Message to detractors regarding my Benghazi commentary

It seems my commentary posted here regarding Benghazi is drawing quite the interest — and ire of some. There are those who question my integrity and ability to provide a cogent analysis and assessment of the fateful events of September 11, 2012.

Today as I drove back home from Community Christian church services a thought came to mind. The same denigrating response occurred after I penned this commentary two days after the Ft. Hood terrorist attack in November 2009. I was called an Islamophobe, crazy, and a host of other names — typical of liberal progressives.

However, five years later I must ask, with whom do you agree — the cheeky fella currently occupying the White House who refers to the Ft. Hood terrorist attack as “workplace violence” or the assessment provided by yours truly 48 hours after the attack?

Last week I was in Killeen/Ft. Hood Texas supporting legislation to recognize Ft. Hood as a terrorist attack so the victims and their families will receive the proper benefits — funny, I don’t see many progressive socialists — Democrats — supporting that measure.

And so I must inquire America, whom do you trust on Benghazi? The same fella who lied to you using a false narrative of an anti-Islam video and referred to it as a “phony scandal” or someone who has served in uniform on the battlefields of this Republic? But I suppose, five years from now I can pull up the Benghazi commentary I wrote 48 hours ago and say, “See, I told you so.”

So to all the liberal progressive socialist detractors and the useful idiots who continue to hang on Obama’s empty words, your comments mean nothing – in fact, y’all sound like the adults in Charlie Brown cartoons.

Truth prevails, regardless of who is willing to accept it – now, or later.


  1. Oh you are a joke ALLEN WEST….you like to boast that you “SERVED ON THE BATTLEFIELD” but you didn’t serve with HONOR my friend. As a vet i think you are a DISGRACE to the uniform. You faced 11 years in prison and the men serving under you that night got article 15’s and lost rank and pay. You did not stand with those men…YOU WERE STRIPPED OF COMMAND AND RETIRED! YOU are a COWARD!!

  2. Well said Mr. West. The more the libs scream and holler and name call the closer to the truth we get. Libs can’t handle the truth. It’s doesn’t support their obscene narrative.

  3. Earl Lee sounds like a mouth piece for the D-party. Are you grinding your axe or do you have references to back up your claims against Allen B. West? Your profile is long but no references on any of your rants.

      • Earl. I am curious, does Holder and Obama’s arse taste like all your other goat screwing buddies!

      • @Sarah Lee, you spew the same BS over and over, but yet you bring no facts when asked to do so, I believe somebody in one of the earlier messages has already proven you wrong. now take your meds and go back to screwing your sheep

      • I will use a question that a leader in this administration used that I’ll bet you don’t have a problem with. If I am wrong about that….let me know. Quote….”What difference does it make?”…..A.K.A. Hillary Clinton..? Just asking.

      • His men weren’t facing charges…he was. Yet, letting him retire, speaks volumes in his defense. He could have been court martialed, but his commanding officer KNEW that would have been the WRONG thing to do. In spite of all the BS pc police, he did the right thing and let the Col retire. I think he should have gotten a medal AND a promotion. Thank you Col. West, for your service and protecting your men, at all costs. Please run for President, we need men like you, in the WH.

  4. Right on, Colonel West. There are none so blind as those who WILL NOT see. They are the reason Obama keeps doing all the deceitful things he does. Convince a fool against his will…..he’s of the same opinion still.

  5. @swtearl:disqus – Men like you are the reason the USA loses war. Col. West got vital information then turned himself in for discipline while you cower in the corner crying uncle. The shame sits on top of your shoulders for everyone to see.

    • Excuse me but…Allen West admits that he was wrong about the man he tortured AND no useful information came from it! You can’t make up your OWN FACTS!

      • You may be right, but give the man credit for his attempt to protect his troops from the enemy.

      • Should have done some of the things Sand Golliwogs do to WOMEN then there would have been justification. Killing 100 wogs to save one American life is a great trade!

      • I believe that you missed the final statement in this story. That would be the part where he got the information. You sound like you’ve been in his boots.
        From somebody that wore those boots for 23 years I respect what he did and respect the man.

    • He got full pay and benefits while he was incarcerated. That aught to tell us the motivations behind this Administration

      • Yes; the same full pay and benefits denied to those injured in the Ft. Hood massacre because of Ovomit deeming those casualties as “workplace violence” as opposed to the terrorist attack that it was. This can be seen as a glimpse of what’s to come at the VA

      • Yes It is glaringly obvious this Administration favors Muslims over Veterans. Now they want to let illegals enter the military to earn citizenship. If this Congress doesn’t get changed significantly in November, Obama with the help of the Democrats will bring this once Great Nation down. The push for immigration isn’t only about Mexicans, which everybody is led to believe and most sympathize with. We love our Mexican brothers and sisters. The thing is there are millions of illegal Arabs that have been slowly pouring into this country since 2009 with Obama opening the borders. Sibel Edmonds has documented proof that the DHS allows them through.

        Congress is complicit and needs to answer to treason for it.

  6. U.S. officer fined for harsh interrogation tactics
    Saturday, December 13, 2003 Posted: 6:16 AM EST (1116 GMT)

    Iraq (CNN) — The commanding general of the 4th Infantry Division on
    Friday accepted a U.S. military investigator’s recommendation and
    ordered administrative action against Lt. Col. Allen West, who was
    accused of using improper methods to force information out of an Iraqi

    Following a military hearing, West was fined $5,000 over two months, according to West’s civillian attorney, Neal Puckett.

    The punishment does not affect West’s eligibility for retirement and pension, Puckett said in a statement.

    42, will be assigned to the rear detachment of the 4th Infantry
    Division awaiting the processing of his retirement request, the
    statement said.

    Maj. Gen. Raymond Odierno, the 4th Infantry’s top
    general in Tikrit, could have rejected the recommendation and ordered a
    court martial. If he were to be found guilty at a court martial of the
    two articles against him, West could have faced 11 years in prison, a
    military prosecutor told CNN.

    The case stems from an incident
    August 20 at a military base in Taji, just north of Baghdad, when West
    was interrogating an Iraqi policeman, who was believed to have
    information about a plot to assassinate West with an ambush on a U.S.

    In testimony at an Article 32 hearing — the military’s
    version of a grand jury or preliminary hearing — West said the
    policeman, Yahya Jhrodi Hamoody, was not cooperating with interrogators,
    so he watched four of his soldiers from the 220th Field Artillery
    Battalion beat the detainee on the head and body.

    West said he
    also threatened to kill Hamoody. Military prosecutors say West followed
    up on that threat by taking the suspect outside, put him on the ground
    near a weapons clearing barrel and fired his 9 mm pistol into the

    • People can call me what they want, or think of me what they will. But I do not feel there was anything wrong with what was done. Think how many American sons and daughters would have been killed by the ambush. LTC. West acted correctly, its bleeding hearts that disagree. ‘War is cruelty, there is no use trying to reform it. The Crueler it is, the sooner it is over’ ~W.T. Sherman

      • Sorry Edwin…there were thousands of officers that faced danger DAILY! They did not violate the UCMJ! They didn’t leave their MEN to face charges while they skipped out! Your argument holds NO WATER. ALSO, to try to excuse the actions of a CRIMINAL disrespects all the solders that served with HONOR

      • Maybe they should have. Our soliders have their hands tied with liberal bullcrap while they get killed. The rule of war is you kill as many of the other side as you can until they surrender.

    • his just sows He is willing to do what necessary to defend his country when needed no matter the outcome. What have you done for your country?

    • Thank you Colonel West. You did the right thing. One of the reasons I believe you would make a dynamite President. We need a man who knows right from wrong, and will do what is needed.

      • West is a disgrace to his UNIFORM! Leaving your men to face charges while you retire is the act of a COWARD!!

      • LTCOL West’s action was heroic in my opinion. Not only did it get the needed information to save American lives, but to this day, it still pisses off the Liberals! That’s a double win by my standard! Don’t go away mad earl Lee, just go away……

      • Have you lost your mind??? The Lt. Col. did what was necessary to protect those under his command! That is how real men react to the “unscripted” moments of war, with a definitive decision. Lt. Col. West did not wait for a summary report, take a poll of his men or take a look at the T.V. He didn’t even worry if his actions would affect his “likeability” numbers. I, for one, support his decision as I am sure those under his command do. One thing is for sure, we should all be thankful that it was not you that day they were depending on.

      • He took responsibility for something that should not have resulted in charges against anyone. Then retired because his superiors had ended his career. No problem here Earl.

    • Should have been given a medal for this…in the current PC world of the military his type of man has trouble surviving against the PC Police.

    • Just maybe Col. West has a little too much George Patton in him for the Army to handle. How do you suppose the Col. would have been as a battalion commander in WW2? Probably awesome

    • You fail to understand that ad hominem arguments are pointless. The message can certainly be judged on its own regardless of the messenger and if you decide not to engage the message you are of little use. You have been led to believe by your handlers that such tactics are of a higher order than original thought, but they as usual are mistaken and only driven by their own needs.

      History is important as a test of our abilities and wisdom. When decisions are based on ideology and not on the foundational principles of an organization, the leadership of the organization must be reviewed. In the case of our President, it has become clear that his ideology is of greater importance than his duty or respect for our foundational principles. While we can say the same for a majority of our elected leadership, it is his burden to lead, not to distract us from the truth and from his responsibilities to our nation.

    • So you put put Adam West record up here for what. I you forgot how the iraqis had our soldiers and beheaded them on national television for the whole world to to see. We have yet to see the integrity of this president. When things start to come out against him the first thing he wants to use is race. Enough with that already. I have many people in family that serve in the military in the time of war there is no fair game. Another thing what can we say that the people’s president has really done. Time after after time we have heard the same thing, and yet no results. He stands for Muslims not Christians and ll everyone did was drink the Kool aid thinking that he was the new world free leader. I am glad that there are people like West to bring the truth.

    • LTC West took responsibility for his actions. He didn’t blame a subordinate, make excuses or lawyer up. A man takes responsibility for his actions. A wishy washy coward blames others, claims no knowledge, lies, blames a peon or pleads the 5th.

    • I don’t know about anyone else, but this says to me that his actions were not frowned upon by his comrades in arms. They had to justify it to the liberals, so they did the least possible damage to Col. West possible. War is violent, brutal and ugly. The polite rules of engagement are a myth. There is only one way to conduct a war, that is to win with the least loss of life of your soldiers.

    • And? Have you ever been in the position that he was in? Didn’t think so, much easier to judge, while sitting in the comfort of your living room, letting others defend you. War is not like the movies. There are a lot of things that go on that the public (who is being protected mentally and physically) do not know about, or understand. There may be a lot more to this than just what was reported by CNN. We don’t know all the details and we will never know all the details. The public will always be horrified by what goes on in wars, You know this. What you’re doing, by posting this and trying to discredit a vet is cowardly and disgusting. Enjoy your memorial weekend. Thank you vets, for sacrificing your lives so that the rest of us can relax today.

    • Col. West was railroaded out of the service because he refused to be politically correct, and I feel as President he would ignore political correctness also, We need someone with the intestinal fortitude to actually get some answers and to know which questions to ask, Thank you for your service Col. West.

  7. Col. WEST, do u write all your articles? I love em & love U brother! The battle/conversation needs to be about the liberal progressive socialist-to-communist attack against our great nation. Most people do not even have a clue what that means, the lib media will never air it or of course will deny it, but it needs to be preached from every pulpit (cuz its anti-Christian) & needs to be spoken loudly and explained in every campaign, until truth exposes their lies.

  8. Very good Allen an I feel the same as you. I don’t care what people call me and if I offend them then to bad and believe me your not going to offend me as I only have to answer to only one and that is God. If one doesn’t like the freedom and rights we have in this country then maybe you better leave. I served my country to keep freedoms and rights and defend our God given country and still will. I may be old but very capable of standing up for God and country. Your loss if you don’t like it.

  9. ……….I read a blog just a day or so after the attack, the guy said he was an insider and couldn’t reveal his name,he said the attack was because of gun running or recovery, never saw or heard anything again until recently.

  10. I am praying that one of the White Mosque security team decides to engage in a little “Work Place Violence” and goes after the Imman Obama!

  11. glenn beck nailed the reason for the benghazi attack in october 2012. nobody listened. now you have proof from someone who was there. i’m glad it’s out there now.

  12. First I would like to say “Thank You” Col. West for your service and loyalty to this country. I read your “ground truth” commentary two days ago and knew right away there would be backlash from your detractors. When I shared the commentary I stated that I had no reason to doubt that you were telling the truth. I still have no reason to doubt what you said is the truth. Keep up the good fight.

  13. ~ Col. West I agree with you 100 percent and wait for a shout out as to what your
    plans will be in the future months/years….. Thank you for what you are doing and
    standing up for our conservative values and how we feel today….
    God Bless you now and in the future……….

  14. One Vet to another: “Thank you for your Service”. Unfortunately,
    Colonel, we live in a nation of sheep who only care about what is in
    their refrigerator and did they pay the Internet Bill. I believe you.
    I’m sure many others do as well. Remember: “It’s none of your business
    what other people think of you”. Keep up the Good Work and I’m sure We
    will soon see our “American Sun”. No pun intended as it is my Facebook
    Page. But after talking to you several times (I’m the one who
    complimented your “Fundamentally Changing America” Picture when you were
    having dinner at Carmine’s Trattoria in PBG.) By the way, Carmine fired
    me after a year (to the day) because I was coming up on Obamacare
    (Before the extension). We Vets just can’t get a break!

  15. Colonel West, you continue to Amaze me with you level headed Analysis, and good ol’ Common Sense that today, the Marxist/Communist Democrats, want to Dismiss Benghazi and the Fort Hood Terrorist Attack by this Insane Animal who decided to Attack our Military, knowing they were all unarmed, which must be changed to allow our Heros to Defend themselves….24/7.

    GOD BLESS you Colonel West. You are, as I stated before, one of my Heros that I highly respect, and need you to set these Communist Democrats straight.

  16. Thank you for your service this Memorial weekend, Colonel. You are spot on and I agree that truth is truth. It doesn’t change because libtards refuse to accept it.

  17. The only possible issue I have with the statement or querry, “with whom do you agree” is that I agree with you not because I believe you to be inherently more honest or in the know or current on facts or upstanding or any of those things. I agree with you because as an American citizen I consider it my responsibility to make myself aware and make my own decisions based on as many of the facts as possible. The news media at it’s inception was suppose to act as a watch dog, NOT as a pampered lap dog. I do not believe everything I hear on the news or read on the internet. I research. And I’m not afraid of the facts! I was initially skeptical of even Col. West, I took time to research not just the things he stated, but the person that he was and is. I continue to research and always will, but I am now comfortable saying that you have earned my trust. I don’t give that lightly and I take it very seriously.

  18. Amen and Amen Sir!! You are a true Patriot and I, for one, am very happy to see that you are also courageous to speak truth to power without fear of reprisal…that is true honor and integrity, something so lacking in this current administration.

    • West is a disgrace to his UNIFORM! Leaving your men to face charges while you retire is the act of a COWARD!!

      • Well Mr. Lee I disagree with you, men in battle do things that we here at home cannot even imagine having to do…I’m sure there are perfectly good reasons why Mr. West did what he did at the time he had to do it. I am not going to be a Monday morning quarterback and critique his every decision…you nor I were there and who can say we wouldn’t have done the very same thing at the time…making split second decisions in the heat of battle has to be gut wrenching and extremely difficult to say the least!

      • Well there are thousands of officers that served in the military that didn’t violate the UCMJ….they served during stressful times and didn’t forget their training…they didn’t LOSE THEIR TEMPER like allen west did. To justify allen west’s behavior is to dishonor all the others that served without innocent!

      • THAT”S YOUR STORY…….of course YOU do not have any of the facts, just gossip and rumor.

      • Have you ever fought in a war? I doubt it. If so you would not be spewing your hate about an honorable veteran

  19. I just love reading all of these comments from vets supporting a officer that left his men to face charges….lose rank and pay!

