How I’d restore Ronald Reagan’s vision for America

Greetings from my hometown of Atlanta Georgia. I arrived yesterday and immediately drove up into the foothills of the North Georgia mountains to Rome (Floyd County) to speak at their first-ever Reagan dinner.

I was picked up at the airport by a super young man named Vitaly Cheban, who is a chauffeur for Greene Classic Limousines — I recommend their service.

Vitaly came here to America, to Atlanta, 17 years ago from Ukraine. He and his family came – legally – in search of the American dream. He shared with me how his father worked some five jobs and in less than two years had paid off their home. Now Vitaly himself is married with a young daughter and has bought his own home as well.

This is America, the America that Ronald Reagan described. Regardless of where you are born or where you come from – ideally, legally — with your own drive, determination, and dedicated work ethic, here you can find success.

As usual, Vitaly figured he would just drop me off, but that’s not how I roll. I asked if Vitaly could be given a seat at the dinner and one of the kind attendees put him right up front.

How perfect it was, for last night we were remembering the president whose vision and leadership enabled Vitaly to be here in Georgia. You see, when Reagan stood at the Brandenburg Gate and simply stated, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” he began the series of events that led to freedom for Vitaly’s family.

When Ronald Reagan spoke of “morning in America” he gave us a vision and hope of a better and greater sunrise for this Republic. And I believe we are seeing the first light of the “dawn of a new America,” an America that will not only restore the vision that Reagan possessed but also that true sense of what America was intended to be.

We will return to an America where individual economic liberty, empowerment, will be the focus — not the collective subjugation of economic dependence.

After the Floyd County Republican Party Reagan dinner, as we drove from Rome back down to Atlanta, Vitaly told me he was so refreshed to know there is still hope in America. Being there and speaking to others — and yep, I told his family’s story as part of the evening — renewed his faith that the American dream will still be there for his 8-year-old daughter.

The power of the conservative message, not watered down, not some moderated drivel, is a principled, focus message that connects to all Americans — which was the essence of Reagan’s communicative ability.

It is a message that speaks to the heart, emphasizing the sovereignty of the individual and the establishment of economic policies that promote their success.

It is a message that speaks to the strength of the American family, not its breakdown.

It is a message that speaks to the realization that an onerous, invasive, and intrusive government is not the path towards economic growth but rather a welfare nanny-state, and I see how that has worked in the neighborhood in which I grew up.

It is a message that advances a true free market system whereby entrepreneurs, small business owners, can dream, invest, innovate, and use their ingenuity to create jobs and opportunity — not the government crony capitalism we are witnessing, based on incessant printing of money, excessive regulations, and stifling tax policies.

It is a message that unleashes the indomitable American spirit, that says you DID build that

It is a message of “peace through strength” and not “leading from behind.”

It is a message of American exceptionalism, not American relativism.

It is a message that lets dictators, despots, tyrants, autocrats, and theocrats know that America is the beacon of liberty and freedom, and we will stand against evil anywhere with resolve.

Instead of trying to divide – one percent vs 99 percent, a war on women, social justice, income inequality, ad nauseum, Ronald Reagan’s vision was one that unified America.

So today, we will continue to take the message across America as I fly from Atlanta to Arkansas, the Razorback State, where I will speak this evening in Ft. Smith.

Vitaly Cheban’s family came to America, as many have, in pursuit of a dream. Let us ensure that dream, for those who respect our sovereign laws, never ends — and that it will once again be “morning in America.”


  1. I like the message, but I’m concerned about ecoming the world’s police force. While I’m not opposed to fighting against tyrants, I don’t thnk that sticking around after the battles are won is sustainable with so many bad guys around. Can we get a leader that can define victory before the battle is fought?

    • Anyone can define the battle rather than fight a battle, it takes courage of conviction to fight for what is right. We are the worlds white hat, when countries are in need they look to us for help, like it or not, we are the keepers of freedom, when we fail all will fail.

    • President Reagan brought ended the cold war with the Soviets, without a single shot being fired. He also brought home American hostages held in Iran the same way. They all gave up out of fear of having to face the wrath of a man of conviction. That is the sort of president America needs at the helm now. That perfectly describes LTC Allen West.

