NY man kills his wife for cooking the wrong dinner

In our latest episode of “How to Coexist with the Religion of Peace” we learn how followers deal with simple domestic issues — such as cooking the wrong dinner.

According to the New York Post, a Pakistani immigrant beat his wife to death in their Brooklyn home after she made the mistake of cooking him lentils for dinner instead of the hearty meal of goat meat that he craved, according to court papers. Noor Hussain, 75, was so outraged over the vegetarian fare that he pummeled his wife, Nazar Hussain, 66, with a stick until she was a “bloody mess,” according to prosecutors and court papers.

Jeepers, I remember that time Angela made some spicy hot jerk chicken knowing my constitution can’t tolerate spicy foods — I just ate the food and took antacid afterwards.

However, I guess Muslim men deal with things just a bit differently – and have trouble controlling their emotions. But what is more disconcerting is when the culture of coexistence and cultural relativism steps in.

Defense attorney Julie Clark admitted Hussain beat his wife — but argued that he is guilty “only” of manslaughter because he didn’t intend to kill her. In Pakistan, Clark said, beating one’s wife is customary. “He comes from a culture where he thinks this is appropriate conduct, where he can hit his wife,” Clark said in her opening statements at the Brooklyn Supreme Court bench trial. “He culturally believed he had the right to hit his wife and discipline his wife.”

Fortunately, the prosecuting attorney had a different perspective: “His intentions were to kill his wife,” Assistant District Attorney Sabeeha Madni said in court. “This was not a man who was trying to discipline his wife.”

Madni said that Hussain “brutally attacked his wife as she lay in her bed” — leaving deep lacerations on her head, arms and shoulders, and causing her brain to hemorrhage. He beat her with a stick that the family had found in the street and used to stir their laundry in a washtub, the court papers state. He then tried to clean up the blood that had splattered onto their bedroom wall before calling his son for help, Madni said.

You have to wonder if perhaps Asst. D.A. Madni has a little inside understanding of the culture that permits beating one’s wife — similar to Ayaan Hirsi Ali?

Madni also said Pakistani women who lived in the same building as the Hussains would testify about the beatings Nazar received at the hands of her husband. They have told us about years of abuse they witnessed,” Madni said.

Thanks God for Asst. D.A. Madni, and shame on Defense Attorney Clark. Yes, I know this barbaric animal deserves a defense. But to make the statement that “he culturally believed he had the right to hit his wife and discipline his wife” as part of it is insidious — actually ignorant, and enables yet more of this type of abhorrent and despicable behavior which is completely inconsistent with our Western values.

Beware, CAIR, and the US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), which we reported on here, is no doubt watching this case, and will probably petition the sympathizers, Obama and Holder, for sharia courts in America.

Laugh not, ye merry men and women. They have such in jolly ol’ England.


  1. Got News for Julie Clark, this defense is unconstitutional, we do not live under other nations laws we live under Constitutional Laws sorry maybe she could marry him while he rots in prison since he’s single again and she so sympathetic towards him…

  2. To me, a lot of lawyers are just as bad as the criminals they defend. Instead of seeing that their rights are protected, they strive their get their clients off, by coming up with bogus excuses for their criminal conduct.
    Bogus psychological and cultural problems to play on the sympathy of a jury.
    It should be simple did he commit the crime, yes, was he denied his rights, no, go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.
    Ignorance of the crime is NOT an excuse.

  3. What the Hell ever happened to ignorance of the law is no excuse? If he wanted to remain a savage he should have stayed in a savage country! If we are expected to accept that these rabid animals cannot be trained to live as civilized people then there is no legitimate argument to let them into our country where their vicious habits pose a threat to all American citizens!

    • I’ve been wondering how long he has been in the U.S. I bet it’s been long enough to know we do not condone that behavior. Long enough for him to know he better clean up the blood before someone sees it. I also wonder what the son thinks about all of this. Haven’t seen him interviewed.

  4. Be careful about condemning all of the Islamic faith. I’ve known many muslims who would never condone any kind of activity like this and absolutely condemn radical Islamists. This guy needs to be put away and never see the light of day again; or better yet, executed by being beat to death with a stick. But, of course, in our politically correct world, that won’t happen.

      • So you think ALL Muslims are the same. Have you interviewed ALL Muslims? Using absolutes is usually not appropriate; it’s certainly not appropriate in this case.

      • The silence from the so-called “moderates” is deafening.

        Again. Until they show the stones to face their own radical Imams in their own Mosques, they are complicit,

      • Guilt by association is irrational and illogical.
        If it makes you feel better, go for it.

      • Not when it comes to Islam.

        If my pastor was preaching hatred and advocating the killing of others, I would oppose him (or her).

        Christians went through an age of Enlightenment, Muslims didn’t. Islam needs to clean itself up – we can’t do it for them.

      • Where is the public outrage by muslim leaders on this and other despicable behaviors? All we hear from CAIR and other groups is that, those of us who condemn these people for acts such as this one are just islamaphobic. I, for one, am tired of waiting for them to convince us how most are not this way. So until they do, and with regularity, then I will conclude that they all have the same beliefs as this man.

    • No, you know muslims that LIED to you, because this IS the muslim faith. Murder, misogyny, rape, torture and lying are the main tenets.

    • Really!!!??? When???…have any of them come out on TV or the streets to condemn these activities? They don’t and won’t…they are scared shitless of the clerics, Imans, whatever. Their voices are deafening with the sounds of crickets.
      Pull your head out of the sand and your ass.

  5. If they can’t follow American culture ie the law then move the hell back overseas we didn’t ask you to come here, we don’t need you here either.

  6. He should have to cook meals for all the inmates in the prison he is going to for the rest of his life.

  7. Who gives a crap about their laws this is AMERICA! Learn to live by our laws or go back where you came from !!!

  8. what happened to ignorance of the law is no excuse? If you are living in the United States you should be expected to follow the laws of the United States. I do not care what your “traditions” are from where you came from they are not that here. I say let him fry. He deserves no better than he gave his wife

  9. Here’s what we must stand up and say “In America you obey American laws.” If we allow Muslims their own courts to handle their laws what court do you think they will want to have hear their case when they kill you? Now you must act and not sit on your lazy fanny. We need everyone behind this.

  10. They are trying so hard to get sharia law to be acceptable here in the US and that’s just flat WRONG! We have to go by another country’s rules when we go there. They should have to do the same here! It’s called THE LAW OF THE LAND for a reason!

  11. Not ALL muslims are animals . Only 90%. The ones who keep their mouths shut are either gutless or more likely down with these PUNKS. They should ALL bee deported in a small area and then BOMBED!!

  12. Beware of American women. We do not subscribe to being less than an animal. You get what you deserve and you know what your 72 virgins are? Children or goats

  13. If the Muslim men in Pakistan can beat their wife to death over a meal, then he needs to stay in Paristan, in America we say sorry honey

  14. This man should be beaten the same way his wife was only 10 fold. No woman or human being should EVER be treated this way. If this man is not in trouble then our country is in trouble and we may be anyway

  15. He needs to understand that this is America and we don’t abuse each other. If he can’t understand that then he needs to pack his bags & go back to Pakistan.

  16. The PUNK Boston bomber wrote a not saying they ALL want to take over the world! I believe him. Maybe after another 50 or 100 911’s. America takes to the streets to ERADICATE this CRAP and do what we have to do so any other muslims WON’T want to come here!! Most are in a cash business and don’t pay taxes! I have seen this!! They are leaches with an opinion.!! The BALLS of these savages!! If we could beat the Germans and the Japs, These punks would be a speed bump.

  17. Hmm, a cultural defense? Well what if my “culture” says I should inject every Muslim I see with a lead suppository!

  18. This behavior is what is taught in the Koran and by their imams. In their eyes, women are the same as their goats…….chattel to be owned.

  19. Funny. Muslim countries believe they have the right to murder a Muslim of another country even though they are not a citizen of that Islamic country they visit. Yet a Muslim from another country believes he has the right to enforce the teachings of the Quran and Sharia Law here in the United states. Yet a Muslim that came here from another country decided that his religious book (Quran) and Sharia Law over ruled our laws which had no root in the Quran or Sharia Law. Yet the silence is deafening from not only the supposed Moderates who should be taring and feathering the Imams as well as kicking them out of their Mosques and all who believe the way this man does. When you believe you have the right to force your religion onto others, your religion is no longer a religion but a political group that belongs to a dictatorship instead of a freedom loving country. He should be given the same death he gave his loving wife which he treated as though she were some animal he could beat for disobeying him.

  20. And why would a woman need to be disciplined by a man? Because she has no rights!! In the religion of peace, she is considered lesser than, beneath, and something to be owned, like a piece of furniture, or a dog!

  21. Anyone in that area should boycott the firm that Julie Clark works for. She isn’t interested in making sure her clients get a proper and legal defense, She is interested in changing our laws!!

    • No. As a defense attorney, she obligated to give her client the best defense possible, not matter how heinous we think her tactics may be. And I have no doubt, as a woman, she repulsed by her client.

  22. That is a ridiculous and appalling defense! We are supposed to have equality under the law. Ignorance of the law is not a defense.

    • That may be April but its not condoned in all religions and nationalities, nor in all countries. OUR laws are to protect all citizens and that includes those who are Muslim women. His beliefs do not go above our laws here and he is bound by them when he came here. I hope they chop off his head so he will forever wander in the afterlife.

  23. They should all be sent back to where they came from. Any American that accepts that lifestyle should go to. Over there, they would get the real culture of the religion. they would not be subjected to our laws. They can learn first hand what poverty is all about. American laws do not line up with Islamic laws. The Islamic way of life is not considered radical in Islamic ran countries. Women have no rights. If your a woman and a muslim just remember your husband is your head, he does your thinking for you. That will be the life you chose.

  24. A few gems from the book of peace. Right out of my copy.

    “Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.” Qur’an 2:191
    “Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.” Qur’an 9:123
    “When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them.” Qur’an 9:5
    “Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.” Qur’an 3:85
    “The Jews and the Christians are perverts; fight them.”… Qur’an 9:30
    “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam” Qur’an 5:33
    “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies.” Qur’an22:19
    “The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them.” Qur’an 8:65
    “Muslims must not take the infidels as friends.” Qur’an 3:28
    “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.” Qur’an 8:12
    “Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.” Qur’an 8:60
    “I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers. Qur’an 8:12,
    “Those that deny Our revelations We will burn in fire. No sooner will their skins be consumed than We shall give them other skins, so that they may truly taste the scourge. God is mighty and wise.
    Qur’an 4:56,
    “Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and forsake them in beds apart, and beat them. Qur’an 4:34
    “I will cast terror into the hearts of infidels, so strike [them] upon the necks [behead them] and strike from them every fingertip.” Qur’an 8:12

    And, don’t forget the boss:…

    Mohammed promised his followers seven heavens in which:

    They are to cohabit with demure virgins…as beauteous as corals and rubies…full-breasted maidens for playmates…in the gardens of delight…. They’re to lie face to face on jewelled couches, and be serviced by immortal youths…young boys, their personal property, as comely as virgin pearls…. We created the houris [dancing girls] and made them virgins, carnal playmates for those on the right hand…. We are going to wed them to dark-eyed houris. The Qur’an 55:56; 55:58; 78:33; 56:12; 52:16-17, 24; 56:35-38; 52:20]

    • Unfortunately it looks like that is going to be have to be the way, because our governments in North America are selling us out !

  25. No, this guy doesn’t deserve anything less than death, but the defense attorney’s job is to get their client off, by any means necessary.
    Don’t blame the attorney for doing her job… that’s what she’s paid to do.

  26. It doesn’t matter Where he’s from, or WHAT is acceptable in his country or religion. He beat and killed her in AMERICA, and that is not acceptable.