    • Done my homework and got the facts…ccording to a 2004 account in The New York Times, West let the soldiers under his command beat the Iraqi man, whom West believed was involved in an attempt on his life. (No evidence was ever found implicating the man). Then, he staged a mock execution:

      Soon, the soldiers began striking and shoving Mr. Hamoodi. They were not instructed to do so by Colonel West but they were not stopped, either, they said. ‘I didn’t know it was wrong to hit a detainee,” a 20-year-old soldier from Daytona Beach said at the hearing. Colonel West testified that he would have stopped the beating ”had it become too excessive.”

      Eventually, the colonel and his soldiers moved Mr. Hamoodi outside, and threatened him with death. Colonel West said he fired a warning shot in the air and began counting down from five. He asked his soldiers to put Mr. Hamoodi’s head in a sand-filled barrel usually used for clearing weapons. At the end of his count, Colonel West fired a shot into the barrel, angling his gun away from the Iraqi’s head, he testified.

      • Facts from NYT? OXYMORON and a moron spewing to boot. Son, NYT is nothing but a tabloid rag for commie pinkos. They lie about EVERYTHING, as does msbnc. You have been duped by a raghead, Saudi owned one hundred percent bull dookey rag. Now aren’t you special? When they passed out brains you thought they said ….well it’s not polite for public…you missed the brain train.

  20. Col. West a wise man once said you can measure a man by his enemies. You are doing just fine. Keep on lending your voice to those of us who are never heard.

    SMSgt Y (ret.)

  21. God Bless fellow Vet. I’m an Air Force vet; all True Americans know you speak the TRUTH!!! The Corrupt, Liberal, Socialist Dictatorship in the White House and the Senate need to be Removed and Impeached!!! The latest thing I heard is that 41 Senators want to pass an amendment to the First Amendment so NO ONE can speak out against the Government or Politicians Except certain news groups!!! All of these Senators should be RECALLED, REMOVED and IMPRISONED FOR LIFE FOR THEIR TREASONIST ACTS!!! They keep forgetting; they WORK FOR THE PEOPLE!!! The PEOPLE ARE NOT THEIR SLAVES!!!

  22. In church this morning, we closed our service (Catholic Mass) with America the Beautiful. As we sang, I got teary eyed as I thought of the terrible people and the damage they have done and are continuing to do to this great nation. No punishment is too harsh for them, even death.

  23. Great retort Sir, I’d follow you into battle sir but I’m a worn out Vietnam Vet. But I will support any effort to help you replace the interloper currently living in the white house. he is no president of mine.

    • Some of the men that was serving under ALLEN WEST received article 15’s and lost rank and pay! He didn’t not stand with those men and left him hanging…I WOULD NOT SERVE UNDER ALLEN WEST….he is a DISGRACE!!

      • Point of fact hear Earl, from a veteran I might add…. , you don’t get a choice of who you serve under in the military.

  24. Colonel West, Screw these people,they are blind to the truth. I heard almost the exact same story about Benghazi and I believe its true. As always some things may not be perfect but the story know has meaning as to why those people were there.

  25. Every thing you said Col. I believe. There is no other reason why wouldn’t I. There are no other person I would want to run our Country but men and women who have fought for it.

    • I’m not a bigot and don’t hate a group like you and allen west seem to promote….ALL MUSLIMS ARE BAD, ALL GAYS ARE BAD…BIGOTS!

      • Do you actually believe you are making points in this conversation by bashing gays? Sorry pal, you are a victim of what the press puts out about how conservatives think. Bashing is wrong any day of the week and with each comment you post you give an even closer look into what you are truly about. You are not honest when you debate and that little character flaw will trip you up every time.

  26. your the best mr.west. they hate it that your telling the truth and helping people see the truth. god bless you/// keep up the great work you do. hope one day we can call you. MR.PRESIDENT…

  27. I posted a reply on the Huff and Puff Post after they attacked you for what you said about Rep. Tammy Duckworth and her being on the special investigation committee on Benghazi. They forgot to print the facts that she did nothing but help Rep. Cummings stonewall both the IRS and the Benghazi hearings by the oversight committee. That she forgot her promise to leave no one behind. And then she walked out on the families of the four murdered Americans with the rest of the pack of wolves when they came to be heard. Her duty to our country as a Military office is commendable. Her actions since she joined Nancy Pelosi and her group has been despicable to say the least. Needless to say the Huff and Puff Post didn’t allow my reply on their site.

    • This dishonored person has the nerve to challenge the loyalty of a decorated war veteran?? People like you make me sick!!! He could have challenged her political but to question her loyalty to this NATION…I think she has already proven her loyalty!

      • The more you talk the more ignorant you sound. I hope I made you so sick you have to go to the hospital and use your free Medicaid. SHE turned her back on those four men when she took up your position that “What difference does it make”. SHE is just a Liberal hack. I commend her service. I say she is despicable as politician.

      • I might remind you, Benedict Arnold was also a decorated war veteran, and we see how that turned out.

      • Loyalty to Obama instead of the Constitution doesn’t count as loyalty. You are woefully ignorant

      • You people will accept ANYTHING! But…why should I expect HONOR from a man that dishonored the UNIFORM

  28. Fort Hood was NOT a workplace violent attack……it was war. I’m still waiting to hear the truth regarding Benghazi….with all the lies that have been told…perhaps the WH will finally tell the truth. By the way, is Fort Hood terrorist still drawing his pay????


  30. Thank you for your service to this country, for your honesty and for being a Guardian of the Republic. Please always stay honest. The truth is sometimes hard to accept but it is always necessary.

  31. Colonel, will you come to Washington DC on June 9th to counter-protest the Westboro people? They plan to protest the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery.

  32. His actions in reference to Benghazi, the VA scandal, or any of his dealings with the military are a demonstration of why military service should be a prerequisite of the office of Commander in Chief. His lack of understanding of the true meaning of “no man left behind” is proof. If our founding fathers had known where we are now, I’m sure they would have included this, but in their time military service to your country was just a given. Leaders say follow me, bosses say you go. True leaders never have to demand respect because respect is something you earn. You’ve earned your respect; they know it, and they hate it. The true measure of a man is his word, and whether he keeps it
    . We know yours, and (unfortunately) we know his.

    • I agree with what you say, but saying that, being in the “Military” does not guarantee that the individual holding office, will stand by what they were taught and what they learned while serving.

  33. I stand with the truth, Colonel West is telling it like it is the truth, He is not hidding behind his office,He is not sending witnesses around the world so that they can not testifiy to what they saw, Colonel west is not threating witnesses with being fired if they testify in a congressonal hearing, I have watch some of the live congressional
    hearings going on on both IRS and begahzi and the shooting at the base, what amazes me is how the democrates on the board will start ranting and raving before the people testifying like they are doing ever thing they can to stop it before they
    speak, the only reason one would do this if they fear of what is going to be
    said by the person fixing to speak. What is wrong with the truth coming out. MR West has so far spoken for the truth so until other wise I have a lot of respect for him.

  34. We the People support you 100% Colonel West . You should consider running for the White House in 2016 . I don’t think we could find a more Honorable man than you in this Country ! I wish I knew you personally , I’m sure you would make a Great friend also . Thank You for Service to our Country ! With much Respect Ed Phillips

  35. Allen West is nothing more than a COWARD that couldn’t become president of the local boy scout troop! He left his men to face charges while he retired….

    • Excuse me Earl, what are your intentions? Did you have an opinion on the statement from Allen, or are you simply testing out your new trolling skills? If you have something to say, do so. Lay out your argument so others can understand what you say. The comment you put up is nothing more than a failed belly flop. If you meant to cause disruption in the ranks, you failed miserably. Good luck Earl, you are going to need it.

      • According to a 2004 account in The New York Times, West let the soldiers under his command beat the Iraqi man, whom West believed was involved in an attempt on his life. (No evidence was ever found implicating the man). Then, he staged a mock execution:

        Soon, the soldiers began striking and shoving Mr. Hamoodi. They were not instructed to do so by Colonel West but they were not stopped, either, they said. ‘I didn’t know it was wrong to hit a detainee,” a 20-year-old soldier from Daytona Beach said at the hearing. Colonel West testified that he would have stopped the beating ”had it become too excessive.”

        Eventually, the colonel and his soldiers moved Mr. Hamoodi outside, and threatened him with death. Colonel West said he fired a warning shot in the air and began counting down from five. He asked his soldiers to put Mr. Hamoodi’s head in a sand-filled barrel usually used for clearing weapons. At the end of his count, Colonel West fired a shot into the barrel, angling his gun away from the Iraqi’s head, he testified.

      • And can you tell me the purpose of all the interrogating technics that were performed by Col. West and his men? Was it to get information from a suspected terrorist who was planning to murder innocent individuals?

      • The information he received saved NO ONE! The information he received was BOGUS! He lost his temper and reacted. NOT A good example to the men under his command. Not a good example for a so called LEADER!!!

      • What he did was keep his wits about him. You, just like the NYT, have found and zeroed in on a non story. Pressure from the press and what they put out as the truth, has made it nearly impossible for the authorities involved in the investigation of that, or any other incident on the battlefield, to perform a fair and honest assessment anymore. Because of that pressure more lives are lost due to decision making that is forced to consider what the press will write about when all is said and done. This is more dangerous to our troops than what you have accused Allen West of doing. Knowing the NYT to be the liberals go to paper does not help. Read “Lone Survivor” and tell me I’m wrong. So what you are quoting (or your interpretation of what you read) holds no weight whatsoever when compared to the real truth. And since you were not present for the incident, you cannot say you know what actually occurred at all. You seem to WANT to have something to complain about that sounds upright and true to others. Problem with that is you showed your true intentions early on by calling him a coward and intimating that he abandoned them in their hour of need. When in reality he was forced to retire because of this incident. Something that may not have been judged as harshly as it was and most often not even written about, but for the political winds at the time. So save your faux indignation for the far left side of the aisle. We don’t buy it. To go back that far in the news cycle for a point to make in a setting like this means you were hoping to be accepted for your views. Your grammar makes me question your claim of being an NCO as well. A troll is a troll, is a troll. And that’s the long and short of it.

      • The New York Times… Yeah. Great reference for nonobjective reporting. Regardless of that, is anything that Col West said in the context of current events false? Is anything that Obama has done beneficial to the status or health of the USA, or her citizens? Is it a good thing for Col West to be making such observations as he does and stirring up interest in the fact that the White House is more friendly towards Islamic terrorists than our own military?

      • Yes, just ask those of the 1920’s Ukraine about the veracity of The NY Times reporting. Marxists then, Marxists now.

      • Earl baby i’m here for you. Evidently you have quite a bit of military experience. Please tell us about your command and the men under you. What you would have done. I’m sure having been in combat you know all about it. and the NYT would never tell anything untrue.

      • Its simple…I would have followed the UCMJ…plain and simple…I was a NCO and faced combat. Allen west was a OFFICER and he KNEW BETTER! You can’t do anything you want then try to justify it by saying…I WAS PROTECTING MY MEN. Funny how he didn’t STAND WITH HIS MEN when they faced charges…lost rank and pay!

      • That only article in the ucmj that deals with combat is article 114-dueling. Now if your talking about LOAC etc those ROE are written by progressive JAG’s put in by congress to create a loosing situation. My/our brothers are dying because they have to call back to qatar to get staff approval to fire on the enemy.

      • Earl I really wanted to say something to you but honestly SlimShavings, BobGuy, and Dianna DeWitt covered pretty well. While I’ll listen to a guy that’s been there, done that, we all know you’re not that guy. A guy like you can’t even live up to the shadows of men like Col. West.

      • As to the 20 year old soldier who claimed he didn’t know beating a detainee was wrong, I call BS. I also recall hearing that West’s retirement was something he did not embrace with open arms. Seems there is quite a pattern these days regarding the issue of forced retirement of high ranking military officers. Multi starred Generals were dropping like flies not too long ago because of what the Oblahblah administration was up to. Leaving his men to face trial alone? Puhlease! Is this what his troops claimed occurred, or is it the way you interpreted the account after reading the article?

      • Well, Allen West is kind. I would have pulled the detainees fingers off one by one. No charges should have been filed to begin with. What is wrong with beating an enemy prisoner?

      • And your problem with this is….?
        We all know what gentle souls the enemy is, and they would never harm anyone especially an American soldier.

      • But you left out the salient point. He got the information that may have saved more troops lives.

      • The information saved NO LIVES. The information he got was BOGUS and he himself admits that “I MAY HAVE BEEN WRONG ABOUT MR HOOMANDI”

      • So what is correct….so what he didn’t serve with honor…so what he didn’t stand with his men….so what he violated the UCMJ…so what he didn’t get re-elected…so what is right

      • You are misrepresenting what was said in this account Earl. Putting it into your own words is the equivalent of changing the story altogether. Your agenda is showing and it’s not pretty.

      • Just can’t accept the fact that this man was forced to retire. This man didn’t display LEADERSHIP when LEADERSHIP was needed. This man let his ANGER get the best of him….this man is a DISGRACE to the uniform!

  36. thank you for putting into words what the current administration sounds like. whining, spoiled, deaf, brats. no wonder that is what their lockstep followers also sound like.

      • Why, because the socialist democrats will call them uncle Toms for leaving the government plantation? Contrary to what you and your ilk would like, they aren’t going to be forced to ‘fall in line’ like good slaves.

      • No…we don’t call them uncle toms because uncle tom was a HERO…read the book. He is more like a UNCLE RUCKUS!!!

  37. One correction Mr. West – Progressive = Marxist. And this ilk will always denounce facts, the truth and anything that exposes them for what they are – anti-American.

  38. Amen my friend! A defected KGB officer has admitted that only 15℅ of what they do is espionage and 85℅ is subversion. They long before the Muslimz infiltrated our schools and subverted our schools to Marxist philosophy. Those students are now running our government.

  39. We all know the socialist democrats have their thoroughly brainwashed sycophants who will deny any truths placed squarely in their faces in favor of their lying masters. Those who post disparaging remarks are mere trolls to be ignored for they are ignorant themselves.


      • Do you know the reason why he was forced to leave? Do you know the facts, or are you cherry picking your info?

      • The reason he was relieved of command and forced to retire is because he VIOLATED the UCMJ. Its that simple

      • And on this day, on this weekend, I applaud him for what he did…he saved lives. BTW…was the UCMJ written by “too-light-in-the-loafers” liberals?

      • He was relieved of his command in order to satisfy the pressure brought by a slobbering main stream media cabal that search daily for anything to make the right look bad. They ignore the sins of this administration and navigate around any real news in order to push their own political agenda. May they live to see error of their ways and suffer the consequences of their actions.

  40. Well said, Col. West. Your truth and my truth are the same on this issue. Thank you for your service, and you are one of my heroes.

  41. Thank you for always presenting the truth, sir! I would trust your opinion on things involving government or terrorism over any opinion in D.C. or any liberal drinker of Kool-Aid!

  42. Looking over the comments I have to laugh at the stupidity of the trolls here. They cite no facts but are convinced they make compelling arguments. Col. West is spot on, the Fort Hood victims deserved better from this administration. Justice delayed is justice denied.


      • Fact, if you had any you would use them. Fact, you cite opinion and supply zero objectively verifiable facts. Fact, people who post in all caps are idiots. Fact, I don’t care what your opinion is, as noted above you are in fact an idiot. Fact, even if what you say is true (which it isn’t), Col. West is correct in saying that the Fort Hood victims deserved better. Fact, he is also correct in saying that the way this administration handled the Benghazi fiasco is a disgrace. Fact, you are an idiot who doesn’t have any cogent response to the points made in this article so all you do is spew ad hominem attacks on a fine American who’s boots you are unworthy to tie. Now just to show you that you can’t even use ad hominem attacks well, let me show you how it’s done: “Shut yo’ mouth and get out of yo’ mama’s basement and interact with the real world before I come over to your house and yank the mattress off yo’ mama’s back and put her out of business.” Now that’s an ad hominem attack. You’re welcome.

