Before 13 Hours: Confidential source told me what REALLY happened in Benghazi

[Note: We first posted this on May 23, 2014.]

Today as I returned from Detroit, I had a moment that I truly felt was God sent, as I don’t believe in coincidences. It happened on one of my flights, and it was two hours I will never forget.

I was seated beside someone who personally knew one of the men who was there on the roof in Benghazi. This person was excited to share with me the “ground truth” of what happened September 11, 2012.

My seat mate drew schematics to orient me to the “time and spacing” and the direction of the attack. I learned about the repeated orders to the men at the CIA annex to stand down and do nothing — thank God two of them, Glenn Doherty and Ty Woods, lived up to their code of honor and ran to the sound of the guns, resulting in their loss of life — but the preservation of life for others, their fellow Americans.

I learned about the proximity of the staging area of the attack to the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, and the attackers were indeed Ansar al-Sharia, a group affiliated with al-Qaida. I came to understand why Ambassador Chris Stevens was there in the first place and that he had in fact requested better security but was denied – the question is, by whom? And I learned that the Martyrs of 17 February Brigade were in charge of security and were the ones who opened the gates, then fled.

I learned there are those who are being threatened with their pensions being cut off if they come forth to speak.

And I learned, as I presumed, that there was a covert weapons scheme going on in Libya, Benghazi. We had been supplying radical Islamists with weapons against Libyan President Moammar Gadhafi, effectively supplying the enemy and destabilizing that country. And it seems that there was a CIA weapons buy-back program, the aim of which was to ship the retrieved weapons out of Libya through Turkey, and to the Islamist forces in Syria.

Benghazi and the operations in Libya are shrouded in a fog of lies, deceit, manipulation, threats, intimidation, coercion, abandonment, and worst of all, potentially treason.

No, it was not about a kidnapping scheme, it was about something, as I’ve stated, that will make Iran-Contra look like Romper Room. The web of lies spun is coming apart, and all other committee hearings on this matter should be shut down.

The House has established a Select Committee — quite telling that the same has not been done in the Senate — and those involved, to include the President, MUST appear before Rep. Trey Gowdy. [Update: of course we now know how THAT worked out]

And to those Democrats appointed to the committee: if you seek to obstruct the revelation of the truth, you are complicit and guilty as well.

Am I afraid because of what I now know? Heck no. I’m honored to have been entrusted, so I for one can be on the right side of history.


  1. WOW! Now there is the smoking gun…excuse the phrase. That must qualify as treason by all in the government concerned from the top on down! You need to run for the WH, Col West. Our country will not survive without you!

    • What? This isn’t a movie, our country will survive without Col West, but why should we fight without him. He’d make a great Director of Defense.

      • i actually agree w/ you Denise. what was the phrase……?……”walk softly and carry a big stick”. i was reminded of it when you described Col. West helping. i actually like Dr. Ben Carson for President, but my pop and others say he is not strong enough. ok, he can walk softly, sure footed on the grounds built by the constitution as he well knows this path. Col. West can be our “Big Stick”. an Honorable Military man steeped in a desire to follow the Founding Fathers and their Declarations which made this Great country. imagine a President Carson and V.P. Col. Allen West!! You get those two men to serve the people and they will surround themselves w/ the right men for the job of restoring what made this country Great.

        It’s a long way to 2016, but, food for thought. 🙂 🙂

  2. I’m a Canadian so I have no skin in the game…but why has Barack Obama not been arrested for High Treason?

      • voxcantor, you are obviously a racist. Anyone who criticizes dear leader is a racist. You probably also hate women too, don’t you? Are you a global warming …. climate change denier? Why do you hate the earth? Why are you a HATER? Since you are a canuck you probably club baby seals to death and shoot polar bears for fun. Your opinion means nothing.

      • Gino, You ARE kidding, aren’t you????? Obama has spent all his time in office destroying America and you don’t see it clearly? YOU are the RACIST, kool aid drinking, sheeple FOOL and a TRAITOR to America!! GET LOST!

      • Not really, Screemin’….I’m not the only one who questioned Gino’s comment. When he ends with “your opinion means nothing” he sounds like a close-minded Leftist idiot!!

      • He was kidding….using sarcasm to make a point about the left….including his last sentence.

      • LOL Gino, please do not omit the part about the racist, woman hating, climate change denier, earth hating, baby seal/polar bear clubber/shooter being a card carrying NRA member!

      • Indeed…on both sides of the isle…the false paradigm of Republican’s and Democrat’s evaporate when you realize that behind closed doors, they are laughing and in bed together. Screwing the American public into being a debt slave to their evil schemes…

      • Aisle…not isle. Don’t be silly…Republican’s and Democrat’s are at logger heads most of the time. Evil schemes…conspiracy theories.

      • They are at loggerheads about who’s going to run this Juggernaut of a government much more than they are about how it’s run. The Progressive Republicans, and most of them seem to be to some degree, will find it “impossible” to get rid of the Obama big government programs (like Obama with Gitmo), as much as they consider it “their goal” to do so, Someday. “But we can’t just terminate a program that serves…). They like the expansion and the increased control of the serfs and the money Obama has engendered – they just don’t want to take the blame for it. If the government gets smaller by as much as one redundant department, it will be a miracle worthy of declaring a state holiday.

      • ^^ Indeed, Solardiamond…indeed…and I thank God for that. (wink) But yes, it is how they actually operate. ^^

      • How? Every time a Democratic scandal is discovered, we here how “they all do it”. When a Republic is alleged to be in a scandal, it is “those damned Republicans”. If any Republicans are involved in the refusal to send help or in the cover up in the aftermath, then cook them in a chair too. But I haven’t heard anything suggesting that Republicans are involved so far.

      • Thinking the Republicans are clean…is willful ignorance at this point or you just haven’t been keeping up. Both sides are complicit in helping to perpetrate the greatest ON GOING series of frauds, false flag attacks, and a multitude of other Crimes against Humanity. These crimes not only effect our own citizens who have had to endure them, but the rest of the world as well. Thinking that anything will EVER change while the current people and ALL those connected to them are still in power, is foolish. Look how the IRS was allowed to investigate themselves and other departments & alphabet agencies have been trying to get away with it as well. The ONLY way to ensure Constitutionally sound candidates is to PURGE the entire upper level of our administration. Excellent candidate replacements would be those who have spent their entire career as a special forces operator, pilot or some other form of service to the public as a whole, There you will find…at a higher level, an excellent source of Constitutionally minded public servants. Of course excellent candidates can be found throughout America in all kinds of walks of life. It’s one of the things that make us great… Also, in order to have a chance…We, the People have to have the Truth. And the Truth is a bitter pill. But the sooner America as a collective swallows it…the sooner we can begin to take the proper steps to address our enemy. Who are they? Our enemies are the ultra rich, bank & secret society connected, law enforcement controlling, old families who are indeed the controllers of our money supply. They control/own the Federal Resrve. (Which is not actually federal but it is indeed privately owned and only named that way to fool the American public. They literally print money out of thin air and the quantitative easing is killing us from within as we fall deeper and deeper into their devious plan. We are their debt slaves.) Though these families can live virtually everywhere & anywhere in the world, their primary bases are in Isreal, England and America. The New World Order have been committing CRIMES against the citizens of the United States of America and the rest of the world in general. They are guilty as charged. The original purpose and intentions of our founding fathers has been usurped through kangaroo courts due to their infiltration where laws are being passed in order to later be added to by the foxes (our elected leaders who are actually not leaders but puppets for those who have already bought and paid for their votes. They then pull their strings from behind the Curtain of Secrecy.) These foxes who now live in the hen house, are literally having litters in it in order to more easily perpetuate their on going crimes. This while they establish their slowly increasing control over every aspect of our lives through their steadily increasing technology… Period. End of lecture. Hooyah & God Bless.

      • Brother: You and I are on the same page and some of my friends call me nuts. I am a most inquisitive person who not only served my country but have lived many years.
        All will know soon what we speak of.
        Jesus is the only hope ’cause we cannot fight the big money who have made us “sharecroppers” and told us we were free.

      • With respect to our men being left to die in Benghazi, the responsibility lays completely and totally with the Democrats in the White House and those who have collaborated to cover up it up. I will be more interested to hear it is all their fault the next time Nixon is forced to resign, there is a witch hunt trying to stick Iran Contra to Reagan or Scooter Libby is sent to jail for being more truthful than Eric Holder has been on best days before Congress. That New World Order conspiracy theory really has nothing to do with Benghazi and is a distraction.

      • The New World Order conspiracy FACTS has everything to do with…everything. Money touches…everything…and they control the money as they print it magically out of thin air. This “thing” is so MASSIVE that for most people it’s hard to imagine that it even exists…but exist it does. (Proof that NWO affects Benghazi…Hillary is one of their goons. Enough said…) Hooyah & God Bless the Truth.

    • Because roughly half of our population will look the other way on literally anything if it means the Democrats can stay in power. That’s how much keeping the killing of babies legal (among other evil agendas) means to them.

      The other reason is the main stream media in our country is almost exclusively liberal and they are as good at propaganda as the Nazis were. Many in our country simply do not know the truth because the outlets they choose for their “news” do nothing but lie to suit their liberal agenda.

      It’s a vicious cycle that will only end when the people’s desire for the truth outweighs their desire for the status quo.

      • Definitely. Just like every socialist and communist government that has ever existed, the ultimate goal of the American liberal politician is to create a permanently dependent class of people so that they can live in their palaces and always be in power.

    • Because that would be Racist…
      Too many in this country have shut up because they are afraid of the Race Card. Sadly we no longer have decent news people, but mouth pieces for the Obama regime.

      • What is there to be afraid of? Didn’t you ever here ‘stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?

        Why are people so afraid of being called racist? It has been over used at this point and therefore holds no weight not that I thought it ever did.

      • Absolutely right!!!! My daughter’s father is black. That makes my daughter mulatto. She even says, regarding Obama, “He is no more black than he is white. He is no more black than I am. So why does everyone say he is the first black President? He is the first mulatto President.” We are too caught up in pigmentation of skin. It has nothing to do with the person, their character or their ability. Call me any name you like. As long as I’m doing what I know is morally right, my God will be pleased. It doesn’t matter what name I’m known by as long as I can hold my head high when I meet my Creator. The three biggest racists I can think of are Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Charlie Rangle. Now in them you have true bigots and racists.

      • You forgot Barrack and Moochelle O., Eric Holder, Dem. Rep. IL Luis Gutierrez, Dem. Rep MD E. Cummings, Dem. Rep. GA T. Johnson, Advisor Valerie Jarret and last but not least Oprah Winfrey.

      • I like to call the MSM the American Pravda, answerable to the Democrat Party rather than to the state, though.

    • I’m a Canadian living in the States and the whole Western world should be very concerned about what is becoming of the American Republic and those responsible and complicit in the undermining of it’s founding principles

      • And I am Swedish, lived in the US during the Reagan years, and I too am very concerned about what´s going on in the US during Obama. I am also disgusted by the foreign policy, the sinister “leading from behind” backing of the Islamists in North Africa and Syria, and the recent disastrous destabilization and false flag operations in the Ukraine, leaving that poor country in a civil war. Reagan and Gorbatchev helped to end the Cold War and we were all happy for a while but but I have to say that I am glad that Russia and China now rise to an alliance that can work against evil presidencies like the Obama White House. It´s better with a multi polar world now, even if I don´t really trust these countries. But they can and dare more efficiently battle those Islamists, the biggest threat to our free Western society.

      • You must ask yourself why is your country supporting so many muslims on welfare? Why are they even there? It’s like an Eskimo moving to Suadi Arabia. Why?

    • Harry and the Dems in the Senate worship Mr. Obama….no matter what.

      (However, I suppose that if they were to lose more than 10 seats in the upcoming election, they might begin to have second thoughts)

    • Three words that hold a huge impact on everything that is going on both now & before Obama…and it’s the Truth to the best of my ability to determine.

      Answer: New World Order.

      Get tough America and swallow the bitter Pill of Truth…for only with acknowledging this Truth, do we have a chance of shrugging off their evil control.

      Get tough and be very brave, America. You can do this. I have faith in you still. I have personally met some very awake, brave and loyal Patriots to the Republic. Remember…behind every blade of grass.

      My personal founding father quote that I feel encapsulates me is…
      “It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”
      – Samuel Adams.

      Hooyah & God Bless.

    • There are many factors why that has not happened. The leadership of the Democratic Party, i.e. Pelosi, Reid, Durbin, Schumer, Van Halen and many others. The Clinton couple, this revelation will damage the chances of Mrs Clinton to become President. Other big, big factor is the left leaning “main stream media”. The organizations like Media Matters and all the left leaning financiers like Soros, and last the “troops” like the NAACP, Planned Parenhood, Naral and the Gay lobby. The House Select Committee has its work cut out for them. Iran-Contra, was because the Democratic Congress refuse to fund the Contras (Anti-Sandinista Regime in Nicaragua) When the Comunist Regime in Nicaragua was receiving all kinds of aid fron the Soviet Union thru Castro`s Cuba. Nicaragua a country of 4 million people, Castro wanted to arm a Nicaraguan army of 200,000 to take over all of Central America. The Reagan administration sold arms to Iran and with that money help the Contras. That was the scandal. This is very similar with more implications about Mrs Clinton, she being the Secretary of State. She is up to her neck in this.

    • It’s nice that our neighbors to the north take an interest in what is happening here. We have a saying that the wheels of justice grind slowly. That’s infuriating, but a very good thing. It ensures that, once we indict someone, we have pretty much accumulated the evidence against them. The ability to charge these officials with high crimes and misdemeanors doesn’t end when they leave office. The more time they spend in office, however, the more rope we give them to hang themselves. They can do damage while in office, no doubt about that, but the more damage they do, the more charges can be brought against them. And not just on Obama’s side either. The same holds true for members of either party. Once the proof is assembled, the charges can be brought. Just remember, it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings, but she’s got some powerful lungs. It will be quite a song.

