Remember when gasoline was $1.89 a gallon? Let’s review.

Lots of folks consider this weekend the beginning of summer and as our kids and grandkids get out of school, it’s road trip time. However, as I pay attention to the gasoline prices, it may be more difficult for some Americans to enjoy the American tradition of summer vacation.

Most of you have probably forgotten, but in January 2009 the average price of gasoline in America was $1.89. Now ask yourself, what is it today? (around $3.67, but four bucks if you live in California) What is amazing to me is how the liberal progressive media went apoplectic on former President George W. Bush when gasoline prices hit $2.50 — miss that yet? And so ask yourself, where is the liberal media angst now? The silence is deafening and the hypocrisy is not just laughable, it’s horrific.

Of course if you stand against the progressive socialist “global warming/climate change” agenda, then the typical Alinsky personal character assault tactic reveals itself — you are now a member of the “flat earth society.”

Dude, I just want gasoline prices back down to where they were before the tyrant took office. And nope, I’m not willing to be forced into buying some dinky little wimp car just to make liberals feel “Happy.”

You hear we’re at record production levels of oil and natural gas, but that phenomenon has occurred on private and state lands — and trust me, the federal government is doing everything they can to shut it down.

As we’ve reported here, the federal government is attempting to use the endangered species act to close off lands. We should be producing, consuming, and exporting our energy resources and undercutting adversaries such as Russia and Vladimir Putin — who just signed off on a multi billion dollar energy deal with China.

So it seems we’re borrowing money from China, who holds approximately 24% of our debt, and becoming financially dependent to a country that is actively hacking into our private sector, stealing our corporations’ intellectual property and building their maritime force as they traverse the globe in search for energy resources and raw materials.

This weekend, how many of you will be firing up the grill — I hope after you have visited a veterans’ national cemetery? As you peruse the grocery store, pay attention to how food commodity prices have increased. Yep, the grilled steak portions in the West household have gotten just a little smaller. It’s not just beef, but price for eggs, milk, and other commodities are up too — this comes as many Americans see their wages lowered and depressed.

Now, here is where the liberal progressive mind will say, this is why we need to raise the minimum wage to $15. My response is, when did a minimum wage job become a career? It was supposed to be a gateway and enabler to build upon for a true full-time career. And if the progressive socialists prevail, we’ll see more Americans on part time — Obamacare advanced this idea — more cost shifted to consumers, who already are struggling, and perhaps – no, probably — more Americans unemployed as small business owners and fast food franchisees struggle to make ends meet.

All of this is occurring because President Obama hasn’t a clue about fiscal and monetary policy. He doesn’t understand tax policy, which promotes the concept of “yes, you did build that and we want you to build more.”

What he does understand and advance is a decimation of the entrepreneurial spirit in America over the exploitation and expansion of a welfare nanny-state as a means of political bribery (extortion) — vote for me and get more largess from the public treasury. Obama and his cronies fail to understand that the Federal Reserve printing more money does not promote a free market economy, it actually advances a false economy and crony capitalism. The belief that we can print money, buy up our own debt, in order to stimulate economic growth is a failed premise — and our unemployment rate is hardly 6.3 percent, but it sounds good.

But the unintended consequence is the sense of mini-inflation we are witnessing, resulting in higher gas and food commodity prices at a time when we’re facing an anemic economic recovery. Be advised, the American economy needs close to 400,000 jobs created per month in order to maintain an economy that has a $17.5 trillion debt — we ain’t even close!

I know this isn’t a “sexy” topic and most folks would prefer talking about TMZ videos, American Idol, and Dancing with the Stars – but that’s because we have a pop culture President, not a leader. Personally, I wouldn’t be going to Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame to discuss tourism if I had veterans dying and a U.S. Marine being held in a Mexican jail.

But my fellow Americans, this is what we need to be discussing. And I hope when you go to the gas station or the grocery store this weekend, you’ll remember these words.


