Intolerant Left strikes again; HGTV forced to cancel TV show for hosts’ traditional marriage stance

I am always amazed at the tolerance of the liberal progressive Left. They’re just so very accepting of views in opposition to their own — especially the radical liberal gay Left. It’s funny how the “Coexist” bumper stickers encourage us to accommodate a theocratic-political totalitarian belief system that believes in death as a punishment for homosexuality — yet you don’t hear a peep from those oh-so-tolerant pushing their gay agenda.

And here is another example of their kind benevolence, as reported over at BizPac Review, ” the HGTV network is the latest high-profile company taking a public stand for the progressives’ liberal agenda by punishing those who don’t fall into line. A new show “Flip it Forward,” scheduled to debut in October has been pulled after liberal lobbying group Right Wing Watch put pressure on the network.”

Remember how Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, got fired from his own company because of his support of Proposition 8 in California for traditional marriage back in 2008? Here we go again.

The real estate show, starring twins David and Jason Benham, was promoted as “leveraging their good-natured sibling rivalry to help families find a fixer-upper and transform it into the dream home they never thought they could afford.” When HGTV became aware that the brothers are pro-life and pro-traditional marriage, and have spoken out on the issues, they suddenly lost their entertainment value.

Shortly after the announcement of the show last month, Right Wing Watch began preparing “evidence” of “extremism” based largely on the behavior of the twins’ father, Flip Benham, who was a life-long activist for pro-life causes like Operation Save America and Operation Rescue, according to the group’s research.

Apparently HGTV doesn’t support the Constitutional rights of freedom of speech and expression. We already know the liberal progressive socialists — those really tolerant folks – don’t.

What type of nation are we becoming? I can tell you — one that is fascist and tyrannical, allowing a radical minority to dominate and destroy anyone opposing their agenda. HGTV issued a statement and tweeted Wednesday saying it is “not moving forward” with the series, but neglected to say why.

So, a show designed to help others realize the American dream of owning a home is cancelled because the two brothers believe in traditional marriage?

Well, I believe in traditional marriage. I support civil unions but I believe marriage should be defined as between one man and one woman.

If your “pursuit of happiness” is defined as being with someone of the same sex, fine, — but that doesn’t mean I have to change my principles, values and my “pursuit of happiness” to acquiesce to yours.

This radical gay agenda is destroying lives and businesses. It is the most intolerant movement in America. Funny, it seems they do have something in common with radical Islamists after all.


  1. This is kind of old news, having been in the conservative news for over a week now. Let me add that SunTrust Bank also cancelled a contract they had with the Benham Brothers and their franchisees (I think they rehab and market foreclosures for SunTrust). There was a massive public outcry to SunTrust (I, for one, called our personal banker and threatened to close our accounts) and SunTrust reinstated the contract with the Benhams within about 24 hours, also claiming they had no idea this had happened. Right…

  2. Totally screwy world when you get fired because you believe that marriage is the union of male and female and that you should not kill babies!

    Wake up America….you are being scammed daily that you no longer have freedom of speech and opinion …. Speak up…speak out…before you no longer have that right!

  3. My answer to intolerance is that it is a two way street. Those that do not wish to allow me my freedom of expression (and in reality freedom of thought) do not deserve my tolerance. The difference between myself and them is that I have a means to defend my positions – called truth.

    • I TOTALLY agree with you, Ken! Seems the only “truth” the Left wants to acknowledge or tolerate is only their twisted, self-indulgent beliefs and everyone else is WRONG!!

  4. West , in your quest to screw the liberals , you once again put out wrong and misleading info. Brendan Erich was not fired, he resigned . The CEO of a major company couldn’t stand up for myself and answer why he gave a lousy 1k to a anti gay marriage group. I guess no one to him money contributions are considered free speech .
    Secondly HGTV has a lot of gay program hosts, ( Vern Yip and David Bromstand) game contestants and views hip and made a business decision . Don’t tell me you want to tell a major company how to conduct business?

    • “Erich” (I assume you meant Eich) resigned, yes. Because he was pressured into it by the intolerant idiots on the left. It’s none of your damn business if he wants to give money to a pro-traditional marriage group. But aholes like you think you get to know everything about everyone, then use it to beat them into the mold you decide they need to fit it. You are a hypocritical piece of dog excrement.

      The problem here is that you, and the rest of you liberal, intolerant, hate-filled jingoists not only can’t think for yourself, you take everything you are told by the socialist party you belong to, and embrace it as if it had come straight from the mouth of God (who you more than likely don’t really believe in anyway), and then regurgitate it as gospel. All of which means that intolerance and racism is still flourishing. All you have to do to find it is look in the freaking mirror.

      Stop breathing. You’re increasing your carbon footprint, and YOU are going to cause the oceans to rise 12 feet……….SMH.

      • Honey, I did not give support to the cable company . I said it was a business decision bec they gave gay viewership . I didn’t say it was right, I just said why .
        Secondly , I said Eich was a punk for resigning . It was a lousy 1 k, protected by free speech. Carrie Prejean, Miss Ca said on national Tv she did not support gay marriage. People were angry at her, but she didn’t back down . Duck Dynasty didn’t back down. This guy did ,
        In your quest to screw with me, you showed your are a boob for accrediting wrong info from me.

      • PP you really are pretty ignorant. Why is he a punk? Because he would rather just step down without causing a big ruckus or would you rather he stomp his foot and throw a fit, costing not only is dignity but probably thousands of dollars in law suits in long drawn out trials… that no only affects him but his family, friends and others… sometimes its wiser to just walk away than make a spectacle of oneself…

        Before calling a person a punk you should walk in their shoes for a day…

      • Arrangant is you people’s go-to word. In my opionion Erch is a punk for not standing up for himself. A CEO of a major company can’t say, this was my OPNION and it will not reflect on my business decisions. ????
        That’s not throwing a fit. That’s showing backbone .
        As for his family? I would rather show my family this country can handle differences of opionions, than pulling covers over my head and hiding .
        You honestly think Gorge Washington cared what pro- Brit colonist thought about him ?

      • Why does it bother you so much that this man resigned? As a Christian, sometimes it’s more powerful to walk away from something such as this than to stand and fight. Jesus didn’t always fight and well never fought, but even scolded one of his own when they tried to keep the soldiers from taking him in. Saying nothing and walking away can prove to be a much more powerful symbol than a lengthy trial. These two guys in the article aren’t fighting it either and have resolved that it is what it is. This shows much more of what we as Christians stand for then throwing a fit about it. Because what will the left do if we started getting our panties in a bunch about it? …. let that sink in for a moment

      • That’s not the view West had. Iwest blamed the liberals. I think you should somehow connive that info to him.

      • Well then PP who then if not the liberals? The liberals have this double standard when it comes to rights in this country, and many on the LGBT crowd are liberal… well this lot falls into the extreme liberal or left..

        And you said something about “Arrangant” what the heck is that? Do you mean arrogant… who said anything about arrogance… or did you mean ignorant? Which you are being if you can’t see it for what it is… you are closing your eyes to what is plain as day. Try stepping back from any position you hold and think outside the box for a moment. Not under any other influence but your own thoughts and read again… then research how many times Christians and conservatives are put on the chopping block, losing jobs and being forced to accept or face huge law suits…

      • What? Who made this man choice to resign? The liberals? Or his wanting to leave without incident? Liberals didn ‘t point a gun to his head. He left bec he didn ‘t want to hussle.
        Also, All Anericans have a right to religion. If a Christian wants to celebrate, great. But your church and home . Please tell me where a Christian lost a job or was force to give up their rights? Please don’t push your religious views on me.

      • First off exactly how am I pushing my religious views on you? Did you ever see me preaching on here?

        Here are a couple examples of Christians having to choose between their jobs or their beliefs. The incident in Arizona where the baker refused to bake a cake for a lesbian couple were forced to close down their bakery. A photographer refused to take photos for a gay couple and also faced the same fate… now tell me that is not losing your job or livelihood? This man who was forced to quit as CEO from Google because he supported anti gay marriage. Just because he quit on his own doesn’t mean he wasn’t forced to leave. If he had stayed how long do you think it would have been before they just happen to let him go because of the pressure from the LGBT? What about Tebow? He couldn’t get traded to any teams because they feared the media hound-dogs, so basically he lost his job due to his beliefs…

        Christians are being forced to accept the LGBT agenda. I know you read about them but you just want to play this “i don’t see it” role. Take off your blinders PP and open your eyes… really… its dark where you are at right now… outside the box is total enlightenment…

      • A business can’t refuse someone bec they disagree with their lifestyle . It’s discrimation. If this business does, then were does it stop? Muslims , Jew , blacks, single moms, unmarried couples? Tim Tebow had terrible bec he wasn’t that great. People and his team did like him, but he was all hype after a while .
        As for Erch, I told you before. He should have stood up for himself.
        To be honest, I do believe the gay movement may be steamrolling over people’s belief, but every civil rights movement may have steamed rolled over people who weren’t ready for it. Imagine how some traditional people felt about the women’s movement in the 70’s or the women’s vote. The southern white with blk civil rights .

      • You hit the nail right on the head PP “A business can’t refuse someone bec they disagree with their lifestyle”. This is what the article is about. HGTV refusing to continue with the program due to the beliefs or lifestyles of these two Christian men. You can’t have it both ways, if they are going to accept others then they have to accept these two men as well despite their Christian beliefs.

      • The businesses you mentioned came out and said they denied these gay people service bec they “disagreed with lifesyle”. If they kept their months shut, and said too busy, especially for wedding related busineses like the baker and photographer, the gays would have believed it and happily gone somewhere else. In planning a wedding people get “too busy” all the time. The busineses were trying to make statement by claiming religious rights.
        The statements were discovered by a group called Right Wing Watch, not HGTV. The channels said it reviewed and said they decided not to move forward. The brothers didn’t complain and made a statement saying no harm, but will stand by principals. No law suits filed bec brothers were probably paid for services. If the brother files suit, HGTV could have said, we paid and they made no guarantee for show would be on TV.

      • So in other words, Christians and others should be forced into the closet and not allowed to express their beliefs or support them?

      • So then you agree that Christians are under attack and will lose jobs and such because of their faith. And you say this is not a double standard?

      • Nobody is losing their job. Unless the lawyer charges them too much and they can’t lay their bills.
        This isn’t 1950’s before the atheist went to court to changed things. They won bec their rights ,as the constitution clearly says, were violated and have rights not to participant on the religious particles in American schools and later government places. The Christians who feel under attack don ‘t want to accept that . Personally, I loved Christmas in schools and I disagree when gov buildings give up displays bec someone complained . I believe in compromises. If the street has to be covered to represent Jews, Muslims, Christians and more , so be it.
        Ok in church , home and private buildings. If Walmart wants to say ” happy holidays” say of it for all , jews, Christians and non believers. Bec they shop there.

      • It’s not marriage. Sorry. And sense you probably don’t believe in God either, maybe you shouldn’t use the word damn as well. That word connotates a belief in Him, and coming from someone who doesn’t believe means………..well, nothing. SMH. It’s amazing how you think you have rights that aren’t rights. NO WHERE in the constitution does it give anyone the “right” to marriage, but you can’t teach someone who isn’t capable of rational thought, and you can’t force someone who is buried in their own immorality to be moral. Bless your heart, as we say in the south.

