Obama’s intel chiefs lied to Congress about Muslim Brotherhood connections

Ever since President Obama’s speech in 2009 in Cairo — the birthplace of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) — there have always been questions about the Obama administration’s link to the grandfather of Islamic terrorism. Now, thanks to the work of Ryan Mauro at the Clarion Project, it seems the concern is warranted, as Mauro reports that “Newly declassified documents obtained by the Clarion Project show that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) misled members of Congress in 2012 about its involvement with Muslim Brotherhood-linked entities. Further, the documents show that there were even a number of internal communications within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence expressing concerns about the Brotherhood links of these entities.”

There is no doubt that this current administration is very close to groups such as the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

The Clarion Project reports that the story of the deception began when the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified to Congress on February 10, 2011 saying that the Muslim Brotherhood is “a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has described Al-Qaeda as a perversion of Islam.”

If this weren’t so serious, it would be laughable. For Clapper to state the Muslim Brotherhood has eschewed violence and is some benign organization is ludicrous and calls into question his competence. Obviously Director of National Intelligence Clapper has never read the MB’s Explanatory Memorandum for their Strategic Objective in North America. Furthermore, he has never read the MB Charter, which is much aligned with the “perversion of Islam” of al-Qaida, a group which spawned — and it’s not really a perversion if you read the Koran and the hadiths. Just ask Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, the 27-year-old pregnant woman being held in prison in Sudan for apostasy about the perversions of Islam — we reported on her story here.

In the hearing in February 2011, Clapper was asked by Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL) about the administration’s relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood. He answered, “There have been outreaches to the Muslim community in general, but I guess we’re not aware of any direct outreach to these particular organizations. That is, if you’re speaking domestically.”

FBI Director Mueller then chimed in, saying there is “no relationship with the Brotherhood. Period.” The CIA Director Leon Panetta then agreed, dismissively laughing in the process. Clapper’s office later issued a clarification, backtracking on his inaccurate statement that the Brotherhood is “secular.”

Just four months later, on June 12, 2012, a 90-minute “Roundtable Discussion” took place at National Intelligence’s headquarters in McLean, Virginia. At the meeting, Clapper met in person with a representative of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). Also present were National Counter-Terrorism Center Director Matthew Olson and Alexander Joel, ODNI Civil Liberties Protection Officer.

Mind you, in 2007, the Justice Department listed ISNA as a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity and designated them as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism-financing trial of the history of the U.S. In that trial, the Holy Land Foundation, a Muslim Brotherhood front, was found guilty of funding Hamas. You can read the Clarion’s report on ISNA here. In fact, ISNA was identified as Brotherhood front as early as 1987.

Yet in 2012, the president of ISNA, Imam Mohamed Magid, was invited to meet with the Director of National Intelligence. Unable to attend, he sent a substitute in his place. The email that went out inviting ISNA’s president (among others) stated that he was chosen because, “We believe you have important insights to share with the Intelligence Community (IC) about how the IC pursues its mandate of providing the most insightful intelligence possible, while simultaneously safeguarding civil liberties and privacy.”

ISNA has important insights to share with the America intelligence community about pursuing insightful intelligence? How dumb and naive can one possibly be?

Just a little insight into ISNA and their former ISNA-Secretary General, Sayyid Syeed, the National Director of ISNA’s Office of Interfaith and Community Alliances. In the Grand Deception, a documentary about the Muslim Brotherhood in America, Syeed appears in footage taken in 2006 declaring, “Our job is to change the Constitution of America.” Syeed was the supervisor of ISNA’s Director of Community Outreach, Mohamed Elsanousi who attended the meeting with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). As well, shortly after meeting Clapper, Elsanousi accompanied ISNA President Imam Mohammed Magid to a conference in Mauritania hosted by a top leader of a major Muslim Brotherhood organization named the International Union of Muslim Scholars.

The day after the meeting, on June 13, 2012, five members of Congress asked the Director of National Intelligence’s Intelligence Community Inspector-General, I. Charles McCullough III, to begin a formal investigation or evaluation of the Director of National Intelligence’s work with groups linked to the Brotherhood, specifically mentioning the Islamic Society of North America and its leader, Magid.

I could go on forever but I think you get the gist. Either the Obama administration — especially ODNI Clapper — is horribly naive, or they are complicit and guilty of coordination with our enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Frankly, I don’t care where President Barack Hussein Obama was born. What I do care about – with deep concern — is an Eastern, Islamic orientation he apparently possesses which permeates his administration and ideology — resulting in aiding and abetting those who seek to destroy our Constitutional Republic.


  1. When is Obama going to be impeached? How many more lies? How many more deceptions? How many more moves towards socialism? How many more defence cuts? We all could go on and on…

    • If conservatives take back the Senate and keep the house, that’s when the impeachment process will begin. However, if conservatives don’t take control of the Senate then impeachment is just a dream…. get out and vote people!

      • Were Biden to take over, he would phone obama on every issue..biden respects obama..and not only that, Valerie Jarrett, Pelosi and Reid would still be in office along with the rest of the dirty little demonrats..

