    Al Qaeda is fighting for the spiritual future of their faith… fighting American infidels is just a means to that end.

    To hell with them.
    Let’s leave and let them sort themselves out and see what happens to their faith in a few generations.

    • It will get worse. The 12th century types have fire in the belly, The moderates will go along to save their necks, literally.

      • Nope. Moderates won’t. If that’s the case many here in the US would’ve sided. As long as they have a great country like the US on watch then a difference can be made.

      • The moderates in the US do not yet fear for their necks.But if the radicals get their way here, they will.

    • We kill 10 for every one they kill our our soldiers. You let them know in advance those are the rules. They respect that kind of thinking.

      Plus, we let them know that their dead will be buried with pig blood.

      We tell them when we leave we’ll still be sending drones overhead that contain pig blood in the bombs, and they will be used on any training camps we discover. Mosques will get the same treatment.

  12. You need only to read the book, “Kite Runner” to realize what is going to happen again in Afghanistan.

  13. 9,800 troops, it will not take long for the “militants” to whittle them down forcing obama to completely withdraw all Americans. What a waste of American lives

  14. Hell, lets just send our battle plan to the enemy. They know our troop levels, locations, r exit date, what else do they need. I’m sure Al Qaida is ROFLAO.

  15. It would appear that your calculations are correct and there is nothing wise to add. What the President is dealing with is the Public opinion that War under any circumstance is a bad thing and it is also what he has platformed on, Ending the war. But one must consider the idea I just heard someone else elude to and that being that the enemy has and always has had a vote, meaning the President must respond ultimately to the circumstances of the enemy not just according to what he himself or she if that be the case in the future, may be. He wants what is best for the country. So many times since his office began he has been singled out as obstructing the country’s best interests and if you look at what he wants to happen versus what he has done in fact and case you will see a President who has shown courage under fire and a great example of a CNC. When the public wants an answer they expect that the President have the correct answer at all times and care nothing for circumstance. They are predatory to the prey who is at all times the president of less favorable opinion and it has been the case for a long time. It would behoove the public to be wiser considering circumstance not only their opinions. Maybe the case will be that his decision will change and that is always seen as a negative thing instead of a smart thing. For his sake I hope he has not overstated his position for it will be a chance for the predator once again to prey. What ever became of protecting the Presidency???

    Thanks for listening,
    Chief Michael Airic White Sr.

  16. I know personally from experience that there has been many times I have wanted to go one way but traffic forced me to turn right or left instead of my original intention. We just need to give the man some room to operate and get off his back.

    • You have got to be joking. The US has had more than triple the number of soldiers killed under Obama than under Bush in Afghanistan.

      Get off his back??? How about the soldiers who are getting killed due to this man who hates our military? But you’re worried about criticism for Obama when his track record has been so abysmal in Afghanistan.


  17. 9.800 to little to keep troops safe no less than 15.000 . One of the dummer things that happend to an O P is the unit was ordered into a vally , ragheads could fire down right into the O P Just stupid. The O P was moved.

  18. “military offensive operations — which is what I hope the Obama administration is seeking”

    They are not. The commander in chief said there will be no patrolling of valleys or villages. The Americans will be strictly trainers and logistics support. Plus some drone operators and maintainers.

  19. The problem is that military officers are building a career. Why do you suppose that the German military command at the end of WW2 consisted of people like Krebs, Model and Schoerner? Ultimately, the military leadership was those who would be conformed to the political leadership. It is no different in a more democratic country. Sooner or later we get the military leaders who are conformed to the political leaders. Right now, that means that we are getting military leaders who are conformed to Barack Obama. The days when Washington continued to lead the forces in the field despite the political pressure to put Gates in command are long gone.

  20. I note that you also made reference to VIETNAM, as I did on my Facebook and commented on your news. BUT Vietnamese were at least a mob we could TALK TO when needed, without them wanting our whole RACE dead or dying! (note that AUSSIE ex-servicemen have returned to VN for PTSD “release” to help them sort out their old problems… successfully) — BUT Muslim Extremists will fight 1000’s of YEARS (as old Israel has experienced) to get their way! – And their “way” is to end with the DEATH of anyone NOT totally 100% in agreement with their ideals! – Are they truly MUSLIM? – I dare say that they are CRIMINALS with a religious fervour, rather than trying to obey Allah (God)… In any case, Allah has said already, that NO-ONE can enter Heaven, UNLESS they willingly submit to the RULES OF THE CREATOR as originally TAUGHT by His first servants, and later by Emmanuel (The Christ) or Yehoshua (Jesus)… TO BELONG TO GOD was a VOLUNTARY CHOICE, and NEVER TO BE ENFORCED! – Allah wants VOLUNTEERS, NOT CONSCRIPTS!

    • Allah, originally Baal, Babalonian God of war, morphed into the moon god of the Kabah represented by the black rock of Mecca. The derivatives of Allah never really had any connection to the original Hebrew name of God Yahweh. The demonic remnants of the Lucifer Rebellion invaded the mind of Muhammed and instructed him to represent his god as “the one” translated from early arabic as Allah. Comparative analysis shows that the Korans definition of God is the antithesis of all other modern monotheistic faiths and why under the forces of evil Islam is such a violent tenacious cult that hasn’t progressed or evolved (towards peaceful modernity) for it’s entire existence. The height of the mischief and insult to the True God, was to instruct Mo that the Archangel Gabriel, that delivered the announcement of The Birth of the Messiah Christ, was now going to provide him with a superior message. That message, moving from the ridiculous to the absurd, would have the Son of God, His divinity, and ultimate gospel denied and relegated to a misinterpretation by Christians, in the Koran, and not the true teachings of Christ, known by another incarnation as the Archangel Michael not Emanuel.

      • Early on, Mohammad was greately troubled because he thought that the “revelation” he supposedly received might actually have been from the devil. He was right.

  21. Time to pull out your Rudyard Kipling . . .”when you’re lyin’ there wounded on the Afghan plain, and the women come down to cut up what remains, roll to your rifle and blow out your brains and go to your God like a soldier.” Cheery thought, that.

  22. “And anyone who served in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan knows that control of the countryside is far more important than hunkering down at large regional bases.”

    As the C in C will learn if he/she tries pushing the Leftocrats’ losing political/economic doctrines on us via armed force.

  23. obozo is going to get a lot of those 10,000 troops,hes leaving on the ground, killed,when the SHTF,obozo wont be around to send help,of course,he will only learn they needed help about a week after the request…..

  24. 10,000 troops is just about enough for Obama to say, “I did not lose”. He’ll leave it up to another administration to deal with. Such a policy is repulsive. No, as CIC he won’t leave one man behind who is a deserter, he’ll leave 10,000 behind. If you were the head of the terrorists what would you have done differently except for perhaps fewer drone strikes? And even that only results in international complaints due to the civilian casualties in a country supposedly allied to our cause (whatever that is). We only hear cries for an exit strategy when a Republican is in the WH and not a peep from Congress about having no strategy at all under Obama.


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