  2. Today is the first day of Operation American Spring and I pray that they are successful.
    and that you get the chance to run among some of the other qualified People that would be better than what is there now

      • hahaha… where are you?
        I’m not at that Occupy DC rally because I think they’re a bunch of deluded loons.
        Why aren’t you there?
        You say you support them, but you’re not there.
        So, who’s a coward?

      • Don’t be jealous of my service.
        And don’t bother making excuses for why you never served phony patriot.
        And it’s funny that when you earlier referred to the people at the Operation American Spring rally, you referred to them as “they” and not “we”… and no claim you are there.

        Well, have fun storming the castle.

      • I am not jealous of your service cleaning toilet bowls. They as in other than myself it is not my Operation. I do not command anyone and neither have you.

      • People like you are why America is weak, even though you served, you never gave yourself to your service, the service of protecting and fighting for freedom for those who can’t. Or understanding what it truly means to wear the uniform. You are an imposter and hack. I served, my husband served, my children are serving, and all were willing to die for the freedom and democracy of our country, but you served only you, that is sad.

      • You’re pathetic.
        You have no idea how much I love my country and how much I was willing to sacrifice…. but because you don’t like my politics, you ASSume that I was only out for myself.

        let me tell you why you are what is wrong with America… not people with your politics… but people like you specifically.

        i understand that America is for all people, including people with different political or religious beliefs than me.
        i served to protect the freedom of all Americans and I understand that this great nation isn’t just for people who share my worldview.
        it is clear from your comment that that is a concept you can not grasp and that you think that those of us on the left aren’t proud patriots willing to sacrifice for this great country.
        It’s clear that you don’t understand what this country means.

      • brave little boy attacking people personally. You should be ashamed of yourself.
        You aren’t because you are not better than harry reid. No self worth, no self esteem. You need to attack everyone to make yourself relevant. You are such a loser, you are pathetic

      • hahaha… you’re a clown phony patriot.
        I responded to someone who insulted me and you think that is an attack?
        Go cash your disability check you leech and live off my tax dollars.
        And continue to be a keyboard warrior you coward.

  3. I agree with Alan. Hope he has a chance to implement what he shares with us. He is a good man. A man of strength, conviction and purpose. But he is hated by the left because he stands for what they abhor, peace, liberty and freedom. They say they strive for those things but the record speaks for itself. When they get the power we don’t see peace and we continually lose more of our liberties and as a result our freedom.

    • He’s hated by them because they’re SCARED crapless of him–just like all our foreign enemies. He stands up to them and answers their drivel with clear knowledge and intelligence, not like their irrational screaming, but calmly and confidently. They can’t handle that. Their heads will explode.

      If he decides to run for president, or even qualifies for the ‘write-in’ ballot, I’m voting for him. It’s been far too long since we’ve had someone with the strength and conviction of Ronald Reagan in the Oval Office.

      Senator Ted Cruz can be his running mate; he’d make a great Vice President, and as President of the Senate, he’d be head and shoulders over Harry Reid. Just picturing that makes me smile.

    • Reagan was one of the best Presidents we ever had. He didn’t take any crap. Iran sure let our hostages go when Reagan was elected. The Iranians knew that Carter was a whimp. When Kadafy of Libya started acting up. Reagan said if you send your planes up to attack our planes we will blow them out of the sky and that is what happened. We had peace through strength back then. Now no one takes us serious because our troops have been let down and this administration lets our allys down. We need to stand with Israel.

      • Reagan illegally sold weapons to Iran and unfroze their assets.
        Iran had no fear of Reagan.
        They waited until the moment Reagan became President to release the hostages because they hated Carter, not because they feared Reagan.
        The deal to release the hostages had already been made, but the Iranians hated Carter so much they deliberately waited until the moment Reagan was sworn in as one last F.U. to Carter.