      • If obama was in prison (where he belongs), he would be insignificant. Biden would be more careful as to make sure the same doesn’t happen to him. Anyway, if obama goes, so should every single one of his political lackeys.

      • Biden is whatever he feels the room in front of him wants him to be. But, once the Special Prosecutor is cranked up… there’s a fair bet that Biden will be moving out right along side his cult master. And given Biden’s demonstrated intellectual means, odds are that moron signed all the incriminating paperwork.

      • I almost can not believe that…he is an abettor and aider in all malfeasance….and not doing anything is just as criminal. I believe the next in line will be the Speaker Boehner, but then there’s a rumor that he’s retiring…and forgive me, I’ve forgotten who is next in line. Good Grief…just thought …reid is not in line, anywhere…..yeow…Saints preserve us.

      • My sentiments exactly. Too many are complaining of Obama and not getting off their rumps and voting. As a wise person once said, if you don’t or didn’t vote, then you haven’t any right to complain. So get out and VOTE everyone! Please don’t sit idle! We must have every single vote!

      • This is all well and good, but simply getting out to vote is not enough. The low information voters, those folks who vote based on PC or media hype, are in the majority. Conservatives need to engage with these folks and gently, but firmly, and without emotion, deliver the truth. But even more important than that, be involved at the local level. Liberal indoctrination is being conducted at the elementary level in our schools, or should I say the government schools. There’s no such thing as not having enough time to be involved. The future of our children, our country, and our own liberties, depends on our making time to be involved. Let’s prove to government that we don’t need them in our lives for every little thing. Love your neighbor, help your neighbor, know your local schools, listen to what is being taught at the colleges/universities, and stand up for what is right based on our God and Constitution. Lest we be left to our own devices, our own perversions, our own demise. It wouldn’t be the first time in history.

      • I don’t buy that “Republicans didn’t get out to vote in ’12”. That assessment passes neither to laugh, nor smell test.

        I was the fourth in line at my precinct and when I went inside, the line was already to the street, when I came out a few minutes later, the line was WAY down the street and, it was still DARK outside.

        Point is, the cult straight up stole that election.

    • Obama will never be impeached. Never. Period. Nobody in DC has the stones to even CONTEMPLATE impeaching the Second Black President.

    • As long as the State run media gives him a pass on every law he breaks and every lie he tells, he will never be impeached and continue on his path to destroy this United States.

      • The media must be put under the microscope and charged with treason as well. This will never end if they’re not put back into their places. Treason is treason, no matter where, or what direction it comes from. They have done nothing but prove themselves enemies of the people and this Nation. Not just Obama, there’s a long list of them

    • Maybe we should start speaking out to and against the media, demanding that they either put up (the truth) or shut up. And if they continue to lie to the American people, have them arrested and put on trial for treason against the United States of America as well.

      • Too many idiots who are willing to be lied to and wouldn’t believe the truth if it smacked them in the face.

      • Doesn’t matter. They will just find other fools to spew it on air. Nobody watches them anyway.

    • He cannot be impeached, he does not legitimately hold the office of POTUS. He can however be tried for his crimes as can and should be all those who made his usurpation possible.

    • Nothing supersedes the ‘free will’ of man, not even God. So Obama must be held accountable (no laying blame on others). No one put chains around his neck. He does what he does because he’s one of them.

    • Never going to happen most of the white house staff is Married to big wigs in the Main stream Media. They are his propaganda machine pure and simple

    • They put him there. They’ve been brainwashed into believing in some sort of socialist utopia and they really want it!

    • So long as the progressive seminaries (collages) keep producing new worker ants, nothing is going to change. You are paying for your children to be indoctinated with socialist ideologies. Now that public schools have been subverted to the collectivist cause they can now brainwash your kids while they were young and still impressionable.

      Unlesswe can retake education from the fascists, we have lost this war.

  2. You’re not saying that our noble president and his gang of thugs has lied to us…….again, are you? I find that very difficult to believe, wink wink, cough, cough.

    • This comment should have a ‘like’ from everyone who posts here. In all honesty, Lt. Col. West is the ONLY person I feel I can trust to do the job right. Of course, it would take a fantastic cabinet and SERVANTS in the House and Senate to make it work, but I guarantee you if he ran, he’d have my vote.

  3. In his book he plainly says if anything goes south he will side with the muslim’s. If that doesn’t tell you who he is nothing will

    • This is the one thing, without question, that should remove him and his administration from office. “Our Military” and “Our Sheriffs”, should have no problem going in and removing all of them.

      • Not fast enough.. I’d love for him to be gone as of right now… but unfortunately this will probably be drawn out…

      • Yes, right now, but I’m sure it’s coming soon. People are pass the point of fed up and want action. Everyday this administration does something else. This bothers me more than anything else, because it’s all of our secrets, our knowledge and puts “Our Military” and “Our Country” in danger.

      • You are so right. ovomit completely destroyed NASA so we now have to beg to pay mega $ to hitch a ride from our enemies. Yeah, that’s going to work so well.
        ovomit has also gotten rid of the “good guys” in the military and decimated their capabilities.
        You know he’s made sure the terrorists know what’s going down before it happens. Remember what happened when SEAL team 6 sent bin laden to visit his 72 virgins, he made sure to advertise that we had his computers etc… That was a signal to them to move elsewhere and change plans.

