Here’s the only thing Obama needs to say to veterans

I want to apologize to the Veterans of the United States. Men and women who have been willing to give the last full measure of devotion — something I was not willing to do — that enables all of us to live under a blanket of liberty, freedom, and enjoy the blessings thereof.

I have failed them. This administration has failed them. I take full responsibility for knowing about this travesty and not doing enough, actually not doing anything.

I have accepted the resignation of General Shinseki. A replacement will be announced later. My focus is on rectifying this situation immediately and it has my personal attention. We will initiate an independent investigation and I have directed the Attorney General to do so. No more rhetoric. I failed and ask that you accept my humble apology.

Thank you.


  1. the statement missed: “I will remand myself to prison for the fraud I have perpetrated upon America”

  2. I just listened to him speak. He’s not firing Shineski,,,he’s making him head of the investigation. Plus he just denied any links to the death to the VA Hospital and waiting lists. WTH I thought I heard him wrong and after his speech the news media came on and said that he is denying any links to the deaths. He stressed that they should report when they need help to they can resolve the waiting for the vets to seek treatment when scheduling is over whelmed. He’s trying to sweep it under the rug. Excuse the expression but he is the biggest POS.

    • In the case of “Our Dear Leader” ☭omrade Obama, the acronym “POtuS” has only three significant characters.

      • Thank you for your service. And you are so right about those characters. This latest scandal with the VA HAD better get resolved and heads HAD better roll. And one can only hope the POS rolls with it.

  3. You are right Allen BUT he said none of these things. Distraction with Agent Orange? Homelessness? GI Bill? Jobs? On and on he deflects from real issue. He pretends he’s “been working”. Only thing he works on are his golf game, vacations, and raising money for the democratic party on our dime. Pathetic, disgusting, embarrassing. He even stuttered and stammered with no sign of his usual smooth rhetoric. I heard excuses and refusal to accept responsibility. Above all I heard NO APOLOGIES

    • I listened to all of that also. You could tell he was trying to cover up his own A$$ when he did all that stuttering and stammering. He even was denying a link of the death to the list. George Stephanopoulos repeated that after the POS speech was over.And I have to say for the first time I saw a little disgust in Stephanopoulos’s face when he made that comment.

      • Phil,
        Just copy it out of my post and save it in a Word Document, or other type document. If you use it and then “lose” it, you can always “click” on your “avatar” and review your past postings. It will remain in there indefinitely.
        Semper Fi!

  4. He can say anything but he neither believes it or will take action to correct it. No one found deficient in their job in this administration has been held accountable, more so, they have been rewarded with a new higher paying job but certainly not fired. He has never cared about the military, active or vets, he has created his own civilian army and he’ll bent on destroying our DoD.

  5. Shineski will not be fired. In Obama’s speech he made a reference to the fact that if Shineski can’t seem to resolve what is going on that he’s the type of guy that will resign. He is setting him up to resign instead of being fired and possible being charged with something.

  6. I’m speechless! You jest? You seriously suggest that he say this? Only time this man has ever used the word “I” in a sentence; is to gratify himself with an accomplishments. His or not. I can only assume that words such as: They, Them, Those, and They’ve; will be promanete fixtures in his teleprompter. Oh! And the occacinal shout out at “BUSH”.!

  7. I’m sorry Colonel West, he will never say that. If he would apologize for the mess he has made he would have done so by now. I hope I am wrong, but I doubt it.

    • Obama is a narcissistic personality disorder… well as a sociopath. With those characteristics, he would never be able to do what Allen Wests suggests.

  8. Sir it would take a man of character and ethics, one totally hinest and true within himself…to bad that Obummer is not that man. What will be sad will be phony, old, tired and written by another.

  9. Sir, it would take a man of character and ethics, one totally honest and true within himself…to bad that Obummer is not that man. What will be said will be phony, old, tired and written by another.

  10. At the VA hospitals much of the actual workforce are caring Veterans. The Management however are rarely Veterans. The workers (clerks, nurses logistics and maintenance) are bound by mandates from the leftist civilian management. These Veteran VA employees want badly to help Veteran brothers and sisters but are restrained by management who want to A. Get a great annual revue as a good revue leads to promotion. B. get the bonus that comes with it.
    I guess my point is, please don’t damn ALL of the VA, there are Veteran employees who want to help. Those Veteran employees sign an agreement upon hiring that if they talk to the media they will be immediately fired. Ask ant Veteran employee at the VA, they will confirm what I have said.

  11. You know… Honestly; when he says the word “period” I think the idiot is still reading the teleprompter. It’d be awesome if someone put a question mark behind one of the sentences. Then the dumbass would have to answer at least a question.

  12. Privatize the VA! The VA, single provider, is what Obama wants for the country. Get rid of both. (Obama and the VA!)

    • Put Veterans (for the most part, not certain specialized care) on Fee-Basis private healthcare. I’m down with that.

  13. Liberal playbook page one: “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.” Not only will Obama not apologize, he will use this tragedy as an opportunity for MORE GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRACY.

    Simple solution: The same way our government hands out EBT cards like Jehovah’s Witnesses give out watchtower tracts, our government should give out EHCs (electronic healthcare cards) to veterans only that should be accepted at any hospital, special practice, or urgent care.