        P.S. Your profile pic here says it all. And in answer to that crap, no, it’s not.

      • FYI,I do believe in God,Not the way the Bible teaches But I do believe…And just because my profile pic bares the Marriage equality symbol does not mean I am gay,I could be a str8 person who supports Marriage equality…But then again I could be gay…You don’t know,because you don’t know me,you just assume and you know what the meaning of assume is…Are you God?I think not,It is Gods job to judge not your job…Maybe you should actually learn the bible and stop cherry picking it…In early bibical times Guess the f what there was homosexual marriages.My father was a bibical historian for 50 years so you can not argue with it Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…You conseritive idiots need the teaching…LOVE IS LOVE…Even the pope said who is he to judge and accepts it…And if 2 concenting adults love each other they have every right to marry and become a family unit..being gay does not make you immoral..It makes a gay person the same as you.HUMAN! If a man marrys a man or a woman marrys a woman,in what way is that directly affecting your life?Unless they are in your home having sex in your bed.Your life is not affected in any way shape or form..What they do in their own home is their right their business.You want to control them,then support them and pay their bills…Then you may tell them what to do,until then..Let people live their own lives and keep your nose out of it…And FYI I also live in the south,so I know how closed minded y’all can be.BUT On July 2,2014 Florida will be next to allow gay marriage..They will follow suit,they don’t want to rock the boat and have tourist go elsewhere…..So as we say in the south…YEEEEEEEHAWWWWWWWWWWW……..

        P.S. If God is so against homosexuals,then why does he keep making them?

  5. That was another tortuous read from LTC. West. Always the same litany, same old tired cliches. Same lame approach to the same lame issues. Boo hoo the gays are pushing us around, boo hoo the muslims are sneaking sharia on us. Boo hoo Obama is always playing golf. I thought conservatives where the strong silent type what’s with constant sniveling.

    • Then why do you come here if its just the same to you… No one is forcing you to read what he has to say. No one twists your fingers to click on this site, so why do you bother? Oh I know, so you can spew your same rhetoric and try to look superior to someone who has a message that you can’t understand. Go cry yourself a river and leave your sniveling at the door if its so hard for you to read another one of his posts…

      • Why is there a comment section if everyone is supposed to agree and sing the same tune. And I didn’t attack anyone personally, maybe I was hoping for a refreshing approach. My mistake I guess.

      • You are such a silly boy, perhaps it’s time you grow up a bit to understand how you sound. You sound like a complete idiot complaining about what LTC writes but no one is forcing you to come here and read them… If his writings are so “tortuous” to you why do you bother? Do you like being tortured? Do you get off from this “torture”? If its all the same to you, and you know what to expect in the reading why are you complaining about it when its you that chooses to read it? Grow up little one… stop reading it if its that painful…

      • I read it because I’m coaching my son for the debate team. We go back on the comment threads and spot logical fallacies together. It’s a learning experience for him.

      • You don’t see it do you? You did nothing to add to the discussion, but instead whined about it (something you were accusing the rest of us doing here, can we say hypocrite?). If the article was not up to “your standards” why did you bother? If you are teaching your son about debating why did you go off in a fit throwing tantrum complaining instead of debating it…

      • Ok maybe it was a little tantrum. But there has to be a better way to approach those issues. I just don’t understand the persecution complex. You really think that position of victim is credible? Col. West gave us something different with his article about that veteran who got drafted in the NFL. His point was this Villanueva deserved the attention Michael Sam was getting that was a novel approach.

      • At every turn in the last decade we have been pushed out, and since the 60’s our traditions and customs have come under fire in a nation that once stood very tall and strong as a Christian nation. Now we have to fight to keep jobs, display our faith and even preach in our own towns, where depravity is taking over in our music, movies and books. And its coming to our most innocent, our kids in public schools where we as parents now need to have to worry what they are being taught, and from what source… for instance some of the books or articles/stories in these text books.

      • Christianity is still the most practiced religion in the US. 73% of Americans call themselves Christians. I don’t understand how you can defend freedom of speech while decrying to content of movies, books, music. And as you eloquently told mentioned earlier you can choose what media to consume. Parents always have to worry about their children are learning and not just at school.

      • I completely agree with you on this as well, but there is a difference to me about this. I am not against freedom of speech when it comes to what they want to write about, put in movies and music, but I do have the right to not allow it in my home or where my kids can hear or see it. No one has the right to force me to allow it in my home or as part of what I believe in or don’t believe in. Being forced out of a job so to speak such as this article speaks about is forcing their agenda on everyone.

        Say you for instance are told you have to give up your beliefs or you can’t have this job what will you do? Such as, you are a carpenter and its the only job you know how to do to feed your family, but some group comes along and tells everyone that if they hire you because you supported building a Mosque in a neighboring town, they pull all funding for the towns children’s center intended help poor people, what would you do?

        What if they threatened to sue you because you hired him? Or threatened a long drawn out trial that would end up costing you thousands if not millions?

        This is whats happening to Christians mainly today here in the states… I don’t know of any other religion being attacked for their stance on homosexuality. Do you see them going after Muslims or others? I haven’t.

      • I used to watch the Arsenio Hall show growing up. Arsenio decided one day he would invite Louis Farakhan to his show. The network told him not to invite Farakhan, he pointed to his contract where it said he had total discretion for the guests on the show. Ratings took a nosedive. CBS cancelled the show. Arsenio did not play victim, did not cry about his right being infringed. He had a choice and made it his career or his convictions, his career was never the same after that. Just laws of the market business, not personal.

  6. Please stop promoting the whole Freedom of Speech angle…
    “Apparently HGTV doesn’t support the Constitutional rights of freedom of
    speech and expression. We already know the liberal progressive
    socialists — those really tolerant folks – don’t.” Read the First
    Amendment again…

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
    prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of
    speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and
    to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Nowhere in the First Amendment does it state that your Employer can not fire you,
    fine you, or discipline you in some other means for expressing/voicing
    your opinion. The First Amendment protects you from going to JAIL for
    your speech. To this day, I know of no laws that preclude you from
    speaking what you want to say. Anyone can say what they want to with
    out fear of going to jail, however, there may be other consequences for
    their words. Especially if they are working for a company whose profits
    may be in jeopardy for the words spoken.

    I believe the brothers in your article have a right to their opinion and I respect it. Should it be the reason for their show to be cancelled? Probably not. Were
    their First Amendment Rights violated? Definitely not.

    • I honestly don’t think its about our rights to speech but more about the double standards the left has about our rights and well about all these issues

      • Regardless, he stated and I quoted in the first paragraph that “HGTV doesn’t support the Constitutional rights…” That is my point, people believe that they have the right to say what they want, and they do, but don’t get upset when you get into trouble for saying it. Congress didn’t cause you to get into trouble by creating a law regarding your speech…

      • Don’t be so defensive bucko… I understand your point, but you seem to be missing the point of what this is about. Its the double standards that is so strong in the left that is whats hurting many Christians, and especially those who are very outspoken about their faith. Christians are under attack in this country, regardless of whether its someones right to have them on a show or not, Christians are being wrongfully fired, or “let go”, or forced to go against their principles where if it were the opposite Christians would be under fire (Arizona Baker, NV Photographer) and forced to go against their beliefs…

      • Bucko? Really? How am I being “so defensive?” I could care less about the “Christian” point of view – honestly, it is over rated. Christians have been forcing their beliefs on people for thousands of years and are complaining when people push back. Crusade much? Inquisition, maybe? Mr. West talks about how the gay agenda is being forced upon everyone, but the exact same could be said about the religious agenda. I can see it because I took the religious blinders off years ago.

      • Actually the Crusades were not about religion, sure they came in the name of religion, but they were in the end a bunch of lying men. Jesus never told us to start wars in his name. In fact he said we don’t war against flesh and blood. You, like the rest if society, seem to be increasingly ignorant of that fact. It is forced upon everyone, sure there are a few Christians who like to be forceful, but let me ask you what have I done to you? Hmm? I am slightly annoyed because of people like YOU who assume that all those people who came in the name of Christ were really Christians. It’s a fabricated lie just to make who I am look like I am a nut case.

        I don’t agree with homosexuality, but I am not allowed to leave it at just that. In this country there are many people calling Christians haters for this view. It’s not hate it’s my view. I love many people. I enjoy people, but that doesn’t mean I have to bow down every thing they like. I also don’t think people should be killed for being who they are. God is the judge not me, but that’s stupid they call me a hater for thinking different. Do you think that is fair? Despite men who came in the name of Jesus and beheaded others, should I be judged for this? Was I the one back then who took the sword to them? No. So stop blaming Christ. He also didn’t do this either. And many people today don’t do this either. True Christians come in the name of Love, not HATE. I am defensive because enough is enough! This is who Christ is, not this lie that man has spread.

      • The Crusades weren’t about religion?

        Military campaigns sanctioned by the church. Hmmm, sounds religious to me. Your beliefs are based on a book that you believe in. I choose not to believe in that book, anymore. You have your faith and I respect it and your views. I just do not need to be constantly berated because I choose not not believe and follow YOUR book. I do not need YOUR beliefs pushed upon me because that is what YOU feel is right. You say you do not have to bow down for everything they like, well, I can say the exact same thing about YOU and YOUR religion. YOU profess to come in the name of LOVE but choose to cast out the homosexuals. It just seems that “Christians” are more tolerant of Adulterers, murderers and rapists than homosexuals. I use the term “Christians” because they profess that homosexual activity is an abomination because it says so in THEIR BOOK.
        Just because it isn’t an active military, church sanctioned, war in this Country, do not for one second, believe that the bible is not being forced on those of us that do not believe, in the name of Jesus. I may not agree with homosexuality either, then again, I might, I just believe that they are entitled to the same rights as humans as any other person and should not be judged or persecuted for being THEM. You are right, enough is enough! You view is yours, do not try to make it mine.

      • Christians are NOT tolerant of rapers. Rapers also don’t demand that we respect their sin like homos do

      • A sin in your eyes because you chose to believe in the bible. Respect them as Humans (and you can not tell me that there are not homosexual Christians). A sin is a sin according to YOUR book, so why do “Christians” persecute one sin more than the others? If you don’t agree with it – DON’T DO IT. Just don’t try to continually push your views and way of life on others. You know, judge not…

      • Its not just a sin to Christians but to many faiths and even those who don’t believe in God or any God at all. I wasn’t always a Christian and still felt it was immoral to be gay. There is nothing natural about it as reproducing is the natural state of any species. Men can not have a child with another man just as a woman can’t have a child with another woman.

        But believing this does not mean I hate gays. I love them as I would love anyone else whether they are my family, friends or just some stranger on the street. I have the right to my beliefs as they have the right to theirs, just don’t take what I believe in and bastardize it to fit their agenda, such as marriage. And this is what these guys were standing up for.

      • Nothing but lies, the only sinner who demands tolerance for their sin are homosexuals. And it is homosexuals who PUSH their views, we have a right to our opinion.

