NY abortion bill would allow lethal injection in third trimester for any reason

Fetus at 20 weeks

As you may recall, we recently brought to light the 2012 HHS report on “Child Maltreatment” that lists data for physical abuse to the unborn. Naturally, abortion isn’t included in that report. But if dismemberment or shooting poison through the heart isn’t physical abuse, I don’t know what is.

According to lifenews.com, New York legislators are considering passage of the Women’s Equality Act, which would allow late-term abortions for virtually any reason. A group of pro-abortion Democratic State Senators continue to push for abortion-expansion, despite polls showing the overwhelming majority of New Yorkers oppose it. The bill has grisly consequences.

Too many Republicans admonish us to just not talk about social issues. They say it’s a losing point. However, should we just cower away from what is wrong? I also find it quite perplexing that this piece of legislation has the ironic title of “Women’s Equality Act,” because what I’m about to describe is not about women’s equality.

The legislation advocates that throughout the second trimester, late abortions can be completed by dismembering the developed unborn child, even when they can feel pain, pulling the baby out piece by piece until the mother’s uterus is empty. After the abortion, the abortionist must reassemble the child’s body to ensure nothing has been left inside the child’s mother.

In abortions that take place later in pregnancy, which would be legalized in New York by the abortion-expanding Women’s Equality Act, often babies are killed by sliding a needle filled with a chemical agent, such as digoxin, into the beating heart, before being delivered.

Sorry folks, the content of my character doesn’t allow me to support such a heinous and barbaric practice. I do not support abortion as a means of birth control.

New York State Right to Life commented on reintroduction of the so-called “Women’s Equality Act” and pointed to another problem. The 10th point of the Women’s Equality Act, pushed for by Governor Cuomo, would change New York law to open the doors for non-doctors to perform abortions, and to allow abortions in the third trimester for any reason.

Current law already allows abortion at any point that a woman’s life is in danger, but the 10th point would change that to include any “health” reason as well. The key distinction is that “health” was defined in the 1973 court case Doe v. Bolton, providing a definition so broad that it far overreaches physical, or even mental, well-being.

I fully support women’s reproductive health: research for curing uterine, cervical, ovarian, and fibroid tumors and cancers. What I will never support is the taking of an unborn life — basically killing babies.

This is not part of our “better angels” as President Abraham Lincoln described, this is radical and what type of person could support something like this? Oh yes, I remember — it was a State Senator from Illinois who promoted legislation that if a baby survived an abortion, it still deserved to die. What monster would sentence babies to death – in other words, infanticide? Is that what we are becoming?

No I’m sorry. I cannot stop standing up and talking about this. If that means hate mail, so be it, but I will certainly not sacrifice my principles, values and character to allow murder.

(By the way, as you’re reading this, I’m probably in the air heading from Dallas to Michigan where this evening I’ll be speaking at the Jackson County (Spring Arbor) Lincoln dinner. I’ve had a fantastic five days in Texas, beginning with spending the weekend with my best friends, Simeon and Alma Terry. Simeon went to Kansas State with my wife Angela and I was the best man in his wedding back in Manhattan, Kansas. I truly enjoyed going to church with them at Antioch Christian Fellowship there in Corinth where they live. I miss my home church, Community Christian, back in South Florida but it was a fantastic service focused on the four fundamentals of prayer – be Specific, make Time, pray with Energy, and find a Place (STEP).)

I am certainly praying for my country.


  1. Funny, they oppose lethal injection for convicted criminals. The drug manufacturers won’t even supply those some of those drugs to prisons but abortion clinics are fine. How can these people sleep at night?

    • I have always wondered why those that are pro-abortion are on the other hand anti death penalty. They are willing to kill the innocent but not the guilty. Makes no sense to me whatsoever.

      • It goes farther than that. Most of these same people are against capital punishment, true, but they are also against euthanizing pets. How twisted are their morals that they will kill a baby and whine about a pet? A pet will never tell you that it loves you, take care of you in your old age, grow and develop into a fine young man or woman and provide grandchildren. They will even argue that all a baby does is “eat, sleep, and sh-t”. That’s all a pet does but the pet will never do anything else. They claim that it’s wrong to put a rapist or murderer to death but that criminal got a laywer, appeals, court date, 3 hots and a cot, education, etc. for about 20 years. A baby gets none of that.