      • Yes, he has done all those things. One thing about it, “Our Vets” and “Our Military” that he booted, are still here. In my Heart, I honestly believe, they are ready and willing to take care of this corrupt government, along with the others that are willing to stand by them. I just wished it was sooner than later, before they take us down so far, we will never get back up.

      • There is one and ONLY one who would help us out of this. But, HE’S feeling that we’ve shown Him our backs. I have literally gotten down on my knees to ask Him to show us the way back. And with supporting Israel as I do, I hear Him saying that those people who love Israel…so, He, too will love those people.

    • Its not that its new to any of us, but there is more proof coming out about it. Before it was a lot of speculation without tangible proof that others who still dont see it will accept.

    • NO…that is NOT true! WE are the ones helping the pacs and coalitions and law firms, to get something done…at least I know that I am…and I’m growing weary because ‘things’ do not happen quickly…NO, we are NOT weak…at least not the ones who are actively helping them to do their jobs. I receive anywhere from 125 to 200 pcs of mail EVERY SINGLE WEEK. I am at the point where I HAVE to prioritize every time new mail comes in, by thinking what issue should be where on my list…and I think of my families as I make hard decisions. And at 71 y.o. on Soc Sec.. they are very hard decisions. But, I believe I ‘got the call’…so, HERE I am until the Second Coming…which I’m beginning to believe is not that far off.

  4. This man in office is a traitor to the country. He should be impeached immediately, or as soon as conservatives win back the senate.

    • Impeachment, no these men and women are conspirators, murders, amd war criminals. They have also commited acts of war agianst our nation. Treason is the word your looking for brother. But you are right! 😉

  5. I have colleagues at my full-time civilian job from Egypt (secular Muslim) and Syria (Christian). They are good people. They say the Muslim Brotherhood are like the Godfathers, and Al Qaeda and the other related groups are the wise guys doing the dirty work for them.

    • They are most likely correct. A retired Air force friend said that the so-called muslim brotherhood are the brains, or intelligence behind terrorism. He also said that the U.S. military were aware (very well aware) of the muslim brotherhoods 100 year plan to destroy the United States ‘internally’ because they knew they couldn’t do it any other way. Think maybe this has something to do with why obama has fired so many of our Military Generals and other high ranking officers?

      • It’s been said…when Hussein asks the brass if they would shoot down American citizens when told to..would they..??? Those who said ‘no’ were immediately discharged from service. But, who can be believed here in the 21st century…??? I’ve never seen such a lying bunch of hypocrites…but THEIR ‘bible’ tells them so.

  6. The Pic reminds me of the one with ML reaching out for that hug from none other than William “don’t tell” Clinton. Keeping friends mighty close you don’t say.

  7. we al kow tis, but the press will never report it, and the Dem media machine will just paint everyone as racists

    • Some of the left media is slowly … very slowly… starting to put it to print… even some of the dems are dissenting as they know their elections are now at risk..

      • Those few who have done so always end up retracting or putting out something more favorable to make it wishy-washy and meaningless.

  8. I am sorry. The most important part is that his birthplace and where it is. The fact he is not a citizen, he can’t be impeached as that is for a president, he can’t be charged with treason as that is reserved for citizens. Now that said, Law enforcement has the absolute right to march right in and arrest barry for impersonating a president, using false documents for personal gain (forgery), filing false documents with fake SS number, and everything this POS has done since 2008 is null and void as he is fake. Only a president can appoint his cabinet (all gone) only a president can write executive law (that is debatable as nobody is required to obey as it is not law, only congress can write law) Mr West, I challenge you to gather the Trey Gowdy’s, the Paul’s (father and son) the Ben Carson’s, Sarah Palin’s as well as like minded others in office now, and get these son’s a bitches in handcuffs with police who will stand with you. Active military will stand with you, you were one very recently. You as an American wanting to run for office owe it to the people you say you represent. You know as well as I do, there will be no 2016 elections, nor will there be any of the America left you wish to serve if you do not. Stand tall. John Wayne would, Henry Ford would, Robert Mitchem would. I would and will. Awaiting your response sir, anxiously!

    • Accepting that he is a citizen makes it easier for him to be charged with treason, tried and then hung as is the punishment for aiding and abetting the enemy during a time of war. Myself I much prefer the guillotine so the guilty can live a lifetime of terror in that split second as the blade drops.

    • I have been saying forever “Our Military and “Our Sheriff’s” should do this and no one agrees with me. Everyone says they can’t do it. Why not?

    • You are 100% correct! And I’m relieved to hear my words coming from someone else…..the US Military DOES have the Constitutional Right, and perhaps, duty, to seize this fake, fraud, illegal alien who has usurped to no end and grabbed power that was never his to grab. Down with the government and all who were led by the noses to do his bidding. The BIGGEST lying pretender in all of our short history…and confiscate all his money that he STOLE from Americans. And after all those million $$$ vacations he has had ON US.!!! He is evil personified.