    • Simple but honest truth? He is our first black president and fraudulently holds office because of media failure to vet him and expose the myriad falsehoods and lies. His office has drawn the race card so many times it would appear that we only have issue with his color. In reality his criminal AG has stonewalled attempts to see through this “most transparent” administration.

      • “.. fraudulently holds office because of media failure to vet him..” If he holds office fraudulently, it is because of the failure of Republican governors and Secretaries of State who certified their state’s electoral votes for President Obama… you stupid effin birther nut loser.

    • Sadly, as long as he forwards the liberal agenda’s they will turn a blind eye. A President has great power in this country, but unfortunately when a turn coat shows up in the Oval office it is no small task to get him out. We are doomed!

    • If we can blame only one thing it has to be the complicity of MSM with the Orrendous administration. Ignoring all the scandals and supporting his lies.

    • Why do you think politics in the US is inconsequential to Canadians? Russia invaded Ukraine and Crimea because of Obama’s incompetence and weakness. Why shouldn’t Russia invade Canada next?

    • Yes voxcantor, you have asked the number one question on this blog and the number one question on just about all US citizens lips. Our government has become so corrupt that many communist countries was sending delegations hear to learn the tactics. One thing this regime learned from the communists is: “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.” (Joseph Stalin)

    • You do indeed have skin in the game, as one of our allies. I have Canadian in-laws, and they are very much concerned about what is going on in this country, because if we go down so do the Canadians.

  3. We will know the truth Colonel. My son says thanks to Ashley and yourself for the book, he got in trouble for staying up too late reading…thanks Col. West…your country still needs you.


    • Nope. It was gun smuggling otherwise what reason would the Ambassador have for being there. I’ll even bet that they were attacked with the VERY WEAPONS they were trading.

  5. I just can’t feel that it will matter anymore, there is always some idiot ready to “fall onto his sword” to protect this administration. Between that type of person, and the liberal owned media I just don’t see justice being served no matter how hard we try.

  6. Then why not come forward if you love this Country then The People that Knows what Happened should come forward and put Obama where he needs to be In Jail.

    • Yes they could come forward but how long do you think they would be alive? Think about Seal Team 6 and what happened to them. And what about the families of the whistleblowers? How long before they could lose their kids? Or their pensions?

    • Why the resignation? If WE the people make enough noise and demand the truth from our representatives, we will be heard. But we have to do our part as well and not sit there and twiddle our thumps. Never say never!

      • We can make all the noise we want, but until we are able to convince our congress person (was going to say congressman, but that’s not PC anymore) that their job is in jeporday nothing much will happen.

  7. And now John Kerry is too busy to testify before the committee. People who lie to Congress or refuse to testify should be prosecuted.

  8. Really?…why isn’t that individual requesting a Congressional hearing and talking to a man who voted for NDAA?…West,you are a fraud.

    • Why in the hell would people want, or
      be ‘satisfied’, with impeachment, when Ovomit has clearly done numerous acts that
      qualify for charges of TREASON. With impeachment, all his actions stand (like
      NDAA, Obamacare, Executive Orders, etc, etc). With Treason, it would render all
      of these void. Impeachment is like charging a murderer with assault &

  9. We already know the senate will not cooperate. The real question, for me, at least, is how do we get the sheep to pay attention?

    • Yeah, when I saw who Pelosi picked for the Benghazi Committee I knew for sure the name of the game will be obstruct and grandstand, but most of all, protect Barry and Shrillary, no matter what.

      • I don’t know guys……Trey Gowdy can be a rabid dog when it comes to questioning. I think he is going to surprise MANY! I have more confidence in Trey than anyone else in government. I think he will slaughter the dems in the committee and there will be a lot of fireworks that just MAY lead to something!

      • I hope you’re right, Theresa. I also hope the other Republicans on the committee are equally tough and rabid – especially if they succeed at getting Obama in front of them!

  10. And there you have it: EXACTLY what has been purported all along. Those of us who knew that this was the truth have no “shock”, no “wow!”, no “aha moment” here. The truth of this criminally negligent action AGAINST our consulate and military security assigned to it from our own government is a stark example of just how far & depraved the US govt. has become. YOU are the enemy, they are the “master/enforcer”. I am going to go out on a different “limb” here than what is normally responded with in these types of postings and ask that you PRAY. I ask that you pray JUSTICE be served through God Almighty’s supreme power that EVERYONE WHO IS COMPLICIT , KNEW, BETRAYED, IGNORED, & WAS ACCESS TO the complete evil involved in this be brought to absolute justice. Enough people seek God with justice requested, no one will be free from what they deserve to be charged with,…….and found GUILTY.

  11. What IF we all take a collection of money to replace the pension benefits of the person who spoke with Col West. When he would have no reason to be threatened if he told the truth.

  12. Unfortunately it is heresay and until credible witnesses and whistleblowers are not afraid to testify to these facts, how will we get to the bottom of it? Anyone hear the President himself give a stand down order? Are there any people out there who are directly involved in the CIA schemes for arms running? We need them to testify? Will Trey Gowdy be able to hear testimony from all the people whom the gov’t is hiding to prevent the truth coming out? I doubt it but I pray every day that is will come out and those that are responsible for what happened that night will be held accountable and peace given to the loved ones of these 4 brave men.

  13. I’ll contribute to this person’s pension fund. How many more will join me to compensate the money for the truth.

    • My thoughts exactly! If right-minded Americans would all contribute what they can, I’m confident that enough money could be raised to more than cover the pensions of anyone who is threatened by the “government”.

  14. I’ve said since the night of the attack, something there smelled bad. Terrorists don’t participate in protracted battles unless they are cornered. There was something in Benghazi they wanted & wanted bad. That’s why there was a 7 hour firefight. I believe the “video” was contrived by the State Dept as a diversion. Why else did Cairo apologize for the video before anyone even protested? Why did the State Dept disavow the apology then days later Obama & Clinton both apologized again for the video? Why have Democrats insisted there is nothing there while preventing witnesses and documents from coming to light? Why do Democrats constantly want to shut down any investigation? There is something there that they NEVER want to get out… We must find out what it is.

    • I remember reading an article just this morning about some kind of proof being exposed that Ovomit was actually on the phone during the attack, making arrangements to blame it on the video. He apparently talked with some high level people in Libya and Killary and Rice. I gotta find that article.

      • As the article says however, the guy sitting next to West KNEW someone. It wasn’t the eyewitness himself. With that said however, NO ONE is safe from Obama and his minions! This could be the firestorm needed to blow this wide open!

  15. Allen, these men have got to come forward and tell the whole story to America. I am sure there is a way to stop the threats and keep them and their families safe. Once the ones involved from the evil ones, to top brass, are put away where they belong, then the witnesses will be ok! The story has got to be told!

  16. If this is true, I’d be careful sir. It wouldn’t be the first time our government has made someone with too much information disappear.

  17. I have said all along that I believe it was related to illegal weapon sales to muslim terrorists.
    I called it treason and murder by both obuma and h.clinton.
    Now maybe the truth will finally come out………………

  18. God Bless You Allen West ,your a true hero.The truth will come out and Obama and hillary will be done .There are others who need to be dealt withand they will be, I think it is going to be huge involving the FBI and CIA . I heard a lot of the same stuff. The one thing we don’t know is where did Obama go too,he was out of touch for 8 hours

  19. Why did the Facebook post for this article say you sat next to someone who was on the roof himself, when the article says the person you sat next to KNEW someone who had been on the roof?

    • Alan I agree that the article says that you sat next to someone who was there. Second hand info is not admissible. i love you my brother in Christ and arms but Alana has point.

  20. The media and most of Congress appear to not care about the truth. People have been threatened? I fear some have had heart attacks and airplane accidents as well. I suspect many of the officers that were ‘removed’ had no choice. My prayer has been to UNCOVER all that was hidden, and I am glad to see some small part brought to light.
    Thank you for your service to this country. I salute you.


  21. I’ve often wondered why Chris Stevens was chosen to serve in a Mooselimb country. It was stated soon after the attack that he was openly gay. Given the pResident’s familiarity with Mooselimbs and Sharia, why would he send an openly gay man into a Mooselimb country and then watch as he is murdered along with three others?


  23. As long as the CORRUPT Main Stream Media does not apply pressure for truth to came out, The Administration/all concerned have the sky as limit.

    There’s NOTHING stopping them, no one from Independents,or (R’s)

    or w/the spine to stand &
    make the accusations put thm on the defensive,scream it from the roof tops till they-
    having no choice than to give truths.

    Only serious threats of jail, or catastrophic Political losses, might stop this bag of lawless thieves.

  24. If I survive this regime without a heart-attack, it will be a miracle. I’ve never been so mad in my life, I’m just so sick and disgusted with the traitor Obama and his cadre of sycophants. Thank you sir for what you are doing.

    • So far I have only gotten a bleeding ulcer and a heart murmur .. I had neither before this regime. Thank GOD I do not have Obamacare .. at least not yet.

      Should add a friend just had a stroke two weeks ago .. I think this is all part of the Plan .. kill us off.

    • Term limits, term limits, term limits. Line-by-line veto, line-by-line veto, line-by-line veto. The greatest American ever was George Washington and even he didn’t want to serve more than one term. No President, even in war, should ever serve more than one term, and certainly those in the Senate and Congress shouldn’t. Public service is not supposed to be a career. It is a way to serve, learn, and return home to continue using what you’ve learned at a local level. I’m fed up with career politicians thinking they can do what no one else can. It leads to corruption. It is arrogant and not what the founding fathers wanted or were willing to die for. We’d be better off getting rid of all current elected politicians and starting with people who have never served in politics at all. They certainly couldn’t do any worse. And let’s get rid of life-time appointments to the Supreme Court as well. I’m not even close to convinced that there is no corruption there. We can’t even vote them out. Why should they remain in power for a lifetime?

    • He was, by orders of barry. He was a CIA operative for at least 15 years before he became an Ambassador. He knew the in’s and out’s of Libya and what was going on

    • Glenn Beck wanted to know why Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi and he also wanted to know why no one in the media was asking that question.

  25. Don’t let Obama walk on this and hold all his minions as well. Where does this go next time if we don’t hold to some sense of honor ?

  26. Doug Hagmann’s insider contact reported the gun running just a few weeks after the incident in Benghazi and it was published by Canada Free Press…

  27. These witnesses need now more then ever to come out and speak of what happened…If they don’t, they could end up dead and this administration gets away with it anyway! They owe it to us Americans, but most of all, they owe it to those 4 murdered Americans…money can’t cleanse the soul!

    • I hope they have written everything out and gotten it to someone they can trust .. like a family attorney .. that should anything happen they will release the information.

  28. Make sure the gentleman that sat next to you and that informed you on the airplane has high security coverage because they both find out who was on the plane next to you and they will Tarkett him for murder to take him out so being now that we’ve made public and I’m very glad that you did we need to make sure that this individual is protected with high-level security thank you

  29. This is the most ridiculous story I have ever heard. How so many people can be taken in by these kinds of lies is beyond me. I agree that the country is in trouble. It’s in trouble because of gullible people like the people posting here.

    • Wouldn’t that be wonderful if true?
      You know darn well this is all true. When did you sell your soul?
      When did u decide Politics & Left Wing-ing was more important than your country as a whole? Any mirrors at your house? There’s hope u may wake up one day. God Bless.

    • Gosh, where did they brainwashed you to this point? College? Go and educate yourself and look around to see what’s going on! You’re disgusting!

    • You clearly do not realize the integrity that Col West possesses. He cares deeply about our country, and getting to the truth. He wouldn’t put this out there if it hadn’t really been told to him. After all, he may be expected to retell this…under oath!

    • This information backs up the reporting done by “For the Record” on The Blaze. Sign up for a free trial and watch it. It has more details about what was going on in Libya before the 9/11 attacks.

    • You are fine example of the worst kind of American! An ObamAmerican!! A disgrace to this country and an abuser of the freedom it affords you. Please, do America a favor and roll up your flag ( if you actually own one ) and drop it off at the nearest VFW on your way out. Enjoy the remaining years of your life in one of the Socialist countries whose ideals you obviously embrace. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! ( I’m guessing you’re probably an atheist to so that won’t mean much to you either.)

    • Well then, let me see if I have this straight – we’re stupid because we’re not believing lies that our President has told?

    • cobberor, exactly what kind of stupid are you? The reason this country is in deep do-doo is because of voters like you.

  30. A weapons buy back program to then send weapons to Syria is worse than a kidnapping. Who are you kidding Col. West. You may be right. You may be on the right side of history. But right now you sound more like an Obama cheerleader. Everyone knows the CIA was running guns to Syria. No one cares. A kidnapping for political exploitation would bring Obama down. Giving guns to Muslims won’t surprise anyone.

      • That would be too much to hope for. But nonetheless I don’t believe the public will be overly concerned about arming Al Qaeda. Not that they shouldn’t be. But since the first few weeks after the attack there have been reports of Al Qaeda receiving Stinger missiles among other things. The public reaction will be this is old news. That said, you have no idea how much I hope you’re right and I’m wrong.

    • Would you care to explain how in the good Universe you believe that Col. West could possibly cheer-lead anything the pResident does?

  31. Pensions threatened? Whatever happened to STANDING TOGETHER Against a DOMESTIC TERRORIST? These witnesses SHOULD BE Guaranteed;, no matter Who is in office to try to stop it, that they will Not lose pensions.
    TREASON AT THE WHITE HOUSE s-h-o-u-l-d be Dealt with SWIFTLY and COMPLETELY. This is Not some rinky-dink ‘thing’. It goes deep and must be stopped.

  32. Now I have NEW questions regurading Benghazi. Who threatened these ppl ‘s retirement? Who has that kind of power, & can’t congress give immunity to these ppl if they testify?