  27. Why don’t the Muslim women rise against these brutes??? You can only kick a dog so long and then it bites back?

  28. It’s not “appropriate” conduct in the USA. If you want to be a barbarian, stay in your own fargin’ country.

    • White 54 Catholic background male taxpayer(big time) Irish English german decent RIGHT leaning homeowner grandfather. We support Israel til death!! ALL alone in the middle of those animals? I hope if they attack you… you’ll nuke them ALL!

  29. Step One: increase production on the Apache, AC130, and A10.

    Step Two: let our military do what they do best regardless of collateral damage.

    Step Three: unleash Isreal.

  30. Yea….I love how people defend these animals under the guise of cultural “values” and “practices”. Peaceful is not in the scope of their views. Awful.

  31. “Inconsistent with out Western values???” You are saying that Westerners never beat their wives? Take a look around!

    • There’s a difference MoMo… its not tolerated here and if a man beats his wife, girlfriend, whatever, they are prosecuted and put in jail and they die they are charged with murder not manslaughter. And if these people are going to come to this country, they have to accept OUR laws.

    • There are sick perverts in every society , but a moral society does not condone or endorse it as doe’s ISLAM !

  32. Mohammed promised his followers seven heavens in which:

    They are to cohabit with demure virgins…as beauteous as corals and rubies…full-breasted maidens for playmates…in the gardens of delight…. They’re to lie face to face on jeweled couches, and be serviced by immortal youths…young boys, their personal property, as comely as virgin pearls…. We created the houris [dancing girls] and made them virgins, carnal playmates for those on the right hand…. We are going to wed them to dark-eyed houris. The Qur’an 55:56; 55:58; 78:33; 56:12; 52:16-17, 24; 56:35-38; 52:20] One of the gentlemen used this and much more in his post. After reading this I think that whenever we get one of them in court for murder we should oblige them and pet them to death so they can enjoy what Mohammed promised them. It is unfortunate that stupid people I am sorry Uneducated people believe what is written in this Bible as witnessed by those that blow themselves up every day in the name of Allah.

  33. If this worthless pile of crap gets away with this just because that is what they do in his country….there needs to be a..well, I’m sure some of you know what I’m thinking.
    It starts with one…then it keeps on going…they are taking over our country and we can’t let that happen.

  34. This is America. American laws forbid murder no matter what, or no, religion. Atheists, Christians, Muslims, Hindi, Buddhists, New Age, secularists, agnostics, atheists….it doesn’t matter. You follow the law of the land where you live. If you don’t like it, you can move to another area of the world that is more in keeping with your ideas. If I went to a Muslim country and broke their law, you better believe they would hold me to their legal system.

  35. #StopTheShariaCREEP

    I pray many more political and faith leaders will have the courage to add their voices to that of the Rev Franklin Graham on this issue:

    ~> pic.twitter.com/VNpzkVkFIN

  36. They like living in the West but do not like the Western culture. If they want to live here then adhere to our laws or move back to your barbaric culture country, we don’t want your laws to contaminate us.

  37. Consent to sex is also a concept that is totally not a part of their “culture” even the women are not raised with the idea they “can” say no especially to a husband. A the men are literally taught that a wife must do whatever whenever you want. As a man is in part responsible for his wife’s soul he must beat her to teach her and make her better for her own good, as service to him is service to Allah.

  38. The fact that this SAVAGE MURDEROUS CULT exists anywhere on earth is disgusting , but it should NOT BE TOLERATED IN OUR CIVILIZED SOCIETY ! If these animals want to live under Sharia law , they should not be allowed to live in AMERICA ! They are the lowest form of life on earth ! ISLAM IS A SAVAGE ,MURDEROUS CULT !!

  39. Thank you for continuing to put the truth out there. I think so many Americans have their heads in the sand hoping Sharia law and the muslims will somehow just go away. They need to be informed. Thank you for your willingness to do so.

  40. The only way we are going to rid our country of people like him is to rid our country or O (either arrest him or start impeachment proceedings). PLEASE – email your congressmen and demand the arrest or impeachment

  41. For the rest of his short miserable life, an adequate justice would be to regularly treat him to the same ‘discipline he gave Nassir.

  42. Defense attorney Julie Clark …

    As an American and a woman you should be ashamed of yourself for your statements.

    • Don’t blame her, this is a case that she can not win. The best she can do is get him life in prison, where goat meat is not served.

      • He has a good PR team to hire a Woman.. Wonder what the Muslims will do to her if he looses.. Hope he’ll beat her ass…

      • Maybe he’ll starve himself in jail because they make bacon in the kitchen. One can only hope.

      • Don’t be so sure……..all she needs is a stupid judge and there are plenty of those around.

      • They are the new, protected icons in this country. No matter what they do or say, they are never wrong Their rights exceed ours. Wake up America. In a few schools, to be PC, when saying the Pledge, the whole school now says Allah instead of God in it. That’s how crazy it has become.

      • Being labelled by whom? THEM? Who gives a flying flip at the moon about being labelled Islamaphobe ??? I have labels for Muslims like this one and they are unprintable !!

      • PROUD Islamophobe here! Islam is a mass mental pathology founded by a stinking insanely violent piss-ant desert bandit pedophile parading as a legitimate religion, which it is not. The only proper use for their vile “holy book” is as toilet paper.

  43. This is disgusting. These people need to be told (upon entry into the U.S.) that this type of crap will not be tolerated. Unfortunately, pretty soon we will all be under Sharia law. My guess is that this animal knows the law, but thinks , because he is a muslim he can get away with this.

  44. Sounds like someone in the oval office needs on his staff to go with the other peaceful Islamic’s employed there.

  45. I wonder if he used a stick that was the right size, according to Sharia Law. My understanding is that it is OK, as long as the stick is no larger in diameter than his thumb.

  46. I don’t care what they do in their homeland.. But this is America.. which has Laws against this very thing.. If they are allowed to do this here with their women, what keeps them from doing it to our girls.. Sharia Courts shouldn’t even be considered here.. it over rides the US Constitution and the Bill Of Rights..

    • I care what they do in their homeland too! Treating people as property is wrong everywhere in the world and those who have perverted the muslim religion should not have the power to allow this kind of slavery anywhere. As to the statement above saying that Sharia Law Courts have come to England I will remind everyone that British subjects are not allowed to own guns…

      • They’ve traded their aborted babies in for little “teacup” lapdogs. And also traded their husbands in for ball-less effeminate “metro-sexual” girly-boys.

      • Well stated…whatever else they are, even though they have female genitalia, they are not women as God intended them to be…they have twisted themselves into something hate-filled, twisted, unnatural…

  47. Too bad his wife didn’t spice his lentils w/arsenic before he murdered her…at least she could be smiling to herself, now.
    Hope he rots in Hell, I hope she is resting peacefully.

    • She was an enabler! She is not resting peacefully. She either silently or openly assented to Sharia–as do all Muslim women. Enabling her husband resulted in her death. That does not exonerate him not is it any kind of excuse.

  48. In HIS country its ok for him to beat his wife, well its not in MY country, so he needs to move back to HIS country and take the rest of HIS people with HIM

  49. Michelle, He does not to b sent back to his country! You are NOT seeing the whole picture! They all need to DIE!!

  50. Worthless pile of bovine excrement. This is not Pakistan. you cannot beat your wife.
    The S O B murdered his wife and should be executed, then you can ship his dead ass back to Pakistan.

    CAIR & USMO we don’t want your Sharia Islam Law. We don’t want you culture. Leave, go back to your country and your Allah, we’ll help you pack.

  51. They have no expectation of Sharia Law and if a murder happens during the commission of another felony, that makes it first degree murder and carries the death sentence, doesn’t it. It does in Texas and manslaughter is a felony. If they don’t have the stomach for it, ship his stupid ass to Texas, I’m sure we can work him in

  52. The parasite in the White House and the one in the DOJ will no doubt defend this criminal. The time for civility in dealing with CAIR and similar organizations has long passed.

  53. Individual states must be proactive in dealing with these people and amend the state constitution to strictly forbid Sharia Law and to strictly enforce U.S. law.

  54. I don’t care where he’s from, he is in America now and he is not allowed to beat his wife. Death penalty if ever there deserved to be one.

  55. If this man isn’t sentenced appropriately for this crime (as in a life for a life) then send him back to the country he comes from; no matter his current citizenship status. If he can’t live by our customs and rules he doesn’t deserve to be here.

  56. The headline calls him “a New York man.” No, he’s a Pakistan Muzzie. After his jail time, he gets deported. No questions, no argument.

  57. Okay, so if a man who was raised by a violently abusive alcoholic and beats his child to death while disciplining her for not shutting the eff up it isn’t as bad because he is just living the culture that he grew up in?

  58. We really need to get these stupid people to understand that this is the USA and if you hurt someone you will be hurt yourself by our law and that is not Sharia sh_t.

  59. Is it illegal to beat your wife in the U.S.? If so what is the point of the defense. The man emigrated and committed to obey the laws did he not? If so,
    is it not clear he did not honor his word in this matter. The defense is that he never intended to honor his word. He should serve out all of his sentence and be deported (by parachute if necessary) to wherever he came from.

    • NO PRACTICING MUSLIM SHOULD BE ALLOWED ENTRANCE TO THE U.S. except on a limited basis. None that result in any kind of residency should be allowed. If they openly renounce Sharia and show for a period of 5 to 10 years that they have no interest in Sharia, maybe–only maybe–might they be approved for residency.

  60. Forgive him… he comes from a culture where the men are brainless pieces of pig crap that are struggling to get out of the 8th century… but are failing miserably.

  61. Evan THEY LIVE UNDER OUR LAWS ,AND IF HE IS NOT PUNISHED UNDER THEM, THEN ERIC AND OBAMA NEED TO GET THE HELL ON OUT OF OUR COUNTRY AND TAKE THE REST OF THEM evil people with them -Almost like a bad dream that America can no longer be America !!

  62. Well here in America I believe in capital punishment even though it may hurt a little! Oops, sorry to hurt your feelings ass-wipe. Murder is murder, execute the bastard! Tired of all this BS!

  63. I don’t give a flying f*** what he’s culturally accustomed to in Pakistan. This is the United States, where beating anyone to death is not only not an acceptable practice, but is frequently punished with the offender being executed, albeit by more humane means. POS needs to be let loose in a prison population of women.

  64. I heard there’s a new religion where muslim women can beat the h*ll out of their barbarous husbands. It’s called getevenism…

  65. I don’t know what that article is trying to insinuate but enough Christians kill their wives or commit domestic violence. What’s next? Muslim man refuses to pay parking ticket?

      • I could suffer a massive stroke that would kill 99% of my brain and I’d still make a better President than the sack of garbage currently stinking up the Whitehouse…hell, you could replace Obama with a turnip and it would be better than he is…

    • I can’t believe you would even say something so stupid. And we wonder why this Country is falling apart?

    • Really?
      Could you provide examples where this is happening in our country “in the name of Jesus?” I can’t recall a single case.

    • You X are one sick individual, where in the world do you get your so called facts, we can only guess! Thinking you have your “religions” mixed up.

      • Rafael X, I surmise from your posts and your X that you are Muslim. I’m a conservative atheist, and harbor no ill will toward any people that feel the same. What would it take to have a civil conversation with you? You sound intelligent, and would like to learn what guides you.

      • I’m not a Muslim, I wear the X in honor of El Haj Malik Shabbaaz (Malcolm X) who discovered the true spirit of Islam by travelling to Mecca. That made him realize that the white man wasn’t the devil after-all. I myself is not very religious, I lived my formative years with my father and he’s a 7th day Adventist. When I moved with my mother a devout Catholic, I went through the Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation. A lot of my highschool buddies followed the Nation Of Islam as a better alternative to gang life, I didn’t only because I don’t follow. After all these experiences and studying all these people rather in books or in real life, I’ve decided that voice of reason would be my guide.

      • Rafael X, glad to hear that. I felt that you are truly a good person from reading your other replies. If you were Muslim it would not matter to me, unless you have extremist views and want to destroy the US. Then we would have a problem. I hope we share the same view. I don’t know much about Malcolm X, just know that he was murdered. I believe because of a difference in ideology. I hope you continue to be guided by what you know is right.
        By the way, is that picture a selfie? Pun intended.