    • The problem is Lt. Col West is not IN the military anymore. Now, if he has connections and can convince them that if they were to arrest ovomit there is actually a court that has not been bribed or threatened who will actually look at the evidence and convict him based solely on that evidence. I don’t see that happening at this time. The fed gov. has access to EVERYTHING every justice does so they have blackmail (even if it’s not true, but can be distorted to look so) and the obama minions (like the Clintons) have the capability to terminate people, and they have. MOB TYRANNY!

    • After WW2 many people were convicted and hung or sentenced to life behind bars. It seems several politicians need to be reminded that history does repeat itself.

  9. Dear People, please watch these YouTube Videos:
    1) The Untold Story of Islamic Terror Training Camps in America
    2) Muslim Terrorist Training Camps in America
    3) Obama allows 36 Muslim Terrorist training camps in USA with his secret jihad agenda
    4) GOP Rep. Gohmert Yells at Janet Napolitano For Claiming She’s Unaware of WH Terror Group Visit

    We have the Vicious Treacherous Disgust muZlim ENEMY withins us who is destroying this country within.

    This YouTube documentary recounts the narrative that led to the Benghazi event:
    For The Record-Zero Footprint

  10. This man vowed to fundamentally change America which is translated, destroy the US Constitution, and establish a Marxist government with strident Islamic sympathies. This man is an enemy of the state, should be impeached by the House of Rep. and convicted in the Senate, and then imprisoned for the treacherous tyranny he has worked for and planned since he took office in 2004. May the Almighty and Sovereign God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ deliver this once great nation from the grips of this man and his complicit cohorts in and out of government! May we survive this satanic onslaught and rebuild America with the godly principles our founding fathers held dear!

    • AMEN. I agree 100%…and you’re probably the only one that wouldn’t call me a conspiracy theorist! a racist. a tin foil hat. a whacko, and worse.!

      • Carol we need to pray as never before, because the nation and the Church are in dire straits, facing tyranny and deception to degrees never considered before this generation!

        Thank you for your support and encouragement! Jesus Christ is Lord!

    • He can’t be impeached. He’s not a citizen therefore he is not POTUS and he cannot be tried for treason, other crimes, yes, treason, no.
      Contrary to what Carol Chadbourne says, you two are not the only ones who know he’s an islamic terrorists and I certainly would not call either of you a conspiracy theorist, racist, or a tin foil hat wacko.

  11. Dr.Jerome Corsi accessed the documents found by the Egyptian military after they overthrew the Morsi regime, which SHOW that Barrack Obama’s administration directly funded the Muslim Brotherhood through the American embassy in Cairo. This is not surprising when one realizes that Malik Obama (Barrack’s half-brother) is not only a member of the M.B. BUT also the head of finance for the Brotherhood in Sudan and Kenya. Barrack Obama should stand trial for this, like the slew of MB members who each signed for this money (up to $850,000 per person). People in the USA would all be aware of this if the mainstream media was not controlled and EFFECTIVELY MUZZLED by the current government,.

    • Hoping Gowdy will expose this. Corsi is good, but has all that Kerry smearing to go against. Gowdy is good and new, and the Democrats really don’t have anything on him except to call names.

  12. Obama and his appointees all lied when they took an oath de defend the Constitution, “…so help me God”. Of course their god could be a father of all lies Allah (Satan)

  13. It’s been going on from the jump – first speech in Cairo to supporting the MB take over there. From Hillary Clinton’s right hand woman, married to Weiner, all of whose family members are members of MB or Muslim Sisterhood.. What is so frustrating is that the powers that be turn a blind eye. Are they so concerned about political correctness or complicit? And another thing – why can’t they shut down the Muslim terrorist training camps all over this country? It’s past time for America to take a stand before it is too late.

  14. Everyone who bothered to find out anything about this guy knew exactly what he had planned for America. The media and the sycophants effectively aided and abetted in his destruction of out country. Although many of us repeatedly warned them about this man (I’d call him a traitor, but I don’t know what his name is nor do I know what country he is a citizen of), and all they could do is laugh and say take off your tin foil hat!

    There are so many in this regime who are sitting in positions from which they can and have done so much damage and for which they should be held criminally liable, if they were prosecuted, as they should be, the trials could go on for decades!

    I pray to God that some day soon, all this comes to fore and they are punished for their crimes.

    This is all the result of socialist democrat control of the education systems throughout our nation. The media stooges graduate from worthless universities to spew their socialist agenda and continue the brainwashing.

    The reason each state should be individually responsible for everything that goes on within that state and the federal government should stick to their LIMITED roll is to keep this sort of thing from happening. If, and I pray to God they do, conservatives who truly believe the Constitution should be THE LAW of the land get elected and overtake these socialists, they will put this country back on it’s feet and return to the states their rights.

    All these unconstitutional alphabet soup agencies need to be eliminated IRS, EPA, DOE, HUD, DHS, DOL, BLM. EEOC, ATF, HHS, etc… The federal government has absolutely NO BUSINESS doing any of this stuff! Check out the list of agencies the federal government has 99% of which they have no constitutional right to be involved in,


    • I’ve been doing THAT since before he was elected the first time. It bothered me THEN …and it still bothers me, that good people can not see evil in the face of a person…never voted for him…looking back, I may have started my crusade too early, most of them not seeing what I saw…and they STILL don’t see it. But, that’s not my cross to bear….I’ll keep on , keeping on until he’s gone.