        You homosexuals amuse me… you think anyone who sees homosexuality for what it is must be a Christian. Common sense tells most that Homosexuality is SICK for a variety of reasons, the least of which comes from the Bible. Stop living in denial homosexuals…. or is it you are trying to cover up the many legitimate non-Biblical reasons to oppose homosexuality & same-sex marriage by focusing on the Bible. Homosexuals need treatment, because the deprave sexual perversion of homosexuality ain’t normal! That’s why homosexuals call themselves “gay”… to coverup that fact.

      • “You” homosexuals? I am not homosexual. You speak of common sense and homosexuality being SICK for a variety of reasons – and I would agree that least part being the bible. But, since you mentioned it, what are the “many legitimate non-biblical reasons” you mention to oppose homosexuality and same sex marriage? What treatment do you recommend to cure it? If two men, whom you do not know, never met and live across the country from you get married, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT AFFECT it would have on you and your family? Or, even if it was next door to you? Seriously, do you go around professing yourself as a Heterosexual or do you use a slang/shorter term to describe it? Gay is the word that has been adopted to be synonymous with homosexual. I just look at it in un-biased way. It doesn’t affect me or my family so what does it matter (especially, as you alluded to, take the religious aspects out of the equation)?

      • the crusades were not following the very religion they were supposed to be in the name of. if you misinterpret the religion and do something wrong, that doesn’t make the religion wrong. and Christians are more tolerant toward rapists? you’re an idiot for that statement. if you’re so full of hate for Christians (im sure you’ll act like you’re not but you obviously are) then move out of the country founded on Christian principles! Russia and north korea would love to have you.

      • Ahhh, more of the Christian “Love” everyone speaks of, “Don’t like it, move out of the Country.” And you call me an idiot. Look, I didn’t start the Christian debate – someone else brought it up. My original post dealt with the First Amendment. I have nothing against Christians, but you don’t have to be a Christian to be a good person just like “sinning” doesn’t make you a bad person – or less of a person that you should be denied the basic rights of a Human Being. Everyone that “preaches” how much an abomination homosexuality is but choses to not voice the same protest about adultery, murder and YES even RAPE, is a hypocrite. For you should cast the first stone ONLY if you are without sin. You can not pick and choose which sin to protest against. It is a Sin to work on the Sabbath – yet how many of us do that. Not to mention the Old Testament states that Adulterers and those that work on the Sabbath should be put to death. REALLY? Let’s start enforcing them all then… I am done with the religious argument because we all believe what we do, for whatever reason we do. I choose not to and will not change my mind, nor will I change yours. I am not against Christianity so long as they do not try to force their beliefs on me and mine. Much like I don’t try to force my non-belief on you.

      • Bradly may I ask if you have read any of “their book”? Since you know so very much about history try reading up on who wrote the Bible and who is was written for and why. It just my surprise you…

      • Yes, I have read their book. Before I took the blinders off I was religious and read the bible. It was written and translated by men, and then rewritten by the order of a King.

      • Then evidently you did not read the part about it is God inspired; written over 1500 years by 39 authors. I truly feel for you to have animosity toward a person who believes in Jesus. The OT is history and how God has loving pursuit us and the NT is His answer; Jesus Christ. No one is perfect and people do get carried away with their “religion” and the Bible tells us not to but being human get self righteous and believe our way is the only way. God does not see it our way but His way. I am a Christian that does mean I have everything right, it does not mean my life is perfect it mean “I am forgiven” plan and simple and when I die I will go where it is perfect.

      • You do not know me or how I feel. I am Agnostic – leaning more toward Atheism, however, my son found Jesus and was recently Baptized. Believe it or not, I am proud of him. He chose to follow his own path and I do not begrudge him for it. He has his beliefs, as do I. He doesn’t keep throwing it into my face that I am a sinner and doomed to eternal damnation because I no longer believe. I respect him and his decisions, I just wish people, in general, – even the Christians of the world – would do the same of others. You may not like who they are, what they are or how they are… simply respect their decision and move on with your life and let them move on with theirs. There seems to be a whole lot of “judging” coming from “Christians” and that is just plain hypocritical! Let the ones free of sin cast the first stone. A sin is a sin and one carries no more weight than another, that is my animosity towards a person who believes in Jesus. I judge a person by their character, not their religion, race, sexual orientation, or anything else. Your character is what defines you. I respect your choices – I mean, during times of prayer at ceremonies or gatherings, I bow my head out of respect for your prayers and I do so without complaint. I let you live your life the way you want to and do not protest or try to prevent your choices because of what I believe in or don’t believe in for that matter. Just to clarify – when I use the term “you” I am not personally directing that at you (sassyj), but towards religious people in general. There has been much discussion of the double standard that exists, and I have been drawn off my original post – which was about the First Amendment – and taken down a rabbit hole that I get pretty defensive about and for that I apologize.

      • First off who pushed you? Where are they pushing their beliefs onto others. From what I can see, we have had the right to which ever religion or belief or non-belief we choose. This was given to us when this country became a free nation from the tyranny of England’s rule.

        You conveniently bring up the Inquisition but something you forget… that was a few thousand years ago as was the Crusades. There was a lot of darkness then, not just in religion but many facets in life, such as teaching the earth was flat, that eating a tomato meant you were a witch, that an eclipse was a sign that the world was going to end. To keep going back centuries is a bit stale now as that is not how we are today. Sure you will still have fundies or extremists if you prefer, who try to force their beliefs on others but you have that in every organization, including atheism.

        Have you been imprisoned because you do not believe in God? Have there
        been others imprisoned because they worship a different God? And I mean this century not back in the 12th century or so…

        Now about your initial post. The reason I say that there is a double standard amongst the left when it comes to people getting fired or them being forced to leave their jobs because of their beliefs. If you don’t bow down to their beliefs then you are out of luck these days. They have been pushing their agenda on Christians mostly taking away their rights to free speech, such as what is happening with these two by losing their spot on this network and what happened to duck dynasty. Its not that these networks have the right to have whomever they want but its why they are choosing to buckle under the LGBT or Atheists pressure to force outspoken Christians out.

        Had it been Christians putting pressure on some networks about some of their content, such as glorifying teen pregnancy, or other shows media outlets that show gays kissing or engaged in other sexual conduct etc then the left would be jumping through hoops to file charges against them for discrimination, and multi million dollar law suits will be filed.

      • Let me ask you this as my final argument. What personal effect does allowing gay marriage have on you, personally, not your beliefs or feelings of the term marriage? Christians are claiming the term Marriage as their own when the act of marriage has been around for a lot longer. Why can’t Christians “Turn the other Cheek” and let people live their own lives because it doesn’t directly effect them or their families.

      • It would not have an affect on me personally but then we will get into a religious debate which I do not want to do. Not that I am not strong in my faith or lack the information to debate such, but I don’t like to come off sounding like a zealot and trying to force my beliefs on others. If the conversation would go smoothly, which it rarely does, I would do so, but preaching to someone who doesn’t have an open mind to the discussion is fruitless. I try to be a witness of God through my actions. Jesus didn’t force himself on others but they came to him when he went town to town preaching. This is the lead I follow.

        On your question about marriage, I will answer that it was established by religion thousands of years ago, although early believers, those prior to Jesus coming, did not perform marriages as such but took a wife and they became one.

        What I dont understand is why they have to change the institution of marriage to fit their lifestyle where they already have Civil Union. This was brought up by another poster on here where he/she stated that it wasn’t the same as marriage as marriage gives more benefits recognized by law. So instead of hijacking marriage and changing its meaning, why not make the government fix Civil Union so that they are equal? Then no one is hurt in the process and they get their equality just the same as heterosexual couples. Why can’t we leave some traditions to Christians that they hold sacred?

      • I would concur, however, if Civil Union was made the equal to and therefore synonymous with the term “Marriage” then you would have those that would still fight it because it would still detract from the term “Marriage” because it means the same thing. Unfortunately, that is just the way people are – still doesn’t make them bad people, they just are.

      • I agree, no one is ever happy with what they got and will always want more, human nature. And its already being pushed further to force Christians to accept their lifestyle but also doing services commemorating their union. They will not be satisfied until they have it all. Then some other group will come about wanting the same thing that even the gays will find repugnant and the whole process will start over…

        When I think of this, I think of Caligula and his reign in Rome.

      • I would think that as a business owner, if an employee doesn’t represent the interests of the business (HGTV and A&E for example) then you would be able to dismiss the employee. However, as in the cases of both HGTV and A&E, stand by for the consequences of your actions. You have the right to do it, but as with anything – not everyone is going to be happy about it. I am sure there are some points about wrongful termination and such, much like firing someone for being a different race or religion or sex for that matter and since I am not a business owner I do not know the laws regarding such. Although, I am sure there are ways around a wrongful termination claim if you have your ducks in a row.

      • A private company has the right not to associate with speech that don’t jive with their values. Those guys did not get arrested their show got cancelled. Shows gets cancelled all the time.

      • Correct, but the freedom of association isn’t explicitly contained in the Bill of Rights, however, it is often linked to the First Amendment. Again, my point was that the individuals Rights were not violated by HGTV. The Bill of Rights do not apply to Free Commerce/Private Companies.

      • The framers believed that one had certain innate rights. The constitution is a document that limits the power of government from infringing on these rights. The Bill of Rights was added by the states to make sure that these right were secure. The brothers have these rights as do you. It is not given to you by the first amendment. The first amendment stops government from making laws to take that right away. The freedom of speech was infringed upon the brothers by HGTV. The first amendment does not apply here. Yes HGTV had the right to fire them but you are missing the point their rights are being suppressed by the radical left. It is not illegal but it is abhorrent. That is what the article is talking about as well as addressing the hypocrisy of the left with their supposed tolerance.

      • If it is not illegal then no rights were infringed upon. Nobody came screaming to the aide of Paula Deen’s Freedom of Speech when she used a racial slur. Do not try to justify it for one because it aligns with your point of view and let it slide for another because it offends you as well. There is no law for either comment, simple enough. There are always consequences for things based on beliefs and/or money making potential, it has nothing to do with the Rights.

      • Not sure what you are talking about. You are confusing laws with rights. Look up what innate means, it is not established by law. Congress shall make no law which means the Federal Government cannot make a law to infringe upon your right for free speech but this does not mean other parts of community or society may infringe upon your free speech. I went back to college and found my right to free speech was constantly suppressed. This did not break any laws but I could not speak freely. One instance was a campus townhall where I brought up some issues respectfully. I was shouted down by the crowd and not allowed to reply. Another example of suppression was a sociology class that spent the first fifteen minutes of every class having students comment on current events. The professor after a fashion did not like the opposing viewpoint to campus dogma and eventually stopped calling on me. Both example show a suppression of my freedom of speech but no law was broken.

      • How can a private company infringe on the right of private citizen? Where does it say that working for a television network is a right. Does an employer infringe on rights because if they don’t like an answer given at the job interview or don’t like the picture the candidate posted smoking a joint on Facebook? The brothers are free to express their opinions HGTV is free to chose who they want on their broadcast. No ones owes conservatives or liberals a platform. Conservatives are always complaining about entitlements but feel entitled to play in the NFL (Tebow). Entitled to NBA franchises (Sterling). You chose to go to class, you chose to study sociology, you chose the school where to study. Your right are not infringed because the teacher does not call on you.