        I hear the erroneous argument that baby’s aren’t alive. According to basic biology the definition of life is that something eats, reproduces, and grows, so even a fertilized egg follows that definition. They are trying to say they aren’t sentient but even in the womb babies react to outside stimulus, cry, etc. If you don’t believe me, watch “Silent Scream”. I hear the tumor argument a lot too. Tumors are not sentient and never will be. A tumor will never grow to be more than what it is, a tumor will never find a cure for cancer.

        The final one that I hear a lot of is that a “fetus” (the word progressives use to dehumanize their victims much the way Nazis did to Jews) is not human. Really? So how does it become human? At birth? What about babies that were C-section or premature? When does this magical event occur? They are human and have always been human. Just like any species, they are what they were intended.

        Progressivism is a death-cult. When they finally convinced people that killing the innocent is right and killing the criminal is wrong then they had their first major victory in screwing up our morals. From there they were free to attack the infirm and deficient, the elderly and the veteran, and anyone else who didn’t share their beliefs. We’ve seen this before and went to war over it. Will we have to again?

      • To one of your points…they need to explain why when a pregnant woman is murdered, they file TWO murder charges. One for the woman and one for the baby (fetus).

      • That depends upon the state you live in…in some states they do not count the baby as a victim.

      • “…willing to kill the innocent but not the guilty.” That is a powerful statement! And, very true.

    • Quite an odd pairing, isn’t it? As for their sleep, I just don’t know. Maybe Dr. Kermit Gosnell could answer that question…

  2. This actually made me feel sick. It made my stomach hurt. How can we allow this horrific act to happen? Dems are all about “women’s” rights, what about unborn women’s rights? I don’t understand pro-choice id10ts logic and I don’t want to.

  3. Col. West, I respect you tremendously, but for God’s sake get the facts before you post such nonsense. Late-term abortions are not accomplished by the methods listed above. They are accomplished through injecting a strong saline solution into the amniotic sac, thereby bringing about the death of the fetus. Thereafter labor is induced by medications administered to the woman, and the fetus is delivered.
    This is not a pro-abortion post, but at least it is a factual one. God save us all.

    • You should look up digoxin, it is used for Aabortions and you can even watch you tube video s of abortionist telling under covers how they use it!

    • not true.. they use digoxin to stop the baby’s heart, then instruments to remove it in pieces… Intact dilation and extraction (IDX or D&X), sometimes referred to as “partial-birth abortion”, Dilation and evacuation (D&E).. videos on YouTube with Planned Parenthood clinic telling patients how it’s done.. it is possible that the baby survives the abortion and is alive and moving on the table… check this link out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kermit_Gosnell

      • Actually, for these very late term abortions, they induce labor and the woman just delivers a dead baby. The D&E is done much earlier in pregnancy, while the baby’s tissues are still very soft. In a partial birth abortion, the baby is delivered feet first, then scissors are inserted into the head and the brain is sucked out, the skull is then crushed and delivered. None of the late term abortion procedures will do anything to help any health problems the woman might have, because she still has to go through labor and delivery! In other words, she is just getting rid of a child she decided at the last minute she did not want to take home! Many of these late term abortions are ‘revenge’ abortions. The woman is seeking to punish the father for something, so she kills the child he might want and would care for.

      • Partial Birth Abortion is when they deliver the baby … all but the head, and then you collapse the head and pull it the rest of the way out. My question is this…if this if for the “mother’s health” why was she able to endure the complete birth of her baby..well, I mean except for the murder part…. that makes no sense. If the mother’s health will not allow her to carry to term, then have a c-section. At least that. And, that would not seem to be as hard on her as the horrendous murder. You are pulling out an innocent baby by the foot..the baby is alive!!! And, then you suck its brains out. Oh my…. this is just so horrible! I wish it could be stopped!

    • Strong saline? And that is so much better. How about we start submerging people in acid baths for capital punishment (thank you Ann Coulter). That’s what saline is like to someone who has a fully developed nervous system and skin only a few layers thick. You’re sick “lady”

    • Saline abortions are old school and are not used today because so many of the babies were born alive, but so badly burned and scarred that they suffered horribly before they died outside the womb.

    • That is a disgusting bit of knowledge. So, you think the saline abortion is a-ok? That actually BURNS the baby. The innocent baby in the mother’s womb which is supposed to be the safest place in the world. Not anymore. There really is no need to murder the baby. It can be removed from the mother and its life can be saved..as well as the mom’s.