    • In the name of means by the authority of. Where in the Bible does Jesus give ANYONE authority to put a bullet thru a woman’s eyes??? It’s not there so don’t be blaming Christianity for someone’s stupid act.

    • The fact that people kill and and happen to be Christian is not related. The only thing I have ever heard about killing and faith were evaluated and deemed insane. Islam teaches this behavior. Whoa to the man that tries that on me, it is called justifiable homicide.
      You can’t define it as domestic violence. That does not involve religion.
      So you love Muslims or are one, we get it, over and over and over. Anytime there is Sharia law in the discussion there you are defending it.
      We that see your name and your defenses are totally unimpressed.

      • Man murders wife happens everyday, doesn’t belong to any religion. And I don’t care for Islam anymore then I do for Christianity.

      • You and Brendan should talk, you would be best buds. Read the article again. No matter how hard you try to take religion out of this it is part of his defense, beating his wife under Sharia law, it is customary. Unless you can quote with references Pakistan law that allow husbands to beat their wives to death with a blunt object, and has no influence under Islamic law.
        And I am not surprised that you are not a believer.

      • I’m not a believer because I would rather know then believe. To Brendan and Col. West honor they both served in the military, I haven’t, so they have more in common with each other then me with either. The truth is Muslims like Christian are a diversified people. Sharia law like any other law is opened to interpretation and different people interpret it different way. Some Muslim don’t wear hijab at all while others are covered from head to toe. There is the Nation Of Islam that preaches that the white man is the devil while there are white Muslims all over the Caucasus. There are Sunnis, Shiites, Wahabist and all kind of other clubs. Like there are Lutherans, Catholics or Presbytarian and even some denominations who actually advocate corporal punishment of the wife. You can say they’re misrepresenting the Bible but it also happens with the Koran.

  66. He has the RIGHT to ‘discipline’ her into a ‘bloody mess?’ That just goes to show that he has bloodied up before, and she bandaged herself and never went to the hospital, because that would have landed him in jail, and prevented this.

  67. To that animal his wife meant nothing and I did all I could to make mine comfortable before she passed, I’d like to have a few minutes of ‘quality time’ with that wife beating t-u-r-d

  68. Islam is filth and evil to it’s stinking rotten core…we need to get ALL these vermin out of our country before they become an uncontrollable infestation as they have become in Europe…

  69. Who do you really think we have in office at the highest position in this country and what religion honestly?

      • If he was truly Christian, he would have been dead before the first election was over–converting from Islam to Christianity carries a death sentence

      • Not necessarily. It is the act of taqiyya. It is when a muslim lies to the infidels in order to conceal real intent to further their cause. I am sure that the actual powers over him are very aware of what he is doing when he says that he is a Christian. In his interview with George Stephanopoulos, he says “my muslim faith” and if you listen carefully, George gently reminds him that it is his Christian faith. He stumbles and corrects himself.

      • That is what i was inferring! he is still alive because they know what he is doing and are a part of the plan. Any true Christian would not do or say the things he has. he is planning to hand over this country from inside.

      • Obviously you have learned about this “religion”– too bad more people who keep crying it’s a religion of peace don’t–they are blind to the fact that this is the true enemy! yes–i did hear that “slip” about his Muslim faith—

  70. Not all countries that are Muslim go through this, and not all are Islamic. Believe it or not in Egypt, their government has been secular or should I say had, until Obama helped Morsi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood take over, now the Egyptian people are fighting over their trying to get the Muslim terrorist out of there. AND now our President will not help them. You have to SEE what the head of this country REALLY is!

  71. It is about theocracy. As you saw with Mr. X, who probably is a Islamic Muslim..have NO clue what Christianity is. Islam treats it’s women less that animals. They are nothing but owned objects to them. Unlike Christianity, that teaches men to honor women as part of their own bodies and to love them as Christ loves and honors the church. He tells both to honor and love each other because they are one flesh.

  72. I agree with the Colonel with the fact that the religious defense is sleazy. But at this old man age murder or manslaughter means the same thing, he dies in prison. Then again I’m not a lawyer.

  73. As a woman, Julie Clark should be ashamed of herself for even uttering those words in an attempt to protect this monster. As a woman, she should have stepped down from this case. But I guess money talks and to all be damned.

    • It has everything to do with his being muslim! You apparently have no idea of how they really live, apparently! They are a people with no respect for women–wives are property and expendable if they fail to please.

    • Mary, you need to pull your PC head out of the PC sand. Do you really think that denying the truth about islam is going to make things all better?

  74. Well they also have a culture where they rape little boys and girls. Heck, their own prophet married and consummated marriage with a 9 year old! So are we going to be giving them a get out jail free card when they engage in pedophilia here in the states?

  75. The world is upside down.G-d help us. In Israel, where “honor killings” happen to women, this is considered murder. Plan and simple.

    • Barbara…Isreal, really??? Don’t you mean Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc…??? I don’t think the Jewish religion condones honor killings.

      • Marilyn, there are many muslims living in Israel. The Jews do not condone “honor killings”. That’s why such are considered murder there as it is here in the U.S.

    • On April 12,1861 the American Civil War started killing at least 620,000 Americans. Do you think we will have a hard time with the problems that lay ahead?

  76. Oh, but he came from a culture where that is accepted !……Fine…After he serves whatever prison sentence he gets (it out to be a death sentence)….he can go Back to That culture…..I guess muslims don’t warn each other. If it is against civilian laws in the USA, don’t do it….you know, like beating and or killing your wife or daughter because they embarrassed you, or whatever…….He is Pond Scum.

  77. Not done with this…..I hope the prosecutor gets up in his ugly face and says “You know how it was Ok to kill your wife in the culture where you used to live ?….Well, you’re not in Kansas anymore, DOROTHY.”

  78. My wife once made me some salsa with habanero peppers instead of jalapeno peppers. I ate it because she made it for me. My stomach wasnt right for two weeks. And I mean it just wasnt right. But I love and respect her. Far different from the animalistic attitude these muslim morons profess. What a degrading, animalistic and perverted culture.

    • Bill I don’t believe you “love and respect” your wife because I read in Yahoo! comments just the other day that “all Republicans hate women.”

      Okay. Think about how perverted and sick is the mind of the libtard who made that comment. I mean, really think about the psycho mindset of someone who really, truly believes that “all Republicans hate women.” How skewed and divorced from reality that guy is, huh?

      Your description of Islamic culture is spot-on.

  79. Crap Allan I do a lot of the cooking at home myself and threaten to beat people that don’t eat my dinners and bow down to me—just kidding–trying to make some humor on a non-humorous manner ,

  80. These people come to America supposedly for a better life. A land with laws and consequences. Now, depending on the sentencing, he will even receive free room and board.

  81. All joking aside, they do not come here for a better life. They come here to take this country from Christians. That is the history of Islam, no love, no tolerance, but locust that leaves a barren land in their wake. They treat the people that they should love most,family, like animals. They are a scourge and we had better get control of this plague before it rages out of control.

    • That is nonsense.
      I live in a city with a large muslim population, both immigrant and native born.
      I went to school and worked with muslims and i have muslim friends and neighbors.
      Those i know who immigrated here are like most immigrants to this country… they are hard working and industrious. They came here for the American dream and some came here to get away from their oppressive homelands.

      • Really? Ever go to Dearborn Michigan? There was an event there not long ago where Muslims were STONING Christians and the police blamed the Christians just for being there.

      • Yes, really.
        Go ahead and use your single example of a bunch of idiots getting into a street confrontation to argue your ignorant stereotyping of all Muslim Americans.

      • yeah even our police back them up and go against the Americans… they know that muslims will turn things into bloodshed, so it’s easier to go after Americans and/or Christians.. because we will abide by the law.

      • Good for them if they have broken away from tradition. But when there is a choice to be made, stand with you Islamic brothers or die with your Christian friends. I hope they have the conviction to still call you friend.

      • Always to the defense of reason.
        Radical Islam is a real threat and there are backwards fundamentalist Muslims that are a very real danger on many levels.

        But to broadbrush classify all Muslims in the same way is ignorant.
        A Suffi Muslim living in New York has as much to do with what some Wahabist Muslim does in Yemen as a Lutheran Christian in Pennsylvania has to do with a Phlangist Christian in Lebanon.

    • You’re right, Pam. But what does it mean to “get control of this plague before it rages out of control?”

      I’ll tell you what it means. It means Americans being willing to get louder and be more outraged and demonstrative than the self-righteous musloids are. Are you willing to take to the streets and scream and yell? Are you willing to scream at the PC-Nazis to shut the hell up? Are you willing to stare straight in the faces of the PC-Nazis and tell them to take their “tolerance” and their “multiculturalism” and shove ’em up their asses??? Are you willing to be more brutal and near-violent than all the muloids are? ‘Cause that’s what it will take.

      MAKE NO MISTAKE: That group which is willing to be more violent and forceful will win this contest. Do you understand? Our problem in The West is that we are too civilized for our own good. The musloids don’t make any pretenses about being civilized. They are angry, determined, violent, brutal, forceful, unforgiving, loud, intimidating and in-your-face hateful.

      Unless we’re willing to beat them at their game of intimidation, threats and violence, WE WILL LOSE OUR COUNTRY AND OUR WAY OF LIFE. And the people who will lose the most is WOMEN.

      And I don’t mean to personalize this to you in particular, Pam. I mean it as an inquiry to all who would keep islam from taking over America: how ugly are you willing to get in order to save your country, your culture and your way of life ? ? ? ? ?

      • You and I are in complete agreement. With 20 years of law enforcement behind me, the answer is yes. I will put a bullet right between the eyes of the first scum that tries that crap on me. I had rather see my children and grandchildren dead in the name of Christ than have this filth touch one of them under the name of Sharia law.

      • Do you realize you just embarrassed almost every liberal man in the U.S.? That’s because you just showed that you have more guts and . . . um . . . we’ll go with “guts,” than 98% of liberal men have.

  82. Thank you Marilyn for bringing my unclear posting to my attention! When I said that in Israel there are honor killings that are treated as murder – allow me to clarify: This is an occurence but forgive me for not being PC – that happens in Arab societies in Israel, not Jewish or other societies within Israel. I meant to explain that Honor Killings are SIMPLY NOT TOLERATED IN ISRAEL, nor any murders for that matter. Israel is a truly democratic country that calls a spade a spade – and justice is dealt out as it should be. Thank you Marilyn, once again for pointing that out to me. It just goes to prove; beware of what you write – or say. Think clearly before you speak.

  83. If that Pakistani who murdered his wife is a US Citizen, then he should know the Law and the Constitution of the U.S. and he should know how to follow it, then if he is a Citizen of the US, he should know the consequences he will get if he take another life, so as his Lawyer, who should know better. The Law is the Law here in the US and it is not a Pakistani Law, and if you cannot follow the Laws and The U.S. Constitution, you better go back to your country where you where born and will have no trouble in dealing with it, if your law in Pakistan says you can kill your wife for not cooking the right dinner, so be it, do what ever you want in your home country, here in the U.S. is not applicable. So you should pay for your crimes. For the Prosecutor and the Judge and Jury I advice them to use the US Immigration Law on how to become a U.S. Citizen ( I join the US Navy in 1988 at Subic Naval Base in the Philippines and as a legal immigrant like me, it took me about 12 years before I became a US Citizen and before I took an oath in defense of the Constitution of the United States of America against all Enemies Foreign or Domestic: I study the U.S. Constitutions, Bill of Rights, The Constitutional Amendments, The Laws, and the U.S.Government System and I took a written and oral test and thanks God I pass it and became a US Citizen) So my story is a good basic thing that at least this Pakistani (if he is a US Citizen) should know: the US Laws and The Constitution, so as his Lawyer.

