Hilarious but sad video: College students clueless on Benghazi terror attack

Thanks to the Media Research Center via The Foundry, we have startling video confirmation that college students have absolutely no idea what “Benghazi” refers to or even where it is located.

Dan Joseph of the Media Research Center went to George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., located 30 minutes outside Washington, D.C., to compare students’ knowledge on who sings the song “Happy” versus what is “Benghazi.”

Is the future of this nation toast? I hope not. But between the loud, liberal minority drowning out opposing voices, to the complete cluelessness demonstrated by this small sample, we clearly have some work to do to reach the next generation of voters.

But in the meantime, I shall clap my hands because I feel like a room without a roof.


  1. Why make up definitions? They should hear the truth, even just a brief outline instead of some silly made up definition keeping them in the dark.

  2. Most adults don’t know who their state Congressmen are.

    The numerous distractions created by the elite leftists. who own over 90% of the media, will make sure that politics is drowned out by an endless cesspool of reality TV, sports, overhyped celebrities, porn, and endless movie channels. The dumbing down of America continues.

    • Hey hey, don’t knock porn. Because i like it as much as the next guy. But i know about benghazi and had no idea who sang that song. And i don’t like majority of my states representatives. By the way, fienstein and boxer are my senators. Welcome to California! Where we don’t sell confederate flags anymore because it’s racist.

      I’m 25, ignorant, and haven’t served.
      I also hate watching the news because me and my dad yell at the television.

  3. I bet if you asked their peers serving in the military about Benghazi they’d know. I know my sons who are of college age in the military know about Benghazi.

  4. Never heard that song before or care about the mainstream crap that gets pumped into the youth/people of today…..must be why I know what Benghazi is and how the mainstream media puts blinders on the sheep that follow the political parties.

  5. it is a shame that our children are not longer taught their history, people want to destroy their right to pray and pledge allegiance to the flag and this country. And It is hard to believe how many people have no clue as to what is going on in this country. And I am not just talking about a bunch of college students which is bad enough.

  6. I am 32 and have no idea what the song is (except that unfortunate woman who texted about it while driving and crashed and passed away) but I know about Benghazi. I may not have as a college student, but I also was no liberal-leaning sheeple person.

  7. Idiots like this are why we should require some basic questions answered in order to vote! If you don’t know who or what you are voting for, GTFO of the voting booth! Sick of incompetent ninnies voting and leaving the rest of use to deal with their poor choices.

    • I like the idea of everyone (legal, with ID) get’s 1 vote. The more taxes one pays, the more votes you get. The poor will always vote for freebees thus outvoting the people who pay for the freebies thus inviting a dictatorship eventually, well already but you get my point.

      • At the other end, you get Crony Capitalism and an oligarchy, and that’s not pretty, either. I wish I had a better solution, though. At least you’re trying!

  8. We as Americans have ourselves to blame as we have not taught our kids right or to be dedicated or devoted to our country. If parents did their job in teaching that these students would be screaming like they did back in he sixties (even tough I didn’t agree with them.)

      • By the way..cute story…Ezra can sing the National Anthem with no mistakes, and the year Christina Aguilera sang it, the second she screwed up he turned to me and said, “she messed up”. Oh yes, I was a proud grama!

      • That is because he was told about it and sounds like he is somewhat being taught right so far. Most kids and even young adults have no clue. The sad part is some grown adults don’t have a clue what is going on and I have seen it myself as I have asked.

  9. job well done, ……….. and who says the establishment is “dumbing down,” american students ………

  10. …we clearly have some work to do to reach the next generation of voters.

    One way to do that would be to break the liberal grip on academia.

  11. Ben Gazi was a ex-Jedi hermit living on the desert planet Tattoine?
    Oh, and “Happy” is a song sung by Kieth Richards of the Rolling Stones.

  12. “Some place in the Middle East?”
    “That’s right.”

    Actually, that’s not right. A place isn’t necessarily in the Middle East just because the people are Muslim and a lot of them speak Arabic. Benghazi, Bengasi, Libya is in the region of North Africa traditionally called Barbary – the same location of the Barbary Naval Wars fought against the Berber Pirates during Jefferson’s presidency. Benghazi is far to far west to be in the Middle East, it is actually further west than Berlin.

  13. My 7 year old daughter knows what Benghazi is about!! That is because she has a Momma who informs her, about keeeping herself safe and that it is important for her to learn about the world as she will be an adult who makes decisions that affect the world!!

  14. This is really sad. I would expect grade school children not to know anything about Benghazi, but college students being clueless on this? These college students are suppose to be America’s next leaders? Is it any wonder our nation is in a nosedive decline?

  15. These people are graduating from college and they don’t have a clue about Benghazi, except the one girl who said her parents talked about it. Please get these people out of the gene pool and cancel their voting rights until they reach adulthood – which may be a long time down the road…

    • Except for the fact that the Liberals in this country have already classified these people as adults and already have their propaganda targeting them. “Obama is my homeboy”, “Wow Obama must really understand us youth, especially if he’s using words like homeboy.” lol it’s a f***ing joke. Adulthood shouldn’t be classified as an age, it should be an IQ number and a minimum score on a test, based on how much you understand of what’s going on around you.

      • A lot of liberals can only say they voted for Democrats because “they care”. They don’t do anything to actually help anyone but “they care”??? They really don’t have to prove “they care”… they only have to say “they care.” After 5 years we’ve seen how much “they care” and how little they’ve done to improve the economy or anything else.

  16. It would appear that a college diploma is only valuable if you’re stuck on an island and need something to wipe your a** with. If you have children and you’re saving up a college fund you might as well transfer that money into your retirement account. Why should you risk your retirement so your child can get drunk, have unprotected sex and waste 4 years of their life without learning a single thing worth knowing?

  17. This is so sad to me. The liberal professors had no discussion in the classroom about this dark day in our history. These are our leaders of tomorrow-the UNINFORMED?

  18. This is sad and shameful as the MSN are really choosing sides and protecting that person pretending to be president and his ilk. Back in the 60s college students were very aware of what was going on with our troops and people and were made sure to protect everything. Today the schools seem to be dumbing kids down for better indoctrination. Would be a good time to watch Harrison Bergeron.

  19. Everyone has the right to vote, but they really should take responsibility for their vote and learn about the world around them. Ignorance leads to poorly chosen leaders. Liberty is freedom plus responsibility!

    • These are the people who voted for Obama ONLY because he was the first black president and will vote for Hillary ONLY because she would be the woman president. It’s not important to them for candidates to be qualified or honest. The 18 to 24 age group is only 10% of the population. Even if 59% of them are registered to vote (only because of campus registration drives), luckily only 27% of them vote.

  20. the only intelligent answer I heard was that Banjo Music in the background, and after they graduate they will dare to call us a bunch of dumb Hillbillies……. shame on our students and our educators !


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