  4. The title of this article is “How I’d restore Ronald Reagan’s vision for America”… yet, other than saying you’d say psoitive unifying things (contrary to everything you’ve ever said before) you offer no explanation of how you’d restore Ronald Reagan’s vision for America

    • If you read it and did not understand it, then I pity you. He did, you were just to focused on your own liberal agenda to see the truth. Unlike the progressive agenda, we live in realty and we assert our morality along with our constitution. Let me define morality to you liberals: a particular system of values and principles of conduct, especially one held by a specified person or society.

      • Really? What did I miss?
        Perhaps you missed the fact that he offered no actual ideas other than to say he would talk about bringing all Americans together (which would be contrary to everything he’s ever done before).
        he offered no actual steps he would take to change things to Reagan’s vision… just that he would bring people together.

        So please… enlighten me since you think I missed the plan he laid out.
        Other than, just promising to unite people, what legislation is he proposing? What policies (domestic or foreign0 would he change?
        What exactly would he do?

      • Perhaps if you’d been alive, and an adult, during Reagan’s presidency, you’d know how Reagan turned our nation around from President Carter’s embarrassing 4 years of economic destruction, into a booming economy that lasted through George HW Bush’s presidency and even a good 4+ years into Bill Clinton’s presidency.

        Then, you would have understood what LTC Allen West was saying. He was saying he would bring back Reagan’s Conservative economic policies of low taxes (which allowed businesses to expand and afford to hire people–the opposite of what Liberals like to do). He would also get rid of a lot of regulations that have been stifling economic growth.

        Better yet, how about you read the biographies about president Reagan and get more details, because you’ve obviously never been taught such things in school.

      • I was an adult when Reagan was President so don’t make presumptions.
        And Mr West said nothing in this article about enacting Reagan’s economic policies…. just about spreading messages of unity.

        My question was not about Reagan. I am well aware of what Reagan did. I was there. My question was about what exactly Mr West was going to do since he claimed that he would lay that out.

      • Reagan’s booming economy.


        Two recessions.

        16,102,000 new jobs. Carter has 2/3 of that in half the time.

        Peak unemployment rate of 10.8% in Nov, 1982. Carter? 7.8% in July, 1980.

        A 10% home loan rate during Ronnie’s regime was a really good rate!

        Median wage growth stopped keeping pace with the GDP growth for the first time ever.

        And your claim of, “…a booming economy that lasted through George HW Bush’s presidency..”

        Pff. Unless you’re impressed with the lowest job growth between the Depression and his idiot son: 2,593,000 new jobs in four years.

        You may be impressed by that.

        I’m not.

        And, of course, there was Poppy’s own recession: a direct result of Ronnie’s tax-less-and-spend-more policy.


        Since Reagan committed his first act of treason (1980) food prices have doubled; housing prices have gone up three-fold; medical expenses are six times higher; college tuition is eleven times what it did in the 1950s.

        The income gap in America has widened exponentially since Ronnie took office and implemented the so-called “Reagan Tax Cuts.” Between 1947 and 1980, income gains were shared fairly equally between the wealthiest Americans and everyone else.

        Since then, not so much.

        Any “good” that came out of Ronnie’s Golden-shower economic scam was short-lived at best; even by your reckoning.

        Had it been a truly viable economic theory, America would be prospering like no nation in history. The way it had before him.

    • Since you missed it, “So today, we will continue to take the message across America” you can actually scroll the page up and re-read incase you miss anything. Btw it also helps to read the whole article before commenting.

      • Reread what I wrote.
        Mr West said nothing about what he would do to restore Reagan’s vision other than echo talking points… nothing about what policies he would pursue or laws he would enact.
        if his explanation for how he would accomplish things is to just talk a positive message, then he’s not saying anything.

      • A movement starts with a message first. He’s not taking it to those who already know, he wants to take it to those who have no idea. That is the point of continuing to spread the message across America. Then and only then when we’re all on the same page can we talk policies.

  5. Like Eisenhauer in 1943 – I believe you are in the right place at the right time Colonel. Godspeed!

  6. Oh LTC West! Excellent, excellent! All I can think of is the debate scenario, and you having a calm, collected response to a dem’s faulty rhetoric that the folks who need help can understand, that will help them realize the one handing them the treats is dragging them down a road they do not want to travel.