    • Pabs, you sound like a good American, glad you are a citizen. As for for the lawyer, don’t be too hard on her. Her job is to present the best defense that she can muster. I don’t think her attempt to convince a jury of Americans that what is customary in Pakistan will get her client set free here. The best she can hope for is life in prison.

      • Wish I could agree with you, but America is now way to politically correct. We don’t want to offend them… In reality, I think America is afraid of them… America knows only to well that if they don’t get their way, they are only to willing to blow us up.

      • John, Thanks for the comment and you are right about the Lawyer which her job to defend her client and I understand.that she really hoping her client to go for life in prison instead of death..Maybe someday the Muslim immigrants will be granted their own law in the U.S.-Sharia. But I am against it and I should say whenever you want to migrate to another country, and you want to live there, you should follow the Laws and if you want to change it because you cannot do whatever you want, then you go back to your country where you came from which is best for them. I guess that our country should take steps and make a law like that: That if you want to migrate to the US, then we love to accept you and live happy and you should follow the laws that cannot be change, but if you think you hate the laws that our Forefathers made and they cannot follow it, then we are happy that you leave the US and back to your place where you came where you can follow the laws.

  84. Honor killing boggles my mind. It would seam to me that killing your wife or daughter would be more disgraceful than anything they could have done.

  85. You want to live here–assimilate!!! We should not be changing our culture to suit immigrants. They want the freedom we offer, laws come with that freedom. Don’t like it, go back where you came from!

  86. Honor killing boggles my mind. It seems to me that killing your wife or daughter would be more disgraceful than anything they could have done.

    • I saw the remains…of an apartment building in the Chicago area…burnt down after a man “honor killed” a female family member. Not sure the faith was Muslim (to be fair)…but the act should have been LOUDLY condemned by all of any faith.

  87. this is noot tolerated in this country regardless if yur indian ,chinesse,arab,muslim whatever.you can not strike anther person unless in self defense period regardless of customs.i am american i lived up north we nvr heard of things like baker acting lets say if yu get mad ,upset or someone thinks your behaving weird well they can call the police here in america have you taken in with no rights and say where d you wanna go?,…the state hospital ?or prison?mst choose the hospital.stay 5 days and get released .but if americans in florida are getting baker acted for just getting upset then this guy from another land should get the chair if his wife dies period and spend along time in jail for attempted murder or manslaughter and show other muslims and islam that behavior like that is not tlerated here in america period.

  88. I wonder what West’s comments will be in regards to the christian family who beat their kid because it was “possessed by demons”

    • I can’t speak for West, but it would be consistent with his stated values that child abuse is abhorrent and punishable. Oh, by the way – you’re an idiot.

    • Note that such bad behavior is condemned by Christians.

      I would not generalize that all atheists would murder millions if they were leading a country…tho Stalin (who rejected God…and cursed God on his deathbed…per his daughter)…was a mass murderer and a militant God hater.

    • I concur with another poster, you’re an idiot. Now RUN DMC, away from posts you know nothing about. If you knew anything about West or cared to research, you would already know before asking that ridiculous question that he and other Christians do not condone any such action.

  89. The neighbors tell of beatings the wife endured for years? And they never had the brains to call the police? What is wrong with people? How do you stand back and do nothing when an elderly woman is beat for years and not do anything about it?!

  90. I love how West spins this story about a religious nutjob into a dig on Obama and Holder. Typical right-wing idiocy. Judging from the frothy comments it appears to have worked.

    All religions are poison. Islam seems particularly filthy but only because it is culturally behind Christianity by a few hundred years. This doctrine of wife discipline is well known in Christian history and still exists today. Just Google CDD Marriage and see for yourself.

    Christianity is full of psychotic wackos just like Islam. The only difference is Christians easily point out individual idiots without painting all of Christianity with the same brush while all of Islam must answer for its wackos. All religion is idiotic. Stop allowing yourselves to be manipulated by political hucksters and religious charlatans.

    • No, the difference is that Christians do it contrary to the New Testament, while Muslims do it with the full support of their religious works.

      Qur’an (4:34) – “Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great.”

      Qur’an (38:44) – “And take in your hand a green branch and beat her with it, and do not break your oath…”

      • You may be right…the NT only states that women are subordinate to men, should remain silent in church, should not fool themselves thinking they can teach or have authority over men, etc. Wife beating may not be explicitly encouraged in the NT. If your argument is to scrap the OT, I will gladly join you. At least it’s a start.

      • Jerry, you need to research deeper. Read the whole Bible…look at the words of Jesus…and look at Western history…Jesus gives us a way to Godthe Father…thru his death and resurrection on the cross…as opposed to other faiths which tell us what we must to do –maybe–reach God. And know…that there are many pushing against the Bible…most I have talked to do not have a deep knowledge of what they are rejecting…Note that one can generalize “religions…vs. a particular faith”. One can generalize that “husbands—men abuse women” as opposed to…that man abusing that woman…

      • The OT is a record of the history of the Jewish people, not a blueprint for behaviour for Christians. It’s needed because it gives the background for the events of the NT. This isn’t mainstream teaching, but my own view is that some of commands in the NT that were said by people other than Jesus were commands for their time. I do know of Christians who follow the NT very closely, but then they don’t blow up people to get their point across, so live and let live, I say. They always have the option of leaving such an organisation – whereas the penalty for leaving Islam is death.

      • The Old Testament is a tool for learning and was never applicable to Gentile Christians. The covenant with the Gentiles is through Jesus and not the Mosaic laws.

    • Jerry, the Qu’Ran tells Muslim men that it is OK to do all these things. Where in the New Testament does it say it is OK for a man to beat or kill a woman? Show me that verse and I’ll send you $1000.

    • The individuals of whom you speak perverted the philosophy (not religion) of the Humble Carpenter to bring their wacko agendas to fruition. Islam, on the other hand, is a wacko agenda.

    • on the matter of painting a whole muslim community with the same brush if a nutter who happened to be muslim is spot on. i cant agree more with you sir..

  91. it is mind boggling to read the stupid comments of most people here, it has nothing to do with him being a muslim, and bad person is a bad person regardless of their relegion or nationality, Islam never condones torturing anybody or killing. according to sharia law he should be punished by death whether or not she was her wife, it is a pure n simple case of domestic violence which exists everywhere including america, but one Pakistani man does it then you put the lable on all of them. so pathetic.

    • Qur’an (4:34) – “Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great.”

      Qur’an (38:44) – “And take in your hand a green branch and beat her with it, and do not break your oath…”

      • dnt post bullshit under my comment, try to fool somebody lese will your stupid trolling, it is not translation of any Quranic Verse. correct your min dor correct your source where you got this wrong stuff,

      • I can only assume you don’t know your own religion – or you’re trying to deceive non-muslims. Have another reference, this one’s not from the Qur’an:
        Kash-shaf (the revealer) of al-Zamkhshari (Vol. 1, p. 525) – [Muhammad said] “Hang up your scourge where your wife can see it”

      • I heard from some men who had been raised muslim (one whose father was an Iman) who said that part of the religious writings did indeed have such hostile quotes. The hostile part also condoned hostilities against Jews, Christians.

    • Of course there are many muslims in Brooklyn who would never touch their wife. (Tho in that apt building I wonder…did any of the women who knew of the past beatings of this woman…ever call the police? )

      The concern is with sharia law, and with apparently religious based practices where there are apparently some situations where it is “ok” to attack one’s wife. The defense attorney even alludes to these as a supposed “defense”. Also, a former Muslim (whose dad had been an iman) said that part of the religious writings were peaceful (the ones quoted publicly) and part were hostile…including the treatments of one’s wife (wives).

    • Deny it all you want umar, we are not fooled. This has EVERYTHING to do with the old piece-of-schitte being a musloid. I hope you don’t live here because YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN AMERICA.

      • you guess you lot dnt even know your own scirptures, how can you claim to be some experts on quran, have you ever read it at all?

      • I’ve read the Bible (special attention to the New Testament) and I’ve read the Koran.
        If you don’t mind, I think I’ll stick with the Humble Carpenter.

    • You obviously missed the part where his defense is that he is from Pakistan, where his religion says he is ALLOWED to beat his wife and that he has been doing so for the last several decades without ever being questioned about it…therefor he wants his charges reduced, because he did not intend to kill her, merely beat her within an inch of her life?

  92. Seriously people….u all make me laugh at your comments… I’m 38. I grew up in a Christian home.I went to a Christian school and church. NEVER once did I receive any kind of beating in accordance to my religion. If somebody is beaten or killed in a Christian home, its not because of their faith. It’s because somebody is a monster and wants to do it and blames their religion!!!!

  93. So does Mr West want to blame all of the millions of instances of domestic violence in the US each year on religion?

    • Generalizing here. NOT good reasoning.

      Not all husbands are killers even tho this man is. Likewise, not all religions encourage such evil behavior even tho Islam does.

      We need to learn to reason thoroughly and carefully…Our society is WAY too easily moved by simplistic Tweet type catchy phrases! I personally know some young people who are getting seduced by short snappy sayings by people they like…

      • You get an F in critical thinking above your pay grade which is why you remain at your pay grade. Its not simplistic unlike you which you are unfortunately.

    • Brendan, you are not getting it. The man is saying that it is culturally customary to beat his wife in Pakistan. Well, THIS is NOT Pakistan. This is America! In America we don’t beat our wives – not for religious reasons, not for ANY reason. Get it now?

      • Did you even read what I wrote?
        You just wrote that here in America we don’t beat our wives for any reason.
        But, we do.
        That’s my point.
        There are millions of cases of domestic violence each year.

      • No Brendan, YOU need to read and understand what you’re reading. Tommy’s point was that it’s NOT culturally customary or acceptable in the US for any reason, not that it has never occurred. Sheesh !!!!

      • Bernie Jones coming home drunk and then slapping his wife around is not the same as Allah telling millions of Muslim men that it’s okey dokey. Get it?

      • Brendan, yes there are millions of cases of domestic violence in America each year…but we do not have societal laws saying that the abuse is not only acceptable, it is expected. We do not, as a rule, turn a blind eye when we know it is happening. We certainly do not expect our charges to be reduced when we are caught committing domestic abuse and we certainly do not claim that our religion allowed those actions. This man wants his charges reduced based solely on his past experience in Pakistan, where his actions might have gotten him a few frowns, but no punishment. His problem is that he now lives in America. Unfortunately, there might be some fools like you on the jury and he will end up getting away with his crime, because we ‘must be tolerant’! And if we don’t keep an eye on you ‘tolerant’ fools who keep justifying this crap, we could soon find ourselves in the same position the citizens of England have found themselves in…with Islamic courts where the rule of law follows Sharia and American citizen Muslim women can be beaten to death with no repercussions!

      • Brendan, yes I did read what you said but you didn’t read what I said. And, it also seems you didn’t fully read the article that Mr. West wrote. The defense attorney’s case is based on the fact that in the man’s culture (in Pakistan) it is “customary” to beat his wife. The attorney said, “He culturally believed he had the right to hit his wife and discipline his wife” but that he didn’t intend to kill her. The “custom” of beating your wife is a pandemic practice of Islamic men in those cultures. That, I think, was essentially Mr. West’s main point. In America, we don’t have a “custom” of beating our wives notwithstanding ANY religious beliefs! Your comment was designed to put a slur on Mr. West by suggesting that he “blame all of the millions of instances of domestic violence in the US each year on religion.” Sheeeshhhhh.

    • Brendan – Do you NOT understand beating your wife into submission is part of that culture? It is against the law in the US! It is part of NO civilized culture that I’m aware of except this one! I feel so sorry for these women!! No man EVER dare raise a hand to me! It happened once and now he is NOT my husband!! REAL men are taught to love and respect their wives and the same in return! This is just beyond barbaric!!

    • No, it’s against the law for all Americans. The point is, they don’t seek American justice, they seek sharia law in our country. Special treatment, special circumstance, and forgiveness of all things we consider crime. No reason to leave where you are in life to go to a country and try to change it to fit what you are accustomed to and drag our society further into an abyss of hate and and oppression.