  43. You are avoiding the issue Mr West.
    Your detractors are not criticizing you for questioning what happened in Benghazi.
    Your detractors are criticizing you for making the unsupported claim that a stranger on a plane revealed secret info to you about a conspiracy from the White House and the CIA.

    • Were you this upset when dirty harry used the Senate floor to accuse Mitt Romney of not paying his taxes, claiming someone told him so?
      LTC West is an honorable man, and the facts will bear out what he says is true. Can the same be said of dirty harry?

      • Yes, I was.
        It was shameful for anyone (especially a US Senator) to make accusations with no proof.
        It was disgraceful.
        But what does that have to do with Allen West making a claim that a stranger gave him secrets that prove a conspiracy?

        Two wrongs don’t make a right.

      • Republicans knew before the 1st vote that it couldn’t be repealed. The 50 votes were only symbolic…something to get the right wing excited. In other words… have been used and will continue to be used….remember this oldie but goodie….MITT ROMNEY WILL WIN IN A LANDSLIDE!

      • Don’t get rid of your Hillary 2016 bumperstickers just yet…I think they would look real nice on your 1997 Chrysler LeBaron.

      • The Hillary/Castro sticker will look GREAT once she is elected PRESIDENT…who will run against her?? ALLEN WEST?? COMEDY!!!

      • Pretty hard to run for office behind bars. Did you look up Fed papers #58 yet? I didn’t think so…the truth is not in your vernacular.

      • You actually something will come from this… don’t understand that this is only political. Nothing will come from it and it may hurt republicans in november

      • “Republicans knew before the 1st vote that it couldn’t be repealed. The 50 votes were only symbolic…something to get the right wing excited. In other words… have been used and will continue to be used.”

        I’ve been used, and so have you and the rest of us. Anyone who continues to believe that r’s and d’s aren’t in bed has been hypnotized by the fake media. If it’s bad for the American people, the “party” in power will like it while the minority “party” will rail against it. But, we always wind up screwed. Every administration back to LBJ has produced worse results than the previous. Think about that statement, before you let your knee start jerking.

      • OH you believe something will come out of this SELECT committee? Guess you also believed that OBAMACARE was going to get repealed too?

      • It still can…with 51 votes. The House can, (if the GOP had any gonads), defund the entire Law. It’s what our Founders intended when they gave the House the power of the purse. Read Federalist Papers #58 by Madison. Enlighten yourself.

      • Yep….Justice Roberts ruled it a tax…therefore a simple majority can overturn it. You’re really looking uneducated here, Earl…and I’m having a blast kicking some serious liberal posterior in the process.

    • Lt. Col. West is NOT avoiding the issue. He’s facing it head on…unlike the liberals out there that continue to call this a phony scandal. There’s NOTHING phony about treason. I guess you missed the lines about the “stranger” drawing the schematic for LC West…showing the structures, holding area, attack points and proximity to the consulate. Rectal-cranial inversion is pandemic among the liberals that are destroying this once great nation. Does that describe you, Brendan?

      • Funny thing is i’m one of those people that likes actual evidence.
        Mr West says some stranger on a plane gave him second hand information about a conspiracy.
        I’m going to wait for the facts on this.
        That’s who I am and that best describes me… someone who prefers evidence.

        Funny how Mr West isn’t mentioning that wild story anymore… hmmm.

        So when the hearings go down and the “Stranger” that told Mr West a second hand story doesn’t actually turn up to testify… will you apologize?

        If Mr West’s secret source turns out to be real, I know I will apologize for doubting it.
        I don’t care about party politics.
        I want justice.
        But I all B.S. on this story.

      • West’s story only confirms what I’ve speculated since Sept 14, 2012…when I connected the dots myself. The story departs from my speculation in that I believe Obama and Hillary were supplying Stinger missiles to Ansar al Sharia without Congressional oversight…a VERY bad thing to do…in fact…it’s treason. Thus, the MASSIVE cover-up. This wasn’t just about winning re-election…there are criminal charges attached of the highest order.

    • Hey Brendan never took the time to thank you for your service. You and Allen West both. I never served but war is hell. Thanks for being steadfast and loyal and showing those conservatives they don’t own the flag, down own the constitution and a don’t the uniform.

  44. Col West is spot on when he speaks of a weapons running scheme and I thank him for the courage in today’s climate to speak
    I also watch Shoebat’s site and in agreeing with his assessment Shoebat goes on to say

    “That Benghazi included a kidnapping operation should not be dismissed
    simply because of a confirmed weapons trafficking operation. Could not
    both be true? ”

    Having watched Maj Stephen Coughlens excellent presentation on the administrations cover-up of Benghazi where he states that simotaniously 17 protests around the region were at the same time with the theme of protesting for the release of the blind shiek as Morsi was making so much noise about his release.
    So even though we know there was weapons and arms being transferred through the region there is also a fair amount that points to a kidnapping also

    • It actually Makes me wander if we will ever know what all realy did happen in the Benghazi Mystery..Things keep comming to light and Nobody has heard of them.

    • I am as well Grace..I actually Think we as a nation deserve it.We Thought putting our first Black President in was a good thing ..It Turned ut a disaster.that just keeps on getting worse..I want to see Racism gone and All people pulling as one and I think Carson and West are Both qualifed aND CAPABLE.

  45. i admire your words and thought process and the courage to speak openly with both. I am the same and know not all agree with me. But as I said to my now grown children,
    ‘I wasn’t put here for a popularity contest, but by God to do what’s right.”

      • guess thats like the 30 million that marched on washington to pull obama out of office?? HHAHAHAHAHAHAH

      • Just think Earl…pretty soon, you’ll have to get a real job. Won’t that be great? BTW…did you read Fed Papers #58 yet?

      • Yes. MILLIONS. The Colonel’s support crosses all lines and unites us as Americans. HE is the type of leader we need right now.

      • Sorry but allen west only attracts NUTS and LOONS and the type of people that wear aluminum foil hats

      • And there it is folks. The aluminum foil hats reference! Poor little Earl doesn’t know how to contain his madness. He has tripped up and exposed himself again.

      • Speak for yourself. The rest of us are here because LTC West is a Guardian of the Republic.

      • I love the response (sarcasm) since you have no facts to back it up. Since people don’t agree with you they have to have the aluminum hat on? Considering I dont see Lt. Col. spewing any racism or hatred towards the president or his people it must really piss you off. He comes with facts and solutions. More then I can say for this administration and the democratic party. Hell the Democrats blocked a bill (only 10 pages) cause they had to read it. unlike Obamacare they said they had to pass it to see what was in it (over 10,000 pages). So if your gonna say something maybe you should have a rebuttal instead of a lame come back of calling names

      • First of all that explains why you are here.
        I believe in the truth which is why I am here.
        You are also here because you can stand with your loser brethren on the leftist sites

      • I know the truth, if you seek the truth you will see it here, whether you believe it or not is another issue entirely.
        You are filled with so many lies, you don’t dare learn the truth for it would blow your mind.

      • I first read of Col West back when he was attacked for his actions in Iraq. Early on a video in his support was made by the men he led in the field, It was long since been purged from the net but I’m sure someone out there has a cached copy. In it a young trigger puller makes what is probably the greatest compliment I’ve ever heard a leader get. The troop said, “..anytime we were in a fight and I wondered where our Colonel was all I had to do was find the closest guy trying to kill me. Col. West as BETWEEN him and me…”
        I’d charge Hell with a handgun if West were leading me.

  46. It appears that I have decimated Earl Lee in cyberland…again, and as always. Tough gig for you, Earl…having me show up and expose you so easily. It’s my duty and honor, though, and I take that task seriously…and I’m VERY, VERY good at it.

  47. LOVE this line: “y’all sound like the adults in the Charlie brown cartoons.” Excellent, spot on, Colonel! True story: this is what I always imagine when I see the liberal talking heads chattering on TV! “Bwaa bwaa bwa-bwa-bwaa bwaaaa…”

  48. LTC West: Right about now, the cheeky fella in the White House and his administration are probably compiling a list of whose cheeks they can leave to hang out to dry over this.

  49. LTC West, you are our hero because you tell us the truth. There are a few nuts out there but, for the most part, the readers are common people with a common love of our country and the fear that the current administration is going to do irreplaceable damage to our country before he leaves office. Please keep doing what you have been doing, informing us.

  50. LTC West; you will have to include all of this in your next book. Meanwhile, we hope the next chapter of your life includes taking up residency at the White House.

  51. Alan, I have been starting or ending my posts as follows;
    “I am a racist, a bigot and a homophobe … now what are you going to threaten me with to shut me up?” My mother use to tell me a little verse;
    sticks and stones may break my bones,
    but words will never hurt me.

    • My how proud you must be to spew hate too. No one needs to shut you up because frankly no one cares to engage hateful people. Please try to come up with something that might contribute love to at least one person’s life. Thanks!

      • Too deep and insightful Nunuvyer, that flew right over poor Carol Cowan’s pointy little head.

      • Oh, poor thing! Telling me how to contribute, are you? Telling me how hateful I am, are you? Sweetie, you have to have more than one brain cell to rub together in order to have an opinion that would interest me in any way. FYI, I am none of the things I said in my earlier post. I’m just sure that people like you will say those things about anyone you disagree with. I was saving you the trouble.
        And, you don’t have to thank me, I enjoy spreading love to people. And I enjoy spreading horseshit onto idiots. Like yourself. Thanks!

  52. LTC West says it like it should be told. The Progressive Libs are unable to accept the truth. I respect & love Col. West…..I have met him up close. He is the real deal. We the People are on the same page. I feel sorry for the Lost Souls who continue to rant outrageous & despicable Lies against God’s People.

  53. Thank you for your insightful commentary. Please watch your back,we live in dangerous times and we need people like you.

  54. Thank you for your service, Col. West. And thank you for your insight and for courageously calling out the left. I do not understand why Americans today have turned against their own country and fellow Americans. It appears the Marxist/Islamic factions have definitely taken hold of those Americans. God bless you and God Bless America.

  55. Thank you for standing strong Allen West. We believe in you, and all you stand for. Do not worry about the left they are scrambling and pantie twisted. Stay focused, stay the course, get us our country back. God Bless you and our American military

  56. I did not vote for the LAIR IN 2008 and I did everything in my power to stop him in 2012…. HE DID NOT WIN THE ELECTION HE STOLE IT WITH VOTER FRAUD! OBAMA is a lair and a crook who is the WORST KIND OF EMENY, WITHIN WITH THE POWER TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY and he is doing just that with one EO on top of EO. I trust you Col. West 100% and your views are right along with mine. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY!

    • I don’t know Carl, I really like the Lt. Col. and the Dr. Ben. Both with the integrity and smarts to speak without a teleprompter and not stutter. My wife voted for Obama twice, because she said he spoke so well. I told her, “no Babe, he reads well”. I would proudly vote for the Warrior or the Doctor, in any combination of the two.

      • Point taken. I too would vote for either of these men, but how many would agree with us and do the same…

      • Depends who is running, what their records show, if they are experienced enough and have my beliefs. Color has nothing to do with it.

      • Well Rafael, I’m an American woman (Scot, Irish, Cherokee and Creek Indian), and I don’t vote for someone for their color. I vote after I spend a lot of time researching everything, on each and every one of them.

      • Rafael – Unfortunately that is not how most people vote, whether black, white, asian or hispanic. They vote based on the BS that they hear and what their favorite celeb tells them. They listen the the rhetoric of their party.

        Two prime examples –

        One, prior to the 2012 election, Howard Stern did a bit in NYC where they went around and asked people questions like “Does it bother you that Romney is black and running for President?” or “Would you vote for Obama even though he is a Mormon?” People answered the questions that neither bothered them – These are the majority of your voters.

        Two – Last year, Mark Dice went out on what appears to be a pier in California and had a petition to Repeal the Bill of Rights, saying that it was a movement by President Obama (which is not true, but not hard to believe). People blindly signed it, with no clue as to what they were talking about. These are the majority of your voters.

        Voters now a days are more fascinated with what the Celebs are doing and what they think, then who is running their Country (both Dem and Repub). This is probably on reason President Obama has entrenched himself so deeply in Hollywood. That and Hollywood has let him in only because he is the President, and they want to look cool – trust me, otherwise he would be a nobody to them.

      • You are an insult to your own family. Since when does color make a difference whether a man is good at his job? It doesn’t except in a race baiting disingenuous group of people known as liberals

      • I don’t like MOST politicians black or white, Democrat or Republican. But Obama sucks anyway you look at it. Blacks are still a minority and I guarantee you can’t get a Black president elected if ONLY blacks vote for him. What I’m saying is Obama has damaged every other black person’s chance to get elected. His race baiting to get people to go along with his crap and stop any criticism of his administration, can only go so far. I haven’t forgot Jackson and Sharpton’s statements that Obama ” wasn’t black enough” and their supporting Hillary against him. “Lousy white presidents” not withstanding, we also have to look out for lousy black or female presidents to be sure…

      • “Obama has damaged every other black person chance to get elected” Please tell me why? Because someone is disappointed in Obama he wont vote for another black person? What happened with content of character?

      • This is exactly why you are such a fool. You assume that Obummer has had a negative effect on the chances that another black person will be able to win the Presidency. TOTALLY FALSE.

      • You’re less than a joke; your response shows that you’re oriented to nothing but race.

        The one you backed is rejected not because he’s black (and white), it’s because he’s a pinko commie.

      • You are allowed to be disappointed in Obama to even hate him and/or his policies. My question is why should that affect the next black person running for President?

      • That wasn’t your question that led me to respond.

        Here, you’re raising an issue that I don’t see anyone else raising. Is this your straw man to serve as a diversion?

      • You are nothing more than a racist idiot!! People like you need to be silenced. It is really too bad that your mother decided NOT TO ABORT when she was pregnant with you.

        I am a pro life except in cases like yourself!!!!

      • So what your saying is anyone that is lousy and not white is Ok for the presidency. The American people don’t have many choices; 2 parties have been the dinosaurs running our country. We need something new, with someone who is QUALIFIED for the job and isn’t a liar… Integrity is gone in my opinion when someone lies. How can you ever trust them again? He has lied time after time after time…. As has Hildairy…. They are all buffoons.

      • For the number of lousy white presidents we had no one ever suggested to stop electing white people. No matter what you have against Obama that should not cloud your judgement if another black candidate emerge, could be a conservative republican.

      • Why does COLOR always have to come into play. First of all, they’re all idiots. He is just the king of them…. Regarding your first sentence “for the number of lousy white presidents we had no one ever suggested to stop electing white people.”, it kinda shows how naive you are. A person is a person and their actions and lack of action shows their strengths and weaknesses. All we have seen is weakness from this administration and guess what, color had nothing to do with it….

    • Carl, this man had an opportunity to bring “Our Country” together and has done everything but that. He has divided “Our Country” more than anyone ever elected. I vote for the best person who has a proven record and has my beliefs. I’m an American woman (Scot, Irish, Cherokee and Creek Indian) and color has nothing to do with it.

    • Carl, I am a white Vietnam vet and there are at least two Black men in the hunt right now and I would vote for either in a heartbeat.

      They are Ben Carson and Allen West. Their greatest drawback is NOT that they are black but it is that they are true Patriots and they are honest to the bone.

      As we see from this idiot in the WH now, honesty and Americanism are NOT traits that get you elected, but I WILL CONTINUE TO SUPPORT BOTH AND HOPE THAT OUR ELECTORATE GETS SOME BALLS!!!

    • Wait until the African-American Museum is completed in D.C.. Wouldn’t be surprised if he has his tomb put there for when his time comes so all his lemmings can come visit and pay homage…

    • Carl, I think this idiot in the WH now would be a complete failure if he were PINK. I recall listening to him when he first appeared on the scene as a viable candidate. Early on I recall getting somewhat charged up about what he was bringing to the table.