  33. Alen West reveals why th Obama administration refuses to tell thhe Truth& why Hillary begged Pelosi for ” back-up.” They are trying to keep the Facts out of the History books and far away from themselves Impeachment must be the end result of the Benghazi hearings.

    • Keep out of history books??? I read today that Boston has removed the History and Social Studies Programs and released all personnel attached. Soon there will be no history books to speak of….Mr West, I hope your bringing this forward to Gowdy?

    • You don’t get to just go to every network. UNLESS IT WAS THE BUSH ADMIN.
      If that was the case all these scandals would have never allowed this President to hold second term.

  34. This is the best thing that could have happened. I am SURE that Trey Gowdy will be influenced heavily by this. This article needs to be given to every damn politician. Thank you Mr. West. (y)

    • If he were on the west coast .. he would have a had a lot better chance … much more conservative in areas of Southwest FL ..

      • They knew he is SPECIAL. They targeted him.
        Soros must spent many millions & dirty tricks to get him out, what
        the Left does to anyone w/a future in Politics other than their own.
        They do this to many Republicans who they think could have a chance in Top Positions in the future.
        Mr. West is just as affective on the outside as we see today.

  35. I’m pretty sure that Trey Gowdy already knows this and is carefully preparing to nail Obama to the wall.

  36. Good you met someone who knew what went on that night, Obama wasn’t in the “situation room” to listen to this story … pity!

  37. Gowdy is going to have to make it clear that the ONLY way these federal employees can ensure that their pensions aren’t in jeopardy is to come forward ASAP… one can touch their pensions if they make it known that they’re being threatened because then they’ll be put under a microscope when it comes to making sure that these individuals aren’t retaliated against!!

  38. Good to finally read something on this matter that has the ring of truth to it. While I’m sure some of the information has been withheld due to security demands, there is no doubt that President Obama selectively uses that reason – he had no such compunctions when he announced the 5Ws of the UBL raid.

  39. How can they lose their pension if they come forward and talk? All they have to do is let people know that they have been threatened with the loss of their pension and I guarantee you it will not happen. No way then would they try to take their pension as the people will know why ant then they too will have to answer for what they do. Go get them, every last one of them that had anything to do with Benghazi. Even you Mr. President.

    • I wouldn’t be a bit surprised that other threats were issued, not just the loss of a pension. Something along the lines of, “It would be a shame if your children or grandchildren were to suffer a tragic accident or house fire or …”

  40. I see a lot of military people posting here so I would like to take the opportunity to recognize the meaning of the holiday and thank you all for your service and contribution to my freedom.

    • Memorial Day is for those who gave their lives for our freedoms. when you thank the living Vets, you make them feel uneasy because their brothers and sisters in arms did not make it back and they did. I guess if you have never been on the battlefield, you wouldn’t understand the depth of the relationships among soldiers in battle.

      • I think it obvious no disrespect meant, rather profound thanks for all that you and those like you have done.

    • Thank you very much. I also want to for those that are goe for your comments. P roud to have served. Now I only have to wait how much more a lot of others including myself have to wait considering that the Vietnam War was over three decades ago. I have yet to hear an explanation as to why a terrorist prisoner at Gitmo or and illegal alien has over me to more from this government.

    • Thank you & your welcome and it has been an honor. I just wish more of our currently serving military men & women just stood up and spoke out. Let the chips fall as they may for in the end…serving Family, God & Country is all that matters. Serving the dark forces ruling from behind the curtain will only bring you to the Lake of Fire. Hooyah & God Bless.

    • Yes ,, I also want to Thank all our military people for what they have done and all the sacrifices they have endured for our country.. May God Bless all of you.. You are our true Heroes!! Thank you again!!

  41. Call these federal employees into the hearing and ask them, under oath point blank if they had their pensions threatened and by whom.

  42. your last statement….. “the right side of history”…… history is told but the winner, sir. i hope to be on the morally right side of history. whether the truth about Benghazi ever comes out, i want to be able to stand for the things i believe and to trust that in this “free” nation i still and talk about my beliefs. now i see such horrid displays of “security” in this “free” nation that i question if we are the once great nation that was founded on freedom. where private conversations to intimate partners can be leaked to the media and a job be lost because of it. where a government can take your property from you and slaughter your livelihood for standing against them. and how most of the press report on stupid things, instead of important issues.

    as an american i see the decline of intelligence of those around me, dumbed down by whats actually going on, and it sickens me. what is left? we arent free……. we are monitored and recorded everywhere. we arent tax free, we pay several times what the “Boston Tea Party” fought about.

  43. Thank God people are still able to speak the truth online. I hope these men get justice and that this administration is outed for what they truly are.

  44. Thank you for sharing. I hope you were told the truth and that is what you are sharing. Not that I doubt for even a single second that it is the truth, I had read about weapons going through Benghazi right after it happened. Four good and honorable men died defending the outpost, and our President and Secretary of State lied to the American people from day one. Stay on it, Mr. West, my husband and I stand behind you, and I’m sure there are thousands of Americans standing with us.

  45. When you see all of the stonewalling and changing stories by the White House and Democrats it all begins to make sense.

  46. This has been known for a long time. There was some speculation early on that the uprising against the annex was instigated by the Russians as a “payback” for us covertly shipping weapons to Syrian al-Qaeda through Lybia. This all makes sense. Our government has been on the wrong side of history for quite some time, and now especially under Obama who is a fraud and who is not incompetent but willingly allowing Islamic fundamentalism to expand and gain power through the Muslim Brotherhood. He should be charged with treason, but we all know that won’t happen.

  47. Wow, this is really big news ! This is what Trey Gowdy is hoping to uncover, and is getting death threats over. THANK YOU SO MUCH for not only assimilating the info, but in sharing it with us as well. This info is exactly what we thought might have happened, I hope you’ll share it with Trey ~ Bulldogs unite ! We will overcome this Evil……….

  48. This was an Obama arms running deal gone very wrong costing the lives of four Americans. Makes sense why the WH was on the phone with YouTube while the attack was in progress trying to get Obama political cover.

  49. What an awesome experience. One I am sure you will never forget. Now, armed with this information, tell me why the WH doesn’t know this? And, how can you make sure that Trey Gowdy is made aware of this. And, when intimidation is used on those in the know, it is because the Democrats are afraid the real truth is going to come out. And, it should.

  50. I’d put a little more weight into buying this if you didn’t start off by telling us that you sat next to a guy that knew a guy…..

      • I’d have no problem if he said he “sat next to a guy that was there”…. I just don’t see putting a ton of faith into sitting next to a guy who claims to know a guy that was there. It’s not about not having a name, it’s about the hearsay source.

      • How Alinsky of you to try to prosecute the character or spread doubt about a messenger. IT DOES NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE WHERE HE GOT IT FROM. The truth will come out.
        Keep tryin tho to turn people against Mr. West..GOOD LUCK W/THAT

      • I didn’t question whether it was true, and I do support Mr. West. That doesn’t change the fact that his “Exclusive Source” was “a guy who knew a guy”. People like you are the reason West will struggle. A person can’t raise a counter-point without fanatics coming in and TYPING IN CAPS like idiots.

      • We have experience w/”Liberal counter-points” they all
        come from the same Alinsky sewer. Not interested.Buhbye

      • Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit, is it? I am not a liberal. I support Mr. West. I simply think the source he cites is weak. I can’t make it any more simple than that.

      • He isn’t trying to deflect anything. He is simply saying that the source has not been verified since it came from someone who wasn’t there. He (the source not Chris Rog) could be some nut case just trying to get attention. I definitely want the truth about Benghazi to come out and for heads to roll. You’re preaching to the choir.

      • ….and for the record, Yes, it does matter where he got it from. Otherwise I’m going to have to believe that Elvis is alive, because one time, a guy on a bus said he knew him, and he was still alive.

      • I actually knew a guy who could have killed Elvis’ career as it was starting, and Elvis Presley would have just been driving a truck for some parts warehouse. I’m not kidding.

    • R we in a court of Law? What difference does it make how or where he heard the details of .. You don’t have to believe,but if u know C West as most of us do,you would have no doubt on his honesty

      • I’m not questioning his honesty. I’m questioning that of “the guy that knew a guy”.

      • So let me get this straight, with all the info from article,,, the only thing obsessing you is the guy sitting next to him on the plane??

        Nice shot, keep trying

      • What, you mean all the information that pretty much everyone already knows? The same information that Mr. West has been preaching all this time? Again, I am not questioning the article, or Mr. West’s integrity. I am simply saying that starting off an article with “I sat next to a guy that new a guy, and he said…” does not actually build confidence. If, like I hope, more people are to jump on the Mr. West bandwagon, he needs to think about the credibility (and verifiability) of his “Exclusive Sources”. Seems pretty reasonable to me. But hey, we should just always believe everything we hear, as politicians never get lied to…

      • Is that all you got? So let me get this straight. People should not question the validity and honesty of anything that is said to Mr. West? Is this because he is impervious to lies? Is it so far fetched that the person he sat next to was not being totally honest? Is it so far fetched that the person he sat next to embellished the story he heard? Is it so far fetched that someone with an agenda may have told him exactly what he thought he wanted to hear?

        Call me a troll if you like, but as I stated before, I support Mr. West. I think he is spot on 90% of the time. My only point, was that in no way is “sitting next to a guy who said he knew a guy…” a solid foundation to build an article. If that is too much for you to comprehend, go ahead and keep insulting me.

  51. Where was Obama on that night? I suspect he was “unavailable” for any number of reasons, all of them bad.
    Obama should be removed from office and put on trial for treason and any politicians that worked to help him hide his misdeeds should also be removed from office and put on trial. The AT of the US needs to be in jail…right now.

      • He was having a nappy poo because he was flying to Vegas the next day for the fund raiser. Priorities, ya know. He’s a dirt bag.

      • No, that was the next day – the 12! The whole night that our Men were being slaughtered, that ARSEHO Bummer, Was??????? No one will tell us! And it’s TREASON!

  52. If all this is truth, I pray to GOD this come out. I want to see this split WIDE OPEN! I want everybody involved to face Justice. I don’t care who it is. Period…

  53. So osamba bin lyin established a “recycling program” for guns? Taking the guns from Libya and recycling them to Syria? Put him in Gitmo with all his friends and send killary cliton with him!!!!

    • Why oh why does everyone want to stop at putting this pig in prison????? Take him out, give him a last cig and blow him to kingdom come with a seven gun salute or give him a necktie party. Then start in on all those who worked with him to cover it up and give them the same treatment he got.
      With a few dead dumbocrats hanging from the trees, it might put the fear of God in all others who consider treason against the American people.

      • Sounds uncivilized. Trying to give the Right a bad reputation?

        We are not Neanderthals. We will get JUSTICE the right way God Willing.

      • That’s during time of War. Obama himself said the war against Terrorism is Over. We Lost. He, Janet Nepolotano, Eric Holder, the FBI, CIA, Pentagon and NSA made sure of that.

    • Funny that he arms our enemies to the teeth, but tries real hard to remove them from the American People. I think I remember in one of his Apology tour speeches that Our Enemies need to be equally armed as America just to keep it fair. He’s all about fairness./sarc

    • C. West is not a fool. The people who told him more than likely know how to take care of themselves. Mr. West would not put in danger for silly reason.
      These days BRAVERY IS CALLED FOR. People may feel taking chances is called for too

  54. “RegBlank3

    3 minutes ago

    I see a lot of military people posting here so I would like to take
    the opportunity to recognize the meaning of the holiday and thank you
    all for your service and contribution to my freedom.”


    • Thank you for your kind words. I was in the US Navy for 20 years and served on 4 ships. USS Lexington (AVT-16) 1985-1987, USS Simon Lake (AS-33) 1987-1989, USS America (CV-66) 1993-1995, USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) 1998-2001.

  55. What!!! Sitting next to someone on a plane that knew someone in Benghazi???? While I want to believe the story, it’s really hard for me to give it any credit… Sitting next to some one on a plane – not the most reliable source. I’ve told some whoppers on a plane before. He was probably sitting next to a Democrat that was yanking his leg.

    Seriously, I think this is exactly what happened. But I think it’s even worse … I think that the guns we were giving to fight the Syrians were what was used to attack the compound. That’s why we didn’t get boots on the ground until weeks after the attack. Somebody high up the food chain was in deep doo-doo and had to keep everyone away from the “truth”.

      • Plus Col West has friends in the Military that know things. You don’t make rank in the Officer Corps with out knowing people.

      • indeed. recon – why do you think the marines didn’t immediately secure the compound as we have in almost every other embassy attack? just curious what your thoughts are. I think it was so dirty they didn’t want anyone close to it and they knew it was a major foobar from the moment it went down.

      • JP…it was the US Consulate, not the Embassy. Amb. Stevens had asked for, but didn’t get the protection he requested, only some local militia types…which buggered out as soon as the caca hit the fan. There was a small contingent of Marines at the US Embassy in Tripoli.

      • There were no marines at the Compound. Just the Local Security Force that Hillary and Obama set up. The Ones that didn’t run away were part of the festivities against the Ambassador. The other Seals were a few blocks away on another mission and heard the gunfire. They called it in, but were told to stand down. They ignored the Stand Down orders and the rest is history.

    • They remained anonymous because the ones who know the truth and are speaking out are being fired or worse KILLED. I wouldn’t speak my name into it either but that person trusted Mr West.

  56. “seated next to someone… who knew someone…” And this person just happened to have alllll those details… Yeahhh, and I got a bridge for sale, I’ll make you a good deal. Dear God, please go away.

    • Awww gettin nervous Obamatron? Keep trying to insult our intelligence!
      And using God? nice touch Troll. Get new agitator material, this Alinsky scrap ”s gotten old

    • So, we just need Hillary and Obama to lay it out in front of America. Trey Gowdy can ask them a few simple questions…boom, boom, boom, it’s over.

    • Another communist speaks… have no fear Justthefactsma’am, Obama is here for 2 more years to keep your communist dream alive.