      • Correct. But in this case the criminal wants his charges reduced because his religion says what he did was NOT a crime and he is used to living in an place where beating your wife to is not only tolerated, it is sanctioned and where beating your wife TO DEATH is permitted if the husband feels he has a good cause. And cooking lentils when you want goat is apparently a good cause.
        BTW, in American Muslim cities such as Dearborn, Michigan, the American justice system is ignored and these types of things are handled within the community and everyone keep their mouth shut about it!

      • American Muslim in cities such as Dearborn are wrong. Lawyer asked to have charge reduced on religious ground because he’s a lawyer and that’s what lawyers do, they defend their client. Besides the man is 75, manslaughter or murder 1 probably means the rest of his days in prison regardless.

    • If all domestic violence was not only tolerated, but sanctioned and protected by a religion…then you might have a point. But since the majority of domestic abuse perpetrator’s are not trying to have their charges reduced by claiming their religion permits them to abuse their spouse…you simply look foolish!

  94. This is an extreme case of what we see all the time now. Move into an apartment, don’t look over the rules but sign them. Later “hey, I want to do this and that” “Sorry these are the rules…Not where I used to live! Tough, they are here. I don’t care how old or feeble minded he is, if you pick up a weapon you MEANT TO USE IT. Case Opened, off with his head.

  95. Jesus askes us to love God first and then love our neighbors as ourselves.
    Not certain how Islam can be a religion of oeace espousing the killing of your own wife for cooking a wrong meal?
    Happy I am to be a child of Jesus 🙂

    • It say in Corinthians for a man to love his wife as Christ loved the church. Sure isn’t the same as these Muslim morons believe and there a peace loving people? What planet did they come from

      • This is also said in Ephesians 5 starting with verse 21 about all of us submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ. Not the submission that jerks peoples’ chains. The submission that comes from following Christ’s teachings and loving God and our fellow man.
        It’s not that Muslims who follow strict Islamic law are from a different planet; they are of this world that is full of sin. Christians need to pray and pray some more for the Holy Spirit to enter their hearts and leave this “religion of peace” behind.


  97. When are people going to get it? How many millions will be slaughtered by these inhuman monsters before someone says….hey, their might be something wrong here?

  98. Two forces of evil (which seem to be contradictory) the extremist Islamic agenda…and the gay agenda (marketing gender confusion to the young…probably at your child’s college) are hitting our nation HARD!!! And…we have a President who seems friendly to both Islamic extremists/and to gay agenda extremists. Our young ARE paying the price here…as they get seduced into one or the other!

  99. “Defense attorney Julie Clark”

    So a WOMAN is arguing IN FAVOR of a man’s right to beat his wife? Why aren’t the feminists up in arms over this?

    • Defense attorney Julie Clark …

      As an American and a woman Julie Clark should be ashamed of yourself for your statements. Minimizing human rights Clark should be disbarred.

  100. I don’t believe for one minute that Angela would permit you to beat her. Your only choice was to eat the jerk chicken and take antacid. AND you better compliment her on the dinner too. That’s customary among Americans.

    • Those people are just scum, but they didn’t subscribe to a religion that teaches that it’s not only OK, but good to beat your wife.

      Bukhari (72:715) – A woman came to Muhammad and begged her to stop her husband from beating her. Her skin was bruised so badly that she it is described as being “greener” than the green veil she was wearing. Muhammad did not admonish her husband, but instead ordered her to return to him and submit to his sexual desires.
      Bukhari (72:715) – “Aisha said, ‘I have not seen any woman suffering as much as the believing women'” This is Muhammad’s own wife complaining of the abuse that the women of her religions suffer relative to other women.

      • its not racism when it’s against a religion.nice liberal education you’re getting there

      • Your about as bright as the rest of those lunatics! If this had anything to do with race it would have been mentioned, on the contrary the only thing that was mentioned was a religion that is mentally ill at best!

      • Oh shut moron. Your acting like islam has an equivalence with the real greatness of our culture. Islam is a cult grounded in so much filth and horror. All the sweet high school feelings and romantic notions you have doesn’t change truth. Throwing out the word “racism” is meaningless. There is nothing as racist as islam. Just ask all the Christians throughout the middle east who have recently been raped and tortured by this cult. And of course the muslims in America have said and done nothing about it. Islam is now the greatest destroyer of humans, surpassing the communist atheists in Russia and China, and the Third Reich. TRUTH. TRY IT.

      • What can you expect, after all their great profit Mohammed was a pedophile 9I am serious-goggle it).

  101. Feeling sorry for her is like feeling sorry for the death of Hitler.

    What’s the problem 1 down and 1 on the way.

    She wanted to live by the animal code then why worry about it when that code takes her life, she knew the code and I say good riddance.

    America has become a better place by the loss of them both.

    • Gary, I never thought it possible to be surprised by the stupidity of people anymore. CONGRATULATIONS, you just proved me wrong.

      • One thing that must not be practiced is trying to overlay western values on the Middle Eastern culture. Many of the Arabs are stuck in the culture of centuries ago. The old adage “fight fire with fire” must be the guide on the West uses combat and defeat barbarians.
        At age 75 I have to wonder just how long he and his family were in the USA. My parents had to assimilate into the culture. Are this man’s actions a result of multiculturalism, of letting immigrants form pockets of their old country in the USA? As an earlier commenter stated, if they want to live that way, then stay there! I assure you the American people could not move to Pakistan and have scantily dressed women walk the streets or sunbathe at the beach.
        A big shout-out to the fans and defenders of multiculturalism. I guess the PC thing is that it eliminates E pluribus Unum.

      • If being honest means I am stupid, then hiding your head in the sand would make you a moron, in which case you have not surprised me the world is filed with morons like you.

        I see a people who do nothing but victimize the
        world and I’m supposed to feel sorry when those tactics are turned
        against them? Now that would be stupidity, CONGRATULATIONS, you just proved me right.

      • You see a victim? Where? I see a people who do nothing but victimize the world and I’m supposed to feel sorry when those tactics are turned against them? Now that would be lunacy.

      • Any man who has a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, a girlfriend just might feel some compassion for women who have been dominated, controlled, abused and murdered for centuries. But that’s just me.

    • Gary that is very insensitive of you-I am sure you just don’t know how the muslim faith works, or the fact that in the majority of cases, it is an arranged marriage. Women do not get a say in who they marry. The marriage is arranged by parents when they are still quite young. When you are raised to believe in something, and no of no other way, then you do as you are told. Women are thought of less than the livestock they own. When a woman marries she becomes the “property” of her husband.

      • We should check out how the Japanese deal with these barbaric imbeciles.

      • Pamela my post proves I know exactly how the faith works

        I see a people who do nothing but victimize the world and I’m supposed
        to feel sorry when those tactics are turned against them? She wanted to be his property then don’t feed me some BS that I’m supposed to feel sorry for her when HE decides he doesn’t like HIS property.

        I said what I said because I know exactly how it works.

        Now for you to say what you said proves you have no idea what or how it works, I have an idea, I live amongst Muslims every day, I see their hatred of the world in every facet of their culture, how about you come here and I show you what you clearly are blind to?

        When they decide to join the world and show tolerance then my view will change but until that day comes every time one is lost the world becomes a better place.

      • Well now Gary there is where you are wrong.. I do know something of the Muslim culture, I lived in a Muslim country (Morocco) for several years of my life. I saw where girls, yes I said girls, were married to old men.. They were as young as 11 years of age and had absolutely no say in this marriage. I saw these men torture and abuse these young girls and they simply had to put up with it and pray they didn’t get killed. This is how they are raised, to expect marriage at a young age and to put up with whatever there husbands do to them. No, not all muslim women are put in this predictament, but the very poor are. So before you spew off maybe assume that someone that post may know something about the subject at hand. Not all muslims are bad, in fact in my years of being around them, they were all very nice hospitable people.

    • Gary, I agree with you 110%… If you want to live in America you have to live by our customs, our laws, our rules… If you can’t conform, then you shouldn’t live here. Our military fight and die everyday for these injustices , but then America will bow down to them and allow them to do whatever they want in our own country… that’s just insane. If we tried to force our ways and customs on them, they would truly kill us in a heartbeat, and be proud of that fact. So I guess the New America’s way will be… the American laws only apply to Americans… all others can do whatever you want to…

  102. Why haven’t Pelosi, Feinstein, Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, Oprah, etc. all voiced their outrage at this behavior and treatment of women advocated by the Koran and Sharia law?

      • Hypocrisy has no backbone and neither do these people nor do the minions of the Cult of the Progressive Liberal Democrat. These people ignore the issue because addressing it would not gain them enough face time in front of the television cameras for self promotion.

  103. If my father had done this to my mother, the last person on this earth he should call for help would be me, because the only thing I would help him with would be drawing his final breath.

  104. I culturally believe that this man belongs under the prison in a pine box, alongside a slaughtered pig. He lives in the US, and here, murder is murder, and he should pay the price. A lifetime in prison seems to be just about right.

  105. You are in the culture of the United States. Here we do not beat our wife’s or children. If you are going to live here learn the customs ..Or go to where your believes fit the customs. We Americans visit countries with different laws and customs we are to obey them or suffer the penalty. So welcome to America and are penalties.

    • We don’t beat or wives and children in the United States?
      Where have you been? Ever read a newspaper or watch the news?
      Good “Christian” men beat their wives and families every day. DUH!

      • a fake christian, maybe… A “Good CHRISTIAN…” NEVER… He would be treating his wife like God treats his church…


      • We have men that have beaten their wifes or family in the USA but it isn’t a cultural norm here, it’s usually a man with a uncontrolled temper and he is usually jailed. Women have rights in the USA and do not have to tolerate beatings or abuse!

  106. This man’s action is deplorable and he should be given life with nothing to eat but pork – but I find myself ashamed, yet again, by the stupidity of my fellow Americans. This man is displaying cultural behavior, not fundamental Muslim beliefs (Not to be confused with “Fundamental” or “Radical Muslims” who support terrorism and sbould be irradicated with extreme prejudice). This is not.a.defense of his actions and I am not a Muslim – but we can’t confuse cultural norms from certain regions of the.Middle East with a particular religion, this same behavior also happens in some Christian regions of the Eastern Europe. And there have been plenty of “good” Christians in our own country who have thought it acceptable to beat their wife. In fact it wasn’t that long ago when our own legal system would look the other way. Hence the need for groups.to help these women abd the drive that took place in the 70’s and 80’s to “re-educate” not only society, but also the women who were being abused. Would we have classifide that as “Christian” behavior in the past? I guess that’s the downside of freadom of speach, any idiot can post their jacked up opinion and the morons follow – thus perpetuating the growing ignorance within our country.

    • Just thought I would add – the Nazi’s claimed the persecution of the Jews in the name of God. The sign over the gate in Dachau read “For God and Country” – Would anyone say that is representative “Christianity”? While the view was shared by a large number of “Christians”, my Christian grandfathers and uncles.fought hard and long against it.

      • Another testimate to our superior education system. It’s a wonder we haven’t gone completely under. READ the post [email protected]$$. I am not defending anything – I am attacking the artical’s assumption that beating one’s wife is a “Muslim” condoned activity rather than a cultural one, which it is. The activity is not condoned by all Mudlims, it is a religious right.

        Although comments like yours make me think it would benifit society if we culled the herd of morons periodically, I do not condone any type.of murder.

      • then, why do these muslims who do not condone it, not stand up and shout it from the roof tops?

        could it be they actually approve of killing women, and just keep quiet about it?

      • You are not shouting it from the roof tops, you arw charring online about it. I am sure many of the are as well.