      Then I realized this guy was a Communist to the bone and a Muslim. He lied about every critical fact of his entire life. Never has had a job. Was best friends with one of the worst terrorist in America. Pals with every corrupt gangster in Chicago.

      Looking past the fact that he stole the election, his tenure as President will undoubtedly be chronicled as the worst 8 years in American history. Whether we can salvage our nation after this idiot is gone is still very much a questionable fact. The enormous debt is much more a danger than any of his other failures.

      If Allen West or Ben Carson were to run I would be totally on board as a volunteer and would cast vote for either. The color of their skin has not ever been a factor in their running nor was it in Obama’s. He just is not anywhere close in character as these two Americans. At least we know they are REAL AMERICAN unlike the imposter we are stuck with for 2 and 1/2 years.

      We can only hope for a change in ’14 to nullify most of his feeble efforts at destruction for the USA.

    • No need to think that way carl.I am white and 70 years old.I can tell you this..all people of color do not think alike.The few that actually voted for the color of his skin would have done it no matter what.Lets try to keep working on it.Racism does not have to be a barrier.give the young ones some MLK books to read and sit down and talk withe the young ones..One Planet (earth) one Race (human)

  57. Please,PLEASE sun for Pres so! we can show the country it is NOT the color of his skin,it is the color of his HEART and SOUL!!

    • But you would believe they liar in chief. You follow barry to your grave. Then when confronted with no other choice you would still blame West. You are a liberal troll you would argue the sky was pink just to be argumentative.

    • Hey Rafael X, Are you referring to President Obama that has publicly stated on more than one occasion that he didn’t know about an issue until he read about it in a newspaper or when President Obama publicly admitted that he found out about a serious issue the same way that the average Joe/Jill citizen did?

    • What a joke, you won’t take a man seriously who has served his country in uniform and did that in harm’s way getting shot at to protect liberty, but you’ll take Dear Leader seriously who’s never done a patriotic thing in his life which he’s given over to following revolutionaries and communists.

      Par for the course for democrat progressives.

      • Select committee has subpoena power right? Give this man immunity and let him appear in front of the committee. Conversation on an airplane doesn’t cut it for me as far as “evidence” is concerned.

      • No Rafael, he is not a figment of Colonel West imagination. Colonel West would not have written the article, nor is he going to reveal every detail in a Newsletter. I’m sure Trey Gowdy has all the information now.

      • It will never stop being about the Men and Women that serve “Our Country”. It’s about finding the “TRUTH” and “FACTS” of what happened. If they had been honest about what happened, it would be done with.

      • It’s not done with because the midterms are coming and the right needs a rallying cry since they don’t have nothing of substance to offer Americans.

      • It has nothing to do with elections, because if it did, they would not be trying to find out the truth. They need to find out what happened, so it will never happen again.

      • Happened 13 times under Bush and now we are worried about it not happening again? Forgive my skepticism, hopefully that will be the end of it when this committee wraps up. But my money is on Benghazi being an issue in the 2016 election no matter what happens with this committee.

      • In all honesty, the Democrats were not silent. Everything will be an issue in 2014 and 2016, just like it is in any election. The bottom line is this Rafael; everyone should want the truth regardless who is in office or in Congress. If a Republican was the President right now, I would feel no different and most also would not. The issue is, we lost people and should not have and we need to find out what happened. The difference with this Committee is they will be able to subpoena everyone that was involved and the ones that came back alive.

      • I’m ready to take your word for it as an individual. But that’s not what’s going one with that Committee or with the people driving the issue in the conservative press. It’s amateur hour out there these guys are just taking turn to grandstand. Subpoena power is just to show the masses it will be different this time, but in substance it isn’t.

      • It’s the only way they can get to the individuals and protect them when they testify. Yes, some media will, but it’s no different than any other story, except for the fact people died and no one tried to help them. I look for the “TRUTH” and the “FACTS” and nothing else. I’m not interested in a dog and pony show or a bunch of crap from any elected official.

      • I hope you are right because the Commie bitch needs to be outed now and again in ’16. We don’t need a female version of the Coward n Chief. She has more baggage than Obummer, she is just a bit smarter than he. But of course everyone is smarter than this Idiot n Chief.

      • Apples and oranges and you know that. There have been embassy attacks during virtually EVERY administration. Do try a little bit harder to troll with real argument instead of the bs ’13 times under Bush’ liberal drone. Benghazi is different because your Dear Leader tried to cover it up as a random mob because of a YouTube video, AND because the scum in the oval office let it play out over eight hours without doing a thing except having dinner with Moochelle and then going to bed. Some leader.

      • Really?!? If something like this happened under Bush’s watch, the media would have massacred hm. Our veteran and active military respected Bush, Obama not so much. If Obama was caring for the troops as Bush had this would not be the case.

      • Rafal ,now you are blurting out Demo Propaganda ..Think..Read..use your own logic..come to your own conclusion.

      • Four Americans died in Benghazi, what about the rest of America? 13 Benghazi investigations and 40 Obamacare repeals. How many bills for veterans benefit passed the House and Senate? A big zero. There were bills, they got blocked. Find out by whom and why for yourself and then come back with the lectures about thinking for one’s self. 13 and 40 are both greater then zero, 13 and 40 says what’s your priority zero says what’s not. Math doesn’t lie. Math is neither conservative nor liberal it has no bias.

      • Make up your mind. Is it Hilary or is it the midterms? Seems you will blame it on anything rather than face the facts. How about all the answers so that this can be put to rest? Typical liberal response though. Deflecting from he facts is what libs do best.

      • Hillary doesn’t need any help in dirtying her involvement. You continue to be the same type of mindless liberal lemming most of us have learned to ignore. Put your butt on a plane to Afghanistan so reality can slap some sense into that brick you use as a brain.

      • What about the American people out here that don’t give a crap about Hilary? She hasn’t even thrown her hat it the ring. Some of us want to know what the admin was/is hiding. Why the stonewalling? Why the lack of access to witness who saw the tragedy first hand. Where were the people who should have done everything in their power to protect the Americans being attacked? I could go on and on but I would hope you get my point. Just wondering, what about us?

      • Okay x go to this link there is a whole library of articles that are about the truth of Benghazi. Information from a CIA agent who wants to remain anonymous and for good reason. The same reason that others do not talk. They would be hunted down. Just like the reporter who was about to write very damaging information about barry and his administraion. So x read up and then decide if barry is still your hero

      • More anonymous sources that can’t be verified. That Tosh Plumlee guy also solved the JFK murders. Everything to inspire confidence. Don’t believe everything just because it’s online. In all fairness I only read the most recent article.

      • Then you cannot stand on your opinion, since you didn’t read all of it. An informed stance is better than none. Since you can validate your opinion then you should do more reading

      • How can I validate my opinion if I can’t validate the source of the info that forms said opinion. So far my opinion is formed on the findings of the 8 previous committees that was a big nada, zip, zero zilch proof of coverup.

      • they were NOT allowed information. They were denied interviews, reports and evidence. No one can find any wrong if they are not supplied with the truth

      • btw I have followed those articles from the first and they have not been wrong once about world events that happened weeks after the article was written so I believe those articles a lot more than I would believe a troll or our President

      • Are you an ostrich ? where has your head been , is it connected to your ears or brain lately ? Does it know how to read or listen? Don’t be an ostrich. You obviously have not been paying attention. Pull your head out of the ground !

      • It means Rafael that you support the Democrats and you can’t see what they have done wrong; only what the Republicans do wrong. That you can’t look at all elected officials and see who does wrong and who does right. That you can’t see right from wrong and you accept whatever the Democrats do. That’s why they call you an Ostrich; someone who puts there head in the sand.

      • I really hope for the sake of those who died Republicans are serious in their effort. So far it seems very unlikely. Republicans are tripping over each-other running in every directions. I might look like an ostrich from your perspective but from mine house republican look like headless chickens.

      • That is what the committee is for. Now they have the Subpoena power to call people and request all information they could not before. Saying that, it should have been done a long time ago, instead of just holding hearings. Don’t forget there will be Democrats also in this Committee. Do me a favor Rafael, watch the hearings that are shown and watch the difference between the two parties. The ones trying to find out the truth and the ones which try to prevent the truth, from being found out. Republicans are serious Rafael, because the people want the truth and facts, not any games.

      • Just follow the hearings and facts that come out Rafael and keep an open mind. I’m not going to lie to you about it or anything else.

      • Be real. No evidence wld be enough for you because you don’t want to consider that Obama and his administration are traitors.

  58. Well LtCol West the Obozomites can’t really call you an Uncle Tom about that encounter, and they can’t call you a racist, so they will continue to follow the Obozo Piper blindly and only demand proof of what they want to doubt, yet will never show any type of proof of what Hildairy, Obozo and the rest of them did to help the benghazi situation from happening how it did. Basically the nitwits showed the world what a world ‘Stupid Power’ they have made us and this is what the Obozomites like to cover up along with the inept involved. Just so they can also can continue to get their free stuff and roll off the couch only to go to the mail box, get their check, spend it all, and get back on the couch and wait for the next one……

  59. I’d bet on Colonel West’s word over any liberal, including Obama and his cast of sycophants any day of the week, any time of the day, on any subject imaginable. The progressives fear men like Colonel West because they show no hesitation in speaking the truth and the truth is the greatest fear of the progressive left.

  60. Col. West, I want to know what aircraft was overhead that night in Benghazi when Ty Woods lit up the enemy mortar crew with his laser designator.

    He would not have done that, making himself a target, unless he was on the radio with an aircraft in position to fire a laser guided munition (i.e. CIA Predator Drone with a Hellfire missile, C-130 with a 105mm and Copperheads, an F-16 with laser guided munitions, etc.)

    What aircraft was overhead and who gave the order to NOT fire?

    Those two things I want to learn from the select committee.

    • You think you are going to get something different from this “SELECT COMMITTEE”?? This is just political theater and nothing NEW will come from it. Its politics as usual! I honest believe that its a distraction…..i believe a AMNESTY bill is coming

      • Wrong. The Republicans have been told a lot of stuff that can only come out under oath to prevent retribution by Oblunder.

        Heads will roll, you can bet on it.

      • IF heads were going to roll…they would have rolled by now! I love the way republicans keep getting you excited over and over again and then……FLOP! For example….”I WILL REPEAL OBAMACARE” or “MITT WILL WIN IN A LANDSLIDE!!

      • I think there was. Ty Woods was a SEAL. He would not have lit up the target unless there was something ready to fire.

  61. So we should take Col. West word like it’s the Gospel because he served in combat. But he is totally entitled to question Tammy Duckworth’s loyalty after she lost both her legs in combat. Is liberal soldiers sacrifice any less then conservatives soldiers sacrifice?

    • Rafael, where is this article did Colonel West mention Tammy Duckworth’s name? Everyone is entitled to question every elected official on what they do or say. They are elected to serve us, not for us to serve them; by the way, which is what a lot of them think.

      • And everyone is entitled to question an opinion published on the public domain. Comes back to the issue of integrity. But I like the way you totally avoided my last question.

      • I don’t question her service, I question her commitment to those who died in Benghazi when she mindlessly follows the meme of the Democrat leadership.

      • Colonel West doesn’t follow the mindless Republicans, like a lot of us don’t. We are fed up with both parties. There are very few Republicans that we follow and the rest we don’t, except to know what they are doing. No difference with the Democrats, Rafael.

      • Republicans are the one investigating Benghazi, again. And are convinced they will uncover the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, again. Cue for RINO calls if Gowdy doesn’t fine anything.

      • Because Democrats have hidden information, again. It’s time for the truth. If you can’t handle that, they YOU’RE part of the problem.

      • I can’t wait for that truth whatever it is to come out. But will you accept if that committee comes to the same conclusion as all the others?

      • If the committee gets all the information they need, the individuals to testify and the truth and facts come out (with no BS). You know what Rafael, who’s to say we don’t have Republicans involved?

      • Ya mean like Mike Rogers?

        Couldn’t be that his wife was ceo of the company that had a ten billion dollar contract to provide security?
        Yup we need to hear from Mrs rogers

      • No. Because if it comes out the same, that means people are buying the lies that we KNOW the Administration has put out there.

      • Yes they are, because they could not get the truth from the administration and others. There will be Democrats on the Committee also. As I told you before, do me a favor Rafael, watch the hearings that are shown and watch the difference between the two parties. The ones trying to find out the truth and the ones which try to prevent the truth, from being found out. Republicans are serious Rafael, because the people want the truth and facts, not any games.

      • Thank you Jim. It’s just me, but I try to see both sides, not just mine. I know some of the Republicans, are just as sorry as the Democrats. I wished people would quit calling others names, including Obama. It doesn’t get us anywhere and it doesn’t help make other’s understand what is going on. It distracts from the conversation.

      • You have shown your ignorance of exactly what Col. West follows.. Unlike you and the rest your ilk, he pursues a path of independence. If some his beliefs reflect a portion of the Republican party, it only matters because he finds little or nothing of value on your side of the aisle.

      • Hold on sport..I believe what West was referring to about his military expierance was the discipline,attention to rules,laws and feild managment.We dont make people a high ranking officer automatically..he earns is takes time(years) to be a battle grade commander. Don’t just brush that part away because I can speak directly to that point having been there myself.

      • Vote the Veterans Party of America if you don’t like Democrats or Republicans.

    • I trust him more than I trust a taqiyya dribbling moslem that is in the
      White House, Valerie Jarrett, the Clintons, or any of the appeasers and
      apologists for islam. When these same peoples use name calling and
      bashing as a way to try to discredit the information then I even find
      people like West more credible since they cannot disprove his claims
      except by trying to denigrate the person. Look at the koran that people
      like Obama follows – it has a ‘god’ that does the same thing if we
      don’t worship it – it calls us dirt (kufar), pigs and apes. That is
      also a strategy that the left in our country use too. It doesn’t
      surprise me since they are so similar in strategy although the left
      doesn’t realize that they are being used. Read the goals of the Muslim
      Brotherhood and it outright says that they are working on bring our
      ‘miserable house’ down by their hands and their helpers (useful idiots).

      Quote from the docs unclassified by the FBI in the Holy Land Foundation Trial –

      The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions. … It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is …


      • Right on Earl. These filthy bas#ards will find out the hard way, we don’t give in like those weak fools they are used to running over.

        They need to be eliminated from the face of this earth. I will do my part when the time comes and I hope I am still alive to see it.

      • islam uses the libs artfully in their jihad from within…..especially the resident……they are blind or ignorant to the fact that islam targets the very ones that libs CLAIM to want to protect…HOMOSEXUALS, WOMEN, CHILDREN AND THE POOR…..if the muslims take this country over the children will suffer sexual abuse at the hands of muslim men through child marriage and the boys as house boys…..women by subjugation per shariah law & punishment,,,,and homosexuals by beheading because in their world it’s illegal for them to live….the poor are simply slaves to them… disposable….

      • This is what happens when you follow people like allen west. you run to the first aluminum foil hat shop you can find!!

      • Now you are getting a discussion going that is interesting..I to have had an opertunity to look over the Koran.Honestly,I can not see how a Person,born and raised in that country would still see it ,read it,and come to a conclusion that it was to be Their way of life.To kill people in the name of religion ,to disrespect women so badly,and do things to their own daughters that are so dispickable that in no way can it be acceptable ,yet they still do it.

      • Rafael X, you brought it up in a former post and now you want to change the subject?

      • Ok..Its time for you to put up or shut up..I just went thru a bunch of entries of you crowing about Allen West and making all sorts of acusations…I have no problem with accusing if you have something to refer to and backup to prove it happened…I like the way West Talks but I actually know very little about him..Please,go to your resources and show us all what you are spouting off about…Other wise you are a disgrunteled big mouth that uses the computer instead of having a life.