  1. Both sides are corrupt, all they do is bash each other to a bloody pulp. These two parties have been in control for 150 years and have ruined what many have died for. It’s time for another party to take over. We need change. I will never vote for either side. They are political idiots! We need a political patriot.

    • Thank you Frank. I read all these posts and everyone is arguing back and forth about propaganda, facts, Bush this and Obama that. Wake up people, this thing is about more than your political affiliation. The FACT is gas is too damn high, unemployment is too damn high, commodities are too damn high. Democrat, Republican, they are both dirty. I believe politicians don’t give a damn about the best interest of the people, all they care about is the seat they hold. Tough times call for tough decisions and no one wants to make those decisions if it will jepordize their seat. Unfortunately we are faced with picking our own poison come election time, and for the individual who thinks that because they didn’t choose that it somehow protects them from the effects are delusional at best. A political patriot is what we need indeed.

  2. Get your facts straight, Colonel. When President Bush took office for his second term in January 2005, the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline was $1.85. By July 15, 2008, the national average hit $4.122. The price dropped to $1.84 on the day President Obama took office because of the recession and the resulting collapse in the price of a barrel of oil, something which the Bush administration could hardly take credit for. Under President Obama, foreign imports of oil have declined over 50% and domestic production is up over 60%. Adjusted for inflation, the price of gasoline today is cheaper than it was at the same point in time during the Bush administration. I realize you have a political agenda you want to push, Colonel. But do yourself a favor. QUIT LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    • Bologna it did! How convenient you leave out a bunch of info.
      Like the reason gas is so high is the refineries have been full tilt running since 83′ and the reason that oil prices ar soaring is barry makes deals with his buddies in the middle east.
      Not to mention the commodities exchange in midtown Manhattan sells and buys the oil 20 times before it hits our shores. That ups the price of oil. It does not matter how much oil you have on surplus because refineries can only produce so much. Barry made sure with communications with a few oil companies that they shut down two refineries that increased the price of diesel fuel and gas.
      They also made sure that no one got permits to drill on public lands. Thereby making sure we were dependent on foreign oil supplier.
      You want the price to drop? Make a few more refineries and the price will drop like rock
      West isn’t lying to us you don’t have all the facts

      • Gasoline did not drop at all during barry’s tenure. It has only sky rocketed. No right wing conspiracy just plain fact How do i know this because I hauled gasoline for quite a few years I know exactly what was going on

      • don’t confuse the liberal troll with facts.The whole country is divided against each other,there are no jobs available,yet they keep drinking the kool aid blaming Bush and Fox news.

      • All these trolls do is listen to barry and reid memorize what is said and run with it just like the sheep being led to slaughter

      • Some factors you conveniently overlook: Clinton kept the prices low by using the strategic reserve, Bush had to replace that quantity and so it looked like he caused the prices to rise.

        The prices went up when the congress was held by the liberals to make Bush look bad, and a little natural disaster(Katrina)also helped increase the cost.

        A good president like Reagan stopped the oil shortage (Jimmy Carter cardigan sweater speech), Obama doesn’t really care about Americans so he wont.

        These are just a few things I remember happening in real time that in my opinion raise the cost of Gas and is hurting every citizen by increasing his cost to purchase gas or the cost of everything they buy because it increases the shipping cost.

      • More right wing revisionist history. Reagan didn’t stop the oil shortage, OPEC increased production, prices went down, domestic production tanked and we became more dependent on foreign oil. But don’t take my word for it. Do a little research on your own and don’t believe everything you hear on fox news

      • I am 66 years old, I was there during it all. Where were you? Is your info from experience or books?

      • I was at the gas pumps handed over all my money to a muslim sheik so he could buy a gold toilet.

      • I was there too. I remember buying a 1/2 gallon of gas because no fuel pump in the US would go above a price of 99.9 a gallon. I was paying 51.9 for a 1/2 gallon a week after I paid 98.9 for a gallon. I couldn’t buy gas on an even numbered day because my license plate ended in an odd number. Some people were so panicked they were filling up every other day even if they had only driven a few miles.