      • Have you read the Karan? I have not, but I can find in the bible where women are proberty and subject to whatever their husband wants – we can ignore that but have to take the Koran word for word (if it even says that)? What about what Christ teaches about not judging one man based on his people or an entire people based on a few men? Our fight is not with all Muslims, but a select group of fanatics who claim to represent all Muslims. Whith the line of thinking I read here the goal is to irradicate all Muslims, I guess the Jews will be next, after that to go after the Buddhists or the Baptists? If we are making a list I think we should put the Pentacostles up there – a few of them told my daughter it was wrong to use her left hand, apparently it is the habd of Satan – I’m a lefty so I say get them before they get us.

        Rediculas isn’t it? Apparently I was mistaken for thinking there were intelligent people on here, it looks like it is just a bunch of hate mongers.


      • the koran is a bunch of ramblings written by a pervert who had sex on the brain. it is basically a manual on all the times it is permissable to have sex with who and what. the rest of it is devoted to killing infidels (anyone who does not believe in Islam)

        You are quoting the old testament of the Bible. Don’t you know all of that changed after Jesus gave his life to save us? Try reading the new testament.

        No where has the Koran changed. It remains as blood thirsty as ever.

        Mohammed, Islam prophet married aisha a girl of nine.

        What does that make him?

        rediculas? pentacosles? I take it spelling was not a strong suit of yours.

      • Sorry for the spelling – typing on my phone is a little difficult, I thought I made corrections. And yes the Old Testament, which is still a part of my Bible, at least it was this morning.

        The point you are missing is thatbwe should be judging each person on his/her own actions. If we apply the logic used here all Muslims are bad, and so must be Germans, Italians (they sided with the Nazis), Japanese, …. if we go back through history we can find faults with every country and religion. What about the Crusades, and the white settlers who all bit committed genocide in America. I guess if you are not part of the Orthodox Christian Church you gotta go. Lets just line everyone up now and shoot them. This is the slippery slope we are on.

        I think I’m done here, too many closed minds.

  107. Obama is already trying to get Sharia Law into our court system — perhaps Michelle Obama thinks is ok for Barack to beat her under his Muslim beliefs ?

  108. In unrelated news, 99.9% of muslim husbands did NOT beat their wives to death.

    Also in unrelated news, a very small percentage of men (and women) of other non-muslm cultures sometimes do bad things.

    This man is clearly a jerk and needs to be dealt with according to OUR laws, since he lives here and his wife deserves the same protections that all of us do. This is a good example of the greatness of our legal system which provides due process to even the worst among us. That is what makes us a civilized nation of laws, rather than vigilantes. But don’t fall for Allen West’s xenophobia by condemning entire groups of people based on a small number of outlying bad examples.

    I guarantee that whatever large group of people YOU identify with has POS people that YOU wouldn’t not want to judged with.

    • You are a naive child. Calling truth “xenophobia” makes YOU just as much of a problem for our nation as the practitioners of the Islamic cult. I’ve worked in the Islamic community for 18 years. “A small group, you say?” Hah!!! They love and appreciate the naive and ignorant like yourself. They know you rely on feelings rather than facts and logic. They will never assimilate into our Judeo-Christian ethics. With cheerleaders like you it’s only a matter of time until they have their sharia law here. And we’ll have morons like you to thank.

      • nice collection of dog whistle statements. You accuse me of ignoring facts and logic and instead relying on emotion and feelings – but your entire post is dripping with alarmism. I don’t see any facts of analysis in your post.

        My post, on the other hand, points out the LOGICAL difference between the FACT of a small number of isolated incidents and the ILLOGICAL extrapolation of that FACT to the NON-FACT which states that, to paraphrase a similar cultural scare from a generation ago, “THE MUSLIMS ARE COMING!!”.

        Why should they assimilate into our culture? America is a pluralistic society. It’s part of our strength and pride. Assimilation is what the communists tried to do – or is that what you are suggesting?

        The only “assimilation” that they need to do is the same as we all do – and that is to accept the rule of our secular law. To demand anything else from them in order to become “like us” IS the very definition of xenophobia.

        http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/xenophobia sez:
        Full Definition of XENOPHOBIA
        : fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign

        Facty enough for ya?

      • If it wasn’t for the sacrifice of the rest of us, I would love to see your face when the full weight of Islamic law hit you in the face. But you are not worth the price. You are either Muslim or just an educated word jock wasting his time and glorying in listening to his own words. Islam history is well documented through history and I am sure more people than me has perused it.

      • More stupidity fro the muslim lover who tries to claim his post is “logical”. It tries to make the truth go away with ILLOGIC and poor debating practices attempting to cover up the falsity of its blather.

      • It’s an irrational fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners.
        Do you honestly think our fear of a people who have time and time again threatened to wipe us off the face of the Earth is irrational?

      • That’s a fair point. However, you are comparing secular laws vs. ancient religious laws. I DO see the difference. It is the difference of centuries of progress that ALL human cultures go through, although at different rates and at different times. Judeo-Christian laws have similarly barbaric practices enshrined in religious texts, and European civilization has a history (as does almost every other major civilization center) of barbaric practices that are more recent than we like to admit (genocide, subjugation of women or various “undesired” ethnic groups).
        so it is noble to condemn the behavior, but it is wishful thinking to believe that the behavior is limited to those who are muslim.

      • Christ’s death created a new covenant in Christian law. If you were really educated in Christianity you would have known that.

      • Yes, I know, I hear that all the time. Except when people talk about homophobia – then its all about quoting chapter and verse from Deuteronomy.

        Also, Christ’s death may have THEOLOGICALLY changed the rules (although I find it very strange to say that God essentially said “whoops, nevermind” to the old testament, but that Christ’s authority is still derived from the same source – but whatever, I’m not interested in a theological argument here), but clearly it CULTURALLY did not. The last 2000 years includes lotsa killing and murdering and wife beating, and it’s not all (or in the case of European history, not even MOSTLY) committed by Muslims. So if we hold up A MUSLIM as a representative of Muslim thought and culture, then is it not logical to hold up A CHRISTIAN as a representative of Christian thought and culture? If so, we would have no trouble finding similarly barbaric people in the church pews. or even in the clergy.

        Also, I would like to remind you that our country is not a theocracy, so Christ’s death is relevant to followers of Christ, but is not a requirement to be American (and definitely not a requirement to be human).

      • you hear all the time that your thoughts are utter nonsense..

        thanks for sharing that.

        do you think you will ever get a clue, troll?

      • You have made a valid point. You however, forgot to consider that those other religions have become “civilized” since the “Dark Ages”

      • Since the 7th century, Muslims have been at the top of the list.
        Granted, the Crusades and Spanish Inquisition gave them a little competition. But that was then and this is now and the Muslims are still at it.

      • Your statement shows your nobility.

        I didn’t defend either the man on trial nor the defense attorney. I attacked Allen West’s xenophobia. Take a moment to consider the words written down rather than simply casting me as “not with me, so must be against me”.

        Or just continue living in your world of fear and hate. You could do that too.

      • Mr loupman… When have you ever heard of good coming from Islam? You too sir, need to pay attention

      • BS, You defended the “Culture” that condones this practice. That makes you a sheer idiot
        There is NO “xenophobia” on Allen Wests part and saying so makes you a RACIST HATER..

      • Xenophobia: irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries.
        Do think our fear of people who have vowed to wipe Israel and the United States off the face of the Earth is irrational?

      • actually, you started talking about men of other religions committing crimes in a pathetic attempt to draw us away from the subject of the article.

        liberals can never stay on subject.

        i never saw Allen West’s name anywhere in the article, so what does he have to to with the subject?

    • you don’t get it, he will demand to be judged by islam law not american law, and the POS and DOJ will guarantee him that right, he is an pakistani immigrant and committed a crime, an offense that demands deportation.

    • “99.9% of muslim husbands did NOT beat their wives to death” ???
      I’m certain you have a source to make such a claim… aye?
      Of course the simple minded will easily look over the deception of such a comment…
      “NOT beat their wives to death”…

      So let’s give all the satanically worshipping muslim men a pat on the back because 99.9% of them didn’t kill their wives when beating them.

      Maybe you would care to explain where those muslims that do beat their wives for not following direction and/or being properly subservient… get such an idea?

      Folks… the fact is… moderate Islam does NOT exist!

      A so called “moderate muslim” is either…
      1) Awaiting for their numbers to increase in order to wager Jihad
      2) Not devout to the satanic Quran

      Thus… the role of some satanic worshipping muslims is to minimize the atrocities of satanic Islam and it’s cult followers.

  109. Take
    your devil’s way back to where you came from… In America, we do
    things the American way… If you can’t live by our rules and laws you
    need to go back where you came from. AMERICA CANNOT ALLOW THEM TO BRING
    DEFEND THIS GARBAGE… HANG THE BASTARD ! If American begin to recognize sharia, it will be to the death of all American’s… America’s way… and a spit in the face to all military who died and/or fought for freedoms…

    • I agree. Sharia is 100% incompatible with the United States Constitution, and has no place within our shores.

  110. If he and other fellow Pakistanis and Cultures that allow beatings of their wifes or daughters want to live in the USA then they need to leave behind their idiotic beliefs or don’t bother immigrating to the USA! Other fellow Pakistanis should be outraged if they live in the US as this is one more man of their culture that makes them look bad. I’d ship this prick back to Pakistan, Why should we pay to house him in prison because that’s where he is headed. Why? Because this is the USA Not Pakistan.

  111. Sympathizers Obama and Holder? Allen West really thinks Obama and Holder would support these actions? West no more in touch with reality than the offender.

  112. We do not want muuslim law in the USA. Get out and stay out of our country, take your Satanic ways with you. You are not a religion of peace, you are barbaric and a bunch of idiots who are chicken in your fighting methods and only attack the defenseless, weak, non-soldiers, women and children. You should be ashamed of your so-called religion. We the USA must get this vermin out of the USA.

  113. In the first several responses to this report I read satanic and devil worship too many times. While the gist of most of the statements I agree with, I cannot agree or like many of the statements because of the vile libel associated with them. Christian, Muslim, agnostic, or any other form of belief (or non belief) are treated to the same laws in this country, that is based on the separation of church and state. It’s the primary reason for that separation, so that little addendum at the end of the article was intended to just stir up animosity.

    • Of course you would have no animosity if that poor woman was your mother and you lived in a culture and religion that not only supported this mans action but also promoted it. I get so sick of people who don’t want to call Evil evil.

      • Devil worship is evil, but not all evil is satanic. Square / rectangle. I’m not Muslim, I don’t beat women, and I agree that he was wrong and did an evil thing. I don’t think that the Muslim community is a bunch of devil worshiping terrorists though, and that was what I was speaking, the blanket stereotypical statement.

      • Has to be the MOST asinine defense I’ve ever seen. HEY STUPID, YES ALL EVIL IS SATANIC, Evil IS FROM the DEVIL (SATAN). You DO need to open you Bible and QUIT using it for a door stop.
        Yes, most of the muslim community do worship a devil, try making remarks about their child molesting, people slaughtering founder. They ALL back Sharia Law which is the Devils own handwork.

      • Yes the idea of “separation of church and state.” does exist in the US Constitution.


        Using the exact words “state shall make no laws concerning religion”

      • gary, hopefully, you are not as slow as you appear to be. the words were written to keep government out of religion, to prevent government for being too over bearing regarding religion, and to prevent government from over reaching and declaring a state religion.

        if anything it means for state to stay out of church business.

        only, in yours and other fevered little liberal minds does it mean separation of church and state.

        The words as written puts restrictions upon the Government, not church.

      • Would you agree that Sharia law is evil and therefore those who practice Sharia law are also evil,

    • there is no separation of church and state. the founding fathers never intended that. Please show me in the constitution or any amendment where it says “separation of church and state.”

      You cannot.

      the only thing you will find is where it says “state shall make no laws concerning religion”, and that is as plain as day and understandable to anyone except a liberal..

      nothing like you said.

      • The words YOU cited “state shall make no laws concerning religion” mean “separation of church and state.” DUH!

      • no, dense one it means the government should not interfere in any aspect of religion/

        You liberals have always had problems with understanding anything.