      • This is not about HGTV or any other corporation having the right to fire anyone. Not sure where you got that idea from this thread. This is about the Left’s intolerance of opposing viewpoints and the use of suppression to silence them. HGTV has a strong following in the LGBT community and it wise for them to fire these two so that their product is not hurt. HGTV having to do this because of the intolerance of the left is the issue. There can be no big tent of ideas. If you are from the left, all must think the same or you will be silenced. That is the suppression of free speech. If one wants to have a show on HGTV and you have conservative viewpoints you must keep your political speech silent. If you express these viewpoints in your own private life and never have your political views intrude into your show content you will not work. If you are Liberal you can say whatever you want, whenever you want. A true conservative/libertarian would tolerate your viewpoint and not demand you cannot have a show. If it is offensive just don’t watch the show. As to your poke at my college experience obviously you know very little about college. I had to take sociology as a core requirement for my science degree. The class had only the same four participants in each discussion. When I was no longer called upon there was only three. Yes my right was infringed and I could not participate. I found out later that there was a few in class who loved to hear my arguments and agreed with them but they were too afraid to participate. That my friend is suppression and you will not find a less friendly place for freedom of speech than on a college campus.

      • That is what I said thank you for reading my post. Again it is about the moral outrage of the Left disagreeing with these two that led to HGTV protecting their product. I am glad we agree.

      • Trust me, I am not confusing any law with my rights. I have the right to say whatever I want. If, as you say, your rights were being suppressed, you still have the right to say it as is your right – you will not go to jail for saying what ever you were saying. Private entities/companies “suppressing” your comments is not an infringement upon the First Amendment. That is like walking in the room and telling your mom to shut the hell up and mind her own business… you don’t think you would get “smacked” for that? Wouldn’t that be a suppression of your speech?

      • What about the right to life and liberty? If i am being denied a job because of what I believe isn’t that an infringement on my rights? Didn’t we go there during the Civil Rights in the 60’s?

      • You are not being denied a job, there was a more qualified applicant who got it. The Government doesn’t control companies. If you want to get technical, with the way this country is today, it seems that the Companies control the government. If you lose your job for something you say, it is the right of that Company to do so and has nothing to do with the Government and your Freedom of Speech.

      • Ok I see… so the government doesn’t have the right to control a company? or any business? So why then can the government force a Baker or Photographer to go against their beliefs and tell them they have to do a job for gays/lesbians? Basically they are being “hired” to make a cake or take photos right? So why can’t they say no to the LGBT crowd?

      • For the same reason they can’t say no to Hispanics, African-Americans, American Indians, Females, Males, Whites… it is called discrimination.

      • What religious rights are you talking about? I can’t not provide a service to you based on your religion any more than I could refuse to provide a service to a black man.

      • I am not even sure what you are arguing about. Yes this is not a first amendment issue. You are repeating what I said. Yes someone yelling at you is suppressing you. The issue here is intolerance from those who scream inclusion. I am relaying some examples I have experienced on campus. If your mother yells at you to shut up and you shut up this is the definition of suppression. I am lost here I have no idea of any point you are trying to make here.

      • Nor I, you. By the letter of the law, suppression is not infringement. That is my point. Our speech is suppressed our entire life – you just stated that yourself. You have the right to speak but there may be consequences to what you speak – suppression, not law. Maybe we are arguing apples and apples here, I don’t know.

      • I think we are saying the same thing. My understanding of the First Amendment agrees with yours. What I have seen is an increase in intolerance (suppression) of hearing opinions that differ from one’s own viewpoint. The horrible question that I asked at this campus get together was “how do we pay for for it?”(Obamacare). That is all I asked and was shouted down by enough students that I could not answer a rebuttal. The professor even labelled me an extremist for asking this question. Being a small business returning to school this is always the first question I ask. Probably more people should ask this question also. It was a rude welcoming this returning student received.

      • Freedom of association is seen in “the right to peaceably assemble.” That… appears right after “or of the press;” the semicolon means a separate sentence, and therefore, in the amendment as written, a separate right is being protected.

        The courts see the corporation as an artificial person. As such, they do indeed have the protection of the Bill of Rights.

        However, based on the increased wallet size of the corporation, the initial rights as artificial person were more limited. Recent legislation and court cases have shifted that somewhat more to the corporation’s favor.

        Also, any right which is not listed in the Constitution is protected under the 9th and 10th Amendments.

        The Constitution does not grant or confer rights.

        The rights exist, and the government has those amendments as a list which cannot be altered.

      • If as you say a private company has a right then what happened to Hobby Lobbies right to not fund late term abortion because they did not believe in it. They were fine if you read the facts with early abortion when needed but not late term. Where did their rights go. It appears the rights only got to the left side of a view not the right or middle

      • Hobby Lobby is against paying for all abortion causing drugs – something that was passed into law as the 2010 Health Care Law (Affordable Health Care or Obamacare). That travesty is another topic all together.

      • Their show got canceled because they don’t agree with sodomy. If that’s not discrimination I don’t know what is. If that’s the case than I should be able to ire somebody because theiskin color or because they don’t belve in God or because they gon’t follow my religion. Discrimination is discrimination. And these men were fired simply because they don’t agree with the sodomite lifestyle.

      • Absolutely!! j just fired an employee because his speech did not jive with our company. I found out he donated money to pro-choice organizations and was speaking out in support of gay marriage. Didn’t jive with us so I fired him. People get fired all the time.

        I’m sure you don’t have a problem with that and will be tolerant of my opinions and actions.

        The problem is that the left demands tolerance but can’t seem to tolerate others differing viewpoints. This dictatorial behavior is cowardly, pathetic, and the very definition of hypocritical.

  7. Just a theory, but has anyone else noticed that where liberals have the most control through government agencies, like the FCC or IRS, and those agencies have control over such things, such as programing or tax exempt status, such as the non profit NFL.

    Is it possible that these government agences are using their power to force or to manipulate shows like HGTV, or the NFL, to do as they are told, or suffer the consequences?

    The IRS has already proven that they have no problem using their power to tow the liberal line, and suppress conservatives. Just something to ponder.

  8. Why do you have to tie every article you write in with “radical islamist” What does the mistreatment of these gentlemen have to do with that? What a bigot you are.

    • how is it you don’t see the obvious hypocrisy between media supporting a dangerous and radical religion, in the name of tolerance, that supports killing gays, and then firing men because their religion doesn’t support gay marriage?

    • Tanya how is it YOU cannot see the same kind of intolerance displayed in the followers of radical islam are mirrored thru the actions by the leftist….the libertards?? It seems the radical islamist AND the left only seek tolerance when they are the ones being tolerated….. neither is willing to tolerate any belief outside their own.

      • That might be true, and that is true of any extremist which exist from all religions all over the world. I ask, what do a bunch of crazies across the world have to do with HGTV or liberals in the US? These guys were mistreated because of their beliefs, and that is just wrong. Radicals, islam or otherwise have nothing to do with me in the US.

    • Radical Islam’s are intolerant of any viewpoint but their own. Anything that does not fall in line with the viewpoint of the world needs to be destroyed. Exactly what those on the left are doing and promoting. THAT is why he is linking the two together. Intolerance and bigotry are their common viewpoint.

      • For every radical Christian, there are 10,000 radical Muslims. That my friend is the difference; and a very major one.

      • B.S read a history book Christians have killed more in the name of Jesus than all other religions combined. Period.

      • You’re a hayseed. mix in some world history, or were you out in back of class dipping a cope?

      • I was talking about today, not the history of the past. The New Testament reveals that Christians learned it is not right too kill. Muslims have not learned anything and kill around the globe, in the modern times of today. Comparing what Christians did in the past and what Muslims do today is comparing apples and oranges.

      • No…indeed, it’s ignoring history. It’s revisionist and viewing the world between horse blinders. IMO.

      • I am afraid that American liberals and radical islam do not have the monopoly on intolerance. Why should I care what a bunch of crazies across the world are doing? And you are saying the exact same thing. What exactly does “fall in line with the viewpoint of the world” mean? You sound pretty intolerant yourself. There are many different viewpoints in the world and in America.

      • Not to be rude, or say you have a low I.Q. (I do not know you) but, as in most people who have little knowledge of the world political stage, and in military matters, you lack the fundamental experience in how the real world works. There is a basic reason why we fight overseas on the enemies shores…if they are busy running, and fighting, over there in their own country, they are too busy to fight HERE. The maxim, The Best Defense is a Good Offense in more true in this regard than in any other. Obama and his ilk don’t realize this fundamental strategy….keep them on their OWN territory, and on their heels, and they cannot attack the U.S.

      • I don’t appreciate your attitude or remarks, evidently you do not know how to have a civil conversation. And the basic reason and the only reason we fight overseas, is to control whatever commodity that region might have to serve our purpose, like oil or natural gas. We never fight over seas unless it serves our interests in some way. And that is how the real world works.

      • You love your son but you don’t have to like what they do nor do you encourage them in a behavior that is disruptive to society because they selfishly believe they are somehow special and deserve special treatment, no matter at what cost to everyone else. I know, my brother is living this deviate lifestyle. It is very destructive to body, mind and soul.

      • I would love them no matter what and respect their decision but that does not mean I have to accept it. I have family and friends who are gay/lesbian and I treat them no different than I do my own kids and other in the family. They know my feelings about it, and I do not force my belief on them as I expect them not to force me to accept the lifestyle as being natural. I have been outspoken about gay marriage, not because I don’t think they have the right to join in union, but I believe marriage is between a man and woman and civil union was crated to allow gays to have the same rights as married couples. If their civil union is broke, then they need to fix that and not hijack my tradition as their own.

      • I have a nephew who is gay. That doesn’t make me hate him. Why in the world would I hate him? Geesh!

      • He isn’t though and has never considered it. He was raised in a Christian home and follows his faith. Can’t imagine him a homosexual.

  9. I do not care if one is gay, black, white, Catholic , Muslim, Jewish, or any thing else. What I do care about is this force to make one group agree with the other. If you do not believe in homosexuality you are a homophobe, if you don’t believe every word that is said by an atheistic you a religious freak, If you don’t agree with the President you are a racist. I don’t care who is who and can be friends with any one, but don’t tell me because I disagree with someone that I am wrong or treating other with intolerance. Because guess what when you treat me the same way you treat others what do you call that. That is not tolerance when you are trying to make me or anyone else side with something they don’t believe in for any reason.

  10. Best option is to write HGTV. Inform upper management that you are boycotting the station and all products of its sponsors.

  11. If ever you feel in doubt, take solace in the FACT that the un-word “homophobe” was created in a dishonest attempt to shame a person into abandoning their moral convictions and insults those with very real phobias.

  12. Being gay is contrary to nature and a mental illness. I’m sorry to say this, but the only rights gays have is to be cured.
    Anyone claiming I ‘hate’ gays or that I am homophobic haven’t a clue what they’re talking about. People don’t hate someone when they view that person is being sick, needing medical treatment, or other special needs care. I have a nephew who is gay and have known many gays through my lifetime. I neither hate them nor fear them.
    What in the world does ‘fear’ have to do with it? Why in the world would I fear someone who is gay? I can’t even begin to fathom how fear might apply? Anyone who claims I am homophobic is simply incapable of justifying their choice of lifestyle and desperate to disprove anyone who tries to disagrees with their choice.