      • you’ll notice that when you asked for proof of what he is leveling against West, you get NOTHING. I went up and down these comments, and Earl Lee is NOTHING more than someone who stirs up a hornets nest then hands it to you. He spouts out things and then has NO WAY to prove them or back them up……

      • In 2003, West was charged in an incident that involved the beating and simulated execution of an Iraqi police officer. West was fined $5,000, accepted a Non-judicial punishment and allowed to retire as a lieutenant colonel after an Article 32 hearing.[6] The alternative to retirement was to face a Court Martial for assault, with a sentence of 11 years.


      • Col West violated the UCMJ. We was a officer…trained to lead…he lost his temper! Allen west is NO LEADER….he is a disgrace to the uniform!

      • While serving in Taji, Iraq, West received information from an intelligence specialist about a plot to ambush his unit. The alleged plot reportedly involved Yahya Jhodri Hamoodi, an Iraqi police officer. West had his men detain Hamoodi.[16] Soldiers testified that in the process of detaining Hamoodi, he appeared to reach for his weapon and needed to be subdued.[16] Hamoodi was beaten by four soldiers from the 2/20th Field Artillery Battalion on the head and body.[17] West then fired his pistol near Hamoodi’s head,[16] after which Hamoodi provided West with names and information, which Hamoodi later described as “meaningless information induced by fear and pain.”[16] At least one of these suspects was arrested as a result, but no plans for attacks or weapons were found.[16] West said “At the time I had to base my decision on the intelligence I received. It’s possible that I was wrong about Mr. Hamoodi.”[16]

      • But while West’s supporters call him a hero, military prosecutors said his actions amounted to torture and violated articles 128 and 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

        Prosecutor Capt. Magdalena Pezytulska said West should be tried for assault and for communicating a threat. “This is a case about a man who lost his temper,” she argued. “There are consequences for [West’s] actions.”

      • OH the TRUTH is coming out today!! Most people that follows this COWARD doesn’t know his military record! They believe that his actions “SAVED LIVES” but as you can see the information he got was BOGUS!!!

      • majorwiblit Earl Lee • in a few secondsHold on, this is waiting to be approved by Allen B. West.

      • OH…we are getting booted for telling the TRUTH about ALLEN WEST? Mr West knows the idiots that follow him don’t care that he disgraced the uniform…they will justify it!!

    • Tammy Duckworth is in congress and is a decorated war hero. Allen west was FORCED out of the military or face 11 years in prison and is a 1 term congressman…..jealously maybe?

    • Col. West did mention his service in the military as a reason why we should absolutely believe everything he says. And you should address the same comment to rnot who can’t get past his fear of the Muslims.

      • Rafael X, I do fear muslems. I will not convert to islam and do not want to be beheaded for it.

      • And what do you think is happening in Europe right now. If we don’t stand up for our own way of life they will take it from us sooner or later.

  62. OH..BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI!! There is no there there….republicans want to keep this up to try to damage Hillary. The majority of america is satisfied with the results of the 13 previous investigations. 3 of the 4 families asked for this to END! This has nothing to do with the search for this so call “TRUTH”…this in only political now!

    • Earl, get your facts straight. According to Nancy P., 2 families ask for it to end. Believe me, there are 4 other families, Seals, Military and a lot of Americans that want the Truth and Facts. This has nothing to do with the elections, it has to do with Americans being killed and no one went in to help them. If it was about the elections, do you think the Republicans would be doing it; not hardly.

      • Wait…there are 4 other families and 2 that requested it to end making a total of 6 that died?

      • She is referring to a type of family you will never understand. Not just the families of the slain.

      • There have been 13 investigations….there is MORE truth to be found/? Only in the minds of right wingers.

      • The republicans have mastered asking the same questions 13x in 13 different ways. Smoke and mirrors, grand standing , champaign speeches , calling new witnesses that never show up . A lame Perry Mason show.
        Whatever happens, I hope this whole thing gets settled, but I have a feeling it won’t. There will always be new questions .

      • I say let them go nuts. The more they go around in circles, the more the American people will see the clowns they are .

      • All of those Investigations have been obstructed by this Administration. That is why they are fighting against this Special Committee. Gowdy will have more power to impel testimony and in serving subpoenas. The Democrats, in everyone of these Hearings did their best to submarine the investigations with their hive mentality, lockstep allegiance to beating the Obama drum rather than asking questions to get to the truth. The Democrats contributed nothing to any of these investigations besides obfuscation and misdirection. Get your facts straight before you show your ignorance by spewing propaganda

      • Uh huh…and you see NO POLITICS involved with this?? Republicans are only trying to motivate their base to vote in november and get ANYTHING on hillary clinton. The majority of AMERICA is not paying attention to this because they see it for what it is….POLITICS!!

      • Bull, If the truth finally comes out we get rid of a tyrannical government which is good for you and the rest of us. but you stick to your uneducated opinions and run around blinded by Rhetoric designed for people to believe him. How many lies have you caught him in. I bet you say none. Why, because you believe the liar hook line and sinker

      • Of Course it’s POLITICS!!! All coming from the Democrats. It was politics that framed their whole response to the attack. They didn’t send the Calvary in to save our men because it would look bad for the upcoming election. They couldn’t have a gunrunning scandal come out right before the election. …they choose to stand down

    • Honey, there’s plenty of $$$ to be made from Benghazi. Issa has raised millions referencing it in champaign letters.

    • I believe that it was political when the liberal left lied from day one. I for one am sick of the lies and attempted cover ups and believe that any good American would want the truth and justice.

    • Ha Ha Ha What makes you think you speak for the majority of Americans? Last time checked the polls, the majority 60% wanted answers for Benghazi. It doesn’t matter how loud or how long you tell a lie, it’s still a lie. That is what the Democrats don’t get. We have VIDEO of all their lies and obfuscations. Hillary doesn’t need the Republicans help to damage her. She did that all by herself when she got fired from the Watergate Investigation for lying and unethical practices. Her albatross is her callous treatment of Benghazi victims when she perpetrated the lie of the video along with the “What difference” comment she made.

    • Pelosi said 2 now it’s 3 I bet if you asked those family’s about that they would tell you it’s a bold faced lie. I know imagine that Pelosi lying?? Oh say it isn’t so……

    • Since you don’t think it’s about truth, you wouldn’t mind answering a few questions that I have, would you?
      1) Can you tell me where our POTUS was and what he was doing, while these 4 men were being murdered? Isn’t he the guy who manages every detail when it’s important? After all, the photos of POTUS when Bin Laden was killed were everywhere… where is the photo of Obama in the Sit. Rm. during the Benghazi attack?
      2) Can you tell me why the State Department denied the requests for more security BEFORE the attack?
      3) Can you tell me why “they” say that help could not arrive in time? I’m confused by what “in time” means, exactly… what time would have been “in time”?
      4) Since Hillary seems to want to be the next POTUS, isn’t it reasonable to understand what her part was in all of this? Did she answer the phone when Stevens called for help? Why didn’t Hillary go on the 5 talk shows to tell everyone that it was a video that caused the 1st death of an American ambassador in over 30 years?
      5) And why did Obama’s administration lie about the above video? Isn’t it important that the American people be told the truth, especially just before an election?

  63. Allen West is using the SARAH PALIN playbook to become wealthy….thats all! He knows with all the media out there of him saying hateful things that he can never run for president. He post things to get his followers upset so they will buy his books. The man doesn’t have a job and haven’t had a job since being kick out of office by the good people of his district!

      • A lot of people contribute to FOX News, including retired military. If CBS, NBC and the rest of them reported the News, they would go on there to. I don’t watch every program on FOX, depends who it is. For example, I don’t like Bill O’Reilly.

      • Rafael and Earl both have a wayof jumping to an opposing side of a discussion prior to an opening argument for or against whatever the subject is.I do enjoy a lively and well stated discussion….but just Blathering something your heard as a truth is not helpful.Try intelligently stating your reasons for your apparent disdan for Mr West.If Presented well,I could be swayed,I am impressed with the man but know little about him.

      • I don’t disdain Mr. West I don’t know him personally. He’s the one who mentioned his experience in combat as the reason why he is totally trustworthy. He did question the loyalty of Tammy Duckworth not in this particular piece but he did. Congresswoman Duckworth lost both legs in combat tell me why his loyalty cannot be questioned while he is questioning Tammy Duckworth’s loyalty.

      • He is a fox news contributor and these people believe he is a viable candidate for POTUS. Its just laughable!

      • Well let’s not evaluate anyone candidacy until they declare they are running. My personal opinion. But I admit I’d love to see a republican primary slugfest in which LTC West participates.

      • and what do YOU do for Americans that gives you the RIGHT to disregard his service??? I would guess you are a fat male living in mommy’s basement.

  64. Yuch West, you got this socialist liberal whatever else. I just hope I get to see your confidential pal on TV real soon.

      • True. I hope we hear all about West’s meeting with investigators . I would have contacted them first and set up a meeting with informant instead of telling his million of followers. Sounds a bit razzed dazzle .

      • I think so too. I would have believed Col. West would do everything in his power for that gentlemen to appear in front of Congressman Gowdy. I understand he’s not in Congress anymore but he must still have some contacts. Posting about it on his blog does not seem serious.

      • His informant could have done an interview in shadows . FOX would have had an orgasm.

      • Is this what this investigation has come to?? I know a guy that worked with a guy that dog sniffed the dog of a guy that goes to chruch with a guy…….

      • Really? Reporters can claim ” confidential informants” a they want. All the crazy Malayan Airplane secret info was CI. ” a CI in the gov said, plane did…. A CI with airline said…. A CI close to the investigation said…

      • I am sorry to say I never saw the Wire. It was too much of a guy- type crime drama.

      • A CI is a Confidential Informant or snitch in ghetto speak. Usually if you are snitching to the press you are “source”, if you are snitching to the police you’re a “CI”. Fox News is basically substituting themselves with the cops on the beat regarding Benghazi. If you want real examples of why some people are stuck on welfare or in crime, you should watch The Wire.

      • Allen west only post on his blog to get his supporters to buy more BOOKS! Its not about solutions…its about his finances!

      • Nope and that’s because they are doing paperwork for all the Clearances they need and other things. I expect maybe July/August time frame they may be ready to start holding hearings.

  65. Col. West, you are a bit my junior but I (as a vet) hold you as one of my greatest heroes and the number I hold as heroes is vanishingly small.

    • Hero my tookus…how can you leave your men to face charges while you retire?? That is not the action of a HERO…it is the actions of a COWARD!

      • so you think they should have 80 and 90 year olds fighting cause we should NEVER GIVE UP??? What a moron!!! What branch of military did YOU serve in??????

      • Uh…Kathy…he was forced to retire or face 11 years in PRISON. The men serving under col west received article 15’s lost rank and pay! He is a COWARD!!

      • But i presume by you attacking me means that you don’t care that allen west left his men hanging. You don’t care that allen west violated the UCMJ. You could care less that allen west is a disgrace to the uniform

      • Oh, but I do care. After reading the wiki on LTC WEST. It might not have been the best decision he could have made, but he did it to save his men.
        We all make judgment decisions. Sometimes we are wrong. He admitted he could have made a better decision, but that he tried his best for the men.
        You have never ever made a mistake in Judgement? I know you have. You sit in judgement of everyone here all the time and you are wrong most of the time.

      • what’s more is, as long as you do your absolute best,that is all anyone can ask of you. He did his best and that is good enough for me. We are only human and there are and will be mistakes made. You do not see West doubling down on his mistakes as the coward in chief does everyday

      • Discharging a handgun next to the head of a known combatant in order to extract info that is germane to saving American soldiers’ lives…he should’ve been given a medal.

      • No….that’s why you are. LTC West is the Audie Murphy of our generation. You are the Bradley Manning. Hope this helps.

      • What, EXACTLY, would YOU have done in his shoes? And if the intel had been correct, instead of flawed, would you have been derelict in your duty?

      • He saved NO MEN is the point. The info he got was BOGUS…they found no evidence of a ambush! Sorry pal but the facts don’t support your argument

      • You are NOT my pal and never will be, You are so full of crap it is coming out of your ears. Go cry to your mommy

      • I served my nation and NEVER dishonored the UNIFORM!! I was a NCO and would have stood with my men unlike allen west!!

      • Earl, what little I have read of your posts indicate that you are not a clear thinker. The LTC. was forced out of the service because he would rather have done what he did then allow his men to die. He is an honest and God fearing man. You on the other hand seem to be an accuser, a false accuser.

        I have been able to verify as true, everything I have ever read that the LTC. has written.

        Obama is an evil man with evil intentions.

        Say, why, when Obama was barely 4 months into his dictatorial reign, did he cancel D.C. school vouchers when every D.C. parent wanted them and they almost exclusively benefited black children?

        Your hero Obama is no hero. I’m guessing you believe in socialism too? But we are a Constitutional republic. And if God is so kind we will return to our former glory as said Republic, and pretty much nothing would make me happier than seeing the Col. sworn in as president.

        The man you laud, Obama, hates the America Republic and has done all he can to destroy it.

        Maggie Thatcher was right. Socialism works until you run out of other peoples money and brother we are there.

  66. Amazing how far people will go to protect incompetence, ignorance and arrogance of leadership. Then there is the never ending cycle of the ‘ol boys club circling the wagons and protecting their own. Benghazi, Ft Hood, Fast and furious. Any single one of these issues that has resulted in innocent death and betrays the people, will have seen an Australian politician out of office and potentially on charges. This would not be tolerated in my country and I am glad we dont have the Hollywood theatrics and media circus treating us as useful sheep. It doesnt matter which party a person supports and I dont vote in US elections, but these actions and the never ending list of other scandals are a disgrace! Never have I seen a nation fall so far. A nation I have loved visiting and home to many great friends. With another electing in the wings and a new candidate to be pushed along, the circus of games continues. US elections and their leadership affect the rest of us in this world – local and foreign policy, lack of local and foreign policy, leadership and lack of leadership, relabling terrorist acts to “a group” of thugs or a “work place incident” or supporting and funding some extremist group in a distant land. Remember we outside the US have to live with this also. For many of you it is far from your homes, but for many of us this is close to our back yards. People voted to make history [twice] and it bit a nation and the world in the arse. Support for the current US Administration internationally has fallen and continues to. The EU has publicly stated its lack of confidence in the the US to manage its financial situation [and it hasnt done a brilliant job]. The worlds business communities and politicians continually report on the slide of US governance to Socialism… What a mess! If my brother had died in Benghazi, this would not be a discussion………………….

    • It’s amazing how you still bitterly cling to your scandal laden Leader amidst all the lies. Who is the intelligent one I wonder. Just saying….

  67. Why don’t you ever hear a republican discussing the fixes? Benghazi was a tragic but what has been put in place so it will never happen again? Republicans prove over and over again that they are not interested in solutions….only political points!

    • Where did you get this talking point from? Typical Liberal tactic just throwing things around to see what sticks. LOL

    • the fix is getting rid of the culprits, which is what we have been saying for a few years, but you never listen

    • Earl Lee-ready for your daily “clock cleaning” by yours truly? I’m ready…as always, to expose you as an out-of-touch ideologue who’s not steeped in facts. Just let me know…never fear…tpmania is here.

    • Until everything, every fact and detail of what went wrong are known you can’t have a reliable fix. Why are Democrats always hiding the facts that would be used to develop the fixes that would actually work?

  68. Kevin McCarthy and CA Teacher of the Year, Jeremy Adams , both from Bakersfield , delivered outstanding speeches this morning, honoring those who paid the ultimate prices for US. Freedom isn’t FREE, y’know.

  69. WELL SAID LTC West

    The TRUTH which SETS FREE…will prevail …

    and a host of patriotic Americans will be in the #1A trenches DAILY, working to get each *truth deposit* dropping from the Benghazi Select Committee investigation out to the masses… via the social and new media

    since we know to expect the Obama-cheerleading Old Media to continue trying to protect their LAWLESS LYING hero by FAILING in their DUTY to the American Public.