        I see nothing that says separation of church and state.

        I ask you before and you ignored it.

        show me where it says separation of church and state.

        The words are intended to prevent state(Government) from declaring a Government approved religion, such as was in England and other countries at the time.. There is nothing about separation of church and state.

    • This man is not being PROSECUTED based on religion, but on the basis of premeditated murder. His DEFENSE is premised on the cultural norm of the country he immigrated from, which sanctions female beatings up to and including death. You try to make a religious comparison, but it must be pointed out that this man (who is charged with killing his wife in cold blood) uses a defense that seeks to force his incompatible cultural background as a means to justify his way of life. Big mistake, no one should care about where he came from or what he believes, we only need the fact that a murder took place and it begs for justice.

    • funny I don’t hear any christian preachers telling us to hate or kill anyone lately.only those so called peaceful idiots you are defending.

      • Don’t you listen to the good Christians over at Fox News?
        Hate the Gays
        Hate the Liberals
        Hate the Muslims
        Hate the immigrants
        Hate anybody who is not like you
        The only difference is in this country we put a leash in the bigots.

      • thats funny,I don’t hear anyone at Fox telling me to hate anyone.The only hate I hear being preached are on the liberal propaganda channels like MSNBC,CNN,ABC,NBC telling me to hate white people,more specifically white males.I see you have been reading the communist manifesto.Why don’t you try to come put a leash on me coward?

  114. And this is the kind of islam law they want to instill in the american justice system
    He should be tried, shot and his body deported, and my guess his son would have covered up the murder of his mother and carried on the family tradition to his wife if she cooked the wrong food. Beware women who marry muslims. And our dear president said “I will stand with the Arab and Pakistani americans should the winds shift in an ugly direction.” Will the pakistani get off with a slap on the wrist?

    • I recently have come on board with you 100%. Muslims will try to gain majorities in certain communities, at which time they will stack the town/city councils and institute Sharia Law.

      Sharia Law is 100% incompatible with the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, ISLAM MUST GO!

    • “Who” is trying to get Sharia Law instilled her?
      It’s unconstitutional, DUH!
      NO, the Pakistani will NOT get off with a slap on the wrist, JEESH!
      Worry about thins that can happen.

      • probably, because some tool got their liberal feelings hurt at all the down votes they got and complained.once you were able to get a message blocked if it got a lot of down votes. they had to level the playing field for those oh so sensitive liberals.

      • Why are there votes at all, then? Up votes are meaningless without down votes, and vice-versa.

      • David is right, Joseph. A Born Again Christian is far more than just someone who goes to church on Sunday. You take the words of the Humble Carpenter and infused them in every fiber of your spiritual being to become a new creature. You come to realize that we are spirit beings contained in a corporeal form. And once we return to the infinite, nothing finite matters.

      • Yes they have, and they used Christianity as a defense for owning slaves, denying women the right to vote, massacring Indians (Dot and Feather) Internment camps, etc, etc, etc.

    • My main point is that there have been men in America that have beaten women to death or committed other heinous crimes and claimed Christianity as a defense. In fact, people have tried all sorts of crazy things as a defense, they never work. His lawyer is doing what lawyers do, trying to find ANYTHING to help his client, grasping at straws basically.

      What he has done is terrible, he deserves to be tried for murder and probably will be as our courts take only U.S. law into consideration.


  116. Doesn’t NY has the death penalty for premeditated murder. The jury in this case should recommend the death penalty to send the message that murdering someone’s wife, daughter, sister or other member of the family for what they claim are “honor killings is not allowed in America. Spousal abuse is a felony and should be treated as such regardless of the culture from where they come. He should be injected with pig fat until he dies of cholesterol overdose.

  117. I say hang him by the neck until dead–Oh! wait, I forgot that in his culture we can just behead him. So, off with his head!

    • The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Both NOW (and all other Progressive/Humanist groups) and Islam share a common enemy – Christians and Jews. Judeo-Christianity is their Number One enemy. NOW couldn’t care less about the welfare of Muslim women; their priority is their ability to kill their babies at will. For that reason, they welcome anyone who violently opposes Christianity.

  118. The article begins almost as if what happened is funny. It isn’t. I have never been able to make any sense of how Muslim men can treat their wives and daughters. And now they bring the same barbarism (honour killings, wife beatings, etc.) to the United States. Who the hell is letting them in and why?

    • The key word here is “wiveS” That’s plural, meaning more than one wife. When one wife gets to be “defective” she gets put down like an uncontrollable, violent, animal and the next wife gets the attention until she too gets put down.

  119. As long as our stupid Immigration Dept. continues to allow these Muslim killers into our country by the truck-load, these insane killings will continue and NEVER STOP. Even worse, already their demonic Sharia law is creeping into our American court system because of idiotic liberal judges who are giving them this insane privilege and when that happens, then a Muslim man can kill anyone in his family he thinks brought dishonor to the family and be free from prosecution. It’s just a matter of time.

  120. I take issue more with the Asst. D.A. than the defense attorney. The killer’s own attorney is supposed to represent him, but the D.A. is supposed to represent the people. Shame on that guy(?). He should be fired.

    • If the Defense attorney thinks this is acceptable behavior then how about the defendant getting to beat her with the same stick if she loses the case.

    • ” (Assistant District Attorney) Madni said that Hussain “brutally attacked his wife as she lay in her bed” — leaving deep lacerations on her head, arms and shoulders, and causing her brain to hemorrhage. He beat her with a stick that the family had found in the street and used to stir their laundry in a washtub, the court papers state. He then tried to clean up the blood that had splattered onto their bedroom wall before calling his son for help”

      Pearl87, I take it you did not read the article.

  121. The religion of peace heard from again! Peace of Sh-t is more to the point. You are now entering an Islamic culture. Please set your watch back 800 years!

  122. In Muslim culture, sex with 9 year old girls is just fine. So we must accept that? In Muslim culture rape isn’t rape unless witnessed by 4 other men. So we must accept that? In their culture, men pour acid in the faces of women who reject them, laugh too loud, sing a song the men don’t like, and so on. So we must accept that?

    • No, We The People don’t have to accept that, what We The People have to do is kick the asses of those in Washington who permit this to happen. Start at the White House if you want to start kicking some ass.

    • Selah, do you know how a liberal would answer your comment? Like this:

      “YOU’RE NOTHING BUT A BIGOT. You’re an Islamophobe spreading Islamopobia. You’re full of hate and you’re spewing hate-speech. You shouldn’t have the right to comment here. Your comment should be stricken and you should be sent to sensitivity training.”

      That’s how the typical nutjob liberal would respond.

      • How true. And I have gotten just about all of those responses.

        Liberals aren’t interested in truth; just their fantasyland agenda.

  123. What I want to know is, did he shout Allahu Akbar as he was whipping her to death? That is the universal cry when cutting off the heads of Christians or other innocent victims, or lining them up on their knees and shooting them in the head. For such is the ecstasy of Allah.

  124. is this a positive story for IMMIGRATION !! another AMERICA NEEDS TO STOP IMMIGRATION they don’t come here to be AMERICANS ! they come here and want to bring their ways and customs and here they are ILLEGAL as they are

    • Please proofread and edit what you write. Take the time to read back through what you’ve written and fix it.

  125. Those people need to STAY In that culture if they like it so much. We don’t WANT it here!!!! Barbaric & Evil is what it is!

  126. I want to know was the Stick the right size as proscribed under Islamic Law? Under their law He had every right to discipline his Wife but the Stick used to administer that discipline could not be thicker then his Thumb. If it was the wrong size… boy is he in Trouble.

      • That is what those whose brains are functioning normally would say. Unfortunately, we have too many who hold the reins of power in this country who cannot make that claim.

        More’s the pity for our once-great nation…

    • Bob, I often ask the same question about Leftist/socialsts. Why do they leave their European socialist utopias and move here — and then try to turn America into the same socialist piece-of-excrement THEY LEFT ? ? ? ?

      • Bingo. Is it so Texas can become the welfare state and financial DISASTER that Kalifornia is?

      • As a hardcore, rock-ribbed, gun-toting, card-carrying conservative who lived in Sucpimento, Leftifornia for 23 years and is now in Texas, I too am bothered by that particular trend.

        Same with Mexicans who come here and vote Democrat — which is a vote against everything that has made America a successful economic dynamo and the greatest country in the history of the world. When I meet an individual who fits either description, I tell them, “Go back where you came from. You’re not welcome here.”

        It’s time to stop pussy-footing with UN-American socialists and start putting social pressure on them. It’s time we started getting in their faces the way THEY do to anyone who opposes any part of their overall God-hating, America-blaming, Leftist agenda.

      • The answer is simple: to turn Texas into a “blue” state.

        (Of course I never could understand why the Democrats got the color blue. If anything, their color should have been RED, like their politics. Must have been a coin toss…)

    • Simple, they are following the Koran’s teaching that all the world must bow to allah and honor Muhammad as the prophet. In their thinking the world must be under sharia law. My opinion is, they are all bat crap crazy.

  127. I agree if they want to continue this type of behavior stay In Pakistan. Most people come here for a better life, this would include abiding my the law of this land not what was acceptable in the land they left. From the information provided this just sounds like a mean, hateful man that abused his wife all the time, when it went to far he claims it is OK in Pakistan, that is our culture.. not in the USofA.

  128. Too bad his wife did not season the wrong meal with Arsenic… Poor excuse of a human being…he should get DEATH ! The judge must abide by OUR LAWS & NOT Pakistans’ !

  129. This is what happens when we allow people to emigrate here when they have no intention of assimilating into our social system. A sane government would think that few examples of this type of behavior would be sufficient for them to reassess their position on immigration from such societies. Apparently not, pity.

    • not only the muslims, but also the illegal aliens,

      it is not unusual to encounter a hispanic who has been in the U.S, for twenty years and still does not speak English,.

      • Right! And where, oh where, is ANYONE in Congress puting a bill forward to make English our official language, eh? They’re all COWARDS!

      • That should have been done in the early 20th Century, when immigration from countries that did not speak English was growing. It wasn’t done. Now it is too late. (See my post above.)

  130. I hope the liberal and democrat women who love to defend the Islamists are listening so if they get their way in the slow integration of sharia laws in America they will know what to expect from their husbands.

    • Now if only the creeps in our Congress, White House, and SCOTUS felt the same way. Alas, Congress is cowed by the president, and SCOTUS has too many of his ‘appointees,’ who agree with his Muslim sensibilities.

      If the president weren’t GAY, he probably would have Executive Ordered Sharia into Law by now, but I’m sure he’s shivering in his pink tennies at the knowledge he’d get his head cut off by the Muzzies.

    • And the gays too. I was telling some people at dinner yesterday about this story. They knew nothing about sharia laws or muslim customs, and we only live an hour from Dearborn.

  131. There is no room here for foreign attitudes, foreign laws, and foreign cultures. Those who emigrate expecting to keep their foreign beliefs and live here without assimilating are not welcome. Those who have no intent of becoming a loyal naturalized citizen must be deported. There is no room in the United States for those who claim to be hyphenated Americans for you are either an American or you are not.

    • I agree with you 100%. I only wish the so-called “progressive” (code for “collectivist”) commie libtards would agree. Our country is filled with that ilk and ethnic “activists” who would say that you are a “racist”, a “bigot” and a cultural “chauvinist”.

      Of course anyone with a brain understands that our strength lies in unity, NOT “diversity”. However the Left suffers from severe brain dysfunction; that is why they came up with the wonderful world of “political correctness” and “multi-culturalism”. You DO see the problem, don’t you?

  132. Wow gives new meaning to being a bad cook!. Seriously, this is the religion we are all suppose to embrace and believe is a peaceful religion. Horse Puckies! Liberals never embrace anything that makes sense. This is a perfect example. It’s always what normal people go “what”, why would you support that? It is just mind numbing. Other countries don’t bend to outside laws, why on earth do we?