    • President Valerie Jarrett isn’t going to pay you for that sort of pre-kindergarten trollling. You’ll have to advance to sandbox before they’ll even look at your invoice for ‘services rendered’.

      When you get to that sandbox, try not to let the cat cover you up, ok?

  57. Mr. West, I already knew this just by watching the news broadcasts but couldn’t swear because I had no first hand knowledge of it. YES this is Treason. Ambassador Stevens was in charge of Gun Running for the US. To known Syrian Rebels against the United Nations and Russia. They probably didn’t respond to more security because they didn’t want to bring light to what they were doing. What happened after that is a DISGRACE to America. Our Soldiers. Our Honor. Our Pride. Rep. Trey Gowdy should have them all escorted out in hand cuffs and place them under arrest on the spot. INCLUDING our President. He’s disgraced our flag.

  58. It’s about the 18000 shoulder fired surface to air missiles Obama approved to give to the rebels…

  59. There isn’t ANYTHING NEW HERE that hasn’t been speculated already. Sheesh! And how does a person on a roof DENY that Hillary conspired with Mohammed Morsi to set Ambassador Stevens up to be kidnapped? A person on a roof wouldn’t know what Hillary’s intentions were!

    • It’ll be ok, Janet. All you are interested in is the truth, right? So, be patient. You really should demand that the Democrats take this seriously and help ensure that people testify. I bet Hillary will want to publicly explain everything. Sure. These men were Americans. They deserved better.

  60. I would help replace the pension of anyone who came out and told the truth of what happened in Benghazi that night and the events that led up to it.

  61. I have been saying this same story since Sept. 12 as well. I read a story on the NYT sourcing our top official in Libya (Stevens) as stating that we were arming our enemies with the arm from Benghazi to Syria and that the KGB had pictures of our guys teaching the bad guys how to use the weapons in Turkey I believe. I exclaimed to my husband that “Someone is finally speaking up and is going to burn Obama during the election and that I could not believe the Times would report it since they have been so proObama to the point of lying!” Well, by the next morning the story had been scrubbed. It was not a few paragraphs of a long well sourced article with no mention of any of this. Stevens was murdered for speaking to the Times. Period! It could have derailed Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood had Morsi kill him. Morsi, then the MB head of Egypt sent his goons, who are on tapes all over the Middle East shouting, “Don’t Shoot, Don’t Shoot, Morsi sent us!” as they approached the compound. There were also news reports in the Middle East of large trucks parked all around the compound with the world Al Sharia on them with big guns mounted on them. People in the neighborhood said they knew something big was going down and they cleared the streets. The question that has still not been answers is why was the Turkish gentleman meeting with Stevens right before the attack and he someone magically escaped through all of this without being harmed. Why was he there? If you will remember the Muslim Brotherhood head of Turkey is Obama’s bff, he was the first person Obama called after his first swearing in. We have been taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood. It is very clear. Yet Americans remain completely unaware as the noose tightens. The next election will be between two MB approved candidates because they have infiltrated both parties. God Help America! WE NEED IT! Stay Strong Allen, we need people who can stand up to this unbelievable vile and brutal group. No one so far has been able to.

  62. People seem to forget that the arms were to be sent to the Syrian rebels through Turkey. Turkish Consul General Ali Sait Akin met with Ambassador Stevens from 7:30pm to 8:30pm that very night and the attack happened right after he left. This was a total setup.

  63. I know someone that was at AFRICOM personally and there is the other story that ties in with that also is being shadowed and the truth not forth coming. Those responsible for this need to be held accountable and punished for their dereliction of duty!!

    • the commies took their chance when it was handed to them…What part McLame?? the Manchurian ran against the Mancurian

  64. They’re done once America gets the balls to stand against them. If you’re sitting behind your keyboard raging, then you have NO RIGHT to complain.

    • Nothing is simple. Everything has it’s time. Look at Chicago & how many years it took,(still in bad shape) from similar corrupt worms??
      All in due time, by the rule of Law nothing but the Law.

    • Only Fox New will report on this. The Other Media’s won’t. They fire anyone who takes an interest in reporting it. Just ask Sharyl Atkinson.

  65. I have thought this and heard this just months after it happened. However, if you have followed the congressional hearings you would get sick to your stomach, the democrats go out of their way to make it seem as a “kangaroo court” , they are obstructing justice, really you would want to vomit if you followed the hearings! Cummings (D) keeps getting asked to sit on these investigation by the democrat party, he is already complicit in the IRS scandal and very much involved with illegal participation.

    • He purpose put himself in the IRS Hearing Committee to distract Issa from finding the Truth. It didn’t work, but so far there has been no backlash against Cummings for the IRS Stuff. If there was, he would not be allowed on the Benghazi Committee.

  66. Early on, I always believed the theory that it was the Syrian rebels that we were secretly arming and that after the WH learned that the story could be jeopardized, Amb. Stevens and staff were sacrificed…given up as cannon fodder, to keep it quite. IF this holds true, some heads should roll!!!

  67. I would think that if there was protection AND some financial support for those who may lose their pensions for speaking the truth, witnesses may come forward.

      • Obviously, not from THIS administration! That would be like having someone from the IRS investigate the IRS….. I was thinking more in the line of Conservatives that have the capabilities.

      • We have several such as Trey Gowdy, Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann, Tom Price, Tim Scott, John Cornyn to name a few. They are fighting hard to regain this country but they can only do so much. Too many Repubs have become turncoats and are Rinos.

  68. Really! I said that the day after. This is so obvious to anyone paying attention. The Select committee is going to white wash it because so many of us won’t shut up!

    • If Gowdy can keep the riffraff that Pelosi sent, to run interference, out of the way, he just might get to the truth. Just in the last 24 hours, it was revealed that the current administration was in contact with YouTube as Americans were being murdered. More interested in saving Barry’s campaign than in saving American lives. Congress needs to buck up and begin having those held in contempt i.e. Lerner and Holder arrested. Maybe a few months in a jail cell will teach Mr. Attorney General some humility…………..but I doubt it.

      • I’m guessing they were on the phone with YouTube trying to find a video that they could put the blame on. The Head of Google is Obama’s Technology Czar. They did massive coverups for Obama during the 2008 Campaign. Obama and Bill Ayers founded the Annenburg Group together (Fact Check dot org) in 2003, so he is no stranger to the Internet.

  69. Col. West, you are starting to sound as “out there” as Alex Jones. Unless you give us a name and a public statement I’ll volunteer to be the guy that knew a guy who’s cousin knew a “source.” Come on Sir we expect better. I know there’s more money in conspiracy than truth but seriously?

  70. As the late Johnny Cash once said in his song “The Farmer’s Almanac”, ‘lies have to be covered up, truth can run around naked.”

    You are in my prayers daily Sir. The Lord be with you and keep you safe.

    • They received orders NOT TO TALK.
      That’s why it may be time they took their chances & come out of the woodworks.

    • It is true. It is not heresay. that is why the Ambassador was in Benghazi. It was to expedite the shipments of weapons to Syria that is why he met with the Turkish Consul there.

      • My question is who kept telling the folks at the annex to stand down? Also who has the right to relieve Gen. Hamm? I would have loved to be behind those closed doors when the general testified before congress. What are they hiding?

      • Col Wests conversation with a guy” who personally knew one of the men
        who was there on the roof in Benghazi ” is hearsay-period. This is not
        first hand information.Anything coming from that conversation is hearsay
        as we who speak English understand the term.

    • All the trolls are asking for VERIFICATION… Are u trying to get names to go & start the process of using the hammer? Gettin nervous?

      Sorry Mr. ObamaTroll none of your business.

  71. Glen Beck talked about this same information a while back. I believe it and it’s really a crooked deal that went down.

    • I wish I had the date/time, but Glenn Beck stated this premise almost immediately after the event happened. Now, if GB would get back on track and start working for the people again….

  72. I always thought it was some kind of weapons operation, now I wonder if the 6 billion missing under Hillary was disposed off to pay some Militant groups. That is highly possible, if I’m right she and Barack can be tried for treason. This Administration is more corrupt than the Islamic militants they support.

    • It was also released that the Local Security Group that Hillary and Obama hired to protect Stevens and Co. were the some of the same people that attacked him. They purposely brought him to the ”Safe House” for easier pickings.

  73. Every since the “witnesses” have either quit, or were fired or given promotions we all should have known that there was A LOT more to this than just a spontaneous “riot”. Right from the very first word of it most folks knew it was another terror attack but too many are easily shut up because of this charlatan in office. He threatens everyone and I’m sure that’s why most are in hiding. I wouldn’t put it past him if some of them suddenly die from “natural” causes or some kind of accident.

    • That stupid Video had 150 YouTube Views during and after the attack. Seconds before Obama Mentioned it, it at 250 Views on YouTube. Just after Obama Mentioned it, the View count jumped to 2 Million Plus. There is no way the stupid YouTube video had anything to do with the attack. Just afterward during the coverup. All this info was taken by the Interview by Mark Levin with the guy who created the YouTube Video.

  74. You Sir, are more than a match for whatever they throw at you. The socialists running this nation are a bunch of spineless bastards.

  75. Since the Vietnam war the CIA has been throwing soldiers and anyone else under the bus. Fast and furious Islam style. The two SEALS saved thirty lives. When are those people going to speak out in defense of those two heroes! They would not be alive today if not for their selflessness.
    Heroes wear dog tags and they lived by the code they swore allegiance to.

    • They need support from the Right . Do they want to go to Jail? They were given orders to shut up. All in due time

      • Is that before or after our country goes to complete sh*t? And if they know of criminal activity I am sure they can get protection and immunity for testifying.

      • They may have been given orders to shut up BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW AN UN-LAWFUL ORDER. That is in the UCMJ. These people need to step forward and tell who gave the “Order to Stand Down” that’s the one who would be headed to the gallows for TREASON.

    • Obama has them locked up tighter than a Frogs Butt. If Hillary wins in 2016, they will probably disappear for good, if Obama doesn’t do it first.

  76. “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are
    people with something to hide.” – Barack Hussein Obama, II

  77. Col. West, your preview post says “Today I had an experience that I truly felt was God sent. On the plane, I
    sat next to someone who was on the roof in Benghazi that night.” and your actual post says “Today as I returned from Detroit, I had a moment that I truly felt was God
    sent, as I don’t believe in coincidences. It happened on one of my
    flights, and it was two hours I will never forget. I was seated beside someone who personally knew one of the men who was there on the roof in Benghazi.”

    So did you talk to someone that was actually there or someone that talked to someone that was there? Big diff.

  78. So we were buying weapons back from dirtbags we gave them to. To turn around and give them to the same dirtbags as soon as they step foot in Syria. Makes sense to me. It’s not as if these specific dirtbags flew airplanes into buildings, right? Complete bs.

  79. I said it all along that they were supplying weapons through Libya! I hope Mr Gowdy will burn all those liars!

  80. When will we revolt? Why do we not take up arms and throw them out of power when they treat us like this? Why do we just shake our heads and bend over? They must be punished!

    • because this crew has about 50 bear sized gaurds around them everywhere they go with world class intell on anyone within a five mile radius around their every appearance… they avoid public scrutiny at every turn.

    • Because there still The Rule Of Law. We are no longer living in The Wild Wild West.There is time for this error called Obama to be corrected in the ballot box
      and in The Law. They cheat w/Lawyers in their pockets. It may take BETTER LAWYERS to unravel his mess & hold them accountable.
      In due time. Turn frustration as I do, in to positive activism,
      lets get these bums out of Office.

  81. I am shocked and saddened that with a man like General Petreus in charge of the CIA that these kind of treasonous acts went down and that after massive failure and loss of life that cover ups included threatening the pensions and livlihoods of hard working honest patriots.

    There is a special corner of hell reserved for those that are responsible for Benghazi and especially the cover up. And the far back corner, the hottest section has placards with Barack Obama and Hillary Clintons names on them.

    • Mr. Petreaus was being BLACKMAILED>! It would not surprise me if the woman he cheated with was a set up. It was too easy that poor good man never had a chance. These people know the tricks. I feel bad for him.

      • Agreed but arent you a little bit shocked that Petreus who had to step down after international humuliation didnt rat out this treasonous behavior? Didnt protect his CIA staff from pension threats? What else to they have on him?

      • I’m thinking Petreaus rigged the black mail thing to get himself out of the Obama Administration before things got worse. There are worse ways to escape.

  82. If I were one of the Koch brothers I would make it known that anybody coming forward does not have to worry about the threat of a pension being denied for coming forward because they would be taking care of financially. Congress should say the same!

  83. Nancy Pelosi already solved this Benghazi issue, she fingered George Bush as the culprit.

    There are lots of lies and now other competing scandals, there is lots of work to be done Colonel west, I hope you can help.

  84. Great O. was extremely happy to make VA scandal the biggest in the world in eyes of media to camouflage Benghazi as much is possible. Let’s do not loos focus.

    • The VA Scandal is one they are throwing on Bush right now. Perfect timing to keep all eyes off Benghazi. Obama will probably pass some more EO’s (or Hagel and Obama’s Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Obama Pentagon with Military Directives) directed at the VA that will seem to clean things up there and he will be seen as a hero by the Media and the low information voters. Of course all this will be fixed just in time for the November Elections.

  85. This was always my first GUESS but I still give some validity to the kidnapping / Prisoner Swap. Now if the news stenographers in the WH press decide to become Journalists again the truth may finally be exposed.

    • sir, most of the so called journalist in the WH are either family or close associates of those with whom they would have to press for answers

    • Oh.. you were offended by the fact West took extraordinary measures to protect his unit. Thanks for revealing your anti-American self, traitor.

      • Don’t think your going to find any support for your position Scott, and were you to say as much face to face with many of the Mr West’s friends and supporters I would expect you would be unable to say much to anyone for some time..

      • What? makes no sense..
        Trolling is such a demeaning job. Trying to incite anger & strife…Using Mr. West’s life.. I would expect nothing less from you Bamatrons. Next is his hair or his family..We learned from Palin.
        Very transparent. Nice try.