      • Mary, I never said it was ok, I just described the procedure appropriately, which is not how Col. West described it. I know he’s only retelling what he’s been told, but he needs to be accurate.
        I do believe abortion is wrong.

  4. Allowing people to murder a child is wrong. I don’t care how they do it. Let them take some of the women (most definitely not mothers) apart piece by piece, see if they like the effects.

  5. This is a very difficult subject for me. As a former labor and delivery nurse, I have witnessed tormented parents trying to make a decision as to whether to abort or not. I have had the unfortunate experience to witness abortions on several occasions, watching as doctors are picking through a basin to figure out which part is which and count them all up to decide if the fetus has been removed completely……..it is a haunting image. Frankly, once a fetus can feel pain, there is no “humane” way I know of to abort it. That’s just looking at it “clinically”, setting aside any theological beliefs.

    • The only possible way I can understand and accept a patient having a last-trimester abortion is if the Mother’s health is in imminent danger. Medical emergencies arise, I understand that part of the equation. Every other reason, I just can’t wrap my heart and soul around such a choice. It feels too much like murder, to me.

      • If the mother’s life is in danger in the 3rd trimester the baby still needs to come out. Why the need to kill it? This argument is bunk and I am not criticizing you at all. I just get tired of hearing it. Let’s say you are at 30 weeks and continuing the pregnancy will put your life in major jeopordy, the doctors don’t have to kill the baby. They just have to deliver the babyimmediately. It can’t just stay in there. This what we would call a premature baby. There is absolutely no reason to kill the child. Deliver it and try to save it.

      • Because a lot of times with these situations, the fetus isn’t viable in the first place either. If the mother’s life is in danger, most doctors do try to deliver a live fetus if it’s possible. But when there are severe health complications, sometimes that’s not possible and often it only ends up prolonging the suffering of the child.

      • If I were in that position, I would still choose the baby’s life over mine. That’s what mother’s do. It is God’s will whether you live or die. I personally, would not be able to look myself in the mirror or sleep at night, knowing I had killed my baby to save myself……..what kind of a life would I have, thereafter?

      • In certain religions and cultures, the mother’s life is chosen over the baby’s life. Personally, I think it should be left up to the woman and her husband to make that choice. I do not believe society should stick their head in the personal business and take away the freedom to choose in such a difficult situation. Many don’t like the government to intervene or tell them how to live. This is another one of those choices that needs to be left to the individual going thru the situation. What you may do is not what another person will do. I know someone who had to go thru this situation, it is very harrowing and I do not judge her. She had to do what was right for her other kids and husband.

      • My husband’s mother chose his life over hers…. and they both survived. But, she still made that choice. I always tell him on Mother’s Day that his mother is a heroine in today’s world.

  6. NYS has an abortionist disguised as a Catholic governor hiding in the state capitol.
    NYS Patriots: Fire up the phone wires — call and tell them NO on this bill.
    Not now, not ever!

  7. This is just Heinous.
    Leave it to NY to come up with something this sick…
    Next they’ll come up with “post-natal abortions”, which would be their term for simply killing the baby after he/she is born…..I think they ARE that Sick..
    .NY is now even with CA, both having mentally disturbed liberals…
    Actually NY has now pushed CA from that top Crazy spot..

    • That very issue was bandied about on MSNBC awhile back. Can’t remember the woman’s name, but she was talking about post-abortion up the age of 2 years old. I didn’t pay much attention because I thought she was off her rocker, but now I don’t think she was. This is all murder, plain and simple, it is morally, ethically, spiritually wrong. If people don’t speak against it, loud and clear, these measures will be enacted as law.

      • Thank you, ProudMom, having the option to kill your child if you’re not happy with them until the age of 2 is just insanity. Where these ideas come from, I’ll never know.

  8. On youtube a 19 weeks old baby was born and lived for a short time. Democrats are evil and will kill babies like the 19 weeks old. Democrat Voters are evil and accessories to murder, even though many of them don’t realize it, because of their ignorance !

  9. Any woman undergoing this procedure must still deliver a baby, she is just delivering a dead baby. She must go through labor and through a vaginal delivery, so how is this helping ANY “health” condition she and her doctor are claiming? The truth is, these late term abortions are just convenient ways for women to keep from taking home babies they have decided at the last minute they do not want to raise. I thought that was what adoption was for? Obama promised to work to make adoption less expensive and more accessible to the average American family when during his debate with Pastor Warren…but I haven’t heard word one from him on the subject since then. Just another broken campaign promise he won’t be held accountable for!