    You want to expedite this process Mr. President? Mandate every elected official to only receive healthcare through the VA. Mandate everyone in Washington to be bound by the same wait times for treatment as our veterans–you’ll see this fixed in no time!

    • Amen to that!
      Let them live under the same standards, and let the same rules apply to our employees. If anything we should have a better healthcare than them, let them have the sub standard healthcare, I’m going to Bethesda…

  14. AW, you know as well as everyone, I hope at least, that follows you knows Obama will not say that. He still has faith in Shinseki, and Shinseki has the backing of the president to fix the problems. Shinseki needs to be booted out on his butt for what has and is happening, our veterans do not deserve to be treated like garbage, made to wait months for care or be left to die while waiting, only then to have the books cooked to look like the VA hospitals were giving quick and adequate care.
    We can all hope and pray that he will take some responsibility for this, but that is a pipedream. He has already come out and lied, saying he learned of this thru tv reports. But back in 2007, then Senator Obama railed against Bush for the deplorable situation in some VA hospitals. Either he knew then or it was rhetoric talk to gin up Democrat riles. I think he knew then. But the funny thing is if he did know, he didn’t try to fix it when he came into office, just swept it under the rug, hoping to ignore it until he left office.

  15. Obama only demands the resignation of people that don’t report to him, like CEO’s of private sector companies.

  16. Such a statement as LTC West has written here shows MORAL Leadership…. therefore we cannot expect such a thing from this foul and corrupt WhiteHouse

    May Benghazi TRUTH, fully revealed, set America FREE


  17. He loathes and despises the military and especially the veterans. He will never fire anyone who follows his wants and desires.
    In fact Sailing J is on the money. He will do the opposite he will make excuses, he will double down on there is no scandal here, There was only a mistake in paperwork that no one was misled or forgotten.
    The AZZ in the White House needs to go asap. His so called leadership is unconscionable, reprehensible, reckless and irresponsible He is a traitor to his oath of office and the American People

    • Hi Patriot,,,,That pretty much what he said in his speech today. And now they keep playing in on the news. He said so far any investigations has not shown any of the death linked to a waiting list. That POS is back pedaling already. And then his comment Shinseki is the kind of guy if he can’t make it right then he will resign. He’s already setting it up for Shinseki to resign so he doesn’t have to fire him because OMG how would that looK. Of course his comment “get to the bottom of this….PERIOD”. Period means he lying. You are so right about him being a traitor.

      • Sherill thank you. That is exactly the same thing he said when Benghazi happened.
        I do not watch TV so I could only guess what he was going to say based on what he has said before.
        Deny, deny, deflect, blame someone else. The players get off scott free

      • pretty disgusting, Sorry I haven’t been around, I just haven’t felt well and didn’t feel like posting. hope you understand

  18. You have to have Honor and Integrity and Honestly and truly respect our men and women in our Armed Forces to do that and he possesses neither of these qualities and doesn’t respect any of our Armed Forces, so I seriously doubt this will happen.

  19. He Obozo, knew well before this scandal that there were problems with the VA. It was a problem and was informed of it when he took over for Bush. But again it is Bush’s fault!

    • Reports out today, indicate he was so informed during transition, so he’d ultimately blame Bush, but this has been building since Gulf I. It just got worse after ramping up in Afghanistan, markedly! I guess we senior vets just didn’t die off fast enough to suit O’s plans!

    • I think it’s because people are afraid to assassinate him. Barack Obama is clearly a criminal. I’m sure he has given someone orders to retaliate on the family of anyone who might assassinate him.

  20. Seeing that they travel and travel often, the obama’s obviously own a lot of luggage so should have no problem when we tell them “Pack up your sh**t and get out!”

    • I think they will want time to gather the silverware and anything else of value that can is not nailed down.
      It’s sad to say, but someone should have done inventory in our white house before the Obama’s moved in.

  21. Between that, auditing the Fed, arresting Louis Lerner, and feeding Vallerie Jarret to the wolves, Obama would gain my full support–and to jumpstart my support I’d immediately apologize to every crackpot Progressive I’ve battled in forums. A snowball has a better chance in Hell.

  22. Apology would be nice, but I don’t believe I’ll be holding my breath! However, Obamacare being an example of “his personal attention”, thanks but I’ll pass on that! As for Holder leading an investgation: HAH! I seriously doubt he could find his gluteal fold with both hands and a GPS, let alone resolve this, and since the buck STOPS at the Capitol building and WH, wouldn’t in any case!

  23. One problem – after campaign speeches in 2008 with flowery promises how he was going to take care of the VA problem (which was about 11,000 cases behind) today it is over 245,000 with almost a year to get anything done. Do you think that anyone with an IQ over 70 would believe him?

  24. Yeah! That’s gonna happen! The born in Kenya, raised in Malaysia, indoctrinated in Communism P[revaricator] OTUS doesn’t have it in him!


  26. If he made such a statement that would go beyond a miracle……way beyond. I have no used for this man even, as a door stop.

  27. Obama would never admit anything is his fault. I wish one of our Veterans would realize that Obama is a terrorist and act as they would with any other terrorist. If I were younger, I would join the military so I could do it.

  28. You forgot the last paragraph and that is…for this and every other thing I have tried to accomplish and failed, I RESIGN!


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