    DEO GRATIAS for the New and Social Media and committed citizen journalists!

    it takes longer, but Citizen Journalism has been successful –

    consider Obama’s GUN-GRAB failure after the Sandy Hook tragedy, for example – despite the anti-#2A propaganda pumping 24/7 out of the Old Media, Obama could not get 60 Senators to *expand background checks* = open the door to a National Gun Registry = 1st step to Gun Confiscation

    Keep fighting back America

    this UNAMERICAN, LAWLESS, CORRUPT LIAR will not succeed with his agenda

    wrt Obama’s marxist transformation of America plan, we work on the same principle RWR espoused when challenging the Evil Empire in the 1980s:


    #BeClingers ——————————–> #AmericaRISING

    [Be Clingers to G-D, to Guns, and to Constitution… IMV, without reliance on the 1st and the silent threat of the 2nd, the hold on the 3rd becomes extremely tenuous … ]

    • Tell me again which guns Obama grabbed from you personally? What’s that? None? He didn’t fly to New Zealand to take any of your guns, nor has he taken anyone’s guns away here in America. Obama is a lousy president, but hate him based on facts, and not fiction.

  70. For all of you, that don’t believe what is happening to “Our Veterans”, read the letter from our most wounded veteran in US history.

    The most severely wounded Airman in US history

    President Obama,

    On this Memorial Day I can’t help but think of the
    many veterans who have given their lives to protect the freedoms that we all
    enjoy today, and quite frankly one that so many Americans take for granted. As
    you’re playing your 165th round of golf this weekend you can count on our
    warriors to protect you and to protect this great nation.

    From the Civil War to the wars in the deserts of
    the Middle East, our brave men and women have given their lives for freedoms
    that can only be found in America. Generations of selfless Americans have
    stepped up to fight for a cause greater than themselves. Freedom is never free,
    and the price of our freedom has been paid with the blood of our finest
    Americans. Your daughters have been fortunate enough to reap the freedoms that
    so many have sacrificed their lives for. Without these heroes you would have
    never have had the opportunity to become the President of this great nation.

    Sadly, the men and women who have volunteered to
    fight the in the most extreme conditions in the world are coming back only to
    find themselves engaged in a new war at home. They have now found themselves in
    a war with your incompetent administration, who’s scandal ridden legacy has
    finally hit an all-time low. I can’t help but feel the deepest disgust for the
    pain you and your administration have caused the families who have lost their
    heroes battling your war against our veterans back home. I can’t think of more
    shameless way to for this country to dishonor its veterans. And sadly, it’s the
    lack of your leadership and accountability that lead to these failures.

    These men and women who bravely fought in WWII,
    Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf Wars have been forced to rely on your useless
    bureaucratic employees for their health care. These federal employees
    disrespected these men and women and the sacrifices they have made in the worst
    imaginable way. They ignored their pleas for help and in many cases left them
    to die in favor of hefty government bonuses for exceptional performance. We all
    know you and your regime doesn’t give a damn about these heroes. Your disdain
    for America and her greatness has never been a secret. You were raised to hate
    the “American Empire” and were taught that the American military is the enemy.
    It was easier for you to just ignore the Veteran Affairs crisis as you
    crisscrossed America fundraising for your fellow Democrats.

    I remember candidate Obama promising to overhaul
    the VA and reduce the backlog. You claimed that America’s support for its
    veterans is obvious by the way we treat our vets. You really nailed that one
    didn’t you? Just like you were going to fix Detroit or fix foreign policy. Your
    high school like approach to solving complex issues can’t be fixed by tweeting
    hashtags with propaganda to people who want to kill us. Anyone with an ounce of
    common sense can see you’re unfit to lead our nation, let alone act as our
    Commander In Chief. What our country needs now, more than ever is real
    leadership, someone who doesn’t wait for a crisis, but is able to foresee an
    issue and deal with it before it happens. Unfortunately for America, you’ve
    been too busy campaigning and don’t have time to deal with the health care
    crisis of our veterans. The only thing you seem to care about is your own
    radical agenda, and now our vets are paying for your negligence with their

    As I sit here typing this out I’m dealing with my own VA nightmare
    which involves the Phoenix VA. I have given 3 limbs for this country, but
    apparently that is not enough. A “clerical error” made by a VA employee has
    resulted in nearly a year of abuse and mismanagement of my case. In other
    words, the VA is stealing over $7000 from my disability compensation that I
    earned when I lost 3 of my limbs for our country.

    On this Memorial Day, as I battle your incompetent
    bureaucrats my family would like to thank you for once again failing our
    veterans. We can’t help but wonder about the disastrous socialized medicine
    program that we will surely be dealing with if ObamaCare is allowed to be fully
    implemented. If our incompetent VA cannot handle government healthcare for a
    fraction of our population, who would be foolish enough to believe a massive
    health care system designed to provide health care for all American’s would be
    any different? You can’t even find someone to build a competent website to work
    for your socialized medicine program when you had your name attached to it, so
    why would you care about our veterans when you could so easily push the blame
    off on someone else?

    You have not only failed our veterans, you have
    failed America in every way imaginable. You have purposely divided us by race,
    political parties, and socioeconomic status in order to push a radical agenda
    on America that can only be passed when you have successfully divided all
    Americans. Your entire administration is incompetent and you have set America
    on a path for certain failure.

    So, on this Memorial Day, as we honor those who
    have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation, I’d like to thank you, our
    Commander In Chief for not even caring enough to provide us with quality health

    Brian Kolfage, Sra, USAF Ret.


      • You’re right… the whole country has failed…
        See… my Father served in WWII, also my Father-in-law… and… his brother was killed in WWII.
        Also… My half brother’s father served two tours in Vietnam… and most would agree… doing two tours meant you we’re crazy…
        And the fact is… none of these fellas came home after witnessing as much if not… more horrific things while also experiencing severe conditions… which most of us can’t even imagine.
        And you would think with all the violent games nowadays these soldiers would be more conditioned to horror?
        So… IMO… our modern day Vets today are pampered. Disability checks are a dime a dozen and the citizens are brainwashed to constantly support government workers.
        All part of the programming of the citizens…
        All part of abusing the system…
        Create a disease… wha-la… free handouts…
        Create a military service disability… and the same… wha-la… free handouts…
        Have ya ever heard a modern day Vet bragging about their government income? Free healthcare? Excellent shopping benefits? Privileged employment? Housing? Bad credit allowances? No taxes? Free this… and free that? Which also includes everything for their spouses too?
        Yeah… some might lose a limb… ruined their hearing… or can’t handle the “shock and awe” of war… and… they get nice lifetime benefits for that…
        It’s become an incentive to have a disability in this world nowadays!
        And what does our non government insurance pay for a lost limb? A one time payment of $5,000? $10,000? $15,000?
        Even if it’s job related… most settle for a one time payout with no further assistance… after they pay a lawyer a huge percentage of their earnings?
        Hey… the way I see it… these Vets hired on for a job knowing the possibilities. Just like any other person taking on any job.
        And my personal opinion is… if you can’t handle those possibilities… don’t take the job. Even if it means sitting around several months of the year polishing boots for inspections for easy money.
        So yeah… I’m not real keen on how we continually pay out for government workers who are considered special… servers of the pubic who need extended lifetime benefits “for a service well done” in “the line of duty”. Blah, blah, blah…
        Funny thing… I never get a phone call soliciting donations to the restaurant workers Waitress fund? Or the K-mart cashier fund…
        Why is it always for government workers? Teachers, Police Officers, Fire Fighters… ugh… and now it’s… think of our veterans…
        Oh the poor abused government workers of this Country… not…
        Yeah… I think of our veterans… and compared them to my decorated and multiple Purple Heart receiving family members who served without expecting anything more…

      • You know, I have family that served since the beginning of time and I never thought the way you do. You act like your family is the only ones that ever served their country. I never thought my service members from my whole life, were any better than our service members today. What makes you think that your veterans are the only ones to receive Purple Hearts and other medals? It’s called change of times from when our relatives served many years ago to today. I will never deny our Veterans of anything they need and you have a big problem with your thinking. Saying that, since you have such a beef about “Our Military” and government workers, why don’t you join and serve?

      • Wrong… do you suffer from a comprehension problem?
        Don’t be an idiot… it’s not about my family… which I used as examples. It’s about… those who served in the past compared to those who serve today.
        What you call… “Change of times”…
        How abusing the system has become the norm… with bragging rights and intentional waste. Not any different than the society of career welfare recipients seeking free handouts. Or Congress getting lifetime benefits…
        Or young mothers today with a fistful of children getting $10,000-$15,000 tax checks every year which is blown on drugs, new Flat Screens, the latest Computer or the trendy Mobile Phones.
        I suppose you consider it all good for the economy… aye?
        Get this… your dollar is being devalued intentionally for preparation into a One World Islamic Economic System. Which incorporates every facet of Socialism and Communism… and which explains why it’s called Islamofascism.
        And while you ponder on that… consider what your POTUS Barrack Hussein said about having a civilian task force as large and as well funded as the military… and think about… government totalitarian control.
        In other words… if you ain’t a government worker, a Bigoted demented homo or a satanic worshipping muslim… you’re a peon.
        PS… no doubt you don’t have any association with any Vets on disability…

      • Well, you are wrong. You need to go back and read what you posted and see how others see it, because that is how I read what you said and believe me, I don’t have comprehension problems. Yes, I do have association with many Vets and in my family with disabilities. Saying that, I don’t approve of individuals abusing the system, but it happens everywhere. And I’m just as tired of it as everyone else. Until they audit and clean out the system, it will continue. If you have ever read my post, you would see where I stand. You can’t blame every government worker for what this administration does. Yes they are many that are with him in ever since of the word, but they are many that are not. There are also civilians contractors they have hired as in BLM, not to mention the Illegals and Muslims they are bringing into “Our Country” daily. Oh yea, don’t forget about the foreign troops they have brought in.

        So instead of ranting, try having a civil conversation about the issues.

      • Wrong Reba…

        My original comment makes sense… except you refused to see it for what it was.

        And actually… I don’t know jack squat about you or your family. And based on the goofball things you say… I’m also not interested in learning any more.

        For instance… you say… “You can’t blame every government worker for what this administration does.”
        Which I’ll respond by saying… “What an ignorant, unintelligent, brainwashed lemming statement!”

      • Yes, your thinking is off. You are blaming everyone in the government for everything that is wrong in our country and I guess you are also blaming everyone in the country, for Obama being elected. Doesn’t make any sense to me.

      • What!?

        You say… “You are blaming everyone in the government for everything that is wrong in our country… and I guess you are also blaming everyone in the country, for Obama ”

        You’re ditsy… aren’t ya? Just throwing things out there that aren’t applicable to the comments.
        You must lack attention and suffer from ADD…

      • This is your original post:

        For instance…you say… “You can’t blame every government worker for what this administration does.”

        Which I’ll respond by saying… “What an ignorant, unintelligent,
        brainwashed lemming statement!”

        This is my comment to your post:

        You are blaming everyone in the government for everything that is wrong in our country… and I guess you are also blaming everyone in the country, for Obama.

      • You can’t even accurately quote and put in perspective what is being said…

        I follow it… but I see you’re a simpleton…

        Get this Reba… your first comment was stupid. It’s not just about blaming “government workers”… or “administrations”…

        YOU are as much the problem as anyone! [Of course… assuming you aren’t a government worker and just a simple brainwashed lemming who hasn’t served in the military. And if you are… that makes it worse for you to even speak.]

        Take a look above at my very first comment… it says… “You’re right… the whole country has failed…”
        And now you try to bring the Kenyan muslim Hawaiian poser POTUS Barrack Hussein into the discussion… grasping at straws… besides you being assuming…
        Tell ya what Reba… try again… I’m done with your nonsense.

      • I don’t have a problem, you have the problem. You have a real big problem, having a conversation with someone. Your anger toward our veterans is obvious. You’re on the wrong post to talk that way about our vets.

      • Actually Reba… I’m saddened that our Troops are brainwashed to fight a fake War on Terror which is aiding, funding and helping satanic Islam expand across this globe.
        This isn’t about America… or serving our Country…
        It’s all about setting up a One World Islamic Economic System for satanic Mecca.
        And I’m also saddened that the suicide rate for returning soldiers is higher than ever… [which is another subject in itself]
        But… I’m also frustrated at the intentional abuse of the system by veterans too… which is what my original comment was about.

      • Actually Sumsrent, I’m saddened by any war or conflict. I’m saddened that we are expected to take care of countries that will not take care of themselves and would not help us if we were burning down to the ground. Some have the funds to build themselves up and others don’t. If it does not affect our security, then we need to stay home and clean up our Own Country. I hate the fact of millions being killed for no reason, but some countries will never change, nor will we ever change them.

        The suicide rate for our returning soldiers is unacceptable. It’s awful and yes I have worked with some that chose that path. It is heartbreaking and hard to deal with.

        Do I believe the information we have about the One World Order? Yes I do and I also believe it is happening in “Our Country”. Do I believe we have a big problem with the Muslims coming into “Our Country”, yes I do. A bigger problem than most people could comprehend.

        I’m also frustrated by the abuse in every system. The veterans that abuse it are taking away from the ones that need it. Same with Welfare, Food Stamps and everything else that is abused. What I was trying to explain earlier; is that until the people start telling the elected officials they have had enough with the abuse, they will not do anything. I surely don’t expect this administration to clean it up, because they are allowing it. They need to audit and clean it up, starting with the Illegals in “Our Country”.

        Now Sumsrent, I have been a “Military Brat” my whole life. I worked in the Federal Government for almost 40 years and I worked damn hard. I worked in the Budget/Financial Field and the ones I worked with all those years did not sit around with nothing to do. We made sure “Our Military” had what they needed to do their jobs and hopefully come home alive. Are they ones that sit on their a** and try not to do anything? Yes and where I was worked they did not last. You have people in every job there is, that will try. As
        for the VA, there is no excuse for what is going on. NONE!! I don’t condone anyone treating anyone that way, Veteran or not. The ones that committed a crime need to pay for it. The ones that allowed this to happen need to pay for it. Now, you know more about me, what I believe in and where I stand.

        See, we can have a Civil Conversation. 🙂

      • I dropped in this morning to check in on any other replies… read over this post again… and felt I needed to add a couple things.
        You say… “we are expected to take care of countries that will not take care of themselves…”
        Except… we are helping these ME countries cleanse themselves of the undesirables… the Infidels… the Christians…
        See… Iraq once contained the greatest population of Christians in any Islamic nation in the ME. Since the invasion… [which I refer to as not an invasion but “aiding”]… those Christians have been persecuted and killed. Those who fled the country have been cornered in other Islamic nations and then cornered and killed.
        The Middle East conflict is about getting rid of Infidels and Christians and making these Islamic nations purely Sharia.
        Another example is… The UN dictates who can immigrate into the USA. Which they deny fleeing Christians and permit muslims to immigrate on the grounds of persecution.
        How can that be?
        I’ll tell ya… It’s Sunni vs. Shiite… the Sunni make up 95% of the Islamic world… the Shiite [like Iran] make up only 5% of all the muslims in this world. So… when we hear about muslims killing muslims… we know it’s Sunni vs. Shiite
        Additionally… these muslims immigrating to the USA are laying the foundation for Sharia Law here. And the UN is helping satanic Islam expand.
        When we look back on History and the fall of the German loving Ottoman Empire at the end of WWI… what we see is that these muslims, for the most part, separated themselves and became concentrated in countries which more closely held their beliefs.
        Now the stage is being wiped clean of anything that isn’t muslim… namely Christians who are denied immigration into the USA.

        And those fleeing minority muslims are given immigration status into Western countries in order to saturate and begin laying the foundations for satanic Islam.