    • Even if a woman changes her mind during the last trimester, there is always adoption. My God, there are many couples who would line up to adopt a newborn, very willing and able to raise a child. In my mind, this is no longer abortion during the last trimester, it is murder and it is so very wrong to do this to a healthy, viable fetus that poses no risk to the mother’s health.
      I understand Canada allows abortions right up until the Mother is ready to give birth, and I believe that is where this country is headed. Just sickening, I will never support it…

      • Exactly. As for Canada….they allow abortion up to 24 weeks, but only 1% of their abortions occur after 20 weeks gestation. Don’t know where the idea that they allow abortions up to the date of birth came from, but it is very wide spread. Even if the child should for some reason, pose a risk to the mothers health, delivering a live child, even prematurely, is less risky for the mother than delivering the same child after it has been killed in the womb.

      • Not only that, but the woman delivering the dead baby has to deal with this the rest of her life, and there are many such horrifying stories from women who have suffered tremendous guilt after doing this. And, many of them don’t really do it of their own volition… they do it because of misinformation given them under dire circumstances.

  10. yeah it makes no sense other than they like being able to kill and get away with it. they should be made to have all babies then adopt the baby out very simple, but no its big business for these doctors and scientists they can care less. we got to stand up against this. if we cant stop anything other that this it should be priority #1.

    • Many also see this as population control and culling the herd. I think it is a despicable act and murder of a human being.

  11. The only way I support last trimester abortion is IF there is a medical emergency and imminent death is assured for the mother. All other reasons are for sake of convenience or a change of heart (not wanting the fully formed child), and in my mind the procedure is Murder. I just cannot morally, ethically or spiritually support last trimester abortion, I just cannot. Someone has to stand up for the welfare and the safety of the unborn child that is now a viable life outside of the womb. If this makes me a pariah to the Pro Choice crowd, then so be it.
    Murder is Murder, even if the victim is a harmless child in the womb. What is this country coming to, where is our moral compass? What is next? Killing kids before they are eighteen if they do not live up to certain standards? Killing the elderly, the infirm, the mentally challenged, the disabled veteran because they are no longer producers? This nation is walking down a dangerous path, imho…

    • If the mothers life is in danger in the 3rd trimester the baby still has to delivered. It has to come out through a delivery or c-section. It would be considered a premature baby. There is no reason to kill the baby….none. I would think a c-section would be less dangerous for the mother than dismembering the baby to get it out. There is no reason whatsoever to kill that baby.

      • You have no idea what you’re talking about. Leave it to the medical professionals, please.

      • I agree. People without any medical knowledge have no idea what is transpiring when a medical emergency arises. Everyone wants to paint a situation black and white, when in reality, it isn’t so simple. I don’t like the idea and do not support late trimester abortion just because someone changes their mind, but I do support it in the few cases where a true medical emergency arises. One thing I do know with certainty is that I would not want to be put in the position to choose.

      • You don’t have to choose. The thing you are promoting which is the baby being removed piece by piece would be much more traumatic for the woman then doing the c-section. Besides…. these issues are such a small percentage of the abortions, that is should be nil in the discussion here…because most anybody does not oppose the mom being forced when her life is in jeopardy. However, I have heard of moms who gave their life to save their baby. Not saying all should..just wanting you all to know that there are still some women who are women and have a heart for the unborn.

      • If we left it to the “medical professionals” there would be very rarely a live birth these days.

      • JenB – Do you have a medical degree? Are you an OB/Gyn? I knew a woman who was confronted with a situation where she had to make a choice under these conditions. Have you ever had to deal with life and death, your own and/or you baby(s)? She did. She chose her life based on the information she had, given to her by her board-certified Ob/Gyn and Surgeon. I do not advocate last-trimester abortion for convenience, a change-of-mind, or birth control – that is ridiculous. In a true emergency, I do if it is absolutely necessary. Not everything in this world is always black and white, there are always exceptions. Women that have to make these types of decisions have already gone thru enough, they do not need self-righteous individuals judging them. They will be judged at end by their God and no other…