        There were energy crises in ’73 and ’79. Prices began dropping in ’80 (before Reagan was elected) because demand dropped and production in Alaska was adding to supply, among other factors. OPEC’s plan backfired when we started conserving energy, and producing more of our own oil. Four cylinders cars and down-sizing sedans from V-8 to V-6 all happened in the ’70s. Chevy Vega, Ford Pinto, and the (shudder) Mustang II.

        Carter signed an Executive Order in ’79 removing price controls on gas over the next few years. Reagan signed another right after he took office removing them immediately. What a bunch of tyrants, using a pen to bypass Congress.

        Yeah, I was there. It was all over before Reagan. Simply amazing that he gets credit for stuff he didn’t do and none of the blame for stuff he did do.

      • I get the impression you are a liberal and just do not like Reagan. And I suppose you remember the high interest rates an malaise of the Carter years with nostalgia. All administrations have their high and low points. Under Carter I made good $ on interest rates, During Reagan I t was the best of times for me. Life was okay under Clinton, but I did not do as well with money even though the market was super. As for george I, He did good with Iraq, but did not finish the job, and lied about taxes…unforgivable! George II was okay, saved the economy after 911 which no one gives him credit for. Bad choice in Rumsfeld and the guy appointed to the SEC and supporting Kennedy’s no child program. I still think the democratic congress messed up the economy at the end. Obama…total loss and a set back for racial harmony. These are my opinions, I am not interested if you disagree. I cannot change your mind and you cannot change mine, but I do hope you have contentment in your life because that is what brings inner peace instead of angst.

      • Go to the American Petroleum Institute website and read how the industry views price fluctuations of gasoline.

  3. I remember when gasoline was .25 cents a gallon at the mobil station up the street The sign with the flying Horse on it.
    It became obvious to me after barry started his green energy comapign the he was going to make sure that he “steered” us towards green energy with gas prices going up to $4.00 a gallon with his fake global warming in tow.
    It’s all about greed on behalf on gore, barry the energy CEO’s, and barry’s Czar’s. I can’t wait for the day they are get booted out of town

    • Try it’s all about the Dollar for the Koch Brothers that own so much of the Big Oil Companies and they are NOT Barry supporters! 25 cents a gallon was way back in the 60’s and 70’s, you must have slept through the decades in between then and now!

      • This is NOW the 21st Century the 60’s and 70’s were in the 20th Century so YOU MUST be the ignorant one, huh? You don’t even know which Century you live in!

      • You never heard of the Koch bros. until a few years ago Not everything is about the Koch Brothers. Just like not everything was about Dick Cheney and Halliburton. You guys have to try to pin evey thing on the GOP or Conservatives.
        Deflect. Misdirect and outright lie then attack people personally because you don’t have any material to use. This is what you characters always do. When the bottom line is What happens when the Democrats have troubles. You people can never take responsibility for gross negligence and wrong doing.

      • Actually David Koch ran for President in 1980 as a Libertarian. He got together with Ron Paul in 1984 under Citizens for a Sound Economy. He’s been throwing money at politicians for 30 years. You just didn’t notice until recently.

  4. I may be incorrect but I get the impression that the Col. is at least less than satisfied with our president and his policies.

  5. The dollar is only worth what it can purchase. If you raise the minimum wage to $15, the price of everything goes up. The workers getting the minimum wage increase won’t be able to purchase any more than they can now. It will be the middle class that will suffer the most. They won’t be getting mandatory raises to offset the higher costs.

  6. Nah, I haven’t forgotten the days when gas was affordable but it IS getting harder to remember when the majority of this Country was working and able to buy gas.

    • you are foolish then,I remember those prices in the late 70’s and early 80’s.And I was there also.No wonder you got released as a manager,you didn’t even know the prices.