      • Bamatron ? I suppose that’s derogatory in some way. Well you need to be more direct, I guess It’s a waste of time to deal with you. I use facts in my conversations and don’t attempt to discourage those who disagree. They can use facts or not as they choose and you started with something not established as fact so I have nothing further to say to you.

    • He erred on the side of caution rather than risking the lives of his men. If you’d been one of them, you’d have been grateful rather than sitting in your ivory tower passing judgment.

  86. I know of zero transparent, honest, representation of any administration representative of the people in the Republic we stand for. Politics by definition is based on deceit. Our two party system contradicts our constitution as well as our Bill of Rights. In practice it should work, yet not when there are two ideological power structures competing for control. We are a Republic and that is the context our nation should be represented. These (at one time), citizens placed their left hand upon their hearts, and their right hand upon the Holy Bible our founding was based on, and swore to defend and uphold our constitution The truth is self evident this political scam deceived those whom believed their were honorable men among our nations population willing to keep the oath they swore to God they said they stood for. From our beginning historians hid the truths of our treatment of those already living in the lands we were striving to settle. The slave trade hidden, politicized, compromised, an atrocity so inhumane yet those power hungry political whores misrepresented an entire population of humans by ignoring their humanity by acknowledging their color. Their difference rather than their commonality and their incredible contributions to humanity. The sacrifices sustained during our civil war was all about the whites freeing the enslaved rather than the accomplishment acquired by those standing for humanity. Deceiving a targeted sector undermines the America we as humanity stand for and weakens our entire nations greatness. It never should have come to a civil war, it should have been settled by he oath of office taken. Politicians corrupted our nation, and continue to discriminate today, to continue to divide a nations progress by exploiting the resources our land holds for our use, and freezing our economic freedoms thru inhumane regulatory restrictions enforced by deputized thugs in government clothing. Do we have honorable oversight willing to finish the inquiries and prepared to prosecute the found guilty ? Spiritual intervention needed.

  87. Really, you guys are buying a supposed second hand story from a guy who met a guy who knew somebody from Benghazi. Get a grip. Its simply you believing what you want to believe.

    • His story adds up. It’s been reported many times before that those that are in the know are being given monthly lie detector tests to make sure they keep their yaps shut.

      • Sure it does (turn on your sarcasm meter). Its a second hand report and would not be admissible in any court of law.

    • Wait for the game to end . While I don’t believe anything anymore from the Gov’t and Ocrap (oops , racist!) you may be interested that I wasn’t a Bush fan either but he is head and shoulders above this clown .
      This man is a liar that is unequaled .
      If you think that there wasn’t something very fishy about the reason Amb. Stevens was in this compound then you need some help .

    • “it’s simply you believing what you want to believe”No kidding ,isn’t that the way most people do it, believe what they want to believe.

    • Every Senator in the US knows exactly what happened that night in Benghazi, why we were in Libya and that witnesses are being threatened with losing their pensions if they come forward. The point being, Republicans are trying to get to the truth and Democrats are covering up for the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton. The truth will come out perhaps a drip at a time, but it will come out. Democrats are running scared and they should be.

      • I may be off base with this but its just a gut instinct so here goes. I think the reason the republicans in the house dragged this out so long was as much obstruction by the state dept, dems, and POTUS as it was John Boehner not answering the call earlier because he was briefed that night and KNOWS stuff about this and didn’t do anything about it, clammed up and didn’t help either. As Speaker he IS privvy to a lot of info the rest of his party isn’t. After nearly 2 yrs I think he knows his tenure as Speaker is about to be yanked from him by his own party so he is finally going to sacrifice his future for the truth to come out. Like I said, I have no facts to support this but I believe it to be true.

      • Benghazi is a buzzword made to scare feeble minds. There have been how many hearings already? There were how many hearings for the nearly 60 who died during attacks on embassies and consulates during the Bush administration? Benghazi is not going to resonate with the independents that you need because they can see it for the fraud that it is.

      • If you don’t then you believe that the Republican Governor of Hawaii is behind the fix. You’ve also again divorced yourself from reality to believe what you want to believe because it makes you feel good.

      • It actually makes me feel very bad that my country has been taken over by people who are anti-American; propped up by people such as yourself who are in real life the same as the Timothy Busfield character in “Field of Dreams”.

      • Propaganda and empty rhetoric. You know nothing about me. I served my country and am a member of American Legion. You? My father is also a veteran and my brother was in the Marines. Stilted logic. During the Bush administration anyone who criticized the President was anti-American. Now its open game.

      • Then aside from the fact that you’re involved in American Legion and I’m involved in Little League Baseball, our stories are exactly the same. The crux of the problem is that the occupant in the White House was and is perceived to be there illegally; the basis of that belief is that there is no – key word – certifiable documentation that the occupant of the White House is an American citizen. Subsequently, his actions have only enhanced that perception.

      • So not only will you believe anything someone tells you as long as it fits their agenda, you don’t accept facts. His birth certificate was released and certified by the Republican Governor of Hawaii back in 2011. There were a dozen Benghazi type attacks during the Bush administration. Number of hearings, zero. There have been more than a dozen over Benghazi. What did those hearings find out? The Susan Rice talking points mirrored those of the CIA. They found there was no infamous stand down ordered by Secretary of State Clinton. They ignored the fact that Republicans have criticized the President for not beefing up security while ignoring they cut the budget to do so. The information has been rehashed over and over. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.
        Daniel Patrick Moynihan

      • His bc was released by the white house website, not by Democrat Governor Neal Abercrombie. It was found to be an adobe pdf document, which did not exist in 1961. His social security number belonged to one Harrison J. Bounel of Connecticut. His selective service card also a fake. If he truly is an American citizen, he’s the first in history able to attend an American college as a foreign exchange student (Occidental) and circumvent the State Department’s ban on travel to Pakistan. He had to relinquish his Illinois law license for lying on the application regarding other names. I’m not aware of any other President that have had aliases. Yes, we’re not entitled to our own facts, so you should get yours straight.

      • Got any more stories. You don’t have facts, you have again second hand information of whose source is suspicious. You have propaganda and you’ve accepted every bit. Are you really this separated from reality that its surprising a file on the internet is in PDF form? Got any more? Was the moon landing faked? Maybe he’s really an alien in business partnership with Elvis. Maybe Jesus rode on a dinosaur. I suppose you back Ted Cruz who was born in Canada. Obama released a short form in 2008. It wasn’t good enough. He released the long form in 2011 which has been investigated by independent sources. It still wasn’t good enough. If they had an HD film of the birth with pinapple fields in the background it wouldn’t be good enough, most likely because HD didn’t exist in 1961. Your moonbats have gone as far as to try to forge a Kenyan birth certificate. They’ve tried to suggest there were laws in place in Hawaii that would allow them to say he was born in Hawaii even if he were not, which were debunked. Maybe its you, proving time and time again that you will believe anything that makes you feel good. That’s why you believe that Allen West, a man who disgraced the uniform and was forced to retire is somehow a knight. Its why he of all people can question the loyalty of Tammy Duckworth. Allen West is a self serving POS who could not accept the fact that he was beaten in his re-election bid and will now say anything to further himself and the political agenda he serves and is bought and paid for by.

  88. From very shortly after this broke I have been saying the same thing. We were involved in shipping arms to the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Quada via the US Embassy Annex to Turkey and then on to Syria. The Ambassador Chris Stevens decided that this was wrong and treasonous so he told Clinton and Obama that he was not going to do this anymore and was going to blow the whistle on this whole operation. Clinton and Obama could not afford for this to come out so they ordered the muslims to take out both the Ambassador and his Communications Specialist as they were the only two that could provide proof of the treason committed by Obama and Clinton. They were also told to clear out any weapons left over and to burn all the incriminating documents. They were also told that they would send nobody in to help stop them. Our two former SEALS screwed it up by responding on their own and killing at least 60 and as many as 100 insurgents before they were killed by mortar fire. As Col. West has said, when or if the real facts come out this will make the Iran/Contra deal look like Romper Room. Even the Iran/Contra deal had it’s good points, This did not except to arm our enemies!

    • “…Clinton and Obama could not afford for this to come out so they ordered the muslims to take out both the Ambassador and his Communications Specialist…” Yeah right…

      • Tell me about this ordering of Muslims to kill the Ambassador and others, what are your sources? What relevant experience do you have?

      • Overseas, researcher. International business. Read vast amounts of material on the subject from both left and right. Listened to accounts. Perspective of America seen through foreign eyes living overseas 20 years, some in 4 countries. Other things I do not want to state on a public forum..

      • Okay, we have similar backgrounds but those traits don’t equate with having an accurate perspective though it may seem informed and convincing. Convince me. No one knows who you are and no one cares.

      • We are on a public forum. I am not going to broadcast things right here. “No one cares”. Nice shot. You are not an authority over me whereas I must convince you. Convince me using

        something other than a personal attack on me. You sound somewhat intelligent. Prove it.

      • Pulled my comment. You are not my authority. I do not need to convince you on a public forum. “No one cares”. Cheap. Prove to me with out a personal attack.

      • I have nothing to prove here. You do. You are the one who purports to have the secret knowledge, not me.

      • There are photo’s all over the Internet of Stevens being tortured with a Cattle Prod by the jihadists that Obama thanked for taking to the Hospital despite that female congress critter continually stating that he died of Smoke Inhalation at the Embassy. They bragged that they tortured Stevens just like they tortured Gaddafi.

  89. Begging the Colonel’s pardon, is that the same confidential source that told Harry Reid that Romney didn’t pay income tax?

  90. ~~As November draws closer watch for this spineless Keynesian
    Dung Beetle to step up and say “for the good of the people it is better if
    I step down”, he does know you have to step up before you step down…….
    This worm can’t stand the heat and he will get plenty from the left when
    they figure out how much he will cost them in the mid terms……..

    • He doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ about anyone but BHO. I would love to see that happen, but I won’t even THINK about holding my breath waiting. The only way he goes is if he’s tossed out on his marxist a$$. As much as I am concerned about the two words: President (erp…I threw up in my mouth) Biden, the entire Democrat Senate caucus will fall on their own swords to protect him.

  91. I always thought that something along these lines was the reason they were there, but I’m pretty sure no matter how treasonous the actions of this administration, no punishment is awaiting the people at fault. This president should’ve been impeached on at least 3 different occasions yet he’s still in office. Maybe I’m being pessimistic but I doubt there will be justice for the 4 men who died in Benghazi. After all this is just a “phony scandal” at least that’s how the liberal part of America see’s it!

  92. Arming Al Quaida is a very very serious felony and if Valerie Jarrett and/or Obama knew about it they should literally be hanged. We are at war with Al Quaida. Giving material aid and comfort to the enemy or under the Patriot Act providing material assistance to terrorist organizations in general is a FELONY.

  93. It’s amusing watching the world catch up. I have been saying all this nearly two years now, it is not new information by any means. Just when do you want to believe it?

  94. will he be able to testify before the committee? we need to hear from the people who were there in Benghazi

  95. Playing NOW at a theater near you : ” This Time We’ll Get It Reich”, Starring barak obama as Franz Von Papen, Valerie Jarrett as Adolf Hitler, John Kerry as Joachim Von Ribbentrop, Joe Biden as Eva Braun,Eric Holder as Heinrich Himmler, Sheila Jackson Lee as Hermann Goering, David Axelrod as Joseph Goebbels, Jay Carney as Frau Goebbels, Kathleen Sebelius as Reinhard Heydrich, Hillary Clinton as Benito Mussolini, Harry Reid as Ernst Roehm, Chuck Schumer as Rudolf Hess, John Podesta as Leni Riefenstahl, and Kermit Gosnell as Dr. Josef Mengele. Rated XXX

    • Not only in the know, but someone that was friends of a person that was killed. How did he know of all this information if the person he was friends with was killed? Dont get me wrong, I am all for a investigation, but let us not look like fools in the process by believing anything and everything.

      • CristCrusader Troll, meet Billy Dunn Troll.
        At the end of the day all your personas get together or
        are you a split personality?
        Don’t insist on insulting our intelligence. Get lost, or
        continue to talk amongst yourselves.

      • Just because your stupid ass wants to believe anything and everything doesnt mean everyone else does. Have a little common sense. I wasnt insulting your intelligence, you would have to have some for me to do that. So do us all a favor a suck a bag of dicks!

      • He didn’t say the guy was killed, did he? He said a friend of a guy who was on the roof that night. Not everyone on the roof was killed.

  96. Where is the video of Obama’s interview as a senator when he was asked if he would run for president . . . his reply was that he couldn’t, he was not born in America. Where is the video of the interview of Obama when he ws running for his 1st term and he remarked that he was grateful that no one made an issue over I’mhis Muslim religion.

  97. I think the weapons trade was one thing but the kidnapping of Ambassador Stevens was supposed to be a bit of icing on the cake. It was most likely engineered by our ‘intelligence’ operatives in Libya as a way to kill two birds at once. First was a trade of Stevens for the Blind Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman and the second was to allow Obama to appear ‘presidential’ to help boost his then flagging campaign by negotiating a trade. Matters went off-script when Doherty and Woods refused the order to stand-down and the terrorists assumed they’d been betrayed. Did Obama or Hillary know anything about this beforehand? I can’t say but they sure didn’t waste any time going into hiding.

  98. Nothihng new here. We knew all of this. How many times does the truth have to be told for people to understand and believe it? I am sorry for Stevens, but then he worked for the lowlife scum obama so to some extent if you get in bed with a pig you can expect to get dirty. He did not to deserve to die as he evidently did: obama however does. Treason? How many crimes does this pos need to commit before sanity reigns and he is taken down. I don’t give a flip if he is black. He is a black criminal. There are lots of them. But Dr. Ben Carson isn’t a criminal. Allen West is not a criminal. Thomas Sowell is not a criminal. I could care less about skin color–someone who commits the crimes against our nation that obama has blatantly committed is a criminal. He deserves the death penalty for treason; try him or not.