      • I do know of a woman who was not able to hold a pregnancy to the end. The last time she got pregnant, they had her on bed rest and even put her in the hospital. On Christmas Eve, the baby was in distress, the mom was in distress….they took the baby by c-section and both lived. The baby was extremely small, but he survived and is a very healthy young man now. It’s a lie that taking these babies out a piece at a time and reassembling them is for the safety of the mother. They could to a c-section and save them both. If they wanted to. But, they won’t. And, before you ask…. no. I’m not an OB/GYN…not sure that YOU are. But, there is access to all sorts of information today, besides what I have personally seen and so I can speak out on it…. don’t try to shut me up as you did the last poster. 🙂

      • Most late term abortions are not because a woman is going through a difficult pregnancy and the baby is in distress. In these situations, the doctors do their best to deliver the fetus early. When a fetus is in distress, an abortion is not the go-to option. The doctors will, if the fetus is viable, perform an emergency C-section to try and remedy the situation. Late term abortions are in the event of SEVERE medical complications to either the mother, the fetus or both, and where the survival rates for the fetus outside the womb are very low.

  12. An immoral sick bill pushed by people who have completely lost their moral compass. Amazingly supported by a Governor who espouses the Catholic faith (how that’s possible I have no clue).

    • Most Catholics I’ve met are so family oriented, their lives revolving around their kids and relatives. Big families which always surprises me because everything is so expensive these days (but good for them). Sometimes I think people say they are one thing to gain popularity for public office, and then turn around and show their true colors when they are safely ensconced in said office. It makes me wonder if you can really trust what people say these days when running for office.

      • Unfortunately, If there were no catholic politicians abortions would be a lot less abortions than they are now. From Pelosi to Kennedy, Biden, McAullife, and the above mentioned Cuomo, Catholic politicians seem to be leading they way when it comes to fighting for and expanding abortions.

      • A tad bit hypocritical and going against their religious doctrine. Say and do anything to get elected? Or a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

      • You have made an excellent point! When they lie to get into office and then turn and do the opposite of what the people voted for, we should fight to impeach. There should be consequences for lying on what you will do when you get into office, and then doing the opposite. They should not be allowed to remain. All we ever seem to do is complain, but where is the action? What is the action? I keep waiting to see when we are going to get serious and fight these things.

  13. @Alan B West, Now that the UN has chosen to bring in more political and religious censorship, NOW CENSORING OPPOSITION TO ABORTION, SO THAT PRO LIFE SUPPORTERS WILL BE ARRESTED IF THEY DARE SPEAK AGAINST ABORTION, be glad were NOT signed onto the global courts! The ACLJ has a good article on this topic on their Facebook page, as this is a freedom of speech, legal right to protest government, freedom of the press, freedom of religious “core values,” freedom to debate the issue, and freedom to take an opposing viewpoint issue!

  14. Whenever the sad issue of Abortion/Infanticide comes up I automatically get depressed. How can so many women feels so little about the life that they have created? Look, I don’t expect an honest answer, so yes, that was a rhetorical question. Do I have an answer? Maybe, please keep reading… I do NOT believe that our problems will be solved with the present political climate and with the massive corruption of the American way of life being the new normal. So unless we want to hash-out our differences in a very bloody manner, let’s change the New Normal in a new way……..

    If you believe the USA has been so corrupted that we cannot find our way out of the madness unless blood is shed, then you are not alone. Modern-day Progressives/Liberals/Socialists/Marxists etc, refuse to consider any alternative way of thinking, therefore they fight like hell for their position to be THE dominant position in matters of Science, Faith, Society, Morality, Politics, Human Life, etc. I personally have learned through experience that Progressives consider me a lower class of human simply because I dare base my thinking on Facts, Logic, Empirical Data, and something that most human beings have inside of them, no matter their backgrounds or history, or upbringing, or even a lack of upbringing, that has served us well for thousands of years and has kept us from destroying each other like rabid animals… Common-sense.

    Common-sense seems to be the missing link in the gene pool for modern-day Progressives, so maybe, we should show them some old fashioned pity for being left-out of the gene pool on Gene Pool Raffle Day, held every day at conception. This may be something we should ponder so in order to claim the high moral ground when approaching this subject, right!? ……………………………….. Like HELL!

    We can still claim the moral high-ground as we scratch their eyes out and break their legs, right? No, we cannot do that. But we can fight with every ounce of energy, and with every dollar we can afford, using words, deeds, and legal actions, whenever they decide that it’s time to change what is the ‘Reality Paradigm’ to ‘Fantasy Land’. We must fight these little buggers because we are duty bound to leave a better USA to our offspring, and their offspring, than the one that our parents left to us.