        The evidence is clear… these Luciferian Globalists… like Soros, Obama, Clintons, The Saudis and every muslim who is devout to the satanic Quran are all working together for a Global Islamic Economy. Which is already set in position and just waiting to be implemented. Example… The NYSE isn’t even American anymore… it now belongs to a Frankfurt Germany Borse that’s Sharia Finance compliant.
        The point is… The Luciferian Globalists are aiding, funding and helping satanic Islam expand across this globe.
        Our US Troops are helping Islam in their quest for world domination….
        Our over priced gasoline is being used to help Islam in it’s quest for world domination…
        In other words… we are funding our own destruction! And most don’t even know or… care to know, as long as they continue to get their free government handouts.
        In other words… those 48% that Romney was talking about… are bought and paid lemmings being used to destroy America for satanic Islam.
        Need more proof?
        Take a look at Mecca… Sowdi Barbaria…
        The Black Cube… The Kaaba… It is an extension of Babylon which the Bible warns us about.
        The Kaaba incorporates all of what Babylon represented… which is all tied into…
        Are you ready for this…
        Freemasonry… The Shriners… The Illuminati… The Bohemian Grove… and of course… satanic Islam.
        Mecca and it’s so called holy places is being built up to be the center of the earth where all times zones will begin. It is a huge glittering city! Funded by the profits made off our overpriced gasoline purchasing.
        PS… Did you know that muslims are some of the largest drug dealers in the world? And our Troops are protecting the poppy fields for satanic Islam. To use these profits to destroy the Christian world. It’s a double whammy against non-muslims…
        1) Those who use the drugs end up ruining their lives and killing themselves through the addiction…
        2) The profits are used to fund terrorism… which kills…
        The fact is… within Islam… there are no limitations to destroy the Infidels… anything can be used to either convert them or kill them off… namely Christians…
        In fact… the satanically influenced catholic fake church with it’s Vatican and popes… have been supporting satanic Islam for decades.
        It all boils down to this… the Western world is helping the Luciferian Globalists aid, fund and expand satanic Islam.. in other words… we are helping to destroy ourselves.

      • Now let me add this…
        The Arab Spring was a joke… It wasn’t anything about “Arab”… it was all about satanic Islam.
        Just like all the Arab/Israeli wars… there’s nothing “Arab” about it… it’s all about satanic Islam. They should more adequately be called Islamic/Israeli wars…
        But we know how they and the media work to cover up the atrocities committed by muslims and protect their Islamic image…
        What the so called Arab Spring really was… The Springboard to Advance satanic Islam… and 9/11/2012 and the accidental Benghazi incident was all part of that advancement.
        Funded and assisted by the Luciferian Globalists who support the totalitarian world government of Islam… and it’s One World Islamic Economic System.
        The fact is… the warnings of the Bible to the Christians is being revealed right before our eyes!

      • Good morning Sumsrent. Thank you for the additional information. You are right; they are murdering Christians left and right. I don’t have a problem helping to stop them, I have a problem with us going in and staying until hell freezes over. We have the capability to go in, do what needs to be done and leave, but we don’t do that, we stay. I had wondered why we were not burning the Poppy Fields over there. I wonder how many of our military men and women come back drug addicts now? You know, it is overwhelming information and there has to be an understandable way to get it out for people to see and understand it. We have a Muslim buildup in “Our Country” now and “The People” in “Our Country” don’t see it or understand what is behind it.
        Our Elected Officials do not come out and tell the people about this administration hiring more and more Muslims in Security Positions. Why this administration will not approve the Keystone Pipeline. Why this administration will not close “Our Borders”. The list goes on and on and no one has any answers on how we can stop all of it happening.

      • I want to be clear… our Troops are not attempting to stop muslims from killing other muslims or stopping muslims from killing off Christians…
        Basically… our Troops are unknowingly in the Middle East helping these muslims cleanse themselves from Christians… and helping them establish Democracies for the future establishment of their antichrist Caliphate/Mahdi.
        Understand this… our government opened the doors to the muslims to attack us on 9/11/2001.
        OUR OWN GOVERNMENT! Permitted satanic Islam to attack us!
        Ever since we’ve been helping the ME to become sharia compliant for Sunni Mecca… the center of the earth…
        Also… there is no other group more interested in an attack on Shiite Iran other than Sunni Saudi Arabia [Sowdi Barbaria].
        Get this people… we are all being used to expand satanic Islam for our own destruction!
        It’s the satanic way!
        For all you Bible buffs out there…
        Remember the story of Job? satan could do whatever to Job except kill him…
        Now recall Christ Jesus’ Crucifixion… Where Christ Jesus descended to the depths and took the Keys of death from satan…
        Why? Because satan unjustly killed a sinless being… and satan lost that power over death.
        The next best thing for satan now is to use satanic worshipping muslims to kill… to keep others from obtaining Salvation!
        And the satan serving Luciferian Globalists still believe they can create a paradise on earth separate from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…

        Our involvement in the Middle East is for the purpose of helping satanic Islam to cleanse and expand across this planet.

        See… Islam basically permits man to commit every type of sin ever conjured up through History…
        You want sex with a prostitute? Pay the dowry and get married for one hour…
        Islam allows sex with animals… sex with children… sex with the dead…
        Islam allows murdering… slavery… mutilation… maiming other humans…
        Everything satanic! Everything is permissible in satanic Islam one way or another… as long as it’s done in accordance to Sharia Law…
        Everything is allowed… except… insulting muhammad.
        Isn’t that the paradise people want? To do whatever they want? When they want to? However they want?
        However; to answer your question Reba… “How can we stop all of it?”
        A: We can’t… these muslims believe it is a reward to die for satanic Islam. In fact… there is no for sure way to get to their heaven unless thy die in the process of expanding Islam.
        Just like the catholics who serve satanic Islam… they never know if they’re going to heaven or not. They have to keep maintaining their works and performance… and only hope they’ve done enough to enter heaven.
        A: We can’t… as we pray…, “Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!”
        Scripture is being fulfilled before our eyes… we’ve been warned… and the “JUST” God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob does not want us living in sin like this. He has allowed us to prove to ourselves we can’t do it without Him. And the time has come for this to end. And we’ll soon see that Eastern Sky bust wide open when Christ Jesus returns to set it all straight!
        [NOTE: The Book of Jasher, which the Bible mentions, gives us concrete evidence that Ishmael was NOT the extension of Abraham which muslims use to deceive the masses into believing that satanic Islam is an extension of Ishmael and Abraham. This Book of Jasher still exists!
        In other words… satanic Islam is NOT an extension of Judaism and Christianity! And NOT part of Ishmael!]
        A: What we need to do in the mean time is… share the gospel of Salvation.

      • Q: Maybe you’d like to explain how $30,000 sign on bonuses and government funded college educations are NOT part of denying our veterans anything? And then explain why the average American… Wal-Mart, construction worker or McDonalds employee don’t get these same perks?

        I missed your question. I want to make sure I’m not misunderstanding what you are saying. Are you saying you have a problem with “Our Military” receiving bonuses and part of their College Education Funds? Are you saying that employees that work for Wal-Mart, In Construction or McDonalds should also receive the same benefits as the Military?

      • You really do have a comprehension problem.

        You are the one who stated… ” I will never deny our Veterans of anything they need…”

        Which I’ll ask… Why only the Vets? And… I’ve had this same conversation with supporters of Teachers, Firefighters, Police officers… and postal workers… all government workers.

        Which I add… brainwashing… you’re a product of the systems brainwashing for government employees.

        Get this Reba… military sign on bonuses used to purchase Harley Davidson’s and also paid educations are NOT needs!

        And… conjuring up disabilities in order to get lifetime benefits are NOT needs!
        Tell me… What makes government workers so special?

      • Why only the Vets? It’s not only the Vets. They have their benefits like otherplaces. Do I think our Police Officers
        and Firefighters make enough? No I don’t. Any job that is dangerous should receive the better pay and benefits. Majority of them, if not all have Unions, which work for their benefits.

        Although I’m sure there are a lot of veterans that hold these jobs. If they are not prior veterans and they want the same benefits as the military, then join the military.

        The government has a ton of programs for education and other things to help people and you rag on the military.

        Why the Vets deserve it: You begrudge individuals that join the military for the benefits they receive. Yea, they receive alot for going to war and conflicts to protect “Our Country” and “Us”. If you knew what you were talking about, you would know the pay they receive is not great.

        If you want to rag on something, rag on the Illegals in our country that are sucking the country dry.

        PS-I get calls all the time for Police Officers, Firefighters that are raising funds.

      • You’re like a horse with blinders… you see only what you want to see.
        Besides you being ignorant about the “majority of dangerous” workplaces having Unions… you’re out of touch with reality.
        A Waitress handling hot scalding coffee would be deemed dangerous… or the dishwasher working around slippery floors…
        A metal pole building fabricator has dangerous duties… so does the Quick Lube employee and the Window Washer climbing buildings… or the security guard…
        Basically… there isn’t a job that doesn’t have risks associated with it.
        And a person signing up in the military knows darn well the risks associated with the job. But the nice thing is… like Firefighters and Police Officers… 90% of the time it’s sitting around doing much of nothing waiting for the bell to ring for the call to duty. Or listening to the superior or commander b*tch about the locker room not in order, the truck not polished up to specs or not having socks folded correctly.
        Sure… you can scream “workers comp” for all other non government employees… and who fronts those expenses? The business… not government!
        Vets on disabilities make good money compared to others like I’ve listed above… they get good benefits… good discounts… good free healthcare… free for life…
        All they have to do is create some sort of convincing war associated trauma… and wha-la… free everything for life with pay.
        I’m like… wha cha think you were signing up for?
        And I like how you selectively left out “Teachers” in your comment on dangerous jobs…
        Yes the poor Teachers who are stressed out nine months of the year with uncontrollable students…
        Nothing like the Nursing home attendant who struggles with the abusive residents…aye?
        Get this Reba… it’s not about fair practices for everyone… it’s about special privileges for government workers…
        Tell me Reba… when did you ever get a phone call soliciting donations for anything but government workers? Ever got one for the Waitress Retirement Fund? The Grass Cutter Fund? The Grape Picker Fund? The Newspaper Carrier Fund? The Dental Hygienist Fund? The Cashier Retirement Fund?
        How ’bout… The Janitor Retirement Fund? The Tree Cutter Fund? The Tire Changer Retirement Fund?
        Tell me… why are the fund raisers even out there when the government employees are… as you say… “Never to be denied”?
        I’ll tell ya… it’s government for government… and the media programs the masses to support those special all deserving government workers…
        Here’s how insane your thinking is…
        I imagine that you would support the Dentists pushing Congress to pay out $30,000 to all the decayed tooth waitresses. The incentive… let your teeth go bad… get the lifetime benefits and bonuses and the Dentists make more money…
        Just like todays Vets… join the military… cash in on the bonuses… create a disability… and wha-la… lifetime benefits at no cost. And if you don’t like your $10,000 hearing aid… literally throw it back at the Doctor and tell him to shove it in his arse…. sit back a few years and try again…
        Heck why not? Your not paying for it…
        PS… and that is a true story!
        Q: Name a place that doesn’t give military discounts?
        In fact… it’s no longer an incentive to do 20 years and retire off the military any more…
        The program now is…
        1) Sign up for a couple years…
        2) Pull a few maneuvers…
        3) Cash in the bonuses…
        4) Come up with a fitting and qualifying disability…
        5) Cash in on a lifetime of benefits for you… your spouse…
        What a life!
        All you have to do is wing it for a couple years… take the chance… risk it… gamble it… and the PAYOFF is fantastic!

      • Don’t down government workers, because you and everyone elsemade your choises. You know something, “Our Veterans” today that have been in a war or conflict, see just as much horrific things as “Our Past Veterans”. Don’t down them!

      • “see just as much horrific things”???
        Like I said…you’re out of touch with reality.
        Seems to me I recall our Revolutionary Soldiers wrapping their feet in rags for shoes in the dead of winter…
        And I don’t imagine you’ve ever heard of the Battle of the Bulge, Hamburger Hill… or Sherman’s March… aye?
        But for the record… I’m glad things aren’t like that anymore.
        But no Reba… conditions are much different, which makes things much different today. Like Bottled water… generators… Electric coffee pots… Computer networking… commissaries… endless supply of government ammo… and the list of advanced technology can sustain life without much pain…
        Face the fact Reba… you’re brainwashed to support government workers…

      • Here you go again Sumsrent. No “Our Soldiers” then did not have what they have today. Yes, it was awful what they endured and for a lot of us, we will never forget. That I think “our Soldiers” back then, did not deserve better? Do I acknowledge the hell they went through during the Revolutionary, Battle of the Bulge, Hamburger Hill or Sherman’s March? Yes I do! I had family that served during that time and it was hell. War is War, no matter how you look at it. It’s awful for anyone that has served.

      • Relax Reba… it was the second to last comment of mine to you…
        At any rate… you stand corrected.

      • Well I’m glad I don’t call people names and all of that. Conversation with you hasn’t been all that bad. 🙂

      • But Obama is their commander and actually has the authority to DO something about it like FIX IT. Instead he is focused on PC violations, bailing out insurance co’s. Changing laws illegally by executive orders, and protecting his irs and nsa and homeland security thugs as they trample on our speech , freedom of travel and privacy – all garanteed to be protected by the government- and leaves our borders open.

      • Depending on what he writes in Executive Orders. It is not the President that authorizes Funding and writes Bills, so yes, he is breaking the laws.


      • OK. They didn’t pass the bill because they did not have the funding to cover it. They would have to look into the budget and cut something else. Normally, it would be in the areas that have extra funding or give up the pork they have. They can find it, because if we had something that came up after the budget process, we would have to look for the funding somewhere else in the budget.

      • They were, but saying that, they can find the funding if they are willing to give up their pork funding. The government budget is amazing. The overlap of programs and the pork they fund is a nightmare. In return, the programs that do need funding takes the back seat, because the elected officials are not will to clean up the system and get rid of the pork.

      • Republicans said if Mr. Reid had allowed a vote on Iran sanctions, it would pass with overwhelming bipartisan support. Mr. Reid, however, has said he wants to give President Obama room to conduct diplomacy without having Congress interfere.

        Hmmmm! Reid strikes again! This is why I believe each Bill should stand alone.

      • And what does veteran benefits have to do with Iran sanctions? Congress control expenses and the President direct foreign policy. Same case you made for seperation of powers. Harry Reid made exactly your point the Bill should stand alone. Looks like Republican sold out our veterans for the Israel lobby.

      • Veteran benefits have nothing to do with Iran Sanctions. That’s what happens when they roll Bills into other Bills. It’s always been a problem and always will be, until someone has the nerves to go to Single Bills.

        Mr. Reid, however, has said he wants to give President Obama room to conduct diplomacy without having Congress interfere.

      • Okay Rafael, you need to do some research about the government shutdown. Not just your regular research sites, but others as well and keep an open mind. I was in several government shut downs and it is stressful and I don’t think it should get that far. Saying that, you need the bigger picture of why it happened.

      • Was pretty simple Republicans wanted to include Obamacare delays for individual mandate as a condition to pass a continuing resolution. Obama and Harry Reid asked for a clean CR, said they would not negotiate, goverment shutdown.

      • Yes you are right. It is time to privatize the VA. If you are going to fund this much money to take care of “Our Troops”, then put the funding where it belongs. I’m so sick over this, it’s not even funny. As long as I can remember the VA has had problems and no one will fix it.

      • The fact that he didn’t address the problem is the problem. Where was he for 5 years when he was notified multiple times by Congressmen and Senators to the deaths? I know he was letting the Illegals protest on the Mall right next to where he locked the Veterans out of their Memorial. Remember during the Democratic No Compromise shutdown of the government When Oba,a instituted the M

      • No, they didn’t, but he has been in for 6 years and was told about the problems. Let the chips fall where they fall.

      • The gov has always screwed with the vets. It didn’t start with Obama. Ask any Viet Nam vet. Even WW1 rioted for the benefits to be restored after depression when gov cut them out to save $$
        You do know this country has had other presidents and other wars , right?

    • You do know , the VA and private industry have developed new and cutting edge artificial limbs . Some costing 2k all the way to 120k. The person has surly be bigoted from that.