      • The 70s and 80s weren’t in this century. He probably doesn’t remember those prices in the 2000s because he blinked. They were only that low for a few months in 2008/2009 because the oil companies were trying to influence the election. 4 months before the election, average gas prices were higher than they are now, at $4.12/gal. Then they took a huge dip right before the election, then quickly rose back to their current levels.

      • Well, actually they were lower than that for a few years at the beginning of the century. In December of 2002, gas prices were $1.44/gal. Then Bush took us to war in Iraq over bullshit.

      • Well, kinda. I mean when all but 1 Republican and just over half of Democrats voted to give the President the authority to act if he saw fit, based largely on bullshit that they were fed by the Bush administration, and the rest on all of the flag-waving bullshit after 9/11 that put every Congressman’s seat at risk if they didn’t vote in favor of any military action he wanted anywhere.

      • BUT you may be speaking of National Average prices and I live and worked for the gas stations in California! We were paying $2.50-$3 a gallon in 2002! Gas prices are actually illegally set in violation of Price Fixing/Anti Trust Laws but they get around those laws in the method they use to do it! Under the “law” they would be in violation if they were to “conference” about the price so here is how they do it: One company we will call XYZ will raise its price. As a manager I was required, on my way to work every morning, to check the prices of the five competitors nearest to my station. If one of those stations went up or down even one cent I was to call it in to my company and then we raised or lowered our prices to match them. this way they violate the “spirit” not not the “letter” of the laws!

      • First I never “got released” I retired after 26 years of dealing with meat heads like you! Don’t forget THIS Century began in 2000 70’s and 80’s were in the LAST Century!

      • nice play on words with this century to deflect that Oasshole is a failure!typical liberal smoke and mirrors argument.Yes you did not see those prices in the 21st must be so proud that all of clintons, democratic congress under bush,& Oblahblahs policies are failures genius!

    • You managed? I seriously doubt that.If you never saw those prices in this century then like you said to me, “you must have been asleep during that time”

  7. the obamacrats want shut down oil production in the USA so that the oil producers in the middle east can get American money finance jihad against the USA. obama is for the Muslims.

  8. Increasing US oil production has never resulted in cheaper gas. Never. The high gas prices are directly tied to continuous record profits by the oil companies that Republicans don’t want any regulations on.

    There was a massive drop in gas prices right before the 2008 elections; from $4.12 to $1.61 in a 4 month span leading up the election day. Yeah, that was CLEARLY a result of George Bush’s policies (he opened up a lot of US land for drilling in that period, I guess, eh?), instead of the oil companies trying to influence the election, and to give people like you something to yammer about the next President when they couldn’t do it. Which is exactly what you’re doing.

    The amount of time the gas prices were between $1.61 and $3 again was less than a year, which wasn’t enough time for Obama to do a single thing related to oil production.

    • The massive drop in prices was related to a little hiccup called The Great Recession. Compare prices in Canada with those in the US and you’ll see a mirror image graph. Their prices are higher, but they move in lock step with ours which indicates market forces, not policy, are at work. Republicans are big fans of a free market, unless a Democrat is in office.

      I remember the Democrats raising a fuss about Bush buying oil for the strategic reserve while prices were rising, even after his own Energy Department urged him to stop. While that extra demand didn’t seem to affect prices I wonder how much it added to the deficit?

      Since West is whining about clueless tax policy maybe he would like to comment on the CBO updated projection from 2001 as to how the Bush tax cuts contributed to turning a projected $635 billion dollar surplus into a $459 billion deficit during his final year in office. Or, maybe a comment on how the national debt increased by $6 trillion (over 1/3 of the current total some four years later) under his budgets.

      • Yeah, ye ole’ “tax cuts spur economic growth” tax policy that has been thoroughly and repeatedly proven to be false. Especially when you accompany tax cuts with a decade of war.

      • Certain tax cuts do spur growth. However they need to be accompanied by responsible spending policy. You can’t cut taxes and spend money like a drunken Air National Guardsman.