  7. The one thing you hit on here that stands out above all: Reagan was known as the Great Communicator. Obama has BECOME the Great Divider! Incredible how low we’ve sank in such a short amount of time!

  8. You are a true American, you walk the walk as well as talk the talk, I hope it is not to late for our country, this election is imperative in regaining our exceptionalism, if we fail we may not have another chance as free men.

  9. Use to be that while waiting to check out at the grocery store, you might start up a conversation with a fellow shopper about your jobs and how lucky you were to be hired, etc, etc whereas these days, the topic is grim and people compare horror stories of when and how they were laid off and haven’t been able to financially recover.

    Cannot WAIT for this Country to be rid of obama and wake up to a new dawn in America! We need to kick out the bums currently occupying the White House!

  10. Great read! Inspiring. Once again Col. West, if you make a run for President, I will volunteer my time at an election center. I am a Vet, and retired. I started out sweeping the floors in an aircraft hanger, and refueling planes. I busted my ass to become an airline Pilot. I’m no slouch when it comes to working hard. I would love to be part of a team that gets you elected and return our country to what it used to be, and much more. We the people are calling your name! For god and country.

  11. Yes, Sir. Please run for POTUS and take (Dr.) Ben Carson as your running mate. We need his expertise to fix our current dysfunctional healthcare system.

    • LTC West would be my first choice, as he is THE MOST passionate, intelligent and loyal we’ve got. And of course, I like Carson, too but I don’t think he’s gotten his ideas/message out to enough people (yet). No doubt tho that our Country needs Carson’s common sense approach. And…I like Cruz.

      A Cruz-West ticket would read as R-E-L-I-E-F.

  12. A coupla things:
    1) Nice bit about West alleging his parents came here “legally”. West’s god Ronnie said, “I believe in the idea of amnesty for those who have put down roots and lived here even though sometime back they may have entered illegally.
    -Ronald Reagan 10/28/1984

    This as opposed to, “No matter how decent they are, no matter their reasons, the 11 million who broke these law should be held accountable.
    -Barack Obama July 2010

    But Obama is accused “granting” “amnesty”?


    2) You cannot restore what isn’t gone. We are living Ronnie’s vision for America.

    Before he committed treason to win the 1980 election, small mom and pop shops of all stripes and styles were the backbone of our economy. Walking down any main street or strip mall in the country, and it would be rare to find a big box retailer or a large chain store.

    If you needed groceries, you went to the local grocer. If you needed a new hammer, you went to the local hardware store. And the chain-store buildings you did find are now too small and have become Trader Joe’s, flea markets, overstock/buyout stores, etc.

    But then Ronnie came along; he stopped enforcing the Sherman Anti-Trust Act in 1982, and handed out massive and unfair tax breaks to large corporations and their executives and stockholders, all at the expense of the small businesses that had built the American economy. As a result, mom and pop stores began to close, because they simply couldn’t afford to compete with the big box stores that were growing out of control.

    Even now, local family-owned stores are being run out of business, because they can’t compete with the Home Depots, Best Buys, and Walmarts of the world that are growing larger and larger.

    Reaganomics has only ever been about funneling money at the expense of all others from the git-go.

    Additionally, over the last ten years, the average debt for a 25-year-old has exploded by a mind-boggling 91, and most of that is from student loans. And that’s bad news for entrepreneurship, because according to the Y Combinator, one of America’s top business accelerators, the average age of entrepreneurs is 26.

    It’s damned hard to start a business at 26 when you’re already tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

    Then there’s his economic idea of convincing poor people they can become rich by giving rich people more money. Ii remember his saying that during the runoffs and saying, “Who the hell is gonna be stupid enough to buy that?”

    He was a better huckster than I gave him credit for.

  13. Pandering and platitudes will accomplish nothing. Americans know better than to trust words. Everyone remember all the bullshit promises Obama made? How many Americans thought Obama would break the cycle of political corruption and corporate prostitution? he has turned out to be another dipshit puppet without concern for the US,another disciple of the New World Order money god.if Allen West is serious about greatness he needs a better role model than Reagan. Reagan was an actor who opened up the US to all the crappy,lead based trash that comes from China.How about a new America that invests in Americans.


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