    If anyone believes being gay is a matter of genetics, please comment. I’d be quite thrilled to respond.

    • Finally! Thank you for sharing this, the gay people I know will be thrilled to know this. Please tell me the name of this miracle cure you speak of to “cure” them! Since they have a right to be cured, I am curious to know what that cure is.

      • Yes his high and mighty BS needs to be made fun of…some of us really are trying to coexist and that means EVERYONE.

      • Where? Not here…hate the sin love the sinner…if you are attacking me that’s your sin not mine.

      • Dont hate the “sinner” still sick just like pedophiles, serial killers, Oh, wait, that is the end game of the LGBT agenda.

      • Why don’t you actually do something useful and stop starting crap here with people who are all on the same side. Sinner.

      • Well then, I guess the problem is solved. If that is the case and all the Gay Christians that pray for the healing are miraculously healed and no longer gay. Thank you for enlightening us all.

      • Although your answer was one of sarcasm, I had stated that if anyone believes being gay is a matter of genetics, I’d be quite thrilled to respond. Your answer qualifies.

        Understanding the effect of genetics:

        First and foremost, if a man is born genetically with a chemistry more aligned with female than male, even though the man has the body components of a male, it is accepted by most that he is gay; that he will be attracted to men rather than to women.

        I feel quite confident that ‘Bradly Countryman’ will agree with that paragraph.

        That is where most people stray from the affects of genetics in their comprehension.

        In nature as an aspect of genetics, the opposite of a gay male is a ‘non-gay’ male. As an aspect of genetics, it is not possible for a gay male to be attracted to another gay male. Being gay, both gay males would only find themselves attracted to ‘non-gay’ males.

        In the case of lesbians, the same applies. If a female is born genetically with a chemistry more aligned with male than female, even though the female has the body components of a female, it is accepted by most that she is a lesbian, that she will be attracted to females other than to men.

        In nature as an aspect of genetics, the opposite of a lesbian female is a ‘non-lesbian’ female. As an aspect of genetics, it is not possible for a lesbian female to be attracted to another lesbian female. Being lesbians, both lesbian females would only find themselves attracted to ‘non-lesbian’ females.

        For some reason, most people find the above concept too difficult to comprehend.

        However, genetics gets even more interesting:

        There is another opposite of a gay male other than a non-gay male; that is a lesbian. The natural opposite of a gay male is a lesbian female.

        The same with a lesbian. There is another opposite of a lesbian female other than a non-lesbian females. The natural opposite of a lesbian feamle is a gay man.

        What do you have when a gay man establishes a relationship with a lesbian, or a lesbian with a gay man? Technically, we wouldn’t know because it would be presumed they were both ‘non-gay / non-lesbian’.

        There are countless gays / lesbians who claim they can go either way. That is why. Regardless, anytime you see two men who claim they are gay, or two women who claim they are lesbians; ask them which one is not gay. Genetically, there isn’t any other possibility.

        (Unless their relationship does not involve genetics, in which case it’s a matter of choice. In society, choice contrary to nature is a sociologically generated disorder, a mental illness.)

        Many people point to gays in nature as proof being gay is normal. In nature, being gay is abnormal as well; a sociologically generated disorder. Yes, humans aren’t the only species to have sociological issues.

        So, if being gay / lesbian is an aspect of genetics, the results would not be as many believe. And if being gay / lesbian is an aspect of choice but not genetics, then it is a sociologically generated disorder and curable. (The cure is awareness of the reality.)

      • You logic, however lengthy, is flawed. A gay male is attracted to another MALE, then in the same context, a gay female would be attracted to another FEMALE. I am not a geneticist, but think that one who is gay would be attracted to someone of the same sex whether they are gay as well, or not. Their sexual orientation has nothing to do with the others. Simply put, that would mean that I, as a non-gay male, could not be attracted to a gay female. Trust me, in that, your theory is FLAWED.

      • The attraction due to genetics is a combination of genetics and body chemistry. The only way two gays can be attracted is if their body chemistry is opposite as in normal male versus female attraction. In nature, a dog can smell a female in heat miles away. The attraction is body chemistry. I found this out when a member of our church called to tell me my dog was outside his “female’s” pen. He lived a good two miles (as a bird flies) away, yet my dog with his keen sense of smell only needed to follow his nose. Cats are equally keen in sense of smell. My yard is devoid of neighborhood cats; yet the day my female cats are in heat; every male cat in the neighborhood comes a-calling.

        Although men / women / gays / lesbians don’t have the acute smell of a dog or cat, body chemistry is the element of attraction. Beyond chemistry, the element of attraction is choice. Any assumption two gays will be attracted or two lesbians will be attracted is just that, an assumption. The exclusion is if pursuing a gay / lesbian lifestyle is a matter of choice.

      • And you have this documented in results of what scientific experiments? I would love to read them, because right now it seems like only conjecture on your part.

      • With today’s era of political correctness, not just in the U.S., but around the globe; scientific organizations aren’t even allowed to conduct the research. Any organizations conducting such research wouldn’t be allowed to publish their findings unless their findings coincided with the desire of the gay / lesbian community. In many countries, laws outright ban the publication of what I have written.

      • Stand by while I raise the BullSH!t Flag on that one. You have no proof of what you speak and besides, what you speak makes absolutely no sense in any form. Men are visually stimulated/aroused more so than women and can find many things attractive regardless of gender. Besides, if it is genetic as you profess, then shouldn’t the blame of homosexuality, in a manner of speaking, be the fault of God since he created Adam and Eve in his image and would then have “his” genes?

      • What leads you to believe I’ve professed genetics as the cause of gay / lesbian lifestyles? 😉

        If I merely proclaim that being gay / lesbian is a sociologically generated disorder (an illness), that the only right of gays / lesbians is to be cured; everyone will protest and no one will accept my claim. People need to be reminded that genetics adheres to nature’s demands. With nature still in play, the results are not as people would believe. It is only when people realize this that they will realize their lifestyle is a lifestyle of choice, not genetics.

        Once gays / lesbians realize their lifestyle is one of choice, then and only then will they realize how wrong their lifestyle is, that such a lifestyle is contrary to nature and not justified. However, try to explain to anyone that something they have spent an entire lifetime trying to justify is wrong. They won’t take kindly to such an effort and will protest any findings regardless of how sound those findings might be.

        The only chance of such findings becoming accepted is if those findings provide the answers to questions gays / lesbians have long had but for which they have been unable to find the answers (such as), “Why is it that so many gays / lesbians claim they can go either way?” [answer: Choice, not genetics.], or “Why is it that occasionally I find myself attracted to a member of the opposite sex?”, [again, the answer is: Choice, not genetics.], you weren’t born gay or lesbian.

        Gays / lesbians have spent their lifetime trying to justify their lifestyle. They errantly reached the conclusion that if they claim their lifestyle is due to genetics, that being born gay / lesbian would justify both their lifestyle and their claim to the same rights as non-gay / non-lesbians. If being gay / lesbian was indeed due to genetics, they would be right.

        What I have shown is that genetics adheres to nature as well, that the consequences of genetics would follow nature’s dictates of opposites attract. I have shown what those opposites would be, that they are not as people currently believe. People are quick to presume that if a man is gay that he would be attracted to men not women, yet quickly forget that such an attraction would be to ‘non-gay’ men, not to other gays. The same applies to lesbians. That is why I when I see a gay / lesbian couple, my first thought is, “Which one of you is not gay?”

        But, that is only if genetics is a factor. Genetics is not a factor. Being gay / lesbian is a matter of choice.

        You stated, “Men are visually stimulated / aroused more so than women and can find many things attractive regardless of gender.”

        Quite true.

        You also stated that because of this, a gay man would find himself attracted to all men, gay or non-gay. Equally true.

        I find many ‘lesbians’ to be quite attractive. I wonder why?

        As children explore their sexuality (especially in a world in which they’re told to bury their feelings of arousal until they’re married), they end up exploring their sexuality with members of their own sex. Some may end up exploring too far, becoming too intimate. Those who cross that line then view it as an alternative to establishing such a relationship with members of the opposite sex.

        In some communities, people eat the flesh of other people (cannibals.) Myth has it, once a cannibal always a cannibal. The same type of analogy is applied to gays. Once a gay, always a gay, once a lesbian, always a lesbian. Children need to realize their desire to explore their sexuality is normal and that any exploration with members of their own sex does not mean they’re gay or lesbian.

        Especially in the case of women, being creatures of emotion, women establish closer relationships with other members of their own sex then men. Like men, if these women exploring their sexuality during youth become too close to other members of their sex, they can become convinced that this is the norm, that this is how things are supposed to be; that they are lesbians (once a lesbian, always a lesbian.) They fail to realize that they merely exploring their sexuality as children does not establish their sexuality as in (being gay or lesbian,) and that adulthood will eventually bring relationships with members of the opposite sex.

        I still maintain that if high school phys-ed locker rooms / showers were co-ed, there wouldn’t be very many gays / lesbians.

      • Curable? Seriously? Please tell me the cure so that I may spread the word to all my gay friends and end this so called illness. Mass ignorance doesn’t make the statements correct.

      • Still broken, still sick, being forced into everyone’s lives does not Change a thing, I still fine pedophiles and serial killers offensive. Celebrating sickness does not make it anyless a sickness.

      • I guess before the civil rights movement being black was a sickness. Their equality was forced on society. There are laws regarding pedophilia and killing. There are NO LAWS regarding sexual orientation. Still you avoided answering the question, if it is curable then what is the cure?

      • I love the old Mis-Direct argument. One has nothing to do with the other.

        Apples and Oranges as we are speaking of fruits.
        Most serial Killers are Democrats and have used anti-depressants so, should we should jail all Democrats that are on Psychoactive drugs.
        Well, that may actually make the streets, Theaters and shopping malls safer.
        In 70% 0f the world pedophilia, homosexuality, similar acts are still crimes, the penalty is usually death.

        This is true of the islamic world. It is only in America and some of Europe where the relentless efforts of the LGBT lobby have pushed the citizens to accept or at least tolerate the sickness as normal. Still broken, still sick, and in most of the world punishable by death.
        The irony is the liberals are pushing for shria here, who do you think will get the sword after the Christians, Yep, the LGBT crowd.

        Very funny in a sad ironic way.

      • A lot of crimes in 70% of the world are punishable by death. You can throw acid on your wife in some countries, doesn’t make it right. We are talking about the U.S. and guess what, homosexuality isn’t a crime here. It isn’t apples and oranges, it is basic Human Rights. You use the term serial killers and then use references to mass shootings regarding Theaters and shopping malls, not sure what that has to do with anything because in the U.S. (some states) Murder is a capital offense based on the circumstances.

      • No, it not a Human Right to be a Pervert, a Child abuser, a thief or a murder. Being stupid is not a crime but usually has the same results. Actually America is Not the Murder capital, same lame libtard attempt at misuse of the facts.
        Trolls are so much fun, especially the broken ones.