  15. yes … they lied to Congress

    and my Q is this:

    Did they lie because Obama and the evil gal pal val TOLD THEM TO DO SO?

    DEO GRATIAS for the staunch and fearless Trey Gowdy who does not care WHOSE CAREERS are impacted – he will go after the FACTS

    may Benghazi truth SET AMERICA FREE

  16. It’s becoming laughable. We’re to the point now, that to defend this clown and his cult is tantamount to delusion and/or culpability.

    • Well if we raise a stink they will feel they have to control us…. if you know what I mean. As long as we sit like mushrooms, they can build Obama’s Army and eliminate our food sources unobstructed. Soon we will be cooked and our children slaves.

      • Well said! I don’t think we will sit like mushrooms to much longer. The people are fed up and the longer we wait the more damage he does. I’ll be surprised if the elections even happen the way things are going.

  17. Did you not get the memo? Obama won the Nobel peace prize for the takeover of the USA within days of taking the office of pResident.

    • Yes, I get it also. That’s why FOX is going to fall with the other Media before long. If you don’t want to tell the people the truth, they will support you. Right?

    • There is a possibility Fox News and Breibart are hanging in by a thread
      before being banned and having their licenses pulled. Other than these two
      plus minor others 0bamas 5th column is assembled and in full compliance.
      Remember Bob Woodward receiving a call from the Spite House after writing something critical of 0bama ? We have not heard much from him lately.
      News reporters are being systematically muzzled. There have been threats
      on life of Issa and Trey Gowdy. I wonder if Colonel Allen West experienced
      any threats.

    • Just so you know, The key players in the MSM are married to Obama’s staff in the white house. that’s why they don’t report news that this administration wants to hide

      • I will say this: if you are a Judge, Attorney, Elected Official, Police Officer, Sheriff, Military, Civilians and any Department that is part of this administration; you better let it be known, if you are on the side of “The People,” because when the SHTF, you will be no better than the crooks in power. I think that pretty well says how “The People” feel.

      • time will tell. I have met some Policemen who say they are against barry and his ilk. If TSHTF they will be counted among the patriots against the machine

      • I hope so but I also see Barrys “Civilian Army” he said he would have…..he is arming every agency possible….

      • Yes he is, faster than people realize. So, not only do we have to contend with this Administration, Government Departments, some Police Officers and Muslim Camps. We are in a mess!

      • There are many good Police Officers out there and people need to remember that. The bad apples are a loud to be bad with the blessing of the higher ups. I believe, we have many in all fields that are still good people.

  18. What I would like to know is what the hell is wrong with the people from Kentucky? They put up mitch mcconnell again!

    • Viable candidate or not she can’t get in office. Voting for Minnie Mouse would be preferable than her. What we need is to get as many of the muslims supporters out of the Senate and Congress. We have to protect our Constitution that is being trampled on. We have to protect our rights especially the 2nd Amendment. Why do you suppose the muslim is so adamant about taking our right to bear arms. An armed population is much harder to convert an unarmed population is a lot easier to control.

      • There is a difference between a Muslim and a “radical” Muslim.
        How many Americans follow the “Christian” teaching of the Westboro Baptist church?

      • The Bill of Rights and The United States of America Constitution.
        Which I took an oath to defend and served ten years in the United States of America U.S. Navy.
        What is your claim to faim?

      • It is said that only about 7% are of the radical leaning…….Seven percent of 1.3 billion leaves us with . . . 91 million radical Islamists. And to think we were concerned………what were we thinking….

      • No sir it makes my argument even stronger. And it is not VERY COMPLEX. And has not been in many years.

        What it comes down to is the many let the few guide them.

        Not only that but they fight and kill among them selves.

        This is now the year 2014. And people want to fight and kill over religion. That very thought should disgust you. That you would allow another to tell you what you MUST believe or you stand to be killed just because you don’t.

        The prime tenet of Religion is LOVE. Yet there are many willing to KILL YOU because you don’t LOVE as they do.

        VERY COMPLEX? NO Saaby it is very simiple. I can’t walk as I wish where I wish. WHY? Because I do not bow to the East or equate some one elses religion as the only word.

        You SEEM to have your head on your shoulders. Me I would just like to keep mine there.

      • And as far as I know there are approximately about 60+- Westboro adherents. Out of some 246,780,000 “Christians” in America. (You do the math for the %)

        In 2013, more than 367,000 petitioners called on the White House to legally recognize Westboro Baptist Church as a hate group. The White House called Westboro’s protests “reprehensible” but said that “as a matter of practice, the federal government doesn’t maintain a list of hate groups.”

        I wonder how many of the followers of the Muslim tenets would put their name on a petition denouncing “Radical Islam”? To speak against the very things they say Muslims are not.

      • There are 2 billion muslims in the world, and 99% of them denounce “radical islam” and terrorism.