  71. I ain’t got the time to read 562 comments to see what the responses have been about Benghazi…
    But I’ll give ya my input…
    The attack on Benghazi was not supposed to happen. Even Hillary’s reaction exposes this truth… she simply couldn’t believe that satanic worshipping muslims would cut off and destroy their supply line of weapons.
    [Which also proves once again that the Luciferian Globalists have been aiding, funding and helping satanic Islam expand ever since fall of the Ottoman Empire of WWI… and 9/11/2001 and the Iraqi invasion.]
    Which also proves how these Luciferian Globalists can’t grasp the devotion muslims have with their satanic Quran.
    The muhammad movie trailer was intentional… even created by a muslim to instigate muslims. Why?
    The Ten Year Hudna of 9/11/2001 expired… and there’s nothing more memorable to a muslim than rehashing up past victories by attacking again on the same dates of history.
    The Islamic uprising was exactly eleven years to the date of 9/11/2001… and took place on 9/11/2012.
    Benghazi was already a Hot Spot… whether it was muslim against muslim over who gets the weapons being trafficked … who knows…
    The fact stands… Benghazi was just a consequence of the Islamic celebratory anniversary of 9/11/2001.
    In other words… the muhammad movie trailer was designed to instigate Islamic uprisings against America once again… and Benghazi was caught in the crosshairs.
    Benghazi wasn’t supposed to happen… therefore… we can easily understand the twisted, demented thinking of a muslim devout to the satanic Quran?

  72. Don’t read what your critics say. It will only give them space in your brain and try to put you off your mission. Let others deal with them and defend you now, as you have defended your country. God bless you, Sir.

  73. Just as with Wayne LaPierre’s comment after New Town that only good persons with guns can stop determined bad persons with guns, Your assessment was spot on. The TRUTH! We need it now more than ever. DO NOT STOP spreading the truth, there are many who are listening.

    • All those Open Carry laws are back firing in republicans faces . All kinds of gun nuts are carting guns into public places in order to make a point and scaring families. Tell me how you can tell of someone with a gun is a law abiding gun carrier or there to rob you. How about a gun but who sits in front of you at a movie not there to shot when the lights go out?

      • I would much rather see open carry than concealed carry. They have been checked through the system, before being licensed. Saying that, the crooks hide their weapons, honest gun owners don’t.

      • Thru what system? You can buy a gun show at a gun show with no check, over internet the same .

      • Ms., P, everyone has to fill in a form when they purchase a gun. Depending on what type of gun, depends on the number of days you have to wait to pick it up. This doesn’t apply to individuals that commit crimes. As you know, they don’t go through the system.

      • The first article is dated 08-15-2013 and I would be surprised if that was not changed by now. It surprises me that it’s not required.
        No date on the Gun Show article and I’ve never been to one.

        Saying that MS, P., it is the right of Americans to own guns. They should worry about getting them out of the hands of gangs and other criminals.

      • yes, all A
        mericans right a right. Including this gun nut.

      • You are wasting your time trying to explain this to her. Remember it was not only online, but in the Washington Post, so it HAS to be the truth!!! ROFLMAO!!!

      • Nah, she will talk with me. Have patience and explain, without the name calling. You might be amazed how far it goes.

      • She is a troll and just wasting your time. Nobody could be that misinformed and so doggedly determined to hold on to documented lies

      • You know Lj, everyone is entitled to their opinion, rather we agree or not. The thing is, try and show them the facts and you might be surprised.

      • I guess I don’t have as much patience as you do. When you show them truth and they keep coming back with propaganda I feel it’s a lost cause. The ignorance outweighs the search for knowledge

      • Why why someone disagree with you people you call them a TROLL?? Seems that you only like to have conversations with same minded people…..seems kinda boring to me….I HATE OBAMA…NO I HATE OBAMA MORE…WELL I HATE HIM EVEN MORE….

      • It’s not the fact that they disagree it’s how they do it. Trolls such as yourself rely on name calling and ignorant comments. Some try to actually sound reasonable but still give their motives away. Most are recognizable just by the shear volume of posts on one blog. Are you paid by the reply’s you receive?

      • Where do you get your information? There are the same background checks when you buy a gun at a guns show. If you buy a gun over the internet you need to have it sent to a licensed firearm dealer. Please do not just spout lies before researching the facts sheesh…

      • Please you just sited two news outlets that are Propaganda machines for this Administration. LOL if that’s all you have…..

      • Why don’t you check your info before you spew your gun control CRAP. Gun shows have had to do the checks for quite awhile now and rightly so.

      • Did you read the other post? Try This: Gun shows have had to do the checks for quite awhile now and rightly so.

      • About all the New York Slimes is good for is peeling vegetables, lining bird cages, paper-training young puppies and to be placed under paint cans so that you don’t drip paint on the floor.

      • This kid broke no laws obtaining these firearms. His background was checked. Its not guns, its the refusal of politicians to make changes to mental health laws. The cops were in his house and didnt search it..

      • Your ny times article is a lie. If that happened they broke federal law. The gun is shipped to a licensed (sp) gun dealer and before the buyer can take posession they do the do some critical thinking and get educated not indoctrinated

      • Ccw is checked out. Open carry is rare and mostly out west in farm-ranch country…its by state like ccw..ive had ccw since the 80’s

      • Ms. P., guns, knives, bricks are not the problem. It’s the individual that chooses to use whatever weapon they have, stolen, or find. For whatever reason someone chooses to commit a horrible act, you can’t control. Hopefully, the majority will go for help and sometimes that doesn’t even work. It is not right; to penalize a country for something a few choose to do.

      • Well, it should appear if it is in the system. I think they are entering all that now, but I don’t know how far they have gotten. People go for Mental Health during a bad divorce and other things. Not everyone that seeks Mental Health help should be denied having a gun. A doctor should be able to diagnose someone without labeling everyone.

      • I haven’t seen yet where he got them from. Yes, they will always have a way of getting them from someone on the streets. Like I said earlier, clean up the gangs, criminals and street gun sellers and that will take a big chunk out of crime. Crime is our biggest problem.

      • Well, you know what the gov wants to do. Why can’t the NRA come up with a better solution?

      • No, the father is blaming the gun culture we have in this country. People see guns as an quick and easy response to everything. This issue will never be solved, only more and more deaths with more and more death children. All the gun nuts are going to do is scream about their second amendment rights. I hope you know these gun nuts are attacking women’s groups who are expressing their rights by protesting guns. THUGS WITH JUGS, as they are called. I only wish I came across a gun nut! This thug with C cup JUGS will tear them a new one.

      • Hey fool did you pick up on the fact that this Santa Barbara nut case stabbed his first three to death before he went on the next rampage.

        Just as was said earlier, “Outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns”

      • I wasn’t referring to that. I was referring to the SC and TX laws. Try to keep up with this fool .
        BTW, since I have your attention , how can you tell of a person legally carting a gun is there to say hello or shot you?

      • Ms. P., individuals that carry open guns have had their Background Checked. 99.9 percent will never hurt anyone, but they will protect you if something happens.

      • Actually it a little more. You forgot there!”a plenty of gun deaths that don’t make national news.

      • Sure there is, just like a lot of other things. Where I live, which is not a bad area; they don’t always report the crack houses they have busted out in the woods. Look at this guy: he stabbed 3 roommates, ran down a couple of bicyclists, and then started shooting the others. Had videos out on YouTube and was in therapy. What can you do, but try and be aware of your kids; friends, those you don’t know and most of all your surroundings.

      • This guy was out of control. Each time this crime happens it gets worse. The knife and car were not designed to hurt people, a gun is.
        I want you to read this post. It’s from a liberal satire website, but this article was serious. I don;t want you to defend this person. I want you to know how terrible gun nuts are becoming. Also on the site there is an article about the UCSB killer. It’s bits from his manifesto.
        I’m logging off. America’s Got Talent is on. Chat tomorrow. Have a great night.

      • I had already seen his article. Not gun nuts Ms. P., but it is a bad choice of words on both sides. The father is blaming Washington and the NRA. Neither one of them had anything to do with this. This nation needs to make sure the mentally ill receive the correct help that they need. This young man is responsible for what he did and the doctor (if it is true) for not monitoring him closer than he did.

      • We were having a discussion 2 days ago. No one was really on at the time, so why are you saying we hijacked the blog? Your post by the way was a day ago. Others have posted to our discussion and no one is stopping you from joining in.

      • Where did you get that number ??? Please let it be credible source not the crime page from the national inquirer

      • Dont be condescending to me.
        In the state of fla. (the oldest ccw state)
        the crime rate for ccw is .00672
        Anyone can find that. Its also a fact that crime has gone down in all states passing ccw laws.

      • How about the FBI? That good enough for you? And as to your other question, I can tell if someone with a gun means me harm when they point it at me. I really don’t worry about guns that are carried on their back or in a holster on their side. That being said I think the people that are doing this are idiots doing more for shock value. I feel it is counterproductive I believe in open carry for some and live in a state where it is legal. Not smart but legal.
        But don’t feel threatened by pistols in holsters or rifles carried by sling. I would feel more threatened by someone carrying a hammer or an axe in the chili’s.

      • If you can, please send me that link. Most of the info I’m finding us coming from pro gun websites and may be tinted . Also, I think it’s great you feel at ease with guns , but I don’t think most people think that way . I’ve been seeing video of gun nuts harass people and coursing problems with anyone that opposes them. The NRA base a statement asking them to stop.

  74. Ok..screw the politics..ban mentallly ill people by Doctors order from buying guns.

  75. The Walid Shoebat website is one of those who has written negatively about Allen West’s article…
    But let me tell you folks…

    Walid Shoebat is pro-Catholicism… and the satanically influenced catholic fake church which is made up of lies. And… supports satanic Islam…

    In other words… the ex-terrorist Walid Shoebat who claims to have converted to Christianity now wants everyone to become catholics who serves satanic Islam!

    Now that’s messed up!
    The way I see it… changing the pathway to lead others into satanic Islam isn’t any better!

    You catholics had better wake up to the truth and what your satanically influenced catholic fake church stands for!

    • The doctrine of the Catholic Church has not changed in centuries. It is too bad that since Vatican II the “smoke of Satan” has been allowed to enter the church. Yes, there are those – even within the Vatican itself – that are against Catholic doctrine. But as I was advised, do not throw the baby out with the bath water!

      The fact that there are clueless simpletons within the Catholic hierarchy – apparently including this latest Pope – when it comes to izlam is indeed a sorry spectacle. But I’ve got news for you: it isn’t much better among Protestant clergy by-and-large. I’m afraid damned few have the courage to call a spade a spade when it comes to the diabolic “religion” that is izlam, or its purely evil “prophet, Mad Mo. They are afraid to disturb the so-called “inter-faith dialogue”, which is nothing but BS warmed over; and terribly afraid to upset the “Ummah”, whom they fear will riot and kill Christians. Well, what do you think is happening EVERY DAY in countries where izlam has gotten the upper hand?

      It is a shame that so many in the Catholic Church refuse to acknowledge the truth about izlam; but they will learn – one way or the other. As for me, I will stick to Catholic doctrine and ignore the antics of this clown that Almighty God in His infinite wisdom (which, in all too many cases I cannot begin to fathom) has allowed to be Pope at this time in our history.

      • Sorry to hear that you’ll stick with the satanically influenced catholic fake church’s doctrine… especially since it isn’t what defines what a Christian is.
        The fact stands… your current pope is not the first problem you’ve had with sucking up to satanic Islam.
        And that problem is… your popes for decades have been stating that y’all serve the same fake god of satanic Islam.
        Now do you believe that?
        And let me ask you this… do you figure anyone who leads Christians into worshipping fake gods is an acceptable Christian religion?
        I don’t.
        SO… whether it be a protestant church or a catholic or Orthodox church… if any of these push the fake god of Islam as the one and only and same god… that isn’t causing division… it’s exposing lies!
        See… I ain’t about to unite with satanic Islam on the grounds of being scared to cause division…
        People need the Salvation of Christ Jesus… and to accept the fake god of satanic Islam is to denounce Christ Jesus as the Son of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
        Do you find that acceptable? I don’t.
        Q: Do you think Christ Jesus was wrong to expose the Sadducees and Pharisees?
        Q #2: Which of the seven Churches mentioned in the Book of Revelation is the catholic church?
        Q #3: Can you comprehend how closely associated the satanically influenced catholic fake church is to satanic Islam?
        Get this… your church serves satanic Islam!
        My advice to you SFTOBEY… is to get out of the catholic church and quit following those doctrines of sin!

      • I had actually written quite a bit for your edification; but as I scrolled down to the rest of your post I asked myself “Why bother?” It would be like casting pearls to swine. No amount of truth will convince you from your hate of the Catholic Church.

        That’s fine. Wallow in it. I guess we will just have to see; and I have nothing further to say to you.

      • Yep… I’m angered at the catholic cult church for teaching bad doctrine…
        But… I hate the catholic cult church because it promotes worshipping the same fake god of satanic Islam…
        A true Christian would denounce any so called church who promoted such a twisted demented sin!
        Tell me… do you consider yourself a true Christian? Or… are you like most catholics… devout to the catholic building and structure more than the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob?

    • Sumsrent, Walid did not speak negatively about the LTC. but instead showed him great deference in disagreeing on minor details of the Benghazi operation as do I. I am wholly convinced that Stevens was to be kidnapped so that Hillary could show her meddle… uh, er, excuse me mettle, in negotiating with the terrorist to get our poor-beleaguered-ambassador back and she’d be stern about it, presidential stern! This great act of statesmanship would showcase Hillary’s international prowess. Hence the OD of tranquilizer in his system.

      I agree with Walid on that one detail but otherwise, there is no disagreement between the Col. and Walid. But your agenda is clear Sumsrent and it is summed up in the word accusation.

      • What are you? Walid’s public media speaker!?

        Maybe you haven’t read the article? If you have… you can play it down all you want… the article was “negative”.
        Here’s what it says…

        1) “Where Allen West went WRONG” <<< [Emphasis from Walid]

        2) "When will the right ever get it all right?"

        3) "Shoebat presents evidence that debunks one of West’s conclusions"

        4) "West is also a bit too presumptive"

        Words taken directly from Walid's article!
        The fact is… The deceiving trickster Walid Shoebat has a problem with acting as if he is the most clever self interpreter of Scripture ever placed on this earth. And in his pompous desperate way… he must always remain "right" in the belief that he is smarter than everyone else.
        So much… that he can't ever admit when he is wrong!
        So let me put it like this… Walid has a BIG HEAD!
        Thus… my comment still stands and it's not as you say… "accusation"… they're facts.
        As far as the rest of your comment… you're also wrong. Stevens wasn't supposed to be kidnapped. And Hillary's reaction is evidence.
        PS… blow it out your ear.

  76. Excellent rebuttal, Col. West! Thank you. And thank you for your years of dedicated and selfless service to our country.

      • Apparently, Earl Lee hasn’t done his history or looked into why the Lt. Col. Allen West was charged. He was charged for doing his duty and protecting dumb-asses like Mr. Lee. I can find nothing bad said from anyone that served under Mr. West. As a Veteran, I would follow him because he is a Warrior with balls and not some community organizer, and what the hell is that, sissy do nothing.

      • As a VETERAN I wouldn’t follow him ANYWHERE! THis leader did not LEAD and was stripped of command and forced to RETIRE!!

      • Evidence please! You are making very serious allegations about an officer of the United States military. Please cite your source documents, so we can all review the relevant facts ourselves. Every accused has the right of reply. Unproved allegations of malfeasance are prima facie evidence of slander and/or defamation.

        Remember, logic compels the conclusion that a person who has not been charged with wrong-doing, or convicted of wrong doing, has not been found guilty of anything.

        In the American wilderness, people would say, “I wasn’t there, I don’t know the people involved, and I don’t know exactly what happened.”

      • As was Douglas Mac Arthur, George Patton and a Dozen or so Generals of the current Administration. Your Point being?


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