      • Troll? You don’t have your facts correct and ramble on about criminals but choose to call me a troll. You are comparing homosexuality with pedophilia or child abuse – BIG DIFFERENCE. Homosexuality isn’t ILLEGAL (I will grant you that some find it immoral and against God) and the other two are (in all aspects)! I get it you are against homosexuality for one reason or another, no problem, I understand. However, you can not logically compare crimes to homosexuality – it just doesn’t make sense. You can not take away basic human rights for sexual orientation regardless of how you feel.

      • You do not have a basic human right to be a Pedophile, pervert, thief, liar, politician, child molester. Those are or should be crimes. And NO, they are not gay,that means happy not perverted, sick or stupid. The left loves to re-purpose words to destroy the meaning of the word. Sick and stupid is still sick and stupid, you cannot fix stupid.

      • So, there is no hope for you then… as you said – you can’t fix stupid, because your ramblings are repeating the same thing over and over and they are illogical – at best. I keep reading your posts and all I can think of is a quote from the movie Billy Madison: “what you’ve just said… is one of the most insanely idiotic things I
        have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were
        you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought.
        Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award
        you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul…”

      • This is why I love poking trolls with a metaphorical stick, Sick is still sick, stupid is still stupid. trying to twist words to make sickness or perversion OK is still a waste of time. Youe response makes my day, proves me right, thank you.

        My soul is fine, I am not a pervert or muzzie.

      • Whatever tickles your pickle dude. “Poking trolls with a metaphorical stick” by incoherently rambling the same garbage over and over proves my point. Plus, if gay is happy then you sure could use a little Gay in your life, because obviously you are a pitiful, hateful soul. Good luck to you.

      • Nope, Very happy. NOT a looser gay.
        And the facts still remain, If I throw you off a 20 story building, you can deny gravity all the way down but the splat will still happen. I do love to poke trolls.

      • So you are not happy? Since you used the term gay… Again, your analogy makes no sense and just further reinforces my point about your illogical viewpoint. Thanks again.

      • Simple, I will spell it out for you.
        Gravity exists, Light exists, F=MA, I throw you off a building you will accelerate at 9.81m/s^2, then hyper abrupt deceleration.

        Reality cannot be denied, homos are broken, denial does not change that, Period. You are Still broken, denial does not change that in any way.

      • Blah, Blah, Blah, babble, babble, babble. You are BROKEN as in a broken record. The reality is you are completely delusional in your thinking that you can’t even see it. I see what has happened, you have repeated it sooooo much that you actually believe your own stupidity now. Until you can, with out a doubt, medically prove that “homos” (as you called them) are Broken, your argument has no value or sustenance. But, thank you for playing, anyway.

      • Queers are still broken. That is not going to change, the penalty in any muzzie country is death, one of the things they learned after 1400 years. not to tolerate the poisonous.

      • You continue to open your mouth and bigotry spills forth. You do not live in a Muslim country, again, proving my point.

      • You are Still broken, facts do not change.

        The only point I have seen so far is you are broken, not my problem. Don’t care, don’t have to.

      • Your reply sounded just like…
        “Na-na na-na boo boo, stick your head in doo-doo,” or maybe a, “I know you are but what am I?”

        You have yet to make a valid argument about anything, to include your intelligence.

  13. Guys HGTV or Scripps Network LLC makes decisions on PC and money. If everyone who objects to this BS goes to HGTV and clicks on contact us with your comments and let them know how you feel. Then stop watching HGTV which I myself love along with the magazine but I will stop and stop my prescription because my views are just as important as anyone else. I do not have to judge anyone God will do that, my responsibility is to love them no matter how much I disagree with their views. So go to contacts us

  14. 1) God created man and woman one for other. (Gen.1:27; 2:18, 21-25; 5:1)
    2) Man breaks his bond with his parents and bonds with his wife. Their relation is
    glued. (Genesis 2:24)
    3) Husband and wife no longer two, but one flesh. (Genesis 2:24)
    4) The marriage is God’s Creation, His PERSONAL WORK. God’s definition of MARRIAGE is: ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN – and this bond should be for life. (Gen.1:27; 2:7, 18, 21-24)
    5) “God created MALE AND FEMALE and BLESSED THEM and said unto them: ‘Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it.’”

    GOD BLESSED MARRIAGE ONLY AND ONLY BETWEEN MAN AND WOMAN — HETEROSEXUAL COUPLE. Only HETEROSEXUAL COUPLE can produce offspring — have children. THIS IS A MARRIAGE !!! (Gen.1:27, 28; 5:1-2) (This is also a Natural Law/ Law of Nature.)

    6) Strength of the Marriage Unity
    “What God has joined, no men shall separate.” — Jesus Christ (Mt.19:4-6)

    God’s definition of MARRIAGE is ONE Man + ONE Woman

    God’s definition of FAMILY is ONE DADDY and ONE MOMMY, and not two daddies or two mommies, do you like that or not.

    EACH CHILD needs to have the model of the Mother and the model of the Father.

    Children in the homosexual “families” do not have those models. They are growing CONFUSED and UNHAPPY and they are embarrassed and humiliated by this situation. I spok with this kind children. This is the most important factor for NOT let homosexual couple have or adapt children.

    • Alondra, not everyone is Christian on here but I do agree with what you wrote about marriage. However I have to disagree about the children of gays and lesbians. Not all kids are hurt in these relationships and it all depends on how you raise them because not all heterosexual relationships produce perfect kids and a lot end up just as messed up as ones coming from homosexual relationships. This does not mean i condone it, Im just saying from studies its not proven they are emotionally harmed from this type of family unit.

    • So, if a family, by God’s definition, is One Daddy and One Mommy then every heterosexual couple that meets that definition must have NOT CONFUSED and HAPPY children who are not embarrassed and humiliated by their situation. Having your faith is important to you and I do not fault you for it, but there are more dysfunctional heterosexual families then there are dysfunctional homosexual couples… Single mothers, Single Fathers, unmarried couples, you name it. Just because a person is heterosexual doesn’t make them good parents no more than being homosexual makes you a bad parent. The reason the children might be embarrassed or humiliated is because of society’s perception and persecution of homosexuality – very similar to interracial couples years ago and those that still have to fight that bigotry to this day.

      • I completely agree. I do not think that homosexual couples raising kids is going to mess them up no more than heterosexual couples. I do not agree with it but that it my own personal opinion. But there is absolutely no proof that they are harmed in any way emotionally or mentally by this union.

  15. What would have happened if two gay brothers had hosted the show criticizing the “heterosexual lifestyle?” They too would have been canned. In case one is not aware, HGTV has a large gay following many of whom are married or in long term monogamous relationships. For two hosts to comment politically on how their TV viewers live is not appropriate. The show is about real estate, not about what one does in the bedroom and whom one wishes to marry.

    • I dont believe any of them said anything on the shows. A persons private life should be their own and how they vote politically, their religious views etc are they own as long as they do not start preaching in the show… which I dont believe they ever did. And I doubt very much gays would have been banned, the LGBT would be at their throats then as will the ACLU.

      • Rena, I was not even referring to the contents of the show. Look at it this way. Could a member of the KKK or a similar racist hate group host a show like Soul Train? If the network found out, that person would be canned. What one broadcasts to the world in one’s personal life does indeed travel. If two brothers broadcast that they do not believe in same sex relationships and marriage when a good percentage of TV viewers on a particular network are gay poses conflict. Many entities in our society exist other than the nuclear family with a mom, dad, and two children. Why live as if they do not exist. I know so many heterosexual marriages that have fallen apart while knowing many homosexual ones that are still in tact. I do not think we were put here to judge.

      • But thats the point j’en, if two gays criticized heterosexuals in their private life they would not get canned because the LGBT and ACLU would attack them for firing them due to their personal beliefs. There is a huge double standard in this country and it goes against Straight Christian Conservatives. They are constantly under attack for their views but others can spew all the garbage they want and not suffer the same fate as straight Christian conservatives…

      • Rena, there are double standards. Speaking as an individual and an honorable gay man, I can honestly say that if two gay hosts spew out anti-heterosexual rhetoric in their personal lives or to the media outside of the show, there will be no place for them on a real estate-related show on the HGTV network. They too should be canned. HGTV offers shows dealing with real estate and people wanting to buy and sell real estate. It is not about one’s sexual orientation or what one thinks about another’s sexual orientation. Lastly Rena, I live in the NYC metro area. I cannot begin to tell you how many gays have been attacked and killed because of their orientations. I have not heard of any cases of attacks or homicides against heterosexuals based on their orientations. Maybe this is why there exists a double standard. Is it right, no, but at least I understand why.

      • If the LGBT organization did not approach HGTV about what these two guys contributed to in their private time, no one would have been the wiser and the show would went on without a hitch, just like Duck Dynasty. But the LGBT crowd thought it was their right to tell and when the CEO’s thought they would can the show because of someones private beliefs this whole thing broke out in the news. You being a gay man apparently don’t see that you lot get more privileges than others because everyone is afraid to go up against any pressure so they cave. You can run naked in a parade, whereas if heterosexuals did that they would be arrested.

        The ACLU makes it a point to attack Christians and stick up for minorities which I include homosexuals. The ACLU and LGBT will claim it is their freedom of expression to state whatever they say against heterosexuals and there will be this “you have to understand their being upset” mentality because they have been down trodden for so long. Trust me I have seen this first hand.

        I do not begrudge you your right to be who you are, that is your right and I don’t want to be forced to choose between my jobs and my beliefs. As one gay man wrote “I did not come out of the closet to force others into the closet”. This is exactly what is happening now. Christians another others who do not agree with homosexuality are being forced to keep their faith hidden otherwise they will lose their jobs.

      • You see me as having more privileges. I see more murders and attacks against gays and none against straights. I see men and women holding hands and making out in public without thinking twice of the possible repercussions but two gays holding hands run the risk of being attacked or murdered. As for gays parading in the nude…hmmm….have you been to a Spring Break Party in Florida these days with all these straight college kids??? Have you been to Mardi Gras??? You are a Christian and should be very proud of it. You have conviction. Globally, there is a double standard. If Muslims are attacked, the liberals speak up. If a Christian community is attacked, no one says a word. Bringing it back around to gay issues, I as an honorable forthright gay man make up part of the mosaic we call America. I do not run around nude in parades. I do not belittle or denigrate heterosexuals. All I want is the same treatment.

      • Im proud? Why would I be proud of what they are doing and you make the assumption they are Christian, why? because they are straight? No real Christian would act in that manner nor would they kill someone because they are gay.

        And to bring this back to what the point is in the first place, there is a double standard in the media and in many in the job market when you are Christian you have to keep it to yourself or risk losing your job, whether it be about your beliefs about homosexuality or anything as even saying “Bless you” can get you into trouble in some places. We can’t say Merry Christmas, or take a Bible to school. If we do, we get suspended or told to go to tolerance camps such as Don Jones from the Miami Dolphins. Im sorry gays are being attacked but that is not of my doing nor any of my family or friends. They are not Christians as I said, real Christians would not do that.

        And again back to your statement about if two gay men were to make such a statement about heterosexuals the outcome would NOT be the same as they would NOT have any group protesting HGTV about it. They would not get canned because the CEO”s of HGTV would fear the ACLU and LGBT crowd more.