      • Did you see the mid east after 911? That was a little bit more than 1% dancing in the streets. Osama hailed as a hero. Hidden in plain sight. Protected by the Government. Did you watch any news at all? I just about every Muslim country in the world harbor terrorists. Honor killings right in font of police stations. Throwing acid in the face of YOUNG GIRLS. BABY’S!! And no one standing up for them. Sell their women off in marriage at young age’s and with out worrying about the women.

        It is said that only 5-7% of Muslims are this way, the main problem is the other 93-95% are blind. So that would only be about 10 to 14 million radicals……your right what are we worrying about?

      • Never start a sentence with “It is said” by whom? I think the figures are much less. More fear mongering and propaganda, nothing to worry about.

      • Ok Ok I won’t, Ninety-nine percent of the world’s 1.2 billion Muslims are moderate and see jihad as a self-cleansing process to get back on the path of spiritual excellence. Presidents Mubarak, Musharraf, Ben Ali (Tunisia), Kings Abdullah II of Jordan, Fahd of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed VI of Morocco, and other moderate Muslim leaders, all have told this reporter in the past two years that Islamist extremists are no more than 1 percent of their population.

        One percent of 1.2 billion is 12 million Muslim fanatics who believe America is the Great Satan, fount of all evil, to be attacked and demolished.

        If we use your number of 2 billion then that number would increase to 20 million……your right nothing to worry about. We always blow people up in our malls and Church s and places of worship…..we always stone our women and sell them off for brides……

      • From what I understand, Sharia is term that describes a group of guidelines and rules that cover everything from personal hygiene to banking.

      • Well 1st I never trust some one who did not stand up for their rights or their beliefs.
        Do you?

      • Thankfully, not many. I’d venture a guess of less than 100, thank God! Let’s compare apples to apples here, moron. You’re nowhere near that mark. If there is a difference between a Muslim and a radical Muslim, then why hasn’t your non-radical Muslim had the balls to come forward and state the fact? If they have nothing to hide, they’ve got nothing to lose.

      • Saaby000,
        You jumped on name calling against Colonel Allen West.
        Can you document your reasons for slander ?

      • Who is “your non-radical muslim”? that only narrows it down to about 1.5 billion people.

      • 0.0001 percent.

        The difference between a “fundemental Muslim” and a nominal Muslim, is that the fundamentalists actually read the Qur’an and act apon the teachings of Mohammed.

  19. Utterly frightening to think this is what is heading up our country. If we manage to survive this anti-American, treacherous time, we will have to work so hard to recover the dignity we once had and the respect the rest of the world once held for us.

      • Saaby000,
        He qualifies to be black better than what we have in The Spite House
        and he is a patriotic American. Can you say any of that about your
        Messiah ?

      • Saaby000,
        Who did he torture and why ? What did he steal and where ?
        Are these just speculations because you don’t like him, so you
        use the favorite liberal tactic to demonize ? Like Tea Party is
        racist – my foot ! Give me one example to justify this slander.

        It puzzles me why a guy of stout convictions like you would
        support a pathological liar who notoriously breaks his promises
        and exhibits treasonous tendencies? Is this the leader you want ?

  20. I think Obummer is just a puppet for those who are in charge. Islam has been sneaking up on us for decades. There are larger connections and more important and influential people involved. Probably the banks, the royalty in the middle east and big, big money. The only thing they are afraid of is the American people revolting as a whole.

      • The fact is Obama is a liar, cheater, and a con-man and you and him have the mentality of a “Rock!” And if you think Obama is a straight up guy please go to your shrink and get checked out.

      • “There are none so blind as those who will not see.” If you can’t or WON’T see for yourself what is happening to our country, then you are part of the problem. Are you a Muslim?

      • No I’m not.. and what if I was.. What difference does my faith make? Did it hamper Ali’s ability to win the heavyweight championship?

      • Ali was not a Muslim he was a member of “the nation of islam” a cult off shoot . More interested in race than world domination.

      • Muhammad Ali quit the Nation of Islam after going to Hajj and discovering the true meaning and practice of Islam. So did Malcom X. Ali has been a devout muslim every since.

      • I was just curious about you being Muslim. Thought that might be why you’re blind to BO’s and company’s doings.

    • I’m pretty sure your on to something. That’s why they want to destroy our constitution. It scares them. We must turn on the lights and watch these vermin scatter.

    • Muslims will take over America through infiltration, i.e.: immigration, births, government & as a last resort armed assault. Islam is a government rather than a religion, and a great threat to America’s national security.

      • I will tell you Saaby000…don’t underestimate the people in this country…people are waking up to what’s going on, although many of us saw it from the beginning…you think you all are so bad…Americans will die defending our country.. why do you think we’ve prevailed all these decades!

  21. Looking back at how obama was raised, pretty much says it all in this situation here. All you have to do is put two and two together and I think you’ll get your answer.

  22. WHY has everyone just turn their heads and have pretended everything is ok with this? Can you not hear the screaming in your head how wrong this is for our country? Listen to your inner voice. I just hope it isn’t to late to get them out of our Government.

  23. The snake will always slither away if he can, Cut off the head of the snake and it can no longer slither. Obama is the Hydra snake and he has personally infilitrated our Government with other snakes of his ilk.