  99. Oliver North got in a ton of trouble for something that appears to pale in comparison to this. Ronald Reagan got busted too – and their intentions were much more pure than the intentions of the Obama administration and of the then Secretary of State.

  100. So, Mr. West, do you just pull random facts out of your ass or do you actually believe your own bullshit?

  101. Just yesterday I met and had coffee with a recently retired Navy Seal (Major) and this is common knowledge among them .
    We have some things in common as civilians and the reason we hooked up . There were some questions he wouldn’t answer for obvious reasons but he did tell me that “they” had no confidence in Ocrap . And this isn’t just the Seals but in general the military has no use for him .
    Ocrap has fired over 200 Senior officers since becoming potus , small letters intentional.
    We have another meeting planned for Tuesday .

    • If you’re going to tell tales out of school at least learn the rank structure of the SEALS….There are no Majors in the US Navy or in the SEALS……

    • Lame Cherry claims the buyback program was allegedly to destroy whatever weapons the CIA could buy back. However, only the inoperable ones were being destroyed. The operable ones were being shipped thru Turkey to AQ forces just across the border from Syria.

      BTW, Walid Shoebat translated an Arabic video of the initial attack. He said he heard someone yell out, “Don’t shoot. We were sent from Morsi” to the Ansar al Sharia group. It was allegedly Morsi’s men who took Stevens to the hospital. After it was discovered that the ambassador had died, there was an online report that claimed Morsi once again demanded the release of the blind sheik. So there were actually two things going on that evening.

      The question remains: Why was Stevens in Benghazi on the anniversary of 9/11 when it is well known that Islamists celebrate the anniversaries of their conquests? Was Stevens’ presence requested in Benghazi on that date, for some reason? I had read, but cannot confirm its veracity, that Stevens was asked to be in Benghazi on that date to attend the opening of a reading school in the interests of fostering Muslim outreach.

      • All true & very interesting post ty. Questions remain as you said. We need to know why no security was given, who & why was order given to stand down?

      • Obama did not want to be seen as an
        ’empire’ builder. His administration
        ordered a ‘light footprint’.
        AFRICOM probably gave the ‘stand down’
        order. Our military is under the control
        of countries that hate the U.S.
        The Obama administration has abandoned
        our military personnel to a ‘foreign’

  102. We need to realize that the Seals saved many other lives by helping people get to safety while taking out 60 trying to kill them in addition to the 4 with public names. Those would be dead too. So now their pensions are threatened. Isn’t life itself worth more than not speaking up because of a pension? Where are they? Where’s their courage? Being quiet is deplorable. They have their lives.

  103. Stevens met secretly with the House Intel Committee which Megyn Kelly exposed…

    …and I believe Senator Inhoef who not long ago lost his son due to his malfunctioning airplane…

    …. Stevens was CIA and an Islamist but he believed the weapons transferrring program had become something more… Obama with Erdogan and Mursi were trying to start WWIII…so ratted them out and was tortured and murdered. Mike Rogers is still a question…Was he trying to protect his wife Kristi, who was responsible for security as CEO of Aegis…Who directed her to supply only Stevens with the subpar February Brigade security??

  104. I can speak only for myself and no other but if I were one of the individuals whose life was saved by Ty Woods & Glen Doherty I would say pension be damned and come forward and testify. In my mind I would owe those who stepped into the breach a debt that can never be repaid. I would swear my oath and tell the whole story and let the consequences fall where they may. I would not be able to dishonor those who sacrificed their lives so I could keep mine with my silence.

    • maybe that’s exactly what they’re now trying to do.
      Up until now they are under orders not to testify. Hard to ruin career family face jail when waiting for the right time is a better strategy.

    • Exactly. As would anyone who actually has honor within them. I stand with you, theame19. Let the chips fall as they may…

      • I keep hearing the mother ask: Were those my sons fingerprints of blood on the wall? It kills me.
        It makes me very sad that the Left have totally lost any & all hints of humanity, so desensitized they just don’t care!

    • I think the one thing witnesses could be threatened with that would give them serious pause is if their families’ lives were threatened….Unfortunately, I can easily imagine this administration (or their hired goons) doing that….Otherwise I do hope some come forward and hope Col. West is among those like Rep. Gowdy who blow the stinking lid off the whole thing……Hopefully jail cells in Leavenworth prison are waiting for the guilty.

      • The death penalty can be applied to Traitors to our Nation, especially during war time…if their crimes are worthy of it. I feel both past & present public servants may very well fall within that category. Shameful that We the People have allowed this to happen but to give us some reprieve from the blame…until the internet came out…”they” have been able to plug up the leaks and keep the bulk of our nation in the dark about many, many crimes being perpetrated by them. (The attempted sinking of the USS Liberty is a good example. Those men are getting very long in the tooth and they are STILL waiting for Justice.) But now, just like Hillary (killary) Clinton said…”We are loosing the information war.” <—Now think about that. There is an information war going on? Who are they at war with? (Answer: We the People) Sooo…enough said. Now it's time for action from those Constitutionalists who are in a position to do so. I am absolutely appalled and FURIOUS about what I see happening to my Nation. Please…those of you able…enough is enough. The movement of Operation American Spring is spot on regarding the top criminals who need to be removed from office. Hey…it's a start. We also have to set term limits on both Congress and the Supreme Court in the States Constitutional Convention because every single chair in our government should have term limits. Period. Hooyah & God Bless.

    • Plus that once Obama is impeached and convicted of High Treason, and order is restored in America that pension will be restored for sure. And may be we’ll throw even an all expenses paid vacation to his destination of choice for his help in exposing the truth.

  105. I hope so, Mr. West…that indeed you shall be remembered by History to be a Constitutionally sound public servant.
    As a former Navy SEAL…I’m paying very close attention to all of this. So let me say directly to you…if you can do anything, ANYTHING at all to help bring Blind Lady Justice’s hand to this equation…I implore you to do so.
    It is for men such as you and I…our Sacred Duty.
    Hooyah & God Bless the Truth…may Justice be done.

      • (nods)…I still strive to serve and earn my Trident every day. Thank you for caring, it’s appreciated. 🙂

      • YOU…should be ashamed of yourself, piniella. I am for you since apparently you don’t know how to be polite or act properly in public. I wish upon you the Love of God to help open your eyes to what is really, REALLY important in this life. For me…that’s Family, God & Country. Remember, the energy you emit…is that which you yourself shall receive. Try smiling, being polite and helping your fellow man instead of adding conflict to the equation of life…for you will find it will serve you better and your life shall brighten.

      • Ok…yes, it’s acknowledged that war crimes happen. But your blanket response is unwarranted and not appreciated by the vast bulk of your peers. Also, siting John Kerry? Really? Him and Hanoi Jane both are a disgrace to our Nation. You reveal yourself…best to just leave off. As a matter of fact…I’m done responding to you. May you find God’s peace.

      • Sir, a heartfelt thank YOU right back. It’s because of men such as yourself…that my generation and the later ones after, have had the opportunity to enjoy the lives that we have had here in the States. To you and all the other older veterans I SALUTE you…and say, “You have not been forgotten. Hooyah & God Bless the Constitutional Republic”.

      • Mr. Rutherford, you are not such an “old” army veteran. I was in high school while you were serving your first 2 years in the service. Of all our veterans, you were treated with the least respect by the public and the Congress and you served with the same honor and sense of duty as any other veterans. To you, sir, go my greatest and most sincere thanks and my humble apologies for your country’s treatment. You deserved far better than you got and gave far more than should have been expected of you. At this stage in my life, I wish I could find a life-mate with your qualities and character. God bless you.

      • Aye…thank you. I love my country even though we are not the country we are supposed to be. I still have faith that we CAN turn this all around because…We, the People…are NEVER out of the fight.

  106. Really? Some stranger on a plane you’ve never met before? He could just easily drawn you the schematics of the Twin Towers and explained how Bush pulled it off. smh.

    • Do you really think a man such as Lt. Col. West is stupid enough to take someone’s word as to who they are? If you think that, then you are about as dumb as a rock.

      • Lmmfao, west was stupid enough to lose his job. Twice. He failed at the military and he failed at Congress. And if anyone believes some random individual just happened to find themself seated next to that loon west, you should seek help, lmao.

      • Is that supposed to P**s ev1 off & start saying nonsense back & forth…Trolling is such a demeaning job, get a life.
        You are truly sad. Some POS

        And this sentiment (see comments below) from you, a nobody, to a decorated extraordinary man like Mr. West:

        ” Jason Jermaine Smith •

        West isn’t really a veteran. He’s a criminal.
        Jason Jermaine Smith •

        It’s always great when you hear from piece-of-s h ! t war criminals trying to tarnish an actual hero’s record. That lame duck west should have been brought up on war crimes charges and he knows nothing of leadership.”

        Shame on you lefty.

      • Not trolling, stating a fact. I’ve worked with Day-One-Privates who have more leadership than west.

      • You are obviously an ignorant @$$. You know nothing about Lt. Col. West. You are parroting the liberal propaganda.

      • I hope that isn’t a picture of your baby. You’re subjecting the little one to your ridicule. But, you left wing nuts care nothing about anyone else.

      • Lol, I hope your kids never find out who their real father is so you can retain at least a modicum of pride.

        But Srsly, your comment left nothing to the imagination about my thoughts on your intelligence 🙂

    • Obviously this was a known credible person, please don’t be so hasty to throw out that West is a smart man. Make some sense of that will you.

  107. Won’t they figure out what flight you were on, therefore figure out who the truthsayer is? Then, won’t his life be in peril?

    • They probably could figure it out. There are so many people who “know” that it would be nearly impossible to eliminate them all. Now, for whatever it is worth, I doubt anything will happen in DC. Until We the People do it ourselves, not much will happen, I am afraid.

      • These people need to RECORD themselves in front of a camera testifying to what they know and mail it to every news organization, the House, the Senate, SCOTUS, etc… THEN WHAT WILL THESE MURDEROUS RATS DO FROM BEHIND BARS!

    • Hopefully he left out an important piece of info or changed facts around to mislead any possible leads. Would have been smart anyhow.

      • I hate to say this but both parties are on too the same destination , just taking different paths . As a Conservative I rarely believe either one . I do however vote R most of the time and there are some good people left in the political world (minus the Dems) , few but some and Gowdy is one of the good guys I believe . He’ll figure this out .

      • I see the same and the only truth, most of those in gov are corrupt and unless we replace the majority of them this game will continue , until the United States is but a memory.

      • I hope and pray nothing happens to him like a plane crash or something just as bad, a car bomb would fit in there. i hope the world is watching his back I would but I am to damn old.

      • As a V.N. Vet yeah I’m there too . Never thought about it but you can bet there are those that are looking out for him .

  108. Let’s say that Benghazi really is a conspiracy. I suspect that those trying to cover it up will so successfully confound the issue that the public will simply say “Oh, I give up. None of this mess makes sense and I’m tired of trying.”

    • Not true. If you can get this stuff mentioned during half-time on a televised football game, or discussed on “Dancing with the Stars” or on “Here Come the Kardashians” or get Jay Zee, Lady GaGa or Justin Bieber to sing songs about it, I think the American people will finally wake up…

      • You’re never going to get this stuff mentioned on Libtard TV. People that watch those shows will never lift a finger either way. You’d reach more patriotic Americans in the NRA memberships monthly magazine. You only need a small percentage of patriots to create lasting deconstruction of the Libtard infrastructure. There are enough who are already awake. The Democrats are desperate for illegal aliens to join our military. Mexican mercenaries would be willing to fire on patriots.

    • The press loves this President. But what they love even more is a story they can run with. Ask Glenn Greenwald.

      And they are starting to tire of the President. Don’t worry, once there is blood in the water, the sharks will turn.

  109. love & respect you Colonel, but I do think a kidnapping was included with all the other shenanigans you mentioned…morsi sent his boys to get the ambassador to try some type of trade for blinde sheik, it was brought to light in Egyptian news outlets right before they overthrew him. obama is mus brothu, hillary’s right hand girl(weiner’s wife), was musl brothu too, osama attacked with islam on 9/11 & muslims attacked again with obama in 2008…might be time for fresh crusade of cleansing on our shores, “they” are about to blow the whistle and unleash terrorism here at home, the mullahs in the mosques here in U.S. can give the order and they will awaken to their true religion and follow their book.

  110. Glenn Beck (whom I’m no longer even listening to, per his BLM rant request) said all of this shortly after it happened. Like him or not, he’s well connected. This Arab Spring bs was actually set-up as a “Workers of the World” Unite mission, with Trumpka and his twisted minions doing leg work to stir up the hornet’s nest. WE were supposed to experience a similar “mini-revolution,” fostering dissent and laying the foundation of the beginning stages of a full-on anarchy. Remember Occupy Wallstreet? It fell flat on its face and they’ve all but abandoned it. They desperately need to get rid of the guns before they can accomplish anything close here. George Soros admitted as much in a speech in Europe. The more you know …

  111. Glenn Beck broke this story right after the attack. This is not new news. Hope Gowdy tears into them as only he can.

    • Actually, it’s not, much of what was stated is proven and available to you if you care to restore law , order and justice to this country and put an end to tyranny. Jus sayin. The findings are official and as the info gathered can legally be made public knowlege it is posted. Or do you perfer to ignore the truth?

  112. If you think the Koch brothers wouldn’t pay 10 times what your pension is worth to come forward and spill the beans, then you are an idiot.

  113. Sir, you need to speak with the security forces commander that was on the ground prior to being pulled out exposing our personnel to attack. Not only did we know who was going to attack us, we knew approximately when and how they were going to do it. LTC Wood is one of the finest soldiers I have ever had the pleasure to work with, and his integrity is above reproach. I HIGHLY recommend you speak with him as well.