    • “Wow gives new meaning to being a bad cook!”
      Yes, also gives a whole new meaning to Hell’s Kitchen {^_^}

    • Unfortunately, European countries ARE ‘bending’ to Sharia Law, for while America still enjoys a tiny fraction of Muslim immigrants, Europe has been overrun with Muslim immigrants who are not assimilating into their new country’s culture, but taking over by demanding their Sharia Law be above their adoptive country’s laws.

      They’re trying to do the same thing here, but most States are denying their demands in favor of our Constitution. However, if Liberals keep control of our government much longer, the federal govt will force States to accept Sharia. Then, we’ll all fall under that horrid governing system!

      • “the federal govt will force States to accept Sharia. Then, we’ll all fall under that horrid governing system!”
        They’d best be collecting all guns and ammo first, otherwise its gonna be hoe down time. BTW, Turkey In The Straw won’t be the tune that’s playing either.

      • Doubtful this will stand. Citizens of OK need to pressure the governor to tighten up her girdle and stand up to the Feds.

      • Yes indeed and hopefully some Oath Keepers that aren’t busy keeping watch at the Bundy Ranch join in on this.

      • Yes, because BLM are just waiting for the right opportunity to return. Then you also have BLM looking at Oklahoma and Texas. I can see it coming.

      • Some other countries, are pretty much telling people if you come here live by our laws. That’s what we should be doing. We’ve got judges that are supporting Sharia law here. I swear stupid must be a qualification for some of these positions.

      • Unfortunately, Judges are appointed, not elected. But they’re appointed by an elected leader. However, some States allow the People to vote them off the ‘bench,’ after a period of time.

        Colorado is an example of one of these States. There’s a civilian ‘watchdog’ website called, “Clear The Bench,” where folks can go to get info on the rulings of judges of differing levels within the State, along with recommendations from the group whether the judge should be retained or not.

        The real problem in America lies with the People, themselves. An electorate always chooses leaders who are most like themselves, so when the characters of our leaders are immoral (greedy, corrupt, and selfish)–as they are these days–it indicates that the People’s collective character is immoral.

        There’s really no point in complaining about what we HAVE when we refuse to do the hard work of CHANGING our cultural morals FIRST. Every voter must have knowledge of our truthful history, and be interested in PRESERVING our nation as it was founded, before they will take the appropriate actions, as individuals, to properly vet political candidates.

        Unfortunately, most of the populace is too busy (distracted) with their personal lives, electronic devices, TV programs, games, and other various entertainment vices to care much about learning our history (since their public education was not a real education) or bothering to take necessary actions to preserve it.

        The few Americans who are actually awake to the Truth and are motivated to take action to vet candidates and vote their consciences always end up on the losing end of the battle–we’re outnumbered by those who are UNEDUCATED, uninformed, and unINTERESTED, and are so morally bankrupt, they are willing to commit felonies to ensure their morally bankrupt candidate wins elections.

        Even more discouraging is the poor percentage of active voting among registered voters. Example: On May 20th this year, ony 10% of registered voters voted in Kentucky’s Primary Election. Do you really think such a low number indicates the people of Kentucky were even aware of the election, much less interested in participating? That statistic is evidenced in every State of this union for mid-term elections. Even now, when America is festooned with huge problems and the People are (supposedly) angry with our poor-performing federal government. Yet, they don’t DO anything about it!

        If you want to make positive changes, you must WAKE UP YOUR NEIGHBORS to the Truth–or at a minimum, encourage them to learn the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Christ will do the rest, and change their characters for the better.

        Yes, that takes time, but we must remember how long it took the unGodly Progressives to destroy our cultural morality (over 100 years).

        And now, you’ll probably verbally spit at me for bringing up religion. Well, if you don’t know that our Founders were Christian and used the Bible to help create this unique nation, nor acknowledge the Reason behind America’s rise to greatness in our early years, then I would have to assume you’re not interested in saving America, either.

      • True but I’m seeing more stories of pressure by CAIR that is pushing their agenda and take over of the country.

  133. When one follows a lie, and the world followers the liars of that or any lie no good can come from its stupidity. This man is following the dictates of the crappy ‘quarn(4:34); no more no less. Those who commit all manner of sickness are those who follow the ‘qurans’ teaching. Those who do not and are called peaceful ‘muslims’ are called hypocrites in the ‘quran’. Now tell me why would anyone stay in a blood thirsty ideology where the best you could be called if you chose to be peaceful and get along with others is a hypocrite, of which ‘allah’ disdains?????????????? How many ever thought that the professors in higher education and one entire political party would bend over backward to aid and protect such a heinous, and vile, evil lie????

  134. He was just practicing Sharia law. Even if they are in the US they believe they can use their laws. Not in America. You want to act like that go back to Pakistan or wherever you came from.

    Where are the feminists in our country? They are all of a sudden mute. Are they afraid of getting whipped?

    • Yes, quit driving, going to college, cover up your face and body, obey your husband and father. Look forward to it ladies. It’s coming if it isn’t stopped. Look at Dearborn, MI. That is what happens when the Muslims take over.

  135. I wish people would leave their hatred of liberals and democrats out of the discussion and focus instead on the prevalence of domestic violence, which takes many lives EVERY DAY. Perpetrators come from every age group, socio-economic demographic, and cultural background. The blame goes to our society for looking the other way rather than demanding better for innocent victims. Although men and boys can be victims, women and girls are most at risk. One in four will be victimized at least once in their lifetime. Think about your family…. 1 in 4!

    • Are you kidding? Who’s policies let these people in and tolerate their “cultural differences?”

      Domestic violence is abhorrent in any culture, but Islamic culture not only condones it but encourages it. Ever hear of honor killings? To which the liberals and democrats you defend turn a blind eye and are deafeningly silent about it.

    • The Qur’an and Hadith teach the subjugation of women, the beating of wives, the third class level of women. Islam TEACHES men to beat their wives. Islam TEACHES that rape is not rape. Islam TEACHES that women can be brutally punished for wearing clothing Muslim ‘men’ don’t approve.

      Islam TEACHES the enslavement of women. All women. This is their culture. And the sick defense attorney in this case says we must accept that culture; a culture of slavery, oppression, cruel capital punishment for the slightest of reasons for half of the population. I am proud to say that I DO hate that. And I am sickened and disgusted at the cowardly lefties who cozy up to this scum because they lack the integrity and courage to call them out on their brutality.

      Imagine if a Christian group set up a community somewhere in the plains states, and based their communal rules on the enslavement of women. These Christian women could not get an education. Women could not drive. These women could take only the most menial of jobs. The women would be there for the sole purpose of serving their Christian male masters. Women could not go out alone; could not go shopping alone; but must always be accompanied by a male relative. The Christian men could freely beat their wives; rape single women; and mutilate their daughters. Think there might be a few ‘liberals’ bent out of shape over that? Then why is it absolutely fine for Muslim men to do exactly the same thing to their women in this country.

    • It would be easy to leave liberals and Democrats out of the discussion if they weren’t pro ripping babies limb from limb and sucking their brains out!

    • You are now entering a Muslim country. Please set your watch back 800 years!
      BTW within Islam the ratio is probably 1 in 1! Wise up!

  136. The Florida DEM. pass a law for Sharia Law for women in Florida. Those politicians in Florida need to be vote out and sent to a reform school.

      • I missed read your post thinking the Sharia Law passed. I’m a Native Floridian and have been following this close. Yes, the Democrats Senators voted 24-14 for the Law. They Democrats will not win in Florida. They have received so many messages, faxes and calls that they know what to do it. The Floridians are in an uproar over this.

      • How dare a law such as that even comes up for a vote. The author(s) of the bill and any legislator that voted for it should have been immediately removed from office!!

      • “For those people who want to come to America we welcome them, but when you come to America you’re going to be governed on American laws and when you come to Florida you’re going to be governed on Florida laws. We dare not apologize for that, folks. This is a very good bill. It’s an all American bill.”

        “As religion is not mentioned at all, the court will deem it facially neutral. A court will then apply the Lemon test (a legal test), and likely find both a secular government purpose and that the law does not facilitate excessive governmental entanglement with religion. Because of this, a court will likely uphold the law from a First Amendment challenge.”

        The Florida Senate voted on the bill and it passed 24-14. There are 14 Democrats in the Florida State Senate and all 14 voted against the bill. Some of the Democrats commented that they voted against the bill because they felt it targeted specific religious groups, referring to Islam. The bill has now gone to the House where a similar bill passed last year.

        Prior to the vote, the Florida chapter of CAIR, an Islamic group that has been linked to Islamic extremists and terrorists in the past, sent letters to GOP senators urging them to reject the bill. Hassan Shilby, Chief Executive Director of CAIR-FL wrote:

        “If you remain silent while party organizations invite Islamophobic speakers and GOP legislators support bills driven by anti-Muslim bias, your party risks alienating one of the fastest growing groups of American voters. Florida now has 150,000 registered Muslim voters. True the senators should be thrown out.

    • Well, technically, the 14 Florida State Dems only voted AGAINST a Republican bill that bans consideration of foriegn laws in Florida courts, and the 25 Republican ‘yay’ votes beat out the 14 Democratic ‘nay’ votes.

      • I use to be a southern democrats. But President Johnson was the one that made me a Republican. I still think He was the one that had Kennedy kill. He also turn the USA into a welfare government. Then Jimmy Carter made a law that any person from another country can draw social security when they turn 65 and come to the USA. The Dem. are good at giving our money away to people that never work for it.

  137. …this was one of his calm days ..the Jihad devil would have blown up the entire building, if the wife had served him a porkchop sandwich wrapped in sizzling bacon

  138. Whats the problem? Americans elected one to live in the White House twice. We are going to go the way of Detroit and all the while, most voters in the USA remain fat, dumb and happy.

    • I am now convinced the sonofabitch currently in the White House was NOT re-elected in 2012 … it was massive fraud by fifth columnists and a media that refused to acknowledge the fraud.

      • There is a Bill that was passed in the 50’s. It says something like; the Republicans can’t fight any election that has fraud. I can’t remember everything it says nor have I been able to find it.

      • It was actually in the 90’s. Came out of NJ Troopers shooting a van of minorities that wouldn’t stop backing into them. Judge told NATIONAL REPUBLICAN PARTY to take ruling that they could not charge fraud against the democrats in the nation. Judge comes out of retirement every year to renew ruling, even though it was changed. Appeals judge (BO appointee) approved it.

        Now you know the story.

      • Thank you, because I could not remember it all. I just remembered a law that had something to do with the fraud the last election. I suggest it is time for the Republicans to do something about it, don’t you?

    • You are so right! Ever watch Watters’ World on O’Reilly’s “No Spin Zone”? Last week we had the privilege of watching the nouveau riche from Hollywood in their disconnected mental states! If they didn’t have decent scripts to memorize, I think they might just seem to be largely incoherent. Prior to that it was the know nothing youth crowd outside a concert. Obama was a “skin color” racist choice and nothing more. His Nobel prize was a joke and now everything he has allegedly “stood for” has failed. But if there was a third term possible, the ignorant electorate would send him in again I’m sure.

  139. Shame on the attorney who took this case. Who is willing to make money off of the death of a woman who has been beaten and abused and killed then claims it is okay. How can anyone with any morals stand and take money from someone over this.

    • Well now, the defendant is entitled to legal representation which could be court appointed for all we know. After all, this is still the U.S.A.

      • disisdadrum-I know you will get what I’m saying. I just informed my worst half I would no longer be cooking for him and that from now on he would have to cook all meals.

  140. This is the US. There is NO place for this crap! Screw Muslims, Screw Sharia, and everyone of them can GO TO HELL..they will eventually anyway. NO SHARIA in this Country!! EVER

    • We should have drawn the line on Islam a very long time ago. It is not tolerant of other religions, and therefore does not deserve to exist in the USA, which is built on religious tolerance. Thanks to this imposter in the WH we have been infested.