  24. wrong wrong wrong dam people wake the hell up . we need GOD And Jesus Christ back in our Government our country and our hearts. its not just the traitor in the white house its the entire administration and every thing connected to it in each and every department where there are appointees . there for there is NO one to fight back. no one who either can or will Even if congress ordered some ones arrest Who would do it.? dont look at justice dept.ya know holder will not disobey his boss obama. it will come to a head thats why obama has been building HHS. home land security and giveing away to police armored vehicles. and dont forget he has not only allowed terrorist into the country he has purposely brought them in to the usa and allowed the building of training camps his is not the first but the most blaintaint of administrations to not only allow but encourage the like i’m afraid we will be totally shocked to discover just how far and how deeply this reaches . but that we will not do so in time to do a dam thing about iT pray people pray for god and christ to come back . the fact that even our collage students have no ideal of whats going on should tell you something that and the fact we have a lying bunch of islamic loving terrorists and traitors in the white house and our entire government but then why would one be surprised Just read Revelations/ can we fight back . yes but do you want to make that decision for christ? rember God gave You the freedom freedom of choice. The choice is yours John 3 16

    • My grandfather (rest his soul) told my mother back in the early ’60s our government would be destroyed from within, starting in the churches and schools. I’ve witnessed many churches move away from the bible to what’s politically correct at the time. I’ve seen a burgeoning of mosques being built in every corner of our country. Our education system has all but stopped teaching history, geography and civics and now teach about homosexualtiy, paganism, etc. I see an accelerated moral decay getting worse every day. But I don’t give up hope because there are many of us who are now, thanks to social media, speaking out and bonding together. We need to get rid of all the old guards in government and replace them with the likes of Trey Gowdy, et al. Because all the old school dems and repubs are part of the problem and will never have the courage to stand up to those of Obama, Jarrett, Holder, Pelosi, Reid’s ilk.

    • Oh, and I left out the most important….you are so right we need to turn back to Christ and our Christian values and to hell with political correctness and hurting the feelings of those who perpetrate evil!

  25. How come you don’t keep up to date on this stuff ? Atlas Shrugs and Jihad Watch have all this information years ahead of your stories?

    • Dave Green, be careful throwing stones. you locked yourself in a glass house together with your Messiah.

      Bob: “Did you hear about the Obama administration scandal?

      Jim: “You mean the Mexican gun running?”
      Bob: “No, the other one.”
      Jim: “You mean SEAL Team 6?”
      Bob: “No, the other one.”
      Jim: “You mean the State Dept. lying about Benghazi?”
      Bob: “No, the other one.”
      Jim: “You mean voter fraud?”
      Bob: “No, the other one.”
      Jim: “You mean the military not getting their votes counted?”
      Bob: “No, the other one.”
      Jim: “You mean that 3 or 4 of Obama’s GAY friends were mysteriously MURDERED when they came forward with claims he was gay too?”
      (Google : Larry Sinclair )

      Bob: “No, the other one.”
      Jim: “The NSA monitoring our phone calls, emails and everything else?”
      Bob: “No, the other one.”
      Jim: “You mean the drones in our own country without the benefit of the law?”
      Bob: “No, the other one.”
      Jim: “Giving 123 Technologies $300 Million and right after it declared bankruptcy and was sold to the Chinese?”
      Bob: “No, the other one.”
      Jim: “You mean the president arming the Muslim Brotherhood?”
      Bob: “No the other one:.
      Jim: “The IRS targeting conservatives?”
      Bob: “No, the other one.”
      Jim: “The DOJ spying on the press?”
      Bob: “No, the other one.”
      Jim: “Sebelius shaking down health insurance executives?”
      Bob: “No, the other one.”
      Jim: “Giving SOLYNDRA $500 MILLION DOLLARS and 3 months later they declared bankruptcy and then the Chinese bought it?”
      Bob: “No, the other one.”
      Jim: “The president’s ordering the release of nearly 10,000 illegal immigrants from jails and prisons, and falsely blaming the sequester?”
      Bob: “No, the other one.”
      Jim: “The president’s threat to impose gun control by Executive Order in order to bypass Congress?”
      Bob: “No, the other one.”
      Jim: “The president’s repeated violation of the law requiring him to submit a budget no later than the first Monday in February?”
      Bob: “No, the other one.”
      Jim: “The 2012 vote where 115% of all registered voters in some counties voted 100% for Obama?”
      Bob: “No, the other one.”
      Jim: “The president’s unconstitutional recess appointments in an attempt to circumvent the Senate’s advise-and-consent role?”
      Bob: “No, the other one.”
      Jim: “The State Department interfering with an Inspector General investigation on departmental sexual misconduct?”
      Bob: “No, the other one.”
      Jim: “Clinton, the IRS, Clapper and Holder all lying to Congress?”
      Bob: “No, the other one.”
      Jim: “Arming sworn enemies of the United States in Libya, Syria, and Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt ?

      Bob: “No the other one”
      Jim: “I give up! … Oh wait, I think I got it! You mean that 51 million low-information voters who don’t pay taxes and get free stuff from taxpayers and stuck us again with the most pandering, corrupt administration in American history?