      • I could be… I’m so sleepy right now I’m not sure I’m making any sense… but too early to go to bed… ugh… 🙂

      • It is no difference for you than it is for us Christians. You are one of the ones that take the hit, because of what the others do in parades, TV and other areas. People can’t live and exist without having respect for other views. Rather I agree or not with someone decisions, live and let live, but don’t keep shoving it in my face. We live in a society, that is not happy and will not stop to they have everything their way. It will explode, sooner than later.

      • No group is immune. Yes, those in my gay community who misbehave make me look bad. It is the same for devowed Christians. How many TV evangelists were caught for embezzlement or other malfeasance. That makes you look bad. This is life. Everyone wants what they want. This is why we have a myriad of lobby groups lobbying the government for all sorts of things. As for gays “shoving it in your face,” because we want equal rights? Societies evolve. Just a little while ago in many states, blacks and whites could not date and intermarry. Jews were not allowed in many places or universities. Does it stop there or should gays be included as well? Please do not tell me it is my choice to be gay because I knew at five years old what I was. I want what you want…to love and be loved…nothing more…nothing less.

      • I obviously was not clear. I’m not arguing with you, or do I begrudge anyone having rights and it does not matter to me who you are and the choices you make. When I said shoving it in my face, I’m talking about the ones in the article that don’t accept someone’s else’s right to believe in whatever they believe in. Not all gays are that way, no more than any other group. I don’t believe in gay marriage, but I do believe in Civil Unions and having the same benefits as a married couple. I believe you should be able to work like anyone else and you should be protected like everyone else. You should have the same rights as the rest of us. This is not something that should have to be lobbied for, so I don’t understand what the ongoing lobbing is for.

      • Believe me, I am not taking our exchange as an argument. I am in favor of dialogue as you and I are doing. If you do not believe in gay marriage, okay, that is your prerogative. I do have a question however and if you can answer as honestly as possible, that would be great. How would you feel if you watched Christian programming whether it be the 700 Club or another show and you then found out that one of the hosts in his or her private life badmouthed Christians and that he only opted for hosting the show because of the nice paycheck. Wouldn’t you feel betrayed? Wouldn’t you wonder “Why is this guy even allowed to host the show?”

      • You missed, I do believe in Civil Union.
        Yes I would be offended and I would not watch them anymore. I don’t condone bashing of other religions, rather you believe in them or not. It is not for me to “Cast Stones”. This did not happen on the show and that have a right to express their beliefs off the show. HGTV knew about their Christian beliefs prior to the show. If they had said things that were offensive to others on their show, then I would agree.

      • ” If two brothers broadcast that they do not believe in same sex relationships and marriage when a good percentage of TV viewers on a particular network are gay poses conflict.”
        But turn this situation around with two GAY brothers making statements against Christians and it would be smooth sailing {^_^}

      • I just did and there is a BIG difference between ” They too should be canned.” and would.

      • As a layperson who does not own nor run a major TV network, all I can do is give my opinion.

      • See.. you want to give your opinion, but you don’t want others to give theirs… especially if you don’t agree with it! That’s called hypocrisy and intolerance!

      • Miss Crystal, where in my text does it say exactly that I do not want you or others to give your opinions. Do not take your anger at others out on me. I have been very respectful in this forum and expect the same.

      • I agree with j’en he has not been disrespectful at all and has not stated that we are wrong. It was a good discussion albeit long and just circling but he never was rude or out of line. He respected my views, though he didn’t agree that such would happen to them as it does Christians, he isn’t forced to believe it nor do I agree with him on his opinion.

    • They also have a large following with straight people. The point is they have gay couple shows and straight couple shows. The issue is, the straight ones are not trying to push the gays off, but a certain group in the gay community is pushing to remove the straight shows, just because they are Christian. These guys did not push their views on their show. What the hell is the problem?

  16. I do not care if one is purple, green, gay, straight or from outer space. We all deserve the same respect as everyone else and if the few that do not give that respect lose a show, then so be it. They will be asked to show homes and fix them up for all kinds of people. I think they should be allowed to do it and the 1st time they act up or refuse, them they lose the money train. Lets see at that time what really matters to them, money or beliefs?

      • There are a lot of things I disagree with that people do, but.. I respect that not everyone is like me, thinks like me or acts like me or has the same beliefs as me, but I respect that. If we all were the same, acted and believed the same, this sure would be a boring world!!!! And if I was offered a great job like these two young men, I sure as hell would do that job to the best of my ability and not let my personal religious beliefs get on the way. I have some awesome gay friends and I believe they have no choice in how they feel, yes I believe they were born this way, it is NOT a chosen lifestyle. Until someone hurts me or those I love, I accept them and will show them respect until they do something to lose that respect. Respect is acceptance!!!!!
        These two young me are being given an amazing opportunity, it will help teach them tolerance and acceptance of others and maybe in this journey, they will learn some great lessons.

      • They didn’t let their personal beliefs get in the way. A Gay activist group found out what their beliefs were then pressured HGTV to cancel the show before it aired. The twin brothers didn’t do anything.

    • Thank you for being a voice of reason in this mixed up world. I am not against gays, but the “gay rights agenda” seems to be constantly pushing too far. They seem to forget that their rights end where mine begin, and vice versa.

      • Our rights do end where yours begin. So why does your interpretation of a 2000 year old text give you the right to abridge the legal standing of my commitment to my partner?

      • If a gay couple marries, how exactly does that affect your rights? The only rights being affected are those of gays who want to marry, and they’re affected when people pay money to support politicians who would do whatever they can to prevent the freedom to marry from extending to gay couples. That is an ACTUAL infringement of rights, as opposed to your imagined victimhood. Or does it just make you sad that they might have the same opportunity to be happy (or miserable, depending on how you view marriage)?

      • Be nice GoneFishing – No name calling, or I’ll……I’ll……well, frankly I’ll do nothing – because this is the internet and I can’t even give you a disapproving look – but if you want to help me retain me faith in the basic goodness of people, you could start by playing nice………

      • Take a look at ‘his’ previous commenting and where (profile). Those aren’t the comments of one belonging to the Tea Party.

      • The comment you reference is called baiting. But you’re free to believe what you want to believe…as am I.

  17. This is really horrible. Apparently if you want a t.v. show you have to kiss a** or suck d***. I have a number of gay friends. They’re good people. However why should their feelings or rights be worth more than my feelings or rights? Were these guys pushing their political views on the show? Were these guys assaulting any gay, lesbian, bi, transgender people? Were these guys breaking any laws? Why does everyone have to fit their “mold.” Blacks, fats, women, homosexuals, etc. don’t fit inside the mold I was made with but I still accept them and don’t discriminate against them. Could you imagine what kind of hell would be raised if I discriminated against someone because they were pro-gay.

    • Probably not, as their agenda is front and center on almost a daily basis. Pandora’s box is wide open and not likely to close anytime soon.

  18. Why do we allow liberals to shove sodomy, disgusting muslim sharia practices and every other filth in our faces day after day while they scream about racism and hate speech. Yet they then turn around and show how racist they are and how hateful they are by their treatment of Christians and Jews? It is time we started standing up for decency, family, country and God. If we don’t insist on upholding our Constitution we will no longer have a country.

  19. The Leftist-Communists “grinding down of America” continues. They want the conversation to be about all-things emotional and not about their agenda to rip this Country into shreds.

  20. As I told Rafeal X below, I just fired an employee because his speech did not jive with our company. I found out he donated money to pro-choice organizations and was speaking out in support of gay marriage. Didn’t jive with us so I fired him. People get fired all the time.

    I’m sure you don’t have a problem with that and will be tolerant of my opinions and actions.

    The problem is that the left demands tolerance but can’t seem to tolerate others differing viewpoints. This dictatorial behavior is cowardly, pathetic, and the very definition of hypocritical.

      • If I did do that it would be all over the news and I’d be sued every which way don’t you think? It was satire and I used that example to make a point. My feeling is that you didn’t quite get it. Also, I don’t demand tolerance like the left does.

      • That, at least, is consistent. I think I should be able to fire my employees who, while publicly associating their name with my business, say things which I believe go against the company ethic, as may anybody else.

        I just don’t want people to claim that it’s an attack on free speech. My people are free to say whatever the heck they want to in their private live; but the second they become anything resembling a public face of my company, I will fire them for saying anything which could hurt my bottom line.

        Again, I’m not saying that they don’t have a right to voice their opinions; I don’t care what the political persuasions of my employees are. But, if they’re wearing their work uniform, or are acting as my employee, they’d better keep their mouths closed.

        I know that sounds harsh, but it’s the truth. My employees also somewhat represent me. If they are speaking as my employees, they’d better be careful not to offend me.

        That said, as long as they don’t drag my name into the mix and speak as private citizens; my employees can say whatever the heck they want to to whomever they want to.

  21. It’s simple,…demonic ideas, like homosexual marriage (the tip of the ice-berg for all types of human perversions to human destruction),… IS TYRANNICAL !!!!

    It’s NOT love —- a ‘feeling’ or affection for something is NOT love.

    It’s NOT righteous — love is about ‘ doing-and-seeking what is right’, REGARDLESS of your feelings,… or selfish desires,… or sexual inclination.

    It;s NOT truth —-truth is found by the humble soul, who seeks with an open mind what is TRUE AND RIGHT,… according to the principles of truth delineated in the Bible,.. but revealed by The Holy Spirit – God. .

    It’s simply about believing in false ideas — demonic luring-to-destruction.

    Do we run from these wicked and evil ideas, which appear to be strong in our culture? Not at all,… continue to proclaim truth to those captivated by doctrines of demons!


    [email protected]

    • I realize that many of us are Christian here but those who are not are not going to listen to someone Bible thumping. You have to debate at the same level as them, which is not using God as your examples. The first sight of them seeing the words God or Bible they become defensive and turn the other way. Not all mind you, as some have an open mind to discussing all of it. But many do not and will not accept what we say if we always run back to the Bible for answers. Thats why God gave us a mind to explore other means to discuss these issues. Try them… it works too.

      • The Bible thumping makes me roll my eyes and close my ears and I am not gay, I love God, and have believe everyone makes their own choices. Every time a Christian pulls out a Bible verse I shut down because 9 out 10 are hypocrites who have nothing upstairs to make their points, so they put it on a MAN WRITTEN BOOK to say it.

      • We can not run from Gods word. Jesus told us we would be persecuted (ignored, laughed at, minimalized, rejected, and even imprisoned and killed for following him.) We can’t help if someone who in their mind thinks they are greater than God, chooses to turn off and tune out when they are reminded of what He expects of His creations.

      • The thing here is, not everyone is Christian and thinks the Bible is nothing but made up mumbo jumbo… Sometimes you have to think on their level to reach them. If the seed gets planted then you expand. But seriously how do you talk to someone who does not believe? They do not have the same views as we do and refuse to believe because they have never seen it. Its like trying to describe colours to a blind person. Take a step back and stop trying to force something onto someone, but talk and understand just as Jesus did for us. If God is working in them it will happen.

  22. Freedom of speech does not mean that you are exempted from the reactions of private individuals to the content of your speech.