      • I’ve yet to see any reputable study showing any significant economic growth as a result of tax cuts.

        I suppose if they cut taxes on the middle class that it could spur some economic growth, as the middle class are much more likely to put the money that they save on taxes back into the economy than the rich are. The rich just accumulate it.

        But nobody cuts taxes on the middle class, so that’s just a guess with no data to back it up. And even if it happened, it’s still unlikely to spur growth to the point where it would result in a net gain in tax revenues anyway.

  9. The American dollar has to be devalued in order to participate in a Global Economy…; the One World Islamic Economic System.

    The evidence is clear… the dollar will be taken off being the Standard World Currency and replaced with the Oil Standard Currency.

    That is why the Islamic world maintains control of oil… all for the advancement of Islam across the planet… all for the One World Islamic Economic System which the Luciferian Globalists and the satanically influenced catholic fake church & Eastern Orthodox churches supports.

    • Arab countries haven’t controlled oil since the ’70s. Only Saudi Arabia (2), Iran (4), Iraq (7), and UAE (8) are in the top ten. Russia is 1, US #3, China is 5.

      • I didn’t say “Arab countries”… I said Islamic countries… big difference.
        And let me ask… Is calling these ME nations “Arab” like calling Canada a French nation? Or America a English nation? Or calling all these nations with a majority Caucasian population… white nations?
        And you miss Kuwait in your list… which then makes 50% of the top ten nations who produce oil in this world… Islamic nations. Which… by the way… no other entity/nation/group can make such a claim.
        And #9… Venezuela… who kisses the arses of Islamic nations…
        And by the way… every one of the other nations you list, are caterers, supporters and appeasers to satanic Islam. Not to mention being majority populations of the satanically influenced catholic fake church or Eastern Orthodox church who serve satanic Islam.
        Including China… the one nation known in history to persecute Christians but has always permitted muslims to observe and worship their fake god of Islam… go figure… aye?
        Also… maybe you haven’t heard… muslims consider “Oil” a blessing from the [fake] god known as allah.
        You can even research the evidence exposing who’s to blame for the high oil prices… and I’ll tell ya… it’s not “Arabs”… it’s the satanic worshipping muslims.
        Regardless… The Dollar as the World standard of currency is set to be replaced by the Oil standard of Currency.
        Q: What’s your point? To make excuses and cover up the facts about satanic Islam? Or… are you anti Geert Wilders?

  10. Sadly, I can remember when $1.89/g was too much for gas. I remember $0.75/g. I would love to see that price ($1.89) again. I can remember a time when I would get home, go to burn the trash, and remember that my casing head was 30 miles away and just go buy a gallon of “pump gas” to fuel the fires for the next week or so.

    We have become complacent with these increases. I watched gas prices, Friday, for from ~$3.40/g to $3.59/g for no specific reason. Why did this happen? Was there a sudden shortage of crude to the local refinery? No. We (I work local fields) are producing more oil per day, as a whole, than we did in a week 10 years ago. My days are filled with building this, moving that, rebuilding everything in the world.

    The reaction to my job, lately, has been “Oil prices are so high because you guys charge so much!” Really? Seriously? No. I charge the exact same amount, now, that I did ten years ago, for the labor I do on my yard. Now, yes, I’ve had to increase my mobile rates, but diesel hasn’t gotten cheaper!

    Now, the point. Oil production prices: 2002, $27/barrel. 2013 (final year I have precise data for), $29/barrel. Electricity has gone up a little. General maintenance (my job): 2002, $750/well/month. 2013, $550/well/month. Price has decreased because owners are paying higher up front for better fixes that last longer.

    Producers don’t set their price per barrel. At least not here in Arkansas. “You get what [they] wanna pay.” But there are plenty of people around here getting a fat wallet on our need to get around.

    Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this?

  11. Remember when Obama was first elected and there was a woman they interviewed and she aid she was not going to have to worry about putting gas in her car? I wonder how she feels now if she even has a car now.


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