      Bob: Yes this is the one which we will never forget …

      • Thank you. I love how you put this together. I’m saving it and when my totally brain dead relatives start praising their messiah and blaming republicans (Bush) for everything that’s wrong in the world, I’ll just whip this out. I may have to read it though because I don’t think they can read. They get all their info from TV.

      • Thank you Shirley,
        I admire your patience and determination.
        There is no room for apathy for us. It is difficult to penetrate
        rejection of the obvious, but something has to be getting through ?
        Even for the most ardent defenders of this administration
        things don’t add up anymore. Dianne Feinstein stated that
        neglecting to notify Congress of planned prisoner release
        amounts to breaking our laws. This is a first for her.

  26. Why is anyone surprised? He wasn’t RAISED as an American. It really doesn’t matter where he was born, but why doesn’t he have a proper birth certificate like everybody else. I could make him a better one.

  27. As a Christian, I know that Obama lies; just about every time he speaks, he lies. People that are not Christians, lie the lamestream media, do not hear the lies; they “hear” something totally different. I do not think Obama is the antichrist or anything like that; I’m just saying that we are indeed living in the last days and the “unsaved” are totally lost. It drives me crazy when the lamestream media cannot “hear” and “see” the lies. I do think that Obama was raised in a foreign country by an empty-headed flower child mother, and he does not think or represent the U.S. He actually has contempt for our country.

  28. Where Obama was born is not as important as to whom he was born. He got his Islamic DNA directly from Black Daddy Muslim – who also was a bonafide bro of the Brotherhood.

    So, like, yeah, Lt. Col. West, you could say that he is “complicit and guilty of coordination with our enemy.”

    You could also say that he is slam-dunk guilty of Treason and Murder on multiple counts. Giving aid and comfort to al Qaeda, Hamas, and the Brotherhood is not exactly Mom, hot dogs, and apple pie. Selling 1,500 long guns to Mexican drug cartels is Fast & Furious and freaking illegal. Not to mention that it makes him and holder accessories to murder.

    Of course, assassinating American citizens without due process is not Kosher, either. Neither is blowing up 3,000 Pakistani kids and calling it “collateral damage.” Actually, all of the male victims, no matter the age or innocence, is considered a hit on a terrorist. Reminds me of how Mohammed had his jolly band of jihadists look for public hair on the little teenage boys belonging to the Jewish Bani Qurayza tribe, and if they spotted just one, they were beheaded along with their fathers, brothers, uncles, etc. Over 900 in all in what the brave Moslem warriors dubbed the “Battle of the Trench.” A trench filled with blood without any battle to speak about, seeing as how the defenders surrendered and whose lives were promised to be spared.

    So, it is in that great tradition of taqiyya that our Liar-in-Chief illegally invaded Libya and set off the Arab Winter.

    He tossed Qadaffi to the Hounds of Hell with arms funneled to al Qaeda in Libya by way of Benghazi. Egypt and Syria were next in line – except that the Egyptians did not like getting the Sharia bait-and-switch from Madman Morsi. They remembered that both Mubarrak and Gamel Nasser before him had outlawed the Brotherhood Islamofascists – so they did, likewise, and also had the cojones to pull off a coup and kick Morsi’s can a cheap soccer ball.

    It would not surprise me in the least to see Obama issue an EO proclaiming Sharia Law as the Constitution’s replacement, and I’d bet all of his Left-Wing Lepers would clap in unison like a bunch of lobotomized seals. Marxists of a feather fight together.

    Listen – at least you got him pegged as a wannabe Islamist in the White House whose modus operandi is basically destroying America from within and without – just like the Brotherhood said they would.


      • ASk Benjamin Netanyahu about the terrorists group HAMAS…then get back to us. Many of the Muz’ Bro’ Hood are members of HAMAS. Not sure how u can see that Myke..but to each his own.

  29. One need ask Valerie Jarrett, this presidents Svengalie. And of whence did she come? Iran. Who has molded and maneuvered this president since day one? Yes Jarrett. Who does he turn to at every critical moment? Jarrett. Think about it.


  31. Troll alert !
    Saaby000 is a plant, spreading misinformation and insults who believes that
    Fox News is lying but 0bama is not.

  32. Another reason to get this Man in Prison.
    I said from the Git Go Obama as Muslim
    Brotherhood Members all though out his
    Criminal Administration!!!!

  33. When he has members if the brotherhood in his administration Thts a sure sign.tht he is one of them yet these so called entiltled and voters tht have been dead for yrs put this narcissistic idiot back in office again , This is the most demeaning thing tht our country has ever exsoerianced , WILL THE NEXT LEE HARVEY OSWALD PLEASE STEP TO THE FRONT IF THE LINE ?

  34. I wish people would stop calling POTUS an idiot and start calling him what he is; a treasonous muslim dictator who is trying to bring down the US. Come on, connect the dots. No-one is that stupid. Especially when he has an administration operating with him who is locked up in secrecy. You are in denial if you still think he’s stupid.

    • I have never thought he was stupid, arrogant maybe. He is smart enough to get a bunch of idiots to go along with him knowing it will destroy the US.

  35. Hell, don’t send them to Gitmo, there they can play tennis and treated like kings. Put them in a top security prison like we do all others that do wrong against America.


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