  23. HGTV converted from an informative “Home and Garden” network to a leftist agenda network years ago. PC permeates every program. Its name should be changed to PCTV. Simply change the channel, folks.

    • Wonder how Mr. West would feel if the hosts openly hated black people. That falls under freedom of expression too, doesn’t it? Honestly, the folks following and posting to this blog are so far gone it’s both depressing and hopeless. I’m changing the channel myself right now and won’t be back.

      • Homosexuality is not a preference for me.
        I could care less if it is a preference for thee.
        I change the channel when it’s paraded on TV.
        Not hatred, simply preference, you see?

  24. Why do we give the left this much power. HGTV relies on people watching their shows. I don’t like what their doing? I don’t watch HGTV. That simple. I don’t use Firefox, because they have made it clear that my kind is not welcome. I think that the left is picking on Hobby Lobby and Chick Filet. I shop at Hobby Lobby and eat at Chick Filet. The left has no problem harassing or boycotting. We should have no problem doing that too.

  25. If HGTV is so far left why where they even going to put a show on the air that’s so pro everything .I am for traditional marriage. I have never watched hgtv and never plan to.I have my own home and garden and don’t need their help with any of it . The left can’t stand it if they aren’t harassing somebody or group. The left has satan on their side ,but in the end they are going to wish they had gone in another direction for God is in control and in the end they will LOSE.

    • Glenn, HGTV probably saw two handsome men and that was good enough for the time. Maybe the promoters of HGTV were thinking from their southern brain.

      • Well I guess I’ve peed in somebodies grits.I see they can’t stand the truth about these people.As long as you don’t get in their face it’s ok but don’t dare say that they are doing something wrong.They wouldn’t post my other reply.

  26. At some point ya’ll quit debating this BS and realize it just more shizzle being dropped in the pot by the powers that be to start civil war here, just as the race baiting is, the newly revived income quality agenda etc……..get a clue. The gays didnt suddenly get all this power. They are being USED to push an agenda or civil war.

  27. Mr. West, why my comment is NOT posted? What is wrong with that?
    It contains just information which debunks the comments which are based on the ignorance or falsehood. Is this site practices censorship?

  28. I am so thoroughly disgusted by the intolerance endorsed by HGTV network
    by bowing to the pressure of the intolerant gay community regarding
    David and Jason Benham. I hate intolerance of any people who do not deserve to be discriminated against. I cancelled my newsletters from them and informed them I will be cancelling their network on our paid lineup (by downgrading our DISH service)–just need to to get rid of that influence in my home by all means.

    • I am sorry, but in a sense, did you just not display your own version of Intolerance? I mean, you didn’t agree with what HGTV did so you cancel your newsletters and downgrade your Dish service. Isn’t that effectively the same thing that HGTV did?

      • No, I am intolerant of intolerance against people who use financial punitives against people who are free to peacefully express their beliefs. HGTV is partnering with bullies in the gay community who seek to deny the livelihood of the people who openly express a different opinion when they deny them opportunities solely because of their beliefs. This is seen everywhere and it needs to stop!

      • Correction… you are intolerant because you do not share the same view as HGTV therefore you feel you must punish them. Whether you agree with it or not, respect their decision and move on. That is the problem with the hypocrisy… I am intolerant of intolerance.

      • Wrong, I never claimed to not be intolerant. I openly admit that I am intolerant of a lot of things.

      • We have come to think intolerance is wrong, when I fact it is not. For instance I am intolerant of harmful germs entering my mouth, therefore I wash my hands before I eat.

        One does not have to tolerate another’s behavior. This is not wrong or bad. It is choice.

      • Except the gays have demanded tolerance and diversity for years, but they don’t practice what they preach.

      • Bradly, may I jump in. I do not agree with the gay lifestyle that has been promoted for years on HGTV, But I have not written them or called them complaining. I have been tolerant as Wanda has. Obviously she has watched them without complaining. Her action was based on firing individuals for their beliefs. She felt HGTV was showing a huge bias in one direction instead of the diversity, they promote. Does that make it clearer. In that case she is not a hypocrite but fighting for equal treatment. In the mean time there were so many that felt that way, that the Benham’s show has been reinstated. I guess HGTV found the error of ways. Double standards don’t work, Don’t ask one group to be tolerant and not demand it of the others. Bias definition: 2. A preference or an inclination, especially one that inhibits impartial judgment.

  29. You are a hypocrite Mr West.
    According to all your posts on this subject…

    When you speak out against those who promote gay rights, you are expressing your Constitutional rights.
    But when people speak out against those who oppose gay rights, they are fascists who are attacking free speech.


    • That is not accurate. HGTV, fearing the wrath of the leftist community, is being financially punitive and discriminatory–something the gay community cried foul over and over again when they were wrongfully discriminated against. This is “THE” double standard. You can’t say one is discrimination and the other is not.

    • Brendan, in case you didn’t notice, HGTV didn’t speak out against those that do not endorse their lifestyle, they fired them. They discriminated against them based solely upon their personal lifestyle, ideology, and possibly their reflective political associations. Tolerance? That is not a word in the liberal mainstream.

    • Mr. West, is speaking out about intolerance. He isn’t trying to tell anyone how to live their lives. He is talking about those who want people fired because of their beliefs. We are all able to speak out against what we don’t like and so are you. We to not have to kow-tow to you or anyone else because we don’t agree to your beliefs.

    • No one was speaking against gay rights. We are speaking against the gays who protest and demand people to be fired who don’t think the same as them. We have not asked that all the gay programming be removed from HGTV, so how in God’s name do you make the statement you have made. Mr. West said nothing of the sort.

      • You are correct that Mr West said nothing against gay rights… in this post.
        But in many previous posts he has.
        i doubt his stance changed right before he wrote this post.

      • May I say, I have not heard or read any. But if he has said that the Bible calls it unnatural to lie with a man as with a woman. He is simply stating a fact. If he says it is an abomination, it does say that, but a lot of other sins are listed with it. Colonel West is a Christian, he believes his bible is the inerrant Word of God and follows the teachings of Jesus. He would sin if he did not warn all, that the wages of sin is death. To know to do good and do it not is sin. And Allen knows he will persecuted for standing for the Word. What would you have him do? If gays are continually getting people fired for their beliefs, than they are hypocrites and need to be called out on it.

      • I’ve seen the way Walid has spoken to you… and it upsets me greatly!
        I wish I could inject and support you… but I can’t since being banned and blocked like what the muslim serving Alex Jones & his fake Infowars cohorts did to me!
        Speaking the Truth has been a struggle for years… but one thing for certain… it has exposed those who pretend to be faithful vs. those who truly are.
        The Shoebat website has become nothing but a filthy rag to promote the satanically influenced catholic fake church that has a pathway which leads directly into satanic Islam!
        You have my support Cynthia… keep up the good work!

  30. Good to know I can fire an employee because they don’t share my views. I always thought that was discrimination but I guess not.

  31. They should sue for sexual discrimination. what happened to equal? every show on TV has a gay factor on it. What wrong with one that is for the heterosexual? We have to start standing up for our rights too.

    • I sent an email to HGTV telling them that they should have stood up for the brothers. I told them how I stand and that I don’t agree with the firing of the brothers. The brothers have every right to believe what they want. That damn group who’s name I can’t think of right off hand lives only to delve into the private lives of others and to tell the network to get rid of someone they don’t agree with.
      I don’t watch the programs on HGTV that have homosexual men that are getting the help they want for finding a home or for getting their home fixed up etc.
      I don’t call HGTV or anyone else to tell them to fire the host becaus I don’t like the shows with homosexuals.
      It is very easy to change channels. Call my what you want but I stand on my rights to the freedom of speach and freedom of thought.

      • And obviously the right to misspell and use poor grammar to express your ridiculous point.

      • Because, Daryn, when someone from the left has no real argument, that is what they DO. But….if you do it back to them, you are a hater, a bigot and a racist. It’s the liberal way. Hate those who won’t conform to your demands, and belittle everyone who is smarter, wiser and not afraid to tell a liberals that they are not only wrong, they are hypocrites as well.

      • Ah, look. The liberal left, with no real argument, resorts to picking on grammar and spelling. Billy, does your mommy know you are stealing her internet access to pick on people who might not be able to spell very well, but are obviously so much more intelligent than…….well………you?

      • I would rather see a miss typed word, the stupidity and disrespect for others rights to speak out.

      • I did the same thing on their Facebook page as many others did. I told them I had accept their gay programming and could change the channel if it bothered me. But I also never asked for them to fire people. They did see the light and have reinstated the show.

  32. The left, a.n.a. democrats, only support free speech when said speech is in its favor. Any form of debate or opposition is and always has been shunned, ridiculed, and put us under.

    • In order to have a debate, one must have a real platform to debate from. Hatred and bigotry are not a platform; they’re just hatred and bigotry.

      • But your definition of battered and bigotry are not correct. It’s not hatred or bigotry to not agree and accept someone else standards. I don’t have accept homosexual practices or murdering babies. I’m not bigoted because I find both behaviors repulsive and against nature. The only thing you can label me as for thinking this way is normal.

      • When you can’t attack the message attack the messenger. With name calling yet. How juvenile!!! And obviously uneducated.

    • The “Left” came from Man leaning upon his own wisdom and knowledge and denying God’s! Ecclesiastes 10:2, “A wise man’s heart is at his right hand; but a fool’s heart at his left.”

  33. I knew when I was in my late teens and the word ‘tolerance’ became the Lefts word. Even at that age I didn’t think that sounded so good. I was right.

  34. Allen West never fails to amaze me with his ignorance and lack of perspective. He plays to his cretinous audience with prevarication and distortion. His masters have taught him well.

    • You must be a paid political shill for the intolerant left. I know that the Obama administration pays bloggers to post crap like this. The left are masters at prevarication and distortion Mr. Clement. Mr. West has put his life on the line as a soldier to keep me safe and free, and so that you can sit there and mouth off. Everybody knows that the Obama administration loves to divide and conquer through class warfare, race baiting, and gender provocation. The truth will win out in the end Mr. Clement. Obama lied and people died with the VA deaths, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and Obamacare – with it’s policy loss, premium hikes and rationed care deaths. Oh, but let’s not stop there. How about IRS Targeting, NSA Spying, killer drones, trampling our constitutional rights, and lawlessness by picking and choosing which laws he wishes to enforce? All you have to do is look up Obama’s past, his family history, Marxism, Socialism, and Saul Alinsky Mr. Clement, and all will be made clear to you. Socialism/Communism/Marxism never works Mr. Clement because it removes the incentive for individuals to be great.

      • Wait, he does?! Where do I get this job? Obama, if you are reading this, give me this job! I can comment on blogs all day. Hell, just pay my student loans. All of my loans! Hey. OBAMA!!!!

  35. Bill, you brainless twit, the majority of Americans have been very tolerant of the gay lifestyle, we don’t agree with. That tolerance that they asked for they got, but won’t return the favor who those who won’t climb on board with them. Mr. West is right, but the fact is the show has already been reinstated. 85 percent of American identify with the Christian faith, who did they think were watching their programming. The result was a very powerful change the channel. So the network has decided they were wrong. Good luck with your trolling.


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