  114. AFRICOM is involved in this mess also.
    Look up on the internet about all the known facts
    of Benghazi complex.
    It is interesting that it was also a place that
    computers were sent to ‘help locals’.
    Were they computers and who were the locals?
    What was part of the reason security wasn’t increased?
    Obama’s administration believes the lie that
    we are ‘colonials with plans for an empire’.
    Obama’s fear was that he would be seen as
    an empire builder, and not a ‘nice guy’ by
    the natives (7th century religion).
    The ‘foreign policy’ was a light footprint.
    Thank God it wasn’t any ‘lighter’.

  115. There are more Americans who would happily pay those lost pensions to the people who would speak the truth than those who would threaten to take the pensions away. There are more Americans with integrity than those without it. The loudest Americans are most often the least trustworthy Americans. I want to know what really happened. I want those responsible to be held accountable, not because I want revenge, but because I still believe in the rule of law and that this country has a justice system that, overall, is one of the most honest and fair in the world. Well, maybe up to the Supreme Court, but not including it. I still believe in my country for the most part and if this isn’t faced and completely investigated and cleared up then we will have lost much more than the facts regarding Benghazi. We will have lost all faith in government, the justice system and the rule of law.

    • Can the pensions legally be taken away if someone tells the truth? Who/what makes the decision to take away one’s earned pension after years of work?

      And, I agree that Americans would step up and help any who told the truth.

    • Well said, Doree Stone. Thank you for your post and you have spoken great words of Wisdom. I appreciate it. Hooyah & God Bless you & yours.

  116. I saw items like this on the web a couple of months after the Ambassador and his team mates we’re killed, about the 2 freighters stopped off of Tripoli and searched and both found to be carrying large amounts of weapons destined for Turkey and then the Al Nura Front in Syria. Everybody poo pooed the idea but now it is starting to come out from the cesspool that is DC. Treason most Foul has taken place and it will be traced all the way to the White House. There is no Plausiable Deniability in this matter. Some one will eventually squeak and then all Hell will brak loose.

    • I have been saying that the supplying al Qaeda with arms in Syria has been what is was about all along. Thanks Col. West, the truth will out.

    • From your lips to God’s ears. The Republicans don’t need Benghazi to win elections. There are plenty of other issues they can and will win on. But Benghazi is an issue that must not be ignored. This country needs to know every fact, good or bad, about what happened there, from what led up to it clear through to what the FBI found after the fact. It is an abomination that any Americans lost their lives on foreign soil and every possible action hasn’t been taken to prevent and discover the causes. Without that, how can we be sure it won’t happen again? It shouldn’t matter what your party affiliation is. We are all Americans and any American life lost anywhere in the world should infuriate us all and drive us to find the causes and those responsible so justice can be done and the future more secure for us all.

  117. A big part of Benghazi-Gate but still missing the controlling hand of the Muslim Brotherhood under the direct participation of Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama with the pre-staged “protest” at the American Embassy in Egypt and the pre-planned cover story about “a movie made them do it”….

    • One would think that if there was criminal activity involved — like telling people to shut up or you won’t get your pension — that in itself ought to be enough to convict. And once you convict, the person’s (witness) pension is safe.

    • You only have to look back a few months and remember the military purge that took place. The officers that are left are those that are complacent or running scared. Why the purge? To weed out those that would remember their oath to the constitution. The ones remaining are loyal only to this administration.

      • Truth and the obligation to speak it doesn’t evaporate with a lost rank or title. Even after everyone in this current administration is no longer in office, criminal charges up to and including treason can still be brought against them. Those with knowledge of facts can and should speak the truth. There is no time limit on truth. The vermin may think they got away with the cheese, but we shall see. . . Hopefully what appears to be a lack of action on the surface is only those with the facts winding the spring on the trap tighter and tighter while they gather more and more factual information before they release the spring. SNAP!!!! Gotcha! Ah, the sound of relief supplied by truth and justice. Wouldn’t that be a refreshing change?

      • Same thing Hitler did to the German people to keep them in line while he rounded up those he hated. Look how many people never saw their wives or families again due to that. I don’t think I could live with myself if I saved myself such grief at the expense of countless others suffering instead of me. I’ve talked to people who made that choice and, believe me, their feelings of guilt later in life were much worse than the pain of losing their own would have been.

  118. l remember Rand Paul asking Hillary if gun running was going on when she testified on Benghazi – and she acted like he was a loon for bringing it up. I’m shocked that Mrs. Clinton would lie like that – hahahah. But I do wonder if GOP leadership in the house signed off on it and that is why they were so reluctant to form a Select Committee.

    • Boehner avoided the Select Committee approach because he is a political tactician. Sometimes he is right. And sometimes he is not.

      Boehner and McConnell are very much alike. Although the former is much more likeable than the latter.

  119. What’s clear is that ‘this is a re-hash of investigations we’ve already had’ is bullsh*t – how many times will democrats re-investigate something until they can make the facts fit the narrative? We should ALL be concerned with the truth, and I would will fiery death on anyone who wants to help cover this up. It was four people who died that day, it was NEARLY over thirty Americans. The two dead heroes are are better than any of us, and likely multiples of any of us combined.

    • I’m curious as to when democrats have investigated anything. They spend their time hiding evidence, making up evidence, and putting innocent people in jail. Anything to forward their agenda because we all know that the “ends justify the means”.

      • To say that it is Dem/Rep problem is silly. This country isn’t “two party”. That is just what MSM wants you to believe. The sad part is most of the people in this country just listen to the idiotbox and believe ALL the lies that it spews without doing ANY independent research on their own.

  120. The thing is the Republicans know we are fighting shadow wars in the middle east by supplying evil people. If you have half a brain cell you know this. This is obvious. We’ve been doing this for generations.

    The Republicans know we are fighting shadow wars because they are equal participants and supporters of those shadow wars, the only reason they are spreading FUD now is because they aren’t doing so hot in elections. If you think the GOP will start behaving differently if they get into the oval office, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

    Nothing will change in this system unless we the people can muster enough care to have an attention span longer than 5-6 months.

    • I’ve thought the same thing and my theory is that the reason we have such a limited attention span, is because we are still grieving over 9-11. Call me unpatriotic, but what happened on that day, effed this country up for a generation. Need proof, we elected Obama…………….twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • The other choice wasn’t exceptionally awesome either, and probably would have gotten us into the same conflicts. I don’t hate Bush or Obama as people, I hate that we keep electing puppets.

      • The choice was VERY good just to many people looking through your eyes. Deciding to allow media to dictate the outcome. If it weren’t for the lies and deceit of the media then Ron Paul would have become president. But because of the exact excuse that you provided shows how ignorant our country thinks. It also shows how “two party” stupid this country is.

      • Ron Paul and Gary Johnson both got my vote, but we all know at the end of the day we are a two party country.

      • Only due to MSM.. And those that allow it to stay that way.

        Apologize that I got you wrong. Apparently your eyes see truer than I gave ya credit for.

        The two party system will only last as long as the people allow it. IF yea that is an “IF” people would actually get the truth then we would see a change to the likes that we have never seen before.

      • I’ve nearly stopped believing that people really care anymore. People mostly just want to be safe and make decent money and that’s all that really matters.

      • George Washington warned of the detrimental effects of a two-party system. But we need to have a choice, so a one-party system wouldn’t suffice either. I believe we need a minimum of three healthy viable parties. And for God’s sake, ALL ELECTED POSITIONS SHOULD BE LIMITED TO ONE TERM. NO EXCEPTIONS, EVER.

  121. I do not believe the weapons running, and a kidnapping of Stevens to return the Blind Sheikh to Morsi are mutually exclusive, I think both were involved. The fall back excuse will be the gun running because the exposure of the black op to trade Stevens for the Blind Sheikh is flat out treason. Congress does not have the guts to expose it.

    • Furnishing arms to those we are actively at war with in Afghanistan and Iraq is not treason? Try to tell that to some of our wounded and disabled vets!

  122. Someone gave the stand down and watch them die order. They had no idea how long this terrorist attack would last. Why weren’t any resources made available? Immediate photo ops released of situation room and Obama during the Bin laden raid. Obama is MIA during Benghazi.

  123. A couple things-

    1. The thing that worries me about the weapons running, is that if that’s what was going on wouldn’t Boehner have known, and if he had known will we ever really get the truth on anything? The administration keeps Boehner’s name out of it in exchange for hiding the truth about what Obama was doing and who was calling the shots during the attack.

    2. This may sound callous, but anyone whose pension is being threatened, should start worrying more about the country their children will inherit if we don’t start dragging these treasonous radicals into the light.

    • I’m thinking more in the lines that Yeah, He Knew & put it off until word came down from up top, that all further evidence was destroyed. “Proceed as Planned”

      • That’s what I’ve been thinking as well. I also don’t think it was a coincidence that he decided to do it the week before his primary. They definitely wanted him to be the Speaker when it happened and he may not be much longer.

    • I think both Boehner and Rep Mike Rogers (HOR Intel Committee Chair) most likely knew, and signed off on what Obama/Clinton were doing, without full Congressional Authority

      and maybe this explains why Boehner has bought a FL Condo and has said he cannot guarantee he will serve another full term as Speaker (does he know that Gohmert et al are planning to replace him in the next Congress?)

      and maybe it also explains why Rep Mike Rogers of MI is not seekin re-election but has a new job in Talk radio (he intends to thwart the likes of El Rushbo – HA! **__**)

      from his peeved rhetoric since announcing his resignation after this term, it sounds like he is not that happy about leaving Congress.

  124. I sincerely hoe, Mr. West, that the man on the roof will “first hand” get to tell this story to the House Committee.

    • Remember we have David Ubben, who survived Benghazi, (no thanks to the Obama Admin, since he waited more than 20 HOURS to get medical help for his shredded leg!)

      apparently he fought alongside Woods and Doeherty ..

      I expect Gowdy will bring him in to testify

  125. There are so many things that yet need to be discovered… this is why the Democrats want all this to go away

  126. Mentioned below, but is anyone looking at the David Petraeus affair a little differently?

    I just read Wiki and it seems the affair was known about by the FBI and Holder in the Summer of 2012 but not brought forward until November 6, 2012.


    • I always thought that was used as a way to shut him down. Cia knows everyones secrets. They may have more on him and that was a warning.

      • My thought would be that this is the ONLY thing there is on Petraeus. And it wasn’t enough to get someone with his distinguished career to lie under oath before the American people during further examination about where the “video protest” talking points came from.

        The scandal was an opportunity for him to step down and for the White House to have him taken out of the investigation.

  127. I have long suspected that Col. West was a TRUE patriot and could be trusted. He is the first politician I have heard that has revealed the truth about what was actually taking place in Benghazi! Others will talk about the lie regarding the video but that’s about it. Col. West has just made it public knowledge that there was a gun running operation to a known terror organization and sworn enemy of the United States.

    While I have read it elsewhere, he is the first one of national prominence to acknowledge it.

    When Dear God are we going to remove the enemies in our midst from their positions of power and prosecute them for Treason and Sedition?

    Please Col. West… push forward to the objective and don’t let anyone stand in your way. God Bless You!

    • I like it. No innuendo. No opinion. Nothing unsubstantiated. Just hard, cold facts. Wonderful! Paperwork and absolute irrefutable facts. Dispute that, you stinking liar.

  128. How incredible that that guy was seated next to you, Col. West !…
    I think God did have a hand in that.
    It’s amazing additional information to have !…..
    I can’t wait to see Rep. Gowdy questioning all those people. He is Awesome.
    South Carolina should be very proud of him.
    Wish it was possible for you, Rep. Trey Gowdy, and Rep. Louie Gohmert to just gang up on these criminals….questioning them.

  129. you need to get him to speak in front of the committee, Thank you for your information I am even madder now that it was an end around congress and the American people

  130. Luke 12:2

    King James Bible
    For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.

    Jeremiah 16:17
    My eyes are on all their ways; they are not hidden from me, nor is their sin concealed from my eyes.


    God Bless you Sir….

  131. The Watergate tape will present itself, whether it be a witness or a document. I have no doubt that the truth will come out in time. Trey Goedy will not stand for Dems trying to obfuscate the truth. Jugs will get what’s coming to him and his corrupt regime. I have more faith in that than ever before. Dems should all be very worried. Killery in particular better get ready for a truth she could never have thought would come.

    • Well they will be subpoena?, but they can always plead the 5th. Sound familiar? I do believe any individual over in Benghazi at the time of the attack, will be subpoenaed? and they and their family will be protected if they testify. I believe these individuals, are the ones with a lot of knowledge about what happened and it needs to come out. I’m also interested in the high up Military Personnel testifying again.

  132. This knowledge was known through the internet shortly after Benghazi. The media was silent. Finally, – an highly reputed individual is bringing it to the forefront. Far too late.

  133. “I learned there are those who are being threatened with their pensions being cut off if they come forth to speak.”

    I believe you…even our Veterans have this type of threat of benefits cut/canceled if they don’t toe the line! Blackmail is nasty and it’s a power play by those in charge.

    What a blessing to be sitting where and with whom you were sitting!!!

  134. This proves that Mr. West is just as gullible as the rest of you rightwing wackos.. He believes there was an order to stand down.. for Americans under attack not to defend themselves… HAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHA!

      • I too believe that proper spelling, grammar and punctuation add credibility to the person’s argument. I also like debate, even spirited debate; however, a debate requires both sides to support their claims with facts. You are obviously impassioned on this issue. What are your facts? I read your opinion and hear your passion. Please give some supporting facts for that opinion.

      • My favorite thing on the Internet is when someone is calling someone else an idiot and uses the wrong form of you’re. Just makes my day.

    • It proves you can’t read,nor know anything about the whole thing.Nobody said that the consulate personnel were told not to defend themselves.

      • West said those at the CIA annex were: “..repeated orders to the men at the CIA annex to stand down and do nothing — thank God two of them, Glenn Doherty and Ty Woods, lived up to their code of honor and ran to the sound of the guns..” I guess they thought they heard guns on the roof.