    Personally, I think the USA needs a do-over, or what I like to call ‘A Re-birth’. There is one way that is left to us to repair all the damage that has been done, while leaving intact our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We need a ‘New Declaration of Independence’ so we can once again start a clean slate.

    However, there is one item that must be included or addressed with our ‘New Declaration…’, we must outlaw and forever forbid the formation of political parties, to take affect on the very first day of ratification of our ‘New Declaration’. (Feel free to ask me some time to explain why ‘no political parties’ allowed. Will be happy to dig into it with anyone)

    If a New Declaration of Independence sounds good to you, please go the following link to read and sign… http://www.newfreedom2014.com Thank you.

    May God bless America!

  15. We need to win in 2014 and 2016 and attacking abortion is not going to make us popular with female voters.

    I don’t agree with late term abortion and think it should be illegal except in cases of danger to the mother’s life. But again, let’s not bring this up during election time or you risk alienating women voters. That’s what happened to Romney. He lost because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut about abortion and many, many women I know wouldn’t vote for him because of it.

    These were not liberal women – they were and are, conservative women. And we all know that the devil lives in NYC and runs it. Nothing we can do about it.

    • Rex… You are incorrect. The reason Romney lost is due to the Evangelical vote. Over a million Evangelicals did not feel right voting for someone that is a Mormon. And before you say things about my comments that are not true, I’m proud to say that I consider myself a Christian and have nothing against Evangelicals or Mormons. My comments are based on truth, nothing personal.

    • I don’t think we should EVER shut up about abortion! Romney lost because as the previous poster said, because he is Mormon and he also lost because of the horrible voting system we have that allows such rampant voter fraud AND fights against voter ID. That is why Romney lost. He actually was doing quite well and it looked like he could win, but because of the fraud, he did not. I was not for him at first, but he earned my respect and I felt he would do what is best for this country, so I voted for him. Bait and switch is not a good way to go. Abortion is a heinous and heathen crime. We need to get serious about stopping it. New York is brining in all sorts of unbelievable things. Maybe we could push NY up into Canada, or out into the ocean?

  16. If a gene was discovered that could tell if the unborn would become gay, transsexual or liberal after birth, would the left support abortions based on that criteria?

    • No, you would be forced to have the child…forced to have it, not encouraged to have it. Man…you’d better get with the PC program.

    • I ALWAYS support a woman’s right to choose, and actually I’d even more support this if that were the case, because it’s better for a child not to be born at all than to be born into a hostile environment where the fact that they are gay or transgender is something viewed with disgust by their family. The fact that you would propose this tells me that if such a gene was discovered, you’d be first in line, so I hope none of your kids fall on the LGBT spectrum. They don’t deserve it.

  17. Thank you Col. West. I hope you keep up he fight because you are in a position to make a difference. Where I am not, but wish I were. All I can do is let my voice be heard and hope and pray it will stop!

  18. How depraved can humans be? This is so outrageous it is hard to imagine any rational person giving serious consideration to such a proposal. I find it interesting that if a pregnant woman is killed and the baby she is carrying also dies, the perp can be charged with two murders. But she can dispose of a baby she has conceived as if she were throwing out the garbage and people thinks that’s her right. We shouldn’t even be debating these kinds of laws, but this is what happens when people lose any sense of moral character and values.

  19. This is what the Progressives have been pushing for, for decades. If the Progressive Democrats get this through and signed into law which will probably happen as Coumo is a Socialist Progressive and believes in what this law really means he’ll sign it no doubt. This is infanticide pure and simple another case for eugenics perpetrated by the Margaret Sanger Crowd. Except it’s for all races not just the Colored as originally intended. Somebody ought to place in the Bill that once the abortion is finished the women will be sterilized by having a hysterectomy. That way they get a twofer and they won’t have to worry about being punished with a baby ever again. And one more little thought for you anti life folks out there. Whose to say whether anyone will eventually have a right to life in our Country?????? Some bureaucrat in Albany or DC????? Remember the Nazis Folks and their Neumberg Laws where the Government dictated who married to who or who were allowed to have children or who were allowed to live???? Oh that can’t happen here !!! It Can’t ?????? Don’t bet on it.


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