Obama takes a surprise walk around DC

Our beloved president took a “surprise” walk around Washington DC today. Note how “carelessly” he drapes his jacket over his shoulder. Does Michelle know he’s handing out candy to kids? You know, my folks warned me about strange men offering candy.

Gee, you think maybe he might have taken a surprise walk to the VA? Nah…


  1. Makes perfect sense. Everywhere little Barry “Smack” Obama goes……he takes Secret Service with him………otherwise known as a Constitution-free zone.

  2. The lady said when they were taking their photo with Obama that people were going to think he was just a wax figure . Hmm, maybe not made of wax but he is not without it either.

  3. Oh wow, he still remembers the service and the taps and the flag and it still chokes him up but he can’t be bothered to salute it?
    Yeah right.

  4. Everything he does is for show. He is a complete and utter failure and should step down if not he should be removed now.

  5. Not just any candy, either. “Special White House m&m’s.” Because -and I quote our Campaigner-In-Chief, verbatim, from the video- “you can’t come away empty-handed.” Those kids should have pressed for a greater “investment,” a bailout, or at least one of those obamaphones. [Oh, and btw, WHY do “special White House m&m’s” even exist?]

  6. Third term?!! No real danger here. He can run for office but he can’t serve as President a third term.
    I wonder how many SS were in the area protecting him?

    • What’s going to stop him from a third term? The Constitution? As if that ever stopped him.

      He doesn’t respect the 2nd Amendment, and he won’t respect the 22nd either.

  7. He IS wax, through and through a BIG phoney! Get back to work slacker, the country is falling apart!!!

  8. I didn’t see anything wrong with this so stop trying to be the people that look for every little thing wrong. I don’t like the man either but come on and big deal about the candy get over it. He was very personable with everyone.

    • He should be doing his job. This is the problem when electing a community organizer. They don’t know what work is.

    • He is so personable with everybody who agrees with him. He has time to stroll but no time to fix things that he has screwed up

      • I hope your reply to me makes you feel better. I know all that crap I just commented on video I don’t have to be negative about everything he does. But hey! feel free to do so…….

      • I wasn’t trying to be negative. I was just stating facts and said it as nicely as I could. If you are offended by what I said you need to get real and move on!!

  9. Wow! What is wrong with those people that are all happy to meet him?? No one questioned him about all of his lies??

  10. Make it over to the VA ?…..He’d probably need a bodyguard to go there Now……On the other hand, let him just wander in unescorted……

  11. This person is so fake you could put him on a shelf next to silly putty at a toy store and the silly putty would get more credibility

  12. I wonder if your republican savior Ronald Reagan took his mind off screwing with the Viet Nam vets with a nice walk around DC. His VA lied, denied and destroyed medical evidence over Agent Orange cancer and nerve damage .

      • But the article was about a current scandal? Why deflect the issue instead of dealing with it?

      • I’m not deflecting. I am saying the republicans have their own scandal. They were negligent with vet care as well.

      • What ever, you have no desire to discuss the situation. You just want to talk about something else. Just another liberal without the integrity to discuss problems in our government. Jeep your head in the sand. Because when the revolution comes you wil be persona non grata!

      • Why didn’t Carter do something, or Clinton? The biggest changes to come for Vietnam vets and the agent orange controversy came during GW Bush’s terms. So who took a problem that he had no hand in and helped fix it. So that scandal has been dealt with, why hasn’t Obama or the democrat controlled House and Senate fix the issue? They were too busy shoving unaffordable healthcare on us I guess!

      • Nobody has said this scandal is strictly Obama’s. The problem has indeed been going on for a long time. Just what priority has Obama done to fix it? Nothing!! He had been informed of this problem by the transition team. I see no effort on his part to fix anything. The VA is as bad now as it was then!! Even worse now!!

      • If I may , why does it have to be Obama that dropped the ball? Don’t we have local congresspeople and senators who are closer to the situation ? Nobody got a call from a vet asking for help?

      • He didn’t drop the ball but he made no effort to pick up the ball and see what he could do to fix it. He has known about the problem for 6 years. Tell me what initiative or project did he put together to get the ball rolling in the right direction for the vets??

      • Both sides are corrupt, all they do is bash each other to a bloody pulp. These two parties have been in control for 150 years and have ruined what many have died for. It’s time for another party to take over. We need change. I will never vote for either side. They are political idiots! We need a political patriot.

  13. What a freaking phony. it is embarrassing to see a President of the United States out doing a promo video for his ego. He hated having to do this, he hates the little people. I am…devastated that we have come to this.

  14. Hey, lol…it wasn’t just a causal friendly stroll..he was looking for the best location for the monument dedicated to him because he had a black dad. Thisonce and for all will kill MLK’s wish that a man might be judged for the content of his character and not the color of his skin

  15. He needs to take nice long “surprise” walk off a short pier. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS GUY THINKING?!?!?!!?
    His actions are disgraceful and criminal. As such, one of my greatest fears is some lunatic will shoot him on one of these photo-ops and that will be the end of our country as we know it.


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