      • It’s a common military expression. It is called analogy. You aren’t quite as clever as you think.

      • lol- FriendofThom is a lefty obamatron,all they’re taught to do is Troll. Like:
        “Bush killed millions more” Bush did it too/first” Obama is our dear leader etc etc etc

      • On the contrary, joe. If you know someone who is literate and him to read it all to you., speaking rather slowly!?

    • and yet you were there and you know for a certain that no orders to stand down, were given and you know exactly what happened that night, and it must have been a youtube video, why? because your messiah told you so, you are the gullible nut job

    • if you agree he was “painting the target” then riddle me this professor, who was he painting it for?

      • no, but i tell you what, this last investigation, lets make sure all the documents and all the witnesses are there, so we can put this made up scandal to rest? deal? i mean im not going to debate the obvious with your denial. we have two seals at an annex to a not embassy but shed or garage of the state department. the annex was clearly a cia black prison. OR in your world we had to seal agents a mile and a half from the storage shed consulate who heard the cries for help, and stopped selling their ice cream (normal day to day duties for two former seals/rogue black op employees so they could go help out, then when they got back to the ice cream shop from the donut sale at the consulate, they painted the sky with skittles. did we cover you having never served yet? i thought all those evil bush cia prisons were closed anyway, oh yeah, ice cream shop, when they sit on a roof pointing a laser at their enemy for hours so santa claus can drop that guy an iphone. god its so hard to keep up with insanity void of all reason. do you bore thom like you bore me?

      • oh wait, he was just painting a target for hours on end not for air support, but because he was bored? im certain you never served, enjoy your good times memorial barbecue and we all know you have no clue what the thole “memorial” thing is even about. i read reports two men at the annex after going to the “whateverwasonceaembassy” to save everyone they could and came back to the annex held off more than thirty ARMED protesters (as obama said regarding ukraine “peaceful protesters dont show up with pocket grenade launchers”) while “painting the target” and i DEMAND you explain what the hell that means to you, what the hell were they painting, and why? were they marking their enemy for overhead support? if so, then we agree THEY considered them their enemy? were they painting them just for fun? like lightly spraying them with rainbow glitter to let everyone know they were the fun of the party? blah, you never served, you wont allow yourself to understand. poor thom

    • We The People want answers concerning what happened in Benghazi BEFORE 9/11/12, ON 9/11/12 and in the AFTERMATH of 9/11/12

      #WeThePeople want to hear from the 30+ sequestered Benghazi survivors who are being pressured to sign NON-DISCLOSURE forms.

      #WeThePeople want to know WHY Killary denied requests for increased security at Benghazi THIRTEEN TIMES in the lead up to 9/11/12.

      #WeThePeople want to know why Obama REFUSED THREE pleas for help from Woods and Doherty as they held off that Islamist MOB for SEVEN HOURS.

      “… there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed … ”

      Don’t forget:

      FOUR are DEAD. Obama went to BED.

      A copy of Saul Alinsky, by his HEAD.

    • I am so glad you have Thom for a friend. From the things you say, he is most likely the only friend you have. Keep laughing. It is good medicine. Of course they tried to defend themselves, you poor delusion fool. The stand down order was to prevent any other assistance from military support in the region which might have been able to get there to help them. Geez, read something once in a while, okay? No wonder we have so many problems in this country. Just read, comprehend and think. Maybe we could put the news into comic book format for you. Now be a good boy, or girl, and climb the stairs out of Mommy’s basement and get your chocolate milk or Kool-Aid and a snack. Everything will be fine. Those of us with brains and logic and the ability to do critical thinking will keep you safe.

  135. To be fair Mr West.. A great many of us have known all about this for months and months, in fact, since day one. Get the name right first and then you will get the whole picture. AL CIAda & the MI6B (the moslem MI6 brotherhood, a British intelligence operation since their inception way back in the 1920`s mate).

    Of course the US was supplying weapons, but not to the enemy as you put it, but to their proxy mujahadeen terror brigades, the very ones who are used as the proxy fighters waging wars all over the world. I was in Bosnia in 94 and the US had already flown in Al CIAda operatives out of Afghanistan and into the region not only to fight, but to train others. This has been going on for decades.

    The whole world has known since the wars started in Syria who these terrorist scum are and who operates them, arms them, trains them, funds them. And they aint from Syria now are they? Jeez.. But I thank the Lord this is now coming out and the truth can be heard by those who have purposefully closed their eyes and stuffed cotton wool in their ears.

    • Mate, the Enemy IS the Muhjahadeen; the Islamic Jihad. Obummer has many times armed our enemies, treasonably, and our bought/extorted Congress does nothing about it. War is evil, and the Evil love war. Obummer et al are evil and love war, killing, suffering, destruction, starvation, disease, etc., as they are satanists and those are satan’s tools against mankind.

  136. You are a loon. You don’t believe in coincidences? You are a bigger loon. You hear some nut say some stuff on a plane and believe him? You are a bigger, bigger loon. Bottom line: you are a loon.

      • Will desperate nuts like you be demanding that Gowdy call West to testify with his second/ third hand account?

      • Hmm? Maybe West will be making arrangements for this and other persons to come forward. Now wouldn’t that put a thrill up your leg?

        West aside, you can be Gowdy WILL hear from those who were there that night. No more White House hide and seek, baby!

      • Don’t be silly. Trey Gowdy has the power called “subpoena”. The one Kerry has been running away from. Just wait til the ex CIA chief testifies. Then you can get all freaked out.

    • let’s keep that Benghazi Truth Train advancing …

      will the last stop be IMPEACHMENT-Ville? (DEO VOLENTE, YES it WILL BE! **__**)

      ALL ABOARD! … plenty of room for you to sit up front with Obama,
      Killary … looking forward to hearing from ya … UNDER OATH this time


      don’t forget:

      FOUR are DEAD. Obama went to BED.

  137. [1.] how would this seatmate know what happened if the only people who could have told him died?

    [2.] I’ve heard most of this before.

    [3.] West is giving us the story 3rd hand

    [4.] Why would West believe–and expect us to believe–an unknown stranger’s stories about pension threats and a covert weapons scheme to arm Syrians?

    [5.] There are no citations for West’s claims of “a fog of lies, deceit, manipulation, threats, intimidation, coercion, abandonment, and worst of all, potentially treason.”

    And just in general, I can’t help wondering how the families of the thousands of our troops who died over fictitious WMDs feel about Benghazi being so much more important.

    • 1. They didn’t all die. Only four. There were survivors. One was the man that was dragging Ambassador Stevens through the annex trying to get him out.

      2. Whatever you think of West, he is not stupid. If he didn’t have pretty solid ground he wouldn’t be lighting this fire.

      3. The difference between Benghazi and Iraq is that we came with everything we had in Iraq. In Benghazi, when they called for help, the White House hung up the phone.

      • No problem, I just learned about it the other day. For some reason, they keep saying 4 in all articles. The other two, are the two that did not stand down. I’ll find their names and let you know.

      • Glen Doherty and Ty Woods (and a few others) were the brave men who defied the stand down orders.

      • Thanks. I have them and Chris Stevens, it’s the other 3 I’m looking for, in my hundreds of notes.

      • I hope that they and their families will be protected by Trey Gowdy. They know they have been threatened and had to sign documents and they can’t expect them to throw everything away without protection.

      • Citizens now need to call 911 on their own pResident. How effed up is that? I am sooo sick of this abomination.

      • Agree. And don’t think for one minute that this is ALL that has been revealed to Col West. This is currently all he is willing to comment about because he will be more concerned for the safety of the survivors than politics. But his comment about possible “threat’ to him was not a joke. I think he knows something else. We can talk all we want about Benghazi, Syria, CIA and illegal weapons exchange..but the one question no one has asked Obama is WHY. Why were we smuggling guns, taxpayer money to get rid of dictator who had been there for years. What did Assad do to anger Obama? Or better yet, what does Assad know about Obama?
        To me, there is even more hidden in Benghazi that we will ever know. But it is all becoming more traitorous than incompetence.

      • Qaddafi was no threat to the U.S. I remember Reagan speaking outside the White House one winter day about him and saying, “It may be snowing here, but all the flakes aren’t in DC.” Qaddafi was crazy, but not a threat to us. There was no U.S. reason to arm his enemies. But once those weapons were in Libya, it was the first step on their journey to their ultimate destination: Syria. Hillary’s cold comment about, “We came, we saw, he died.” sent chills down my spine. These people have an agenda and they will let no moral code of right or decency stand in their way. They will even dance on the graves of those whom they must kill to advance that agenda. These are heartless, unfeeling power mongers. The problem is, they do not seem to realize that those they are climbing into bed with are going to behead them just as quickly as they would any of the rest of us. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. Radical Islamists will happily cut the throats of any “infidel” as soon as they reach the tipping point in their own struggle for power. That includes Obama, Michelle, their daughters and any other westerner who helps them reach that point, as well as any who get in their way. In their minds, this isn’t a game for who gets the most marbles. This is a religion-driven struggle for a one-world religion enforced by death to any who oppose it.

      • And they are using “progressives” as useful idiots in order to win the game. It’s the traitorous idiots like Obama and Clinton that scare me ….They appear to be one of us but they are the enemy to what is truly once America.

      • No, not really, bullib. When people are on the defensive, they circle the wagons. Problem for them is, all the arrows are surrounding them at that point (pun intended). Actually, I give them credit for entering the jaws of their learned opposition by opining in an obvious right leaning site. I just wish they would offer facts to support their venomous opinions. Opinions are fine. Mine are no more valid than anyone else’s unless I can back them up with facts. Ah well, perhaps it is asking too much. How can anyone supply facts if they don’t exist?

    • The ‘fictitous WMDs that Russian Spetznatz troops escorted into Syria? The WMDs in the two folders full of Satellite photos that Colin Powell hand delivered to the Useless Nutjob Security Council? Do you mean the photos that convinced Pelosi, Feinstein, Reid, Schumer et al. to vote to invade Iraq? Do you mean the ones he used on the Khurds? Just curious. Only the nuttiest of you try that ‘no WMDs’ blather.

      • Can you explain why neither Dumbya Bush or Chaney has ever claimed that Iraqi WMD was sent to Syria? Perhaps because it is so idiotic to suggest that Saddam, facing an invasion that would surely lead to his death, would send his WMD to Syria instead of using them to kill as many invading Americans as he could before they caught or killed him.

    • I really don’t appreciate that comparison being made. First, no human life is more important than another and, second, I committed all of my teenage years to that war, as did many, many others. Some of them didn’t live long enough to legally drink a beer, but we all had one thing in common; we loved this country and were committed to protect the people who live here – whether that be in Iraq, Afghan, Kuwait, or 500 other places. My point is, when Americans die abroad as a result of terrorism, it is a big deal, and nobody wants to serve justice more than your military.
      Just because more people died doing something else, no matter the cause and/or your personal beliefs, it doesn’t become more or less important than the other.

      • I’m sorry it sounded as though one set of lives was more important than another. I tried hard not to sound like that. And failed.

        But I do think the constant focus on Benghazi and one investigation after another could make Iraq look like so what?

        Some time around 2004, a woman asked me if I knew where she could buy body armor for her son. The skin on the back of my neck still crawls when I think of that.

        Sudden thought: what kind of confidential source does his confiding on an airplane? Even in 1st class, there are stewards hovering all over the place.

      • Meh, no worries. I inappropriately overreacted, I suppose. I do understand where you’re coming from, though.

        You are on the right track. Nobody sits down on an airplane and spills the details of a major incident like this to someone who “happens” to be sitting next to them. This was either a spur of the moment meeting (one would think that picking a random flight would provide a minimal, but workable, level of security for a meeting like this) OR, the whole “airplane” thing is a cover up for whatever interaction (face to face, digital, voice, et cetera) actually did or did not take place.

        There are certain things that the public just doesn’t need to know, and this is one of those things. Col. West shared the information with us; how he obtained it is not going to change the way we look at what happened. He knows who told him – He will do what is right.

  138. Mr. West … great respect for reporting the full truth on this .. Obama / Clinton .. are guilty of treason and murder many times over … MSM and corrupt politicians protect them for now and in doing so .. allow these same thugs to steal, lie, and kill even more ..Much worse is planned by these souls of pig manure for all American citizens.

  139. I hope this committee opens up this pandoras box and all the dirty tricks and cover ups come pouring out for the public to see. OBAMA AND HILLARY FIRST TO BE CAUGHT .

    • I think that Mr. West is doing his part to pry on the lid. I think that is the point of this post. Look to the last three paragraphs.

      1. Gowdy is going to get whatever West has.
      2. The Dems. better be damn sure they can keep the lid on if they plan to obstruct (safe to join in and act outraged).
      3. He’s not going to be intimidated.

  140. Everything Col West mentioned has been testified to. Where have you been? Why did Obummer appoint Stevens, a Fairy, to an islamic post, knowing that faggotism draws the death penalty in Sharia law? Afraid Stevens would disclose Obummer’s arming of the jihadists, Obummer had him killed.Why was no help sent? Who told the CIA to stand down? Why was there no automatic procedure established and practiced for our military intervention in the event of such an attack? Your problem Ali Sassan, is not that Col. West is a loon; but that you, sir, are a jihadist. Our people begged for help and someone ordered that no help be sent. He/she must be convicted and executed. .

  141. Col. West, what happened in Benghazi that night was heard on the military radio net throughout the region. A personal friend, (rank MSgt USAF) was in the comm. shack at his base in Afghanistan that night. He and a number of others heard everything word for word from Benghazi.
    A contingent of SEAL’s were in the room at the time after the scuttlebutt got out that Benghazi was under attack. To a man each was totally livid.
    My friend said, “As a grown man I never came closer to breaking down in tears as I did that night”.
    I am sure there are many many men in uniform that heard the exact same that night.
    It’s time to bring them out of the shadows.